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Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2013

Happening Now •Freshman Academy: Makeup work all day in auditorium •Academic Letter: Presentation to seniors 9:15 a.m. in commons •Faculty Meeting: 3:15 p.m. in band room •Gymnastics: 2014 team meeting 3:15 p.m. in commons •Bowling: 2014 team try-outs 4-6 p.m. today and Thursday at Eastway •Football: Sophomores vs. Roosevelt 4:15 p.m. at WHS •Senior Class: Parent meeting 7 p.m. in library

Lunch Time at WHS •Today’s lunch: Turkey tidbits •A la carte lines: Cheese lasagna, chili cheese wrap, baked potato bar, chef salad, sandwiches

Group Meetings •Student Mentors: Along with Peer Tutors and Sophomore Tutors will meet at 7:35 a.m. in A-201 or 3:20 p.m. in A-227 Thursday. Choose one meeting. •Chemistry Club: Members will meet at 3:15 p.m. Thursday in A-217. New members are welcome.

Other Reminders •Jostens: Representative will visit Thursday and Friday before school and during lunch periods and Thursday after school to answer questions and take orders. Extra order packets are in student services. NOW Wednesday Staff Co-Editors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kate Simko and Kassidy Kruger Assistant Editor . . . . . . . . . . . Lexus Paulson and Joscelyne Gonzalez Staff: A.J. Breck, Lauren Brudigan, Noah Weber, Shayla Abbas, Tamra Thomas, Luke Reiter, John McMahon Editor-in-chief . . . . . . . . . Chloe Goodhope Managing Editor . . . . . . Anna Kate Nieman Adviser . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Jason Lueth The News of Washington is a publication of the Orange & Black Staff Washington High School–Sioux Falls, S.D.

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Vol. 19 • No. 38

Sunny, cool Not as windy High 56°

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Thursday: Afternoon showers High 55°

Over 300 WHS sophomoresseniors honored this week Academic Letters presented to 25 percent of student body

By Kassidy Kruger tudents who have maintained at least a 3.5 grade point average for the previous two consecutive semesters will be honored in three academic letter ceremonies this week. Juniors were recognized Tuesday during second period. Seniors will be recognized today, and the sophomore ceremony will be held Thursday in the commons. Doughnuts and juice will be provided thanks to the sponsorship of the event by the Renaissance Committee, Booster Club and PTSA. Junior Mariah Madsen, one honoree who was recognized Tuesday, said she is proud that her hard work in school paid off this week. “The Academic Letter has encouraged me to keep my grades up,” Madsen said. “I am proud of my peers that also kept their grades up and were honored.” Guest speaker Olympia Scott will be speak-


ing at each of the three ceremonies this week. Scott graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and is a former player on the U.S. Women’s National Basketball Team and was the 11th overall pick in the WNBA draft. During her sports career she racked up two separate WNBA Championship titles and was inducted into the Stanford Athletic Hall of Fame. Scott said she hopes to educate and inspire others through education, athletics and forwardthinking. “It’s important to me to speak out to the students about academic success because I believe that since we operate as a community, it’s our duty to give back,” Scott said. “We are responsible for motivating others.” Overall, 326 Warrior students, or 25% of the student body, have earned a letter for the previous two semesters and will be honored.

Most recent Academic Letter honorees: Seniors 4.0 GPA

Alyssa Ahlschlager, Ellie Benson, Jayson Chapman, Marisa Christie, Yuharelly Comparan, Wyatt Dickson, Kaela Dougherty, Lauren Farritor, Zachary Fenhaus, Rachel Goetz, Lexie Guenther, Sarah Hammond, Austin Heins, Lyanna Johnson, Kelsey Knecht, Sarah Lehmann, Keesha Liggons, Caitlyn Lint, Angela Liu, Anderson Lopez, Michaela Mayer, Kyle McKee, Kathleen Meredith, Hannah Nieman, Britta Olson, Alexandra Olson, Zachary Person, Lexa Rahn, Matthew Rehurek, Tyler Ronken, Ha Tran, Peyton VandeBrake, Tyler Wilson and Jamie Withorne

Seniors 3.5-3.99 GPA

Jessica Allen, Suzi Anderson, Abigail Auch, Nicholas Barthelman, Alan Breck, Karly Broderson, Jamie Bryan, Cory CarlsonHimes, Kiah Damme, Jessica Daniels, Julia Darland, Berkley Darr, Chase Ditmanson, Mariah Ensz, Thea Feterl, Clay Flolo, Zachary Freese, Madelyn Frentz, Kaitlyn Friesner, Joshua Gacke, Adam Gacke, Robert Goetz, Chloe Goodhope, Jacob Green, Katelyn Gundvaldson, Tyler Hagen, Cason Heier, Cayla Hirsch, Kourtney Isaacson, Marissa Johnson, Mason Jones, Nayda Jones, Peyton Jones, Jamie Josephson, Alexander Koepke, Kassidy Kruger, Ervin


Livaja, Khina Luitel, Zachary Lupica, Ethan Lynn, Carleigh Lyon, Daniel Marlette, Olivia Mayasich, Gabriel McKinney, Elizabeth McLaughlin, Travis Metzger, Robert Miller, Justin Miller, Htay Mo, Robert Monson, Rodney Mullen, Nicole Niedringhaus, Anna Nieman, Iman Omar, Tiffany Oren, Taylor Otten, McKenzie Perry, Elizabeth Pirrung, Jordan Roark, Alison Rollag, Ismael Sanchez, Matthew Schievelbein, Emma Schultz, Austin Severson, Alana Simanton, Ethan Smith, Madison Snelling, Virgil Somsawat, Brianna Stafford, Tara Stammer, Brett Stanley, Ellie Trebilcock, Ashley Tschappat, Noah Weber, Emily Winckler and Taylor Woodall

Juniors 4.0 GPA

Keilah Beck, Ethan Beck, Cole Benson, Cayla Buckman, Taryn Burke, Devon DeCroock, Kim Duong, Megan Feerick, Jacob Fenner, Maddison Hamblin, Jordan Hanisch, Kevin Hanson, Andrew Heck, Elise Klarenbeek, John Larson, Emily Lehan, Kylie Minske, Marissa Monen, Zackary Needham, Blaine Nelson, Jacob Noordermeer, Michael Norland, Lexus Paulson, Jade Peterson, Prakash Rai, Rochelle Ramharter, Karina Ramirez, Halle Randall, Alyssa Schmidt, Alex Schumacher, Haley Severson,

Katherine Simko, Cassidy Skorczewski, Olivia Torbert, Rachel VanSchiack, Fedor Voznyuk, Jenna Warwick and Taylor Wiley

Juniors 3.5-3.99 GPA

Madison Aasen, Ian Ailts, Ayaa AlMosawi, Heather Andriash, Mintsnot Asmar, Aveen Aware, Madison Barthelman, Caitlin Beacom, Jordan Blades, Cassie Buchholz, Jessica Claussen, Danielle Conklin, Luke Cutshaw, Jordan DeBoer, Carley DeSmet, Kayla Dittenhauser, Hayley Durland, David Eichmann, Nicholas Gerdes, April Hanisch, Marisa Helm, Alyssa Hewitt, MacKenzie Jensen, Destrie Johnson, Coryn Johnson, Mical Johnson, Becirt Kebede, Andrew Kennedy, Abi Khadka, Spencer Knudson, Krishna Koirala, Lennae Kolke, Rachel Konrad, John Kuehn, Taylor Lenz, Autumn Lerew, Austin Lindeman, Anastasia Long, Taran Lutzwick, Mariah Madsen, Binod Magar, Nicole Mashek, Jack Nachtigal, Anna Nichols, Sarah Nolan, Mataya Otten, Sydney Park, Jacob Rost, Sharey Russell, Linara Safarova, Kellen Salzman, Connor Schneider, Samantha Schreck, Ryan Senden, Collin Sorensen, Lizzie Spier, Heaven Stinger, Casandra Stoick, Briana (Cont. on back—CEREMONIES)

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Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2013

Make the most out of all your moments on earth This summer, my older sister and I were talking about senior year, and she asked me what I was going to do to make it special. I didn’t really have an answer to that, and I couldn’t help but wonder why I didn’t have any big extravagant plans for my last year here at WHS. As I thought about it more and more, I realized it’s because freshHear me. . . man, sophomore and junior years were the time of my life—so why Anna Kate Nieman would I do anything differently? At the point of the summer when we had our conversation, I could honestly say that I had made the most out of my high school years up to that point, and I had tons of memories already—no regrets.

That’s my point to you today, Warriors. Don’t ever spend the week waiting for Friday, and don’t spend high school waiting for your senior year. Make as many memories as you can now, and don’t save anything for later. Do it all now because “the perfect senior year” will most likely not exist for you—just like it probably didn’t exist for your parents or other adults you have spoken to. Most likely, anyone who says you have to make senior year special simply regrets not making all of high school a special time of life. The truth is, you can’t put all your hopes and dreams into one year or one event. You have to make each year, each day, even each minute one to remember. Make the most of all your short time on this earth, because they are moments you are not going to get back. OK, the reality is that each minute is not going to be special, but it’s up to you to make the most of all of them the best you can. Start today, Warriors! Senior Anna Kate Nieman will remember all her years at WHS fondly.

Ceremonies continue with seniors today, sophomores Thursday (Cont. from front) Struck, Maycee Trujillo, Cole Uithoven, Rebecca VandeBraak, Shannon VanErmen, Brianna Veldkamp, Artur Volkotrub, Tanner Waddell, Jessica Walker, Savannah Walter, Hannah Wendt, Lynea White, Chelsea Wiese and Nicole Zirpel

Sophomores 4.0 GPA

Angel Akurienne, Kate Anderson, Jesse Belrose, Ashleigh Chov, Alexsiy Davidyuk, Alex Derr, Matthew Farniok, Solomon FastHorse, Joshua Freese, Justin Glenn, Leah Glovich, Abigal Grinager, Carly Hannestad, Dana Hein, Mackenzie Hellwig, Inna Ignato, Bridger Irons, Allison Jensen, Regan Jensen, Hannah Johnson, Kennedy

Kampa, Jamie Kayl, Mackenzie Lee, Annalee Leggett, Colton Levitt, Kelsie Massman, Mearah Miedema, Morgan Moe, Alex Nelson, Stephanie Neumeister, Hunter O’Connor, Anna Odens, Amanda Paulson, Savannah Poe, Madison Rietz, Cassidy Rodman, Nicholas Rovang, Mikaela Rustand, Hannah Smith, Isaac Smith, Katherine Stocker, Nora VanAartsen, Madison Wiley and Brendan Wilson

Sophomores 3.5-3.99 GPA

Ramesh Adhikari, Osmin Argueta, Sydney Arrington, Mintsnot Asmar, Michaela AuslandPeters, Jenny Barrera, Yordy Barrera-Mendoza, Dawit Belay, Margaret Bowie, Bryson Bultje, Anna Buxengard, Ryan Christie, Keenahn Coyle, Samantha


Curry, Nathan Day, Michael Deaver, Brady DeBelts, Saraswati Dhital, Logan Eckhoff, Garrett Ellis, Kyle Feltman, Rosa Fernandez, Isaiah Feterl, Chayden Fitzsimmons, Jared Fox, Abigail Freese, Dillon Friman, Nirmal Gajmer, Gatnoor Gatnoor, Derek Goeden, Oleg, Diane Haiar, Samantha Halverson, Jack Hammond, Caryn Hazard, Isaac HernandezGarcia, Lucas Hoffman, Haley Jahnke, Jordan Janecek, Aaron Johnson, Kylie Johnson, Samantha Johnson, Gracelynn Jones, Selame Kassaye, Colewyn Knoblich, Carly Knutson, Alec Kray, Roselee Kue, Marshall Langley, Tiana Leonard, Julia Maas, Tavian McMartin, Alexandar Meh, Lauren Miller, Makayla Montecuollo, Mubarek

Muhammedsede, Assetou Myers, Shay NackerudKnutson, Taylor Nase, You Nay, Ashley Needham, Olivia Nieman, Briton Nordmeyer, Chase O’Connor, Spencer Olson, Ashley Paulson, Christopher Person, Alyssa Peterson, Cameron Peterson, Seth Randall, Shanna Rygg, Patrick Saaleephiw, Chuda Sanyasi, Jack Schelhaas, Jake Siewert, Sam Siganos, Jacob Skogstad, Carly Smith, Bi Spencer, Oneika SteeleRaet, Peyton Stenzel, Megan Stoneall, Abigail Stverak, Sonja Swenson, Erin Thompson, Corey Tumbleson, Selena Vargas, Brooke Weber, Molly Weberg, Joseph Wehrkamp, Hannah Wheelock, Domenik Winstead and Jamal Wurtz

More than

academic scholarships awarded annually.


Monday, November 11

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Friday, December 6

Jeff Sayler, O.D. Tiffany Brink, O.D. Shane Vogel, O.D. Josh Tims, O.D. “We Care About Your Family’s Eyes As Much As You Do” •We accept VSP, Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS, Sanford Health, Avera and more! •Sioux Falls School District insurance accepted •Emergency eye visits available same day •Late evening and Saturday appointments •Laser vision consultations •Glaucoma, diabetic and cataract evaluations •“Try Before You Buy” Contact Lens Program

Sioux Falls Family Vision

(605) 331-6600 ||

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Yosemite glacier melting fast By Louis Sahagun Los Angeles Times (MCT) LOS ANGELES — Climate change is taking a visible toll on Yosemite National Park, where the largest ice-mass in the park is in a death spiral, geologists say. During an annual trek to the glacier deep in Yosemite’s backcountry last month, Greg Stock, the park’s first full-time geologist, found that Lyell Glacier had shrunk visibly since his visit last year, continuing a trend that began more than a century ago.

Your green world

Lyell has dropped 62 percent of its mass and lost 120 vertical feet of ice over the last 100 years. “We give it 20 years or so of existence — then it’ll vanish, leaving behind rocky debris,” Stock said. The Sierra Nevada Mountains have roughly 100 remaining glaciers, two of them in Yosemite. The shrinkage of glaciers across the Sierra is also occurring around the world. Great ice sheets are dwindling, prompting concerns about what happens next to surrounding ecological systems after perennial rivulets of melted ice disappear. “We’ve looked at glaciers in California, Colorado, Wyoming, Washington and elsewhere, and they’re all thinning because of warming temperatures and less precipitation,” said Andrew Fountain, professor of geology and geography at Portland State University in Oregon. “This is the beginning of the end of these things.” If carbon dioxide levels continue to rise, the earth will eventually become icefree, according to a study by Ken MacLeod, a professor of geological sciences at the University of Missouri, published in the October issue of the journal Geology.

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