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APRIL 2014



Empathic Illnesses:

Do You Absorb Other People’s Symptoms? by Judith Orloff MD Empathic illnesses are those in which you manifest symptoms that are not your own. Many patients have come to me labeled “agoraphobic” with panic disorders, chronic depression, fatigue, pain, or mysterious ailments that respond only partially to medications or psychotherapy. Some were nearly housebound or ill for years. They’d all say, “I dread being in crowds. Other people’s anger, stress, and pain drain me, and I need a lot of alone time to refuel my energy.”

When I took a close history of all these patients I found that they were what I call “physical empaths:” people whose bodies are so porous they absorb the symptoms of others. I relate because I am one. Physical empaths do not have the defenses that others have to screen things out. As a psychiatrist, knowing this significantly changed how I treated these patients. My job became teaching them to center and protect themselves, set healthy boundaries, and let go of energy they picked up from others. To determine if you are a physical empath take the following quiz. Continued on Page 2

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APRIL 2014


Empathic Illnesses: Do You Absorb Other People’s Symptoms? physical empath that I’ve learned so that it doesn’t take a toll on my health.

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Quiz: Am I a Physical Empath? Ask yourself: • Have I been labeled as overly sensitive or a hypochondriac?

• Have I ever sat next to someone who seemed nice but suddenly my eyelids got heavy and I felt like taking a nap? • Do I feel uneasy, tired, or sick in crowds and avoid them? • Do I feel someone else’s anxiety or physical pain in my body? • Do I feel exhausted by angry or hostile people? • Do I run from doctor to doctor for medical tests, but I’m told, “You’re fine.” • Am I chronically tired or have many unexplained symptoms? • Do I frequently feel overwhelmed by the world and want to stay home? If you answered “yes” to one to three of these questions you are at least part empath. Responding yes to four to five questions indicates you have moderate degree of physical empathy. Six to seven yes answers indicate you have a high degree of empathy. Eight yeses indicate you are a full blown empath. Discovering that you are a physical empath can be a revelation. Rest assured: You are not crazy. You are not a malingerer or hypochrondriac. You are not imagining things, though your doctor might treat you like a nuisance. You are a sensitive person with a gift that you must develop and successfully manage.

Strategies to Surrender Toxic Energy Physical empathy doesn’t have to overwhelm you. Now that I can center myself and refrain from taking on other people’s pain, empathy has made my life more compassionate, insightful, and richer. Here are some secrets to thriving as a

A Survival Guide for Empaths: Nine Strategies To Stop Absorbing Other People’s Illness and Pain 1. Evaluate. First, ask yourself: Is this symptom or emotion mine or someone else’s? It could be both. If the emotion such as fear or anger is yours, gently confront what’s causing it on your own or with professional help. If it’s not yours, try to pinpoint the obvious generator. 2. Move away. When possible, distance yourself by at least 20 feet from the suspected source. See if you feel relief. Don’t err on the side of not wanting to offend strangers. In a public place, don’t hesitate to change seats if you feel a sense of “dis-ease” imposing on you. 3. Know your vulnerable points. Each of us has a body part that is more vulnerable to absorbing others’ stress. Mine is my gut. Scan your body to determine yours. Is it your neck? Do you get sore throats? Headaches? Bladder infections? At the onset of symptoms in these areas, place your palm there and keep sending lovingkindness to that area to soothe discomfort. For longstanding depression or pain, use this method daily to strengthen yourself. It’s comforting and builds a sense of safety and optimism. 4. Surrender to your breath. If you suspect you are picking up someone else’s symptoms, concentrate on your breath for a few minutes. This is centering and connects you to your power. 5. Practice Guerilla Meditation. To counter emotional or physical distress, act fast and meditate for a few minutes. Do this at home, at work, at parties, or conferences. Or, take refuge in the bathroom. If it’s public, close the stall. Meditate there. Calm yourself. Focus on positivity and love. 6. Set healthy limits and boundaries. Control how much time you spend listening


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to stressful people, and learn to say “no.” Remember, “no” is a complete sentence. 7. Visualize protection around you. Visualize an envelope of white light around your entire body. Or with extremely toxic people, visualize a fierce black jaguar patrolling and protecting your energy field against intruders. 8. Develop X ray vision. The spaces between the vertebrae in your lower back (lumbar spine) are conducive to eliminating pain from the body. It’s helpful to learn to mindfully direct pain out of these spaces by visualizing it leaving your body. Say goodbye to pain as it blends with the giant energy matrix of life. 9. Take a bath or shower. A quick way to dissolve stress is to immerse yourself in water. My bath is my sanctuary after a busy day. It washes away everything from bus exhaust to long hours of air travel to pesky symptoms I have taken on from others. Soaking in natural mineral springs divinely purifies all that ails. Keep practicing these strategies. By protecting yourself and your space, you can create a magical safe bubble around you that nurtures you, while simultaneously driving negative people away. Don’t panic if you occasionally pick up pain or some other nasty symptom. It happens. With strategies I discuss in my book to surrender other people’s symptoms you can have quicker responses to stressful situations. This will make you feel safer, healthier, and your sensitivities can

blossom. Adapted from The Ecstasy of Surrender: 12 Surprising Ways Letting Go Can Empower Your Life (Harmony Books, 2014). Judith Orloff MD is a UCLA psychiatrist, intuitive healer, and NY Times bestselling author. Celebrate the L.A. launch of Judith’s new book The Ecstasy of Surrender: 12 Surprising Ways Letting Go Can Empower Your Life April 2, 7 p.m., The New York Open Center, N.Y., and April 16, 7 p.m., Mystic Journeys Book Store, Venice, Calif. and April 17, 7 p.m. at Vromen’s Book store in Pasadena. For more inspiration and Judith’s workshop schedule check out www.drjudithorloff. com. Join Dr. Orloff for her Seattle book tour talks April 25, 7 p.m., Seattle Town Hall, and April 27, The Center For Spiritual Living AM Service, PM workshop. More information at

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Tips for Living The Manifesting Good Life by Krysta Gibson

create our lives. Whatever we find ourselves desiring – as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else or ourselves – is actually coming from Spirit wanting to do or be this through us as us.

Here’s a little six-step process you might find helpful when working with your dreams and goals

We hear a lot about manifesting and many books have been written about the topic. It is an issue I get asked about a lot. The issue of manifesting is a multilayered one and not simplistic. As human beings, we have a somewhat limited view of reality. We’re multidimensional and we co-exist with other people who impact our lives as we do theirs.

1. Use your mind to decide what you want. Discern what is going on in your life and the lives of those around you. Get in touch with and follow your inner guidance about the direction you are headed. Write down your goals and be as specific as you can. When you’re done, be sure to add, “This or something better now comes to me under grace in a perfect way.” This allows Spirit to step in and create in a larger, more expansive way. 2. Engage your will to follow through on whatever needs to be done to make your dreams come true. Be willing to work with your subconscious blocks that arise. Your will is the part of you that says, “I will do whatever is necessary to make this a reality in my life.” Manifesting does not mean we don’t have to do anything on the

We don’t always know how our dreams interlace with those of other people. So when we are asking for things to be a certain way, indeed we don’t always know that this is in our own best interest or that of other people. There are some people who don’t think we should ask for what we want in life, that we should just be in the “now” and allow life to unfold. While I agree with being in the now and allowing life to unfold, my experience has shown me that we are expected to

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material plane. If you are looking for work, get your resume written, check on sources for jobs, and apply for jobs. Although it is possible an employer will show up at your doorstep and offer you a job without your having to do anything, this is highly unlikely. 3. Create an emotional atmosphere that matches what you want to create. Act is if you already have and are what it is you are creating. Truth is, once you have chosen something, it is yours. Acting the part can come easily when you remember it is already yours. Quantum physics is now teaching that our

APRIL 2014 environment reacts to this in a positive and intelligent way. 4. Take action on a consistent basis long enough for results to show up. Many people give up way too soon. It is not uncommon for people to give up on their dreams just before they were to come true. Stay the course. Be committed to a course of action. 5. Stay in touch with your soul-self for ongoing guidance and be willing to change if necessary. As we move forward, it is possible we will find our needs and desires changing. By staying in touch with our guidance through meditation and prayer, we can be sure to be current with the true course of action for our lives. 6. From the minute you state your desires, start saying thank-you. Why? Because from the beginning what you want to create is already yours. Say thank-you and this will propel your desire to manifest on the material plane faster and easier. Obviously, these six steps can’t possibly give everything there is to know about the complex topic of manifesting. I didn’t even talk about loving what is already in your

life... Read and study the vast amount of information that is available. Choose the methods that work for you. Most of all, have fun with the process. I know that if you are out of work or don’t have the love of your life, it is more difficult to have fun. Truth is, though, the more lighthearted you can be, the more joy you can experience right now no matter your current circumstance, the sooner your life will be more to your liking. Go ahead: sing, dance, laugh, create. You are safe. You are loved. And you don’t have to hurry. The more you enjoy your life, the more you will have to enjoy. Krysta is publisher of New Spirit Journal. Hear her on the Conscious Talk radio show the third Thursday of the month, 7 a.m. on KKNW 1150 AM, or streaming live and archived at She offers spiritual life consultations by phone and Skype and downloadable guided meditations. www. She can be reached at krysta@

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APRIL 2014

Good Habit Creation By William Wittmann

First, Prevent Scurvy

If you want to have a life you love, you need to do the things you love. Obviously. No problemo. If you love to ski, but haven’t seen the slopes in the last three years… can you say you’re living a life you love? Here’s your problem: you have a life to live. Where are you going to find the time? Your life is already full, right? How’s it all going to fit together? It turns out that to prevent scurvy, an ugly vitamin deficiency disease, you only need to consume 30 mg of Vitamin C per day, the minimum daily allowance.

So, in order to live a happy life, what minimum behaviors do you need to do to keep the ball rolling? Examine your life and figure this out. Start with the minimums. Later we’ll look at optimums. 1. How much sleep do you need before your life falls apart? Not just one night but what’s the minimum you can sustain. 2. How much exercise? 3. How much time outdoors? 4. How much work? 5. How much play? And what kind? Remember the four seasons. For example you may need to go skiing three times each winter to feel complete. Or it may be three times in your life. 6. How much time doing your creative pursuits? How much drawing, photography, dance? 7. How much time with friends? Family? Doing what? 8. How much alone time? 9. How much travel? 10. How much time off?

11. How about eating habits? What works? How many times do you need to go out to dinner? 12. What have I overlooked? Now go back and see what would be optimum for you. More is not necessarily better. For instance, eating out every night doesn’t look like fun to me, it’s not optimum. Eating out once is both a minimum and an optimum for me. Clearly, you can’t make mistakes. If something doesn’t work or no longer works or the doses need to be changed, just make the changes. You live a dynamic life. Things change. Play with it until your life feels full and rich. Not bloated and poisonous.

What Do I Want To TryThis Year… A friend asks this question each year: What do I want to try this year? Try it. Learn Italian? Ski? Run a half-marathon on the California coast? Travel to

another country or region.

What Practices Do I Need? If you want to bring stuff into your life, you will need to establish positive habits. You’ve noticed the phenomena of broken promises of New Year’s resolutions. Do more of what works instead. Find the good habits and install them. Learn Italian – you will need to take appropriate actions, right? What might they be? Obviously, put the action in your schedule. You can use this method, it requires no will power. Just pin your new behavior to something you already are doing habitually. Exercise: Make a list of the things you do every day or regularly without fail, such as: 1. Getting out of bed. 2. Eating breakfast, drinking coffee, etc. 3. Going to bed. 4. Going to work. 5. Turning out the lights at night. 6. Checking E-mail, going to the mailbox. On another list, write down the things you experience every day, things that happen. For instance: 1. Traffic lights turn red. 2. The sun rises or sets. It gets light; it gets dark. 3. Commercials come on TV. 4. You get e-mail. Example 1: You want to start to floss, or floss more. You regularly take a shower... just put the floss in the shower next to the soap and

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Return of the Tao By Jenny Vires

In the ancient Chinese book of virtues, The Tao Te Ching, by Lau Tzu, there is a passage that speaks of the return of the Tao. “Return is the movement of the Tao. Yielding is the way of the Tao. All things are born of being. Being is born of non-being.” The Tao quite simply means balance on every level. The yin-yang symbol is the symbol for the Tao. It is the balance of night and day, summer and winter, male and female, output versus input. When this is in alignment life is in harmony, balance, Tao. There is a balance of Tao in everything we do. The Tao of doing the dishes, the Tao of sleeping, the Tao of eating, and the Tao of making love are some examples. There is a pattern unfolding which I’ve started to observe. These are situations where one finds certain life circumstances or emotions repeating themselves. The phrase “I thought I already worked through this” has been coming up a lot lately, in my personal life as well. All things ebb and flow and move through time and space. Nothing is static, not even the stars. We do not exist in

a linear dimension, but our thoughts like to think so. To our perception we might see something as complete because we no longer are consciously working at it. We might think we’ve gotten through a hardship, only to find a similar situation has revealed itself. Then the lovely phrase, “I can’t believe this is repeating,” passes our lips. As an example, Daniel could spend years working on the abandonment issue he has around his parent’s divorce. He might feel he has become strong and happy and has moved on from the emotions that surrounded it. Years down the road Daniel finds the love of his life only to find one day these same abandonment issues have resurfaced even in light of a beautiful relationship. He might say, “I can’t believe I’m dealing with this again!” The same may be true for health issues, weight, emotional fears, anxiety, and depression that resurface when we least expect it and when we certainly don’t want it. It is so easy for us to fall into the old grooves of our thinking. It is a comfortable and familiar place to be. The universe is continually showing us how to return to balance with each life hurdle. So, we have two choices: go kicking and screaming in suffering of what is happening, or to embrace the situation to look for how the Tao is leading us to the return of our peace, our serenity and our health. Realizing the current situation is similar to a situation before it is a major clue that healing is upon you. The return of the Tao is always working in our favor to continually come back into balance. We may find our center, our peace, our resolve, our health, and so on, but did we learn the deeper lesson that was there all along? Were we able to apply that lesson to new life experiences? That lesson was there to change you, shape you, and evolve your life path. We usually emotionally evolve as we face challenges, but then slowly revert back to an old way of being. I see the patterns every day in my practice. We forget the lesson or fail to apply it to new challenges, so the universe has a loving way of re-teaching us again and again, thus returning to the Tao.

“That is why every being spontaneously honors the Tao. “The Tao gives birth to all beings, nourishes them, maintains them, cares for them, comforts them, protects them, takes them back to itself, creating without possessing, acting without expecting, guiding without interfering. “That is why love of the Tao is in the very nature of things.” (From Tao Te Ching: A New English Version, by Lao Tzu, translated by Stephen Mitchell, Wilderness Publications, 2008, Passage 51).

APRIL 2014

Jenny Vires says that in challenging situations we have two choices: to go kicking and screaming in suffering of what is happening, or to embrace the situation to look for how the Tao is leading us to the return of our peace, our serenity and our health.

Each person is as unique as the fingerprints on our hands. Yet, most systems of medicine like to lump us all into the same category, treat us the same way, and assume that the cause of the ailment originated from the same source within. If we are all so beautifully unique then what is the real probability that the cause of what ails you came from the same source as the cause of someone else’s ailment? If you are on your life’s journey as a soul, growing and evolving with memories, wounds emotional or physical, life experiences, and perceptions that made you who you have become then why on earth would you be considered the same? Five Element acupuncture sees each being as a piece of nature. There is no one tree alike, just as there is no one human alike. You grew and were shaped into who you are right now based upon a lifetime of experiences. This system of medicine sees the uniqueness of your being and fosters

the energy that created you to work in your favor. It supports the return of your Tao. When we take the time to tend to our “inner garden” with acupuncture instead of waiting until something is screaming at us, the journey back to Tao doesn’t seem so long. Jenny is a traditional Five Element acupuncturist and shamanic intuitive healer. She has worked with clients worldwide to help deeply heal and transform since 1996. Her training has encompassed classical Five Element acupuncture, shamanic spiritual healing, energy work such as craniosacral, and learning the deep transformational journey of illness. Jenny is honored to help others find their most authentic healing path within. She is the owner/practitioner at Shen Sanctuary in Snohomish, Wash., deeply rooted in nature where all healing begins. Please visit www.ShenSanctuary. com for more information.

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The Review Page Books, Music, videos AND products Reviewed by Krysta Gibson

Several of you got in touch with me recently and let me know you love this new format where I highlight several books rather than only a few each month. Our mailbox was full to the brim with some great books this month. Here are some I think will be of particular interest to you. Oh, before I start on the books, let me tell you about some tea we were sent. You might want to enjoy a cup while you read! Called Tulsi Tea and made by Organic India, we were sent six of the 18 flavors available and each was wonderful. Tulsi is an adaptogenic herb, also called holy basil, that supports the immune system and helps your body relieve the negative effects of stress. Grown by family famers, the tea has an energetic imprint of love and care. We especially enjoyed the peppermint, lemon ginger, and pomegranate green teas. The company also makes a line of organic supplements. Learn more at www. How often have you been told that one of the keys to success is learning how to forgive? HarperOne has just come out with The Book of Forgiving by Desmond Tutu and Mpho Tutu. Who better to write about how to forgive and be forgiven than the Tutus who lived through the atrocities that occurred in South Africa? This is an experiential book full of stories and meaningful exercises that can lead you through learning how to forgive or be forgiven. It holds incredible power you will want to experience for yourself. While on the road of forgiveness or anything else, there’s nothing like having the help of angels. Here’s two new books that

can help you. The Power of Your Angels by Isabelle von Fallois (Findhorn Press) offers a 28-day program to find your path and live your dreams. There are some terrific exercises and suggestions that lead you through a daily program that includes channeled messages from particular angels, stories of angelic help, reflections, activities, affirmations, and journeys. The energy of the book is sweet as well as practical. Communing with the Divine, A Clairvoyant’s Guide to Angels, Archangels, and the Spiritual Hierarchy by Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis (Tarcher/ Penguin) is one of the best, most concise books I’ve read on angels; who they are and how to work with them. You’ll learn about the cycles of angelic evolution (yes, they evolve), the 12 kingdoms of nature, the leaders of the spiritual hierarchy, the deva kingdom, and much more as well as how to connect with them for help in daily life. Both of these books will give you a lot of angelic material to work with for years to come! And There Was Light, The Extraordinary Memoir of a Blind Hero of the French Resistance in World War II by Jacques Lusseyran (New World Library) is a book I couldn’t put down once I started it. The author became blind at the age of seven due to an accident and the book takes us through his youth, his leadership during the Nazi invasion of France, and his 15-month incarceration, and eventual move to the United States where he became a professor. Seeing life through the author’s blindness is an amazing experience you will want to have. I can see why it was chosen as one of the 100 Best Spiritual Books of the Twentieth Century. This book will help change how you view and live your life. I know that is a profound statement. It is a profound book. The reissue of 1970’s Grist for the Mill by Ram Dass with Stephen Levine (HarperOne) explores topics such as reality, death, personal growth, intellectual liberation, and the nature of God, seen through the eyes


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REPETITION Is a Power Tool – Use It or Use It! By Delia Yeager

Repetition is a power tool. You can choose to use it consciously and to your radiant advantage, in service to your highest good, or unconsciously, to the detriment of your health, finances, relationships, sleep, well-being and highest good. Have you ever noticed how sometimes your point of view is all-consuming? Such as the feeling that it’s not safe to be in the world, the world is not safe. Or that someone really meant you harm, they were trying to get you, absolutely and DOUBLE DORJEE

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totally. Or that you can’t get what you want. You don’t have the power, persuasion, friends, money, and wherewithal to get what you need, much less what you want. I think of these kinds of “always, forever and never,” statements as the warning signs. Whenever I hear them, I start looking at what I am repeating to myself. I’ve reset them to be a wakeup alarm instead of the zone-out mantra they used to be. Repetition is very powerful. It is part of the engine that manifests physical reality. Whenever you say your versions of these kinds of statements, you don’t just say them once or twice; you are repeating them over and over and over again, like an incantation. And you are programming your body to their vibration as being “normal.” Bodies are pretty literal. If you tell a body how beautiful it is, it will shine and radiate beauty.


If you tell a body how ugly/wrong it is, it will match that. The same hair will be radiant in one atmosphere and become dull and listless in the other. We know that water molecules take the shape and match the energy of the vibration of the word printed on the jar that contains it, and our bodies are 98% water. Repetition is very effective. It is so effective that ads at the Superbowl are worth millions of dollars, and most ads use repetition. Repetition is so strong, documented, effective, and is used so often that these days we hardly notice something that is said just once. Normally when these repetitive statements or old tapes start going, you hit the snooze button to avoid or ignore them. But the tape is still playing on an infinity loop, programming you deeper and deeper. The good news is that you can chose to repurpose the phrases and sentences that you are most familiar with. You can repurpose them from “snooze” to “wake-up” alarms to get your attention.

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You can use that same old phrase to catch your attention as to what tape you have on; to bring your attention to what you are telling yourself – again – in this moment. Once these “always, never and forever,” phrases are identified and re-purposed, you can use them to change your reality. It is from the present that we create the future, but usually you are in the past, trying to not recreate that and then end up recreating different versions of past experiences. This is called creating through pain pictures. But you are in charge. You have the power to change. You can use being conscious and present so that when you hear the same-ol-same-ol tapes playing, you can start engaging. Instead of trying to prove them wrong, or stop having these wrong thoughts, you can simply notice and accept, “This is how good I am now,” and then stay present. When you actually hear that tape, and not just have it playing in the background,

APRIL 2014


you will be horrified that you would say such things to yourself, or laugh at how ridiculous it is. You won’t be duped by the “reasonable” tone of voice when it reasons out how bad/ wrong you are. You will hear that you would not let anyone else say these things to you. You may even hear whose voice it was in the first place, when you were little. But you haven’t been little in a long time, so now it is your voice with that other person’s nametag on it. You can chose to not judge yourself for any of this, but to stand by yourself; to stand by and honestly listen, honestly hear, what you have been saying to yourself, and feel the impact of those words and concepts in your body. You’d be amazed how beating-up on yourself in your thoughts is a real thing biologically. The body chemistry responds as though you are physically being beaten up, and because your thoughts are what are beating you up, and you keep choosing to have those thoughts and not refute or participate in them, your body experiences betrayal as well as abuse. Now you can use the tool of letting that old tape be your “wake up” signal instead of zoning out. The more you repeat something, the more the body gets the message that: 1. You believe it, and 2. It is real. So once you notice and wake-up, find a version of the repeated statement that is its opposite and supportive, and consciously chose to repeat that phrase. Whatever happened back then, this is now and I guarantee you that now, in present time, you have tools and resources that the little you did not have, so chose differently now. By the way, you didn’t start out believing those lies about yourself, before they were seared into you somehow. Time to let go of those old lies. Repetition is part of our human makeup; nothing wrong with that. Since it is part of the operating system, it must be an asset. Start using this amazing tool of repetition for your own greater good instead of against. Delia Yeager uses her clairvoyance to assist you in clearing out the lies and misinformation in your system so that your true nature can come forth and create your glorious, amazing life. Find her on Facebook at aspiritualperspective. She does energy readings, healings, and classes on Tuesdays at East West Bookshop on Roosevelt in Seattle, or by Skype or phone. Go to to book a session today.

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charge of your energy system so you can better operate as spirit in a body, manifesting more of what you came here to go/do/see/BE in this life time.

You like what you like for a reason. These are the clues, the GPS of what you as spirit came here to do in this lifetime. Learning how to read the blueprint helps body and spirit align, for greater ease, balance, and success.



APRIL 2014

The Review Page Books, Music, videos AND products Reviewed by Krysta Gibson

Continued from Page 6 and experiences of the much-loved spiritual teacher Ram Dass. This is a timeless spiritual classic you’ll want to have in your library. The concepts will never go out of style! Speaking of timeless, The Hero’s Journey from the collected works of Joseph Campbell (New World Library) is based on the documentary film of the same name. This is basically Joseph Campbell’s spiritual autobiography with a collection of conversations and interviews that reveal and illuminate Campell’s personal and intellectual journey. The Ecstasy of Surrender: 12 Surprising Ways Letting Go Can Empower Your Life, by Judith Orloff (Harmony Books, 2014) Review by Caroline Myss This is the perfect book to come along at the perfect time. I couldn’t put it down. Judith Orloff, MD, a UCLA psychiatrist and beloved intuitive healer, masterfully explores how the power of letting go allows you to achieve personal and spiritual freedom. Combining mainstream medicine and beyond, Dr. Orloff blows apart old ideas about heath, aging, sex, power, beauty, and money by showing that surrender is not defeat; it is the missing key to true success. She defines surrender as the grace of knowing when to flow with life rather than fighting it or pushing so hard you sabotage yourself. This daring book is filled with a wealth of practical strategies to help you listen to your intuition more deeply and surrender to the wisdom of your body and the guidance of spirit, even when your ego wants to force things or when you’re overwhelmed by fear. I especially love the section on surrendering in relationships; how to surrender to love and let go of obsessive and “delusional” relationships which stand in the way of love. Also you’ll learn the art of setting boundaries with toxic people and practice the mantra, “No is a complete sentence.” The great miracle of surrender is that you can live in the passionate zone of the heart and gain deep faith in yourself and the divinity of your life. Dr. Orloff writes, “If you’re like me – someone who wants to become everything you were meant to be and more – surrender is a doorway in.” Savor the wisdom and joy that jumps off of the pages. Return to these lessons again and again over a lifetime. Let this book be your friend and companion as you embark on the exciting adventure of surrender.


The book is not only educational, it is inspirational and will help support you in your own Hero’s Journey of your life. Clutter got you down? In Breathing Room, Open Your Heart by Decluttering Your Home by Lauren Rosenfeld and Dr. Melva Green (Beyond Words) gives a different approach to clearing your living space. This book makes decluttering a reflective spiritual practice that can help inform of burdens and attachments while learning how to identify what’s really valuable in our lives. The practical aspects to the book will lead you through the process of decluttering in a way that truly opens your heart and helps you breathe more deeply. Freedom From Toxic Relationships by Avril Carruthers (Tarcher/ Penguin) offers insights into all sorts of relationships that don’t have a positive effect in our lives. There’s lots of talk about the cords that form with people both living and deceased with many suggestions for moving on from these relationships. It’s a meaty book with a lot of great relationship information. It’s time for gardening and if the peace and quiet of Zen is for you, grab a copy of Japanese Zen Gardens by Yoko Kawaguchi, photos by Alex Ramsey (Frances Lincoln Limited). This is an oversized book filled with beautiful photos and descriptions of how and why various gardens were built. Traditional concepts are explained and cover ideas from the 14th to the 20th centuries. Whether you are just interested in gardens and garden design or if you are interested in Zen Buddhism, you will enjoy the peace and quiet of this tome. Thai Herbal Medicine by Nephyr Jacobsen and C. Pierce Salguero, Ph.D. (Findhorn Press) gives a great understanding of Thai medicine, herbs, preparation styles, use of the elements, and diagnostics as well as specific recipes to use for various ailments. This book can be wellused by practitioners of all types who would like to expand their healing repertoire. Juicing is popular among a lot of people today. Joe Cross now offers The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet (Greenleaf Book Group Press). Aimed at helping people “lose weight, get healthy, and feel amazing,” his book follows in the footsteps of his popular film Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead. There are stories galore, Joe’s and that of others, as well as an explanation of the system as well as the actual process to use. Mary O’Malley has just released What’s In the Way IS the Way, Moving Beyond Your Struggle Into the Joy of Being Fully Alive (Awaken Publications). This book will help you learn how to embrace your life while also allowing it to be transformed by truly engaging with the life you have right now. Through compassionate storytelling, poetic image-making, and gentle but powerful exercises, O’Malley will lead you on a path of true self-discovery.


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Eating for Your Inner Chi: Feeding Your Mitochondria

APRIL 2014

B3), and pyridoxine (vitamin B6). Fortunately, these vitamins are widespread in foods like whole grains, legumes, meats, fish, egg yolks, vegetables, and fruit. However, since B vitamins (together with vitamin C) are used to make stress hormones, we may need to get more from foods or even a supplement if we are under stress. 2. Don’t overeat: Mitochondria become overwhelmed when we eat too much food. The over-nutrition means that the mitochondria have to work harder, and to keep up the pace, they may be putting out an excess of free radicals from all the food they are burning. Free radicals are reactive, aging compounds. Therefore, overeating is overaging. In fact, some groups are actively forming communities about reducing their calories by 10-15% so they don’t age so poorly and aren’t susceptible to chronic disease. All those free radicals can also damage the mitochondria. For myself, I like a 12-hour overnight fast where I stop eating at 7 p.m. and don’t start again until eating breakfast the next morning at 7 or 8 a.m. 3. Spices and herbs: Fats are burned for energy in the mitochondria, but it’s not as simple as it sounds. The process that your body goes through to burn fats is rather complex and goes in stages within the cell. There are some plant foods that help to jumpstart the process of fat burning including the spices caraway, chili pepper, nutmeg, licorice, black and white pepper, paprika, coriander, saffron. Your spice rack in your kitchen is truly filled with energy-enhancing actives. 4. Low toxin load: Toxins such as heavy metals, persistent organic pollutants (e.g, bisphenol A), and other endocrine disruptors that we find in food essentially “poison” the mitochondria. Therefore, one of the best ways to begin with your mitochondria is to reduce your intake of toxins by buying organically-grown produce and wash your produce well before eating. 5. Foods low in glycemic index: The way that we handle sugar says something about the health of our mitochondria. Insulin, which is released after a sugar load, can lead to changes in how we burn fat and can determine whether our body becomes more inflamed. Eating foods that do not spike our blood sugar and insulin are preferred for this purpose. Also, some initial research

Nutrition for Body & Soul by Deanna Minich, PhD, CN, RYT

Since I like to look at the “root” of why we have certain health issues rather than just skimming the surface, I have explored what creates energy in our body deep within our cells. If you’ve ever taken a biology class, you would have learned that we have “energy-manufacturing powerhouses” within our cells called mitochondria. About 10% of our body weight comes from our mitochondria, and all mitochondrial DNA comes from our mother. Most chronic diseases beyond fatigue are associated with mitochondrial dysfunction such as cancer, muscle weakness, and neurological issues. At a very basic physical level, these powerhouse structures act as “mini factories” of energy production. When we

“I feel tired.” “I can’t get the energy to get out of bed.” “I can feel myself dipping low throughout the day.” One of the most complaints I hear from people is that they are low in energy. They are dragging from the moment they wake up until the moment they go to bed. No amount of sleep helps the situation. Of course, there can be several reasons why we may sit within what feels like an eternal dreamworld without feeling the spark of life force igniting within to give us that pleasing “fire in the belly” sensation.


speak more symbolically about mitochondria, they might be referred to as what assists us in harnessing chi (or prana). In chakra terminology, they would connect to the solar plexus chakra, which is associated with how we digest and transform energy. Therefore, our ability to transform is within every cell with these little “chi” producers and regulators. It’s probably no surprise that many people lack so much energy. We are putting out so much and not feeling nourished, so the equation of in versus out is not in balance. What may help with creating a balanced energy equation is to focus on some strategies to help replenish our mitochondria. Here are some to consider: 1. B vitamins: The mitochondria is the hub of burning our food into fuel. To do this well, we need to make sure we are taking in water-soluble B vitamins like thiamin (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2), niacin (vitamin

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Four Steps to Allow Change to Come and Go with By Tyler Deal

Change is inevitable in every area of our lives. We change jobs, move to new towns, break-up with our partners, join with new ones, lose loved ones, and we are constantly moving and adapting to the newness that is present in every moment. Change is the only constant, yet it can be challenging to weather sometimes. After all, we are powerful beings living in incredible times and we should be able to have some control over life when things get uncomfortable. Synchronously within that chaos, a great acceptance of “what is” lies deep in our hearts. Nature shows us this acceptance through the cycles of the moon, the turning of the ocean tides, and the weather patterns moving in momentum from harsh storms to gentle breezes to quiet snows. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest I would watch these patterns in amazement. Over a time of seven years I watched a cherry tree in our front yard grow from four feet to a full tree, decorated with pink blossoms in the early spring. The beautiful tree was showing me how much I had grown as well in seven years. I had wonderful moments as a kid playing with my friends in the dirt, running through the forest, and riding my bike around. I was invincible. The branches of the cherry tree in all of her elegance swayed and dipped with joy as the wind blew in from Puget Sound. The blossoms would soon fall and the leaves would begin to form soon after. One day in the autumn, the leaves dropped to the cold frosty dirt as the bare branches stuck out to the crisp air almost lifelessly.

Simultaneously, my body would ache with pain as it grew a few more inches that year. I savored every moment of being a kid, somehow knowing that joy might be temporary. I was like the tree, growing, blossoming to full capacity, and eventually withering with the cold as I learned more about life, but always knowing change would transform me again to my flowering self. The self is also always changing. Life can become difficult when we want to hold on to who we are. I am always asking the question, “Who am I?” and when I think I have the answer, whoosh, it is gone. It is a question I can never answer completely. What I’ve discovered is when I hold myself loosely and lovingly without the labels and the masks, I can move through change quite easily. We are, after all, nature herself. We are one with change. Below are four steps to allow change to come and go with ease. 1. Feel the feeling completely. Whether it is the mourning of the loss of a loved one, the fear you feel when someone looks at you a particular way, or the joy you experience from your baby and the love of your partner, life is expressing through you. Allow it to be. 2. Change it up. If something is uncomfortable and it is trying to move through you, move the body. Go for a walk by the water, go dancing, write out your thoughts, or play with your pets. Moving and breathing are wonderful ways to allow change. 3. Get Support. Talk with friends and family whom you trust; people who will just allow you to talk. Treat yourself to a massage, or if you don’t like being touched get some energy work. There are many people out there who can help you. Trust you will find the perfect support. Talk with your connection to Source, God, the earth, the universe, daily. Whatever your spiritual belief, it is here to

support you. 4. Allow yourself. Be easy on yourself. Don’t blame yourself for the circumstances that are before you. Try not to separate yourself too much. Often we have what I call the “perfect model syndrome.” It is the idea that we have to be the perfect employee, lover, student, or parent, etc. It is the idea that we have to be spiritual. You are human in this body, experiencing everything possible. Allow yourself to be and you will find the gift. Each path is unique, and we are all on this mind-blowing journey together. No part

Continued from Page 9 suggests that artificial sweeteners may interfere with our metabolism in unique ways. My personal preference is always to stay closer to natural sweeteners like apple and pear juice concentrates in baking, or even applesauce and/or a ripe banana. 6. Colorful plant foods: The mitochondria is all about color, and has the “cytochrome enzymes” (“cytochrome” is literally translated into “cellular pigments”) in its inner membrane to prove it. The job of these enzymes are to extract energy from fuel. Plant foods which are colorful and rich in phytonutrients serve the mitochondria because they contain protective compounds that help

to blunt the stress from metabolism. The foods highest in phytonutrients are collard greens, ground cocoa powder, beet greens, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts. 7. Flexible fats: The mitochondria has a sophisticated structure. Even though they look like tiny kidney beans within the cell, inside they have lots of curvy walls (called cristae) that are active in metabolism. The ability for the mitochondria to function well and transport fuel will be determined by how “fluid” the wall is that is transporting fats to be burned for energy. Most people do not eat enough of the fluid, antiinflammatory omega-3 fats, which are squiggly, wiggly, and find their way into the

mitochondrial membrane. Getting more of these fats by eating more oily fish (salmon, mackerel, tuna), leafy greens, nuts, and seed meal (particularly flaxseed meal), can be beneficial for enhancing “metabolic flexibility” within the inner walls of the mighty mitochondria. Deanna Minich, PhD, CN, RYT, is a mind-bodyspirit nutritionist and author who bridges together modern science with ancient spirituality in her novel approach to food and eating. See her website, www.foodandspirit. com, and Facebook page, Food & Spirit with Dr. Deanna Minich (https:// foodandspirit?fref=ts), for more details.

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of change is bad or good. It just is. Remove the labels to the particular emotion, and just feel the freedom of feeling. You are the budding cherry tree ready to be awakened to its full flowering. You are already perfect in the eyes of divinity.

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Latest Developments in Animal Health Calling all Golden Retriever owners. If you have one or more Goldens two years of age or younger, you need to know about this. Golden Retrievers are prone to developing cancer. In fact, in the research I just read, they are the first breed listed on the cancer-likely list of dog breeds. That is probably why they were chosen for studies by the Morris Animal Foundation Canine Lifetime Health Project.

Our Animal Friends by Martha Norwalk

They call it “a Golden opportunity to fight cancer.” The foundation is looking for 3,000 pups to be part of the most groundbreaking study ever undertaken to improve the lives of dogs. MAF’s Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, tracks volunteer dogs’ health for life in order to gain insights into preventing and treating cancer and other canine diseases. It is the largest and longest study ever conducted to advance veterinary medicine for dogs. They hope to determine risk factors for canine diseases. The genetic, environmental, and nutritional data from participating dogs will help them learn how to prevent cancer and other diseases. They believe that what is learned from the Golden Retrievers in the study will give all dogs a brighter, healthier future. I have signed-up my dog, Robbie, to be part of this study. It is all done online to begin with. It is easy but time-consuming to fill out the entire questionnaire. Registration is free and they cover pretty much all of the

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costs. The testing is extensive and lasts for the dog’s entire lifetime. Robbie’s vet encouraged us to participate. He says to do the variety and number of lab tests they do on a yearly basis would be cost-prohibitive for the majority of dog owners and you learn so much about your dog’s health and condition through the testing. To start with, they have your vet collect urine, stool, hair, nails and 60cc of blood for the initial round of testing. I really don’t know much about what happens after that but I will keep you updated from time to time. If you are interested in signing-up your dog for this study, they must be a Golden Retriever and less than two years of age to qualify. To register go to or you can call 800-243-2345. Speaking of cancer, I just found out there is now a blood test that tells whether or not your cat or dog has cancer. This is quite a breakthrough in veterinary medicine, allowing the very early detection, which is crucial in most successful treatments. The test can be beneficial in two cases. One, if you suspect your animal friend has cancer and want to easily confirm or deny the suspicion. Two, if your animal friend has had cancer, it is an easy way to test whether or not they have remained in remission. FYI, here are the 10 cancer warning signs: 1) abnormal lumps or swellings that continue to expand, 2) bleeding or discharge from any body opening, 3) sores that do not heal, 4) unexplained weight loss, 5) loss of appetite, 6) difficulty eating or swallowing, 7) loss of stamina or hesitation to exercise, 8) persistent lameness or stillness, 9) offensive odor, 10) difficulty

Understand your animal friends Martha Norwalk is an animal behavior therapist with over 35 years of professional experience and service. She also hosts her own radio show, Martha Norwalk’s Animal World, Sunday mornings on Alternative Talk AM 1150. She is available for private sessions, either in your home or over the phone. With her holistic approach, Martha can help you understand your animal friends and solve any behavior, training or healing issues that they might be having. Martha’s rates are surprisingly affordable so call now for a free/no obligation telephone evaluation.

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breathing, urinating, or defecating. Of course, most all of the above could be indications of other not so serious and treatable conditions, like arthritis, for example, so no need to panic, but a vet check would be a good idea. If cancer is suspected, now a simple blood test can be run. In cats, signs of inflammatory bowel disease can be very similar to lymphoma, a type of cancer. The signs are diarrhea, lethargy, weight loss, vomiting, loss of appetite, and depression. This blood test can determine which one it is. The blood test is called VDI-TKcanine+ or VDI-TKfeline+. It is done by Veterinary Diagnostics Institute, They are working with the National Canine Cancer Foundation (NCCF), a nationwide nonprofit dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health issue in dogs by funding grants for researchers. A portion of the cost of the blood test is donated to NCCF,

11 Next, there are new strides being made in spaying and neutering. Now, a handful of nonsurgical sterilization treatments are emerging, led by Zeuterin, which could be commercially available in the US by the end of this year. This drug sterilizes male dogs without the removal of their testicles, thus preserving some testosterone production. It is quick, painless, and noninvasive. The drug is injected directly into the testicles, killing the sperm and then shutting down the passageway through which it would normally travel. The results are permanent, the process takes only a few hours, poses little risk compared with surgery, and works in 99.6% of dogs. I am assuming some sedation or anesthesia must be used to make it painless which would explain it taking a few hours. Ark Sciences, the company that will be marketing the drug, says they will make it available at clinics for as little as $15. Another potential option is a vaccine known as GonaCon. It was developed by the Department of Agriculture to sterilize deer and wild horses. A single injection has shown to sterilize most cats and dogs for up to four years. These new products do sound encouraging but I am wondering if there are any known side effects or longterm negative consequences. Because we are now learning that traditional surgical spaying and neutering is causing some serious health repercussions for our animal friends, let’s hope these alternatives will offer a better and healthier solution. Martha Norwalk is an animal behavior Therapist and host of Martha Norwalk’s Animal World, Sunday mornings, from 9 a.m. to noon on Alternative Talk AM 1150. She can be reached at Martha’s Canine, Feline and All Creature Counseling at (360) 217-7258 or www.marthanorwalk. com. For a free, no obligation telephone evaluation or to make an appointment for Martha to work with you and your animal friend, give her a call.

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The Trouble with Hope Continued from front page I In small doses, hope is not toxic. It only nips or stings. When our home team loses, when no one asks us to dance, when we tear-up lottery tickets, our hopes are dashed and we’re left to survey the space between our expectations and reality. That space grows into an abyss for those attempting to stall reality with hopeful thoughts during times of peril. Thoughts eventually dissolve, while reality stands pat. We blink, and it’s still there. Rays of hope meant to banish our darkest fears in the end only illuminate them, and we crumple into a state of surrender. Anyway, I did. Surrender was where I stumbled into peace. I didn’t give up on life, I just stopped trying to outwit it. Surrender meant discarding the idea that life is always supposed to be wonderful; it’s just supposed to be life. Time spent hoping for happier days is time spent turning away

from life in its infinite poses of glory: the elegant curve of my wife’s newly hairless head, the game smile poking through her fatigued expression, the mountain of get-well cards rising above a sea of orange pill bottles. Beauty borne from tragedy acquires a sacred dimension that can only be witnessed by a surrendered mind, a mind that isn’t chasing after the next happy-face moment. To picture my wife with hair again, to imagine her digging in the garden or strutting back off to work, is to add time where none is needed, to ignore the beauty right under my nose, and to allow futile hope to intrude on an otherwise peaceful day. John Ptacek’s essays demystify the teachings of our great spiritual leaders so that more may be transformed by their power. They appear on his website, On Second Thought,



Letting Go To Let In By Johanna Ryan, N.D.

Why is it that at times we cling with desperation to those things that are not serving us? I’m referring to relationships, jobs, beliefs of self; those things in our lives that stand in the way of our happiness. It’s such an interesting phenomenon that we’ve all experienced or that we may be experiencing presently. Have you ever asked yourself if life should be so difficult? Have you settled for a life of unhappiness believing that there is no way to change your circumstances? Here’s what I’ve learned on my spiritual journey: The key to life is to learn to let go of the things that are not serving us so that what needs to find us can. By releasing our hold on what is not helping us, room is made for the arrival of those things that resonate with and support our ultimate happiness. Our purpose in life is not to be plagued with despair and feelings

of victimization. It is about focusing on self. When we find time to go inwardly, we are able to get well-acquainted with ourselves. Contemplation and reflection become favored activities. This work requires facing our demons. Is there a purpose to such madness you may be asking? When we name that which is no longer serving us and explore its hold on us, we are able to release it freely. Then what has always been intended for us is able to find us. We are free to experience our bliss. We know when we are off course because we’re not content. The antidote is to realign ourselves with what makes us happy. Here are a few suggestions of what I do daily that help me stay connected to my purpose. Begin your day with some quiet time. Choose an activity that helps you feel centered and grounded. It could be yoga, breath work, reading a passage from your favorite spiritual text, or journaling. Those are just a few examples.

Events • Classes • Workshops APRIL 1, May 6, JUNE 3 11:30 A.M. - 1 P.M. Good Company Networking Lunch. Join us for lunch and networking. Cost is the price of your lunch. SILVER SPOON THAI RESTAURANT, 3828 196th St. SW, Lynnwood, WA 98036 • For directions only: 425-967-3255. See menu at You don’t have to eat to join us but please do not bring in any outside food or drinks. Saturday, April 5, 7:30 - 9 pm, Christ Lives in the Holy Land & In You! - An Oratorio, Ananda Meditation Temple, 23305 Bothell-Everett Hwy, Bothell. This contemporary masterpiece is a powerful meditation in music. Feel the universal Christ presence through music, lyrics, and sacred vibration. www., 425-806-3700 April 5, 2014 3:30-6 pm S.H.E.S. Ordination Ceremony Contact Dakara 425-267-9738, 425-267-9738 Are you ready to become an Ordained Minister Spiritual Healer or Earth Steward? Full details at http://dakara. com/ord.html Beautiful ceremony to honor you and your Ordination. Register today! South Snohomish County Location WEDNESDAY, April 9, 6-8 PM FREE Program Info Session. Spend an enlightening evening exploring a variety of our non-credit programs. Meet the instructors. Ask questions. Enjoy mini-workshops on two of the topics of your choice: aromatherapy, hypnotherapy, medical qigong, craniosacral and indigenous wisdom teachings. Preregistration required. Continuing-Education Continuinged@ 425-602-3152.

April 10, Thurs, 6-9 PM Aromatherapy & Essential Oils: Meditation, Yoga & Prayer. Incense, resins and aromatics have a deep history of use in religious and spiritual ceremony. Expand your own spiritual and philosophical potential with essential oils. $55-$95 425-602-3152 Saturday, April 12, 1:30 - 4:30 pm, Yogasana Intensive: Healing From the Inside Out: Yoga and the Chakras, Ananda Meditation Temple, 23305 Bothell-Everett Hwy, Bothell, WA Learn to use yoga postures with breath and affirmations to affect healing energy flow within the chakras. www. 425-806-3700 April 12-13: Sat, 9:30 AM -5 PM Animal Communication: Your Animals are Talking, Are You Listening? Telepathic animal communication is the process of listening to and talking directly with animals through thought dialogue, body sensations, emotions or pictures. Anyone can learn how. $265-$310 425-602-3152 APRIL 15, May 20, JUNE 17 11:30-1 PM Good Company Networking Lunch! Join us for lunch and networking. Cost is the price of your lunch. CHAIN BUFFET, 14561 Chain Lake Rd., Monroe, WA 98272. For directions only: 360-217-8226. Chinese buffet and lunch specials. You don’t have to eat to join us but please do not bring in any outside food or drinks with you. No reservations required. For more information visit

IIIIIIIIIIIIIII I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Roi & Taylore I I 360-748-4426 I I I • FREE Reiki 1 Training I I & Certification Class! I I I 9am-4pm, April 5 I I I I I • Become a Reiki Master I by taking Reiki 1, 2 & 3 I I April 5-6, Special $200 I I I I I • Find and delete energy blockages I I • Heal the disease called financial I I hardship and struggle I I • Get rid of ancient family curses I I • Find the root cause of any I I disease I how to improve relationI • Learn I ships and/or attract a mate I • Increase your Spiritual connection I I and much more.... I I I I I Near Chehalis, WA I I IIIIIIIIIIIIIII April 16, 23 & 30, Wed, 6-9 PM Indigenous Wisdom Teachings: Elemental Healing - Moving Energy & Restoring Wholeness. Fuel your body and feed your soul with the Elemental Healing™ Method. Our energy body codes our experiences in its energetic architecture where there is a complete record of all our past experiences and emotional wounds. Healing those wounds is one of the primary rewards of one’s Inner Journey. $155-$205 425-602-3152.

Pick something that works for you. When you are able to be more centered, you will experience the present moment more fully. Our busy lives distract us from our innate knowing and this quiet time will help us reconnect to it. Before bedtime, reflect on the events of the day. When did you feel most content and peaceful? When were you not feeling this way? Be specific in your analysis of the day. This information is a beginning step in determining what is really serving you in your life. When you do this type of activity more frequently, you’ll be able to tap into those things that make your life whole and easily release those things that no longer serve you well. Johanna Ryan, ND, specializes in helping people evaluate their health through the lens of their emotional and spiritual well-being. She is committed to assisting people in bringing forth a life that has meaning and purpose despite challenges they may be facing. For more information about Dr. Ryan and her practice, please visit her website,

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Have a Heart-to-Heart Talk with Spirit The spirits and ancestors want to talk with you! Receive their wisdom, healing, power and love through shamanic dreaming and journeying with June BlueSpruce. ª Introduction to Shamanic Dreaming Friday evening April 18 ª Shamanic Dreaming Workshop Saturdays April 19 & 26 ª Introduction to Shamanic Journeying Friday evening May 16 ª Shamanic Journeying Workshop Saturday/Sunday May 17-18 Call 206-579-1203 or go to for more information.

April 21, 2014 6:30-9:30 PM A-N-G-E-L-Network A Network Gathering Enriching Lives. Third Monday of each month. Speakers to empower and enrich your life! Door prizes and mini psychic readings Contact Dakara 425-267-9738, 425-267-9738,

APRIL 22, May 27, JUNE 24, 11:30-1 PM Good Company Networking Lunch. Join us for lunch and networking. Cost is the price of your lunch. Bring your own or purchase a delicious lunch at East West. East West Bookshop, 6500 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, 98115. Saturday, April 26, 9:30 am - noon Relieve Stress Naturally with Herbs, Ayurveda, & Acupressure, Ananda Meditation Temple, 23305 Bothell-Everett Hwy, Bothell, WA. Learn simple, sustainable, and effective ways to manage stress through energy medicine including Chinese, Ayurvedic and acupressure. Taught by Melissa Yaden, EAMP, LMP, AWC. 425-806-3700 April 27, 2014 6-7pm New Moon Manifesting Call - live on the phone - replay available. Powerful New Moon in Aries. Take a journey through the energy of this new moons energy. Astrology information, healing and guided meditation. Contact Dakara 425-267-9738, 425-267-9738, Full details

Saturday May 3, 2-6pm Spring Open House: Primavita Family Medicine, Eylan Health, Daniel Abney, LMP! Informational presentations, interactive events, refreshments. Come acquire new perspectives, inspiration and renewal for the upcoming season! Door prizes, face painting, fun. Free parking. Renew, Refresh, Rejuvenate! 15446 Bel-Red Rd., #B-15, Redmond, 98052; Ph:425-273-0741,

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Is lasting change for humanity possible?

Unity: The Hidden Key to Global Transformation We’re not alone in facing world problems. As we work in the spirit of sharing and cooperation, the Masters of Wisdom & Compassion are emerging now to help us.

This is the news behind the headline news. Presented in association with Share International –

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Saturday, April 19, 2:30-4:30 pm Douglass-Truth Library 2300 E Yesler Way, Seattle

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Churches and Spiritual Homes FIrst Spiritualist Church of Puyallup Sunday Service 11am , 314 second ST SE Puyallup WA 98372 253-845-4444 All are Welcome, A Spiritual Pick me up every Sunday. Come as you Are. Just Behind City Hall in Downtown Puyallup www.first or on facebook at puyallup spiritualist church Living Interfaith, Lynnwood, WA, gathers to share and celebrate our diverse spiritual paths. We are Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, Humanists, Seekers. Our services celebrate holy days from our many spiritual paths, and deal with timely Interfaith topics. We come together not to convert or convince, but to share. All of good will are welcome. 425-343-3915. UNited Centers for Spiritual Living based on the teachings of Ernest Holmes. Offers classes, workshops, services, and fellowship focused on positive living within a spiritual framework. 720-496-1370.

Churches and Spiritual Homes Amazing Grace Spiritual Center is a New Thought church where we honor the Universal Truths taught by all religions. Check out one of our Sunday services: great music, great message and great community. Dynamic, progressive, open and affirming. Find us online at

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Churches and Spiritual Homes

Churches and Spiritual Homes

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The Theosophical Society encourages open-minded inquiry into world religions, philosophy, science, and the arts in order to understand the wisdom of the ages, respect the unity of all life, and help people explore spiritual self-transformation. Offerings includes classes, workshops, and bookstores named Quest Bookshop. 630-668-1571.

Energy and crystal healing, Bach Flower Essence therapy. Call Karen Dossett, BFRP, at (425) 402-3790 or email

Centers of Light teaches Christian mysticism and finding truth through experiences, not dogma. One-on-one teacher/student relationships offer the personal counseling and love that is rarely found elsewhere. Spiritual communities support each other with integrity, honesty and joy.

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CHURCH OF SPIRITUAL TRUTH. Sunday Services 11:00 a.m. CAMP EDGEWOOD NSAC - 1228 26th Avenue Ct., Milton, WA 98354. Everyone welcome. 253-927-2050. Church of Divine Man is a non-profit organization focused on spiritual freedom. The emphasis is on teaching spiritual techniques to allow spirit to awaken and create consciously in the physical world. These techniques and teachings are based upon ancient wisdom and presented in a modern-day format. Take charge of your spiritual creativity by meditating with purpose. or call 425-258-1449. UNity is an open-minded, accepting spiritual community that honors all paths to God and helps people discover and live their spiritual potential and purpose. A positive alternative to negative religion, Unity seeks to apply the teachings of Jesus as well as other spiritual masters. 800-248-6489. WICCA: Aquarian Tabernacle Church, open to all. Free monthly Lunar celebrations, classes, other events. For more information call 360-793-1945. Seattle Gnostic Center Spiritual Psychology & Meditation, Transforma-tional Study & Practice, Wednesdays 7-9pm, Kabbalah, Alchemy, Mindfulness, Astral, www.gnosticcenter. com 206-365-0826 Ananda Church of Self Realization founded by Swami Kriyananda, direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda is a movement based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda that helps you bring God into your life through meditation and spiritual living. Offers classes, services, Living Wisdom Schools, and spiritual communities in the United States, India, and Italy. Call 530-478-7560. Amor Spiritual Center - We are a community of love where all spiritual beliefs are welcome.When we love ourselves and each other with our hearts and stay mindful of our thoughts, we experience unlimited freedom and joy. Come celebrate life; yours, mine and ours! 2528 Beacon Ave, Seattle, WA 98144,

COUNSELING & CONSULTATION. Call Cat Saunders (206) 329-0125 or visit <>. See testimonials at <>. Professional support with a personal touch! HYPNOSIS FOR HEALTH & WELLBEING! Specialized Programs and Personalized Workshops. Appointments Only 206-280-5322.

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Program for new and experienced meditators who wish to deepen their practice of meditation. For more info: 206-459-4680. FREE Sahaj Marg Meditation for human perfection through yogic transmission. Ph (206) 522-2502. Spiritual Healing-FREE. Thursdays, 2 PM with Pranic healing, ascended mastered with channeled information and more. Camp Edgewood NSAC, 1228 26th Ave Ct , Milton, WA. RSVP 253-845-4907 or 206-878-4079 You Were Born To Be Happy – Ultimate method to the eternal happiness! Maum Meditation presents free introductory lecture: 5pm & 7pm every Thursday. Recover True Universe Mind within through unique mind-subtraction methods. Find out the true purpose and reason for your life. RSVP: 425-336-0754 or visit Center for Spiritual Living Seattle. Sunday services at 9am and 11am, Wed at 7pm CSL is a trans-denominational, inter-generational, not-your-usual church. We provide a safe place for “the rest of us” who are looking to connect with God/Higher Power/Universal Presence, but don’t really fit in with any one religion.

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The Social Soul Proprietor

As a soul proprietor you have many tools with which to build and grow your business, such as email, a blog, advertising, educational by Marty Marsh, content, Soul Proprietor search engine optimization, and direct mail, and post audio and video messages. On all among many other marketing and platforms today it is also easy for people to share your content, which is something you promotion tools and strategies. want to encourage.

Soul Proprietors

Even though social networking has been around now for nearly two decades, many soul proprietors are just discovering the power of this marketing and promotion tool. Now that we have giants like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, people are finally starting to pay attention. And this means that participating in social networking is a tremendous opportunity to promote your business or practice. Social networking allows you to expand the number of your business and/or social contacts with individuals with which you share things in common. Before you begin to consider social networking as a tool to promote your business, you want to make sure that your particular audience actively participates in social networking. A bit of research and some time on various social networking sites will tell you what you need to know, and chances are high that you’ll find your people participating as well. Social networking gives you the chance to meet and make new friends along with a unique opportunity to demonstrate your value, establish your brand, and sell your product or service. Whether your business is just starting out, or you’ve been around for a while, adding social networking to your marketing mix will undoubtedly help you promote and grow your business, often faster than by more traditional means. The most popular and powerful ways to use social networking to promote your business include: • Share Lessons and Experiences – Social networking is about connecting. If you have something relevant to your particular field to share, then go ahead and share it. Start conversations and participate in others. • Share Pictures, Audio and Video – There is no doubt that a picture enhances the social experience. Most of the social networking sites embrace this visual form of sharing. YouTube, of course, is a video social networking site but now Facebook and Twitter both encourage you to link to

• Share Information – Post interesting and relevant statistics, quotes, or headlines and start a conversation. When appropriate, link to your company website. • Drive Traffic to Your Blog or Website – Post a curiosity-generating or attentiongrabbing headline and include a link to your website. • Promote – If launching a new product or service or program, announcing it via social networking is a fast way to spread the word. You can also let people know about discounts you may be offering or special promotions, but mix this approach with the other more relationshipbuilding aspects of your social networking. Nobody wants to follow someone who is simply “selling” all the time. Remember the active word in social networking is “social.” • Advertise – Many of the social networking sites also sell advertising space. Facebook has run a successful advertising program for quite some time, and Twitter and Linked are now in the game as well. They all offer very highly-targeted opportunities to advertise your business, even if you’re on a strict budget. And now, Facebook has a program that allows you to boost any post you make for a very small rate. “Boosting” is a much more subtle approach to advertising. As a soul proprietor you are naturally all about honoring people as unique individuals and engaging with them so as to be of service. Facebook offers an incredible way to attract and interact with the very people you most want to hang out with and get to know better either as friends, clients or both, and that is through “groups.” You can create your own group on Facebook and make it as private or as public as you want. Having your own group naturally puts the focus on you. Even as your members interact with each other and do their own posting, you, as the leader, will always stand out. Continued on Page 15


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Changing the world, one listener at a time! Listen to hundreds of archived shows including: Marianne Williamson, Richard Bach, Gary Zukov, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Arjuna Ardagh, Neale Donald Walsch, Arielle Ford, Dr. Wayne Dyer, plus editors of Utne Reader, The Herb Companion, EnlightenNext, Natural Home Magazine, and the Publisher of Mother Earth News

Be sure to join us on Wednesday, April 2. We’ll be interviewing Rich Bach about his new book, Illumination II: The Adventures of a Reluctant Student. Richard Bach is an American writer. He is widely known as the author of the hugely popular 1970s best-sellers Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Illusions. Richard also has new ebook, Jonathan Livingston Seagull: The Complete Edition, just released from Scribner. On Monday April 14, we’re excited to have a conversation with Gary Zukav, to talk about The 25th Anniversary Edition of The Seat of the Soul. Gary is an American spiritual teacher and the author of four consecutive New York Times Best Sellers, including The Seat of the Soul. We’ve expanded our reach worldwide. We are now being broadcast on The Radio Ear Network at, M-F 12-1pm EST and 5:00 am GMT in Europe. Let everyone you know in the U.S. and World there is another opportunity to hear Conscious Talk.



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Spiritually-Based Parenting: The Soul Requires Freedom By DS Clark

I have been on my spiritual path for a long time now. It is the path of awakening, deepening, and growing into a conscious being, and that is how I raised my now 19-year-old daughter. People are always asking me how I did it. How did she turn out to be so wise and so deep? The answer is simple: I let her make choices that were right for her. That involves letting her have tremendous freedom, and giving her my trust.

I wanted her to experience real freedom, the type that lets you soar and go forth to do exactly what you came here to do. Not what I think is right for me projected onto her, but what would awaken her soul’s calling. Let her be the manifesting generator of the people and events that would support her growth into being the amazing person she is on this planet. The surprising part about using spirituality when raising our children is that no controlling, no grounding, no projected guilt, and no punishment is needed. Why? Because we all naturally want to have freedom, and we all naturally do not want to disappoint our parents. But asking for this type of respect requires the parent to be a

The Social Soul Proprietor

Continued from Page 14 What makes a Facebook group work really well for your business is encouraging as much participation within the group as you can. It is an ideal way to create a community of like-minded people, and attract people who are more likely to be potential clients for you. You may want to join my own private group where you’ll find a lively group of folks – all soul proprietors – who are all interested in

developing a business that serves the greater good of the world: Visit www. soulproprietors and ask to join.

Time to Get Social! Dabbling with social networking has become, for many, a time sink. Hours and hours wasted on various sites liking, commenting, and playing games, is a distraction that business owners cannot afford. So you must create a strategy for how you will

use social networking to grow your business and follow that strategy daily. Remember, you are not engaging with social networking just to play (you can do that during your offhours), but rather to create connections on a more casual level that could turn into business for you down the road. Start with one social networking site and stick with it until you are comfortable before adding any other sites to your marketing mix. And pay

Your Hero’s Journey Continued from Page 16 physical body, a vortex of energy so slow and dense that it is bound by gravity. While it is only an idea, an unknown dream, what is the attraction? How will you benefit, and what will be the drawback of physicality? As your urge for a physical body grows, so does your desire to seek adventure, new information, the brass ring of your hero’s journey. A portion of your spirit begins to form as a soul that has the potential to extend into the physical realms and be embodied in that dense vortex of sensuality and experience. It is wondrous and exciting; your hopes accelerate with the idea of the potentiality of this event. What do you know about that potential? What are the hopes and dreams of your spirit as your soul begins the plunge? What treasure do you anticipate will be returned to you? In what way do you yearn to shape your spirit differently through this experience? Thoughtfully contemplate these questions, and take the time to make notes in your

journal. Allow the imagination to fly and the words to flow. No thoughts or ideas are too fantastical or too mundane. And then, focusing inward, return, once again, to the perspective of your spirit. From that viewpoint, observe the portion of your soul that has incarnated into this present body. What are the hopes and dreams it has for you, as you move through this life as the hero in search of experience and knowledge? How are you carrying out its mission through the adventure you call this lifetime?

Mary Lee LaBay, Ph.D., has authored five books, two on past life regression. She offers private sessions and professional training in hypnotherapy, past life regression, and spiritual awakening.For details, please visit, or contact her at (425) 562-7277 or marylee@

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good role model. The only real tool in my arsenal has been communication. My daughter and I talked about everything right from the beginning; drugs, sex, and yes, even rock-n-roll. (I had to expose her to classic rock, and let the music speak for itself.) Even as a small child she would ask me if she could go do things, and almost always, I let her. Our conversation would go something like this … “Mom, can I go over to Sarah’s house and play after school? And will you pick me up?” “Who else will be there?” I asked.

attention to your return on time spent. If you find that social networking is more of a distraction than a help, then you’ll want to put more time and energy into other forms of marketing. But give social networking a try and see what happens. At the least you’ll make some new friends. And as a bonus, you’ll likely find some great clients, too. Marty Marsh believes that your successful business is the catalyst for creating massive positive change in the world. To that end, he specializes in helping you, the entrepreneurial change-agent, to attract your perfect clients and to grow your business quickly and with ease so you have the resources to truly make a difference in the lives of the people you serve. For more business development and marketing strategies for staying in touch with your ideal prospects, visit

“Just Sarah. Her mom is picking us up from school.” “Sounds like fun. I’ll pick you up after work and we’ll have dinner, and then you can do your homework.” “Thanks, Mom!” An unconscious scenario would go something like this … “Mom, can I go over to Sarah’s house and play after school? And will you pick me up?” “You need to get your homework done first before you go play.” “But Mom, I will do it later on when I get home.” “That’s not very responsible. Don’t you want to get good grades? Don’t you care about school?” See the difference? All that guilt projected in the second scenario is accusatory, and shows distrust. It also sets up the child’s natural defenses to retaliate and forms a lot of resentment. Now, I’m not saying I do not have boundaries. I do. And they are clear, and I communicate them so my daughter understands that with freedom comes great responsibility (just like Spiderman). In the above scenario, I didn’t threaten, nor use guilt. No need to. She understood the boundary and happily adhered to it. The ground rules are simple, if you leave the door open and give them a safe place to come and talk, they will. No need for secrets, no need to lie. I tell my daughter to make choices that feel right for her and her body. I tell her to recognize limits, and be smart in her choices. With good communication and clear boundaries the results are always the same: the soul grows and deepens with freedom. Diana Clark (DS Clark) can be reached at, or (425) 653-9462

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APRIL 2014

Master Choa Kok Sui



Your Hero’s Journey


Boost Your Vitality and Accelerate Healing from Common Health Issues Three powerful classes with Master Stephen Co: 1. Step by step techniques of using Prana/Chi heal yourself and others. Includes Distant/Remote Healing. Recharge & Protect yourself as you heal others. 2. Using Crystal Power and Gemstones for healing, meditation, psychic protection and spiritual connection. 3. Soul Connective methods for: Awakening Intuition, Rapid Spiritual Development, Channeling Divine Healing.


Ramada Tukwila, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport 15901 W Valley Hwy Tukwila, WA 98188

Master Stephen Co is a senior disciple of GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui,the Originator of Pranic Healing® & Arhatic Yoga®

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Mary Lee LaBay, Ph.D.

“Not everyone has a destiny... only the hero who has plunged to touch it, and has come up again with a ring.” – Joseph Campbell

Stillness everywhere, bathed in neither light nor darkness. A vast yawning, yet nothing. No awareness, no thing of which to be aware. No consciousness. No existence. Out of nowhere, and of nothing, a movement. A ripple in the still pool. A nudge, infinitesimal while at once infinite. A gentle rhythm develops. Force and resistance. Friction. Reaction. A vortex. Swirling masses. A storm. Out of the storm bursts forth the conscious awareness of existence. Reflection and wonder. Thirst for knowledge. Hunger for experience. With the dawning of self-awareness comes the birth of separation. Awareness of self conjures the recognition of other. Curiosity. The lust for survival. Competition. Knowledge, and the wisdom of its use, provides the fundamental means of survival. Self-awareness becomes the instrument for a spirit’s furthering of its existence. In its primal quest for survival, the spirit seeks a hero. It requires a chivalrous servant who will plunge to the depths single-mindedly in search of its personal brass ring: life-extending experience and knowledge. Our soul is the champion of our spirit. As our soul descends into the dense medium of a physical incarnation, it embarks on a hero’s adventure. It crosses the threshold, leaving the gates of the eternal community. It accepts the challenge of seeking out truth, morality, virtue, growth, and ultimate survival through the experiences of physical incarnation. Upon death, the soul returns to the spirit,

bearing gifts of memories, character, and change. More pieces of the character find places in the spirit’s architecture. The alterations in its structure demonstrate movement; the expansion and contraction of the spirit is as if it takes a breath. Memories are all that remain of the sensual experiences, relationships, and adventures that give color to the spirit’s perceptions and imagination. Awaken to the reality that you are the hero of your own tale. You are the only hope that your spirit has of ultimate survival. Although there are infinite aspects of you existing throughout history, marked by your numerous incarnations, the present aspect of you is the culmination of all the others. You are the result of all your experiences. You, in this moment, represent all the expansive growth, minus all the contractive movement that you have ever experienced. You are the full, and singular, representative of your spirit. Be the hero. Plunge deeply and seize your ring! The foregoing is an excerpt from my book, Exploring Past Lives: Your Soul’s Quest for Consciousness (Trafford, 2008). While there are other ordinary, and not so ordinary, reasons to explore your past lives, let’s focus for a moment of your own hero’s journey. You may want to find a quiet place to relax, where you will be undisturbed for a while, and open to a blank page of your journal. Take in a deep breath; exhale and relax. Clear your mind of the busy-ness of your life, enjoying this time that is just for you. Imagine, for a moment, taking the perspective of your spirit, formless energy encapsulating your consciousness. Your perceptions are obtained from your subtle body. Without eyes and ears, nerves or tongue, you explore your surroundings and discern the nature of life. With childlike curiosity, begin to imagine what it would be like to contemplate incarnating into a Continued on Page 15

Tips for Manifesting

Repetition is a Power Tool - Use it or Lose It


3 Eating For Your Inner Chi

Your Hero’s Journey



The Trouble with Hope By John Ptacek

I had a strained relationship with hope before my wife was diagnosed with cancer. To me, hope was a high waiting for a low; a fix with a nasty flipside. Far from the precious entity exalted by legions of poets and philosophers, hope was just another coordinate on the pain/pleasure cycle existing in infinite balance with its opposite. In the same way that happiness alternates with sadness, or desire with loss, hope alternates with fear. One requires that the other exist. Hope was for suckers, and I was no sucker. Or so I reasoned... the times I didn’t need hope, that is. But when life would clobber me over the head with misfortune, there I was, clinging to hope like a dear, misunderstood friend. Since my wife’s diagnosis, however, my relationship with hope is no longer strained. It’s been severed completely. I’ve abandoned hope, and in

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the process have met a new friend: peace. To abandon hope is to trample the plotline of feelgood movies, to renounce the rhetoric of sweating preachers, and to earn puzzled looks from hopers everywhere. Hope soothes and inspires. It builds churches and sells books. Hope is widely thought to be the last coin in our pocket, the one thing we can never afford to lose. But what is hope, exactly? What does it look like away from the flickering glow of votive candles? Isn’t hope just wishful thinking? Isn’t it just slapping a happy ending on an unhappy beginning? We want to be happy all the time, and why not? It beats sad, lonely, and a host of other unpleasant but inevitable human conditions. When we’re not happy, we hope. We paint a bright future with our thoughts and wait for it to materialize. However rickety, this logic makes just enough sense to ease a frightened mind. Implicit in hopeful thinking is the mistaken notion that we are separate entities existing outside the flow of an exquisitely connected universe, that we are as in control of our destinies as we are our individual retirement accounts. Hope is our silent prayer that misfortune is meant for one of the other sixand-a-half billion people in the world, but not us. Continued on Page 12

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