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7255 Mexico Road (St. Peters) ................................. 636-397-7721 2710 Hwy. K (O’Fallon)............................................. 636-379-8499 2214 First Capital .................................................... 636-947-0343 1290 Jungermann (at McClay - St. Peters) ................. 636-922-3000

14878 W. Clayton ................................................... 636-391-1275 8637 Olive Street Road (just west of McKnight Rd.) .. 314-567-6680 13960 Manchester Road .......................................... 636-227-8299 11041 Olive Street (Creve Coeur) .............................. 314-872-9393 7501 Delmar .......................................................... 314-862-1313



429 Lafayette Center (Manchester) .......................... 636-527-8009 2038 McKelvey ....................................................... 314-878-4024 8034 Big Bend ....................................................... 314-961-1373 10000 Manchester Road (Glendale) ......................... 314-821-2373 15372 Manchester Road (Ellisville) ........................... 636-227-9443

10655 St. Charles Rock Road ................................... 314-427-8661 60 N. Florissant Rd. ................................................ 314-521-1731 2855 N. Hwy. 67 ...................................................... 314-831-3122 11501 New Halls Ferry (across from Paul Cerame)...... 314-831-9122 8239 N. Lindbergh .................................................. 314-831-2417


1903 Richardson Road (at Jeffco).............................. 636-464-4503 5452 Telegraph Road .............................................. 314-892-9773 8562 Watson Road .................................................. 314-842-3271 4631 Hampton........................................................ 314-353-5486 2211 Lemay Ferry (at Reavis Rd.).............................. 314-892-6037 524 Smizer Mill Road............................................... 636-343-2808 12444 Tesson Ferry (next to Dierberg’s) .................... 314-842-7570


4237 S. State Route 159 .......................................... 618-288-5276




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Historic Rescuers the country from utter disaster? That was the kind of situation facing General Matthew Ridgway during the Korean War, when he was suddenly dispatched across the Pacific, without notice, to take over the American and allied military forces that had been battered and driven into a sometimes panicky retreat before the North Korean and Chinese armies. It looked like an impending defeat, with major international repercussions. But General Ridgway somehow navigated through the military complications on the battlefield and the political complications at home, all at the same time, and saved the day. A similar situation faced General David Petraeus, who was appointed to lead a troop “surge” in Iraq, where things had gotten so out of control that virtually no one believed he could succeed. Moreover, even when he did succeed, most of the media refused to believe it, until the facts about declining fatalities and a rising Iraqi economy made his success impossible to continue denying. It is worth noting that those who made all-out political attacks on General Petraeus during the “surge” include Senators who are now the president of the United States, the vice president and the secretary of state as well as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. All this is covered in “The Savior Generals.” Perhaps the book’s most dramatic example of a turnaround in a militarily dicey situation was that of General William Tecumseh Sherman during the Civil War. The war was going so badly that some considered it doubtful whether the Republicans would even nominate Abraham Lincoln for a second term, and it was more than doubtful whether he could win re-election. It was only after General Sherman’s unconventional, daring – and successful – march through Georgia, splitting the South in half, that Lincoln was re-elected, surprising everyone including Lincoln. “The Savior Generals” covers not only military history but also the social and political history that provides the context in which military events took place. It leaves us a lot to think about with regard to the issues and predicaments of our own time. © 2013



Nancy Barrett, ASID 636.519.4090

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This Ballwin lower level needed a facelift in time for a graduation party. My client wanted an updated look that would be a durable and comfortable space for her family to view television, play pool and entertain. Wood laminate flooring was selected for most of the main space, with a carpet inset to define the seating area. Upholstered furniture was covered in long-wearing, khaki fabrics. To coordinate with the red felt of the pool table, throw pillows, artwork and a striped area rug were chosen. The color scheme was tied together with a warm neutral paint color and fabulous new pool table light fixture. Not only was this space ready for the graduation party but is now a cool space to avoid the coming summer heat. This room was a winner in the 2012 At Home Architect & Designer Awards. Call me to assist you in creating your own award-winning room!


145 Years of Service

Over the past 145 years, Schrader Funeral Home has made community service, professional integrity and high ethical standards a tradition.

Ballwin Funeral Home 14960 Manchester Rd. at Holloway Ballwin, MO 63011

Schrader Funeral Home - Eureka 108 North Central Ave. Eureka, MO 63025

(636) 227-5511

(636) 938-3000


It is not really news that Victor Davis Hanson has written another outstanding and eye-opening book. He has done that before and repeatedly on a variety of subjects. The subject of his latest book, “The Savior Generals,” is given in the subtitle: “How Five Great Commanders Saved Wars That Were Lost – From Ancient Greece to Iraq.” As both a military historian and a classicist scholar, Hanson is one of the few people qualified to cover such a wide sweep of history. As someone whose depth of knowledge and insight are already familiar to readers of his syndicated column, he is also one of the few who can discuss complex subjects in plain English. The subject of “The Savior Generals” could not be more timely. It is about how seemingly hopeless situations can be – and have been – rescued from the brink of disaster. The situation of the United States of America today is similarly very dicey, both at home and abroad, both economically and militarily. This book takes us through the history of how and why nations – both ancient and modern – have gotten themselves into potentially catastrophic situations, and how a new leader, with clearer vision and the character and courage to do what needs to be done, has saved situations that seemed irretrievable. Both the old leaders who failed and the new leaders who succeeded are shown as three-dimensional human beings, with both flaws and virtues, not the cartoon-like images of public figures too often encountered in current discussions in the media or even in academia. Those who turned out to have the decisive virtues at the decisive times include some who were failures at other times and in other settings, so “The Savior Generals” is not an exercise in hero-worship. It is instead a lesson, based on experience over the centuries, on the need for serious, realistic and in-depth understanding in a dangerous world, where there are all too many lures into self-indulgent, shortsighted or wishful thinking. Often we are more realistic about sports than we are about more weighty things. Everyone recognizes the greatness of a relief pitcher like Mariano Rivera, but how many recognize the greatness of a general who can come into a military situation that looks hopeless and rescue the troops and

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letters to the editor

Obama’s Watergate To the Editor: Nixon had Watergate. Obama has Benghazi-Intimigate. Although no one died at the Watergate break-in, Nixon had enough honor left to resign the office of president. On the other hand, President Obama is directly or indirectly responsible for the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi and the intentional intimidation of thousands of patriotic Americans yet he has no honor and shows no intention of resigning the office of president. John Klay Ballwin

Happy to be living in Ballwin

neither convinces nor satisfies me. I am from Missouri. You have got to show me.” Indeed, the Show-Me State has a long reputation for its no-nonsense worldview, but these days, the state is gaining another reputation – as an economic laggard. When Rep. Vandiver was in office, Missouri had 16 representatives in Congress; today, we have only eight, a testament to the state’s languishing population growth and declining economic fortunes. The state is now ranked 48th in GDP growth and 46th in employment growth nationally, and a recent Investor’s Business Daily analysis found that Missouri is the worst-performing “red state” in the country and the only red state in the bottom 10 of economic performers. (Missouri placed 42nd overall; often-ridiculed California placed 43rd.) If Missouri is a “red state,” it certainly isn’t behaving like one – at least not yet. Missouri needs pro-growth, pro-market reforms that empower individuals to take control of their paychecks, their health care, and their children’s education. Our political leaders say they are prepared to make tough decisions to get the state out of its economic doldrums, but I’ll only believe it when I see it. Policymakers will have to actually “show me,” and you, that they mean business through action, not continued “frothy eloquence.” Given the state’s economic performance and abiding legislative intransigence, there is reason to doubt that commitment. Patrick Ishmael Show-Me Institute

To the Editor: When I was 5, my war-wounded grandfather asked me if I would like to see the woodpecker in his wooden leg. I thought all grandpas only had one leg. He lost his leg in the Philippines in 1901 as part of the Kansas Militia. I loved him dearly. When I looked the other way he hit the hollow wooden leg – rat-a-tat-tat – with his pipe. I taught handicapped people in California schools and realized that his attitude gave him the fortitude to raise a family of five on a homestead in eastern Colorado and live to a happy 87 years with one leg. I have written five travel guide books for seniors and handicapped travelers with Amazon. Last year I wrote a 130-page book, “He had a woodpecker in his leg.” I wrote it to inspire the many service people who lost their limbs in the Middle East and Promoting a ‘fair tax’ seventh-graders who are learning about To the Editor: homesteads. The income tax code is complicated I am happy to report that my son David beyond comprehension. An institution like and his family have taken me in with my the IRS has no place in a society of free computer to live in the gorgeous city of people. The power that came to congress Ballwin. Your readers have no idea about with the income tax and 16th Amendment the contrast between Ballwin and Napa, has so corrupted our Congress and the IRS Calif. I intend to live here forever. that we must start over. Donald Bowling Actually the solution to all our present Ballwin woes with the IRS and taxation has been before Congress since 1999. It’s called the FairTax. When passed it will replace the The Show-Me State income tax and annihilate the IRS. Most congresspersons have ignored it isn’t showing well because they don’t want to give up the To the Editor: power they have because of the income tax. More than a century ago Rep. Willard Politically they thrive on it by granting tax Duncan Vandiver concisely captured Mis- favors to the well connected in exchange souri’s political sensibility, telling a crowd for contributions to their re-election camin Philadelphia that “frothy eloquence paigns.

Since 2001 congress has changed the tax code almost 5,000 times; more than once per day. With every change the code gets longer and more complex. Google “FairTax” and learn about it. It’s the most researched legislation ever introduced in Congress. It will broaden the tax base, boost the economy and create millions of jobs. Email and call your representative and senators. Tell them to support and work for passage of the FairTax. Glen E. Terrill

Their actions will continue to increase the overall dependency on the government as an income source, (not every government dependency is in the form of welfare). Everything they touch becomes more expensive and inefficient. This has been proven over and over again. The only thing they are experts in is spinning stories, getting re-elected and extravagantly living off the taxpayer. All of you who voted for this administration not once, but possibly twice had better take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself is this what you wanted? Is this the kind of country you want for A loss of liberties your children and grandchildren? To the Editor: Whether Benghazi, the ridiculous mulI was corresponding with my health tiple IRS scandals, the Justice Department insurance agent yesterday when I was noti- debacle, Common Core curriculum, gun fied that my current insurance package will control, secret email accounts, the “Fast be terminated at the end of the year when and Furious” program, Middle East relaObamacare takes effect. tions, the lack of immigration reform or the I chose not to receive health insurance myriad of other bad policies and decisions through my employer because it was by this supposed transparent administracheaper to continue to cover my family tion, you have to raise your eyebrow and at on our own through an HSA program that least admit that they’re no better than the we had in place when I was self-employed. Bush administration. We elected to take on the burden of a With all the berating of greedy, big busi$7,000 per year deductible in favor of a ness over the last decade, isn’t it more lower monthly premium, which overall, evident than ever that our government and has seemed to work in our favor. their career politicians are just as bad, yet I was always of the understanding that if infinitely more dangerous? you had existing health insurance in place, There will soon be nowhere for “we the you would be able to keep it after the people” to turn for help and accountability Obamacare program kicked in, but appar- as the government will control everything ently that is not true. and once they gain control, there will be no Soon, our policy will be terminated and prying it back. considered “non-compliant” by ObamacRandy Winzen are standards and we will be forced into a St. Louis program with lower deductibles and premiums that are twice what we currently pay. I’m assuming the additional premiums will be used to fund the insurance of those who “can’t afford” to pay for it themselves (i.e. welfare recipients and illegal immigrants). How on earth have we reached this point in our society where the government is allowed to tell us what kind of health insurance we must hold? Does anyone find this a bit disturbing? This administration has covered all the bases, too. If you attempt to avoid their mandated insurance programs you will be fined. Oh, and don’t even think about not paying the fine, because those 16,000 extra IRS agents will be there to make sure you do when they seize your accounts. Submit your letter to: This is just one of the many liberties that this administration is slowly but surely taking over. Before you know it, they will control everything.

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*Not valid with any other offer. This offer cannot be redeemed on alcohol, sales tax, reward redemptions, gratuity, prior purchases, Happy Hour *Limit one coupon per check. Not valid for alcoholic beverages or in purchases, Good Neighbor Program or giftTax cardand purchases. One conjunction with any Rewards other offer or discount. gratuitystnot time included. use only. Limit one coupon per party. Expiration Date:August March31, 31 2013. , 2013. Not valid on gift card purchases. Expires No photocopies accepted.





Festival Fun! EDITORIAL

It’s time to put differences aside Who really suffers when adults argue? OK, that’s a trick question. We all know that the answer is the children, and for the last couple of years the children who’ve been suffering are the students of the Rockwood School District. No doubt the district has made mistakes. The recent state audit noted some of them and Rockwood’s critics have been quick to point out others, but this is not a district that fails to graduate well-educated, well-rounded students, though certainly some students choose to achieve more than others. This is not a district that fails to achieve accreditation. It is not a district of dropouts. No. This is a district that continues to receive awards recognizing its commitment to excellence in education. The students graduating from Rockwood Schools continue to be high achievers. Visit any Rockwood school on any given day and you’ll see learning taking place and dedicated teachers working hard to make sure that learning happens despite knowing that they could be earning more somewhere else. We need to thank those teachers. It’s not easy to work in a hostile environment, and the district has been hostile. Even if you have no children at Rockwood, you can’t help but be pulled into the drama that has unfolded there over the past two years. In many ways it mirrors the negative environment that grips our nation—two oppos-

ing forces that both proclaim to be working for the good of the students, but who will not work together. In the middle, just like in the nation, are the taxpayers and, with their futures in a state of flux, the children. While the adults argue over curriculum, bond issues and transparency, students head to class. The younger ones may be oblivious to the fighting of the adults who are, in theory, acting in their best interests. Not so the older ones. How does all that fighting color their perception of their school, their district, their education? How does it prejudice them when they go to find a job? “You go to school where? Boy, they sure have a lot of problems, don’t they?” “Gee, Rockwood used to be a really great district. Too bad about everything going on there now.” Is that really what we want these students to hear? The truth is Rockwood is a really good district – one that’s run by people, and people make mistakes. Yes, mistakes have been made and trust has been lost, but the people at the helm of the Rockwood district have also made changes that indicate that they have heard the complaints levied against them. Perhaps now, it’s time for their detractors to give them some space and time to implement corrective measures.

A young participant at Ballwin Days gets up all wrapped up in the fun. Catch another favorite West County festival this weekend, June 13-16, as Creve Coeur Days takes over the grounds of De Smet Jesuit High School, 233 N. New Ballas Road.

(Photo courtesy of Ballwin Days; Bob Vogt photographer)

Happy Father’s Day! – June 16 –

In QUOTES “It’s important for people to understand how government works.” – John Maupin, Ellisville special counsel

“Nobody is listening to your telephone calls.” Follow us on



– President Barack Obama

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News Br iefs CREVE COEUR Green Power celebration Creve Coeur is very close to achieving its goal of becoming the second Green Power Community in Missouri. In celebration of this accomplishment the city is hosting a Green Poser Community event on June 25 from 5 - 7 p.m. at the Tappmeyer House, 2 Barnes West Drive. This family-friendly event will include demonstrations, music, kids activities, refreshments and much more. Residents are encouraged to bring lawn chairs.

Drill prepares Mercy Hospital for hazardous event A drill to practice procedures for hazardous events such as potential radiation exposure or a chemical spill took place at Mercy Hospital with staging that seemed all too real. A mass decontamination tent was erected on site allowing Mercy Hospital St. Louis co-workers on the Hazardous Operations Team to respond to volunteer victims’ needs.

Chemical and nuclear exposure can be deadly, not only to the person exposed, but to caregivers. In the event of exposure the HOT co-workers, who are volunteers from every department, are called to action, setting up the tent and decontaminating patients before they enter the emergency department. The process keeps the contaminant out of the hospital and prevents it from spreading to the caregivers. To decontaminate, patients must go through a state-of-the-art, military-style tent that contains specialty shower heads and water jets as well as a conveyer roller system for those who are unconscious. They also remove all clothing and go through a massive showering and soaping down process. Mercy Hospital St. Louis implements two disaster drills annually, one of which is with the St. Louis Area Regional Response System. Mercy’s Search and Rescue along with the Decontamination Teams each have annual drills while the leadership team has quarterly exercises to test their management of various disaster-related scenarios.

Now Open in Chesterfield Valley.

its audit was presented at the West County board’s June 3 meeting.

DES PERES Youth Fishing Derby Residents of Des Peres are encouraged to dust off their rods and reels, and meet friends and neighbors at Des Peres Park for the city’s annual Youth Fishing Derby. Youth, ages 3-12, can participate in the Biggest Fish Contest, raffles and much more! All participants must provide their own fishing pole and bait. Cost is $5 per youth angler. Check-in begins at 7:30 a.m. with fishing from 8-10 a.m. Registration deadline is June 19. Call (314) 835-6150 and reference session #16091 when registering.

BreakDown STL seeks volunteers An informational meeting will be held Thursday, June 13 at 6 p.m. at Kaldi’s Coffee in Chesterfield Valley, 17211 Chesterfield Airport Road, for individuals interested in volunteering with BreakDown STL. BreakDown STL is a local nonprofit that educates, equips and empowers teens to make positive life choices regarding relationships, sex, alcohol, drugs, bullying, selfharm and suicide by providing culturally relevant preventative health education.

Municipal League toasts local achievements

WEST COUNTY West County EMS audit The West County EMS and Fire Protection District has received an unqualified opinion from the accounting firm that examined financial records from the district’s 2012 operations. Allen Schulte from Botz Deal & Co. said the district’s records had been properly maintained, accurately reflected the operation’s financial condition and were free of any material errors. The firm’s report on

The St. Louis County Municipal League honored cities and organizations for their unique achievements at the second annual Muni Awards held at Glen Echo Country Club in May. Cities and organizations in St. Louis County are nominated in a number of good government categories designed to recognize as well as promote civic engagement. Among the honorees were West Central Dispatch Center for Public Safety, Great Rivers Green for Collaboration, Town & Country Historical Society for Preserva-

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Kathy Beaven and Jack Seitz are independent authorized agents in Missouri for Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. In Missouri (excluding 30 counties in the Kansas City area): Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is the trade name for RightCHOICE® Managed Care, Inc. (RIT), Healthy Alliance® Life Insurance Company (HALIC), and HMO Missouri, Inc. RIT and certain affiliates administer non-HMO benefits underwritten by HALIC and HMO benefits underwritten by HMO Missouri, Inc. RIT and certain affiliates only provide administrative services for self-funded plans and do not underwrite benefits. Life and Disability products underwritten by Anthem Life Insurance Company. Independent licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. ®ANTHEM is a registered trademark of Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield names and symbols are registered marks of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.




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Mercy Hospital employees in HazMat suits prepare to participate in hazardous procedures training. (Photo courtesy of Mercy Hospital)

tion and the city of Ballwin for Wellness. At the conclusion of the awards ceremony, the annual Buzz Westfall Award for Excellence in Local Government was presented to Harold L. Dielmann, former mayor of Creve Coeur, who held the position for 28 years. Outgoing League President Tom Schneider also swore in the League’s new officers for 2014, which included Clarkson Valley Mayor Scott Douglas as vice president.

ST. LOUIS COUNTY CNG fueling station to be built at Lambert St. Louis-based The Laclede Group and Siemens are launching Spire natural gas fueling solutions with its first station to be built at Lambert’s Super Park Lot C facility just off of Interstate 70 at Cypress. Spire will be open to the public with a focus to serve the region’s growing number of company fleet vehicles operating on compressed natural gas (CNG). The airport currently operates two CNG stations for its airport vehicles and parking shuttles and has been providing CNG fueling services for some St. Louis companies. Lambert reached out through a request for proposals process to facilitate the construction of a third fueling facility because of growing demand for fueling services in the region. “With more than 50 percent of our fleet running on CNG and other alternative fuels, we truly believe in this project,” said Lambert Director Rhonda Hamm-Niebruegge. “We’re proud to be the first location, the flagship for Spire, giving companies and

motorists in St. Louis easy access to CNG.” The Laclede Group and Siemens will launch the Spire station by the end of the year.

MISSOURI Bacteria closes three state beaches Three state park swimming beaches temporarily closed last week for water quality issues, according to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Included in the closures was the state park beach at Lake of the Ozarks, which has had problems with high level of bacteria in recent years. Water samples taken on June 3 indicated that bacteria levels were higher than those recommended for waters used for swimming. The department collects water samples from all designated beaches in the state park system weekly during the recreational season to determine suitability for swimming. Beaches will be closed for high bacteria when a single E. coli sample exceeds 235 cfu/100ml or when the geometric mean – a 30-day rolling average – exceeds 126 cfu/100 ml. The sample test results indicate a snapshot of the water quality taken at the beaches at a specific time; however, a single sample does not provide an overall sense of the water quality in the lake where the beach is located. Information about beach status can be found online at as well as at Visitors to Missouri State Parks are able to sign up to receive free electronic notices about the status of state park beaches while visiting the department’s beach status website.

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Retirement center proposed for former Shell site in Town & Country

‘Wirth’ property on Clayton Road; Mason Woods Village sits to the right of the property (as shown) with residential property to the left.

By MARY SHAPIRO Plans for the development of an up to four-story retirement center on the socalled Wirth property on Clayton Road just east of Mason Road in Town & Country have some neighbors expressing concerns. The proposal will go before the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission for a public hearing on a request for rezoning, a planned new zoning classification and site plan approval as early as July 24. Long-time residents will recall that a Shell gas station and the Wirth family home

had been on the site, though the station was removed more than four years ago. Sharon Rothmel, the city’s planning director and community economic opportunity coordinator, said that developer Mason Woods Village LLC has 12.8 acres under contract to purchase. The site includes the roughly 8.8-acre Wirth property and the four-acre existing Mason Woods Village shopping center just to the west of that site. That shopping center includes a Straub’s Market and other businesses. Plans for the Wirth property include constructing an Allegro Senior Living center,

including a 68,750-square-foot building with 195,000 square feet of floor area within the building, which would sit on a slope and be up to four stories high on the south side in the rear, Rothmel said. The building would house 65 senior independent living units, 59 assisted living units and 26 units devoted to memory care. The shopping center would remain. The only changes proposed by the developer would include adding amenities such as fountains, outdoor seating and gathering areas, more lighting, improved signage and more landscaping, Rothmel said. The plan also would not affect the Mason Woods condominiums to the rear. “The developer is applying for a new zoning classification on the Wirth site, called planned commercial and assisted living facilities. And they are incorporating into that area they would like to have rezoned the existing Mason Woods Village shopping center,” Rothmel said. While Mason Woods Village is now zoned commercial, most of the Wirth property is zoned residential with less than 1.5 acres zoned commercial, she said. The city is currently reviewing a traffic study requested of the developer. After the issue goes before the Planning and Zoning Commission, it will have to go before the

city’s Architectural Review Board and then to the Board of Aldermen for final approval. The site is touched on three sides by residential property: Rutherford Lane to the east, the Church of the Good Shepherd and Mason Woods condominiums to the west, and Mason Oaks subdivision to the south. John Poppell is president of the homeowners association for the 27-home Mason Oaks subdivision. He said his residents are “strongly opposed to this development.” “Town & Country has a long history of denying these kinds of rezoning efforts,” he said. “Here, they’re trying to rezone residential property into commercial.” Richard Jensen is a trustee for Wheatfield Farms subdivision near, but not adjacent to, the Wirth site. While he said he can’t speak for all subdivision residents, Jensen said the trustees and the majority of residents he’s talked to are strongly opposed to this development. “This is way too massive and too big a project for the site,” he said. “The Wirth acreage that’s zoned single family residential should remain residential, in keeping with all the homes in this area. This retirement center project also could adversely affect traffic. It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.”

Lawyers for former Ellisville mayor try to stay impeachment verdict By DAN FOX Lawyers for the former mayor of Ellisville have filed a petition with the St. Louis County Circuit Court that could get Adam Paul back into office, at least temporarily. On June 3, Paul’s attorney Chet Pleban asked a circuit court judge to stay the impeachment charges against his client. If the judge chooses to stay the verdict, Paul would be temporarily returned to his seat as mayor until the main case regarding Paul’s impeachment can be examined in full. According to Pleban, this would return Paul’s influence to the City Council, letting him act for his constituents while the judge reviews the facts regarding the April impeachment hearings. “This isn’t the only case that this judge has,” Pleban said. “If it takes two and a half, three months to get through a review process … the people who elected him by a 44-percent margin are going to be deprived for that period of time of a voice and a vote, and therefore they’re going to be deprived of government, and you cannot get that back.” Representing the city of Ellisville in

this matter is Attorney John Maupin, who served as the hearing officer during Paul’s impeachment trial. Both Maupin and Keith Cheung, who served as prosecutor in Paul’s impeachment hearing, had been previously retained as special counsel by the city of Ellisville. However, at presstime Maupin did not know if Cheung would be participating in this most recent development. Maupin filed a reply on the morning of June 6 that, according to him, focused only on the motion to stay the impeachment, and not on any other portion of the case. “I’m responding to a very specific part of that,” Maupin said. “The entire case is not at issue.” Maupin said that when the time comes, he will respond appropriately to the primary case. The main case that sits before the circuit court is a petition for administrative review. For this, the judge will look at the actions taken by the Ellisville City Council and, according to Pleban, determine whether they were proper or improper and if they were supported by substantial evidence. “If he determines that it was improper,

Former Ellisville Mayor Adam Paul talks with a resident during his impeachment hearing in April.

he will reverse that decision and reinstate Adam to his position as the mayor,” Pleban said. Maupin said he feels confident in the city’s position and that under review the court would find the Council acted properly. However the verdict turns out, Maupin said that the court’s decision should be respected. “I’ve been really impressed by the level

of citizen involvement and citizen interest,” Maupin said. “It’s important for people to understand how government works. I also think it’s important for the public to understand how difficult it is to be in government. This is a difficult circumstance. I think it’s important that people understand that everyone is trying to do his or her duty as they see it. I hope that people keep that in mind.”

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requirements on how the shooting range structure and parking places must be positioned in the C-1 district. Ballwin city staff raised a number of other technical issues about the building design and site plan but those matters were resolved. Henderson presented a detailed review of how he planned to run the business, as well as the numerous safety and sound attenuation features included in the building’s design and operation. Among other things, Henderson said the facility’s design and construction will meet all federal regulations, including those for ventilation, so that neither customers nor employees will be subject to potentially harmful lead exposure. Any air exiting the building will be considerably cleaner than that along Manchester Road, he said. The building’s thick, concrete exterior with steel and rubber-like layers around the range itself ensure against any fired projectiles leaving the structure, he continued. No one spoke against the proposal and eight Ballwin residents, including at least two from a nearby residential area, voiced strong support. Several said they are convinced the range will not cause a noise problem. Air conditioning systems on businesses in the area and regular traffic flow generate more noise than the shooting range is likely to cause, due to the sound-deadening measures built into the structure, they said. Assuming the shooting range becomes a reality, Henderson said he anticipates moving his gun store from its present location to the new building. Any final OK for the proposed range requires a favorable action by the board of adjustments on the parking-related variance, another positive recommendation from the planning and zoning commission and final approvals by the Board of Aldermen.

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By JIM ERICKSON The first step toward the possible establishment of an indoor shooting range in Ballwin has been taken by the city’s planning and zoning commission. That initial step involves a recommendation to the Ballwin Board of Aldermen to amend the city’s zoning ordinance to allow a shooting range as a special use exception in the C-1 zoning district. The recommendation leaves unanswered the ultimate questions of whether or not an indoor range actually will be built and where, with a number of other decisions by Ballwin officials still remaining. However, details of the pending project were aired during the commission’s June 3 meeting by John Henderson, owner and operator of American Arms, at 15531 Manchester Road. Henderson asked for the zoning ordinance amendment, as well as the specific use exception to build the indoor shooting range and retail sales facility on property behind the recently opened Wendy’s restaurant and the U-Gas operation now under construction on the northeast corner of Manchester Road and Seven Trails Drive. According to the petition, the latter request was with the knowledge and concurrence of Tayco Seven Trails Drive LLC, the present owner of the property, which is across the street from Vlasis Park. After agreeing on the move to recommend a change in the zoning ordinance to make indoor shooting ranges a use allowed by special use exception in a C-1 zoning district, the commission tabled the request involving an exception on the proposed site, pending consideration of a zoning code variance by the city’s board of adjustment. A variance is needed because the shooting range’s site plan doesn’t meet current

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On May 5, 500 children, youth and adult volunteers from Living Word United Methodist Church in Wildwood came together for a worship service and then set out to serve others in the community. Their GO! All-Church Serve Day encompassed 25 service projects, including assembling craft kits for Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital, cooking for Shalom House, cleaning windows at Gambrill Gardens, landscaping at vari- Brett and John Balzraine and Scott Reichter mulch and landscape during Living Word’s ous agencies, and much more. day of service. Living Word Lead Pastor Michael McIntyre said the event was so well received that another day of service is being planned for Sunday, Oct. 13, and the public is welcome to join in. For more information, email




Hate group photo on display in Manchester stirs up controversy By SARAH WILSON On May 17, Manchester Arts announced the winners of its “Focus: Manchester” photo contest. Taking home the second-place trophy in the amateur category for ages 21 and over was Lee Presser, whose work now hangs in Manchester City Hall as part of an encore exhibition of “Focus: Manchester.” But even before the exhibition opens (it runs June 16-July 14, daily from 1-4 p.m.), Presser’s photo has attracted controversy. The photo is of a Westboro Baptist Church member protesting in Manchester’s Paul A. Schroeder Park. A federal appeals court on Oct. 16, 2012, ruled that the city of Manchester’s ordinance to prohibit protests at funerals was constitutional. The ordinance is aimed at preventing picketing by Westboro Baptist Church, an anti-gay church in Kansas known for protesting and disrupting the funerals of military men and women killed in the line of duty. Some members of the public have called the photo “controversial,” and said that they are offended by the photo and that it has no place in a government building. Yet, Alderman Mike Clement (Ward 2) said the photo is of Manchester’s “triumph” over Westboro. “Our funeral protest ordinance withstood the legal challenge that Westboro waged against it, and it has now become the model for communities and cities all over the country,” Clement said. “So that photo, particularly to me and other elected officials here, really represents a very big victory. So we view that as an integral part of our recent history. That’s part of our story. And our photography contest was all themed around Manchester and our people and our past and our history, so while it may upset some

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The photo of a protest in Manchester by Westboro Baptist Church that hangs in Manchester City Hall (Photo courtesy of Lee Presser)

people and may be objectionable, for us, it represents a huge victory that this community can be proud of.” In light of the complaints, Clement said Manchester Arts would add a note next to the photo explaining its history. Presser said he did not understand why there were any complaints and that the photo is a part of history. “And so for those people who don’t want it shown, obviously they wish to erase the history of what actually happened on that day and that place,” Presser said. “People ought to be proud of the fact that people in Manchester stood up to these folks and found a way to write a law to keep from making parents, making spouses, feel terrible at a horrible moment in their life, when they’re burying a loved one.”


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Drinking water confidence reports online The Missouri Department of Natural Resources urges consumers to become more familiar with their local drinking water provider. The department has made it easier to do so by becoming the first in the nation to post Consumer Confidence Reports online for each public water supply. Federal law requires public water supplies to provide Consumer Confidence Reports to customers by July 1 each year. These reports enable Missourians to make practical, knowledgeable decisions about their health and environment. They describe the water sources used by the systems, identify any contaminants found during routine drinking water testing and provide general information on drinking water and health. The reports

also provide suppliers with an opportunity to explain how the community’s drinking water supplies are protected and build on their relationship with the customer. This year, public water supplies are allowed for the first time to distribute the reports electronically to their customers. To assist utilities with this effort, the Department of Natural Resources has made the reports available to consumers on its website at All community water systems are required to produce and distribute a Consumer Confidence Report. These systems include cities, water districts, subdivisions, mobile home parks and other water systems serving at least 25 residents.

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State Treasurer Clint Zweifel views pieces on display from the unclaimed property vault during his first term in office. (Photo courtesy of Office of State Treasurer Clint Zweifel)

State treasurer teams up with Jewish Federation to return unclaimed property By JIM ERICKSON There are pools of valuables waiting for the right people to claim them. How much are those pools of valuable stuff worth? Would you believe more than $750 million in Missouri alone? That’s considerably more than the grand prize in the typical Powerball lottery. No one person can claim the entire amount, though, because in Missouri there are an estimated 4.4 million “winners,” including individuals, businesses, churches and even local governments. The largess in Missouri is unclaimed property held by State Treasurer Clint Zweifel. Most is cash from bank accounts, stocks, bonds and contents of safe deposit boxes. Uncollected insurance policy proceeds, government refunds, utility deposits and wages from past jobs also are in there. What’s not included is real property such as land and houses and certain types of personal property such as cars and boats. Zweifel oversees the unclaimed property due to a state law requiring financial institutions, insurance companies, public agencies and other business entities to turn over to the state any assets belonging to a customer, client, employee or other owner if there have been no documented transactions or contact with the owner for five years or more. Other states have similar laws. In recent years, he has taken steps to publicize the existence of unclaimed property and to make it easy for people to find out if anything in that treasure chest has their name on it. “My job as state treasurer is not only to protect taxpayer dollars but also return unclaimed property to those who own it,” he explained.

One recent step Zweifel took was to partner with the Jewish Federation of St. Louis and its members as part of the Older Missourian Education Initiative. The effort is aimed at helping older residents of the state with unclaimed property claims. The program also wants to warn Missourians about scams involving unclaimed property. Key to that prevention is this piece of advice: No one should provide personal or financial information, including credit card numbers, to individuals who contact them claiming they can help return unclaimed property. According to Zweifel, people should be on the lookout for practices that indicate an unclaimed property scam, such as unsolicited emails asking for personal information and an offer to return lost property for a fee. “I never charge to return your property,” Zweifel said, adding that it’s important for older Missourians and others new to the Internet to be careful as they search for unclaimed property. The state treasurer maintains a website ( where anyone can search for unclaimed property 24 hours a day. Zweifel also invites calls to a special phone line, (573) 751-0123. Susan Goen, spokesperson for the Jewish Federation, said the program has been well received since it was announced last month. On the day of a news conference announcing the partnership, she said a number of Federation members checked the treasurer’s website and several found they had an unclaimed property account. “The amounts ranged from a few cents to several hundred dollars,” Goen said. Records show that in the most recent fiscal year, more than $3.5 million was paid out to individuals with unclaimed property See UNCLAIMED PROPERTY, page 19



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Rockwood Board of Directors (from left) are Jeffery Morrell, Dr. Keith Kinder, Loralee Mondl, Sherri Rogers, Matt Doell and Board President Bill Brown. Not shown is the Board's newest member, Darby Arakelien. (Rockwood School District photo)

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rather than a deficit,” Rooney told the Board. “We need to come up with a long-term capital plan, because pushing those projects into the operations budget is causing the deficit. “But we can’t just let our buildings erode.” Board President Bill Brown said other school districts, like Parkway and Pattonville, have had tax increases approved by voters within the past 13 years. Rockwood hasn’t endeavored to get voters to approve a tax increase since 1994. “That’s why some other school districts aren’t facing the issues we are,” Brown said. While Board member Jeffrey Morrell said he feared there could be voter sentiment against any possible tax increase, Brown said a tax increase would need just above 50-percent voter approval versus just above 57 percent for a bond issue. Any proposed tax increase would target an increase to the operating levy portion of the tax rate to fund capital projects and technology, Rooney said. That plan could allow the overall tax rate to eventually drop, because the debt service rate would decline as old bond issues are paid off and no new ones are put before voters. However, there would be an up-front cost to an increase in the operating part of the tax rate, because until the old bond issues are paid off there will still be some debt service portion of the tax rate to be paid down. “Still, an ongoing revenue stream from an increase in the operating portion of the tax rate would allow the district to plan over many years, and projects wouldn’t have to be put on hold until a bond issue is passed,” Rooney said. Also, the operating rate increase could be used on preventive maintenance projects and other operational costs, not limited to the special construction projects mandated in bond issues.

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Possible operating tax increase could fund Rockwood’s capital needs By MARY SHAPIRO Rather than trying again for a bond issue, the Rockwood School District Board of Education is discussing a possible operating tax rate increase. During a retreat on June 1, Board members discussed that and various budget suggestions provided by Tim Rooney, the district’s chief financial and legislative officer. The district’s 2012 tax rate is $4.54 per $100 of assessed valuation. Of that rate, 68 cents is used for debt service to pay off past bond issues approved by voters. Rooney told the Board on June 1 that, since the district’s last two bond issues had failed to win voter approval, monies sought at the ballot box weren’t available for a variety of capital improvement projects and technological upgrades the district needs. The district for many years had relied on passage of bond issues to fund these items rather than paying for them through general operations revenues. However, because of bond issue failures the district has been trying to absorb some capital projects into its current operations budget. Rooney also told the Board that projections for operating revenues for the district are estimated to total $207.6 million for the 2014 fiscal year starting July 1. That would be only slightly up from the $207.3 million for the current fiscal year. However, expenses for the 2014 fiscal year are expected to be $212.9 million, up from the $204.2 million expected for the current fiscal year. The Board has approved using some of its reserves to allow for $5.6 million in maintenance and technology capital improvements projects for the 2013-14 year that were unable to be funded otherwise. “Without those projects, that we’ve tried to absorb, we’d have a revenue surplus


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Despite static, local classical station continues to attract fans By SARAH WILSON When West Newsmagazine posted a story on this spring regarding The Radio Arts Foundation’s new radio station, which went live on April 8, it was one of the site’s most commented-on stories. Comments ranged from general excitement and appreciation for the station to frustration over static on the airwaves. Two months later, it seemed appropriate to check in with 107.3 RAF-STL to find out if and when the static might clear and what listeners can expect in coming months. James Connett, general manager of RAFSTL and a veteran of St. Louis radio, said the station currently is “amping up” its software and hardware, getting more music into the station, getting programming solidified and ramping up sales opportunities for a lot of arts groups that are coming on to the station. RAF-STL is located at 7711 Carondelet in Clayton, in a newly built studio with two broadcast studios, one on either side of a conference room that doubles as a performance space. In addition, the station also has the capability to broadcast remotely throughout the central corridor of St. Louis. Its analog FM signal currently is available within a 20-mile radius of the intersection of Hanley and Manchester roads. In addition to hearing the station on the radio, RAF-STL’s website is up and running, where people can listen online. There

also is a free app available called RAF STL, to fit any listeners’ needs. “So they can listen anywhere in the world with those,” Connett said. In regard to the static heard on the airwaves, he added, “We are asking people who can’t receive an analog signal on 107.3, if they’re having trouble with that, to look into an HD2 radio, which has no problems whatsoever.” The HD2 signal, which is at KIHT 96.3, covers a 50-mile radius from Shrewsbury. “And then, we’re tweaking 107.3 so we can get a better signal out of that,” Connett said. “It’s been a little bit of a challenge,” Connett said. “We didn’t see that one coming, but hopefully things will be squared away pretty soon.” Connett said the station also is working on doing some live jazz programming on Saturday nights. “We’ve put a lot of capital into getting the station on,” Connett said. “Now we have to work on keeping it running.” Only six people work at the 24/7 station, which, Connett said, is “somewhat daunting.” “But we’re managing it,” Connett said. “It just takes a little bit longer with fewer people. But so far, so good. We’re flying the plane, but we’re also building it. Everybody’s really excited about it, and not everything is perfect but what is when you go into it.” As a nonprofit, he said the station is always looking for volunteers.


of the property or a legal heir. Zweifel’s records show that nearly 65 percent of all individuals with unclaimed property can file a paperless claim at the website. For others, the treasurer’s office will send a form with instructions about the necessary documentation needed to establish rightful ownership and to claim the property. The vault used to store non-monetary items of value (jewelry, coins, etc.) reaches capacity every couple of years, Zweifel’s office said. When the vault is full, the treasurer hosts an auction and proceeds from the sale of items from safe deposit boxes are recorded in the name of the owner. If owners or heirs later are identified, they receive the entire proceeds from the sale of their items. Zweifel supported passage of a 2010 law prohibiting the sale of unclaimed military medals. Such items are held and cared for until returned to the recipient or heir. All states have an unclaimed property program. For information about other states, you can check the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators website.

accounts exceeding $100,000. The average amount returned on a claim is $300. Andrew Rehfeld, president and CEO of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis, stressed the importance of the partnership, when he said, “Financial security is a vital issue for our older adults (and) can make the difference in helping them live healthy, independent, meaningful lives.” Zweifel’s office also has partnered with AARP-Missouri and the St. Louis Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association to promote the effort to return unclaimed property. While the number of unclaimed property accounts tends to be skewed to older generations, all age groups are represented. “It takes five years for those assets to come to us and it can be any number of years after that before a claim is filed, so the person may be an adult before the account is settled,” a spokesperson in Zweifel’s office explained. All unclaimed property is held in trust forever and may be claimed at any time. Claimants must be either the original owner

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Clean Beyond Clean.

Parkway, Rockwood boards revisit community education partnership

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Even if Parkway and Rockwood combine their community education programs, each district's popular swim clubs would remain independent. Shown here: Rockwood Swim Club prepares for its recent open water competition in Florida.

See how I can help improve your life!

(Rockwood Swim Club photo)

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By CAROL ENRIGHT Eighteen months ago, Parkway and Rockwood began talking about combining their community education programs. Last November, the two boards put the talks on hold, citing a full plate of issues – including budgetary concerns – on both sides. On May 30, the idea was back on the table in front of a joint meeting of both boards. Both districts have long said that a combined community education program would produce increased efficiencies and revenues for Parkway and Rockwood and more program offerings for the community. Mike Seppi, Rockwood’s director of community education, set the tone for the meeting with a comment that would be repeated throughout the night. “This is about being proactive,” Seppi said. Seppi said that a potential partnership was not being explored due to either district being “in a crisis mode.” Rather, a joint program with a combined resident base of more than 250,000 would ensure the financial stability and long-term success of both programs as community demographics and enrollments continue to change. Greg Marsello, co-founder of the Learning Resources Network (LERN), the country’s largest community education association, echoed Seppi’s assessment. “Nothing’s broken,” Marsello said. “It’s how do we take this to the next level?” Marsello cited statistics predicting that 25 to 50 percent of community education programs will shut down this decade. He said that larger programs, such as Rockwood’s, are more likely to survive than smaller programs like Parkway’s.

“Clearly, size matters,” Marsello said. He suggested that “partnering makes sense” for both districts, which serve a similar population. Seppi presented a picture of what the proposed partnership – tentatively called Parkway-Rockwood Community Ed – would look like. Parkway would phase in Rockwood’s highly successful before- and after-school child care program as it phases out the program it currently offers through the YMCA. Rockwood would expand its adult enrichment programming, an area in which Parkway excels. Youth basketball, Rockwood’s biggest sports program, would be offered in both Parkway and Rockwood facilities. (Parkway does not offer youth basketball.) Before- and after-school enrichment programs would expand in both districts. And all other existing community education programs would be made available to patrons of both districts. Patrons from both districts would receive one community education program guide and would be able to access program information and registration through one community education website. Notably, both districts’ Adult Education & Literacy and aquatics programs would remain distinct – at least for the first three years of a partnership. Representatives from both organizations, especially the Rockwood and Parkway swim clubs, have repeatedly expressed their desires to remain independent. Community education programs are self-funded and do not impact the districts’ operating budgets. It was generally agreed that it would make sense for Rockwood to be the fiscal agent of a combined community ed program, because the district already has a dedicated community education department and online registration; Parkway has neither. All program fees would funnel into Rockwood and the revenues would be dispersed according to the fees and expenses associated with each program. For example, if 1,000 patrons register for youth basketball and 600 are Rockwood residents, Rockwood would receive 60 percent of the revenues and absorb 60 percent of the costs. The chief financial officers of both districts expressed their support for the proposed financial structure. “It’s a win-win,” said Parkway CFO Mark Stockwell. The boards will continue discussions throughout the summer and present the idea to two focus groups, one of community members and one of administrators, before reviewing the final recommendation for the partnership in September. If approved, the combined community education program would take effect on July 1, 2014.

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For more information or to schedule a tour, call Karen or Kelley at 314-542-2500. 314-542-2500 • 605 Coeur de Ville Drive • Creve Coeur, MO 63141 • Parc Provence is committed to equal housing opportunity and does not discriminate in housing and services because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin.

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Bu llet i n Boa rd

Carl Hudson, junior class principal, described Bulanda as a bright student with a bright future. “Jordan is a fantastic young lady both in the classroom and on the athletic field,” Hudson said. “We are excited to recognize her for this outstanding accomplishment.”

New faculty member

Rockwood students take part in the annual Relay for Life event.

Relaying in Rockwood The Rockwood School District community this year raised more than $75,000 for the American Cancer Society through Relay for Life. More than 400 individuals participated in the event.

Among the best U.S. News & World Report named Parkway South High as one of the country’s best high schools. South High received a silver medal in the fifth annual list of America’s Best High Schools. It also was ranked among the top 10 schools in Missouri. U.S. News & World Report teamed up with the Washington, D.C.,-based American Institutes for Research, a behavioral and social science research organization. AIR implemented the newspaper’s comprehensive rankings methodology, which is based on the key principles that a great high school must serve all of its students well, not just those who are college bound, and that it must be able to produce measurable academic outcomes to show the school is successfully educating its student body across a range of performance indicators.

Honored with scholarship The Republican Women’s Club of St. Louis announced Jaime Staengel as the winner of

its second annual scholarship essay contest. The goal of the scholarship is to encourage political awareness and engagement, as well as to promote Republican principles among young women. The scholarship is open to female high school seniors and college freshmen and sophomores from St. Louis. This year, the topic pertained to energy policy. Staengel, a senior at Rockwood Summit High, was awarded a $500 scholarship.

Perfect score Jordan Bulanda, a junior at Marquette High, earned a perfect score of 36 on the ACT. While college is still a year away, Bulanda is interested in pursuing a career Bulanda in engineering, partly because of the positive experiences she has had in her pre-engineering and physics classes at Marquette. “I like the hands-on experiences these classes provide,” Bulanda said. “Physics was unlike anything I had taken before; I think I might like to focus on the physics side of engineering.” In addition to her coursework, she is a three-sport athlete who participates in field hockey, swimming and soccer at Marquette.

Chesterfield Day School announced the addition of a new faculty member for the 2013-2014 school year. Lindsay Klasing will be joining the CDS faculty Klasing as a full-time teacher in the K/1 classroom. Klasing brings 10 years of elementary school teaching to CDS, most recently as a kindergarten teacher at Waters Edge Elementary in Palm Beach, Fla. Prior to that, she taught in the St. Louis Public Schools. Klasing holds a bachelor’s degree in education from Southeast Missouri State University and a master’s degree in education from Lindenwood University.

Rockwood adult classes forming Rockwood summer classes are forming for the Adult Basic Education and English as a Second Language program. Classes began the week of June 3 and run through Aug. 1. ABE classes help students prepare for the Missouri High School Equivalency (currently the GED) test. ESL classes provide foreign speaking adults an opportunity to learn to read, write and understand the English language. Rockwood offers these classes at no cost to community members due to a grant from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. For more information, visit rockwood. Pages/default.aspx.

National Merit honors Rockwood 2013 high school graduates Andrew Hosna, of Eureka High, and Derek Legenzoff, of Lafayette High, earned college-sponsored scholarships

through the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. The students were selected from a talent pool of more than 15,000 outstanding Finalists in the 2013 National Merit Scholarship Program.

Doing good As part of a yearlong philanthropy project, the Chesterfield Day School sixthgrade class presented a check for $2,744 to Grace Hill Health Centers, a nonprofit organization that offers low-cost health care coverage to uninsured adults. Students raised the funds throughout the 2012-2013 school year by conducting multiple bake sales, car washes and other fundraising activities. The majority of the funds were raised through the sixth-grade play, “Beauty and the Beast Jr.” All ticket proceeds went toward the Grace Hill philanthropy project.

Music quarterfinalist Aron Blanke, a music teacher at Rockwood’s Center for Creative Learning, was named as a quarterfinalist for the Music Educator Award, sponsored by the Recording Blanke Academy and GRAMMY Foundation. This is the first year for the award, which honors teachers who have made a significant and lasting contribution to the field of music education. More than 30,000 teachers nationwide were nominated for the Music Educator Award, and Blanke is among the 217 teachers named quarterfinalists. If selected as the winner, Blanke will fly to Los Angeles to accept the award, attend the GRAMMY Awards ceremony and receive $10,000.
Blanke has taught in Rockwood since 1995, and this year, he was recognized as Rockwood’s Elementary School Teacher of the Year. Dr. Dottie Barbeau, director of the Center for Creative Learning, described Blanke as a talented and dedicated educator. “Aron has a passion for music and teaching,” Barbeau said. “To be nominated for a GRAMMY Award is an opportunity of a lifetime, and we’re excited to recognize him for this outstanding accomplishment.”



Local scholarship winners Electro Savings Credit Union recognized its Edward G. Halliburton scholarship recipients. The scholarship program honors Ed Halliburton, a credit union volunteer who has served on the credit union’s board of directors since 1967. The scholarship recipients in the West Newsmagazine area include: Emily Ladig, a Parkway North graduate, and Scott Thompson, a Westminster Christian Academy graduate. Ladig, of Creve Coeur, plans Ed Halliburton congratulates Emily Ladig (left), Ellen to study journalism at the Boll (left, center) and Scott Thompson (right), recipients University of Missouri, and of the 2013 Electro Savings Credit Union Edward G. Thompson, of Manchester, Halliburton Scholarship. plans to study mechanical engineering at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Ind. Since 1993, the credit union has awarded $64,000 to its student members. Scholarship applications are accepted from high school seniors who have been credit union members for at least one year.

Rockwood additions Rockwood School District’s Board of Education on June 1 in closed session approved the hiring of an associate principal at Lafayette High and administrative interns at Bowles, Eureka, Pond, Ridge Meadows and Westridge elementary schools for the 2013-2014 school year. Karen Calcaterra was named as the associate principal of Lafayette High. She replaces Nisha Patel, who has been named principal of Crestview Middle. For the past six years, Calcaterra has served as an assistant principal at Parkway North High. Prior to that, she served three years as an area coordinator for the Special School District at Pattonville High. She also served as a Special School District teacher for six years at Parkway North and at the AfftonLindbergh Early Childhood Center. David Bates was named as the administrative intern of Bowles Elementary. For the past nine years, he has served as a teacher in the Wentzville School District. Susan Johnson was named as the administrative intern of Eureka Elementary. For the past two years, she has served as a literacy coach and reading specialist at Woerther Elementary. Prior to that, she served Rockwood as an instructional coach for four years, a reading specialist for seven years and an elementary school teacher for nine years. Prior to joining Rockwood, she taught for two years in the Fort Osage School District. For the past two years, Johnson also served as a reading consultant for the Ferguson-Florissant School District. Andrea Lockwood was named as the administrative intern of Pond Elementary.

She has served Rockwood as a teacher at Eureka Elementary for 11 years and as an instructional coach for one year. Nicholle Simmons was named as the administrative intern of Ridge Meadows Elementary. Simmons joined Rockwood in 2007. She currently is serving as the administrative intern of Ridge Meadows as well as a principal for Rockwood Summer Academy. She also has served the district as an intervention specialist, a data analyst, an instructional coach and an assistant principal. Prior to joining Rockwood, she served for three years as a principal in the Montgomery School District and two years as a principal in the Bowling Green School District. She began her teaching career as a middle school special education instructor and taught seven years in the Bowling Green School District. Megan Meier was named as the administrative intern of Westridge Elementary. For the past five years, she has served as a music teacher at Kehrs Mill Elementary.

Parkway book sale June 21-22 The Parkway School District will host its annual book sale June 21 and 22 at Central Middle, located at 471 N. Woods Mill Road in Chesterfield. The sale is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Friday, June 21 and from 8 a.m. to noon on Saturday, June 22. Books range from fiction, non-fiction, autobiographies, how-to and textbooks. There are more than 100,000 books available for purchase. The majority of the books are hardback and in excellent condition. Admission is free, and all books are 50 cents each.


I schools I 23

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Slivka family brings tradition to Kennedy Catholic Theater

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and special effects, Jac also creates the set designs and then teaches students as they bring the designs to life. Creely, a Kennedy alum and the current drama department head, acts as the director of the fall plays and brings the action on stage to life as choreographer of the spring musicals. It is obvious from the quality and professionalism of the shows that the Slivka family has dedicated countless hours to their productions from start to finish. However, they are giving much more to Kennedy than spectacular shows. The Slivka’s and Creely have welcomed two-thirds of the student population, who participate in theater, into their own family with love. They have taught much more than how to act, sing or build a flat. They serve as role models and examples of the benefits of hard work and patience. “The Slivkas and Mrs. Creely have helped me in so many areas of my life. They’ve helped me to grow as both an artist and as a person and I would not be the same person if I hadn’t met them,” said Kennedy senior Megan Robison, who played Golde in “Fiddler on the Roof.” Anne Klein, mother of Michael Klein, who played Tevye, said, “Not only have along with their daughter KC Creely, have the Slivkas created outstanding theatrical been instrumental in Kennedy’s theater productions at Kennedy, but by the selfless department. giving of their time and talent, they have Susan is the director of the spring musi- profoundly influenced several generations cals and acts as the vocal coach and second of Kennedy students.” mother of all those involved in Kennedy As the notable “Fiddler” phrase states, Theater. without the Slivka family, Kennedy TheHer husband, Jac, is the technical director ater would be “as shaky as … a fiddler on of the shows, in charge of the “magic” that the roof!” goes on behind the scenes that allows the ••• show to flow seamlessly. Besides having Katrina Hauser is a member of the Kena vast knowledge of theater sound, light nedy Catholic class of 2013.

By KATRINA HAUSER John F. Kennedy Catholic High School recently performed its spring musical, “Fiddler on the Roof.” Much of the show is centered on family and tradition, something Kennedy Theater is not lacking. Although it takes a village to put together and execute a show, Kennedy Catholic has the help of one amazing family in order to do so – the Slivka family. For over 20 years, Jac and Susan Slivka,



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Spor t s Youth gymnastics Crestview Middle School’s Taylor Styer competed in the recent Junior Olympic National Championships in Portland, Ore. The eighth-grade gymnast came in fifth in rings, second in vault and 20th in the all-around competing against the best in the nation. Styer trains at the St. Louis Gym Centre in Webster Groves. Mike Filla is his coach. “Both Taylor and I were very proud of his performance,” Filla said. “ThroughTaylor Styer with coach Mike Filla out the season, he has transformed as a gymnast. He has become much more mentally tough and has learned how to handle the pressure of large competitions.” Gymnasts don’t take breaks. Styer is back working out. “Taylor will spend the summer months developing and learning new skills on all of the events that he will be able to use in his routines next season,” Filla said. “We look forward to great accomplishments from Taylor in the future.”


High school boys track and field The CBC track and field team had good reason to celebrate finishing third at the recent Class 4 state meet in Jefferson City. It was the top 4 finish for the Cadets program since 1977.

Coach Brandon Tripp said his team did not limit itself going into the competition. “We felt as if we had as good a shot as anyone for first place,” Tripp said. “If we didn’t have the hiccups on the first day we would have had a pretty good opportunity at the title.” Senior Jamal Robinson won the 200-meter dash in 21.87 seconds. Robinson will


run at Eastern Illinois University this fall. His time was not a school record. Robinson performed well in the race, Tripp said. So did his senior teammate Jonathan Parker, who finished seventh with a time of 22.34. “Jamal ran the race he has run all year long,” Tripp said. “He and teammate Jonathan Parker’s goals were to progress. They ran a 21.7 at districts, a 21.6 at sectionals and he was hoping for 21.5 at the state championship. A -2.4 headwind had a say so in the final time. “But overall they both finished well enough to stand on the podium as all state athletes.” The 1600 relay team won with a time of 3:16.12. Members of the relay are senior Bertrand Birdsall, Parker, junior Stephan Hickman and sophomore Jerrick Powell. “The 4x400 meter relay team did break the school record by 5 seconds,” Tripp said. “It was a very impressive race by all four young men.” The state meet ended a season to remember for the Cadets. “Our team did a fantastic job all year long,” Tripp said. “We had 36 personal best marks achieved. All six seniors are moving on to college athletics with four of them receiving athletic scholarships. We had six school records broken and six all-state athletes in six events. “I am extremely proud of all of my young men and grateful to my coaching team for doing an outstanding job in 2013.” Marquette junior Noah Kauppila won


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the 800-meter run in 1:54.2. He finished second in the 1600-meter run in 4:13.6 and also was on the 3200-meter relay that finished second in 7:49.8.

A spot in the Showcase Austin Verschoore, of Fort Zumwalt West, will be playing this fall at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. But first he will get to play in a big game. Verschoore will be one of 25 seniors from Missouri playing in the fourth annual PNC Bank High School Baseball Showcase that will be held at 7:15 p.m. on June 14 at Busch Stadium. The game will pit the top area seniors from Missouri playing 25 seniors from southwestern Illinois. Players were nominated by area coaches and chosen by a selection committee of sportswriters from Illinois and Missouri. “I’m very excited. It’s such an honor to play in this game, especially with the kind of talent that will be in attendance this year,” Verschoore said. “I’m very blessed. It’s not every day you get selected to play in a state versus state all-star game at Busch Stadium.” Parkway North’s Daniel Brodsky, who will walk on at Ball State, agreed. “I couldn’t be more excited,” Brodsky said. “The most exciting part is just being able to play at Busch Stadium. Most guys never get a chance to play in any sort of all-star game, so being able to do that and play at Busch is just unbelievable.

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Eureka Wildcats (from left): Eilish Overby, Megan Cunningham, Angie Sumner and Hannah Long

“Plus, I know that everyone who I’ll be playing with and against is just so talented. It really is quite an honor. I can’t wait to play in the all-star game.” Missouri’s seniors own the series so far, winning all three games, which were played in the afternoon in the past. Alan Benes will manage the Illinois team, and Chris Duncan will pilot the Missouri guys. Area high school coaches will serve as assistant coaches. They have not been named yet. The all-star game, skills challenge and home run derby are all free. The skills challenge and home run derby begin at 3:30 p.m., with the game to follow.

High school tennis The MICDS Rams are the Class 1 team champions. MICDS defeated John Burroughs 8-1 at the Cooper Tennis Complex in Springfield. MICDS lost just one match this spring. The lone setback was a 5-4 loss to eventual Class 2 team champion Rockhurst. The Rams defeated Logan-Rogersville 5-0 in the semifinals to earn a berth in the championship match. In Class 2, two teams battled for third place. CBC, in its first appearance in the state team tournament, won third by defeating Parkway Central 5-0. Eventual state champion Rockhurst defeated CBC 5-1 in the semifinals. Rock Bridge beat Parkway Central 5-1 in the other semifinal.

High school girls track and field The Eureka Wildcats finished fourth in the recent Class 4 girls state track and field meet at Dwight T. Reed Stadium in Jefferson City. Eureka coach Darrell Lewis said he was happy with how his girls performed.

“The girls ran really well at state,” Lewis said. “Our goal was to come home with a team trophy and the girls accomplished that goal.” The program finished second in 2004 and third in 2003. Last year, the Wildcats were fifth. The 3200 relay team won its race in 9 minutes, 12 seconds. Girls on the relay were junior Eilish Overby, senior Angie Sumner, senior Megan Cunningham and sophomore Hannah Long. “This was the second fastest time in school history so it’s not quite a school record,” Lewis said. “We knew going into the race that our relay would have to have to put together four good races. St. Teresa’s Academy was the defending state champ and Lafayette finished right behind us at sectionals, so we knew there would be other teams right there if someone had an off day.” Long also recorded two first-place finishes. She won the 1600-meter run in 4:49 and the 800-meter run in 2:11.06. They were Long’s first two state track first-place medals after finishing second on those two runs last year as a freshman. Lewis said Sumner also had a good state meet. “She was part of the winning 4x800 relay, finished second in the 3200 and sixth in the 1600,” Lewis said. “Junior Lexi Pesek had two good days in the 100 hurdles. She came into the meet not ranked to make the finals, but she was able to run fast enough to qualify. Her eighth-place finish earned the team a much-needed point and one point was the difference between fourth and fifth places.” Parkway North’s Amber Anderson was a Class 4 individual champion. She won the high jump with a leap of 5 feet, 6 inches. In Class 3, MICDS won first in the 1,600 relay with a time of 3:58.3.




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Westminster doubles team wins state, says goodbye to inspiring coach By WARREN MAYES History was made by the Westminster Christian Academy boys doubles team – juniors Bailey Merkel and Derek Bell. The tandem captured the Class 1 state doubles championship at the Cooper Tennis Complex in Springfield – topping Michael Peters and Matthew Wong of John Burroughs in straight sets at 7-5, 6-4. Merkel and Bell have been a doubles team for two years. They managed to win the first championship in boys doubles for Westminster. Lauren DeRousse and Christine Schlafly won the girls doubles championship in 2009 for Westminster. “We advanced the boys to the final four multiple times,” Westminster coach Nathan Talley said. “Our highest finish came two seasons ago in 2011.” This year, Talley said he had an inkling the Wildcats might break through and win it. “I definitely knew we had a shot at it this year,” Talley said. “Bailey and Derek are incredibly capable players. We also knew the opponents they would see in the final would be capable as well. I saw it pretty close to a coin flip, but as the match got closer, my confidence grew as did theirs, and I really thought we were going to get it.”

In first-round match, Merkel and Bell beat James Etheride and Matthew Gartland, of Logan-Rogersville, in straight sets at 6-0, 6-0. In the quarterfinals, they beat Sohil Baghat and Ben Abbas, of Barstow, 6-1, 6-2. In the semifinals, they played John Burroughs’ Nicholas Guo and Charlie Van Doren and scored a 7-5, 6-1 victory. “Through the semis, nothing felt close,” Talley said. Merkel and Bell faced a new foe in Burroughs’ Peters and Wong. “Before Bailey and Derek played the finals, we had a great team meeting,” Talley said. “In it, I shared with them that this could be a way to honor one another, their teammates, the school, me and the Lord. It is easy to try to build a name for ourselves or for our school – but ultimately, we want to try to bring honor to His name.” After that, Merkel and Bell were ready to go. “We had not played Peters and Wong this season; but our boys felt very confident,” Talley said. “They were very familiar with their opponents – and we had a good game plan going into the match.” Again, the Wildcats won in straight sets. This time, the scores were somewhat more competitive.

“We played very well,” Talley said. “We played with the right combination of aggressive and consistence. “They returned well and played solid from the baseline in general, but they also knew when to crash the net and how to control the middle. “And our boys stayed mentally tough as well. There were a few moments that could have been distracting, but Derek and Bailey stayed poised, positive and focused.” After the final point, the two celebrated. “They were both really happy,” Talley said. “Bailey is a pretty stoic guy who doesn’t throw around a whole lot of oncourt smiles but even he was smiling. “I was so pleased. Both of them have worked so hard over the years. This was a fun and tangible payoff for both of them.” It was a good sendoff for Talley as well. He is leaving Westminster for a new job and challenge on the West Coast. “I graduated from Westminster in 1993. I played tennis there all four years,” Talley said. “Then I came back to work at Westminster and I’ve been there teaching and coaching the boys and girls for 11 years. “I love Westminster, and I’m leaving on wonderful terms and with wonderful memories. But this year, a really neat school in California invited me to take an

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administrative role; and I’m excited to try something new.” There have been many highlights for Talley at Westminster both as a player and as a coach. “As a player, it would be getting to be the first state qualifier for Westminster,” Talley said. “As a coach, getting to be part of the school’s first-ever tennis team final four appearance. Then getting to coach the first two girls who ever qualified for state in 2008; then in 2009, watching those two win state. And now this state championship for the boys. “But honestly, the best highlights are really about the relationships with the players. To this day, I count many of my former players as friends; and it is fun to catch up with them years after they graduate. Stats and titles are great but relationships are better.” The boys and girls teams will be getting a new coach next season. Adam Barbee, the former junior varsity coach for Clayton, has been hired as a full-time Westminster teacher for this coming fall. “The timing couldn’t be better,” Talley said. “Coach Barbee is humble, kind and skillful. I am excited to hand off the baton to him, and I am confident the Lord has brought him to our school at just the right time.”

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CBC Cadets capture Missouri Scholastic lacrosse championship By WARREN MAYES To be the champion, you have to beat the champion and the CBC Cadets did just that. CBC topped the St. Louis University High Junior Billikens’ 7-6 win to capture the Missouri Scholastic Lacrosse Association state championship. The game was played at St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Park. “We are elated,” CBC coach Ed Condon said. “I couldn’t be happier for CBC, the team and parents. It was such a great accomplishment for our program.” CBC finished 14-5, winning their last 12 games. Earlier this season, SLUH defeated CBC 8-6 and the Junior Billikens entered the championship game on an eight-game winning streak. Still, the Cadets were confident heading into the championship game, Condon said. The two teams played a back-and-forth game. CBC scored the first goal and SLUH came right back to tie on the first of Jack Kinzel’s two goals in the first quarter. The Cadets tied the game at 2-2. After SLUH went up 3-2, the Cadets again tied the game before CBC junior Max Keeley scored late in the second period for a 4-3 lead. SLUH came back to tie the game at 5-all before CBC retook the lead. Senior Jimmy Gunn scored for a 6-5 lead late in the third quarter. “I honestly believe this was the game changer for us. Not only did it give us the lead but we caught a huge break,” Condon said. “SLUH was clearing the ball and senior midfielder Christian Schveninger, who was double teamed and lost the ball, ran back to ride SLUH, clearing the ball. He was fortunate enough to literally pick the ball off mid-air by an errant pass from a SLUH defenseman. “Christian then passed the ball to a wide open attackman Jimmy Gunn and he was able to finish the play with the go-ahead goal. This was a huge advantage for us at that point in the game. Not only was Christian checked

and lost the ball, he worked himself upfield to intercept the pass and then look for the open attackman. Jimmy Gunn’s finish was perfect. It was a huge play for us.” Sophomore Parker Cordova gave CBC a two-goal lead at 7-4 with less than 10 minutes to play. “Max hit Parker with a perfect 30-yard pass and Parker put it away for us,” Condon said. “Watching the film, SLUH’s goalie had an idea Parker was there as he tried to intercept the pass but, fortunately for us, missed it. “At that point there was some relief but there was too much time left in the game to feel really comfortable. You can never score enough or have enough goals as a cushion in the game of lacrosse. Goals can be scored so quickly in this sport.” SLUH scored its final goal with less than two minutes left. However, CBC was able to hold on to win. “The point of emphasis I had made during timeouts was don’t lose your composure and play within yourself and don’t try to carry the team on your shoulders,” Condon said. The Cadets did just that and celebrated. “There was disbelief that we really pulled it off,” Condon said. “We hadn’t beat SLUH since 2010. They were the reigning champions and when it was over, the boys went nuts. It was such a surreal finish.” Junior attackman Keeley was named Most Valuable Player. “Max is our offensive quarterback where everything goes through him,” Condon said. “He was guarded by SLUH’s Stephen Lordo, best on best, and it was a great matchup. Max was deserving of the honor as he had two goals and one assist but I’d make a very strong case for Riley McLean, our senior goalie. “Riley has been so consistent for us and it wasn’t any different during the championship game. He played his tail off for us and when it got tight toward the end of the game he made a key save against SLUH’s go-to guy Justin Mayfield. I am so proud of Riley.” The boys won it as a team, Condon said, and that’s the way it should be.




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We ask for everyone’s cooperation and adherence to the Fireworks Ordinance in order to make this 4th of July holiday safe and enjoyable for all.

As in past years, Ballwin Police Officers have been directed to take a “Zero Tolerance” stance with violations of the Fireworks Ordinance effective immediately. We encourage all residents to report violations observed. Enforcement action will be taken when possible and anyone found in violation of the Fireworks Ordinance will be issued a citation.

• • •

Empty and clean small wading pools at least once a week Store wheelbarrows upside down; cover or store canoes and boats upside down Keep in mind that mosquitoes rest in vegetation and other protected places; keep the grass cut and bushes trimmed Homeowners can purchase biological mosquito control products at garden centers, home supply, and other retailers. Bacillus thuringensis israelensis (Bti) is the active ingredient; it destroys the intestinal lining of the mosquito larvae. Another product contains methoprene, which prevents the larvae from developing into adults. Barrier sprays are also available that can be sprayed on vegetation where mosquitoes rest. Dispose of dead birds by double bagging and placing in the trash. Handle carcass with gloves or plastic bags protecting hands. Wash hands afterwards.

Dog Swim September 3 North Pointe • $10/dog Glow Golf September 20 • Golf Course VIP $50/Reg $60/teams of 2

Start Smart Baseball July 17- August 21 The Pointe • VIP $35 /Reg $50 Early AM Basic Training August 5 The Pointe • VIP $129 /Reg $149

Kids Triathlon September 22 The Pointe VIP/Reg $30

Swim under the stars; enjoy games with your family and friends. Pointe plus and pool pass members are free!

August 10 • 7:30-11pm • VIP $4/Reg $5.

North Pointe Summer–Back to School Bash

Build a boat out of only cardboard and duct tape and see if you are sea worthy. Lifejackets are required. For more information, go online at


Mark your calendars to enjoy a free music filled evening under the stars. Bring your blanket, lawn chair, and light snacks and enjoy the evening. July 17 - Brian Bax Band (country) August 7 - Miss Jubliee (Jump Blues, Swing and Hot Jazz)

July 27 • 5pm • $14 /boat of 2 people North Pointe Aquatic Center comp pool

Cardboard Regatta

Sunset Concert Series New Ballwin Park • 7-9pm

Pointe Plus and pool pass members are free! Mark your calendar for this enjoyable evening under the stars. Ducks for the 9pm race can be purchased at North Pointe for $5 per duck or five ducks for $20.

July 6 • 7:30-10pm • VIP $4/Reg $5

Twilight Swim and Duck Race

New sessions of group swim lessons will begin for all levels July 8 and July 22. The sessions are Monday-Thursday mornings for two weeks. Check online for specific days, times, and levels.

Swim Lessons and Dive Lessons at North Pointe

Every Friday from 4-7:30pm patrons may bring in their own floatation devices to use in the Lazy River. Floatation devices are subject to approval by the front desk staff and management. Enjoy an old-fashioned root beer float for just $2.

North Pointe Family Float Fridays

The Pointe at Ballwin Commons will be closed for renovations and annual maintenance August 5 through August 11.

Annual Maintenance

The Pointe is offering discounts on personal training packages July 15-August 15.The following discounts are good for any packages purchased. 5 session packages-5% off, 10 session packages-10% off and 20 session packages-15% off.

July-Personal Training Special

Membership Specials at The Pointe

For your convenience, we offer activity registration online at and click on the activity registration starburst. The city offers a wide variety of athletic, youth and adult programs such as dances, Lunch and Bingos, fitness programs, swim lessons and other great events.

Online Activity Registration

The government offices of the City of Ballwin will be closed on Thursday, July 4 and Friday, July 5 in observance of Independence Day. Offices will reopen on Monday, July 8 at 8 a.m.

North Pointe

For additional information visit Saint Louis County Department of Health, the Centers for Disease Control @, or the National Pesticide Information Center

Eliminate standing water sites where mosquitoes can breed Remove tires, buckets, and other water-holding objects Clean and chlorinate swimming pools or drain and cover if not in use Make sure screens fit tightly in doors and windows Clean out clogged rain gutters and downspouts so they won’t hold water Store inside, or get rid of, artificial containers such as flowerpots, cans, tires, etc. Empty, clean, and refill birdbaths on a weekly basis Keep fish in your fishpond, as they will eat mosquito larvae Install splash blocks around homes to carry water away from foundations If you have a pool, make sure the cover isn’t holding water and breeding mosquitoes

Holiday Closing

• • • • • • • • • •

To reduce mosquito populations St. Louis County Health Department recommends:

Adulticiding (trucks spraying for adult mosquitoes) is not done on a regular schedule. Instead, the County decides by 6pm on Sundays where spraying will occur that evening. They analyze recent surveillance information (mosquito traps) and then spray where mosquitoes are worst. The County records a message on their hotline at 314-614-4BUG (615-4284) listing where they intend to spray that evening (or, occasionally, the following morning before sunrise). Residents may report mosquito problems by calling the County Health Department at (314) 727-3097 and the City of Ballwin Public Works Department a 636-227-9000

St. Louis County Health Department will again provide mosquito control services for the City of Ballwin. The County provides two distinct types of treatments: larviciding and adulticiding. Larviciding consists of applying mosquitocide products directly to standing water known to breed mosquitoes. Typical sites include creeks and swampy or low-lying areas. Larviciding is scheduled in advance and depends upon the weather. St. Louis County anticipates beginning larviciding in mid-April and fogging in May.

Mosquito Control

As we approach the 4th of July holiday, the Ballwin Police Department would like to remind residents that the sale, use, display, manufacture, and possession of any type of fireworks within the City of Ballwin is explicitly prohibited by City Ordinance #17-57.



Court will begin at 5:30 P.M. Please call (636) 227-9468 if you have any questions.

The use of fireworks has always posed an immediate risk of fire, property damage, and serious personal injury. It is extremely important all residents cooperate and adhere to this ordinance. Residents should also be mindful of cigarettes, matches, open burning and other sources of flame or fire, all of which pose an increased risk of starting fires.


Ballwin Municipal Court will be held at the City of Manchester Police & Court Facility, 200 Highlands Blvd. Drive, Manchester, MO 63011. This is next to the Manchester Wal-Mart.

On June 11, June 25, July 23 and August 27, 2013

Important Notice about Ballwin Municipal Court

The renovation of the Aldermanic Chambers/Courtroom at the Donald “Red” Loehr Police and Court Center began on May 16th. The work includes an acoustic rehabilitation of the room to correct the inadequate sound characteristics and the installation of modern video projection equipment for use during meetings of the Board of Aldermen, the Planning and Zoning Commission and during municipal court sessions. The renovations will also provide improved emergency egress and improved security and safety. The construction is being done by United Construction Company of St. Louis Inc. and the electronics installation is being done by TSI Technology Solutions LLC. Construction is expected to be completed in August

Board Room Renovations

MAYOR Tim Pogue 207-2386 x 3320 (Voice Mail) 636-391-3591 (Home)

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A study suggests that “cleaning” babies’ pacifiers with their parents’ saliva protects the infants from allergies, but the American Dental Association frowns on the idea.

Pros and cons of pacifier ‘cleansing’ Dentists are giving the thumbs-down to a study highlighting the immunological benefits babies receive when their parents suck on their pacifiers. According to “Pacifier Cleaning Practices and Risk of Allergy Development,” a study published in the American Academy of Pediatrics’ (AAP) June issue of Pediatrics, parents who “clean” their children’s pacifiers by sucking on them can be protecting those children from allergies. The study examined 184 infants for allergy symptoms and sensitization to food and airborne allergens and found that children whose parents sucked on their pacifiers to clean them had a reduced risk of get-

501 North Eatherton Rd.

In Chester�ield Valley Just West of the Spirit of St. Louis Airport runways.

ting eczema, a common early manifestation of allergy. Researchers concluded that early exposure to parental saliva might stimulate a baby’s immune system and reduce the risk of future allergies. Responding to the study, the American Dental Association (ADA) issued a news release stating: “Parents should be aware that bacteria that causes dental decay can be transmitted from adult to child by eating utensils, or by the parent sucking on a baby’s pacifier to clean it.” The release went on to say that the study “is limited in scope and does not take into consideration that adult saliva may also contain a variety of microorganisms which may be harmful to health.” “A child’s teeth are susceptible to decay as soon as they begin to erupt,” ADA spokesperson Dr. Jonathan Shenkin, a pediatric dentist, said. “Cavity-causing bacteria … can be transferred from adult saliva to children that may increase their risk of developing cavities.” According to Shenkin, the ADA and AAP agree that breast milk is effective in building babies’ immunities and serves also as the most complete form of infant nutrition.

Ups and downs of blood pressure High blood pressure affects one in three American adults and often is referred to as

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“the silent killer.” Last month, medical professionals from around the world gathered in San Francisco for the Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Society of Hypertension to discuss the epidemic and share more than 200 new studies about high blood pressure. Some of the research presented addressed findings on what raises and lowers blood pressure. One study suggested that talking on mobile phones causes a significant rise in blood pressure, and another showed that practicing yoga two to three times a week causes a substantial drop in blood pressure. Researchers in Brazil discovered that although people with high blood pressure should reduce their salt intake, hypertensive individuals actually prefer saltier foods than those who do not have hypertension. They found also that adding other seasonings to foods is effective in reducing the desire for salt among people with high blood pressure.

Diabetes, hypertension and sleep apnea The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) is advising anyone with Type 2 diabetes or hypertension to be evaluated for sleep apnea by a board-certified sleep medicine physician. According to the Academy, overwhelming clinical evidence has shown that patients suffering from Type 2 diabetes and hypertension are at much higher risk for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a dangerous condition characterized by episodes of complete or partial airway obstruction during sleep. Research has

shown also that treating sleep apnea can help in the management of the two disorders. “Type 2 diabetics and people with hypertension are much more likely to have obstructive sleep apnea than other people, and as a result should immediately discuss their risk for sleep apnea with a sleep specialist,” AASM President M. Safwan Badr, M.D., said. “Diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea from a board-certified sleep medicine physician will promote improvement in these conditions, including improved insulin sensitivity, blood pressure and cholesterol.” According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), seven in 10 people with Type 2 diabetes have OSA, and the severity of the sleep disorder directly impacts diabetes symptoms; the more severe a diabetic’s untreated sleep apnea, the poorer their glucose control. A recent study from the University of Chicago shows that continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) treatment of sleep apnea may have as much of an effect as prescribed oral diabetes medications. Between 30 and 40 percent of adults with high blood pressure also have sleep apnea, and about 80 percent of patients that do not respond to hypertensive medications have sleep apnea. Seeking and adhering to sleep apnea treatment is a proven means of decreasing blood pressure, according to Badr. “Evidence shows that sleep apnea treatment lowers nighttime and daytime blood pressure, with the greatest improvement in patients seeking treatment for moderate to severe sleep apnea,” Badr said. “The higher your blood


Encouraging Study on Type II Diabetes Shows the disease CAN BE REVERSED in as little as ONE WEEK. A free guide has just been made available to Type II diabetics detailing an approach more powerful than any drug known to modern science. The free diabetic guide explains in plain English how many diabetics have been able to reduce and eliminate their drugs and insulin injections, lose weight without exercise, reduce and eliminate the risk for diabetic complications, restore pancreatic function, and even become non-diabetic. The free guide also reveals rarely used diagnostic testing that is helping doctors understand potential causes of diabetes beyond weight gain, genetics, and lack of exercise. To receive your free guide (available only while supplies last). Call toll free

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Pitching in for children’s health St. Louis Cardinal Chris Carpenter will serve as honorary chair of Mercy Health Foundation’s 10th annual Benefit for the Kids, an event that supports programs and services at Mercy Children’s Hospital. “Chris’ passion for children and willingness to contribute will help us commemorate 10 years of supporting kids in the St. Louis region,” Mercy Health Foundation Vice President Tanya Lieber said. The weeklong event will get underway on July 29 with a golf tournament Chris Carpenter, honorary chair of the th at Whitmoor Country Club and will con- 10 annual Benefit for the Kids of Mercy Children’s Hospital, took time with patients clude with a dinner auction on Aug. 2 at to toss the ball and demonstrate some the Ritz-Carlton. The fundraiser will also pitching techniques at Busch Stadium. include a co-worker trivia night and special activities for pediatric patients at the hospital. Over the years, Mercy’s Benefit for the Kids has raised more than $3.5 million to provide care for area children. To purchase tickets for the golf tournament or dinner auction, register for the trivia night, sponsor the event or donate an auction item, visit, or call Mercy Health Foundation at (314) 251-1800. pressure, the greater your risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke. Reducing your blood pressure lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease and improves your overall health.”

Contact lens comfort Many people give up on wearing contact lenses because they find they are not comfortable, but a new study shows that a fairly simple switch often solves the problem. According to a study in the May issue of Optometry and Vision Science, the journal of the American Academy of Optometry, roughly half of contact lens users can expect to see an improvement in contact lens comfort when they try a different type of lens and/or a different lens care product.

Allergic to school? To keep hands and classrooms clean and also in deference to children with allergies, many teachers have switched to dustless chalk. Unfortunately, a recent study showed that dustless chalk may cause allergy and asthma symptoms in students who have a milk allergy. Casein, a milk protein, is one ingredient that often is used in low-powder chalk, and when kids who are allergic to milk inhale its particles, they can experience asthma attacks and other respiratory symptoms. “Chalks that are labeled as being anti-dust or dustless still release small particles into the air,” said lead study author Carlos Larramendi, M.D. “Our research has found when the particles are inhaled by children with milk allergy, coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath can occur. Inhalation can also cause nasal congestion, sneezing and a runny nose.”

According to James Sublett, M.D., chairman of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI), milk proteins can be found also in glue, paper, ink and other children’s lunches. Sublett said parents should inform teachers of any triggers that might cause allergy problems for their children and share with teachers, coaches and a school nurse a plan for dealing with allergy and asthma emergencies. The study appeared in the May issue of Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, the scientific journal of the ACAAI.


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On the calendar Little Medical School Summer Camp will be held from 9 a.m.-noon on Thursday, July 11 and Friday, July 12 (two-day program) at St. Luke’s Hospital in Chesterfield. Children ages 5-10 learn how the body and organs work, how to use instruments that real doctors use and how to tie knots like surgeon. The fee is $75. To register, visit, or call (314) 740-0388. ••• The St. Luke’s Tour de Wellness Bicycle Ride will begin with check-in from 7:30-9 a.m. on Sunday, Aug. 18 at the Desloge Outpatient Center, 121 St. Luke’s Center Drive in Chesterfield. Participants take a 15-, 30or 60-mile scenic ride through West County and receive free screenings, health and wellness information and more. The event is suitable for intermediate to experienced riders and is sponsored by St. Luke’s Hospital in partnership with Great Rivers Greenway, Big Shark Bicycle Company and the city of Chesterfield. The fee is $35 per rider. To register, call (314) 576-2345.

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Luxury Condominiums Located in Creve Coeur from the low $200’s Secure gated community with underground garage and storage, elevators to all levels, clubhouse, pool, fitness center and more!

Hurry last 2 opportunities to own a New Condominium in Building 1163 at exceptionally low prices! Building 1151 Coming Soon! Schedule your tour today! Call (636) 299-8444 w w w.bridge watercommunities. com *Conditions apply. Cannot be combined with any other promotions.


Directions: From 270 take Olive Blvd. west approximately 2 miles. Mill Crossing Dr. is on the left. From 141, take Olive Blvd. east approximately 1 mile. Mill Crossing Dr. is on the right.

Spring Special • $5000 in FREE Options*! Move-in Ready Display!

nding PeNew

Model underway!

See Our Fully Decorated Display From the high





Lake LOts available!

Standard InterIor FeatureS:

• Granite • Concrete Siding • Brick & Stone Exteriors • Energy Saver Windows • Irrigation Systems • Covered Porches • Vaulted Ceilings • Security Systems AND MORE


• Located in Wildwood town Center with shopping, restaurants, businesses - conveniences right here • Low maintenance lifestyle • Walk to the yMCA • Surrounded with woods & park! • Full access to the beautiful clubhouse

Call Jo Ann Kapp today to schedule your tour!


Open Daily from 11am - 5pm

*Ask for details


More people buying fewer homes Kevin Weaks

What a paradox. In a relatively short time we’ve gone from a buyer’s market to almost a seller’s market. Today, more people are looking to purchase homes, but nationwide the number of homes for sale is 14 percent lower than it was a year ago. The shortage has caused the price of homes to increase. In St. Louis home prices jumped 3 percent between March and April. That’s not all bad. Rising home prices can help power the housing recovery by encouraging more homeowners to sell. At the same time, rising prices push buyers into making a decision before they go higher. Also driving buyers to act is the fact that mortgage interest rates have begun to inch slowly upward. Rates have risen half a percentage point since setting record lows last fall. That could push potential home buyers to seal a deal before rates rise further. “Secondary market rates have gone up slightly, but are changing every day,” explained Sue Crutchfield, senior vice president-loan administration for Meramec Valley Bank. “I think the market has seen the demand for refinancing slow, due partially because of the rate increase, but also we are finding that most people who qualified to refinance have already done so. “I do not think that the economy or the real estate market has stabilized to a point that you could say that it is a ‘seller’s market,’ but it appears to be trending in that direction. It is definitely something to watch going forward.” Here’s what’s new in new homes: Closeout price before next phase at Mill Crossing Condominiums In preparation for the release of the awaited next phase at Mill Crossing Condominiums in Creve Coeur, Bridgewater Communities Inc. is closing out its current offerings with one remaining move-in ready condominium. Priced at just $214,990 this new twobedroom, two-bath home comes with 9-foot ceilings, granite kitchen countertops, large bedrooms, gas fireplace, large balcony, jetted master tub with walk-in shower, storage, underground parking and more. Mill Crossing is conveniently located just off Olive Boulevard and near the new Hwy. 141 extension. The elevator-served, three-story buildings at Mill Crossing have storage rooms and secured, heated underground parking with ample additional sur-

face parking for residents. Homeowners enjoy a gated community with swimming pool, clubhouse, fitness center, sauna and business center. Call to schedule your tour today. For more information contact Sales Manager Jane Peacock at (636) 299-8444. Downsizing? Villas selling quickly at The Meadows of Wildwood In a community where people come to slow down and enjoy life, things are moving in a hurry. In just the past two months, a flurry of sales contracts have been written and only five homesites remain at The Meadows of Wildwood, a cozy 55-andbetter active retirement villa community just off Hwy. 109 and Hwy. 100. Recent pending sales include the new Cary Grant model on lot 5, reported sales manager Jo-Ann Tucker Kapp. “On lot 54 we have move-in ready model of the Frank Sinatra,” Kapp said. (All plans are named after Hollywood stars.) The Frank Sinatra homesite is the last with a view of Rockwood Reservation, but there are two lake homesites remaining. “We offer maintenance-free living and a great lifestyle,” Kapp said. “The community is growing fast! The clubhouse is always busy between the happy hours, tech classes, card games, bunco and donuts and coffee every Sunday from 8 a.m. to noon. The homeowners are busy and having lots of fun.” Call (636) 273-5300 for details or visit Payne Family Homes continues union cash program through June Because of the strong response by homebuyers, Payne Family Homes has extended its “Neighborhoods Built by Your Neighbors” union stimulus program through June 30. Eight local unions are contributing to the fund which allows for an average of $5,000 per home. The certificates are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis by the participating homebuilders. “Our local unions have made a big investment in getting people back to work,” said Ken Kruse, president of Payne Family Homes. “They have committed $1,150,000 in cash for use at closing to home buyers. That really says a lot.” The union contributions are based upon man hours by trade on an average St. Louis home. Depending on the price of the home purchased, Payne homebuyers can receive

Your guide to new homes prime.  I 37


Meadows of Wildwood Sinatra

from $2,000 to $10,000 at closing. Payne builds homes throughout the St. Louis and St. Charles county areas, including St. Peters, Wentzville, O’Fallon, Lake Saint Louis, Eureka and St. Charles. For more information visit or call (314) 477-1218. New ranch at Thomas & Suit’s Wyndgate Forest, 50 percent off options There’s no better place to be this summer than Thomas & Suit’s Wyndgate Forest with its wooded surroundings, pool, sports courts and walking trails, unless it’s in your brand new home there. And right now homebuyers can choose up to $40,000 in optional features for half price. That includes granite countertops, hardwood flooring, stainless steel appliances and more. Under construction and slated for July completion is Thomas & Suit’s elegant 2,700-square-foot Sycamore ranch home. It has a brick and stone exterior with a three-car garage and is built on a wooded homesite. It has three bedrooms plus a study and 2.5 baths. The home is a split-bedroom plan, with the master suite on the opposite side of the home from the other bedrooms. The open feeling is accentuated by 11-foot ceilings throughout the great room, dining room, foyer, kitchen, breakfast room and hearth room and by extensive wood flooring. The state-of-the-art kitchen has stainlesssteel appliances, granite countertops, large island and 42-inch staggered dark maple cabinets with crown molding. Topping it all off is a fireplace in the great room and a covered porch. Through July 15, the price is $439,900, which reflects a savings of $18,710, so hurry. Thomas & Suit homes in Wyndgate Forest start in the mid- $300s. Take Hwy. 40 to south on Hwy. N 1.5 miles to left on Wyndgate Ridge Drive and right on Paul Renaud Boulevard. Call (636) 561-2120 or visit

Consort Homes extends ‘Curb Appeal’ promotion through June New home shoppers have been flocking to Consort Homes communities in response to this spring’s “Curb Appeal” promotion, prompting the builder to extend the valuable incentive through the end of June. Bill Wannstedt, Consort’s director of operations, explained the success of the promotional package, saying, “The first thing you see on a house is the exterior. If your home has a great look, it gives you a tremendous sense of pride, not to mention enhancing the home’s value. “This concept has clearly been resonating with our customers.” Now available with any Consort Home purchased by June 30 in all 13 of the builder’s single-family neighborhoods, the Curb Appeal package includes – free of charge – an array of upgrades that add beauty and significant value-for-investment. Topping the list of deluxe features are high-quality architectural shingles; designer coach lights; fashionable carriage-style garage doors (or an equivalent upgrade if an alternate door style is preferred); a garage door opener; a patio with steps to grade; and a driveway extension that allows for easy access to vehicles parked on the pavement. Since attractive landscaping provides the finishing touch to any beautifully designed home, the Curb Appeal package also includes a yard tree, an assortment of shrubs and a stylish wrought-iron mailbox. In addition, a fully sodded yard – front, sides and rear – relieves homeowners of the “after-closing” expense and timeconsuming responsibility involved with installing the lawn. Valued up to $7,500, specifics of the offer vary depending on the community and home design selected. Base prices for single-family homes range from the $130s to $500s. Consort neighborhoods are located in St. Louis County, Jefferson County and St. Charles County. Details are posted online at

Visit our website and use our Free Online Calculators

Walden Pond in O’Fallon From the $140,000s 1,338 - 2,424 sq. ft. homes The Pointe at Heritage Crossing in Saint Peters From the $150,000s 1,338 - 2,424 sq. ft. homes The Chateaux at Ohmes Farm in Saint Peters From the $180,000s 1,302 - 1,758 sq. ft. homes The Hamptons in Saint Charles From the $240,000s 1,628 - 3,388 sq. ft. homes

Receive $2,000 to $10,000 to use at closing!*

Extended through June 30th! e. . Your Hom Our House

*Offer available to qualified buyers on a first served basis as quantity is limited. Amount will be credited on purchaser’s closing statement and can be applied at closing at borrower’s discretion. Terms and conditions apply. See authorized sales representative for details.

3 1 4 - 4 7 7 - 1 2 1 8 • w w w. P a y n e F a m i l y H o m e s . c o m


Happy Hour 100 Lunch Menu!

Buy two dinner entrees up to ($14.99 and up) $ get two glasses of in Value house wine and/or 1054 N. Woods Mill house liQuor plus Chesterfield two greek desserts

2275 Bluestone Dr. St. Charles 636-916-1454

up to10 people per coupon.

House wine choices include: Merlot, Cabernet,Chardonnay, White Zinfandel. Max one coupon per visit, per table. Void with other offers or specials. Present coupon when ordering. no Cash Value. Please offer your server a tip on the total bill before discount.

Must show coupon at the door

NOT valid with the Early Bird Special, Happy Hour or any Major Holiday.

314-878-4449 Dine in only. Expires 7/10/13.

rEGuLar Lunch MEnu appEtizErs Saganaki ................................. $5.00 Spanikopita............................ $5.00 Kifteri........................................ $6.00 Dolmades ............................... $5.00 Hummus ................................. $6.00

Kalamari .................................. $6.00 Feta Cheese and Olives ..... $7.00 Gardides (Shrimp) Me Skordo $10.00 Cold Platter ............................ $11.00 Tzatziki ..................................... $5.00

soup & saLad Avgolemono ......................... $4.00 Soup of the Day ................... $4.00 Greek Salad (Large) ............. $8.00 Chef Salad .............................. Add $5.00 Gyro Salad .............................. Add $3.00 Shrimp Salad (3 pieces) ..... Add $3.00

Shrimp Salad (6 pieces) ..... Add $5.00 Caesar Salad (Large) ........... $8.00 With Grilled Chicken........... Add $3.00 Horiatiki (seasonal) ............. $8.00 Greek Salad (Small) ............. $5.00

sandWichEs & Wraps Feta Burger ............................ $7.00 Choice Cheeseburger ........ $7.00 Horta Sandwich ................... $7.00 Athenian Broil Sandwich .. $9.00

Spiro’s Wrap ........................... $9.00 Chicken Caesar Wrap.......... $8.00 Gyro .......................................... $8.00

pasta Makedonian Pasta ............... $12.00 Pasta Corfu ............................. $11.00 Primavera ............................... $9.00 Pasta Greco ............................ $11.00 Chicken Parmesan............... $11.00

MEditErranEan dishEs Mousaka ................................. $10.00 Pastichio ................................. $10.00 Dolmades ............................... $9.00 Pikilia ........................................ $12.00 Souvlaki................................... $13.00 Chicken Piccata .................... $11.00

Baby Calf’s Liver ................... $11.00 Athenian Broil Filet Mignon .. $19.00 Gardides (Shrimp) ............... $12.00 Arni (Lamb) Shank............... $15.00 Tilapia ...................................... $12.00 Salmon .................................... $13.00

11am - 6:30pm Monday - Thurday 11am - 6pm Friday

happy hour Lunch MEnu includes choice of soup or salad, entree, sides except for pasta, dessert, and beverage!

SOUP Or SALAD Choice of Greek Salad or Avgolemono soup

ENTrEES (Choice of One) MOUSAKA – $16.99 PASTICHIO – $16.99 GRECIAN STYLE CHICKEN – $16.99 CHICKEN PARMESAN – $16.99 CHICKEN-KE-BOB – $16.99 LAMB SHANK – $23.99 ROAST PRIME RIB (Limited) – $21.99 FrOM THE BrOILEr SOUVLAKI – $19.99 FILET MIGNON 6 Oz – $21.99 ATHENIAN BROIL SIRLOIN STEAK 7 Oz – $16.99 SCAMPI (5 JUMBO SHRIMP) – $17.99 SEAFOOD FRESH TROUT (Broiled) – $19.99 TILAPIA – $17.99 FISH OF THE DAY – $19.99 *Most of the above entrees are served with Fresh Vegetable and Potato* PASTA PASTA CORFU – $16.99 PASTA ALA GRECO – $16.99 PASTA ANGELO – $16.99 MACEDONIAN PASTA – $16.99 PLATTEr GYRO PLATTER – $14.99 MEDITERRANEAN PLATTER – $14.99

View the Full Dinner Menu at or call 314-878-4449

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Enhancing St. Louis Homes for 45 Years

15% OFF

0% r o -

Interest for 36 Months*

Your Fence, Deck or Sunroom Project

On orders of $3000 or more. *With approved credit.

Not valid with any other discount or offer. Present at time of purchase. Expires 7/8/13.

• CUSTOM DESIGN AND INSTALLATION This National CotY Award winner in the “Residential Exterior Under $100,000” category shows a deck area before and after a remodel by Ohio-based Albrecht Wood Interiors.

• COMPREHENSIVE WARRANTIES Visit our showroom in Chesterfield!

Take time to get ready, get set, remodel Home remodeling is an exciting undertaking, but it also can be a stressful process. To set the stage for a satisfying remodeling experience, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) advises homeowners to precede their home improvement projects by doing some preparation before any work gets underway. According to NARI, the following are among the most important steps a homeowner should take before breaking ground on a remodeling project: • Research the project. Take time to research similar projects online to get a sense of price, scope of work required, return on investment and new options for products and materials. The NARI website ( offers some helpful information. It is a good idea also to research property values in your neighborhood to determine whether the project is in line with nearby homes. • Plan the project around the long-term. Take into consideration how long you plan to remain in your home and how your family structure might change over time. The idea is to plan the project so it will continue to fit your lifestyle needs long after the work is complete. • Set a budget. Determining a realistic budget and arranging finances to support the project are essential steps. Make sure the number includes labor, materials, contingencies, etc., and share the number with those who are doing the work. • Use “advanced search” for professionals. Gather information about potential remodelers online. Ask friends, family and neighbors for referrals, and research on the

Internet those you are considering. • Ask the right questions. In addition to cost and how long the project will take, ask the remodeler about his experience, specialties, etc. Ask for an explanation of how the remodeling process will work. • Verify your remodeler. Ask for references and insurance information. It is OK also to request a visit to an active client’s jobsite. • Review contracts word-by-word. A remodeling contract protects the homeowner and the remodeler, so if there are terms you do not understand, ask the remodeler to explain them. Pay attention to details about change orders, payment, additional fees, the timeline and responsibilities. • Keep design in mind. Think about what you dislike about the current space and about the intended use of the space once it has been remodeled. Use websites such as pinterest. com and for design ideas. Articulate specifically what you like about the design when sharing it with the designer. • Make selections. Base product and material decisions on quality, function, price, style and availability. Include selections in the contract to lock down pricing. • Create a communication plan. Have a plan that clarifies the roles of everyone involved, communication methods and the expected frequency of communication. Taking these steps before remodeling will pay big dividends in the long run. “The planning and researching phases of a project are the most critical steps in the remodeling process,” NARI National President Art Donnelly said. “The more knowledgeable and prepared a homeowner is, the more they protect themselves.”



620 Spirit Valley East Dr. • Chesterfield, MO 63005

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1 Room OR Entire Basement


20on StiOmFuluFs Seas


Exp. 7/31/1

12 Month Warranty!

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AS LoW AS $15 sq. ft.

Professional Painters, Drywall Hangers & Tapers Call Rich on cell


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Create your outdoor retreat We provide distinctive design for outdoor living


DÉCOR Not in my backyard


Custom Decks • Screen Rooms • Paver Patios Water Features • Pergolas • Fire Pits Call for a consultation or schedule an appointment to visit our showroom. See full size deck, patio, and water feature displays using various materials & styles.

(636) 532-5008 741 Spirit of St. Louis Blvd. • Chesterfield

“Our Attention to Detail & Creative Design Sets Us Apart!”

exquisite custom metal work

Stairs and Balustrades • Railings • Drive and Garden Gates Historic Restoration • Monumental Sculpture • Structural and Misc. Steel 7 Capper Drive, Pacific, MO 63069 P 636-271-3200 F 636-271-9745

Adult Japanese beetles destroy the foliage, flowers and fruits of hundreds of varieties of plants, but their damage to ornamentals is primarily aesthetic.

By SUE HORNOF Mosquitoes and moles and beetles … oh my! It’s summertime and the living is supposed to be easy, but sometimes, unwelcome guests crash the party. Following are tips for controlling the presence of some of the pests commonly found in Missouri’s residential areas. • Chipmunks: Eastern chipmunks often find their way to suburban landscapes where they dig seeds from garden beds, munch on flower bulbs and burrow into lawns. According to the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC), chipmunks are attracted to wooded lots, thickets of ornamental shrubbery and dry rock walls and seldom can be eliminated using environmental methods unless their living conditions are radically changed. One way to reduce the number of chipmunks is to trap them with small box traps and release them at least a mile from where they were captured. Bait traps with peanut butter, sunflower seeds and rolled oats and place them where the animals travel or feed. • Japanese beetles: Lacy, skeletonized leaves on plants signal the presence of adult Japanese beetles, which attack the foliage, flowers or fruits of hundreds of varieties of plants, usually for about six weeks during summer months. According to the Missouri Botanical Garden’s website, Japanese beetle damage inflicted on ornamental plants is mostly aesthetic, so control is not required, but it is possible to manage the damage. If only a few beetles are present, shake plants early in the morning, collect the insects and transfer them to a bucket of soapy water. Remove damaged leaves, which attract more beetles. To control larger numbers, pyrethrum or Neem, two safe insecticides, can be applied

two times, three to four days apart. A stronger option is Sevin, used every 5-10 days. • Moles: Surface tunnels and mounds of dirt on the lawn are telltale signs that moles have moved in. Moles feed on grubs, which feed on plant roots, so while they help protect plants by killing the grubs, moles can destroy plants by uprooting them. Keep moles out of a garden bed by burying sheet metal at least 12 inches deep to prevent burrowing. Moles also can be trapped using special traps sold at garden supply stores. To control moles, reduce their food supply by treating the soil with a chemical to control grubs. • Mosquitoes: Besides being a nuisance, mosquitoes can transmit diseases to humans and pets. According to the St. Louis County Health Department, mosquitoes can develop in any standing water that is present for more than five days, so the most effective way to reduce their population is to eliminate standing water and debris. Mosquito control products containing the active ingredient Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti), which destroys the intestinal lining of the mosquito larvae, are available at garden centers and other retail stores. Products containing methoprene prevent the larvae from maturing, and there are barrier sprays that can be sprayed on vegetation where mosquitoes rest, according to St. Louis County mosquito control experts. To report mosquito problems, contact St. Louis County Vector Control at (314) 615-0680. • Squirrels: The MDC suggests a few solutions for deterring squirrels from feeding on residential landscapes. Thiram, a fungicide, can be painted on plant stems or bark to reduce gnawing. Methyl nonyl ketone crystals can be used on borders of vegetable gardens to deter squirrels. To protect shrubs and bulbs, spray plants with a preparation of one teaspoon of Lysol or three ounces of Epsom salts added to a gallon of water. New plant growth and rain will require repeated sprayings. • Yellow jackets: Yellow jackets nest underground and are attracted to food and food odors. To discourage them, make sure trash containers are kept closed with tight-fitting lids, and during the summer months, make sure trash is collected frequently. After eating outdoors, promptly clean up and dispose of scraps. Yellow jackets nest in colonies and will aggressively defend their nests en masse, sometimes stinging repeatedly. For that reason, the MDC recommends consulting a licensed exterminator to eliminate a yellow jacket nest.



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Exceeding Your Expectations TILE ∙ PLUMBING ∙ LIGHTING ∙ CABINETRY

We are a full service Design / Build Firm capable of any project. Large or small, we are with you every step of the way.



Custom Homes Additions Kitchen & Bath Remodel Lower Level Finish Decks & Sun Rooms Windows / Doors / Siding

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Fire/Storm Restoration Space Planning Interior Design Architectural Services


We have a combined 100 years of residential and commercial Construction Experience.

Hours: M-F 9am-5pm. Sat. 10am-2pm Phone: 314-843-9119

PENICK CONSTRUCTION CO. We Provide Quality Installation on:

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• Thermal Windows • Vinyl Siding, Soffit, Fascia and Gutters • Patio Doors • Custom Entry Doors • Lead Certified Renovator • Roofing • Licensed & Insured • Hundreds of Referrals

“This is the most professional group of people we have ever dealt with! The detail in his quality presentation and quote is continued in the execution of his precision work.” -Gayle D. Webb, Eureka

636-236-2536 228 Chesterfield Industrial Blvd. Chesterfield, MO 63005

The Pest Prevention Experts

MIDWESTERN TERMITE & PEST CONTROL Family Owned Since 1962 • Fully Insured Advanced Products For Your Family’s Safety

All Work Guaranteed!

• Your Complete Pest Control Company • Commercial & Residential

“A real pleasure to work with Bill: polite, thorough, attention to detail, excellent follow up, careful and skilled workmanship, good pricing. I heartily recommend him and his work.” -Harold Showalter, Chesterfield

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Complete inside and outside treatment



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314-602-9400 A geocache container waits to be found.

Hair Perfect Att tTeimnetCiolinen:ts




Take some home from your favorite grocery store today! Visit Take some home from your

Color, Cut & Blowout or Highlights & Cut

favorite grocery store today!

$120 Value

Visit us online for great recipe ideas.


Diane Zimmer at 204 Village Creek Court • Ballwin 63021 A Stylist in the Ballwin Area for 23 years Find us on

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Manufactured Since 1981 ManufacturedininSt. St. Louis Louis Since 1981

Radiance Dental 1642 Clarkson Rd. Chesterfield, MO 63017 Call Today! C

636-238-3567 6 Sc Schedule an ap appointment TODAY to meet Dr. Elster and te team, and see how our office can meet all of your dental needs!


59 Cleaning, Exam & X-rays

(Reg. $299) Offer Expires in 30 days. Includes exam, cleaning (Prophylaxis) & x-rays. New Patients Only.



1.00 Take-Home Whitening

(Reg. $199) Offer Expires in 30 days.

Receive a whitening kit & custom trays with completed new patient exam, cleaning (Prophylaxis) & x-rays. Offer not to be used in conjunction with any other offers or reduced-fee plans. New Patients Only.



500 Off



Offer not to be used in conjunction with any other offers or reduced-fee plans. Offer Expires in 30 days.

This office is a General Dentistry Practice. Cosmetic dentistry and tooth whitening are specialty areas not recognized by the ADA that require no specific educational training to advertise these services. The following dentists in this practice are not licensed in Missouri as specialists in the advertised dental specialties of Oral Surgery, Prosthodontics, Endodontics, Periodontics, or Orthodontics: Emily Elster, DMD


General Dentist


Emily Elster, DMD

Treasure is everywhere if you know where to look for it By MARISSA FAWCETT It’s like being Nicholas Cage in “National Treasure.” There’s a map saying where to go and maybe a few hints to help guide the journey, and there’s a treasure to be found – though not the piles of gold Cage encountered. Still, geocaching allows groups and individuals to test their scavenger hunt skills and enjoy local parks and destinations this summer – and all year long. Gaining in popularity, geocaching is simple and relatively inexpensive – all it takes is a GPS device (a GPS-enabled smartphone will work, but a true GPS device is better for more complicated hunts) and the desire to get out and explore. How it works Using (the largest and most popular geocaching website), individuals can search by postal code to find caches around the globe. A mobile app also is available. Once a list of caches is located, the treasure hunter simply needs to pick a cache and enter its coordinates into a GPS device or smartphone, or let the geocache app automatically map it out, and then the fun begins. Caches can be anywhere from national parks to local parks, rest stops to parking lots, neighborhoods to open fields. But what exactly is there to look for? That’s the fun in it. No one really knows. Caches, the treasure at the end of the hunt, can be as varied as the people who stash them. The only thing that will definitely be in every cache is a logbook so every person who finds that cache can log their find. Other than that, there is no telling what someone will find at the end of the hunt. Geocaches can be started by anyone who wants to hide one and enter its GPS coordinates into the database. However, there are a few rules as to what can and cannot be in a geocache. Explo-

sives, ammunition, knives, guns, drugs, alcohol, food and highly scented items should never be placed in caches. As with all games there are some rules of etiquette and fair play. If a person really likes an item in the cache he finds, he is allowed to take the item as long as he puts something else of equal value in its place. Once the person is finished with the cache, it is to be put back exactly where it was found. Then the person can go online and log his find and experience for others to see. While some geocaches require only a leisurely walk, others may require serious hiking skill. Each cache listed on is labeled with a difficulty level, cache size and perhaps a few helpful hints. A geocache beginner is wise to opt for a low difficulty level and a larger cache size. On the other hand, someone like Brad Jackson, of Manchester, who is more experienced at geocaching, might aim for more challenging, smaller caches. Jackson has been geocaching for the past year and has found caches in at least nine different states. “A friend of mine from Tennessee was posting a lot about it on Facebook, and I heard about it a lot,” Jackson said. “Finally, you just get curious enough to find out more about it.” Jackson said he travels a lot for work and since he started to geocache makes an effort to almost always stop at rest stops to find caches. Although he’s traveled to several states, he still believes some of the best caches he’s found have been local. Jackson described a park in Manchester where there is a little cave that most Manchester residents are familiar with or have been to many times. Yet, he said, they would never realize there is a cache hidden there. See GEOCACHING, page 46

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 I 45

Don’t Forget! Father’s Day is June 16th

in the

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It’s 10 o’clock. Do you know where your money is? ®


Check balances,transfer transfer funds, funds, pay andand even deposit checks at Check youryour balances, paybills, bills, even deposit checks at . CONTACT AN AGENT FOR MORE INFORMATION OR GET TO A BETTER STATE OR GET TO A BETTER STATE . CONTACT AN AGENT FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT US ONLINE TODAY. VISIT US ONLINE TODAY. ™ ™

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Sean Martinez, J Sortor, Agent Steve Agent 1795 ClarksonRoad Road Ellisville, Westwoods MO 63021 MO 63017 Ballwin, MO 63011 16152 Business ParkChesterfield, Dr. 1795 Clarkson Road 104 Holloway Bus: 636-391-7788 Fax: 636-391-9829 Bus: 636-532-0044 Fax: 636-532-3339 Bus: 636-227-7888 Fax: 636-227-5488 Ellisville, MO 63021 Chesterfield, MO 63017 Troy Pieper,Ellisville, Agent Sean J Sortor, AgentChesterfield, MO 63017 Steve Martinez, Agent Ballwin, MO 63011 MO 63021 16152 Westwoods Business Park Dr. 1795 Clarkson 104 Holloway Road Bus: Bus:Road 636-391-7788 Fax: 636-532-3339 636-391-9829 Bus: 636-227-7888 636-532-0044 Fax: Fax: 636-227-5488 636-532-3339 Bus: 636-391-7788 Fax: 636-391-9829 Bus: 636-532-0044 Fax: Ellisville, MO 63021 Chesterfield, MO 63017 Ballwin, MO 63011 ® 636-391-9829 Bus: 636-391-7788 Fax: Bus: 636-532-0044 Fax: 636-532-3339 Bus: 636-227-7888 Fax: 636-227-5488 State Farm Bank is always open when you want to look at the state of your finances.

Check your balances, transfer funds, pay bills, and even deposit checks at GET TO A BETTER STATE . CONTACT AN AGENT FOR MORE INFORMATION OR VISIT US ONLINE TODAY. ™

Mikel Garrett, Agent 16437 Village Plaza View Dr Wildwood, MO 63011 Bus: 636-458-5055 Fax: 636-458-5088

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Jason Bloom, Agent 14145 Clayton Rd. Chesterfield, MO 63017 Bus: 636-227-2000 Fax: 636-686-7170

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16437 Village Plaza View Dr 14145 Clayton Rd. Steve 13603 Barrett Office Drive per, Agent Sean J Sortor, Agent Agent Mikel Garrett, Agent Jason Hesser, Bloom, Agent Travis Hesser, Agent ortor, Agent Steve Martinez, Agent Agent JasonMartinez, Bloom, Agent Travis Agent Wildwood, MOMikel 63011Garrett, Chesterfield, MO 63017 St. Louis, srkson Business 1795 Clarkson Road 104 Holloway 16437 Village PlazaRoad View Dr MOFax:63021 14145 Clayton Rd. 13603 Barrett Office Drive RoadPark Dr. 104 Holloway Village PlazaRoad View 14145 Clayton Rd. Bus: 636-458-505516437 Fax: 636-458-5088 Bus:Dr 636-227-2000 Fax: 636-686-7170 Bus: 314-966-2591 314-966-206213603 Barrett Office Drive Come see the MO Chesterfield, MO63011 63017 www.sfjasonbloom.comChesterfield, Ballwin, MO Wildwood, MO 63011 Chesterfield, MO63021 63017 St. Louis, MO 63021 , MO63021 63017 Ballwin, MO Wildwood, MO 63011 MO63011 63017 St. Louis, MO Fax: Bus: 636-532-0044 Fax: 636-532-3339 Bus: 636-227-2000 636-227-7888 Fax: 636-686-7170 636-227-5488 636-458-5055 Fax: 636-458-5088 Bus: 314-966-2591 636-227-2000 Fax: Fax: 314-966-2062 636-686-7170 Bus: 314-966-2591 Fax: 314-966-2062 Fax: 636-391-9829 636-532-3339 Bus: 636-458-5055 636-227-7888 Fax: Fax: 636-458-5088 636-227-5488 Bus: Bus: Bus: Troy Pieper, Agent Sean J Sortor, Agent Steve Martinez, Agent 16152 Westwoods Business Park Dr. Ellisville, MO 63021 Bus: 636-391-7788 Fax: 636-391-9829


rett, Agent oom, Plaza Rd. View Dr layton MO , MO63011 63017 1101268.1 Fax: Fax: 636-458-5088 636-686-7170


1795 Clarkson Road Chesterfield, MO 63017 Bus: 636-532-0044 Fax: 636-532-3339

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State Farm Bank, F.S.B., Bloomington, IL

Mikel Garrett, Agent Jason Bloom, Agent Travis Hesser, Agent Bloom, Agent Travis Hesser, 16437 VillageJason Plaza View Dr 14145 Clayton Rd. 13603 Agent Barrett Office Drive Travis Hesser, Agent Wildwood, MO 63011 Clayton Rd. Chesterfield, MO 63017 13603 Barrett St. Louis, Drive MO 63021 14145 Office 13603 Barrett Office Bus: Drive Bus: 636-458-5055 Fax: 636-458-5088 636-227-2000 Fax: 636-686-7170 Bus: 314-966-2591 Fax: 314-966-2062 State Farm Bank, F.S.B., Chesterfield, MO63021 63017 St. Louis, MO 63021 St. Louis, MO

Bloomington, IL Bus: Bus: 314-966-2591 Fax: 314-966-2062 Bus: 636-227-2000 314-966-2591 Fax: Fax: 636-686-7170 314-966-2062



State Farm Bank, F.S.B., Bloomington, IL


State Farm Bank, F.S.B., Bloomington, IL

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M-F and after 1:00 pm S-S - Reg. $29.50 Bring this coupon in. Expires 7/31/13. Valid for 18 hole rates only. Not valid with any other discount offer, cart rentals required.

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Taste of Summer recipe winner

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103Acres Thresher Eureka 123 Green Drive,• Mowertown, ST ( 321 ) 456-9870 — 636.938.5533 • Ferris® zero-turns, with a patented suspension system enables you to mow rougher ground faster with a consistent cut allowing you to be more productive!

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Online and on Facebook, West Newsmagazine asked for your favorite Taste of Summer recipes – and the winner is Melon and Cheese Sticks, submitted by reader Vicki Amsinger. Amsinger, who likes to entertain herself and friends with her food blog, “A Table at Robert Ridge,” loves to replicate her mother’s recipes and get creative with her own. Recipe submissions were judged on four criteria: creativity/originality, use of summer ingredients, appearance, and ease of preparation. We hope you’ll agree that this simple summer treat qualifies on all four counts. As for what makes this treat unique? “It’s the cherry syrup,” said Amsinger. “It really sends it over the top.” Melon and Cheese Sticks So quick, so tasty and no oven required! Recipe makes 10 pieces, but is easy to increase.

Ingredients: 10 1/2-inch chunks of cheese (I used Muenster because it’s creamy and neutral, but any cheese would work.) 3 slices bacon, cooked and cut into 10 1/2-inch pieces (optional) 10 1/2-inch cubes watermelon 10 1/2-inch cubes cantaloupe 10 mint leaves 10 small skewers Cherry syrup (recipe below) Grey sea salt and/or fresh cracked black pepper, to taste (optional) Directions: Thread one mint leaf, one cube of watermelon, a piece of bacon, cheese and cantaloupe onto skewers. Place on plate and drizzle with Cherry syrup. Sprinkle with a little finishing salt like grey sea salt or even a sprinkle of fresh ground black pepper. Cherry syrup: Pour ½ cup black cherry juice concentrate into a microwaveable bowl, along with 1 tablespoon agave syrup or honey. Microwave on medium for about 1 minute, until syrupy. Let cool. Get creative: Leave out the bacon entirely or substitute prosciutto or other ham. Use a different cheese, like Manchego or even blue. Use different fruits – grapes or fresh peaches would be awesome! The world is your kebab, my friends.


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ite type of cache because someone might find one that started in another country. In all of the caches Jackson has found, Currently, Jackson has a trackable cache he’s never come across any valuable items. that has traveled from California and has Most have contained small trinkets, key logged around 7,500 miles. Hunters can keep a trackable in their chains and coins. Many caches, Jackson said, are placed inventory until they find the right cache in in certain spots to lead a person to a beau- which to stash it, but the goal is definitely to send it on its way. tiful view. “The point is to take you to some place Local treasure you’ve never been before and see it in a way For someone looking to get out of the you’ve never seen it before,” Jackson said. house without spending a lot of money or time and who could use a little adventure Trackable treasure Not only can geocaching take a person and exercise, geocaching could offer a somewhere he’s never been before, some summer of treasure-hunting fun. Get started with these West County of the caches travel hundreds of miles to caches (all feature a difficulty level of 1.5 get to a certain location. Labeled as “trackable,” this type of out of 5): • The Awakening - near Chesterfield Cencache features a unique code that is used in tacking its movement. Trackable caches tral Park and Aquatics Center • Ballwin History - Harrison Schmidt typically have a goal destination and rely on treasure hunters to help them on their Dahlke Log Home in Vlassis Park • Manchester Madness - Stoecker Park way – moving them from cache to cache • Market N’ Main - Wildwood Town Center and logging their progress online. • Phantom of the Opera - Phantom Forest, Following a trackable cache online hunters can see how many miles the cache has Des Peres For details on these locations, GPS coorditraveled and the places it has been. Jackson said trackables are his favor- nates and other caches, visit GEOCACHING, from page 44



Volunteers honored for serving seniors Two area volunteers recently were recognized for their service to the elderly. Ralph H. Thaman, Jr., of St. Louis County, has received a 2013 Lieutenant Governor’s Senior Service Award, an honor highlighting the positive accomplishments Missouri’s senior citizens provide to their local communities. Thaman is the board chairman of the nonprofit St. Andrew’s Resources for Seniors System, an organization that brings retirement living options, homecare services, health and independence to thousands of area seniors. He volunteers about 20 hours each week, and for the past six years, Thaman has dedicated his life to enhancing the lives of area seniors through his work with St. Andrew’s. The Lieutenant Governor’s Senior Service Award recognizes adults aged 60 and older who volunteer at least 25 hours per year. There were 150 nominations for this year’s award and 35 award recipients statewide.

Alice Handelman is the recipient of the 2013 Honoree Award of the Women’s Auxiliary for the Jewish Aged (formerly The Auxiliary JCA), an honor celebrating her service to area seniors. An award-winning journalist and photographer, she served for 18 years as community relations director at the former Jewish Center for the Aged. “We are honoring Alice for her distinguished years of dedicated service to the JCA and the elderly in our community,” said Susan Harris, co-president of the Women’s Auxiliary. “Her expertise, achievement and caring she continually shared with our Auxiliary are immeasurable.” Gwendolyn Packnett, assistant vice chancellor for academic affairs at University of Missouri-St. Louis, said, “Alice’s dynamic leadership is a gift to witness.” Handelman is a past president of Women of Achievement, Press Club of Metropolitan St. Louis, and the Mid-East Area Agency on Aging Foundation.

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Young at Heart programs UPCOMING PROGRAMS: • CRAFTY CREATIONS • GET MOVING, GET COOKING, GET HEALTHY provide adults with an all• LIFE ON THE FRONTIER • MYSTERIES AND inclusive opportunity to enjoy HISTORIES • FUN TIME IN THE SUNSHINE fun, recreational, educational, and creative programs. Whether 13528 State Hwy AA traveling alone, as a couple or in a Potosi, MO group, everyone will find something 1-888-386-9622 of interest at YMCA Trout Lodge.

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Standing (from left): Sheila Rhoades, Jo Nordmann, Maureen Catlett, Traci Runge, Connie Denny, Nancy Myers, Barbara Koepke, Peggy Cannon, Pam Danklef, BJ Prusaczyk, Nancy Nietz, Carol Nortman, Adrienne Rosen. Front row (from left) Christine Peick, Ken Koepke and Lisa Hayes.


Try the latest hearing aids that don’t need custom ear molds, so you can actually try it on and hear the difference before you buy them.


The widespread passion for “Downton Abbey,” the blockbuster PBS series, has inspired an abundance of spin-off parties, including a recent tea party held at the Ballwin home of Sheila Rhoades. Rhoades’ guests arrived for the fashionable affair wearing tea-length dresses and fancy hats. Acting as butler, Ken Koepke, of Ballwin, announced each lady – while serving mango mimosas and, of course, tea. Teatime goodies included scones, mini muffins, cream puffs, fruit salad, shrimp and sandwiches.



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Live in Managers available 24/7/365 Three chef prepared, made from scratch meals daily Weekly housekeeping & linen services Complimentary transportation to errands & appointments Just minutes from shopping, healthcare, dining & wonderful entertainment

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Independent Retirement Living 14525 Clayton Road • Ballwin, Missouri 63011

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retired, a national representative survey shows. Data from “Healthy, Retiring Rapidly and Collecting Social Security: The MetLife Report on the Oldest Boomers,” a MetLife Mature Market Institute study, found that 52 percent of boomers born in 1946 are fully retired, 21 percent work full time and 14 percent have part-time jobs. Among those who have retired, 38 percent said they were ready, 17 percent cited health reasons, and 10 percent cited job loss. Among those who still are working, most say they plan to Scientists say they have discovered a fully retire by age 71. “As (the) oldest boomers dive into retirepermanent way to get rid of gray hair, and it does not involve hair color. ment, even though some have been forced to do so earlier than expected, they seem to be ‘feelin’ groovy,’ as this group would have said during their formative years,” MetLife Mature Market Institute Director Sandra TimNo more gray The cure for gray hair is on the horizon, mermann said. “They are poised to remain active and engaged. As their nests empty, they according to a new report. Gray hair is caused by an accumulation seem to be largely feeling healthy and posiof hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicle that tive. On the negative side, a good half of this leads to massive oxidative stress. A team group may not have achieved their retirement of European researchers claim they have savings goals and are not confident about developed a UVB-activated compound that paying for the next phase of their lives.” The study of baby boomers born in 1946 when applied topically to hair can restore its color. The same compound is also effective found also that: • Eighty-six percent are collecting Social as a treatment for vitiligo, a condition that Security, and 43 percent began collecting causes white patches on the skin. “For generations, numerous remedies have sooner than planned. • Long-term care tops their list of retirebeen concocted to hide gray hair, but now, for the first time, an actual treatment that gets ment concerns, with 31 percent reporting to the root of the problem has been devel- concern about providing for themselves or oped,” said Gerald Weissmann, M.D., editor their spouses. • Slightly fewer than 25 percent have priof The FASEB Journal, which published the study. “While this is exciting news, what’s vate long-term care insurance. • The vast majority (82 percent) want to even more exciting is that this also works for vitiligo. This condition, while technically age in place and do not plan to move. • Eight percent owe more on their mortcosmetic, can have serious socio-emotional gage than the value of their home. effects of people. ” • On average, they have 4.8 grandchildren. • Nearly eight in 10 have neither of their Oldest boomers ‘retiring rapidly’ More than half of the nation’s first baby parents living, but more than one in 10 proboomers – those turning 67 this year – have vide care for a parent or older relative.

News and notes

Did didyou youhear hearthat? that? Hearing Health Care is an AudigyCertified practice that delivers unsurpassed patient satisfaction. Only top providers hold this Call today Hearing Health Care is an AudigyCertified distinction and we’re the sole St. Louis area practice to do so. practice that delivers unsurpassed patient satisfaction. for a FREE Our patients range in age from newborn to 100-plus. Only top providers hold this distinction and we’re clean & check the St. Louis area practice do so. Our patients of your current Callsole today for a FREE clean & to check of your current devices. range in age from newborn to 100-plus. devices.

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Richmond 1034 SS Brentwood Suite 725 725 Richmond Heights: Heights: 1034 Brentwood Boulevard, Boulevard, Suite St. St.Charles: Charles:1475 1475Kisker KiskerRoad, Road,Suite Suite270 270 a member of Ellisville: 15825 Manchester Manchester Road, Road, Suite 209 209 Ellisville:

Carol Bergmann Au.D., CCC-A Owner

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includes a series of lectures, workshops erally considered their medical providers and small-group interactions. to be “fair minded.” Current plans are for the first cruise to set Betz said doctors should start conversasail on Nov. 7 from the Port of Tampa aboard tions with drivers earlier, perhaps at age Paradise, a Carnival ship described as having 65, which would give most adults several a low-key atmosphere and as less flashy than years to be thinking about it before making other ships in the cruise line’s fleet. a final decision. For more information on “Turning Grief into Grace” cruises, visit, On the calendar or call (954) 306-9845. A class for expectant grandparents will be held from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, Turning over the car keys June 13 at St. Luke’s Hospital in Chesterfield. Doctors and nurses often wait longer The class reviews current hospital care for than they should to talk to elderly patients mother and baby, infant safety information about giving up driving. and tips on being helpful as grandparents. A “These conversations often don’t happen tour of the birthing suites is included. The until clinicians see a ‘red flag,’ which could mean an accident or some physical problem that makes driving more difficult for the elderly,” said Dr. Marian Betz, an emergency room physician and author of a study recently Chesterfield Mayor Bob Nation conducted at the University of Colorado recently doffed his Cardinals cap at a School of Medicine. “But what’s interesting “Hats Off to You” party at Friendship is that most elderly drivers we spoke with said Village in Chesterfield. Nation was on they were open to having earlier discussions.” hand for a party celebrating National For the study, drivers older than 65 parNursing Home Week, which took place ticipated in focus groups with physicians, May 13-17. The mayor proclaimed physician assistants and nurses. ResearchFriendship Village Week in Chesterfield ers found that clinicians usually were to first and said Friendship Village “strives to develop and maintain an environment raise the topic of “driving retirement” and to serve senior adults with a caring found the conversations to be unpleasant. and self-sustaining community.” Elderly drivers, on the other hand, said they were open to the discussions and gen-

class will be repeated on Thursday, Aug. 8. The fee is $15 per couple/person. To register, visit, or call (314) 205-6906. ••• “Diabetes Breakthrough” will be held at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, June 18 in the auditorium at the West County Family YMCA, 16464 Burkhardt Place in Chesterfield. Sean Branham, D.C., will explain how diabetics can reduce and eliminate their dependence on drugs under the guidance of their prescribing physicians; lose weight without exercise; experience greater energy levels; and have the potential to become non-diabetic. Reservations are required, and the presentation is for adults only. Call (314) 647-1384.


• They expect to consider themselves “old” at the age of 78.5. • Thirty percent believe they were the sharpest mentally in their 40s, while 16 percent say they are sharpest now, in their 60s. • More than 40 percent are optimistic about the future. Nearly 25 percent are optimistic about their health, and 20 percent feel good about their personal finances. • More than half think their generation is leaving a positive legacy for future generations, with “values and morals” and “good work ethics” as the top two items cited. Cruising through grief It’s a novel concept: Gather a group of bereaved people and send them off to sea to navigate the grieving process. Edy Nathan, a licensed psychotherapist, grief expert and former A&E TV personality, has announced she will do exactly that with a series of “Turning Grief into Grace” concept cruises designed to combine the healing powers of the sea with interactive workshops that will provide coping mechanisms for the many phases of grief. Nathan expects the cruises to primarily attract baby boomers grieving the loss of loved ones but to appeal also to those grieving from financial loss, divorce, the trauma of war and other factors. The four-night, five-day cruises will feature Nathan’s support program, which

Hats off

From left: Friendship Village Chesterfield Village Care Center (VCC) Administrator Anita Martinez, Chesterfield Mayor Bob Nation, and VCC Activities Coordinator Kimberly Parks

Life with certainty—

that’s life more brilliant!

Laugh, learn, read, see friends, reflect, play pool, volunteer, garden, do whatever you want to do. And, do it at Friendship Village with the knowledge that your costs are known and predictable, even for health care. LifeCare™, exclusive to Friendship Village, assures unlimited days of assisted living and skilled nursing on site—if needed. That means quality care at a known cost and at a substantial savings over other health care options.

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Adding new apartments, villas and underground parking, the not-for-profit Friendship Villages benefit from management by a local board of directors. Come visit a more brilliant, affordable alternative in senior living. WN6123


15201 Olive Boulevard Chesterfield, MO 63017

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12503 Village Circle Drive Sunset Hills, MO 63127

(314) 499-2059

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No room at the top

Graduates with top-tier degrees find fewer openings, increasing debt

help a professional in their career,” Scannell said. protected as engineers. According to the Bureau of Labor She did say the job search has definitely changed Statistics, the job outlook for physicians and surgeons is expected to grow by 24 percent from 2010 to 2020, faster throughout the past few years. “In the legal market, there are fewer jobs, and I think that than the average for any other occupation. Is the risk of unemployment among college grads really students have to be more proactive – and earlier. But I do think that they can be very successful in their career search dependent on an individual’s major? Or are these tough times simply a reflection of the overall economy? and their job search.” She said the economic downturn in 2008 “had the most The value of making connections dramatic impact on the legal market, and the legal market Teresa Balestreri, director of career services at the Unihasn’t fully recovered.” However, she feels like the job versity of Missouri-St. Louis, said UMSL is definitely market is “picking up.” “Employers aren’t knocking on students’ doors, for most seeing more activity in terms of jobs and internship leads. “That is promising,” she said. “Phones aren’t ringing off of them,” Scannell said. “So it’s really a more concerted effort for (graduates) to find the job that’s the right fit for the hook, but it’s certainly going in that direction. 2013 better place than they them, but I think that in the end, in some ways, it may pay grads are going to be in a in 2011. off for those students who are willing to put in the work to were back “I think that gradumake that happen.” ates have found that As for the predicted job outlook in the next 10 years, it’s tougher to tap into the Scannell said. “I wish I had that crystal ball.” market, and it’s really not “It’s really hard to predict what exactly is going to a reflection of their skill happen,” she said. “I feel like lawyers serve an essensets or their credentials – tial role in so many areas, and law degrees are so it’s just a reflection of the incredibly useful, even if it’s not in the traditional practice economy,” Balestreri said. of law. So I feel like a lawyer’s role may be somewhat “For upcoming and recent redefined, and many employers might look to the skills grads, they need to target that lawyers provide to solve issues, whether that’s in tratheir search. Plan ahead. ditional roles or representing them as attorneys.” Gain experience.” The problem is not exclusive to law school. She said students Tyler said his plan is to keep applying for jobs and should take a “very see what he can find. targeted “If not, there’s always med school,” he joked. But according to the Economic Policy Institute, changing degrees might not help. According to the Institute, the March 2013 unemployment rate of 16.2 percent for workers under age 25 was slightly more than twice as high as the national average. Also, the National Association of Colleges and Employers said that employers in general would be hiring only 2.1 percent more college grads from the entire class of 2013 than they did in 2012 – that’s moving in the right direction but progress is slow. According to the Georgetown University Center on Education and Workforce’s “Hard Times” report, recently graduated architects have Fewer lawyers, doctors and such the highest unemployment rate due The Law School Admission Council confirmed Tyler’s to a breakdown in construction and fear. According to the Council, the number of law school home-building industries. applications continues to drop, with applications down As for graduates in the engineering 18.8 percent from 2012. field, however, the National Science Given the situation, a lot of law schools are shrinking Foundation said there is only a 2-percent their class sizes, but Kati Scannell, assistant dean of career unemployment rate overall, and according services at Washington University School of Law, said it to the National Association of Colleges and is a “great time” to attend law school because there will Employers, technical majors top the list of highbe less competition and more personalized attention in the est paid majors, which included engineering majors. classroom. Still, unemployment varies across the board among “I think you learn skill sets in law school that are appli- various types of engineers. cable to so many resources, so a law degree can always Doctors, at least in some specialities, may be as

By SARAH WILSON People are five times more employable if they are already employed, according to David Hults, a nationally known career coach and speaker based in St. Louis. But what happens when you are recently graduated with a degree in a top-tier profession, have little experience, mounting debt – and are unable to find a job in the first place? That’s the status of a growing number of recent graduates. To top it off, for the first time ever, Americans owe more debt on student loans than on credit cards. Musician Ed Bruce in the 1970s sang, “Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys. … Let ‘em be doctors and lawyers and such.” But he might have changed his mind if he saw what the future looked like. In the past, if you had a law degree, especially one from a prestigious law school, you were set. Now, that is not necessarily the case, with more recent graduates struggling to find work. According to the American Bar Association Journal in March, nearly half of all law school graduates have full-term, permanent jobs. The old adage, “Is the glass half-full or half-empty” comes to mind. It depends on who you ask. West Newsmagazine asked new grads and while they had a lot to say all were wary of going on record for fear that their comments might negatively impact their job search. Justin Tyler (not his real name) graduated in May from Washington University in St. Louis’ Law School and earned double majors in his undergrad. He also earned full tuition through a private scholarship and is taking the Missouri Bar this summer. Yet, he has no job lined up. “I haven’t taken the Bar yet, so I’m not that worried – at least not yet, and I’m definitely not the only one looking,” Tyler said. “But it’s been tougher than I ever thought it would be to find work. I always thought it would be easy.” Far from it. For roughly the past three months Tyler has applied for a few jobs each week – and not exclusively in St. Louis or even Missouri. As hard as it is to find a job in the city in which you live, it is even harder to find a job elsewhere. Tyler said plenty of his classmates are going through the same thing, and only a few of his friends have gotten a job even mildly related to their field. “It’s really a testament to the industry, and I am worried to see what will happen with lawyers in the future. But looking back, I’m glad I got a law degree and that I’m finished with school finally,” he said.



approach.” “If they’re too broad, their resumes won’t make the cut. Putting together a degree program in relation to your interests, your skills and your values is the best approach to your degree.” She also said going directly into a master’s program “just for the sake of getting a master’s degree isn’t necessarily the best way to do it. They need to be focused before they spend the time, money and energy.” Balestreri said she tells graduates, “Look inward first, and then know your job market.” She also highly recommended an internship or work experience that shows the potential employer a student has more than just theoretical knowledge. “Theoretical knowledge is not going to get you a job,” Balestreri said. “You’ve got to have the practical life and work experiences.” Tyler also said he has learned that having an internship or networking seems to be the area to focus on. And Scannell confirmed the importance of being effective at building relationships. “That effort early and throughout their school career is an incredibly effective way to lead to that first job,” Scannell said. Echoing the advice of his peers, Hults stressed that word of mouth is really important. He offered an example of how networking works. “‘You should talk to Jane because she worked for me for three months during the summer. She’s really good,’” he said. “You need somebody that can stand before the decision maker and say, ‘I can vouch for their work.’” Hults said the best advice he can give to graduates is to “talk to people in the shoe you think you want to wear to see if it really fits you.” “It’s not so much what you have on the resume; it’s how you use it,” Hults said. “I always tell my clients, ‘You go first. The resume follows.’ That way, you can explain what you’re about and what your focus is and where you want to go. You’re not letting your resume be the only thing they see first.” Hults also said to always submit a cover letter to an employer “because you don’t know who’s going to read it.” “Cover letters are meant to be short and to the point,” he said. “Then be sure you take responsibility for the follow-up. ‘I hope to hear from you’ is not the way to go.” He said a one-page resume is perfectly acceptable for a young college student just starting out. Once you start having worker experience, then two pages become very acceptable. Whether you are a college student or a seasoned professional, he said everybody that goes through the job hunt needs a methodology. “There’s a process they need to follow,” Hults said. “Throwing mud on the wall to

see if it sticks is not a good methodology to use. So I’m a big believer that your actions should result in some sort of benefit.” He said every action should yield something else. “If it’s not, then the strategy or methodology is wrong,” Hults said. “Every individual needs that. There are a lot of people who are just winging it, and winging it in this market is dangerous; it’ll take you a long time to get to where you need to go.” Hope on the horizon Scannell said she is seeing more activity in top-tier professions. “I don’t know that it’s an overwhelming amount. It’s no avalanche; no flood gates have opened, but it’s getting better,” she said. According to the Georgetown University Center on Education and Workforce’s “Hard Times” report, education, health care, business and professional services have the most stable employers for recent college graduates. Hults said, “A lot of senior service stuff is huge, also. So that’s not going away. Health care is not going to go away. It’s going to definitely move forward. The finance side of things, that’s hard to tell where that’s going to go but you can count on the need.” For the future of their professions, that’s exactly what college grads and students are doing – counting on the need.

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Top-Paid Majors for 2012-13 Bachelor’s Degree Graduates Technical majors head the list of highestpaid majors for the college Class of 2013, according to a report by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. In particular, NACE’s April 2013 Salary Survey—the first look at starting salaries for the class of 2013—found that seven engineering majors are among the 10 toppaid for the college class of 2013. “Engineering majors are consistently among the highest paid because the demand for them is so great,” said Marilyn Mackes, NACE executive director. By far, petroleum engineering majors received the top starting salaries with an average of $93,500, nearly $22,000 more than the second highest-paid major, computer engineering at $71,700. Other engineering majors among the toppaid are chemical engineering ($67,600), aerospace/aeronautical/astronautical engineering ($64,400), mechanical engineering ($64,000), electrical/electronics and communications engineering ($63,400) and engineering technology ($62,200). The top-paid non-engineering majors are computer science, with an average starting salary of $64,800, followed by management information systems/business ($63,100) and finance ($57,400).

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New in the neigborhood Sylvan Learning Center is now open at 98 Legends Parkway, Suite 206, in Eureka. Offering tutoring to students of all ages, grades and skill levels, Sylvan has been a community resource for more than 30 years. Trained, Sylvan-certified instructors provide individualized instruction in reading, writing, mathematics, study skills and test prep for college entrance and state exams. The Eureka Sylvan Learning Center is owned by Tammy Noel, who has been From left: Director of Education Sarah Wilson, with Sylvan for more than 20 Center Director Karen Irvin, and Tammy Noel, owner of the Sylvan Learning Center in Eureka years.


as general manager. ••• Keith Smith, of Des Peres, has joined Cannon Design, an architectural, engineering and planning firm, as senior elec- Smith trical project engineer. ••• Rola Sarkissyian and Jennifer Wintrode have joined the Prudential Select

Ted Clark has been promoted to manager of avionics for Aero Charter, a charter, FBO and aircraft support company based at the Spirit of St. Louis Airport in Chesterfield. Clark ••• Gregg Doyle has joined Charlie Gitto’s at Hollywood Casino

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••• The annual West County Chamber of Commerce Monte Carlo Casino Night is from 6-11 p.m. on Friday, June 21 at Wildwood Hotel. Tickets are $50 each and include a cocktail buffet, drinks, $10,000 in gaming “money,” prizes and auction items. Call 230-9900, or visit ••• The Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce holds a Business After Hours networking event from 5-7 p.m. on Wednesday, June 26 at the Chesterfield Amphitheater. The fee for non-members is $15, with prepayment required online at chesterfieldmochamber. com or by calling 532-3399. Chamber members are admitted free of charge.

SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES St. Louis Home Fires BBQ Bash sponsorship opportunities are available for local businesses. The event takes place on Saturday, Sept. 28 and Sunday, Sept. 29 at the Wildwood Town Center. Call Frank Schmer at 256-6564 for details.

CORRECTIONS Dau Furniture Annex on June 6 opened its doors at 16966 Manchester Road Wildwood. The address of the new home furnishings showroom was listed incorrectly in our June 5 issue. West Newsmagazine regrets the error.

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The National Guard recently honored three Missouri American Water employees – Bob Hajek, Ray Elliott and Chad Ezell – with the Patriot Award, which honors people in the workplace who have helped returning soldiers in their transition back to work. Only 5 percent of employers have received the award. ••• The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals for the second consecutive year has named Wildwood-based National Medical Billing Services to its 2013 Global Outsourcing 100 list within its “Rising Stars” category. National Medical, a national health care revenue cycle management company specializing in servicing ambulatory surgery centers and their affiliated surgeons, was recognized also as a top performer in health care, employee growth, revenue growth, industry-specific services, and most employees in the U.S.

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Breakthrough Treatment Now Available In Chesterfield Chesterfield, MO - Imagine thirty to forty years ago if you were told that lasers would replace scalpels in surgery or that robotic instruments would build cars; you may not have believed it. By the same token, would you believe that chiropractic treatments could be performed using a special hand-held instrument developed by NASA scientists; all while you were sitting in an upright position without any turning or twisting movements? Advances in computers and engineering technologies have been able to uniquely blend with chiropractic in order to both analyze and treat the human body in such a way that was never before realized. According to Drs. Strotheide & O’Leary, "This new form of computerized treatment is so gentle and effective, that it amazes even the most skeptical patients. It's called the ProAdjuster and is the latest, state-of-the-art technology in existence today, and the only one in the Chesterfield area." The ProAdjuster can safely and gently analyze and treat the spine and other joints to remove the nerve impingement that is often the cause of pains in the low back, neck, shoulder and elsewhere in the body. It also works on a variety of muscular conditions to loosen tight muscles with ease and comfort. Many patients say that

it's like getting a mini-massage. It can also help increase the amount of motion in almost any joint. Even patients with knee, hip and foot problems such as plantar fascitis are being helped. It is also covered by most insurance companies including medicare. Dr. Strotheide says that "The secret to the ProAdjuster lies in its advanced piezoelectric sensor that is able to detect the slightest amount of restriction in a joint and then deliver an extremely precise adjustment." He says that "Even though traditional forms of adjusting also work, people are drawn to this new technique because of how gentle it is and does not involve any twisting, especially in the neck. Many people love getting adjusted with traditional manual techniques, all of which are safe and effective. But there are a large number of people who never get to experience the amazing benefits of chiropractic because they are scared to have their spines adjusted in that way." Now, there is no longer a reason to be weary. The ProAjuster is perfect for anyone who has been thinking about going to a chiropractor, but hasn't yet made that decision. Drs. Strotheide and O’Leary want everyone to be able to experience these same benefits and if you have any of the

following conditions, the ProAdjuster may be the answer you've been looking for... - Low back discomfort - Sciatic nerve pain - Neck and shoulder pain - TMJ dysfunction - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Headaches

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Treatment with the ProAdjuster is consistent, measurable and extremely gentle. There is no guesswork, and it's safe for individuals of all ages. Call our office today and mention this article to receive a FREE ProAdjuster analysis to pin-point your problem areas and to see how the ProAdjuster can help. Call within the next 7 days and you will also receive a complimentary digital posture evaluation that can show the areas of your stress and how it's affecting your body. Call 636-530-1212 today to reserve your free ProAdjuster Analysis Scan. (reg.$125) This technological marvel can help you return to a healthier lifestyle. You may no longer have to live with a persistent, painful condition. Call us today. Strotheide Chiropractic 173 Long Rd., Ste. 100 Chesterfield, MO 63005 636-530-1212


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Public Hearing - city of ballwin, Missouri - July 1, 2013 A public hearing is scheduled before the Planning and Zoning Commission of the City of Ballwin on July 1, 2013 in the boardroom at the Donald “Red” Loehr Police and Court Center, 300 Park Dr, Ballwin, MO, 63011, at 7:00 P. M. upon the following: A petition submitted by Laura Van Gerpen of Tayco Seven Trails Dr. LLC, 895 Bolger Ct., Fenton, MO, 63026 for the approval of an amendment to the site development plan previously approved via ordinance 10-43 to allow the construction of an underground storm water detention and water quality facility in place of the approved surface facility at a location commonly known as 14803 Manchester Rd., Ballwin, MO, 63011. A petition submitted by Daniel Thies of Clayton Henry LLC, 16650 Chesterfield Grove Rd., Chesterfield, MO, 63005 for the approval of an amendment to the site development plan originally approved via ordinance 09-20 to allow the construction of permanent outdoor patio covers without increasing the floor area or seating at a location commonly known as 14450 Clayton Rd., Ballwin, MO, 63011. A petition submitted by Timothy Martin of McKelvey Homes, Inc., 218 Chesterfield Towne Center, Chesterfield, MO, 63005, for the approval of a petition to amend the zoning district classification of the property commonly known as 628 – 630 Kehrs Mill Rd., Ballwin, MO, 63011, from R-1 and R-2 single family to PSD single family. A petition submitted by Timothy Martin of McKelvey Homes, Inc., 218 Chesterfield Towne Center, Chesterfield, MO, 63005, for the approval of a 9 lot single family subdivision on the property commonly known as 628-630 Kehrs Mill Rd., Ballwin, MO, 63011. A petition submitted by Fred Schmidt of Tristone Properties LLC, Inc., 325 N. Kirkwood Rd., Suite 210, Kirkwood, MO, 63122, for the approval of a petition to amend the zoning district classification of the property commonly known as 855 Westglen Village Dr., Ballwin, MO 63021, from R-3 single family to R-4 Multiple Family residential. A petition submitted by Fred Schmidt of Tristone Properties LLC, Inc., 325 N. Kirkwood Rd., Suite 210, Kirkwood, MO, 63122, for the approval of a petition for the approval of a 10 lot single family subdivision on the property commonly known as 855 Westglen Village Dr., Ballwin, MO, 63021. The City of Ballwin will consider the zoning ordinance or district regulations as provided herein, or may adopt different changes or provisions, without further notice or hearing, as the Board of Aldermen may deem to be in the public interest. The public hearing may be continued, by announcement at the public hearing, from time to time, as deemed necessary by the Planning and Zoning Commission, without publication of the time and place of the continued public hearing. Petitions of protest against zoning district boundary changes, duly signed and acknowledged, must be submitted by owners of thirty percent or more of either: (1) the area of the land (exclusive of streets and alleys) included in the proposed change(s), or (2) within the area determined by lines drawn parallel to and one hundred and eighty-five feet distant from the area proposed for a zoning district change, public rights-of-way excepted. These petitions will be considered in determining the percentage of favorable votes by the Board of Aldermen necessary to make the zoning district change in accordance with the Zoning Ordinance of the City of Ballwin. Residents of Ballwin are afforded an equal opportunity to participate in the programs and services of the City of Ballwin regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, marital status, national origin or political affiliation. If you are a person requiring an accommodation, please call (636) 227-8580 V, (636) 527-9200 TDD or 1-800-735-2466 (Relay Missouri) no later than 5:00 P.M. on the third business day preceding the hearing. Offices are open between 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday. Thomas H. Aiken, A.I.C.P. Assistant City Administrator / City Planner

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Amphitheater Matchbox Twenty & Goo Goo Dolls, July 9, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater Dave Matthews Band, July 10, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson, July 14, Peabody Opera House


LIVE PERFORMANCES “The Wiz” plays through June 30 at Grandel Theatre. (Photo credit Stewart Goldstein)

CONCERTS Luke Bryan, June 14, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater Mary J. Blige, June 15, Chaifetz Arena Rogue Wave, June 15, Old Rock House O.A.R., June 20, The Pageant Sonny Rollins, June 22, The Touhill Five by Design: Club Swing, June 23, Powell Symphony Hall TLC, Blaque, Destiny’s Child & 702, June 23, The Black Rep Alice Cooper & Marilyn Manson, June 25, The Family Arena Kenny Chesney, June 27, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater Fall Out Boy, June 28, The Pageant 45th Anniversary of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, June 28, Powell Symphony Hall “American Idol” Live, June 29, Chaifetz Arena New Kids on the Block with 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men, June 30, Scottrade Center Twista, July 6, Old Rock House John Mayer, July 7, Verizon Wireless

Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson performs on July 14 at Peabody Opera House.

“Always…Patsy Cline,” through June 30, STAGES St. Louis “The Wiz,” through June 30, The Black Rep Neil Simon’s “Chapter Two,” through June 16, Heagney Theater Monty Python’s “Spamalot,” June 17-23, The Muny Disney’s “Cinderella,” June 19-30, STAGES St. Louis “Shrek the Musical,” June 24-30, The Muny “1776,” June 26-July 7, Heagney Theater “Nunsense,” July 1-7, The Muny “South Pacific,” July 8-14, The Muny

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FESTIVALS “Twelfth Night,” Shakespeare in the Park, through June 16, Forest Park – F Terence Blanchard, Whitaker Music Festival, June 12, Missouri Botanical Garden – F Kim Massie, Whitaker Music Festival, June 19, Missouri Botanical Garden – F Ransom Note, Whitaker Music Festival, June 26, Missouri Botanical Garden – F Beth Bombara, Whitaker Music Festival, July 3, Missouri Botanical Garden – F Victor & Penny, Whitaker Music Festival, July 10, Missouri Botanical Garden – F Montez Coleman & Willie Akins Project, Whitaker Music Festival, July 17, Missouri Botanical Garden – F

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Help WanteD West newsmagazine & Mid Rivers newsmagazine, St. Louis’ largest group of direct mailed newspapers, is looking for qualified Sales Executives. Sales Executive Job Requirements Ability to multi-task and meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment

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The Pageant:, (866) 448-7849 Powell Symphony Hall:, (800) 232-1880 Shakespeare Festival of St. Louis:, (314) 531-9800 STAGES St. Louis:, (314) 821-2407 The Touhill:, (314) 516-4949 Verizon Wireless Amphitheater:, (800) 653-8000 F =Free Admission

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• Rates include lodging, meals, and most activities • Kids 5 and under are always FREE • Day passes are available • Non-Y members are always welcome 1-888-FUN-YMCA • • Only 90 minutes south of St. Louis

Com mu n it y Event s ART An opening reception for the “Wartime Escape” exhibit is from 6-8 p.m. on Friday, July 5 at The Gallery at Chesterfield Arts. Based in part on the publication, “The Journey that Saved Curious George,” the exhibit chronicles the journey of Margret and H.A. Rey as they fled Paris in 1940 and was organized by the Institute for Holocaust Education in Omaha, Neb. Call 519-1955, or visit

BENEFITS The Rotary Club of West County is selling 2013 scholarship raffle tickets to provide five $1,000 scholarships to seniors from Eureka, Lafayette, Marquette, Parkway South and Valley Park high schools. Great prizes, including a framed, signed picture of Stan Musial and Red Schoendienst; Blues, Billikens, and Cardinals ticket packages; and gift certificates to fine area restaurants are featured. Tickets are $10 each/12 for $100 and can be purchased online at ••• A golf scramble to benefit BackStoppers is at 12:15 p.m. on Monday, June 17 at Ballwin Golf Course. A putting contest is from 11 a.m.-noon. The fee is $75 per person/$300 per foursome and includes lunch, dinner, greens fees, cart, non-alcoholic beverages and attendance prizes. To register or sponsor a hole, contact Officer Shaun Doerr at or 207-2318. ••• The Endangered Wolf Center Grand Reopening Wine & Cheese Howl is at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 19 at the Center, 6750 Tyson Valley Road in Eureka. The event kicks off a season of summer evening events and includes an acoustic guitar performance by Matt Garvey, wines served by the White Mule Winery and an assortment of meats and cheeses. Admission is $22 per adult, age 21 and older ($20 for members). Call 938-5900. •••

The ABC Sale, a huge annual garage sale, is from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. on Friday, July 12 and Saturday, July 13 (early bird sale with $5 admission from 7-8 a.m. on Friday) at St. Mark Presbyterian Church, 601 Claymont Drive in Ballwin. Furniture, clothing, housewares and more are sold. Call 394-2233 for more information.

FAMILY AND KIDS Serengeti Steve of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” presents a reptile experience at 2 p.m. on Thursday, June 13 at the St. Louis County Library’s Daniel Boone Branch in Ellisville. The experienced handler brings interesting specimens for a hands-on experience. Call (314) 994-3300, or visit ••• “The Lorax” is the Chesterfield Summer Movie Series feature from 8-9:30 p.m. on Friday, June 14 at the Chesterfield Amphitheater. Fixed seating and lawn seating are available. Guests may bring refreshments (no glass containers), and the concession stand will be open. Call 537-4000, or visit ••• The Eureka Parks and Recreation Department hosts a family camp out from 6 p.m. on Friday, June 14 through 9 a.m. on Saturday, June 15 at Drewel Park. Families should bring a tent, chairs, sleeping bags and drinks; glass bottles and animals are not permitted. Games, hot dogs and snacks, and breakfast on Saturday are provided. The cost is $10 per person/$30 for a family of four. To register, call 938-6775, or email ••• The city of Eureka hosts Fly Fishing 101 from 9-10 a.m. on Saturday, June 15 at Drewel Park. Tony Mughal, fly fishing aficionado, shares his knowledge, and equipment is available to give participants some hands-on experience. Admission is free, but registration is required. Call 938-6775, or email •••

The Humane Society of Missouri hosts a Wagon Day from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. on Saturday, June 15 at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch, 480 Joseph Road in Union. Activities at the free event include wagon rides, tours of the ranch and a chance to meet its rehabilitated farm animals. Guests are invited to bring a picnic lunch but to leave personal pets at home. Visit ••• The city of Ballwin hosts a Twilight Swim from 8-10 p.m. on Saturday, June 15 at North Pointe Aquatic Center, 335 Holloway Road. Swimming under the stars, a duck race and other activities are featured. Admission is $4 for residents, $5 for nonresidents and free to those with a North Pointe pass. Visit, or call Adam Peper at 207-2327. ••• Kids Books Into Movies features “How to Train Your Dragon” at 2 p.m. on Monday, June 17 at the Samuel C. Sachs Branch of the St. Louis County Library. Kids read the book, then meet at the library to watch the movie. The program is recommended for children ages 7-12. Copies of the book are available at the branch. Call (314) 994-3300, or visit ••• The Magic House presents Big Science at 2 p.m. on Monday June 17 at the Grand Glaize branch of the St. Louis County Library. A miniature hot air balloon, gravity-defying water, shrinking chip bags and more experiments are in store. The event is recommended for children ages 6-11. Registration is required. Call (314) 994-3300, or visit ••• Summer Connection is from 6-8 p.m. on Wednesday, June 19 at Living Word Church, 17315 Manchester Road in Wildwood. The entire family is invited to bring lawn chairs and blankets and enjoy a cookout and games. Visit ••• The city of Manchester hosts Snores & S’mores at 5 p.m. (tent set-up begins) on Friday, June 21 at Paul A. Schroeder Park. Activities start at 6:30 p.m. and include field games, a craft, campfire dinner, s’mores, a showing of “The Lorax” and

camping overnight on the ball field at the park. Breakfast is served from 7-8 a.m. on June 22. Participants must bring their own tents and camping supplies. Admission is $8 per adult, $6 for children ages 4-12 and free for children age 3 and younger. Visit, or call 391-6326. ••• The city of Manchester hosts Luau at the Pool from 6:30-8:30 p.m. on Friday, June 21 at the Manchester Aquatic Center. Contests and games are featured. Guests may use their pool passes for entry; the 5 p.m. rates apply for those without a pass. Visit, or call 391-6326. ••• The city of Manchester hosts Movie in the Park: “The Lorax” at 8:30 p.m. on Friday, June 21 at Paul A. Schroeder Park. Admission is free. Visit manchestermo. gov, or call 391-6326. ••• The city of Town & Country hosts Fire & Ice from 6:30-9:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 22 at Town & Country Crossing. Live music and fireworks are featured. Visit ••• The Eureka Parks and Recreation department hosts a free showing of “Madagascar 3” at 8:45 p.m. (activities begin at 7:45 p.m.) on Friday, June 28 on the Eureka City Hall lawn. Free popcorn and lemonade are served while supplies last. Call 938-6775, or email

LIVE PERFORMANCES The city of Ballwin presents Gary Sluhan and The Strange Birds from 7-9 p.m. on Wednesday, June 12 at New Ballwin Park. Admission is free. Visit ballwin., or call 227-8580. ••• The city of Ellisville presents a free concert by Dr. Zhivegas from 7-9 p.m. on Thursday, June 13 at Bluebird Park. Guests should bring their own seating; no glass bottles are permitted. Visit, or call 227-9660. ••• The city of Des Peres presents a concert by Mirage from 7-9:30 p.m. on Friday, June 14 at Des Peres Park. Boy Scouts will


sell concessions, and guests may bring outside food and drink, including alcohol (no glass containers). Call (314) 835-6150, or visit ••• Chesterfield JazzFest is from 2-10 p.m. on Saturday, June 15 at the Chesterfield Amphitheater. For ticket information and an updated list of scheduled performers, visit ••• The Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce hosts a performance by Scott & Karl from 7-9 p.m. (park opens at 5:15 p.m.) on Tuesday, June 18 at Faust Park. Refreshments and candy are available for purchase, and food trucks are on site with offerings from area restaurants. Visit ••• The city of Ellisville presents a free concert by The Giving Tree Band from 7-9 p.m. on Thursday, June 20 at Bluebird Park. Guests should bring their own seating; no glass bottles are permitted. Visit, or call 227-9660. ••• The city of Wildwood presents a free concert by BritBeat at 6:45 p.m. on Friday, June 21 at Wildwood Town Center. Complimentary kettle corn, shaved ice treats, water and soft drinks are provided to all in attendance. Hot dogs and bags of chips are given away on a first-come, first-served basis. Visit, or call 458-0440. ••• The city of Eureka hosts Concerts on Central featuring The Hoosier Daddy Band from 7-10 p.m. on Friday, June 21 on Central Avenue in Old Town Eureka. Food and beverages are available from local businesses; glass bottles and animals are not permitted. Call 938-6775, or email ••• Milder Musical Arts in Chesterfield celebrates 35 years of making music with a free community concert from 4-5:30 p.m. on Sunday, June 23 at The Ethical Society of St. Louis, 9001 Clayton Road. Advanced solo and duet performances by current and former students and the music-degreed faculty are featured. Email, or call (314) 469-6646. ••• Chesterfield Arts sponsors “A Little Lunch Music” from 12:30-3 p.m. on Monday, June 24 at Bonhomme Presbyterian Church, 14820 Conway Road in Chesterfield. Opera Theater of St. Louis is featured. Admission is free and open to the public. Call 532-3486. ••• Musical performer Leonardo jams at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, June 25 at the Samuel C. Sachs Branch of the St. Louis County


I events I 57

Library. The Parents’ Choice Award-winning musician performs across the country with educational and empowering messages for audiences of all ages. Call (314) 994-3300, or visit ••• The Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce hosts a performance by Spectrum from 7-9 p.m. (park opens at 5:15 p.m.) on Tuesday, June 25 at Faust Park. Refreshments and candy are available for purchase; food trucks are on site with offerings from area restaurants. Visit

SPECIAL INTEREST GriefShare, a weekly seminar/support group for people grieving the death of someone close, is from 4-6 p.m. on Sundays through July 14 at King of Kings Lutheran Church, 13765 Olive Blvd. in Chesterfield. Each free meeting is selfcontained, so participants may start at any time. To register, call Lori George at (314) 469-2224, or visit ••• West County Swing Dance Club meets from 8-10:30 p.m. every Tuesday at the Moolah Shrine Center, 12545 Fee Fee Road. The not-for-profit social group hosts more than 350 dancers each week and offers basic to advanced swing dance lessons before the dance at 7 p.m. Visit for more information. ••• A Louis Srote book-signing event is at 1 p.m. on Saturday, June 15 at Barnes & Noble, 1600 Clarkson Road in Chesterfield. Srote, a resident of Wildwood, signs copies of his book, “The Disintegration of the Constitution: From an Average American’s Perspective.” Call 536-9636. ••• Historian Esley Hamilton presents “The History of St. Louis County Parks” at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, June 18 at the Grand Glaize Branch of the St. Louis County Library. He tells of how the system grew from two parks in 1950 to where it is today, using pictures from his recent book with NiNi Harris, “St. Louis Parks.” Registration is required. Call (314) 994-3300 or visit ••• Women N Faith, a Christian women’s group, meets from 9:30-11:30 a.m. on Saturday, July 20 at the St. Louis County Library’s Samuel C. Sachs branch in Chesterfield. Women from Wildwood, Fenton, Ellisville, Ladue and other areas enjoy time for sharing and building friendships. No child care is provided. Email rkerstetter1@ to reserve a seat.


• A Neighborhood Company • Trustworthy Employees • Superior Value • No Long-Term Contracts • Bonded & Insured • A Comfortable Choice For West County

14340 South Outer Forty Rd. Town and Country, MO 63017


58 I 



WINNER, WINNER, Fried Chicken Tuesdays 3 Piece Dark Meat with 2 sides

2 Piece White Meat with 2 sides







Saleem's... Where Garlic is King

Unique Sauce & Recipes perfected since 1974. Nationally recognized for the skill of using garlic (Travel Channel)

June Dinner Special 95 10 Includes choice of side dish $

Sides include mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans, and coleslaw

Clancy’s Irish Pub

(Excludes Lamb Entrees • Reservations Requested • Valid Entire Month of June)

At The Barn Of Lucerne

636-207-1368 |

930 Kehrs Mill Road • Ballwin • 636.394.2199

Open 5pm Tues-Sat. Closed Sun & Mon

14560 Manchester Rd. Text GARLIC to 69302

Good Friends. Great Food. Cold drinks.

$6.99 DS

aily lunch pecialS!

live MuSic Fri. & Sat. nightS nightly Dinner SpecialS happy hour Mon - Fri, 4 - 7 288 laMp & lantern village - upper level


Give DaD What he Really Wants!

Hibachi Grill Supreme Buffet

The Largest and Most Elegant Chinese, Japanese & American Cuisine Restaurant MiLitarY 10% seNiOrs teaCHers DisCOUNt

st. louis' Best steak!

Gift CertifiCates aVaiLaBLe

Daily Lunch Specials $7.25 DRAUgHT HAPPY HOUR

Mon-Fri. 4pm - 7pm

JOIN US FOR OUR FATHER’S DAY DINNER SPECIALS! 1024 Schnucks Woodsmill Plaza Town & Country


1.00 Off


LunCh Buffet

Limit 4 people. 1 Coupon per table. Not valid on Senior or Kids meal. Cannot be combined with other offers. Not valid on a Holiday. Expires 7/24/13.

hours: Monday - thursday 10:30 am - 9:30 pm friday and Saturday 10:30 am - 10 pm Sunday 10:30 am - 9:30 pm Lunch hours: Monday - Saturday 10:30 am - 3:30 pm

1.50 Off


dinner Buffet Limit 4 people. 1 Coupon per table. Not valid on Senior or Kids meal. Cannot be combined with other offers. Not valid on a Holiday. Expires 7/24/13.

father’s Day

14 99

(One blOck east Of 141)


CraB LeGs

1 2 8 2 O l d O rc h a r d C e n t e r | 6 3 6 - 5 2 7 - 5 4 8 8

Hours: Mon - Thurs 11am - Midnight Fri & Sat 11am - 1am | Sun 11am - 10pm

Ballwin, MO | Formerly Hometown Buffet



Noon - 8PM


open Mon.-FRi., 11a.M. - MiDniGht Sat., NooN - MidNight • SuN, 4p.M.-10p.M.

(636) 227-8062

Celebrate Father’s Day With Us! Every Dad will receive a complimentary slice of cheesecake.

Gift CertifiCates available Carryout Children’s Menu Happy Hour Daily

Let us Bar-B-Q for DAD! 15467 Clayton Rd. (Kehrs Mill & Clayton Rd.)

Tucker’s Place West 14282 ManchesteR RoaD in ManchesteR

aLL DaY BUffet


open 2 pM on FatheR's Day

165 Lamp & Lantern Village Town & Country

636-207-0501 *all fish subject to availability

Party Room Available at Big Bend Location Locally Owned & Operated

631 Big Bend Rd. Manchester



Under the UmbRellaS!

bar Open until midnight mon-Sat


Special Father’s Day BBQ Menu

Planning a Family Reunion, Graduation or Family Celebration? Let Letty Lou’s help make your event STRESS FREE! See Website for Details.


ORIGINAL Meeting Place!




Any Purchase of $15 or more Valid for Dine-In, Take Out, delivery. Limited delivery area. One coupon per person. Not valid with other offers. Expires 7/23/13.





Call for Specials and Reservations! 16524 Manchester Rd • Wildwood, MO


kid friendly dining

10am - 3pm

Adults $16.99 • Children $7.99 3 & under FREE


Treat Dad to Dinner!

Valid for one Catering Order only. Not valid with other offers. Expires 7/23/13.


FREE Dessert (2 per table)

505 Strecker Rd.

Corner of Clayton & Strecker in Wildwood


636-273-9317 or email

Classic American Cuisine Ole’ Fashioned Service

Make ReseRvations now!!!

100 Holloway Road • Ballwin 636.220.8989 Check us out on L o c al l y O wn ed & O p erated f o r 15 Years

Father’s Day BrunchBuffet

Catering Order of $50 or more

Join Us For

Father's Day!

I 59

Mon -Fri 8am – 7pm • Sat & Sun 8am – 3pm Breakfast Served Daily! Free Wi-Fi


Need Help?

Pond & Waterfall Experts

Why Choose Schneider Roofing & Remodeling? ✔ Owner Operated ✔ Fully Licensed & Insured ✔ Member of the BBB ✔ FREE Estimates

✔ 21 Years of Experience ✔ Professionally Managed ✔ Factory Trained & Certified ✔ Exceptional Work Ethic

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waterfalls and ponds ~ landscape lighting paver patios ~ fire pits ~ walks and steps ~ stone work landscape design ~ commercial and residential references available ~ owner on every job


A-Tech Power Washing


Custom Landscaping and Installation Pond & Pondless Water Features Erosion / Drainage Control / Rain Gardens Block and Stone Walls / Walks and Patios

314-808-0797 Certified Aquascape Contractor • “Family Owned & Operated” • Fully Insured



West County


Ceiling Fans • Wholehouse Fans Gable Vent Fans • Recessed Lighting

Kitchen Lighting Upgrades

When Handyman Quality Just Won't Do.

• Recessed Lighting • Pendant Lighting • Under Cabinet Lighting • All Residential Electrical • Exterior/Security Lighting •Flat Screen/Surround Sound • Panel Upgrades/Basement Wiring

Specializing in installation for two story homes with no wiring on first floor.

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“Let Us Shine the Perfect Light on Your Investment.”

A FAther And Son teAm The BEST Home Wash GuaranTEEd Also: Driveways • Decks • Patios Free Gutter Cleaning With Any Job!

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WestWing Renovation LLC Exterior Home Powerwashing!!! Deck and Fence Refinishing Rainbow Playsystem Refinishing Retaining Walls and More! Up To $100 OFF!! 314-448-8409/314-448-6608 Schedule Before 7-8-2013

• Window Cleaning • Gutter Cleaning • Power Washing • Deck Restoration Call Today!

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“Finally, An Affordable Mole Service”


Don’t Live With Moles... My Customers Don’t! Average Yard Has 1-2 Moles • Litters Are Born March - July Local and Neighborhood References No Poisons • No Chemicals • Child & Pet Safe Traps Less Expensive • More Reliable • More Effective • Fast Results

Call J.D. At 636-233-4484

60 I 



W E S T H O M E PA G E S t

“We treat every lawn like it’s our own!”

When you want it done right the first time...

We’re the place to check out first.

Room Additions • Kitchens Finished Basements Design / Build

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Deck & Fence


Lamps • Fixtures • All Lighting Replacement Parts & Glass

Powerwashing & Sealing

Custom Lamps made from Your Favorite Possessions

Window Washing • Painting Gutter Guards • Gutter Cleaning Wallpaper Removal • Tree/Shrub Pruning

Custom Woodworking • Bars • Bookshelves Mantels • Doors • Stairs • Media Kitchens • Basements • Baths

Insured • Senior Discounts

A Modern Old Time Lighting Store

Creve Coeur • 1265 N. Warson Rd. • 314-432-0086

D-K Electric Residential- Commercial


New Service- Repair- Remodeling Troubleshooting - Free Estimates

Basement Finishing Specialist Sun Rooms • Decks • Pergolas Siding • Soffit • Roofs Hail Damage

Kitchen/Baths/Room Addition



*Ask about our discounts* Licensed- Bonded- Insured


Licensed • Bonded Insured • References Free Estimates


Call for a free estimate today! Now accepting all major credit cards.

Insured • Bonded • 12 Years Experience

Steve’s Top Gunn Deck/Home Improvement • 636-466-3956

call steve @ 636-466-3956 Landscape Contractors

Deck Restoration Co.

∙ Power Wash ∙ Stain and Seal ∙ Mold & Mildew Removal ∙ Deck Repair Cleaning Fences, Concrete , Vinyl Siding & Patios Free Estimates ∙ Over 18 years experience


“Your Neighbor in the Roofing Business”

Siding • Roofing • Gutters Locally Owned and Operated Since 1997


636-294-ROOF (7663) D R IVEWAYS PATI O S & M O R E

Bi-S pecializing St at e inCRoncre te esid ential Tear Out & R eplace m ent

P ro fe s s i o n a l Wo rk m a n s h ip Decorative Coatings

Call Mike Today! 636-459-9076


• All Painting • WallpaperProof: Removal


Driveways • Patios • Walkways Broom • Exposed • Stamped

(636) 458-3809


636.541.0375 • 636.394.2319

Is Your Crack Showing?

17322 Manchester Road

20% Off Powerwashing • Stain Decks • Build and Repair Decks & Fences West Remodeling • Finish Basements • Roofing • Siding • Windows

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Troubleshooting • Upgrade • Back-Up Generators

Furniture & Decorating Co., Inc

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Home Repairs • Plumbing • Electrical Carpentry • Painting • Windows & Doors Appliances • Roof Repairs • Decks & More!

New Service • Repair • Remodel

Family Owned & Operated Since 1982!

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DUSTIN HANN 636-484-2967


Cheapest Rates in Town! Licensed - Bonded - Insured


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On a VOP call PrOfessiOnal!

T.D. DeVeydt Electric L.L.C.

Seabaugh Since 1930 Upholstering, Repairing and Refinishing

Master Carpenter #1557 Custom Contractor/Builder

Client: Gutters

Call Chris 636-349-3231 or cell 314-620-6677


For a list of our products & services visit

F inish & Trim C arpentry C o . Roy Kinder


At Back Nine Irrigation we specialize in residential/commercial irrigation, landscape lighting & drainage solutions.

Driveways • Patios • Sidewalks • Porches Steps • Garage Floors • Repair Work Exposed Aggregate • Stamped Concrete Family Owned • Insured • Since 1963

FREE Estimates 314-849-7520

Professional Landscape Design and Installation Paver Patios • Retaining Walls Water Features • Plantings Landscape Lighting and Repair Update Existing Landscapes Call for Free Design Consultation and Estimates

(314) 581-0099

(636) 271-4844

Home Page WhenAd you want 2 1/4 x 1it5/8 done right the first time...

We’re the place to check out first.




I 61

WEST claSSifiEdS V

i E w


CPA Firm

for Small & Medium Size Businesses

affordable accounting, Tax, Payroll & Guidance Solutions

Call Tom at 314-448-4264

Assisted Care M.B.W. & J.W.S. Nursing Home Skill & In-Home Care. in-Home Care costs cut in half for elderly and youn (child care with disabilities). We dO iT aLL. ask How. Licensed. St. Louis City and West County area. Call 636-527-0389.


l l



d s

n l i n E

a t


FREE 4th houR for $90 ($120 vaLuE) by KEEPING It CLEaN. Pet-friendly. FRee estimates. accept Visa, MC, discover & debit. Call 636-548-8153.

Cedar Restoration

AFFORDABLE Name Brand Luxury Carpet,

Patrick Interior Finish LLC: Specializing in interior home remodeling, carpentry, drywall, taping & painting, tile & hrdwd. flooring. Over 25 years experience. NO Pay TiL JOB COMPLeTe! Honest day's Work for Honest day's Pay. References available. Licensed & Bonded. Call Patrick at 314-415-0377.

Homes Decks & Fences Pressure Washing • Stripping Caulking • Board Replacement Staining • Sealing Power Wash Solutions, LLC

Marie Moody CNa in-Home Cleaning Service - specialize in home cleaning and nurse's aid assistance. experienced and certified - 10 years. West county area. Call Marie at 314-749-9715.

636-675-1850 FREE ESTIMATES

Call Ellen

KC MaId SERvICE - Trustworthy and affordable. One person cleaning company. Bonded and insured. Serving residential and commercial. Weekly and Bi-weekly. apt. $70.00, Houses $80.00-$105.00. Call Kasie @ 314-799-5066.



636.591.0010 Electric ERIC'S ELECtRIC - Licensed, Bonded and Insured: Service upgrades, fans, can lights, switches, outlets, basements, code violations fixed, we do it all. emergency calls & back up generators. No job too small. Competitively priced. Free estimates. Just call 636-262-5840.

Family Owned & Operated

Computer Services

Line ad: 8 lines of text, approximately 30-35 words in this size type. West Newsmagazine is direct-mailed to 68,000+ homes in St. Louis County and Mid Rivers Newsmagazine is direct-mailed to 62,000+ homes in St. Charles County. Call 636-591-0010.

Beef For Sale Grass-Fed

aNGUs BeeF

right from the farm! Hormone-Free • Antibiotic-Free

- USDA Inspected Coldspring Farm near Hannibal, MO

Call 636.578.6743

or email:

Business for Sale


The Bakery Shoppe Busy Intersection in O'Fallon, MO All Equip. in EXCELLENT condition All serious offers considered

Call Karen 636.978.9816 Please leave name & number

C o m

Home Improvement

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed





what a deal!

E t w o r k


Weekly • Bi-Weekly • Monthly Move in & Move Out $10 OFF AFFORDABLE New Clients PRICING

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Cleaning Service


For only $

E w s m a g a z i n E

CoMPUtER SERvICES: Specializing in Home Offices and Small Businesses. County Computer Consulting LLC, can support your computers and networks. Call Ray for more information at 636-391-3853 or www. CCC-LLC. BiZ.

Spyware •Adware •Virus Removal •Hardware •Software Upgrades

$30 diagnostic charge only for first ½ hour Day, Evening and Weekend appointments available per inch

what a deal! LiNe ad: 8 lines of your message or approximately 30-35 words in this size type and format. affordable rate per issue - no extra charges. Call Classifieds today at 636-591-0010.

Entertainment dJ Wildhorse - Professional and Complete audio & Lighting Service for bands and artists for inside and outside events. dJ for Latin & american music for parties. Call 314.280.2779.


Concrete Hamlett Concrete - We specialize in all your Flatwork Needs - driveway, Garage, Basement Floors, Sidewalk and Patios. New and Replacement. Licensed, insured, Bonded. Over 50 years experience. FRee estimates. Call 314-651-4059.


We bring the SHOWROOM to YOU! Have our own Installers


CARPET REPAIRS Restretching, reseaming & patching. No job too small. Free estimates.

(314) 892-1003 Wood FLooR REFINISHING: add instant equity to your home. Professional Floors of St. Louis' 32 year old fully insured company serving entire metro community. Sanding, r e f i n i s h i n g, r e p a i r s, n e w installation, most manufacturers available. Free estimates 314843-4348,

Next DeaDliNe:

June 20 Call

call Mike at 636-675-7641 Service at your home or office for: PC problems or set-up • PC won't start or connect


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for JUNE 26 issUE

Serving St. louis & St. charles co

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Commercial Carpet, Laminate & Wood

top Notch Waterproofing & Foundation Repair LLC. Cracks, sub-pump systems, structural & concrete repairs. exterior drainage correction. Serving Missouri for 15 yrs. Free estimate 636-2816982. Finally, a contractor who is honest and leaves the job site clean. Lifetime Warranties.

Call EllEn 636.591.0010



636.591.0010 For Sale two Crate Speaker Cabinets: PSM12, 12"x2", 250 Watt - $210 each (half of regular price). Crate Pa Mixer: PM822, 10 channel, Pa head, 270 x 3 Watts - $325 (half of regular price). Call 636-2305947.

Garage Doors dSI/door Solutions, Inc. Garage door, electric Openers. Fast Repairs. all makes and models. Same day service. Free estimates. Custom wood and Steel doors. BBB Member, angie's List. Call 314-550-4071.


636.591.0010 Grass Cutting GRaSS CUttING - starting at $20. Call Mike at 636-795-1085.

Delivers to


mailboxes Hauling


WE HAUL IT ALL Service 7 days. Debris, furniture, appliances, household trash, yard debris, railroad ties, fencing, decks. Garage & Basement Clean-up Neat, courteous, affordable rates. Call: 636-379-8062 or email: Skips hauling & Demolition! Junk hauling and removal. all type clean-outs. appliances, furniture, debris, construction rubble, yard waste, excavating & demolition! 10, 15 and 20 cubic yd. rolloff dumpsters. Licensed and fully insured. affordable, dependable and available! ViSa/ MC accepted. 21 yrs. service. Toll Free 1-888-STL-JUNK (888-7855865) or 314-644-1948.

What’s for Sale? Car ■ Boat ■ Furniture ■

Call Ellen in

Classifieds 636.591.0010 Help Wanted Inside Sales: PT person to set appointments for professional market. accounting knowledge helpful. experience in cold calling very helpful. excellent pay. ellisville. 636-271-9190.

Total Bathroom Remodeling Cabinetry•Plumbing•Electrical 20 Years Experience JS HoME SERvICE

26+ years experience Handyman • Carpenter • Electrical Plumbing • Drywall • Painting Bsmt Remodels • Wood Decks/Repairs Landscaping • Mulching Home Repairs - Big or Small Call James at 314-420-3562

DIRT CHEAP POWER WASH Ranch Homes Power Washed For The Dirt Cheap Price Of $95.00! Complete Deck Restoration Too! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Call Mike For Your Free Bid Today!

314.378.9064 West County Owner/Operator

Handyman Minor Repairs • Carpentry Electrical • Painting FREE Estimates West County Area

(636) 227-1173 all around Construction LLC - all interior and exterior remodeling and repairs. Historic restoration, molding duplication. Finishwed basements, kitchens, baths and decks. Liability, workmens comp, and ePa certified in lead removal. 20 years exp. Call 314-393-1102 or 636-237-3246.

Handyman Corner Inc. Reliable Home Repair PLUMBING • ELECTRICAL CARPENTRY

30 yrs. Experience • Estimates

(636) 230-3588 CELL: (314) 799-4334

Email: ClassifiEds@nEwsmagazinEnEtwork.Com

62 I 



WEST claSSifiEdS Call EllEn 636.591.0010 Home Improvement


Email: ClassifiEds@nEwsmagazinEnEtwork.Com


SPeciALiZe in DAmAge cOnTrOL: Expert CAULKING APPLICATION/ PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE for showers, tubs, windows, doors and trim. STOP the LEAKS and DAMAGE. Also Carpentry & Deck Repair. - Call John Hancock today! 636-7952627.


Prof. Lawn Mowing & Maintenance

CLEAN-UP! Trim Bushes • Sodding Retaining Walls

1 cut FREE w/1 yr. contract


PeDrO mArTineZ LAnDScAPing

A Cut Above! Year round Lawn Maintenance, aeration, power raking, leaf/bush/tree removal, Spring Cleanup. Mowing, mulching, bush/tree trimming, edging, retaining walls, drainage work, patios, fence installation/repair and more. 636-237-5160.

grASS cUTTing - starting at $20. Call Mike at 636-795-1085.

Grass Cutting • Fertilizing Programs •Tree & Shrub Care • Core Aeration • De-Thatching Seeding/Sod • Mole Baiting/Trapping


Re t aining walls, patios, pruning, chainsaw work, seasonal clean-up. Friendly service with attention to detail.


Oak Mulch

Serving West County

Since 1989

12 20


cu. yds. cu. yds.


Painting Jim's Paint & Trim Service Interior & Exterior painting, crown and decorative moulding, wallpaper removal, texturing, drywall and rotten wood repair. 30+ years experience. Free estimates. Call 636-778-9013.

Call 314-426-8833 V

PAinting Cedar Staining • Powerwashing

AerATing $50 DeThATching $95


(raking/bagging extra)

Seeding • Fertilizing

Lawn cutting $25

~ Free Estimates ~

Landscaping cleanup! Weeding • Mulching Tree/Bush Trimming & Removal Leaf removal Free eSTimATeS


l l

Like new! 3,000 sf. Custom Home by Taylor Morley. Coleman & Cole Realty 314-503-4799

I BUY homes all cash - as-Is $

Fully Insured & Licensed



d s


n l i n E

a t


I have been buying and selling for over 30 years.

No obligation. $ No commission. No fixing up.

Call for appointment

ANYTHING IN PLUMBING - Good Prices! Basement bathrooms, small repairs & code violations repaired. Fast Service. Certified, licensed plumber - not a handyman. Call or text anytime: 314-409-5051.

763 Bellerive Manor Creve Coeur • $425,000



Residential & Commercial Interior & Exterior Painting Drywall, Plaster & Stucco Repair Powerwashing & Deck Staining


i E w

314-426-2911 Wanted

Wanted To Buy. Baseball Cards, Sports Cards, Cardinals Souvenirs and Memorabilia. Pre-1975 Only. Private Collector. 314-3021785.

Wedding Services

Anytime... Anywhere...

It doesn't cost to find out how much you can get. must ask for


Tree Service

Fully Insured • Free Estimates

Ask about discounts for rescues!

PIANO LESSONS. Experienced piano teacher now accepting new students. All ages accepted, you're never too old to enjoy learning music! Lessons given in my Creve Coeur home. References available. Call Sofia at 314750-4094.


Tree & Brush Removal • Pruning • Dead-Wooding Deep Root Fertilization • Stump Grinding • Cabling Storm Clean-Up • Plant Healthcare


Reasonable rates • Free consultation All services available Keep your pets stress-free at home - great for older dogs

Tuckpointing • Leafgard • Repairs

Residential • Commercial Complete Tree Service

OPEN June 23 • 2-4pm

Dog Grooming

Full service grooming in your home...


& gutteRs

Real Estate

Pet Services

Fully Insured • Free Estimates • Residential & Commercial

Licensed Landscape Architect/Designer



delivered & spread

Retaining Wall Specialist

Specialize in 1-Time Clean-Up Retaining Walls • Sodding Island or Bed Designs Install Drainage Systems

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved and preserved throughout the world now and forever. Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us. St. Jude, Worker of Miracles, pray for us. St. Jude, Help of the Hopeless, pray for us. Say prayer nine times a day; by the 8th day prayer will be answered. Say it for nine days. Then publish. Your prayers will be answered. It has never been known to fail. Thank you, St. Jude. EL for PL

(636) 265-0739

$465 $750


Concrete & Paver Flat Work Hardscaping Angie's List







Classifieds ittle Joe's awn and andscape

KEVIN'S PAINT SERVICE. Professional & Expert interior/ exterior painting, drywall & ceiling repair, and powerwashing. 28 years painting experience. Low rates and Free Estimates. Call Kevin at 636-322-9784.


Open 9-5 Mon-Sat.

(12'x12' Walls 3 Room Minimum)

25 Truitt Dr. • Eureka, MO, 63025

SCHEDULE NOW for Early Spring Rush

FOR 35 YEARS Exterior Painting


30 Years!



Spring Cleanup • Mulching Mowing • Edging • Planting Turf Maintenance • Sodding Seeding • Weeding • Pruning Trimming • Bed Maintenance Dethatching • Brush Removal Leaf & Gumball Cleanup Retaining Walls • Paver Patios Drainage Solutions

Fully Insured • References

NO Spraying or Rolling/Mess!

$75 Per Average Room Size


Remove Small Trees & Bushes

Complete Lawn Maintenence for Residential & Commercial



Lawn Maintenance • Fertilizing Mulch • Retaining Walls Landscape Design/Installation

C a l l T o m 636.938.9874 MORALES LANDSCAPE LLC. Clean-Up, Mowing, Mulching, Aeration, Trimming, Edging, Weeding, Leaf/Tree Removal, Sod Installation, Planting, Retaining Walls, Paver Patio, Stone & Brick work, Drainage work! FREE ESTIMATES. 636-346-6923 or moraleslandscape@hotmail. com.


Call Gary 314-805-7005

mAchine LAnDScAPe: Mulch - Now hauling bulk quantities for you to spread. Tree Removal, Gravel Application, Retaining Walls, Leaf Removal, Clean-up. Call Elijah for reliable service and more details at 314-437-7924.

Tom Langley - Owner 314-651-LAWN (5296) or 314-452-2100

Serving St. Louis County Since 1978


25 years Experience Fully Insured • Owner/Operator


Retaining Walls • PaveR Patios Mulch • MoWing • clean-uP

All Around Landscape Design & Installation COMMERCIAL • RESIDENTIAL

RECYCLE PAINT and HOUSEHOLD CHEMICALS Must be in original container with the label intact. We charge a fee of 25¢ a pound, can and all.

Interior/Exterior • Wallpaper Dry Wall • Crown Molding & Trim

Aerating • Seeding • Fertilizing Programs



Gary smith




PaintinG & RePaiR

YONS LAWN SERVICE LGrass Cutting • Mulching • Stump Removal

with1 yR. CONTRACT Free Estimate


Marriage Ceremonies

lyndon anderson


Renewal of Vows Baptisms

Prudential Select Properties Office: 636-394-2424






Sell your home, lot, or mobile home

Direct Mail to

68,000 homes Call Ellen


E w s m a g a z i n E


E t w o r k


~ Full Service Ministry ~


(314) 703-7456 Window Washing Firefighter - Windows Are Us. Detailed window washing Quality workmanship. Call for estimate. Insured/Bonded. References available. 636-203-5880. View us at WindowsAreUsSTL. com.

C o m



I 63

              

3615 GUSTAVE HOLLOW DRIVE WILDWOOD - Classic European style custom 1.5 story masterpiece. Exquisite craftsmanship. $995,900

694 SAINT ALBANS SPRING ROAD SAINT ALBANS - Stunning 1.5 sty, beautiful level lot, w/o LL, great rm w/wood flrs & see thru FP to hearth rm. $699,900

422 PINE BEND DRIVE WILDWOOD - Exceptional atrium ranch, spactacular level lot, backing to pond, vaulted great rm with FP. $675,000


  


     

     

                

277 PENNINGTON LANE CLARKSON VALLEY - Located in Forest Hill CC, this beauty backs to the #7 Tee. 1.5 story, 4+BR and 4.5ba. $649,900

1633 MISTY HOLLOW COURT WILDWOOD - Impressive 1.5 sty on quiet cul-de-sac. 5BR, 4F/2H ba-3 car side entry garage, 2sty entry/GR. $599,000

3876 THUNDERBOLT LANE WILDWOOD - One of a kind ranch on 3.5 breathtaking acres! Vaulted ceilings, wd flrs, FP, stunning kitchen. $425,000

      

311 HIGHLAND GLEN COURT BALLWIN - Fabulous 4BR/2.5ba, 2 sty on premium cul-de-sac lot in desirable Arbor Glen subdivision. $335,000

500 BLACK CANYON DRIVE WILDWOOD - Great curb appeal on this 2 sty home. 4BR & 2.5ba and a 2 c side entry gar. Freshly painted. $319,900

                

1269 RED OAK PLANTATION Ballwin - Open & vaulted ranch. Mstr suite w/large full ba, walk-in closet. 2 more BR, full ba. $239,900

     

New Construction LAFAYETTE CROSSING (WILDWOOD) Custom Homes from the $1,200,000s on 3 ac estate lots. Private streets. New Homes Division MANORS AT THE ENCLAVES OF CHERRY HILLS (WILDWOOD) New Homes on 1/2 ac lots from the $600,000s. New Homes Division - MLS#12032829

Residential 810 WEATHERVANE CT (BALLWIN) Updated ranch with 3BR, 2 full ba and a 2 car gar. Updated kitch/baths. $185,000 444 ORCHARD AVE ( BALLWIN) Great location! 2BR, 2ba, 2 car attached and 2 car oversized detached garage. $152,900 927 BELLESTRI (BALLWIN) 3BR, 2.5ba split level being sold in current condition. Parkway Schools. $152,750 1320 WESTCHESTER MANOR LN (CHESTERFIELD) Lovely custom 1.5sty w/in-ground pool & hot tub! $1,100,000 16944 RIVERDALE DR (CHESTERFIELD) Magnificent custom 1.5 sty on wonderful lot. Extensive millwork. $999,900 16655 ANNA'S WAY CT (CHESTERFIELD) Classic 2 sty on one of the best lots in West County. 2 acres. $799,000 13 CHESTERFIELD LAKES (CHESTERFIELD) Architecutural masterpiece on 3 gorgeous lakekefront acres. $725,000 1600 BAXTER FOREST RIDGE CT (CHESTERFIELD) Charming atrium ranch on quiet cul-de-sac. $464,900 14304 SPYGLASS RIDGE (CHESTERFIELD) Stunning villa in gated community. Open floor plan, tall ceilings. $425,000 2404 BAXTON WAY (CHESTERFIELD) Fantastic villa. 2BR on the main level, vaulted great room, fin W/O LL. $269,900 2408 BROADMONT DR (CHESTERFIELD) Lovely 1.5 story townhouse. GR w/fireplc & vaulted ceiling. Separate DR. $249,900 15615 QUAIL MEADOWS DR #A (CHESTERFIELD) Completely updated 2BR, 1.5ba townhouse. $165,000

515 OAKTREE CROSSING BALLWIN Great room style ranch, 3BR, 2ba, updates, deck, 2 car garage. Pkwy South. 1500 sf. $195,000

1997 RULE AVENUE MARYLAND HEIGHTS - Location near hwys, airport & Creve Couer Park. 4BR/3 full ba home. LR, DR, fam rm, FP. $234,900

11 CROWNHILL LN (CLARKSON VALLEY) Exceptional ranch backing to golf course and lake. $475,000 1579 TERRA VISTA (CREVE COEUR) Attached villa waiting for you to complete. Upgraded fixtures, wood flrs. $320,000 1626 BENTSHIRE CT (ELLISVILLE) Amazing cust 1.5 sty on gorgeous landscaped lot. Incredible kitchen. $829,500 15963 CYPRESS TRACE (ELLISVILLE) Completely updated 1.5 story. Newer kitchen, newer baths. $395,000 1237 FAIRVIEW DR (ELLISVILLE) 3BR ranch w/breezeway/sunroom & garage on large lot. Updated kitchen. $135,000 35 WILDERNESS RD (EUREKA) 1.5sty on 4+ gorgeous acres w/5BR, 3 car heated garage w/in-law quarters. $799,900 31 UPPER BLUFFS CT (EUREKA) Shows like a display! Pristine 2 story. Newer carpet and appliances. $259,000 17305 HIDDEN VALLEY DR (EUREKA) Beautiful 4.25 acres. Build your dream in Hidden Valley Forest Sub. $129,700 33 OWL CREEK LN (LABADIE) Custbuilt farmhouse on 14+ acres w/pond. Over 4000 SF of living space. $660,000 12795 HIGHSTONE DR (PARKWAY NORTH) Awesome updated open fl ranch. Wood fls throughout. $239,000 101 CLUB CREEK COURT (ST ALBANS) 1.5 sty sitting on gorgeous level lot backing to golf course. $849,900 783 MASON RD (ST LOUIS CO) Stunning 1.5 story home on over 1 acre. Gracious master suite. $979,000 1209 WOODLAND POINT DR, #J (ST LOUIS COUNTY) Move in ready, top floor unit, vaulted great room. $108,000 11753 VILLA DORADO DR (UNINC ST LOUIS CO) Beautifully updated 3BR, 2.5ba TWH. 2car carport. $107,900 415 EMMANUEL CT (VALLEY PARK) 2 story; immaculate move-in cond. LR & sep DR. Lrg eat-in kitchen. $307,000 2 GRAND MERIDIAN CT (WILDWOOD) Exceptional 1.5sty w/salt water pool, 4+ ac & 4 car gar. Expansive kit. $1,949,900

1132 SARA MATHEWS LN (WILDWOOD) Custom built ranch w/attention to detail thru out. Gorgeous 3 acre lot. $1,175,000 1320 WILDHORSE PARKWAY DR (WILDWOOD) Custom built one of a kind 1.5 sty on 3 beautiful acres. $755,727 2334 BROOKHOLLOW LN (WILDWOOD) Custom 1.5 sty on 7 parklike acres. Gorgeous inground pool. $725,000 16907 LEWIS SPRING FARMS RD (WILDWOOD) Beautiful 1.5 sty overlooking trees & water. $699,500 17531 GARDEN RIDGE CIR (WILDWOOD) Stunning full brick ranch backing to trees. 4 car garage, 12' ceiling foyer. $595,000 2343 BROOKHOLLOW LN (WILDWOOD) Stunning 1.5 sty, 3+ acres, 2 sty great rm w/frplc & access to deck $550,000 17701 Greystone Terrace Dr (Wildwood) Beautiful 2sty, 4+BR, 4.5ba with a W/O finished LL. Wonderful kitchen. $549,900 17742 HORNBEAN DR (WILDWOOD) 1.5sty, 4BR, 4.5ba home w/finished W/O LL, wooded lot, 2sty great rm. $527,500 17892 SUZANNE RIDGE DR (WILDWOOD) Beautiful 2sty on level lot w/inground pool. Fabulous kitchen. $524,900 1342 CHRISTMAS VALLEY DR (WILDWOOD) Fantastic 1.5 sty, 4.5 acres, inground pool, 4 car garage. $499,900 19141 DEEP WOODS DR (WILDWOOD) Elegant custom country french ranch on 3 ac. Open flr plan. $449,900 16309 PEPPERMILL DR (WILDWOOD) Fabulous 1.5 story backing to trees. 2 story GR. Spacious rooms. $369,900 211 CHERRY HILLS MEADOWS DR (WILDWOOD) Beautiful 2-sty w/inground pool, gorgeous landscaped lot. $325,000 1708 SHEPARD RD (WILDWOOD) Beautiful building site for your own plans. Gorgeous 4.6 acre lot! $250,000 18711 DOCTORS PASS LN (WILDWOOD) Beautiful 1.16 acre level to gently sloping lot backing to woods. $225,000 123 IMPERIAL CROWN WAY #J (WILDWOOD) Garden condo, 2BR, 2ba and carport. Cathedral ceilings. $96,000

Pat Malloy Manager, Chesterfield Bob Bax 636-537-0300 Manager, Ladue/Frontenac 314-997-7600

for more information on area Open Houses

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     

 


5241 SUNFLOWER DRIVE EUREKA - Beautiful 2 sty on wonderful fenced lot. Great rm with gas FP & wood flrs, kitchen w/cherry cabinets. $217,000


                     

               

     

REAL ESTATE SECTION Call to advertise


   

  

  

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