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People know her as SARK. She exudes creativity, with hundreds of cards and posters in print. Her 16th book, Glad No Matter What, Transforming Loss and Change into Gift and Opportunity, has just been released by New World Library. In this interview with New Spirit Journal she talks about creativity and joy.

SARK says that we should live our lives as a human experiment. “We’re meant to live eccentrically. Most people have what I call adventure amnesia – they know something is missing but they don’t know what it is. They forget that they are tuned in to the creativity of life.”

by Krysta Gibson NSJ: Okay, my first question has to be about your name. What does SARK mean and is it your real name? SARK: It could stand for Simple-Acts-ofRandom-Kindness, but it doesn’t. Here’s how the name came about in the early 1980s. Henry Miller is what I call a paper mentor of mine. I had read everything he’d written but I didn’t know he had died. One night he came to me in a dream and said, “Your name will be SARK and your artwork will be famous before your writing.” I thought, “That’s a stupid name and I don’t want it.” I wrote it down and put it away in a journal. Two weeks later he came in another dream and he said, “Your name will be Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy.” I thought it was so pretty that I added Ariel Rainbow to my name and made it legal. I was sitting in the courtroom doodling on a piece of paper and realized it spelled SARK. That’s when I accepted the name.” NSJ: How did you get to be so creative? SARK: I believe everyone is creative; we have different ways of expressing it. Our culture separates us into creative and not creative. This is an illusion because creativity is not just about making things; it’s about seeing the world through creative eyes. NSJ: How does somebody do that?

(Artwork at left by SARK, reprinted with permission of New World Library)

SARK: Start living life as a human experiment. We’re meant to live eccentrically. Most people have what I call “adventure amnesia;” they know something is missing but they don’t know what it is. Usually, it’s some form of adventure or creative thought. They forget that they are tuned in to the creativity of life and they hold themselves separate from that. NSJ: People seem to think that to be creative they have to be able to draw or write. SARK: You don’t have to make something to be creative. We are

creative by our very humanity. Each person is a unique creation who sees the world completely differently from anyone else. People should delight themselves first. Then others can be truly delighted. People do it backwards. People say they will figure out what people want and then give it to them. Doing it this way, the end results might not delight you and then you lose heart. Sometimes authors are getting their books ready and ask me questions about how to get published. I ask if what they’re doing delights them.

They’ll say “No, but it is within the rules.” I tell them to stop and bring it to me when it delights them. Then they bring something that is incredible. NSJ: Your books are so unique that a person can walk into a bookstore and spot your books. They pop off the shelves. They are you. SARK: People tell me I have taken over the genre and now no one else can do this. And I say, no you can’t. But you can do your version of it. Do what brings you joy. My books bring me joy. NSJ: Yes, you can tell it. I love that you’re outrageous; you tell a story of being at the department of motor vehicles and the energy was really dark. So you started singing Amazing Grace and eventually everyone joined you. SARK: I love doing things like that. It comes from my mother who was the sort of person who would wear a sign that said, “Please be brief, I have diarrhea.” She liked to say she was the SARK of her generation. NSJ: Your new book talks about practical gladness. What is it and how do we do it in relation to loss and change? Continued on Page 4





Listening to Spirit Whatever The Holiday! By Leslie Ciechanowski

These days when I discount my inner promptings, it is usually because their warning triggers fear, and sometimes I purposefully ignore these inklings, not wanting my life to be directed by fear. That is why I discounted the vague apprehension I felt when I thought of our upcoming trip. I chalked it up to my worrying mind. I may have discounted my intuition, but someone else was listening to his. This is a story of someone listening.

How often have you said to yourself, “I knew that was going to happen!” or “I should have listened to my intuition!” It is very easy to dismiss our intuition. Intuition is our soul speaking to us. It most often speaks in whispers of feelings, hunches, inklings, images. Sometimes these are difficult to hear and interpret. I know a number of instances where life would have flowed more easily, if only I had listened. Listening to our intuition or spirit is listening to our soul, wise self or higher self. When we listen to our inner promptings, our life tends to run a little more smoothly, and timing of events seem to synchronously coordinate without our attempts to manage all the details. And sometimes when we listen, we help someone out in ways that are unimaginable. It was Christmas Eve. We had been driving all day to see our friends in Nelson, B.C., and we were on the last stretch before the Canadian border. Our car was packed with bags, presents, and our two girls who sat enthralled, listening to books on tape. It was now very dark. The weather conditions had been good, but the temperature was starting to drop. We stopped for gas, and in the interest of time, my husband

asked at the station about a shortcut that would reduce our travel time. We took the recommended road, but soon discovered that it was not well-used nor well-lit. It was curvy and hilly, and now becoming very icy. My husband drove more and more slowly. My focus joined his on the road. Sensing our attention to what lay in front of us, our two young daughters also became more silent, and then began to scream as we suddenly slid into the other lane and stopped just before the rail and the descending hill. I could hear the blood pumping in my ears. It was a close call. My husband and I both carefully got out of the car to check the conditions. We needed to put on chains, but could not from the down slope we were on. Of the few cars that passed only one gentleman in a truck stopped, just enough to make sure we were not injured and then left quickly without another word. After all, it was Christmas Eve and everyone was trying to get somewhere. My husband was looking for flat ground and a flatter surface to put chains on. We slowly restarted the car and inched our way back to our side of the road, but could not make it down without sliding into the ditch. We had to stop. At least this time we were able to make a more controlled stop.

By this time our girls were very quiet, occasionally asking for reassurance, which I amply gave them despite my concern. And then I sat quiet for a few moments and sent out a prayer, a request for safety, protection, and guidance. With a heart that pulsed strongly for the well-being and safety of others – my children – I sent out a strong call. Barely two minutes later a car pulled up and actually stopped. Out of the car came a short, bearded man. He brought his flashlight, as we had been fumbling around in the dark trying to put chains on. He helped us put on the chains in no time and offered to guide us out of the icy area to the juncture where the path was well trodden. He told us that though he lived in the area, he rarely took this route, but felt directed by spirit to take it this evening. I thanked him for listening, for helping, for the light he brought to us, and the flashlight he gifted us with that evening. We shook hands goodbye, and exchanged names. As we followed behind him off the icy road, my husband kept reciting his name, and since he has a penchant for palindromes, he reversed his name. With glee he exclaimed “Noel, NOEL! Leon is Noel backwards!!” Continued on Page 4


Participate in World Healing Day On Dec. 31, 1986 at 4 a.m. (yes, in the morning), over 10,000 people gathered in the Kingdome in Seattle and meditated for world peace for an hour. Along with 500 million other people, we were taking part in the first World Healing Day, an event birthed by John and Jan Price of the Quartus Foundation. John’s first book, The Superbeings, is still in print and many people consider it a foundation stone of metaphysical teachings. Between them, the Prices have 19 books in print. Over the years many people have continued to gather in groups or be alone in their homes and meditate for world peace on Dec. 31 at noon, Greenwich time (4 a.m. Pacific Standard Time). I have known the Prices since 1983 and was able to speak with them about their spiritual journey and the founding of this event. Because I feel this event is so important, I am dedicating my column this month to telling you more about the Prices and World Healing Day. Do listen to the entire audio interview with them which is posted on the New Spirit Journal website. (www.newspiritjournal. com click on audio). I had to leave a lot out here in print due to space limitations.




This year celebrates the 25th anniversary of World Healing Day. There have been many different variations on the idea of having everyone focus their attention on world peace at the same time, but this event is the grandmother of them all.

Hearing their stories and thoughts is a rare gift. In 1966, the Prices were living in Chicago and John worked at an advertising agency there. He didn’t like his job and without knowing what he was doing, began affirming “There’s got to be a better way.” He was invited to make a presentation to an insurance company that was owned by W. Clement Stone. Many people now know that W. Clement Stone was one of the greatest metaphysicians to ever live in this country. John didn’t know this at the time. At the end of the meeting, Stone handed John a book and said “Here, read this.” The book was The Success System that Never Fails. Without opening the book, John tossed it into his briefcase, thinking it was another sales book. Before long there was a snowstorm and John and Jan had to stay

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by Krysta Gibson home for a few days. One day the book fell off a bookcase in front of John. He saw “What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” Intrigued, he started reading the book and was captivated. The Prices read many of the books recommended by Stone, and their spiritual adventure began. Using the techniques in the book, they made a list of 20 things they wanted in their lives. They saw these principles actually worked as 19 came to pass. Then they began to wonder if anyone existed who was actually living these principles all the time, whose life was one of health, wealth, and happiness. Asking around, they were told, yes, in fact, these people existed. They began looking and found them. One day John heard an inner voice say, “It is time to begin writing the book.” He asked, “What book?” On Jan. 1, 1981 John began writing The Super Beings. Most of the book was written in the middle of the night on a little portable typewriter. One day when John showed Jan the manuscript, she said it scared her because she knew their lives would never be the same again. One day while writing the book, John was told to call his group “Quartus.” He said, “What group? I don’t have a group.” The Super Beings came out December 1981 and in January 1982 they had seven members of the Quartus Foundation. Quartus is a “nonprofit organization dedicated to the research and interpretation of the philosophic mysteries, and to the communication of the eternal truths as a contribution to those seeking a more fulfilling life.” The idea for World Healing Day came in September 1983. The Prices saw it was time for the people of the world to come together, that the world could no longer tolerate the problems that were happening. Through his second book, The Planetary Commission, John put out the call for people to come together and meditate for peace. With the work of over 500 organizations and the excitement of individuals, word spread quickly. (Remember, this was before the days of websites and e-mails.) On World Healing Day, Dec. 31, 1986, all major religions were represented from

77 countries on seven continents. Over 500 million people responded to the call. People gathered in arenas, parks, churches, temples, all over the world. Results were seen. The Berlin Wall came down, the Soviet Bloc broke up. It would seem that this power of a massive gathering of people had an effect. So what happened? Why didn’t these wonderful events keep happening? After a few years, John and Jan said, people lost interest in holding the gatherings. Even though many people continued to do the meditation every year, there weren’t the massive gatherings they had in 1986 and ’87. The mass consciousness began to go back into its old habits of conflict, prejudice, and intolerance. Jan says that whenever we stimulate change in the race consciousness, we see chaos in the world. People get confused because change brings up fear. Events in the outer world show us what we really believe and what we’re seeing right now is what is in the race consciousness; it is showing us the truth about ourselves. Jan says, “Peace is more than the ending of war. Peace is the poise to live the truth in our thought, words, and actions.” Earlier this year, Jan realized that there needed to be a revival of World Healing Day. Although many have continued to participate, given the situation in the world today, a greater emphasis is needed to bring forth peace and harmony. This year they are hearing from people in a lot of different organizations and World Healing Day is catching fire again, but Jan feels the energy has moved to the individual and it will grow more through individuals than through groups. Every year John and Jan offer a mystery school, and this year they are doing a special mystery school: The Mystery School of Divine Light and the 25th World Healing Day event at Tapatio Springs in Boerne, Texas Dec. 29 to Jan. 2. Those who have not read the book The Planetary Commission can download it free at their website This website also lists places holding events for World Healing Day. The meditation occurs at noon Greenwich time. Time zone conversions can be found at the website. You can register for the mystery school and reach John and Jan through their website, or by calling (830) 249-3985. They also offer subscriptions to their monthly newsletter. Krysta Gibson is offering a class called “Traveling the Maze” in January at the Whole Life Center in Auburn. For information and to register, go to www. You can hear her on the Conscious Talk radio program every third Thursday of the month, www.





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To this day I feel deep gratitude for this gentle man who listened to spirit, who helped us out of a difficult situation, and brought peace of mind. When we listen to the whispers of spirit, we strengthen and deepen our connection to our soul; we become more centered, whole and an integral part of all life around us. My distress call was heard, and for this I am grateful, not only to Leon, but to spirit, to that which connects us in this web of life.

In what ways do you listen to your own inner guidance/spirit? How do you feel after you follow these promptings? How has listening to intuition assisted your community at large? Leslie Ciechanowski, M.Ed, has a holistic therapy practice in Seattle, Wash. She has been involved in the healing arts for over 25 years. For appointments and/or information, contact her at

“Do What Brings You Joy” Continued from Page 1 SARK: First it is important for people to know that being glad no matter what isn’t about being glad when you aren’t. It is about finding and feeling all the glad parts in all of your feelings in what I call the messy, marvelous middle. Most of us weren’t taught how to hold multiple feelings. We were allowed one feeling at a time. The truth is we have multiple feelings. For instance, “I’m so glad to see my mom for the holidays but I’m sad at her declining health SARK’s unique artwork on books, cards, and posters is instantly and I’m mad at my sister recognizable on bookstore shelves. (Artwork by SARK) because she’s not doing more, and I’m worried was resisting all these changes. about the future.” All those feelings want When I asked my mom what she would and need to coexist but we’re not encourlike to pass on to people she said, “Oh, I aged to hold those multiple feelings. We’re just wish I hadn’t resisted everything so supposed to be happy and seal off the much.” other ones. I’m talking about tending to all I’ve really taken this to heart. Like really of your feelings so you can be glad more noticing on a daily basis, sometimes an often. We can be glad no matter the feelhourly basis, “Am I resisting on this? Or am ings. I allowing on this? And a lot of times I hear NSJ: How do people step into that if they “Resisting!” are in a place of grief and loss? SARK: The first step is awareness. If To hear this entire interview, go to we don’t know how we feel, we can’t do and click on anything. I provide a feeling guide in the the audio section. To learn more about book to help people identify their feelings. SARK and her many offerings, go to The next thing is to be with all the parts of SARK will be the guest yourself. You’re not just one person. We all on Conscious Talk radio program Dec. 16 have lots of different parts of us. at 7 a.m. KKNW, 1150 AM, or streaming Let’s say you have a sad part. Instead of live at avoiding denying or repressing the sad part by saying something like “I don’t have time for this now,” some simple attention to the Answers to The Enlightened sad part will work wonders. If you can even turn to the sad part within yourself and Puzzler on Page 12 hold its hand for five seconds, you will feel it shift and soften. This is profound because you aren’t trying to repress, deny, or avoid the sadness because when you do that you are also repressing, denying, and avoiding the joyful feelings. There’s a high price to pay for the avoidance of feelings, and it doesn’t work. I know because this is how I used to live until I tried suicide in my mid30s. This book has been years in the making. And I was so happy that within a relatively short period of time my mom died and my dad died and my cat died and I lost a relationship; not because I wanted these to happen but because it enabled me to deal with all of this. And this goes beyond death, because there’s loss of dreams, loss of hope, loss of love, there’s changes, and I



Dealing with Anxiety With all of the challenges that face us today, it is understandable why more and more people are dealing with issues of anxiety and stress. Let’s look at some of the causes and how to to deal with the anxiety that results. By Brad Simkins One of the issues that became a real concern for Vietnam vets coming home after tours of duty was PostTraumatic Stress Disorder. When we understand PTSD, it is understandable why this became an issue for war veterans, as well as for survivors of domestic or childhood violence. Many Vietnam vets were drafted straight out of high school. After a short preparation, they were thrust into the misery of war. They went from a time when their biggest concern was having acne for the senior prom to fighting a war in a foreign country, surrounded by constant violence, frequent bloodshed, and horrific events. Those who have not experienced war will never understand. Of all the Vietnam vets I have known, almost all refuse to talk about their war experiences. Naïve kids were turned into warriors; they saw, heard, smelled, and expe-

Center for Spiritual Living Sundays at 1 p.m. 18732 Division St, Suquamish at SUCC Rev. Amy Aspell 206-780-5825 Spiritual Classes & Counseling

rienced death, destruction, terror, and mayhem. Those who were fortunate to get out of Nam alive came home to a nation divided. After two years of fighting for their country, and doing what they were told was the right thing to do, they came home to many people who despised the war and took their frustration out on the Vietnam veterans. The message was quickly learned. Bury all the ugliness, fear, and stress you went through. After these young men came home, many of them married their childhood sweethearts who had waited for them. They came home to women who remained as naïve and innocent as they once were. But the veterans had changed. They had experienced the ravages of war, the killing, the destruction, yet they were expected to go back to being innocent and naïve. So, they buried their memories, their pain, and their stress, and pretended everything was as it once was. The feelings were not dealt with, just buried. And

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feelings buried alive never die. Then, one day, Tom, one of these war veterans, is walking down the street with his family on a beautiful spring afternoon. They are talking about their future plans, the house they hope to buy, and the challenges of raising their beautiful little two-year-old daughter. A passing car backfires, and in that split second, Tom is no longer walking along the streets of Seattle; he is back in the jungles of Vietnam, under attack from a squadron of North Vietnamese soldiers. He hits the ground screaming, “Incoming, incoming… everyone get down!” He slowly comes back to the present and finds his daughter crying hysterically, “Mommy, Mommy, what’s wrong with Daddy? What’s wrong with Daddy?!” His wife is staring at him with shock and fear, and all the neighbors are staring at them. The backfire of the car was a trigger, instantaneously transporting him back to the jungles of Nam. He wasn’t just remembering it, he was living it. People can suffer trauma in a variety of ways, through childhood abuse or neglect, domestic violence, secondary trauma (experienced by professionals who deal with people in trauma), and many other ways. However triggered, the symptoms of anxiety attacks often are debilitating. Some of them are shortness of breath, increased blood pressure, pressure on the chest, etc. Anxiety attacks are often labeled heart attacks when they are severe. One of the challenges of anxiety attacks is that once you have had one, it becomes a lot more likely that you will have others. Another challenge of anxiety attacks is that other feelings can resemble them. For example, you find out you are up for a promotion. You feel excited as you think about all the benefits of such a promotion. The problem is that the feelings

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of excitement can be confused with anxiety. So, you feel excitement, and you feel your heart rate go up, and you think, “Oh no, here comes a panic attack!” And the fear of the possibility of having a panic attack actually leads to a panic attack. However, you can learn a simple and very effective tool to help you deal with anxiety attacks. Here’s the key to the tool I’m about to teach you: Feelings of anxiety only occur when we are focused either on the past or on the future. We are either dreading the past, or worried about the future. But we will never experience anxiety if we are focused on the here-and-now. So, when you feel an anxiety attack coming on, take these few easy and effective steps to dissipate the attack completely: • Pay attention to the early signs of an anxiety attack. Notice as early as possible when they begin. • Breathe. • Take a step back, away from what is causing the anxiety. • Breathe. • Look at what’s in front of you: shapes, colors, sizes, shades, etc. • Focus intently on the tiniest details. Count the number of different colors in the painting in front of you, or notice all the different shades of green in the trees outside your window, or figure out whether there

are more paper clips or thumbtacks on your desk. It doesn’t matter what you focus on. It doesn’t matter what you count. Just focus on the details. • Within a very short time, you will notice your breath return, and the anxiety will fade. Many people struggle with anxiety, stress, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The first step in healing from these potentially debilitating issues is recognizing and understanding that they are real, and not an attempt to get attention. This can greatly reduce the sense of isolation and loneliness that often accompanies anxiety, stress, and PTSD. Learning and practicing the tool I just described will help you reduce anxiety attacks and to manage anxiety and stress.

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Sympathetic Joy Imagine you’re jammed into a coach seat on a crowded airplane, waiting for take-off, and suddenly the flight attendant comes up to the person next to you and says they’re being moved to first class. How would you feel? Would you rejoice in their good luck or feel jealous and resentful? If we’re honest with ourselves, most of us would feel some level of anger at the unfairness of the situation, and envious at that passenger’s good luck. But Buddhist author Sharon Salzberg recently had a different experience. Salzburg spoke at a recent “FACES” conference for therapists and other healers interested in Buddhist psychology, which blends Western therapeutic techniques


Counselor, author, lecturer, radio host, spiritually-based counseling and couples/family therapy 206.455.0984

with Buddhist mindfulness practices. (http:// Her flight had been delayed due to mechanical problems, and all the passengers had to hustle to a new gate at the other end of the airport. Once there, they were delayed even further as the new plane had a different seating arrangement. She’d originally been upgraded to first class but this plane had a smaller first class section so she was bumped back down to coach. However, at the last minute, the flight attendant did find a seat for her. When she was told she was moving, the entire coach section burst into cheers and applause for her. To Salzberg, this was an example of one of the principal tenets of Buddhism: “sympathetic joy;” rejoicing when something good happens to another person. One of the hardest things for most of us to do is to feel joy for someone else’s good fortune. Certainly, we can feel happy if something wonderful happens to someone we love. But when it comes to anyone else, it’s easy to fall into feelings like anger, jealousy, fear, or self-pity.

Maybe its time to try something new…something insightful, healing, and extremely positive. If you are experiencing a health crisis, chronic illness, or simply feeling stuck in your story, take the challenge to new levels of awareness!

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The Wisdom Of Your Face by Jean Haner

But Buddhism teaches that learning to feel joy for others can really help transform our own suffering. By experiencing happiness for another, we can begin to lose the “us and them” frame of mind that causes us to be stuck in a limiting view of the world, and access a new consciousness of our shared humanity. And as we can take more opportunities to feel happiness in our lives, this begins to change our own energy. When we cultivate joy, we naturally attract more of the same, as a process of resonance. Even Western science now recognizes how quickly our brains change as we choose new thoughts, feelings and behavior. The more we have a certain emotion, the more we develop a pattern of that emotion in our lives. As neuroscientists say, “Cells that fire together, wire together.” How can you begin to celebrate and delight in the good fortune of others? Practice in small ways at first; choose situations that

are less likely to bring up negative feelings in your system. In the beginning, you may not be able to rejoice that your competitor got the promotion you wanted. But perhaps you can be happy for the man who caught his bus in the nick of time, or the woman who won the raffle. Buddhist psychology basically views each of us, no matter how we’re suffering, not as being ill or needing to be fixed. Instead, the belief is that we are each healthy, but our awareness of this true nature has been obscured. As we can bring the energy of joy more and more into our every moment, we can recover our original healthy state of being. And of course, being a face reader, I couldn’t resist making some observations about the crowd attending the conference. Here I was, surrounded by people interested in applying mindfulness techniques to help others achieve peace and balance in their lives. The focus was on powerful ways to help people start to

take more responsibility for their choices in life. As I looked around, I realized that nearly everyone in the room had flat cheeks. I had to laugh. One of the things that flat cheeks represent is someone who doesn’t want to have to take responsibility for another person’s work. It’s usually taken as a sign they’d not enjoy managing a staff, as they don’t like to constantly have to check up on people and remind them to do their jobs. But another way flat cheeks can be interpreted is someone who’d not want to be in charge of another person’s growth; that they’d want them to take responsibility for their own progress. This is exactly the way these flatcheeked therapists would be attracted to working with clients, and why they would be interested in this conference. Jean Haner is the author of The Wisdom of Your Face, and The Wisdom of Your Child’s Face. With her 25-year background in ancient Chinese principles of balance and health, Jean places an emphasis on compassionate and affirming ways for people to live in alignment with their own true selves and look with love at everyone they encounter. Please visit www.wisdomofyourface. com for information on workshops, consultations and Jean’s free newsletter.

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Home, Sweet Spiritual Home Are you ready for a place to call your spiritual home? In the next few issues, New Spirit Journal will introduce you to some of the churches available, ones that could appeal to spiritual independents. We’ll interview a representative from each organization and print a synopsis of the interview here. You can find the full recording of each interview at in the audio section. Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF) When founded and by whom:

Founded in 1925 by Indian Hindu Paramahansa Yogananda, who came to the United States in 1920 where he had been invited to be a delegate to the International Congress of Religious Liberals in Boston. He is well-known to many people for his spiritual classic, Autobiography of a Yogi. The teachings of the Self-Realization Fellowship (Yogoda Satsanga Society of India; referred to as YSS) are founded upon the original Christianity of Jesus Christ and the original Yoga of Bhagavan Krishna. The spiritual lineage of SRF/YSS consists of these two great avatars and a line of exalted masters of contemporary times: Mahavatar Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Swami Sri Yukteswar, and Paramahansa Yogananda (last in the line of SRF/YSS gurus).

throughout the world, as well as a sister organization in India. There are many online offerings of audios and videos, books, magazine, affirmations and chanting, as well as the opportunity to take the home-study course.

Basic teachings and offerings:

The cornerstone of the teachings is learning to meditate and cultivating a regular schedule of both morning and evening meditation. SRF teaches definite scientific techniques of meditation for attaining a direct personal experience of God. The highest technique is that of kriya yoga. SRF teaches both in-person and at-home study courses where people can learn kriya yoga as well as other techniques taught by Yogananda, what are called “how to live” principles, such as how to develop will power, and how to cultivate friendship, health, and success. The international headquarters of SRF is in Los Angeles with temples in southern and northern California, and Phoenix, Arizona. There are 500 meditation centers, retreats, ashrams, and groups across the country and

Self-Realization Fellowship was founded in 1925 by Paramahansa Yogananda. Today SRF has centers and groups across the U.S. and internationally.

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Excerpts from New Spirit Journal’s interview with Brother Nakulananda: Self-Realization Fellowship’s Brother Nakulananda explained that kriya yoga is the highest technique of pranayama which many people first learned about in Autobiography of a Yogi. Prana means life energy and yama means control. When many people hear the word yoga, they immediately think of hatha yoga which is the physical poses, or asanas, that people are familiar with. Hatha yoga can be a doorway to the deeper practice of meditation but it is only one form of yoga. Others are karma yoga which is service, bhakti yoga which is devotion, and jnana yoga which is wisdom. Together they form what is called raja yoga. The teachings of SRF, he says, are essential right now. We live in a world of duality, delusion (or maya), and we need something to stabilize us in our inner peace. The practice of these techniques are the best way we can find the “inner river of joy.” By living more from a center of peace within ourselves, our lives in the outer world will be more manageable and help us deal with the uncertainties of this world. SRF teachings are compatible with other religions including Christianity. In fact, one of Yogananda’s missions was to show the unity between

Brother Nakulananda, whose name means “bliss through following spiritual precepts,” joined Self-Realization Fellowship in 1977 and has served as a monk with the organization for more than 30 years. the teachings of the East and the West, specifically the Bhagavad Gita which contains the sacred teachings of Hinduism, and the New Testament, the teachings of Jesus. Yogananda commented on both in two two-volume books where he shows that what Jesus taught is the same as what Krishna taught 3,000 years before him: all truth comes from the universal Christ consciousness and it is one. Regarding the book Rescuing Yogananda by Kriyananda mentioned in last month’s article, where Kriyanada says SRF does not represent Yogananda accurately, Brother Nakulananda says, “Our main message is to show people the divine highway to God through the teachings of Yogananda. SRF is the society he founded and it is his teachings we promote and disseminate so I just focus on our teachings and the SRF path.” Contact: To learn more about SRF or to contact them, go to www.; International Headquarters, 3880 San Rafael Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90065-3219 USA; Tel: (323) 225-2471; 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.(Pacific Time). To listen to the entire interview,visit the audio section at


Christine Upchurch, M.S.

Reconnective Healing Instructor offering

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The Light Within:

Not a Metaphor – a Reality! It’s December, and there is no better time of year to think about light and the profound significance it has in our life. The dominance of darkness in the cycle of day and night is coming to an end, and the sun is slowly beginning to reassert itself, assuring us that it never had the slightest intention of fading into oblivion. By Teri Degler It is no coincidence that the spiritual and religious festivals celebrated at this time of year all feature some element of light. Could this be a hint from the cosmos that we’d do well to celebrate light – especially the light within – a lot more often in our daily lives? It could well be. But to truly celebrate this light we have to understand the difference between what we tend to think it is, and what it really is. Just take a moment to consider the expressions we use that refer to light: Don’t hide your light under a bushel basket; be a light to the world; light one candle and the darkness disappears. And don’t forget childhood songs like, “Let your little light shine, let it shine, let it shine,” or that phrase heard increasingly in the mind/body/spirit movement: listen to the light within. In expressions like these we are generally using the concept of “light” as a metaphor; as a symbol for our abilities, our personal power, a higher source, or, in the case of

the light within, to get across the idea that the divine is a force that is both close to us and accessible and not some old man with a beard sitting on a throne in the sky. All these are wonderful references to light. But what would it mean if this light isn’t just a metaphor? What if there really is a light within? And, if so, what could it mean to us in our daily lives? When we explore the life stories of saints and mystics from virtually every spiritual tradition we find they experienced this inner light as something real – tangible – something they could quite literally see, feel, and experience with their bodily senses. The 14th century Italian nun St. Catherine of Sienna describes this light in detail, saying that it burned in her soul and that she could see it in “fullness and perfection” with her mind’s eye. She then adds that it was nothing less than the “very self” of the divine. In her book The Interior Castle, St. Teresa of Avila tells of a flaming, radiant angel who repeatedly plunges a fiery golden spear into her heart and down

Being a Light To The World In yoga “life energy”is generally called prana. Not surprisingly, its more complete name is prana-shakti. Prana is also the word for breath, and our most basic means of connecting with the light within is through the yoga breathing exercises known as pranayama. 1. For basic pranayama, breathe in slowly, filling up the bottom, then the middle, then the top of your lungs. To do this, allow the muscles in your abdomen, your ribs and chest, and then your upper chest to expand in turn. To exhale, reverse the process, beginning by gently contracting your lower abdominals first and moving upward. 2. As you do this, visualize the prana you are breathing in as a sparkling, radiant, white light. 3. See this light filling your body, becoming brighter and more intense with each breath. 4. Then visualize it rising upward, centering around your heart, and intensifying and transforming to love with each beat of your heart. Allow this love-filled light to flow outwards; visualize it reaching someone who you feel is in need, embracing them, and filling them with this life-giving, life-sustaining light. PHOTO BY LUKE DICKSION

through her body, leaving her filled with the divine love. She goes on to make it clear that, while this experience of fire and light was a spiritual one, it was also physical: the body, she writes, “has some share in it – even a considerable share.” Four centuries earlier in India a holy woman known as Mahadevi Akka described experiences that, like St. Catherine’s and St. Teresa’s, were spiritual and yet very much grounded in the body. Often they were characterized by experiences of light. After one of the most profound, she writes that her mind was filled with “a light exceeding a billion suns and moons.” Interestingly enough, it is in the ageold writings on yoga that we find detailed descriptions of exactly what this light is and what it means to us in our daily lives. The ancient yogis called this light kundalini – or, more properly, kundalini-shakti – and said it was the very real manifestation in the human body of the divine feminine. They called this cosmic feminine essence Shakti, the Sanskrit word for power, energy, or force. These great sages explain that Shakti is the evolutionary energy that propels the universe forward but that, as kundalinishakti, she is also the evolutionary energy in every human being. They also indicate

that, while the activity of this energy may have been awakened – or, we could say, accelerated – in the great saints and mystics, it is no less present in those of us who are ordinary people. In us, it works in a slower way, propelling us forward on our journeys, transforming us gradually, filling us with a yearning to know ourselves, to grow spiritually, and care for those who suffer and – at the same time – providing us with ever-closer access to the source of divine inspiration. With this in mind, consider those expressions that refer to “light” again: Don’t hide your light under a bushel basket; it is far too precious. Be a light to the world? You already are, you just need to let that inner light shine outward. Listen to the light within? Indeed. For, at least according to St. Catherine, it is nothing less than “the very self” of the divine. Author Teri Degler’s ten books include The Divine Feminine Fire: Creativity and Your Yearning to Express Your Self, a # 1 Bestseller in two categories. Register for her workshop at the February Women of Wisdom conference in Seattle: MondaySchedule.php.

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Yoga and Meditation classes in Everett Retreats in Washington, Sedona, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica Roy Holman is the author of Healing Self, Healing Earth Awakening Presence, Power, and Passion (425) 303-8150


“What am I supposed to be doing here?”

Let Passion Be Your Guide By Diane Ho

If you’re like me, you’ve been asking that question on and off for years. I used to think that following my passion was about finding something I was good at and enjoyed doing, then I just had to develop it and do it for the rest of my life. For some people, it can be that easy, but for a lot of us, our life paths simply don’t fit into cookie-cutter careers. Having struggled with my own career path, I’ve realized that passion is not what I thought it was. We tend to think of our passion in terms of a certain trade, craft, or career. The problem with that definition is that passion is a feeling we have, not a thing that we do. Rather, it is the enthusiasm that tells us that we are on the right track. Imagine there’s a light that shines on each person’s life path, a light that can be felt but not seen. When we step into alignment with our path, we “light up” with enthusiasm and joy. When we’re off it, we feel indifferent and bored. When work that we once loved no longer inspires us, we often try to drumup a sense of motivation to get the passion back, but it’s temporary and artificial. When this happens, our intuition is simply telling us to change course. Either we’re ready to take our work to another level, or we might need to move on to something different.

So, what do you do when you realize you need a course change? 1. This is a good time to review your goals. Take an inventory of the interests you have now. What pleases you? What fascinates you? What inspires you? What would you rather be doing, if there were no obstacles? What is your life about? What do you want to have done at the end of your life? Try asking these questions from your heart-space (simply put your attention on your heart), which is the place where you can feel spirit most easily. 2. Take a step toward something you’ve been wanting to do, even if it has nothing to do with a career. Take a class, go on vacation, get a new hobby, read a new book, or join a group. Desire is the tool your spirit uses to guide you to the next step, and your explorations may take you where you hadn’t dreamed of. 3. Sometimes all it takes to find your passion again is a shift in perspective. Do you like the kind of work you do but hate your job situation? If you have grown spiritually, and your work has stayed in the same mindset, you may need to change the way you work or work with a different set of people. 4. Learn to recognize the difference between what you want and what others want from you. I’ve found that when I have

Diane Ho is an intuitive counselor and energy healer who teaches others to embrace their own paths. She is based in Seattle and can be reached at www.



Start your day in a powerful way and experience the difference from the inside out!

with your hosts Brenda Michaels and Rob Spears

trouble making any decision, large or small, the choice is almost always between what I want (i.e., what I feel enthusiastic about) and what I “should” do (what family wants, what is “good” for me). A tool that I’ve used for this process is muscle testing, which is sometimes called energy testing. By stating a choice and seeing if my muscles are strong or weak to it, I can see quite obviously if I feel enthusiasm for it or not. Google “self muscle testing” for various ways you can muscle-test yourself. 5. When you begin to make changes in your life to follow your passion, fears and emotions that have been previously suppressed will surface. After all, they’re the reasons why you haven’t done it thus far. You could have fears from your family or society about what is safe, what is realistic, how hard it is to make a living in that field, and so on, but they are only perspectives, not the absolute reality. Your fears prevent you from seeing new possibilities and from moving forward, so it’s important to recognize them and release them. 6. Once you find your new direction and set it into motion, periodically step back and connect with your intentions. Feel with your heart whether or not the different aspects of your new path are in alignment with who you are. If not, small course changes might be needed. Sometimes we find the path with our heart-space, then jump into head-space to take care of the details, and forget to come out of it. If some aspect of your new path doesn’t feel good, toss it out and go with what you’re drawn to do. The hardest part about finding the next step on your life path is the in-between period, when one passion has cooled and another has yet to show up. Sometimes it feels like you may never find your way. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from these periods, it’s that spirit always comes through. You’ll never be left adrift and without a sense of purpose.


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Dog Traveler: Vacation Tips with Your Pup By Rose Lehuallani Perry

Taking your dog along on your vacation or holiday? This can be great fun for all. The key is to plan ahead with her needs in mind. Keep calm Our stress is always mirrored in our dog. While I’m packing, if I remember to take a deep breath and stay more calm, both human and dog end up happier. I also use holistic stress remedies for my dogs whenever possible. Three days before our trip, I put several drops of Bach’s Rescue Remedy – an immediate stress reducer – in my dogs’ water. On the day of departure, I give my 35-pound dogs each a half tablet of Calms Forte, a homeopathic remedy to further relax them. If it is cool in the car, I put a T-shirt on each one, a great Tellington Touch tool that calms a dog’s nervous system.

Stay In Your Seat! There are easy ways to keep your dog safe in her seat so she isn’t hurt by sudden stops or makes you a less safe driver by distracting you. Smaller breed dogs can be belted in a doggy car seat; larger dogs in a fleece safety harness that attaches to a car seat belt. Crating your dog is a good choice, too. Get your dog accustomed to the crate a week or so before the trip. Add familiar toys and chews, a T-shirt with your smell on it. Take short practice trips.

Car Sick

Be sure to visit where you will find

free audio interviews to listen to or download, articles not in the print edition, and interesting videos.

Have you ever spent hours in a car with a dog with motion sickness? Some years ago, before I knew of ways to help her, my sheltie, Christy, vomited off and on for four hours on our first road trip. But there are things that can prevent this. Try the simplest remedy first. If you leave in the morning, feed and water your dog the night before and give only a small amount of kibble and water when you get up. Or, wait a couple of hours after she’s had time to settle into her new adventure. Administer Calm’s Forte according to directions two hours before you take off to prevent her vomiting it up. Or try the virtual trip: Step One: Put your dog in the backseat of the car with a few treats. Sit in the front seat. Stay 20 minutes. Step Two: Same as day one but idle the engine one minute. Repeat. Turn car off. Give her treats and sit for 15 minutes. Step Three: Restrain your dog in preferred way. Back down the driveway. Come back up the driveway. Step Four: Restrain your dog. Drive around the block for five minutes.

Rose Lehuallani Perry with her sheltie, Christy. Repeat each step for two-six days or until she is comfortable. Remember, the virtual trip is at the dog’s pace and requires patience.

Summer and Winter Weather Many people misjudge how hot their car can get even on days that feel cool. In order to maintain her normal 102 degree temperature, your dog inhales cooler air and pants out warmer, 100% humid air. In an enclosed area like a car, even with windows cracked, soon there is no cool air to take in, only more heat and humidity, dangerously raising her temperature. I avoid leaving my dogs in the car on trips by packing food to eat on the way; or, I eat fast food. I stop in rest areas and bring my dogs into the lady’s room. On the road, add ice cubes in a water bowl and place near your dog. Gel wraps, sold in pet stores, keep your dog cool up to an hour. And booties are not just for snow; they relieve paws on hot pavement. When it’s cold weather, a jacket is a good choice to keep short-haired dogs warm. If it’s snowy, then booties and a jacket will help with the more severe elements. Use your common sense based on your breed of dog; that’s my rule of thumb.

Air Travel Sometimes people find flying is faster and easier. But for your dog it can be very stressful, especially if she must be in cargo with high noise levels and uncomfortable temperatures. The homeopathic remedies for stress and anxiety I suggested for car travel are even more important for air travel. An alternative to flying cargo is Pet Airways ( specifically designed for pets of any size to travel in the cabin. Pets are monitored every 15 minutes by pet attendants. As you plan your next trip with your dog in mind, think in terms of preparing with care just as you would for each family member After all, our dogs are family too. Happy traveling. Rose Lehuallani Perry is a professional dog trainer, accredited and certified. For more information please contact her at (425) 879-1261 or visit her website at


Raising Kittens Part 2 Miss Sophie Sweet Cheeks is now five months old (she was born on the 1st of July.) Most of the time, I now call her “Ninja” cat. Why? Because she is very male in her energy and frankly, that is what she is. Given the slightest nudge, Sophie puffs up, stands up on her hind legs with her front legs spread wide and then launches onto her preferred target at the time. That might be the head of either of my sleeping, elderly cats, me, or whatever else may be on her radar at the time. Fortunately, so far it has never been the dog. However, on several occasions it has been the shower curtain or any of the heavier or lace curtains around the house. Not exactly acceptable behavior, especially if the launch lands on human skin. Ouch! It is however, a great place to

start when it comes to talking about raising kittens and molding their behavior. Just to catch you up, Sophie continues to be confined in the spare bedroom at night and whenever I am not home to supervise. This is not only for her protection but also for the protection of my other animals and home. I have removed and packed away the show shelter, as she no longer needs to be in a small space. Her housetraining manners are great and she has mastered using the cat door that leads outside to the enclosed “Taj Mahal” cat run, which she loves beyond reason. She learned about the cat door and run by following my older cats and copying whatever they do. She also has learned to drink water by watching them use their fountain. This is a good thing to note as it is usually always a good idea to raise young ones (kittens and puppies) in the presence of older already programmed models because this allows you to take advantage of monkey-see, monkey-do. When I am contacted as a behavior therapist by someone who needs help with their cat, one of the most common problems is some form of aggression. The pattern for

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scream “Ouch” and put her down. When she launched on my arm to begin biting and raking with her claws, I do the “ouch” thing and then hold as still as possible, keep breathing and say, “Be gentle with mom, gentle with mom.” One day when my friend Scotty was visiting, she launched on his leg. She really got him good...or by Martha Norwalk should I say bad? Anyway, when he got home, he found a perfect, red, cat much of this aggression begins in kittenhood claw and paw mark on his leg. He took a so I am going to focus on this behavior picture which he showed me the next time I relating to Sophie. She is aggressive, no saw him. Now there is a “go figure” coming question about it. here. Taking advantage of the photo I had Sophie was born to a young mom and the seen, I visually explained to Sophie that she rest of her litter died the first day. Because really hurt Scotty by launching on him and of this, Sophie had no siblings to grow up in my mind, I showed her the picture of her with. If she had, besides eating, she and her paw mark on his skin. She actually looked siblings would have spent all of their waking right up at me with eyes as big as dollars time playing with each other, for at least a with a horrified look on her face. She has good six to eight weeks. This experience is not launched on me, him, or anyone else so vitally important for good social behavior since that time. In fact, you can see her later in life. By expressing their feelings to each other when they bit or clawed too hard, consciously avoid it. There are times with kittens when they they would be teaching each other bite and are just so wired and crazy that nothing is claw inhibition. going to turn them off. To avoid these times Sophie did not get the benefit of all that. or to transform one immediately, flat-catting Humans raised her and we usually mess up is the way to go (playing until the cat lies the detail. We allow the kittens to bite and down, all tuckered out). To do this, you need wrap around our hands and arms. We roughseveral great interactive toys. My favorites house with them using our hands. All of this are Da-Bird, Kitty Tease and Cat Angler. is fun for us because when they are tiny it They are all fishing pole type wands with doesn’t hurt us. But, young animals play/ things attached for playing with cats. Play practice at behavior they are going to use regularly and often. seriously as adults. When they do not learn Flat-catting can take five minutes or 30 inhibition they often turn into serious biters minutes depending on the situation, and and scratchers as adults. In order to curb Sophie’s natural aggression, I am working on the younger the cats, the more times a day you need to do this. Hide these toys when several different levels. you are not playing with them because the Had I been able to raise her with a litterstrings can be dangerous. Hiding keeps the mate, my job would have been much easier. toys safe as well as the cats and toys remain They would have played a lot with each a special item. There is simply no better way other, sparing my older cats the frequent to eliminate aggression than by playing with attacks. My older guys know inhibition and your kitties on a regular basis. they have been raised to be nice. When the kitten came into the picture and began Martha Norwalk is an animal behavior attacking them constantly, I had to step in. therapist and host of Martha Norwalk’s I would hold one of the older ones in my Animal World, Sunday mornings from 9 lap for rest time. When Sophie jumped up a.m. to noon on Alternative Talk AM 1150. to attack, I would reprimand her, make her She can be reached at Martha’s Canine, stop and put her down, explaining it all to Feline and All Creature Counseling at her in my imagination. It worked beautifully. (360) 217-7258 or www.marthanorwalk. Sophie learned to leave us alone for lap time com. For a free, no obligation telephone and the older boys got it immediately: it is evaluation or to make an appointment for okay to discipline the baby and they began Martha to work with you and your animal copying me, knowing it was okay. friend, give her a call. When she launched on my leg, I would

Our Animal Friends





The Enlightened Puzzler

by Mark Blair

Across 3. She knows that “You Can Heal Your Life!” 7. State or announce 8. Gary Zukav teaches us the fundamentals of “authentic ______” 10. These come when moved deeply 13. Forces destined to help us, once we have called upon them 15. Not a front; the real nature 17. Let go of something no longer serving us 21. “___ and It Is Given!” 22. The “____ of Attraction” is a universal force used by powerful creators who understand its principles 23. Anything to do with individuals who heal people and places using spirit guidance 24. Everything is made of this. It cannot be created or destroyed.

Mark Blair brings contemporary techniques to his shamanic counseling practice. He works with men and women to help them achieve their Ideal Lives. He also specializes in working with the “Awakening Male.” Visit or contact Mark at

Down 1. Echart Tolle writes in “A New ____” about mindfulness 2. Come upon, as if by accident; meet with 3. The courage to carry have “___” 4. Jack Canfield wrote a lot of “Chicken ____...”! 5. Sometimes, like the energy within us, it’s best to just go with the ____! 6. This Wayne wrote “The Power of Intention” 9. Appropriate for ordinary or routine occasions 11. Abraham-Hicks teaches us about the “Law of ____” 12. The condition of a physical space where powerful healing may occur 14. “That’s ___!” 16. A quiet turning inward 18. She works with Abraham to teach us about intention and manifestation 19. The first book written by this former Green Beret was “The Dancing Wu Li Masters” 20. Writing “The Power of Now” was part of this person’s path to help guide human beings into consciousness Answers on Page 4




The Body Beautiful Deck

Companion for your Journey To Greater Wellness By Valeria Rae, M.A.

Living Wisdom School 2800 NE 200th St. Shoreline, WA 98155 Preschool - Grade 6 • Holistic approach emphasizing practical skills for living, academic success with joy, and balance of body, mind and spirit. • Small class size (maximum of 12:1 ratio) and individualized instruction allows time for supporting each child and creating a positive, dynamic learning environment. • Offering, in addition to the regular program: Spanish, Music, Organic Gardening, Theater and Dance, Art etc. • Extended Care Program • Over 30 years successful experience with schools in California, Oregon, Italy & India. • Call for information and visitation.



Martha Norwalk

Martha Norwalk is an animal behavior therapist with over 35 years of professional experience and service. She also hosts her own radio show, Martha Norwalk’s Animal World, Sunday mornings on Alternative Talk AM 1150. She is available for private sessions, either in your home or over the phone. With her holistic approach, Martha can help you understand your animal friends and solve any behavior, training or healing issues that they might be having. Martha’s rates are surprisingly affordable so call now for a free/no obligation telephone evaluation.

Martha’s Canine, Feline and All Creature Counseling (360) 217-7258

54 cards with inspirational messages and matching photographs designed to stimulate awareness of inner guidance. A companion booklet presents practical information and activities offered to uplift and empower travelers questing for an improved life experience. Valeria Rae, M.A. 40 years of study, practice,and teaching of spiritual traditions and self help techniques. Ceremonial leader, amateur photographer, and professional organizer.




Moving Through Depression The longest night of the year is approaching and the darkness greets us in the morning and accompanies our return from work. How are you affected by this change of season? Do you experience lethargy, want to sleep more, crave carbohydrates, gain weight? Seasonal symptoms are often exacerbated by the holidays when there is more to do, shopping, expectations, increased stimulation and dealing with family patterns and dynamics. Depression affects all of us at some point in our lives, and may be situational or due to a mind-body-spirit imbalance. I think of four different aspects of depression, including change in mood, physiological symptoms, cognitive changes, and existential ponderings. Mood changes may include feeling blue, down, disheartened, tearful, dispirited. Physiological symptoms may include weight changes, sleep disturbance, agitation, fatigue, decreased libido. Cognitive changes include guilt, negative thinking, worthlessness, hopelessness, indecision and problems with concentration. Existential dilemmas evolve from being in the world and encountering tragedy, suffering, disease, death, and the meaning of life.

How do I deal with my depression or help a loved one? I approach depression holistically and begin with a look at imbalances and individual strengths. Hypothyroid, anemia and vitamin D deficiency must be checked whenever someone presents with depression. Then, I look at neurotransmitters. Serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine affect depression. GABA affects anxiety. Daniel Amen, MD was one of the first practitioners to associate different neurotransmitters with specific areas of the brain and common symptoms. Today, there are numerous questionnaires that can pinpoint deficiencies. A common symptom of low dopamine is distractibility, low libido, anger when stressed. A common symptom of low




All’ s Well Health for Body,

serotonin is loss of pleasure and enthusiasm for activities that used to be enjoyable. When there is low serotonin, melatonin may also be affected as melatonin cannot be produced without serotonin. Both are generally affected when an individual reacts to the change of seasons. A deficiency in neurotransmit-ters can be treated with sup-plements, medications and secondarily with food. The SSRIs (for example, Celexa, Prozac, Lexapro) are often utilized to treat depression. Supplements that impact serotonin include 5-HTP, St. John’s Wort, and SAMe. Food sources of tryptophan, a precursor of serotonin, include turkey, salmon, soybeans, mushrooms and tofu. A medication which affects dopamine is Wellbutrin. Supplements that increase dopamine are tyrosine, BetaPhenylethylamine, Mucuna Pruriens, and Phenylalanine. Food sources of phenylalanine and tyrosine include fish, turkey, eggs, oats, chocolate. Yes, chocolate does make us feel better. A caution is moderation. Essential fatty acids play an important role in our brain functioning. I recommend that anyone struggling with depression take fish oil with high DHA.

Mind, Spirit

by Moira Fitzpatrick, PhD, ND How does my lifestyle affect depression? Chronic stress affects blood sugar control. Exposure to stress causes an increase in cortisol by the adrenal gland. Cortisol causes blood sugar to rise and blunts the response to insulin. If you miss meals or grab a coffee on the run, this could lead to a reactive hypoglycemia, which hinders the delivery of glucose to the brain, activates the adrenals and affects serotonin balance. The overconsumption of caffeine contributes to norepinephrine imbalance. Norepinephrine affects melatonin and sleep. During this holiday season it becomes especially important to take time to relax, and eat regular meals and protein at every meal. Don’t forget to exercise to keep your energy flowing. Continued on Page 15



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Take Your Ego Out of The Driver’s Seat By D. L. Scott CH.t., CDP, AASD What is the biggest fear of the ego? Is it the fear of losing a job? Is it the fear of losing a relationship, or perhaps losing money? No, the biggest fear of the ego is total annihilation. The ego fears the day that it will die, and this is so terrifying that it will do anything to hold onto its existence. Our ego is made up of our thoughts and our feelings, and for years we have been taught that “I think, therefore I am.” This statement has caused more problems in the world than almost any other. One of the first things that I teach my clients is the fact that while we are not our thoughts, we are not our feelings, and we are not our body, we certainly experience our thoughts, feelings, and body. And we usually experience it in such a way that we could swear that these things are




ASTROLOGY Since 1980

ASTROLOGY by Mark Dodich

• Natal • Romance • Business • Spiritual Purpose Relocation Maps for your best locations on earth FREE NEWSLETTER 503-252-1558


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Miracles and Success Receive food for thought on how to grow in


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D.L. Scott teaches says the roles we play are not what we are. exactly what we are. Think about that. If someone asks you, “Who are you?” what would you answer? Most of us would answer, “I am (fill in your name),” or I am an American

citizen, or I am a father, or a mother, or a (fill in your occupation), or a whole list of who we are according to the roles that we play. Therein lays the problem. We believe we are these things, these roles that we play, such as “I am an addict,” “I am a cancer victim,” “I am the survivor of abuse,” and once again the list goes on and on. It is the ego that plays these roles, and they actually break down into three roles: Victim, Perpetrator, and Hero. When your ego is playing any one of these roles, it has the one thing that it really wants. It has the starring role in the drama. It is completely in control, and has no fear of annihilation. What if you were able to look at it in a different way? What if you were able to recognize that while you do play those roles, those roles are not who you really are? Using the techniques of mindfulness and hypnosis, I teach my clients how to unattach

from these roles created by our thoughts, and allow themselves to become the conscious observer of these thoughts and feelings, and roles. The first thing to do is to learn to observe the thoughts, don’t attach to them; simply let them float through your mind. Long ago in a conference class through Washington Hypnosis Association, I learned a technique that is an easy and effective way of doing this, and can be done without having to go into a deep meditative trance. The next time you have a thought come up — when someone annoys you or does something that is rude such as cutting in front of you in line — simply stop and ask yourself the question, “Where did this thought come from?” Answer yourself, “From me.” Then ask, “Who created this thought?” Answer, “I created this thought.” Then ask yourself the question, “Who am I?” No matter what the answer, such as “I am (name),” or “I am a male, female, etc.” do not try to analyze the answer, simply go right back to the first question:

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WICCA: Aquarian Tabernacle Church, open to all. Free monthly Lunar celebrations, classes, other events. For more information call 360-793-1945.

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COUNSELING & OTHER SERVICES CLINICAL SUPERVISION. NANCY MACDONALD, state approved experienced supervisor, using and teaching the Virginia Satir Systemic Growth Model. Individual and group post graduate hours toward licensing for LMFT, LICSW, LMHC. Consultation for licensed clinicians. 206-363-2531.

Jessica Anne Agnew

Channel and Angel Medium Cert. Empowerment Coach "Come home to your own Sacred Self” • Angel Readings • Teen Mentoring • Empowerment Coaching

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“Now where did that thought come from?” As you continue to run these questions through your mind, you will begin to notice that every thought is just that: it is a thought, and nothing more. I personally practice this technique a lot, and have found that I react to my thoughts less and less. This gives me more options about how I want to react in any given situation. With just this simple mindfulness technique you can start letting go of attachments to your ego/ brain-created thoughts, feelings, and roles, and start choosing a way of relating to the world — and especially your immediate environment — that will create and attract a life of abundance, happiness, and joy. D.L. Scott has been a certified hypnotherapist for over 20 years. He is currently in private practice in the North Seattle, Shoreline area. He can be reached at (206) 417-4900 or through his website, www.dlscottpersonalenergy

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BOOK, MEDIA, & PRODUCT REVIEWS by Krysta Gibson How to Have Courage, Calmness, and Confidence

By Paramhansa Yogananda Crystal Clarity Publishers There couldn’t be a better time to release this book than 2010. This little book is the perfect companion for anyone going through difficult times. The words in the book are from Yogananda, a teacher well known to most of our readers. These particular articles are taken from some of his earlier lessons and articles that are no longer widely available. Filled with practical ideas and practices, some of these entries were written during the Great Depression and deal with such topics as finding a job, handling depression, and changing one’s consciousness from lack to abundance. There’s a wonderful section about how to use affirmations, meditate, and stay centered in the midst of any storm. Make space on your desk for this little book. Pick it up often, read it, practice what it teaches, and watch happiness flow into your life.

The Science of Getting Rich in Marriage By Sacha Muhammad Jouissance Publishing

Using the Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles as a template,

Depression Continued from Page 13

How do I change my negative thinking? There are many ways to change one’s thinking. The first step is to become aware of your inner chatter and then bring yourself to the present moment. I often find that taking a deep breath brings me back to my body and what I am experiencing. As I become more conscious of my thinking, I can identify thoughts and beliefs that are central or fuel the negative thinking. Once I am conscious, I have choice. After many decades of working with depression, I have found that ETT or Emotional Transformation Therapy, developed by Steven Vazquez, is the fastest way to clear negative thoughts and patterns. The chromapulse machine (light box) is a tool used by a therapist to select colors that match the moment-to-moment stateof-mind of the client. When a match occurs, there is a profound emotional shift. At other times layers of emotion are cleared until the individual returns to the original state before dysfunctional conditioning occurred. This state is often one of calm, peace, relaxation. In this state, the individual can create the thinking desired. This self-chosen way of thinking can be anchored in using

Muhammad applies the principles of the law of attraction, focus, and visualization to the subject of marriage. A very specific way to think and act is given so that a couple can apply the concepts to their daily life and enhance not only their material wealth but also their emotional, physical and spiritual health. This is a great handbook for a couple who might be having some challenges in their relationship as well as for one that is just starting their life together. By working with these principles together, their relationship would be bound to flourish.

The Two Sisters’ Café

By Elena Yates Eulo and Samantha Harper Macy Portal Books The subtitle of this novel is “An adult faerie tale of two magical godmothers, an enchanted Southern café, and the second chance so many of us yearn for.” The story is set in a café in a small southern town in the United States in the 1950s. Two eccentric sisters own and operate the eatery. We follow the stories of a number of people and watch as the sisters weave their magical spells, tell many yarns, and have a profound impact on the lives of anyone who comes across them. This book can be read on many levels and if you would like to read a very well written book that is both entertaining as well as

light, color, or traditional hypnotherapy techniques. Essentially, you are changing the way your brain and consciousness habitually respond. We are creating a new neural network based upon our desired state and thoughts we want to implant. The therapeutic relationship is the mood stabilizer when an individual is dealing with existential questions, exploring the meaning of life, dealing with death, or finding a way through a particular transition in this journey. The relationship becomes a safe haven to be. It is through relationship that our dilemmas are acknowledged, our story heard, and we discover new perspectives. The safety of this relationship allows the “I am” to be remembered. It is a place of being met, where risks can be taken, strengths recognized, hope rekindled and the future consciously planned. As we ease into winter, let us remember to take time to go within and acknowledge where we have been this past year. I wish for you a beautiful holiday filled with love, joy, peace and relationship. Moira Fitzpatrick is a naturopathic physician and licensed clinical psychologist, who practices in the Northgate area of Seattle. She practices functional medicine, is a primary care provider and specializes in the unique health concerns of women. Dr. Fitzpatrick can be reached at (206) 525-5576, www.

inspiring, The Two Sisters’ Café should find its way to your reading pile. Actress Sharon Gless said, “It is pure magic! And I want to be in the TV series. It’ll run forever.”

Be Love Now: The Path of the Heart By Ram Dass with Rameshwar Das HarperOne

This is the third book in what has turned out to be a trilogy. Ram Dass first traveled to India in 1967 when he was a Harvard psychologist and known as Dr. Richard Alpert. There he met his guru, Neem Karoli Baba, who gave Ram Dass his name, which means “servant of God.” Ram Dass returned to the United States and began his 40-year role as a teacher and mentor to millions of people. In this book, he shares much of his own journey and the teachings he received along the way. He focuses on the power of being love and gives mantras, stories, and insights that help the reader move closer to the state of true beingness. Those familiar with Ram Dass will love learning more about his path as well as the numerous photos he shares in the book. People who don’t know him will probably also want to get his first two books and learn more about this great spiritual teacher.

The Keys to the Universe

Access the Ancient Secrets by Attuning to the Power and Wisdom of the Cosmos By Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell Findhorn Press Diana and Kathy were inspired to get together and work on this book. They were led by their guides to receive,




transcribe, and share this information about the 50 keys to the universe. They explain “There are two Golden Cosmic Keys held in Hollow Earth and Sirius and 48 further keys held by the ancient civilizations and cultures, the portals, the kingdoms, and universal aspects and concepts. Each Key accesses part of the knowledge of the Universe...” Each key is explained in the book and we are given the meaning of each, a special sound related to the key and the key’s color. With each key we are also given a visualization and exercise to do to unlock the energy of the key. A CD with the sounds accompanies the book. Very specific information is given to work with the keys. There’s a tremendous amount of information here as well as an underlying energy one feels while reading the book and working with the concepts. This is a very intriguing and masterful experience you will want to try for yourself.

Tomorrow Will Tell the Story Musical Journey by Echo Us

This digital-only album is one to experience; I can’t even say you actually listen to it because it is very different from the sort of music most of us listen to for enjoyment, meditation, or movement. Sounding strangely alien in many places, I could close my eyes and easily see other worlds and beings in my mind’s eye. Very much a kaleidoscope of sounds, the vocals and electronic sounds mingle together well to create something totally new and different. The accompanying media material says, “Often cited as creating a genre all its own, Echo Us brings a fusion of modern vocal electronica, progressive rock, and deep ambient atmospherics.” This is truly a different sound. You can check it out at

Welcome to the Fourth Dimension “One of those books that needs to be on the coffee table” A Seattle Group started with Edgar Cayce and evolved into the Logos Project. Many of the area’s top psychics participated in bringing forth the tools to prepare one for Ascension during the Transformation.

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SATURDAY, DEC. 4, 12-5 P.M. SPIRITUAL OPEN HOUSE free sample readings, info on healings, classes and history of The first Spiritualist Church of Puyallup, Est. 1924. Free refreshments, 341 Second St. S.E., Puyallup 98372 www.firstspiritualistchurchofpuyallup. com DECEMBER 4 GIFTING GREEN SUSTAINABLE SHOPPING EVENT, hosted by: Coffee for a Cause. Buy Organic, buy Local.12:00 noon to 5 p.m. Location:, 8226 196th Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98053. More info at: Camey: 206-963-5336 DECEMBER 4, JANUARY 22 SACRED FEMININE CLASS. Sat. 10-2, Seattle, $40 a class Explore aspects of 13 inner characters using meditation and clay Karen Hansen, PhD DEC. 7 GOOD COMPANY NETWORKING LUNCH. Join other PPI’s (People of Positive Influence) for lunch and networking. Cost is the price of your lunch. More infomation can be found at www. Everett location: First Tuesday of the month:11:30-1 p.m. Alfy’s Pizza, 2317 Broadway, Everett. 425-258-9333 (Directions only). Salad bar and lunch specials. You don’t have to eat to join us but please do not bring in any outside food or drinks with you, at Alfy’s request. No reservations required. 425-356-7237.

DEC. 21 GOOD COMPANY NETWORKING LUNCH. Monroe location: Third Tuesday of the month:11:30-1:00, Alfy’s Pizza, 19121 SR 2, Monroe. 360-794-7775 (Directions only). Salad bar and lunch specials. You don’t have to eat to join us but if you don’t eat, please do not bring in any outside food or drinks with you, at Alfy’s request. No reservations required. 425-356-7237. THURSDAY, JAN. 6, 2011 THE HEALING POWER OF TREES: Spiritual Journeys Through the Celtic Tree Calendar . Sharlyn Hidalgo introduces her new book at East West Bookshop, 6500 Roosevelt Way NE, 7:00pm, $8 SATURDAY JANUARY 8, 1-3 P.M. TRAVELING THE MAZE, WITH KRYSTA GIBSON. So many paths and options - which to follow and which to pass up? As publisher of New Spirit Journal, Krysta has studied many paths, read hundreds for books and interviewed many teachers. Let her give you the keys to walking the spiritual maze without getting lost. Whole Life Center, 1001 10th St NE, Auburn. $20. To register, call 425-356-7237 or go to and register online.

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Just starting your journey and confused about all the choices? When you �rst step foot onto the path of spirituality and metaphysics you can feel like you’re at the entrance to a maze. �ere are many paths to walk down and so much to explore that it can feel daunting. In her roles as spiritual traveler, teacher, consultant, and publisher of New Spirit Journal, Krysta has delved into many different paths, read hundreds of books, and interviewed many teachers. In this 2-hour class she gives the keys to walking the maze without ge�ing lost and talks about some of the various schools of thought, practices, and techniques available. A�er a�ending this class you will actually enjoy your stroll through the maze.

Traveling the Maze with Krysta Gibson Saturday, Jan. 8, 1-3 p.m. �e Whole Life Center-Educational Center, 1001 10th St NE, Auburn, WA 98001 To register, call 425-356-7237 or go to $20

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HEALING RETREATS, CLASSES Yoga & Meditation for every body. Retreats in WA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Sedona. Book: Healing Self, Healing Earth. Awakening Presence, Power, and Passion. Roy Holman is certified in Yoga, Meditation, Healing, and Reflexology. (425) 303-8150.

Journals, Crystal Essences, Crystals, Stones, Exquisite

DEC-JAN EVENTS SOLSTICE CRYSTAL SINGING BOWL Healing & Manifestation Circle: Sunday December 19, 10 AM-1 PM. Sun Day Circle: Practices for Connecting to Self, Others & Spirit: 2011 Sundays 10 AM12:30 PM 206-324-2526


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Jewelry, Native American Art, Journals, Pendulums, Magic Wands, Tarot Cards, Books,


Join us for lunch and good company! A Monthly Gathering of People Of Positive Influence

People of Positive Influence (PPIs) are those who are living their lives in such a way as to be a positive influence on the world around them. It doesn’t matter what kind of work you do or where you do it. If you are helping to make the world a better place, if you are reading New Spirit Journal,you are a PPI! Join us for a monthly network gathering.

• Everett:

First Tues.: Jan 4, Feb 1 11:30-1 p.m. Alfy’s Pizza, 2317 Broadway, Everett

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11:30-1 p.m. Alfy’s Pizza, 19121 U.S. 2, Monroe.

Salad bar and lunch specials. You don’t have to eat to join us but if you don’t eat, please do not bring in any outside food or drinks with you, at Alfy’s request.

Now you can participate in the monthly Good Company Club marketing support call




being sponsored by Marty Marsh, marketing coach, author and speaker ( Join in this call either by telephone or computer and network with other Soul Proprietors. For details and to sign up for the free calls, go to www.goodcompany For information about Good Company, call 425-356-7237


Welcome to the December issue of New Spirit Journal, Seattle's best-read alternative newspaper. "Helping you create abundance in your relati...


Welcome to the December issue of New Spirit Journal, Seattle's best-read alternative newspaper. "Helping you create abundance in your relati...