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The Loss of Trust Amid all the heated crosscurrents of debate about the National Security Agency’s massive surveillance program, there is a growing distrust of the Obama administration that makes weighing the costs and benefits of the NSA program itself hard to assess. The belated recognition of this administration’s contempt for the truth, for the American people and for the Constitution of the United States, has been long overdue. But what if the NSA program has in fact thwarted terrorists and saved many American lives in ways that cannot be revealed publicly? Nothing is easier than saying that you still don’t want your telephone records collected by the government. But the first time you have to collect the remains of your loved ones, after they have been killed by terrorists, telephone records can suddenly seem like a small price to pay to prevent such things. The millions of records of phone calls collected every day virtually guarantee that nobody has the time to listen to them all, even if NSA could get a judge to authorize listening to what is said in all these calls, instead of just keeping a record of who called whom. Moreover, congressional oversight by members of both political parties limits what Barack Obama or any other president can get away with. Are these safeguards foolproof? No. Nothing is ever foolproof. As Edmund Burke said, more than two centuries ago: “Constitute government how you please, infinitely the greater part of it must depend upon the exercise of the powers which are left at large to the prudence and uprightness of ministers of state.” In other words, we do not have a choice whether to trust or not to trust government officials. Unless we are willing to risk anarchy or terrorism, the most we can do is set up checks and balances within government – and be a lot more careful in the future than we have been in the past when deciding whom to elect. Anyone old enough to remember the Cuban missile crisis of 1962, when President John F. Kennedy took this country to the brink of nuclear war with the Soviet Union, may remember that there was nothing like the distrust and backlash against later presidents, whose controversial deci-

I opinion I 3

A Trusted and Established Community With YOU in Mind

You can choose to live in our lovely 2 bedroom and 2 bath Cottage with a lake view or choose Independent Apartments with great services, dedicated staff and no entry fees. sions risked nothing approaching the cataclysm that President Kennedy’s decision could have led to. Even those of us who were not John F. Kennedy supporters, and who were not dazzled by the glitter and glamour of the Kennedy aura, nevertheless felt that the president of the United States was someone who knew much more than we did about the realities on which all our lives depended. Whatever happened to that feeling? Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon happened – and both were shameless liars. They destroyed not only their own credibility, but the credibility of the office. Even when Lyndon Johnson told us the truth at a crucial juncture during the Vietnam War – that the Communist offensive of 1968 was a defeat for them, even as the media depicted it as a defeat for us – we didn’t believe him. In later years, Communist leaders themselves admitted that they had been devastated on the battlefield. But, by then it was too late. What the Communists lost militarily on the ground in Vietnam they won politically in the American media and in American public opinion. More than 50,000 Americans lost their lives winning battles on the ground in Vietnam, only to have the war lost politically back home. We seem to be having a similar scenario unfolding today in Iraq, where soldiers won the war, only to have politicians lose the peace, as Iraq now increasingly aligns itself with Iran. When Barack Obama squanders his own credibility with his glib lies, he is not just injuring himself during his time in office. He is inflicting a lasting wound on the country as a whole. But we, the voters, are not blameless. Having chosen an untested man to be president, on the basis of rhetoric, style and symbolism, we have ourselves to blame if we now have only a choice between two potentially tragic fates – the loss of American lives to terrorism or a further dismantling of our freedoms that has already led many people to ask: “Is this still America?”

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letters to the editor workers’ comp record we do. Board President Robin Harris and I are To the Editor: committed to the taxpayers, as well as our With all of the problems that this country firefighters, to find the causes of the unacis facing, and seemingly the only response ceptable safety record and the associated, elefrom our elected officials is to try and keep vated costs. We intend to institute solutions “we the people” divided, by taxation, regu- that will also serve to reduce the significant lation and rhetoric, the following saying costs incurred by this high claims experience. comes to mind: Politicians are like a baby’s The Board has begun that process by diaper. Both need changing often, and for securing objective workers’ comp experts the same reason. to review our policies and procedures, and Noel LaVanchy to report back recommended changes at a Wildwood future public meeting. More to come. Jane Cunningham Monarch’s workers’ comp Chesterfield

Change is needed

costs investigated

To the Editor: This is a follow-up to West Newsmagazine’s June 5th article reporting on the investigation into the skyrocketing workers’ compensation costs in the Monarch Fire Protection District. Monarch covers most of Chesterfield, Clarkson Valley, western Creve Coeur, some of Wildwood, and Ballwin. One of my campaign promises to taxpayers when I was elected to the Monarch Fire Board this April was to address the unacceptable, high workers’ comp costs. Workers’ compensation is an insurance system that covers employees when they are injured at work. The goal is to have a safe working environment. In addition to not wanting anyone hurt, additional costs are incurred by payment for medical treatment, ongoing salaries of the injured employees plus overtime for their replacements not to mention the increased premiums for a bad injury experience rating. Monarch spends over $1 million annually on the workers’ comp insurance premium alone, about 5 percent of our total $20 million budget and 65 percent more than the Mehlville Fire District that has seven firehouses compared to Monarch’s five firehouses. Monarch’s workers’ comp experience is bad enough that the Missouri Fire and Ambulance Districts’ Insurance Trust (MoFAD) is forced to add a 10-percent penalty onto the premium. Although recently there have been some fewer claims, clearly this problem cries to be addressed. Monarch provides its first responders with excellent training, top-notch fire equipment, exceptional workout facilities at each house, a safe district with strong building codes and comparatively few major fires. Our very well-paid firefighters – with well over $100,000 compensation packages, who are not overworked with 9-10 days of on-duty time per month – have exceptional medical providers available to them. Our area is the last place one would expect to have the poor

much-needed funds without the need for periodic voter approval. It is a Missouri Education Income Tax Credit that would appeal to all taxpayers and parents. It works as follows. Individuals and corporations pay state income taxes annually. Part of these taxes are distributed to school districts. There will not be sufficient revenue available in the future to meet our schools’ needs without voter approval of tax increases, which are difficult and risky to obtain. However, by providing the incentive of a tax credit for donors, over their current tax deductions, school districts would immediately receive the full amount from the donor that the state would have provided from that taxpayer. Since the tax credit is less than the Time to more forward amount donated, the state will have more To the Editor: funds available to further provide the Your editorial of June 12th was right on. school district. This provides the incentive It is time for Rockwood (RSD) to move to the taxpayer to save taxes and allows forward under the direction of our new for new funds to be donated, which would Board of Education. Our 22,000-plus stu- otherwise not have been done. dents deserve no less. School district boards should appreciSince 2007 I have served on the Rock- ate Missouri Initiative Petition 2014-022 wood budget, finance and bond issue com- which would benefit them and our students mittees; and in 2008 and 2010 we passed immensely. two bond issues only to lose smaller ones Herman L. Kriegshauser in 2012 and 2013. Clarkson Valley There are two main reasons why this happened. The federal government with its deficit spending and growing debt affects the Lake of the Ozarks beach willingness of many voters to approve any local tax increase or bond issue. Then the closing coverage state auditor’s report caused questioning by To the Editor: voters of the former Board’s transparency, I found it very disappointing that West which is being corrected by our new Board. Newsmagazine chose to jump on the antiHowever, there is another problem not lake E. coli bandwagon (“Bacteria closes unique to RSD that will become a major three state beaches,” News Briefs, June 12). problem for all Missouri school districts in As a condo owner at the lake I resent this the near future. School Boards must rely representation of the lake. Poor reporting on funding from two sources in which they has unjustly caused enough damage to the have little say; namely, the local property lake’s reputation without help from West. tax and funding annually approved by the Normally, West doesn’t go in for sensastate legislature. Funding available from tionalism in their reporting as the newspapers property taxes fluctuates based on assessed and TV stations did several years ago when valuations and voter approval of tax a report on the E. coli status at the Lake of rates and funding from the state must be the Ozarks beaches was not presented on approved annually. Under Missouri’s Han- time by someone in the current governor’s cock Amendment no school district or state staff. At the time, the reporter for the KC Star tax can be raised without voter approval. presented a story that would have convinced Under current and foreseeable national everyone that people were dying or at the economic conditions, voters are not likely very least getting sick and the lake was a to approve a property tax increase and pool of filth and disease. None of which was no candidate of either political party will even remotely true. No deaths and in fact no propose state tax increases as this would one even reported ill. Of course the St. Louis be political suicide. Further, less than 25 TV stations and newspapers hopped right on percent of RSD’s voters have students cur- that train to sell another paper or get an extra rently in district schools. viewer for the 10 o’clock news. Look into So what does RSD do to obtain the funding that story with a bit more depth. Its lack of needed to maintain our high-quality schools? accuracy with regard to the actual events and There is a new source that could provide outcome helped add to an already economic

distressed area because of the recession. So in your article, you indicate three state park beaches were closed for water quality. Only the beach at Lake of the Ozarks was identified. Then there was a reminder that there had been previous issues there as though it was the only place with a problem. Why did you feel this was necessary and why were the other two beaches not named? Don’t people go to those beaches? Might they not get quite as ill at those beaches? If you would like to do something constructive and positive about this issue, for the state’s benefit and to educate those ignorant of the facts about E. coli, send a reporter to check water quality records over the last several years and report how clean the beaches and the lakes are and how seldom the beaches have been closed across the state and which ones. Additionally, be sure and note how most of these closings occur immediately after rain. Typically, unless they find a way to put diapers on livestock, ducks and deer, there will be increased levels of E. coli after rainfall. Despite our governor claiming no knowledge of the incident several years ago, and putting on a political show of making “clean water” the centerpiece of his administration, E. coli and closed beaches will be something that happens naturally forever, and when the beaches are closed, West doesn’t need to add to the typical ignorance about the facts by reporting part of the story. Don’t misunderstand, E. coli is bad and when the levels are up, the beaches need to be closed. However, West or any other media outlet doesn’t need to report it as though it is a crisis. After all, what is someone reading the June 12 issue of West supposed to do about a report from June 3, except to think there is some sort of regular hazard for E. coli at the lake when there is none. When there is and it is justified, the beaches are closed, which is unfortunate but necessary for the safety of all. Dean Daniels Chesterfield

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‘Sesame Street’ brought to you by the letter ‘I’ for incarceration It’s a fact that children today are born into families that look dramatically different from families of a generation ago. Statistics show that 48 percent of all first-born children in the United States are in a home with an absent father, most who have never married and some that are in jail. According to the University of Pittsburgh's Office of Child Development, at least 1.7 million children had a parent in state or federal prison as of 2007. This number didn't include the millions who have a parent in a local jail. The exact numbers of children in this situation are hard to come by because jails, corrections departments, schools, child welfare departments and other systems do not routinely count them. According to the Population Reference Bureau, the United States is seeing the highest incarceration rates since 2002, and now the Muppet family of furry friends from “Sesame Street” are seeing it as well. The long-loved children's TV show recently introduced a new blue-haired, green-nosed Muppet named Alex, whose dad is in prison. Alex, who, of course, wears a hoodie, is destined to give voice to kids who might feel that they don't otherwise have one. Despite the number of Americans incarcerated, little attention has been paid to the children left behind. That's the situation “Sesame Street” is starting to address. Alex and children like him, through no fault of their own, must carry the terrible stigma and embarrassment of having a father not at all like the wise Big Bird, but one who is a jailbird who only sees him under direct supervision. It’s a sad day on “Sesame Street”

when the ugly underbelly of our social makeup eats its way through our adult society to the point of being a child’s learning necessity, and even sadder when the scenario of a father in prison must move into mainstream children’s educational programming. It was poignant when Kermit sang “It’s not easy being green,” but we understood. It was a step toward social acceptance of people of color. Social change takes strange paths, and although we agree that no child should carry the pain of his parent, this is a learning experience for everyone that our society truly is taking a turn for the worse. Are we setting the bar too low? What’s next on the ‘street’ where the air is sweet and happy people meet? Will there be meth labs, crack houses and prostitution? Will there someday be a new little furry darling whose mother works the midnight shift at the “Sesame Street” No-tell Motel? If the new Muppet making his way down Sesame Street is a prime example of how the children's show continues to reinvent itself for new generations, then God bless the children. As part of this effort, Sesame Street Workshop, the nonprofit group that produces the show, has created the Little Children, Big Challenges: Incarceration program aimed at giving support to children with incarcerated parents and to their caregivers. Programmers said by highlighting these problems while helping children with them, “Sesame Street” hopes to encourage lawmakers to create policies that will lead to fewer people going to prison and more people getting treatment.

All across West County, camps are in full swing. Camp Rainbow, shown above, which provides free camping experiences to children undergoing treatment for, and survivors of, cancer and other blood-related diseases and disorders, recently completed its weeklong camp at Babler State Park. Read about it on page 32. (Photo courtesy of Camp Rainbow)

In QUOTES “I need to do due diligence on this issue. I don’t feel comfortable approving this.” – Adam Paul, on the issuance of TIF notes to Sansone Group for the Walmart development

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– Ray Massey, a co-owner of Clarkchester Apartments, who wants the Walmart project to move toward completion

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News Br iefs Land transfer

BALLWIN Tax holiday The city of Ballwin has reversed the position it has taken in recent years and will participate in the annual sales tax holiday in early August. Citing concerns about how foregoing local sales tax revenues on certain clothing, personal computers, software and school supplies would affect the city’s finances, Ballwin aldermen in recent years had opted out of the tax holiday authorized by state law. That law gives communities the choice of whether or not to participate in the program. At its June 17 meeting, the alderman concluded the program’s financial impact would be negligible and it should be given a try. The ultimate impact probably will be difficult to measure. Robert Kuntz, city administrator, said he knows of no reliable statistics on the issue but would continue to search for whatever might be available. This year’s sales tax holiday begins at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 2 and continues through the following Sunday.

The city of Ballwin is considering turning over title to property it owns and has been leasing to the Ballwin Athletic Association (BAA). Vern Young, BAA president, asked the city’s Board of Aldermen at its June 17 meeting how the association could acquire the property, which includes a small house and some property around it located adjacent to the group’s existing complex south of Manchester Road on Ballpark Drive. The city took title to the property a number of years ago, anticipating it could eventually be part of an economic development project. In the meantime, the city has been leasing the house and land to the BAA whose property adjoins the site. During the citizen comment period at the start of the meeting, Young told the aldermen he hopes a property transfer can be negotiated in time for the association’s 75th anniversary observance in 2015. Judging from comments made at the end of the meeting when aldermen again brought up the subject for discussion, an agreement could come much sooner. The Ballwin Board

wound up approving a resolution asking Robert Jones, the city’s legal counsel, to prepare a proposal transferring the property. There was consensus the agreement should include a provision calling for the property to revert to the city if the BAA ever ceased operations.

Chesterfield Former Parkway West wrestling coach sentenced in rape case A former Parkway West wrestling coach, Jason S. Lewis, of O’Fallon, pleaded guilty June 12 to three charges of sexual contact with a student. Lewis in January Lewis 2011 was arrested at his home for sexual contact with a female student in 2010. Lewis was charged with three counts of second-degree statutory rape, five counts of seconddegree sodomy and having sexual contact with a student on at least three occasions on public school property, police said. In addition, he was charged in St. Louis County and pleaded guilty to three counts of statutory rape and sexual contact with a student and five counts of statutory sodomy.

On June 19, he was judged as guilty on all counts and sentenced to four years in prison on three concurrent sentences. According to Chesterfield Police Lt. Steven Lewis, an anonymous tip left on the Parkway School District’s 24-hour security hotline led to the arrest. The victim in the case, who is a junior at Parkway West, acknowledged to investigators that the sexual contact had occurred, Tandy said. The district has suspended Lewis without pay. Lewis had worked at the school since 2008 and was hired after a police background check revealed no previous instances of misconduct, district officials said.

LABADIE World War II remembrance ceremony scheduled A Marine Corps League remembrance ceremony will be held on Saturday, July 13 at 10 a.m. at the Bethel Cemetery in Labadie to honor World War II Marine Medal of Honor recipient Private George Phillips. Phillips was born on July 14, 1926 in Rich Hill, Mo., and enlisted in the Marine Corps in April 1944. He was assigned to the Second Battalion, 28th Marines, 5th Marine Division during the battle for Iwo

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B-17 to offer tours, rides July 2-7 The Experimental Aircraft Association’s B-17 “Aluminum Overcast” aircraft – one of only two B-17s still licensed to carry passengers – will kick off the Fair St. Louis Air Show with a flyover at noon on July 4. But for history and aviation enthusiasts the best part of the B-17’s visit is the chance to get up close and personal with the historic aircraft. During its stop in St. Louis, Aluminum Overcast will be parked at St. Louis Downtown Airport in Cahokia, Ill., where it will be available for on-ground tours and limited “flight missions.” For advance flight and tour details and costs, visit b17.org or contact EAA’s tour office at (800) 359-6217. Onsite booking information is available for flight missions by calling (920) 371-2244. Public flights will be offered July 2-3. While in the metro area, Aluminum Overcast will also be stopping at Spirit of St. Louis Airport in Chesterfield. July 5-6, the plane will be parked at Spirit Airport and offer both air and ground tours. Jima. During the night of March 14, 1945, he was standing the foxhole watch as other Marines rested after a bitter fight when Japanese troops tossed a hand-grenade among them. Instantly realizing the gravity of the situation, he unhesitatingly threw himself on the grenade, sacrificing his own life to save his comrades from the blast. The ceremony will be conducted by the Private George Phillips Detachment of the Marine Corps League located in Manchester. The Detachment, which has 144 members, was formed in 2005 and since that time has raised and donated over $100,000 toward veteran-related and community charities. It meets at 7:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of every month at Walter LePere American Legion Post #208 at 225 Old Sulphur Spring Road in Manchester.

TOWN & COUNTRY Federal fraud case indictment The FBI is calling a case involving a Town & Country man, who was indicted on federal fraud charges, one of the largest seizures of counterfeit goods in St. Louis history. Jack Frison, Sr. was indicted on multiple charges relating to his alleged involvement in the sale of counterfeit goods and DVDs. According to the indictment, Frison owns the Frison Flea Market, located in Pagedale. Vendors paid Frison a rental fee to rent and operate sales booths at his Flea Market, and many of these vendors openly sold counterfeit goods from their booths at the Market. The counterfeit goods included clothing, footwear, purses, accessories, movie DVDs and music CDs. Many of the counterfeit items including purses, were of such price, quality and appearance that it was apparent

that the items were counterfeit. The indictment alleges that Frison knew that the goods were counterfeit and allowed vendors to continue selling such goods. If convicted, the conspiracy and copyright infringement charges each carry a maximum penalty of five years in prison and/or fines up to $250,000 and trafficking in counterfeit goods carries a maximum of 10 years in prison and/or fines up to $2 million. In determining the actual sentences, a judge is required to consider the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines, which provide recommended sentencing ranges.

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ST. Louis County Metro loan approved The St. Louis County Council on June 18 approved a loan of up to $400 million for Metro Transit. John Nations, president and CEO of Metro, said the agreement is for the purpose of allowing Metro to pay off its long-term debt. The Council voted to approve the loan from St. Louis County’s Proposition A funds, which can only be used for transportation purposes and have accumulated to about $75 million and not been utilized. “Not only over time will this be a huge savings for the taxpayers of St. Louis County; it’s a very smart financial move for the county,” Nations said. “We’re talking millions of dollars over time.” Nations said the move will also put the county in a position to talk about capital expansion of public transportation. “This also fosters a lot of cooperation, which is very important in this day and age,” he said. Metro has the capacity to borrow for up to 40 years under governing authority.

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Outlet mall just the beginning of $300 million Blue Valley development conference call, Simon Chairman and CEO David Simon said the property was 96 percent leased and on its way to being fully leased at opening. Simon officials said they have seen so much interest in the mall that they are in discussions with retailers about leasing space in phase two of the center. They would not offer any details as to when phase two might get underway, but Wolfe speculated it could be soon after the grand opening. At presstime, the other outlet mall, opening in the Valley on Aug. 2, Taubman Prestige Outlets Chesterfield, was not prepared to issue any current leasing figures. However, the Chesterfield city website shows that 46 tenants at that mall have been issued municipal zoning approvals. Last December, Taubman officials said the mall This rendering shows one vision for Chesterfield Blue Valley. (Photo courtesy of Chesterfield Blue Valley) was 70 percent leased. As St. Louis Premium Outlets hosted a By CAROL ENRIGHT rior finish work – and are on their way to job fair on June 21 to recruit more than 800 cenright@newsmagazinenetwork.com receiving building permits from St. Louis employees, Wolfe provided another employAs St. Louis Premium Outlets prepares County. The new mall boasts a number of ment figure: 4,000. That is the number of for its grand opening on Aug. 22, Dean high-profile brands, including Coach, Cole jobs he projects will be supported by the Wolfe has his sights set on the 73 acres yet Haan, J. Crew, Kate Spade, Gap, Nike, Ugg entire Blue Valley development in 2018. Wolfe offered up a few more numbers, to be developed around the mall. Wolfe is Australia, Under Armour, Vera Bradley and including 910,000 square feet of building area the principal of the 134-acre Chesterfield tony anchor Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th. Blue Valley, which is home to the 50-acre Wolfe said he could not confirm that the left to develop in Blue Valley. This dwarfs the 391,000 square feet of gross building area in outlet mall being built by Simon Property mall was fully leased. Group west of Hwy. 40 and south of the “It takes 60 days to build out tenant the outlet mall development. At the Chesterfield Valley Coalition Daniel Boone Bridge. space, so, very shortly, we will have our The mall is almost leased out. Seventy- final tenant count for the grand opening,” meeting, Wolfe talked about the 1,750 new seven tenants, out of the 85 storefronts in he told a recent meeting of the Chesterfield trees that will be planted in Blue Valley. He joked that they were “taking soybean fields phase one, have municipal zoning approv- Valley Coalition. als from the city of Chesterfield for inteIn an April 26, 2013, first-quarter earnings and turning them into forests.”

Shoppers can meander through this “forest” on 3 miles of sidewalks and 37 acres of open space. From there, the numbers skyrocket. Wolfe said the total capital investment in Blue Valley, including the outlet mall, would reach $300 million. Annual projected sales are $350 million by 2018, which translates to $24 million in projected tax revenue. This more than doubles the sales projections put out by Simon last July, when it predicted that the outlet mall alone would generate $140 million in annual retail sales and $11 million in sales taxes. So, where is the other $200 million-plus going to come from? Chesterfield Blue Valley is zoned for retail, office, hotel, restaurant and entertainment venues. Wolfe said he is not at liberty to reveal the names of any potential users; however, he said he is negotiating with several and has received six letters of intent. Three-and-a-half million is the number of visitors the new mall is expected to attract. All those shoppers will create traffic that will be accommodated by newly widened sections of Chesterfield Airport and Olive Street roads. The biggest road improvement is a new intersection connecting a seven-lane section of Olive to the newly widened fivelane Chesterfield Airport Road. Wolfe said he expects 20 percent of the traffic to travel to the site via Chesterfield Airport Road, 40 See OUTLET MALLS, page 19

Workers’ comp sets off heated Monarch Fire Protection District debate By JIM ERICKSON ericksonjim@att.net The election to fill a seat on the Monarch Fire Protection District Board was more than two months ago but the directors’ June 20 meeting showed that the charges, countercharges and personal attacks haven’t ended. During the citizen comment period, four speakers leveled a variety of criticisms and accusations at two members of the previous Board, including Kim Evans, who no longer is a director. That left Steve Swyers, elected in 2011, to bear the brunt of the onslaught. Dick Barber, a leader of the citizens group Monarch Concerned Taxpayers, led off, first speaking in support of Robin Harris, the current chairman, and Jane Cunningham, who was elected in April to replace Evans. Praising them for steps already announced to address workers’ compensation costs and expenditures for overtime paid to the district’s firefighter-paramedics, Barber said the two issues were tightly intertwined and that increases in workers’

comp claims and insurance rates appeared to indicate “fraud and abuse.” He quickly noted he wasn’t going to say fraud and abuse were prevalent. However, he later declared that the filing by 19 district employees of multiple workers’ comp claims “means fraud and abuse.” Similarly, he also asserted that his 25 years of experience handling such claims in his business operation affirmed his view that fraud and abuse prevailed at Monarch. A fireman’s job isn’t that hard and claims for injuries are out of proportion for the number of people the district employs, Barber said. Among other things, he cited the increase in claims since 2005, which translated into a 2012 premium of $1.2 million. Rates for workers’ compensation insurance are based on a rolling average of costs during the preceding three years. He also charged that “union control of the district” and the increase in claims “go hand in hand” and that the district’s command staff had abdicated responsibility for

controlling the rising costs. Another district resident, David Mitchell, also commended Harris and Cunningham and criticized the number of workers’ comp claims. Steven Boody questioned the role of the firefighters union in district elections, including support for Cole McNary, the candidate Cunningham defeated in April. He blamed the political involvement on union leaders and said rank-and-file members need to take back control of their organization. Boody acknowledged that firefighters have “a dangerous job,” but said that taxpayers have had enough (of union political involvement). Rick Gans accused Swyers of having frequent behind-the-scenes communications with union leaders and said he (Swyers) had lost the respect of voters, including many earlier supporters, by backing a tax increase two years ago. Swyers later voted to rescind that hike, a move Gans said was prompted by Cunningham’s vocal opposition to the Board’s original decision.

When the union gains control of the Board, the budget process is turned upside down, Gans said. Gans, a former Monarch director, was defeated by Swyers in the 2011 election. Having listened to the direct and indirect criticism aimed at him, Swyers responded by assailing the “personal, political attacks.” He reminded Barber and Gans that the high 2012 workers’ compensation insurance premium was based on earlier years when Gans was on the Board. In addition, he noted that workers’ comp expenditures and overtime hours both had declined considerably from 2011 to 2012, a favorable trend cited by an insurance representative at a recent Monarch Board meeting. The Board’s subsequent discussion of Monarch’s practices on how and under what circumstances injured employees should be assigned light-duty jobs to save on workers’ comp claims, as well as an upcoming medical and legal review of those claims and district policies, suggests the debate is far from over.




St. Louis County plans 200-foot tower for Babler Park in Wildwood

m ts d m v.c om

m tsd m v . com

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By MARY SHAPIRO mshapiro@newsmagazinenetwork.com While some nearby residents are wondering about its effect on their home values, emergency responders are supporting plans for a 200-foot-tall future emergency communications telecommunication tower proposed for the southern end of Dr. Edmund A. Babler Memorial State Park in Wildwood. During a St. Louis County Department of Planning public hearing on June 11 at Wildwood City Hall, David Barney, the county’s emergency communications commission director, said plans are for the freestanding tower to be built in a maintenance area at 150 Cedar Drive near the southern end of the park and just north of Rieger Road. Barney said the county is completing lease negotiations for the site with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, which operates the park. He estimated groundbreaking for the tower as early as August. While there are federal and state restrictions on use of some areas of the park, they do not cover the small maintenance area, Barney said. The tower will be part of the commission’s interoperable radio communications project and will be one of 25 transmitter tower locations in and around St. Louis County. The towers are needed to provide coverage for a new emergency communications network serving the region. A one-tenth-of-a-cent emergency communications sales tax, approved by county voters in 2009, is funding creation of the shared radio communications system that will serve 67 police departments, 45 fire departments and districts and 55 local government agencies. The new system will allow for those agencies in St. Louis, St. Charles and Jefferson counties as well as the city of St. Louis and adjacent counties in Illinois to use a single communications network during emergencies and for day-to-day operations. Barney said that activation of the new radio system, by Dec. 31 of this year, also is necessary to meet a requirement of the Federal Communications Commission. The new communications system will let police, fire and municipal public safety first responders all talk to each other through a single network, something they could not do even a couple months ago when a tornado went through Hazelwood, he said. Andy Erthal, who lives on Rieger Road, said that he did not want to see a tall tower every day from his yard or window and feared an effect on home values. Dennis Cloud, who lives on Sara Matthews Lane, said, “Most of us moved here for the rolling hills, and an ugly tower won’t fit in with that scheme. People will

drive around that turn on a beautiful road and wonder why the (expletive) they put that tower there; what were they thinking?” Responding to concerns and questions, Barney said there would be no communications interference from the tower. He admitted the tower will be visible from some areas outside the park. Erthal asked if the tower could be camouflaged as a tree. But Barney explained that the technology to be used for the tower would not allow it to be camouflaged to look like a tree because two antennae, each 12 feet long, must be installed and stand out from the tower. “We’re not trying to create an eyesore or lower home values but to get information to emergency responders faster,” Barney said. “To have system coverage, we need that tower somewhere in this high-point area of Wildwood to have overlapping coverage with other nearby towers that will go up.” Likely another tower will be needed at another site, yet to be determined elsewhere in Wildwood, and still another one is planned for Eureka, Barney said. Towers must be located 2 to 3 miles away from each other and generally will cost $400,000 to $500,000 each, though they will vary in height somewhat, he said. Chief Vincent Loyal, of the Metro West FPD, said the importance of the new communications system “can’t be overstated and has been a long time needed.” “The hills and trees that make this area appealing also are an obstacle in effective communication,” he said. “For years in West County, there have been areas where we can’t communicate with our dispatch center, so we support this tower wholeheartedly.” Monarch Fire Protection District Assistant Chief John Borgmann added that in some areas near Babler Park firefighter-paramedics have occasionally been forced to use a home’s landline because they cannot otherwise contact their communications center or hospitals through their portable radios. Barney said the new tower also may end up helping address voice and broadband cellular service gaps in western Wildwood. “We’re not building the tower for commercial use and aren’t in it to make money, but, if we have extra capacity, we’re open to discussions with companies like AT&T and Verizon if they want to improve their coverage,” he said. “Cellular and mobile data antennae would be smaller than what we’d need on the tower for public safety. But we also can’t overload a tower.” City Councilmember Larry McGowen (Ward 1) lives near the Babler Park tower site but favors the plan. “This is a situation where, for the good of the community as a whole, we need to make some sacrifice,” he said.




Ballwin dispute over unoccupied ‘hoarder home’ likely to be resolved By JIM ERICKSON ericksonjim@att.net The long-running saga involving an unoccupied home in Ballwin and the city’s efforts either to bring the dwelling up to standard or to have it demolished may be coming to an end. That outcome appeared possible at a June 17 meeting when the city’s Board of Aldermen approved an offer from the trustee in charge of the property to settle the yearslong dispute. Robert Jones, Ballwin’s legal counsel, told the Board of Aldermen that the trustee of the structure has offered to settle the case by paying the city $20,000 and by ending his appeal of an earlier court decision awarding the city $24,850 for legal fees and pre-demolition expenses related to the house. In addition, the trustee, Walter Adam Yung, will transfer the property’s title to his daughter and son-in-law who want to move into the home, Jones said. Before the title transfer takes place, the structure will require considerable maintenance and repairs to pass a required building inspection. The long-unoccupied and deteriorating house is on Breezeview in southeastern Ballwin. After a lengthy period when nearby property owners and the city attempted to get the dwelling repaired or torn down as

a public nuisance and dangerous building, Ballwin took action last year to demolish it. That step was stymied by the discovery of so much personal property in the home that pre-demolition tests for asbestos couldn’t be made until the items were hauled away. The removal was started by the city, but interrupted by Yung, who said he was the trustee of a trust that owned the property. The city was unaware a new trustee (Yung) with a legal interest in the dwelling. Ballwin then filed suit against Yung and Clyde C. Farris Jr., holder of a deed of trust on the Breezewood site. The lawsuit sought $8,624 in expenses the city incurred while attempting to tear down the structure, along with associated legal costs. Yung filed a counterclaim against Ballwin for its action, but a St. Louis Circuit Court judge ruled in the city’s favor. A later ruling awarded Ballwin the legal fees it had requested. Yung’s subsequent appeal of those actions will be ended under terms of the settlement offer and the city will receive $20,000 of the $24,850 awarded. City Administrator Robert Kuntz recommended the Board approve the settlement “in the interest of expediency.” The Board voted 7-1 in favor of the settlement, with Alderman Michael Boland (Ward 4) opposed.

Ballwin Board approves special use exception in commercial zoning By JIM ERICKSON ericksonjim@att.net The Ballwin Board of Aldermen has unanimously approved a measure permitting an indoor shooting range as a special use exception in the city’s C-1 commercial zoning areas. The action is not an OK for any range at a specific location. However, a request to establish a range behind the new Wendy’s restaurant and the gas station/convenience store now being built at Manchester Road and Seven Trails Drive has been heard by the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission and is awaiting final decision-making on variances needed for approval of a site plan. The commission had endorsed the concept of a special use exception for a shooting range in C-1 areas and had forwarded that finding to the aldermen for their approval. Ballwin resident Ray Kerlagon, husband of Alderman Kathy Kerlagon (Ward 4), spoke in support of the zoning-related change, saying he had spoken with a number of real estate agents and church

leaders and had found no opposition. Kerlagon described the operation of an indoor shooting range as “a non-event” in the minds of those with whom he talked. Alderman Mike Finley (Ward 1) agreed with Kerlagon, quoting a statement attributed to President Theodore Roosevelt endorsing the importance of teaching men to shoot. Similarly, Alderman Mark Harder (Ward 2) said he had checked with local law enforcement officers in areas where other shooting ranges exist and learned they had not encountered any problems with such businesses. Alderman Jim Terbrock (Ward 1) reported he had heard no negative feedback about having a shooting range in the city but did receive a number of positive inquiries. Depending on when the Planning and Zoning Commission acts on input received from the Board of Adjustments on variances needed at the Manchester RoadSeven Trails Drive site, the earliest the topic of a shooting range there could come before the Board of Aldermen is Aug. 19.

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By KATE UPTERGROVE editorwest@newsmagazinenetwork.com Last month the Federal Trade Commission challenged Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc.’s proposed $2.8 billion acquisition of rival casino operator Ameristar Casinos, Inc., alleging that the proposed deal would reduce competition and lead to higher prices and lower quality for customers in the St. Louis, Missouri and Lake Charles, La., areas. The administrative complaint against the two companies alleged that the deal would violate U.S. antitrust law. But less than a month later, Pinnacle now says it has reached a tentative agreement with the FTC to complete its acquisition. Key to that agreement is the selling of an Ameristar casino project in Lake Charles, La., and the Lumiere Place Casino, HoteLumiere and Four Seasons Hotel in St. Louis. The complaint hinged on the fact that

there are significant barriers to entry for a new casino in each of these markets as there are only a limited number of casino licenses available in each state and that all casino licenses have been issued. The acquisition of Ameristar would give Pinnacle a 60 percent market share and reduce the number of casino operators in the St. Louis market from four to three. With the sale of Lumiere Place, the playing field would level out once again. In a statement released June 18, Anthony Sanfilippo, chief executive officer of Pinnacle Entertainment, said: “We are pleased with the progress we have made in addressing the Federal Trade Commission’s administrative complaint and look forward to completing our proposed acquisition of Ameristar as soon as possible in the third quarter.” No word yet on any parties interested in St. Louis’ downtown casino complex.


IN ED 14434 CLAYtoN RoAD, bALLwIN, Mo 7-7 MoN-FRI, 8-5 SAt, 10-3 SuN | (636) 220-8371 Ballwin_June FSI_v3.indd 1

Lumiere Place put up for sale in Pinnacle’s bid to buy Ameristar

6/21/13 11:29 AM

CVAC to install bleacher solar panels By SARAH WILSON swilson@newsmagazinenetwork.com The Chesterfield City Council on June 17 approved a recommendation by the parks and recreation committee to install solar panels as part of new bleacher cover rooftops on athletic fields at the Chesterfield Valley Athletic Complex. The Council voted 5-2 in favor of the bleacher covers. “These provide protection that the people would like to have, but at the same time, they can reduce our use of electricity,” Councilmember Elliot Grissom (Ward 2) said. The solar panels also will generate electricity that can be sold back to Ameren, he

said, which will save the city money. The cost of the solar panels was originally estimated at $154,000, but Grissom said there would be an additional cost of $50,000 for installation. However, Ameren Missouri agreed to reimburse the city for the additional costs. Councilmember Nancy Greenwood (Ward 1) was one of the two councilmembers opposed to the legislation. “I still don’t really know, because these have not been used anywhere else, and I have great reservations about being the guinea pig for ball fields,” Greenwood said. “I would prefer that we have something that has been used other places.”




Branding, marketing firm selected for Great Streets communities ville’s recent rash of publicity related to efforts by city leaders to oust Mayor Adam Paul from office would place a cloud over any attempt to create a positive brand for the three-city area. After Dogan’s comment, Fleming suggested it might be time for “someone” to withdraw as the most prominent face of the Great Streets effort. He did not mention anyone by name and declined to do so later; however, former Ellisville mayor and now Councilmember Matt Pirrello is a champion of the Great Streets Initiative

and earlier this year gave a detailed presentation about the program at a weekend retreat held by the Ballwin Board. Introduced in 2006 by the East-West Gateway Council of Governments, the basic mission of the Great Streets Initiative is to create a better future by giving participating communities the tools to create interesting and memorable places and to provide for economic sustainability and an environment for business success. More than 160 planners, engineers, city managers and elected officials attended

a Great Streets Symposium sponsored by East-West Gateway in October 2006. Attendees heard national and local experts discuss how a “Great Street” can stimulate sustainable economic activity, provide an aesthetically pleasing sense of place and still efficiently and safely move vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. The Manchester Road Great Streets Master Plan was submitted in January 2011 and, according to the East-West Gateway website (ewgateway.org), is funded for initial construction in fiscal year 2014.

Chesterfield Primary Care Dr. Jamie Tueth Chesterfield Primary Care offers comprehensive health care services to patients over the age of 18, including: routine physical exams and well-woman exams, sick (acute care) visits, treatment of chronic medical conditions, pre-operative clearance, and on-site lab draws for our patients’ convenience. Dr. Tueth also has a special interest in preventing and treating cardiovascular disease. Dr. Jamie Tueth is a board-certified internal medicine physician who works closely with her patients to provide high quality, compassionate medical care right where you live.

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By JIM ERICKSON ericksonjim@att.net The city of Ballwin has agreed to take the Great Streets Initiative another step forward by approving a resolution to join with Wildwood and Ellisville in a contract with North Star Destination Strategies, based in Nashville, Tenn., a firm specializing in the branding and marketing of communities. The decision came after several city officials weighed in on the issue – some expressing skepticism about what an outside firm could do to attract a larger share of the consumer’s dollar to the three communities and others suggesting that an outsider’s viewpoint could be just what the cities need. Ballwin’s one-third share of the contract expense will be $27,866. North Star has proposed developing a brand identity that businesses along and adjoining the Manchester Road corridor can use in promoting their own goods and services. Strategies that the cities themselves can use to establish a common identity through aesthetic upgrades and unified approaches also will be explored. Perhaps the most outspoken during the branding debate was Alderman Shamed Dogan (Ward 2) who described the work North Star proposes to do as “flimflammery.” Dogan was the only alderman voting against the contract, approved on a 7-1 vote. Alderman Jim Terbrock said he agreed with some of Dogan’s observations but said an outside view could be helpful, though he admitted, “I still need more convincing on that.” Alderman Frank Fleming (Ward 3) conceded he remains somewhat skeptical, but added that it’s important “to keep making progress in bite-size chunks.” “Anything that can be done to encourage the three communities to work together is beneficial,” he noted. Mayor Tim Pogue, who votes on such issues only when a tie-breaker is needed, said he would have been against the proposal six months ago but had changed his mind after hearing the presentation of what North Star proposes to do. “I feel our businesses will buy into the marketing effort,” he predicted. City Administrator Robert Kuntz said an outsider’s look at ways to keep residents shopping locally instead of going elsewhere could be helpful in creating a positive image that generates greater sales in the Manchester Road area. “I can’t guarantee you X-amount more in sales for every dollar spent,” he said. But, he added, creating a brand for the communities should be beneficial. The overall branding and marketing effort will be tied to the Manchester Road repaving project scheduled next year. Dogan also questioned whether Ellis-

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All proceeds benefit the Alzheimer’s Association Join us on July 10 as we “Cookout for a Cause” at The Solana West County. Enjoy traditional cookout fare and we’ll forward your donation to the Alzheimer’s Association. It promises to be a lot of fun and a great way to experience the service and hospitality that make The Solana West County such an exceptional place to live.

Wednesday, July 10 • 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. donations to the

(Photo by Linda Green Metzler)

First all-solar plane lands in St. Louis


cookout for a cause at the solana

Celebrating another aviation first for St. Louis (from left) are Barry Flachsbart, Don Wiegand, Bertrand Piccard, Jane Durrell, Andre Borschberg, Dan Hurt and Mark Wrighton.

alzheimer’s association accepted.

RESERVATIONS: CALL RAY AT (636) 527-5700 Assisted Living Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care 785 Henry Avenue, Ballwin, MO 63011

(636) 527-5700 brookdale.com ALL THE PLACES LIFE CAN GO is a Trade Mark of Brookdale Senior Living Inc., Nashville, TN, USA. ® Reg. U.S. Patent and TM Office. 18760-ROP01-0713 LMM

By SHEILA FRAYNE RHOADES Aviation history was made in St. Louis on June 4 when Solar Impulse, a fully solar-powered plane, landed at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. The plane’s mission is to fly both day and night without fuel, thereby showcasing the potential of solar power – and St. Louis played an important stop in its 2013 Flight Across America. One of only seven American cities to be graced with a Solar Impulse visit, the stop here was symbolic of St. Louis’ connection with Charles Lindbergh, The Lone Eagle. Solar Impulse’s flight plan called for its American journey to be completed in five segments with stops in San Francisco, Phoenix, Dallas, St. Louis, Washington, D.C., and finally New York City. Each flight segment is expected to take between 14 and 21 hours. The Swiss-built, ultra-light airplane is powered by 12,000 photovoltaic cells covering its 208-foot wing span. The photo cells charge four battery-powered electric motors. The solar energy gathered by day is enough to recharge the engines’ 881-pound lithium batteries, which allow the plane to fly at night. The one-pilot plane flies at 45 miles per hour, weighs about the same as a small car and can soar over 30,000 feet. The project’s founders and co-pilots are famed balloonist Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg, who alternate piloting each leg of the journey. In a press statement, Piccard explained his interest in coming to St. Louis. “It was particularly important for me to come to St. Louis,” he said, “because I was so inspired when I met Charles Lindbergh at Cape Canaveral during a launch of the Apollo when I was 11 years old.” He said he was “truly moved” when he landed at Lambert, but the landing was just the start of the good things to come during the plane’s St. Louis layover. On June 4, Chesterfield sculptor Don

Wiegand and Gregg Maryniak, vice chairman of The Lindbergh Foundation, presented the pilots with two of Wiegand’s framed paper cast– The Spirit of St. Louis Crossing the Atlantic, as well as a bas-relief portrait of Lindbergh. “When we learned that Solar Impulse and its team would fly to St. Louis in honor of Lindbergh, we wanted to welcome the crew to our city with an acknowledgement from the foundation,” Maryniak said. Wiegand added, “This was our way of honoring their accomplishment.” The acknowledgment did not stop there. On June 7, The Wiegand Foundation presented each of the 45 international crew members with The Liberty Medal, which is modeled after Wiegand’s portrait sculpture of Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, designer of the Statue of Liberty. Wiegand explained that the first strike of this medal was co-sponsored by D.R.A.F.T (Disability Rights Advocates for Technology), an organization representing liberty for the disabled. He added, “The entire flight crew represents that same spirit of liberty and freedom.” The medal presentation took place at Lambert and was attended by Chesterfield City Councilmembers Barry Flachsbart (Ward 1) and Dan Hurt (Ward 3); Jane Durrell, of the Chesterfield Historic Commission; and Mark Wrighton, chancellor of Washington University in St. Louis. “Charles Lindbergh’s adventures changed the face of aeronautic industry, opening the world to new transportation possibilities. Through aviation, Solar Impulse is giving the world new perspectives on how to profit from existing technologies and renewable energies.” Considered to be the world’s mostadvanced sun-powered aircraft, Solar Impulse’s next adventure is a flight around the world scheduled for 2015.




Local construction projects spur economy, burden fire district By JIM ERICKSON ericksonjim@att.net The pace of building activity in Chesterfield and other parts of the Monarch Fire Protection District is good news for the local economy. But the amount of construction work has put the district in a bind as far as keeping up with its inspections of the new projects, as well as its regular, periodic checks of business and industrial locations. That issue and how best to address it were the subjects of a lengthy discussion at a Monarch Board meeting earlier this month. Roger Herin, Monarch fire marshal, said the hectic pace of inspection work called for the addition of two full-time fire inspectors and replacing an administrative assistant who soon will retire. Active, large-scale projects, such as the two outlet malls now being built in Chesterfield Valley, have been willing to pay the district for the extra overtime needed to keep their inspections current and construction on schedule, Herin said. In spite of that, the inspection workload is increasing. Monarch Board Chairman Robin Harris said he is concerned about the additional

OUTLET MALLS, from page 13 percent to come from the east going west on Hwy. 40 and about 25 percent to come from St. Charles County. In addition to widening Olive Street Road, Wolfe plans to ask the city to rename it. He said that most locals are confused by the name, as they expect Olive to continue from where it becomes Clarkson Road near Faust Park. They have no idea that it reappears in the Valley. Wolfe also explained the origins of the Blue Valley name. “When you drive down from Chesterfield Mall and you’re looking across the Valley, it sort of looks blue and hazy – because of the humidity, probably,” said Wolfe. But the real inspiration came from a book called “Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space,” by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne. “We don’t have an ocean here, but we have a valley,” said Wolfe. “And what we really liked about the location was by being at the west end and at the bridge – the gateway – we were really creating a situation where the other competition to what we wanted to do was going to be irrelevant.” Wolfe said he hopes to see some activity on new Blue Valley projects this fall. But said he told all interested tenants that he didn’t want any construction happening until after the mall opens. “We really did not want to distract from the grand opening on Aug. 22,” Wolfe said.

funds needed for hiring multiple new people. One alternative discussed was using current on-duty firefighters for routine inspection work on at least an interim basis. The district has done that in the past but more recently has centered that activity in Herin’s department. Turning over some of that work to firefighters raised the question of the quality of the resulting inspections. Countering that point was the fact that more firefighters would be more familiar with more buildings and other facilities in the district, an

advantage if they later are called to those sites for any fire or other emergency. After an hour of back-and-forth discussion, Harris’ motion to move routine inspections to firefighters at the district’s five fire stations was approved on a 2-0 vote. Director Jane Cunningham also supported the move. Director Steve Swyers was not at the meeting and was in a location where he couldn’t join the deliberations by phone. To facilitate the work, the Board also authorized the purchase of up to 10 iPads so that the firefighters’ inspections can be recorded

the same way as the district’s regular inspections. Herin estimated it will take three or four weeks to acquire the handheld computers and bring the firefighters up to speed on them and the software used. After further debate, the Board also approved seeking applications for the jobs of fire inspector and administrative assistant but without stating the number of inspectors to be hired. In addition, Harris asked for information on how job applications are handled, including how they are reviewed and other steps in evaluating job candidates.

20 I schools I



Food Preservation Classes taught By the University of Mo extension July 11: 5:00-7:30

Canning Salsa And Fruit | Pressure Canning


Thursdays 4-7:30 p.m. • Bluebird Park (on Kiefer Creek Road just south of Manchester Rd.)

www.ellisvillefarmersmarket.org 636-686-0705

On Facebook – Ellisville Community Farmers Market Twitter: twitter.com/ellisvillecfmkt

to register

rown, Local Homeg ad Homem e and Handmade Produce & es Artisan War

Bu llet i n Boa rd

Front, from left: Jordan Johnson, Sarah Huber, Tahmid Islam; back, from left: Jean Campbell (Circle volunteer chair of scholarship committee), Daniel Kim, Karli McIntyre, Jason Palmer

Outstanding speech, debate, theater Jennifer Forrest-James, Parkway South High theater teacher, was awarded the Missouri State High School Activities Association Outstanding Speech, Debate, and Theater Educator Award for the 2012-13 season. The association gives the award to a teacher it feels gives outstanding service and devotion to speech, debate and theater programs in the state of Missouri.

Circle scholarships Eighteen West St. Louis County students will head off to college in the fall with a little extra support from their community – a scholarship from Circle Of Concern.

July 18: 5:00-7:30

636.227.7508 Freezing And Drying | Making Jams And Jellies

Circle Of Concern’s 2013 Scholarship Competition has awarded grants to 15 young people graduating from area high schools. The scholars and their schools include: Sarah Huber, Karli McIntyre (Eureka High), Tannia Pourdavarani (Marquette High), Daniel Kim (Parkway West High), Inayatullah Shaheen (Parkway Central High), Christine Troung (Parkway North High), Joshua Bruce, Adam James, Taha Khan, Jason Palmer, Rachele Ulmer (Parkway South High), Rachel Churchill (Rockwood Summit High) and Humza Ahmad, Tahmid Islam and Jordan Johnson (Valley Park High).

Music quarterfinalist Bridget Zimmermann, a music teacher at

Saturdays 8:30-12:30 p.m. Wildwood Town Center New Management, New Vendors, New Experience

www.wildwoodfarmersmarket.org 636-686-0005

On Facebook – Wildwood Farmers Market

Parkway’s Barretts Elementary, was named as a quarterfinalist for the Music Educator Award, sponsored by the Recording Academy and GRAMMY Foundation. This is the first Zimmermann year for the award, which honors teachers who have made a significant and lasting contribution to the field of music education. More than 30,000 teachers nationwide were nominated for the Music Educator Award, and Zimmermann is among the 217 teachers named quarterfinalists. If selected as the winner, Zimmermann will fly to Los Angeles to accept the award, attend the GRAMMY Awards ceremony and receive $10,000. Zimmermann said it is “definitely exciting to be recognized.” “I love having an opportunity to influence the young children,” Zimmermann said. “It’s so exciting to see them excited about learning, and I can be one of the people to turn them on to music and get them excited about it at an early age.”

Assistant Principal of the Year The St. Louis Association of Secondary Principals has selected Greg Bergner, assistant principal at Parkway Central Middle, as the St. Louis Middle School Assistant Bergner Principal of the Year for the 2012-13 school year. Bergner was honored at an SASSP Awards Banquet in April. The Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals is a professional organiza-

tion committed to the ongoing improvement of secondary education, the professional development of middle level and high school principals and assistant principals, and programs for the youth of Missouri.

Connecting through art Through their participation in the “Bookwallah Project,” students at Ellisville Elementary created colorful quilt squares to help decorate orphanages in India. After decorating the quilt squares last year, Sue Costin, the grandmother of student Tucker Thomas, finished the project this year by transforming the students’ work into beautiful quilts. One of the quilts was mailed to a boys home in Mangalore, South India, where many of the children who live there have lost parents to AIDS or have HIV themselves. According to Senna Jacob, coordinator for the Bookwallah Project, the quilt has given the children more hope and a sense of responsibility. The children prepared a video message to thank Ellisville Elementary for the gift. Another quilt the students created was sent to a children’s library in Delhi. According to Assistant Principal Emily Dittmer, several additional quilt projects are in the works at Ellisville Elementary. “This project has helped students understand the needs and struggles of children in other parts of the world,” Dittmer said. “In addition, it has shown them that art can connect them to others, regardless of how different their lives may be.”

Scholarship honoree Meramec Valley Bank has presented Valley Park High senior Tahmid Islam with a college scholarship. The scholarship

I schools I 21



Young and published Two students from Twin Oaks Christian were among the 20 published authors and artists who participated in the fifth annual Grannie Annie Gathering at Left Bank Books in downtown St. Louis on June 1. Before a standing room-only audience, the authors read excerpts from their family stories that were published in “Grannie Annie, Vol. 8,” released in May in both paperback and PDF editions, and the artists discussed their illustrations Maggie Morse (left) and Molly Andersen published in the same volume.
 The Grannie Annie Family Story Celebration invites students in U.S. grades four through eight, to interview an older relative, write a story about something interesting they discovered from their family’s history and share their work. Students also are invited to submit illustrations with their stories. After stories for publication have been selected, additional illustrations are solicited from students in the St. Louis area.
Students from Twin Oaks who participated in the Gathering were sixth-grader Molly Andersen and eighth-grader Maggie Morse, who both created illustrations to accompany two different stories. The Grannie Annie Family Story Celebration is a nonprofit corporation based in St. Louis. Its mission is to inspire young people to discover, write and share stories from their family’s history and to publish collections of their work. annually recognizes worthy students with financial assistance for college. Islam will attend Saint Louis University in the fall. In addition, Valley Park student Jordan Johnson, who also is a part-time teller at Meramec Valley Bank, has received three college scholarships. Jim Jones, Meramec Valley Bank senior vice president/lending officer, said the Emma O’Brien Scholarship is named in honor of an outstanding employee who never missed a day of work in her more than 60 years with Meramec Valley Bank. Johnson also received the Anna Cuchetti, Circle Of Concern and AXA Financial Scholarship. She will attend the University of Missouri in the fall. Ashley Webster, another high school senior and Meramec Valley Bank part-time employee, will attend St. Louis Community College on the A+ program and continue her work at the bank.

than 280 universities around the globe competed in the Capsim Challenge in November 2012, with 12 teams qualifying for the 48-hour, highpressure business simu- Mueller lation playoffs. Mueller was one of the teams. “The challenge pits students who have participated in either the Capstone or Foundation business simulation in their university studies to compete with other Capsim alumni to run the world’s top simulated company,” Fillenwarth said. Mueller had to first pick a product and then decide which segment she would market it to. Based on those decisions, she had to set sales forecasts, price, a promotional budget and then take out “loans” to pay for marketing and production.

Among the world’s best

Inspirational educator

St. Louis Community College student Emylee Mueller was recognized as the fourth highest-scoring student in the Capsim Challenge, an international business competition. Business instructor Al Fillenwarth has been using the Capsim Challenge as part of his course for four years. The tool is a simulation experience that immerses students in an exploration of core business processes. Students explore the relationship between research and development, marketing, production and finance by competing against each other in class. Depending on their scores, the STLCC students then can choose to compete in the international competition. Approximately 1,800 students from more

Parkway North High’s Chad Little received the 2013 Inspirational Theatre Educator Award from the Educational Theatre Association. The award is presented annually to three individuals who inspire students. North High student Erin Gaubatz nominated Little for the award. In the nomination, Erin mentioned Little’s “contagious” enthusiasm for theater and his unflagging support of students. “When l first started high school, I had no intention to be involved in theater as much as I am now,” Gaubatz said. “I had been signed up for a piano class; however, that year I was placed in Mr. Little’s theater arts class. It’s safe to say I never left.”

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COminG SOOn Rockwood approves using reserve


to balance 2013-2014 budget

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By MARY SHAPIRO mshapiro@newsmagazinenetwork.com For its 2013-2014 fiscal year starting July 1, Rockwood School District will use $4.6 million in reserves to balance its operating budget. The Board of Education on June 20 unanimously approved an operating budget calling for $207,551,947 in total operating revenues and $212,890,225 in expenses. That compares to 2012-2013 fiscal year projected operating revenues of $207,288,315 and expenses of $204,176,014. The dip into operating reserves will take that fund from an estimated $57,654,447 as of July 1 to $53,045,984 estimated as of June 30, 2014. Chief Financial and Legislative Affairs Officer Tim Rooney said that the 2013-14 budget included funds for Rockwood’s comprehensive school improvement planning process and a superintendent search and provides $500,000 more in professional development for teachers. Capital projects will be up $3.1 million and technology costs will rise $2.5 million. Projects in these categories include secur-

ing the foundation at Ellisville Elementary School, providing for additional security cameras and replacing aged heating/air conditioning units at various schools. The budget increases compensation for all employee groups, with the goal of bringing teacher, support staff and administrator salaries to the St. Louis County midpoint during the next two to three years, Rooney said. Salaries will increase by $2.1 million and benefits will increase by $2.4 million. The Board recommended that operating fund balances at the end of the fiscal year should equal 22 percent of the subsequent year’s budgeted operating expenditures. As of June 30, 2014, Rockwood’s fund balances are set to remain at 24.9 percent of budgeted expenditures, and the district will use these reserves to balance the next year’s operating budget, Rooney said. He also said Rockwood’s expenditure per pupil is $9,364, the third lowest out of 22 other St. Louis County school districts. “Rockwood residents are getting good value for their dollars, a lot of bang for their buck,” said Bill Brown, president of the Board of Education.

Rockwood finalizes policy for bringing tablets and similar devices to schools By MARY SHAPIRO mshapiro@newsmagazinenetwork.com Rockwood School District’s Board of Education on June 20 gave final approval to a policy change that will govern tablets and other personal technology devices that are being brought into schools by students, staff and visitors starting in the 2013-2014 school year. The Board approved communication and information systems guidelines revisions that were recommended to provide guidance in the area of personal technology devices that are even now being brought into the district and connected to the district network. The changes to the policy state that, while Rockwood won’t change its policy of providing computers and other technological devices for use by students and staff, district officials realize it’s often more convenient for personal technology devices owned by students and staff to be used to assist students in their studies and staff in their work. Those devices can include laptops, tablets and smartphones. Will Blaylock, the district’s director of instructional technology, at a Board meeting in early June explained that staff and students have filtered Internet access

through Rockwood’s wireless network on these devices now. But they’re not required to bring their own devices to school and there won’t be any curricular requirement for bringing personal devices, he said. “While these guidelines will allow personal devices to come in, we’ll still be buying technology because we’ve had some residents say that, otherwise, disadvantaged kids will be put at risk,” Blaylock said. “These changes will simply allow tablets and other devices they already have as a resource in school. “Students and staff will have access to the Internet through the network but will be quarantined from being able to fully access the network. A student or teacher will be able to log on but our network will filter the device and even give the user recommendations for anti-virus software to better protect their device.” Blaylock said that on any given school day more than 5,000 personal devices are logged on to Rockwood’s network. “Even visitors who come into the building with devices have them automatically connect up with our network, sometimes without the owners knowing it,” he said.



I 23


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Spor t s

The Metro Stars are from left (back row): Andrew Steinmann, Vasya Birdsong (captain), Ivan Rodriguez, Daniel Rasmussen, Akshay Chavakula, Daniel Proscino and Bill Hague (captain); (middle row) Victor Oduor, Kaine Cogan, Corey Nicholas, Zach Jin and Nathan Franz; (front row) Michael DeMartino (captain), Orville Birdsong (head coach), Patrick Kessler (assistant coach) and Nick Bertich (goalie). Not pictured: Jim Brattain (assistant coach), Terence Huang, Aiden Pratt, Daniel Runge, Harry Brattain and Austin Sellinger.

By WARREN MAYES wmayes@newsmagazinenetwork.com

Despite injuries, Metro Stars finish strong The Metro Stars, an under-16 boys soccer team, finished second in the recent 16th annual Tony Glavin Classic.

The Metro Stars play in the Missouri Youth Soccer Association and are an independent West County-based team. Their second-place finish was a considerable achievement given the challenges they faced, including absent and injured players. “We had several players hurt and some even played with existing injuries. Our

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bench, due to all the injuries and absent players, was not very deep,” coach Orville Birdsong said. “We only had three extra players going into the tournament and, after the first game, we lost one of our main mid-center players who pulled his ACL. We finished the tournament with only two extra players, but we finished strong.” The Metro Stars scored a 5-2 win over the home team Tony Glavin U16 in the first game. The Stars lost to Scott Gallagher U16 team 2-0 in their second game. “It was scoreless at the half,” Birdsong said. “We had several shots but just could not score.” In its final game, the Stars defeated Rush U16 4-2 to take second place. “After being tied at half 1-1, the boys turned it on during the second half and dominated possession,” Birdsong said. “We scored two quick goals in the first five minutes and never looked back. The tournament was based on a point system, but all we had to do was win the game and we secured second place and that’s what we did.” Forward Victor Oduor, of Marquette High, scored two goals in both the first game and last game. Midfielder Nathan Franz, of Parkway South, scored two goals in the first game and one in the last. Players on the Stars attend Marquette, Parkway Central, Parkway South and Whitfield. “We will get back together next November to play in the SLYSA U17 winter league,” Birdsong said. “Next spring we’ll be playing in several local and a couple out-of-town tournaments. Our goal is to

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make the Missouri State Cup next spring.” Birdsong says his players know each other well. “My team has been together for many years. In fact, I have a couple of boys who have been with me since they were in first grade,” Birdsong said. “We played in the SLYSA U16 spring league but really did not come together until the end of the season, winning most of our games then. “I’m really proud of these boys. Each one gave everything they had just to finish strong during the tournament.”

Chesterfield Bears, Warriors reunion A reunion of members of the Chesterfield Bears and Chesterfield Warriors was a big success as the athletes gathered to honor retired coach Manne Palan. Assistant coach Tony Bruning hosted the event in honor of Palan, who coached the Chesterfield Bears in the Chesterfield Football Association to four straight Gateway Football League Super Bowls from 2005 through 2008. “Manne loved it,” said Bruning, who served as assistant coach for the team that went 37-3 and won two Super Bowls. “Many of the same boys played for Manne’s basketball teams and baseball teams, which were called the Warriors. The boys went on to many area high schools where they continued to excel in sports.” Bruning said Manne’s wife, Lynne, was the No. 1 fan for the teams.

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The Atlantic 10 Conference-winning SLU Billikens

Some of the boys who attended were: Taylor O’Brien, a De Smet Jesuit grad who is going to Stanford on a rowing scholarship; Jack Kurzu, an MICDS grad who is going to Oklahoma State for football; Rex Kaplan, a Ladue grad who is going to Miami for baseball; Harnet Gill, a Francis Howell grad who is going to Missouri for football; Foye Oluokun, a John Burroughs grad who is going to Yale for football; and Nolan Berry, a De Smet Jesuit grad who is going to Butler for basketball. Former baseball, basketball and football assistants attended, including Kent Bruning, Jake Bruning, Jim Barton, Rob Gutzler, Kurt Bausch and Cho Minor. “I want to say thank you to all of the boys and their families,” Palan said. “Our experience together has exceeded my wildest expectation.”

High school signings Eureka’s Zach Goers has signed to play golf this fall at Fontbonne University.

High school boys volleyball Westminster Christian Academy senior Mitch Penning has added another accolade to cap his career with the Wildcats. The recent graduate has been named to the American Volleyball Coaches Association’s seventh annual High School Senior AllAmerica Team for boys volleyball. He was the only player from Missouri to be selected. This year’s group of 20 student-athletes represents 16 high schools from seven different states. “I was extremely excited to hear the news,” Penning said. “I am honored to be selected as an All-American.” Penning, a middle blocker, will play in college at Pepperdine. He helped lead Westminster to a second place finish in the recent Class 3 state tournament. “I am going to miss my high school team

very much, but I am glad to have finished with such a team and season,” Penning said.

College baseball Several West County athletes helped Saint Louis University capture the Atlantic 10 Conference championship this spring. The Billikens earned a spot in the NCAA tournament for the second time in four years. Stephen Fernandez, a Parkway Central graduate from Chesterfield, was a senior that has played for the team for the past four years. He started the first three years but had hand surgery and a torn ligament this year. That injury gave an opportunity to freshmen outfielder Michael Bozarth, a Parkway North graduate. Bozarth had a phenomenal year. Fernandez came back for the playoffs. In the six-game conference championship series, Fernandez hit .476 with a .762 slugging percentage and a .542 on-base percentage. Bozarth hit .440 with a .920 slugging percentage and a .500 on-base percentage. Bozarth hit his first three collegiate home runs in the series. He was named to the alltournament team. Jordan Hammerman, a Clayton graduate from Ellisville, played three of the games. He hit .455, with a .455 slugging percentage and a .500 on-base percentage. Hammerman was injured and sat out the last three games of his SLU career. The Billikens finished the season 41-21, matching the school record for wins set a season ago. They won the top seed in the Atlantic 10 Championship for the second consecutive season and won the school’s third Atlantic 10 title since joining the league in 2006. The Bills competed in the Columbia Regional in the NCAA tournament, facing Southeastern Conference powerhouse South Carolina and ACC foe Clemson.

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maggie lowe | 314-704-1876 Eureka's state champion seniors Allie Gentry, Madison Welde, Madison Deane, Courtney Silberberg, Ali Wallner, Sammi Dunda, Gabbie Herrick, Mackenzie Fagan and Hannah Leinert

Eureka wins first state soccer title By WARREN MAYES wmayes@newsmagazinenetwork.com Eureka girls soccer coach Bill Goggin rides off into retirement with the first state championship of his career. After 20 years at the helm, Goggin guided the Wildcats to the Class 3 state title with a 2-1 win over St. Teresa’s Academy. Eureka is just the third St. Louis area public school in 29 years to win a soccer title. Oakville won in 1991, and Lafayette accomplished it in 1997. Allie Gentry scored both goals for the Wildcats, who finished with a sparkling 21-1-1 record. Goggin said he still is having a hard time putting his arms around the championship. “Every coach imagines it, but most of us have no idea how to react,” Goggin said. “It really hit me after the win and celebration. Medals were handed out and then I told the girls how proud I was and that it was my last game. Then we all cried together. It was an interesting moment in my coaching career.” Goggin gave all credit to his team. “This group of girls is amazing. We have had great players in the past, but we had a tremendous collection of talent and attitude,” Goggin said. “Were they special? Absolutely.” After blanking Nixa 4-0 in the semifinals, the Wildcats were ready for St. Teresa’s. “We were all pretty nervous,” Goggin said, “but I was convinced we could win if we played up to our ability.” Gentry scored about 17 minutes in. “Allie’s first goal was amazing. She got loose at the top of the box and hit a very good shot that hit the crossbar, bounced up then down and spun into the goal,” Goggin said. “I am sure it happened fast but it sure seemed to be in slow motion to me.” St. Teresa’s tied the game about 5 minutes later, forcing the Wildcats to make several adjustments at the half. “They play an unusual system with one forward and five midfielders. We had not seen that before and their mids were controlling the game,” Goggin said. “We dropped

Hannah Leinert back to center mid and moved our backs around to take advantage of the space they gave us with only one forward. Courtney Silberberg moved out to the left wingback and Sammi Dunda moved to the right along with dropping Jessica Smelcer into a stopper position.” With about 15 minutes to play, Gentry scored her second goal off a long-driven ball from Silberberg on the left back spot. “Allie ran by their defender and beat the keeper to the ball and finished with a great and beautiful shot into the net for the winner,” Goggin said. When the game ended, Goggin said his emotions were “all over the map.” “I was happy for the girls and parents who have put so much into this and happy for all the coaches and myself,” Goggin said. “It was a long time coming.” For the seniors, it just seemed right. They have been so close to winning and to each other for these four years, it was appropriate that they go out on top.” Goggin left coaching the boys program three years ago. Now, he’s stepping away from the girls. “I am retiring from coaching because it is time,” Goggin said. “It’s time to let my assistant coaches run with it and time to move into other interests that require my time. “ That includes more time with his family. “My wife may get sick of my being home so early every day, compared to all these years of hours of coaching after school,” he joked. Goggin said he plans to continue teaching and that he is not quitting soccer cold turkey. “(Coach) Gary Schneider and the boys have always made me welcome, and I do the public announcing when I can for their home games,” Goggin said. He noted that the new girls coach will likely be one of his assistant coaches. “They are all great coaches and better people and friends,” Goggin said. “I will miss them very much. It has been a great run and time to move onto another identity. Besides, I am getting old.”




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On the calendar Little Medical School Summer Camp will be held from 9 a.m.-noon on Thursday, July 11 and Friday, July 12 (two-day program) at St. Luke’s Hospital in Chesterfield. Children ages 5-10 learn how the body and organs work, how to use instruments that real doctors use and how to tie knots like surgeon. The fee is $75. To register, visit littlemedicalshool.com, or call (314) 740-0388. •••

Free skin analysis for sun damage to the face will be offered from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. on Friday, July 12 at St. Luke’s Convenient Care inside Dierbergs, 1080 Lindemann Road in Des Peres. To register, visit stlukes-stl.com. ••• “Dementia, Falls & Care” will be presented from 6:30-8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 31 at Missouri Baptist Medical Center, 3015 N. Ballas Road in Town & Country. Ahmed Baig, M.D., a Saint Louis University School of Medicine dementia expert, will share insight on the relationship between dementia and fall risk and offer tips on how to minimize the risk of falls. Following the presentation, there will be a panel discussion with Jan McGillick, education director of the St. Louis chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, and Timothy Dolan, founder of Dolan Care Centers. Admission is free, and light snacks will be served. For more information, call Dolan Residential Care at (314) 993-9500. ••• The St. Luke’s Tour de Wellness Bicycle Ride will begin with check-in from 7:30-9 a.m. on Sunday, Aug. 18 at the Desloge Outpatient Center, 121 St. Luke’s Center Drive in Chesterfield. Participants take a 15-, 30or 60-mile scenic ride through West County and receive free screenings, health and wellness information and more. The event is suitable for intermediate to experienced riders and is sponsored by St. Luke’s Hospital in partnership with Great Rivers Greenway, Big Shark Bicycle Company and the city of Chesterfield. The fee is $35 per rider. To register, call (314) 576-2345.

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Camp Rainbow celebrates 25 years of changing kids’ lives By MARISSA FAWCETT Ronnie Brockman’s eyes began to water when she was asked, “What does Camp Rainbow mean to you?” A few moments later, after fighting back tears, Brockman answered passionately. “I think that it has become who we [Brockman and her husband] are,” she answered. “It identifies who we are and what we can do to help families.” Started in 1988 by Brockman and her husband, Allen, Camp Rainbow provides children with cancer and other blood-related diseases with the opportunity to enjoy a camp experience in a safe environment, free of cost. Camp Rainbow, held at Babler State Park in Wildwood, offers several types of camp experiences based on the age of the camper. Traditional camp is a weeklong overnight camp for campers ages 6-13. Mini Camp is a weeklong day camp offered for kids ages 4-6, and Teen Camp is a weekend-long overnight camp offered to older campers. Traditional camp was hosted June 10-14 this summer with more excitement than usual. This year Camp Rainbow campers and staff celebrated the 25th anniversary of the camp’s existence. “We have been very blessed,” Brockman said. Camp Rainbow started with approximately 28 campers, 28 counselors, one nurse and 10-15 staff members. This year, Camp Rainbow will welcome approximately 65 overnight campers, 10 day campers, 30 staff members, 65 counselors and at least one nurse from St. Louis

Children’s Hospital, SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center and Mercy Children’s Hospital. With a steady growth of campers came a steady growth of sponsors. Beginning with five sponsors, Camp Rainbow has blossomed. It currently has about 65 sponsors making it possible for Camp Rainbow to remain free to all of its campers. Indeed, Camp Rainbow has been very “blessed.” And Brockman isn’t the only one feeling blessed. Ask 9-year-old camper Heidi Kladiva and 11-year-old Blair Dubinsky and they’ll also tell of how “blessed” they are to attend Camp Rainbow. Kladiva, who has been attending Camp Rainbow the past six years, has battled cancer twice – once as an infant and again when she was in first grade. She said her favorite part of camp is “everything.” “Well, you do fun activities like swimming, fishing and art tent,” Kladiva explained. Another favorite activity is Kids Rock Cancer. This innovative program helps children cope with the unique set of emotional challenges that accompany a cancer diagnosis. Maryville University sends certified music therapists to Camp Rainbow where they use a portable recording studio to allow campers to record their own music. Campers also write their own lyrics – a process that is part fun, part therapy. Guest appearances by local celebrities are another big attraction. See CAMP RAINBOW, page 36

Join Us for the

B r e A l T e I C o n y l & u J F I F r o e w h T o 4 r l k A S u DISplAy n n A T8 h Presented by Chesterfield Parks & Recreation

EntErtainmEnt for thE wholE family!

free ! t n e ev

Thursday, July 4

on the parking lot of Chesterfield Mall, between Macy’s and Dillard’s.

THE KIDS’ ZONE will begin at 6:30 p.m. Sponsored by Featuring Clowns • A Stilt Walker • Midway Games Inflatables for kids of all ages

main Stage Entertainment: Sponsored by

7:00 p.m. to

9:30 p.m.


Fat Pocket


Fireworks at 9:30 p.m. - presented by J & M Displays The Biggest and Best Fireworks Show In the Metro Area! Parking is provided on the lots surrounding Chesterfield Mall. Handicap parking is available in the lot on the west side of Macy’s adjacent to the viewing area. This event has been made possible through a collaborative effort between the city of Chesterfield, Sachs Properties and Chesterfield Mall. The following items will not be permitted at the event: glass bottles, aerosol cans, laser pens/pointers, weapons of any kind, illegal substances, barbeque grills, tents, fireworks, or pets (except for service animals).

34 I July 4th community celebrations I



Happy 4th of July

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6 THF Blvd | Chesterfield, MO 63005 Located in the Chesterfield Valley near Target and Golf Galaxy in the Chesterfield Commons Shopping Center


M-F 10-7, Sat 9-5, Sun 12-4

• Chesterfield The city of Chesterfield’s annual 4th of July celebration will begin at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 4 on the Chesterfield Mall parking lot between Macy’s and Dillard’s. In celebration of its 25th anniversary, the city of Chesterfield, in partnership with Chesterfield Mall and Sachs Properties, is planning a bigger and better fireworks show than in previous years. Commerce Bank will sponsor a Kids’ Zone with inflatables, clowns and midway games from 6:30-9:30 p.m., and from 7-9:30 p.m., there will be a free concert by Fatpocket on the Jim Butler Kia Main Stage. The big fireworks show will begin at 9:30 p.m. There will be food trucks on site from a variety of vendors. Guests should bring lawn chairs and are welcome to bring their own refreshments (no glass containers). For more information, call 537-4000, or visit chesterfield.mo.us.

• Eureka The city of Eureka will host a 4th of July celebration from 7-10:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 4 at Lions Park, 400 Bald Hill Road. The free event is dedicated to military veterans throughout the community. Children’s activities, food sales and a car show will begin at 7 p.m. A concert by Hollywood 5 will begin at 7:30 p.m., and the fireworks show will start at 9:30 p.m. There will be no on-site parking available; for information regarding handicapped parking, call 938-6775. No glass bottles and no animals (except for service animals) will be permitted. Concessions will be available for a nominal cost from the West St. Louis County Lions. For more information, visit eureka.mo.us.

• Manchester The city of Manchester will host its annual July 4th Party in the Park with a concert by Sh-Boom from 6-9 p.m. and fireworks start• Ellisville ing around 9:15 p.m. at Paul A. Schroeder The city of Ellisville’s 4th of July celebra- Park, 359 Old Meramec Station Road. tion will begin with an Independence Day Admission is free, and concessions will 5K and Kids’ Fun Run at 7:30 a.m. and will be available for purchase. Guests should feature evening events from 6-10:45 p.m. bring blankets or lawn chairs and are welon Thursday, July 4 at Bluebird Park, 225 come to bring their own food and drinks. Kiefer Creek Road. For more information, call 391-6326, ext. There will be a variety of interactive 400, or visit manchestermo.gov. games beginning at 6 p.m., including a giant slide, fast pitch, Euro Bungy, a • St. John Church bounce house and a climbing wall. Smash July 4th at St. John will be held from 6-10 Band will take the stage for a live concert p.m. on Wednesday, July 4 at St. John Church, from 7-10:45 p.m. with breaks at 8 p.m. for 15800 Manchester Road in Ellisville. an Independence Day ceremony and from The church will celebrate America’s 9:30-10 p.m. for a fireworks display. Food birthday by providing hot dogs, bottled and beverage vendors also will be on site. water, snow cones and popcorn to the Shuttle bus service to and from the community, free of charge. There will park will run from 5:30-11 p.m. at Cooper be bounce houses, a playground, live Bussmann, 114 Old State Road, and FCC music and a great view of the city of Corporation, located at the northwest corner Ellisville’s fireworks display at Bluebird of Clarkson and Clayton roads. Accessible Park. Guests should bring a lawn chair parking will be available at Bluebird Park. or blanket. For more information, call 227-7508 or Admission and parking are free. For more visit ellisville.mo.us. information, call 394-4100, or visit stjstl.net.

Pallavi Sinha, DMD

36 I news I



Ballwin artist with a ‘zest for life’ shares love of art, teaches at 90 Rent going up? Why rent when you can own a BRAND NEW Luxury Condominium?

Luxury Condominiums Located in Creve Coeur from the low $200’s Secure gated community with underground garage and storage, elevators to all levels, clubhouse, pool, fitness center and more!

Hurry last X 2 opportunity to own a New Condominium in Building 1163 at exceptionally low prices! Building 1151 Coming Soon! Schedule your tour today! Call (636) 299-8444 w w w.bridge watercommunities. com Directions: From 270 take Olive Blvd. west approximately 2 miles. Mill Crossing Dr. is on the left. From 141, take Olive Blvd. east approximately 1 mile. Mill Crossing Dr. is on the right.


By SARAH WILSON swilson@newsmagazinenetwork.com Ballwin resident Chrystal Jackson, a nationally recognized and longtime watercolorist, recently celebrated her 90th birthday. An active painter, teacher of watercolors, dance enthusiast and member of numerous suburban arts organizations, Jackson has made her mark on West County and beyond. Manchester Alderman Mike Clement (Ward 2) said he met Jackson when the city was starting to form Manchester Arts, which welcomes residents who live inside and outside of Manchester. “She just has such a good time, and she’s such a good spirit,” Clement said. “At her age, she is still just going a mile a minute and going strong, and she is just as vibrant as those paintings that she creates.” He said Jackson has painted buildings in Manchester, including painting city hall a few years ago. In addition to her art, she also has written books, including her latest “How I Witnessed Space” and “The Donut Shop.” “She’s kind of a familiar face to many, many people,” Clement said. Linda Bruer, Ballwin’s director of parks and recreation, said Jackson is “an amazing woman.” “She has such a zest for life,” Bruer said.

CAMP RAINBOW, from page 32 “You get to do a lot of special things that other camps don’t get to, like have Fredbird visit,” Dubinsky explained. The St. Louis Cardinals mascot, St. Louis Blues’ Brian Elliot and Rams mascot Rampage all visited Camp Rainbow one day during traditional camp this year. In addition to these special events, there were plenty of typical camp experiences, such as archery, arts and crafts, hiking, campfires and lots of laughing with new friends. But through it all, Dubinsky – and her fellow campers – was learning a lot more than how to create art projects or play games. “It’s opened my eyes to a lot of new things,” Dubinsky said, “like how people can get through cancer and how they deal with it.” Dubinsky, who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer at 5 months old, said she has been involved with the organization Friends of Kids with Cancer all her life and it was that organization that suggested Camp Rainbow to her.

Chrystal Jackson

(Photo taken from Facebook)

“She’s an inspiration to so many people, and she’s 90 years old and still active in her career as an artist.” Jackson teaches “Watercolors with Chrystal” at Ballwin’s The Pointe recreation center. Her next four-week course begins July 9 and is still accepting students, although space is limited. Bruer said Jackson also comes to water aerobics every day at The Pointe and “dresses to the nines every day.” “She has a real love of painting nature, and she shares that with many of the people in the community,” Bruer said. “Just knowing her history, I think she’s contributed a lot.”

“Last night, I cried at the campfire because camp was ending,” Dubinsky said. Again, the word “blessed” comes to mind. The people working to make all those blessings happen are the Camp Rainbow staff – volunteers who take the time to make everything come together. On-site doctor Nicole Giamanco is one staff member with a special connection to Camp Rainbow. After being diagnosed with leukemia at age 14, Giamanco became a Camp Rainbow teen camper and later on became a counselor. She said she always knew she wanted to be a doctor but after going through cancer and attending Camp Rainbow, she knew she wanted to focus on helping children with cancer. “Our lives are made better by making their lives better,” Giamanco said, speaking on behalf of all the staff. She also spoke of the true meaning of Camp Rainbow. “The kids really just get to come here and just be kids,” Giamanco said, “not kids with cancer.”




I 37



2013 Thursday

July 4th Bluebird Park

City of ellisville/Special operations Warrior Foundation

inDePenDence Day 5k & 1 Mile kiDs Dash Thursday, July 4 (rain or Shine) Bluebird Park

check-in/registration time is 6:30 a.m. to 7:15 a.m. Start Time is 7:30 a.m. with the Kid’s Dash & and Award Ceremony immediately following the 5K

All proceeds from the 5K will benefit the Special Operations Warrior Foundation For more information go to www.specialops.org Independence Day 5K and Kids Fun Run .......7:30 am Smash Band ....................................................7:00 - 10:45 pm Independence Day Ceremony ........................8:00 - 8:15 pm Fireworks Display ...........................................9:30 - 10:00 pm ACTIVITIES & GAMES (6-9 PM)

Euro Bungy, Giant Slide, Fast Pitch, USA Rocket Bounce, Rock Climbing Wall


BBQ, Wings, Kettle Corn, Funnel Cakes, Hot Dogs, Bratwursts, Shaved Ice, Ice Cream, Cupcakes, Nachos, Soda, Lemonade, Water And Much, Much More


Accessible parking will be in Bluebird Park. Shuttle bus service to and from Bluebird Park will be available at Cooper Bussmann (located at 114 Old State Road) and FCC Corporation (formally known as Fru-Con, located at the northwest corner of Clarkson and Clayton Road), starting at 5:30 p.m. and going until 11 p.m.

For more information call (636) 227-7508 or visit www.ellisville.mo.us

Age CAtegory: 14 and under, 15-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60 plus The fee is $25.00 until July 1 and $30.00 on race day, the 1 mile Kid’s Dash for only ages 11 and under is FREE. People can register on-line at


or at the Ellisville Parks Administration Building in Bluebird Park.

For questions or to request more information, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 636.227.7508 ~ Gold Sponsors ~ Bo Beuckman Quality Ford • West County Honda • Anheuser-Busch, Inc. ~ Silver Sponsors ~ Allen Roofing & Siding • Cecil Whittaker’s Pizzaria • Gambrill Gardens Manchester West Veterinary Hospital Meramec Valley Bank • West Newsmagazine ~ Shirt Sponsors ~ Allied Waste Services • Fleet Feet • First Bank First Baptist Church of Ellisville First Community Credit Union • Elegant Designs Day Spa Ellisville Chiropractic

38 I cover story I



Getting down to business Mayor Adam Paul squares off against Sansone Group in Walmart debate 4 to 3 to enabling legislation that would allow for the eventual issuance of about $11 million in tax increment revenue notes to reimburse Sansone Group for eligible expenses on the almost $50 million Walmart project. Councilmembers Mick Cahill and Gary Voss as well as Paul were opposed, and Paul asked for the final reading of the legislation to be delayed. [At presstime, the meeting date was unscheduled, but could have occurred prior to delivery of this publication. Please check newsmagazinenetwork. com for updates.] Jane Dueker, an attorney representing Ellisville resident Thomas DeBold in a lawsuit that challenges the validity of the conditional use permit the City Council approved in 2012 allowing for the Walmart, told councilmembers June 19 that, due to missed deadlines for buying property and finalizing a lease with Walmart, Sansone is in violation of the redevelopment agreeBy MARY SHAPIRO chester Road west of Kiefer Creek Road ment for the Walmart site. She said there’s no reason to push for mshapiro@newsmagazinenetwork.com and Mayor Adam Paul tries to slow down the immediate enactment of the enabling A game of chicken – or maybe which the progress. came first, the chicken or the egg – conAfter a lengthy discussion on June 19, legislation. However, Rob Golterman, an attorney tinues in Ellisville as developer Sansone during which Paul traded verbal jabs with Group tries to move toward building a developer Jim Sansone, the City Council for Sansone Group, said the company is Walmart store on the south side of Man- gave first-reading approval by a vote of refusing to finalize purchase of the site or

an agreement with Walmart until it’s sure the enabling legislation will be in force to allow the company to reimburse itself for eligible expenses with tax increment financing funds. Golterman said that because of the pending litigation, now in the Eastern District Court of Appeals, or any other circumstances Sansone would have no control over, redevelopment agreement deadlines have been extended under the terms of that agreement. “The enabling legislation does nothing but fulfill the promises the City Council made in 2012. The city is obligated under prior ordinances and the redevelopment agreement to pass this ordinance,” he said. “If the ordinance isn’t passed, our only option is to get a court order directing the City Council to pass this. More litigation, more confrontation and more adversarial proceedings aren’t in the best interests of the city, plain and simple. We don’t mean to do this in a threatening manner but to emphasize the importance of this matter.” But Dueker said her client’s litigation had nothing to do with any provisions of the redevelopment agreement and “in See WALMART, next page

A climate for economic development begins with ‘careful use of incentives’ By SARAH WILSON swilson@newsmagazinenetwork.com CNN Money in 2009 listed Ellisville as one of the top 100 places to live of small towns in America – but today it is not necessarily the top place to do business. Councilmember Gary Voss (District 1), owner of West County Lanes, said business in Ellisville “has really dipped in the last several years.” A number of stores and restaurants in the recent past have closed in Ellisville, from locally owned restaurants like Gingham’s to national chains like Chevys and Best Buy. In an interview last fall, Mayor Adam Paul said the economy is a huge part of the reason, but a lot of it has to do with different circumstances of each business, and that is not necessarily the city’s fault. On the other hand, he said, things are naturally going to come and go. Ellisville recently gained a White

Castle, Dunkin’ Donuts, Savers, Ruby’s Guns and others. “There’s so much to choose from, and ultimately, our population hasn’t grown in 20 years,” Paul said. “It all comes down to what people like and competition.” What people like and competition also are topics that come up in conversations – both pro and con – regarding the proposed Walmart. Some worry that the mega store will lead to the demise of even more local businesses and smaller, older chains. Others maintain that the store is exactly what is needed to draw shoppers into Ellisville and restore the city’s economy. Tax increment financing was approved for the Walmart development in May of 2012. On Sept. 5, the city approved a conditional use permit for the property, clearing the way for the land (property known as RPA-1) to be purchased, TIF notes to be issued and ground to be

broken. But nine months later no land has been purchased, no notes have been issued and no ground has been broken. Instead multiple lawsuits have been filed. And, the heated debate at the June 19 City Council meeting between Mayor Adam Paul and Jim Sansone, of the Sansone Group, the local developer of Walmart, over the issuance of TIF notes adds to the discussion of whether or not Ellisville has become more – or less – business-friendly. Voss said West County Lanes, which opened in 1965, has had a rough few years and has had to adjust with the economy, but it is “hangin’ in there.” “I have actually run the bowling center since 1984, and it has gotten tougher and tougher to do things in this city,” Voss said. He said the city has started concentrating on the wrong things, like beautification and signage.

“That makes it pretty tough for people who are trying to start a business,” Voss said. “Any time you put something in there, like flowerbeds and trees, that’s additional maintenance on the person who owns them,” Voss said. “That’s taking money from their bottom line.” He said a lot of businesses are leaving, and bringing Walmart in could affect even more of the city’s smaller merchants. “I’m not anti-Walmart. I am anti-TIF because the city is giving money to the largest Fortune 500 company,” Voss said. “The city is giving them a tax break, and they’re assisting them to open this place up. It’s going to handicap the other smaller businesses – businesses that are getting zero assistance from the city.” Instead of using a TIF, he said the city has to make some changes and welcome small business. See DEVELOPMENT, next page



approving this.” Various property owners who would be no way prevents Sansone from acquiring bought out for the Walmart – including property.” eight owners of the Clarkchester ApartShe called it “premature” to approve ments complex buildings – asked city offienabling legislation. cials to approve the legislation as soon as “The enabling legislation doesn’t mean possible. TIF notes are being issued now; it just Frank Marsilio, who owns nine of the 25 says that they can be issued when eligible Clarkchester buildings, said that all eight expenses are made,” said Golterman, who owners signed an option to purchase with also acts as city attorney for Wildwood. Sansone early in 2012. During the ongoing volley of accusations, “Of my 36 original tenants when the conPaul challenged Sansone that “you keep tract was signed, 11 remain, and the rest are saying you’ll file a lawsuit, but you have tenants on month-to-month leases,” he said. obligations you haven’t met and you’ve He said the lawsuit and delays have cost missed deadlines.” building owners loss of income, trouble He called it a “strong-arm tactic with keeping up with their own mortgage paythreats to sue us if we don’t vote on the ments, and stress and hardship in keeping ordinance.” tenants. But Jim Sansone countered that his firm “We feel you have an obligation to had met every redevelopment agreement approve this TIF legislation, to not delay deadline. this any longer so we can go through with “You’ve (Paul) made it clear to the public this sale as soon as possible,” he told the that it’s your position to delay this project Council. and do whatever you can to stop it before Ray Massey, another Clarkchester owner the doors open at Walmart,” he told Paul. with four buildings, said “I’m 68 and need “It’s our right to ensure you follow the law. to move on with my life.” “If we were to close on this real estate However, some Clarkchester tenants felt without the enabling legislation and our differently. conditional use permit is overturned by Tenant Bones Baker insisted Sansone the court, we couldn’t operate the store. hadn’t fulfilled requirements for TIF note If we don’t get that ordinance, we can’t enabling legislation to be approved, “and, incur costs and have them reimbursed. We if it hasn’t been done, they have no busiwon’t acquire real estate until we know the ness having this on the agenda.” mechanism to move this project forward is “I feel the redevelopment agreement has in place.” been broken by Sansone trying to get away Paul insisted, “I need to do due diligence from this mess and trying to stop the monon this issue. I don’t feel comfortable etary bleeding,” he said.

I cover story I 39

WALMART, from previous page

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“Trees and flowers don’t bring the customers in,” Voss said. In spite of that, Voss said the future still looks good. In moving forward, Ellisville might look to Brentwood for inspiration. In the past decade, that city has earned a reputation as “business friendly” and has applied various economic development tools, including a TIF, TDD and CID, to facilitate its redevelopment. Some of the city’s key development projects include The Promenade at Brentwood anchored by Target Greatland and developed by the Sansone Group, Brentwood Square, Brentwood Pointe and Hanley Station. “The city has just been, over the years, very open to new development and has supported projects through good planning, updating comprehensive plans and a willingness to consider careful use of incentives,” said Ellen Rottjakob, Brentwood assistant city administrator/director of planning and development.

Location is a huge factor, she said, and Brentwood is “very centrally located, which is something we can’t take credit for.” “We don’t have the same hindrances or the same barriers to redevelop that some of the surrounding communities have,” she said. Community upkeep also plays a role. On an ongoing basis, Rottjakob said the city is working to improve its infrastructure, including its parks system, pedestrian amenities and sidewalk improvement projects. “These help provide better connections with people who live here and also businesses and employees that work here to make sure that this is a place that businesses want to be,” Rottjakob said. For its part, Ellisville, along with Ballwin and Wildwood, is looking toward the Great Streets Initiative to enhance the Manchester Road corridor and attract new patrons to its businesses. “The Manchester Road Great Streets Initiative is a good start to making some progress,” Paul said. “The city also has plans for a town center on the corner of Manchester and Kiefer Creek roads.”


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DEVELOPMENT, from previous page



WV West News Mag 6 12 26 13

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Bu si ness Top agent Colleen Lawler, a longtime West County resident and a realtor with the Irvine Team of Coldwell Banker Gundaker’s Chesterfield West office, recently was named as the company’s top sales associate for 2012, based on earned income. Lawler closed more than $57 million in sales and completed 187 transactions. A member of Coldwell Banker’s President’s Premier Club, she is ranked From left: Coldwell Banker Gundaker Senior Vice ninth out of 42,000 sales associates President Carole McCabe, Colleen Lawler, and Coldwell Banker Gundaker President Jim Dohr in the nation for units sold.

PEOPLE Jason Conaway has joined Creve Coeurbased Pulaski Bank as vice president, commercial lending portfolio manager. ••• Conaway Stacey Sanders has joined the Prudential Select Properties Town & Country office, 1000 Woodsmill Plaza, as a sales associate. ••• Steve Ranney, pastor and head of staff at St. Mark Presbyterian Church in Ball-

win, has received his doctor of ministry degree from the McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago. ••• Debra Hellmann, of Town & Country, has joined First Bank as director of corporate banking at the Creve Coeur office, 11901 Olive Blvd. Hellmann

PLACES In a new partnership with ONEHOPE, Genghis Grill in Ellisville now offers four

varietals of ONEHOPE Wine. Every time the wine is purchased, ONEHOPE donates a portion of its profits to selected causes. Purchases support environmental causes, early detection and prevention of breast cancer, children with HIV/AIDS, and treatment for children with autism. ••• The Fur and Leather Centre has moved to 7901 Clayton Road. ••• St. Louis-based accounting firm Brown Smith Wallace has relocated two of its four offices to CityPlace 6 in Creve Coeur. The move brings nearly 200 of the company’s employees to Creve Coeur and provides space to accommodate a 15-20 percent growth rate. ••• Valvoline Instant Oil Change has opened a company-owned service center at 17457 Chesterfield Airport Road. ••• Neurology Associates, the office of Drs. Michael Hatlelid, Cheryl A. Faber and Alison M. Leston, and Victoria G. Holman, R.N., has joined BJC Medical Group. Offering treatment for general neurological conditions with special emphasis on headaches, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, dementia and stroke, the practice is located on the Missouri Baptist Medical Center campus, 3009 N. Ballas Road, Suite 102.

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EDUCATION & NETWORKING The West County Chamber of Commerce holds a Lunch & Learn from 11:45 a.m.-1 p.m. on Tuesday, July 9 at West County Nissan, 14747 Manchester Road in Ballwin. Admission for members and non-members is $15. To register, visit westcountychamber.com (members only), or call 230-9900.

SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Sponsorship opportunities for the Wildwood BBQ Bash presented by St. Louis Home Fires are available for local businesses. The event takes place on Saturday, Sept. 28 and Sunday, Sept. 29 at the Wildwood Town Center. Call Frank Schmer at 256-6564 for details.


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Dr. Robert Boyle has been voted a “Top Doc in St. Louis”by other St. Louis dentists, was featured in Newsweek Magazine as a “Leader in Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry”(Dec., 2011) and was voted the “Best Dentist in West County”by his patients. After

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LIVE PERFORMANCES One Republic comes to Peabody Opera House July 20.

CONCERTS Kenny Chesney, June 27, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater Fall Out Boy, June 28, The Pageant 45th Anniversary of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, June 28, Powell Symphony Hall “American Idol” Live, June 29, Chaifetz Arena New Kids on the Block with 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men, June 30, Scottrade Center Twista, July 6, Old Rock House John Mayer, July 7, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater Matchbox Twenty & Goo Goo Dolls, July 9, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater Dave Matthews Band, July 10, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson, July 14, Peabody Opera House Wiz Khalifa, July 18, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater One Republic, July 20, Peabody Opera House Cody Simpson, July 24, Peabody Opera House Disney’s “Cinderella” plays through June 30 at STAGES St. Louis.

(Photo by Peter Wochniak)

“Always…Patsy Cline,” through June 30, STAGES St. Louis “The Wiz,” through June 30, The Black Rep Disney’s “Cinderella,” through June 30, STAGES St. Louis “Shrek the Musical,” through June 30, The Muny “1776,” through July 7, Heagney Theater “Nunsense,” July 1-7, The Muny “South Pacific,” July 8-14, The Muny “Les Miserables,” July 15-21, The Muny

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(636) 394-4600 www.besthottubprices.com

Twista performs on July 6 at Old Rock House.

“Charlotte’s Web,” July 19, Heagney Theater “Legally Blonde, The Musical,” July 19-Aug. 18, STAGES St. Louis “Mary Poppins,” July 25-Aug. 2, The Muny “West Side Story,” Aug. 5-11, The Muny

FESTIVALS Ransom Note, Whitaker Music Festival, June 26, Missouri Botanical Garden – F Beth Bombara, Whitaker Music Festival, July 3, Missouri Botanical Garden – F Victor & Penny, Whitaker Music Festival, July 10, Missouri Botanical Garden – F Montez Coleman & Willie Akins Project, Whitaker Music Festival, July 17, Missouri Botanical Garden – F

tickets and information The Black Rep: metrotix.com, (314) 534-1111 Chaifetz Arena: metrotix.com, (314) 534-1111 The Family Arena: metrotix.com, (314) 534-1111 Heagney Theater: repstl.org, (314) 968-4925 Missouri Botanical Garden: mobot.org, (800) 642-8842 The Muny: muny.org, (314) 361-1900, ext. 550 Old Rock House: metrotix.com, (314) 534-1111 The Pageant: ticketmaster.com, (866) 448-7849 Peabody Opera House: ticketmaster.com

I 45

(866) 448-7849 Powell Symphony Hall: slso.org, (800) 232-1880 Scottrade Center: ticketmaster.com, (866) 448-7849 Shakespeare Festival of St. Louis: shakespearefestivalstlouis.org, (314) 531-9800 STAGES St. Louis: stagesstlouis.org, (314) 821-2407 The Touhill: touhill.org, (314) 516-4949 Verizon Wireless Amphitheater: livenation.com, (800) 653-800 F =Free Admission

The UlTimaTe New home GUide

prime. Your guide to the area’s finest new homes

Next Issue 07.10.13 Call (636) 591-0010 to advertise

46 I events I




Call 636-532-5841 Now For a Free A/C Check up* Must say “WEST” cannot combine offers and only available to new clients © 2008 American Standard




All rights reserved

Com mu n it y Event s ‘Wartime Escape’ The exhibit, “The Wartime Escape: Margret and H.A. Rey’s Journey from France” will be on display from Friday, July 5-Monday, Aug. 12 at The Gallery at Chesterfield Arts. Based in part on the publication, “The Journey that Saved Curious George,” the exhibit chronicles the journey of Margret and H.A. Rey as they fled Paris in 1940 and was organized by the Institute for Holocaust Education in Omaha, Neb. A free, family-friendly opening reception for the exhibit is from 6-8 p.m. on Friday, July 12. Call 519- Allan Drummond, “Escape from Paris,” 2005, modern reproduction of watercolor and ink 1955, or visit chesterfieldarts.org. on paper, courtesy of Allan Drummond and Institute for Holocaust Education

BENEFITS A GI-style breakfast is from 9 a.m.noon on Sunday, June 30 at Ballwin VFW Post 6274, 115 Mimosa Lane in Ballwin. Proceeds benefit active duty military, veterans and dependants. Call 527-9555. ••• The ABC Sale, large annual garage sale, is from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. on Friday, July 12 and Saturday, July 13 at St. Mark Presbyterian Church, 601 Claymont Drive in Ballwin. Call 394-2233. ••• The Alzheimer’s Association’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s is at 9 a.m. (registration is at 8 a.m.) on Saturday, Aug. 31 at Busch Stadium. To start a team, join a team or obtain more information, visit alz.org/stl.

FAMILY AND KIDS The Rockwoods Reservation 75th Anniversary Celebration is from 1-9 p.m. on Thursday, June 27 at Rockwoods Reservation, located off Hwy. 109 north of I-44 and south of Hwy. 100. From 1-5 p.m., naturalists lead programs designed to illuminate the history of the area in engag-

ing and interactive ways. A family picnic is from 5-7 p.m.; guests are invited to bring food, and tables and grills are provided. Photo opportunities with Smokey Bear and the historic Missouri Department of Conservation forestry truck, and an Ozark Mountain concert from 7-9 p.m. also are featured. Admission is free, but advance registration is requested. Call 458-2236. ••• The Eureka Parks and Recreation department hosts a free showing of “Madagascar 3” at 8:45 p.m. (activities begin at 7:45 p.m.) on Friday, June 28 on the Eureka City Hall lawn. Free popcorn and lemonade are served while supplies last. Call 938-6775, or email parks@eureka.mo.us. ••• An outdoor showing of “The Pirates: Band of Misfits” is from 8-10 p.m. on Friday, July 12 at the Chesterfield Amphitheater. The concession stand will be open, and guests are welcome to bring their own refreshments (no glass bottles). Call 5374000, or visit chesterfieldamphitheater.com. ••• A “Dive-in Movie” is from 8:30-10:30 p.m. on Friday, July 19 at the outdoor pool

at The Lodge Des Peres. Guests float on a tubes and enjoy a showing of “Happy Feet 2” (rated PG). Admission is free to members of The Lodge and $5 for other guests. Call (314) 835-6150, or visit desperesmo.org. ••• Kingdom Rock Vacation Bible School is from 9 a.m.-noon the week July 22-26 at Ivy Chapel UCC, 620 N. Woods Mill Road in Chesterfield. The school is open to children age 3 through fifth grade, and the cost is $25 per child. Register at ivychapel.org, or call (314) 434-4991.

LIVE PERFORMANCES The city of Ballwin hosts a concert by Sean Coray, a Ballwin native, from 7-9 p.m. on Wednesday, June 26 at New Ballwin Park. Admission is free. Visit ballwin. mo.us, or call 227-8580. ••• The city of Ellisville presents a free concert by Tim Cunningham from 7-9 p.m. on Thursday, June 27 at Bluebird Park. Guests should bring their own seating; no glass bottles are permitted. Visit ellisville. mo.us, or call 227-9660. ••• Hillbilly Authority performs at 8:30 p.m. on Friday, June 28 at Historic Stovall’s Grove Rockhorse Saloon and Dance Hall, 18720 Stovall Lane in Wildwood. The group’s repertoire includes traditional country, new and southern rock, variety and some top 40. Call 405-3024, or visit stovallsgrove.com. ••• Compton Heights Band, an old-fashioned, Sousa-style band that hosts worldclass guest artists performs at 7:30 p.m. every Sunday in July at the Purser Auditorium at Logan College of Chiropractic in Chesterfield. Guest artists include the Canadian Brass (July 7), Sigrun Hjalmtysdottir “Diddu” (July 14), Buckwheat Zydeco (July 21), and Lindsay Garritson (July 28). For tickets, call (314) 776-2263, or visit chband.org. ••• The Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce hosts a performance by Abbey Road Warriors from 7-9 p.m. (park opens at 5:15 p.m.) on Tuesday, July 9 at Faust Park. Refreshments and candy are available for purchase; food trucks are on site with

offerings from area restaurants. Visit chesterfieldmochamber.com. ••• The city of Des Peres presents a free concert by Smash Band from 7-9:30 p.m. on Friday, July 12 at Des Peres Park. Boy Scout Troop 313 sells concessions, and guests may carry in outside food and drink. Alcohol is permitted, but glass containers are not. In the event of rain, call (314) 835-6102. ••• The Kinfolk’s Soul Food Festival is from 3-10 p.m. on Sunday, July 14 at the Chesterfield Amphitheater. Ticket prices range from $25 (limited time only) to $75. Visit ilovesoulfood.com, or call (888) 695-0888. ••• The Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce hosts a performance by Mirage from 7-9 p.m. (park opens at 5:15 p.m.) on Tuesday, July 16 at Faust Park. Refreshments and candy are available for purchase; food trucks are on site with offerings from area restaurants. Visit chesterfieldmochamber.com. ••• The city of Ballwin hosts a concert by Brian Bax, a 24-year-old Missouri native, from 7-9 p.m. on Wednesday, July 17 at New Ballwin Park. Admission is free. Visit ballwin.mo.us, or call 227-8580.

SPECIAL INTEREST The Green Speaker Series features a presentation by Stuart Keating, of Environmental Missouri, at 7 p.m. on Thursday, June 27 at Longview Farm Park in Town & Country. The topic is the Keystone XL Pipeline and the Alberta tar-sands oil and outlines environmental opposition. To learn more, email dirkavlmaas@gmail.com. ••• The Compton Heights Concert Band presents a lecture demonstration by Canadian Brass at 10 a.m. on Monday, July 8 at Midwest Music Conservatory, 15977 Clayton Road. A reception follows the lecture. An exhibit, “Best American Craftsman Handmade Brass Instruments,” by Michael Corrigan, designer, also is featured. Call 527-5558.

10 o’clock. It’s 10 It’s o’clock. youwhere know where Do youDo know It’s 10 o’clock. your money is? your money is? It’s 10 o’clock. 10Do o’clock. ock. you know where Do you know where money is? you know where owyour where your money is? r money is? ey is?



I 47

Exciting Summer Pops Concerts by the Compton Heights Band!

The Compton Heights Band’s NEW Indoor concert series at the beautiful

Purser Auditorium at Logan Chiropractic College Guest Artists

#1—Sunday, July 7, 2013 7:30 PM

The Canadian Brass!

#2— Sunday, July 14 7:30 PM

Sigrun Hjalmtysdottir (Diddú),

Soprano — The Icelandic Storm!

® State Farm whenofyou want to look at the state of your finances. State Farm Bank® is always open when youBank wantistoalways look atopen the state your finances. balances, transfer funds, pay bills, and even deposit checks statefarm.com. #3 — Sunday,at July 21 7:30 PM Check your balances, transfer Check funds, your pay bills, and even deposit checks at statefarm.com. ™ Buckwheat Zydeco CONTACT AN AGENTOR FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO A BETTER STATE CONTACT AN AGENT FOR .MORE INFORMATION GET TO A BETTER STATE™.GET Creole Dance Music with his 6 piece Band! StateState Farm Bank whenyou youwant want to US look atstate the state offinances. your finances. Farm BankisONLINE isalways always open open when to look at the of your VISIT ONLINE TODAY. VISIT US TODAY.

It’s 10 o’clock. Do you know where your money is? ®


Check balances,transfer transfer funds, funds, pay andand even deposit checks at statefarm.com. Check youryour balances, paybills, bills, even deposit checks at statefarm.com. . CONTACT AN AGENT FOR MORE INFORMATION OR GET TO A BETTER STATE OR GET TO A BETTER STATE . CONTACT AN AGENT FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT US ONLINE TODAY. VISIT US ONLINE TODAY.

#4 — Sunday, July 28 7:30 PM St. Louis’ Lindsay Garritson Van Cliburn International Competitor

™ ™

® nk istoalways whenofyou want to look at the state of your finances. ant look atopen the state your finances. ances, transfer funds, pay bills, and even deposit checks at statefarm.com. , and even deposit checks at statefarm.com. ™ CONTACT AN AGENT OR FOR MORE INFORMATION OR STATE NTTER AGENT FOR.MORE INFORMATION Troy Pieper, Agent Sean J Sortor, Agent Steve Martinez, Agent Troy JPieper, Agent INE TODAY. 16152 Westwoods Troy Pieper, Sean Sortor, Business Park Dr. Agent 1795 Clarkson Road 104Agent Holloway Road 16152 Westwoods Business Park Dr.

Final 30 - preliminary round, Ft. Worth 2013!

Tickets: $25 $35 $45 and Gold Patron $75 Gold Patrons — Best Seats, Box Lunch, and Drink Group & Season Subscription Discounts Available!

(314) 776-2263 (314) PRO-BAND or WWW.CHBAND.ORG

Sean Martinez, J Sortor, Agent Steve Agent 1795 ClarksonRoad Road Ellisville, Westwoods MO 63021 MO 63017 Ballwin, MO 63011 16152 Business ParkChesterfield, Dr. 1795 Clarkson Road 104 Holloway Bus: 636-391-7788 Fax: 636-391-9829 Bus: 636-532-0044 Fax: 636-532-3339 Bus: 636-227-7888 Fax: 636-227-5488 Ellisville, MO 63021 Chesterfield, MO 63017 Troy Pieper,Ellisville, Agent Sean J Sortor, AgentChesterfield, MO 63017 Steve Martinez, Agent Ballwin, MO 63011 www.troypieper.com MO 63021 www.sortoragency.com 16152 Westwoods Business Park Dr. 1795 Clarkson 104 Holloway Road Bus: Bus:Road 636-391-7788 www.stevemartinez.net Fax: 636-532-3339 636-391-9829 Bus: 636-227-7888 636-532-0044 Fax: Fax: 636-227-5488 636-532-3339 Bus: 636-391-7788 Fax: 636-391-9829 Bus: 636-532-0044 Fax: Ellisville, MO 63021 Chesterfield, MO 63017 www.troypieper.com Ballwin, MO 63011 www.sortoragency.com www.troypieper.com www.sortoragency.com www.stevemartinez.net ® Bus: 636-391-7788 Fax: 636-391-9829 636-532-0044 Fax:look 636-532-3339 636-227-7888 State Farm Bank is always openBus: when you want to at the stateBus: of your finances.Fax: 636-227-5488 www.troypieper.com



Check your balances, transfer funds, pay bills, and even deposit checks at statefarm.com. GET TO A BETTER STATE . CONTACT AN AGENT FOR MORE INFORMATION OR VISIT US ONLINE TODAY. ™

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Mikel Garrett, Agent

Jason Bloom, Agent 14145 Clayton Rd. Chesterfield, MO 63017 Bus: 636-227-2000 Fax: 636-686-7170 www.sfjasonbloom.com

Steve Martinez, Agent 104 Holloway Road Ballwin, MO 63011 Bus: 636-227-7888 Fax: 636-227-5488 www.stevemartinez.net

Travis Hesser, Agent 13603 Barrett Office Drive St. Louis, MO 63021 Bus: 314-966-2591 Fax: 314-966-2062 www.travishesser.com

Jason Bloom, Agent

Travis Hesser, Agent

Radiance Dental Emily Elster, DMD


59 Cleaning,

16437 Village Plaza View Dr 14145 Clayton Rd. Steve 13603 Barrett Office Drive per, Sean J Sortor, Agent Agent Mikel Garrett, Agent Jason Hesser, Bloom, Agent Travis Hesser, Agent rtor,Agent Agent Steve Martinez, Agent Agent JasonMartinez, Bloom, Agent Travis Agent Wildwood, MOMikel 63011Garrett, Chesterfield, MO 63017 St. Louis, srkson Business 1795 Clarkson Road 104 Holloway 16437 Village PlazaRoad View Dr MOFax:63021 14145 Clayton Rd. 13603 Barrett Office Drive RoadPark Dr. 104 Holloway Village PlazaRoad View 14145 Clayton Rd. Bus: 636-458-505516437 Fax: 636-458-5088 Bus:Dr 636-227-2000 Fax: 636-686-7170 Bus: 314-966-2591 314-966-206213603 Barrett Office Drive Exam & X-rays General Dentist MO 63021 Chesterfield, MO 63017 Ballwin, MO 63011 Wildwood, MO Chesterfield, MO63021 63017 St. Louis, MO 63021 , MO 63017 Ballwin, MO www.mikelgarrett.com www.sfjasonbloom.comChesterfield, www.travishesser.com Wildwood, MO 63011 63011 MO 63011 63017 St. Louis, MO (Reg. $299) Offer Expires in 30 days. Fax: 636-391-9829 Bus: 636-532-0044 Fax: 636-532-3339 Bus: 636-227-7888 Fax: 636-227-5488 636-458-5055 Fax: 636-686-7170 636-458-5088 Bus: 314-966-2591 636-227-2000 Fax: Fax: 314-966-2062 636-686-7170 Bus: 314-966-2591 Fax: 314-966-2062 Fax: 636-532-3339 Bus: 636-458-5055 636-227-7888 Fax: Fax: 636-458-5088 636-227-5488 Bus: Bus: 636-227-2000 Bus: 1642 Clarkson Rd. Includes exam, cleaning (Prophylaxis) & x-rays. pieper.com www.sortoragency.com www.stevemartinez.net www.mikelgarrett.com www.sfjasonbloom.com www.travishesser.com ragency.com www.stevemartinez.net Troy Pieper, Agent Sean J Sortor, Agent Steve Martinez, Agent www.mikelgarrett.com www.sfjasonbloom.com www.travishesser.com New Patients Only.



rett, Agent oom, Plaza Rd. View Dr layton MO , MO63011 63017 1101268.1 Fax: Fax: 636-458-5088 636-686-7170 garrett.com nbloom.com


104 Holloway Road Ballwin, MO 63011 Bus: 636-227-7888 Fax: 636-227-5488 www.stevemartinez.net

Chesterfield, MO 63017


State Farm Bank, F.S.B., Bloomington, IL

Call Today! C

636-238-3567 6

Mikel Garrett, Agent Jason Bloom, Agent Travis Hesser, Agent Bloom, Agent Travis Hesser, 16437 VillageJason Plaza View Dr 14145 Clayton Rd. 13603 Agent Barrett Office Drive Travis Hesser, Agent Wildwood, MO 63011 Chesterfield, MO 63017 St. Louis, Drive MO 63021 14145 Clayton Rd.Bus: 13603 Barrett Office 13603 Barrett Office Drive Bus: 636-458-5055 Fax: 636-458-5088 636-227-2000 Fax:Bank, 636-686-7170 Bus: 314-966-2591 Fax: 314-966-2062 State Farm F.S.B., Chesterfield, MO63021 63017 www.sfjasonbloom.com St. Louis, MO 63021 St. Louis, MO www.mikelgarrett.com www.travishesser.com



Bloomington, IL Bus: Bus: 314-966-2591 Fax: 314-966-2062 Bus: 636-227-2000 314-966-2591 Fax: Fax: 636-686-7170 314-966-2062 www.sfjasonbloom.com www.travishesser.com www.travishesser.com



State Farm Bank, F.S.B., Bloomington, IL



State Farm Bank, F.S.B., Bloomington, IL

State Farm Bank, F.S.B., Bloomington, IL

Sc Schedule an ap appointment TODAY to meet Dr. Elster and te team, and see how our office can meet all of your dental needs!



199 In-Office Whitening

Offer Expires in 30 days.

Offer not to be used in conjunction with any other offers or reduced-fee plans. New Patients Only.



500 Off



Offer not to be used in conjunction with any other offers or reduced-fee plans. Offer Expires in 30 days.

This office is a General Dentistry Practice. Cosmetic dentistry and tooth whitening are specialty areas not recognized by the ADA that require no specific educational training to advertise these services. The following dentists in this practice are not licensed in Missouri as specialists in the advertised dental specialties of Oral Surgery, Prosthodontics, Endodontics, Periodontics, or Orthodontics: Emily Elster, DMD



1795 Clarkson Road Chesterfield, MO 63017 Bus: 636-532-0044 Fax: 636-532-3339 www.sortoragency.com


16152 Westwoods Business Park Dr. Ellisville, MO 63021 Bus: 636-391-7788 Fax: 636-391-9829 www.troypieper.com


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europeanwax waxcenter.com

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CHESTERFIELD 636 536 0777

LADUE 314 721 0777

1640 Clarkson Road Chesterfield, MO 63017

8853 Ladue Road, Suite O Ladue, MO 63124

6/6/13 4:45 PM



I 49

Decades of tradition give Fritz’s ‘a difference you can taste’ custard cannot be made in a soft-serve machine By SUZANNE CORBETT “Some things are better left the old way, and frozen since custard is meant to be dipped. “A lot of people custard is one of them,” said Fritz’s Frozen Custard-West don’t understand or distinguish the difference County owner Ray Higgins, who knows that adhering to between custard and soft-serve until they taste the tradition makes great custard. “The old-fashioned way – difference and see how it’s made.” Fritz’s custard is made fresh daily and is availit’s a difference you can taste.” That taste difference is what 20 years ago inspired Ray and able in the signature vanilla along with chocolate, Debbie Higgins to open Fritz’s’ West County location along vanilla-lite and a special flavor of the day that often what then was Old Hwy. 141 and now is Meramec Station reflects seasonal changes, like summer raspberries Road. And while time has passed and the road has changed, or the fall favorite, which is pumpkin. According nothing in the custard mix has changed. Fritz’s Frozen Cus- to Fritz’s’ master “custard-tiers,” yellow cake batter tard still is made the original way using genuine, fresh ingre- has become a big hit. While specialty flavors have become popular dients, which by recipe and method is unlike ice cream. “Frozen custard is different from ice cream,” Higgins over the past 20 years, the star of the menu remains said. “Frozen custard is lower in fat. It’s also made in the Fritz’s’ Famous Turtle Sundae, a decadent concocFrench vanilla style that uses egg whites (in the recipe) that tion of original Fritz’s vanilla, caramel, hot fudge From left: Angela Kyle, Lindsay Barnes and Gene Anselmo with Debbie and Ray Higgins, owners of Fritz’s Frozen Custard-West County and pecan halves. makes it lower in cholesterol as compared to ice cream.” “The pecans set our Turtle Sundae aside from How frozen custard is churned also makes a huge difference. Fritz’s uses custom-made custard machines that others because our pecans are like no other pecan you’re years to its employees. “Our employees are like family. We have employees churn out a product with a rich, creamy texture that is going to find,” Anselmo said. “These aren’t the pecans you’ll find in the grocery store. They’re butter-roasted, who have been here 20 years, like our general manager, ready for hand-dipping. “True frozen custard is always hand-dipped,” said Fritz’s extra fancy, Georgia pecan halves we have custom-roasted Angela Kyle, and our manager, Lindsay Barnes, who both Manager Gene Anselmo, who explained that real frozen and hand-salted.” started here when they were still in high school,” Higgins Higgins gives that same level of attention to all the ingre- said. “Gene’s been here for 10 years. In fact, our average dients used to create the sundaes, concretes malts and shakes. employee stays about six years.” “All our fruits are fresh in their own natural juices – nothAs Fritz’s celebrates its 20th anniversary, its owners are Fritz’s Frozen Custard-West County ing canned,” said Higgins, rightfully proud of Fritz’s’ com- grateful for the support of those in the community and the 815 Meramec Station Road • Valley Park mitment to using only quality ingredients, such as imported surrounding area. 636-225-8737 Swiss chocolate chunks. “We don’t skimp on quality.” Summer Hours: 11:30 a.m.-11 p.m. daily As Higgins said, “Thanks to our customers, we’ve Besides the quality ingredients and an extensive menu become a neighborhood hangout and a serious destination Facebook: Fritz’s Frozen Custard-West County board, Higgins credits and dedicates Fritz’s’ 20 successful for frozen custard lovers.”

Join Us For


The Salmon Run

July is the peak month of the Alaskan Salmon Run “World’s Healthiest Food Rating”



Barbeque / Lime Grilled / Honey Dijon / Native Includes salad & side dish

165 Lamp & Lantern Village Town & Country


636-207-0501 *No coupons, discounts or other offers

Carryout | Children’s Menu Happy Hour Daily Party Room Available at Big Bend Location


Gift Certificates Available


815 Meramec Station Road

(1 block South of Old Hwy. 141 & Big Bend)

(636) 225-8737 Daily 11:30am-11:00pm



28 Butterfinger


Pina Colada



Choc. Malt


Cookie Dough




4 5 Butter Pecan Cool Cookie Black Cherry Lite 7 10 Cappuccino 11 12 8 Red Velvet 9 Black Crème Brulee Heath Bar Strawberry Cake Berry Lite Almond NEW FLAVOR 14 Pistachio 15 Toffee 16 17 18 Yellow 19 Mango Mint Chip Choc. Chip Nut Cake Crunch Lite 21 Hawaiian 22 26 24 25 White Choc. 23 Choc. Peach Oreo Lemon Pineapple Mint Chip Almond Lite

Brownie Batter



JULY fLavors of the daY! Sun

631 Big Bend Rd. Manchester

SaT 6 Choc. Marshmallow Choc. 13

Cookie Choc. Chip


27 Choc. Brownie Bite

31 Peppermint NEW FLAVOR

It's HOT! Cool off with Fritz's!


50 I



DINING 636.591.0010

Saleem's... Where Garlic is King

Unique Sauce & Recipes perfected since 1974. Nationally recognized for the skill of using garlic (Travel Channel)

June Dinner Special 95 10 Includes choice of side dish $

take a break from the heat SPeCIaLS! Buy One Sandwich & Get One FREE!

Not to be combined with any other offer. Free sandwich must be of equal or lesser value. Limit 1, Expires 7/18/13

Buy 6 Donuts Get 6 Free

(Excludes Lamb Entrees • Reservations Requested • Valid Entire Month of June)

14560 Manchester Rd.

636-207-1368 | www.SaleemsWest.com Text GARLIC to 69302

Open 5pm Tues-Sat. Closed Sun & Mon

Limit 6 free, Expires 7/18/13

CHESTERFIELD • 13700 Olive Blvd. Next to Brunswick Bowl 314-894-0900 • mcarthurs.com • Mon-Sat 7am-6:30pm • Sun 7:30am-2:30pm



Good Friends. Great Food. Cold drinks.

$6.99 DS

aily lunch pecialS!

live MuSic Fri. & Sat. nightS nightly Dinner SpecialS happy hour Mon - Fri, 4 - 7 288 laMp & lantern village - upper level



“AWARD Winning BBQ” 15467 Clayton Rd. (Kehrs Mill & Clayton Rd.)

636-394-3332 www.charlottesribbbq.com



Kevin (our manager and bartender extrardinaire) while playing softball ... pulled a hamstring - damaged the knee - fell - broke 3 ribs punctured his lung - and broke his collarbone in 3 or 4 places!!! YOU MAY HAVE TO WAIT A FEW MINUTES FOR YOUR DRINK!

(Did you see they tore down the building next to us so you could see the back of our builiding!)

15310 Manchester Road



Michael Viviano Invites You to Stop By Either Location!

Let Viviano’s Cook for You! Family meals and catering!

$100 OFF $100 OFF Large Pasta!

Any Sandwich!

Coupon required. Not valid with other offers or specials. Expires 07/12/13.

Coupon required. Not valid with other offers or specials. Expires 07/12/13.

Best Prices in Town on Italian Groceries & Boar’s Head Meats!

150 Four Seasons (just West of Olive & I-41)

314-878-1474 Fenton Plaza

(Old Hwy 30 & Hwy 141)




I 51

W E S T H O M E PA G E S St. Louis;Town & Country Climate Control Specialist;E19120-2;4.62x3.49 (b1)


It All Adds up $1,500 $720 +$500

lennOx * rebAte


utIlIty *** rebAte

Furniture & Decorating Co., Inc Since 1930 Upholstering, Repairing and Refinishing

17322 Manchester Road

(636) 230-6233 (314) 968-5440

(636) 458-3809

Quality Service for over 40 Years! www.townandcountryairconditioning.com


Why Choose Schneider Roofing & Remodeling? ✔ Owner Operated ✔ Fully Licensed & Insured ✔ Member of the BBB ✔ FREE Estimates

“We treat every lawn like it’s our own!”

Check our ads first. 636.591.0010

Deck Restoration Co. ∙ Power Wash ∙ Stain and Seal ∙ Mold & Mildew Removal ∙ Deck Repair Cleaning Fences, Concrete , Vinyl Siding & Patios Free Estimates ∙ Over 18 years experience DUSTIN HANN 636-484-2967

Insured • Senior Discounts

Call Chris 636-349-3231 or cell 314-620-6677


Ceiling Fans • Wholehouse Fans Gable Vent Fans • Recessed Lighting

Specializing in installation for two story homes with no wiring on first floor. When Handyman Quality Just Won't Do.

(314) 510-6400

It’s Our “Celebrate Our weddIng sale”

20% Off

At Back Nine Irrigation we specialize in limited to first five Clients! Date of 6/18/13 1:40 PM residential/commercial Powerwashing • Stain Decks • Build and Repair Decks & Fences irrigation, landscape lighting Newsmagazine Client: Remodeling • Finish Basements • Roofing • Siding • Windows Salesperson: & drainage solutions.


LOS-13Su-ODD.indd 6

✔ 21 Years of Experience ✔ Professionally Managed ✔ Factory Trained & Certified ✔ Exceptional Work Ethic

(314) 378-6623

Offer valid July 1 to August 23, 2013. *Offer is valid only with the purchase of qualifying Lennox® products. System rebate offers range from $300 - $2,000. See dealer for details. **Visit www.energystar.gov for more information on the tax credit guidelines. ***See dealer for details. © 2013 Lennox Industries, Inc. Lennox dealers include independently owned and operated businesses.

When you want it done right...

Window Washing • Painting Gutter Guards • Gutter Cleaning Wallpaper Removal • Tree/Shrub Pruning


$84 Precision Tune-Up***

tOtAl sAvIngs when yOu buy A quAlIfyIng lennOx hOme cOmfOrt system

Powerwashing & Sealing


federAl ** tAx credIt

(For first-time customers only. Single system pricing. Must present coupon at time of service.)

Deck & Fence

Size: Colors: Insured • Bonded • 12 Years Experience Steve’s Top Gunn Deck/Home Improvement • 636-466-3956 Pictures: Logos: Call steve @ Copy: Proof: Gutters



For a list of our products & services visit www.back9irrigation.com


Bi-S pecializing St at e inCRoncre te esidential Tear Out & R eplacement

Pro fe s s i ona l Wo rk m a n s h i p Driveways • Patios • Sidewalks • Porches Steps • Garage Floors • Repair Work Exposed Aggregate • Stamped Concrete Family Owned • Insured • Since 1963

FREE Estimates 314-849-7520


• All Painting • Wallpaper Removal


• • • • •


1 Room Or Entire Basement FREE Design Service Finish What You Started As Low As $15 sq. ft. Professional Painters, Drywall Hangers & Tapers

“Your Neighbor in the Roofing Business”

Siding • Roofing • Gutters

Call for your free inspection and estimate today!

Call Rich on cell 314.713.1388

636-294-ROOF (7663) Locally Owned and Operated Since 1997

NEED ELECTRIC? T.D. DeVeydt Electric L.L.C. Cheapest Rates in Town! Licensed - Bonded - Insured

(636) 271-4844

New Service • Repair • Remodel

Troubleshooting • Upgrade • Back-Up Generators


Call for a free estimate today! Now accepting all major credit cards.

$500 Spring Discount With this ad!

Custom-Designed & Built Decks • Porches • Gazebos

(636) 227-0800 www.west-county.archadeck.com FREE ESTIMATES


Room Additions • Kitchens Finished Basements Design / Build www.hinchcontracting.net

(636) 227-7381

Custom Blinds, shades, and shutters, Plus Cleaning, repairs, and more

Home Page Ad 2YOUR 1/4 x 1 5/8 STAIRS Replace Wood Balusters with Metal Balusters! Replace Old Iron Rails • Upgrade Your Basement Stairs Open Up Existing Stairs • Do-It-Yourself or Let us Install It •FREE D-I-Y Installation Instructions w/Purchase•

CUSTOM SHADES, SHUTTERS, AND repairs, BLINDS, Custom Blinds, shades, and shutters, Plus Cleaning, and more

Proudly Serving Our Jewish Community

PLUS CLEANING, REPAIRS, AND MORE Proudly Serving Our Jewish Community

Celebrating 105 Years In Business Family owned

ST. LOUIS STAIR & WOOD WORKS Visit our showroom in the Maplewood Area! 7156 Manchester • (314) 644-2625 • www.stlouisstair.com Mon, Tu, Th, Fri. 12-5; Sat. 10-1; Closed Sun. & Wed.

10100 Page Boulevard • St. Louis, MO 63132

10100 Page Page Boulevard Boulevard •• St. 10100 St.Louis, Louis,MO MO 63132 63132

314-428-7979 • www.victorshade.com 314-428-7979 • www.victorshade.com

52 I




F inish & Trim C arpentry C o .

West County


Need Help?

Custom Woodworking • Bars • Bookshelves Mantels • Doors • Stairs • Media Kitchens • Basements • Baths

Kitchen Lighting Upgrades

Roy Kinder

• Recessed Lighting • Pendant Lighting • Under Cabinet Lighting • All Residential Electrical • Exterior/Security Lighting •Flat Screen/Surround Sound • Panel Upgrades/Basement Wiring

(636) 391-5880

Insured • Satisfaction Guaranteed Since 1979 • www.finishtrim.com


• Window Cleaning • Gutter Cleaning • Power Washing • Deck Restoration


Squeaky Clean Insured • Free Estimates

Paver Patios • Retaining Walls Water Features • Plantings Landscape Lighting and Repair Update Existing Landscapes Call for Free Design Consultation and Estimates

(314) 581-0099 www.LandDesignStl.com

636.541.0375 • 636.394.2319 When you want it done right the first time... We’re the place to check out first.


(314) 494-7719 Professional Landscape Design and Installation


Custom Landscaping and Installation Pond & Pondless Water Features Erosion / Drainage Control / Rain Gardens Block and Stone Walls / Walks and Patios

Call Today!

Landscape Contractors

On a VOP call PrOfessiOnal! Home Repairs • Plumbing • Electrical Carpentry • Painting • Windows & Doors Appliances • Roof Repairs • Decks & More!

Master Carpenter #1557 Custom Contractor/Builder

“Let Us Shine the Perfect Light on Your Investment.”


Certified Aquascape Contractor • “Family Owned & Operated” • Fully Insured



D-K Electric

Now Available Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Residential- Commercial

Specializing In:

New Service- Repair- Remodeling Troubleshooting - Free Estimates


Driveway & (314) 822-0849 Patio

New and Replacement

Traditional Finishes To Old World Charm

*Ask about our discounts* Licensed- Bonded- Insured

Free Estimates


WEST claSSifiEdS V

i E w


l l


d s


Assisted Care

CPA Firm


Size Businesses

for elderly or children (child care with disabilities)

for Small & Medium Affordable Accounting, Tax, Payroll & Guidance Solutions

Call Tom at 314-448-4264


Call Ellen



a t


Beef For Sale Grass-Fed

aNGUs BeeF

costs cut in half

right from the farm! Hormone-Free • Antibiotic-Free


- USDA Inspected Coldspring Farm near Hannibal, MO

Licensed • West Cnty/STL City MBW & JWS Nursing Home Skills & In-Home Care

Call 636.578.6743

or email: idmo@aol.com

Business for Sale


for details



The Bakery Shoppe Busy Intersection in O'Fallon, MO All Equip. in EXCELLENT condition All serious offers considered

Call Karen 636.978.9816

Announcement HOMES NEEdEd for feral barn cats - all spayed/neutered w/ all vaccinations. "We work for food - mice, moles, snakes, etc." For more info, call 314-413-3307. We deliver to good homes that provide adequate food and shelter. Missouri Barn Cat Program, a notfor-profit group.

n l i n E

Please leave name & number

E w s m a g a z i n E

Cleaning Service FREE 4th houR for $90 ($120 valuE) by KEEPING IT CLEAN. Pet-friendly. FREE estimates. Accept Visa, MC, Discover & Debit. Call 636-548-8153. KeepingItClean.biz. KC MAId SErvICE - Trustworthy and affordable. One person cleaning company. Bonded and insured. Serving residential and commercial. Weekly and Bi-weekly. Apt. $70.00, Houses $80.00-$105.00. Call Kasie @ 314-799-5066.


Weekly • Bi-Weekly • Monthly Move in & Move Out $10 OFF AFFORDABLE New Clients PRICING

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Cleaning Service Marie Moody CNA In-Home Cleaning Service - specialize in home cleaning and nurse's aid assistance. Experienced and certified - 10 years. West county area. Call Marie at 314-749-9715.

Call EllEn 636.591.0010




Family Owned & Operated




E t w o r k


C o m

Computer Services COMPUTEr SErvICES: Specializing in Home Offices and Small Businesses. County Computer Consulting LLC, can support your computers and networks. Call Ray for more information at 636-391-3853 or www. CCC-LLC. BIZ.

facebook.com/ westnewsmagazine.com

Serving St. louis & St. charles co www.stlpcguy.com

call Mike at 636-675-7641

Service at your home or office for: PC problems or set-up • PC won't start or connect

Spyware •Adware •Virus Removal •Hardware •Software Upgrades

$30 diagnostic charge only for first ½ hour Day, Evening and Weekend appointments available Classifieds


Concrete CONCrETE grinding and polishing, apply epoxy, clean and seal exterior concrete, remove carpet and tile from concrete. Insured. Over 15 years in business. Call Matt at 314-780-5285 or email to moonlight_maint@msn.com.

Decks Cedar Restoration

Homes Decks & Fences Pressure Washing • Stripping Caulking • Board Replacement Staining • Sealing Power Wash Solutions, LLC

636-675-1850 cedarrestoration.net FREE ESTIMATES

Email: ClassifiEds@nEwsmagazinEnEtwork.Com



I 53

WEST claSSifiEdS Call EllEn 636.591.0010


Email: ClassifiEds@nEwsmagazinEnEtwork.Com


Garage Doors

Home Improvement

eRic'S elecTRic - Licensed, Bonded and Insured: Service upgrades, fans, can lights, switches, outlets, basements, code violations fixed, we do it all. Emergency calls & back up generators. no job too small. Competitively priced. Free Estimates. Just call 636-262-5840.

WeST cOUnTY GaRaGe DOOR SeRvice proudly serv-

Dr. P's Plumbing & Handyman Service. over 25 years experience. FrEE estimates. Insured. Call don 7 days a week. 314581-7485.

Entertainment DJ Wildhorse - professional and Complete audio & lighting Service for bands and artists for inside and outside events. dJ for latin & american music for parties. Call 314.280.2779.


ing west County since 1980. Springs, cables, electric openers. door replacement. Evening & weekend service available. Call 636-388-9774.

Garage Sale GaRaGe Sale: miscellaneous collectibles & furniture. grosfillex 8 piece white patio set, rainbow play Set (buyer responsible for dismantle and hauling), picnic table, lamps, kids' items and much more! don't miss out! Sat. 6-29-13, 7:30 - noon at 16443 Sundance Creek Court, wildwood, mo 63005.


Grass Cutting

Restretching, reseaming & patching. No job too small. Free estimates.

GRaSS cUTTinG - starting at $20. Call mike at 636-795-1085.

(314) 892-1003


WOOD FlOOR ReFiniSHinG: add instant equity to your home. professional Floors of St. louis' 32 year old fully insured company serving entire metro community. Sanding, re f i n i s h i n g, re p a i r s, n e w installation, most manufacturers available. Free estimates 314843-4348, profloorstl.com.

Skips Hauling & Demolition! Junk hauling and removal. all type clean-outs. appliances, furniture, debris, construction rubble, yard waste, excavating & demolition! 10, 15 and 20 cubic yd. rolloff dumpsters. licensed and fully insured. affordable, dependable and available! VISa/ mC accepted. 21 yrs. service. toll Free 1-888-Stl-Junk (888-7855865) or 314-644-1948.

For Sale


Two crate Speaker cabinets: pSm12, 12"x2", 250 watt - $210 each (half of regular price). crate Pa Mixer: pm822, 10 channel, pa head, 270 x 3 watts - $325 (half of regular price). Call 636-2305947.

Foundations Top Notch Waterproofing & Foundation Repair LLC. Cracks, sub-pump systems, structural & concrete repairs. Exterior drainage correction. Serving missouri for 15 yrs. Free estimate 636-2816982. Finally, a contractor who is honest and leaves the job site clean. lifetime warranties.

WE HAUL IT ALL Service 7 days. Debris, furniture, appliances, household trash, yard debris, railroad ties, fencing, decks. Garage & Basement Clean-up Neat, courteous, affordable rates. Call: 636-379-8062 or email: jandjhaul@aol.com

Garage Doors DSi/Door Solutions, inc. garage door, Electric openers. Fast repairs. all makes and models. Same day service. Free Estimates. Custom wood and Steel doors. BBB member, angie's list. call 314-550-4071.


20 Years Experience

All Around Construction LLC - all interior and exterior remodeling and repairs. Historic restoration, molding duplication. Finishwed basements, kitchens, baths and decks. liability, workmens comp, and Epa certified in lead removal. 20 years exp. Call 314-393-1102 or 636-237-3246.

SPecialize in DaMaGe cOnTROl: Expert CaulkIng applICatIon/ produCt knowlEdgE for showers, tubs, windows, doors and trim. Stop the lEakS and damagE. also Carpentry & deck repair. - Call John Hancock today! 636-795-2627.


d s

cu. yds. cu. yds.

$465 $750

delivered & spread

314-808-3330 Painting Jim's Paint & Trim Service Interior & Exterior painting, crown and decorative moulding, wallpaper removal, texturing, drywall and rotten wood repair. 30+ years experience. Free estimates. Call 636-778-9013. I AM INCORPORATED INC.


$75 Per Average Room Size (12'x12' Walls 3 Room Minimum)

FOR 35 YEARS Exterior Painting


(636) 265-0739


Spring Cleanup • Mulching Mowing • Edging • Planting Turf Maintenance • Sodding Seeding • Weeding • Pruning Trimming • Bed Maintenance Dethatching • Brush Removal Leaf & Gumball Cleanup Retaining Walls • Paver Patios Drainage Solutions

Licensed Landscape Architect/Designer ~ Free Estimates ~



Interior/Exterior • Wallpaper Dry Wall • Crown Molding & Trim

Call Gary 314-805-7005

Serving West County

ittle Joe's awn and andscape

PaintinG & RePaiR 25 years Experience Fully Insured • Owner/Operator


Complete Lawn Maintenence for Residential & Commercial

Remove Small Trees & Bushes

Since 1989



PeDRO MaRTinez lanDScaPinG

a Cut above! year round lawn maintenance, aeration, power raking, leaf/bush/tree removal, Spring Cleanup. mowing, mulching, bush/tree trimming, edging, retaining walls, drainage work, patios, fence installation/repair and more. 636-237-5160.


Prof. Lawn Mowing & Maintenance

CLEAN-UP! Trim Bushes • Sodding Retaining Walls

1 cut FRee w/1 yr. contract

KEVIN'S PAINT SERVICE. professional & Expert interior/ exterior painting, drywall & ceiling repair, and powerwashing. 28 years painting experience. low rates and Free Estimates. Call kevin at 636-322-9784.

AdvAntAge PAinting & PowerwAshing Interior & Exterior Painting

Drywall Repair • Taping Mold Removal • Wallpaper Stripping Top Quality Work • FREE Estimates


InSuReD MenTIOn AD & ReCeIVe 10% OFF


Retaining Walls • PaveR Patios Mulch • MoWing • clean-uP


PAINTING Cedar Staining • Powerwashing

with1 yR. CONTRACT Free Estimate


314-280-2779 Mole Control

MOLE CONTROL LLC Serving Chesterfield Area

Provable Results Without the use of Traps or Poisons Best Service Available Pay only after success begins!



12 20

Gary smith

Specialize in 1-Time Clean-Up Retaining Walls • Sodding Island or Bed Designs Install Drainage Systems

West County Owner/Operator

Oak Mulch

All NATuRAl DouBle GRouND



314.378.9064 314.378.9064 West County Owner/Operator a t

C a l l T o m 636.938.9874

Lawn Maintenance • Fertilizing Mulch • Retaining Walls Landscape Design/Installation

MORALES LANDSCAPE LLC. Clean-up, mowing, mulching, aeration, trimming, Edging, weeding, leaf/tree removal, Sod Installation, planting, retaining walls, paver patio, Stone & Brick work, drainage work! FrEE EStImatES. 636-346-6923 or moraleslandscape@hotmail. com.

Ranch Homes Ranch Homes Power Washed For Power Washed For The Dirt Cheap The Dirt Cheap Price Of $95.00! Price Of $95.00! Complete Deck Complete Deck Restoration Too! Restoration Too! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Call Mike For Your Call Mike For Your Free Bid Today! Free Bid Today!

n l i n E

Re t aining walls, patios, pruning, chainsaw work, seasonal clean-up. Friendly service with attention to detail.







West County Area


lawn cutting $25, aerating $60, Dethatching $95 (raking/bagging extra). Seeding, fertilizing. lawn Cutting $25. landscaping cleanup! weeding, mulching, tree/bush trimming/ removal, leaf removal. Free Estimates. 636-432-3451.

Aerating • Seeding • Fertilizing Programs


Minor Repairs • Carpentry Electrical • Painting FREE Estimates


YONS LAWN SERVICE LGrass Cutting • Mulching • Stump Removal

Call 314-426-8833


All Products Made in USA

l l


Patrick Interior Finish LLC: Specializing in interior home remodeling, carpentry, drywall, taping & painting, tile & hrdwd. flooring. over 25 years experience. no pay tIl JoB ComplEtE! Honest day's work for Honest day's pay. references available. licensed & Bonded. Call patrick at 314-415-0377.

Manchester & Baxter Rds.


• Weekly Lawn Trimming • Grass clippings blown off driveway & sidewalk • Edging • Mulching ONE • Fertilization • Aerating FREE Cut w/1year • Over-seeding

26+ years experience Handyman • Carpenter • Electrical Plumbing • Drywall • Painting Bsmt Remodels • Wood Decks/Repairs Landscaping • Mulching Home Repairs - Big or Small Call James at 314-420-3562

Hourly wage PLUS commission. Generous employee discount. PT, some weekends. Will train. Computer skills needed. Call for an interview. 115 Baxter Shops

i E w

Lawn Maintenance includes

JS HOMe SeRvice

Help Wanted






FRee landscaping with every retaining wall or patio project. we offer Erosion and Drainage Solutions • Complete Yard Cleanups • All Ttrees & Shrubs & pool removal. Call today: Hardscape Construction & Consulting, llC. 636-299-2698.

Total Bathroom Remodeling


inside Sales: pt person to set appointments for professional market. accounting knowledge helpful. Experience in cold calling very helpful. Excellent pay. Ellisville. 636-271-9190.


E w s m a g a z i n E

(636)532-2828 E t w o r k

Fully Insured & Licensed



Messages RetuRned PRoMPtly


Residential & Commercial Interior & Exterior Painting Drywall, Plaster & Stucco Repair Powerwashing & Deck Staining


C o m

54 I



WEST claSSifiEdS cAll ellen 636.591.0010


emAil: clAssifieds@newsmAgAzinenetwOrk.cOm


Pest Services


Quad County Termite & Pest Control - Full Service Reasonable Rates. Established 1970. Serving St. Charles to Lake Saint Louis area. VAFHA Termite Inspections. Call 573-729-5924.



314-852-5467 Fully Insured • References

NO Spraying or Rolling/Mess! www.cedarbeautiful.com

30 Years!

SCHEDULE NOW for Early Spring Rush PAINTER PROFESSIONAL: 27 years experience. Interior/ Exterior painting. Deck, drywall repair, wallpaper removal. Free estimates and insured. Call 314567-7957 or 314-629-7852.


ANYTHING IN PLUMBING - Good Prices! Basement bathrooms, small repairs & code violations repaired. Fast Service. Certified, licensed plumber - not a handyman. Call or text anytime: 314-409-5051.

www.yuckos .com


Pet Services


Pet Services



Dog Grooming

Reasonable rates • Free consultation All services available Keep your pets stress-free at home - great for older dogs Ask about discounts for rescues!

Call for appointment


We take care of Pets

in your home Where Pets Prefer

Pet Sitting & Dog Walking POOP'R SCOOP'R Services Available! Insured

West County Pet Care 636-394-6852 314-401-5516

i e w

17915 Pond Bridge - Chesterfield Equestrian property riding distance of Babler State Park. Updated French-Country, 1.5-story, 3c gar, circle drive, 3+/- acres. Open kit, gleaming hdwd flrs, granite countertops. Main flr mstr suite. Catherine Shaw-Connely 636.346.4960 John Shaw at 314.503.4882.


l l


d s

1034 Brook Mont Dr Exquisite large 4bd 3.5 ba 2 story on a wonderful fenced level lot with newly added fire pit ,deck and patio. Perfect Interior tons of updates! Cathy Shaw-Connely 636-346-4960

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved and preserved throughout the world now and forever. Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us. St. Jude, Worker of Miracles, pray for us. St. Jude, Help of the Hopeless, pray for us. Say prayer nine times a day; by the 8th day prayer will be answered. Say it for nine days. Then publish. Your prayers will be answered. It has never been known to fail. Thank you, St. Jude. D.F.


n l i n e

A t

706 Wycliffe Place Ct - Wildwood 1-1/2 story-MICELLI-BUILT CUSTOM HOME! Custom millwork floor to ceiling. 2 story great room, wall of windows, gas frpl, custom wet bar chef's delight kitchen granite countertops, 42" cabinets Cathy Shaw-Connely 636-346-4960

Real Estate


I BUY homes all cash - as-Is

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved and preserved throughout the world now and forever. Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us. St. Jude, Worker of Miracles, pray for us. St. Jude, Help of the Hopeless, pray for us. Say prayer nine times a day; by the 8th day prayer will be answered. Say it for nine days. Then publish. Your prayers will be answered. It has never been known to fail. Thank you, St. Jude.- MK for DK.

Novena to the Holy Spirit


Full service grooming in your home...







No obligation. $ No commission. No fixing up.

It doesn't cost to find out how much you can get.

& gutteRs

Tuckpointing • Leafgard • Repairs

636-391-6905 Tree Service

must ask for

lyndon anderson

COLE TREE SERVICE Tree and stump removal. Trimming, deadwooding. Free estimates. Insured. 636-475-3661 w w w. cole -tree -ser v i ce. bi z . We a c c e p t C r e d i t C a r d s !

314-496-5822 Prudential Select Properties Office: 636-394-2424

Holy Spirit, you who make me see everything and show me the way to reach my ideals. Give me the divine gift to forgive and forget them all who have done wrong to me. I, in short dialogue, want to thank you in everything and confirm once more that I never want to be separated from you no matter how great the material desires may be. I want to be with you and my beloved one in our perpetual glory. Thanks for favors. Pray this prayer for three consecutive days without asking for wish. After third day, wish will be granted no matter how difficult. Promise to publish this dialogue as soon as your favor has been granted. - JB


I have been buying and selling for over 30 years.



Recycling RECYCLE PAINT and HOUSEHOLD CHEMICALS Must be in original container with the label intact. We charge a fee of 25¢ a pound, can and all. EarthboundRecycling.com

Residential • Commercial Complete Tree Service Tree & Brush Removal • Pruning • Dead-Wooding Deep Root Fertilization • Stump Grinding • Cabling Storm Clean-Up • Plant Healthcare

Fully Insured • Free Estimates

25 Truitt Dr. • Eureka, MO, 63025




Open 9-5 Mon-Sat.

e w s m A g A z i n e


e t w O r k


c O m



5744 Calvey Creek Road 5bd 5ba Executive Country Home with a potential large lake site, awesome views, nestled on 141+/- acres. Curt Rosse 636-219-7606 Matt Shaw 314-503-4872

4325 Fox Creek Rd Beautiful Home with approx. 9,000 sq ft living space on a private 21-acre Equestrian Estate! 5Bd, 5Full & 2 Half baths. This is a horse lovers dream. Cathy Shaw-Connely 636-346-4960

2903 Saint Albans Forest Circle - Wildwood Breathtaking! From its lush 3+ acres to the interior stone walls. Hardwood floors are hand-crafted. Four gas fireplaces, turret-shaped library, two kitchens. Exquisite views! Catherine Shaw-Connely 636.346.4960 Melissa Miller at 636.346.9477.

2750 Christy Ave Grover, MO 63040 $385,000

1950 Pickfair Dr St Louis, MO 63146 $239,500

2443 Cecelia Ave St Louis, MO 63144 $650,000

6 Parkrose Ct Ballwin, MO 63011 $234,900

18502 Hawks Hill Rd Wildwood, MO 63069 $364,900

18312 Acorn Ridge Rd Wildwood, MO 63069 $365,000

501 Kingridge Dr Ballwin, MO 63011 $195,000

13115 Mill Crossing Ct #100 St Louis, MO 63141 $179,000

101 Shady Valley Dr Chesterfield, MO 63017 $679,000


17478 Radcliff Place Dr - Eureka Remarkable 4,200 sq/ft. atrium ranch on 2.43 wooded ac. with enchanted pond area and garden stocked with fish, perennial & tropical plants. Enjoy the subdivision pool, tennis and cabana. Call Catherine Shaw-Connely at 636.346.4960 or Donna Metts at 314.313.7976.

19347 Dogwood Valley Ct AMAZING estate on private lot! 2 story, 3 +/- bd is waiting for you. Bruce Wood tile,crown molding & trim, hardwood floors & 9' ceilings. Updated kitchenSilestone counters & extra large round center island. Cathy Shaw Connely 636-346-4960 or Sheena Mulhall 636-236-7036

1551 Wildhorse Parkway Drive – Chesterfield 2sty in sought after Wild Horse Subdivision! Entry foyer with open staircase to the office/den with Bruce hardwood floors that open into the family room. Beautifully, updated half bath with NEW 18 inch tile floor and wet bar. Updated dream kitchen! Catherine Shaw-Connely 636.346.4960.

4820 Fox Creek Rd One of a kind custom built, 5BD 4BA 1.5 story home, with an open main level and a gourmet kitchen. 15 acres of fantastic equestrian property and has a 4 stall barn. Catherine Shaw-Connely 636-346-4960 Paula Michaels 636-575-1866

926 Haven Wood Dr Top quality 2 story. Wrought iron fenced back yard-backs to 14 thousand +/- acre Busch Wildlife Conservation Area. Ideal for outdoor enthusiast. Gourmet kitchen, top quality stainless appliances, 42" Cherry cabinets, center-island Call Cathy ShawConnely at 636.346.4960 or Matt Shaww at 314.503.4872.

18556 Bridlespur Estates Drive – Wildwood Equestrian lovers dream! 4bd, 4ba, 1.5sty. Complete renovation in 2010. Open kit. & dining rm, granite countertops, custom cab., 5 burner stove, 2 ovens, huge island, bar height seating. Catherine Shaw-Connely 636.346.4960 Paula Michaels at 636.575.1866.

17813 Edison Avenue, Suite 200 Chesterfield, MO 63005


Office:(636) 532-1922 Fax: (636) 532-0222 www.shawrealtors.com


1091 wIngs | st. aLBans 15.7 acres $8,900,000 la charrette is an exquisite missouri estate with 12,000+ sq. ft. of living space. Pool/hot tub.

bird sanctuary

new price!

iron gate | pike county 100 acres $2,499,000 Handsome eolia estate offers 12,000+ sq. ft. home, 6 beds, 9 baths, separate apartment, 2 lakes & 2 barns.

10 terry hill lane | westwood 3 bedrooms, 3½ baths $1,498,000 architecturally significant mid-century modern gem renovated using the finest luxury materials.

new listing!

new price!

16512 kingspointe lake | clarkson valley 4 bedrooms, 3½ baths $825,000 stunning 1½-story home with kitchen/hearth room, great room, library, 3 fireplaces & walkout lower level.

13204 clayton road | town and country 12583 durrow ct. | town and country 4 bedrooms, 4½ baths $799,000 5 bedrooms, 4 full & 2 half baths $769,000 beautiful & private 1½ story with sun room, lower warm & inviting home with updates throughout. 2level media room & walkout to salt water pool. story great room overlooks patio & pool. Finished LL.

20 colonial hills drive | ladue schools 4 bedrooms, 2½ baths $715,000 beautifully maintained 2 story with large great room overlooking private one-acre lot.

new listing!

new listing!

new price! 14 mcknight lane | ladue 3 bedrooms, 3½ baths $599,000 Quiet cul-de-sac, walking distance to elementary school & shopping. updated kitchen, living spaces & systems.

3440 wieda road | lonedell #3 sunnymeade | ladue 40 acres $549,900 4 bedrooms, 3 baths $519,000 this contemporary country home has something for exemplary bright cottage sits on nearly a half-acre lot & everybody! open floor plan & private master wing. has been updated & maintained by its current owner.

new price! 1015 haversham place | des peres 4 bedrooms, 2½ baths $372,500 stunning baths & a 3-season porch set this home apart. walk to all 3 kirkwood schools from this cul-de-sac.

new price!

1809 bach avenue | kirkwood 6 bedrooms, 5½ baths $975,000 picturesque 9-year-new custom home on 3 levels with top quality finishes. In-law suite. Beautiful 1-acre lot.

stark mansion | pike county 9701 ladue road | ladue 86 acres $1,200,000 6 bedrooms, 4½ baths $1,195,000 Historic home completely restored & renovated w/ gracious colonial on a 1.13-acre park-like setting w/ meticulous eye for detail. Includes lake, springs & creek. established gardens. well maintained, updated. Pool.

2365 maybrook lane | kirkwood 4 bedrooms, 4½ baths $815,000 lovely home on large lot offers generously sized rooms & open floor plan. Main floor master suite.

new price! open sunday 1-3

16441 waLnut raIL rd. | cLarkson vaLLey 5 bedrooms, 5½ baths $1,390,000 exceptional home on picturesque 3+ wooded acres backing to lake. Perfectly appointed throughout. Pool.

954 nortH sPoede rd. #4 | ladue schools 4 bedrooms, 3 baths $270,000 wonderful space. newer baths on upper & lower levels. dedicated laundry room & oversized garage.

new price! 22 ladue ridge | ladue 3 bedrooms, 2 baths $439,900 wonderfully well-built, 1950’s brick ranch on almost one acre backing to a lush, sloped & private yard.

open sunday 12-2

new listing!

17119 cambury lane | wildwood 2 bedrooms, 2½ baths $249,900 wonderful townhome in convenient location offers a large family room, screened-in deck & eat-in kitchen.

117 silo valley | wentzville 3 bedrooms, 3 baths $184,500 outstanding opportunity to own a sparkling villa in a beautiful golf course community. Move-in ready!

See all of our listings at www.dielmannsothebysrealty.com

RewaRd youRself. you deseRve It. 5000 off of MsRP* on select 2013 BMw X1’s $

limited availability, so act now! • Special APR’s available as low as 0.9%** • Special Leases available on all X1’s** • BMW Loyalty cash available on all X1’s** 3015 S. Hanley Road, St. Louis, MO 63143 314-727-8870


*(5) Five vehicles available, please see dealer for additional details and to confirm availability. ** Financing/Leasing available on 2013 BMW X1 vehicles, only at participating BMW centers with BMW Financial Services NA, LLC/Financial Services through June 30, 2013. Loyalty Cash is a $750 credit against the MSRP of the loan or lease on a X1 through June 30, 2013. $750 Loyalty Cash available for return ing BMW customers only. Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees. Program available to qualified customers and not everyone will qualify. Subject to credit approval. See participating dealer for details. See participating BMW centers for details and vehicle availability. For more information call 1-800-334-4269. Special lease rates and pricing may not be reflected throughout www.bmwusa.com. Please see your BMW center for details. Ultimate Service covers all factory recommended maintenance on all new vehicles, as determined by the Service Level Indicator, for 4 years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. Exclusions from coverage: gasoline, gasoline additives, windshield washer additives, tires, wheels, wheel alignment, tire balancing and rotation. All work must be performed by an authorized BMW center. See the Service and Warranty information booklet for more details and specific terms, conditions and limitations. ©2013 BMW of North America, LLC. The BMW name, model names and logo are registered trademarks.


199 per month



For a 36-month lease on a 2013 MINI Cooper Hardtop, with 3-year/36,000-mile No-Cost Maintenance.


40 Sunnen Drive Maplewood, MO 63143 (314) 644-6464

MINIOFSTLOUIS.COM *36-month closed-end lease offered to qualified customers by MINI Financial Services through participating MINI dealers. $2,215 cash due at signing (based on $199 first month payment, $1,291 down payment, $725 acquisition fee, and $0 security deposit. Not all customers will qualify for security deposit waiver.). Lease rate and fees based on example of a new 2013 MINI Cooper Hardtop with a MSRP of $20,950. MSRP includes automatic transmission, but excludes destination & handling fee of $795. Tax, title and dealer fees also excluded. Lessee responsible for insurance, excess wear and tear as defined in the lease contract, $0.20/mile over 10,000 miles per year and a disposition fee of $350 at lease end. Purchase option at lease end is $14,352. Subject to credit approval. Offer valid through 07/01/13 and may be combined with certain other offers. Qualified rate lock applicants must take delivery by 09/30/13. Offer not valid in Puerto Rico. All new MINI passenger cars come with MINI No Cost Maintenance standard for the first 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first starting from the original in-service date (as of April 19, that’s a savings of up to $1,350 as compared to 2013 competitive vehicles according to Edmunds.com). Models pictured in advertisements may be shown with metallic paint and/or additional accessories. Visit your authorized MINI dealer for complete details. © 2013 MINI USA, a division of BMW of North America, LLC. The MINI name, model names and logo are registered trademarks.