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Kettlebells provide a safe, innovative workout national Kettlebell and Fitness Federation, some of the benefits of kettlebell training Fitness enthusiasts are getinclude: ting a grip — on kettlebells. • Improved strength. If you haven’t seen a ket• Improved endurance. tlebell, imagine a small can• Enhanced flexibility, photo dination and balance. nonball with an arched handle courtesy of on top. It’s quite different • Weight loss. Lift kettlebells for strength from the sideways-I-shaped • Injury prevention. and flexibility. hand weights you may be • Lean and functional familiar with. Exercising with muscle mass. the kettlebell delivers various aloft or direct it through rang• Strengthening of the es of motion in each exercise, muscle-toning and balance entire posterior chain. your hands and wrists remain results because the kettlebell • Core strength. in neutral alignment. This allows for safe and comfort• Sport and combat able positioning of the weight means a sustained workout enhancement. and greater comfort, espedirectly above your center Kettlebell training originatcially for those who have wrist ed as a Russian workout and of mass, while dumbbells or barbells must be held in front issues. has been used by elite military of the body. As you move the units, sports teams and law kettlebell up and down, the enforcement. motion activates different Over the past decade, muscles than traditional hand kettlebell training has entered weights. the fitness mainstream for According to the InterWhen you hold a kettlebell the everyday workout enthuSharon Naylor

The benefits of kettlebell training

siast. Physical therapists have encouraged their patients to work with kettlebells to increase strength and range of motion. According to Colin Cooley, an American Kettlebell Club Coach and CrossFit Level 1 kettlebell instructor, kettlebells combine many different planes of motion simultaneously to stabilize the core, since almost all movements are done in a standing sequence and emphasize range of motion in the joints. “Kettlebell training develops strength in all planes of movement,” Cooley says. “We live and play in a threedimensional world, and we should train accordingly. Since the kettlebell lines up with the body’s center of gravity, the athlete must work harder to balance and stabilize the



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Taking kettlebell classes Because this particular fitness tool requires proper form and works muscles you may not be used to working, it’s wisest to locate a kettlebell gym, find a kettlebell class at a fitness center or hire a personal trainer certified in kettlebell fitness. Under the watchful eye of a trainer, you’ll learn how to safely lift and lower the correct weight of kettlebells for your fitness and endurance level. You’ll be instructed and spotted in your positioning and range of motion, maximizing the benefits of your workout and helping to avoid injury. Find kettlebell gyms at, which provides listings of accredited kettlebell gyms by state. And check with your local fitness center or YMCA to inquire about existing kettlebell classes.

Kettlebell training at home

Richard P. Raugust, M.D. Eric M. Tallan, M.D. Thomas H. Hammond, M.D. Sam Y. Kim, M.D. Arthur F. Larson, M.S. Certified Clinical Audiologist


weight.” This not only leads to strength in different large and small muscle groups but also engages both the upper and lower body.

After receiving kettlebell training courtesy of an expert, you may wish to continue with workouts at home. You’ll find plenty of kettlebell DVDs, with workouts designed for beginners, arthritis sufferers, athletes, bodybuilders and more. When shopping for your kettlebells, seek the advice of your trainer to help you choose the correct weight for your abilities. It can be smart to purchase a lower weight than you think you need, since a too-heavy weight can cause injury. A range of weights, perhaps in a set of three kettlebells, may be ideal for you. Visit for expert-reviewed kettlebell DVDs and equipment, and check out product reviews on well-known fitness magazine websites.

Health and Wellness - Spring 2012  
Health and Wellness - Spring 2012  

A guide to staying healthy in Interior Alaska, geared toward Alaska's growing elderly population.