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636-532-0228 or 636-391-2900 The proposed mosque near where the World Trade Center was attacked and destroyed, along with thousands of American lives, would be a 15-story middle finger to America. It takes a high IQ to evade the obvious, so it is not surprising that the intelligentsia are out in force, decrying those who criticize this calculated insult. What may surprise some people is that the American taxpayer is currently financing a trip to the Middle East by the imam who is pushing this project, so that he can raise the money to build it. The State Department is subsidizing his travel. The big talking point is that this is an issue about “religious freedom” and that Muslims have a “right” to build a mosque where they choose. But those who oppose this project are not claiming that there is no legal right to build a mosque near the site of the World Trade Center. If anybody did, it would be a matter for the courts to decide – and they would undoubtedly say that it is not illegal to build a mosque near the site of the World Trade Center attack. The intelligentsia and others who are wrapping themselves in the Constitution are fighting a phony war against a straw man. Why create a false issue, except to evade the real issue? Our betters are telling us that we need to be more “tolerant” and more “sensitive” to the feelings of Muslims. But if we are supposed to be sensitive to Muslims, why are Muslims not supposed to be sensitive to the feelings of millions of Americans, for whom 9/11 was the biggest national trauma since Pearl Harbor? It would not be illegal for Japanese Americans to build a massive Shinto shrine next to Pearl Harbor. But, in all these years, they have never sought to do it. When Catholic authorities in Poland were planning to build an institution for nuns, years ago, and someone pointed out that it would be near the site of a concentration camp that carried out genocide, the Pope intervened to stop it. He didn’t say that the Catholic Church had a legal right to build there, as it undoubtedly did. Instead, he respected the painful feelings of other people. And he certainly did not denounce those who called attention to the concentration camp. There is no question that Muslims have

a right to build a mosque where they chose to. The real question is why they chose that particular location, in a country that covers more than 3 million square miles. If we all did everything that we have a legal right to do, we could not even survive as individuals, much less as a society. So the question is whether those who are planning a Ground Zero mosque want to be part of American society or just to see how much they can get away with in American society. Can anyone in his right mind believe that this was intended to show solidarity with Americans, rather than solidarity with those who attacked America? Does anyone imagine that the Middle East nations, including Iran, from whom financial contributions will be solicited, want to promote reconciliation between Americans and Muslims? That the President of the United States has joined the chorus of those calling the Ground Zero mosque a religious freedom issue tells us a lot about the moral dry rot that is undermining this country from within. In this, as in other things, Barack Obama is not so much the cause of our decline but the culmination of it. He had many predecessors and many contemporaries who represent the same mindset and the same malaise. There are people for whom moral preening has become a way of life. They are out in force denouncing critics of the Ground Zero mosque. There are others for whom a citizen of the world affectation puts them one-up on those of us who are grateful to be Americans, and to enjoy a freedom that is all too rare in other countries around the world, even at this late date in human history. They think the United States is somehow on trial, and needs to prove itself to others by bending over backwards. But bending over backwards does not win friends. It loses respect, including self-respect.

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letters to the editor Rose colored glasses

well cared for dogs the people against the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act would have you believe are the norm. We see dogs coming to us with overgrown nails, severely matted coats, missing eyes or legs, hernias (and) rotten mouths, just to name a few conditions. Some of the unwanted puppy mill dogs are taken to auctions to be sold. Last spring, we had 10 dogs that were bought for 1 cent each. The auctioneer announced the vet was waiting in the back to euthanize the dogs if someone didn’t buy them. They became part of our rescue for 10 cents. Karen Strange says there are already strict standards enforced by the USDA and Mo. Department of Agriculture, even to the   point where breeders are written up because of “cobwebs.” But then, Kelly Smith says the Mo. Department of Agriculture’s budget has been slashed so they can’t do timely inspections. I can tell you the dogs I have worked with would love to have cobwebs as their only problem.    An audit by the U.S. government detailed the failure of  the USDA to regulate breeders. You can read the full report at usda,gov/oig/webdocs/33002-4-SF.pdf. If you read the (Puppy Mill) Cruelty Prevention Act, you see that it only applies to dogs. And it does set breeding limits and set standards for humane treatment. Watch the Fox2 report that aired this summer  about the puppy mill near St. Louis, which has 1,000 dogs. Breeders keep pumping out all these puppies. Our shelters are full. Some shelters euthanize to make more room. Other shelters are no kill, so no more dogs can be taken in until one is adopted. Stray Rescue of St. Mosque at Ground Zero Louis goes out and feeds dogs living on To the Editor: the streets to keep them alive until space Over the past several weeks, there has becomes available.   been a lot of media attention regarding the Mindy Patterson – come walk dogs for cultural center proposed to be built near Stray Rescue, if you feel queasy about Ground Zero. One of the primary reasons trusting the Humane Society – though I the Founding Fathers felt the Constitution don’t think the Missouri Humane Society was of such importance was they assumed has a hidden agenda to end pet ownership. the Constitution would assure that the Do we want the government telling us minority would not be subjected to the tyr- Puppy problem we can’t have pets? Of course not. And anny of the majority. Constitutional rights To the Editor: there is no hidden agenda in this Act to do should not be subjected to popular vote, In response to your article on “The that. But the people of Missouri got tired polls, or the whim of others. If the aboli- Puppy  Problem,” I am part of a group of of this state being known as the “the puppy tion of slavery had been subject to popular volunteers that help rescued  puppy mill mill state.”  This Cruelty Prevention Act is vote, what do you think the result would dogs immediately after they are rescued brought to you by the people of Missouri have been? After all, slavery was good for and then sent to shelters. If you question because their politicians would not do it. the country. The free labor was good for the severity of this problem, then volunThe easiest way to prove wrong the critthe economy. teer  to spend a few days helping to save ics against this Act is to help with a puppy Prior to President Harry S. Truman’s these dogs that are lucky enough to get  a mill rescue or talk with someone who has. decision to desegregate the U. S. Armed new start on life and escape a horrendous You will find out that the film footage is not Forces, a poll of white members of the death. old footage but real, everyday abuse. You Armed Forces was conducted. Only seven The dogs we  work with are not the fluffy, will find out that the cute little pet shop

To the Editor: Hey Carl, caught your letter in the Sept. 1 issue of West Newsmagazine, and although I could write a lengthy and quite detailed positive response, I am quite confident we would still end in disagreement. Instead, I suggest you read the editorial, “Rose Colored Glasses,” as printed on the following page (of the Sept. 1 issue).  The editors of this magazine have so cleverly pointed out the positive side of our current downturn – and they are so right. I walked into Home Depot yesterday and was greeted at the door by more than one smiling salesperson ready to walk me thorough every aisle if I so needed. Somewhere in my detailed response to your question, Carl, I would suggest that instead of spending so much time with hatred and thoughts of failure for our leaders that we all look within as to how we may help return this country to a time when we knew our neighbors; routinely helped our fellow man; treated our superiors and those in our employ with respect; met with our family daily at that lost family dinner table; and focused on quality in our jobs, in our work and in our play. My thanks to the editors of this magazine for such a perfect editorial reminding us to concentrate on the good things in life – even during these tough times we face as a nation – regardless of which administration was driving the bus. Ron Unterreiner Chesterfield

percent of the respondents favored desegregation. Therefore, if that decision had been based on the opinion of the white members of the Armed Forces, the Armed Forces would have remained segregated. Would that have been in the best interest of the country and all the citizens of the country? Although one may have great sympathy for those who lost relatives and friends on 9/11, their grief and concern does not give them the right to deny other citizens their Constitutional rights. The fact of the matter is all Muslims are not terrorists and all Muslims are not responsible for the actions of the terrorists on 9/11. It would be unreasonable to hold all Christians responsible for the invasion of Iraq and the deaths of tens of thousands of human beings because President Bush professed to be a Christian. We should be aware that the issue of the cultural center proposed to be built in lower Manhattan is an effort by political forces in this country to divert the people’s attention from the critical issues we are facing. There has been a mosque four blocks from the site of the World Trade Center for more than 40 years. Religious services have been conducted at the proposed site for the cultural center for some time. What advantage is there to the U.S. to antagonize more than a billion world citizens? As long as citizens are focused on this diversion, they will pay little attention to opposition being waged against the current Administration and the damage said opposition is causing the country. We simply cannot allow ourselves to be manipulated by this crass cynicism. We must continue to demand that our elected officials, regardless of party affiliation, act in the best interest of the country and all of its citizens. James O. Gordon St. Albans

puppies came from parents that most likely are living a hellish existence. Do not buy from pet shops. Do not buy from a breeder unless you see the facility and see the parents of the puppies. Linda Clay Ballwin

Teacher compensation

To the Editor: In a letter to the editor placed in the Sept. 1 issue from Rick and Ann Standal of Ballwin, several statistical facts were quoted, which don’t tell the true story of today’s dedicated educators. As a husband of a primary teacher, I have watched my wife work 10-plus hours per day, six days per week to keep up with all the requirements of the federal, state, district, and parental expectations for her students; providing students with a quality education; and preparing each student to be successful in the next school year. My wife and many in the education field attend summer workshops and college classes to keep up with the educational methods taught in the schools today. A large majority of teachers have earned their master’s degree. To provide a quality educational experience for the elementary student, many teachers supplement materials for their classrooms with upwards of $1,000$2,000 per school year out of pocket. Given the hours worked, additional educational requirements (and) out of pocket expenses, the compensation for my wife and many educators is less than $20 per hour. These highly qualified professionals are responsible for the education of our future. This is way below market value in the private sector, given all the skill sets required by today’s classroom teachers. Unfortunately, the letter sent by Rick and Ann is a common misperception of those not in the education field. For many years, I had the same perception until my wife became an educator. Teaching is a profession that helps our children become productive citizens in our community. Teachers have an awesome responsibility to each student, parent, and stakeholder. I applaud my wife and other educators that have the passion to work with young people and their parents each year. I’m sorry that the Standals don’t see the value of our educators today. Terry Burke Grover



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News Br iefs BALLWIN Trouble on Steamboat Numerous thefts from vehicles and property damages occurred on Aug. 21 in the 100 and 200 blocks of Steamboat Lane in Ballwin. According to Ballwin Police, victims of the crimes stated that they went to their vehicles in the morning to discover their windows were smashed and items were missing from inside the vehicles. The items stolen included cash, iPods, GPS units and other valuables. The value of the stolen items and damages to the vehicles exceeded $5,000.

CHESTERFIELD Teens arrested



Chesterfield Police have issued warrants against two suspects arrested in connection with the theft of two vehicles from the

17900 block of Greyeagle Court. The thefts occurred early on the morning of Aug. 25. Arrested were Zachary Cox, of Chesterfield, and Zachary Forgy, of Wildwood. Both suspects were aged 18 at the time of the arrests. Each was charged with one count of Burglary 1st Degree and two counts of Theft of a Motor Vehicle. The subjects were being held at the St. Louis County Jail on a $25,000 bond.

Boone Bridge to close again The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) will close westbound Route 40 at the Missouri River (Daniel Boone Bridge) for more repair work on the weekend of Sept. 17-20. The closure will impact all drivers heading from Chesterfield to St. Charles County those weekends, as well as fans heading to the Sept. 18 Missouri home football game against San Diego State. Crews will close westbound Route 40, and all access to St. Charles County from Route 40, at 8 p.m. on Fri., Sept. 17 and will reopen the route by 5 a.m. on Mon., Sept. 20. During the closure, crews will continue to reset bearings, replace expansion joints and repair splice plates on the bridge. Access to St. Charles County using I-70, Route 364, and Route 370 will remain

Castlewood Baptist Church in association with Metro West Fire Department, St. Louis County Police, Adventure Learning Center, McAlister’s Deli and More Than Coffee

Invite you to a family fun picnic in the park Child I.D. Table Canine Unit

Activities include:

D.A.R.E. Unit Free Hot Dogs, Chips and Drinks

At Castlewood Park 1401 Kiefer Creek Road in Ballwin, MO Saturday, September 18 • 10 am - 2 pm

Carnival Games Face Painting

Come for a fun day of lots of free activities and food for the whole family. Any questions call Castlewood Baptist Church at 636-227-3757

open. The detour for the closure is taking I-270 to I-70. For motorists returning to St. Louis, eastbound Route 40 over the Missouri River will remain open. “We understand how important the traditions are for home games at Mizzou,” said Karen Yeomans, West St. Louis County area engineer. “There are a lot of activities in St. Charles County which draw people from St. Louis, including the wineries, bike trails and many other events. People will still be able to do these activities, but knowing about this work will help people determine which routes they need to use to get to them. To help, we’ll minimize construction work on the I-270 and I-70 detour route. We will provide detour information on our overhead message boards.” Travelers can get up-to-the-minute traffic information on interstates or major state routes by dialing 5-1-1 from most cell phones; those who cannot access 5-1-1 from their telephones should call (877) 478-5511.

The Manchester Parks & Recreation Department is looking for volunteers (individuals or groups) of all ages to help beautify local parks and streams. Manchester’s second annual Operation Clean Stream will begin at 9 a.m. on Sat., Oct. 2 (rain date is Sun., Oct. 3) and will focus on an area stream. Lunch will be provided at the conclusion of the clean-up. For more information or to volunteer, call the Manchester Park Office at 3916326, ext. 400. 



A walk in the park

Fraud alert

A 5K Run/Walk in Ellisville will benefit the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, a charity providing scholarships to children of fallen special operations military personnel and financial assistance to families of wounded special operations personnel. The event will be held from 4-6 p.m. on

Town & Country Police are investigating an individual who failed to perform work as promised. According to Town & Country Police Capt. Captain Gary Hoelzer, a family in the Thornhill neighborhood recently notified police that they were victimized by a subject who stated he would perform

Sat., Oct. 9 at Bluebird Park. Following the 5K, there will be a free Kids’ Fun Run for children aged 11 and younger, as well as an award ceremony. To register, stop by the Ellisville Parks Administration Center (225 Kiefer Creek Road), visit or For more information, call 227-7508.

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Going to bat for Circle Of Concern The Ballwin Athletic Association is stepping up to the plate and hosting a community-wide food drive to restock Circle Of Concern’s food pantry. Local businesses, community groups and individuals are asked to bring non-perishable food to the Ballwin Ballpark between the hours of 5:30 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Fri., Sept. 17, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sat., Sept. 18 or from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Sun., Sept. 19. Ballwin Ballpark is located one block south of Manchester Road, off Ballpark Drive, behind Ballwin Olde Town Shopping Center. The number of people fed by Circle Of Concern is tracking 25 percent ahead of last year’s record pace, and many families seeking food are asking for assistance for the first time. “We are meeting many victims of this recession,” Circle Director Glenn Koenen said. “People are still losing jobs or running out of savings. Each day, we meet three, four or more families coming to our pantry for the first time.” Koenen said donations are ahead of 2009, but the demand is not being met, and the pantry is completely out of some items. Products for which Circle has particular need include peanut butter, canned pasta with meat, cereal, canned fruit, spaghetti sauce, and muffin or cake mixes. Circle Of Concern provides every family with a one-week supply of items for nutritious meals. Last year, the Valley Park-based charity shared 1.2 million pounds of food and household items. For more information, call Circle Of Concern at 861-2623.

some work on their house. After receiving a sizable amount of money to purchase materials, the individual never returned to perform the work. The individual presented himself as Don Flotron and identified his business as Go with the Flo. His brochure read: “Cedar Restoration and Painting for roofs, decks, siding and fencing,” police said. Police advised homeowners to use caution when entering into a business relationship with someone that does not provide references and a written agreement on the scope of services and payment.

west county Be prepared “Prepare America,” a citizen preparedness conference, will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Sat., Sept. 25 at West County Assembly of God Church (13431 N. Outer 40 Road in Town & Country). The free, one‐day conference will provide attendees the opportunity to learn how they can prepare themselves, their families, businesses, and places of worship for disasters. Participants will hear from preparedness experts during morning general sessions and afternoon workshops. There will be an exhibitor/vendor expo and an outdoor display of regional first responder

vehicles. To Register, visit and click on “Prepare America.” For questions about the conference or to learn about becoming an exhibitor/vendor, contact Tim Bonno at

ST. LOUIS COUNTY Less crime Crime continues its downward trend in areas patrolled by St. Louis County Police. Index crime statistics comparing the first seven months of 2010 to 2009 in unincorporated St. Louis County, and the municipalities served by St. Louis County Police officers, show an overall reduction of 1.5 percent. Last year was the second lowest reported crime in nearly 30 years. According to St. Louis County Chief of Police Timothy E. Fitch, there are many reasons for the decline in crime. “We have implemented several special enforcement programs that were targeted at high crime areas,” Fitch said. “We have seen significant decreases in areas such as rape, robbery, larceny and motor vehicle theft. The proactive programs and partnerships that the County Police have initiated in our community are reflected through these statistics.”

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Ellisville considers development of Clarkson-Manchester intersection By TED DIXON JR. The city of Ellisville is looking at ways to revitalize the area around Manchester and Clarkson Roads by spurring possible mixed used (retail and office) development for that corridor. The effort ties in with the St. Louis Great Streets Initiative, a plan launched in 2006 by the East-West Gateway Council of Governments to expand the way communities think of their streets. In 2008, Ballwin, Ellisville, Manchester, Wildwood and Winchester, along with the West County Chamber of Commerce, nominated the 5-mile stretch of Manchester Road from Hwy. 141 to Hwy. 109 as a Great Streets demonstration project with the goals of making the corridor more visually appealing, economically vibrant and accessible for all modes of transportation. Ellisville’s planning efforts revealed that poor access to businesses greatly contributed to the declining economic performance of Manchester Road, according to a request for proposal (RFP) recently issued by the city. The proliferation of curb cuts is

confusing, and an access management strategy should be implemented as part of any redevelopment, city officials determined. Ellisville city leaders envision a new town center such as the Fountain Plaza development at Clayton and Clarkson Roads that would encompass all four quadrants at the intersection. The intent is to encourage incremental redevelopment of the area with a distinctive feel that would remain viable even as tenants come and go, according to the RFP. The desired result would foster a real sense of community for Ellisville. Ellisville City Manager Kevin Bookout said the city recently hired a planning firm to help with the process. He said the city has contacted several developers in attempts to lure them to the area. The city is soliciting proposals from those who are interested in constructing retail development at the southwest portion of the Clarkson-Manchester intersection. Ellisville Mayor Matt Pirrello said he has heard tidbits of information surrounding the proposals.

“We’re waiting to see how many developers come back with interest,” Pirrello said. Although no specific proposal for development has been made, Bookout said the city has until the end of this month to accept offers. City officials want proposals to conform to both the Ellisville Comprehensive Plan and Economic Development Strategic Implementation Plan. The city’s overall goal is to encourage a development that integrates with the overall vision of a town center at the intersection. According to the RFP, Ellisville will consider the use of taxing incentives. If tax incentives are requested, the district must include all properties within the area. The area is comprised of 37 parcels located principally along the southern right-of-way of Manchester Road. It encompasses 27.6 acres, excluding the Manchester Road and Kiefer Creek Road right-of-way. The area currently contains nine commercial structures, including the West County Nissan automobile dealership.

The area also includes four small businesses and the 25-building, 100-unit Clarkchester apartment complex. Some buildings are in a state of deterioration. City officials have great concern with the now vacant and deteriorating auto dealerships, and the possibility that the remaining dealership will relocate. The West County Nissan dealership will be moving to a new location on Manchester Road, at the site of the former Plunkett’s Home Furnishings store in Ballwin. “That whole corner will be completely vacant,” Pirrello said. Pirrello said the city knew that West County Nissan’s stay in Ellisville would be 18-24 months when the business moved in. In the meantime, the city is looking for proposals that offer “creativity and quality design and landscaping.” The development plan should emphasize a well-constructed and vehicular environment that includes provisions for quality public spaces such as broad walkways and public amenities. The deadline for submitting proposals to the city is 5 p.m. on Sept. 24.

Good races make good neighbors Ballwin subdivision to hold 36th annual soap box derby By SHEILA FRAYNE RHOADES For residents of a Ballwin neighborhood, one of the most anticipated days of the year is right around the corner. On Sept. 18, the Whispering Oakwood 500 Soap Box Derby will make its 36th running. The event has quite a history. Thirty-six years ago, a group of fathers residing in Ballwin’s Whispering Oakwood Subdivision decided it would be fun to build a couple of soap box derby cars for their kids and then race them down the hill on Camargo Drive. All but a handful of those residents have moved on, but their idea not only stuck – it grew to become the “WO 500” – a huge neighborhood block party and proud tradition. “‘WO 500’ is a wonderful, longstanding tradition in our neighborhood,” said Whispering Oakwood resident Lisa Size. “We have families living here now (whose) parents attended this as children, and they are bringing their own children to it now.” Resident Susan Anderson agreed. “(My husband) and I feel so strongly about the value of this neighborhood tradition and the place it will hold in our kids’ memories of growing up that it is the one day we allow them to skip their other activities,” Anderson said. “We hope that some day we can share it with our grandkids.” Some of the original derby cars have been rebuilt numerous times and passed down from one child to another. Currently, 11 racecars reside permanently in the subdivision.

This year, more than a dozen kids aged 9-12 will take part in the race. “The kids take it seriously, racing really big cars down a ¼-mile, sloping street,” said Michael Rose, who has lived in the subdivision for two years and is helping organize the event. There will be plenty action for neighbors not racing in the derby, too. The event has expanded to include running races, bicycle/Big Wheel races, Frisbee throws, a parade with floats, an art contest, moon bouncer, music, and even a drive-in movie. The “WO 500” King and Queen are chosen (names are picked out of a hat) and ride in the parade in a convertible. Awards are given to every participant in every event. The event is financed and organized by a neighborhood committee of parents. Some of the originators have passed the torch to their sons and sons-in-law to keep the tradition alive. There are fathers who are helping organize this year’s race who were not yet born when the first one took place. Rose said that those who attend the event should have

some connection to the neighborhood. “I want to get the word out to people who used to live here and/or participate in the event that the event still is going strong, and to please come join us,” Rose said, adding that even those who moved from the neighborhood 35 years ago are encouraged to attend. To learn what others are saying about the “WO 500” and view photos from years past, visit the “I grew up in Whispering Oakwood” page on Facebook.

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14897 Clayton Rd. Suite 100 | Chesterfield

Chesterfield Mayor John Nations (left) with JJ Sanchez, executive producer of Fireball Run, and James J. Mill of St. Louis Motorsports.

‘Amazing’ motorsports event coming to Chesterfield Race aims to recover missing children By LISA WATSON On Thurs., Sept. 30, the Fireball Run Adventurally will roll into Chesterfield. The event is a combination of motorsports and “The Amazing Race,” organizers said. During the Fireball Run, teams will travel 3,500 miles in nine days – starting in Henderson, Nev., and finishing in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. “Out of all the years that we’ve done the event, this one is probably going to go down in our own personal history as the most memorable and epic event that we’ve ever had,” said organizer Natalie Zimmerman. “The cities that are on board have really gone above and beyond to welcome the teams and show them the best part of their community.” One purpose of the event is to support the Polly Klaas Foundation with its Race to Recover America’s Missing Children. The Polly Klaas foundation was named after the founder’s daughter, who was taken from her room by an intruder and murdered. Her body was found in December 1993, and now the Foundation works to help find missing children. Each team will distribute flyers that picture a missing child from the team’s hometown. Each vehicle will also bear a decal that pictures the missing child, Zimmerman said. Since the Fireball Run began, the event has assisted in the recovery of 33 children, she said. The Fireball Run will arrive in Chesterfield on Sept. 30, and a public reception will be held from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at St. Louis Motorsports, 1 Arnage Blvd. There will be a band and food, and specialty cars will be out for public viewing, said

Chesterfield Assistant City Administrator for Community Services and Economic Development Libbey Malberg-Tucker. Residents will have the opportunity also to meet the Fireball Run team members and get autographs, Zimmerman said. As for the race participants, they will get the opportunity to see some of Chesterfield’s sights, including the Butterfly House at Faust Park, Kemp Auto Museum and “The Awakening” sculpture, MalbergTucker said. As part of the competition, the participants will have to complete challenges at various Chesterfield locations, which might be as simple as taking a photo or might be more challenging, Zimmerman said. “Some can be interactive, depending what it is,” Zimmerman said. “We have had them navigate to a comedy club and jump up on stage and tell a joke. The number of points they received depended on a judge’s reaction to the joke.” The following morning, Oct. 1, there will be a public send-off from 8:30-9:30 a.m., when Chesterfield Mayor John Nations will wave the flag to start the teams on their trip to the next stop. That event will also be held at St. Louis Motorsports. The teams will drive a variety of rare vehicles, including the Time Car from “Back to the Future,” Lamborghinis and Challengers, Zimmerman said. Notable participants include Lamborghini test driver Valentino Balboni, Klaas Foundation President Marc Klaas, and USAC Racing President Kevin Miller. This is the second time the race is coming through Chesterfield, Zimmerman said. The first was in 2008.




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Wildwood seeks public input on new park By SARAH WILSON In developing a new public park for the community, the city of Wildwood is seeking volunteers to help determine what the park should include. “These parks are generally larger in size and have a greater diversity of facilities,” city of Wildwood Director of Planning and Parks Joe Vujnich said. “The city has yet to determine what facilities they will be. Now we’re going to embark on a major public engagement effort to determine what people want in terms of those efforts. Once we have results of public input, then we’re

Creve Coeur

Funding offered for domestic violence shelters By TED DIXON JR. Anyone who has paid a fine for a moving traffic violation or pleaded guilty on any criminal ordinance violation in Creve Coeur might be pleased to know that some funds for the fines they paid are used to help local shelters for battered persons. Missouri domestic violence shelters throughout September can apply for some of those funds. For the past several years, the city has participated in the Creve Coeur Domestic Violence Domestic Shelter Municipal Court Cost Fund. Authorized under Missouri state law in 1995, the city’s municipal court collects $2 on each moving traffic and criminal violation. Since its inception, more than $185,000 has been distributed by the city to area organizations such as the Salvation Army, the Kathy J. Weinman Shelter, Lydia’s House, Alternatives for Living in Violent Environments (ALIVE), the St. Louis Crisis Nursery, the Women’s Safe House, and the Sonlight Family Center. This year, Creve Coeur City Admistrator Mark Perkins said, the city distributed $18,067 to those organizations. Through Thurs., Sept. 30, area organizations can apply for funding for the upcoming year. Perkins said after review of the application, the city provides money for the shelters. The shelters are not located in Creve Coeur. The ones that do receive assistance are very appreciative of the funding. The application for funding from the Domestic Violence Municipal Court Cost Fund can be found on the city’s Web site,

going to develop a concept plan so we can see what works in the park based on the citizens’ desires.” Vujnich said the city began seeking volunteers to assist with planning in August and will continue looking for volunteers until the Sept. 27 city council meeting. “We’d like to have as many people as possible by then so we can get started,” Vujnich said. “This will be the founding board for testing what the community will see in terms of product. The role for vol-

unteers is to review results of the survey and to be advocates to the community once plans are done as we move forward with its development.” Volunteers will meet roughly three to four times in the next eight months, beginning in October. Interested candidates are encouraged to call Wildwood City Hall at 458-0440 or visit the city’s Web site at to sign up or get information on upcoming meetings. “City officials recognize with every-

one’s busy schedule, we don’t want to take advantage, but we would like to have as much expertise as we can,” Vujnich said. “There is no development yet on the property, but the upcoming public engagement process is really important.” The new park will be located on a 66-acre parcel of land near the intersection of Hwys. 100 and 109. Wildwood councilmembers at the July 26 city council meeting voted to allocate $100,000 to Oates Associates to develop a design for the project.

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Judging the judges Missouri judicial performance evaluations made public By BRIAN MCDOWELL Voters often neglect to learn in much detail about all of the candidates in any given election, and that is especially true regarding judges running for retention. Unlike candidates for other state offices, few potential judges run commercials or grant interviews to explain to voters why they are running or where they stand on the issues. For nearly 75 years, Missouri has used a system known as the NonPartisan Court Plan for its appellate and trial-level judges in major metro areas. The Non-Partisan Court Plan is used for selecting judges of the Supreme Court, Missouri Court of Appeals and trial judges in several areas of the state, including in St. Louis County. Before becoming a state judge, a non-partisan judge is screened by a commission of lawyers, judges and non-lawyers. The commission selects three candidates for each judicial opening and forwards their names to the governor, who chooses one candidate to fill the position. After one year on the bench and again at the end of each term, nonpartisan judges must run in retention elections. Instead of facing other candidates, they run based on their record on the bench. The ballot in a retention election reads, “Shall Judge X be retained?” To retain office, a merit-selected judge in Missouri must receive the approval of at least 50 percent of those casting ballots in his/her retention election. To help Missouri voters determine whether or not any given judge should be retained, the Missouri Judicial Performance Evaluation Committees performed and on Sept. 1 released online an in-depth evaluation of each non-partisan judge who will be standing for retention in the November election. The purpose of the evaluations is to provide Missouri voters with extensive, unbiased information about each judge’s performance. Committees evaluating the judges consisted of lawyers and non-lawyers. Along with their recommendations, the committees released: • A narrative evaluation summary that provides extensive information about each judge’s performance. • Juror evaluations of trial-level judges who presided over jury trials. • A survey of lawyers’ ratings for each judge.

• Written opinions submitted for review. Judge performance evaluations are available on the Missouri Bar’s Web site (mobar. org), on the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis Web site, ( and at, a Missouri Bar Web site that explains the state’s court system. Free copies of the committees’ recommendations also can be ordered by calling The Missouri Bar at (800) 829-4128. Libraries and courthouses will have a limited supply of the recommendations.   “The Missouri Bar urges Missourians to read the evaluations before voting this fall,” Missouri Bar President H.A. (Skip) Walther said in a press release. “There is no better source of unbiased information on whether each judge is rendering fair, efficient and impartial justice.” The Missouri Bar since 1948 has been evaluating judges appointed under the Non-Partisan Court Plan and providing that information. The Missouri Bar currently funds the evaluation process, which was created by a Supreme Court of Missouri rule in 2008.  The Missouri system of evaluation was developed after the Judicial Performance Evaluation Committee studied model rules and best practices from the American Bar Association and more than 20 judicial performance evaluation systems. 



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Putting it Blunt-ly A conversation with Mo. Congressman Roy Blunt By BRIAN MCDOWELL Campaigning to replace the retiring Kit Bond in the U.S. Senate, Congressman Roy Blunt (R-MO) has been to every county in Missouri and is appearing at 650 campaign events. His strategy is the same as it always has been: to listen to voters as much as he talks. Blunt’s busy campaign schedule included a recent lunch at Pujols 5 restaurant at Westport Plaza, where he claimed people are more engaged in the issues than at any time he has ever before seen. “This is a critical time,” Blunt, 60, said. “The question in this race is Mo. Congressman Roy Blunt whether people are bigger than the government or the government is bigger than the people. “My mom and dad were dairy farmers, It is about whether we want to create pri- and my grandparents taught at a one-room vate sector jobs or make the government schoolhouse,” Blunt said. “I was the first grow even more. member of my family to ever graduate “The government control of health care from college and on my own became a won’t work. The voters of Missouri already teacher, an elected official, a university demonstrated they know that. Cap and trade president and now a candidate for Senate. will double our utility bills. There’s going So I don’t think we’re comparable. Carnato be the biggest tax increase in history on han’s brother is on the same subcommittee Jan. 1 of this year. The child tax credit will in Congress that her grandfather served on. be gone, and the marriage penalty will be They have been involved in politics much back. What is happening right now affects longer than we have.” every family in this state.” Blunt started in politics at age 23, when His campaign focus is private sector Kit Bond appointed him to the Board of jobs. Electors for Greene County. From there, “I want to continue having a country he became Missouri’s first Republican where everything is possible, but nothing secretary of state in 52 years. He served as is guaranteed,” Blunt said. “If we lose that, president of Southwest Baptist University, we have lost everything that makes this and in 1996 was elected to Congress. country great. And that is what this elec“I became a leader as soon as I got there, tion is about.” just based on what I had learned as a uniBlunt said the state needs to work hard versity president,” Blunt said. “I found to not throw away any stimulus money, the the two jobs to be quite similar. There are Senate “needs to repeal this health care,” people with highly specialized fields of and that he will work to create economic knowledge who all have different ideas opportunities for Missourians. working together toward a common goal. His opponent is Mo. Secretary of State I’ve always thrived in that type of atmoRobin Carnahan. The election marks the sphere.” first time in history that the father of a Blunt’s duties have included stints on the former state governor has run against the Intelligence Committee overseeing intellichild of a former state governor. Blunt’s gence agencies, he was among the principal son, Matt Blunt, was Missouri’s governor architects of the Combat Meth Act, worked from 2005-2009. on the Charitable Giving Act and Blunt rejected the notion that the race is a confrontation between two of the state’s most powerful families. See ROY BLUNT, page 50



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Bonnie Walbran-Newell (right) gave her mother, Jeanne Breaux, a 100-watt light bulb for her 100th birthday.

Still shining after all these years West County resident Jeanne Breaux turned 100 on Aug. 31 and was surprised by the number of people who turned out to celebrate. “I never knew I was this popular,” the New Orleans native said. “It’s really unbelievable.” Breaux, a resident of St. John’s Mercy Skilled Nursing Center in Creve Coeur, moved to St. Louis several years ago, shortly after Hurricane Katrina. Her house was flooded with 9 feet of water and she could not return home, said her daughter Bonnie Walbran-Newell, who lives in the St. Louis area. “She’s doing wonderfully here,” Walbran-Newell said. Breaux is still alert and able to get around with the help of a walker. The hospital staff collected more than 100 cards for Breaux’s birthday, and a party at the nursing home included a classical pianist, cake and champagne. The night before, Walbran-Newell took her mother out to a birthday dinner and to see the Gateway Arch. “She is the queen,” Walbran-Newell said of her mother. Breaux said her favorite invention of the past 100 years is the indoor toilet, because as a child, she fell into an outdoor toilet. Her grandfather picked her up and threw her into the Gulf of Mexico to clean her off, she said. When asked if she had any advice, Breaux said, “Be happy.”

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Painting commemorates 500th anniversary of the Christmas tree By SHEILA FRAYNE RHOADES The Chesterfield-based National Christmas Tree Association (NCTA), along with Fine Art Ltd. in Chesterfield, coaxed American artist Jesse Barnes, 73, out of retirement to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Christmas tree. On Sept. 4, Barnes visited Fine Art Ltd. to sign and number limited edition prints of his commemorative painting, “The Spirit of Christmas.” “I felt this was a very special occasion, and I loved painting it,” said Barnes, who in 1983 launched his career with his “Night Before Christmas” painting. Barnes, who is known as “The Light Painter,” is famous for his distinctive use of lighting effects and attention to detail. “The Spirit of Christmas” depicts a winter night scene with a lighted outdoor tree in front of a cozy, country home. “We’re so glad that Jesse has returned to this holiday theme,” said Jack Scharr, president of Fine Art Ltd, the official licensee

of the NCTA. “We are proud to help celebrate the story of the most iconic symbol of Christmas – the decorated tree.” A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Barnes’ prints will benefit the Christmas Spirit Foundation, which is based in Chesterfield and is the charitable branch of the NCTA. Pam Helmsing, executive director of the Christmas Spirit Foundation, explained the origin of the Christmas tree. “Most everyone thinks this tradition belongs to Martin Luther, but it really began earlier in Riga, capitol of the Baltic country Latvia,” Helmsing said. “In 1510, men in the Order of the Blackheads (Merchants Guild) decorated a fir tree with paper roses in Riga’s outdoor marketplace. The tree represented the Christ Child, and the roses were a symbol of the Virgin Mary. This is the first written record of a decorated tree.” Prints of Barnes’ “The Spirit of Christmas” are available at Fine Art Ltd., 18350 Chesterfield Airport Road.

West County municipalities consider teaming up for dispatch services By TED DIXON JR. The cities involved recognized that conThe city of Creve Coeur is looking at solidation can provide more comprehencombining its dispatching services with sive, capable, effective and efficient police, the neighboring communities of Frontenac fire and emergency medical dispatching and Town & Country. services. The consolidated dispatch center Creve Coeur City Administrator Mark would eliminate duplication of operations Perkins said the combination of fire and and staffing currently provided by the cities, police dispatch operations would improve according to the proposed resolution. the service and decrease the cost. Perkins In addition, the cities agreed that the said it will save the city $100,000. sharing of resources and costs of public By passing the resolution, Creve Coeur dispatching would improve capabilities in would become a member of the West call taking, processing, dispatching and the County Central Dispatch Center (WCD). response of public safety services.

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Phone: 636.458.9202 Fax: 636.458.1128

Fall Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5:30pm, Sat 8am-4pm, Sun 9am-4pm Our expert staff works with the client to design extraordinary gardens, patios, water features and outdoor living spaces to fit their particular lifestyle. Our experienced installers bring the design and dreams to life.

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Bu llet i n Boa rd Star student search

Perfect ACT score

Students who shine at school have the opportunity to share their outstanding character achievements and perhaps become the Student Star of the Year and win some nice prizes. Conducted by veteran newspaper journalists and educators, Student Stars provides support and encouragement to high school students to strive for their dreams, serve as inspirations and create a brighter world. Student Stars is searching for students who have demonstrated great character in various categories to be considered for Student Star of the Year. Students can register for the program at The category submission deadline is Nov. 15, 2010. Finalists will be notified and have the opportunity to become the Student Star of the Year. The Student Star of the Year will be announced in May 2011, recognized publicly and win the grand prize pack, which includes games, clothing and entertainment coupons.

John Burroughs High School junior Trisha Bhat scored the highest possible score on the ACT college admissions and placement exam. Among test takers in Bhat the high school graduating class of 2009, 638 of nearly 1.5 million students earned a perfect composite score.

Joining forces Action for Autism (AFA) has entered into an affiliation agreement with Howard Park Center in Ellisville. Brad Buechler, president of AFA, will serve as the president of the new, combined organization. “The affiliation between AFA and Howard Park Center begins our journey of establishing five educational and therapy facilities to be located on the future AFA Academy to serve children on the autism spectrum and with other neurological disorders,” Buechler said.

469-1019 • Hours: 10-5 Mon-Sat •

Moog Fellow

History grant awarded

Lubov Ezerskiy, of Chesterfield, has received a Florence Moog Fellowship in biological sciences and chemistry at Washington University in St. Louis. Ezerskiy, one of only three Moog Fellows this year, is a freshman at Washington University. The fellowship is awarded to incoming students in the College of Arts & Sciences who plan to pursue undergraduate majors in biochemistry and molecular biology, biology or chemistry.

The U.S. Department of Education’s Teaching American History grants program awarded Parkway, Rockwood, Valley Park, and Union school districts a $735,017 history grant. The goal of the grant is for fifth-grade, eighth-grade, and high school American history teachers to develop a deeper knowledge of the Charters of Freedom (Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, and Bill of Rights) and how they influenced and were influenced by American presidents throughout pivotal periods in American history. The school districts are partnering with the Center for the Constitution, Bill of Rights Institute, Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum, Organization of American Historians, and historians from Washington University, Saint Louis University and Webster University in offering four-year professional development opportunities. The expected outcome for the project is for teachers with American history content knowledge and instructional strategies to transfer the knowledge to their students. Approximately 45 elementary teachers, 35 high school teachers and 30 middle school teachers will participate in grant-related professional development this year.

Danforth scholar Olivia Cosentino, of Ballwin, has been named a Danforth Scholar at Washington University in St. Louis. Cosentino, one of 21 Danforth Cosentino Scholars this year, is a freshman at Washington University. The Danforth Scholars program recognizes incoming students who embrace high ideals and whose life choices are guided by personal integrity, selflessness, a commitment to community and a dedication to leadership and academic excellence. The program offers full- and partial-tuition scholarships renewable for four years.

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Hours: Monday thru Friday 9am to 6pm, Saturday 10am to 4pm

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26 I schoolS I 


Snow Cone Social

Saturday, October 2nd • 2 - 5 pm

Grand Opening!

ing! Now Enroll ks ee Ages 6 w to 5 years Brilliant Beginnings Academy Bringing your Home to Ours 930 Kehrs Mill Rd, Suite 220 Ballwin, MO 63011 (Kehrs Mill and Clayton) At the Barn at Lucerne

636-552-4199 Hours are Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Open year-round!


Parkway superintendent search firm selected By DIANE PLATTNER Parkway School District officials have selected a firm to lead the search for the district’s next superintendent. The Parkway Board of Education recently announced their selection of School Exec Connect, Inc. to conduct the search for a superintendent to replace Bob Malito, who retired last June. Don Senti currently is serving as interim superintendent of Parkway. District officials said the Chicago-based School Exec Connect firm will receive $13,900 plus expenses for the duration of the new superintendent search. The school board sent request for proposals to eight independent search firms in St. Louis and nationwide. After an extensive review process, district officials selected three of the firms as finalists, Parkway School Board President Bruce Major said. “We received several excellent proposals from search firms, but School Exec Connect’s modest cost combined with their superior track record and personalized approach was clearly the best fit and value for Parkway,” Major said. “They combine an exceptionally strong nationwide network with an ability to provide the level of focus and attention our superintendent

search deserves.” District officials said additional factors that distinguished School Exec Connect from other firms included the its record of success with similar school districts and a clear understanding of Parkway’s mission and unique needs. Parkway officials said they like the value School Exec Connect places on community input in the search process. “School Exec Connect is one of the Midwest’s leading superintendent search firms,” Major noted. “The board is very

enthusiastic about their ability to help us find the best candidate for Parkway.” The school board and consultants are establishing the process, scope and timeline of the search. They plan to seek input from parents, staff and other community members as they develop a leadership profile outlining the characteristics, skills and attributes that the Parkway community desires in its next superintendent. Once approved by the school board, the leadership profile will be used to identify and evaluate potential candidates.

Back-to-school picnic Gateway Academy on Sat., Aug. 28 kicked off the new academic year with a family picnic that featured games, contests and music. More than 200 students, families and alumni attended the event. A hula-hoop contest, bubble-fest, cakewalk, barbecue, raffles and line dancing all were part of the festivities. “We had a great day,” Gateway Academy Principal and Executive Director Denise Cress said. “We were happy to welcome our new families and reunite with our returning families.”

86th ANNUAL CHICKEN DINNER & BOUTIQUE Saturday, September 25th • 2 p.m. until 7 p.m.

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High school girls’ golf Lafayette came in second in the Summit Invitational at Crescent Farms with a team score of 354. Ursuline won with 348. Other team scores were St. Joseph’s Academy 355, Nerinx Hall 368, Visitation St. Joseph’s 382, Summit 383, Academy senior Howell 385, Cor Jesu Gina Della Camera. 387, Eureka 393, Marquette 419, Parkway West 422, Holt 460, Farmington 462, and Francis Howell Central 494. St. Joseph’s senior Gina Della Camera was the medalist with a 77. Her teammate, Rachel Thompson, tied for third with an 82. Marquette’s Anne Govern shot an 84. Lafayette’s Kelly Lamarche shot an 85, as did Parkway West’s Emily Goldenstein. Lafayette’s Ashton Goldammer and Claire Norfleet each shot an 87. Lafayette Coach Gaylen Laster said going into the tournament, he did not really know what to expect.

“I knew the returning girls worked hard in the off-season to improve their game,” Laster said. “Kelly Lamarche, Ashton Goldammer, Maddie Vanhouse and Claire Norfleet are returning players who were instrumental in our run to the Missouri 2A state tournament last season. “We will be working to improve our focus on each shot. Hopefully, we will improve as the season goes along. It is especially important since a new format begins this season with sectional play determining who will qualify for the state tournament this year.” Della Camera said she wanted to post a good score to help St. Joe’s finish as high as possible, and overall, it was a good tournament for the Angels. “I really want to help our younger players this year so that we are at our best at the end of the year and also to help them for next year,” Della Camera said. “It was good to have some newer players get some tournament experience, and our coaches and older players will work to help everyone get better throughout the year.” She has plans to be playing at state again. “When I was a freshman, I told my coach that I wanted to work to get into the last

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group at state,” Della Camera said. “I did that last year, so my goal for this year is to help the team on and off the course so that we can be at our best at state. We are a team, and that’s how I’d like to measure our success this year. … I know we’ll be more prepared for each tournament as the season goes forward.”

High school boys’ cross country The Parkway West boys’ cross country team won the Parkway Quad to get the season off to a fast start. “One of our team goals is to win the Parkway Quad each year, so this was a good win,” Coach Cliff Shepherd said. “It is only a big win in the sense that it is our first meet of the year, and it gives us an opportunity to see how much progress we have made since last year.” Parkway West won with 29 points. Parkway Central was second with 39, while Parkway South was third with 58 and Parkway North fourth with 106. The Longhorns’ Nick Ingle, who finished 29th at state last year, took first place in the race held at Parkway Central in 18 minutes, just beating Parkway Central junior Eric Sivill, who was second also at 18 minutes. Parkway Central senior Andrew O’Campo was third in 18:03 with senior Stephen Andrew of Parkway South fourth in 18:08. Other Parkway West finishes were Steven Shearman, fifth in 18:06; Chris Carter, sixth in 18:28; Andrew Reilly, eighth in

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18:35; Kevin Koboldt, ninth in 18:44; Nick Bonner, 12th in 19:16; and Alex Poppen, 18th in 19:48. Parkway West lost two from last year’s varsity squad in Jake Lamke and Kevin Schrik. “It always hurts to lose the team’s No. 1 and No. 5 runners,” said Shepherd, who added he has his largest team in several years with 45 members. They have put in the work to prepare for the season. “We have a lot of kids (seven) that have put in over 500 miles from June 1 to Labor Day weekend,” Shepherd said. “That has not happened in a long time. They seemed to be excited about wanting to have a good season.” In addition to the varsity, the Longhorns’ JV and the freshman squads also won. The JV took eight of the first 10 places, and the freshmen edged Parkway South in a very close race. This marked the fourth straight year that Parkway West has won all three of the boys’ divisions. Westminster finished third in the 11-team small schools division of the First Capitol Invitational held at McNair Park in St. Charles but claimed the overall winner in senior Daniel Everett, who finished in 16:26.67. His brother, David, finished fifth. Festus won with 66 points, followed by Ladue with 75 and Westminster with 77. Westminster’s Danny Keith came in 10th.




Hole in one Sophomore Shelby Kehr entered the golf season for the Westminster Christian Academy Wildcats on high note. During a practice round, she recorded the program’s first hole in one. Kehr stepped up to the tee box on the 163-yard eighth hole on the Colt course at Crescent Farms and took her swing. Her ball took flight into the overcast sky and landed near the front of the green where it proceeded to bounce onto the green. It then rolled about 20 feet, hit the flag stick and fell into the hole. Half the Wildcat team witnessed the flight and roll. Kehr said she just “wanted it to go straight,” but it went in the hole for something magical – a hole in one. “I threw my club down and started jumping around,” Kehr said. “My coach said he had goose bumps.” The ball is a keepsake, now on a shelf in Kehr’s room. Coach Steve Bradley was happy to see it. “I’ve been coaching golf since 1997 and have seen several holes in one by other schools. That’s why Shelby’s was so nice,” Bradley said. “I watched it, and it was one to remember.” Bradley said Kehr is “a tremendous athlete, and she has one of the nicest swings on our team.” Kehr led the JV team last year and is playing varsity this year in the fifth or sixth slot.

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In the 16-team large school division, Lafayette came in seventh with 184 points. The Lancers’ Kurtis Harshman finished fourth overall, and teammate Derek Legenzoff was 16th.

High school girls’ cross country Parkway West won the Parkway Quad by slipping past the Parkway Central Colts 31-34. Parkway South finished third with 67 points. Parkway North did not have a team score. The Longhorns’ Laura Michel, a senior who was 49th in the state meet last year, won with a time of 21:46. Her Parkway West teammates – twin sisters Molly Parato and Maggie Parato – finished fourth and fifth with times of 22:42 and 23:42, respectively. Parkway Central’s Taylor Burke came in second with a time of 22:34, and Claire Roberts was third in 22:49. “It is always good to win the first meet of the year,” Parkway West Coach Charlie Cutelli said. “It is a smaller meet, which I think takes a lot of pressure off the athletes to perform. If the traveling trophy is correct, the Parkway West girls have won the Quad for the past five years, which is exciting.” Cutelli said the Parkway Central course

is a difficult one to run. “It was also very muggy out and had rained the night before and the morning of, so parts of the course were muddy,” Cutelli said. “I told the girls not to worry as much about times and to focus on packing as many of our West girls in the top 10.” That’s because it is Cutelli’s belief that the cross country season is a marathon, not a sprint. “We will really focus on building up as the season progresses,” Cutelli said. “To the girls, I stress that I want them all healthy in October. I look at conference as a big meet for the majority of the team, and districts is huge for varsity. They understand that taking a day off if they are hurt now or missing a meet like the Quad so that they don’t injure themselves is better than not being able to race at the end of the year.” Winning the opening meet gives Cutelli a good feeling about what lies ahead. “I am excited about the season ahead of us,” Cutelli said. “A core group of our seniors put in the mileage over the summer, and we are hoping it pays off. Laura Michel is definitely our front-runner, and I feel like she has a very solid pack of runners behind her, which will hopefully propel us out of districts this year. We also have a lot of younger runners that are looking strong in practice and could definitely push some of our older runners to be their best.”

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Prep football: Week 4 By WARREN MAYES Horace Greeley once advised people to head west, and Parkway North will do just that by taking a trip to Wentzville to face the Timberland Wolves. The game kicks off at 7 p.m. Thursday. With the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur coming on Friday at sunset, Parkway North moved the game to Thursday evening. Parkway Central and Parkway West did the same and will be playing also on Thursday. It will be the first time the two schools have met. Parkway North Coach Bob Bunton said with the districts changing every two years, you have openings on the schedule to fill. This year, the Vikings arranged to play the Wolves. “It kind of happens by luck,” Bunton said. “We try and match open dates, and I think it’s a great match for both of us. Coach (Craig) Collins has a great program out there.” Collins has eight returning starters back from last year’s 9-2 team. Timberland opened the season with two victories. Sophomore quarterback Ryan Bainbridge directs Timberland’s offense. Senior fullback Halleen Rayford is the workhorse.

Senior Nik Jehle and junior Clayton Raspberry are the halfbacks. “He’s got some big kids.The running back (Rayford) is a horse,” Bunton said. “We saw him on tape last year when we thought we might match up with them in the quarterfinals.” By playing on Thursday, Parkway North will practice Sunday to get ready. Usually, just the coaching staff comes in on a Sunday, but the early game changes that. “It won’t make much difference to us,” Bunton said. “We just have to get ready. We have to continue to not turn the ball over. That hurt us in our loss to SLUH. We’ve just got to keep getting better.” The long bus ride will not bother the Vikings. “They’ve got a great facility there,” Bunton said. “We’ve scouted them before. Our former basketball coach at North (Winston Rodgers) is their principal there. He’s a good guy and a good friend. The older you get, the more you enjoy playing people you respect and get along with. “I think this a great match-up. I know it’s a nice change up for us. We’ve played other GAC (Gateway Athletic Conference) teams before. Timberland is a fresh face.


Come By treeland and See Why!

operation “MuST SELL”

It’s nice to play a fresh face from time to time.” Here are the other two Thursday night games: Parkway Central at University City, 7 p.m. Seckman at Parkway West, 7 p.m. Here are the Friday night games: CBC at SLUH, 7 p.m. DeSmet at Vianney, 7 p.m. Metro East Lutheran at Kennedy, 7 p.m. McCluer North at Lafayette, 7 p.m. Marquette at Northwest, 7 p.m. Westminster at Borgia, 7 p.m. Here are the Saturday afternoon games: Lutheran South at Principia, 1 p.m. Priory at Lutheran North, 1 p.m.

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Creve Coeur 12291 Olive Blvd. 63141 314-434-8446 South County

By WARREN MAYES Do not expect Parkway North defensive tackle Jacob Stone to break out into song when he tackles the opposing quarterback – but he could. Stone, a 6-foot-4, 255-pound senior is a captain for the Vikings and an all-conference player. He is a 4.0 student who had the lead in the Parkway North school musical “Sweeney Todd” last winter. “He’s an ideal student athlete,” Parkway North Coach Bob Bunton said. “He’s well respected by the faculty, staff and student body. He’s everything you’d want in a student. He’s a great ambassador for Parkway North.” After his freshman year, Stone chose not to play football. He got into theater his sophomore year. “I participated in the spring play that year,” Stone said. “I got a little role in ‘Crimes of the Heart,’ which was a straight play.” The school holds musicals every other year. Last year, it was time for a musical. “They gave us the songs we needed to learn to sing, and I decided to audition and signed up,” Stone said. “I made callbacks and learned another song. I wasn’t expected to get the lead role, and when I did, I was ecstatic. It was awesome. “I love to do it – perform in front of people. Singing and acting, it was a great experience.” The musical was a hit. “Everybody loved it,” Stone said. “We had a sold-out night every night for four nights. I had people come up after saying

they loved it so much they came back to see it. My dad (Chris) just went to one show and he asked me for more tickets to come again.” Where did he get his singing voice? “My dad has got a pretty booming voice, but he’s never gotten into the whole acting thing,” Stone said. “He’s got a deep, resonant voice. My grandpa was a singer. My mom (Stacey) doesn’t know where I got it from. “I love to sing. I’m in jazz groups here at school, the all men’s a cappella group. I qualified for all-state singing last year. I got a superior I at all-district.” Asked which is better – being on stage or the football field – Stone said, “It’s a different feeling for both. Nothing beats Friday nights, that’s for sure. Both have a different kind of anxiety about them. During the musical, you don’t want to mess up and forget lyrics or words. On the football field, you want to do your job correctly every play. You want to make the big plays. You don’t want to get injured. It’s a totally different mindset.” There was no football in his sophomore year. “There were multiple reasons I didn’t play,” Stone said. “It was a little bit of a hard time for me. I didn’t feel burned out, but I was so busy and my mind was on a lot of different things. I didn’t want to play if my heart wasn’t in it. When you’re heart’s not in it, you don’t have the motivation to

See PARKWAY NORTH, page 34



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for those using low dose inhaled steroids as treatment  for those using low dose inhaled steroids as treatment  The  Clinical Center Research  Center  conducting is  currently  conducting  a  for The Clinical Research is currently a research study research  study  for  asthmatics  who  have  trouble  The  Clinical  Research  Center  their is  currently  conducting  a  asthmatics who have trouble controlling symptoms with low dose controlling study  their  for  symptoms  with  who  low  dose  inhaled  research  asthmatics  have  trouble  inhaled steroids steroids  controlling  their  symptoms  with  low  dose  inhaled   

Participants must: steroids Participants must:    

• Be 12 years of age or older;  Participants must:  • Be 12 years of age or older;  

Have a diagnosis of asthma; and  Be 12 years of age or older;  •• Have a diagnosis of asthma; and  no smoking history (less than 10 years)  • Be a non-smoker, or a current/former smoker with little to so smoking •• Be a non‐smoker, or a current/former smoker with little to  Qualified study participants may receive study related  no smoking history (less than 10 years)  history (less than 10 years) exams at no cost, and compensation for time and travel is  provided to those who qualify.  QualifiedQualified study participants may receive study related  study participants may receive study related exams at no cost, ••

• Have a• diagnosis of asthma; and Be a non‐smoker, or a current/former smoker with little to   




exams at no cost, and compensation for time and travel is   

Please call  The Clinical Research Center  and compensation for time and travel is providedat  to314.514.8509  those who qualify. provided to those who qualify.    

for more information about this research study for asthma. 

Please call The Clinical Research Center at 314.514.8509 for more Please call  The Clinical Research Center  at 314.514.8509    for more information about this research study for asthma.  information about this research study for asthma.  

1040 North Mason Road, Suite 112  St. Louis, Missouri 63141  Phone:  314.514.8509  1040 North Mason Road, Suite 112  Email:  St. Louis, Missouri 63141  Web:  Phone:  314.514.8509  Email:  Web: 

                              The     Clinical  Research  Center  is  located on the campus of Barnes     Jewish West County Hospital and     is The  run Clinical  by  Dr.  Phillip  Korenblat  &  is  The  Clinical  Research  Research  Center  Center  is  Dr. Jeffrey Tillinghast.   located on the campus of Barnes  located on the campus of Barnes  Jewish West County Hospital and  Jewish West County Hospital and  is  is  run  run  by  by  Dr.  Dr.  Phillip  Phillip  Korenblat  Korenblat  &  &  Dr. Jeffrey Tillinghast.   Dr. Jeffrey Tillinghast.  

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NEWSMAGAZINENETWORK.COM PARKWAY NORTH, from page 32 do it. “I’m the kind of person who does not do things halfway. I want to do it to the best of my ability. That year, I didn’t feel like I would have been able to do that.” But busy as he was with his other activities, Stone discovered that he missed football. “That sophomore year was rough,” he said. “I would want to go see a game and I couldn’t go see a game. I missed it so much. I went to one Friday night game that year.” That started the fire back in him. “I just knew I had to get back into it,” Stone said. “It’s one of my biggest passions in life. Last year, my heart was definitely in it. I started off with the JV and worked hard to earn my varsity spot and keep it.” Bunton agreed. “He’s a very conscientious kid,” Bunton said. “He’s very mature beyond his years, to be honest. He’s hard on himself. He’s an enjoyable kid.” Stone’s main job with the Vikings is to stop the run. He is quick enough to get after the quarterback and drop him if he has the chance. “I think Jacob’s biggest characteristic is his passion,” Bunton said. “He’s a very emotional kid on the field. He’s not that way in the hallways or in school. He’s one of the nicest kids in school. On the field, he’s very emotional. He’s a real leader for us. He leads by example.” Stone agreed with that assessment. “I’m pretty quiet during school,” he said. “I don’t really say much, and that causes a lot of people call me a gentle giant. They see me as a nice, outgoing guy. On the football field, you have to turn it up a notch. That’s what I love about being on the field – being aggressive and getting after it.”


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The Vikings lost their first game this season to Saint Louis University High. “He calls me the Sunday after that first loss on Friday night,” Bunton said. “He was asking me how to be a better captain for the team. I’ve had a couple of kids do in that in my 29 years of coaching. It’s rare. That makes you smile when it happens. I just told him that No. 1, be yourself. You don’t need to try and be a captain. It doesn’t have a definition. The kids voted you for the position, and that’s your respect faction. Always be positive. No kid wants to be told or coached by another kid. And Jacob knows that.” Stone said he looks forward to opponents running the ball his way. He likes to chase down the quarterback like a lion does a gazelle. “I love getting sacks and bull rushing through the offensive line and hitting the quarterback,” Stone said. “I got to rely on the other guys and trust the guys next to me. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be able to do anything. I love to cause disruption.” Stone started last year’s season at 215 pounds. He worked hard in the off-season and gained weight. “I wanted to be more successful on the line,” Stone said. “I needed a bigger body.” Stone said he wants to play college football, and schools are showing interest. He went to a camp at Illinois State and Eastern Illinois and is interested also in Murray State and Eastern Kentucky. He will not be majoring in music or theater. “I’ve found I enjoy broadcast journalism,” Stone said. “I like speaking in front of people. I’ve found a new interest in broadcasting. That’s something I’ll look into.”

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*Subject to availability. The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) represents the interest earned through each eligible call date based on simple interest calculations, an investment price of 100, and is accurate as of August 31, 2010. The minimum balance required to open a CD and obtain the APY is $10,000. No interest penalty for selling your CDs before maturity at their market value. The price you receive on a sale prior to maturity depends on prevailing interests rates and may be more or less than you paid. Interest payouts are mandatory, and interest cannot remain on deposit. However, the CD is redeemable at par upon death of holder.

For Complete Details, Call:






Jeffrey S. Patterson, Investment Portfolio Manager Patterson Wealth Management LLC 400 Chesterfield Center, Ste. 400 • Chesterfield, MO 63017 636-537-7839 • 866-405-9596 Securities Offered through Delta Equity Securities Corporation - Member FINRA, SIPC

E E FR sion e s leas i m ets p d A op


Adm FREE no pe issi ts p on lea se


Saturday, Sept. 25 Sunday, Sept. 26 Wildwood Town Center

Dear BBQ Enthusiasts, It is with great pride and exuberance that we invite you to the city of Wildwood and St. Louis’ largest BBQ competition and festival. The St. Louis Home Fires BBQ Bash in Wildwood will be held Sept. 25 and 26. This year’s event will far surpass previous expectations. Enrollment for the competition is larger than last year, and we have added several new aspects, including a Mechanical Bull, Wildwood Pub and Grill Virtual Golf booth, Swings, Inflatables, additional booths and several off-site parking options. More than 100 teams will compete for cash and trophies in categories that include: Pork, Brisket, Ribs, Chicken, Chili, Dessert, Pork Steak and Chef’s Choice. The St. Louis Home Fires BBQ Bash in Wildwood will also include a Highway 61 Roadhouse Chicken Wing Contest, Iron Chef Competition,

People’s Choice, Metro West Fire Kids Que, Antique Car Show and the Dean Team Subaru - Chef vs. Wildwood. Also, Three French Hens will award the Best Booth category with a $500 cash prize, and West Newsmagazine and Electro Savings will be sponsor-

ing a coloring contest to benefit our troops. Please join in on this terrific family weekend by hopping on a shuttle bus, walking through Wildwood Farmers’ Market, and continuing up and down the aisles of hundreds of professional and backyard chefs, tasting various styles and flavors of the Great American Tradition. Live music will fill the air, along with sweet smoke from hundreds of smokers and grills. So take time to visit Wildwood Town Center and experience the finest that St. Louis BBQ has to offer. Thanks, Wildwood. Thanks, contestants. Frank Schmer President St. Louis Home Fires, St. Louis BBQ Society Tim Woerther Mayor of Wildwood

West Newsmagazine

Laclede Gas • Three French Hens • Electro Savings • Nationwide Insurance PNC Bank • Schnucks • Missouri Pork Association • Mari de Villa • Shelter Insurance Roadhouse 61 • Crown Trophy • Wildwood Pub & Grill • Army National Guard





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16309 Westwoods Business Park Dr. (Off Old State Rd. • Just South of Manchester)

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Feature is optional and subject to terms, conditions and availability. Safe Driving Bonus won’t applyafter an accident. Patent pending. Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company: Northbrook, IL. © 2009 Allstate Insurance Company

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The BBQ Bash turnout is expected to be at an all-time high. Limited on-site parking will be available, so guests are encouraged to take advantage of free parking in one of the off-site lots available and taking the free shuttle service to the Bash. Guests are strongly advised not to park in front of businesses. Parking in residential or commercial areas is prohibited and violators will be ticketed or towed. “We’re doing the same thing as last year, but I think we have better bands, a better parking plan, and better people involved this year that are helping run it,” Event Shuttle parking hours: 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. on Saturday 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Sunday Shuttle locations: • L i v i n g Wo r d C h u r c h , 1 7 3 1 5 Manchester Road – Saturday only • Pond Elementary, 17200 Manchester Road. • Wildwood Middle School, 17401 Manchester Road, Sunday only. • S t. Louis Community College –

Coordinator Frank Schmer said. “Overall, I think we’ve taken a little more organized approach this year. We really didn’t expect the big crowd that we got last year. Now that we know, people have helped us pull it together and give it maybe some of the discipline that it needs.” Wildwood, 2645 Generations Drive • Schnucks, 16580 Manchester Road Every shuttle bus will pick up and drop off guests at each off-site parking location, so guests will not have to worry which bus to ride. Guests will be dropped off directly at the event. Designated handicapped parking is available at Wildwood City Hall, 183 Plaza Drive. One handicap-accessible bus will be available as well.

Color and vote to support our troops Kids can color and win a prize for their hard work, and BBQ Bash guests can vote for their favorite coloring page and support a good cause. West Newsmagazine and Electro Savings Credit Union are hosting a Kids’ Coloring Contest for the Bash. The contest consists of three age categories: 5 and under, 6-9 and 10-12. Winners receive a $100 savings bond and a $100 gift card to Unique Toy & Game. How to enter and win: • Clip and color page 12 of West Newsmagazine’s Sept. 1 issue, or visit for additional coloring sheets.

• Include the contestant’s full name and age. • Drop off coloring page at one of the following West County Electro Savings Credit Union locations before 4:30 p.m. on Mon., Sept. 20: -16500 Manchester Road in Wildwood -407 Lafayette Center in Manchester -1805 Craigshire Drive in Maryland Heights • Each contestant will receive a $5 gift certificate to Unique Toy & Game. • Coloring pages will be displayed on Sat., Sept. 25 at the Electro Savings Credit See COLOR & VOTE, page 42




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You Have a Choice,

Some BBQ Bash participants take a lot of pride in the appearance of their booths, as illustrated in this photo from a past event.

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Best Booth competition Barbecue is not the only thing that will create competition at the BBQ Bash. The Best Booth competition will bring out the creativity in everyone as participants from each booth compete to make their booth the most visually appealing. Jeanie Hood said she is excited to be judging the Best Booth competition. As owner of Three French Hens, a one-of-akind antiques and interior design store in Wildwood, she has a flawless knack for decorating and design and knows exactly what to look for during the judging. Specific criteria for determining which

The fastest one wins At 11:30 a.m. on Sat. Sept. 25, 10 teams will participate in the Dean Team Subaru Chef vs. City of Wildwood Challenge scavenger hunt by completing mystery tasks at 10 different businesses in Wildwood Town Center.

booth is the best include: most creative, best use of space, best theme, and best decorated. “This was just a great opportunity for us to get involved with the BBQ Bash,” Hood said. “We just thought it would be a nice marriage, with us having a home furnishings store, and it’s giving the barbecue competitors a way to have fun and earn some money. I’m excited to see what themes and what kind of creativity will be used this year.” The winner of the competition will be awarded a $500 prize. “I can’t tell which teams are competing because that’s part of the mystery, and the tasks are part of the surprise,” Frank Schmer, event coordinator for the Bash, said. “Whoever makes it back to the Dean Team Subaru booth the quickest is our first Dean Team Subaru champion.”

Activities for the kiddies

Stop by our booth near the main stage at the BBQ Bash. 16500 Manchester Rd., Wildwood, MO 63040 (636) 405-1888 407 Lafayette Center, Manchester, MO 63011 (636) 227-1134 1805 Craigshire Dr., Maryland Heights, MO 63146 (314) 434-6470

and West Newsmagazine also are hosting a coloring contest to benefit our troops. The Bash is a family event, and kids Other kids’ events take place throughout are encouraged to attend. There will be a the weekend and include: three bounce special Kids’ Que with activities designed houses, four bungee jump stations, a swing specifically for children. From 12 p.m. to 3 for the little ones, a gyro, a mechanical p.m. on Saturday, children will be allowed bull, and a golf simulator (for adults, too). to barbecue hot dogs with the help of fire- From 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. on Sunday, children fighters from the Metro West Fire Protec- can take pictures with and pet a visiting tion District. The grill is specially designed Clydesdale. for children. Electro Savings Credit Union

Stop By Heels


15% Off Your Entire Fall Purchase During the BBQ Bash!

1 Offer ends 09/30/10 and is available only on new money vehicle loans to Electro Savings. Rebate paid six months from loan closing date when the loan remains open and in good standing. Maximum rebate amount is $500. All borrowers subject to credit qualifications and membership eligibility requirements. 2 Offer ends 09/30/10 and is available to existing or new members opening new Electro Savings checking accounts. Not available to existing members with existing checking accounts. Gift card is awarded to active accounts in good standing within 90 days with verification of a minimum $100 payroll direct deposit or other on-going regular direct deposit and six signature-based debit card transactions. All account applicants subject to qualifications and membership eligibility requirements. Reward subject to 1099 reporting.

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I bbq bash I 39

Proud to Be Part of Our

Community for Over 140 Years!


14960 Manchester Road • Ballwin 108 North Central • Eureka 636-227-5511 636-938-3000 www.schr




I bbq bash I 41



2010 Schedule Wildwood Town Center Plaza

Presented by West Newsmagazine

Sponsored by The Army National Guard, Budweiser, The City of Wildwood, Crown Trophy, Dean Team Subaru, Electro Savings and Credit Union, Highway 61 Roadhouse, Laclede Gas, Mari De Villa Retirement Center, Metro West Fire Department, Missouri Pork Association, Nationwide Insurance, PNC Bank, Shelter Insurance, St. Louis Homes Fires, Three French Hens, and Wildwood Pub & Grill

Invest in yourself. Choose STLCC-Wildwood. 636-422-2000

Andre D’Aquila International Business STLCC-Wildwood

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Midwest Music Conservatory 15977 Clayton Rd (1 Block West of Clarkson) • Ellisville • 636.527.5558 17702 Chesterfield Airport Road • Chesterfield • 636.536.2889

Sat., Sept. 25 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 p.m. 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. 10 a.m. – 11 p.m. 11 a.m. 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. 11:30 a.m. 11:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. 12 p.m. – 3 p.m. 1:30 p.m. 3:30 p.m. 4 – 7:30 p.m. 4:30 p.m. 4:30 p.m. 8 – 9 p.m. 9 p.m.

Shuttle runs to/from St. Louis Community CollegeWildwood, Pond Elementary, Living Word Church, and Schnucks Farmers’ Market BBQ Bash opens to public - Kids’ activities open Opening ceremonies - Presentation of the Colors by Metro West Fire - National Anthem - God Bless America - Prayer - Official welcome by Mayor Tim Woerther and Frank Schmer - Wildwood Dance and Performance Studio performance Antique Car Show Dean Team Subaru vs. City of Wildwood Lenny Frisch Trio (Main Stage) Metro West Fire Protection District Kids’ Que PNC Bank Iron Chef Competition - Six teams each prepare a dish from a mystery basket and compete for a trophy. PNC Bank Iron Chef Competition award presentation Gumbohead (Main Stage) Antique Car Show trophies presentation Wildwood Dance and Studio performance Bull Riding Contest Highway 61 Roadhouse Chicken Wing Eating Contest - (Main Stage)

SHUTTLE SERVICE LOCATIONS Living Word Church (Saturday only) – (17315 Manchester Road 63038) Wildwood Middle School (Sunday only) - (17401 Manchester Road 63038) Pond Elementary (17200 Manchester Road 63040) Schnucks (16580 Manchester Road 63040) St. Louis Community College – Wildwood (2645 Generations Drive 63040)

Happy 15th Anniversary to the city of Wildwood



You can. For about $2,000* per year – less than the cost of putting gas in your vehicle over the next 12 months – you can get a high quality college education at STLCC-Wildwood for A LOT less than at other colleges and universities in the area.

Shuttle runs to/from St. Louis Community College- Wildwood, Pond Elementary and Schnucks Farmers’ Market BBQ Bash opens to public -Kids’ activities open Missouri Pork Association People’s Choice Competition Nonstop (Main Stage) Kids’ Clydesdale Awards ceremony Quick word from St. Louis BBQ Society representative


A Huge Selection Of:

• Rubs • Sauces • Charcoal • Smoking Woods • Cookbooks • BBQ Tools • and Much More!

Sun., Sept. 26 9:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. 12 p.m. – 2 p.m. 3 p.m.

kets es s a B Gift rtificat t Ce ! & Gif vailable A

Free admission • No pets, please West Newsmagazine would like to thank Terri Gaston for her assistance in compiling information for this section.

"West County's Barbeque & Fireplace Headquarters"


Other Smokers & Grills Starting at $299

15053 Manchester Rd. • Ballwin (In front of Target)

(636) 256-6564




‘Louisiana Lucifer’ spices up inaugural chicken wing contest

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Same-Day Appointments Available! Samson Liu, DDS, MAGD General Dentist

2751 Fountain Place, Suite 1 Wildwood, MO 63040 Located at the corner of 109 & 100, inside Wildwood Town Center and in front of the Wildwood Hotel

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This office is a General Dentistry Practice. Cosmetic dentistry and tooth whitening are specialty areas not recognized by the ADA that require no specific educational training to advertise these services. The following dentists in this practice are not licensed in Missouri as specialists in the advertised dental specialties of Oral Surgery, Prosthodontics, Endodontics, Periodontics, or Orthodontics: Samson Liu, DDS, MAGD

A Proud Member of the Heartland Dental Care Family


To watch teams of three devour 61 smoked chicken wings in as little time as possible is enough reason to make an appearance at 9 p.m. on Sat., Sept. 25 on the main stage at this year’s BBQ Bash. Highway 61 Roadhouse and Kitchen is holding a contest to see what team can finish all 61 chicken wings the fastest. It might not be so bad, except half of the wings will include the restaurant’s brand new hot sauce, the “Louisiana Lucifer.” “They have just the right amount of heat, not too hot but sweet at the same time,” Bill Kunz, owner of Highway 61 Roadhouse and Kitchen, said. “It’s a secret ancient recipe that is brand new. You don’t think it’s hot, and then bang – ‘Lucifer’ hits you.” The other half of the wings will be the restaurant’s famous, smoked wings. This year will be the first for Highway 61’s chicken wing-eating contest, and the restaurant is excited to watch the turnout. First place winners will get four tickets to a Blues or Rams game and a $100 gift certificate to Highway 61 Roadhouse, “so they can have chicken wings before they go to the game,” Kunz said.

Steve “The Bambino” and “Big Carla” with Highway 61 Roadhouse and Kitchen’s smoked wings.

Highway 61 Roadhouse and Kitchen is still looking for teams to take part in the contest. Overall, they are expecting 10 teams to participate. Guests can enter the contest by calling the restaurant at (314) 968-0061. “I’m expecting a lot of new customers for our great smoked chicken wings and a lot of full bellies,” Kunz said. “It should be good.”

COLOR & VOTE, from page 36 Union booth near the main stage. Depending on the number of contestants, entries will be limited to 20 entries per age category if necessary. • Winners will be determined by the number of tickets (one ticket equals one vote) collected in containers located with each contestant’s displayed coloring page. • Tickets can be purchased for $1 in advance at the Electro Savings Credit Union in Wildwood or at the Electro Savings Credit Union booth on Sat., Sept. 25. • Voting will close at 6 p.m. on Sat., Sept. 25.

• Newsmagazine Network and Electro Savings Credit Union employees and their family members may participate but are not eligible for prizes. • One winner in each age category will be announced on Sun., Sept. 26 during the awards ceremony on the main stage. One-hundred percent of ticket purchases will be donated to Homes For Our Troops, a national non-profit that provides injured troops and their families with a new home or adapts an existing home for handicapped accessibility.

#1 Cajun Creole

#1 Appetizer Selection #1 Brunch • #1 Mac ‘N Cheese #3 Most Creative Appetizers #4 Potato Skins • #4 Bread Pudding • #5 BBQ *2010 RFT Reader’s Poll

Live music Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays 34 S. Old Orchard Webster Groves 314.968.0061

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Schnarr’s Hardware

Fahr Greenhouses Family Owned for 60 Years

Fall is for Planting

"Beware of our MONSTER MUMS"

Genesis EP-320




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Understated elegance with power to spare. Three stainless steel burners, electronic Crossover® ignition system and your choice of five stunning colors: black, steel gray, brick red, green and copper. What’s not to love.

18944 St. Albans Rd. (Hwy. T) • Wildwood, MO • 636-458-3991

Hours: Monday - Saturday: 8 am to 5 pm • Sunday: Noon to 5 pm

Directions: Take Highway 100 (Manchester Rd.) 5 miles west of Ellisville, then north 1 mile on St. Albans Rd. (Highway T)

9800 Clayton Rd. St. Louis, MO 63124 Phone: 314-993-0910

Hours: Monday - Friday 8-6, Sat: 8:30-6, Sunday 11am - 4pm. Call for Information

f A H R g R E E N H O U S E . c O M


Dine-In • Carry Out • Catering

Dine-In • Carry Out • Catering



The best pulled pork sandwich in the metro area...

Sauce Magazine July 2010.

Peoples Choice

2009 BBQ Bash

Best Chicken



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103 Chesterfield Towne Centre • Chesterfield, MO 63005

103 Long Chesterfi eldnext Towne Centre Road and Edison, to Wildhorse Grill Chesterfi eld, for MO 63005 Call ahead pickup Long Road and Edison, next to Wildhorse Grill

636.536.1966 636.536.1966

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New Location

2450 Taylor Road • Wildwood (In the Dierberg’s Wildwood Towne Center)

Monday-Saturday: 10am-7pm • Sunday: 12pm-5pm


Visit Our O’Fallon Store - Pocketful of Toys 9987 Winghaven Blvd. • O’Fallon • 636-561-3222 PMB0710GS02




Save Money & Energy 189 Two services

This fall save money and energy with a precision pre-season furnace tune-up $ and a green sticker inspection. Call today, only:



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636-458-4100 17301 Manchester Rd. • Wildwood


Nonstop’s name says it all

Cool Custard. Serving all your favorite frozen custard treats, plus smoothies, cakes & pies! Catering too!

Eugene’s Proudly Serves Kaldi’s

1138 Town & Country Crossing Dr. • Town & Country, MO 63017 (636) 227-7300 •

Make your roof look like NEW again - for LESS!

Our SoftWash Roof Cleaning will save you THOUSANDS! Additional Services: • House Washing • Driveways • Gutter Cleaning • Sidewalks • Patios & more! Residential & Commercial Proudly Serving the Bi-State Area

314-480-6277 • Ballwin

PROFESSIONAL LAWN SPRINKLER SYSTEMS • Design • Installation • Service • Maintenance • Renovations • Low Voltage Lighting

(636) 458-2664 We Service All Sprinkler Systems!

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16834 Manchester Rd. Grover Call Us Today



ADDItIonS & UpGRADES to ExIStInG SyStEmS ExpIRES SEptEmbER 30th, 2010

#1 State Certified Backflow Tester


By SARAH WILSON Nonstop founders Michael Zpevak, rhythm/lead guitarist, and Scott Rismiller, trombonist, dreamed of forming a 10-piece classic rock band that could literally perform any classic rock song ever recorded. Their dream came true. The band’s name describes the group perfectly – Nonstop has the ability to play all night long without any break between songs. Their record, so far, is performing 13 full songs in a row, but that number has the potential to grow.

“There’s not a classic rock song we can’t do, partly because of the talent, but also because of our configuration,” Zpevak said. “That’s why we use horns – real horns, not synthetic horns – both male and female lead singers, and two lead guitarists instead of one.” At the BBQ Bash, Nonstop will perform a 15-song tribute to commemorate the city of Wildwood’s 15th anniversary. The concert will consist of music the band calls “show music.” Nonstop performs live from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sun., Sept. 26.



BBQ Bash to name ‘Iron Chef’ Based on the Food Network’s hit television cooking game show, “Iron Chef,” an American adaptation of the Japanese sensation, the BBQ Bash will be throwing its own Iron Chef competition on Sat., Sept. 25. The event is sponsored by PNC Bank. Contestants already have been selected at random. At the start of the game, a mystery basket containing secret ingredients will be delivered to each contestant. Teams will have two hours to “battle” against once another to create the perfect dish, which will later be served to six VIP judges. Judges will base their criteria on the plate’s presentation, tenderness of the meat, how unique the barbecue sauce is,

its level of tanginess, and its overall taste. Alton Brown, host of the real “Iron Chef,” will not be in attendance, but among the judges are local media personalities Frank Cusumano and McGraw Milhaven. In the past couple of years, Cusumano has become an avid restaurant critic. His family’s restaurant, Kemoll’s, has enhanced his knowledge of food and increased his standards for quality. “After sports, religion and my family, food is the most important thing in my life, “ Cusumano said. “I’m not going to pass up the chance to taste the best barbecue in the world.”

You be the judge For the People’s Choice Competition, there are no trained judges, and guests get the opportunity to determine the best of the Bash. Twenty randomly selected teams will have two pork butts delivered to their booth at 2 p.m. on Saturday. Teams will have until 9 a.m. on Sunday to get creative and prepare the best possible dish. The Missouri Pork Association is donating the meat.

Guests are encouraged to come with a full appetite and to try each recipe. Tickets will be available to purchase for each booth, and guests will be allowed to visit the different booths to sample each team’s prepared dish and then vote for their favorite. Boxes representing each of the teams will be located by the stage for guests to cast their vote for favorite dish.

Has been around since 1925. And now we’re Just around the corner

Happy Computers

Great Studying

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Kim Lanham Agent Nationwide Insurance & Financial Services

636-779-5976 New Location 15005 Manchester Road Ballwin, MO 63011

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14366 Manchester Rd Manchester, MO 63011 (636) 256-7901

Auto Life & Health Home Renters Business


Coolsculpting • Noninvasive Technique

by Zeltiq

• Melt Away Approximately 25% body Fat

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• Targets Abdomen & Love Handle Area

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• For Men & Women

Wildwood Dermatology 636-458-8400 16516 Manchester Road Wildwood, MO 63040

Dr. Anne Riordan

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Wildwood 636.458.6636 West County 636.532.3100

©2006 Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Affiliated Companies, Nationwide Life Insurance Company. Home office: Columbus, Ohio 43215-2220. Nationwide, the Nationwide Framemark and On Your Side are federally registered service marks if Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. Not available in all sates.




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Huge Selection of new Nissans!

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‘Make Your Mark’ mural project postponed By SHEILA FRAYNE RHOADES Due to construction timing on the floodwall, the Chesterfield Arts’ “Make Your Mark” community mural painting project originally scheduled to take place on Oct. 9 has been postponed. The project now life is slated to occur Shelter makes insurance sometime in the spring of 2011, most a walk in the park likely in late April/early May or in early June, Chesterfield Arts Executive Director Stacey Morse said. “Weather is always a factor with any outdoor project, so we will determine an event rain date as well,” Morse said. The city of Chesterfield recently approved funding for a 600-foot long mural on the new floodwall near the intersection of Edison Blvd. and Baxter Road in Chesterfield. A team of 58 West County students entering grades 8-12 since July has been planning and designing the

mural, which the public will be invited to paint. While the delay of the painting project is a disappointment, Morse said that the student team realizes that the new timeframe has opened up some positive opportunities in terms of marketing, fund development and community engagement. “We will be using the next five weeks to finalize the mural design, and continue with our planning for marketing, event planning and fundraising from now through spring,” Morse said. Revised plans call for continuation of the project in two phases. This fall, students will complete the mural design and do some additional planning for the spring painting project. Next spring, students will prep the wall, work on the design layout, and the “Make Your Mark” event will take place, Morse said.

1st 4 Oil Changes are FREE! Complimentary Car Washes & Loaner Cars! Tires are Buy 3, Get 1 FREE! FREE MO State Inspection!

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Students have been working since July designing a 600-foot outdoor mural in Chesterfield.










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Corner of Manchester & Clarkson Roads 15908 Manchester Road Ellisville, MO 63011

Our Reputation is Our Guarantee Kitchens • Baths • Finished Basements • Room Additions • Custom Carpentry

Shelter makes life insurance a walk in the park Selecting the right life insurance coverage isn’t always Your Shelter agentisn’t can Selecting the right life easy. insurance coverage you find that work always easy. Your Shelterhelp agent canoptions help you find for From you. From policies to to options that work for you. termterm polocies whole life, find out how we can whole life, find out how we can help with your life help with your life insurance insurnace needs. Call, click or come seeoruscome to find needs. Call, click see our how our sheld can help us toprotect find ouryou! how our shield can help protect you! Steve Downs 142 Enchanted Pkwy # 101 Manchester, MO 636-391-9111 For your free quote Shelter Life Insurance Company Columbia, Missouri 1-800-SHELTER


local news, sports & weather

From the Simple... ...To the Most Extravagant

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Residential & Commercial

Three Rooms only $99 Add’l rooms only $29 Expires 10/15/10

STANDARD SOFA only $99 LOVESEAT only $79 CHAIR only $59 No suede or haitian cotton. Expires 10/15/10

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Stay Independent A room is an area up to 225 sq. ft., hallway up to 20 ft, 12 steps, combo rooms count as 2. Minimum service call $99.

St. Louis Showroom

8100 Watson Road • St. Louis, MO 63119 (314) 849-4882 or 1-800-BATHTUB Visit our website at

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Becky Rekart (left) Sharon Rockwell (center) and Ginni Hartke (right) assist a youngster on Cisco, the pony.

Equine assisted therapy volunteers needed By Diane Plattner Riding a horse may seem like all fun and games, but it also provides vital therapy to participants of a successful area program that is in need of more volunteers. Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT) is a non-profit organization that provides horse-riding therapy to participants with mental and physical disabilities. Physical benefits, organizers said, include improved respiration, circulation, balance, body metabolism, muscle strength and agility, and psychosocial benefits are improved self-esteem, self-image and interpersonal skills. While on a horse, participants are able to leave the bonds of their disabilities, thereby setting them free, organizers and volunteers say. “The determination and courage these children and adults have to make it through everyday life absolutely humbles me,” Cheryl Barnett said. “Then to see those beautiful smiles of joy over riding a horse makes my day. You cannot have a bad day when you have volunteered with Equine Therapy. It makes you count your blessings and really focus on how precious life is.” The program was founded by Program Director Ginni Hartke, who about 10 years ago saw a therapeutic riding program on Animal Planet that explained the benefits of riding a horse. As a registered nurse and longtime horse enthusiast, Hartke wanted to share with children struggling with disabilities the joy of riding a horse. She began the work of starting a program, which was incorporated in October 2003. Now in its seventh year, the EAT program has about 275 students and has expanded from its two locations in Robertsville and Town & Country to a third in Wildwood. While the program lists about 300 trained volunteers, about 80 volunteers actually carry the weekly load, EAT

President Gary Hartke said. He said they need a maximum of three volunteers per rider – one to lead the horse and two sidewalkers to lend support to the rider. “You may think you need to know something about horses but you don’t,” Gary Hartke said. “We have designed our training to give you some hands-on knowledge about horses. But some of our volunteers just want to help the children, and others only want to lead and work with the horse.” Individuals aged 14 and older can be trained to help the riders in the program. The training includes volunteer expectations as well as tacking and grooming a horse. “This is a great way for our younger people to get their community service hours for school,” he said. “We have had several young men and women from area high schools lend their support to keep things running.” EAT volunteers said they love helping with the program for various reasons. “It’s hot, tiring, and sometimes muddy, but at the end of my shift, I feel energized by the children’s smiles,” Bob Manges, a retired elementary school principal, said. “The reward of watching children learn and grow both physically and mentally is extraordinary.” Volunteer Vicki Vogt finds satisfaction also. “I was looking for a volunteer program with kids,” Vogt said. “I was so excited to find one with kids and horses – it makes me feel complete. One cannot help but form an attachment to riders. I look forward to each week to see their progress, not only in riding but with their disabilities. It makes us feel that we have made a difference in a world that needs some attention.” For more information, visit



Your Medical Insurance might cover all fees!

 I 49

If your fitness motivation sometimes gets lost, find your nearest Curves. At Curves, you’ll always find a trainer to keep you motivated. And our 30 minute circuit combines strength-training and cardio for the perfect workout.

LIMITED TIME OFFER! JOIN NOW FOR $30 30 days, just $30! No obligation to try! New members only. Expires 10/31/10.

Centrally located for Chesterfield, Ellisville and Wildwood Clarkson/Clayton Center • 317 Ozark Trail • Behind Chevy’s & Dierberg’s Celebrating 9 years • Same Owner • Same Location


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ROY BLUNT, from page 20

was involved in passing key legislation on taxes and energy policy. He is a big proponent of the border fence south of San Diego. “There should be one (fence) along the whole border,” Blunt said, “but this one in California was incomplete because these environmentalists were concerned about this rare desert shrub. Of course, this plant was getting beat to death with all of the people stepping on it to illegally get into the country. I don’t support amnesty or a path to citizenship for people that broke the law. They need to get back in line behind all the people in their countries of origin who are doing the right thing to come to America legally.” He supports the Arizona immigration law but said it is unfortunate that the state has to take that step. “Requiring immigrants to carry papers is a federal law,” Blunt said, “and the federal government should enforce their own laws.” Blunt’s decision in 2008 to back Bush’s TARP plan has drawn criticism from the Carnahan campaign, which has taken to calling him “Bailout Roy Blunt.” “The bailout I voted for was a short term investment in the economy that has been




NEWSMAGAZINENETWORK.COM paid back,” Blunt said. “When she criticizes me, she counts on people not understanding this. In Santa Fe, N.M., she was asked how she would have voted on the same bailout I voted for, and she said that it was a necessary step. Of course, when she’s actually in this state, she gives a whole different answer. I’ve always said the same thing about this. The government invested in financial institutions to ensure that they could give credit and loans to businesses, and that money has been paid back. Two bad things happened around the bailout. One was that the media widely reported that we were simply handing these banks money, which wasn’t true. We were investing. The second was that Obama compared it to the kind of deficit spending that he has engaged in, but it wasn’t. What I voted for created stability in a rough economy, and it made the taxpayers money.” His opponent has pointed also to campaign donations Blunt received from oil companies as a sign he is not in touch with Americans. “I think people donate to my campaign based on the kind of principles I have and the way that they think I’m going to vote,” Blunt said. “I influence their choice to donate to me, not the other way around. … To say that oil companies are funding my campaign is a misrepresentation. The money might come from employees of a








particular company, but it’s not the company itself.” Blunt cited a speech Obama gave in Kansas City, urging support for Carnahan because she would support his economic agenda. “He raised $500,000 from Missouri Democrats for her campaign with what he said, so I think it’s fair for us to point out that he said it,” Blunt explained. “That is why we’ll put that in commercials. She is for his agenda and I am not.” Blunt said the President’s agenda has been dangerous. “He has minimized threats from our real enemies,” Blunt said. “Like the Christmas bomber, who had to be tackled by regular civilians on an airplane. (U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security) Janet Napolitano claimed that as an example of the system working. The system let that guy on the plane. It had nothing to do with what happened. Then this Times Square bomber – they came out and immediately said that he worked alone. Well, it came out later that he had corresponded with and received training from Al-Qaeda. This administration has hurt us with our allies and also hurt us financially with a stimulus package and a health care bill, neither of which we can afford.” Despite his objections to Obama, Blunt has struggled to win the support of the Tea






Party movement, some of whom voted for his opponent Chuck Purgason in the recent Republican primaries. “The Tea Party has some strong benefits,” Blunt said. “They have put the focus of the media on government spending. I have led the fight in Congress to cut mandatory government spending programs by $40 million, so I know how embarrassed people are that the government spends the money that it does without thinking. But, you know, whenever I have voted to reduce government spending in one area or another, no one has called my office and thanked me. That’s not something we get letters about.” Blunt feels privileged to be in the position to replace one of his biggest mentors over the years. “I am pleased to have (Bond’s) help. I have enjoyed working with him on making this a better state,” Blunt said. Blunt said he hopes he and Carnahan will engage in at least one debate before the election. He refused to predict specific gains Republicans might make this year in Congress, only saying, “I think the Republicans will make gains sufficient enough to stop this country’s dramatic move to the left. On election day, we all have the opportunity to get this country back to where it needs to be, and, in that, Missouri has some of the loudest votes in the country.”


sq. ft.





starting at

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Ask about Military & First Responders Discounts

Because Nobody Beats Becky’s! WEST COUNTY 14230 Manchester Road 636-207-8800 ST. PETERS 4525 Veterans Memorial Pkwy. 636-477-8844

• •

SOUTH COUNTY 10697 Baptist Church Road 314-849-3366 FAIRVIEW HGTS/O’FALLON 1851 W. Highway 50 618-624-2004

Mon-Fri 9am-9pm • Sat 9am-6pm • Sun 11am-5pm

COLLINSVILLE 6401 Collinsville Road 618-271-3340 HAZELWOOD 7301 Lindbergh Blvd. 314-838-7100




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FAREED ZAKARIA Editor of Newsweek International & Host of CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS


Tues., Oct. 5, 2010

ELIZABETH GILBERT New York Times Bestselling Author of Committed and Eat, Pray, Love

Not a CD. Not a Money Market. It’s a checking account.

Tues., Nov. 9, 2010

BEN CARSON Celebrated Pediatric Neurosurgeon

Proudly Announcing the 2010 - 2011 Season...

Tues., Nov. 30, 2010

PEGGY NOONAN Columnist, Bestselling Author & Former Presidential Speechwriter

Join us for seven evenings of diverse opinions, profound insights and fascinating discussion.

Thurs., Jan. 27, 2011


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14231 Manchester Rd• Manchester • 636-227-4545

west-news-may.indd 1

8/25/2010 12:31:56 PM

Tues., Mar. 22, 2011

(314) 533-7888 EAN ROVE., AVpSr.. 21D, 2011



A1 Locksmith is The Key to Your Security.

KFormer ARL ROVE Bush Advisor

& Deputy Chief of Staff


Former Vermont Governor & DNC Chairman

Here is what our subscribers have to say... “This Series is incredible! It’s like an elite continuing education course where the ‘guest lecturers,’ season after season, are some of the best and brightest minds of our time.” Laura Kulhanjian

“What a surprise it has been to find that the speakers my wife and I were least looking forward to, have been the ones we have enjoyed the most. Now we understand why it is sold as a series.”

Keypad Entry Lock-outs Exit Alarms ReKey Locks Repair & Service DVR & Cameras Proximity Cards Replace Lost Keys Master Key Systems Deadbolt Installation Safes - Opened & Repaired Customized Access Control Systems

Jeff Broadhurst

“I appreciate hearing unedited thoughts directly from the speaker.The personal experience, particularly the Q&A portion of the evening, gives me a better sense of the real person.” Charlene Bry

“I enjoy hearing the unusual and unique points of view. Even when I don’t agree I still learn something.Thanks for keeping the Series varied in its content.” Tara Hartke



52 I manage your money I 



Member SIPC

“Partnership with Integrity”

Huntleigh Securities Corporation 15400 S. Outer Forty, Suite 201 • Chesterfield, MO 63017 314.236.8841 •

Since 1977, Huntleigh Securities has served the St. Louis area offering advice through its financial professionals. In 2003, Huntleigh Securities expanded to its Chesterfield office and has been serving west St. Louis county ever since. With more than 100 years of combined experience in the financial industry, each of Huntleigh’s investment professionals offers a unique, independent approach to investing with a broad range of products, including a specialized managed platform (Huntleigh Advisors Inc.); insurance products, including annuities, life insurance and long term care options; and various individual offerings that can be tailored to clients’ individual investment needs. David S. Emshoff joined Huntleigh Securities in 2007 and has been in the financial services industry for 20 years. He brings an expertise in overall industry knowledge, including private pensions, insurance, stocks, bonds and mutual funds. He has been named a 5-Star Best in Client Satisfaction Wealth Manager by Crescendo Business Services, as published in St. Louis Magazine for 2008-2010. Michael B. McClellan joined Huntleigh Securities in 1999 after three years with Manulife Financial. While at Manulife, he received extensive training in annuities and life insurance. As an independent advisor, he is able to tailor his product offerings to his individual client needs, ensuring a customized financial plan for people from all stages of life. Thomas H. April has been an investment partner with St. Louis families for over 35 years. His strength is a unique ability to analyze client needs and implement investment plans for clients with all levels of investment sophistication. Huntleigh Securities’ Chesterfield office has been his home since 2004. Thomas E. Gummersbach has spent 40 years actively engaged in the financial services industry, in both investment consulting and management. He specializes in retirement planning during both the accumulation and distribution phases of a client’s financial plan. He has been named a 5-Star Best in Client Satisfaction Wealth Manager by Crescendo Business Services, as published in St. Louis Magazine for 2008-2010. The choice of a partner to plan for the future is an important decision. Huntleigh Securities has been locally owned for more than 33 years, serving the financial needs of the St. Louis community. For a portfolio review or to meet with one or more financial advisors, contact Huntleigh Securities’ Chesterfield office. You may schedule a meeting during regular business hours, evenings, and/or weekends by appointment.

DosterUllom, llc New Location 16090 Swingley Ridge Road, Suite 620 • Chesterfield 636.532.0042 •

From the second half of 2009 to the present, DosterUllom has experienced growth in a difficult economy, according to Managing Members, Mike Doster and Jess Ullom. Activity in the core practice areas of business, real estate, estate planning, commercial law and dispute resolution (including arbitration, mediation, trial and appellate practice) has increased measurably. “We have added attorneys, moved and taken on more space in anticipation of continued growth,” Doster said. The firm is now located in the Roosevelt Building at the intersection of Hwy. 40 and Clarkson Road in Chesterfield Village. “Our clients, attorneys and staff have reacted favorably to our new quarters, and I love the views from the highest point in West County,” Ullom said. The growth in the Estate Planning area reflects clients’ increased concerns regarding asset protection and wealth management. “We generally work with clients in a team that includes their other financial and investment advisers,” Doster said.



I manage your money I 53


17998 Chesterfield Airport Rd., Suite 204 Chesterfield • 636.530.1400

Attorneys at Law

Helping to meet all your real estate and business legal needs.

201 S. Fifth Street St. Charles • 636.949.2424

A big part of managing your money is managing your real estate investments. This includes your home as well as your business properties. You have probably heard that your home is one of your most important investments. This is true, and it is also true that if you are concerned about a possible legal issue, it is better to see an attorney earlier than later. Having knowledge about your legal rights in your particular situation only helps you make timely, informed, and prudent decisions when it comes to protecting your real estate investments. With a strong family tradition of excellence in the St. Louis real estate industry, Federer & Federer, P.C. gives clients the benefit of real estate and business attorneys with over 140 years of combined legal experience. Federer & Federer, P.C. assists a broad range of clients, including homeowners, investors, and small businesses, with their legal needs in the areas of real estate law and litigation, construction law and litigation, and business law and litigation. The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements.

M&I Bank 3095 Clarkson Road Ellisville 636.527.1560 • On July 1, Southwest Bank branches unveiled the M&I Bank name and logo. Although the name of the bank has changed, the commitment to their customers remains constant. As a customer, you are placed in the hands of a highly skilled financial professional backed by the resources (L to R) Kelli Kimack, VP, Branch Manager; Erin Emmons, Personal Banker; John of a strong institution capable of meeting all of your financial needs – for your business, your family or both. Lancia, Mortgage Banker; Karla Johnson, Everything that M&I Bank has to offer is tailored to meet your unique needs. Business services include Personal Banker; Nabil Cabbabe, VP, Business Manager term loans, cash management, lines of credit, retirement plans and consulting services. Personal banking service includes cash management, convenience services, lending, financial planning, investments and insurance. M&I Bank has had a strong tradition of trust for more than 160 years. With the transition complete, M&I Bank promises that their customers will not see any change in the level of service their customers have come to expect. The bank’s experienced professionals will work hard to give you the freedom to pursue your vision, whatever it may be.

199 Clarkson Road • Ellisville 35 Marshall Road • Valley Park 636.230.3500 For more than 90 years, Meramec Valley Bank has been serving the local community, providing that personal touch that most large banks do not offer. Meramec Valley Bank supports the community by participating in community activities and contributing to educational and health related organizations. We also support local businesses by frequently referring one customer to another. Services offered at Meramec Valley Bank range from deposit accounts to loans for both consumers and businesses. For customer convenience, both online banking and electronic bill pay are available, plus electronic statements to help the environment. Locally owned Meramec Valley Bank exists to provide financial services to local residents and businesses. In operation since 1918, Meramec Valley Bank has kept up with modern banking services, but the old-fashioned commitment to long-term banking relationships has never changed. Please stop by for our annual Customer Appreciation Week October 12-15. Visit our website for more details.

54 I  



Maplewood Bedding

We Only Make Two Sided Mattresses

Custom Antique Sizes • Latex • Inner Spring • Memory Foam • RV-Marine Best Two Sided Double Pillow Top Queen Set 3110 Sutton • Maplewood 63143 • Family Owned & Operated

Bu si ness

New location


Ladue Road in Chesterfield, has added on to its building to create space for its Music Together® and New Special Needs programs.




Karla R. Johnson has joined the Ellisville branch of M&I Marshall and Ilsley Bank as a personal banker II and RDIC member. • • • Dr. Kelly Ott, an OB/GYN, has joined Women’s Care Specialists and has offices at St. Luke’s Hospital in Chesterfield and in St. Peters. • • • Vickie Fontaine, Geryl Baer and Zolie Prior have joined Jewish Family & Children’s Service as specialists for the Child Abuse Protection Program (CAPP).

PLACES Inc. magazine has ranked Creve Coeurheadquartered USA Mortgage/DAS Acquisition No. 1,461 on its annual “Inc. 5000,” a ranking of the nation’s fastestgrowing private companies. • • • Milder Musical Arts, located at 14288

Manchester-based Fish Window Cleaning at the recent Fish Window Cleaning franchisee convention received the Top Sales Award for adding more than 500 new accounts in 2009. • • • Wine Spectator magazine has recognized The Melting Pot restaurants in Town & Country and University City with its Award of Excellence.

Pam Dyson, child development expert and parenting coach, has moved to a new office in the Wildwood Plaza Professional Building, 485 Wildwood Parkway, Suite 1 (near the intersection of Clayton and Baxter Roads). Dyson specializes in providing solutions to parenting and child behavior issues.

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The West County Chamber of Commerce holds a general membership meeting from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Wed., Sept. 22 at Forest Hills Country Club. Admission is $21 for members and $25 for guests. To register, call 230-9900 or visit • • • The Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce holds Business Over Breakfast at 7:30 a.m. on Tues., Sept. 28 at Doubletree Hotel and Conference Center. A workshop on gaining publicity for a business is featured. Admission is $15 for members and $25 for

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non-members. To register, call 532-3399 or visit • • • The Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce holds Business After Hours at 5 p.m. on Thurs., Sept. 30 at Fine Art Ltd. (18350 Chesterfield Airport Road). Admission is free for members and $15 for non-members. To register, call 532-3399 or visit by Sept. 28. • • • The West County Chamber of Commerce holds a First Friday Coffee Club from 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. on Fri., Oct. 1 at Eagle Bank (14231 Manchester Road in Manchester). Call 230-9900 or visit • • • The West County Chamber of Commerce 2010 Business Expo is from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Thurs., Oct. 14 at Life Time Fitness (3058 Clarkson Road in Ellisville). A variety of West County businesses showcase their products and services. Call 2309900 or visit

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56 I cover story I 



West Newsmagazine celebrates 15 years of service to our community

Entering our 15th year, one thing is certain...

We’ve got issues

“We’ve got issues” is a quip that occasionally is heard around the offices of West Newsmagazine. As the paper embarks on its 15th year of publication, a look back at the 400-plus stories that were run on our covers revealed that over the years, the West County community has had its fair share of issues, too. Here is a look at some of our most memorable – and in some cases most controversial – cover stories. Nov. 6, 1996 “The Maturation of a City” Wildwood city officials had proposed a Town Center concept designed to organize and regulate a small-town, local community development in the heart of Wildwood. More than a few residents were outraged, particularly those who owned residential properties in the area designated for development. In their zeal to preserve their neighborhoods’ green space and pastoral character, opponents of the plan took their fight to City Hall. Jan. 22, 1997 “TAG You’re It” The story that (arguably) inspired the most controversy in the paper’s history documented the effects of Rockwood School District’s TAG (Talented and Gifted) program on students not labeled talented or gifted. “Twenty-four hours after it was published, I was in the office of the Rockwood superintendent, getting an earful,” Publisher Doug Huber said. “Lots of people were really upset about it, but it was a good story.” April 2, 1997 “Is Recycling a Bad Bargain?” Curbside recycling had caught on in the Midwest, and some West County municipalities had begun providing and charging for it whether residents wanted it or not. Advocates of curbside recycling called it an investment in the future; opponents claimed it cost municipalities too much money, and due to transportation and energy costs, was more damaging than beneficial to the environment. Jan. 14, 1998 “Producing More Guilt” In late 1997, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) issued a recommendation that women should breast-feed their babies for a full year or longer, a practice which many working women found extremely burdensome, if not impossible. The National Organization for Women (NOW) urged businesses to allow women to pump breast milk at regular intervals during the workday. A prominent West County pediatrician stated the AAP was “out of touch with reality on modern motherhood” and that the recommendation was “just another way for American mothers to feel inadequate.” Oct. 20, 1999 “Protecting Our Future” In the wake of high-profile incidents of school violence across the country, including the Columbine shootings in Littleton, Colo., parents for the first time in history feared for their children’s safety at school. West Newsmagazine, to inform the community about local efforts to prevent a similar tragedy in West County, presented a special issue on the prevention of violence in schools. March 22, 2000 “An Exhausting New Program?” The Gateway Clean Air Program was about to get underway, changing the way automobile emissions tests were conducted in the St. Louis metropolitan area. New

I cover story I 57

SEPTEMBER 15, 2010Amant West Restore Ad (7-09) greener WEST NEWSMAGAZINE


Reflections from the publisher By BRIAN MCDOWELL West Newsmagazine’s publisher tries to make it a standard rule not to talk on record to the press. He gets annoyed when a photograph of him is slipped into an issue of the publication he started in 1996. He is more comfortable doing his work in anonymity. Not surprisingly, he tried to brush off the initial request for an interview for this issue by saying, “I deserve very little credit for this whole thing. It should go to the people that put their heart and soul into this throughout the years. We have a great staff. There are four people in the office- Vicky Czapla, Joe and Erica Ritter, and of course, my wife, Sharon- that have been here since day one. It’s people like that who deserve credit.” Nonetheless, as West Newsmagazine begins its 15th year of publication, there is no one better qualified than Doug Huber to discuss how the paper and the area it covers has changed over the years. Huber likes to say that he grew up on the “mean streets of Chesterfield.” He has lived in the area since the early 1960s and remembers when it was farmland. During his childhood, Olive was a two-lane road, and the closest gas station to Chesterfield was at the intersection of Olive and Ballas. Huber graduated from Parkway Central High School in 1970. He attended Saint Louis University, then spent 25 years in radio, running a local station and owning and operating the Broadcast Center. “I really started West out of a need for something else to do,” Huber said. “We used to have this community paper delivered to our home called The West Countian. I would look at this paper and read most of it. I thought they had a good idea, and I realized I could put together a group of professionals and probably compete with them.” Huber said the road to success was decidedly bumpy. “My original goal was to survive the first year,” he said. “Two issues into it, I just hoped we’d make it to the next issue. It took a few years to start breaking even. But I kept it going, because I knew that we could become the paper of record in West County, and we have.” Huber remembers his mother

Grief recovery Support Group

Special weekly seminar and support group for people who are grieving the death of someone close to them

Sessions Starting! coming into his office when the paper first was getting started and saying, “I always knew that you would end up running a paper. You’ve had an opinion on everything your entire life.” Huber thinks one of the keys to West’s success is the success of the community it serves. “Now that people have moved even further west, the center of the St. Louis area really moved west,” Huber said. “It is a terrific marketplace for something like this because there are a lot of hard-working and successful homeowners – the kinds of people that are the best America has to offer. West County is a success story all around.” Huber said the paper attracts the best local advertisers because just like West has had to compete with the PostDispatch and the Suburban Journals, local businesses have had to compete with places like Wal-Mart and Home Depot. “We have that common bond,” Huber said. Huber is just now realizing the impact of his paper on West County. “People know who we are now, and we are a voice in the community,” he said. “We have provided a tremendous amount of information that has helped people in their lives, and this community has provided us with a tremendous amount of support.” The 15th anniversary has Huber thinking about the future of the publication. “Doing this, I’ve seen good times and bad times, but I do think there are better times ahead,” he said. “That doesn’t mean we don’t have challenges, but people will always be interested in news about their communities and schools, and West will still be around to do that.” Despite running a successful venture for 15 years, Huber realizes his paper is only as good as its next issue.

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NEWSMAGAZINENETWORK.COM emissions testing stations were part of a law requiring St. Louis to implement a plan to meet Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) federal clean air standards. Some believed the new procedure would prevent Missouri from losing federal transportation funds; others argued that it was “exhausting and unnecessary.” Aug. 23, 2000 “Keeping Up Appearances” Even before the recent economic recession, there were “house poor” families in West County. Volunteers and social workers provided West Newsmagazine readers a glimpse of what was going on behind closed doors at homes in some of the area’s wealthiest neighborhoods. Many readers were surprised at the number of West County families that seemed wealthy but struggled to pay their creditors and feed themselves and their children. Sept. 5, 2001 “Rough Road Ahead” Construction plans for Hwy. 141 north of Ladue Road made for a hot topic. On Aug. 25, 2001, more than 500 people attended a public forum in Chesterfield to offer their input on improvements to the area. The topic ignited emotions of nearby residents who cited concerns over property values, air quality and safety. Oct. 3, 2001 “The Calm After the Storm” The events of Sept. 11, 2001 united the nation, and when the call for help went out, the people of West County showed their true colors. Area residents, business owners, schools, churches and charitable organizations responded to the nation’s tragedy with an outpouring of spirit and patriotism. Across West County, flags flew, banners of support and encouragement were hung, black ribbon adorned fire departments, and jars placed on the counters of local businesses brimmed with donations.

city’s deer relocation program, leaving two legal options: trap and euthanize the animals, or do nothing. Emotions ran high on both sides of the issue, and most of those concerned felt that a resolution would not be reached at any time in the foreseeable future. July 23, 2003 “Resurrecting the Valley” Ten years after the Great Flood of 1993 took a brutal toll on nine Midwestern states, many communities along the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers remained vacated, but the city of Chesterfield bucked the trend. A 500-year levee and tax increment financing (TIF) authority were pivotal to developing the Chesterfield Valley into a booming center of retail and industrial activity. Before the flood, 4,400 people had fulltime jobs in Chesterfield Valley; by March 2002, the number had risen to 8,000. Sept. 7, 2005 “Wildwood Progress – 10 Years Later” A decade after the first Wildwood City Council meeting, the city continued to face growing pains resulting from one faction of residents favoring more green space and another favoring faster progress. Significant progress had been made in fulfilling the city’s Master Plan; Town Center was under development, 10 miles of multipleuse trails had been constructed, and the population had more than doubled. A contentious issue, however, was what to do about Hwy. 109; some wanted it to remain the same, and others favored expanding the roadway and connecting I-44 to Hwy. 40. April 11, 2007 “Breaking the Bank” Homeowners were hopping mad when their property reassessment notices arrived in the mailbox. According to the St. Louis County Assessor’s office, the median value of homes in St. Louis County had increased an average of 22 percent in a two-year period. The Rockwood School District had St. Louis County’s third highest median residential value of $274,000 – a 23 percent increase – while Parkway ranked fourth at $247,600 – a 21 percent increase.

May 7, 2008 “Best Mother’s Day Ever” The story was a feel-good follow-up to “Waiting for a Miracle,” the April 4, 2001 West Newsmagazine cover story about Eureka siblings Alex and Matt Pearl, who suffer from a rare blood disorder that can be fatal. The children’s mother, Diane Pearl, on Mother’s Day 2008 was able to Jan. 9, 2002 meet for the first time the two bone marrow “Population Boom” The Town & Country deer population donors – one from Stockholm, Sweden, fight was back in the news. The Missouri and the other from North Carolina – who Department of Conservation had halted the saved her children’s lives.



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I 59

60 I cover story I 



My, how time flies A ‘then and now’ look at the last 15 years By SARAH WILSON The country has come a long way since West Newsmagazine’s origin 15 years ago. Before the advent of Facebook, reality television and “Supersize” menus (which already have come and gone), 1996 was a major political year with many technological advances. Here is a look back to a time when we knew how to live without cell phones: U.S. President: William Jefferson Clinton U.S. Vice President: Albert Gore, Jr. Academy Award Best Picture: “The English Patient” Grammy Award Song of the Year: “Kiss from a Rose,” by Seal World Series: New York Yankees def. Atlanta Braves (4-2) Super Bowl XXX: Dallas Cowboys def. Pittsburgh Steelers (27-17) Popular TV shows: “E.R.,” “Seinfeld,” “Friends” and “Suddenly Susan”

Prices and populations are not the only things that have inflated over the years; American portion sizes have increased as well. A cheeseburger used to average 330 calories; today it averages 590 calories. A bagel used to average 140 calories, and today it averages 350 calories. The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute has attributed many of the nation’s obesity problems to this pattern. ••• It did not matter whether someone was 2 or 62, the infamous Tickle Me Elmo in 1996 was a must-have toy. Elmo giggled and talked when his tummy was pressed, and parents actually fought to obtain one after stores quickly sold out of them. Another popular children’s fad was the Tamagotchi, a handheld, digital pet requiring care, much like a real pet. ••• Chin-length, straight hair with layered curls shaping the face describes “The Rachel” haircut, inspired by Jennifer Aniston’s character on the then-hit television show, “Friends.” The hairstyle sparked in popularity in 1996 as women around the country tried to replicate the look.

National debt: 1996: $5.4 trillion • 2010: $13.4 trillion U.S. postage stamp: 1996: 32 cents • 2010: 44 cents Loaf of bread: 1996: $1.15 • 2010: $2.16 Average cost of new car: 1996: $16,300 • 2010: $21,081 Minimum wage: 1996: $5.15 • 2010: $7.25 Gallon of gas: 1996: $1.22 • 2010: $2.76 U.S. population: 1996: 265 million • 2010: 310 million ••• Mid-‘90s fashion was marked by grunge and goth trends. Cut-off jeans, halter tops and belly-button piercings were at the center of women’s fashion, and baggy pants took over men’s wardrobes. ••• Things have changed around West County as well since 1996. Boone’s Crossing in Chesterfield Valley was a flooded field. Everybody had a 314 area code; 636 was not put into service until 2000. Hwy. 141 was still called Woods Mill Rd. and I-64 was just little, old Hwy. 40. The Butterfly House did not open until 1998. ••• Memorable events that occurred in 1996: • Bob Dole swept the Republican primaries. • Bill Clinton was re-elected for his second term as U.S. president. • Madeline Albright was elected the first female U.S. secretary of state. • Trans World Airlines (TWA) Flight 800 exploded and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on July 17, killing everyone onboard. • American jazz and song vocalist Ella Fitzgerald died on June 15. • American rapper Tupac Shakur was shot and killed on Sept. 13. Sources:;;

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Seems like Washington has a bureau for everything. The most important one right now is the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) which announced that the growth of the gross domestic product (GDP) in the second quarter went down from 2.4% to 1.6% percent. What that means in laymen’s terms is that there is now a greater possibility of the economy suffering a doubledip recession, although most economists continue to believe that this won’t happen. Hardest hit is new home construction. Traditionally, housing has been the engine that pulls the economy back on track. Locally, the phones continue to ring at Gershman Mortgage where borrowers can still get an adjustable rate loan at 3.25%. The national average rate for a 30-year fixed loan was still a friendly 4.35% last week. These record low rates and falling home prices have made housing more affordable than 20 or 30 years, but this good news has had little effect on sales. Then has housing hit the wall? Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan called it “a typical pause that occurs in an economic recovery” and the National Association of Home Builders actually expects household wealth to trend up gradually over the balance of 2010 into 2011. Helping is the fact that consumer debt like credit cards has been going down since the end of 2008 and is at levels last seen at the end of 2000. But employment stability and job growth are the keys to a housing recovery. In addition to alleviating workers’ fears about losing their next paycheck, an improving employment picture will help boost the confidence of households that are considering buying a home. The bottom line, though - and you’ve heard it before - right now really is the ideal time to buy a new home. Here’s what else is happening: Thomas & Suit Homes, whose Wyndgate Forest keeps drawing rave reviews from buyers, is now expanding to Sommers Landing and the Enclave at Sommers Pointe, both on Highway N just south of Highway 40. Prices start in the $270’s. According to CFO and Partner Brenda Suit, “We want as many buyers as possible to enjoy the experience of becoming Thomas & Suit homeowners. With the Sommers openings, Thomas & Suit is introducing six new floor plans ranging from 1,800 to more than 3,300 square feet. Or, if you prefer, Thomas & Suit will build any home from its extensive design portfolio currently being built at

Wyndgate Forest. One of the new models called the Alberta is under construction at the Enclave at Sommers Pointe. The 2,225-square-foot great room design features a private master suite away from other two bedrooms, hearth room and even an “Electronic Drop Zone” an area directly off the garage with spots for charging laptops and cell phones. Thomas & Suit has homesites available at Wyndgate Forest in O’Fallon, Sommers Landing and the Enclave at Sommers Pointe in Lake St. Louis, and Boulder Ridge in Wentzville. The sales office for all three communities is located at Wyndgate Forest. Visit www., or call 636-561-2120. To reach the central sales office at Wyndgate Forest take Highway 40 to south on Highway N 1.5 miles. McKelvey Homes’ success during the worst recession in our country’s history made it the subject of a feature article this month in Nation’s Building News, the online weekly newspaper of the National Association of Home Builders. McKelvey is the only local builder able to increase its home sales in 2009, an achievement that President Jim Brennan attributes to conservative business practices, an established reputation for quality and the ability to adapt quickly to changing demand. “McKelvey is now on track to double its home sales this year and make significant headway in digging out of the worst housing downturn in generations,” the article stated. Because of this, McKelvey has been able to build and offer a large selection of “Designer Market Homes” for buyers who can take advantage of today’s low interest rates. McKelvey is celebrating a “grand opening weekend” with new displays at four communities. Check out the ad in this edition of Prime New Homes. Still celebrating its 40th birthday, Greater Missouri Builders is offering savings up to $75,000 on inventory homes and a whopping $99,000 on a former display, reports Sales Manager Kim Whalen. At Fountain Plaza in Ellisville, GMB has a 2,000-square-foot ranch with two bedrooms, two baths, a gourmet kitchen and hearth room with see-through fireplace for $420,000, a savings of $74,478. Call 314581-5944 for information about it and other inventory homes. GMB also is celebrating the grand opening of Grover Crossing is opening this Sunday, Sept. 19.  The community is near Wildwood and its Town Center at Manchester and Brown roads. Prices start at $295,900.

64 I 



Public Hearing City of Ballwin, Missouri October 4, 2010 A public hearing is scheduled before the Planning and Zoning Commission of the City of Ballwin on October 4, 2010 at the Donald “Red” Loehr Police and Court Center, 300 Park Dr, Ballwin, MO, 63011, at 7:00 P. M. upon the following: 1. A petition from U-Gas, Inc, 895 Bolger Ct., Fenton, MO and W. B. Biermann Co, 1795 Clarkson Rd, Chesterfield MO, to add a Manchester Road Redevelopment District (MRD) overlay zoning classification to the existing C-1 Commercial zoning classification of the property commonly know as 14799 Manchester Rd., Ballwin, MO, 63021 to allow the commercial redevelopment of the site.

Rod Parran

Ashley Dossett

2. A petition from U-Gas, Inc, 895 Bolger Ct., Fenton, MO and W. B. Biermann Co, 1795 Clarkson Rd, Chesterfield MO, to approve the development of a 3 lot commercial subdivision on the property commonly know as 14799 Manchester Rd., Ballwin, MO, 63011. 3. A petition from the City of Ballwin, 14811 Manchester Rd., Ballwin, MO to amend the Ballwin subdivision ordinance to add a new section requiring the establishment of a certain minimum side yard width dimension for newly platted lots in certain situations relative to adjoining lots that have previously been platted.

Bellerive Shopping Center 12782 Olive Blvd.

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The City of Ballwin will consider the zoning ordinance or district regulations as provided herein, or may adopt different changes or provisions, without further notice or hearing, as the Board of Aldermen may deem to be in the public interest. The public hearing may be continued, by announcement at the public hearing, from time to time, as deemed necessary by the Planning and Zoning Commission, without publication of the time and place of the continued public hearing. Petitions of protest against zoning district boundary changes, duly signed and acknowledged, must be submitted by owners of thirty percent or more of either: (1) the area of the land (exclusive of streets and alleys) included in the proposed change(s), or (2) within the area determined by lines drawn parallel to and one hundred and eighty-five feet distant from the area proposed for a zoning district change, public rights-of-way excepted. These petitions will be considered in determining the percentage of favorable votes by the Board of Aldermen necessary to make the zoning district change in accordance with the Zoning Ordinance of the City of Ballwin. Residents of Ballwin are afforded an equal opportunity to participate in the programs and services of the City of Ballwin regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, marital status, national origin or political affiliation. If you are a person requiring an accommodation, please call (636) 227-8580 V or (636) 527-9200 TDD or 1-800-735-2466 (Relay Missouri) no later than 5:00 P.M. on the third business day preceding the hearing. Offices are open between 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday. ______________________ Thomas H. Aiken, A.I.C.P. Assistant City Administrator / City Planner

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“Locally owned & operated since 1939”

Chesterfield 636-391-6800

287 Lamp & Lantern Village (Clayton & Woods Mill Roads) Mon-Fri: 9–8 • Sat: 9–5

Brentwood 314-647-6060

2714 Breckenridge Industrial Court (Off Manchester, One Block West of Hanley) Mon-Fri: 9–5:30 • Sat: 9–5



Enter t ai n ment Festival, Sept. 25, Grand Boulevard (between Lindell & Delmar) – F


Rob Schneider performs his comedic act on Oct. 14 at Ameristar Casino.

COMEDY Rob Schneider, Oct. 14, Ameristar Casino Bill Cosby, Oct. 24, The Fox Theatre

CONCERTS Little Feat, Sept. 24, The Sheldon Concert Hall Kings of Leon, Sept. 25, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater Lady Antebellum, Sept. 30, The Fox Theatre Stone Temple Pilots, Sept. 30, The Family Arena Vampire Weekend, Oct. 3, Chaifetz Arena Drake with Clipse, Oct. 12, The Fox Theatre Je’ Caryous Johnson with Brian McKnight and Vivica A. Fox, Oct. 23, Chaifetz Arena John Mellencamp, Nov. 6, The Fox Theatre Justin Bieber, Nov. 8, Scottrade Center

CONVERSATION Carol Burnett, Nov. 5, The Fox Theatre

CULINARY Anthony Bourdain, Oct. 1, The Fox Theatre

FAIRS & FESTIVALS Grand Center’s “Dancing in the Street”

“Equus,” through Sept. 25, Kranzberg Arts Center “Shrek: The Musical,” through Sept. 26, The Fox Theatre “You Can’t Take It With You,” through Oct. 3, Loretto-Hilton Center Disney on Ice’s “Princess Classics,” Sept. 16-19, Chaifetz Arena “Chinese Dance: Classical, Modern and Folk,” Sept. 18, Blanche M. Touhill Performing Arts Center

Big Rain Saturday, Sept. 18 Anthony Bourdain brings his culinary expertise to St. Louis on Oct. 1 at The Fox Theatre.

“Mozart Violin Concerto,” Sept. 24-25, Powell Symphony Hall “So You Think You Can Dance,” Sept. 25, Chaifetz Arena “The Screwtape Letters,” Sept. 25, Blanche M. Touhill Performing Arts Center “Proof,” Sept. 29-Oct. 10, Heagney Theatre at Nerinx Hall “Everything Old Is New Again,” Sept. 30-Oct. 1, Kranzberg Arts Center “High,” Oct. 13-Nov. 7, Loretto-Hilton Center “The Chosen,” Oct. 22-Nov. 7, Mustard Seed Theatre “South Pacific,” Nov. 9-21, The Fox Theatre

Straight No Chaser performs its infamous a capella on Sept. 29 at The Pageant.

tickets and information Ameristar Casino:, (877) 444-2637 Blanche M. Touhill Performing Arts Center:, (314) 5164949 Chaifetz Arena:, (314) 534-1111 The Family Arena: familyarena. com, 896-4205 Fox Theatre:, (314)

Paint The Earth Every Friday Night

534-1111 Heagney Theatre:, (314) 239-9040 Kranzberg Arts Center:, (800) 838-3006 Loretto-Hilton Center:, (314) 968-4925 Mustard Seed Theatre:, (800) 838-3006 The Pageant:,

(314) 241-1888 Powell Symphony Hall:, (800) 232-1880 Robert G. Reim Theatre:, (314) 821-9956 Scotttrade Center: ticketmaster. com, (314) 241-1888 Verizon Wireless Amphitheater:, (314) 298-9944

F =Free Admission

Book Your Party At Sky or The Loft! Call 314-766-5910

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66 I 



Fall Family Getaways at

Trout Lodge

Com mu n it y Event s BENEFITS Ivy Chapel United Church of Christ in Chesterfield and Epiphany United Church of Christ in St. Louis host “Gospel in the Garden,” a gospel music program, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Sat., Sept. 18 at Epiphany’s garden (2911 McNair in the Benton Park neighborhood). A light supper is available from 4:30 to 6:30, and there will be games and activities for young children. Admission is free; free-will donations to benefit the food pantry of Joint Neighborhood Ministries will be accepted. Call (314) 772-0263 or visit • • • “Earth Fire Water Wind,” a live performance by Grammy-nominated Native American flute music visionary John TwoHawks, is from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Sat., Sept. 18 at Midwest Music Conservatory (15977 Clayton Road). Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door and free for those aged 15 and younger; those purchasing two tickets online in advance receive one free ticket. The concert is a benefit for The Living Insights Center. Visit • • • Amazing Taste is from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Sun., Sept. 19 at Wildwood Town Center. Guests taste more than 500 different wines, spirits and foods. Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 at the door; $20

Now Available Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

tickets are available for groups of 10 or more. Proceeds benefit Angels Arms. Call (314) 726-6899 or visit • • • The Wildwood Historical Society presents a Victorian Costume Ball at 6:30 p.m. on Tues., Sept. 21 at Bethel Methodist Church (17500 Manchester Road in Wildwood). Following a brief history of Missouri and the Civil War, members of the 8th Missouri Volunteer, U.S. Infantry Reenactment Organization provide a dance demonstration. Guests are welcome to come in period costume. A gift basket raffle supports the Wildwood Historical Society. Guests interested in attending should call Joan Schmid at 458-3962. • • • The Wildlife Center of Missouri “Drive Me Wild” golf tournament is at 12:30 p.m. (registration and lunch are at 11:30 a.m.) on Fri., Sept. 24 at The Landings at Sprit Golf Club (180 N. Eatherton Road in Chesterfield). Proceeds are used to build a new aviary at the Wildlife Rescue Center. For foursome and sponsorship information, visit • • • Gateway to Hope presents “KaleidoHope” at 7 p.m. on Fri., Sept. 24 at Moulin (2017 Choteau Ave. in Lafayette Square). Musical entertainment – including a dueling pianos show – food, a raffle and live auction are featured. Tickets are $125

Specializing In:

Driveway & (314) 822-0849 Patio

New and Replacement

Traditional Finishes To Old World Charm

Free Estimates


Touch Down Trout Lodge OCTOBER 8-10

Crafty Creations OCTOBER 15-17

Rainforest Adventure OCTOBER 29-31

Halloween Weekend • 1-888-FUN-YMCA

(sponsor level) and $250 (patron level). Proceeds benefit Gateway to Hope, which provides comprehensive medical and surgical treatment at no cost to breast cancer patients who do not have insurance or are underinsured and do not qualify for Medicare or Medicaid. (314) 569-1113. • • • The Society of St. Vincent de Paul sponsors “Walk a Mile in My Shoes,” its annual Friends of the Poor Walk, at 9 a.m. on Sat., Sept. 25 in Schroeder Park in Manchester. All proceeds benefit the clients of the Society, which provides help for homeless shelters, food pantries, job training and employment services, prison ministry, shelters for abused women, thrift stores, care for the elderly, and medicine. Register to walk at; from the Web site, registrants can send e-vites to potential supporters and make financial pledges. Registration also is available at 8 a.m. on the day of the event on the parking lot of St. Joseph Church, just west of the Schroeder Park track and soccer fields. Early registrants may order a T-shirt while supplies last. Call (314) 5763993. • • • The St. Mark Charity Scramble, a golf tournament to benefit Circle Of Concern, is at 8 a.m. on Sat., Oct. 2 at The Landings at Spirit Golf Club (180 N. Eatherton Road in Chesterfield). The fee is $100 per player/$400 per foursome. Call Glen Corlett at 537-2348. • • • “Moving Forward,” the fourth annual

St. Louis dystonia walk-a-thon, is at 9 a.m. on Sun., Oct. 3 at Creve Coeur Park. Proceeds benefit the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation, which funds research and promotes education to individuals and families affected by dystonia, a disorder that robs victims of the ability to control their muscles. Call (314) 469-3243. • • • The St. Louis Blues 14 Fund Golf Classic is at 10 a.m. (registration opens) on Mon., Oct. 4 at The Country Club of St. Albans. The St. Louis Blues team, owners, executives, coaches and alumni join foursomes to raise money for the St. Louis Blues 14 Fund. Foursomes are available for $2,500 and include two Blues celebrities as the fifth and sixth players. Golfers also enjoy a Blues gift package, lunch and awards reception with silent and live auctions. Call (314) 589-5998 or visit • • • Friends of Kids with Cancer presents a Steely Dan tribute concert performed by Groovethang from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. on Fri., Oct. 8 at Kemp Auto Museum (16955 Chesterfield Airport Road). A cash bar and appetizers are featured at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $35. Call (314) 275-7440 or visit • • • The Gateway chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society host the 24 annual and final Diamond Ball Gala at 7 p.m. on Sat., Oct. 9 at Old Warson Country Club (9841 Old Warson Road in Ladue). Screen legend Hugh O’Brian is the honorary guest. Tick-

Tan-Fastic Tan 15007 Manchester Rd. (Corner of Manchester & Holloway)

Ballwin • (636) 207-8038 Check Out Our Great Selection & Low Prices on Tanning Lotion. Serving West County for 15 years Family Owned & Operated • Gift Certificates Available Friendly and Clean • No Hassels * Coupons can’t be combined with other offers

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Back to School! NEW CUSTOMER SPECIAL 1 Week Unlimited $500 2 Levels of Beds Expires 10/15/10


NEWSMAGAZINENETWORK.COM ets are $250 per person with tables of 10 available; junior level (age 35 and younger) tickets and tables are $200 per person with tables of 10 available. Call (314) 878-0780 or visit • • • The Midwest Knights 15U baseball team host a trivia night at 7 p.m. on Sat., Oct. 9 at Trinity Lutheran Church (14088 Clayton Road). Tickets are $20 per person with tables of eight available. Raffles and games with prizes also are featured. Proceeds benefit the Midwest Knights. Call Jenny Pappas at 207-7789. • • • The second annual Fall Fest at the Barn is from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sun., Oct. 17 at The Barn at Lucerne (930 Kehrs Mill Road in Ballwin). Pony rides, magic, games for kids, live music, food and drink, artists, local and organic produce booths, an antique tractor and engine display, artwork from the Fall Fest at The Barn Young Artist Competition and a canned food drive to benefit Operation Food Search are featured. Admission is free; games and pony rides require tickets. Call Nancy Pino at (314) 432-8484.

FAMILY & KIDS Castlewood Baptist Church in association with the Metro West Fire Dept., St. Louis County Police, Adventure Learning Center, McAlister’s Deli and More than Coffee present a free family picnic from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sat., Sept. 18 at Castlewood Park (1401 Kiefer Creek Road in Ballwin). A child I.D. table, D.A.R.E. unit, Canine unit, carnival games, face painting and free hot dogs, chips and drinks are featured. Call 227-3757. • • • The third annual Ballwin Kids Triathlon is at 8 a.m. on Sun., Sept. 26 at The Pointe at Ballwin Commons. Kids swim, bike and run various distances, depending on their age group. Registration is limited to 200 participants. The fee is $20 and includes a T-shirt and medal. For more information, call 207-2359; to register, visit ballwin. • • • The 28 annual Kids’ Flea Market is from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sun., Sept. 26 at The Magic House in Kirkwood. Kids aged 16 and younger sell their outgrown toys, books, CDs, baseball cards, games and handmade craft items. The registration fee is $15 per table. For more information or to reserve a booth, call (314) 822-8900 or visit • • • Fun Friday Puppet Shows are at 10 a.m. (doors open at 9:30 a.m.) every Friday morning from Oct. 1-Nov. 19 at the St. Louis Carousel at Faust Park. Tickets are $5 per person in advance and $6 on the day of the performance; children 12 months

of age and younger are admitted free of charge. Tickets include a ride on the carousel. Visit the gift shop at the carousel or call (314) 615-8383.

LIVE MUSIC The Ellisville Farmer’s Market features the music of Buckhannon Brothers on Thurs., Sept. 16, Wack-A-Doo on Thurs., Sept. 30, and Salt of the Earth on Thurs., Oct. 6. Visit • • • St. Louis Southern Gospel Gathering 2010 is at 2 p.m. on Sun., Sept. 19 at Emmanuel Presbyterian Church (17126 Manchester Road in Wildwood). The Davis Family and 2008 International Female Vocalist of the Year Kathy Atkins perform. A free-will offering will be taken to help cover expenses. Call Kathy at (618) 550-5777. 

SPECIAL INTEREST The Chesterfield Writers Guild Fiction Group presents, “The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly” from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Wed., Sept. 15 at Chesterfield Arts. Members of the writing group read excerpts from their work and answer questions regarding how they write and what they write about. Call 519-1955 or visit • • • Halloween & Fall Décor, a Mary Tuttle’s “Entertaining Evenings” event, is from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Thurs., Sept. 16 at Mary Tuttle’s (17021 Baxter Road in Chesterfield). A demonstration on fall mantle décor, Halloween decorating tips and refreshments are featured. Space is limited. To reserve a spot, call 728-0480. • • • Griefshare, a grief recovery support group, meets from 6:45 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Monday evenings from Sept. 20 through Dec. 13 at King of Kings Church (13765 Olive Blvd. in Chesterfield). Each session includes a video seminar and group discussion. Call Helene Jackson at (314) 4692224. • • • A Carmine Appice Drum Clinic is from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Wed., Sept. 22 at Midwest Music Conservatory (15977 Clayton Road in Clarkson Valley). Call 527-5558. • • • NutriFormance Fitness Open House Week is from Sept. 26 to Oct. 2 at its locations at Chesterfield Commons (17375 Edison Ave.) and La Chateau Village (10407 Clayton Road). The public is invited to experience Missouri’s only Purmotion Functional Training System (a jungle gym-like structure). Group classes, one-on-one counseling with personal trainers and nutritionists, equipment demonstrations and chair massages are free. Door prizes and refreshments also are featured. Visit

 I 67

R E D I E N H SC Call



F e i l e or r









Get a high efficiency energy star rated heating and cooling system that qualifies for Federal Tax credits up to $1500 at entry level pricing.

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Home Decor, Gifts & Jewelry

Details Women’s Boutique

Finish Add that “ ing Touch” to Your Home • Accent Furniture • Paintings • Lamps • Wall Decor • Mirrors • Pillows • Custom Florals and Garden Decor • Jewelry & Much More


For The Well Dressed & Stylish Woman 636-527-1121

157 & 161 Lamp & Lantern Village • Town & Country

68 I  Wildwood Pub & Grill reflects owner’s passions SEPTEMBER 15, 2010 WEST NEWSMAGAZINE

By SUZANNE CORBETT Jeff Allee loves golf, good food and drink. When he brought those passions together, the result was the Wildwood Pub & Grill and The Links. Formerly named Brickhouse Pub, Wildwood Pub & Grill, located off Hwy. 109 on New College Avenue behind St. Louis Community College’s Wildwood campus, houses a full-service, family friendly pub atmosphere and the area’s only indoor golf range, The Links. The Links features PGA simulators programmed with 55 championship courses and a driving range. It is not to be confused with a Wii but is the real McCoy, as simulators are played with full size golf balls and clubs. The machine even provides course sound effects. Players simply select the course program, address the ball and swing to play the entire course or just practice their swing. “Playing on these simulators is a lot of fun,” said Allee, who plans to demonstrate the simulators during this year’s St. Louis Home Fires BBQ Bash. “It’s a great way to introduce people to the golf simulators, which has allowed us to offer something different from other establishments.” The Links at the Wildwood Pub & Grill is housed near

Wildwood Pub & Grill 17253 New College Ave. • Wildwood (636) 273-4300 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., Sun. –Thurs.; 11 a.m. to midnight, Fri.-Sat.

the bar area and features comfortable seating and plenty of tabletops for enjoying the full menu and bar. “It’s a great space for a group of guys or gals to come and enjoy adult libations, conversation and a round of golf,” Allee said. In the dining room, sports action is broadcast on flat-screen TVs, and inviting seating encourages family dining. “We’re a popular stop for families after high school (football) games,” said Allee, who actively supports the area’s high schools with fundraising efforts through the national Renaissance program that encourages students to strive for excellence. Excellence also is Allee’s personal goal when it comes to creating a winning menu and bar that offers a diversity of The Links and bar area at Wildwood Pub & Grill. flavors and choices. Its three-page menu covers the gambit from burgers and pizza, sandwiches and wraps to more elegant fare, such as but- hand-tossed style or St. Louis thin. “No matter how thick terflied shrimp, chops, steaks and crème brûlée. or thin the crust, the dough will remain homemade.” Two specialties – the Buffalo Chicken Pizza and the Whether dining at Wildwood Pub & Grill for lunch or Black Angus Sliders topped with grilled onions and ched- dinner or snacking between a golf round, it pays to save dar cheese – are must-try items, as are the soups, which can room for dessert. The Key lime pie, crème brûlée, and the make a meal on their own or a perfect prelude to dinner. apple crisp all are par excellence. “We use buffalo hot wing sauce for the pizza sauce and top Stop by and visit the Wildwood Pub & Grill golf display it with our own house-grilled chicken,” said Allee, noting and sample their “Q” at the St. Louis Home Fires BBQ that pizza lovers soon will have a crust choice – regular Bash on Sept. 25 and 26 at Wildwood’s Town Center.


636.591.0010 Serving Authentic Chicago Pizza, Italian Beef & Hot Dogs!

TWO LOCATIONS! O'Fallon & St. Louis

• Dine-in • Carry-out • Lunch • Dinner



Duffy’S All NeW PAtio

Now Open

Mon-Fri Appetizer Specials at the bar

DOubLe DeckeR PIzzA

Nfl Sunday ticket Lunch Specials: Daily 11-4pm


636-225-9944 carry out The Landings at Dougherty Ferry and Big Bend Rd.

trivia every thursday live Music–

Visit web page for details

2964 Dougherty Ferry Rd.

636-379-4447 636-379-4446 carry out Seconds from T.R. Hughes Ballpark

1090 Tom Ginnever Ave.

patio seating • catering • private events

Happy Hour

Home of the


1/2 PRICE BAR APPETIZERS & DRINK SPECIALS Sun - Thurs 100 Holloway Road • Ballwin 63011 636.220.8989

1024 Schnucks Woodsmill Plaza Town & Country


Good Friends. Great Food. Cold drinks.

Join us For lunCh or dinner on our outdoor Patio! $5.99 lunCh sPeCials every day live MusiC Fri. & sat. niGhts dinner sPeCials niGhtly 288 laMP & lantern villaGe uPPer level




dinner sPecial WitH couPon save every Monday this ad! & Tuesday $9.95

“Where Garlic is King”

chef simon caters For any occasion

any dinner under $16.95* *excludes lamb shank


Garlic Festival thursday - sunday september 23 -26 rd


belly dancinG too, call for more info. 14560 Manchester rd - one Mile West of Hwy 141 in Winchester Plaza • 636-207-1368 • Mon. - Thurs. 5-9:30pm • Fri. & Sat. 5-10pm

Pastries, Pies & One-of-a-Kind Creations Breakfast • Lunch • Meals-to-Go Dine In • Carry Out Corporate or Individual Boxed Lunches 505 Strecker Road in Wildwood

Corner of Strecker & Clayton Rds. on The Elegant Child Campus


Full Breakfast menu all day Sat. Specializing in custom catering, your place or ours! Free Local Delivery

Mon. - Fri. 6:30 AM - 6 PM • Sat. 8 AM - 2 PM • Sun. Closed

Come Celebrate IndependenCe day Wed, Sept. 15

— 1/2 price margaritas — 5pm - Close (Wed. 9/15)

— lunch Specials —

$4.95 Monday-Saturday Includes Rice, Beans & Soft Drink

Family owned & operated Since 1995

Authentic Mexican Restaurant

15307 Manchester Rd. • Central Plaza • Ballwin


Breakfast Special $

3 99

2 Eggs, 2 Bacon or Sausage Links, Hashbrowns & Toast* *No substitutions. Expires 9/30/10

Break-N-Egg Diner 910 Kehrs Mill Rd. • Ballwin (At the Barn of Lucerne)

(636) 256-DINE (3463) Open 7am-2pm 7 Days a Week

Monday Specials Half Price Appetizers Half Price Pitchers of Margaritas Half Price Beer 14870 Manchester Rd.

Tlhaned Is


 I 69

Thank You for fIve GreaT YearS!


( 2Miles West of 141)


SepT. 18Th

TreaSure hunT Quest for the Gold Call for Details

636-527-9790 Join us on Sept. 25th for our 5th Anniversary Party Prizes • Karaoke • Drink Specials Fun for All

14560 Manchester Rd. Suite 28 Winchester Plaza

70 I 




Thursday Specials Kids Eat Free (Dining Area)

Happy Hour All Night Long (Bar Area)

14870 Manchester Rd. ( 2Miles West of 141)



Dinner for Two Includes: Appetizer, Salad & Dessert for


*$ Mention This Ad To Receive Discounts

Kabob Palace Afghan and Persian Cuisine

* Entrees under $14.95. Expires 10/31/10





The Heat and Humidity are Gone!

Come join us on our Wonderful Patio Extensive menu with many new creative entrees! Best Burgers, Wings, Wraps and Pizzas Join us for our $30 Sunday Special - drinks and apps all day - one price. Bloody Mary Bar Opens Sunday Sept.12th!!! Kids Eat Free Mon - Wed after 5 pm (with each purchased adult dine-in entree)

1095 Chesterfield Parkway East 636-536-9440 (by Spring Hill Suites)

per person

Lunch Buffet

Includes Fountain Drink or Fresh Hot Tea

Valid Tue-Fri Only with Coupon. Not valid with any other offer.Expires 10/31/10



Total Check of $25 or More

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Total Check of $50 or More

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14424 Manchester Road • (636) 230-8800 (across from West County BMW)

Come To

The Hill

Hard to Find... Easy to Fall in Love With

For Great Italian Food & Catering! Conveniently located off Hwy 44 at Kingshighway & Hampton exits



Lorenzos Trattoria 1933 Edwards • 314.773.2223


Di Gregorio Foods 2232 Marconi Ave. •


Your Football Headquarters • Enjoy the NFL Sunday Ticket on our High Def! Big Screen TVs • 15 Hour Sunday Happy Hour! • Free WiFi for Fantasy Footballers Breakfast

til 1pm Every Sun.

Bar & Grill Ballwin, MO

“Where everyday is Mardi Gras!”

14766 Manchester Rd. Ballwin 636-391-8293 Breakfast•Lunch•Dinner DAILY




 I 71



Your Best Source for New Construction, Service & Pool Renovation

SUMMER SAlE SAvE 20% UNTil 9-30-10

Furniture & Decorating Co., Inc

Ceiling • Wholehouse Gable Vent Fans • Recessed Lighting

Specializing in installation for two story homes with no wiring on first floor. Quality Work At Competitive Prices!

(314) 510-6400

• • • • •

Specializing in Energy Efficient Renovations!


Little Giant Pool & Spa

636.271.2200 •


1 Room Or Entire Basement FREE Design Service Finish What You Started As Low As $15 sq. ft. Professional Painters, Drywall Hangers & Tapers

“Your Sweep for Life”

Call Rich on cell 314.713.1388


Established in 1979


Sweeping Chimney Covers Tuckpointing Brick Work Camera Evaluation Flue Relining Full Restoration Air Duct Dryer Vent Maintenance


Kitchens • Baths • Basements Stairs • Decks • Additions

17322 Manchester Road

Honesty, Integrity and Quality Workmanship

(636) 458-3809

FREE ESTIMATE (636) 405-0153


“Finally, An Affordable Mole Service”

Don’t Live With Moles... My Customers Don’t! Average Yard Has 1-2 Moles • Litters Are Born March - July Local and Neighborhood References No Poisons • No Chemicals • Child & Pet Safe Traps Less Expensive • More Reliable • More Effective • Fast Results


Call J.D. At 636-233-4484

What’s On Your To Do List?

15% off

$1,500 or more

Your Chimney Is My Priority

Since 1930 Upholstering, Repairing and Refinishing

Expires 10/31/10

• Chimney Flue Cleaning Tuck Pointing • Dampers & Repair • Custom Chimney Caps • Chimney Crowns Repaired • Dryer Vent Cleaning

(636) 343-8348

Concrete Tear-Out • New Construction Patio • Foundations Porch • Skid-Steer Work Insured • 25 Years In Business


 Roofing

 Painting

 Siding

 Staining

 Soffit

 Carpentry

 Fascia

 Repairs

 Gutter/Guard

 Concrete

 Tuckpointing for more coupons




With Any Full Job Purchase

up to a $500 value! Limit one coupon per person per job. Not valid with other offers. Exp. 10/31/10


Call for Free Design Consultation and Estimates


We Come PREPARED! • • • • •


Fully stocked trucks for expedient repair Quality plumbing repairs Fair • Honest • Reliable Reasonable rates • Licensed Satisfaction Guaranteed Specialists in OLD HOME repair.

T O N Y L AM A R T I N A PLUMBING COMPANY 965-9377 INC. “We want to be your family plumber”

F inish & Trim C arpentry C o .

TOOLS Bosch, Porter Cable, Ryobi, Makita, DeWalt, Delta, Sioux, Skil, etc., etc.

644-6677 (800) 444-0423

SHOWERS REBUILT BATHROOMS REMODELED “Water Damaged Showers a Specialty” Tub to Stall Shower Conversions Grab Bars/ High Toilets/ Personal Showers

Entertainment Centers Theatre Rooms • Custom Bars

R. Kinder

Insured • Satisfaction Guaranteed Since 1979 •

Power Washing Cedar Treatment Paper Removal Carpentry Fully Insured

Off Manchester Just West Of Hanley

Fireplace Mantels • Doors

(636) 391-5880

Interior / Exterior 458-7707 Drywall Repair

8125 Brentwood Industrial Drive

Custom Woodworking • Bookshelves

Master Carpenter #1557

Professional Painters Inc. (636)



Totaling $1000 or More


(314) 581-0099


Limit one coupon per person per job. Not valid with other offers. Exp. 10/31/10


Salesperson: Proof:

To A 30 Year IKO Architectural Shingle

Limit one coupon per person per job. Not valid with other offers. Exp. 10/31/10


Locally Owned Business Since 1988

Date of issue: Client: Size: Landscape Contractors Professional Landscape DesignColors: and Installation Paver Patios • Retaining Walls Pictures: Water Features • Plantings Logos: Landscape Lighting and Repair Update Existing Landscapes Copy:


visit our showroom

636-394-0315 Senior Discounts Available

Tile & Bath Service, Inc. 25 Years Experience • At this location 20 years 14770 Clayton Road • Ballwin, MO 63011

72 I 



W E S T H O M E PA G E S Tile & Grout Cleaning 10% Off • Floors • Countertop and Free • Concrete surfaces Carpet Deoderizer • Carpeting

Free Estimates • Topping Trimming • Pruning • Removal

Lamps • Fixtures • All Lighting Replacement Parts & Glass



10% OFF Any Service must mention ad

Free estimates & Demos OMNI TURBO CLEAN 314-749-3878



Ron Johnson

Owner~Operator Family Owned & Operated Insured For Your Protection

636-288-6410 I RETURN ALL CALLS!



The Cleaning Agents, LLC

1279 Hwy 100 • Wildwood, MO 63069 A Modern Old Time Lighting Store

St. Charles • 2156 Bluestone Dr. • 636-949-2177 Creve Coeur • 1265 N. Warson Rd. • 314-432-0086

Residential • Commercial • New Construction


Certified Mold Remediation Company • Residential Remediation • Commercial Remediation • Indoor Air Quality • Guaranteed Odor Removal - Pet, Tobacco, etc.


Exterior/Interior Home Remodels

Squeaky Clean Insured • Free Estimates

(314) 494-7719


Doors • Electric Openers 314-550-4071 • Residential • Commercial We Service All Brands D R IVEWAYS PATI O S & M O R E

Bi-Specializing S t a t e inCResid onecn tri ael te Tear Out & R eplacement

Driveways • Patios • Sidewalks • Porches Steps • Garage Floors • Repair Work Exposed Aggregate • Stamped Concrete Family Owned • Insured • Since 1963

FREE Estimates 314-849-7520

Concrete Driveways,

T.D. DeVeydt Electric L.L.C.

Patios & Sidewalks, Full Line Of Concrete Stamp

Licensed - Bonded - Insured

Patterns & Colors

Troubleshooting • Upgrade • Back-Up Generators


Call for a free estimate today!

3 q Kitchens & Baths 3 q Wood Rot 3 q Windows/Doors

3 q Drywall repair/Painting 3 q Caulking/Grouting 3 q And much more!

Bonded & Insured/Experienced Employees/ Professional, Safe And Reliable


New Service • Repair • Remodel


Making Access Easier Custom Landscaping Installation Pond & Pondless Water Features Erosion and Drainage Control Rain Gardens/Rainwater Harvesting Block and Stone Walls • Walks and Patios Residential Garage Door Openers Commercial Gate Operators Residential Gate Operators Telephone Entry Systems

• Window Cleaning • Gutter Cleaning • Power Washing • Deck Restoration Call Today!

Door Solutions, Inc.


G&G Window Cleaning


We Service All Brands

Kitchens ♦ Baths ♦ Additions

Residential & Commercial Interior & Exterior Powerwashing Bonded & Insured Check us out on Angie’s List!

636.541.0375 • 636.394.2319

Electric Openers & Controls

P ro fe s s i ona l Work m a n s h ip

Specializing in:

Let us Take the “PANE” out of WINDOW CLEANING

Home Repairs • Plumbing • Electrical Carpentry • Painting • Windows & Doors Appliances • Roof Repairs • Decks & More!

24 Hour Service • 314-550-4071

Let us help!

Over 15 Years Experience


(636) 451-5107 (Cell:(636) 485-7723) Garage


Building Quality With Integrity

On a VOP call PrOfessiOnal!


“We’re Tough On Grime”

Custom Lamps made from Your Favorite Possessions



Certified Aquascape Contractor • “Family Owned & Operated” • Fully Insured

S&R Construction Co

Call Today for Professional Installation

(314) 772-6500 Sales and Service For Garage Doors and Operators

Home ImPRoVemeNTS

Family Owned & Operated since 1998 Kitchens & Baths • Basement Finishing Custom Decks & Patio • Sunrooms • Painting • Electrical


Call Steve (314) 616-9061

Coupon offers + Client Photos At

Tim Gamma - B.S. Horticulture Board Certified Master Arborist Pruning • Fertilization Planting • SPraying trimming and removal

314-725-6159 Insured



 I 73

W E S T c l a ss i f i e d s Assisted Care

Carpet & Flooring

Computer Services

Electrical Services

Garage Sales

WOOD FLOOR REFINISHING Add instant equity to your home Professional Floors of St. Louis 25 year old fully insured company serving entire metro community Sanding, refinishing, repairs, new installation, most manufacturers available. Free estimates 314-843-4348

Help Wanted

Specializing in Home Offices and Small Businesses. County Computer Consulting LLC, can support your computers and networks. Call Ray for more information at 636-391-3853 or www. CCC-LLC.BIZ.

SMALL JOB SPECIALIST Minor Electrical Work. Ceiling fans Installed. Light Fixtures Replaced. Security Lighting. Dusk to Dawn Motion Detectors. Low Voltage Yard Lighting. Bathroom Exhaust Fans. GFCI Receptacles/Switches. Recessed Lights. Specializing in St.Louis County's Finer Homes. Free Estimates. Insured for your protection. 314-353-5555

Pine Creek Neighborhood

Caregivers Wanted. Experience with all aspects of home care. Must have good communication skills. Work where you are appreciated! Call 636-391-0000

CARPET REPAIRS. Restretching, reseaming & patching. No job too small. Free estimates. (314) 892-1003 Cleaning Services KEEPING IT CLEAN

Home Helpers is your #1 source affordable, dependable care by compassionate caregivers. ♥ Senior Adults ♥ Recuperative Care ♥ Alzheimer’s / Dementia Care ♥ Bathing/Personal Care ♥ Transportation ♥ Meal Preparation ♥ Housekeeping ♥ On Call 24/7 Insured/Bonded and Carefully Screened West County 636-391-0000

In Home

Caregivers Quality In Home Care For People of All Ages Dependable, Highly Trained Compassionate Caregivers Flexible Customized Care Hourly, Shift or 24 Hour Care Locally Owned and Operated


Cash Paid On The Spot Call Sam 314-302-2008

Place your CLASSIFIED AD Today! Next Deadline September 23, 2010

Call Hope 636-591-0010

(New Ballwin & Manchester Rds.)

(636) 220-2395

Fast & Affordable

CLEAN AS A WHISTLE Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly Move in & Move Out


Your Satisfaction is Our Goal Insured & Bonded Call 314-426-3838

Lori's Cleaning Service

Computer Service & Support

for Small Business & Individuals

Computer Problems? Computer Support Needs? Computer Training Needs? Website Needs or Questions? Moving to a MAC? For Economical On Demand Service and Support Since 1995

Call 636-532-0859

Choose a cleaner who takes PRIDE in serving you and is grateful for the opportunity. Call Lori at

Ask about our special offers for new customers!

See Our Current Edition Online


Going Beyond The Call

Concrete Services

I Will Clean Your Home Like It's My Own Celebrating 30 years Call Me Today!

Computer Services

RUNNING USED CARS Get More Money Than A Tax Deduction

Chambers Computers 15274 Manchester Rd. Ste 275


Experienced Caregiver


Only $55/Hour

Custom Builds-Upgrades In-Home or bench repair SYSTEMS FROM $299!


seeking new clients in West County area. Contact Miss Jones at 314-397-5150

At Your Place...or Our Place!

Affordable Expert PC Repair


We cut costs, not corners! Flexible cleaning schedules, move-in/ move-out cleaning, residential & commercial cleans. Bonded, insured, screened employees. petfriendly. Discounts for seniors and new customers! FREE Personalized estimates. Call 314-852-9787



SJS INC CONCRETE DrivewaSidewalks. Porches. Patios. Pool decks. Stamped Concrete. Exposed aggregate. Foundations poured/repaired. Epoxy injection. Water proofing. Basement Floors. Walls. Stone Work. Walkways. Steps. Bobcat work. Grading. Residential-Commercial. Free Estimates. Specializing in St. Louis Counties Finer Properties. 314-353-5555

Counseling Services Erica Rosen-McGinnis, LMSW

Family Wellness Counseling, LC Providing affordable counseling services in Wildwood and Ladue. Free phone consultation. Day and evening appointments available. 314-338-3387 Serving St. Louis & St. Charles Co

Call Mike at 636-675-7641

Service at your home or office for: • PC problems or set-up • PC won't start or connect

•Spyware •Adware •Virus Removal •Hardware •Software Upgrades

$30 diagnostic charge only for first ½ hour Day, evening and weekend appointments available.

The FAN Guy Trained & experienced tradesman available for light electrical services: new outlets/ switches, water heater repair, lighting/ fan installation & repairs. Fair, dependable & honest. Call Paul 636-734-8402

Firewood All Split Firewood For Sale 4ft x 8ft x 16in cut. Delivered & stacked $85. 573-631-0291

Garage Sale

Sat, Sept. 18th 7:30am – 2:30pm Wldhrs Crk Rd. 2 mi west of Long Rd., L on Pine Bend. From 109 East on Wldhrs Crk Rd. 1 mi turn R on Pine Bend


Fall Subdivision

GARAGE SALE Multiple Homes

Saturday, Sept. 18th 7am–1pm Take Hwy. 44 to Eureka exit, North on Hwy. 109, Left on 5th St., Right at light-Shops at Hilltop- Meramac to Sale Sponsored by Rhonda Brackett

Keller Williams Realty Southwest

Office: 314-775-0475 Direct: 314-322-4494

Seasoned Firewood- Oak & Hickory. Sold in 4x8 stacks. Call for prices.


WILDWOOD-Garage Sale 16544 Willow Glen Dr. Manchester to Taylor to Cherry Hills Parkway Wed., Fri. & Sat. Sept. 15, 17, 18

For Rent

Hauling Services

Destin Florida Area. Beautiful 3 bed, 3 bath condo or home, Gated Gulf Front community. Includes beach front cabana, 3 pools, tennis courts & more. Call for Special Spring/summer rates and availability. To view pictures please go to /127089 or /148365. For Additional info Call 314-922-8344.

For Sale


WE HAUL IT ALL Service 7 days. Debris, furniture, appliances, household trash, yard debris, railroad ties, fencing, decks. Garage & Basement Clean-up Neat, courteous, affordable rates. Call: 636-379-8062 or email:

WURLITZER Piano Good Condition $350 OBO EPIPHONE Guitar Excellent condition $150 OBO 636-220-4485

Professional Repair & Restoration Services by Vintage Workshop. Painting, staining, distressing & refinishing. In-Home Furniture Repair services available. Free estimates. 636-946-5204

Garage Doors WEST COUNTY GARAGE DOOR SERVICE. Proudly serving West County since 1980. Springs, cables, electric openers. No extra charge for Evenings and Weekends! Call 636-388-9774

Watch for our next edition in the mail September 29, 2010!

Account Sales Executive to work with sales team to handle existing accounts and develop new accounts with Ad agencies and Fortune 100 companies across the US. Inside Sales with 20% travel. Sales experience beneficial. Email resume to or fax 636-536-9456

Attorney seeking participants for Jury Project in Des Peres: September 23, 2010, 5:00 - 7:30 p.m. Participants will be paid for their time & dinner will be provided. If interested, call Erin (314) 725-1600. Food Service general kitchen help needed at school cafeteria in West County . Full time Monday through Friday. Call 314-569-3663 ext. 111 and leave name and phone number.

Wildwood Hotel

PFAFF Hobbylock Sewing Machine. Like new- Barely used. $550 OBO 636-527-4541

Furniture Repair


Do you have the desire to be considered for jobs in showbiz such as print ads, commercials, TV/films? We can help! We develop, market & place “real looking” people ages 3mos thru seniors. Accepting applications for all sizes & heights. Beginners welcome! Images Agency (since 1988). State Licensed. Apply Online at

Help Wanted

Experienced Hotel Housekeepers Full & part time available. Some week-ends. Hourly pay, must be a dependable, energetic worker. Fill out application at our Front Desk, 2801 Fountain Place, Wildwood, MO 63040

Home Improvement

IMPROVING St Louis Homes Since 1998 CNA's - Caregivers

West St. Louis County Area CNA's with current license Caregivers with Experience Insured vehicle a must Download an application at Or call 636-225-2600

CNAs/Home Health Aides/Live-ins: Seeking experienced, dependable people to provide in-home care to seniors. Car Required. Competitive pay and 401k plan. Call 314-569-9890 Monday-Friday.

S&R Construction

Basement Finishing, Custom Decks, Kitchens, Baths. Sunrooms, Electrical, Plumbing, Custom Tiling, Painting, Concrete & many other quality improvements! BBB accreditted!


Call Steve 314-616-9061

Customer photos and discount offers at www.

The FAN Guy Trained & experienced tradesman avail. for electrical svcs: new outlets/ switches, wtr. htr. repair, lighting/ fan install & repairs. Fair, dependable & honest. Call Paul 636-734-8402

74 I 



W E S T c l a ss i f i e d s Home Improvement

Lawn & Landscaping

Painting Services


Total Bathroom Remodeling Cabinetry•Plumbing•Electrical 20 Years Experience JS Home Services Handyman • Carpenter 25 Plus Years Experience Cheap Rates! Free Estimates! House Closings, Deck Repairs, Structural Repairs. All Jobs Big or Small. Licensed, Bonded, Insured. Call James at 314-420-3562

•Lawn Mowing & Fertilization •Retaining Walls & Paver Patios •Landscape Design & Installation •Drainage Work •Landscape Lighting •Mole Trapping Fast Free Estimates (636) 296-5050

DECK STAINING • BY BRUSH ONLY No Spraying • No Rolling • No Mess

Professional Outdoor Services Hardwood flooring & Tile INSTALLATION with an eye for detail! Remodelling & new construction: kitchen, bath, fireplace, entryway, etc. References avail. FREE Estimates.

feco, LLC 636-225-0025


MORALES LANDSCAPE LLC. Spring & Fall clean-up, grass cutting, Fall Aeration, mulching, trimming, weeding & tree removal, planting, sodding & seeding, retaining walls, paver patio, decorative gravel, stone & brick work, drainage work & more! FREE ESTIMATES 636-699-5189

Call Mike Today For Your Free Bid!

314.378.9064 Lawn & Landscaping

BY THE YARD Attention Homeowners • Fall Aeration


For•All Those Who Overseeding Fertilization Need•Interior Painting... • Brush RemovalFor Who Were Looking • Retaining Walls A Better PriceCare & Deal... • Lawn (NewWait CustomerIs Discounts!) The Over!

For All Your Interior Painting Projects...It's

“Let The Paint Flo!” 314-537-0361

Call Flo Today For Your Free Bid

Kalemis Enviroscapes

Fall lawn/garden clean-up, fertilizing, de-thatching, aerating, mulching, edging, pruning, weed treatments Erosion/drainage control. Creative landscape plans, patios, plant installations, lighting, irrigation, retaining walls and more... Snow removal/Booking now For new customers only: Any Fall yard clean-up of $250 or more will get $45 off the total price of the job. Free On-Site Consultations & Estimates


Drainage, Sod, Erosion, Overgrowth Clearing & Pruning Free Estimates

MIENER LANDSCAPING Rock walls, patios, pruning, chainsaw work, etc. Friendly service, with attention to detail. Call Tom 636.938.9874



PA i n T i n g

Riverside Painting

includes paint Call Today

Senior DIRT discount! CHEAP

3 rooms $490

314-651-0261 since 1992

(636) 227-5595

We just keep

POWER WASH rolling it on!

Power Washing 1 Story

Interior & Exterior Will BEAT any reasonable Estimate! Call 636-230-0185 Jim's Paint & Trim Service. Interior & Exterior painting, crown and decorative moulding, wallpaper removal, texturing, drywall and rotten wood repair. Call 636-778-9013


Professional Painting Paints, Glazes & More

Cabinetry & Furniture Too! Affordable Quality

DON'T PAY MORE! Free Estimates. Call David Sontheimer 314-732-FAUX(3289)

Masonry Autullo Masonry Inc. Brick and stone contractor. 32 yrs in business in St.Louis. Our reputation is built on quality and service for all your masonry needs. Paving, sidewalks, patios, walls, fireplaces indoor and outdoor, fire pits and tuck pointing. Free Estimates. Insured. Call 636-394-5543

Residential Interior and Exterior Painting. Insured.

Call Ken 636-391-1746 Ranch Homes @ $95.00!

We handle your design needs, professionally trained. Faux finishes, texturing, marbling, graining. Interior & exterior, insured, FREE estimates. All work done by owner. 26 years experience. Call Ken or Hugo at 636-274-2922 or 314-6404085.

Retaining Walls (Any Size) Paver Patios Erosion & Drainage Control Check Out Our Projects At

314-770-1500 Wags to Riches

Power Washing • Window Washing Gutter Cleaning

A-1 Custom Painting & Wallpapering

...A Certified Belgard Installer...



www.yuckos .com

Crabgrass and/or Nutsedge problems? Call now for Fast Free Estimates.

Mikes Lawn Service: Dependable, responsible. Mowing, shrub trimming, mulch, yard clean-up. References. Call 636-346-9704


We Clean & Stain All Sizes of Decks!

Interior and Exterior Painting

Core aeration, slice seeding, lawn repair, crabgrass control, fall fertilizing and seeding. (636) 296-5050

HONEST WORK WITH PRIDE AND INTEGRITY Basements, Built-Ins, Moldings, Doors Carpentry, Cabinets, Walls Baths, Painting, Repairs Whole House Remodeling OWnER On THE JOB 30 Years Experience–Super Quality

Power Washing 1 Story Ranch Homes @ $95.00!

314-852-5467 314-846-6499

Call 314-426-8833




Work Guaranteed • Insured • References

Paver Patios & Drainage Work

Va l l e y L a n d s c a p e C o . Mowing, leaf removal, mulching, tree & brush removal, stump removal, trimming, planting, garden tilling, and gutter cleaning! (636) 458-8234

*Mowing and Fertilization *Landscape Installation & Retaining Walls *Brush Pruning & Clearing

Decks- Playsets-Tie Walls- Fences- Hardwoods

Aeration, Overseeding, Seeding, Fertilizing, Sodding, Mowing, Spraying, Weeding, Pruning, Trimming, Planting, Brush Removal, Edging, Mulching, Retaining Walls,

Pet Services

West County Pet Care. Pet Sitting & Dog Walking. We take care of Pets in your home where Pets prefer. Daily, Weekly Rates. Insured 636-394-6852 314-401-5516



Chimneys, Walls, Spot & Solid Waterproofing, Caulking Do Own Work • No Job Too Small Licensed & Insured 38 years in business Free estimate 10% senior discount Credit cards accepted


We Clean & Stain All Sizes of Decks! Owner Call/ operator Mike specializing Today in interior painting, decorative Bid! &For faux Your painting,Free wall textures, concrete staining. Design consultation. Insured. References. FREE ESTIMATES 314-397-3868

314.378.9064 Attention Homeowners

For All Those Who Need Interior Painting... Who Were Looking For A Better Price & Deal...

The Wait Is Over! For All Your Interior Painting Projects...It's

“Let The Paint Flo!”

Call Flo Today For Your Free Bid

636.485.2647 “Let The Paint Flo” Is A Division Of Dirt Cheap Power Wash So You Have To Know The Price Is Going To Be Dirt Cheap!!!


BY BRUSH ONLY "No Mess, No Stress" Decks • Fences Play Sets • Gazebos

Work Guaranteed! 10% OFF

please mention ad at estimate

16 Years Experience References • Free Estimates


Full Service Mobile Grooming Spa on Wheels We offer: Pet/show clips, aroma therapy baths, nail clipping and grinding, teeth cleaning, high velocity drying & more! We come to you any day of the week at anytime. Specializing in large breeds and geriatric dogs. For the pampering your pet deserves, call


Convenient Dog Grooming

Full service grooming in your home... Reasonable rates Free consultation All services available Keep your pets stress-free in their own home. Great for older dogs. Call for appointment.


Piano Lessons

PIANO LESSONS: Masters Degree in Composition w/ Piano major, 5 yrs. in Europe, 30 yrs. teaching experience, all ages. Taught music theory and piano at college level. Manchester & Strecker. Call Arthur 636-458-0095

Learn To Play The PIANO at your own pace! 40 yrs. piano teaching experience. Master of Music & LRSM degrees. Call Jessica 636-236-5536

Plumbing Services

ANYTHING IN PLUMBING. Good Prices! Basement bathrooms, small repairs & code violations repaired. Fast Service. Call anytime: 314-409-5051 Professional Plumbing repair & replacement. Over 15 yrs. experience. Free Estimates. Call Ron 636-527-0176

MASTER PLUMBER. Water Heaters, Code Violations, Backflow Preventers. Licensed & Bonded, Fully Insured. No Job Too Large or Too Small. (314) 288-9952

SMALL JOB SPECIALIST Minor Plumbing Repairs. Drain/Sewer Opening. Kitchen Faucets/Disposals Installed. Bathroom Vanities, Toilets Repaired/Replaced. Water Lines/Drain Lines Replaced. Dishwashers/Ice makers Installed. Specializing in St.Louis County's Finer Homes. Free Estimates. Insured for your protection. 314-353-5555



 I 75


1 4 9 3 5 M a n c h e s t e r Rd . (1 Block East Of Target) (636) 394-9023

1684 Clarkson Rd. Chesterfield • 636-530-9665

Open Mon – Fri 7:30am - 6pm Sat - 7:30am - 5pm (636) 394-9023


(Reg. $18.95$29.95)

50% OFF

*Includes up to 5qts of standard motor oil & standard filter. Special oils & filters are available at additional cost. Additional disposal & shop supply fees may apply. *Rotation service for vehicles with TPM systems is available at additional cost. VALID AT BALLWIN MEINEKE LOCATION ONLY. See manager for details. Most cars & light trucks. Must present at time of estimate. Not valid with any other offers. EXPIRES 10/15/10

Additional parts and services may be needed at extra cost. See Manager for complete service details. VALID AT BALLWIN MEINEKE LOCATION ONLY. Most cars & light trucks. Discount applies to regular retail pricing. Not valid with any other offers or warranty work. Must present coupon at time of estimate. EXPIRES 10/15/10

INCLUDES: Oil & Standard Filter* FREE Tire Rotation*, FREE Brake Inspection, & 27 Point Courtesy Check

Visit our website for the latest specials & promotions!




OFF $50 OFF Purchase Of 4 Tires

Purchase Of 2 Tires

Brake Pads & Shoes

• Cheapest Beer Buckets • Great Drink Specials • Awesome Food Specials

Great Happy Hour Specials

Minimum purchase of $150 before tax required. Most cars & light trucks. VALID AT BALLWIN MEINEKE LOCATION ONLY. See manager for details. Most cars & light trucks. Must present at time of estimate. Not valid with any other offers EXPIRES 10/15/10

containing UV protection and water repellent

We safely and professionally clean and protect your

deck n fence n playset n gazebo n n cedar or redwood siding n Mention this ad for 10% off all services n

Free Registration ($85-$125 value) New families only One Coupon Per Family Locally owned and operated by on-site owners since 1992 (6 weeks - 12 years)

For New Clients Only.

Let Us Help You With Your Exterior Wood Care Needs!

Sat & Sun Noon-3pm $5 Nacho & Chili Bar

• Experienced teachers who are all CPR trained •.2milessouthoftheDoughertyFerryandBigBend intersection • Located in West St. Louis County •Educational,exciting Pre-SchoolProgram! •UniqueGrandfriendsProgram •Largeoutsideplaygrounds •ComputersinPre-SchoolRooms •ChildrenpreparedforallschooldistrictKindergartenPrograms •FamilyOrientedEnvironment

We restore the wood to like-new condition and apply an


* * *

during every football game!

• Pizza • Appetizers • Steaks • Salads • Burgers • Chicken • Pasta • Ribs Kitchen Open til Midnight Daily Mon-Sat

environmentally safe wood protectant after

The Place to be For Every Football Game

Live Music Friday Nights

1230 Dougherty Ferry Road | Valley Park MO 63088 | 636-225-4800

Call Today For A Free Estimate


W E S T c l a ss i f i e d s Public Notice NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

City of Clarkson Valley, Missouri

Real Estate



WE BUY SCRAP METAL Earthbound Recycling



Buying 1 to 2,000lbs. of copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, lead and car batteries. FREE drop-off for steel, vinyl and cardboard. 25 Truitt Dr., Eureka, MO 63025 Open M-Sat 9-5.


OPEN HOUSE, 9/19, 2:30-4:30!


Notice is hereby given: That the Planning and Zoning Commission of the City of Clarkson Valley, Missouri, will at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 30, 2010 at the Fru-Con Center, 15933 Clayton Road, hold a public hearing to discuss a request from Lee and Associates for a special use permit to locate a lease sign in the “C” office district for the Fru-Con building known as 15933 Clayton Road and to make a recommendation to the Board of Aldermen. Frank W. Hodgdon, III Planning and Zoning Committee City of Clarkson Valley

16351 Bellingham Dr. Chesterfield • $350,000 FABULOUS totally updated Cluster home, Hdwd Floors, exquisite all newer renovated kit & baths, Msuite features expanded MBath w/Roma Steam shower:SELLER OFFERING BUY-DOWN RATE OR HELP ON C/ COSTS Cl BLAZE 314.409.6988

705 Stone Meadow Dr. Chesterfield • $439,000 ELEGANT 1.5STY VILLA w/finest AMENITIES. Crown molding most rms, Bay windows, shimmering hdwd flrs. Superior fin’d w/o L/L w/fireplace. SELLER OFFERING BUY-DOWN ON RATE & SOME HELP ON CLOSING COSTS. CL “BLAZE” 314.409.6988 for info



Roofing Services

Keller Williams Realty 636.229.8688

Two Chesterfield Properties

Place A CLASSIFIED AD Today! Call Hope 636-591-0010

Chimneys, Walls, Spot & Solid Waterproofing, Caulking Do Own Work • No Job Too Small Licensed & Insured 38 years in business Free estimate 10% senior discount Credit cards accepted

314-484-1548 Wanted To Buy

Clean title only. Serving the Chesterfield area for 7 years. Call Pete Suntrup

For Sale




WANTED TO BUY Your old car or truck Running or not!

BLAZE • 314-409-6988 •

• Beautiful building lot approx 6 ac off Wild Horse Creek Rd. $219k • Charming older home, 1.5 ac, 3BR 2BA w/pool $325k


Tree & Misc Services


Wedding Services 4607 Meramec Boulevard ~ Eureka This meticulously maintained 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2 story home with the perfect cul-de-sac location exudes pride of ownership! For a free 24 hour recorded message regarding this property, please call 1-800-628-1775 ext 1206!


258 Jacob Lane ~ Ballwin This gorgeous 4 plus bedroom, 3.5 bath, 2 story home with approximately 3,300 sq ft of finished living space is loaded with updates! For a free 24 hour recorded message regarding this property, please call 1-800-628-1775 ext 1186!

(636) 257-7399 • 24 Hrs. COLE TREE SERVICE Tree and stump removal. Trimming, deadwooding. Free estimates. Insured. 636-475-3661

Anytime... Anywhere... Marriage Ceremonies Renewal of Vows Baptisms Full Service Ministry Non-Denomination

(314) 703-7456

76 I 



PROPERTIES WEST 636.532.5900


each office independently owned & operated



Call 636-591-0010 to advertise.



18715 Babler Meadows Dr. Wildwood • $569,000 Gorgeous granite kitchen highlights this professionally decorated atrium ranch. 3 Acre Wooded Lot. 2 frpl, 3c gar Fin LL. Bay windows, Hdwd Flrs, New HAVAC, Spectacular Home!! Call Mike Leeker 314-435-4040

4214 North Fork Rd. Wildwood • $469,900 Fabulous ranch on 4 private wooded acres!! Gorgeous Granite kit, custom stone tile flooring. Remodeled mstr bath w/walk in closet. Finished walk out LL. Main Flr Laundry! Beautiful!! Call Mike Leeker 314-435-4040

12905 Mason Manor Rd. Creve Coeur • $394,000 Lovely brick front home has lush gardens/beautiful sunroom/newer kitchen-baths-carpet-paint-custom office in finished lower level/rear garage entrance. Cust patio/plantings. Call Barb Woodham 314-346-2272




604 Taylor Pointe Ct. Wildwood • $320,999 IMPECCABLE 3 Bed, 3 Full Bath! Updated flooring, huge mstr ste, rec rm/media rm, full ba, PLUS sleeping in lower. Neighborhood Pool & Tennis, Private Backyard, Cul de Sac, Minutes to Wildwood Town Center! Call Stephanie Thompson 314-479-4555

403 Gunnison Gorge Dr. Wildwood • $269,900 Terrific value! Spacious 3BDRM 2.5BA GR ranch priv wooded cul de sac .87 acre lot! Hdwd flrs! Upgrades incl kit appl! Newer furnace, AC! Fab Fin LL! Much more! Call Chris Ronberg 314-922-4358

13429 Manorlac Chesterfield • $134,000 Seller wants it sold! Updated townhouse w/view of lake. Private oversized 1c gar, w/direct access inside the hm. Gas frpl in LR & updated baths. Community pool, clubhouse & tennis court!! Call Robin Williams 314-401-0155

Stephanie Thompson 314-479-4555

Barb Woodham 314-346-2272

Mike Leeker 314-435-4040

Robin Williams 314-401-0155

Chris Ronberg 314-922-4358

Home Showcase Presented by Christi Miceli 16836 Eagle Bluff Ct. Chesterfield • $1,375,000

18127 Melrose Rd. Wildwood • $1,089,000

Spectacular 1.5 story, your entire wish list is here. 7500 sq.ft. Resort like pool, waterfall, outdoor fireplace. 6 Bdrms, 5.5 Baths.

Quality built custom atrium ranch on 3.1 acres, fabulous pool, outstanding upgrades, private setting. 5 Bdrms, 3.5 Baths

2052 Terrimill Terrace Chesterfield • $454,000

2350 Sterling Pointe Dr. Chesterfield • $697,000

505 Crown Pointe Estates Ct. Wildwood • $449,000

Wonderful lot, updated Great Room ranch, 3 Bdrms, plus office, 2.5 Baths, walk out.

Gracious 2 sty in Dunhill Farm, updated kitchen, hearth room, finished LL, great level lot. 4 Bdrms, 4.5 Baths

Premium cul-de-sac lot, atrium ranch, wooded view, split bedroom plan, custom paneled office, finished LL. 4 Bdrms, 3 Baths.

5884 Canterfield Ct. Weldon Spring • $369,900

1019 Keystone Trail Dr. Chesterfield • $479,900

206 Strecker Farms Ct. Wildwood • $349,900

Popular Westchester Farm, large traditional 2 sty, huge salt water pool, updated interior, finished LL. 4 Bdrms, 2.5 Baths

Premium lot in the Wilderness at Wildhorse, spacious 2 sty, updated kitchen, finished LL. 5 Bdrms, 4.5 Baths.

Elegant 2 sty, end of a quiet cul-desac, unique landscaping w/waterfall, light & bright throughout, finished LL. 3 Bdrms, 2.5 Baths.

2390 Capitol Landing Dr. Chesterfield • $429,000

16566 Victoria Crossing Dr. #I Wildwood • $119,000

Beautiful ranch on 1/2 acre treed lot, vaulted, beamed GR, all season room (heated & cooled), spacious kit, fin LL. 3 Bd, 3.5 Ba.

Unit backs to the lake, very quiet and private, vaulted, new carpeting and Pergo flooring. Move in ready. 2 Bdrms, 2 Baths.

Christi Miceli

Direct: 314-750-0765 Office: 314-434-6100 Suburban

“The Hometown Experts With A World Of Experience”



 I 77

Real estate showcase

Incredible Custom-Designed Home!


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stunning stone and brick 2 story located in the much desired Wynncrest Subdivision. This exceptional home has numerous custom upgrades and special features including 5 spacious bedrooms (or 4 bedrooms + bonus room) and 3 full baths on the upper level! Enjoy the views of the level tree-lined back yard from the expansive deck. Charm and character are immediately evident when you enter this lovely home. The gracious 2 story entry with marble floor is flanked by a formal living room and formal dining room, perfect for entertaining. Kick back and

relax in the 22’x19’ family room with an enchanting fireplace with gas logs, wood floor and 5 window bay. Breathtaking is the fabulous gourmet kitchen, breakfast room, and adjoining hearth room. No expense was spared in these areas! The exquisite custom cabinets have all the bells and whistles – 42” wall cabinets with crown molding, pull out shelving, soft close drawers. Other kitchen features include a gas cooktop, stainless appliances, double ovens, planning desk, butler’s pantry, wood floors, a huge walkin pantry and an awesome custom center island/breakfast bar! The charming hearth room has a vaulted ceiling, wood floors, and a fireplace with gas logs. Completing the main level is a powder room, a laundry room and a utility bath. The master bedroom suite features coffered ceiling, a

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Prudential Alliance, REALTORS for $700,000. For more details, please visit or call 636-537-0300 for a private viewing. – THIS PROPERTY OFFERED BY –

huge walk-in closet, and a wonderful luxury bath with large separate shower, double bowl vanity and a soaking tub. The walk out lower level has a deep pour, ample windows and doors, roughin for a full bath, and is ready for your finishing touches! 2726 Wynncrest Manor is offered by

17050 Baxter Dr, Suite 200 Chesterfield, MO 63005 636-537-0300 • Fax: 636-537-2405

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Find Your Dream Home at Chesterfield/Wildwood



1655 WILSON AVENUE Estate-like grounds. CHESTERFIELD Custom 1.5 sty w/numerous cust amenities thru-out. Gourmet kit. $1,475,000

1133 Pond Rd Wildwood $1,999,999

10 Fieldstone Ladue $1,995,000





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10044 Briarwood Dr Ladue $409,000

122 Summit Ave Webster Groves $639,900

14630 Hunters Point Chesterfield $324,900

2815 Barvilla Ballwin $279,900

1216 N 5th St St. Charles $209,000

8056 Davis Dr #1S Clayton $185,000

8615 Glenwood Crestwood $184,900

5515 Winona South Hampton $170,000

15593 Bedford Forge Dr #19 Chesterfield $149,900

$597,822 $550,000 $475,000 $459,900 $400,000 $334,900 $329,000 $258,900 $249,900 $240,000 $240,000 $233,000 $230,000

2227 DEVONSBROOK DRIVE CLARKSON VALLEY DeShetler 2 sty, 6BR, 4F/2H ba, granite, fin walk out LL, .78 acres, inground pool. $585,000

16499 HORSESHOE RIDGE ROAD CLARKSON VALLEY Peaceful cul-de-sac location with lake views, 1.5 story, 4BR/3.5ba, high pour in fin LL. $549,900

154 Carriage Square Creve Coeur $625,000

1310 Laven Del Ln Kirkwood $215,000

$2,000,000 - $400,000 • 17360 Cougar Trails Wildwood 24 Forest Club Chesterfield 748 Cedar Field Ct Town & Country 11984 Moorland Manor Ct West County 3 Valley Park Rd Valley Park $399,000 - $200,000 • 855 McCauley Way St. Charles 554 McBride Pointe Dr Ballwin 5 Hollyridge Ballwin 1541 Palisades Rd Wildwood 501 Audubon Village Spur Wildwood 2678 McKnight Crossing Ct Rock Hill 420 Lennox Drive Ballwin 813 Payson Dr Olivette


1233 Takara Ct Town and Country $825,000

277 PENNINGTON LANE CLARKSON VALLEY Spacious 1.5 story situated on cul de sac w/ view of glorious golf course. Main flr master. $575,000

525 Conway Village Town and Country $749,000

New Homes Div

325 Baxter Rd Ballwin 63 Willow Brook Dr Creve Coeur 336 Providence Ballwin $199,999 - $50,000 • 3234 Cottonwood St.Charles 12425 Hickory Grove Lane Creve Coeur 1232 McKinley Rock Hill 1734 Schuetz Rd Creve Coeur 2932 Rexford Creek Ct Florissant 7611 Suffolk Shrewsbury 5 Monarch Trace Ct #103 Chesterfield 1152 Toreador Chesterfield 7026 Nashville Ave Dogtown 2239 Village Green Pkwy Chesterfield 591 Summer Winds Ln St Peters

$229,900 $204,900 $199,000 $189,900 $185,500 $179,900 $175,000 $172,900 $164,900 $159,900 $159,900 $152,000 $147,500 $94,500

256 CARLYLE LAKE DRIVE CREVE COEUR Wonderful spacious 2BR, 2.5ba ranch style condo, 2 car garage & full basmt.Close to hwys. $449,900

1631 WILSON FOREST VIEW CT CHESTERFIELD Great 2 sty home with 4BR, 2.5ba, 2 car garage. Lots of windows, unique flr plan. $439,900

3345 JOHNS CABIN ROAD WILDWOOD Gorgeous custom home on 4+ acres. Luxury master suite, granite countertops, open floor plan. $364,900

16718 KINGSTOWNE ESTATES DRIVE WILDWOOD Beautiful 4BR/4ba 2 sty, culde-sac. Finished LL. Spr sys, FP, main flr lndry, fncd level yard. $325,000

543 OAKTREE BALLWIN Charming 3BR/3bath ranch in Woodlyn Crossing. Updated, wood in kitchen, spacious fin LL. $224,900

1230 CEDAR CREEK CHESTERFIELD Well maintained 3BR,2ba ranch in Shenandoah. LL has fin rec/office rm. 2c garage. $205,000

1207 KIEFER WOODS CIR (BALLWIN) Spacious 2 sty, cul-de-sac. Greatroom w/palladian windows. $475,000 347 RIES RD (BALLWIN) Beautifully appointed 1.5 sty, 4BR sits on a spectacular level park-like lot. Lovely deck. $299,900 846 WOODSIDE TRAILS DR (BALLWIN) Ranch villa with 2BR,3 full baths and a 2 car garage. Open flr plan. $220,000 1410 COUNTRY LAKE MANOR (CHESTERFIELD) Stunning country es-tate on beautiful wooded lot. $1,189,000 1418 WINDGATE WAY LN (CHESTERFIELD) Custom 1.5 sty, gorgeous 1.6 acre lot, inground pool. $1,175,000 15712 CEDARMILL (CHESTERFIELD) House beautiful inside and out.Totally updated ranch, 3BR, 3.5ba. $475,000 16523 BAXTER FOREST RIDGE DR (CHESTERFIELD) Pristine 2 sty in prime location, great rm w/FP, wet bar. $434,900 899 HOG HOLLOW RD (CHESTERFIELD) 6 acre lot with ranch home, out buildings & grain bins. 4BR/3ba.$425,000 14130 CONWAY RD (CHESTERFIELD) Updated kitchen and baths, granite counters, wood flooring both levels. $412,000 14024 WOODS MILL COVER DR (CHESTERFIELD) Beautifully appointed villa, neutral decor, fabulous kit. $399,900 239 LANSBROOKE (CHESTERFIELD) Lovely 4BR/3.5ba move-in ready brick 2story. Loaded w/updates. $383,000 579 SUNBRIDGE DR (CHESTERFIELD) Updated 2 story with spectacular kitchen! Gleaming wood floors! $374,900 1922 SUMTER RIDGE CT (CHESTERFIELD) Spacious 2sty in popular Baxter Ridge subdiv. Wood flrs. $369,000 16255 WINDFALL RIDGE DR (CHESTERFIELD) Move-in ready. 4BR, 2ba ranch. Wood flrs, newer paint. $359,900 1584 DEXTER WOODS DR (CHESTERFIELD) Come see this updated 2-story in a great Parkway West location! $299,900

2271 BAXTER RD (CHESTERFIELD) 4BR 2 sty on lovely lot. Family rm w/wet bar & FP. Stainless appls. $239,900 861 FOREST TRACE (CHESTERFIELD) Spectacular townhome in heart of Chesterfield. Total renovation. $187,500 207 AMBRIDGE (CHESTERFIELD) Fabulous open floorplan, neutral, secure bldg, backs to woods. 3BR. $169,500 1231 CREVE COEUR CROSSING #B (CHESTERFIELD) Nicely updated 2BR, 2ba condo. Lower level W/O. $118,000 110 FOREST CLUB DR (CLARKSON VALLEY) Beautiful 1.5sty. Views of accessable 9th hole of Valley Course. $669,900 2254 RIDGLEY WOODS (CLARKSON VALLEY) 3BR plus bonus rm. 2F/2H BA. Fin LL, lrg sunrm.Trees & nature! $545,000 2208 KEHRSGROVE CT (CLARKSON VALLEY) Elegant Clarkson Valley 1.5sty on magnificent 1ac lot. 4B/3.5b. $449,900 1575 TERRA VISTA (CREVE COEUR) New constn! 2BR, 2ba attached villa. Great rm w/FP,vaulted ceilings. $320,000 12858 NIMES DR (CREVE COEUR) Pretty 4BR/2.5ba 2sty home on quiet culde-sac. Very private backyard. $269,900 11920 OLD BALLAS RD, #203 (CREVE COEUR) Spacious 2BR, 2ba, secured building, wood flrs in living. $174,500 417 MORNING OAKS (ELLISVILLE) Spacious 2sty,sits pristinely on .83 acre lot. Beautiful inside & out. $379,000 1329 PARKVIEW EST DR (ELLISVILLE) 7 yr new townhouse w/attached garrage. Kitchen w/wd flrs, maple cabs. $148,800 309 CLARKSON CROSSING #B (ELLISVILLE) Light and bright 2BR/2 ba first flr unit. Granite counters. $119,900 639 WOOD FERN DR (MANCHESTER) Dramatic 1.5 story 4+BR, 4.5ba updated home on fabulouse wooded lot. $598,000 774 WHISPERING MEADOWS (MANCHESTER) 2 sty 4BR/3.5ba. Formal LR & DR. Large FR. Updated kit. $449,000

1832 TAWNY ASH DR(ST LOUIS CO UNINC) Spacious Westport Crossing townhse. Fresh paint & carpet. $149,900 633 PINE RISE DR (TOWN & COUNTRY) Beautifull appointed 3BR ranch w/updated kitch, study on main leve. $475,000 12431 SPARROWWOOD (UNINC) 3BR, 2ba ranch. Main floor fam rm open to kitchen. Level, treed yard. $165,000 395 LARIMORE VALLEY DR (WILDWOOD) Custom 1.5 sty, 2.4 acre lot, ingrnd pool, gazebo, porch. $1,799,900 1506 QUAIL HOLLOW CT (WILDWOOD) NEW price. Country French 1.5 sty Miceli built on acre 5 yrs. $698,800 17712 GREYSTONE TERRACE DR (WILDWOOD) Beautifully appointed 1.5 sty, updated kitchen, granite. $619,900 18321 ALLENTON TRAIL TERRACE (WILDWOOD) Gracious country living is yours at this lovely property. $599,000 1000 KEYSTONE TRAIL DR (WILDWOOD) Former Jones Co display loaded w/amenities. 4BR, 3F/2H bath. $535,000 18607 BABLER MEADOWS DR (WILDWOOD) Cust 1.5 sty, 3.5 gorgeous ac, inground pool, main flr master. $449,900 1423 WESTHAMPTON VIEW LN (WILDWOOD) Wonderful 4 BR/3.5ba home with newer vinyl siding. $425,000 3540 BOUQUET (WILDWOOD) Charming 3 story Colonial. Large wrap around porch with beautiful views. $369,900 1766 CHIMNEY TOP FARM (WILDWOOD) Beautiful views, 1.5 story nestled on 3.48 acre. Many updates. $349,900 16834 WESTGLEN FARMS DR (WILDWOOD) Neutral decor in this 2 sty, 4BR, 2.5 ba home. Vaulted ceilings. $349,000 2020 WOODMOOR RIDGE (WILDWOOD) Sunny & bright 2 sty home w/4BR, 2.5ba. Updated kitchen, granite. $344,500 17230 LAFAYETTE TRAILS DR (WILDWOOD) Impeccably maintained 1.5 story. 4BR.2.5ba, fin LL, scrnd porch. $317,500

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Town Country


1100 Town & Country Crossing | Town & Country, Missouri 63017 |


22 Chapel Hill Estates $1,951,650 Town and Country

2131 Saddle Creek Ridge Ct. $1,575,000 Chesterfield

13549 Weston Park Drive $1,199,000 Town and Country

275 Merlot Lane $699,900 Saint Albans

1824 Aston Way $689,000 Chesterfield

23 Vouga Lane $600,000 Frontenac

18455 Westwood Drive $599,900 Wildwood

230 Killarney Lane $565,000 Pacific

2758 Joyceridge Drive $559,000 Chesterfield

16200 Wilson Forest Court $514,888 Chesterfield

1818 Newburyport Road $445,000 Chesterfield

10059 Briarwood Drive $399,000 Ladue

16602 Chesterfield Farms Dr. $375,000 Chesterfield

2375 Westpar Drive $375,000 Chesterfield

1009 S. McKnight Road $350,000 Richmond Heights

12121 Royal Valley Drive $319,900 Creve Coeur

908 Morena Court $289,900 Ballwin

107 Maple Hill Lane $269,000 Labadie

412 Terrington Drive $249,900 Ballwin

1405 Wooden Bridge $225,000 Ballwin

Open Sunday 1-3

8 Belcourt Circle $221,900 Saint Charles

1514 Birnamwood Trail Drive $214,900 Twin Oaks

3467 Truman Terrace Drive $209,900 Saint Charles

512 Treetop Village Drive $200,000 Ballwin

1575 Beacon Woods Court $199,900 Manchester

146 Winter Park Court $189,900 Fenton

104 Wynstay Ave $186,000 Valley Park

501 Coverdale Lane $179,900 Kirkwood

15046 Claymoor Ct #8 $167,500 Chesterfield

709 Ridgeside Drive #A $99,900 Ballwin


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