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JULY, 2011 VOL.7 NO 3

Locally owned and published in the Pacific Northwest By Kwami E. Nyamidie

Although Sri Paramhansa Nithyananda is only 33 years old and has had to deal with some controversy, he is one of the popular gurus in India. Every day, millions watch and meditate on YouTube with Swamiji, as he is fondly called. As they meditate together, they experience the master through their bodies. Healings are claimed to transpire. Profound changes occur at the cellular level. Some devotees report levitating. Swamiji appeals mostly to the youth but many of his followers are older than he is. The changes that take place within the body when one comes in contact with the master are called the “eN Effect:” “Physically measurable; medically quantifiable; and spiritually enlightening,”says Sri Bhaktananda, a software engineer turned guru and Swamiji’s representative in the United States.

Temples in North America Sri Bhaktananda met Swamiji miraculously in a dream. A year after he embraced his guru, Bhaktananda’s income increased seven times. He was hooked. He began volunteering, traveling with his master, and organizing other centers. He is now a fulltime teacher. He helps spread his master’s main message: “Be blissful.” Sri Bhaktananda, opened a center in the Los Angeles area in 2005. Today, the United States and Canada are home to six temples in Delaware, Los Angeles, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, Redmond, and St. Louis. One hundred and seventy-five centers serve as spiritual relay stations of the Life Bliss Foundation. Three new temples, including one in Toronto, Canada, will be rising in a few months. All told, 125 families work full-time for Paramhansa Nithyananda. Some 1,200 people serve around the clock in his ashrams spread across the world.

Be Blissful Swamiji’s message is: be blissful when you are young and struggling to get an education. Be blissful when you labor to hold a job or when you are at your wit’s end about keeping a roof over your head. Be blissful when you are unsure that you can meet the partner of your dreams. Be blissful when you are doing everything to keep the family together and nothing seems to work. When you battle obesity, disease and old age, Swamiji says, “Be blissful.”

Arunachala, India India is known for her deities, wise sages, and sacred places. Arunachala is one of these holy places. In fact, it is said that so mighty is Shiva’s presence there that if you simply look at the holy mountain you will hasten your awakening. It is on the foot of that holy hill that the people of Thiruvannamalai honor the fire principle of Shiva with a famous temple. Over the years, sages have flocked to that town to make it their home.

Living Blissfully Sri Paramhansa Nithyananda and the Life Bliss Foundation One of the famous mystics who lived there, Ramana Maharishi, also known as the Sage of Arunachala, influenced the writings of some of the great authors of the 20th century. Somerset Maugham met him 1938 and alludes to him in The Razor’s Edge (1944), a novel that was adapted twice into a movie. Aldous Huxley, the author of the Perennial Philosophy (1945) and the Doors of Perception (1954) had Ramana Maharishi’s photo in his study. Paul Brunton introduced him to the west in his delightful book, In Search of Secret India (1931). It is in this city steeped in tradition that Swamiji was born on Jan. 1, 1978. As a threeyear-old boy, Rajasekaran, as he was called, used to go to the temple carried on his grandfather’s shoulder. And when he was older, he soaked himself in the spiritual wisdom from readily available wise mentors and sages, including a direct disciple of Ramana Maharishi.

Spiritual Awakening Swamiji had several powerful spiritual experiences growing up, but in 2000, when he was 22, he had the experience of spiritual awakening. “When he gained his enlightenment, Swamiji saw with clarity his life’s purpose,” says Sri Bhaktananda. “What his mission is, how it should be structured, what he should do, all became clear to him.” After his spiritual awakening, Swamiji realized that he had two goals: to remind his followers to be continuously blissful and to let them know “I am not here to say I am God. I am here to prove that you are God.”

Living Blissfully How do you remain continuously blissful? He says it is by living a conflict-free life and by understanding that what we say is often not what we mean. In addition, we don’t always know what we truly want. To be in bliss we must know why we are here on earth. We must have the confidence that we can find the solution to our problems by dedicating a third of our daily life (eight hours each day) to spiritual practice: meditating, praying, reading spiritual books, listening to talks by enlightened masters or watching spiritual videos. The teachings say that bliss comes when we change our attitude of fear. Bliss comes when we no longer do business from competition but when we act out of gratitude, surrender and pure inspiration. Too much is already given to us. When we appreciate that we have already been given enough, we will start enjoying what we have. Sri Nithyananda’s official web site: For Life Bliss Foundation visit: Nithyananda’s Videos: http://nithyananda. org/videos. Vedic Temple in Redmond, Wash.: www. Kwami Nyamidie is a spiritual director. He can be reached at (206) 407-8980 or




JULY 2011

And A Great Time Was Had By All Most people don’t get into any sort of publishing business in order to get rich. If they do, they are probably disappointed. Most of us who publish do so because we believe information has to be shared. It has to be made available to the public in one form or another. Most of us want to publish out of a sense of service and because we have this driving inner force that tells us we must do it. This is true of others who follow their callings into other lines of work as well.

This mandala was created by the New Spirit Journal tribe at the paper’s 6th birthday party on June 4, 2011. Contributors added their thoughts and wishes to the mandala, which was blessed in a ceremony.

Living The Good Life

by Krysta Gibson

Last month marked our 6th year in publishing, and because we had reached such a milestone, we decided to celebrate by throwing a birthday party for New Spirit Journal. Several people who couldn’t attend wrote and asked me about it, so here is a brief synopsis of what happened. The event was held on June 4 at East West Bookshop, where tables had been set up for the cupcakes, networking materials, and for the community intention mandala. Valeria Rae had created the outline of a mandala on a large piece of poster board, and during the event people used colored markers and stickers to add their intentions to the mandala.Here are a few things which were written:

• Come to each decision from a place of love, not fear. • Dedicate, persist, stay in love with all life; heal, unite, flourish, ignite, bless. • Increase energy, income, and Holy Company! Shine! • Publish my book. • Create travel and living in the moment with joy! At noon, those present made a large circle and Nayaswamis Hriman and Padma McGilloway of the Ananda Church led the group in a blessing and gratitude ceremony. My original intention in having the gratitude part was so people could express their thanks for the many wonderful things in their lives. Instead, it turned into gratitude and Continued on Page 3

• Spiritual Discourse & Darshan: Thursday, July 21 • 7 pm • Individual Blessings & Saraswati Diksha: Friday, July 22 • 10 am – 1:30 pm • One Day Silent Meditation Retreat: Saturday, July 23 • 8 am – 6 pm

Homa (the sacred fire ceremony) Sunday, July 24th • 9 am – 1 pm Lake Sammamish State Park 2000 NW Sammamish Road Issaquah, WA 98027

For more information on sponsorship of the puja, please contact (425) 337-2940 email: All programs free except retreats which require advance registration and a fee. Saraswati Diksha initiation is offered to students ages 4-24. People of all faiths are invited. Visit our website or contact: (425) 337-2940 or

JULY 2011


And A Great Time Was Had By All Continued From Page 2 recognition for the work Rhonda and I do with New Spirit Journal. It was very gratifying to hear what this publication does for people. One person said when she was new in town, it was because of New Spirit Journal that she met her “tribe.” Others expressed gratitude for the material we publish, saying how much it means to them to be able to read it every month. Mostly, people simply thanked us for being here and doing what we do. As a group, we energized the intentions put on the mandala and then Padma surprised all of us. She had a small container of holy water from Lourdes and proceeded to sprinkle some on everyone, as well as on the mandala. What an unexpected but much welcomed treat!

• It inspires me to be my best self. • It allows me to know we are all connected and important. • I adore you! • Love the publication – read it cover to cover – cut out articles and share with classes. Recommend it to others. A great resonance and fun and inspiring. • Thank you for motivating everyone to wake up to their brilliance. As the day ended and following into the days afterward, I reflected on the last six years of this journey and on what people said to me. I think about how this all started when people asked me to start another newspaper. My first one, The New Times, was mentioned more than once and people expressed their gratitude that I came back to this line of service. When I

business books, worked! It seems to be a hallmark of such moves that we are forced to leap and then look because if we looked first we probably would never make the leap. The message to all of us is that we are to follow our inner voice even when what it says seems out of line with what society says we should do; maybe especially when the voice is out of sync. Everyone is here to bring something special to the planet. We know it is our calling when it comes from deep inside our hearts. We know it is our calling when we are willing to do it even though it is inconvenient to continue. We



know it is our calling when we keep doing it in the midst of difficulties. And we know it is our calling when we simply know we must do it. What is your calling? Are you doing it yet? If so, don’t stop no matter what. If not, stay open to finding out what your calling is. Once it has made itself known to you, do it with your whole heart and soul. You will not regret it. For a brief slide show of photos from the party, go to www.newspiritjournal. com. On Aug. 6, Krysta is co-teaching a class with Kim Miller about learning how to hear, understand, and follow your inner guidance. To learn more or to register, go to

Rashani facilitates councils and retreats throughout the world, combining Self inquiry, creativity, mindfulness practice, deep ecology, dreambody work, earth based spirituality and nondual awareness. Awakening and Celebrating our unfathomable, ordinary lives, Friday, July 15, 7 to 9 p.m. Red Cedar Dharma Hall, Bellingham. $25-$40.

The Alchemy of Intimacy, co-exploring edges in relationships, July 16 and 17 Sat.& Sun., (Sat 10 to 5; Sun. 1 to 7 p.m.) Red Cedar Dharma Hall, Bellingham. $225 if registered before July 1. $245-300 after July 1.

Harvesting Miracles, Mon., July 18, 7-9 p.m.; 3oms Yoga Studio, B’ham, $25-40. Call Mirabai at 360-738-9880 for registration or more information.

Don’t miss these events at The Whole Life Center in Auburn!

Massa Reiki/E ge, Therap nergy ie Relfexo s and 1003 10th St NE, Auburn 98001 • (253) 804-5530 lo service gy s Thursdays: Brotherhood of the Light Egyptian Readings

w/Bill Champlin, 1-4 pm

Nayaswamis Hriman and Padma McGilloway from the Ananda community with New Spirit Journal publisher Krysta Gibson at NSJ’s birthday party. The rest of the time was spent in networking and visiting with those who could attend. Not only were the cupcakes made by Samantha Parrott delicious, but Madeline Eyer also provided some wonderful raw chips and dip that were enjoyed by many! We provided a blank book, in which people could write some comments about New Spirit Journal and how it has affected their lives. Here is some of what was written. (More can be read at www.newspiritjournal. com). • It’s fun, fuel, and inspiration! Thank you!

Metaphysical & Healing Fair

Local Healers, Artisans and Services for the Mind, Body and Spirit

Saturday, July 16, 10 A.M.– 4 P.M. Center for Spiritual Living Bellingham 2224 Yew Street Road, Bellingham, WA (Across from Cascade Radio Group)


$5 Admission

sold that publication, I had no intention of ever publishing again. It was only because people insisted they wanted me to do it, that I realized I had to do it. I reflected on how I left a good paying position with many benefits in order to start this publication right before the economy took a nosedive and right around the time a lot of other publications were folding. I did this work part-time for about a year before jumping ship to publish full-time. Rhonda kept her day job for two years and then made the jump. Our journey has been anything but easy. What were we thinking? Well, we weren’t thinking or we would never have done it! As I tell clients I consult with, moving into your service is not an intellectual decision. Certainly, one has to keep in mind one’s obligations, but I honestly don’t know anyone who has made such a leap when everything was perfectly lined up for success. Always of interest to me is that two of the businesses I started where everything was lined up but were not spiritually-related did not do well. The two businesses I have started where nothing was as it should have been according to the

July 13 & 27: Living Aloha, 7-9 pm, $20

Treatment/Therapy Suites for Lease

July 20: Letting Go Of Who You Used To Be Spiritual Lessons in a Global Recession, 7-9 pm, $14 July 21: Reki Training, 7-9 pm (Part 2) July 23: Vedic Astrology Readings w/Angela Pennington, 10 am-3 pm July 23: Tarot, Vedic Astrology, Psychic, Psychometry Readings w/Angela Pennington, by appt., 10 am-3 pm Dream Believe Create

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JULY 2011

Move Beyond Sunday Spiritualism By Megan Gala

We are all familiar with individuals who attend traditional religious services on a regular basis, but do not practice the tenants of their religion beyond the confines of the service. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is not exclusive to the traditionally faithful, but is also present within the more open “spiritualist” culture as well. These are individuals who espouse love and light, yet gossip and tear down those around them; or play victim to their circumstances one moment while discussing the Law of Attraction the next. Just as with more traditional religious notions, these teachings are designed to help us in every area of our lives and should be applied thusly. This, unfortunately, is more easily said than done, though.

Interior / Exterior

Our culture is one challenge is committing that at its very essence to the inner work these challenges notions transformative moments of holistic self-care, invite us to do... it’s so easy positive thinking and to forget who we are and idealistic visionaries. why we’re here... And at Change does not come some point, we realize that easy and is seen as faith always needs to be something frightening an action rather than just a that should be avoided, philosophical idea.” rather than something In the same vein, invoking that should be a spiritual life infusion embraced and enjoyed. requires action. At some In the face of this, point we need to exert how do we bring our our creative force into the beliefs more fully into universe, but our definition our lives? How do we of action needn’t be limited create a life buoyed by to large, dramatic, or faith and experience bold gestures. It can be the magic of a life lived broadened to include the Megan Gala says that if you want with love and light? most subtle of actions and something new and different in life, The first step is in truth it is these smaller, then start communicating and thinksimultaneously the seemingly insignificant ing differently about what you want most simple and actions that will actually to bring into your life. complex. We need be the ones that will lead to act. We can sit us to sustainable and in our discomfort, we can recognize our authentic change. shortcomings and intend to change them, The first of these more subtle, yet but nothing will occur unless we take significant actions, can be as simple an active and engaged approach to our as committing to changing your transformation. communication. This means that if you In her book, Messages From Spirit, are committed to changing your financial Collette Baron Reid shares that “the circumstances then you commit to alter your thoughts (internal communication) and your conversations (external communication). If you find yourself complaining internally Free Estimates or to a friend about not being able to afford something then stop yourself mid-thought and change what you are saying. Ask yourself what you truly desire in your life. Is it more of the same or something new and different? If it is something different than start communicating differently about your circumstances. Think different thoughts. Change the subject when talking with friends. Talk about what it is you want to bring in to your life in positive and lifeaffirming ways. At this point we are able to move on to our second step, which is planning ahead. I know it sounds backwards, why would we plan ahead after we’ve already acted? The answer is simple: we need to see what actions come naturally to us and then strategize opportunities for us to succeed in those actions. If we are forcing ourselves to change in ways that are unnatural to us we set ourselves up for failure.


Painting and Decorating 206-459-0955

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An example of this would be forcing ourselves to go to the gym when we have not worked on loving ourselves enough to make us want to take that action. Our forcing ourselves to go to the gym when we really love walking or riding our bike through the park. Observing our initial and natural actions first and then planning strategies around applying slight modifications to what it is that we are already prone to doing ensures not only our initial success, but also the longevity of the applied behavior. Returning to our example of financial improvement, one way to plan ahead would be to download prosperity or abundance meditations and listen to them on your commute to work. You could also choose to read empowering financial books or discover affirmations that state what it is you want to bring in to your life. Then when you find yourself complaining or sinking into fear you can reach for these tools, take a deep breath and recommit yourself to your intended goal. As stated above, our culture is unfortunately set up to encourage us to stay where we are, but by planning ahead and continually re-committing to make positive changes in your life you will make progress. Be easy about it, with each step forward congratulate yourself, enjoy the process and the adventure of change. Recognize your courage as you embark on this new journey. The more you move through this journey the more you will embrace faith and step in to the magic of working with spirit in all areas of your life. As you do this, you will successfully move from the Sunday spiritualist to an authentic, radiant example of your true self in every moment and every area of your life. And this, at the heart of the matter, is what you came here to do and to be. Megan Gala, M.A. supports people as they make positive, life-affirming change. Using her holistic “toolbox” of yoga, Reiki and readings, Megan provides you with the catalyst and skills needed to maintain the change long beyond your work together.

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Taste of Heaven Women’s Night

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Lift Your Spirits @ The Gated Sanctuary in Snohomish • 206.324.2526 • Cherie Byrd, MA • Seattle, WA

Thursday, July 28, 5-10 pm

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JULY 2011




Are You Concerned About The Health of Your Skin? Our skin is the largest organ in the body. It is the interface between our internal world and the external environment. The skin is a reflection of inner health and there are many influences on the skin such as nutrition, hormones, medication side effects, stress, gastrointestinal health, and inflammation. Whenever I see someone with a skin problem, I look for a deeper issue. I review diet, exercise, family history, hormones, digestive issues and stress. There is often a connection between digestive issues and the skin.

Reiki in Seattle REIKI CIRCLE sponsored by Seattle Metaphysical Library:

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Madeline Eyer’s

All’sWell Health for Body, Mind, Spirit

by Moira Fitzpatrick, PhD, ND Digestive Issues Gas, bloating, constipation and inadequate hydrochloric acid often accompany skin disorders. Treatment focuses on healing the gut which insures that proper nutrients get to the skin and the rest of the body. When there is a leaky gut, this means that the digestive tract mucosa is inflamed and the tight junctions of the intestines have loosened and undigested food and toxins are absorbed. The immune system then becomes over-reactive. The result is a vicious cycle of inflammation and further loss of the integrity of the intestinal barrier. What can often result from this process is the development of food sensitivities and both bacterial and yeast overgrowth. The first step to healing is a formula containing some blend of L-glutamine, slippery elm, DGL and other healing herbs. I often follow this process with a general cleanse and challenge. A challenge provides significant feedback if there are symptoms accompanying a particular food. Once the gut is healed, I encourage each person to consider an anti-inflammatory diet which focuses on fresh organic vegetables and fruits of a rainbow of colors, fish, whole grains and occasional lean meat.

Hormonal Imbalances Hormonal imbalances affect the skin. This

Raw Foods Lifestyle

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You Waited. You Trusted. It’s Arrived. • Protandim® is a 100% natural supplement that slows the rate of cellular aging in your body. It reduces oxidative stress by 40-70% in all mammals. • Protandim® is a NRF2 activator. Dr. Nicholas Perricone in Forever Young says that “finding substances that can turn on the highly protective transcription factor NRF2 holds the key to preventing a host of diseases.” • Find out more through the ABC Prime Time Investigative Report done on Protandim® at • This amazing product is not available in a retail environment, contact Dana to order at (425) 246-2436

is particularly true of acne. There are times particularly in women when excessive testosterone results in stimulation of sebum and keratin, which obstructs the skin gland function and can block skin pores. It has been suggested that some people may have an excessive sensitivity of sebaceous glands to androgens. Zinc and saw palmetto have been helpful in reducing the effect of testosterone by decreasing or preventing the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, a stronger form of testosterone. The result is to normalize sebum and reduce acne.

Inflammation from infection Fungi and candida trigger inflammation. Fungal overgrowth typically shows up on skin, nails and hair. When these organisms appear, they stimulate the immune system, resulting in both inflammation and oxidation. It is not uncommon for individuals who are hypothyroid or have poor circulation to struggle with fungal infections. Arturo Casadevall,MD, PhD. et al, found that the best temperature for squelching fungal infection is close to body temperature, 98.6. Typically individuals with low thyroid

have cooler temperatures, consequently greater susceptibility to fungal overgrowth, which can drive chronic disease. Whenever you have a fungal infection, it is necessary not only to eliminate the fungus but also to heal whatever is driving the inflammation in the body. I have found it advantageous at times to test when it is difficult to eliminate the fungus or yeast and then prescribe herbs or medications that are effective. To provide anti-inflammatory support, I recommend fish oil, which reduces inflammatory mediators. Probiotics balance the intestinal microflora and modulate the inflammatory responses of immune cells. If your TSH is high, then see your health care provider to help bring your thyroid into balance. Antioxidants, such as vitamin E, C and selenium prevent cell damage. The primary function of vitamin C is the manufacture of collagen, an important protein for the structure of the skin. Vitamin C is both anti-oxidant and antiinflammatory. Vitamin A supports the immune system.

What about vitamin D? I recommend that you continue taking vitamin D in the summer and wear sun

block to protect yourself from UV DNA damage. Stress is a significant factor in skin conditions particularly how stress often drives habits such as decreased sleep, increased sugar and intake of processed foods. Oat, avena sativa, is useful for both anxiety and to support individuals with addictive habits.

What should be avoided in skin care products? Some general ingredients to avoid when looking at skin care products include the following: Avoid parabens as they are antiinflammatory. Note that triethanolamine is estrogen mimetic. Mineral oil clogs pores and ureas release toxins. Propylene glycol promotes aging and it is inflammatory.

What is sea buckthorn? Sea buckthorn (hippophae rhamnoides) is a powerful and now popular antioxidant that is high in omega three fatty acids, Continued on Page 6

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JULY 2011

Finding Your True Passion and Purpose By Deborah Koan Each one of us possesses an inherent quality, a need for passion and purpose in our lives. Without true passion, you’ll feel like something is missing in your life. You may not be able to put your finger on it, but you’ll know something isn’t right. You may search and try many things to fill the void, but nothing will do the trick for any length of time. It’s also possible for you to think you have found your purpose, but over time you find that you need more and more of it to get the same “high” as before. This means you haven’t found your true purpose. Your true purpose will satisfy you on a deep level, without the need for constant replenishment. When you’ve found your true passion and purpose, you will not only feel mentally and emotionally satisfied, you will also experience a sense of peace Offerings from the Earth! Books•Tarot•Astrology•Runes Statues•Fair Trade•Gifts•Incense Music•Oils•Aromotherapy•& More!!

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throughout your being. You will no longer need to reach outside of yourself to be fulfilled, by anything or anybody. Relationships will be a delightful bonus in your life, not a need. If you’ve found your passion, or if you’re on the right track, you won’t need to ask yourself, “Have I found it?” You’ll know it when you’re there. Here are steps you can take to achieve your true passion and purpose:

Your Natural Gift To find your true passion and purpose, you must first identify your natural gift. To do this, you’ll need to take a short trip back to your childhood. What came easy for you as a child? What did you feel most at home doing? Think of something that was fun for you, that you did because you liked it. What you’re looking for wasn’t an escape from an uncomfortable situation, and it wasn’t something you did to get attention. This is an activity you did for pure pleasure, to make yourself happy. When you were a child, did you spend time alone, or did you feel better around lots of friends? If you liked to be alone best, what did you do by yourself? Did you read or write stories? Were you creative? Did you make up a game to play by yourself? Don’t think about it too hard. Just clear your mind, ask yourself what was fun and easy to do when you were a child, and see what appears. If you liked being social as a child, what kind of interaction felt most natural to you? Did you organize all the neighborhood kids in a fun outdoor game? Did you tell stories to all the other kids? Whatever your

childhood gift was, you will have the same gift as an adult. This gift comes from a pure place of reference, without a negative attachment to escapism or as a cry for attention. What you’re good at, what comes easy to you, is your natural gift. Your natural gift will always translate into your true passion and purpose.

Your True Passion Your true passion carries an emotion that stems from your natural gift. Your true passion will bring excitement as well as a sense of calm to your being. True passion doesn’t equate to a constant “high.” It’s a unique emotion that runs through your entire body and soul, satisfying you completely. You’ll know it when you feel it, because you can’t fake it. Finding your true passion can be an amazing experience. You might find yourself trying to speed up the process, to get wherever you think you’re going as quickly as possible. Do your best to be in the moment and enjoy the process. You’re on your way to something absolutely amazing.

Your True Purpose Now that you know what your natural gift is and how your true passion feels, it’s time to create your purpose. Get out a pen and paper. At the top of the paper, write down your natural gift. Under your gift, write all the different ways a person can perform your gift. Brainstorm is the key word. Think big, think expansive and be sure to write down any ideas you have. Ask a friend for help if you get stuck. Remember: you’re writing down all of the


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options for anyone, not yourself. Try to list at least five ways of using your gift. Now look at your list. Do you see one or more items that resonate with you? Most likely this will be pretty obvious. Go with your gut, feel what stirs you inside. Pay attention to your first thought or feeling, this will be your intuition speaking to you. After that first thought or feeling, your mind will likely try to talk you out of what you heard or felt. Your mind likes to overpower your intuition. Know this going in so you can catch yourself. Listen to your first intuitive thought or feeling. This will be your true purpose.

Putting it all together The definition of a purpose is an objective, a chosen direction, an intent. This means it’s an action. To form an action, you need to know what you want

in order to go in the appropriate direction. You started by making a list of tasks which stemmed from your natural gift and true passion. Then you chose one or more tasks from that list as your purpose. Because you began this process with your natural gift, you’ve now found your true purpose. Passion and purpose are essential components in our lives. We all crave passion and are driven to find our purpose. If these needs aren’t met, you will feel empty, lost, or even depressed. Follow these steps. Take it slow and be in the moment. Use your intuition, and enjoy the journey. Living your life to your full potential, and knowing that you’ve found your true passion and purpose is unlike anything else. It’s extraordinary. Deborah’s practice is about transforming the patterns of the past, so you can live more fully in the present. Deborah is a reader at New Renaissance in Portland, Ore. She creates a monthly podcast and blog, and she has a meditation CD.

All’s Well: The Health of Your Skin Continued from Page 5 vitamin E, phytosterols, vitamin C, vitamin B12, omega 7 and many other nutrients. Omega 7 supports mucous membrane regeneration. Traditionally, sea buckthorn has been used in skin support. It is anti-microbial, including anti-fungal. Both the berry and leaves of sea buckhorn are high in quercetin, a flavonoid, which is both an anti-histamine and antiinflammatory. Sea buckthorne is touted for its anti-aging properties. Topically, sea buckthorn

is used to help reverse the effects of radiation therapy as well as facial care. In addition to the skin, the gastric mucosa, gums and dry mucous membranes throughout the body have benefited from the nutrients and essential fatty acids in sea buckthorn. It is available both as an oil and in softgels. The summer is a great time to appreciate our skin, both its appearance and the way it protects and nourishes our body. When there is a rash or blemish, it is a great opportunity to give thanks for the message and

look at what is happening in our inner world. Moira Fitzpatrick is a naturopathic physician and licensed clinical psychologist, who practices in the Northgate area of Seattle. She practices functional medicine, is a primary care provider and specializes in the unique health concerns of women. Dr. Elizabeth Smoots, MD a holistic physician will be joining the Emerald Center for Integrative Medicine on July 1, 2011. Dr. Fitzpatrick can be reached at (206) 525-5576.

Kathryn Lafond – Intuitive Energy Healing Spiritual Guidance Soul Messages Health Coaching

206-842-5330, 206-941-6714 •

Are you energetically stuck in your life, career, or relationships? Let me help you open to your spiritual aspirations! I employ a variety of techniques, such as: • EFT

(Emotional Freedom Technique) (Eye Movement Therapy)


• Lifespan Integration and Rebirthing • Meditation Instruction

(CD samples on website)

• Clinical Hypnotherapy • Voice Dialogue

(sub-personality parts work)

Sue Neufeld-Ellis, LMHC, CSAT, RN 29 years experience | Most insurance plans accepted | Bellevue office, (425) 455-4207

JULY 2011

Drumming Up Your Optimum Brain Waves

By Paul Timo

In February of 2010, I spontaneously began drumming on my Native American drum for up to two and a half hours at a time. That began a turn of events that continues to enrich and expand my life. Right away, I noticed a difference in the sound of the drum as compared to when I’d drummed before. Often, I heard both high and low tones occurring at the same time. Before, drumming had always made me feel good. What was new was that I started receiving lots of creative ideas. Also, I’m feeling more intuitive now than I’ve ever felt. Before drumming, I never felt I was intuitive. I’m learning how listening to the sound of

Paul Timo says that shamanic drumming uses a repetitive sequence with which to impose a pattern to the brain. The mind fixates on the monotonous rhythm, and the chatter and any sense of emotional distress ceases, leaving behind silence. shamanic drumming, whether from a drum or a CD, can help one take advantage of strengths that are associated with particular brain wave activity states, that may not be available otherwise when one might prefer to access them. At any time we can choose to attract the particular brain waves that may benefit us the most. Which to use depends on what we want to do, or what aspects of our lives we wish to improve. I’m not talking about the practice of shamanic journeying that cannot be achieved by simply listening. It requires specific mental action and discipline, and a knowledge of inner worlds, etc. There are four major brain wave states: beta, delta, alpha and theta. Beta is associated with normal daily routine living. It’s measured at 12 to 40 cycles per second on an electroencephalograph (EEG). It’s the fastest of the brain waves. During any day, one experiences all the brain waves, but mainly they’re engaged in beta. It’s prevalent when one is being logical. It’s helpful when one needs extra energy, like when they’re competing athletically. It’s beneficial when one is taking a test. It’s preferable when one

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needs to think fast. Beta is not relaxed in the least. Delta is the brain wave state associated with deep sleep. It measures at zero to four cycles per second on an EEG. In this state one doesn’t remember their dreaming. They’re seemingly unconscious. It’s where one is when they are engaged in an out of body experience. Only people comparable to advanced monk meditators can reach the delta state by meditating. Delta is beneficial in terms of melatonin, controlling cortisol levels, and with anti-aging. The alpha brain wave state is measured at eight to 12 cycles per second. We’re in alpha when we’re daydreaming. It’s preferable for creative visualization. Yoga increases alpha waves. With alpha prevalent, one has less fear, and is less nervous. One’s



problem solving ability, and the ability to learn, are improved. There’s less anxiety, less stress and less tension. A person’s sense of calm, as well as their creativity, are enhanced. With meditation, there’s an increase in alpha brain waves. In alpha, people feel more of a sense of flow in their lives. Healing occurs more readily, as the immune system is enhanced. These brain waves are like a natural antidepressant. People tend to feel more balanced, and their emotional nature is more uplifting. Theta is measured at four to seven cycles per second. When theta brain waves are dominant, people are more creative. They dream more, and they more easily engage in extra sensory perception (ESP). They are able to solve problems more readily, maybe partly because they have more mental focus. They are healthier, and their learning ability is improved. It’s a very relaxed state. People often experience vibrant mental imagery here. Rapid drumming of a particular speed alone can stimulate theta. The high and low tones of shamanic drumming also contribute. The high overtones stimulate the alpha state and the low undertones stimulate theta activity. When one is able to access the theta and/or alpha brain wave states on purpose, whenever they want, they have a huge advantage. One can be the best they can possibly be, optimizing the use of the brain wave type that is best suited for what they will be engaging in, or for what aspects of their life they want to improve. What a wonderful resource we can tap into during our waking hours, time that is usually dominated by beta brain waves.


People do many things on a daily basis to feel better. This method can allow not only that, but can serve them for many other purposes at the same time. Please use a search engine to look up “effects of shamanic drumming.” There’s documented medical research plus other pertinent information on the many benefits from listening to drumming. The sound of any drumming modulates brain wave frequency for anyone listening. There are many benefits that can come from that alone. I think everyone should have their own personal drum, and/or drumming CD. One can listen to a CD anywhere using a walkman or an iPod, and not disturb anyone. It doesn’t take much to try it, to see if it helps. Centralia Fur and Hide has drum kits for $60. It’s where I got mine. If everyone was drumming and/or listening to the sound of drumming on a CD, the consciousness of the planet would be less fearful, more relaxed. We need that these days. People could help themselves to feel better, as needed, easily and effortlessly. What’s more natural than beating a drum, or as easy as listening to a CD? With the sound, our brains can change automatically, and at the same time our lives can be improved drastically. Paul Timo performs for groups, audiences. He also shares an 80-minute program on the history/ benefits of drumming, including a live segment that releases mind chatter quickly. His CD, Listen to Spirit, is also melodically beautiful and motivating. You can contact Paul at

Understand your animal friends Martha Norwalk is an animal behavior therapist with over 35 years of professional experience and service. She also hosts her own radio show, Martha Norwalk’s Animal World, Sunday mornings on Alternative Talk AM 1150. She is available for private sessions, either in your home or over the phone. With her holistic approach, Martha can help you understand your animal friends and solve any behavior, training or healing issues that they might be having. Martha’s rates are surprisingly affordable so call now for a free/no obligation telephone evaluation.

Martha’s Canine, Feline and All CreatureCounseling (360) 217-7258




JULY 2011

What is Energy Healing? By Barbara Candiotti

Have you ever considered getting an energy healing but didn’t because you weren’t quite sure what it was? If so, this article is for you. There are many types of energy healing modalities; this article is specifically about energy healers who work with universal energy. A good definition of energy healing is: A therapeutic treatment that helps someone shed energy that is not in their

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highest and best good and replaces it with source energy. Source energy is also called universal energy. This energy comes directly from the god or divine spirit source. Energy that would be considered not in someone’s highest and best good is often called negative energy. This could be in the form of stress, anxiety, fear, doubt, anger, etc. Sometimes it can also be deep wounds, either emotional or physical, that are held in the etheric body. A skilled energy healer basically gives your energetic body a soothing bath, clearing out any energy that is not in your highest and best good. This assists on four levels: • Physical – Brings calmness and relaxation. • Mental – Removes stress and anxiety. • Emotional – Releases trapped energy in Chakras. • Spiritual – Raises your vibration, helping you become more attuned to your own inner guidance.

What to expect during an energy healing session The setting for an energy healing is similar to what you would expect from a massage treatment. You will typically enjoy a comfortable setting, soothing music, and the work done while you lay on a massage table. The big difference is that energy healers, for the most part, do not touch you; they do their work on your energetic body. This means the energy healer’s hands may be inches to a foot or two from your body, but not directly touching you. Just as massage therapists ask you to drink lots of water after a session so too do energy healers. The water serves to flush out any residual negative energy and to refresh you. It is common to fall asleep during an energy healing session. This is normal and nothing to be worried about. Once the energy healing is over you may feel as though you have just awoken from a deep sleep. You may need a little time to reorient yourself. Feel free to sit up on the massage

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Try doing energy healing on yourself First, choose a time and place where you will not be disturbed. Sit or lie down and spend a few minutes relaxing with a few deep breaths. When you are relaxed say a prayer such as: “Divine Spirit, I ask for the gift of healing and I ask for your protection.” At this point you may feel tingling or warmth in the palm of your hands. If you have a specific area of your body you want to focus on place the palms of your hands there. If not, just visualize yourself surrounded by beautiful energy, as if in a bubble. Imagine energy flowing from the divine source, connecting to you and flowing through your hands, filling up this bubble. It may be helpful to imagine this energy as a color. White, gold, or pink are good choices for healing energy. Fifteen to 20 minutes is a good amount of time to begin with. As you practice this you may increase the time if you would like. When you are done say a closing prayer such as: “Divine Spirit, thank you for the gift of healing and I ask that all conditions be removed.” You may do this as often as you like. If you feel you would like to experience an energy healing from a practitioner, it is most important that you feel at ease and resonate with them. Feel free to ask questions regarding their training, practice and how they work. You may even ask for references. A last piece of advice is to trust your intuition in your selection of an energy healer. You will be guided to the right person for you. Barbara Candiotti is an intuitive energy healer. She provides this service in Seattle. She can be reached through her website at



table for a few minutes, until you fully awaken. Sipping a glass of water is also a good idea at this time. Most people immediately feel extremely relaxed and energized at the same time. They want to use this influx of revitalizing energy to do many things, like chores or housework. However, it is best not to do this. It is recommended instead to just rest and take the rest of the day off. The purpose in doing this is to allow the fresh energy to sink deeply in for your highest and best good. Everyone can make use of universal energy as it is our divine right as human beings. If you would like to try energy healing on yourself I would recommend the following.

Christine Upchurch, M.S.

Reconnective Healing Instructor offering

Healing Sessions Reconnections Distance Healing Practitioner Classes Practitioner Mentoring Eastside Office:


“There are no words to describe how my life has been transformed by Christine’s amazing gift to facilitate healing.” —K.V., Bellevue, WA • •

JULY 2011




Your Beautiful Face: Seeing The Whole Picture Dear Jean, I’ve always hated my high forehead. Is there anything good about having a high forehead?

without having had some time to learn what to do or how to do it. You don’t necessarily enjoy learning in a hands-on way but instead want some time to research and study. For instance, if you’re planning a holiday in Europe, you may research tons of travel sites online, read all the books you can get your hands on, map out the best routes for your trip, and pack a list of all the museum hours, and the restaurants you want to visit. If your travel companion has a short by Jean Haner forehead, you’ll need to be aware that Jean’s reply: they think all that time spent analyzing in This way of being is a part Before I talk advance is a tedious waste of the reason the Western of time and would diminish about your beautiful mind hasn’t been as easily their enjoyment of the trip. able to understand the They might prefer to land forehead, let’s take a interconnectedness of all life and see what happens from as the Asian mind has. In Asia, moment here because there, certain they can figure the tendency is to have a more it out as they go. Neither way you’re not alone in how holistic or global view of things is wrong but it can really rather than judging them as one help to understand why you you feel. Everyone I meet thing or the other. In fact, there might feel anxious if you have been scientific studies has some aspect of their were made to approach the that show this. For instance, trip this way, and why you’d face that bothers them. they’ve found that when a be inclined to judge them Westerner looks at a painting, as impulsive or unprepared. And I love to watch them they immediately focus on one And it can help you design object in the image; the journey in a way that can light up when they discover individual the tree in the foreground or fit both your needs as much the person walking down the the positive message that as possible. road. Then they look for another Your high forehead is just feature reveals. individual object and on from one of the messages your there. face reveals, that can help But first I’d really like to look at our But when an Asian person you understand yourself tendencies to judge ourselves so harshly. We views the same painting, they better, feel more comfortable seem hardwired to look for what’s wrong Any one part of our nature that’s proving to be a challenge for us needs look at both foreground and in your own skin, and be with us, to focus on the negative, and I to be understood within the context of the whole. When we can see the background at the same time, more true to your nature. think that’s due to a great extent upon our entire picture, suddenly we can see how to navigate our thoughts and taking in the whole picture As Oscar Wilde said, “Be conditioning from birth. We live in a culture feelings in a more balanced and successful way. And we can move into a instead of choosing any one yourself. Everyone else is where we’re taught to judge everything as place of compassion and acceptance, for ourselves and also for everyone detail. So there is no either/or; already taken.” “either/or.” It’s either good or bad, left or in our lives. there is instead a perception of right, vanilla or chocolate. We categorize the whole. To understand this Jean Haner is the everything this way and it doesn’t serve us global way of thinking, visualize a globe of have, we discover a corresponding strength. author of The Wisdom of Your Face, and well, because it leads us into the trap of the earth; it has a North Pole and a South They are interconnected, so if we got rid of The Wisdom of Your Child’s Face. With her thinking that if only we could get rid of the Pole. It can’t possibly have a North Pole or a the weakness, we’d also lose the strength. 25-year background in ancient Chinese bad, then everything would be all right. So any one part of our nature that’s principles of balance and health, Jean proving to be a challenge for us needs to places an emphasis on compassionate be understood within the context of the and affirming ways for people to live in whole. When we can see the entire picture, alignment with their own true selves and suddenly we can see how to navigate our look with love at everyone they encounter. Our advertisers have cooked up some thoughts and feelings in a more balanced If you have questions for Jean about your great specials for you to enjoy over and successful way. And we can move into own face or those in your life, please send the sumer months! Go to a place of compassion and acceptance, for them to or ourselves and also for everyone in our lives. mail them to New Spirit Journal, 14911 So, your beautiful high forehead shows Chain Lake Rd., #431, Monroe, WA 98272. and click on SummerCoupon Specials us that you probably love to study and Please visit www.wisdomofyourface. learn; that you’re highly analytical, and that com for information on workshops, to see what is there for you! you don’t like to be thrown into a situation consultations and Jean’s free newsletter.

The Wisdom Of Your Face

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South Pole. When it comes to looking at our human characteristics, this Asian way of perceiving things can really help us evolve beyond our restrictive Western judgment. Instead of thinking we have to eradicate the bad parts of ourselves, we can see them as one part of the whole; in other words, if we look on the other side of any weakness we think we




JULY 2011

Start your day in a powerful way and experience the difference from the inside out!

Collective Visioning: A Powerful Tool for Doing Change Interview with Linda Stout

By Kwami E. Nyamidie

with Weekday mornings on Seattle’s your hostsAlternative Talk Station, KKNW 1150 AM Brenda with your hosts Michaels Rob Spears and Brenda Michaels and KLCK 98.9 FM Digital HD Rob Spears KSBN 1230 AM in Spokane

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Join us on Wednesday, July 20 for an exciting interview with actress and author, Dee Wallace, to talk about her new autobiographical book, Bright Light – Spiritual Lessons from a Life in Acting. Many of you know Dee from the film ET: The Extraterrestrial. Dee has also starred in four television series, and more than 400 commericals.

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Personal Healing Consultations with Brenda Michaels or Rob Spears Get help to get beyond where you’re stuck with your physical, emotional and spiritual healing challenges. Visit for more information or call (425) 427-6730 for an appointment.

For over 30 years, Linda Stout has been working to empower people to create just and sustainable communities across America. She grew up in extreme poverty in rural Appalachia. She dropped out of college because her father, a tenant farmer, couldn’t raise the $500 she needed to supplement her scholarship. Linda then worked at a hosier mill. When she couldn’t endure the widespread racism, sexism, and classism there, she left the company and worked for a human rights legal firm. In the midLinda Stout says that after many years of organizing poor eighties, Linda founded the Piedmont Peace Project which people in rural North Carolina, she realized that to effect lasting success it was necessary to be part of a broader brought water and sewers to impoverished communities in movement for change. That led her to movement-building North Carolina and registered which bridges class, race, and culture. thousands of poor black and white farmers, workers and Through Spirit in Action, an organization housewives to vote. The Piedmont Peace she founded in 2000, Linda demonstrates Project was so successful that the moveher conviction that we can create a betment received the National Grassroots ter world for ourselves and our children’s Peace award. children. Collective Visioning: How Today, Linda’s workshops, lectures and Groups Can Work together for a Just and community building programs have gained Sustainable Future shows us how. Linda’s national attention. She is the author of first book, Bridging the Class Divide with Collective Visioning: How Groups Can a foreword by the late Howard Zinn, came Work Together for a Just and Sustainable out in 1996. Future (May 2011, Barrett-Koehler). Ted Continued on Page 14 Terkels profiled her in Hope Dies Last.

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JULY 2011


Innate Animal Intelligence Part 2 Picking up where I left off last month, I was telling you about my experience with flies. I had totally ruined my relationship with them because of my impatience. In an effort to get them out of my house I had unintentionally killed a few of them. Well, that is all it took and they no longer trusted me. I was blown away by how smart they were at avoiding my capture. I found it hard to believe that they were smart enough to hide from me and then sneak a peek to determine when it was safe to come out. The situation I was dealing with was unique to the house I was then living in. One would think it was over when I sold that house and moved, but that proved not to be the case. In columns past I have told you that I believe there is a spiritual/metaphysical connection between members of specific species, each having their own overlighting deva. When I am dealing with an issue involving living creatures and I begin to communicate with them, I call forth

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the presence of the particular overlighting deva. I then speak to both the deva and the individuals involved. I also believe that when you heal your relationship with the individuals it is felt throughout the species and the healing effects are universal with all members of that species. Back to the flies. When I moved into my new house about a year and a half ago, I was not thinking about flies. I was so delighted to have found my own little piece of heaven on earth, that flies were the furthest thing from my mind, until of course, I noticed a familiar pattern developing. Lots of flies were getting into my house. Mind you, because of my cats, I never have open windows or doors without secure screens. Even so, I had lots of flies getting in somehow. Again, I tried talking to them and visualizing the way out. When that didn’t work I asked them to let me catch them and put them out. They were ignoring me and I couldn’t even get close to them. One day toward the end of last summer, there was a fly on a window in a bedroom of my house. I had time, so out of desperation and truly wanting to heal my relationship with flies, I sat down on the bed in that room far enough away from the window that the fly was not concerned. I opened my heart and spoke to the fly. I explained myself to this little one and offered the most heartfelt apology I could muster. I literally begged this fly to forgive me and then I cried. I then asked the fly to trust me and give me another chance to prove myself. Slowly I got up and offered my hand to the fly. I visualized the fly walking onto my hand and me then opening the window and letting it out. To my amazement it worked! The fly jumped on my hand, I opened the window and stuck my hand out so it could fly away. Wow. What a healing it was. I expressed my gratitude to the overlighting deva and that was it. I really mean that was it. There has not been a fly in my house since that day. That is until last week when one came in through the cat door. I spoke to it and it left immediately. When I approached my front door the other day there were several large flies circling between the door and me. I asked them to leave so I could enter without them coming in. They did. So, finally all is well once again with Martha and the kingdom of flies. I have found this same connectedness and innate intelligence to exist with both slugs and moles as well. Both being very common “pests” this time of year I want to share with you how I have learned to deal with them. I have found them to be very intelligent – especially the moles – and both have strong survival skills. I have also found that simply talking to them and asking them to leave rarely works. This approach can be effective if you can provide them with their own area that is acceptable to you but those areas must be as good as the areas you are asking them to avoid. In my experience this is not often possible. When I have tried asking them to leave without a good, close place for them

Our Animal Friends

by Martha Norwalk

to go, the slugs and moles have told me that the flowers or the worms are just too good to leave. What I have learned from these creatures is that in order to get them to leave on their own, you must be very serious about dealing with them and you must be willing to kill them. Yikes. Hollow threats do not work because they somehow know when you are serious or not. I learned this from the slugs many years ago. I actually have a pretty good rapport with slugs. I think that is because when I was a child I adopted a family of yellow banana slugs while visiting my grandparents in California. I refused to leave without them so they came home with us to Washington. You can bet my family loved that.



I always talk to slugs whenever I see them. I thank them for eating my weeds. If they are in an acceptable place, I tell them so and leave them alone. If they are not, I use a leaf and pick them up and transport them to an acceptable location. Whenever I plant flowers in an area they can access, I warn the slug deva that if they come around they will die. Then I put down the smallest amount of Deadline (my current product of choice) to protect the area. I like Deadline because it is a liquid and is not easily eaten by other animals. However, you do have to be careful with it because it is toxic to animals. I never use the powdered Corry’s slug bait product because it is so attractive and toxic to our animal friends. This year I plan to switch to Sluggo, an organic slugbait that is safe to use around domestic animals. I am happy to report that I rarely find dead slugs around my flowers as long as I warn them ahead of time. Next month I promise to get to the moles and you will be astonished at what I have to report. Martha Norwalk is an animal behavior therapist and host of Martha Norwalk’s Animal World, Sunday mornings, from 9 a.m. to noon on Alternative Talk AM 1150. She can be reached at Martha’s Canine, Feline and All Creature Counseling at (360) 217-7258 or www.marthanorwalk. com. For a free, no obligation telephone evaluation or to make an appointment for Martha to work with you and your animal friend, give her a call.

Learn the principals of conscious creating, become the Intentional Creator of your life! “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” ~ Shakespeare (Hamlet) “What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that in the receiving and then ye shall have them.” ~ The Bible

“Outward flow determines inward flow. Act as if you have it, and it will come.” ~ Echkart Tolle “You are the power in your world! You get to have whatever you choose to think.” ~ Louise Hay

“The law of life can work for you only as it works through your thought patterns. Since it is possible to control your thoughts, it is possible to control your destiny.” ~ Ernst Holmes

Offering classes on How the Universe Works,Principles and Practice,to small groups by appointment. Call 425-422-4950 or e-mail at Presented by Valeria Vata Rae ~ 40 years of study, practice and teaching of spiritual traditions and self-help techniques, author of The Body Beautiful Inspirational Card Deck, ceremonial leader, amateur photographer, psychologist and professional organizer.

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JULY 2011

On The Bookshelf

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Focused Meditations to Quiet Your Mind, Brighten Your Mood and Set Yourself Free By John Selby New World Library This book allows the reader to benefit from over 40 years of experience and research into meditation and how to use the meditative energy to live a happier life. John Selby studied with meditation expert Alan Watts, who challenged Selby to study the world’s meditation traditions, find the common ground among them, formulate an approach based on this and then teach it. This book is the result of the last 40 years. You might think the author’s journey would result in a heavy and ponderous scholarly treatise that makes meditation a difficult nut to crack. Not so. This is one of the most user-friendly meditation books I have ever seen. Based on the use of 12 focus phrases that can be used all day long, Selby teaches us how to bring meditation into the everyday world as well as enjoying it on the meditation mat or chair. He teaches a process for anchoring the 12 phrases in such a way that meditation becomes a way of life rather than something one does in the morning and then forgets about until the next morning. This is a valuable book that anyone on the spiritual path will enjoy and be able to use.

The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita As Explained by Paramhansa Yogananda and As Remembered by his disciple Nayaswami Kriyananda Crystal Clarity Publishers At 613 pages, this book is probably not one you will carry around with you physically. It is, however, a book you will find yourself carrying around in your heart and mind. It seems the Bhagavad Gita (The Gita), also known as the Hindu Bible, is making itself more widely known in recent years. People such as Neale Donald Walsch, Caroline Myss, and Jean Houston have read The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita and praise it highly. The Gita is a handbook for living the spiritual life and this particular interpretation and explanation offers guidance of tremendous depth. The meanings of the Gita are given through the soul of well-known and loved Paramhansa Yogananda. Nayaswami Kriyananda studied and lived with this master during the last three years of his life and Kriyananda is also the founder of the Ananda Church of SelfRealization. The Gita is explained in ways that are meaningful to people living in this century, facing the challenges of the modern world. No area of life is left out. Many people have attempted to translate and explain the Gita but what we are given is not always translatable to living in today’s world. If you find yourself drawn to the Gita in any way, you owe it to yourself to get this book. Read it once for an overview. Then plan on

studying it and applying it for the rest of your life.

Navigating the Collapse of Time

A Peaceful Path Through the End of Illusions by David Ian Cowan Foreward by Barbara Hand Clow Weiser Books With all the talk of 2012 and the Mayan calendar, there are starting to be a lot of books addressing the issues of prophecies and possible global events. This book brings together many of the different ideas that are presented: the Mayan, Aztec, and Incan writings, quantum physics, philosophy, illusion and reality and the writings of such teachers as Ken Carey, Barbara Hand Clow, Gary Renard, and many others. Some authors who try to address this upcoming time period end up presenting a work that is difficult to read and even more difficult to apply to one’s life. Navigating the Collapse of Time is different. Not only will you get a good slice of understanding from many different viewpoints, you will also be given some very practical ways to deal with what is going on today and with what might be coming up in the near future.

When God Steps in, Miracles Happen

to saving someone from committing suicide, people share events that can only be described as having some sort of divine intervention. Walsch is quick to point out that these stories are not the exception because such divine communications happen to everyday people all the time. This is a great inspirational book, one you will probably want to share with others.

The Bowl of Light

Ancestral Wisdom from a Hawaiian Shaman By Hank Wesselman Sounds True Lots of people are drawn to Hawaii and to the shamanic practices that have a rich tradition in the islands. Hank Wesselman, Ph.D., is a paleoanthropologist who had these teachings passed down to him from a Kahuna elder, Hale Makua. This book reads like a spiritual novel as we walk with him while he spent time with the elder. Before passing, the shaman gave permission for some of this sacred spiritual knowledge to be shared openly. You’ll learn about rituals for communing with nature, the three directives of the spiritual warrior and the “Bowl of Light,” the vessel for our divine essence and how we must care for it. Most people won’t ever be able to study at the feet of a Hawaiian shaman. This book more than meets the standard of being “the next best thing!”

By Neal Donald Walsch Hampton Roads If you’re like me, you love feel-good stories that remind you “God’s in his heaven and all’s right with the world.” The author of Conversations with God shares stories from people of all walks of life, all over the planet, people who have had their own connection with what they call God. From being saved from certain accident

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Replenishing Your Energy Using Pranic Healing By Meaghan Kaul

Ask any random sample of 100 people how many of them feel rested, energized, joyful, and mentally clear, and you’d be lucky to encounter even one. Most of us lead fastpaced, even hectic lives that involve not only many hours of work at our jobs but social and family responsibilities as well. Self-care, including getting plenty of sleep, personal time, vacation, or other re-charging activities unfortunately often goes out the window. While I strongly advocate making any and all possible arrangements to prevent habits, scheduling, and people from draining you, there may inevitably be periods where there is more going on than usual. It is at these times when it is even more critical that we pay attention to managing our energy. When I speak of energy, I mean prana, also called life force, ki, or chi. This is the subtle etheric matter that permeates our physical bodies and gives us the fuel to heal, think, and perform everyday activities. Because we use this as fuel, we need plenty of it to keep us going, keep us healthy, and keep us mentally stable. When we get busy and perform more activities, including caring for others, we naturally use more of this energy. Predictably, our supply runs low when we don’t replenish it. I want to say first and foremost, time for relaxation and replenishment is not a luxury. It is a necessity. When your car has used its tank of gas, does it keep going by magic? No, you go to the gas station and refuel. Your body is the same way. To create output, it needs input. It is very simple, yet to many, being run-down is their natural state, and they rarely question it. They even feel guilty for refueling. For the healers and caregivers: It is wonderful to give, but if you can’t also

receive, how do you expect to keep on giving, let alone stay healthy? The very first step toward regaining your energy is to cut negative cords. As pranic healing explains in detail, when we are negatively attached to something, such as a stressful issue, an etheric cord connects from us to that issue. You are thereby either inviting negative energy into your system or draining your own energy and life force. Sometimes, we can have even dozens of these. Negative cords can also form between us and those that are subconsciously in need of energy, as they latch onto us energetically, and from any distance. These could be friends in need, clients, patients, or anyone we come into contact with. The good news is that cutting these takes only seconds. Imagine that they reach out from you horizontally. Gather them in a bundle and hold them in a fist. With the other hand, make a cutting motion, say “cut,” and and imagine them severed. You will likely feel lighter immediately. You can do this a couple of times to be thorough. You can also do this many times throughout the day. As a healer, counselor, or anyone who helps people regularly, you must always cut the connection after each session with them or they will often stay connected to you and drain you unknowingly. As my favorite pranic healing instructor says, “Cut the cord between you and your client, unless you want to take them home with you.” Next: give yourself plenty of sleep. This is the most effective physical- and energyrecharging process we have. Sleeping is free, effortless, and aids the body in more ways than could ever be listed or even understood. Science has barely scratched the surface of this mysterious and utterly necessary daily practice. Sleep is your natural recharging mechanism, where the wise body completely takes over and takes care of us. We only need to get out of the way and let this happen. I so often hear people say, “I only need seven hours of sleep” or even less. Those who truly need so little are much rarer than we think. Remember that even the tiniest amount of light has been proven to wake us. Unless you are in an absolutely pitch-black room where you can’t even find your way to the door, you do not know if you have woken up naturally. Another way to find out is to use an eye mask. Many people, after wearing an eye mask, are shocked to find that they sleep one to two hours longer than normal. The next most important way to

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used up prana. Exercise is next. Ironically, exercise actually charges the body with energy, rather than draining it. As regular exercisers know, they feel more energized and clear on the days that they exercise. In pranic healing, we learn that when the body moves, the chakras begin to spin rapidly and expel dirty energy. By expelling dirty energy and blockages, tons of fresh prana pours in to replace it. This is even more powerful when we exercise outside where fresh prana is absolutely unlimited and charged with the powerful energy of the earth and sun. Exercising outdoors can be an ecstatic experience. If you are in a hurry and need a quick pick-me-up, simply do seven cycles of pranic breathing. It is amazingly simple, yet powerful. Inhale for six counts, hold for three, exhale for six counts, hold for three. This is one cycle. This breathing technique brings in tons of energy immediately. I hope you will try integrating these powerful techniques into your life for a healthier, happier, and energized you.

An important way to energetically charge yourself is through meditation, which allows you to take in energy without quickly using it up. energetically charge yourself is through meditation. Thinking requires energy. When we stop, we can take in energy without quickly using it up. Most of our thought processes are not only unnecessary, but harmful, and this is a very big waste of energy. A very, very powerful meditation for charging your energy body rapidly is the Meditation on Twin Hearts, created by Master Choa Kok Sui, founder of pranic healing. You can participate in this meditation weekly for free, and meditate with many others around the world by listening to a live stream of it atwww. As observed by clairvoyants, tremendous amounts of spiritual energy come down and literally flood the body when this meditation is performed. It also flushes out congested,

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Collective Visioning: An Interview with Linda Stout Continued from Page 10 Kwami Nyamidie: You spice your new book with several stories. Can you share one of them? Linda Stout: One of the inspiring ones is in the first chapter. It’s the story

of Ninth Ward kids in New Orleans, right after Hurricane Katrina. We did visioning together about what they wanted to do in their schools as the schools started to rebuild. They came up with very powerful hopes; things like bath-

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as salad bars and maintain a school garden. These kids actually got it to the point where they went into designing schools, and came second in a national contest about how to build green sustainable schools. They have now


Why does your face show frustration, even depression?


rooms with toilet, paper, and soap; having their own desks and textbooks that weren’t outdated. They went on not only to redesign schools, but they got rules passed. For instance, new schools now have to have healthy food options such

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graduated from high school and have gone on to further education. Now they are working in restorative justice circles, becoming powerful leaders. They credit visioning as a first step towards what they want to do and what they want to learn. These powerful young organizers and leaders are making a huge difference in the ways the schools are being built in New Orleans. Kwami: So, what’s the story behind Collective Visioning? Linda: It comes out of many years of organizing, particularly in rural North Carolina with poor people, and realizing that no matter how successful we were, and how powerful we became, unless we were part of a broader movement for change we weren’t going to be successful in changing our lives for the long term. That led me to movement-building that was inclusive for poor white people and people of color. At that time, there wasn’t anything that I felt was inclusive. I started asking, “How do we build a movement that was inclusive and represented different voices and bridges class, race, culture, and even the ways we might work with different issues?” We began to build a national movement that became quite successful. The difference was that we were working from a place of heart – or what I sometimes call spirit – and working from a place of relationship, and telling our stories, and building trust in order to create the ability to work strongly and quicker. This then led me to want to share the story with other people and then to write this book. Kwami: How did you get into organizing people? Linda: I grew up in poverty, the daughter of a tenant farmer and a 13th-generation Quaker. Even though our meetings weren’t activist meetings, I certainly learned the values of justice, equality, and equity. My dream was to go to college. Because of money, I wasn’t able to go, but I was the first in my family to graduate from high school. I went to work in the tobacco fields and then I went to work in the textile mills. There I started asking, “How do we change things in our community as poor people?”

And I was very fortunate to meet a wonderful woman called Septima Clark, whom some refer to now as the “Grandmother of the Civil Rights Movement.” She mentored me on how to mentor people and then I went to my own community. Kwami: What is your vision for America and for the world? Linda: I would love for us to live together in peace, protecting and allowing the earth to be healthy instead of poisoning her and ourselves as we are doing now. I would like for us to figure out how to live in sustainable ways with each other across boundaries and differences. I would like us to educate our children in powerful ways to become leaders. I think the public education system severely lacks the power to prepare our children for the future. There are so many examples of these kinds of positive things happening that it can be held up to show that “Yes! It is possible!” I give examples in the book about successful projects realized through visioning that no one would have believed possible. Kwami: If our readers wish to bring change to their communities, how could they go about it? Linda: I laid out the steps in Collective Visioning by saying that you have to begin first by getting every voice at the table. We believe very strongly that you have to have the diversity of race and that you have to have all the stakeholders at the table including the low-income people. Traditionally, this work is done based on the middle class white male model, and then people get isolated. We have to create a really welcoming open space for people to build trust and bring their whole selves to the table or into the room. There are a lot of steps in preparing for that. Next, we begin the work of building trust and telling our stories and visioning collectively to find out where is it we want to go. Out of that, the plan for what we want to do first flows easily. Visit Linda Stout’s official web site: Spirit In Action: http:// spiritinaction.wordpress. com/. Kwami E. Nyamidie is a spiritual director and can be reached at (206) 407-8980 or at

JULY 2011

The benefits of mindfulness By Kimberly Palm, C.M.I.

There are some people on the planet who are always calm and happy. Some of those people are probably practicing some form of meditation every day. However, the majority of the people on earth are stressed out, suffering, and need something to help them deal with life. I would like to discuss with you a few of the many things that cause problems in our lives today. First of all, we all get stuck in the “if only” syndrome. If only I had more money, I would be happy. If only my spouse treated me better, I would be happy. Mindfulness teaches you to be happy with your life just the way it is. “You” need to make “you” happy. Things and people won’t ever make us happy. Once you get the thing you wanted, you may have some temporary false happiness and then you are unhappy again and start in with another, “if only.” Mindfulness teaches us to be happy and content by just “being in the moment,” and not expecting more all of the time. Second, we spend our entire lives judging everything and categorizing things as good, bad, or neutral. We run away and avoid the bad stuff. We chase after and constantly desire the good stuff and we ignore all the neutral stuff. Our constant judging of everything in life makes us suffer. Mindfulness trains our mind to accept everything in life as just stuff, instead of good, bad, or neutral. We see things as they are. One of my favorite things that mindfulness addresses is our constantly allowing things to affect us in a negative manner. We are the ones who make the choice of what affects us and what doesn’t. Mindfulness helps you to not let anything affect you positively or negatively because you do not judge things and events as they happen and you do not focus on them or take them personally. Instead, they are seen as just things and events that happen. They are not good or bad or neutral. They just are. Mindfulness, or present moment

awareness, also helps you to stop thinking about the past and all the bad things that happened there and stop worrying about the future and all the things you have to get done. Mindfulness teaches you to focus on the present moment and what is happening right now. There are also many other good things that being mindful addresses, like negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors, worrying and fear, over-thinking, poor health, illness, pains and aches and being mistreated by others.




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One cause of stress and suffering in our life is our constant need to hurry and get too many things done too quickly. When you are practicing mindfulness, which is “present moment awareness,” you learn to stop and smell all the roses and even ponder their form and color. If you are tired of living your life stressed out, worried, fearful, and unhappy, then why not start being mindful and practicing some present moment awareness. You can get started easily by spending each day of your life focusing on what you are doing at the moment and savoring every second. As thoughts, feelings, emotions and sensations come in and out of your mind, just give them bare notice without judgment or pondering, label the thoughts as “angry,” “fear,” or whatever they were about and then return to focusing on what you are doing in that moment. Do not judge anything as good or bad, just note them and return to what you are doing. Also do not go down the rabbit hole of allowing one thought to lead to another and another or you will be back in the trap of unhappiness. You can do this in the shower, while eating, washing dishes, having a conversation, or even while driving your car. If you want to get serious about mindfulness, purchase a copy of the book Mindfulness in Plain English, by Bhante Henepola Gunaratana. It is the best book ever written about the subject of mindfulness. You can research mindfulness and present moment awareness on the internet. You can also sign up for mindfulness meditation classes or mindfulness life coaching. For more information about mindfulness and meditation contact Kimberly Palm, C.M.I. at Body & Mind Healing (206) 484-0312 or

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Friday Night Gatherings 7-8:30, $10

July 1: The Astrology Salon July 8: Professional Psychic Training July 15: Intro to Tai Chi Chih July 22: Opening to Spirit: Let’s Talk! July 29: Spirit in Motion: Upper World Shamanic Journey

Spiritual Gallery & Bookstore

12727 Northup Way, Bellevue 425-885-7289

Weekend Daytime Classes (Please register)

July 2: Lenormand Cards 2, Saturday 12-3, $40 July 9: Reclaiming Your Power Through the Chakras, Saturday 10:30-1:30, $35 July 16: Reiki Level One, Saturday 10-6, $85 July 17: Reading Energy, Sunday 12-3, $35 July 24: Healing Meditations, Sunday 12-3, $35 July 30: Reiki Level Two, Saturday 10-6, $85 July 31: Tai Chi Chih: A Joyshop, Sunday 12-3, $30

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JULY 5 - GOOD COMPANY NETWORKING LUNCH. Join us for lunch and networking. Cost is the price of your lunch. More infomation can be found at Everett location: First Tuesday of the month:11:30-1 p.m. Alfy’s Pizza, 2317 Broadway, Everett. Salad bar and lunch specials. You don’t have to eat to join us but please do not bring in any outside food or drinks with you, at Alfy’s request. No reservations required. 425-356-7237.

GIFTS OF BEING CLASSES facilitates direct access to your inner wisdom. On-going the first 3 Mon. each month, 7-8:30pm, donation/drop-in, The Heart Of Wellness, 205 Clark Pl, Tumwater. For more info 360-866-9234.

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JULY 2011  

Welcome to the July issue of New Spirit Journal, Seattle's best-read alternative newspaper for spiritual independents. "Helping you create a...