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And Discover The Truth of Who You Really Are A Visit With Teacher and Author Gangaji By Krysta Gibson

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we construct stories in certain ways, certain people have certain traits. It isn’t to deny that there aren’t victims and that we haven’t been victimized, but if we continue to tell that story we overlook what it is to be free of vicitmization, free of dogma. KG: What does it feel like to be free of that? Gangaji: You feel unburdened. I always let people know I have full range of emotions. It doesn’t mean a story isn’t happening here. There’s a physical story, there’s a body, and genetics and a cultural story and a male-female story, but there’s a shift from believing that these are the limits of oneself to recognizing that it’s just a particular expression. The story of me – body, spirit, emotions – is just passing through the truth of who I am, which is life. The possibilities of discovering oneself as life itself doesn’t deny the particular form but it is a recognition of what is deeper and more vast than the life form.

Born in Texas as Antonionette (Toni) Roberson Varner, Gangaji spent 20 years of spiritual searching before her prayer for a true teacher was answered. She went to India where she met Sri H.W.L. Poonja, whom she calls Papaji. He insisted that she learn to be still and listen in order to find true fulfillment. It was Papaji who gave her the name she uses today. Her second book is called Hidden Treasure, Uncovering the Truth in Your Own Life (Tarcher/Penguin) and in it she shares a process she calls inquiry. Krysta Gibson: You say that inquiry is a way to question the stories we tell ourselves. What is inquiry and why is it important? Gangaji: Inquiry is a way of turning your attention back to the source of thought. Our stories are made up of thoughts and we tend to roll along believing them. When we turn to spiritual matters, there’s a recognition that reality is much more than what we can think. It is a help to turn back to Source and to our limitlessness. KG: In your book, you write that the challenge with inquiry is being willing to directly discover what exists without reference point, to release the constructed world while we still remain conscious. Can you explain that? Gangaji: We are conditioned to order the universe. Different cultures construct it differently

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No Separation

and do this for survival. The concept of “release the constructs,” threatens the entire identity. This is the fear of death and can be really scary. It is the gateway into real recognition of being free of our stories. KG: Are you saying we get to a point

where our history doesn’t exist for us anymore? Gangaji: Our stories do exist in thought form but not in reality as we think they do. There’s a truth that’s alive and closer than that and it is the truth of who you are. Maybe genetically

Gangaji says that when she studied various masters over the years she continued to separate herself from them. They were the adepts, the accomplished ones. But when she met Papaji, he told her “Stop,” and that stopped her narrative for a moment. In that moment, she says, she realized that all of these great teachers and teachings are alive as herself. The separation of herself as ordinary human being from the extraordinary masters that have walked amongst us stopped. Her life became one of finding rather than searching. Continued on Page 2




APRIL 2012

Free Yourself

From Your Stories

Continued from Page 1 KG: What is a first step a person can take to doing this? Gangaji: The most essential is telling the truth about what you want. Most of us get attracted to the spiritual life because we want to be loved, or we want to be happy or we want to feel a certain way all the time. If we can tell the truth about that, then we can tell the deeper truth: “If we had that, what would that give us?” If what you want is peace or freedom or truth, then I would say that is the essential requirement. From that there is a willingness that arises, that allows one to discover their courage and capacity to let go of everything you’ve ever heard, been taught, ever believed or want to be

true, everything you fear to be true, at least for a moment so we recognize what is here and what has always been here. If we come to inquiry wanting it to deliver a particular kind of experience, like a unity experience or one of grandness or ecstasy, then that is already polluted. If we don’t know what will be revealed and are truly open to what is here then we are available to directly discover what is here. Sometimes uncomfortable emotions are revealed, but if we’re willing to tell the truth and stay in the core of this state, finally we arrive at ourselves because we are not separate from ourselves and that self is limitless. KG: And we’re not saying we want something that is out there. Gangaji: Yes, and that is really huge. Just in terms of survival we’re conditioned to

want what is out there because that is what keeps our body alive. When we fall in love, we want what’s out there because it makes us feel good. We read about a great wisdom teaching and we want that. One of the radical things that Papaji said was “Stop searching,” even if for a moment. There is nothing wrong with the search. It brought us to this moment. But if we continue our identity as seekers, we can overlook the deeper revelations, the deeper feast of ourselves.] KG: Are you saying that people have to give up spiritual practices such as meditation or chanting to reach the state you’re talking about? Gangaji: Not in the way that we think of giving up. But give it up for a moment, for an afternoon. Don’t rely on anything. No matter how beneficial our practices are, they tend to become the way we’re going to get something that’s out there. Even if we call it inner peace, it’s something that’s out there. And sometimes we have great experiences with chanting or meditation or other practices. Our practice can become a celebration of what is true rather than what we’re trying to attain. Then we’re unburdened by our practices. They are delightful and they might drop away or continue and become stronger. KG: By reaching that place of stillness within ourselves, that place will inform us, maybe we will chant, or do mantras, or other practices, but we will do them from this place within rather than reaching outside for them hoping they will take us to


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the quiet place. Gangaji: Yes, that is exactly what I’m saying. KG: Let’s talk about pain and suffering. You say that what we do with our pain is what causes suffering, not the pain itself. Gangaji: If we recognize that pain is just part of life and we don’t judge it, we can open to it and let it be there. It is just part of the phenomena of being human. But when we add our story, “This shouldn’t be here,” or “I am a bad person,” we add weight to the pain and give it meaning. Then we’re weighed down by it and it continues. Pain is what is experienced in the moment. Suffering takes time and is thought added to the pain. KG: So you’re saying when you have pain, go ahead and meet it but don’t give it a story or an interpretation. Just let it be. Ganagji: Yes, and it is so simple but such a challenge to do because we want to attach a story to it and that is the bondage. KG: We start believing our own stories ... Gangaji: ...and we are bound to them. They get entrenched as reality. To listen to this entire interview, go to, audio section. Gangaji will be at the East West Bookshop in Seattle April 27, www. for details or call (206) 523-3726. For information about programs and events in other areas, please visit

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APRIL 2012




When You Take A Class Bring Your Intellect With You In the news, once again, is a story of how a supposedly spiritual yoga teacher was having sexual relationships with his students while preaching other standards to his classes. This sort of thing has gone on forever. I guess as long as there are unscrupulous people in positions of power and vulnerable people who trust them, we’ll continue to have these sorts of things happen. But it doesn’t have to happen to you. And you don’t have to be a perpetrator. Some yoga studios are starting to be more about physical fitness and/or seduction than spirituality. The word yoga actually means union and has to do with a lot more than the physical postures known as hatha yoga. As I understand it, the postures were originally designed to aid spiritual seekers in having better meditation experiences, not just

having fit bodies. Over time, it seems some people have lost the spiritual connection to yoga. In fact, there are yoga studios that won’t offer New Spirit Journal to their clients because it is too spiritual in tone! When one yoga teacher was asked about teaching her students the spiritual aspect of yoga, she said she doesn’t teach that. “If they do it long enough, they will figure that part out on their own.” Amazing. People who want to learn yoga would be wise to do their homework before signing up for classes. Find out what you will be taught and on what basis. If you are looking for yoga classes that will give you the holistic viewpoint – body, mind, and spirit – be sure you hold out for that and don’t just sign up for a hot yoga class that is designed for weight loss and nothing else. People who know me today, can’t believe that I was pretty naïve at one time in my life. Years later after I had overcome this trait, I used to say that my autobiography would be called Gullible’s Trabels. I had a Spanish teacher in college who, in the privacy of his office without witnesses, told me he would fail me unless I engaged in certain activities with him. I managed to maneuver my way out of the situation without having to give in to his demands, but it was a close call. I had allowed myself to put him on a pedestal. That’s how I ended up alone with him in the first place. This situation was a

Living The Good Life by Krysta Gibson stepping-stone to owning my space and my power.

It’s easy to be emotionally seduced by someone we respect; someone we think knows more than we do. It happens all the time. And when the person also seems to have some sort of spiritual power and knowledge, it is even easier to accept what they say without questioning. We have to be responsible for our space and energy. This can be difficult if we come from a background that teaches us to respect and obey authority automatically. As adults, however, we do have the right to question. We have the right to pay attention

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to our inner voice when it warns us to stay away from someone. And we need to pay attention when anything seems to be too good to be true.

When following any path, don’t check your intellect at the door. Take it with you. Pay attention to how you feel. If you get any warning signs that someone’s behavior is inconsistent with what they teach, consider leaving the situation. If anything inappropriate begins to happen, talk to someone else right away. Gain some perspective before making any decisions you might later regret. If you are a teacher of any kind, realize the sacred trust put in you by students. If you are tempted to use your power to manipulate them, get help immediately. As I

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like to tell my business clients, “Your clients are not there to serve your unmet ego needs. Take care of your needs yourself so you can be there to serve your clients.” Of course, I realize there are situations where the student seduces the teacher. Some students feel that they gain power by being able to disarm and seduce the teacher. And then there is the whole issue of past lives where the two people might have had an intimate relationship. However, the teacher is still the one in the position of power. If a teacher finds themselves unable to resist the advances of a student, there is more work to be done before continuing on the path of being a teacher. Resign and get help. I find it sad when situations such as this develop. The relationship between student and teacher is a sacred one. In most cases, the relationship is treasured as one of mutual honor and respect. Let’s do our part to support the healthy relationships and starve the others. Krysta Gibson is publisher of New Spirit Journal. She is an author and teacher and offers a business mentoring program for people who are on a spiritual journey. Learn more about her books and other programs and read her blog by going to www. Krysta is a guest on the Conscious Talk radio program the third Thursday of each month. Listen live on 1150 AM or streaming and archived at


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APRIL 2012

Validate It For Yourself Using Pranic Healing By Meghan Kaul

While helping out at last weekend’s Pranic Healing level I class, I was reminded of of Master Choa’s famous admonition, stated at every class: “You are not obligated to believe everything that is taught. Listen with an open yet discerning mind, evaluate intelligently, and then make your own conclusion.” Lucky for us, Master Choa gave us a tool we can use to evaluate and make our own conclusions about any information we come across. This is needed now more than ever with so many techniques and teachings out there. How can we tell accurate from inaccurate information? This simple and effective technique is called scanning. Scanning essentially means feeling energy. As it turns out, you don’t have to see energy to gather detailed information about it. Unlike clairvoyance, clairaudience, and other spiritual gifts, scanning is available to absolutely everyone and is usually learned in just a few minutes. It does not require intuition or special abilities to perform. The two main ways you can use scanning

You don’t have to see energy to gather detailed information about it. Scanning is available to everyone and is usually learned in just a few minutes. to validate are to scan yourself or another person before and after being treated with a certain healing modality to see if the energy improved and to scan a teacher, book, or school to see if they are indeed dispensing wisdom that will help people. I will teach you a technique to learn scanning in a moment. How can you tell if a person’s energy improved after a healing session? Scan the overall aura, chakras that will be worked on, or body parts and organs affected. Dirty energy will feel rough and sticky and may make your hand itch, while clean energy

feels soft and smooth. After the session, you should feel smoother energy and a larger, more balanced aura if the healing made a positive difference. The overall aura should feel balanced, with similar width on the top and bottom halves and be a smooth egg shape. You can scan your spiritual teacher or the author of a book you are about to buy (yes, this works at a distance; just imagine them in front of you). If they are dispensing

spiritual information, the crown chakra should be very big, which indicates a strong spiritual connection. Scan the area at the top of the head and gauge its width. The crown chakra could be very large, so if you don’t feel anything, try going wider. Without a strong spiritual connection, how can a teacher bring you accurate and powerful spiritual information? You can even scan a physical book. One that is filled with accurate information and wisdom will have a large, strong aura. You can validate the power of different meditations. Scan your energy before and after different meditations. Which one was more powerful and caused a greater increase in DOUBLE DORJEE

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energy? You can scan the energy level of certain supplements at the store to see which has the most prana and is the highest quality. You can scan anything and everything. To learn to scan, try this simple exercise: First, to get the energy moving and make your hands more sensitive, do some shoulder rolls and rotate your arms backward and forward 7-12 times. Then bend your elbows and shake your forearms downward 7-12 times. Next, roll your wrists in both directions 7-12 times. Then rub your hands together a bit. Next, connect your tongue to your palate. This Continued on Page 6

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Wisdom: Why It‘s The Key Aspect of The Sacral Chakra The second of the seven major chakras is the sacral chakra, which is located just above the pubic bone, several inches below the navel. The second chakra is directly associated with birthing new life – literally, but also symbolically – as it’s the center of awakening and creating skills and talents. Creativity is not just about being creative, as in the arts; it also has to do with being creative in your relationships with people and things like jobs and finances. To have positive relationships and maximize creative expression, we must follow our inner guidance, our soul’s wisdom. We do that by learning about what governs the second chakra. The sacral chakra is connected to water. Water is fluid, dynamic, and needs to flow; otherwise it

Ckakra Talk by Ruth Stender

becomes stagnant. Similarly, it’s important to keep an open, flowing creative channel in your life to stave off rigidity and atrophy. Creativity is essential for inviting in, and staying connected to your deep inner wisdom. Wisdom is the key quality of the sacral chakra.

Why You Lose Touch with Your Soul’s Wisdom I recently read a quote by Lao Tzu, “If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.” This is true. Dwelling on the past reminds us of our regrets or abusive situations, which can result in depression. When we think about all the what-ifs in the future, we are filled with fear and worry

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and become anxious. It’s only when we let go of past regrets and stop anticipating tomorrow’s problems that we can be fully in this moment. Living in this moment – the here and now – is where we find stillness. Being still is where we get in touch with the essence of our soul, our wisdom.

Have You Lost Touch with Your Inner Wisdom? A few signs you may be out of touch with your inner wisdom include: • You’re stuck in a job you hate. • You’re in relationships that pull you down. • You have no creative outlet. • You have feelings of apathy, meaning you’ve given up on having a purpose-filled work life, meaningful relationships, or ever painting that masterpiece or writing that book.

The reason a painter loses all sense of time painting and a musician composes late into the night is because to the soul, every moment is infinite, timeless. And when we create relationships that celebrate our uniqueness, we honor that same deep knowing. We dance to the rhythms of life with abandon. Passions ignite as talents come to life, awakening our soul and shaping our surroundings. But when we stop doing things that feed our urge to express ourselves creatively, we lose our sense of joy. Joy happens when you lose all track of time while doing something your soul loves, like the painter, writer, or musician. Deep feelings of joy exist in the place where you bliss out. Connecting with your joy, your bliss, through creative action, is a direct path to your higher, wiser, soul self. “Every child is an artist. The problem is Continued on Page 6

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APRIL 2012

Chakra Talk: The Sacral Chakra Continued from Page 5

how to remain an artist once we grow up.” – Pablo Picasso

Ways to Reconnect with The Wisdom of Your Soul • Try something new. If you don’t know what your talents or skills are, or have lost touch with your sense of purpose, seek out volunteer opportunities. Pay attention to the activities that leave you feeling alive. Sometimes volunteering opens ideas and opportunities for career changes that you might not otherwise have considered. • Move your body. Swimming (outside if possible) is one of the best physical actions for the second chakra for two reasons: (1) the water element is associated with the sacral chakra; and (2) swimming allows your hips (the location of the sacral chakra) to move freely from side to side as you reach and pull with each stroke, releasing tension and blocked energy. Some other ideas to open the hips are forward, backward, and side-angle bends in yoga, belly dancing, and hoola hooping. • Journal each morning, first thing. Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way, offers guidance on writing what she calls morning pages. The process works to help discover talents and rejuvenate creativity. After a week or two, read what you’ve written. Notice patterns or hints of secret desires.

Have you always wanted to play the guitar or sing? Did you use to paint but stopped? After reviewing your writing, sit in stillness, in meditation, for just a bit. Be quiet and listen.

Validate It For Yourself Continued from Page 4 completes an energy channel that runs down your entire body. When connected, it increases your energy field and also increases sensitivity. Gently curl your tongue and touch the tip upward on the palate. Breathe slowly and deeply before and throughout the exercise. Start with your hands apart, palms facing each other about shoulder-width apart or a little farther. With your eyes closed, bring them slowly toward each other as if you are clapping in slow-motion. Bring them slowly back out again. Do this five times or more. Put your attention gently on the palms of your hands, but don’t overuse the will or exert too much expectation, as this will decrease your sensitivity to energy, which is as light as ocean mist. Focus more on the area between your hands than your physical hands. You are feeling energy with your hands’ energy.

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• Be here now. I like to say, “While peeling potatoes, peel potatoes.” Being mindful of every action within the most basic task helps to develop the habit of being in touch with your feelings. Over time, you naturally rely

(sub-personality parts work)

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on your feelings as truth. Truth is the path to your inner knowing. • Don’t let anybody ever convince you that you are not creative. And if you hold beliefs that you are not worthy of sharing your creative talents, let them go. It’s simply not true. You were born an intuitive, creative, joyful being. Avoid anyone who says otherwise. • Affirm every day, “I am an important, creative, wise soul.”

How Will You Know You Are Following Your Wisdom?

What did you feel? The most common descriptions are tingling, warmth, coolness, and pressure, and a magnetic feeling. This is something subtle, so it’s not going to feel like anyone gave you a physical push. If you don’t feel it the first time, don’t worry. It took me a while. I am always surprised at classes to hear that almost everyone feels something on the first try, but this is the case. Most often, when people start feeling energy, they realized they were feeling it the whole time but didn’t recognize it. It takes practice to get in touch with these more subtle sensations. The more you practice, the more sensitive you will become. You will feel more and more, and receive more and more specific information. You can scan yourself, others, animals, plants, and even the energy of a room. With this simple tool, the guesswork is taken out of learning. My favorite thing about scanning is that I am always empowered to evaluate anything and everything, and don’t have to be at the mercy of unproved information. I can intelligently take my learning, literally, into my own hands. For free articles, videos, and more information about Pranic Healing, see Meghan Kaul is a Seattle area associate certified Pranic healer and holistic nutrition consultant. She can be reached at See for more information.

When guided by your soul’s wisdom, you are deeply connected to the positive aspects associated with the second chakra. You are naturally more creative and playful. Your attitude is more flexible and you are intuitive. You feel great appreciation for the simplest pleasures in life. You are freeflowing and open to change. You know what your purpose is, or you’re on a path to discover it. You are no longer guided by the past but embracing the pull, the potential, found in the here and now. Ruth Stender is a certified meditation and yoga teacher offering private and group classes. She is completing her first book which teaches how to balance mind, body, and spirit using the chakras, breath work, and easy-to-use self-healing techniques. Ruth offers services at The Pujari Center, East West Bookshop, and Swedish Medical Center. www., (206) 708-3277.

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Cracking the Depression Code By Eric Maisel

Why is it that so many lottery winners, after a brief period of euphoria, become unhappier than they were before winning the lottery? This happens because there is no lottery to win with regard to life. If you were an alcoholic before you won the lottery, you are still an alcoholic, albeit with a better-stocked liquor cabinet. If you were a cranky, critical, angry young man with a hefty sense of grandiosity and no willingness to do any real work, you are still that narcissist; probably even more so. If you wanted to create symphonies, occasionally tried, but invariably bored yourself with your efforts, you could now hire a symphony orchestra to play your music, and bore a concert hall full of people. Where is the change or improvement in any of that? This is what many lottery winners experience. If you weren’t living an authentic life before you won the lottery, an influx of money will provide you with the perfect opportunity to live just as inauthentically, or even more inauthentically. If you haven’t created yourself in your own best image, if you haven’t demanded of yourself that you strive to understand what matters to you, if you haven’t aligned your thoughts and behaviors with your

intentions, an influx Eric Maisel says of money is just an we can either opportunity to further equip ourselves refrain from stepping to deal with huup to the plate. man unhappiness So is a regimen and the rigors of of antidepressants. living, or we will Even if you believe find ourselves that there is a mental dealing with disorder called them in ways that depression and that make us even certain treatments unhappier. work to minimize it or cure it, you must agree that you will not have cured life once you have cured your depression. You might cure your depression and still not be able to conjure up a single reason to go to the office, your paycheck excepted, or a way to reconcile your mate’s protestations of loyalty with his affairs. Don’t your human challenges remain, even if you have cured your depression? And mustn’t you dream up solutions for them? Human beings experience unhappiness. The typical person experiences unhappiness not only for all the usual reasons – that his teeth sometimes ache, that his job is relentlessly stressful, that his family life is no white-picket-fence heaven, and so on – but also because, as a modern person, he can’t maintain


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�� ��

the illusion that his place in the universe is particularly exalted. His life produces unhappiness, and his understanding of his place in the universe produces its own poignant unhappiness. The former he is taught to call depression, and the latter, if he knows the lingo, he calls existential depression. Society’s widespread willingness to believe that the mental disorder of depression exists produces a new set



of expectations. People have come to believe that unhappiness is an aberration and that if they are experiencing it they have somehow caught something almost embarrassing to catch, like an STD. Who should be unhappy nowadays, what with malls and television? So, rather than admit that they are unhappy, they opt to treat their feelings like a disease. This enormously pleases Big Doctor, who welcomes each depressive with open arms. Big Doctor and his ideas are everywhere, providing tremendous cover for inauthenticity. David Karp argues in Speaking of Sadness: “A necessary condition for widespread depressive illness is a culturally induced readiness to view emotional pain as a disease requiring medical intervention. The grounds for interpreting pain as an abnormal medical condition have been largely established through the increasing incursion of medical and other therapeutic experts into literally every aspect of our lives.” Their fellow doctors, loath to rock the boat and


point a finger, provide cover for their mental health brethren; they attend the same banquets, travel on the same junkets, and lend their moral support to the medicalization of sadness. This new belief that life shouldn’t hurt, a belief fostered by Big Doctor at every turn, is very strange. It is very strange that, having been sexually molested as a child, you should somehow believe that you will not experience that harm as hurtful, injurious, even ruinous. Shame a child, scare a child, belittle a child, dismiss a child, lie to a child, and what do you imagine you will produce? Happiness? It is as if we have come to be surprised by our feelings of unhappiness, so surprised that we involuntarily exclaim, “Wow, something must be going on. This isn’t natural.” Nothing could be more natural. What sort of creature do we think we are? A kind of wishful thinking has washed over the developed world that life has become simple Continued on Page 9




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From Clutter to Collections By Valeria Vata Rae

A word that crops up frequently in my work as a personal organizer is hoarding. It carries a strong negative connotation for people, especially for those who label themselves as hoarders. Hoarding has been defined “as a pattern of behavior that is characterized by the excessive acquisition and inability or unwillingness to discard large quantities of objects that would seemingly qualify as useless or without value,” at least to the person involved. But I would like to offer an alternative view that is gentler, and I believe more accurate. It is that hoarding is the universe’s gracious response to one’s request to feel relief. We are all magnets, powerful electromagnets. As with metal magnets, our valence attracts things of like vibration. Our thoughts, (that which we choose to focus our consciousness upon), determine our vibrational frequency and the power of our attraction at any point in time. There are periods when we feel the desire for more security, and so we focus on what we believe will reduce our anxiety and increase our sense of security. For some, this takes the form of acquiring stuff: books, clothing, knickknacks, household items, magazines, our children’s toys, tools, auto parts, electronic equipment, papers, craft supplies, possessions of family members long gone, and items as small as nails, screws, old bolts, paperclips, rubber bands, twist ties and used plastic bags. By buying, collecting, saving we achieve a sense of relief. Some feel this desire for security so strongly and the subsequent feeling of relief so satisfying, that the acts of collecting and saving become a sort of addiction. It is important to point out that the things themselves are not the basis for this addiction, but the sense of relief that acquiring and having them inspires. As these “collections” grow and we see

Valeria Rae says that rather than labeling oneself as a hoarder, a more healthy approach is to appreciate how powerful your magnetic being is, how successfully the universe has responded to your previous desire to feel more secure. the irrationality of the behavior, there is a tendency to justify the continued collecting and saving by thinking, “Well, I may need this someday,” “Things always become more expensive, if I buy this now, I will be saving in the future,” “I am saving for my grandchildren,” “I just can’t do without this or that,” “Aunt Tilly would be hurt if she knew I got rid of that,” “This deal is too good to pass up,” “I just don’t have time to handle this right now.” Whatever we use as our rationalization, it makes a sort of sense to us or we would be unable to maintain the behavior. But gradually the piles, boxes, bags, shelves, closets, even rooms, garages, basements overflowing with stuff become more difficult to justify, and the sense of being overwhelmed by it all increases. And, although the situation may have become highly bothersome and even hazardous, if the habit of seeking relief through “collecting and saving” is still in effect, the behavior continues.

A New Perspective and Approach to Change As we are all growing and evolving beings, it is natural for our vibrations to change as our thoughts focus in different directions. As this happens, the things we attracted in Continued on Page 9


������ �������������

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APRIL 2012

From Clutter to Collections Continued from Page 8 the past no longer match our current vibration. Rather than seeing the collections in a positive light, we begin to see them as a burden, and immediately new desires are born: to be freer, lighter, to be more organized, to have more space, to live in greater balance with the stuff of life, and to feel better about ourselves. Becoming conscious of these new desires is an indication that the old feeling of lack of security is dissolving, and what was felt in the past as a “need” has dissipated. This is a good sign, and can be regarded as heralding a new direction. When this is recognized, rather than labeling oneself as a hoarder, feeling embarrassed and ashamed, and attempting to hide one’s “collections,” a more healthy approach is to appreciate how powerful your magnetic being is, how successfully the universe has responded to your previous desire to feel more secure, and how far you have evolved from that place. From this more positive and empowered position, you can contemplate what you want now, and will have the courage and motivation to act in accordance with the new sense of self. The first step toward responding to the new desire is to make a commitment to clearing out. Depending upon the situation and one’s capacity for change, the task may loom large. Many people become immediately overwhelmed and may choose to avoid it entirely,

which not only compounds the problem of clutter, but adds to one’s negative selfesteem. In this way, the habit of self-condemnation is reinforced. Not acting on one’s new desire for change tends to increase the viewing of oneself as a hoarder, ineffectual, weak willed, and powerless. But all these are just thoughts that can be changed. Recognizing the power to redirect our thoughts toward what we now want will stimulate a new sense of relief and confidence, and attract from the universe solutions, assistance, support, and creative ways of approaching the subject. If you find yourself or someone you know in a cycle of self-recrimination over their “collections,” try this sequence of thought: 1. Recognize the power of thought that attracted all that stuff in the first place; 2. Appreciate the relief it provided at the time; 3. Acknowledge that the natural evolution and expansion of your growth has inspired a greater sense of security and new desires have emerged; 4. Affirm your power to choose and to redirect your thoughts; 5. Know that the universe will respond to your new thought vibrations through the power of the unerring and constant law of attraction (i.e. that which is like itself is drawn); 6. Focus on appreciating yourself as a powerful magnet and by focusing on freedom, space, order, and harmony you will attract

more of that. The sense of neediness and shame will dissipate, and it will become easier to act in new ways and to let go; 7. Before you begin the project, spend some time just contemplating this adventure, and experience the new sense of relief which the clearing and ordering will bring. See your space as you would like it to be. Imagine yourself in it, enjoying the use of it. By flowing your thoughts toward the feeling of relief and satisfaction, the task of change will shift from seeming like a challenge to that of a welcome opportunity. 8. Finally, be gentle with yourself and allow plenty of time to contemplate, practice thinking in a new way, and following through with action. Create a schedule, but make it reasonable. Remember it has taken years to acquire the habit and to build your collections. Give yourself sufficient time to adjust to new ways of thinking and to harmonize with your fresh perspective on the stuff of life. Valeria Vata Rae M.A. is a professional organizer and the author of The Body Beautiful Inspirational Deck. Valeria has 40 years of experience in the study, and teaching of spiritual traditions, self-help techniques and practice of intentional creating. www.thebodybeautifuldeck. com (425) 422-4950

Cracking the Depression Code Continued from Page 7 and settled. Aside from the occasional economic downturn, natural disaster, and unfortunate disorder, modern life is like a good supermarket: abundant, orderly, unblemished, and brought to you with a smile. Your child would be as happy as a clam if only it weren’t for her pesky attention deficit disorder and childhood depression. Your mother would be a happy old lady if only she didn’t suffer from nursing home syndrome and seasonal affective disorder. If only we could shed the rough coat of this or that disorder, this new story goes, we would find ourselves wearing silk

pajamas. This is a false view of life. Life is a project. The moment they are born people are dropped into a world that makes many demands and certain allowances. Either you equip yourself to deal with human unhappiness and the rigors of living, or you will find yourself dealing with them in ways that make you even unhappier. One excellent way to deal with your life-as-project is the way that I’ve been describing: by following an existential program that focuses on your ability to create the psychological experience of meaning. If you happen not to like my program, create your own. It won’t suffice to do nothing.

Eric Maisel, PhD, is a licensed psychotherapist and the author of Rethinking Depression and numerous other titles including, Mastering Creative Anxiety, Brainstorm, Coaching the Artist Within, and A Writer’s San Francisco. He blogs for Psychology Today and the Huffington Post and writes for Professional Artist Magazine. Visit him online at Excerpted from the book Rethinking Depression ©2012 by Eric Maisel. Printed with permission of New World Library, Novato, Calif., www.



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Healing Relationships By Tobin Blake

purpose behind sex that matters. See it, like the body, as an expression of love, and it will no longer contribute to the guilt cycle. It may seem strange that a book This reinterpretation of the sexual act is an on meditation should include a important step in healing. While this is in no way intended to chapter on relationships. Along the provide detailed instruction for healing sexuality and turning our special path to spiritual healing, however, into spiritual ones, here are relationships and sexuality deserve relationships some basic, essential guidelines to help you special attention, because our get started in the right direction: Seek only to heal yourself. This is relationships tend to be especially the1.first rule, and the one on which all the others are based. It can also be the most screwed up. difficult to follow, It is in our closest but when you are relationships that we Peace is not found by able to set aside tend to act out all our the need to try latent animosities imposing your will upon to fix others, the and insecurities, another, but instead through entire paradigm of feeding our ego a your relationships bottomless supply the relinquishment of will shift. of negativity. Often, 2. Don’t ask, these relationships judgment and the estabdon’t expect. are where the guilt This rule follows lishment of unconditional cycle is most acute naturally from rule and the ensuing love. Defy the fear of giving 1. By relinquishing blocks to healing expectations most formidable. love, and you will free your- our concerning other Therefore, people’s behavior, self from fear. Love heals. relationships we free ourselves become the primary from the endless battleground where series of judgments and disappointments our disconnection from our core self and that keeps us chained to negative emotional source is most pronounced. states and experiences. In so many relationships, anger, guilt, 3. Give freely and without fear. Our third and fear are the dominant emotions, guideline for healing relationships takes while love is relegated to a secondary things one step further. Not only should position, assuming it is present at all. you stop asking things of others, but also Meditative practice is difficult under these it is critical to learn to give freely to them. circumstances for the obvious reason that Give of your spirit; give your energy, your turbulent feelings and thoughts directly attention, your love, and your time. Give, hinder meditative states, being the exact give, give, and then give some more. opposite condition. For this reason, healing 4. Cultivate unconditional love. This last your relationships is an important key to suggestion is perhaps the most important learning how to meditate. of all. Peace is not found by imposing your Like forgiveness, the healing of will upon another, but instead through relationships is self-healing. When you the relinquishment of judgment and the come to peace with another person, your establishment of unconditional love. Defy spirit naturally reaches out and unites with the fear of giving love, and you will free that person’s spirit. Through this union, the yourself from fear. Love heals. sense of separation between the two of you Applied together, the above guidelines vanishes. will lead you to the awareness of your To feel at one with another person heals underlying unity with other people, which us at a deep level. It paves the way for is what heals all relationships in the long reconnecting with our own soul, which is run. The endless divisions of the world the ultimate healing. As you come to peace – reflected most clearly by the physical with others and abandon the urge to use them as targets for guilt, you simultaneously divisions between our bodies – weaken us, whereas through our unity with each release your own sense of guilt; and as a other, we realize that our life is not limited result, you come to peace with yourself. to just one body. By recognizing that we Likewise, we often harbor much hidden are joined with another, we realize that we guilt and shame in our sexual persona, which also may act as a block to meditation. must be made of spirit, because the life of flesh is obviously one of separation. The fact As with any dark emotion, it is important to of unity proves to us that the body is not heal these feelings. Sexual guilt is usually what we really are but just a passing image. directly related to the damage in our Therefore, by healing our relationships, relationships, past and present, because we undertake to heal at the most profound sex is quite often used as a weapon in level as well: spiritually. For what is spiritual relationships. Also, parents sometimes healing but the healing of the belief that we unwittingly reinforce sexual guilt in their are separate from each other, our core self, children with psychological programming that runs so deep it can persist for a lifetime. and our source? To heal on a sexual level, we need to stop Tobin Blake is the author of Everyday using sex as a weapon and a reinforcement Meditation: 100 Daily Meditations for of body consciousness, and begin seeing Health, Stress Relief, and Everyday Joy. it as an affirmation of union and love for He has taught meditation and spiritual another person. This viewpoint gradually awakening at Unity centers, private removes the sense of guilt associated with schools, and colleges. Visit him online at sex. We needn’t view our sexuality guiltily, but can look on it with innocent eyes. Our Adapted from the book Everyday core self always seeks to unite with others, Meditation ©2012 by Tobin Blake. Printed and sex can be one form through which with permission of New World Library, this is expressed. The physical act itself Novato, Calif., does not accomplish this union. It is the


APRIL 2012

Trapped In An Abusive Relationship Violence against women is a public health problem. How can each of us contribute to changing the conditions in our society that perpetuate domestic violence? Domestic violence is willful intimidation, physical assault, sexual assault and other abusive behavior perpetrated by an intimate partner against the other. Verbal and emotional abuse almost always precede physical abuse. The statistics are astounding. One in four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. There are 3.3 million children in the United States exposed to violence in the home. Children are so deeply affected that many develop post traumatic stress symptoms. Witnessing violence between parents is the strongest risk factor for perpetuating violence from generation to generation Domestic violence cuts across every demographic group. The most common batterer is one who uses violence to get his partner to do what he wants without regard for what she wants. Battering is considered a learned behavior. Domestic violence is one of the most underreported crimes. While

there is some violence in gay and lesbian relationships, research points to less physical harm in lesbian relationships and more physical harm in short-term but not long-term gay male relationships. Research shows that middle class men are more likely to use violence within their family. The result is a behavior that is invisible and protects his social status. Sonkin and Walker point to 15 factors that lead to lethal abuse. The top four include: an increased frequency of violence; the severity of violence escalates; the man threatens to kill the woman or someone else; increased use of drugs or alcohol. It is common for the survivor to report that the batterer threatened to kill before the lethal incident. It is not uncommon for the police and others told of the threats and abuse to discount the severity of the situation.

All’ s Well Health for Body, Mind, Spirit

by Moira Fitzpatrick, PhD, ND What Can You Do to Protect Yourself? • Remember that the batterer must take full responsibility for using violence. It is not a family problem. Neither family or couples’ therapy is appropriate when there is violence in the home. • The woman or abused partner needs to restore her sense of self, make her own decisions, and learn to identify what she wants. • A safe house provides immediate relief from the batterer. The goal of a safe house is to keep women and children free from violence. • When seeking therapy, make sure you find a therapist who has some experience in domestic violence. If the therapist



you choose does not believe you, then go somewhere else. It is most important that you be believed, your experiences validated, and that you receive reassurance that you are not “crazy.” An egalitarian relationship with the therapist is most effective. • If you are still in the battering relationship, then it is essential that you and your therapist or healthcare provider create a safety plan together. With the support of the therapist, identify the cues or red flags that let you know that your partner will become violent. Cues may be recognizing a familiar anxiety within yourself, a facial expression, the look in the partner that no one is home. When the danger signal is recognized then an escape plan must be put into effect. This requires preplanning such as having an extra car key hidden, a personal bank account so that you have access to money, extra clothes left at a friend or neighbor’s house. Rehearse the plan with your therapist so that it is automatic when you need to implement it. • Find healthcare providers to treat and heal the physiological effects of the trauma, both acute and chronic. We must do a better job of training both conventional and complementary healthcare providers to ask about the origin of injuries when medical treatment is necessary. • You may find yourself repeatedly talking about your experience. This is one way to gain mastery over your emotions and with the help of a therapist learn new ways to cope with and heal the trauma. Continued on Page 12

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How Parents Teach Their Dog to Bite Their Children, Part II Yes, parents really can teach their dogs to bite their kids. Last month I explained how that happens and began talking about how to handle situations between dog and child so that it does not happen. I got as far as how to handle very young children who are still crawling more than walking. If you are working on a relationship between a dog and an older child, say in the nursery or preschool age range, there is more to be concerned about and work with. This age range of kids does begin to

Our Animal Friends

by Martha Norwalk

actually form a relationship with an animal and they are very curious about wanting to touch and feel that animal. If you have been following my advice since the child was much younger, they should really be getting the gentle petting part and not doing the poking and pulling. If the animal is just coming into the household at this age, you will have to teach that part just like I explained last month with a younger child. After the gentle petting and no poking and pulling education has been accomplished, this is when I tend to see the “It’s mine and I want to love and hug it” stage begin. These

Understand your animal friend Martha Norwalk is an animal behavior therapist with over 35 years of professional experience and service. She also hosts her own radio show, Martha Norwalk’s Animal World, Sunday mornings on Alternative Talk AM 1150. She is available for private sessions, either in your home or over the phone. With her holistic approach, Martha can help you understand your animal friends and solve any behavior, training or healing issues that they might be having. Martha’s rates are surprisingly affordable so call now for a free/no obligation telephone evaluation.

Martha’s Canine, Feline and All Creature Counseling 360-217-7258

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kids can be very strongwilled and they want what they want when they want it. This is not necessarily a good thing for the dog or cat. They want to run after the animal and grab and force it to comply with their desires. This is when you must start explaining how this will make the pet want to run away and hide from the child. Begin teaching the kid how to be calm and still. Show them how to talk to and wait for the dog or cat to come to them. Dogs are easier than cats with this one. At some point, depending on the actual age and capabilities of the child, you will teach them how to use toys, treats, and games when they want to engage with the animal. As the animal experiences increased gentle and positive experiences with the child, they actually will come around more often. One of the most important child behaviors to address quickly when it begins is the “I want to love and hug ’em” stuff. When the child really does start to love the animal, they want to express it. Most of the time they do this by holding and hugging. The problem is that they really squeeze and often hard. You must calmly intervene and teach the be gentle and soft lessons again. With stubborn or difficult kids, I have found a really good way to get the gentle point across to them. Ask the child how they would feel if you did the same thing to them. Describe it and then do it. Actually start telling them how much you love them and hug them hard and harder. Kiss them too, a lot. When they have

had enough and begin to struggle, which is almost immediately, keep hugging them. Keep it playful but make it very clear that you want what you want and do not care how they feel about it. It only takes once with this for them to get the point. Another trick that I have used with some kids is to get out one of their stuffed animals. You can even buy them a stuffed toy cat or dog. Explain the above, demonstrate as I explained and then explain that if they just have to love and hug

something, they are to use their stuffed animal for this. Demonstrate in front of them how to hug and love the stuffed toy and then ask them to do it. Tell them they can hug as hard as they want to and encourage them to really get into it. The key is to praise their socks off when they are hugging and loving their toy. Obviously, this is a technique intended for the younger ones but man, does it ever work. You may need to remind them to get and love their stuffed friend


in stopping a batterer’s violence. • If children are involved then it is helpful for the children to be picked up and returned at a neutral place. Bring someone with you to avoid harassment and intimidation. • When property and finances are involved, obtain an attorney who you trust and who has some experience in domestic violence. While there are steps to take to heal and strengthen each victim of domestic violence, we must also look at the deeper issues in this society that perpetuate violence including inequality, sexism and violence sanctioned under the guise of discipline.

Continued from Page 12 • The goal of therapy is to regain your emotional strength and sense of who you are in an environment that is free of violence. • If you are living with a batterer or have contact with him, do not discuss your therapy. It is possible that the batterer will attempt to intrude upon the therapy to insure that nothing occurs that will interfere with his interests and keeping the relationship the same. • The most important message to hear from a therapist is that the battering behavior is unacceptable. • When you are in a separation period from the batterer, know that this is a dangerous time and have as little contact as possible with the batterer. • If there is a restraining order, it is the responsibility of the batterer not to violate it. Mutual restraining orders are not as effective

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Moira Fitzpatrick is a naturopathic physician and licensed clinical psychologist, who practices in the Northgate area of Seattle. She practices functional medicine and is a primary care provider. Dr. Fitzpatrick can be reached at (206) 525-5576,

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Relaxation: The Art of Something, Nothing, and Everything By Kim Lincoln

Would you like to experience ease, feel free of pain, and have the ability to rest-in to your body more comfortably whenever you choose? When you’re feeling stuck, has anyone ever told you to “just relax” or have you ever said this to another? Did it work? Did you or they actually relax on-command and release the stuckness? Maybe you did, yet in a matter of minutes did you feel tense again?

A challenge here is that the more you focus on it the more uncomfortable you feel. And the more uncomfortable you feel, the more you get stuck focusing on it. You try harder and harder, and the harder you try the harder your tension gets. You get more of what you’re focusing on: more tension. So then, how do you get unstuck? What is actually required to be free of the grip? I’d like to share a secret that I was first introduced to in a workshop with A.H.Almaas in 1981. During his morning talk, he spoke about energy, time, and matter in reference to “something, nothing, and everything.” I can still clearly remember how stunned I felt that day. I knew there was an intrinsic truth here, yet I couldn’t wrap my head around it. And the more I tried to understand, the more I got a headache. In fact, by the end of the day my poor head felt like an iron ball. I was in excruciating

Check out these services, products and providers available at Treatme n The Whole Life Center Therapy t/ 1003 10th St NE, Auburn 98001 • (253) 804-5530

◆ Counseling (avail. in March) ◆ Massage Therapy ◆ Crystal Light Therapy ◆ Cranial Sacral Therapy ◆ Reference Point Therapy ◆ Holistic Pet Pro (dogs & cats) ◆ Allergies/Chemical Sensitivities/ Environmental Illness (help with) ◆ Lymphatic Drainage ◆ Australian Bush Flower Essences ◆ Energy Therapies ◆ Reflexology ◆ Readings (card) ◆ Special Needs Sewing/Designing ◆ Medical Massage ◆ Vedic Astrology ◆ Comfort Care Caddies ◆ Reiki ◆ Local Artisans' Artwork ◆ Journey to the Wild Divine

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Upcoming Classes & Events • Sat., Apr. 7, 11 am-5 pm: Card Readings w/Angela Pennington - 3 Cards, FREE, 4/$10, 7/$15, 10/$25 • Thurs., Apr. 12, 7-9 pm, or Sat., Apr. 28, 11 am-1 pm, Energy Awareness/Health & Well Being, $20 • Sat., Apr. 14, 1-4 pm: Movie Day - ENIGMA 2012, $5 (operating fee). Free popcorn! • Sat., Apr. 21, 1-3 pm: Inspired Reiki Support, $15

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• Michelle Downing, L.M.P., RMI

pain. Little did I realize that this was my doing, and it would be years before I could fully comprehend the magnitude of that topic, which exposed the chasm between an aspect of ego identified with self as deficient and the innate wholeness of my essential nature. Then one day in the early ’90s, after struggling in the dark night of the soul, I had an illuminating experience where all at once I fully comprehended the quantum nature of what is to be with something, nothing, and everything all at once, thus dissolving and melting through false structure, and morphing into the sublime ease and freedom of being. The way was so simple, and repeatable. And for years I continued — and still continue — to practice this both myself and with my students. So now, I’d love to share this unifying process to facilitate releasing, relaxing, regenerating, renewing, and reclaiming the fullness of you. To begin with, notice an area in your body that feels tight, stuck, or tense. Really feel the intensity of that. This is the

“some-thing.” Now notice an area of the body that’s just the opposite, like empty, invisible, vacant, or spacey. This is the “no-thing.” Allow your attention to be with these opposite sensations both at the same time. And then surrender or “let go” in the presence of all of that. This is the “everything.” What do you notice now? How does it feel embodied? Can you feel the lightness, brightness, and fullness of you? Do you feel your joy and the spontaneous flow and radiant ease of being? Do you feel the gratefulness of being alive? Practice this anytime, anywhere, whenever you remember. And thank you for receiving the preciousness of you. To learn more come to The Gifts of Being class, 7-8:30 p.m., the first three Mondays of each month, on an ongoing/ drop-in/donation basis, at the Heart of Wellness in Tumwater, Washington. For more information about Kim Lincoln go to, or call (360) 866-9234.

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Churches & Spiritual Homes WE WELCOME ALL TO OUR MEDITATIONS held at Bellevue Unity the 2nd and 4th Thursdays each month 1:00-2:00 P.M. We use music- tones to strengthen our spiritual awareness. Free. 16330 Northeast 4th Street, Bellevue. Call 425-898-7861 for more information. CHURCH OF SPIRITUAL TRUTH. Sunday Services 11:00 a.m. CAMP EDGEWOOD NSAC - 1228 26th Avenue Ct., Milton, WA 98354. Everyone welcome. 253-927-2050. CHURCH OF DIVINE MAN is a nonprofit organization focused on spiritual freedom. The emphasis is on teaching spiritual techniques to allow spirit to awaken and create consciously in the physical world. These techniques and teachings are based upon ancient wisdom and presented in a modern-day format. Take charge of your spiritual creativity by meditating with purpose. or call 425-258-1449. UNITED CENTERS FOR SPIRITUAL LIVING based on the teachings of Ernest Holmes. Offers classes, workshops, services, and fellowship focused on positive living within a spiritual framework . 720-496-1370.

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UNITY is an open-minded, accepting spiritual community that honors all paths to God and helps people discover and live their spiritual potential and purpose. A positive alternative to negative religion, Unity seeks to apply the teachings of Jesus as well as other spiritual masters. 800-248-6489. CENTERS OF LIGHT teaches Christian mysticism and finding truth through experiences, not dogma. One-on-one teacher/student relationships offer the personal counseling and love that is rarely found elsewhere. Spiritual communities support each other with integrity, honesty and joy. THE THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY encourages open-minded inquiry into world religions, philosophy, science, and the arts in order to understand the wisdom of the ages, respect the unity of all life, and help people explore spiritual self-transformation. Offerings includes classes, workshops, and bookstores named Quest Bookshop. www. 630-668-1571. FIRST SPIRITUALIST CHURCH OF PUYALLUP Sunday Service 11am , 314 second ST SE Puyallup WA 98372 253-845-4444 All are Welcome, A Spiritual Pick me up every Sunday. Come as you Are. Just Behind City Hall in Downtown Puyallup www.first or on facebook at puyallup spiritualist church ANANDA CHURCH OF SELFREALIZATION founded by Swami Kriyananda, direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda ia a movement based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda that helps you bring God into your life through meditation and spiritual living. Offers classes, services, Living Wisdom Schools, and spiritual communities in the United States, India, and Italy. Call 530-478-7560. SELF-REALIZATION FELLOWSHIP founded by Paramahansa Yogananda and based on the teachings he brought to the West from India in the early 20th century. Centers offer services, classes, and fellowship teaching that the purpose of life is the evolution, through self-effort, of man’s limited mortal consciousness into God Consciousness. www.yogananda-srf-org. 323-225-2471.

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Dogs and Kids Continued from Page 13 occasionally and the key is to really praise, praise, and praise the good behavior. I really cannot emphasize enough how important paying attention to and praising the good behavior is. Children really just want to be good. But, negative attention can be just as

rewarding as positive attention, especially if it is all you get and it is always better than no attention at all. Remember this and go out of your way to praise and make a fuss over your child whenever you see them being gentle with the dog or hugging their stuffed friend. Another problem with

kids and dogs in particular is the child’s tendency to “monkey see, monkey do.” A younger child watching you train the dog to walk on a leash for example, may want to start dragging the dog around with the leash. Get a leash and collar for their stuffed dog and let them practice with you. With the right dog and an older child, usually above the age of 10, helping them learn how to work with the

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BOOK, MEDIA AND PRODUCT REVIEWS Reviewed by Krysta Gibson Continued from Back Page examples and stories in this book that can lead you to your own answers, the kind you can depend on.

A Unified Theory of Happiness An East-Meets-West Approach to Fully Loving Your Life By Andres F. Polard, PsyD Sounds True Who knew that someone would spend 20 years studying happiness from both an Eastern and Western perspective and then put her findings in a 350-page book? That’s

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what Andres Polard did and the result is an amazing handbook that teaches us how to find and follow our path of happiness. Sometimes those of us in the West are faced with the conundrum of figuring out whether we should follow the western active approach to being happy or if we should follow the eastern approach that tells us to be less active in order to be happy. The beauty of this book is that both approaches have been studied and then melded in such a way that both have meaning. This isn’t a dry book with tons of research, although there is definitely a left-brain approach to this issue of happiness. With this come exercises and ways for us to bring the teachings into our lives. From recommending books and movies to spiritual and physical practices, we’re shown how to blend what are called the active “Basic Mode” and the non-active “Supreme Mode” so we can live a balanced life committed to happiness.

As the next generation of New Age publishing and a company with good karma, we will raise the vibrational energy of the planet by publishing 60 trailblazing books over the next three years.

Authors are invited to submit manuscripts and queries. Learn more about us at

Vision Quest

Bookstore and Wellness Center

3602 Colby Ave., Everett, WA 98201 • (425) 252-1591 • 10-6 Mon-Fri, 10-5 Sat, 12-5 Sun

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dog can be super-beneficial. Only if the kid is interested in this of course, but letting them learn how to teach some basic obedience skills and tricks to the dog can be not only be fun but it also helps build a wonderful relationship between them. My favorite books on this subject are Dog Training for Kids by Carol Lee Benjamin and Dog Tricks by Haggerty and Benjamin. Both are readily available



in various forms on the Internet. Martha Norwalk is an animal behavior therapist and host of Martha Norwalk’s Animal World, Sunday mornings, from 9 a.m. to noon on Alternative Talk AM 1150. She can be reached at Martha’s Canine, Feline and All Creature Counseling at (360) 217-7258 or www.


For a free, no obligation telephone evaluation or to make an appointment for Martha to work with you and your animal friend, give her a call.

The Black Feather... A Telling Circumstance As told by Genora Willcox Powell A riveting journey through different dimensions and into the purest essence of the self. Amazon, B & N & Bookstores ordering desk.




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On The Bookshelf


Paramhansa Yogananda

With Personal Reflections & Reminiscences A Biography By Swami Kriyananda Crystal Clarity Publishers Millions of people have started their spiritual journey by reading Autobiography of a Yogi written by Paramhansa Yogananda. Although that book contains a lot of personal information and stories about this great master from India, it also leaves out a lot. It was published in 1946 and he lived until 1952. This new biography fills in some of the gaps and gives a much more complete picture of the life and teachings of Yogananda. Swami Kriyananda is one of only a few living disciples who had personal, daily contact with Yogananda and this book gives insight into some of the personality, teachings, miracles, and mystery that surrounded him. Not only are many enlightening stories shared but there are a lot of principles and ideals that can be applied to the reader’s life. Like Autobiography of a Yogi, this book can be enjoyed as simply a book of wonderful stories. Or it can be experienced at the deeper level of being a spiritual handbook that can guide one on their spiritual journey. Either way, this biography is destined to be a spiritual classic treasured by many people for years to come.

The Practicing Mind

Developing Focus and Discipline in Your Life By Thomas M. Sterner New World Library How many times have you tried to learn a new skill such as playing a musical instrument or learning a new sport or language and then given up after a brief time? This is fairly common and this book helps to explain why it happens and how to overcome this tendency. Truth is, life is a series of learning new concepts and behaviors. If we can improve our ability to learn we can improve the quality of our life journey. The author tells many stories about himself and others, sharing how he came to design his method for mastering any skill or challenge. “When we learn to focus on and embrace the process of experiencing life, whether we’re working toward a personal aspiration or working through a difficult time, we begin to free ourselves from the stress and anxiety that are born out of our attachment to our goals,” writes Sterner. “When we subtly shift toward both focusing on and finding joy in the process of achieving instead of having the goal, we have gained a new skill. And once mastered, it is magical and incredibly empowering.” This is a great book to study whether

you want to master a skill such as language or sports or if you just want to make the process of living daily life more fun and meaningful.

The Modern Book of the Dead

A Revolutionary Perspective on Death, the Soul, and What Really Happens in the Life to Come By Ptolemy Tompkins Atria Books Many people would like undeniable proof that we humans continue to have some sort of life after we leave this world. Although I can’t say this book would satisfy all of these folks, there’s a lot of great research and information here that might tip the scale for them. The author grew up in a household that supported alternative thinking, such as the ideas of Helena Blavastky and Rudolf Steiner. In his adult life, he was immersed in more mainstream spirituality when he worked as editor at Guideposts magazine. That is where he began to hear about neardeath experiences. Once his father died, this started his foray into trying to understand what happens after we die. Part memoir, part history, and part roadmap to what we all might face, this book does a great job of exploring the afterlife in an open and new way. Even if you are already convinced that the soul survives death in some way, you’ll enjoy many of the stories and research presented here.

Spiritual Hunger

Integrating Myth and Ritual into Daily Life By Dr. Allan G. Hunter Findhorn Press Much of the unrest we see in the world today can be attributed to a lack of personal meaning in people’s lives, according to Dr. Hunter. He describes this as spiritual hunger and offers the solution of integrating myth and ritual into daily life. In a thorough discussion of what myth and ritual are, he explains that the effort to meet this deep need offers an explanation for something like the attraction of gangs and hazings and other such behaviors in young people. He also shows how corporations attempt to fill this need by prompting us to buy things and experiences that don’t usually fit the bill. This book proposes that instead of filling this spiritual need through negative or empty behaviors, we can learn how to design our own rituals that can be embedded into daily life. By using the power of these rituals we can ease our internal hunger for meaning and find our lives richer and more fulfilling. There are tons of Continued on page 15

APRIL 2012  

Welcome to the APRIL 2012 issue of New Spirit Journal, Seattle's favorite newspaper for spiritual independents. "Helping you create abundanc...

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