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Decide which insurance plans are right for you By SHARON NAYLOR Do you know exactly what’s in your home insurance policy? Do you know what’s covered, and for how much, in case of theft or violent weather damage? Are you missing a vital insurance rider or plan, leaving you vulnerable to financial disaster? Too many people assume their plan is all they need, or all they can get, and don’t take an essential step: assessing their insurance plans on a regular basis. Most insurance companies offer a free policy review during which your insurance representative will walk you through each element of each of your insurance coverage plans, such as home, life, disability, renters and other types of plans. This allows them to clarify what coverage you have and at what deductible and which upgrades or additional plans you need or could benefit from having. Your life may have evolved significantly since you first arranged for home and car insurance. You might have gotten married or had children;

life insurance as well. An in-depth insurance policy review meeting will enlighten you about your plan’s inclusions and costs, and can lead to greater peace of mind when you, your home and belongings are better protected. Some things to consider about your insurance policies: • Storm damage: How much would you be reimbursed in the case of a hurricane and which types of storm damage are included? When you know you would be eligible for enough money to replace a furnace ruined by a sump pump failure, you may feel a little bit of relief knowing you won’t have to pay for the new furnace if the pump fails in your basement. The same goes for storm-broken windows and damage to your roof from falling branches. If a tree limb falls on your car, you could recoup the costs of repairing it. • Electronics: Find out how much you could recoup in losses for photo courtesy of Shop Le Vis Commons Reviewing and updating your insur- screen televisions, home computers, laptops and other electronics. Some ance policies can protect all of your standard policies only cover up to valuables. $1,000, which may be the cost of one of your five home computers, so at this point you might decide to get exploring an upgrade to this coverage

may be high on your priority list. • Fashion: Your insurance company might provide coverage for a certain amount of value in your designer clothing or shoe collection. In case of theft or disaster, your designer shoe collection could be somewhat replenished. • Jewelry: This is a big one. Your early insurance policies might have covered your engagement ring and wedding bands, but as time passed, you may have acquired additional jewelry as gifts or inherited valuable diamond and precious metal jewelry. At your insurance policy review, you’ll be encouraged to take an inventory of your jewelry, get it appraised by a high-quality appraiser and insure your jewelry collection on a regular basis. • Appliances: When you originally created your home insurance policy, it might have been when you were making breakfast in your old kitchen, before the $15,000 remodel you completed a year ago. Without an upgrade to your home insurance policy, you could be vulnerable to Please see Page 3


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enormous financial losses if anything were to happen to your home. • Liabilities: It’s been said people are far more litigious these days, so protect your home and your assets from, say, a lawsuit filed by someone who slipped down your front stairs after a party or fell on some ice on your sidewalk. Ask your insurance representative how you’re covered in

case of personal injury on your property, as well as when you have a passenger in your car. • Renters insurance for college students: This is one that many people don’t think to ask about. When kids live off-campus during their years at college, any stolen laptops could be covered by a good renters insurance policy. Ask what your company’s renters insurance policy includes so you’re not stuck with big financial losses from whatever

2640 Dale Road $150,000

happens at your college student’s residence. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners ( more than half of all homeowners don’t have a home inventory of their possessions, putting them at risk of inadequate home insurance coverage. Of the 59 percent without home and valuable inventories, 48 percent of homeowners don’t have receipts, 27 percent don’t have photos of their property

“Joan handled my transaction from beginning to end in a very up-front and professional manner. Joan got me a better deal on the house I purchased than I was able to get myself. I would not hesitate to hire her again should the need arise.” Mike Crosby

Joan M. Stepovich Owner/Broker

(907) 378-4646 •


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2030 Airport Way • Fairbanks

home inventory. Go one room at a time to keep yourself organized and to avoid fatigue. Record model numbers, prices paid, dates purchased and any additional details, and take photos of each of your valuables. Create a special folder or storage box for your insurance information and use this inventory as an important tool during your insurance review meeting to help you cover your assets well.

“Joan was magnificent in helping us find good housing at the right price and also incredible in helpingus when it was time to leave and sold our home in 48 hours!! She got the job done by coming into our home and staging the home with assets from her own stockpile that made the house sparkle. I can easily say that she is the best agent in Fairbanks and also the most GENUINE. My wife and I love her to death for the superior job she did for us!” Todd Burger

2BR 1Bath on .86 acres. Lots of yard space for gardens or pets. Furnishings included with full price offering.

Grace Moore

and 59 percent haven’t updated their inventory lists in more than a year. This lack of inventory creates an enormous risk of loss, not just from theft, but also from natural disasters and severe weather, which the NAIC says affected more than 80 percent of the U.S. population in the past six years. Your insurance company likely has a spreadsheet or software, or old-school forms to help you complete a detailed

Single Floor Living

Riverwalk Condominiums

Offered at $269,000 –$295,000

4427 Condor Ct. Fairbanks, AK 99709

4427 Condor Court Joy Miller Properties (907) 378-9996

00004581 2/24/13

• Spacious Floor Plans • 3 Bedrooms • 2 Bathrooms • Large Master Suite • Kraftmaid hickory cabinets • Granite slab countertops • Radiant heat • HRV • 9' High ceilings • Elevator Lift • Deck/Patio • Private garage • Quiet and energy efficient • Security Entry • Owner financing available

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1310 Atigun

13408651 3-24-13 H&RE

ASSOCIATE BROKER – REALTOR Cell: 907-978-2607 Office: 907-452-6387

Triplex (Could be converted to Duplex) close to Ft. Wainwright. Total rent is $2100 per month.


1236 Wild Rose

Duplex with 4BR 2 bath in each apartment, rent is $1700 each. Just $229,900 (co-listed with Somers and Associates).


Purchasing a house without an agent By GINNY FRIZZI Purchasing a home can be a complicated process, which is why most people use a real estate agent. But what about those who are thinking of going it alone? Is it practical? It can be, according to some experts, if a person is prepared to do his or her homework and put the necessary time into it. “A buyer can certainly go at it alone,” says Realtor Isabel Fontaneau. “What’s important to realize are two things. First, it doesn’t cost a buyer to use a real estate agent when buying property, and second, if the buyer still decides to do it alone, he’ll still deal with an agent — the seller’s agent. So basically, they’ll end up dealing with the agent that cares about the seller’s interests.” Whether or not a homebuyer should go it alone or with a real estate agent is a question

often posed to James Hart of Initial Impressions. “As a home stager and property consultant, I am often asked whether our clients should enlist the help of an agent,” Hart says. “I don’t have a dog in this fight, but my answer is always yes.” According to Hart, professional agents provide two important services to their clients. “The first is to escort traffic through the home. I have seen firsthand how tightlipped and uncomfortable prospective buyers can be when the homeowner is present for a showing. You want buyers to be able to relax and appreciate the space.” The second-most valuable role an agent can play, Hart says, is that of the negotiator. “As savvy a businessperson as a homeowner may be, they lack experiences in the nuances of real estate transactions. An agent will know

which points are valid negotiating topics and which are not. For example, every agent worth his or her salt knows that a boiler on its last legs is not up for negotiation. If it still works, even if it is past its normal life span, its value is never on the table for negotiation. A green home seller might find themselves giving in on this point.” Therefore, “what a seller saves in commission, they might very well find themselves losing in both time on the market and on the closing table,” Hart said. But that is not necessarily true, in the opinion of Colby Sambrotto of, which helps owners sell their homes “for sale by seller” and pay no commission or attract a buyer’s agent and pay less than 3 percent commission. It also provides new ways to track trends in real estate, including technology called

PropertyScore, which helps people quickly find a home that best suits their needs. Sambrotto believes that going it alone to purchase a home is reasonable and wise. “A primary residence is the biggest purchase the average person makes,” he says. “While it can take educating yourself about homebuying and more work, doing it yourself can save money that can be put away for other things, such as a child’s education or retirement.” Though owning a house is a goal for many Americans, the real estate market has been volatile in recent years, contributing to the concern and confusion of most buyers. Many buyers, even those who have placed 20 percent down when buying a house, have seen their homes go down in value, resulting in their losing money. People in this situation

— with no equity in their house — often can’t pay an agent. A 6 percent commission split between the buyer’s real estate agent and the seller’s agent is common, but sellers often search for alternatives to traditional selling techniques. Some buyers also are looking for alternatives, including going it alone. There are three basic steps to selling a property, according to Sambrotto. “The first one is pricing the property correctly,” he says. “The second is marketing it properly. And the last step is the transfer of the title, which is when an attorney becomes involved.” Sambrotto recommends that both buyers and sellers become familiar with the real estate market in which they live or are considering. “For example, the market is pretty good in the Northeast, whereas it is still slow in Florida and Nevada.”


Selling your home? Eliminate the clutter and clean well

Opal Welton

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what to keep, donate/ recycle, sell or throw away. Use this time to get a head-start on packing the things you want to take with you. Generally, when it comes to personal items and furniture, less is more. Organize whatever you decide to replace on shelves, in closets, or storage areas. Favorite belongings should be removed or replaced, since a buyer may see something they

Providing training and supervision of volunteer tutors for adults in basic reading, writing, math, computers and English as a second language.

Getting ready to sell your home is like a good spring cleaning. As we all know, the first impression is most important when selling a home. What does your home look like when you drive up? Scrutinize your home — does it welcome you? A wonderful greeting can be potted flowers near the entryway in the summer. Be sure to shovel the snow or clear the walkway and mow the lawn. Fresh paint on the trim can help with curb appeal. In your home, you should start with de-cluttering and then cleaning. Start with one room and tackle a major area. This is a good time to decide

really want but can’t have, and this could create a deal breaker. Best to pack it away so the buyer never sees it! Clean off all surfaces. Remove everything from counters and cabinets and replace only the essential items needed for daily use. Stand at the doorway of each room and scrutinize what needs to be done. A new quilt for the bed, new towels for the bathroom, new rug for the entryway, or painting a fresh neutral color can be an inexpensive way to give the room an attractive, fresh, clean appeal. Ask a friend, family member and your Realtor for their opinion of any improvements they would recommend ... any time is a good time to do your spring cleaning or to get your home ready to sell.

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Home-buying is a process By DOUG WELTON Absolutely Alaskan Real Estate Services Spring and summer are normally the busy times of year for the real estate market, with warmer weather and summer break. In recent years, there have been more homes on the market, giving buyers more to choose from. If looking to buy a home, you might want to get started early by interviewing three or four real estate agents. Get references, and when you decide on an agent, let that person know exactly what you’re looking for. Go to the bank for pre-approval. This will let you know your price range and you won’t waste

Your Realtor should review new listings as they come on the market. When they find a house that meets your criteria, you’ll need to look at it and be ready to make an offer quickly. Look for potential in a house and its neighborhood. Factors you can’t change are the neighborhood, basic floor Doug Welton plan, location to schools your time looking at or work and the prophomes you can’t afford. erty size. Listen to your Also, when you find the Realtor about how much home you want, you’ll you should offer. be ready to make an If there’s competition, offer. Figure out how you may offer more than much you’ll need for a the listing price and not down-payment. There ask for extras, to make are loan programs that your offer look best to accept down payments the seller. of 3 percent to 5 percent. Most importantly, Don’t forget closing have fun and make the costs, which can run 2 most of the process. percent to 7 percent of Good luck. Contact Doug Welton at the property’s purchase 456-1713 price.


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What 20- and 30-somethings are looking for in a home By DIANE SCHLINDWEIN When Dustin Thomas and his wife, Karen, set out to purchase their first home a few years back, they knew just what they were looking for. With their unborn son due, they were seeking an affordable home in a safe neighborhood with highly rated schools.


0 8,0




“The typical first-time buyer purchased a 1,570 square foot home costing $155,000,” he adds. Young buyers like the Thomases may not be purchasing in upper income neighborhoods, but they are particular about where they live. “Location — so cliched but it’s the truth,” said John Port, a Century 21 Alliance Realtor and author of the website “Now, more than ever, this wave of young buyers is extremely conscious of location. “They are witnessing firsthand how difficult it can be to resell a home in a bad market,” he said. “The savvy buyer wants to be sure that if they decide to resell the home in the next five to seven years, they won’t struggle because of the location.”

Riverfront Dream! Are you thinking about home remodeling?

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paid less than today’s average first-time buyer, said Walter Molony of the National Association of Realtors. Because they were in an area of the country where homes are moderately priced, the Thomases paid just less than $100,000 for their newly updated three-bedroom, one-bath home. Molony said according to a 2011 study, the median age of a first-time buyer is 31.

Mike Ness, owner


Licensed • Bonded • Insured



“When we found a home with all those features and an updated kitchen and bath, we didn’t waste time making an offer,” Dustin said. “Luckily, our offer was accepted right away and we moved in just days before the baby was born.” While they were pretty typical in what they wanted, the Thomases — at 28 and 27 years old — were a bit younger and


Renewable energy has a lot of potential in Fairbanks By KARL KASSEL Arctic Sun LLC

3.01 kWh/m2/day. We beat the 2.96 average in Anchorage, 2.66 in Juneau and 3.35 in Seattle. Most locals know the climate What this means is Fairin Fairbanks is comparatively banks in general receives plenty extreme and includes cold dark of sunshine to make solar colwinters. This leads folks to lectors a viable option for heat assume our town is not a or electricity production. The good place to utilize sources of exception would be specific renewable energy. This is far sites, like the north slope of from the truth. The opposite is a hill where the sun does not more accurate. hit directly. But, if you live on Solar irradiation or solar the flats, in town or on a south insolation, the amount of ener- slope without obstructions gy striking a specific spot on shading your site, solar power the earth, is typically expressed is an opportunity and a money in kilowatt-hours per square saver worth investigating. meter per day (kWh/m2/day). In The best news is the cost of the course of a normal year, solar has been steadily declinFairbanks averages 3.48 kWh/ ing for several years. What used m2/day. For comparison, in to be an expensive technology Germany, where there are more just three years ago now costs installed solar panels per capless than half that amount, and ita than anywhere else in the on many sites is the cheapest world, the level averages only energy available.

In early years of solar electric panels, it was typical to see installation costs at $16 per watt. Three years ago in Fairbanks, the going rate was $11 per watt. Today, systems can be installed as cheaply as $4 to $5 per watt for a basic system. Prices per watt vary depending on the size of the system and the type, location and style of the racking or mounting. There is an economy of scale, and typically the larger the system the lower the cost per watt. To determine the cost benefit of a solar system requires examination of several numbers to compare the cost of the system to the power it produces. The cost of the system is easy to determine, and is typically the bid from a contractor. Calculating the power production involves the manufacturer’s

nameplate rating, the quantity of available direct sun, and the proper installation and balancing of the system components. A solar collection system is analogous to a boiler in that a boiler converts the energy in a petroleum product to thermal energy in water, and a solar system converts energy from the sun into electricity or thermal energy in water. Not all boilers have the same efficiency rating or are incorporated into the home system the same. These variables affect the boiler’s performance, and the same is true of solar PV (electric) systems and especially solar thermal systems. To maximize the return from your investment, a solar collection system must be matched and balanced with your home’s other utility sys-

tems and installed properly. The fuel for your “solar boiler” is free and unaffected by inflation, and a well-designed, accurately commissioned and balanced system has the potential to produce electricity and/or hot water at a lower cost than traditional fuels. Utilizing solar energy also promotes cleaner air more so than any other fuel. Fairbanks is blessed with ample sunshine to make a solar collection system cost effective. If you think your site can capture most of the available sun, do a little research and consider your options wisely. Karl Kassel is general manager of Arctic Sun LLC. He has been a renewable energy hobbyist for more than 40 years and enjoys living in an energy efficient, solarpowered home. He can be reached at or 457-1297.

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2235 Blackberry Dr MLS #121472 Secluded 3/1.5/2 $239,900

1170 Float Road MLS #121012 2/1 $169,900

1155 Merganser MLS #121451 2+/1/3 $232,000

1370 Toolik Drive MLS #121442 3+/2/2 $224,000

349 Shannon Dr MLS #121485 Custom Home 4/3/2 gourmet kitchen $295,000

1150 Ivy Drive Great Neighborhood MLS # 120498, 3/2 $215,000

5340 Butterfly Lane MLS #121354 3/1 on 10 Acres $192,500

Mile 229 Parks Hwy MLS #119647 3/2/2 on 5 Acres $465,000

NHN Beckerridge MLS#121484, 77.39 view acres $399,000

57408888-3-24-13 HRE

665 10th Avenue Eldorado Estates 1213 Bemis Court Outdoor Parking, Top Level Million Dollar View! MLS #120648 • 2/1/1 MLS #121414 $159,000 4+/4/3 $525,000

830 Red Poll MlS #121197 3/2/2 $314,000


Get involved in the wording of your home’s listing By SHARON NAYLOR A well-written listing can elevate your home above competing properties, enticing buyer interest and well-priced bids. Though you could leave the writing of your home’s listing to your real estate agent, it’s wise to get involved, offering to spruce up your home’s description with some key words and descriptions. According to a study by the University of Windsor and researchers from Canada Mortgage and Housing, certain phrasings can affect home sale prices and the amount of time it takes to close on a listing. For instance, listings with the words “beautiful” or “gorgeous” sold a home 15 percent faster than listings without those descriptions, and often at a higher price. Landscaping references landed sales 20 percent more quickly. In contrast,

the term “must-see” had virtually no effect on a listing’s success. The words “motivated” and “must sell” hurt a home’s sale, slowing it down by 30 percent. Here are your guidelines for your home’s listing so you have the perfect wording to boost your home’s selling price: • Speak to your real estate agent as soon as possible so he or she knows of your wishes to help write the listing. • Learn the magic words and phrases of the industry. Jim Remley, author of “Selling Your Home in Any Market,” says to avoid the terms “fixer-upper” and “needs sweat equity,” which can turn off a buyer who would rather buy a property in move-in condition. The magic word for such a ready-to-move-in property is “turnkey.” Avoiding words that make prospective buyers fear a future of expensive fixes is wise, unless your home is actually a “teardown” in disrepair

and your target market is developers looking for property to demolish and rebuild. “Cozy” makes a buyer think rooms are small, even if you’re describing your roomy master bedroom. • Brainstorm what’s new. While the listing describes all rooms by dimensions, as well as the presence of central air, a fireplace and other facts about your home’s attractions, add in the comments or description section attention-getters as “new fireplace in the master bedroom” or “new bamboo flooring in the den and bedrooms.” If you’ve chosen ecofriendly paint for your home, add “VOC-free paint in all rooms,” which will please buyers who value green living. • Make lifestyle and entertainment a focus. Again, the dimensions of your living room and dining room don’t get a buyer imagining what it would be like hosting holiday dinners there. So add “ideal entertaining space for more than 70

guests, with indoor and outdoor celebration areas, including French doors opening out to our new stone terrace and built-in Weber grill and wet bar.” Buyers will imagine their 70 guests enjoying margaritas and filet mignons on that terrace. Your description paints a picture of magical get-togethers that make them popular hosts. • Play up comfort. No one knows your home like you do, so mention your Energy Star windows and new insulation, creating a warm home in winter and cool home in summer. When you convey how buyers would feel in your home, your listing again rises above the competition. • Describe organizing space. If your closets feature professionally designed organizing systems, make that a must in your listing. Mention that your basement, garage and attic provide organizing areas, and your kitchen pantries have been designed by a

professional for optimal order. • Note your permits. Buyers want to be sure your fixes and additions have been done to code, so note if each of your indoor and outdoor features were completed with permits, by reputable professionals. • Show luxury. The National Bureau of Economic Research says homes listed with specifics such as “granite” kitchen counters and “maple” closets tend to garner higher home sales. Think like your buyer. Which words say “luxury”? A spa-style master bathroom? Golf course location? • Seek truth. Everything in a home listing must be truthful, so if your floor is a softwood such as fir, do not list it as hardwood, even if you refer to it as such in conversation. A large closet described as a walk-in when it is not is a misleading element. • Avoid vague descriptions. “Contemporary” might not mean the same to a buyer as it does to you.


KNOW THE LAW Local developers, engineers, surveyors, and contractors should be aware of the storm water plan review and permitting requirements in the urbanized area of Fairbanks.

LIMIT YOUR RISK! LIMIT YOUR LIABILITY! If your total disturbed area equals or exceeds 10,000 SF in the City of Fairbanks or 1.0 acre in the City of North Pole or the Fairbanks North Star Borough, you should contact the City or Borough to ensure you are complying with local requirements!

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A home buyer has a right and a duty to inspect the structure By SUSAN RAINEY Riverview Realty

meeting a standard of “safe, sound and sanitary.” Inspectors’ credentials range from licensed civil engineers to certiTo safeguard one of life’s largest fied inspectors to any professional the investments, most home buyers pursue buyer feels confident in. The inspection inspections and testing, and a careful reports are usually arranged in sections review of a seller’s disclosure informaheaded “Recommended For Immediate tion. Repair” and “For Future ConsiderAn important paragraph contained ation.” Home inspectors are limited to in our local Board of Realtors Earnest what is visible and cannot be expected Money Receipt and Purchase Agreeto detect all deficiencies contained ment is the “Right and Duty to Inspect” within walls and other enclosed spaces. clause. This clause provides a 15-day A home inspector might suggest specific right of inspection to the buyer and out- additional testing based on visual or lines the options for action based on the other cues noted during their inspecresults of any inspections. tion. A home inspection typically costs Every region of our country has spe- from $500-700. cific conditions of possible concern to Radon is a naturally occurring invishomeowners and various ways to deal ible, tasteless and odorless radioacwith them. Following we will discuss tive gas considered harmful in certain many of the inspections and tests com- concentrations. The only way to know mon to our area. if radon is present in a home is to test Many of the homes built in the Fair- for it. Radon testing can be conducted banks North Star Borough were built with instrumentation placed by a prowithout inspections during construcfessional in the home for three days or tion or remodeling and might contain longer. A readout provides an average defects. It is common for a buyer to measurement and running data. A have a home inspection performed written report is provided and the cost during the 15 day right of inspection. averages about $200. The ADEC has The inspectors typically inspect from established threshold limits considered roof to foundation and are looking for unsafe. More information is available situations that keep the home from online at

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Beautiful 3bdrm, 2.5 bth, Gorgeous Mountain views! Form. Din, Mstr Ste, Office, Near Ft.WW.

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Energy Efficient 3bdrm w/ woodstove & Newer Boiler! All new windows! Large oversized Garage, RV Parking!

ing_energy/publications/RadonInfoPamphlet2011.pdf. Families with members suffering from respiratory problems are particularly wary of homes that contain mold. Mold might be visible or might exist but be undetected. Even absent visual evidence of mold, you might consider arranging for mold testing. Many homes in our area are served by wells. Water quality and quantity vary. Tests that can be conducted include flow rate, water hardness, nitrates, arsenic and heavy metals. Information on some of the tests available and the costs are at www.analyti Homes on city utilities are not exempt from possible water quality issues. Older homes might have water pipes with solder joints containing lead and older copper piping. Testing is available to determine the presence of lead and/or copper in the water supply. Well and septic testing includes testing the septic and leach field’s adequacy and the well water is tested for contamination. The system is checked to see it meets required separation guidelines. The testing standards applicable are determined by the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation and

approximate cost is $725. More information is available at www.dec.state. Soil drilling can be performed that will reveal if the area is affected by permafrost or other conditions liable to indicate unstable soils. Fairbanks is fortunate to have a cadre of professionals to provide the expertise necessary to perform and evaluate many of these tests. Take the time to speak with your friends, coworkers and family to get recommendations and always check a professional’s credentials. A sensible homebuyer will test for reasonable concerns but should be aware that all testing is a snapshot of that system at the time of testing and changing conditions can impact the system in future. Testing is not a guarantee of future performance. If you are selling your home, it is important to understand what standards your home and its systems are likely to be held to by a prospective buyer. Discuss with your agent the pros and cons of pre-marketing testing. Susan Rainey is the broker/owner of Riverview Realty and has been an active realtor in Fairbanks since 1984. Susan can be reached at or 479-4410.

Bought a house with an old wood stove? The Borough Air Quality Division is offering a reimbursement incentive for replacing or repairing SOLID fuel burning devices (i.e. wood or coal stoves, wood- or coal-fired furnaces, wood- or coal-fired hydronic heaters, or fireplace inserts). There is also an incentive for removing wood- or coal-fired hydronic heaters.

The application and program details can be found online at or at the Borough Air Quality office at 3175 Peger Road. For more information call 459-1005.

17408309 3-24-13H&RE

City Utilities, 14 Lots Call for individual lot pricing. MLS# 120849 $130,000


Pinching pennies for a promising future By CHELLE CORDERO There was a time when saving pennies in an old jar actually got you somewhere. Nowadays, it seems impossible to have extra pennies to drop into a jar. Families barely make due and often spend their paycheck before it is earned. Whether it’s saving for a family home, sending the kids to college, travel around the world or retirement, the time to start saving is now. “Young families really need to evaluate every penny they’re spending and understand that there are ways to save money on virtually everything. Think and act frugally so you can build savings and address the goals that really matter to you.” According to financial expert Farnoosh Torabi, author of “Psych Yourself Rich: Get the Mindset and Discipline You Need to Build Your Financial Life:” “Families should revisit their aspirations often and make sure they’re spending habits don’t interfere with accomplishing these goals, whether it’s to buy a new house, send children to private school or renovate the kitchen.” Making changes to the way you spend your money could easily help you save toward your target. Be frugal, but avoid being cheap and foolish. Look for things that are both affordable and worthwhile. Saving money by buying cheap, processed and less-than-nutritious foods, for instance, might cost you more in the long run if your health was put at risk. A few relatively easy ways to save include turning your thermostat down a few degrees, regularly maintaining household appliances and your automobile to reduce the need for costly repairs or replacement, cutting out expensive and unhealthy lifestyle options like smoking, and making family entertainment night a few hours with a board game around the dining room table instead of taking the whole crowd out to photo courtesy of UMN

Saving even small amounts will add up. the movies. Using cash instead of credit cards will keep you more aware of the money you are spending and will negate hefty finance charges. Before you develop a savings plan, you need to know what your goals are. Start by making a list of the things that are important to you and the approximate and eventual cost of each item. Decide how long you expect to wait until you reach each of your goals. Be realistic, you will need more than a weekend Broker,

1502 2nd Ave.

to save up for a house or a car. Finally, calculate what you will need to save from each paycheck after other necessary expenses like rent, groceries, medical appointments, etc. Here are some steps to insure a promising financial future: List your monthly income. Next, list monthly expenses such as rent or mortgage, insurance, utilities, groceries, credit cards, medications and any other obligations such as dues, alimony, child support and taxes.

Don’t forget to include your average travel costs, student loans, and gifts and donations. If you need to list expenses that occur across several months, enter a monthly average. When you add your columns, hopefully your expenses are less than your income; if not, see where you can tighten your spending or add to your income level. After clearly seeing your income and expenses on paper, it is easy to know where modifications need to be made.

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$230,000 Across from the river. Walk to town and Alaska Land.


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• Recycling one aluminum can saves

enough energy to keep a 100-watt bulb burning for almost four hours or run your television for three hours. 57408882 3-24-13 H&RE

Wonderful 2 bd, 2 bath home. Master has walk in closet, jaccuzi tub, and private deck with river view. Partially finished basement. Fenced yard. On bike bath. 2 car grg.

Absolutely Alaskan Real Estate

Conserve fuel—recycle your aluminum cans

RECYCLE On the corner of 6th & Noble

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2535 Allen Adale Rd $749,900

Affordable Log!

760 Schloesser Dr $224,90

1115 Chickadee Lp $174,900

Spread Out on This 5 Acre Lot With a Well-Kept 3 bedroom 2 bath home with a HUGE detached garage/shop! Minutes From Town and UAF off Sheep Creek Road.

Cute Log Home Tucked Away in the Woods in a Convenient Neighborhood off Farmer’s Loop. Minutes from Town, Ft. Wainwright, and UAF. Two bedroom, one bath.

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You Will Feel Like You are on Top of the World in this Exquisite Executive Home with Unbelievable View of Mountains, River, and City! 5 bedroom, 3 car garage and over 5,000 square feet of Absolutely Gorgeous Living Area.

Room to Roam!

Fairbanks Realtors will spring in to your real estate needs! Crown Real Estate AK, Inc. Ginger Orem Serving Alaska for 18 years, Ginger is a local expert in the real estate industry. A past President of GFBR board of Realtors, multi-million dollar producer and recipient of the DNM people’s choice award, Ginger is well known for her hard work, professionalism and attention to detail.

Century 21 Gold Rush Mike VanSickle As a Top Producer in the North Pole/Fairbanks area, I work hard to make the home buying and selling experience enjoyable and stress-free. Specializing in single family sales, first time home buyers, and new construction.

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Grace Moore knows the community well and enjoys helping people buy or sell homes. She is an Accredited Buyers Representative and a Seniors Real Estate Specialist. Grace works with first-time home buyers, military clients, Seniors & seasoned homeowners. Grace will give you her best.

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Interior Alaska Realty Bruce Wammock A 60 year resident of Alaska, Bruce has sold residential, commercial, and land real estate in Fairbanks as a 43 year member of the Greater Fairbanks Board of Realtors.

Absolutely Alaskan Real Estate Services Doug & Opal Welton The Handy Husband & Wife Team After building our homestead for 27 years and raising our 3 children, we decided to jump into real estate sales. We spent 6 years at RE/MAX before opening Absolutely Alaskan Real Estate Services 3 years ago on the corner of 6th & Noble in the beautiful log cabin. Stop by and say hi!


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Ryan Danhauser, Associate Broker for RE/MAX, has a background in education, lending and Real Estate. He is the past President of the Greater Fairbanks Board of Realtors. He is an Accredited Buyer Specialist, Certified Residential Specialist and loves Thai Food.

Broker/Owner, Success = Mother of 4, married 28 years, college degree, 30 years experience in interior design, 15 years as a Realtor. Owner of “White Palms” Furniture and Design. This lifelong Alaskan is helping make dreams a reality. I look forward to serving you in all your interior design or real estate needs.

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Melissa Bidwell An established high standard of quality client service. I am ready to meet the unique challenges and problems families some-times encounter while selling their home or selecting their new home. My customers are my #1 priority.

Angie has over a decade of Bank Owned Property experience as well as Residential, Land, Commercial Real Estate and Property Management. GFBR President, YPN Chair, and has served the real estate community on various other committees - Angie is also your 2011 REALTOR of the YEAR and 2011 AFFILIATES REALTOR of the YEAR. Angie loves Real Estate and helping others make a transition to home ownership!

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Kelli has been a full time Realtor for 10 years. She is a top producer in the Fairbanks & North Pole area. Kelli was born & raised in Fairbanks & has extensive knowledge of the area! Kelli is reliable, courteous, dependable & available to help with all your real estate needs!

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Specializing in residential sales, Patty has lived in the Fairbanks area for over 40 years. She is very familiar with Fairbanks and North Pole real estate market trends and construction techniques. Patty will be happy to assist both buyers & sellers with all their real estate needs.

Susan has successfully been helping her clients meet their real estate goals for more than 25 years! Put her in-depth experience to work for you!

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Madden Real Estate is a unique concept for the Alaska real estate market. The first of its kind in Fairbanks, Madden Real Estate is a locally owned, team-centric organization specializing in residential and commercial real estate sales as well as property management. Call us today at (907) 452-3000 •

All Things Home and Real Estate  

Tips and advice on buying and selling your home. Bios of Fairbanks real estate agents

All Things Home and Real Estate  

Tips and advice on buying and selling your home. Bios of Fairbanks real estate agents