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VOL.5, NO 9 JANUARY 2010 Locally owned and published in the Pacific Northwest


Mike Dooley says the journey to publish his latest book was a long and puzzling one, but many other miracles and successes happened along the way.He says “It feels unbelievable to be on the New York Times Best Seller list.” Photo by Kwami Nyamidie


Become Things by Kwami Nyamidie

The Secret teacher, Mike Dooley, has written five books. “Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dream,” his latest, debuted in fall 2009 on the New York Times Best Seller list. Last November, East-West Bookstore sponsored him to talk at Seattle Unity Church. I met with him before his talk in the lobby of Hotel Decca.

Jupiter in Pisces: Expanding Spirituality and Intuitive Vision in 2010 By Mark Dodich

Expansive Jupiter enters its travels through Pisces from Jan. 17 and passes for a full year (with just a brief peek into Aries in the summer). Pisces is one of Jupiter’s favorite signs (the other is Sagittarius), so 2010 begins on an auspicious tone. To get a hint about what is coming into your life, think back to the previous time Jupiter was in

Pisces, February 1998-February 1999. Astrologers often look to the previous cycles to get a sense of what is coming now.

For example, there was a bombing of an abortion clinic in Alabama when Jupiter entered Pisces in 1998, and now abortion is an issue (again) in the national health care discussions. During the same year, NASA discovered potential water hidden in craters on the moon; and just prior to Jupiter moving into Pisces now, a spacecraft was blasted into the moon to find water. Jupiter rules large things. Pisces rules

the ocean (water element sign). Japan opened the largest suspension bridge in the world over the Akashi Straight when Jupiter was in Pisces. Citicorp and the Traveler’s group merged to become the biggest financial group at the time (Pisces likes to lose itself in merging with others). UNESCO declared 1998 to be the Year of the Oceans at the Lisbon, Portugal Expo. The Yangtze River experienced massive flooding in China. The European Court of Human Rights was established. Watch the news for coming events that are similar, only updated events for where the world has come in 2010. Continued on Page 4



Kwami: Infinite Possibilities was first an audio program that you produced in 2001. How did you convert it into a book? Mike Dooley: The journey was long and puzzling as it unfolded. I wrote Infinite Possibilities, an international best-selling audio program, for my subscribers to Notes to the Universe in 2001. (Notes to the Universe are e-mailed, brief passages written by “The Universe,” personalized with recipients’ names, designed to remind them that they have, indeed, been given dominion over all things). But no publisher wanted it. After The Secret, my credibility was lifted and there was more interest in what I had to offer. Beyond Words Publishing, in partnership with Atria Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, decided to bring it out in book format. Kwami: That was quite a journey. Mike Dooley: That was a hell of a journey. It wasn’t my only dream. I teach: “Knock on a lot of doors.” It isn’t about knocking on one door a thousand times, forever and ever and ever until it opens. It’s about knocking on all the doors and allowing the universe to issue an order on different planes. I had a very successful audio program but I wasn’t able to turn it into a book, so I started doing talks all over the world. I perfected the Notes from the Universe and continue writing the notes nine years later. I worked on many other things. Yes, it was a long path. But many other miracles and successes happened during the waiting period for Infinite Possibilities to come out as a book which began on the New York Times best-seller list. Kwami: How does it feel? Mike Dooley: Unbelievable. Better than I ever imagined it would feel. Kwami: How so? Mike Dooley: Well, I got the phone call when I was flying to London to do a full day program as part of my World Tour III. I was changing planes in Newark Airport in New Jersey, literally walking down the aisle and getting off the plane to spend a couple of hours in the business lounge. I was listening to my voicemail and one of them was a message from Cynthia Black, my publisher. She said, “Mike, I want you to know that Infinite PossibiliContinued on Page 4




JANUARY 2010 About two years ago I was attending a meeting and a woman arrived and sat next to me. Over the course of the two-hour meeting I noticed her attention to detail. She obviously loved the color red and accented it well. Her leather jacket was red with rhinestones and tassels. Her nail polish was red with sparkles in it. Her hair was very nicely coiffed with sprinkles. Her eye shadow had sparkles in it along with her red pants. The white blouse she was wearing was beautifully embossed with more stones, and sprinkles. Her jewelry was glittery and her red shoes had flecks in them. I found that I was focusing a lot of attention on her attire that day, but several days later I was still thinking about it. I asked why I was so fixated on this woman and her

The Clothes We Wear By Irene Morgan The clothes we wear. We are encouraged to follow the style of the season, to buy new apparel for each season of the year. To hold over some of your clothes from last year’s styles is looked down on and for some can lead to peer pressure and feeling badly if your or your family’s budget does not allow for such spending. As I have watched the styles change each year and then watch the same style revolve around again a decade or so later, I have taken great stock in my observations. The styles recently have been very revealing for young women and girls. I’m so pleased to see long shirts again that cover the entire midriff. One of the most revealing trends for me is the addition of glitz and sparkles. Shiny objects, even lights, dangles, stars, hearts, love, peace, etc.

clothes. It took a little while but suddenly I real-eyesed that with all her glitter and sparkles and shine, it was obvious what she wanted: to shine. To shine. We don’t know exactly how to shine; how to shine our light, and to shine all the time. So we wear our shine. We wear the glitz and the sparkles and the glitter, so we can feel and see the shine. We like how it feels; we know, deep down, this is how we’re supposed to feel, yet we haven’t been able to be the light we know about. This is the light we come from and return to with each lifetime. This is the light that is brilliantly bright when we are between lives and where we hover while choosing our next lifetime’s roll. This is the light that flashes before our eyes at times when we close our eyes. This is the energy that makes us shudder or get goosebumps. This is the light, OUR light. It is within and without. As we continue to advance on our spiritual path our light increases and gets brighter with each step

we complete in our life’s plan. Be aware of those times when you see flashes out the corner of your eyes. That’s your light, it’s making you aware. Pay attention. As you raise your vibration your light shines brighter. So, wear your glitzy clothes – enjoy the shine and the sparkles and know that this is just the outward physical appearance – your real light shines from within and will grow as you become more committed to your spiritual path, as you seek the more of who you are and do what makes your heart sing. Enjoy the ride. Irene Morgan is a hands-on reiki-like healer who uses her voice and by toning harmonizes the energy field that surrounds the body. She can be reached by calling (360) 354-3653 or She is available for private or public group sessions. She also works out of The Ground Floor in Bellingham at 1105 S. State St. and presents “12 Steps to Enlightenment — Growing From Ordinary to Original.”

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Trusting Life The longer I live, the more I realize I really can trust the process of life. It wasn’t always so for me. I used to think that growing and changing and becoming the person I wanted to be had to be difficult and filled with roadblocks I had to jump over, crawl under, or demolish. This involved lots of metaphysical grunting and groaning. Not long ago, I realized it was time to let go of over 27 years worth of journals. As I looked at some of my early journals, I realized that I had frequently used my journaling as a way to process my experiences. This can be a very effective and worthwhile way to grow. I saw that I would go through some of the same things over and over and then, suddenly it seems, the issue was solved and not mentioned again. In other cases, I saw myself dealing with some of the same issues but in different ways. From today’s perspective what I see is that life is a process and that I can trust this process to carry me where I need to go. Let me explain. In my belief system, reincarnation is a reality and we each came to our current lifetimes because we wanted to have certain experiences. Some of these experiences are happy and joyous ones while others are challenging and are meant to give us the thrill of learning and accomplishing. It’s sort of like learning a language. I have been learning Spanish for awhile. Recently, I discovered the Plimsleur system of language learning and decided to give it a try. I got the first eight lessons and I learned nothing because I already know what is in those lessons. Now I am

in the process of deciding what level of theirs I need to begin with because I am certainly beyond level one. I could stay with level one and enjoy how easy it is. Would I learn anything? No. I have already mastered level one and need a more advanced level in order to progress. So, I am deliberately setting myself up to do something that is more difficult so that I can learn Spanish. We do the same thing to ourselves with it comes to our personal growth. Once we seem to have mastered something, we put ourselves into a situation where we are challenged to learn more. Here is where we get to make a decision. Do we realize that we are challenging ourselves and therefore approach the learning with excitement and enthusiasm? Or do we complain and want to fall back into level one where we can be an easy success but don’t learn anything? The key is to be conscious of what’s going on in our own lives, align with the level we’re at, and be open to the process of learning. This is the perfect time of year to experiment with this idea. January is usually one of the times when people decide to make some sort of resolution to change something in their lives. We all know that historically most people keep their resolutions for about a month (if they are lucky) and then slide back into their prior behavior because it is easier to do that than it is to change. This year could be different for you. Instead of seeing your resolutions as something you really don’t

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want to do but feel you should do – something like getting in better physical shape or quitting cigarettes or getting more organized – try seeing it as the next level of your learning. You know how to navigate through life without daily exercise. Or you know how to live life by Krysta Gibson while smoking cigarettes. These are easy because you have been doing them phone? By e-mail? In person? Put it for awhile. on your calendar as something you Now you want to go to the next cannot miss. level. You are challenging yourself The biggest part of this is to realto see what life can be like once ize that the Universe supports you you incorporate exercise and/or in becoming the person you want give up cigarettes. to be. Any challenges you face are The first thing to do is have a only there to help you grow. They plan. How do you intend to go don’t have to be painful when you about making these changes in see them in this way. Just as learnyour life? Sit down and put it into ing a new language doesn’t have to writing. Ask yourself if you need be difficult when we simply incorsome sort of help or if you can do it porate it into our daily lives, making on your own. If you need some sort other changes can be easy and even of help, what does that look like fun when we allow them to be. and where can you find the help? Lastly, realize life isn’t so much Research this and get it into place. a circle as it is a spiral. When you Now, see how you can make this don’t seem to succeed at something into some sort of game for yourself. and then it hits you in the face Make it fun. How will you reward again, you haven’t failed. The next yourself when you do or don’t do time you face the issue you will the behaviors you selected? Rehave grown and will be dealing with member when you were a kid and it in a new way with new skills and how it felt to get different colored new experiences to support you. stars on your homework assignI wish you an exciting, healthy, ments? Maybe this is a system that prosperous, and holy new year. May would work for you. Get a special it be filled with new experiences of calendar and give yourself a star on growth and satisfaction for you. the days you reach your goal. Find a change buddy if workKrysta Gibson is the pubing with others helps to motivate lisher of New Spirit Jouryou. The person doesn’t have to nal and can be contacted at be working on the same issues. In or fact, it can be better if they aren’t (425) 356-7237. She is the author so you can each have support from of several books and audio someone who has mastered your programs which can be seen at particular issue. Decide how often you will meet and how. On the

Writing Haiku as a Spiritual Practice

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Living The Good Life

The biggest part of this is to realize that the Universe supports you in becoming the person you want to be. Any challenges you face are only there to help you grow.

Optimism, hope and enthusiasm for life are a large part of this next year's powerful moving forward force. In the first 6 months of 2010 we are going to come together to ride this wave of energy to new heights. Please join Divine Mother and Dr. DiVanna VaDree for this supportive, loving and transformative class held once a month for 6 months. Meditation, Hands-on Healing, Channeling, Assignments and Participant Sharing are all a part of this 6-month course. To register contact DiVanna, 425-741-2329 or

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Jupiter in Pisces: Expanding Spirituality and Intuitive Vision in 2010 Continued from front page On a personal level, think about your life the last three times Jupiter was in Pisces to get a hint about what is coming for you. Teacher Jupiter was in Pisces from February 1998-February 1999, February 1986-March 1987, and March 1974-March 1975. Jupiter rules adventure, expansion, mentoring, coaching, enthusiasm, generosity, distant lands and cultures, and anything big and generous. It is common to see similar issues come back into a person’s life when a planet makes a full circle in your chart. You can also think about issues going on in your body. Jupiter is associated with growths, liver, sciatica, and hips. Pisces is associated with dreams, sleep, escapism and addictions, the ocean, spirituality, psy-

chics, illusions, and the film business. It is likely we shall see new developments in televisions and the film business, such as the 3D televisions that are coming onto the market. New laws, and perhaps events (accidents, big tsunamis, ocean wind farms, expansion on the moon due to water discoveries) regarding the oceans will come into being. The confirmation of the existence of water on the moon and Mars will have far-reaching ramifications. On a personal level, perhaps it is time to expand your vision. Maybe it is time to take a journey or retreat to a sacred place. There are opportunities to expand and trust your intuition this year. Jupiter rules publishing, so perhaps it is time to write that book- or with Pisces ruling the film business, you

can make your DVD. Philosophical shifts in thinking about how the USA deals with foreign cultures are in the works. For example, shutting down terrorism in Afghanistan simply meant that those people are setting up shop in Africa, and Africa is just too big to use old strategies. Generosity, be it in government subsidies or individual donations will change. Our relationship with big countries such as China and India are in flux. Dealing with water shortages or oceanic boundaries will be a big issue. Jupiter says that we must expand our vision. Pisces represents compassion and forgiveness. This is a good sign for increased compassion in dealing with humanitarian problems in the world. This is not to say that Jupiter in Pisces will fix those problems, but that

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a new vision will emerge to help us start on the new and expanded path. The main thing to remember for now is that it is time to expand your vision and look at your philosophical base. Jupiter opens you to the next level, but he requires that you take a leap of faith. Jupiter offers no guarantees, but he does support you in allowing the God-energy to flow through you more fully. During July and August

2010, Jupiter aligns with explosive Uranus, as part of a special alignment with other life-changing planets. This promises to be an eventful summer on both positive and negative levels. Be open to the next step along your life path without needing to know exactly what that means right now. Summer 2010 brings clarity in the form of new starts in yet unseen directions. By living in the center of your divine essence, you will be

prepared for anything that comes. Mark Dodich has been a professional astrologer and intuitive consultant since 1980. Receive his free ASTROMARK newsletter and download five free pdfs on topics such as, “Zodiac Signs of States & Cities” or, “Prosperity Enhancement Guide” at www.astromark. us, or call (503) 252-1558.

Thoughts Become Things

An Interview with Mike Dooley Continued from Page 1 ties has debuted as #7 on the hardback of The New York Times best-seller list.” And I wanted to shout it out. I wanted to tell complete strangers. And what never occurred to me until it was confirmed that it was true is that for the rest of my life I’m going to be known as a New York Times best-selling author. Kwami: One of the people you thanked in your acknowledgments and whom you mentioned quite a bit in the main text was your mother. Mike Dooley: Sheelagh Mawe is my mother’s writing name. She’s written a number of books. Mom was born in Hertfordshire, England. She was living in Paris in her twenties when she met my father, a U.S. Marine. My mother and I have been extremely close. Early on, she was my coach when it came to horseback riding and competitive tennis. During the mentoring phase she introduced me to books that I devoured about the power of our thoughts and the power of our mind such as PsychoCybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. My father, Edward R. Dooley, used to sell insurance for John Hancock and sometimes when I would drive with him he would listen to Earl Nightingale. Even at 10 years old, it used to boggle my mind. I remember hearing those tapes thinking about human character, what potential it has, and then coupled with the books that my mother exposed me to, I was always keenly aware that there was more to life than most people were acknowledging. And I found myself looking at the fringes of society, reading books, even though I generally do not like to read,

reading books about UFOs, about ESP, about extraterrestrials because I suspected I could find some more answers on the fringe because people weren’t talking about these plainly obvious exceptions that were all around us. I ended up drawing some of my own conclusions about who we are and how we got here. When I was in college, she sent me a book which solidified and confirmed my own inner suspicions: Jane Roberts’ The Seth Material. My mother, more than anybody in my life, has been my greatest companion, guide and support system, and I feel very blessed. Kwami: I noticed you have a gifts program that has benefitted Puppies Behind Bars, Oxfam America, World Wildlife Fund and many others. Mike Dooley: Yes, it’s called “Gifts from the Universe,” a playoff on “The Notes from the Universe Project,” the message I e-mail to more than 300,000 people every day. I’ve always wanted to have my own ability to give back. Two years ago one of my staff said, “Let’s just get it incorporated now so that we can start doing something by raising money.” So we’ve been raising money for different charities. Over $170,000 has been raised since May 2008. Kwami: Are there any tips from Infinite Possibilities you’d like to share with our readers who are really looking for support with changes they want to make in their lives in 2010? Mike Dooley: Step 1: Choose one or two general areas in your life you want to create change in. Step 2: Write out, in a descriptive way, as if it has already taken place, the transformation you desire

to see in your life this year. Describe your life as it will be a year from now, with feeling, just as if it was the best 12 months of your entire life. Step 3: Every day, pretend, visualize and see in your mind’s eye you living that life. It’s December 2010; you are at home with your family. What’s the conversation like? Where are you for the holidays? Visualize yourself as if you’re already living, not trying to live, that life. Imagine every detail at once. Visualize this once a day for five to 10 minutes. Step 4: Prepare for the inevitable success you’re expecting. If you’re expecting a car, buy and stock some car wash in the garage. Pretend it’s a done deal. By performing the action you’re getting over your mind’s resistance. Step 5: Take action and be open to all possible ways your dream can happen. Knock on all doors. Step 6: Surrender the actual process, the “how” of making the dream come true, to the universe. Listen to Mike Dooley on Conscious Talk Radio Jan. 21 at 7 a.m., right before an interview with Krysta Gibson at 7:30. KKNW, 1150 AM in Seattle or streaming at To find out more about Mike Dooley or sign up for Notes from the Universe, please visit resources/ For Sheelagh Mawe’s books, visit: http://www.tut. com/shop/manufacturers. php?manufacturerid=17 Kwami E. Nyamidie is a spiritual director and freelance writer. He can be reached at or


Teeth and My Mother’s Wrinkles The Wisdom of Your Face is based on the same ancient principles as traditional Chinese Medicine. The Chinese believed that your face is a reflection of your true inner spirit, the blueprint of your original design. The wisdom written there explains why you think, feel, and behave as you do, and can help you find the life path that brings you joy, relationships that nurture you, and most of all, gain a way to feel true compassion for yourself and everyone you encounter. Please join author Jean Haner to learn the wisdom you can find in the curve of your cheek, the slant of your nose, even the style of your hair. If you have questions for Jean about your own face or those in your life, please send them to or mail them to New Spirit Journal, 14911 Chain Lake Rd., #431, Monroe, WA 98272. Dear Jean, Do teeth mean anything in Chinese face reading? Jean’s reply: The teeth in general aren’t considered as significant as the features and markings on the face, but they still have meaning. People with straight teeth and no dental problems are said to have been born with extra healthy willpower and life force. But people who don’t have such strong teeth still have the opportunity for a good supply of energy by making healthy choices in their diet, lifestyle and emotions. If someone’s smile reveals a large amount of their gums, it’s a sign that they may be affected by other people too easily and may have trouble with emotional boundaries. But if you can see someone’s lower teeth rather than their upper teeth as they speak, it can


Using intuitive guided imagery to release unconscious beliefs holding you back

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Dear Jean, I’m so worried about signs of aging appearing on my face. I don’t want to end up looking like my mother did, but I’m already developing similar wrinkles. Jean’s reply: “I think one of the reasons so many of us are so afraid of getting old is that we see overwhelmingly negative examples of how people age. As most people get older, they tend to hold onto their hurts and disappointments, become more discouraged and weighed down by stress, and slowly shut their hearts. Their faces reflect the message of that downward spiral and it makes our own energy drop just by looking at them. Why would anyone want to get older if we’d end up looking like that? But what if our light didn’t go out as we aged? What if we not only were able to retain our hopefulness, our vitality of spirit, but to become more radiant as we grew older? Have you ever seen an elderly person who, despite plenty of wrinkles, you find absolutely gorgeous? This is probably because her heart is still open; she’s not been diminished by her difficult life experiences, but enriched. Taoism teaches that the ultimate goal of the human journey is to become a sage, one who has become whole and gained mastery in her life. The original Chinese character for the word “sage” is a picture of a dancing child. This conveys the idea that a sage is a person who can

Bente Hansen

Jean Haner is the author of “The Wisdom of Your Face,]” and the upcoming “The Wisdom of Your Child’s Face” (June 2010). With her 25year background in ancient Chinese principles of balance and health, Jean places an emphasis on compassionate and affirming ways for people to live in alignment with their own true selves. Please visit for information on workshops, consultations and Jean’s free newsletter.

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by Martha Norwalk

by Jean Haner

combine the wisdom of experience with the innocence and spontaneous joy of a child. This is not a state that you maintain from birth, or somehow restore after you’re grown up. You only become a sage through living consciously, working to learn and evolve as a result of all your life experiences, creating a wholeness that includes all of your suffering, all your broken parts, as well as your triumphs and joys. But we’re not taught how to navigate life in this way. Instead, the models we have to follow are people who grow more negative or discouraged as they age, whose disappointments and stresses accumulate in their systems and block their growth and development. No wonder we’re afraid of aging, if that’s what it means. One of the reasons I love my work so much is that it shows us how to use this ancient Taoist wisdom in practical ways for our modern Western lives. Learning to read the messages your own face offers can help you move through this alchemical process of life, so in your old age, you can successfully achieve that state of “dancing child.” And while you’ll still develop wrinkles, they’ll be communicating entirely different messages than your parents’ faces did.


Our Animal Friends

The Wisdom Of Your Face mean they feel an underlying hostility. If someone has a gap between their front teeth, it’s considered to mean that their personal qi or energy might “leak out” too easily. It’s also believed to be a sign they’re not good at keeping secrets.


“The Gift” Part Two For the past few months I have been writing about the practical use of telepathic and empathetic communication with our animal and insect friends. Last month I also shared my experience with over-lighting devas and what I called “The Gift.” I believe that to be our interconnectedness with all life. I truly believe we are all part of the same whole. When we are kind and loving to an individual animal or insect, the experience is somehow “felt” by all of that kind. By being thoughtful, loving and helpful to an individual we actually heal our relationship with the entire species at the same time. I want to share more with you about how this has worked for me. When I had that conversation with the bumblebees and helped them in my barn 20 years ago, I believe that affected what happened around me last summer. Every day I take my Annie Golden to the park close to my house to play ball; usually we do this in the early evening. We were in the middle of our ball game when this story begins. Using a Chuck-It, I threw Annie’s ball to the opposite end of the park and it landed under a tree in the middle of the grassy area. She ran down to get it. Instead of retrieving it and returning to me, she just stood there facing me and I heard her jaws snapping rapidly. Oh, dear! I said to myself as I knew what that sound meant. Dogs that are familiar with stinging insects, like bees, use this technique to kill the bee without being stung. They grab the bee in their mouth and rapidly bite hard with their teeth while they pull their lips back and away. Only their teeth connect with the insect so they do not get stung. I knew from previous experience that Annie Golden was very good at this. I was concerned for the bees. I ran as fast I could down to Annie to find her standing next to a bumblebee hive lying on the ground at her feet. She was defending herself against the bees that were defending their nest. I told her to leave it and called her away from them. As soon as she reached my side, the bees left her alone. I told her to stay and went closer to investigate. I knew this hive did not belong there and wondered how it got there, I started talking to them as I walked up next to the hive. It was relatively small, about six inches in diameter but there were bees flying everywhere. Lots of bees. They were not the typical bumblebees that I was used to seeing. They had red butts. Since bumbles usually build their nests under ground or inside of something, I figured an animal moved the hive or it blew out of the tree during a storm the previous night. However it got there, I knew it could not stay there. Someone, either human or animal was going to get hurt and the result would be someone killing the bees. Well, you know me, I couldn’t let that happen if there was something I could do to help. I sat down next to them and talked. I commiserated with their predicament and told them that I would help them if I could. I watched them go back to their normal behavior, some coming and going to get food and others working diligently to repair their home. I told them I would go home, call my bee expert for advice and that I would be back soon. When I made that call I found out some very interesting stuff. My Continued on Page 6

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The Ancient Wisdom Within: Using the Body’s Intelligence to Understand The Food We Eat By Jenelle Strine “Eat this, not that.” “You should try...” “My friend told me...” “He said...” “She said...” How often do we hear statements like these about food or regarding a supplement? It always seems to be an external source telling us this is good for you or that is bad for you. But, how often do we hear “I feel like this is good for my body...” or “I feel like my body needs...” Feel. What a powerful word. Eating and making food decisions has become an external decision. We learn and hear about that latest and the greatest on TV, and from

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the news, magazines, friends, etc. Most of the time, they conflict. This can get very confusing and may cause more harm than good. Our hunter and gatherer ancestors relied on instinct to identify nourishment. Generations upon generation later, we still have the same guiding tool. Today, we call it Neuro-Lingual Testing (NLT). The tongue connects to our central nervous system and acts like an extension of the brain. When we place something in our mouth that is harmful or stressful in some way, the body elicits a physical response, such as an increase in heart rate. The hunters and gatherers used this technique to choose foods that supported and sustained their lives. Today, we walk into a grocery store and assume everything in it is edible. Do you think that is really the case? Certainly not. Over the years, 75,000+ chemicals have been added into our food supply. Food dyes, artificial flavoring, natural flavoring (which is not so natural, by the way), pesticides, preservatives, denatured fats, genetic modification, the list goes on. Food cravings, overeating, the need for sugar or other stimulants like coffee, are examples of your body communicating with you. Our bodies are far more sophisticated than we give them credit for. They are working 24 hours a day, seven days a week to maintain balance. All we have to do is learn to listen and respond appropriately. Begin to notice how your body feels, what foods you crave, and how your body responds to what you eat. The foods we choose to eat can be driven by the body’s desire to maintain balance. Start to unravel the language of your body. Neuro-lingual testing is one way to enhance the communication process. Another way is to simply

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How does your body feel about food? We can use NLT to identify foods that create a negative or stressful reaction. It is a simple technique that you can try with any food, beverage or supplement. Directions to determine if any food substance causes a stressful response in your body: 1. Sit down in a kitchen chair, relax and take a deep breath. 2. Take your pulse for one full minute and record that number. (This is your baseline pulse). 3. Place the “test” food in your mouth. Hold it on your tongue and be sure not to swallow it. Keep it there for at least 30 seconds. (It is more effective to test a single item versus one that has several ingredients). 4. Retest your pulse keeping the “test” item in your mouth and record it. 5. Discard the “test” item and be sure not to swallow it after recording your pulse. 6. An increase from your baseline pulse of three to four beats per minute is a sign that your body responded to the “test” item as stressful. 7. If you responded stressfully to an item, rinse your mouth out with purified water and spit it out. 8. Wait at least two minutes until your pulse rate returns back to the baseline number. 9. Begin with your second “test” item and repeat the directions. It is a good practice to seek out foods that do not cause the body stress or harm and begin to understand why your body responds stressfully to any specific food item. Note: Test results may be invalid if you are taking a drug that controls heart rate. observe and notice. When we bring our consciousness to something, doors open. Have you ever been apartment hunting? You searched online and traveled around the city looking. Did you notice for rent signs even after you found your new abode? Consciousness is energy directed toward something. When we slow down just a little and pay attention to what our bodies need for balance, we make conscious choices. Eating then becomes an empowered decision, one that contributes to health, well-being, and a deeper connection to spirit.

The Gift Continued from Page 5 expert told me they were red bottom bumblebees and the most aggressive variety of bumbles. She was amazed that they did not attack me. I realized then that my experience 20 years ago at my farm must be the reason. I had absolutely no fear of them and they had none with me. Remember, as soon as Annie reached my side they immediately left her alone. This had even more impact for me when I later talked with a neighbor who told me earlier in the day a young boy had walked past the hive, was attacked and he and those with him were stung several times. After discussing the situation with my expert, I returned to the hive with a plan. I sat down next to them again and explained that they would be killed if

If you are interested in learning more about your body and how it responds and communicates with you, open the door to listening, to observing, to feeling. The answer has been part of you all along. Jenelle Strine, LMP, NTP is a wellness coach and teacher in Seattle. She’s coteaching “Personal Sovereignty, Personal Freedom: Take Back the Ownership of Your Health” workshop Jan. 30 and 31. Visit for more on her coaching and class offerings.

they remained there. The only alternative I could come up with was to move their hive to my yard. They said they would like that. I told them to all get back in the nest and explained how I would cover the hive with a bucket and slide a cardboard sheet under them and then carry them to my yard. The whole process of moving the hive went beautifully. They did not even get concerned or come out of the hive when I moved them. I put them in the best and safest area in my yard that was available. I spent hours with them everyday whenever I could. I would just stand next to them and watch. They showed me so much. I was even blessed with seeing the queen. She was huge and all black with only a small bit of yellow. She came out of the hive so I could see her. Unfortunately, the story does not have a happy end-

ing. Before the end of the season, some kind of animal came in the dark of night and destroyed the hive. I was devastated. I cried for a long time. But, I will never forget the wonderful connection I had and I believe, will continue to have, forever, with these incredible beings. What a gift. Martha Norwalk is an animal behavior therapist and host of Martha Norwalk’s Animal World, Sunday mornings, from 9 a.m. to noon on Alternative Talk AM 1150. She can be reached at Martha’s Canine, Feline and All Creature Counseling at (206) 525-2016 or For a free, no obligation telephone evaluation or to make an appointment for Martha to work with you and your animal friend, give her a call.

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Creating Your World of Abundance By Karuna Poole, ARNP, MN I suspect all of us prefer living from a sense of abundance rather than scarcity. Moving from scarcity to abundance requires that we change unhealthy beliefs and behaviors, many of which have become habits. Over the years, many of my clients have found it helpful to make the abundance con-

tracts that are put forth in this article. Each contract is based on principles I learned in my personal and professional journey.

Principles 1. In order to achieve your vision you need to create one. 2. Nothing is as powerful as gratitude for changing your mood and outlook on life.

The Abundance Contract

3. 100% commitment to your vision is important if you are to get it. 4. The current state of your mind won’t change unless you actively work to change it. 5. If you surround yourself with bad news and negative people you will become negative yourself (if you aren’t already). 6. Addictive processes such as overuse of television and computers are among the ways we medicate ourselves and create scarcity.

Preparatory Questions • Are you willing to have abundance in your life? Yes No

1. Today I stood in front of the mirror for at least one minute, looking the way I would look if I was living fully in a state of abundance (how would you stand, what would the look be on your face, how would you feel inside, etc).

• How committed are you to having that abundance? (Identify your percentage of commitment, between 0 and 100) _______

2. Today I told two people things I appreciated about them.

• Examine reasons behind any lack of full commitment. What part of your vision are you willing to give up if you aren’t committed to manifesting it all?

4. Today I practiced good self care. (Therapists and clients in my therapy community use the following agreements to guide their self care: I won’t hurt myself or others or provoke or allow others to harm me; I won’t run away from problems; I won’t make myself sick or go crazy; I won’t be sneaky or lie; I won’t be passive; I am accountable for my thoughts, feelings, actions and attitudes).


Create The Vision

Consider making a commitment to keep the following abundance contract for the next 21 days. At the end of each day add up how many of the commitments you kept and complete the designated reward or consequence.

3. Today I wrote CTMV (Committed To My Vision) on every check I wrote or any credit card slip I signed. (This acronym was created long ago by one of my clients).


• If you decide to commit to completing the abundance contract are you willing to come from a place of “I will” rather than “I’ll try?” Yes No

The first step in manifesting your vision of abundance is to create the vision. Close your eyes and see yourself as you would like to be when you have abundance in your life. What does abundance mean to you? Notice in your vision how you feel, how you think, how you act, where you live, who your friends are, what you do with your time, and what you look like. Notice all there is to notice. Take some time to journal what you saw as you connected with this vision of a life of abundance. At the end of the 21 days, identify how your thoughts, feelings, actions and attitudes have changed as a result of doing this contract. Consider whether you are willing to make these behavioral changes an ongoing part of your life.

Committment Are you willing to work with this creating abundance process for the next 21 days? If so sign and date the contract below. I wish you the best as you make this step on your journey to abundance. Karuna Karuna offers individual and group psychotherapy in Seattle, Wash. She also co-leads a group in Bellevue. For more information about Karuna go to www. or call (206) 722-0878.

5. Today I did not gossip. 6. Today I said the affirmation, “I thank you” at least 1,000 times. (It is easiest to use a tally counter from an office supply store to do the counting. You should be able to complete this exercise in less than 20 minutes). 7. Today I focused on good news. 8. Today I put myself in the company of people who have positive attitudes.

Imagine That By Starfeather

9. Today I distracted people with negative attitudes or found a way to end the conversation (or was not around people who were into negativity).

Imagine that... a world these young people want to inherit.

10. Today I was disciplined in focusing on positive thoughts rather than negative.

Imagine them filled with great anticipation for the opportunity to contribute, Knowing that their schooling is helping to pave the way.

11. Today I watched less than one hour of television. 12. Today (during non work times) I was on the computer less than one hour. Score (Total number of checks for the day) _________ If the score was 10-12: Look in the mirror and tell yourself you did a really good job of keeping your abundance contract today. Brag to the next appropriate person you talk to. If your score was 7-9: Write the affirmation “I deserve abundance in my life” 50 times. If your score was 6 or less: Write the affirmation “I deserve abundance in my life” 50 times and take a good look at why you broke the contract and what you will do differently in your life to prevent yourself from breaking it again. For the next 21 days I will do the 12 items listed in the abundance contract. At the end of each day I will add up my score and do the appropriate reward or consequence. Signature__________________________________________ Date____________________

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Imagine that it isn’t about competition. But about being the best you can be and cheering each other on. Imagine that... a world these young people love and want to be a part of. A world that nourishes every living thing upon it and the nourished nourish the ground they stand upon. Naturally. Imagine a world where for each little baby there are more than enough hands to hold and hearts to help in the caring for each precious life. Imagine the rivers that flow are filled with pure, clear, healing water and that each sip is revered. The young people have learned to control their minds and have excitedly invested their thoughts to intend pure water.

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“Teenagers Unite to Heal the Waters of the Earth.” See the headlines now. Imagine a world where fear is gone and the youth dance in the streets in celebration of the fun that life is. The joy expressed openly, presently, consciously, unhurtingly. These young people... imagine them radiant with hope. Unwilling to be less than their highest potential and knowing that life supports their growth and unfoldment. Imagine that... a generation of elders remembering that they have a responsibly that is far more important that attaining any thing, going any place, taking any workshop, saving any thing and that is a responsibility to the youth. Imagine a world where these young people know that we know. How great they are. Imagine that.

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Your Digestive System: Creating the Foundation for Health The New Year is a time to give birth to new ideas, new habits, and changes we want to implement in our lives. I often hear people wanting to lose weight, make a commitment to exercise, take more time for self-care and create balance in life. I consider the body as our ground for being in the world, the temple for our spirit and soul. Just as the mind, body and spirit are integrated, so too are the many workings of our body. The body in all of its magnificence is constantly communicating. Neurons, cells, organs and systems are all interconnected. When someone asks me how to attain optimum health, I think about the foundation of health, which includes the digestive system, how we cope with stress, blood sugar, fatty acid metabolism and the multitude of hormones which constantly communicate. As a naturopathic physician, my first focus is on the digestive system, which is connected to every other system in the body. Some of the functions include absorption of nutrients, eliminating toxins, metabolizing hormones and the gastrointestinal system, which produces a major portion of our neurotransmitters. Two significant problems of the GI system are dysbiosis (imbalance in good and bad intestinal organisms) and leaky gut, which means an increased permeability of the gut lining. Increased permeability results in undigested foods leaking into the bloodstream. These substances are foreign and the immune system attacks them, resulting in inflammation. Over time, there is chronic inflammation and the body is stressed, which then activates the adrenal

glands. It may also be the case that chronic stress can lead to a loosening of the tight junctions in the digestive system which results in antigens in the blood stream. Steps to obtain GI health: • Set up an elimination/provocation diet with your healthcare practitioner to identify foods that are problematic for you. Eliminate those foods for two-three weeks and then add them back one food every three days. Note if you have a reaction to those foods, such as bloating, congestion, fatigue, diarrhea, constipation. Typical foods that may be problematic are gluten, dairy, corn, eggs, soy. • You may need to take supplements/ herbs to repair the lining of your digestive system. • Take a probiotic, which is a source of beneficial bacteria, such as lactobacillus and bifidobacteria. The second major issue is blood sugar, stress and an inability to lose weight. There are two patterns of blood sugar problems and both lead to insulin insensitivity. If you skip breakfast, grab a latte and muffin on the run, this spikes your blood sugar and two to three hours later if you find yourself irritable, hungry, craving sweets, maybe even getting a headache, your blood sugar has dropped. This is reactive hypoglycemia. When blood sugar drops too low, the adrenals kick in and cortisol raises blood sugar. If this becomes a habit, the adrenals become exhausted. Hyperglycemia or high blood sugar often looks like craving sweets


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by Moira Fitzpatrick, PhD, ND

after a meal, feeling fatigued after a meal, constant hunger, difficulty losing weight, increased belly fat, increased thirst and urination.

Steps to balance your blood sugar: • Eat a quality protein at breakfast. • If you have a tendency toward hypoglycemia, eat every two to three hours and make sure that you have some protein. (Snacks may include nuts, veggies and hummus, apples and nut butter, cheese, hardboiled egg, protein drink). • If you have a tendency toward hyperglycemia, eat more protein, fat, green vegetables and decrease carbohydrates. If you are sleepy after a meal, you have eaten too many carbohydrates. • Avoid processed and fast foods. • Talk to your healthcare professional about herbs and nutrients to help balance your blood sugar. Some supplements to help restore insulin sensitivity include chromium, alpha-lipoic acid, magnesium, gymnema. Supplements to help with hypoglycemia include L-carnitine, CoQ10, inositol and support for the adrenals. Stress can be manifested by chronic fatigue, insomnia, salt cravings, excessive perspiration, headaches, etc. The adrenal glands help us cope with and adapt to stress. When the adrenals are stressed this affects levels of cortisol and DHEA.

The hypothalamic, pituitary, adrenal axis is a complex interactive system that controls our circadian rhythm and hence secretion of cortisol. Typically our cortisol is highest in the morning and gradually declines throughout the day, so at night we are tired and in the morning feel restored, alert and awake. When the circadian rhythm is off, there are often problems with sleep, including not being able to fall asleep or stay asleep. Steps to reduce stress: • Take some down time each day to meditate, breathe deeply, stretch, learn self-hypnosis, practice yoga. • Walk daily for 30 minutes and notice the beauty of the world. • Consider taking an adaptogenic herb, which helps to balance the hypothalamic, pituitary, adrenal axis. Herbs may include: Rhodiola, Ginseng, Ashwaganda, Holy Basil. • Herbs that support adrenal function include Licorice, Phosphatidylserine and B vitamins. A deficiency in essential fatty acids or an imbalance in omega 6 and omega 3 fats is common in our culture. Essential fatty acids are important for cellular communication, and receptor response for hormones and neurotransmitters. An imbalance in neurotransmitters is common in depression and anxiety. I recommend eating fish at least once a week and taking a quality fish oil with a balance of EPA and DHA. These steps are the foundation. Next month I will write about hormonal connections. Happy New Year! Moira Fitzpatrick is a naturopathic physician, specializing in the unique healthcare concerns of women. She is also a clinical psychologist, integrating health and mental health. She practices in the Northgate area of Seattle and can be reached at the Emerald Center for Integrative Medicine, (206) 525-5576, drfitznd@ or

Beat the Flu with Oscillococcinum [Editor’s note: If you have a medical condition of any kind be sure to check with your healthcare practitioner before undertaking any healing regimen.] By William Wittmann, M.Ed. LMP What the heck is Oscillococcinum? Oscilloccinum is a magical homeopathic remedy for the flu. When I worked at Northwest Healing Arts, it flew off the shelves. It’s kinda fun to take. You just pour little tubes of sugar pellets under the tongue per label instructions. The homeopathic has no side effects and simply turns on a switch that kicks your immune system into overdrive. The result: you get better fast. For some of my patients, this is all they need. I recommend having some on hand for each member



of the family. Obviously, like everything else in this program, nipping things in the bud gains much better results than waiting until you’re really smacked with the bugs. It’s relatively inexpensive when you figure out how much having the flu costs you. I’m sure you can get it on line, and it’s available in many health food stores. You can discover more information from the manufacturer at www.oscillo. com. (This is a excerpt from the Be Well, Get Well, Stay Well Program.) William has practiced body therapy and life coaching forever. You may reach him at his Seattle office, (206) 328-2073; You may watch a video and more about the Be Well, Get Well, Stay Well Program at



Don’t Feed The Blowfish! By Linda Baker The menacing blowfish lurks in the deep waters of the subconscious, awaiting the perfect time to strike. I first learned of the blowfish many, many years ago when I was on the search for self-empowerment. Raised in a co-dependent family where personal power was squelched and any deviation

from the norm was ridiculed, making my way down the path toward personal empowerment had its challenges. The blowfish made its attack when I was nearing my destination. I was feeling pretty good about myself, with growing confidence and the work I was doing with clients becoming more powerful, I felt like I was on the path and

closer than ever to reaching my goal when I was attacked. I was in a local grocery store looking for a bottle of catsup when I spotted a young grocery clerk. Just as I was about to ask where the catsup was hiding, the blowfish struck so unexpectedly and with such force that I was completely thrown off guard and succumbed to its assault. My personal power drained from me in a flash and in a very timid voice said “I hate to bother you,” while thinking “Who am I to take his time and bother him.” Oh my! What a shock it was! I left the store thinking that I should just give up and realize how fruitless this dream of an empowered self was. I mean, “How could I even hope to live an empowered life when I couldn’t even feel like I deserved to ask the grocery boy where the catsup was?” I flashed back to my mother and how she was so afraid to ask for anything. She would even go to the counter and apologize to the clerk if she was leaving the store

LYNETTE HUNTER Teacher of Enlightenment


without buying anything. A flood of childhood memories and thoughts about how I should just stay in my place filled the scary blowfish. It was then I realized that the blowfish was just like the small puffer fish that fill themselves with air when they feel afraid. What was actually happening was that I was so close to attaining personal empowerment that the old me, the one made up of past conditioning and beliefs that I should be small, was trying with all its might to frighten me back into my place and cause me to stop dreaming of a more vibrant future. As soon as I saw this, I was able to laugh and, when I did so, an amazing thing happened: the blowfish began to deflate. In that moment of laughter I called back my spirit and knew I was well on the way to living a joy-filled life with respect and love for who I am. This metaphor of the blowfish and the power of laughter has been very helpful to clients and, I hope it will be helpful to you. If a voice inside you begins telling you scary stories based on old patterns and beliefs, and the blowfish attacks, leaving you doubtful that you will ever succeed to realize your goals, know that the blowfish is doing its best to scare you into submission. Take a deep breath and laugh because you know it is scared and fighting for its life (the old life) only because you are closer to being free than ever before. Your laughter, like thousands of little silver swords, will pierce the blowfish, deflating Continued on Page 13

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Let’s Take By Lorrie Febus

A Journey remember, for this moment, our great magnificence. We remember we are all powerful, magnificent children of God, the divine, the universe. Close your eyes and imagine how

geous souls. We are setting out to discover your point of harmony and joy on earth. Feel the power within you and believe you have the power of the universe at your fingertips.

As children we love adventure. We believe we can do or be anything, we are fearless. We become a ballerina, rock star, Superman or Wonder woman, just because we decide it would be fun. We know we could live the life of our wildest dreams, just because we want

to. We do what feels good and makes us joyful and happy a lot, until the next thing comes along. The whole point of life is fun. We live each moment fully, with no limitations of the past, or worry about the future. Continued on Page 11

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it feels. Do you remember? Go back, way back. Do you remember? Here we go... What a wonderful world this is. We are truly blessed to be living here on planet earth in this exact moment in time. This time of great change, when the courageous can define the course of the world. On this journey together let’s imagine we are the coura-

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Come with me on a wonderful journey. I would like to share this journey especially with you. Why you? Because you are here, reading this article, and I believe nothing is an accident. We are perfect companions to travel together on this journey, because we have come together. Imagine you and I are wonderful balls of energy, out in the cosmos. We planned that on this day we would come together and


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we can merge these two lives into one experience. How do we do this? I believe the answer lies uniquely in each one of us. We can find our way back home to our magnificent, joy-filled child-like spirit. The “thing” is, we can only do it in this moment. This moment is all we truly have. In each moment we can choose to be joy-filled, or not. It is not the circumstances surrounding us that dictate this. It is our attitude toward these circumstances, which dictate how we will interpret them. From this interpretation we select our emotional response. We can choose to be positive or negative. We can

Continued from page 10 Now, imagine, we are back here on earth in our every day lives. As we get older, we start to lose this ability to experience life as it is, and we start to project our thoughts on how it was in the past, and worry about how something bad could happen and we need to be prepared for the future. We are living every day, in our reality of going to work, balancing finances, and being responsible. Responsible and practical becomes predominant with fun and joy taking the back seat. As more time goes by and we get older, we get further from this feeling of power and connection to the universe. Many people dream of increasing their financial abundance, mostly because increasing their financial resources will free up time for them to have fun again and feel the joy of living. The point of harmony is when

Shelli Buhr

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choose to see the world as “on our side” or “against us.” Today I invite you to join me in rediscovering the bright ball of loving and joyful energy that you truly are, and share it with others. Today, smile at a stranger. Today, tell someone you love them. Today, write down five things for which you are grateful. Today, daydream about being a kid. Today, decide to be happy; happiness is a choice. By our actions we choose to spread sunshine or rain. We can choose to be joyful, positive and happy or we can choose to be mad at the economy and “tune-out”




watching TV (and not really living). Choose carefully; your life depends on it. Keep positive on your journey, great adventurer. Until we meet again, please know I am cheering you on. Lorrie Febus is an intuitive coach who blends her intuitive and spiritual light work with her practical financial knowledge and experience. She helps people change their lives and attract what they desire, breaking through old barriers to begin living their lives deliberately with joy and passion. Visit her website:, or e-mail her at

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This year we have two presentations of this popular and inspirational tribute to these two great souls. Free, as always, and designed for adults and students alike. Experience the courage, self-sacrifice, and divine attunement that enabled each of these men to change the course of history and to set for all future generations an example of how social justice can be achieved through nonviolence.

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Haiku: A Spiritual Practice in Three Lines By Margaret D. McGee It was a gloomy afternoon, and I felt tired and low on the drive from Seattle to my home on the Olympic Peninsula. The sky, water, and highway all reflected back to me in shades of gray. Then in a flash, the clouds broke apart and sunlight washed across the tall mountains ahead. Though weather changes are hardly unusual in our region, still, my spirits lifted in surprise. With gratitude, I began to compose a haiku: sudden sun snow peaks brighten for the long drive home Today, this little poem can bring that moment of unexpected light back to me. In the midst of a difficult work day, I call it to mind and feel again my spirits lift, just as they did that afternoon at the wheel. By giving me a way to acknowledge, record, and return to moments of deep feeling, haiku has become a lifegiving aspect of my own spiritual practice. A “haiku moment” is a moment when your mind stops and your heart moves. A haiku is a brief poem that expresses the essence of the moment. Using images and senses, a haiku brings feeling to

life. Mysteriously, words that name feelings – words like “happy” or “sad” – don’t carry much feeling in themselves. (When I see the word sad, it doesn’t necessarily make me feel sad.) Instead, words that evoke deep feelings most often refer to things in the world around us when our hearts move: physical things that can be seen, touched, smelled, tasted. Often, a haiku puts two images together, and it is the spark between

the images that evokes our feelings. a turn in the road two - no - three - deer emerge from the dusk This haiku brings back a moment when I was walking along a gravel lane near my home. Around a bend, a broad meadow opened up in the twilight. I stopped at the sight of two deer in the meadow. Then, a vague shape that I had thought was a mound

Would you like to try writing a haiku right now? You need nothing more than pencil, paper, and the willingness to open yourself to the moment at hand. If possible, go outside and find a place where you can be comfortable. Take paper and pencil with you. If it’s not convenient to go outside, get comfortable inside. Relax, breathe, and look around. At the top of a page, write the current season and general time of day. (For example: “winter morning”). Now simply jot down whatever you notice. What’s happening in the sky? What do you hear? Smell? What catches your eye? Write down specific things you see or experience, including images, scents, sounds, and even memories. Do your best to suspend all judgment for the time being, whether aimed outward at the world or inward at your own efforts. (This is not a test). Instead, simply offer the world your respectful attention, then write down

what you see. Keep writing until your page is full. Then look over your images and choose two to put together in a short poem. One of the images might be the season and time of day that you wrote at the top of the page. Or you might feel a spark of energy between two others. Arrange the images in three brief lines. For this poem, don’t worry about the number of syllables in each line. winter morning... bare branches tap, tap against my kitchen window For me, this haiku evokes both the cold outside and the warmth inside, a warmth connected to food and nourishment. The feeling is one of poignancy mixed with gratitude. What feelings are evoked by your haiku?

of weeds suddenly moved, and a third deer lifted her head and turned to look at me. For me, this poem evokes a feeling of unexpected possibilities in the world. When a friend saw the haiku, she said it brought to her the feeling of surprise, attention, and carefulness at seeing two, and then three deer emerge from woods while she was driving. Though the poem brought to mind different experiences for her, it still evoked feelings from her life. And I enjoyed seeing the moment through her eyes. Writing haiku offers the chance to hold and honor a moment that takes you out of yourself, and it is also a way to share feelings with others. All it takes is a moment of mindfulness, quiet attention to what is happening in the world around you. Writing haiku provides a path to mindfulness, and from mindfulness to thankfulness. In turning my focus away from the all-consuming me, the process of writing haiku offers a fleeting glimpse of the ever present Spirit permeating all things. When you make a practice of writing haiku, you have made a spiritual practice in just three lines. Margaret D. McGee is the author of “Haiku – The Sacred Art: A Spiritual Practice in Three Lines,” new from SkyLight Paths. For dates and locations of Margaret’s book readings and haiku workshops in the Puget Sound region, go to


Life is About People, Not $$$$$$$$s By Libby Kresky, Ph.D There is great emphasis these days on the power of our mind to manifest whatever we want. Most of the emphasis seems to be on manifesting money. But is that really what we’re here for? Are we here to keep accumulating more $$$$$$ and more things? Perhaps we need to be reminded of the title of an old movie, “You Can’t Take it With You,” or of Krishnamurti’s comment about money: “Remember it’s just little metal discs and little pieces of paper.” The point is, what is our mind focused on? If we lack money, we worry about unpaid bills. If we have a lot, we think about how to protect it or acquire even more. But what brings us true joy and sense of aliveness? That’s what we need to focus on. The money will follow. The money is the means by which we can do what we’re here to do.

Some people feel if you have a lot of money you can’t also be spiritual. Of course that’s simply not true. Even though the Bible says it’s the root of all evil, it’s not bad in itself, but only if that’s what your mind is focused on. If you do what you love to do, you can have it all, inner and outer. But if you work at something you really don’t enjoy, you’re not really living. If we don’t feel full inside, the outer abundance won’t fill the void for long. How do we get beyond the way we were conditioned to be, to get to our real self, to feel creative and deeply alive? For me one of the best tools for understanding the challenges and gifts I’ve brought with me into this lifetime is astrology. I “by chance” first had my chart read when I was 51. I felt it was the first time I had looked at myself realistically. Knowing what my challenges were, it was

“Some years ago a woman came to me for a

reading. She was working at a job she really hated but it gave her health insurance and a pension when she retired so she was afraid to leave it. Her energy at the time was what I’d call gray. I pointed out that her chart indicated she had real creative talents. She began talking about her love of music. She also liked to write and paint. All of a sudden she seemed vibrant and alive. But then she said there was neither time for any of this because she had to commute to a boring job and by the time she got home she had no energy for anything but to eat, watch some TV and go to bed. I gave her some tapes to listen to on how to release fear. She came back a few weeks later and said, “They were very interesting. But I can’t do it.” So she stayed on her boring job. I haven’t seen her since then.

easier to recognize them and meet them. Challenges are initially difficult, but when we balance those same energies, they become the

Don’t Feed The Blowfish! Continued from Page 9 it, and you will be well on your way to living a grander and freer life. The blowfish come from personal experiences and beliefs or in news of global warming, economic downturn, acts of violence (natural or man made), radical rhetoric or other disguises that cause fear and helplessness or hopelessness. We have to remind ourselves that each one of us is a powerful, energetic being and what we focus on, the feelings we have and the thoughts that we entertain are what create our reality and collectively create the greater reality. The blowfish is always scary, always wanting to

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take us out of our power, off our path and away from our spiritual knowing, and the blowfish is always filled with the hot air of fear and old beliefs. This is the beginning of a New Year and my intention for this year is to stay in faith and centered connection with spirit no matter what happens around me. My intention is to be conscious that fear only wants to pull me off my path and control me. When I choose faith and love I feel happier, have more energy, am more loving, less judgmental and live healthier. My intention is to deflate the blowfish and be a part of bringing in a new age of spiritual awareness. I invite you to think of your fears as blowfish who are puffed up, but only filled with empty air. Imagine that they are feeding on your fear and the more you feed them, the bigger they get. But when you look at them and laugh, they lose their energy and deflate, while you breathe in your power and live. You are a powerful energetic being, laugh at the blowfish and life your life to the fullest. To learn more about Linda Baker and to read more articles she has written, visit her on Video Village and her website

Family caregivers: you are not alone.

Now family caregivers can reduce stress and have greater well-being by using this program 20 minutes a day! • Based on scientific research that proves what we think about can influence the quality of our lives. • Designed specifically for family caregivers.

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friction that launches the rocket. Until we meet our challenges we are blocking the richness within. When we feel that richness within, it will manifest outwardly. Another tool I have found effective in releasing our blocks is past life regressions. About a year after I began practicing astrology I came across Marcia Moore’s book, “Hypersentience,” thinking it would show me how to find past life influences in a chart. What it showed me was how to take people into past lives. I began reading the method aloud to a friend when, all of a sudden, she said, “They’re killing the baby, they’re killing the baby.” I hurriedly flipped ahead to pages that told me how to bring her back to this time and place. After this experience, I began incorporating past life regressions with astrological



readings. When I spotted a particularly difficult planetary configuration, I would take the client back to the life that had triggered that challenge and then help them release that pattern at its origin. In all the regressions I have done for the past 32 years, there has not been one where the issue of money has come up. It’s all about people. Where we’ve been hurt or we hurt somebody we bring those feelings into this life and they seem to carry over lifetime after lifetime till we finally clear it and then can move on with our life. These patterns are imprinted in childhood and often are manifested as abuse of some kind, of not feeling loved, of not trusting. I also like people to experience a lifetime when they’ve felt fulfilled and loved. We all have that at our core or we wouldn’t be able to be here. It’s the energy of our higher self and by accessing the name of that person and calling on him or her we can reconnect with the essence of who we really are. As we enter the Age of Aquarius, it’s especially important that we each clear old patterns of hurts and resentments. Aquarius rules humanity, groups of people and in this age we all need to work together. Since one disturbed person will destroy the group, as one dot of rot in an apple will destroy the whole apple, it’s important to use whatever tools we can find to clear old anger, resentments feelings of inadequacy or being


unloved. There are many workshops, books and techniques appearing at this time to help us do this. We each need to pick the one that suits us best. But we all need to get rid of these old patterns that keep us from being the light beings we are in essence. If someone crosses your path who upsets you, you can be sure they are triggering something you’ve buried in your subconscious. A formula I use for myself and offer to others is quite amazing in it’s immediate effectiveness. When you are angry or upset remind yourself: “There are no little upsets.” Then, “I’m never upset for the reason I think.” And lastly “What am I thinking, feeling, sensing and how am I moving?” How something pops up out of your subconscious. Then just let it go. Don’t work on it. It may take two or three times triggering the same experience, but once it’s really out in the open, the same incident can cross your path and you won’t even notice it. And sometimes those triggers stop crossing our path. When we meet our challenges, we then become empowered. When we come from our clear center we can indeed have it all, the inner and outer riches. Libby does astrological counseling and past life regressions on Bainbridge Island. She can be reached at (206) 201-3125.

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Abundance is Found in Simplicity By Karen Mehringer “It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.” – Paulo Coelho Camping this summer, my husband, John, and I were reminded how freeing it is to live simply. We had only the bare necessi-

ties with us... food, water, our camping gear and clothes. Living in a simple environment, we were able to appreciate the small things and be more fully present in the moment. Consequently, we felt more joyful and at peace. For example, here is a brief journal entry I wrote after waking up to a gorgeous day in Ouray, Colo.: “It’s only 9 a.m. and the clouds are already moving in slowly like a wild cat stalking its prey. The birds’ music has never sounded so magical. A feeling like Heaven has descended upon me. Oh... how nature feeds my soul! I’m in love, like a young school-girl with a crush.” True abundance was my experience in that moment.

After returning home, we began to explore ways we could simplify our lives. For example, we have decided to sell our home and downsize to a smaller

house. Not only will we be getting rid of a lot of stuff that we don’t use or need, like furniture, wall decorations and knick knacks, but we will minimize our monthly mortgage payment which will free us up financially to continue to follow our hearts and our dreams. As I embark on this process of de-cluttering and simplifying to prepare for our eventual move, I am amazed at how much better I feel... I feel lighter, freer and more energized. Further, I have more clarity and peace of mind. As a result, my creative juices are flowing. When we begin to let go of old stuff, whether it’s material clutter or even emotional pain from the past, we have much more space within us to show up fully present for our lives. We are more open and available to experience the beauty, richness and abundance all around us.

Here are some tips for simplifying your life: • Re-evaluate your current needs. For example, now that the kids have moved away, is your home too big? Could you downsize? Can you eliminate one of your vehicles? Are you willing to let go of your TV? If so, what would you do differently with your time? • Block out half a day or more to go through every item in your house including your clothing, linens, kitchen appliances, etc. Set aside the items you have not used in the last year. Ask yourself, “Does this item have sentimental value or meaning for me?” For example, perhaps it was a gift from a loved one who has passed away. If it doesn’t have meaning for you, then give it away or sell it. (If you’ve lived in the same home for many

years, you may need more than one day. Create a schedule of blocked out times to work on this as a “project.”). • Next, give away books; recycle magazines and personal papers; go through your computer files and e-mails and delete items that are old or no longer important or useful. • When you have completed the clearing out process, celebrate your accomplishment. Making decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of can take a lot of energy. Honor yourself for the work it has taken to let go. • Finally, notice how you feel. Do you feel lighter and freer? Do you have more energy? As you clear out the clutter and simplify your life, don’t be afraid to be generous about what you let go of. Remember, as you let go, you are creating room for something new to show up. “To find the universal elements enough; to find the air and the water exhilarating; to be refreshed by a morning walk or an evening saunter... to be thrilled by the stars at night; to be elated over a bird’s nest or a wildflower in spring – these are some of the rewards of the simple life.” - John Burroughs Karen is the author of, “Sail Into Your Dreams: 8 Steps to Living a More Purposeful Life,” an inspirational speaker, psychotherapist, life empowerment coach and the founder of Creative Transformations. For more information, please go to


THE ONENESS BLESSING Open the doors to joy, happiness, a profound sense of connection, healing, and compassion! A Oneness Blessing can initiate a quieting of the mind and a greater acceptance of what is.

Martha Norwalk

Martha Norwalk is an animal behavior therapist with over 35 years of professional experience and service. She also hosts her own radio show, Martha Norwalk’s Animal World, Sunday mornings on Alternative Talk AM 1150. She is available for private sessions, either in your home or over the phone. With her holistic approach, Martha can help you understand your animal friends and solve any behavior, training or healing issues that they might be having. Martha’s rates are suprisingly affordable and in most cases she will only need to see you once.

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• Marketing strategy coaching • Extremely Productive Brainstorming • Market Research • Event development and strategy/ schedule for marketing and enrollment • Enrollment and Registration services • PR/Promotional outreach efforts • Internet marketing strategy As coach and catalyst, I offer one-on-one personalized consultations, coaching and virtual PR/marketing support designed to help you attract your perfect customers, business partners, or any relationship that is pertinent to your success. Call to schedule a complimentary consultation to determine what would serve you best in the next three months.

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Let me help you open to your spiritual aspirations. I employ a variety of techniques, such as: • EMDR (eye movement therapy) • Lifespan Integration and Rebirthing • Meditation Instruction (CD samples on website) • Clinical Hypnotherapy Sue Neufeld-Ellis, LMHC, CSAT, RN

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A Graceful Stumble I am a proponent of stumbling. Not in the sense of falling or tripping over your feet. The stumbling I refer to involves being pushed off one’s life path and into new unexpected diversions. Instead of following a preset route and checking off life’s milestones (school, work, family), the ability to stumble gracefully enables us to respond to those times when we are derailed by unanticipated events. The key to successful stumbling is to navigate the change in course and take full advantage of the situation. Let me give you an example of how stumbling reshaped my life. Years ago, I drove across country, from Georgia to Seattle, intending to spend Christmas with my sister and her family. I recently had graduated from college with a degree in education and spent time traveling and working in Europe. My plan involved several more months of touring of North America before I settled down and looked for a teaching job. Everything was going swimmingly until

Everyday Spirituality

my van broke down three days after Christmas. Having been on the road for months, I did not have the financial resources to fix my van. So I stayed in Seattle and started looking for a way to earn money for repairs and to restart my travels. Unfortunately, my arrival in Seattle coincided with one of the city’s biggest economic downturns. There was even a billboard at the edge of town boldly saying, “Would the last one to leave Seattle please turn off the lights.” After job searching for several weeks, I felt lucky to find a waitress job at a dive in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. The restaurant was a hole and the regular customers were not much better; we made daily calls to 911 for assistance with drunk and belligerent patrons. The health department would have closed the place if they witnessed the cook taking a sponge bath in the kitchen sink. Working that job motivated me to alter my plan and put my yet-to-be-used teaching certificate to work. My quest began with volunteer work at a non-profit school for preschool children with disabilities and

by Colleen Foye Bollen ended six months later when I landed a job at the same school. Although my original plan did not involve putting down roots in Seattle, I made the most of my situation. By the time Christmas rolled around again, I was doing what I had dreamt about since third grade: teaching. The broken van and dreadful job were not events I consciously would have chosen as part of my life journey, but I used them as an impetus to fulfill my vision of teaching. We all have had moments when our lives are moving forward according to our plans, when – wham – we hit a major rut in the road and our game markers are knocked off the board. In an instant, our hopes and dreams are derailed. Sure, we can get back on the board, but not in the same place. Change is mandatory. Those are the times when the art of graceful stumbling comes in handy. To stumble productively, we need certain traits, each of which can be represented by the letters in “stumble:”




Strength – having the inner resources to trust that things will work out. Truth – being honest with others and ourselves as we negotiate this new situation. Understanding – knowing that there will be good days and bad days. Movement – taking positive steps toward our next goal. Balance – maintaining our equilibrium with work/play and action/relaxation. Love – treating ourselves and our loved ones with tenderness. Effort – realizing this new path will only work if we put our energy into making things happen and keeping our sights on our ultimate objective. Most career books say nothing about stumbling. But it is a worthy skill to develop. I stumbled into Seattle and created a new life for myself. Years later, I stumbled into a writers’ meeting and ended up becoming a professional writer. Who knows where my next stumble will lead me. Or where yours will lead you. Colleen Foye Bollen offers gentle Jin Shin Jyutsu treatments at East West Bookshop in Seattle and at her Shoreline location. For appointments or more information contact her at or call (206) 367-0491 or visit Colleen’s web site To read more about the art of stumbling, visit her blog at http://flowingstillness.

DIRECTORY OF SERVICES UNIVERSAL WHITE TIME HEALING UWTH is used for healing humanity on every level, and healing of Mother Earth, animals, plants and all life situations. UWTH can be facilitated in person or remotely, and at higher levels may be used for large numbers of people, or entire regions. UWTH Gemstone Healing is also available. NEW EARTH TEACHINGS are given in ten chapters focusing on tools for preparing ourselves and Mother Earth for Ascension to the NEW EARTH. Learn to open portals, clear karmic threads, work with the NEW chakras, expand your total brain capacity with protection of the New Inner Light, raising your frequency with vibrational symbols, NEW EARTH meditations & more. Purchase NET Chapters 5-9, and receive chapters 1-4 free. MATANYA UWTH Level 4 Practitioner UWTH Level 1 & 2 Teacher NET Level 2 Teacher and Lecturer Advanced Tachyon Practitioner/Distributor



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Raw Foods in a (unroasted) Nutshell By Rod Rotondi Some people think raw food is a new thing, a cutting-edge way of eating, newly discovered by scientists or Hollywood trainers for optimal beauty and health. In fact, a raw diet is not new. It is not the latest fad. Hominids have evolved over seven million years, and for the vast majority of that time we ate only raw, living foods. The raw-food diet is about getting natural, about rediscovering the natural way for humans to eat. Because despite all the knowledge of humankind – all our science and technology – what will make us healthiest and happiest is to eat the foods that nature, in its wisdom, has provided. This original and longest-lasting human diet comprises primarily fruits, berries, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and greens. This is the way our ancestors ate until the relatively recent discovery of fire. The Organic Choice A raw-food lifestyle is about eating pure food from nature and giving ourselves the

best food possible, so the choice to eat organic foods is fundamental. While the cost for organic products is a little higher, I view it as money I won’t have to spend on visits to my doctor. We can choose foods that have been treated with herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides (I call this slow suicide), or we can choose unadulterated, living, vibrant foods from nature. The Vegan Choice The vast majority of raw foodists are vegans. If you haven’t heard, there is a lot of new data pointing to the incredible health benefits of a vegan diet. Check out “The China Study” by Dr. T. Colin Campbell. It’s a book about possibly the most comprehensive study of human nutrition ever undertaken, which concluded that, in Dr. Campbell’s words, “People who ate the most animalbased foods got the most chronic disease... People who ate the most plant-based foods were the healthiest and tended to avoid chronic disease.” According to the American Diabetes Association, vegetarian diets are associated with


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Mashed Taters

This makes for a tasty and healthy comfort food. Smooth and delicious, it serves eight.

a reduced risk for obesity, coronary artery disease, hypertension, diabetes 2 tablespoons lemon juice mellitus, colorectal cancer, lung can2 cups soaked cashews cer, and kidney disease. Additionally, (soaked 2 hours, drained and rinsed) virtually every health organization in 2 small heads cauliflower, chopped existence advocates eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. (about 3 cups) Then there is the ethical side to it. 2 medium cloves garlic It’s a nice feeling to finish a delicious, 2 teaspoons finely chopped rosemary nutritious, and satisfying meal know2 teaspoons sea salt ing that no animal had to be born, bred, and killed in miserable condiPut all the ingredients in a food tions so you could eat. processor. Process until smooth, about Or how about the fact that the the consistency of mashed potatoes. livestock industry is one of the biggest polluters of all and is right at the top (From Raw Food for Real People. Printed with of the list of industries that contribute permission from New World Library.) to global warming? Did you know that the single most effective thing any individual can do to minimize their nutritional benefits for the body. negative effect on global warming is to eat Relationship with Food less or no meat? Many of us in this culture have lost our The Real Deal relationship with food. The only relationI would like to remind you of one simple ship many kids growing up today have with fact. And it’s such an important fact that I food is going to a drive-through or popping am going to write it in bold. a package into the microwave. The rawHuman beings are the only food lifestyle is all about reestablishing animals on earth that cook their our connection to our food and the planet. foods. Raw food is more than just a cuisine, it’s a Think about that. Then think about this: lifestyle. It is part of a more holistic way of human beings are the only animals who looking at the world and our relationship to suffer from a high incidence of degenerative it. We see nature, and ourselves in it; nature diseases and other health challenges such as is something we are part of, not something cancer, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. to be overcome. There is a connection here. I’m not saying that eating raw is a panacea Rod Rotondi is the author of “Raw Food for modern humankind. However, I am sayfor Real People.” His endeavors include an ing that ultimately a primarily raw-food diet upcoming DVD series, Leaf Organics resis our natural way to eat and, if done cortaurants, Leaf Organics raw packaged food rectly, will bring most of us maximum health line, raw food prep classes and retreats, and happiness. and a forthcoming television show. He All right, so what are the amazing poslives in Los Angeles, Calif. Visit him online sibilities? Like, how many ways can you at Based on prepare raw carrots and celery? I want to the book “Raw Food for Real People ”2009 tell you that there is a whole cuisine that has by Rod Rotondi. Printed with permission been largely forgotten but is being rediscovfrom New World Library. ered, and it is delicious. In raw cuisine, we can create virtually every taste and texture without adulterating the food. Raw-food cuisine has rediscovered some Specialty tea/ of the oldest and healthiest food preparation herb blends techniques known to humankind, such as Monthly tea sprouting and low-temperature dehydratastings at The tion. Did you know that the way humans first made bread is the same way we still Conway Muse make it in raw cuisine? In this kind of bread, Tobi Cain 425.923.4249 the digestive enzymes are not killed. The food retains its natural nutrients; in fact, sprouting the grains greatly increases their

The Art of Tea Tasting

Portals to Freedom Photo Card Creations By Valeria Rae

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FEBRUARY COUPLES RETREAT, VALENTINES WEEKEND ON WHIDBEY. Engage in a wide variety of techniques both playful and intense. Re-open your heart, reignite the passion, catalyze the joy that you deserve. Early love bird discount ends Jan.15 $365 per couple.Visit www. (360) 661-6877 FEBRUARY 20 ACCELERATED AWAKENING SEMINAR. Transmissions of pure Grace, Divine gifts and love to support your journey Home into your deepest heart.“Lynette’s work is extraordinarily powerful yet still remarkably gentle.” Blessed with radiant abilities to transmit profound spiritual energies to groups, Lynette offers global service for humanity’s Remembrance.Healing transformation into your next stage of embodying your Essence. Lynnwood, WA. $150; work scholarship available. Register at

ONGOING MONDAYS IN JANUARY: 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th 10:30 - 11:30 am. A One Hour Workout that is Guaranteed to Empower You and Lift Your Spirits! Classes $10 each or $30 Prepaid by January 1st. 425 350-5448 EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO the Witches’ Potluck Dinner every first Sunday evening of the month from 5pm to 7pm at Broomsticks Curio Co. 1200 Harris Ave., #207 Fairhaven, WA 503-998-6616 Free! Kid friendly! Bring a dish to share and meet like-minded folks. UNITY HOUSE REIKI TRAINING Ongoing weekends, Compassionate healing, training & mentorship. Choose your Reiki Master carefully. Expect experience, long term commitment and a program that will work for YOU! Tana Hamiter: Traditional Usui, Japanese and Karuna Reiki® Master/Teacher 360-856-1428 SCIENCE OF MIND SUNDAY SERVICES begin in January in Suquamish. Also individual spiritual counseling, classes, weddings. Rev. Amy Aspell. 206-7805825, WWW.INTENDERS.COM CIRCLE Free, powerful, effective manifesting support group. 1st Tuesdays, Kirkland WA. “Amplifying Divine Light in All” Church (425) 466-4001 http://consciousness.

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A practicing psychic since he was 12 years old, John is also a clairvoyant, healer, teacher, and interior designer. See him at Stargazers in Bellevue, Spirit Journey in Issaquah, and the Cliff House Restaurant in Browns Point. Phone readings are welcome, Visa, Mastercard and American Express accepted.

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On The Bookshelf

BOOK, CD, DVD, AND PRODUCT REVIEWS Reviewed by Krysta Gibson

The Temples of Light

An Initiatory Journey into The Heart Teachings of the Egyptian Mystery Schools Book and CD By Danielle Rama Hoffman Bear & Company When you work with this book, you’ll visit 13 of Egypt’s scared temples and learn what ancient wisdom each has to teach you. By tuning in on an energetic level, you will be imbued with the consciousness of that temple. Visit Sakkara which holds the vibration of unlimited abundance and the temple of Abydos for remembering. The initiations in this book awaken your intuition as well as the sahu or realized self. Local author Danielle Rama Hoffman has been journeying to Egypt and working with these energies since 1994. This book contains a lot of information about the actual physical temples as well as the lesser-known spiritual implications of each. There are some beautiful color photos of the areas visited which make the journeys more visceral. The book is meant to be experienced, not just read, and the CD enclosed offers two fabulous guided journeys to get you started. Many years of study and inner work have gone into the production of this book and we’re fortunate to have it shared with us.

An A-Z Guide to Healing Foods: A Shopper’s Companion By Elise Marie Collins Published by Conari Wellness The author explains that food has been used as medicine for centuries. She says that “... before Viagra, the Aztecs believed avocados were potent aphrodisiacs and ancient Greeks used carrots to soothe stomach ailments.... Native Americans administered chocolate instead of Tylenol to break a fever...”. Elise Marie Collins is a yoga teacher, writer, and spiritual counselor who has researched food and nutrition in order to give us this valuable guide. Take it with you to the store and look up mangos, lentils, grapefruit, turnip, and even vinegar, before you buy. You’ll find out that in the first step of vinegar production sugar, fruit juice, honey, and molasses are fermented into alcohol. You’ll also discover that Buddha loved mangos. There are also some good recipes and a

great resource list at the back of the book. It can help you make better food choices by being informed and it’s fun to read.

The Source of Miracles

7 Steps to Transforming Your Life Through the Lord’s Prayer By Kathleen McGowan Published by Touchstone Books There are few people who don’t know the Lord’s Prayer since it is one of the first prayers children are taught. Now your use can be deepened. Kathleen McGowan blends the use of this prayer with the ancient practice of walking the labyrinth. At the center of the labyrinth is the Rose with Six Petals and each petal of the flower corresponds to a teaching of the prayer: faith, surrender, service, abundance, forgiveness, and conquering obstacles. The center of the flower represents the essence of love, as love is the uniting factor in all aspects of our lives. Each chapter is based on one petal of the rose and gives personal information from the author’s life as well as historical information and key lessons to be learned, affirmations, meditations, and other ways to live the ideas being discussed. The book is clear to read, compassionate, and can give the reader an entirely new way to pray and live this most famous of prayers.

The Gentle Art of Blessing

reading and found out. The book is filled with delightful stories, ideas, and practices that will support you in learning how to bless constantly in your life. Pradervand describes blessings as “wishing all that is good for someone, recognizing their individual worth and honoring them for it.” Blessings become a way of seeing the world and of interacting with everyone and everything in the world, including ourselves. There is a part of the book that talks about remembering to bless ourselves. Of course; and how often do we think of doing that? Not very, I suspect. The Gentle Art of Blessing is truly a gentle, compassionate book that will withstand the test of time, just like the act of blessing does.

Growing Your Inner Light

A Guide to Independent Spiritual Practice By Lara Owen Atria Books and Beyond Words Publishing Many people like to say they are “spiritual but not religious” and that they don’t want to be involved in any one particular organization. At the same time, they want to have some sort of spiritual life and practice. Someone has written the book for these folks and it is a good one. This guidebook can help the spiritual independent create their own independent spiritual practice while also providing some framework to it. Not being involved with an organization can lead to a lack of structure and eventually to a lack of practice. There are 13 chapters and they include information such as: creating sacred space for spiritual practices; clarifying motivation, intention, and clearing the mind; working with dreams and intuition; using the vision quest and retreat; and performing rituals.

The book is well written, clear, supportive and could be an invaluable aid to the spiritual independent person who would like some self-guided structure.

Music CDs White Swan Records has three new CDs most worthy of note. First is one by bestselling mantra singer Deva Premal. Mantras for Precarious Times is a recording of seven mantras that are relatively short, seven to nine minutes, and easy to learn. The idea is to make using your mantra of choice a daily practice where it is chanted 108 times. The topics of the mantras are: removal of obstacles, peace, healing, liberation, joy and bliss, abundance and sacred lovemaking. A fabulous tool if you want to incorporate mantras and chanting into your life and works well if you like to use a mala or prayer beads. If you enjoy the bamboo flute, you’ll love Epiphany, featuring Nepal’s premier flutist, Manose. Each track varies in tone and temperament and is delightful. The flute is accompanied by guitars, cello, percussion and guest vocals by Deva Premal and Miten. A most enjoyable presentation. Lastly, is the Dalai Lama Renaissance which is the soundtrack to the documentary film by the same name. The film has won 12 awards and it is easy to see why. Interspersed with the actual words spoken by the Dalai Lama is narration by Harrison Ford. The music is from Tibet, India, Iran and the Americas and provides a wonderful tapestry of sound. Truly this is a work of inspirational art blending music with impactful spoken words.

A Simple Practice That Will Transform You and Your World By Pierre Pradervand Published by Atria Books and Beyond Words As I am sure is true of you, I learned about the power of blessing many years ago through the works of Catherine Ponder. So when this book came in, I thought to myself, “Now how could anyone write an entire book about blessing. It is such a simple, though profound, practice.” I started

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Self-Care First Aid By Kathryn Lafond In an emergency first aid/CPR class you would learn the first steps as follows: Check. Call. Care. Check the scene for safety. Call emergency services. Care for the one in front of you. In bringing this on home to caring for oneself, the first action step is: Check in with self, go within and listen. Ask the questions that are often overlooked. What am I feeling? Have I been hurting and if so where? Have I tried to mask anything with drugs, alcohol, food, shopping, etc? What are the messages my body has been sending out? Often we don’t notice what’s different about the quality of our lives until we are stopped by illness. We may have stopped physical exercise because we are hurting but have taken no action around healing the pain. We may have lost or gained weight without asking why. We may be experiencing sleep interruptions and just gotten used to it. It’s not uncommon to get used to changes that compromise our health. The second action necessary is to ask. Who do I need to call? If my back is hurting it is logical to start with a chiropractic manipulation. Or maybe I need a massage, as I’m really tight all over. I may need a medical examination or naturopath’s view; or ancient measures such as acupuncture. Sometimes what I really want is someone who can give me a wider perspective around what’s going on; such as provided by an intuitive energy healer. Commonly overlooked is the approach of the holistic dentist, who realizes that whatever is going on in the mouth has a relationship to the health of the body. A combination of practitioners often provides the greatest answers. And don’t forget to enlist a friend or spiritual counselor to help process what’s needed out loud. The third action is to ask the question, how can I best care for myself? The answer lies in starting with the most simple thing, such as breathing. If we find ourselves holding our breath or breathing shallow breaths we are literally withholding life-giving oxygen from our cells. We may need to create a conscious check-in and make certain that each day we take time to feed ourselves fresh air.

Reducing or eliminating inflammatory foods such as meat, dairy, heavily processed foods, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and wheat usually generates an immediate reduction in pain and discomfort. Increasing fresh clean water consumption and nourishing liquids such as broths and teas lightens the load on our digestive systems. And eating fresh foods, raw or steamed, continues that process along with adding necessary vitamins and fiber. Extra antioxidants such as vitamins A, B, C, and D, plus minerals such as selenium and zinc may be imperative to the recovery process. Getting to bed earlier and allowing more time for rest is more than a simple pleasure. It too is invaluable to the healing process. We can be forced to slow down by severe illness or we can accept the messenger of not feeling well and choose to clear our stressful schedules. Reducing incoming stress may also include turning off the news. Bathing is another way to encourage rest as well as to fulfill the badly needed process of detoxifying. Placing one-two cups of Epsom salts in a hot tub of water and soaking for at least 20 minutes builds a healthy sweat and releases toxins caught in our systems that otherwise have to find their way out through the bowels where they are easily re-absorbed. If we are feeling poorly it can be even more detrimental to go out and heavily exercise. Gentle exercise such as stretching and yoga or a calm walk can keep us in tone while rebuilding from the inside out. And speaking of rebuilding from the inside out, caring for our emotional needs is extremely important during periods of depressed health. Ask for help. Children, a spouse, friends, and co-workers are all capable of offering support. Now is the time to give them the opportunity. Check. Call. Care.. These are the action steps, whether we are part of an emergency medical team or whether we are examining what we can do for ourselves. Kathryn Lafond is an intuitive energy healer/health coach available for sessions in Seattle, Bainbridge Island, and Bellingham and by phone. She regularly teaches the importance of self-care. Go to www.kathrynlafond for upcoming classes or call (206) 842-5330.




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with your hosts Brenda Michaels and Rob Spears

Weekday mornings on Seattle’s Alternative Talk Station KKNW 1150 AM KWJZ 98.9 FM Digital HD KSBN 1230 AM in Spokane Free daily podcast Streaming live to 152 countries, 7 to 8 a.m. PST on

Changing the world, one listener at a time! Listen to hundreds of archived shows, including: Marianne Williamson, Richard Bach, Gary Zukov, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Arjuna Ardagh, Neale Donald Walsch, Ariella Ford, Dr. Wayne Dyer, plus the editor-in-chief of Utne Reader, EnlightenNext and Natural Home, and the publisher of Mother Earth News

Featured guests for January include: FRIDAY, JANUARY 8: COLIN TIPPING is the creator of what has come to be recognized as one of the most powerful, leading edge technologies for personal and spiritual growth today – Radical Forgiveness which is also the title of his new book. He has created a series of books, audios, online programs and even board game based on the practice of Radical Forgiveness. MONDAY, JANUARY 18: ANDREW COHEN, spiritual teacher, cultural critic, revolutionary idealist, and founder of the non-profit organization EnlightenNext, and editor-in-chief of its flagship publication, EnlightenNext magazine. He will talk to us about Martin Luther King Day, and what true freedom stands for. He is currently writing a new book due for release in the spring of 2010. THURSDAY, JANUARY 21: MIKE DOOLEY, Author of six books, including his bestselling, Notes from the Universe series, Choose Wisely, and one of the featured teachers in the international phenomenon, The Secret, will talk about his new book, Infinite Possibilities.




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Local musician Henta’s fabulous Laserium for the Soul

has been Grammy nominated in the New Age section. Her CD is available at some area bookstores as well as through her website

5Focus is celebrating their second anniversary in January.

5focus services reflect the latest developments in health and fitness. Their South Lake Union location feels more like a spa than a gym with private therapy rooms and a beautiful, light-filled studio. Attending their kinesis classes, getting a massage, or having a fascial stretch therapy session does not require any sort of membership. Visit them at; 1009 8th Ave. N., Seattle, WA 98109; (206) 631-2818.

Shirley MacLaine returns to Seattle this June. At age 75, she’s

as feisty and fabulous as ever and still committed to boldly speaking her truth, unedited and uncensored. Her latest release, Sage-ing While Age-ing is the most recent installment in the Shirley MacLaine “unplugged” legacy, a powerful inquiry into what it means to grow beyond the physical into wisdom. Shirley’s appearance is the fourth part in a series of motivational speakers given by BellaSpark Productions. The series begins in February. Details are at or e-mail info@www.

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International Day for the Elimination of Violence Toward Women and Girls is Feb. 25.

In solidarity with millions of women around the world, Weaving the World, online radio for women, presents: AS ONE; I am My Sister’s Keeper. This is a contribution to a culture that values women and respects their voice. Attend this online convention at

If you want an in-depth take on the Mayan calendar and 2012,

you’ll want to visit www.mayamystery Carlos Barrios, Mayan elder and Ajq’ij (a ceremonial priest and spiritual guide) of the Eagle Clan initiated an inves-

tigation into the different Mayan calendars circulating. Carlos along with his brother Gerardo studied with many teachers and interviewed nearly 600 traditional Mayan elders to widen their scope of knowledge. Carlos found out quickly there were several conflicting interpretations of Mayan hieroglyphs,

petroglyphs, Sacred Books of “Chilam Balam” and various ancient text.

Nayaswamis Padma and Hriman McGilloway of Ananda Seattle


just returned from Italy where they were among the first in the world to receive initiation from Swami Kriyananda as nayaswamis. This is a new worldwide order created by Swami Kriyananda, founder of Ananda, and direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda. For details visit

JANUARY 2010  
JANUARY 2010  

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