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AUG. 2010

You Are What You Eat VOL.6, NO 4

An Interview with Dr. Deanna Minich Dr. Deanna Minich is on a mission: Inform the greatest number of people possible that they can connect with Spirit through their food. By Kwami E. Nyamidie When she was growing up in Chicago in the 1980s as a teenager, no one would have guessed that Dr. Deanna Minich would champion right eating or author nutrition books before turning 39. Chakra Foods for Optimum Health (2009), An A to Z Guide to Food Additives (2009) and Quantum Supplements (2010), all from Conari Press, are three books she has written so far. Others are on the way. When Dr. Minich was nine years old, her 28-year-old Lithuanian-American mother had a conversion experience. Her mother became a more devout Roman Catholic with a heightened awareness of what she fed her husband and three children. “When I went to school,” Dr. Minich remembers, “My mother packed a lunch box with dark brown bread sandwiches, instead of the fluffy white Wonder Bread. I would have peanut butter and banana on my sandwiches instead of peanut butter and jelly.” Despite her mother’s good intentions, young Deanna Minich didn’t like the fact that she was a different kid. As a girl scout, Dr. Minich had to bring her own food to camp and she couldn’t have Kool-aid. Her mother wouldn’t allow it. She had to bring her own jug of water. At home, her mother was so protective of her family that she wouldn’t even use a microwave, believing it altered the health qualities of food. Dr. Minich revolted against her mother’s excesses. Teenage freedom meant eating whatever she wanted. As a result, Dr. Minich found herself bingeing and eating emotionally. So how did a young woman who hated the eating habits of her eat-right mother become a Washington Department of Health certified nutritionist (C.N.), an American College of Nutrition Certified Nutrition Specialist (C.N.S.), and an elected Fellow of the American College of Nutrition? Dr. Minich did her premedical studies at Augustana College, a private, liberal arts institution in Rock Island, Ill. She went on to do graduate work in human nutrition and metabolism at the University of Illinois instead of doing medicine. In 1999 she obtained a doctorate degree in medical sciences and human nutrition from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

In addition to her science background, Dr. Minich is a yoga instructor and has been a student of the metaphysical teacher and founder of Quest-Fields, Patrice Connolly, and of the shamanic practitioner, Char Sundust of the Sundust Oracle Institute.

Deanna Minich says that because nourishment comes in many ways and the food you eat can harm or heal, what you eat can help or hinder your connection with Spirit. Being self-aware and listening to the body’s needs help you to connect with the source within. You need to not simply be mindful of your food; you must be “soulful” as well, infusing your food with spirit energy.

Standing on the two solid pillars of western science and ancient wisdom, Dr. Minich’s work in nutrition aims at healing a cultural and spiritual malaise. Most people feel disconnected from their inner selves. This sense of disconnection leads to stress. Unattended stress can turn into crisis. A body in crisis may not reach its potential. “People are disconnected. The body is here. The mind is somewhere out there,” says the food and spirit coach. “Because the heart and mind are not unified, people get stress, they get disease, they get symptoms which lead to a crisis, and a spiritual death.” The solution to this body and soul divorce is to reconcile the heart and the mind, something more and more people are achieving through practices such as tai-chi, yoga, and meditation. But there is a less obvious way to fix the broken body-spirit link. “One of the ways is something that we have in front of us every single day. Every time we eat is an opportunity to get that connection,” says Dr. Minich, whom we interviewed this summer at the Real Foods store on Bainbridge Island. Many people find it difficult to connect with the food they eat. The average food travels 1,500 miles to our plates. Most people don’t eat what is locally produced, as they reach for the convenient, processed, wrap-it-up, packaged, give-it-tome-quick food. There is hardly any connection to the food and spirit there. So how do you connect with Spirit through the food that you eat? One way to connect with your body is by being present to the food you are eating. You connect with your emotions by being in tune with your feelings and using your intuition to choose what you need to eat at the moment. “Do you need nourishment in the form of food, drink, company, or activity?” Since nourishment comes in many ways, and the food you eat can harm or heal, what you eat can help or hinder your connection with spirit. Being selfaware and listening to the body’s needs help you to connect with the source within. You need to not simply be mindful of your food; you must be “soulful” as well, infusing your food with spirit energy. Continued on Page 12





Inner Smile and The Paradox of Slowing Down When we simply slow down, we have more time to realize what and how we really want. We have more time to evaluate and realize what is worth wanting and doing, and what is not. By Martina Pribylakova We are used to holding a lot of tension in our bodies, having lots of inner fears. We are so used to being in the state of a permanent pressure psychic and physical that most of us do not even know what it is like to feel relaxed and relieved, light and somewhat empty. The level of stress increases in what we consider psychically demanding situations. But in such situations, what we often forget is to slow down, back off to get a larger picture of the situation and what is going on, and realize that we have choices. We do not need to repeat the same, ineffective behavioral patterns that we are used to. (“Habit is an iron shirt.”) There is one tiny, little, simple thing with immense impact — one of just a few that everyone is given — to redeem oneself. It is a smile. In difficult situations, a smile helps us change perspective, and back-off to get a larger picture. A smile helps us realize that difficult situations may not be that difficult; it helps our fears

let go. It helps us realize that “you” may be as important as “I,” and sometimes even more. A smile helps provide humor, ease, lightness, relaxation, and relief (not just of our facial muscles). A smile provides acceptance and space. It does not need to be an outward, large, violent, keep-smiling smile. What is important is one’s inward feeling of contentment and openness. This smile is inner and this inner smile is a choice, a state/way of being. Inner smile is an attitude towards one’s and others’ lives and being. Inner smile is a miracle causing another miracle: one’s own and someone else’s as well. In the end, it is our inner smile that salves us. There is another pattern appearing in our society: plenty of us are used to saying that they do not have time or enough time (to do more of what they want or something else). Regardless of the questions related to the substance of time and whether it really exists and that no one can really have it, one can also take a look at how people fulfill their

Mystical Winds brings you

time what they give value to. You might be surprised to find out how much time people spend trying to retrieve their past errors and repeating the same errors — i.e., the same dysfunctional patterns of thinking, feeling, and behavior — over and over again. We make decisions all the time. With these decisions, we constantly work on creating ourselves, on defining who, what and how we are, and who and what we will attract into our lives and within physical reach of our fields (not to mention the subtle field, even more complex and vast). Hardly anyone could claim not having enough time in those crucial situations of decision-making. Usually, we have as much time as we allow ourselves to have. Most of time, we are our own time providers and managers, with some “external” modifying factors. Whenever there is something one usually gets angry or desperate or disappointed about, one can stop acting in the habitual way in the very moment before the process of being angry (and/or something else) is triggered. One can stop, back-off and just feel and observe for a while, finding out where one is and what, actually, is going on. One can realize in just a fragment of a second that this is not the way one

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wants to be and wants to adjust one’s behavior. If you feel like doing it, just try to experience the beauty and fruits of this approach to communication in everyday life. In time, one finds out that the range within which one wants to make adjustments is the range of kind and loving acting. It is the least exhausting and most profound and flow-allowing way of being with others. This also allows one to truly listen to not just what the others want to convey (surely not just in words), but also to oneself, which is the beginning of all listening. It is the same with one’s love of oneself and one’s appreciation of oneself,

which are the gates to one’s allowing the whole universe to be as it is. When we simply slow down in our lives, paradoxically, we can provide ourselves with much more time to be more who we really are and want to be. This means getting in an inner alignment. When we simply slow down, we stop doing stupidities; we do not need to spend our precious time retrieving some of our past errors because there are not any. Such an alignment means relaxation, appreciation, comfort, openness, gentleness, tenderness, and love. Such an alignment means the inner smile. Slowing down triggers

a process of decluttering one’s life. When we slow down, we have more time to take the direction we want to take. We gain time by getting in the alignment with ourselves, and by getting sensitive to the flow of life and its wise, guiding energy which is always present and always knows. When we slow down, we have more time to realize what the real values of life are, and truly live them. When we slow down, paradoxically, we gain more time. Martina Pribylakova is a yoga instructor and body work practitioner. She may be contacted at agni09.

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Do You Like Yourself? We seek the love of another yet we seem to have trouble loving ourselves. We want a better job, more money, greater material success, but have difficulty accepting a compliment from someone. not getting punished but unfortunately we made the mistake of confusing the behavior with ourselves. No wonder we have difficulty loving and by Krysta Gibson accepting ourselves. Fortunately, this can be undone and lots while we are living there?” of people have succeeded at Do for yourself what this so there’s no reason we you would do for a special can’t as well. visitor. Here are some tips on Make a list of the things learning how to love and you like most about accept yourself more. yourself. What sort of good Pretend you are your qualities do you have? List favorite spiritual teacher or your talents and the special celebrity. How would you gifts you are here to share treat this person? Wouldn’t with others. Go ahead: brag you be kind to them? on yourself. Be honest. Wouldn’t you offer them your You have many wonderful best chair, food, music and qualities and talents so write other such things? A friend them down. Acknowledge of mine put her house on them. Put this list where you the market and she cleaned, can see it frequently and painted, and spruced it up so if you find yourself being it would have market appeal. negative read it to yourself, When she was done she said, out loud, if possible. “My house is beautiful now. I Monitor your self-talk don’t want to sell it. Why do for a few days. What sort we fix our home up for other of words do you say to people when we want to sell yourself? Do you say things it and not do it for ourselves like, “Stupid, stupid, stupid, why did you do that?” “Can’t you do anything right?” “I don’t know why you try to _________. You know you can’t do that.” On and on... It never ceases to amaze ASTROLOGER/COUNSELOR me that most people will say things to themselves BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, WA. 98110 that they would never say to another person or allow other people to say to them. 206-201-3125 Monitor your self-talk and when you catch yourself

Most of the people who read this publication are consciously trying to better themselves, to lead happier and more productive lives. One of the benefits of my role as publisher of New Spirit Journal is that I am constantly exposed to material that is designed to support people in this quest. One of the almost constant messages of selfimprovement material is that in order to lead happier lives we need to learn how to love and approve of ourselves. Not only does this seem to be the crux of the matter, it also seems to be the most difficult thing for most of us to do. One of the causes of this issue is that when we were children the people in our lives wanted to help us be well-behaved, good citizens, of this society. To that end, we were corrected when we did something other people considered wrong. What seems to have happened is that instead of learning that the behavior was wrong, we translated this into thinking we – as little people – were wrong. We did learn what behaviors would result in

Living The Good Life

being unkind or critical, say: “Cancel-cancel. Love. Love.” By training yourself to do this, you will eventually begin to think more positive thoughts about yourself, which will result in treating yourself better. Use subliminal programs and affirmations. Some people make fun of affirmations and other people think they are stupid. Used mindlessly, I guess this can be true. However, just about every major teacher who helps people make positive and lasting changes recommends using these two tools. There are plenty of books written that can help you learn the ins and outs of affirmations so you know how to word them properly. It can be especially effective to make your own subliminal CD. There are software programs such as Garage Band that allow you to record your own voice saying your affirmations and then overlay it with some of your favorite music so you don’t hear your voice consciously. The subconscious, though, listens to everything and will get the messages of self-love and acceptance you want to send it. Hearing this in your own voice is especially powerful. Energy work. There are many fine energy techniques that can help you, processes such as the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), reiki, toning, and others. Many of these can help you make changes more quickly and easily than trying to do it on your own. Mirror work. There’s the ever-popular mirror work made famous by Louise Hay. This is where you spend 10 minutes a day in front of a mirror looking directly into your own eyes and talking to yourself in a



positive, upbeat way. This can be difficult to do at first but it is also very effective. It can also cause you to start laughing and laughter is very healing. Once we learn to accept and love ourselves, we turn on the ever-popular law of attraction that we hear so much about. When we love ourselves, we send out positive signals that will resonate with the highest and best that we are here to experience. Feeling badly about ourselves does the opposite. It pushes away the people and experiences that we say we want because they can’t resonate with our frequencies. If you find it really difficult to make these sorts of changes, you might benefit from working with a counselor who could give you some extra support in weeding out the old programs that are running and keeping you from truly loving and accepting yourself. I wish you the best with whatever process you choose. There really isn’t anything more basic or profound than learning to accept yourself just as you are, right now, right here, today. What are you waiting for? Krysta is the publisher of New Spirit Journal. You can hear her on the Conscious Talk radio program on the third Thursday of each month, (this month on Aug. 19) on KKNW 1150 AM radio or streaming live and archived at She is the author of two books and three CD programs. Learn more at or at

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Spirit JOURNAL AUGUST 2010 Learning to Delete and Add To Our Busy Lives 4


Now more than ever, we must acknowledge the importance of down-time. Too often our downtime involves our technology. We don’t zone-out, we zone-in to a TV show, an on-line chat, a game. By Linda Zeppa I recently spent time in Northern Ontario, Canada with my 85year-old mom. Technology is not her thing; her favorite television programs are recorded on her VCR when she is out. Internet service is not in her realm or her house. So there I was, with my great laptop, and no easy access to the great big World Wide Web for six whole days. It was an interesting experience. The nagging urge, first thing in the morning, to check my e-mail had to be squelched. Forcibly, my computer routine changed. I was out of the loop, which I came to realize was almost an addiction. I was forced to do other things. I went for walks, had some beautiful, quiet meditative times, read a great novel, did a lot of writing, baked bread, and spent some great quality time with my mom. I actually enjoyed attending

her favorite Bingo games; twice. When I finally did get to connect, what a crazy jumble of messages, notes and inquiries there was to deal with. As my time was limited (using my sister’s computer) I had to prioritize, categorize and delete, delete, delete. In a short time, I quickly got done what I needed to do for my business and filed the rest in categories: urgent, important, not necessary now, a waste of time and junk. I was forced to realize how much precious time I had been spending on the computer and how easy it was to control it. I was forced to realize how much I enjoyed doing things not associated with a computer and modern high tech. It really got me thinking. E-mail, text, Twitter, phone, watch television, web search, play games and the list goes on. There is so much technology in our lives today to keep us occupied and

Here are some inexpensive activities to help your family take a break away from technology: • Make a specific time (Saturday morning) family walk/hike time. You do not have to drive; Washington State has beautiful neighborhood areas to wander and explore. • Stick a sign up in your neighborhood or send out a neighborhood e-mail: “Let’s meet at 4 on Sunday for a __________ [walk, hike, soccer game].” You may only get a few people at first, but news of the fun will spread. • Have a time (weekly, monthly, whatever your schedule allows) when each member of the family gets to organize an activity. The family sets the rules. (Examples: It must be outdoors. It must be within five miles of our house. It must be free or cost less than $__.) It may even be something as simple as planting a garden together. • Read. Have a special family reading time, even if it is only for 15 minutes. Make it special; have tea or hot chocolate while everyone reads. Pick a story to read together. Visit your local library. That way all ages can get what they want to read, and you will discover that libraries have much to offer. • Visit your local farmers’ market. Markets are amazing and offer a wonderful array of fresh, healthy food, crafts and local entertainment.

organized in our everyday lives as well as in our free time. Whether we are young or old, it seems to have overtaken us. I am not going to knock technology. It is wonderful. We are progressing beautifully as a society. Our modern busy lifestyles require us to be organized and structured. Technology is a godsend for these requirements. I am going to say that there is a place for the old “stuff” as well. I have observed (and felt from personal experience) that the modern conveniences and fun of technology keep us indoors, sedate and bound (often addicted) to their organization. Take, for example, childhood today. Children are at school for about seven hours a day. They are organized into classes, groups, and clubs. They are ruled by schedules, test scores, requirements, mastery and so on. They learn quickly the need to fit in. After school for many is more organized day care. Then, of course, most activities for children

have become organized as well-sports teams, music lessons, art activities, youth groups, and the list goes on. Add to this the nightmare of organizing rides, getting there and being picked up, and fitting in a meal at some time in the evening. With the economy the way it is, we need a break: a break from the organization and cost of our scheduled life; a break from the treadmill we are on attempting to make ends meet and still offer all that we want for ourselves and our families. After the experience with my mom, new and old forgotten ways have pleasantly moved into my life. It is okay to give yourself and your children choices. If you can only fit in and afford one activity this month, make a list and choose one. A single person can do this easily; a family may have to vote. There are easy and inexpensive activities everywhere around us, especially in the Northwest. These often Continued on Page 5



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Music: Soul Food for Developing Higher Consciousness There needs to be a greater purpose and consciousness behind the music we choose to have in our lives. And we need to spend more time tracking our emotional and physical responses to music. And then also use music purposefully in our lives. By Patricia Herlevi Imagine yourself eating a ripe orange. Imagine the tangy taste on your lips and tongue, your teeth biting into the orange’s texture and the feeling of your grateful heart. And if you ate that orange with conscious thought you might feel your body radiate with the essence of the citrus fruit throughout the day. While we don’t think of food as containing vibration, everything we touch, taste, feel, hear, or see possesses a vibration and when we connect with those vibrations, an alchemical process takes place within our bodies. Now, imagine listening to a Bach composition played on a cello. Imagine the low and throaty sound

of the instrument vibrating in your chakras, your mind might wander to a memory associated with that piece of music. Your feet might tap in time and if you have developed consciousness in regard to your body, you might feel subtle vibrations moving through you and you might feel a slight crackle of energy in the room. And what if you were listening to a live cellist? If you connect with the cellist it might feel like a sacred experience of oneness. Again, you absorb vibrations and an alchemical process takes place in your body. The reason I gave food and music scenarios is to point out the obvious of musical vibration. I wish to emphasize the importance of tracking your body’s responses to sounds and

music you expose to it. Collectively, “music” seems like too generic a term because it hails from every tradition, every nation, and was created with a specific purpose in mind, including communitybuilding, working, praying/ meditating, educationing, and entertaining.We still sing lullabies to restless children and to ourselves when we feel frightened. Circus music transports us back to childhood and the blues might stir our repressed emotions leading to catharsis.

That Magical, Musical Carpet Ride... So how do we use music purposefully in our lives? Ultrasensitive people will experience the most fun with this task, which

involves the art of listening to music. I took a college course with that exact title, The Art of Listening to Music. The professor had us listen to the same Bach Fugue in G for every class, but I was too immature at the time to hear the subtleties in Bach’s fugue. And sadly, when it comes to appreciating music, I find that many people (outside of musicians, scholars, and music reviewers) have not developed the art. We play music in the background and multitask, or we hold a conversation instead of listening to the music. So then why play the music at all? Or worse, we attend symphony concerts because we need to fulfill a subscription or because it’s a great place to run into colleagues.

But what if people came together as a community to actually celebrate the beautiful music presented, to sit quietly (no fidgeting, coughing, or whispering to your colleague) and allow yourself to meld into oneness with the orchestra musicians, the dead composer, the concertgoers, and the spirit of the music

itself? If you allow the music to transport you to that place of oneness then for that moment you have experienced higher consciousness.

Steps to Developing Musical Soul Food Perhaps attending a symphony concert does Continued on Page 6

Our Busy Lives Continued from Page 4 turn out to be the most fun, inspiring and spiritually uplifting. Since my “mom” trip, I am more aware of the time that I spend on the computer. I have become more efficient and able to “delete” quickly what I do not feel adds quality to my life. I continue to be organized and scheduled; however, I make sure that I organize downtime into that schedule.

The down-time includes inexpensive, fun activities that inspire me, keep me healthy and are spiritually uplifting. I wish the same for others. Linda Zeppa is a writer and an educator. She offers classes and workshops in intuitive writing. See her website at www. for further information, or e-mail her at



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Reiki and Toning By Rev. Kae Friesen, CRM Reiki is a form of energy work that works with the body’s energy centers, or chakras. The seven main chakras align with the spine. Each chakra has a color and a tone with which it resonates. By working with colors and tones we can invest the healing even deeper into the different levels where it is needed (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes, and the unknown xfactors...). If you’ve ever sang with all your heart – whether in front of people or in the shower – you may have felt intense peace or joy.

Reiki in Seattle REIKI CIRCLE sponsored by Seattle Metaphysical Library:

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Toning has a similar effect on the energy centers. The sound focuses the energy even more intently where directed. And it serves as an invitation to align the healing process with the person needing the healing energy. There are as many forms of toning as there are people. Some healers use a lyrical singing voice, some use a humming or droning, some use chanting tones with harmonic overtones. There is even a modality called acutonics that uses tuning forks to address the chakras and bring a balance through their specific vibration(s). You can use toning in several ways in your life to help yourself feel centered and balanced. You can hum or sing mantras in your car on your way to work. You can sing along with music that has wonderful eastern flavored chanting in it. Or you can just pick a note, take a deep breath and open your mouth and let it come out with a long vowel sound. I like the “ooooooooo” sound. I find this has a strong vibration in my body similar to the very well-known “aum”or “om.” When you are singing or toning your mind becomes quieter and more focused. Your breathing becomes controlled, deeper, and slower. This reduces stress and helps you feel more centered and balanced. therefore enhancing your immune system and allowing your body to do what it does best: heal and stay healthy. Mitchell L. Gaynor, M.D., a leading oncologist and director of integrative medicine at the Strang-Cornell Cancer Prevention Center, states in his book, The Healing Power of Sound” that “The very tools high-tech scientists have used to understand molecular biology are revealing that mind-body communication occurs on the deepest levels of cellular function.

Counseling, Consultation, Supervision Increase – self-care, self-esteem, empowerment Release – fears, dysfunctional patterns Integrate – talents, strengths, resources

Nancy Macdonald. MSW, LICSW

Based on my reviews of this burgeoning research, I have come to believe that mind and body are not merely connected, they are unified. I also believe that understanding mindbody unity is essential to recognizing how sound – which has vibratory effects on cells, organs, emotional effect on the brain, and which taps a spiritual dimension as yet undefined

– is the next frontier in holistic healing.” As a reiki master trained in the Usui tradition, I have begun to incorporate sound/toning into each reiki treatment. The results of toning have been reported to have brought relief from pain for longer periods of time. Reiki is an excellent compliment to any ongoing therapies and can even

enhance their effectiveness. Kae Friesen was attuned as a reiki master in March of 2008. She is currently practicing at Massage Radiance in Everett, Wash. For more information she can be reached at (425) 387-7114 or Her website is www.

Soul Food for Higher Consciousness not appeal to you, but reaching a state of higher consciousness through sound vibration does. The quickest route involves listening to sacred music from any spiritual tradition, as long as the performers set the right intention. Sound healing tools (although not melodic music), can clear blockages in chakras and also provide an avenue for higher consciousness. World music, jazz, classical, and some folk music traditions might also lead to higher consciousness, especially if some kind of movement such as dance is involved. I’ve melded with oneness dancing to West African music and I’ve also experienced oneness sitting quietly listening to Indian ragas played during the right season and right time of day. Musicians experience oneness while they’re composing, recording, and performing.

Step 1: Experiment with different kinds of music while learning the history and purpose behind the musical tradition. (For best results use instrumental or music sung in a foreign language). Step 2: Enter a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted, make yourself comfortable and with or without headphones listen to the music. When I say listen to the music, I’m not asking you to theorize or analyze the sounds, rhythm and texture or to even get lost in the lyrics, but to listen with your heart/emotions. Step 3: After you have listened to the music while sitting quietly, try adding movement (dance) and allow the music to take you on its journey. Lose your sense of time/space and bond with the music. Step 4: When you have

completed your listening, thank the music for its gift.

Conclusion Think of music as soul food with specific intent and purpose. Learn the roots (cultural and historical) of your favorite music genres and try to align the right music with the right purpose for best results. As you practice the above steps, you will gain a deeper understanding for sound vibration and empower yourself in the process. Not only that, you will allow music to transport you on the highway of higher consciousness. Bon voyage! Patricia Herlevi hosts The Whole Music Experience blog, www. wholemusicexp.blogspot. com and she teaches music awareness workshops in Western Washington.


“Change your perceptions – Change your Life”

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Are you energetically stuck in your life, career, or relationships? Let me help you open to your spiritual aspirations! I employ a variety of techniques, such as: • EFT

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Sue Neufeld-Ellis, LMHC, CSAT, RN 29 years experience | Most insurance plans accepted | Bellevue office, (425) 455-4207


On The Bookshelf CD SETS and DVDs

The Most Important Day of Your Life: Are You Ready? By Maria Dancing Heart Hoaglund Bridge to Dreams Publishing

Those dealing with death or major transitions in their life would find this book supportive. This second book on the topic of death and dying from Maria Dancing Heart offers practical and inspirational thoughts as well as stories from a variety of others. Because she makes numerous references to her first book, The Last Adventure of Life, this book is best read in conjunction with that one. The author has a lot of experience as a hospice worker and minister so she is able to share with the reader at a deep level. This would make an excellent book for anyone facing death – and we all do– either their own or that of someone close to them. There are tools and tips for self-care and relaxation as well as a list of 20 questions to ask a hospice worker. There’s some great information there, especially for people who don’t have much experience with death and dying.

Princes, Frogs & Ugly Sisters – The Healing Power of the Grimm Brothers’ Tales By Dr. Allan G. Hunter Findhorn Press

What an interesting book this is. If you enjoy stories, fables, and symbols you’ll love this book. The author explains the real meanings behind some familiar and less familiar tales many of us heard in our childhoods. He explains the guiding principles and six archetypes used in the stories, why they are important, and how



ratings on Amazon! Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self by Robert Waggoner

they are used in the tales. By deliberately choosing some of the lesser-known fairy tales, he is able to give us some groundrules that can apply to any of them. Parents, especially, would find this a useful book since they are most likely telling some of these tales to their children. How wonderful to really understand the true meanings, even if you might not share all of it with young children. There’s a lot more grown-up meanings to these stories than we were led to believe.

The Body Beautiful Companion for the Journey to Greater Wellness

By Valeria Rae Meant to be a supportive assist for anyone whose goal is greater wellness, this is a deck of 54 cards with inspiring messages and matching photographs. After centering oneself, a card can be chosen for the day or in response to a specific question one might have. Local author Valeria Rae wrote the text as well as taking most of the photographs. Some are as simple as a cat sleeping in a planter, while others, such as a rainbow stretching across the sky, are more complex. Just about every issue related to wellness is covered: using visioning, finding a totem, handling plateaus, rest, toxins, and friends. The deck is very user-friendly and was birthed from the author’s own studies and experiences. This makes it something easy to access but with profound implications. If you are looking for a friendly aid along your wellness journey, grab this deck and use it. More information can be found at www.


Painter: “Saying thank you is more than good manners. It is good spirituality.” This would make a wonderful gift, even a terrific thank you gift to someone special in your life.

The Next Ten Minutes 51 Absurdly Simple Ways to Seize the Moment by Andrew Peterson, Ed.D. Atria Books/Beyond Words

This is a fun book as well as one designed to help the reader engage life in a new way. We have all heard about being in the present moment; after all, it is the only one that exists. However, for many of us it is difficult to dwell in the present when our lives are so full of past and future. Here’s where the exercises in this book can help. Some of the exercises are very simple, such as staring at a wall or taking a drink of water. Others are more complicated or zany, such as getting lost or catastrophizing. They are all interesting and designed to help us focus ourselves in the present moment. The author is a writer, composer, and a licensed therapist. As such, he shares many personal stories and examples that bring the book and the ideas to life. I am certain this book will find itself being carried in many purses and backpacks.

Color Your World By Dena Marie 15 Minute CD Using relaxing music as a background, local hypnotherapist and reiki master Dena Marie leads the listener through a process of using light and visualization to heal


an issue from one’s past. After using white light to relax, she has the listener see their incident or issue as an actual object in the body; one that has size, shape, texture, and color. She has the listener eventually release this incident and replace it with a different object that is one of healing. She then suggests writing down what has been learned so it can be incorporated into one’s life. This process can be used for any event or incident from the past. Because this is a simple 15-minute guided journey, it is one that can be used easily and quickly. Once you’ve done it with the CD a few times, you would be able to effectively use it on your own. More information can be found at www.

Tao 1: The Way of All Life By Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha Atria Books

As the sixth book in his Soul Power Series, Tao 1: The Way of All Life is one of the most complete I have seen. The author gives the essence of the teachings of the Tao Te Ching (called the Tao Jing in this book) as well as the new version of this text he says he received directly from the divine. This is not a book to be read. It is meant to be studied, practiced, and lived. It is filled with practical techniques as well as explicit instructions for using them. There is also a CD with the book. This teaches the reader how to correctly sing or chant the mantras given. It is said that one can regain health, youth and purity, and flourish in all aspects of life by using these techniques consistently and properly. If a person is willing to make a commitment to this program, I am sure it would be very helpful.

A Little Book of Thank Yous — Letters, Notes & Quotes

By Addie Johnson Red Wheel/Weiser LLC We hear a lot of about gratitude and how important it is to express this frequently. Now someone has written an entire little book about it, giving poems, quotes, and specific ideas about how and when to express gratitude. It’s fun just to flip through the book and discover sayings such as this one from Alfred

Welcome to the Fourth Dimension “One of those books that needs to be on the coffee table” A Seattle Group started with Edgar Cayce and evolved into the Logos Project. Many of the area’s top psychics participated in bringing forth the tools to prepare one for Ascension during the Transformation.

Look for it at your local bookstore or online at, Barnes & and For more information email


Yoga Classes and Retreats for every body

Yoga and Meditation classes in Everett Retreats in Washington, Sedona, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica Roy Holman is the author of Healing Self, Healing Earth Awakening Presence, Power, and Passion (425) 303-8150

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What Are You Here To Do? We are unique creations of the divine. Each one of us has a unique purpose on earth that only he or she can fulfill. By Marie Levit A while ago one of my healing clients shared with me his first experience of self-realization. In his twenties, when Josh started his search for who he truly was, his dad advised him to enroll in the army. Josh’s dad believed that serving for a few years in the army would help Josh find “the man” he wanted to be and make his life meaningful. Following his dad’s advice, the young man joined the Marie Levit says when people dare to give up on a army. As Josh began his service, his life life that is suffocating them, the universe steps up seemed to finally make sense. For the to help with support and guidance. first time in his life Josh had clear goals don’t benefit from into a life full of light and an important purpose. He felt valuable. and love.” I fully agree with this statement, He felt that he mattered. as during the years of helping people The moment of self-realization happened transform their lives, I haven’t seen one a year later, as Josh was sitting in the tank person who dared to give up on a life that on a border between two foreign countries, was suffocating them, and wasn’t supported miles and miles from home. That is when by the universe and guided to their highest Josh suddenly realized that he could get good. killed at any moment. “I asked myself,” By sitting in somebody else’s “tank” and remembered Josh, “If I got killed today, fighting somebody else’s wars, not only do what exactly would I be dying for? And I we prevent ourselves from fulfilling our own couldn’t come up with a clear answer. I life purpose, but we prevent others from looked around and understood that I was fulfilling their purpose as well, as we occupy sitting in somebody else’s tank and fighting jobs and that don’t belong to us. somebody else’s war.” “There are thousands of musicians Josh’s story reminded me of many of my who find it hard to make a living from healing clients, who like Josh, followed performing. If only they understood that somebody’s beliefs about “right” and struggling is a sign of disconnection from “wrong” and became a doctor, teacher, or their soul, and stepped onto a path of light. engineer, spending years and years of their One of these struggling musicians might lives “sitting in somebody else’s tank” and have the potential to discover a cure for fighting “somebody else’s war.” cancer,” continues Healing God. It’s not an easy task to work at a job that What are you here to discover? What is has nothing to do with your life purpose. It that unique you were born to contribute drains your energy, “kills” your body and to creation? Finding the answer to these mood and creates a bitter, unhappy life. questions may be easier than you think. All A life in which you don’t want to wake up you need to do is to let go of a belief that in the morning and you can’t fall asleep at you should “Never, never, never, never give night without taking a pill to numb your up,” and to step out of your own way to your pain. A life that becomes a struggle, a happiness. fight for survival, rather than a joyful and enlightened experience. So if, like Josh, you Marie Levit is a spiritual teacher, feel your job is in a “foreign country,” which healer and author of Healing God, her is miles and miles away from your “home,” first book of a dialog with God, which has I suggest that you stop ignoring your been a source of healing and inspiration insomnia and dare to ask yourself the same for people all over the world since it was question Josh did: “If I got ‘killed’ by my job published in 2009. To subscribe to Marie’s today, what exactly would I be dying for?” free newsletter or for Marie’s blog, go to: “If you feel that you are constantly To schedule walking against the wind, you should a telephone healing session with Marie, reconsider the location of your walk,” e-mail To learn suggests God in the Healing God book. “If about Marie’s Transforming Together you follow the road your essence shows program, go to: you, it will be easy to step over things you

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Reading Your Child’s Face: The Fire Archetype In Chinese face reading, there are five different archetypes that define ways that children will think, feel, and behave, and these can be recognized in the characteristics of their faces. Each child has some of all five types in their nature, but in different measures. There will always be one personality type that is your child’s home base that represents how they perceive the world, who they came here to be, and the best way to parent them. In this month’s column, I’ll continue to share information about how to read your child’s face by giving an overview of the third of the personality types you may observe. (The first two were covered in the June and July issues.) This month, we’ll talk about what the Chinese call the “fire” personality:

Fire archetype: Lover, Performer, Free Spirit A fire child will have one or more of the following features. The more they have, the more this personality defines them. • Sparkling eyes • Curly or red hair • Dimples • Pointed or cleft tips of features such as nose or chin • Freckles • A pink flush or radiance to the complexion Well-known adults with many of these features include Billy Crystal, Shirley MacLaine, Ashley Judd, Jackie Chan, Jada Pinkett Smith, Lindsay Lohan, Jack Black and Prince Harry. What you may observe in a fire child’s personality: • Cheerful, charming, fun-loving • Talks, thinks and moves fast; waves hands when speaks • Warm, sociable; great desire to be liked • Exuberant, excitable, emotional, anxious • Loves change and variety; dreads being bored • Short attention span; has difficulty completing projects • Empathic; affected by others’ emotions • Talkative; can exaggerate or be drama queen/king • Can get loud or hyper when excited • Can end up in the spotlight, getting noticed • Curious, quick learner • Extroverted or shy (nothing in between) • Career possibilities include performing or creative arts; sales; teaching; marketing and public relations. These children are often a delight; fun, cheerful, and eager to please. They crave attention even more than most kids. Give them opportunities to shine, heap affection on them, show them they’re special. This is nourishment for them;

Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection ®


with Christine Upchurch, M.S.

Associate Instructor of The Reconnection®




or overly excited and dramatic when upset. They actually have a very delicate emotional nature and vulnerable hearts. Don’t speak to them too harshly; respond to their flare-ups with warm and quiet words and they may be able to naturally ground themselves. No matter what, no upset with them lasts very long so the good news is that whatever’s happening right now will be ancient history in a few minutes. Fire children can struggle with anxiety due to their high-speed systems, so simple calming techniques – such as taking full, deep breaths down into their bellies – can be good for them to learn. But also teach them ways to let the excitement out. Literally jumping up and down can be a good way for these kids to release the jitters. Fire teens can be in love with love, every week infatuated with some new romance. All fire people are natural flirts and are thrilled when someone finds them special. But they can have trouble with discernment about others; for instance, getting too deeply involved with someone before they’ve learned whether that person is worthy of their trust. Help keep them lit up about love but teach them to develop healthy boundaries.

The Wisdom Of Your Face by Jean Haner

you don’t have to worry that they’ll become vain or spoiled. Having a pet will be good for them, as it’s another opportunity to give love and have fun, but don’t expect them to be the most responsible in terms of caring for an animal. These kids tend to be free spirits and responsibility is not their greatest strength. Don’t waste your time trying to change them; just accept you’ll have to remind them or take on some of the daily care yourself. Don’t judge their mile-a-minute style as wrong and don’t extinguish their flame by forcing them to try to focus on just one thing for a long period of time. These kids thrive by keeping a number of balls in the air, with lots of change and variety. Find ways to let them shift between projects frequently with a short spurt at one workspace and then on to something different. Your job is to allow them to multitask but at the same time show them how to fully complete things. It’s essential not to react negatively to their natural exuberance and this may sometimes be a challenge, as fire children can become loud and shrill when happy,

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Eat The Energy You Want To Become! Are you looking for a fresh approach to food that goes beyond calories? Do you feel your true nature is too expansive to box yourself in with labels on how you eat? Then you maybe ready to see food for what it is... pure vibrational energy. What we eat, the colors we eat, and how we eat can change all of our layers – from our subtle energy to our physical body. Each energetic, symbolic aspect of our being – how we trust, feel, think, love, express, intuit, and connect – corresponds with the specific energy of foods and supplements.

“If you look at eating as black or white, you’ll miss the rainbow of potential in every bite of food!” – Dr. Deanna Minich


Healing Sessions • Reconnections Distance Healing • Level III Classes Practitioner Mentoring “There are no words to describe how my life has been transformed by Christine’s amazing gift to facilitate healing.” —K.V., Bellevue, WA Eastside Office

(206) 953-3573 • •

Learn more about food, energy, and color in Dr. Minich’s latest books, Chakra Foods for Optimum Health and Quantum “When it comes to food, the mind searches for Supplements!

Check her website for details:

‘diets,’ the body follows instincts, and the soul speaks through intuition.” – Dr. Deanna Minich





Taking Charge of Your Migraines Migraines are individual and consequently it is necessary to communicate the specifics of your migraine to your doctor. The more you know about your migraine the greater the chances you can interrupt it. A migraine is more than a headache. It is a complex neurological disease that affects the central nervous system. Headache is one of the symptoms of a hypersensitive and overly excitable brain. Other symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, sound, sensation, ringing in your ears, dizziness, pain on one side of the head that may or may not move to the other side. A migraineur typically gets a warning, called a prodrome, prior to a headache. Prodromes may include an aura such as flashing lights or zig-zag lines before your eyes, strange smell, slurred speech, or an inner knowing that a migraine is coming. The pain may last four to 72 hours.

The phases of migraine A migraine typically has four stages: 1) prodrome, 2) aura, 3) pain phase, 4) migraine hangover. Not every migraineur experiences all the stages. The prodrome is the warning phase that a migraine is soon to be upon you. The aura represents the phase where your brain is already reacting and affecting other parts of your body. The most common auras are visual. They may also include changes in any of your sensations including taste, smell, hearing, numbness, tingling, balance, etc. The pain phase is the most excruciating and some people experience the pain as throbbing and pulsating. I used to experience my scalp being so sensitive and hot that it hurt to touch. Other symptoms during this period include nausea and/or vomiting, aversion to food, intense light sensitivity resulting in the need to withdraw into a dark, quiet, stimulation-free room. The postdrome or migraine hangover varies as well and many people sleep, feeling exhausted, while others may feel refreshed or even euphoric.

What are your migraine triggers? Some common triggers include too little sleep or too much sleep, stress, low blood sugar, red wine, hormonal changes for women, weather changes, strong smells such as certain perfumes or flowers, smoke, dehydration, loud sounds, TMJ, bright lights, or other stimuli.

What are hormonally related migraines? A migraine may occur in direct relation to the rise and fall of estrogen. Some women have migraines that are triggered by ovulation, others have migraines starting two days before a period or until three days within the menses. Still other women have migraines triggered around peri-menopause.

The treatment of migraines associated with hormones must address both the hormone issues and a hypersensitive brain. Herbs to bring hormones into balance or bio-identical hormones may be needed.

What can I do to take charge of my migraines? Step 1: Discover as much as you can about the migraine. I recommend that you keep a journal and track the following: prodrome symptoms, auras and type of aura, the specific symptoms that you get when you are in the pain phase. For example note how often you are nauseated, vomit, hypersensitive to light, sound, temperature. Note the severity of pain and how long the pain lasts. Increase your awareness of migraine triggers. What happens after the migraine? Does your migraine have a cyclical nature? For women, is it related to menses? Step 2: Create a foundation of health. • Reduce stress • Get 7-8 hours of sleep • Exercise • Eat regular meals and include protein in every meal, especially if you have low blood sugar. • Stay hydrated by drinking 7-8 glasses of water a day. Step 3: Find a practitioner to help you fill out your plan of action. Each migraine is unique to you and your brain sensitivity. Consequently, treatment is individualized. The following supplements have been useful for many individuals. Magnesium has been found to be deficient in individuals with headaches. Magnesium counteracts vasospasm, relaxes muscles, stabilizes cell membranes and is involved in the synthesis of serotonin. Butturbur has been found to be efficacious in the prevention of migraine headaches. The herb is anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory and regulates calcium channels. I have found it to be useful with many patients. Feverfew is an herb that has been useful with migraines, however, it is important to determine if the individual is allergic to ragweed before using it as feverfew is in the Compositae family. Other nutrients useful in the treatment of migraines include riboflavin, vitamin B6 and 5-HTP, which is the precursor to serotonin. There are times when it will be necessary to utilize medications to abort the migraine. Other treatments found to be useful in

Pure, organic supplements since 1915. GET CLEAN PRODUCTS, AS SEEN ON OPRAH 360-652-9788 Combining the best of science and nature for over 50 years.

All’sWell Health for Body, Mind, Spirit

by Moira Fitzpatrick, PhD, ND the treatment of migraines include CES or Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation. CES involves the application of small amounts of current, 1,000 microamperes, through the head via ear clip electrodes. Several studies have demonstrated that CES is effective for migraines and other types of headaches. Studies show that

CES combined with biofeedback is twice as effective as CES alone. I have found that CES and hypnotherapy is helpful with migraine headaches. Additionally, ETT or Emotional Transformation Therapy and the use of color is effective in reducing both the pain and emotions related to coping with chronic migraines. You can reduce your migraines by learning as much as you can about your migraines. You can work with your doctor to create a plan to avoid your triggers, maximize health and utilize techniques that are effective for you. Know that you can create balance in your brain and life. Moira Fitzpatrick is a naturopathic physician and licensed clinical psychologist who practices in the Northgate area of Seattle. She is a primary care provider, specializes in the unique health concerns of women, practices functional holistic medicine and is an ETT practitioner. Dr. Fitzpatrick can be reached at (206) 525-5576,

When I started to look for skin care products for the clinic I chose REWIND because it is composed of all natural ingredients. When I started using REWIND products I was pleasantly surprised that these natural products also felt delightful to apply to the skin and gave my skin a rejuvenated feel and look. Come to The Emerald Center for Integrative Medicine and test out REWIND products. We invite you to pick up a brochure that describes the ingredients and the products. --Moira Fitzpatrick, PhD, ND, The Emerald Center for Integrative Medicine





2010: The Year of Illumination – How Is Your Midway Journey? By Jennifer Longmore At the beginning of this year, I connected with you about how to set your 2010 goals, particularly in light of the powerful energies of illumination designed to propel you forward in illuminating your greatness. I imagine a lot has shifted for you just as it has for our planet and beyond. If you find that you are not quite on track with your initial goals, this article is perfect to support you in recommitting to your divine vision. This is a very profound year that is energetically calling you to illuminate your greatness on all levels. This is the year that you are being called to shine in a very big way. So, what specific intentions or goals do you have in place to support you as you illuminate your brilliance? And... how have you been doing so far now that you’ve reached the midway point? At the beginning of the year, I introduced you to my unique way of manifesting and living intentionally so that the focal point of all of my decision and actions is always, “How can I love the most joyous path?” Asking this question allows me to be in the energy of clarity, which is the first action for your accelerated manifestation journey. Once you create clarity, you instantly send

a clear signal to the universe which allows for your intentions to manifest more quickly and easily. The universe can only bring you what you are clear upon within yourself. So, here are some powerful questions to re-visit when activating clarity for your vision: • How do I wish to grow? • What would I like to overcome? • Who would I like to meet? • What parts of myself are calling me to action that I have been avoiding? • What interesting elements do I wish to add to my journey in 2010? • What do I wish to create for myself in 2010? • How do I want to feel throughout the year? • What actions am I prepared to initiate in creating this vision? In the spirit of energetic responsibility and alignment, how connected are you to your original vision that you created in January? More importantly, how can you reconnect to what really matters to you? To support you in recommitting to the vision that jazzes you, here are three essential questions to bring you laser-like focus: 1. What do I really want? 2. Who do I need to become and/or what

On The Bookshelf Continued from page 7

Twelve by Twelve A One-room Cabin Off the Grid & Beyond the American Dream By William Powers New World Library

I don’t know about you, but I’ve lived in some pretty small places but they still had electricity, water, and a bathroom. Imagine living in a 12 x 12 foot space that has no amenities. And where would you put all your stuff? Dr. Jackie Benton did just this while refusing all but $11,000 a year in salary. I am relieved to tell you she did keep her books; they lined one wall of her home. When the author returned to the United States after a decade of international aid work, he found out about Dr. Benton and accepted her offer to live in the house for a season. This book tells about his experience

Be sure to visit

where you will find free audio interviews to listen to or download, articles not in the print edition, and interesting videos. It’s all free and it’s all available 24/7.

living in the 12 x 12 where he becomes part of a community of organic farmers, biofuel brewers, eco-developers, Libertarian homeschoolers, and intentional community members. What a group. The book is fascinating and the author translates what he learned into practical ideas anyone can apply to their everyday life. He now lives in New York and finds his way to incorporate simplicity and sustainability into his life. And he asks, “What is your 12 x 12?” You might know after reading this book.

Beading the Creative Spirit Finding Your Sacred Center through the Art of Beadwork By Rev. Wendy Ellsworth Skylight Paths Publishing

The seven chapters in this book offer 14 different projects that are designed to help the reader access his or her own creativity within the context of a spiritual journey. Anyone who beads knows how meditative this process is and knows this is one of beading’s joys. This book takes it a step further by providing a fabulous history of the use of beads for spiritual practices by many religions as well as many stories and references to different spiritual teachers and books. Each project or exercise is given within the context of using the process for a particular spiritual aim or goal. Obviously, one is free to use this information any way that resonates with them, but having these put in this sort of order will be beneficial to someone who might be new to beading. This is an excellent book for artists of all types

do I need to do in order to create that? 3. Am I doing everything in my power to make this work? Once these questions are complete, your next action is to activate the energy of inspiration to create next steps for each of your goals. Here are some questions to consider when activating the energy of inspiration for your goals: • Who can I contact that can provide more information about how to achieve one of my goals? • What concrete steps can I take to bring this goal into fruition? • How can I research my goals to learn how to manifest them into reality? Once you create these inspired next steps, you then surrender attachment to the outcome so that you can make room for your intentions to become manifest beyond your wildest imagination. Just feel the infinite possibilities that await you as a powerful co-creator.

Jennifer Longmore, Soul Journeys empowerment and enlightenment coach, is an international healer, speaker, teacher, and founder of the Soul Journeys School for Spiritual Studies and the Soul Journeys Method. For more than 15 years, she has served clients in permanently shifting the limiting beliefs and patterns that prevent you from being who you really are so that you can live your most joyous path. To learn more about Jennifer and to sign up for her free newsletter, visit www.

Personalized Care for Routine & Complex Vision Problems Eye Examinations – Glasses & Contact Lens Prescriptions Trusted Eye & Vision Care for Over 17 Years Tony D. Pool, O.D. Doctor of Optometry

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Connecting With Spirit Through Food: An Interview with Deanna Minich Continued from front page Another way you can foster this connection is by reflecting on what you are eating. When you reflect on the biological process of eating you will be marveled. You take in grains, fruits, and vegetables and they are transformed into energy that runs the

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body. Dr. Minich believes that this process of turning what is outside us into something inside that supports our well-being is not only a biological but a sacred process through and through. “You can look at the entire process of food transformation into nutrients that feed the body as a spiritual practice. The stomach becomes an altar. The fire from the lower chakras burns the sacrificial food and the incense of the energy produced goes up to the higher chakras,” says Dr. Minich, who now thinks her 58-year-old mother is the most wonderful person on the planet. To help you spiritualize your relationship with food, Dr. Minich suggests the following: “Think of the four I’s: Intellect, Information, Instinct, and Intuition. Move away from intellect and information overload when it comes to choosing food.

Embrace instinct, the sense that you have when you are really present and fully in the body; allow your intuition, which is your higher sense of self, to guide you in the food you eat. “Eat the energy you want to become. Just as you select your friends in real life, select the type of food that gives you the energy you need. For the root chakra demands for survival, eat proteins; for the second chakra emotional needs, eat oils; and to gain energy for the solar plexus challenges,

eat carbohydrates. To strengthen the heart for a greater capacity to love, eat vegetables. Eat fruits to speak the truth, and spices to open your third eye and gain wisdom. To awaken your crown chakra, bathe in the sunlight of unconditional love.” Dr. Deanna Minich will deliver a talk on “7 Steps to Healthy Eating for Body and Soul” at EastWest bookshop, (www. Seattle, on Aug. 8, 2010,

from 1 to 3 pm. Call (206) 523-3726 or 1-800-587-6002 to register. She will also be a guest on the Conscious Talk radio show Aug. 19 at 7 a.m. on KKNW 1150 am or streaming live and archived at Dr. Deanna Minich’s official web site: Kwami E. Nyamidie is a spiritual director and can be reached at (206) 407-8980 or

Reading Your Child’s Face Continued from Page 9 These kids can end up in the spotlight in many ways, even in childhood. As adults, their inherent ability to inspire and uplift other people can translate into work in the performing or creative arts, or as teachers, public speakers, sales, marketing or PR. No matter what they do for a career, it should be work that involves others. These are definitely “peoplepersons,” and solitary work is not a good fit for them. If you’re curious about

the messages on the face of a child in your life, Jean is celebrating the release of her new book by offering a special rate for a child’s reading. Please visit her website for details: http:// individual.html Jean Haner is the author of “The Wisdom of Your Face,” and “The Wisdom of Your Child’s Face.” With her 25-year background in ancient Chinese principles of balance and health, Jean places an emphasis on compassionate and affirming ways for people

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Finding the Right Cat for You In last month’s column I gave you a lot of information about how to find the right dog for you or your family. This month it seems only fair that I continue along the same line, only cats take the main stage this time. Once again if you have decided that a cat is the best choice for you as a companion, there are more questions to ask yourself. Is this your first cat? If so, let’s be sure you know what you are getting yourself into. As an animal behavior therapist and trainer, one of my favorite sayings is “Dogs have masters, cats have staff.” If you don’t get this, you are

not yet ready for a cat. Dogs are pack animals and work on a pecking order system as I have told you before. Because of this they will easily submit to strong leadership. They are very willing to please and take well to basic obedience training. They need boundaries and rules. Cats are not dogs! Genetically cats are wired differently than dogs. The wild felines that our domestic models have evolved from are not pack animals and their social structure is very different from that of our canine companions. They do not deal with pecking orders so well, and you can forget about traditional obedience training. Cats can be motivated to do or not do many things, some on command even. If you are reasonable in your demands and rules (from the cat’s perspective, of course) most will cooperate. Cats rub on and scratch stuff and they like to jump and climb on things. These behaviors must be allowed. Most of this behavior can be channeled into appropriate activities but you must provide the right environment for them. For example they need climbing and scratching posts, in your main living area. They will get on the furniture. They need an indoor bathroom and often more than one, whether or not they are allowed to go outside. They need lots of self-entertainment toys when they are young, and the older they get, the more interactive toys and play with their people, the better and happier

Kim Miller

Gifted Medium ~ Animal Intuitive Grief Counselor For an appointment with Kim call

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Our Animal Friends by Martha Norwalk

they will be. If this idea of serving or catering to your cat friend appeals to you, then you are ready to be owned by one. So, back to the questions. Do you want one cat or multiple cats? Cats are wired to be solitary beings as adults so it is okay to have only one. They are one of the few domestic animals that are usually very okay being by themselves for long periods of time. These days with all the homeless cats and kittens in shelters, we are being encouraged to have several cats. The best chance of having a congenial relationship with multiple cats is to have a group of neutered males. The next best chances are with a group of spayed females and the most difficult groups are a mix of both males and females. In my experience, the vast majority of young neutered male cats will integrate successfully into a group of other male cats, which could include a female or two provided they are very confident and will put the young male in his place early on. Some spayed females will integrate into a group but I have known many that just do not do groups. If you are beginning a new group or have an older cat already, my favorite choice is to adopt a pair of bonded male littermates. If the older adult cat is a female, I would adopt a bonded pair of female kittens. This way the young ones can play with each other and the older cat can live in peace and opt into the play if they want to. If you already have a group of cats and want to

add more, you must choose wisely to be assured of a successful integration. Whether the new additions are young or older models, the most important factor is to be sure they have lots of social experience with adult cats. For example, if you bring in a young cat/kitten that has been raised with/by older cats they will already know all the communications signals and will be prepared to respect the older cats that rule the environment. Another question you may need to ask yourself is do you want a kitten or an adult cat? There are good reasons to go either way. Kittens can be so cute and a lot of fun to play with, but they require way more attention and supervision while they grow up. With kittens, it can be difficult to predict what their behavior and personalities will be like as adults. You

may want a lap cat but not get one. These days a cat’s lifespan is usually between 12 and 20 years. Some senior citizens worry that if they adopt a young cat, it may outlive them. In that case, getting an older cat is a perfect idea. Also, if you want a specific personality type you may want to adopt an older model to be sure you get what you want. When it comes to where to go to find your new feline companion, the guidelines are similar to finding a dog. If you want a purebred cat, go to local cat shows to get to know them and find a responsible breeder. If you prefer to rescue there are many rescues and shelters to choose from. Most of them have some kind of group room for cats so it is easy to find out which cats are socialized and will integrate into a group. Martha Norwalk is an animal behavior therapist and host of Martha Norwalk’s Animal World, Sunday mornings, from 9 a.m. to noon on Alternative Talk AM 1150. She can be reached at Martha’s Canine, Feline and All Creature Counseling at (360) 217-7258 or www. For a free, no obligation telephone evaluation or to make an appointment for Martha to work with you and your animal friend, give her a call.

Use a Ritual Continued from Page 16 You can use this simple three-part ritual with the labyrinth. 1. On the way into the center, release and purify. 2. In the center, receive illumination, insight, and guidance. 3. On the way out, let what you received integrate and become part of you. Naturally, you can make up your own pattern. The Seattle area has many labyrinths. I recommend those at Unity Church in Bellevue and Crestview Park in Tukwila. Chances

are good you have one not too far from you. Use the worldwide labyrinth locator at to find one. Google will provide you with tons of good insights on labyrinths and their uses. William Wittmann, M.Ed., LMP practices in Seattle where he provides CranialSacral Therapies and Mentoring. You can reach him at (206) 328-2073 and at www. Explore www. for some free goodies.

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Transformation As we release the familiar illusions of the third dimension, many discover hungry fearfeeding demons at the gates of higher consciousness. The question at the threshold is, do you live in a safe or unsafe universe? It’s the bottom line question, and your universe reflects your choice. By Cherie Byrd A voice from across the room booms, You’re moving from the third rung of the ladder to the fifth. Oh? I’m feeling the masculine sincerity as it channels through the woman in front of me, but I have no clue what this entity means. My whole body is vibrating out loud as I sit there, and my brain is simultaneously in a kind of mental disconnect, and feeling like someone is driving rods of energy into it. It’s September 1987. I’ve been in various altered states of vibratory consciousness since the infamous Harmonic Convergence the month before. And here I am with this wise being trying to find out what is going on. As I sat there I wondered what had happened to the fourth rung of that ladder, and where is this ladder going? I was fond of this entity but also consistently frustrated by his dense metaphors so I asked, “What’s the best way to deal with all this?” Just keep swimming, take a breath and just keep swimming. Every color, life form, emotion, thought, scent or piece of weather was vibrating me, and nothing was solid. It felt like there were all kinds of layers of “reality” possible in every second and whoever had the clearer idea of where they were going would dominate the creation of the moment. Can I swim in the midst of kundalini activations? I very quickly moved into the country, an old cabin embraced by Puget Sound and deep forest, bird chorus and deer babies, nature spirits and fifth density beings. Gaia and guidance was tempering me, grounding me, teaching me about embodying the wild powerful energies of spirit. After some years of this, I got new marching orders. It was time to go back to the city for a few days a week, but no longer to work with what guidance termed “Rip Van Winkles,” people who were invested in being checked out. It was time to teach how to integrate the energies that were accelerating on the planet, and in a more graceful fashion than what I had electrocuted myself with. My job was now to be the missing rung, to assist with the vibrational transformation that everything on the planet is experiencing, shifting from thirddimensional illusions of separation-consciousness to

Cherie Byrd (left) says that connecting with the earth is nourishing. Consciously spending time in nature with the water, sun and wind, can help ground and center us. (Artwork by Douglas Selley

the holographic fifth and beyond. Fourth-dimensional consciousness is actually a very important and somewhat treacherous bridge to oneness. 4-D has been resonating on the planet since the ’60s. We were chanting for peace, love, and harmony, hearing Ram Das declare, “Be here now.” Simultaneously others were loudly proclaiming, “Be afraid, be very afraid...” Many of us are currently waffling between states of consciousness. We want to release our grip on patterns of duality and judgment, but we’re also activated by lower 4-D fears. Who would we be without our struggle, dramas, and egoic identity? Occasionally we relax and wallow in grateful moments of the higher 4-D energies of presence, now, beauty. Oneness is a deep relationship with life, and if we aren’t experiencing that connection in our human relationships, any tree, cloud, or pet that we truly connect with begins a deeper relationship. On magical days the depth of our union offers us glimpses of 5-D holograms of oneness and bliss. We may discover this while making love, as we expand past ideas of pleasure and into the very soul of our beloved. We may crack open and merge with spirit in the midst of any activity if we’re welcoming, and hopefully grounded. Fluctuating makes it harder to trust these uplifting qualities as something that can sustain, nourish, and expand us. But

Understand your animal friend Martha Norwalk is an animal behavior therapist with over 35 years of professional experience and service. She also hosts her own radio show, Martha Norwalk’s Animal World, Sunday mornings on Alternative Talk AM 1150. She is available for private sessions, either in your home or over the phone. With her holistic approach, Martha can help you understand your animal friends and solve any behavior, training or healing issues that they might be having. Martha’s rates are surprisingly affordable so call now for a free/no obligation telephone evaluation.

Martha’s Canine, Feline and All CreatureCounseling (360) 217-7258

eventually we begin to experience the abiding sense that reality is indeed a state-specific phenomenon. Our state of consciousness determines the play of life’s creation. Beyond the injunctive to take a breath and keep on swimming, here are a few practices that can help nurture and stabilize us. It’s a list we’ve all heard many times, the basics of learning to master our energy. The beauty is that these simple tools work 100% of the time, if we use them. • Grounding is essential, as is staying in your body and in the present moment. Breathe and ground is a very useful mantra, whether you’re at the bank or paragliding. • Nature, simply connecting with Mama Earth is nourishing. It’s the connection that makes it so, not the vista. • Clear your energy field; most of what is in your field is not yours. Consider clearing your energy as often as you bathe. • Your energy circuits don’t carry your intents and communicate through your chakras to your body unless you stay in your body. Embody your instrument so spirit can play you. • Take responsibility for everything in your life. Anything we disown we cannot change. • Hear your inner dialogue. We

frown at the “bad news” the media offers up, but what about the stories we’re telling ourselves? Are your “news” stories uplifting? • Gratitude journals and practices of appreciation expand what you do truly want. Journaling before bedtime makes for better sleep and joyful awakenings. • Early each day make time to dedicate your energy. Undedicated energy is available for anyone to use, so gather yourself together and take your energy into your own creation. Unity-consciousness practices are primarily oriented toward blossoming open our heart and grounding this as our life. So with sincere compassion, courage, humility, and appreciation I invite you to join me in the ocean of life. That fourth rung of the ladder is right here, now, to support your immersion as you surrender your fear of the depths. Shall we swim together? The water is de-light-full! Cherie Byrd, MA integrates energy medicine, energy psychology, and spiritual awakening for individuals, couples, workshops and speaking. Creator of Kissing School, author of Kissing School, 7 Lessons on Love, Lips, & Life Force, she’s in Seattle, (206) 324-2526; www.KissingSchool. com;

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Want to Banish Worry? Use a Ritual When your fears get too large or persistent to dismiss, consider using a ritual or ceremony. Ritual is a set of actions with a specific purpose or intention. In this context, it always relates to deepening a connection with the sacred and enjoying the support that comes from such an alignment. By William Wittmann, M.Ed, LMP Sometimes, you may find you want some help in banishing worry. I find this is true when I worry about my daughters. Even though my girls are quite capable and competent, as a parent I can always find something to worry me. If you’re like me and want to banish worry, read on. This first strategy may not look like a ritual, but it is. I say to my wife, “Suzanne, tell me they (our daughters) are going to be okay? And they need to learn from their own mistakes, like we did. Right?” Suzanne says, “They’re okay. They’ll be okay. They need to learn from their own experiences. We won’t let them starve.” That clears it for me. Note: She can deliver this with conviction because rarely do Suzanne and I both worry about our daughters at the same time. Secondly, if you don’t have a Suzanne, find one. I have a short, select list of people

who can perform this for me. Included in that list, ironically, are these very same daughters. Your life will be way happier if you have this kind of support. Now, for rituals. Why do all religions use rituals? Obviously, because they work. Because all religions use rituals, you might not know that you can make up your own. Some person, just like you, made up every ritual. You can make up your own, too. Or borrow and modify ones you know. Or, use one that you already enjoy. Here are some ways I use and regularly recommend to patients.

Construct an Altar

In the example with my daughters, I can build an altar or shrine dedicated to giving the care of them to God. My manual, “Altar Making,” will walk you through the whys and hows. I asked some wise, dear friends to contribute and they gave me a wide range of surprising insights you will not find anywhere else. No cost.

Here’s my favorite labyrith; I drove 1,100 miles one way to walk it. This photo was taken at sunrise. What you don’t see is the full moon setting while the sun was rising. It’s at a secret monastery in the California foothills overlooking the Pacific. Go for it at http://vitalarts. net/art/altar.html. Feel free to pass this link on to others.


You can use this timehonored method for purifying your heart and soul and for invoking the power of the sacred on your behalf. I go on pilgrimages

regularly, mostly to connect to the sacred more deeply. However, I use two forms of pilgrimage to pray for others and to turn them over to the care of God. One: I go to a cathedral or a very select church and light candles. As the candle continues to burn, it carries my prayer. And all the other prayers made in this

church deepen the energy of the space and strengthen your faith. In Seattle, I recommend the Mary chapel at St. James Cathedral. Two: I find a labyrinth and walk it. People have been using them for at least 4000 years. Walking the labyrinth deepens your connection to the divine. Continued on Page 14

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