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2014 Messages from the Heart Winner

of our Sweetest M essage Contest!

Tonight we’ll let romance hold and sway As we dance and waltz the night away. You bring me comfort and love, so I say I am all yours this & every Valentine’s Day.

theart, To my Swee on my Mari, you wg with heart alon e Year” “Coach of thMari B! Way to go, an Love, D

Superman, You fly me crazy, be mine forever. Sexy B


On this Valentine’s Day and every day, Thank you so much for all your love, care, and support, you are one in a million and I don’t know what I would do without you. Love Forever, Ed

For my Lovely wife. Lorenda

My Ronnie,

Fifty Nine years of sharing our hearts, all of eternity to share our souls. Love you so. Your Wife, V

Today! Your mind is mine, this special Valentine, because I used my last dime to show you’re mine. To Jessie Peter from Jonathon Jr. Linda This is from me only: I Love you forever. Kevin

Mr. Conley, Thank you for being my bestie, always having my back, and making me look forward to life! I can’t wait to start our next beginning together. Ti Amo, Snowflake. My Boogkie Bear~ For 27 years, MY heart you have thrilled and filled And yet Together, WE still continue to Build!!! ?Erik and Monica, The Ranch and Critters, We’ve added to our Fold, Babee I’ll love you 4/Forever! Our Love Will Never Get Old! I Love You ~ Your Nay


Mom - We love you too! Alex and Ben

Geno, We Love you a 1000 ways! Happy Valentines Day! Roxanne + Charla.

2014 Messages from the Heart