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; ESTABLISHED 1833.] • •&:- . ' , . - - • - April'27, 1858, ., , T\TANTED - For ihe Noi-thside—A,, ]



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,": DfOR^ M A N / t o . t a . k e - c h a r P e o f - a - Whnrr.- • '^ -• Ii Issupd '.'(frail*)- Darily from: Uiis^ OFFICE, ^^ !ipF)lrwho ca, fio t produce 68 H A.RBQjU'R .S."t-R',£-ST^---."the'- highest Testimonials- of character, "'•.,'.' *'" _ . '•-.-• i* .--.*•' f . _,— A., .^.n Ui lit «T .1 n/4 *iV noriAnnf* •A A 11 OGl'm capability i>nd experience. liberal CORNER op. ^J'KTK.R'S y jwilLb.e4jai<l.—rApplication *•- i™ j&'iS $nl"*'/ Post Free of C'hdrjje to"att parts of tke':Gounirti; and Planters and Mercantile firms •may. IwM thnr names added to the Li.ittby forwarar IwntK of interest, mid-full detail* of Hw-ojiean.atid American New*,-received by the R. ;M. C. and Am, !, .ar.d by Sailing Patronage in tJile, City—i " '' licit J -*••*•

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matter TJie tmnsfor Advcrtiswg Advertising are-^For are-^j-oraa oy«<,,o"naiicr. 'JTie'tennsfor 8>/u 'fig'«•(•'& w«w/»J»i, and in proportion for cverjiaddi* « W W <9*«« or tww^iem. Jfo ^tra^ary^J^ ffr,noic ,fnw«on« ^ hb'ral dcducKon ^ for Adi«rti*e,nent-< inserted, for anil hngthof tune, and -'

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rt R*»ine-nf lh. wtf, 7W»^s <»/ /?«;)0)/' nwrf-/' '•/J'Jr/-., Nn)n»»' ^>'-">, <rr,ct'( , nuvjut to t>t< Mnuin'i'i ('» n mnnni in "'•'nn and Countn/, an'I »><"/ '"• /""/ '"' "'""'' / ( "' ' > ///e A'(i)/'jr ftf '/"- f "/"-c.

J[ O S Vtf O H X.

Bqok, Pamplijcl fiircular, «uul -virj, other \ d-Nfiuptioii o Pniilni'-'. J>lai«-jmd tow, ™M<"1 avl <'olo,i or Gold Bronze, or. tiiLm . pi tff>r n"d <ibt jes. cur well Lnown. er<elfmt-styl<, with th __ ___ patch, at vciy cheap ia*a A p r i l 22. 1 858. * - — -"

FREKH1T OR CHARTER, To the Gly<le, Livei po«l, or Loudon, the former preferred, THliAlBRia




1 1 /> 1*1 V ' f

~"10 H r f l t - b a i u h Clenr Poilc- 20LBancls^Hains 2.-) lldlfdiul 50 qiirinei Boxes Codfish 191 Boxe- Smoked Honing* °1) •) VIDMV.





OWARD-RTH U R T F L O U K.1000 B^irels For SijleAARON DBG?





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, a. Shortly ?x peeled ' Queen ,Be<V fiom Liverpool —• 1533 Tons STFAAf GOALS.

Ti & GO.

-. .. . t 8, 1858.

. per " Florid^?' from Halifax, N. Sv, Jind For Sale— 300 Barrels No. 1 llouncl HF-HiUNfiS. J. H. McUQWRLg. _( April 28,1'SSST'

No, 8, PorlL-Rpjal Street. B liCliiVTRD ex^ II. ]& S.' " Solent"— * One Case Superior HEiSliJ. "^~ "April 28^ 1858. ERS M. C. steaiiier -** Solent," dirfct fiom Ba\«ina^-A Few T hopSuperior H A V A N A SEflAK**, of the celebrated Brand-'Uaiahas Parta-


Ninrss mos. o. 60, Port BojaJ Street. Ike W, A. Titley & J

HB Following received J pev " George Tut- * ner." fiom New 5foik, ay> on S-1Krgi ^meircun Cut NAILS, 3 45 6 $ BniYeis 1 itch and 't'ar


J Ugams Iteams

Satvd P.iper. assorted iiiumbcva iu






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"•' X.»HV mo." k

JO ; I'uT% a - u i

A i<vv> t<i

U L1, f'


I w n "Jhnth 5H Te'., 10 1%' .ind 14 /liito hen S^,u- B»uw s.JO ^Jif 4,0 44 Uo "f

U.^1 -n n'Vl^it^-^lA tl /I

^> . >.--. 'J§fe>


Sp<«oi 8

V. '


i lieiv to Lloyis at Kingston




?i l

T 1 n R—The


7)pi»^ 's ^ 8r Port rtovaT IsH^t. F-

ES & CO. 'ii SB,

0, Table' Fdiks 6 l?winH Forks w Woup Ladle— v?eijKh)hg' irt all onlj 55


j>ti& 4grow^J*1"n*h*"<i. 4. _.u.i,

r J g/yr<g.

fiddle P-

JKh^tfS^fd^fi'' <1ffe»f:^ua^y,(Fur'Na|« b?*,"

lMwX«^w^ „„»m ,,/Wf«*«fw«(«°* ' i* ^*t' ' *'* rl«MyO^BHAGE-| ~

iJ2, K I N G STKfcBT. KiJ per si earner *• Eaofle," por Sale—Bales of Fiesh


aiie^ Hall, 22, King-St.

April 24r 18S8,' ' I A l L ^ A t ISo. 8.


,''!«5^ F/l£/4^" VoomAO^ „ »^-^^--^..,,... -—-- —-v-., ,r n "•* , /'•fl^'V'-fi^ipjpjp*


'll"<'H?( t!M1 J < H I"1-


7I'4 h.tve lecci^'id per " ('fcn^c l i n n e >"" fioiu New Yoik, a i'iesh Supply of the ! following and Pol gale— A ' CA^IA. Boxes CclRUS VA,^^1 tLION * l * - » « lF, f aA, .i "UA«-a VGround ^I^L.MV. Black Penper B1»V Ground Ouinnnum. Boxes VefiniCBlli, Boxes Maccftioui, C,isks ISuruing I7l«i>4. Sfwinpfc Fluid* Sweet nnd and Bitltl BitMf Almoodc, w



Vo-snl! Oigarelff






C A DiE -


/ ' On hrtnd, the m«>si adu't assortment oT New Mu^ic to he had in kum-ton. I To a i n v e p e r " I riuce Uitprrt," tlaPv <?xppp,^rt anolhfi-lottff oin brtperb Model antyU-rq-ie p,^uis=_a!so, a lot of Mu-ic, eonsi liugof Oj er.iH; ( J u l i a n ) , EngHsU nml other Son»«—^onga,id P.edPsfoi Gnitc-r, Violin, and Flute_Au sic, all of the most choice election Mu-ic il Instruments of eyeiy de-ciiplion^hvay^on hand.

Mn-OH cbwii two "with!'




______ _ - - .April !W 1838. f?OR 8A!,E1—The Cargo tdl the Schooner 'T '» Zivfllu," from New York-*' 1032 Baai-E J. K1C(3 ]^T pari-els Bptt Me^a Pork 10 Ditto Cleaned ditto 1QO Hitto Pilot BiCrid) 60 I)it,o 0) tickers ( • JOQ Boxes'Engli-h Di+irv 2",0 Boxe. bonj, K's T Jackson's Tallow lyO Ditro ditto 10's > Caudles -'260-bitto 260-bittp ditto d'.tto 16's ) • 100 Hdlfb.Utela's Fomil^Beef 100 BairPl* No 1 Kiigle Uenitig14-


May 1, 1858.™


- - . - • '

add Vti^O IVrt-;.-. '"•! ''ll ^" T t i - i i v r n e n t , rVnUiniug all tbe new pieces Poik,^, Qiuu-

C\Sli'qf the •Retail' 'i




For Paie-r5 Oases,1 each 500 *




ijjio-'je. mait Conn;i L i n " f j ^ ith

15ijipi 11 24" 1H58.


*•• •"

Vii. '\ MIM hi'lf, on Ail1-, iioir,

F O p L 0 N D O N,

h8 | u


April 24,



I* 1 1

M ! 1TH'A F \ M U \ X pKJiF-H'O Half i,ai iela For Sate hy fhje SubsfM>be..

B \IV-1 70 -Tons. ] , Havi"2 m»«'«>f l»er fi^cljt ensued, VJjiil ,|^ve quick despatch-— for pai o'

T GEORGE'nilANDCN'S, ox R..M. f=!fea m'er ' Solent,' A Fresh supply of the

"Sl]C~~T(r"T]aid pr-r T*n?T:Vt a fow , . copies of^e PliiglrnrPOLKA—Violante Walln—OrovKtoi<> M a / n r k a — L e \ i i l h n n ( ^ i l o p • Old W f f T r . y Pull..' L'.clnow a ('tsrnpt ve for the Pi no—1 r o u i i P i i l ' v f t — C u i i a n


^T OPJ^NKO, PX II. M. Mearner •• Solent,' IrQin Southamptor)— ,, W- B . , t H U K * l ) , 'Zo to 45 I.I i ( i r d n t o 2 5 t" 45 151a. k TuWe Head", it a low fi?»re. / ' GRO. B K A M > ' » N .



L: Best

meut/28, King-Street.

_Falnily J

2 H.ilt-hlids



' -


_ Captain BRliBY. — Will po«itively leave for the above port 6n e2t.4»fox.. and h,.R room f"i 30 C'i<*ks more (OutfW* For freight of which or other light




F R E f: M A N,


J.-..-: it- .-'


The Fine A 1 Bug




FOR L I V - E R P O p L ,




ijji i ..... '....-eoTsrsitsf i.NG-ri'F' Opst Electro .'Piled. .Table Candlesticks & Shades , to D i t t o (]itt.(idiito-Be<l..RQqin ditto , <•' -. ~'D i l i .1.0 (Ijtrf'tlitto Ivin1io; ditto . . '. :; : .April 80, .-i86.8.- ', TTAS just -Recdvocl per " Sw.anl.ey," frotji' D i t t o d i t t o ditto Cruet' and LiqMor .Fn/rnes ; ; ' ': I • .' ulJ_ "• , B'"~'B . .' 'I* 1 „ ...» .. " n*t rl t * T^ »vf (i '* London, and'J. '.f"l' Trerla\vny" and ','. Iviite," Ditto d.tto dittx) .Cofiatera and Waiters O T 1C E-— \ II Persons, -who now ;.; .,„... Glasgow—Barrels P'riuve new ' BeWiist Ditts ditto 'ditto Side Dishes,_&c., &c., &c.. stanrl inrlfiblpH to. 1:). C. H A M S , all sixes ; barrels-prime new Irish belly Bacon, in'small Blips, suitable for families ; Jars , ..v»..j,e- an( j '|ul)f j ars B r i s t o l - T . i - i p e ; H i ( i f and quarter r ,,,ecma „,« m ,,,i, m n t s nre a duce « , , „ u..v, SUhsOMher, v-'barrels Dniry Fed P.irl< ; Kc^rs and quarter. In Great-Variety. p r j o r lo the last diiv lor Slllllg in the- harrels P'^'ong^e^ I^gs p_r^^lr ls h Npiced Jkacket Lamps—Wall -TJitto-^PedestBl E f ' ^ ~ . Beef; half ohebts and baxes fi.rflhHon andReading Ditto JUnCVOUn. DFOOJlDOVA. ' Sconte'l Pekoe U».i ; qu liter casks —ALSO— /t/tA^v ^-^^^_^_^ Mls)l and B e i f i m a t i , fin^ t A. V Amber-S^eny A,,r,l.«». IH.IS. W i l i e . bfltrala Peail Bailey. h p s h O a t M e a l , ci P itnn W i c e ^ b . x ^ f u h , ! R SALE—Received per " Eben Sawyer, p,,a,| Sago.nnd jj a a 0 , n n d fiim finf't Pi»ai! t itnn , b .XLS fu t, With many othef arficles in'the Line—witt be fiom Boston, .ni^invuice cin*istin<z of Macc.nom and v ' i ii.i(.(.'!i , m > r M i v e u I (••C"! 1 -", sold at a very Low-JFigyr(}. Dozen Spindly back, Bannistejc and Astor h ^ ,, ^^>y Q t , u _ ,, , ( , ;s , )1T t . , ^,< . „ A|>ril 28, 1868 1 ^'hnir .''hair* * i c , I i i 'i i i \ ''el1 in C ,,,„-. , HOM, ,'i 2 DOXH.MI T, du^' lulling ChflltS^-'rfii 2 D i t t o Olfiio ' ll i ; A I v,.' f. - i ^ M " and .t t ll !!, *T 4 D i i i n i!o''l\iiij *. | l -. •• C '« i I Ii I 3-12 U i t i o ' hi'.11 on s t_ ; • i *• i i ii .* / ' f l U V t l ^ O M , < OLTHIllST, H TO . I Li t liti i N ^ n i / , ' y f ' , il 1 b . l, ) H»l»l >• u. i. S ), I l i t 1 < I I ,*'<• \ v r ) R ' \ i n O R 8 A L K — Received p t r " 1 l» n ^v" i rul Mn mi. nN of mtMl 1 -, DI>I -tih ' i l l 1 L,')iV) ], ii Mill il ' . n . 7 \o," fiom _J _ / \jiril-J * A «/ H , //, 8's 250 1 IILTT ^ T -K-kson'sTdllow CANDLES JMu^ic Wa/i'p]toive nvl ^Fr^ii i t I " A pi u 28, J;8,">8r ; 100 Ditto 10'h 2.)0 Onto lo's strum/flt Repairing E i i ' - J j . ^


j 'i


F L O U i, PX ' G e o i - g e . f t v - A d a m s , from B a l t i m .re, .".-....>....... . ,...-. :;.., tolXWAUD

/t P 'Oft- ">u!: t ui u S Q '^ ) \ ^ rick D W f i . L L I Upstyir JIPV« m the HOUSK, sitaatf'd in* WJdrnan Thia Vessel d » s . IVrnw-ol fieiffht immediately m the rear qf;l ihe and othP. pailiculaiB mav be known on I0


' I


* April 7>lJl58. . -Lots: "to s u i t Fur-



TM ^i of </tu

a^M^»--*— ••• ; , ,i

Intelligence. There v;e.rc. n(> arnvalFhor dbparturea oii Sa-

'H. Baertfeiiig; SJH .'l?ni)Iislisd Daily—Gratis. "


"rej o i cc , "as we t Hi ri k : al 1 -1 6y o vsrCf wili, at tlici nnnnnnceiiicnt of ano-ther Concert Vy Monsieur :-iind Madtfirie Gallon, to.takw.p.lace at'; our theatre on Tliuraday evening- , -Both: these Artiste haye, •sinco';-tlieir..arrival, ga'inpd steadily in the estimation of the puWic; and at the last .Gonoei;t.. Madame Gallon's' exquisite vocalization, "pnrticuhir-ly in the execution of the Sonlag Polka, we are glad .will be^'epe.atecU.o.u cl'iiy '"evening, . cren-rod ."quite athere will be a large The -Island cf Nevis, a small but yet valuable 'Colonial clepoudentiy, appears,1 under the able government of &r Arthiir.Rumbold, to be making iribst strenuous efforts to relief herself from the financial \difiiciiUies-under .which she- labored \yhiift that Official assumed the administration of her affairs. "Her 'Ways and Means' which, up to thoj£teffejitjn''firt>fc.iit1''^ in variably presenter! a yearly :defieiency,. have as a mutter of cduvs'u engaged his serious-attention, and,appear likoly. at tho next meeting of the.Legislature to assume that healthy tone so 'iiflkjessai'y to the social welfare of thosjB whose interests have been entrusted to his charge. Aschenip_ has been devise^ by whicji the. existing taxes, that, as in larger .Colonies, press heavily on particular portibua of the community,- will bq.xoduced £0 per ccnt.r..Y,-.hilo holilprs of siriafl properties •wlllhbe altogether relieved from their hitherto oppressive burthens. An, import tax of 9 per ceii't M proposed i'li lieu of former regulations,, \vhile\an export tax, on sugar 15s, per hhd., ruin 5s per pun.,- and molasses 2s 6d 'pur pun.,' will •fully „'• realise, all that is required tor the contingencies of the State. Tije entire expense .of colIeclion-is-j)o_t:t6 exceed 10;pCr-ceni.,.ami as^vdth trilling exception, the revett+ie must com«; through the Custom House, -the simple method of its receipt will do away with all the very serjous an•rioyances of Tax Collectors and their frrian of attendant evils. ;• ' ''•'&'.. . "" ,'lt is ^gratifying to the 'Jamaica journalists to .trace, in- the 'career of Sir Arthur JUiinhulci, fchat . ^recognition of'official ability which, as iiv\he case of Air. Hinks, leads torthe .establishment of a >vnpn.piTf>nf''nTl important to Colonial bfflcia.isriji, 'iJferitjEo prj>ciplo, 'and as we believe,;to,this Alone, wjAUShe appointment of Nevis apportioned, nor shatfwe be surprised to learn'that, the aptitude cUspl^edbvi) hinV-in trOridjuctiiig the Nevisians fthruugh their difficulty, has paved the way to a moreitriportantpost than that which he at present holds.. . The opinion the public has'lbiVg since formed of him,, .is' fully who have had ample opportunity for observing'the statesmanlike qualities with which he is gifted, and merely -in iGorroboration of our own; judgment, we shall •transcribe the concluding .paragraph'of a . Nevis, written'ISy the Uon. .Sholto Pemberton, a gentleman who has had 'ample oppprtunity for ascertaining the facts on which, he asserts, in re-' ference to the .Ctoyernor-of that ^Colony :— *'_The, -tilsnted officer who is, at prtserit^at-the head of ttie 'Gp.vcrnin.pjnt of jhis Island may be equalled by other fanctionarieVln Src~6FreSpond;ii)g statJon, in 'their efforts to ad v.irice- the interests "c* the communities, over which -they preside, but it is due to him to state, that none can excel hm| in (ha zeaj which he has displayed _arid in the ex-' crtions he israiikingv,to. .maintain"."the character of the island,; and to promote. the general \vel--fare."— Con sw. UNION." ATLANTIC TBLEGBAPJH. . .:•.: :.^ The'arrangcments preparatory to making" ther atte'mpt to' connect; Europe and Aine'riba ^byj.:1 tekgtaph duiing-~the prebcut summer aie progressing actively. ~t-' J ~ The cable, nhfch has been sjored during the ivintornn the tanks erected by permission of tho Government, in the Kcyhatn hteam Yrtid, Dej •\onport, is now being coiled on board her Majesty's ship Agamemnon, and th^ United Salutes frigate .Niagara, both .of which ships havglggain been devoted to this work bv their redpacfiv^ feitr^fr^.to/ye^elay 32*0 miluH had been coapd on board ftie Agamemnon, and 84 on board the .Niagara. A large number of men are; engaged in the coiling, from the hours of live 41 m to -seven p m. evelyday except Sundays, un,d,the whole is expected io be on board by thq lotfi of May. The additional 800 mileb of cable recommended by the directors, in^heir report to thTflliaieholders, is in process of manufactuie by Glass, 'Elliot and Co —a sufficient amount of the now'capital having been subscribed for thj^s purpos". It -will lwve»beep completed and coiled on )"-boiu d by the second week in May, ' and cttfty on expciiments with regard to tho payin^outHn&fcm'nery have at length so far decidedj|pon tho principle of the sheaves and retiroers to be used on the present occasion ns jto bo enll)lt'd» to order one complete machine, winch wi'i be finished in about a fortnight, and 'Which, will tfyen be Bet up at the works" of-Messr» and Auios, and subjected to severe* expe. tests. this is d no, It is the intention «f the tliwtors toin-v^o by ciicular as many <tngi-

._._; Mays, 185fi iiecrs and machinists of known ability, nnd etni-j A TTO'T^JU \AJ Q A T fTQ •lie'i'ice hs possible, to vi.sit and inspect tho entire I -< -|L iJ \J * JL v/11 kJ /A U * ^-^ .apparatus during a certain firftd period, and to j . . . . . . . M a y 8; 1868. solicit ns:'a favour their critical observations and 'rfoBIS. Morn'ing,- atiny Vendue suggestions upon its .form and construotiort. •'.*i and Commission Agency, Aio. _l> If no"'cause be ishoirri for further hnpor•''.'•-' .Joint the machinery, it is in tended: f o n v e r Iviriw ^vrf-et. Boxes Ditto (By Permission of His -Honor :ihc.;Mv.yor, and that tlie":Niagara and Agamerhrici'nv'^hic'.i it"""' Tierces COMFITH : estimated will have been complutoly Fitted and BaiTfils Herrings,; : •under tho 'Patronage of Motor- (General aily-by the'last \vcek in Alay, 'Shnll, be'forn **••* '•' Quarter Bult^ Ale, Arc.. <^icnci :g to lay the cable proceed toV s'e;(, :i and '"" '"STINE3, F.^/._I -fn the deep wat«.r, • about 300 jujli^s from 'th4 Mav"3 Irish coast, rehearse a series of experiments in Morning, at half._ payi%out iind hauling in, and put. to:a,practU "6'ctiK'k, on "the xvliurf t>f Ue Pits.«, Alber- . T H E .SECOND LYE 0 .PERFOKMAIfCE," cal test several 8n»gbstitins andi, aJ!J»li«n'ccs thnt & ••Mitvh'ejl, the following Goods, all of the have been proposed to the coiftpfiny by variods it and freslie.-s.t description.' jiist'lajided ex ingeri-ious.persons who have(|t!ik(; active m- liWg ".Meteor," from ''Philadelphia a— ''•' " ' ''teresf'iij tiro, success of tho-enterprise.' .,.1 . P S3 <§) ®~: if] A M M (1 s ' •el!< Supeiiine Baking FLOUR, Aoice . Tlie two ships will then return to Engla'M ' 1—Symphony.—By the Pull Band. -~ brands again and report progress, and under this ar2— ; "Le. i-^e-jvux-Cler'cs, (Costume, Charles raiigeinun't, should tho-CXpc:'itacntS-?hpv^ithat 73 Ditto [lye Flour 1X-). .. • .. •' .•...-".'.. . . . :' •{.'.; . . -improvement or alteration is d-t-'sirable^rn sjp of j . 9 T F i i k i n i Refiued Lnrd >v 3— Pastoral, Air,.'fo"r"*Violin.', - . i200-lvegK ditto ditto, George & & Jenlun's" tha .apparatus, there will b«..tiaie to "-got j£ cfiutt4--^'!'he .'riiiril Act from Lucia.. ed, so as to enable tho.expcdii.ion to rnflke their .i 30 Half barrels Family I'ig. 1'ork •5—Symphony. r "final start at a. pcriorl'of the year, -when, accord- .';.....!^. Qjt.;i.i:.t.ex,..iJJtto ditto...ditto.,;-^ 6—Polka'Sonfag, (Costume, Louis XV). , ing fo thn-1-jnaniiilouH.t'..'Rt.ihionjr of all whose ex- I; 25 Boxes Cavendish Tobacco 7—The Fir*t Act.frcMii " Le Toreador"—Bull perience"of' the weather in thu.Noi-th Atlantic ":IOO Harrels (Jr.iekers fighter, (Spanish Costume). .has been coiiriultod, the sea and air are likely to VHH) H r d f ..Barrels. Choice Family Beef ,bein the most ikvcnmib)o. ( con(1ition for. 'fucilita-J-.?-? .Oi'ti.o d i t t o ditto d i t t o 'Ox Toiigues500 Boxes Tnll.jw Candles, "Cook's" 8's&-16-'r --—The-Bimtl. of ;the 2nd W. I. ,Regimelif^lf te tins the .Success of the under-taking. "iri attendai^fe. • ' . ' ' . - . . , . ..'... . . : . : . " 4!) Kegs , Mill Grease ; . ......... , ;- ' • ;. The.. 4§atbemnon-U' now-being put in cormnis-' 1 Prices of Admission—DrSla Circle and Pit,' .15 Bnrrels d i t t o ditto .s> on,'.arid' wiil be commanded by l'ap'tahv"Ge6.'[ 4s.; Upper Boxes, 2s. ;f W. Preedy, and the-11 Admiralty have, in addition-!. .5 Barrels M a c h i n e r y Oil The Box Sheet IB Opened at Messrs. "Laraquo 20 Casks H'inis. in prime order . to the. Agaiiietnrion, appropi'iatBdi_th.e-rOoi'goii, & CnV; •-.. ' i) barrels Comtnaifder Dayman, and another paddle-wheel ' ' Turpentine;- = seatner to the service of the -Atlantic Uoinpany ; May 2, 1858, the latter as 'a'uxilfnry to the Agamemnon in e.iso pf her iiat'ding assistance, and the. former to . Morning, at haif-past keep the sailing course— there being a-pc.ssibili-. o'cloc .ty-'lliat the compiiS'Ses of the ships containing the' 10 .Barrels FAIR SUGAR. caMo may be afl'ected; byr the proximity of so M.usin- Warehouse »nd Mnsiqal Ihstrularge a mass of .iron. , . . --rnfint Ke-pir-ing . Establishment, It is expected that the United States government also will shortly . despatch to England --A .nrV'EEIS ;l||orning-, at- 10' o'clock, ' - ; ...... 28. K ing;. Street. - •••',.. r large^paddlo wheel steamer oiv a .similar service.; f^ME Subscrihefs have been appointed aggnj$ r in respect to the Niagara. Thus there will fejf a lOO^Bris. Pilot ti;rentl ' 5'0'Brls. Cracker'^ 1 to tho a l i o \ e House for their unequalled' And to-Close Sundry Sales, -.— total of five ships of war engagf^jl on the present ' I N S T R U M E N T S w e say unequalled for tone, 100 Barrels Eagle 11 erri);gs occasion to realise. this internntionnl-yvdrk. miike riiui d u r u b i i i h — jirice con.sidered. In the electrical department the directors have ,-. 78 'Hoves. 59 Half Boxes Codfish The hdvnntiipes secured to parlies getting called, to the aid' of Mr. Whitehoaae the services .185 Boxes Smoked^He'rrings t'iest! Iii><iriinieiit"s froiri'Hs are nianifpid. 'Com•<3f-:'-Pi'ofe86or Thprnsdn, ,.;LL. L>., -Mr. Walker IftO Boxes oGlbs'Cvowu Soup ing .direct as they do from tire,,, manufactory, we F.R.S., andi Mr. Henley. •-- —-—;r—~ • 199 lJii'to.48ib»-Fearher'Soap. . "*•• a r e - c o n f i d e n t thnt greater c/re is taken in the It is also their intention to consult other elec- 73 Ditto 8's and 16's Candles, adjustment, regulation amb'mning of 'each in•I^AVIOSON, COLTHIRSTr&,CO. ,sti;iinit'Ht r « heiher Piano or Hainiotiivin), and tricians and telegraphists, with a Ffsjir-'to secure, thorgre^Ccst jititaitiable amount of speed in wojk-_ every precaution "taken Jto. secure -from' disarm
















. ; , '

By lladaiiif Ga!lo}i, _

Pianos and Harmoniums.



form of apparatus for transmitting.'signals"' '„,......"' . .LIFE AS3URAS(|i/ '' "'""-A conflicting feature jn the practice of the so.veral life assurance companies has just attracted attention.' .'--A- policy holder in one of the'pnucipal offices has died after tho payment of premiumns for'Si years, aud his cxucators, hbfa'.'sj re ceiling paymenrj-are called -upon to furnish proof of his ago, either by the production of his bap-

^ '-., 'M!iy:3, -1858.

" ' ' .'

Ai.>y 3, iojo. N O T I ^ J-,. HIPPERS on the Bri^ " Freeman" for Livei pool r are requested—to _stnd in theii ••'• MI<! ^illa «f L.,»h'i!g TUTS l')AY/rn a()le the Vessel to clear : and frll Degiiinat sliid Vessel or Oajitain Het-by are have'called for the proof of age at the time d to be mideied by 12 o'clock on Tuesaccepted the life, or, at all- events, ttflfjnve given day, the 4th instant. special notice to tho assurer that it wotild have DAVIDSON, COLTHfKST, ,t rn to be prdduced in qase of the policy becoming a M a y 3, claim, and that to prevent embarrassment to his Urig Z A V A LL ACaptain P * EK }•'. H. represantatives it would be best for him~to furnish it at once. ' A large number of the offices /\ L.L Demands s ng n'nst the ;ii)ove Vespursue the proper plan of obtaining the proof at sel and iVla«ier must be reudeicd the time the policy is-opened, and.vyhen this is 13 o'cilock This l>!iy t<> "upt adopted there ca_n safety from ultiDAVIDSON. 00 L TUIlfST] &.CO._ mate iriconveniejice. : Tri a considerajjl^prftporSHty'3 ,~18 5 S ~ tion of -cases-executpftrand even itninediate des' Cliarter to any Port iii tlie cendants arc ignorant as to tho prucist* date or vplace of-birth ol /. a testator, and where 3,0 or ^0 United States, yeai's have elapsed from the date oT the" docuTHE AMN. SCSyONER mept..on which a claim is founded, such a contingency is generally to be expected. Of courne, •if the pequirud proof vvere unobtainable, no res/pe.ctablo'offico .would bo likely t« inuko afty seri- iW^rons—Capt. PARivJiR, Apous ultimate difficulty with a view to avoid or, ply, to lessen their liability • but the alarm and'embarrassment caused to families whtm thuy find any unexpected obstacles interposed to a-settlement, May 3; 1856. are naturally-great, and the trouble occasioned, even if tho- requisition can-be Complied with, is ten times that whi'dh would have"been caused to OUR'~STHEET, the assurer himself if the point, had been attend, n,RNT'S - q u a r e Fasten COLLARS ed to in the first instance.-/iWt^^/- ffind C'hat- ^ IWtto f'inoadilly ditto '


Eben Sawyer,


- -


)it,to S a i d i n i n n ditto " » iwn Handkerchiefs Tarlatan lacr.onet and Book Flouncing White ?*ars>aneu Primrose Ditto Wreaths a«d Artificial Flowers lahit Fancy Spun Silk Glov'es )itto ditto KmbroiUerjsd ditto ,

May^S, 18^8.

To be Rented, "T[^HAT well-known and Conrmodjous A STORE No* 51, H a r b o u r Street, for fifieen jears in the occupation df David Brandon, Esq, and fit tor anj' line of Business. J?\>r further paT.tuy.iti\rg, apply to-A L E X A N D K I t M I L L R U , V. M,, No. 35. Water I ane.

rangement c!i\vi,'np the pas!=a«e out ; purchasers

".'Briff-jW riTE< )K--Ca ) p]ain Anderson therefore can be certain of securing^ an instru-A LL Hemnnds agafnst the above Vessel..and ment in every respect perfec|j and on,e that will -£jL -Captain must be rendered by It) o'clock last. This Morning. On arrival each instrument ig carefully ex-


ABRAHAMS, M»y 3. 18J8.


nminedj and the undersigned are^ particular that none are .offeied that prove to be junsound. — t'our new Pianos to arrive per "Prince Kupeit," r.rid shi^itly expected, Hnrmpniums and the " West India Model" Piano from the manu-


--the ctimara. from- tfrawings and improvements puggested by Mr/Sturridge. All Instruments sold by us pnarnntped. . __ ^F. JB. STU&RIDGJE& CO, . May 3, 1858

[71OR SALE—A Very Elegant and Faithfully ^ Built CARRIAGE, with Pole, Shafts aivd . r - — AKp,' A Double Sett Harness, equal to New JOShPH STINES, No 11, Lower Kh.g Street. till Clh May

AUDIT OFFICE, Kingston, - April 29. 1858.

NOTICE. J^! order to ensure expedition and'reg u l a r i t y in payment, eveiy demand against thev Public must be ceVtift.^ by Uie Fifjrf or Second Commissioner of A u d i t , aji ,ie case msTv require, wilhiri the firsJj'icdays after iho expiration of the quai™>' oi month, for, or in, which the claim may accrue. Bv Of>rpm/md v , •*' ALEXR. BRA Vf), First Commissioner.' P P TRENCH, Second "

O L L O W A Y\S OI just

Case of the, GEO. BRANDON.

^V ILL open on MONDAY, several cases pf

* Color*-d IVIuSlins, in Uipsaen and in (the Piece, all of new styles and fast <$ow,

LACK and White L A &K M A N T L E S Blafek "Wnteitfd Silk Mantles Plnin Black SilkM'ntlea Rich White Flounced Upbes, Colored Sflk Mantles , Flotiaces Colored KamKiAfred Vejviet Mantles Blacudnd White, Lndv^pkets Coloured Lice Nfaritfes. x Th& above are all of the newest Stylos z ' 'form the ?


Messrs, S, Earaque & Co, Have ^leBeived direct frotfi Paris An extensive assorttiaent of

Children's ISoots &. Shoes,

in Kingstop, and will be sold very chfap for nnd Retail.l. v

R & SON,'

A Large Supply ol, their all CLOT& ,68, llaj bout Street, adjoining the Colonial JJank. BOOTS, from 3s. to 8s, per pair AND THJ5, , ,SHARES in ^


Cotnpttny! , i "t 600 Shares in the CJarendnn Mine.

From 2s. Gd» *t^ 5s. 6'd7

10, Harbour Street; Bazaar,; : } '



'^iV Wf f

-i 1



Comniissioii Agent, ^


Department^ ' , WILLFAM M4U||||>?^ ^ , r 4 1 1

/w^Sbi.Wg^jV^/ jALE^o^i^'^;»^ii,s^|i^4f


May IT 1858.


A p i i l 00, 1858.

May 1, 1858.

National Institution. Received per Eoyal M. C. Steame? " S6lent," A CII01CJB LOT OF


N RLEUTiO.N fr, r ONE D I K K C T O K , in the roonrof M. N. NATHAN, JEsq , who is resigned, w i l l tnke piaco ai the Vestiy eiN of the Spaniel and Portuguese Svnaoh THURSDAY AFTERNOON, 13th


;Sonthe^ KirE Wlute;fMilton;C ! Scott, ' Gowp'er, Goldsmith, Pope and Burns;


Warranted Good, A T 1-id. A _ P A P E E . ^ALFRED GROOM-.

. ,


.06, •''liar bout-Street".


The 'Poll will be opened at 5, and closed at 6 Clock p. m. By Order,1


JACOB MUDAHY, Hon. Seo_ MaVl, 1858

" Victoria," - Londres," '' Prensados," <> &c..


my Gig ^yesterday Morning—.-V " 'li, in a Rfd Morocco "P^'pirinock's Catechism of History, of England May 1, 1858. pase. A Sui able Reward will h^.paid Miinguall's Questions " I T R f S H LINEN, on Retail, at Is per (q(r ihfe Kecoveiv. ."."•'Guy's .New British Spelling1 Book -WM. D'AGUILAR. 3m 3lh Aprif22, 1858. s, on April iJ8, 1858. On Hetail, Is6d per yard. ," And a. Variety* of other LODGINGS, RBtfT—The Premises Comer of M. Az. C/o's Long 01 Church Si i Pet and Water Lane, ADAM,K, FEKRON begs to'retnrn £$•• her Friends for the libe- lately occupied by Mr. ('ampbHI, tha The best and cheapest Tweeds and Watt's and Wesley's HYMN'BOOKS. ral suppott awarded he> during tlTe time Bookbinder cfcc. An excellent Business Flannels <xf her conducting the Hanover Hotel, Stand. Apply to Bareges at .nirreperice per yard . ALFRED* Perfumery and Pomades—good and and announces to them and to the Pub April -23, lie in geheial that she has now opened a • ' ••Vf—VNlE> T -•'.'•" che.ip B C M K D I i N G and LODGING HoUSH Twillod Silesias, at 6d. 9d. and Is. — Common Prayer:. in King Street, No 97, opposite the Hright Pl.nds, ai- 1-s pe*r yard With a Supply of Church vvhfMe every convenience and ~ ' • ' ' "- " I n k , 6d per-bottle. And all 01 her Goods at the same rea- comfort is offered those who may exlend their '•'ntinnngc to her. ll*,Jj sonable rates. ADIES' Black Satecu ' May 1, 1858. Of Cheap Edition sfri^spring^ WM'. MALARKE-& 60. ! •"•'..

•*'• .




* •- • •

• '

• i • > • " . .



C L a T- H I N




are A : FEW COPIES of

•: Among .

T h e G aries.&:th'eir:F I'iends, ' .


OR LBASKOR KRNT,—That Fine FireProof STOKE, No, 2, Jiowor King Stieet, ) ' p e r R. M. C. Steamer suitable for a - R e t a i l Piovision Business. The \\ <i Solent"—An assortment of Gen- Stand in most Eligible, and has always proven a lucrative xine'to the Tenant. tlemen's Lihf-n . ' * April 30, 1858


f sBiaT cbLURs,

^ inirlst— nfter a sojourn in Kng1irn-rir*lu!i-ethe t,ilents of himself and wife cieateil a marked sen- Consisting of ihe M i l i t a r y , Pioad lly, and sation in high and ie<.pecUble cnclei. Poit Hole Shades, Three-Fqld

11EASON WHY—A Collection of many H u n d t e d Reasons for things which, though gcnoially be=. lieved,,are imperfectly understood. notice to Correspondosiis—Consisting Of Ten Tliousand EriitoUal Answer^ to Questions, selected from the best authoutie*, supplying a fund of information which canno' be obtained from any other somce. -A N D

'1'lie following' AHl

Scott's Ctettang* Warehouse.

&j. DAVIS &co:s




Of a New Patent make—Glass lnk-.t<inds an Fancy Boilin Iron InkstandPurses—Drawing Chalks—tilustmted Roses—

Fancy Note Paper and Envelope:

Soft Felt Canadian Eats.

U M B R E L L- A S-.

A. BeCor^ova uand lephew, HAEBOUR-STB^KT.

— A N'T)—

, W, A,Neth,ers,ole & Kepliew




faT^ASlBjb bit Wbl.r5JT Wi-om the O '^ejimfchiR ' ^(wlin' 1 — \ J J d i k pr^wn VV^ter i^pimtt'l IXKJ, ans'uyeiin^ to ihe nnjn? (if *• Npi|ng.'' A n y Person same to

on will receive the

210 Ditto No. ITJouiu 1 Shore Hemngs •>' 30 Ditto'No. 1 Herrings ' 10 Brls. No. 3 Mackeerl "* '\ 44 Barrels Oil 225 Boxes Smoked Henings 39 M Cetl iv Shingles 1200 Feet W P. Lumber.


and BEOT1EE Received per K. M. S. " Solent"—


AVK A Latge assortmentjif

Fancy & Plain Articles, Comprising all the Novelties of the Sennon, vie • 8ilk and Sttaw Hormets-and Hats />f every description, Plain and Trimmed — Ribbons Lnces. <

& 00.



' —AI.PQ—





Head ~Di esses, Flowers, ttibbnns. &c. PRESTON & BRO. u



Apnl 29, 1858.

ROXBU-UGH MOUSE. iEMBROIDEKED French Cambric Handkerchiefs, {

' ' ^«,


1. **-.

£ ^








RAILWAY RUGS Cf such Good Patterns, as Tig'tef and Leopard Skins. JFoxpjs Head, &c., &e. I GROOM, March

A V R N Twilled Silesias,


AND ifp l)av-

, 185,8, ,




ADIES can now be supplied " the above, in Light rt Fabrics "


<& SONS.

Stolen or

April 20, 1853,

BOM_ffope, in ,Si>int Andi-ew, on JfON^> tlie 5th Instant,—A snort, .stout T70R,SALE—Deceived pfer Schot»ner " I ben brownDAY, or Cashew Bay" HE MULE; long tail. jl^ Siiwyp'r* * fj'^'itn l/ostoijj l f < 1 l 1 * 164 Bhufc^fcO^FJSH <• '« f ' -^ Bounrfe at ilie end, Zehra. ni^k?, and branded *, '1 Quarter'ljatfe!; 27 Kits Soijmds NQ, 6, on th^-eight shoulder, hut n,9t,very plnin. 11 -Any per?p^T»ringing the jgjwa Male tatheSiibs K i ^ *« > i j —M)er» or giving suph jnfprn»aU'c»n ?s inny *e< i, 1 wftrter Barrel Mesa "32 Half its tec^very, <til' \i>e suitably rewarded.— 12 are l\erfeby oa^itibaetjt to be very Suioked flerringa 500




' March 12, 185.8.

and BJn&k-SATlN SHOES W HITE VVhitf and Colored Kid Gloves

Gldves— Haberdashery—Tweeds, &o • »nd an Extensive 1 supply of our far-

description M very low Pnces.


" JUST OPJiNJCD, , A N e w L o t o-f-


Fancy Silk Dresses and Kobes ! ! !



Well known to be the Best in duality, and the CHEAPEST sold in Kingston as the very Rapid sale testifies.

Flowers—White Lace Kobes— Whitel& Fancy Colored French <fe Swiss Mp*lm J^ahaaa«lt»i3crl.e fiti£ Bjo^rt Very Mich, Tiimmed Lace all Round, Lace—iii eat Novelties in Pldin and IWXBUR&JET& 801. shot Silk and Gios—Also,



Apiil 2V>, Ih u 8.

Fr nch


May 1,1858,


From Paris and London.

Wo. ^"Harbour-Street, (Bast,

6, 8, 10, 20, and 30dy Fine (Jusp Head NaiU » Kegs 2, 1\, i^id 3 inch 'Clout Nails ' Kegs 3, Si, 4, 44, 5, and 6 well Spikes Kega^Hve'g and Puncheon Rivets (AJl the above contain 1001L>s Nfllls in each t Keg) ,ltega 5, 6, and 71b B. B, Horse Slioej Nails, 100 — --, . . 8, OJ uul Tib B. B. G. Coimtersutlk Heads, 100 and pUlos each, : (an article of Superior quality)' ex Ship ' G.eorjre Tumei,' froiu New York, egs ,4, 5, 6, and lOdy Fine Cut jfcUile, lOOlbs e.'ich „. , ^ ' Ban els Turpentirfe; pitcjhand Rosin Bqjfes * 'LevereltV KentoclvV!. Vxes, assorted llunter1* Axe-and Shingl-ng llatcliet-.. &nft~~ A sfnoll lot of t l Uollitt's" Watchets, Handled—? (Of fi^ tole quality} ^. |jt-i^"' general assoitment of Hardware, a-inte, and'OilsJofeveiy de&cnption, always on


«L^ i

W'iy 1, 185S

AVJB Received per '' J'," and " Ro siri4 Ol/iypolf," fiom Liveipooi, the fo iuiAjna; ushoitirifut of NAILS '.— Kegs 4dy,Sdy, and Oily fine SHINGLE N A I L Kegs 4, ,6, 8, JO, 20, and BOtly lios^Nails Kegs S and itidy (JoopetV Ns"K i Kegt 8 <m$ lOdy Flooiing Brads Jve<"* 6, », 10, 20, and 30dy Flat Point, Fine



Wellington Pencil C'asep



Hendrie's Petroline

PENKNiVliS of a supeiwr MoHtWs Leads 1 Leads for Smith's Patent PencUspBtuE, BLACK ' ' and Hco.


Drito Kid Top Boots, with military heels Ditto Pnrffella Boots, (3'qua,Hties) Ditto' KftFfap-Boofu, with spring lieels Duto Leat^r Walkiug Boots, double soles Ditto Patent Leather Shoes n A V I U BRANDON. Ditto Carpet Slippers (French) _ Ditto Seal Walking Shoes "S_( Apiil 28, 1858. HORTLY Expected pcrBng'uVksn Ditto Prunella and Black Satin Shoes __

Allan," from Glasgow, and For 'Sale— 150 Tons bestiality BiNGINE Parent ^ide Spring JJoots, with kid tops^ qualities) D u i i » U'hirp'Muslin Embroidered ditto COALS. "~ . Ditto Stout double sole MIDDLE-TOR, FREER & GO. Ditto Tolimd A l u « l m ditto ». April 29. 1858. Ditto W h i t e LLs'e ThrenH Gloves Ditto W h i t e and Colored Woodstock Ditto Circular Seam Shoes (3 qualities) dilto. Just Opened, ex Steamer "Solent," Ditto Half Wellington Boots —,Ditto r^onfjftVelliuton Bpots A CA^SR Superior IRISH LINENS, Ditto Patent Leather Dress Wellingtons Fancy Establishment, •"•" Warranted Ditto Heavy sole'and light make Ankle Boots No. 1, Corner of Port Royal and King Ditto Buff Lfeaiher,^€arpet and Patent Leath'e* Slippers ___ Streets. Ditto Half Dres* Shoes nnd Pumps April 30, 1858 Tweed and Doeskins, newest / fif TT nn'C'ftTc per R. M. C. Steames! bllliiJjJilS^ a .patterns ' > Co'oured Balmoral Bpots ~" ' Black. Colored, and Fancy Neck Ties, Djtto Strong Seal Skia Shoos in numerous styles Ditto Patent Leather S.hoea ps, Soops. 1 Pomades, and Tooth DitHTPatent Eyeletled Boots E j,s&yis& & Ditto Jcoloured Kid Shoes Powder—Quinine. _ ~_ 1858. _ A \ D R R W SCOTT. A p r i l -28, VM5«. Strong^ Aplde Boots, O R S A L E.—Received p e r ' Florida;1 Silk and Alpacca U M B R E L L A S , of fiom Halifax— . —CHEAP— JSupeiior make—just opened pe"r 364 Boxes and ISO Half boxes Prime Shore "Mearnsr'' Solent," and~For CODFISH Wholesale and Retail. Sale by._=, __ 300 Bsnrels No. 1 Aleh'ives

Enquire whhin S*or JU^ery thing, Gentlemen'* AND THE COMPAMON Y





April 12,


and Mercuual



NEW Compound which never f.uis to destroy all kinds, of Destructive Vtrmm Tvhich illicit onr domestic Homes It 11 the Plciuuis' Fneiifl, which 8*vd> thein Tluudreda of Pound? bj the outlay of One Shilling only. ll»t" and Mice die so_ veiy-pro'tfio that, when alloAveil to j n d w l alout, they not mily -jtdd to their nuitiber, but consume so vast an mnount in value tlut the actual loss catnrot be fairly estiThis New Cojiipound »s no only a safer means than any other poison, but is a sure and ia<h«ul \v iy ofaxfeiTnfnatmg so vilo a nuisance, It ra only to he tiied, and the Public will, in a shoit ijnie, be able to decide for themselves Tfiw very necessiiiy Jjt is to possess it, in preference to any othei preparation Prepared ,md sold only at the

Chemical & Drug Emporium, No 16 Lower King Street, -Kingston, Jamaica A p u l H 1858,

For Sale—Jo Arrive,

Earth en w are, E Ah en ware 100 Crates, in Bond for Exportation. GEORGE MRAXDOff. ~


April 14, 1858


K R S H-.ROM-AN;.. Cr,MBi\T; in and "' ' Quarter ' ' • ' Barrels, ' " Per ' F.



. Hales .pofion fi^ck' ORILL" f Htnped ditto "'•'""'" . •IJases, Lltu''!! -Thread .. . ' Baits N6s. G and 7 Round Throwd' Ozna burgh. •'. " ....... r




__ tnach, and Bowels ; AND



i (Ph* MfidiVine of the Million

all Disorders of~the Head, Sto-j

AARONS' OINTMENT * / A NeVv Remedy for Removing any Disease of the Sk n. „ The^e Renowned National Medicines have been creating wonder and seeming appiobation fi<rm the Greatest to the Poorest of Jamaica's Sons, m preference to any European prcpaiattons ot thtu 'kind, !£ho$0 Mfedieines are adapted for eradicating the moftr*bstinnte nnd foul disorders of the bedy, approved by thousands nt home-and abroad BM au unexceptionable remedy for the cine of Indiges tion, Asthmatic affections, Bowel and Liver complaints, Shot tness,,o/-bteith,-Debility, Dissenteiy, Gout, Flatulency, Colds, Fevers H->adache, attended with giddiness, n «en<sqtion" often compared to gnawing in the stomach vvhenemptj; obstinate Oostiveiiess. Diminution or loss oi Apjntvte, Pains in the Limbs 01 Joints , and are particular}} serviceable^ as a domestic and F.miilv Medicine, foi many other disoiders, e^pecullj among Females, and me murh to be prefeied to many other Medicines recommended in FemaK Complaints They give Health and Vigour at once to th< vital partA, tha have long been prostrated, and renovate the whole sjstem. These preparations having no Mercury, can be used !<y the most delicate constitution, and Cfin be-a'tjihiniatered to Children, dissolved iii 'Water, regulating-.the dose-us riijiy'rie. neeesnary. . What i.s most gratifying to the Hfilleted is the cheering iiitt-jligeiice, that while these Pills and pinfmant... fire' renSvotiug the Whole systom. they are entirely free , froiri-daMger^and patient.*-' <<n-n-.ii.rfii ^afuty use Cold .Ablutions, w i t h o u t in-"


J> blood




the hfpimtmwnq aomt^ It fur 'ivhfi the com nents <>J //„«;, bo»e',nm^le, net viand * stomach w its manufactory, the its di«{nh<tors, and fhe tnt<«nu* the dim uliufi the waste wader rejected in its , . - . . . -Ill -r-r .. * Upon the stomach, the ctrtfif thc^e Pitts ait siwultane-

The first hospital svtfffons

and medical put-

iicists of Europe, admit the unpaiailed andin-ftnmmatoty and henhng pi operties of this Ointmenf,, government sunclioti its use in their

naval and military set vices; am) the mases in this counti Jr/ throughout the v>ot W repose th "w in its curative e source? ofntfan...^. •rh undo he the external

z? fhf most common disease among all merits which feed nnd exasperate Ml thii comitrtf It at.iumes a thousand RHEUMATISM. , . and it, the pi'tmarp source of innumerable ERYSIPELAS. ofmtyerow matathets , but whatever its type or symare antwg the most terii'ble 'ows however obitinmi? ifi remittance'to ordinary and fitinn$, it neatdi readily and rapidly to this agonizing dlwaset., yet in their woiisLfoims, sea, clung and nneitiiig remidy. and when seemingly incurable they inwiwkly disappear v^dei a pei severing application of BiUQUS'AFFfCT! . u The quantity and quality of the ile are of vital this soothing,-healing, antidote to pain and importance to health Upon the liiter, the gland inflammation. .i-:--.fe:,;,.-^.:-.ioA,.,-^ :;,-.: , which secretes thisfluid:the Pills opera\ " " ifically, KING'S EVIL. FEVER SORES, infallible rectifying its., irregularities, at effectually ; STIFE1 JOINTS. •.tiring Jaundice, Bilious ' Remi'f.ants, md all the, In cases of King's Evil wJiere medicinal <<l.rietiex of disease generated b£an unna •al condiwatery lotions, and every recipe of the 'pjiar* iitian of the organ. •.

maciqicHia have pr<ived .useless^. the -4iinlvKent •

A WORD TO The local deiiHty andirregularities which. afiTtKe. .>.(?««/ annoyance of the. weaker '.sex, .and', which t'/ie.n nc/jlfcffd. alwny$.shortens life, -are., relieved for lie time lifiiiff'-fHtiiprevented for' the "time to co,tie y a •coyrke nf this m^d hut'•'thorough .-alterative.

will atie'omplifh'-a thorough cure.

Fever A'orea

heal quickly wider its•'inflvenee,:aiid its relays

inff .effwt upon-contracted-sinews is truly won dei-ful. , '•".''. • v._ ' . - - • • -,_• ire few of the' Thousands'; iff Letters, from theinost respctitable snitl well-known Gen.. DISCHARGING • FLCERS. " V ""'" TH O'UGHTH -W'iTRLO tipinon in the Island, testifying their henciiciiil . — y S P I L L S - a r e eminlly effication A most remarkable and happy change is pri>eilects. ••-' . '" • • are given'ofl the Wrapper around n£«mpl<ri>its.«ommonjo't)ie w!n>lf rare, mid dveed in the. appi-.ara n cejif M align an tvlcers, ,"-. ; . : ,: MrijypLETON, FRJUE^^ no. eachDirections . n-d'vsordcrs peculiar to certain climates'and • local- after a.few application^ of tMs^Oininiierii. Pot 'or Box. it fie & . •-.,.. •:••'• ~ JpriT-'jG,' 1858T; The siirroinidinff-reuiietif! vanishes,.and granules Price—3Ls. Each. -.--.- - ,_ Carriage Repository — Opposite of "healthy "ftcsR iKf/lK'-lb-tulce the place of'th«: "' ., ' • • . I and (kr<M(ieinent of tl i liver, the source dischfiryeil •matter. This prnccsxgoes oti mare '••'.'. Kingston, July 23, T857. >; •f Dyspepsia', . B a n k .of Jamaica. . - , . infortnity aiid nuff'eri-»,ff] and the cause of innam- brlesTrapidly, , until t?te orifice is'fitted'tip with Edvyir'd.'Aarffns, Esq., . * Jt a/yt/I O R S A L K — Very- Superior Family CAR^ " * and ftft't «•? the t~Ji '* nicer j^t f" ff- radically *... .7-.*~~ii-. • cured. '_•t' ' material Dear Sir.—I .wan sit/fenny severely' with Fever '.ralile deaths, yfliilA to, .-curatiyeii, in all cases 801d'}lcl>'''JT? RIAGES, J . g ' Carts, : Phastons, Pour- and Indigestion, "for many weeks past. I tried Dr. ifwevfr'affffraua.tad. deling ats.q,mUd pnrr/nti'i<e,\'af- '":•"••:-A WOr'I). TO -MOTHERS. v'heelsJJaiifax ^V-tggon, &c., also, pouble Setts Jamie's Pills, and yidny.other'Medicines, all to no terativo-and tonic : they relieve the bowels?piirify Ihe The young young are the most frequent siiffereri tnitf.s, and invigorate the system and the constitution Harness. ", purpose, I was advised, and tried a box-of your it the aaMotime. from external infiirif sand therf ore every mo" ' ' _..,:.;; "' "-.•,'• '; ..... '. . " "TURNB ULL -d" LEE. Pills, and after -taking them, I am happy jo say wi!/> ther should have this henJiny preparation conappetite is excellent^ and all those abominable smisav .,.,..,, , GENERAL; WFAKNFSS.-NtRVOUS^ stantly at hand: It is an absolute •' specific for. well.. You dre at ;••••GOWPtWTS, O R S A L B-- 1 60 Ifree S H A rt KS 'tiori's dre'ffone°«nd-Iam-'peifectly i f y o u like. . ' • " ' • '•.-.'.:• When -all stimulants fail, the renovating nnS sore breasts, arid quickly removes the encrusted : in the WheaHamaica Copper Com- : •liberty t o . publish'thin sores 'which sometimes -disfigure the heads and I. reifiditi. your abtfKcnt servant-, ~f'ttiewg properties of these Pitts give firmness to the faces'of children. " ' "~ - ' ' pany. . '.'••• ' " .' •.."'•' ' ., - . - • ' • •-.• WM. ALEXR. HATHAWAY. juikinrj nerves and enfeeble .muscles^the victim of\ ' LTO-NS'.A RON. general'debility. •-••/• "•¥ .,. ' ' • . , . . , „ ' ^ , 'on board ~ r .« .v, ..»„„. ' . '.'"..'. '•:•• •atffSay''J.'-'' n .-.™^,,Pills are the best Remedy known in r the \e Atlantic and Pacific, whaling fleet aqa cure [ R Subscribers have Received.W . ^$r;^/*?". «'«™y* ««w«* a prejudice M -.,-• -.-. . ' ^ ^\<iaatn'K(.yaleiitMKdicinKS,andcoae(iuattlv set ma «_1 y?rid.fdr._ thirfotjowiiig ' ~" •ur. scorbutic affections nnd as the , best possible 0, Sie.anjer—A- : -S-U-pprinr assortment of I face in opposition, to them, but lately Ihvvcbetii in. Feiiiale Irregu Scrofula, •_ -'or remedy -for wounds and bruises. Large- supplies : r r vmnwr A * nwin MV nnum .'^,:i^duccdtOf<Merm.if opinion, .Iwcts attacked^ot long Asthma King's Evil " of it have been recently ordered^by the; . Bilibua Com -Fevers of all Sore Throats of Turkey for''hospital purposes '' ' .Anxious to teat -the efficacy of your' Pills, I plaints Kinds Stone and Gra- ULCERS, ^OEES; & . l^o, the (.Vlebrated Vest: JShiriis; 4,nd took-tvio doses, which gave me., almost 'iimnedialf. re- '. Blotches on 'the Fits vel The effect, of this linrnalled remedy upon liff, removing altogether, tlie pain in ^ny side. I have • S k i n . ;G'out ... -• • Secondary Syni-; Vest Fronted Wynciham Shirte, together Sai'ofula\ 'and -other virulent ulccrs-avd^ores,. is. 'heard several persons here speaking 'highly of the Bowels ComHen.d^aehe - : • tom:a ' . ..^y^.^b£^best::('lass;pf'''^osiery,\whi"eh^ -great .benefit they kuve derived from, taking your truly plaints Indigestion Tie-Donlo.tireiix almost mirnciilous. It: first disfharges'thf poiJ ihey aave, 'now on ^ale, at very Jaw valuable Pills. Colics son which produce suppyratiim ariii proud fiesh, Inflammation Tumours , • I dm, Lear-Sir, yours truly, Constimhtion of Jaundice and thii^ the. cures which its heading properties rates at their Establislimenti UiilcCra ! .. tthe ":•-.-•• '• ' . ' ' . "" 'JAM.IJS"FG h e Rowela. Liver Complaint Venereal AfFec- afterwards complete -are safe ax well as per..._-,...: ' ^GOLDSMITH& QO, : Consuni'pfcioa manent. Consura'ptioa Lumbago tions .34, Harbour Street, Next Door to the Oommer• ' . . Kingston, November 26, 1857. l.)ebUi(;y_ Piles . : " . . . - : . . Worms of all qial Hotel. WOUNDS, BRUI^FF, 3BUEKS, Mr. Edward Aarans, Dropsy Rheumatism .kinds' 1 ., •- ' ' April 16, 18i58. AND K1ALDS. '" .- v:, I have, much pleasure in testifying • the beneficial Dysentery ' Retention, of Weakness "from In cases of. the fracture • of the bone, injuries ^ I t |R R E N T — A Gomfoi'table House. icts afymtr Pills', having we'd them for Fever and Erysipelas . IJrine whatever causes caused ' by s team; exp lasim/ R, Jlrti istji. . 1-iwf'ii s, Uioiis attack$,:and.found relief." You are at liberty ; • * - . - • <fec., «fce. ' -. ••' ".-t-situated in th« upper, p.irt of Duke this. •' Sold at the Establishments of-pRopEBson HOI.TO- Scalds, L'heiimfi ti,^& , fitiffn es.s :of_ -Joinls, ai>d Str-wpl vvi'h every convenience for a to intake use Jofremain, yours truly, ' . '.'.. . - WAY, 244, St,ran<l. (Hear Temple Bar,). London, and c<M!acti(in^jF%KeMk3w&,..,ii.' is \emph>yr.d. nnd; tsmall F.imily. Apply to the Subscriber, " ' ; ' • .:: .S. HERSKFIELD. 80, Ma»iien';~New'; York'•; also by all Respec- warmly recommended, by the faculty. This; at JS'o 3, PurtRoyal Street. table Druggists and Dealers in Medicines .'through- marvellous remedy hus been introduced by "its out the civilized world, at the following prices :— inventor in person into all the 'leading 'Hospita Is ''•'.'"• St. Thomas ye East, Is, 3d., 9B.",3d.j-,and6s. eanh Box. "" P. (r. River, December '2.5,^^1857. o/' Europe', and'no pxmate household should::; be •• April 16, 1858 Mr.Edward Aarons, . *V .There is a consia^i'able saving in taking without it. ' .'-'.'•• '' ^ •;'" ' ' "' ' ' the lai'ge'size. ,. . . . ' • ' _ J)ear Sir.—I have enclosed yow a Draft for your Pills and Ointment,' and mm.glad to inform." you N.B.—Directions for the puidancelof., patiens in Both the Ointment and used in that the demand for thfm increases every day. Thoie every disorder aro affixed to eacli Pox the following eases : — who have used them express their "gr'atnfulneM, for Town, Match 26T~1^5^ Bad Lpps Corns (soft) jScnlds ADIES' Black Hand Knitted Cr-COVES the use of your invaluable preparations, 'having teen Assorrnif j ni of NEW Bad Breast Cancers (Sore Nipplee S greatly benefited by them. GeiitJem«n% Wh^tc Kid Gluves Burns and Contracted and Stiff pore Throats I remain, yours truly, Gentlemen's Primrose Gid Gloves Bunions T,iJ1'tt. . pkin Diseases G. G MANNING. Gentlemen's Dark Kid Gloves. Bite ofMoa b. EIephs1|tiasi8 (Scurvy , . toes anil |, g AT Fistulas Sore Heads • /' Sand Flies JNext Door to the Commercial Ho'Gout Tumours " -AND OTHER—• COPO Bav Glandular Swelling ricws . , tel, 14, Harbour Street. ' Lumbago ' fWonnds No. 1, Corner of King and Port OEOEIVED per Steamer » Con way," from Chilblains Piles ' j ANB_ Chapped hands ' Rheumatism 'YaVs. l Royal "Streets." J.i Southamptan, and now on Sale, the folJust landed. ex the R. M. C, Sold at the Establlf-hment of PROtESSOR lowing Richly April 17, 1858. , ftliof SALE— By th London, and ftO^jVfaiden Lane, New-York, a l " ' v 1>! , by all reappct«ble Drnggifits «nd DenJers i Kpg* LARD, George and^Jenkina . ALEXANDER Eichly Plated SI»B BISHES, forming «.^». v ...^.^ throughout v... .'u^^it/xii Miv^V'^JLKKcn'vvWftflu. p» Iflifli-j); MedicincB the^ivilizeKKworld. bt th y Keg* Butter, Maryland 4 Oislies , ~ Murch 26 1858. fflllowi ng|pvi r t ce8:*-lR3d/3K 3d and SR each" poMfijf Firkins^poi-k Butter Ditto ditto Tdble. Desert; and Tea Spoona FOB 8 A US, *»• TbEfre,i8 a consideraWo'saViiig'by taking! M'1 K«gs Yellow Corn y Pitto ditto ditto ditto ditto Forks M the larger sizes. • -i ' ^. Barrels winter strained Lard Qjl Di^to ditto Fish KntVe S( and Fork*i in, casea " Puncheoii|s vW F RUM. N. p,-r-ipirect!oiif for tliejguidan^p of patieptg Birrefs Reward Street Flour T>itto ditto Pudding Slices l in evety disorder are aftj^ed to eacj, Pot. '' «' '; Bairels Ye'low ' Ditto ditto Crumb Scoop* ' u S 27,1858, ~~ * * >, Pp do Salt Cellars, and Mustard Pots Boxes Candles 7'9 8's, H%, and l^'u" 0 R SA e At Barrel^Carplina Rice V-Do do Qake and- Bread Baskets n-q P t " ^**tfiu" frortj B i K ^ Vatna, (3 or. lip, „-,.. ,,, Cpu«ignment, of pOOkS, Tie. CP-. Ho do Bottle Coasters ^ Of BiV>je», Prayer Uoolte, fljid ('" S^vei-al Sad4le ai)d Praft P O Do do Soup nnd Satice Services,.in'rvarietv of'i,izes,Tj-pe. ana TffKWJBtTLl no do^i^q IVI^B, porj,8> an({ gp00ns ings-—Alif",'fl»i a«"ortmont J of *v uo d o PrinkiB'Cupr -, ish Wiorkp, Bo d«, T|ble, Pivno and Chamber Candlesticks DEIB.A. Shmy* ilon, Ediijt I o do i>utt e r Knives, with ivory &p.euilhaudid rof TA 00. which Do An 4. 6, nnd 8 Bottles Ofuet ^tands - -San had-' €o«- Do do I'lggPrymesrwith Fp? Tups, pilt in«ide . , . * .U P R R F I N E - . /'. GOLDSMITH & 40 W HVvnna-Vir,\RS, " La Crimea!' CflnihOb\TS April 8, OR/ 5 A ^jR.^-j-TIie^aTjro of the ^piooner ditto Bi^ihton Jackets w • "'New, yafk^'c >»*i!itt".«!'of*-1 Double , S,o<% , 199 Pmrtiels VJIxent, B^C ,Q, W B,,-^ Iffitto ditto Patuflloi>rt? 1



F li O M P A U I S.





r & GO.


A ^Ul'PLY of ihe Above j'u*t r^cei '* * f d. by tj,e h " Ho^i^OlaypoIe^-yi Liverpool, an'd Fof $i\la by ' GO. ' JOHN F. LA WEtiNGE &


sad Katm^ Wjkistxjonts. all fins> Si yle, For Sale,

< / 3Dfl Bj»g» ^ ' Jenkins '

tt. lU&



'i i

De Cordova's Advertising Sheet  

May 3, 1858 Kingston, Jamaica

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