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Ruyan-City The city which is always with you!



SURPRISING THE UNIVERSE One way to speed up the design and construction work for Ruyan-city was the construction of a picnic-hotel «Expedition» on the Yaroslavskoye highway in the suburbs of Moscow.


WE WRITE HISTORY BAREHANDED! What is a city? It is buildings and monuments, squares and side streets, embankments and parks. But first of all a city is people. Those who fill these squares, side streets and parks with life.


SHIPS OF A HIGH FLIGHT One can rarely manage to combine business with pleasure. But in Ruyan – easy! You sit around a campfire, communicate with the soulful people and suddenly, – ups! – you’ve got it!


Business-forum «Spring Flood. Franchising. Investment. Freedom». Ruyancity. April 2012

Legends of Motherland

One of the interesting new projects of Ruyan-citizens was the creation of the brand «Legends of Motherland». In 2005 employees of «Expedition» collected hundreds of points of the «Cultural Navigation» from Murmansk to Vladivostok (memorial sites, which are of great importance in the history of the country). And the Russian people could be proud of these monuments of history, culture and geography if… they knew abut them. Database «Cultural Navigation» is now available on the website Then, in summer of 2009 at the forum «Seliger» the idea of the brand «Russia the Best» was born. Under it we wanted to combine the best kinds of food and craft products to be proud of some regions of Russia. The work was too heavy, and fortunately we didn’t get the government support which was promised. But an honest energy spent for a good cause can not be gapped completely. And when we put the monument to Gagarin in Ruyan- city, one of the reasons was an awakening sense of pride for the country in which we live. So the idea of the brand «Legends of Motherland» was born. Under the word Motherland every person understands his (her) own. Most of us were born in the Soviet Union, and this area is the main for the brand in contrast to «Expedition», traditionally oriented to the North, Siberia and the Far East. Nowadays we believe that in the first place under the banner «Legends» farmers' food, a restaurant, a travel agency and an art gallery will appear. But as far as life is richer than our plans, new and unexpected turns of thought, creativity and action are possible. By Alexander Kravtsov


«EXPEDITION-TROPHY 2012» – BASIS FOR THE NEW PROJECT «LEGENDS OF MOTHERLAND» The 5th jubilee «Expedition-Trophy» finished on the 8th of March near Belokamenny Lighthouse. The main goal of the project – to collect in each city the best we have in our country – was completed. These are people, their good deeds, places and impressions. «Expedition-Trophy 2012» visited Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Irkutsk, crossed the Baikal, experienced an earthquake, hummocks and ice cracks of the deepest lake. Then, it stopped over in the new city of this millennium – Ruyan-city, then proceeded to the Urals, Yekaterinburg, further to Kazan, Saint-Petersburg and one of the most beautiful cities of Leningrad region – Pavlovsk – and Murmansk. In each city there were press-conferences, meetings with entrepreneurs and culinary presentations-travels, where local dishes from every region visited by the expedition were served. This has become a basis for the new project – «Legends of Motherland». ending on the page 2 ▶

There was a business-forum called «Spring Flood. Franchising. Investment. Freedom» in the middle of April in Ruyan-city which brought together entrepreneurs from Siberia, the Far East, the Urals, Central Russia and even Georgia. The first members arrived in Ekaterinburg the day before. They got off the train at the station Taiga and their navigator helped them to come to Ruyan-city by foot. The forum brought together both young entrepreneurs and wellknown business practicians. For example Leonid Matusevich, the leader of «Lemax». On the second day of the business-forum «Spring Flood» from Irkutsk to Ruyan Yury Milvit arrived, the organizer of the golf tournament on the ice, the owner of the eco-hotel on the Lake Baikal. He passed to the lighthouse keeper the rules and recommendations of how to place the anthills on the territory of the city (usually where there are anthills, there are no ticks). The business-forum worked for two days. And there are the first results. For example it

became clear that in the nearest future several shops «1+1» will be opened in Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Ekaterinburg and St. Petersburg. In addition during the forum a new beauty & health brand was named – «Bodrynya» (the brand will include a network of spas, saunas, beauty salons and probably a restaurant). On the first day of the forum the participants made a heroic labor, contributing to the construction of the city. Before leaving everyone who came was presented with a memorial copper coin with the logo of Ruyan and the inscription «1 Flood», something like 1 ruble.

Ruyan-Gorod A “NON-SILK” ROUTE

The city which is always with you! Twinkling composedly in the eternity

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The 8th of March in Murmansk was a sunny day. The SUVs lined up near the lighthouse, the helicopter arrived, music played, heroes gave flowers to enchantresses. Smiles and joy, that 17 thousand kilometers were conquered again, sadness, that two weeks of one more life is over… Two SUVs which covered the whole route from Vladivostok up to Murmansk, and some more SUVs which joined on other stages, made the finish. After ceremonial finish participants and guests moved to nuclear-powered ice-breaker«Lenin», where the events were continued. It is worthwhile noting that in each city press-conferences were conducted in significant places: in Irkutsk, for instance, it was ice-breaker «Angara», in Yekaterinburg – the oldest library of the Urals, in Pavlovsk near Saint-Petersburg – Palace of the Emperor Pavel... And in Murmansk the icebreaker was chosen not by chance – it is one of the «Legends of Motherland», the first in the world nuclear powered surface craft. Basing on the materials of this research expedition a book will be published and a movie released. And already next year, basing upon data collected by «Expedition-Trophy 2012» an international project will be prepared, which will unite entrepreneurs from all over the world. One of the most important elements of the project has become meeting with people and opening of new names in the modern history of Russia. The list of names is far from complete and will be updated with new heroes. These are completely different people – businessmen, handicraftsmen, builders, musicians… But one thing unite them all – real actions and real deeds, which can glorify the region and the country. As a rule, newspapers seldom write about them, and probably, their activity becomes even more precious because of that. We represent the first heroes and there will be more details about them in upcoming issues. Andrei Dalenko, a bone carver from Vladivostok. Unique and matchless style of works has brought the master numerous awards and recognitionamong professional bone carvers of the whole world. His awards from international competitions he donated for construction of children’s oncology center in Vladivostok. Anatoly Lukomsky – helps to reconstruct the ice-breaker«Angara» in Irkutsk. Not so long ago this legendary ice-breaker was in a dire state. Today a museum works in it, various events and holidays are held here. Vladimir and Ivan Bazhenovs – a father and a son, build on the Baikal coast (and not only there) houses with no nails. They revived the ancient technology of construction, thanks to which wooden houses can stand for several centuries without major repairs. And it is much better for people to live in such houses – they are absolutely ecological, with «breathing» walls, and sometimes even with antibacterial effect. Alexander Bormatov, musician from the Urals, who plays harmonica and sings songs, which can be hardly inserted into particular format. If Sasha Bormatov (we got used to calling him this name) had lived in ancient Russia, he would have been called a skomorokh– in full meaning of this word. Such burst of energy, such positive waves, coming from his songs, can be rarely met in other musicians. You can’t help but dancing when you hear his harmonica, and a soul, as it was told in one movie, burst open blossoming from them. Sergei Gutsait, entrepreneur from SaintPetersburg (restaurant «Podvorie», vineyards in Gurzuf and other businesses) and a «philanthropist of Russian caliber» as journalists have called him. The most of his income he spends for reconstruction of architectural monuments, building schools and hostels. He calls himself a romantic and an idealist. And dissociate himself from «charity», as he believes he is not engaged in charity, but just does what needed his way. Read about these and other people in the following issues of «Ruyan-city» newspaper. ■



After a dangerous and almost hopeless expedition through the Subarctic region the survivers decided to open a restaurant in Moscow and to call it «The Lost Expedition». But on the second thought they called it simply «Expedition. Northern cuisine». Because «lost» is not about them. Over the past 9 years the story about «Expedition» restaurant opening has become a legend to be told to guests: during one of the expeditions in the Subarctic region, the helicopter by mistake dropped guys not in a due place and earlier than it was needed. Three hundred kilometers from the nearest populated area. As a result it took the group 4 days without food and drink to reach the place. «It is only our usual attitude to life and work as to a way full of romance and discoveries, that allowed us to think about this situation likewise, although the conditions were really tough, — Alexander Kravtsov, the President of the GC «Ruyan», one of the members of that Polar expedition, recalls today. — Naturally we felt awfully hungry and began thinking about the food that local inhabitants eat. We realized, that there were no restaurants with northern cuisine in Moscow and decided: if everything goes right with us, we’d bring the cuisine to Moscow». It is a real story. Then, on our return, we opened the unique restaurant complex «Expedition. Northern cuisine» in the very center of Moscow, in Solyanka street. Now the most famous and respectable people of the World attend the restaurant: politicians, celebrities, scientists and sportsmen. It is the place, where Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev came on the election day. Here Vladimir Putin met Prince Albert of Monaco, northern travels enthusiast. TV-channel «Discovery» put the restaurant «Expedition. Northern cuisine» on the first place, as the World’s best Restaurant & Bath Complex.

The restaurant’s team explains the reason of it’s achievements simply: «Nine years ago we chose the right conception. Want to be successful — be real!» Food for the restaurant is getting from only ecological regions of the Russian North, the Urals, Siberia and the Far East. And only in the wild nature! This unique trophies of hunters and anglers, as well as berries, mushrooms and herbs which are harvested by local residents. It is possible to taste stroganina of whitefish, salmon, coho, scallops, Sos'va’s herring that was served to the royal table, cisco smoked, sea urchin roe ...Our personal distiller make fruit drinks of cloudberry, sea buckthorn, cowberry. And for tea, which insisted on the nineteen taiga herbs, the jam from green pine cones and frozen cranberries with condensed milk and pine nuts would be brought. There are two baths In the complex – «White» and «Black». Usual session lasts for 2–3 hours. If you come to those bath you will change you mind about the steaming. First you would be sat down to have tea with natural honey of wild bees and would be relaxed a bit. Then bath attendants would take you to the steam bath and you would be perfectly steamed in four hands with the alternation of different brooms. After that – herbal font and font with ice water, massages, rest on the real hayloft, then steaming again, rubbing by crushed ice, ground buckwheat and corn, lymphatic drainage, rain shower and even a cedar capsule - you would be put into it for a few minutes and you after full relax will get a new charge of power! All these pleasures await you here: Moscow, Pevchesky lane, 6. To order a table (495) 775-60-75. If you find yourself in Novosibirsk, come by this address: Zheleznodorozhnaya street, 12/1. Tel: (383) 363-01-01. ■

NEWS “Expedition” took part in the Summit G20 YES (Young Entrepreneur Summit), which was held from October 31 till November 2, 2011 in Nice. Vasil Gazizulin, one of the company’s top managers, were a member of the Russian delegation of Young Entrepreneurs. At the conference within the summit he shared with the participants his experience in development of the company, told about principles for running business, and the most important – about construction of the new city in Siberia.

G20 YES is an international summit which is organized along with G20 summit and brings together 20 delegations - 400 the brightest entrepreneurs from 18 to 45 years old from the G20 member states. Summit G20 YES was held for the first time in 2011. In June 2012 the second Summit G20 YES will take place in Mexico. Representatives of “Expedition” are going to take part in it as well. ■



The city which is always with you! Surprising the Universe!

Adjusted to life

EXIBITION MARATHON OF «EXPEDITION» In the end of April – beginning of May «Expedition» took part in three major world exhibitions. April, 20–23 Hong Kong, Asia World Expo, Global Sources – Gifts & Premiums Global Sources – Gifts & Premiums – exhibition of gifts which takes place in the exhibition centre at the airport of Hong Kong. Two years in a row «Ruyan» participated only in the autumn exhibitions of Global Sources, but this time decided to participate in the spring one too. The exhibition is gaining momentum, growing as soon as a company. April, 27–30 Hong Kong, HKTDC Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair (HKTDC) – exhibition of gifts, takes place once a year. This is the third time participation for «Ruyan». May, 1–5 China, Guangzhou, Canton Fair Canton Fair – China Import and Export Fair On this sourcing-exhibition «Ruyan» was presented on the same stand with the largest supplier partner CX-OUTDOOR. It’s one of the most largest sourcing exhibitions in the world. If the first two exhibitions are mainly related to gifts, this is more oriented to outdoor. Companies come to the exhibition and look for suppliers of materials, components, design, etc. for its production.

PICNIC-HOTEL ON YAROSLAVKA One way to speed up the design and construction work for Ruyan-city was the construction of a picnichotel «Expedition» on the Yaroslavskoye highway in the suburbs of Moscow. It is clear that in Moscow, unfortunately, the largest part of Russian money is concentrated. So the project investments returns faster, and successful solutions can and should be transferred to Siberia. So we decided to publish in the newspaper the concept of a picnic-hotel on Yaroslavka. Most of it is translated to Ruyan-city. Alexander Kravtsov THE CONCEPT OF PICNIC-HOTEL «EXPEDITION» AND RESTAURANT AND RECREATION COMPLEX «LEGENDS OF MOTHERLAND» The goal of the project: Creating a set of profitable business units, generating its own and using the existing tourist traffic on the Yaroslavskoye highway. It is also one of the goals of the project to create an analog of Disneyland Park in «Expedition» style and capitalization of immaterial capital of brands «Expedition» and «Legends of Motherland». The main activities: - catering; - wellness, spa, anti-age; - hotels; - business conferences; - internet sale of food; - development; - probably sale of residences; - fish farming and cultivation of agricultural products, officinal herbs on adjacent lands. There are four areas with different depths of penetration of visitors on the territory. 1. «Tourism-light» Meals, sightseeing, buying souvenirs and products, a variety of events, festivals, holidays, short-term accomodation in «close-to-fields» conditions, perhaps fishing in artificial ponds. Capacity: Summer. Weekends – 1,000 people/day, working days – 300 people/day. Winter. Weekends – 400 people/day, working days – 60 people/day. The restaurant «Legends of Motherland» – 3 rooms for 100, 30, 12 persons. Bar on the bridge over the river, capacity – 12 persons. 10 places for picnics for 4–12 persons. 2. «Health & beauty» Baths (each bath outdoor wooden font for four people heated with wood). SPA-salon, cellars with food and cosmetics, detached houses for individuals and families (three and more houses – in 2012, up to 15 houses – in 2014). 2012

Summer night club of healthy life (2013–2014), open theater. Medical Clinic. Capacity: Summer. Weekends – 50 people/day, working days – 20 people/day. Winter. Weekends – 80 people/day. Working days – 40 people/day. 3. «The business & conference activity» The hotel has 18 rooms for double accomodation (real 4 *), a lobby bar with 20 seats, 4 business-rooms with total capacity of 40 people. The reception desk of the whole complex, business-center, mini-market.

At these exhibitions «Expedition» was the only Russian brand and strongly stood out from the rest stands. There were a lot of people near the orange stand. Interesting and unusual products, real pebbles under your feet, «live» bear Umych, who stroked his belly and welcomed the visitors, active games and interactive software... People took pictures, laughed, took part in the discussions. All this made a lot of perspective contacts, plans for the future, supported by the interest of the foreign partners. The Russians, who visited the exhibition as visitors, not once said that they were proud of «Expedition»: «It’s nice to see a domestic brand, which conquers the earth spaces. Thanks to you we are proud of our country! "

A hostel with residences for the staff, a kitchen – one for all as well as a library and salon. 30 persons can live here simultaneously. Two detached houses, both for corporate strategic sessions and for private companies (6–8 people). Perhaps VIP-residences (4–6 items). Capacity. All seasons – about 50 people/day. The list of possible objects without a breakdown by order of creation: «Legends of Motherland». A restaurant, a shop (area of 60 square meters). A lobby bar. A romantic bar on the river. SPA. Baths. About 3 baths in 2001, 12 – in 2014. Cellars. Creative park, a maze (20x40 meters). Children park. Night club of healthy lifestyle. Open cinema. Sports zone, rolling (between bath area and tourismlight). Mobile inflatable planetarium. Hotel. Detached houses. Hostel with residences for employees. Private residences of employees. Rooms for technical staff living. Heliport. Parking. The locomotive and the railroad. Model submarine. Artificial ponds. Working priority: Spring 2012 1. The area researching. 2. Projection. 3. Legal coordination. 4. «Mopping up the area». 5. Heavy ground works. 6. Wrap and seal communications. May–June 2012 The opening session of the first restaurant, the first bath, the beginning of accomodation in light constructions. ■

KIT OF RECONCILIATION FOR LOVERS Coming soon a new original gift that has been invented during the «Expedition-Trophy 2012» by Alexander Kravtsov, chief ideologue and the president of GK «Ruyan». The Kit of reconciliation for lovers – this is the name of the new product – would be consist of a pouch of ash to sprinkle the head, a white flag as a symbol of reconciliation, and condoms. It does not matter where the ash will be spilled, where the flag was made and where the country is placed in which condoms were produced. This is a product of GC «Ruyan». And the fact that some ingredients of the production process can be placed anywhere in the world – is just usual as to produce parts for the «Boeing» in the Urals. The kit of reconciliation for lovers it would be possible to sell in Australia, and China, and Russia – anywhere in the world it will be understandable for people whith open hearts. But that's not all. At the moment the idea is being discussed that instead of a standard kit it’s possible to develop a range to cover all the main groups of the population by sex, age and status. ■


Ruyan-Gorod Ships of a high flight

The city which is always with you! We write history barehanded

WE ARE THE CITY Any city doesn't appear by accident. Its birth is a result of collective energy.

You can seldom combine business with pleasure. But in Ruyan it is possible! You can sit near campfire, talk to cordial people, and suddenly you will be dawned. Here is the answer to a question which you searched for a long time, and here is the new idea for the business project. For example, you ideated for a long time about creation of children’s rooms’ network where it would be possible to leave a child while you are occupied by something, and not to worry about him. It will be some kind of mini-hotels for children. There were some doubts and you decide to share the thoughts with people on the meeting in the RuyanGorod. They have supported and helped to add missing details and created from this idea a ready project. As result, for today this project is leading on the governmental site of Agency of strategic initiatives. The project realization is starting soon. And it is not the only example when collective brainstorming helps to take the next step towards to the pointed target. So, Alexander Kravtsov's idea of creation a business incubator on base of the city really works! Thank to him and also to Vasil Gazizulin and Taras Sharyga for it. And good luck to you, in your hard, but very pleasant work! By Andrey Danilov

The issue of newspaper “Ruyan-CITY” was created by Masha TIBEKINA Natasha PERTSOVA


We build our city. We are the people united by the faith in ourselves, ability and wish to create and skill to use new technologies and world experience. From the Manifesto of inhabitants of Ryuan-gorod

What does “city” mean for you? These are buildings and monuments, squares and streets, quays and gardens. But in the first place – it is people. Those people who fill these squares. From this side Ruyan-Gorod in very special. The reason is that we do not have laypeople here In spite of the high rates of increase; there are only 20 inhabitants in the city. All the others are visitors. According to the rules of Ruyan-Gorod, people who answered two questions: “What do I want to reach?” and “What am I ready to give to the City?” can become its citizens. It is possible to get residence permit from a special council and after oath taking. "At the moment of taking the oath I felt a very big excitement, especially when haltingly said the oath words. And when I have taken the oath; I felt a very strong sense which strengthened me. It became clear that I have a big responsibility for my future actions as now I became the citizen and I am obliged to support and develop it. The city is located in Siberia, and I am in Moscow. But it does not matter where you are, you always feel yourself as its citizen, because it is embracive … It is pleasant to realize that you are chosen by this City!» — Anton Shishkin, a new inhabitant says. There is a honorable inhabitant in the Ruyan-Gorod, German architect Stefan, But he constantly lives on island Rjugen, that is in Baltic sea. He also builds there various objects, including unusual sculptures-

constructions of branches. "Expedition" has got to know him when searched the first stone on Rjugene for the future city building in Siberia. Anybody had no doubts that the first stone can be only from island Rjugen, which is called Ruyan in ancient Slavic language. Now sculptures of Stefan decorate the RujanGorod.

WE ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO CAN PREVENT US FROM DOING SOMETHING Both city founders, and its inhabitants, and the guests visiting this unusual place, are sure that there is nothing impossible in the world. You should have just a desire and then even the most unusual ideas will be realized. It is also confirmed by words of the Manifest developed by founders of the Ruyan-Gorod: “We live in the amazing world. We live in

the world full of harmony, full of opportunities. To correspond to this world and to enjoy the life, it is necessary to create your own world. It is necessary to build it in yourself and simultaneously around yourself, your relatives, adherents and friends. We ourselves can make our world harmonious. We are the only people who can prevent us from building our own world”. Building your own city is a grand aim, and to be a part of this city is a great honor. Citizens, taken the oath, understand this very well. “I have a great honour to join the building of the future of our country! Thus I understand that now I have a big r e s p o n s i b i l i t y, and I am ready to focus my energy on a development of the city! At the ceremony of taking the oath there were many people besides the employees of company "Ruyan" who have become for me as big family. There were also participants of Vitaly Sundakov's training, just talented people from different parts of Russia. In such community the ceremony was a very significant event for me, I felt energy of these people and it seemed to me they all support by their hearts! And though such atmosphere could besot, I tried to realize every moment of taking the oath, to remember it for the whole life!” — Alexey Fabristov says. Ruyan-Gorod is for young creators, but not by age, and by spirit - very inquisitive, active, talented creators of their future, people who know what they want, and feel, how to reach it. They are businessmen, artists, actors, elite which creates the new quality standards of life. Standards when you can choose pure air for yourself, pure thoughts and pure relations. The Ruyan-Gorod will live and develop with the help of forces its inhabitants, new families and children born in love, purity and harmony. We believe that it won't be the only city, but it will be the first city of future Russia. ■ 2012


The city which is always with you

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