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Fed up with the Fed? When people in Washington start creating fancy new phrases, instead of using plain English, you know they are doing something they don’t want us to understand. It was an act of war when we started bombing Libya. But the administration chose to call it “kinetic military action.” When the Federal Reserve System started creating hundreds of billions of dollars out of thin air, they called it “quantitative easing” of the money supply. When that didn’t work, they created more money and called it “quantitative easing 2” or “QE2,” instead of saying: “We are going to print more dollars – and hope it works this time.” But there is already plenty of money sitting around idle in banks and businesses. The policies of this administration make it risky to lend money, with Washington politicians coming up with one reason after another why borrowers shouldn’t have to pay it back when it is due, or perhaps not pay it back at all. That’s called “loan modification” or various other fancy names for welching on debts. Is it surprising that lenders have become reluctant to lend? Private businesses have amassed record amounts of cash, which they could use to hire more people – if this administration were not generating vast amounts of uncertainty about what the costs are going to be for ObamaCare, among other unpredictable employer costs, from a government heedless or hostile toward business. As a result, it is often cheaper or less risky for employers to work the existing employees overtime, or to hire temporary workers, who are not eligible for employee benefits. But lack of money is not the problem. Those who are true believers in the oldtime Keynesian economic religion will always say that the only reason creating more money hasn’t worked is because there has not yet been enough money created. To them, if QE2 hasn’t worked, then we need QE3. And if that doesn’t work, then we will need QE4, etc. Like most of the mistakes being made in Washington today, this dogmatic faith in government spending is something that has been tried before – and failed before. Henry Morgenthau, Secretary of the Treasury under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, said confidentially to fellow Democrats in 1939: “We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent

before and it does not work.” As for the Federal Reserve today, a headline in the Wall Street Journal of April 25th said, “Fed Searches for Next Step.” That is a big part of the problem. It is not politically possible for either the Federal Reserve or the Obama administration to leave the economy alone and let it recover on its own. Both are under pressure to “do something.” If one thing doesn’t work, then they have to try something else. And if that doesn’t work, they have to come up with yet another gimmick. All this constant experimentation by the government makes it more risky for investors to invest or employers to employ, when neither of them knows when the government’s rules of the game are going to change again. Whatever the merits or demerits of particular government policies, the uncertainty that such ever-changing policies generate can paralyze an economy today, just as it did back in the days of FDR. The idea that the federal government has to step in whenever there is a downturn in the economy is an economic dogma that ignores much of the history of the United States. During the first 100 years of the United States, there was no Federal Reserve. During the first 150 years, the federal government did not engage in massive intervention when the economy turned down. No economic downturn in all those years ever lasted as long as the Great Depression of the 1930s, when both the Federal Reserve and the administrations of Hoover and of FDR intervened. The myth that has come down to us says that the government had to intervene when there was mass unemployment in the 1930s. But the hard data show that there was no mass unemployment until after the federal government intervened. Yet, once having intervened, it was politically impossible to stop and let the economy recover on its own. That was the fundamental problem then – and now.

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We all hope the rainy season has ended as our thoughts turn to spending time outside. These Wildwood clients were not making much use of their small deck. They wanted a more comfortable space to enjoy reading the newspaper with morning coffee. Due to improvements in weather, sun and mildew resistant materials, there is no need to sacrifice comfort or style in your outdoor rooms. A pair of cushioned wicker club chairs and ottomans created the sink-in comfort desired and, to coordinate

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letters to the editor Finally! To the Editor: President Obama finally releasing his birth certificate begs the question: Why did he wait so long? Instead of putting this seemingly simple issue to rest from the beginning, he strangely decided to allow “birthers” to continually distract the nation from important matters and ultimately let Donald Trump, of all people, back him into a corner. One can only assume that Obama’s decision revolved around some odd political strategy that, in the end, fell apart when Trump made the scene and made him look silly. As I have said time and time again, we need less politics and more leadership in this country. Hopefully, all of our political leaders have learned a lesson from this. Carl Schroeder Wildwood

‘Redevelopment’ hoax

To the Editor: Thomas, your articles are more and more laughable each and every week. I get so excited each week when I get to read your biased, yellow journalism “opinion” segments that I sometimes forget to stare at your wonderful photo. Let us decipher your March 23 article, “The ‘Redevelopment’ Hoax.” First of all, whites are the minority race in the (San Francisco) Bay Area, as this is one of the most diverse cities in the country. Also, California is broke and the real estate bubble already busted. Nobody wants to live there or invest in new/redevelopment at this time. You should know this; you live there. Come to the Midwest and look at Manchester Road in St. Louis County, a local epicenter of new/redevelopment. My wife is African-American; I am white. We work hard and raise our children with Midwestern values, a good education and a safe place to live. West County is an amazing place to live, and it is at least 90 percent white. Should that bother us? Is this a race war-zone with whites pushing other races out of the area because of your conspiracy theory of a development/ redevelopment hoax? All this does is upset people who read this garbage. We have been all over the country and feel that this is home. We moved to Ellisville from the North side of Chicago (diverse, diverse, diverse) two years ago, and the people of Missouri treat us and each other with 2,000 percent more respect. Respect is a revolving door. Sure, we get a look here and there, but you can’t change everyone … even in San Francisco, as you

should already know, depicting yourself a Bay Area economist and ethnicity expert. My issue with this segment is that it is counterproductive and just plain wrong to blame a specific race for ousting lowincome individuals for, in turn, “economic redevelopment/development”gains. Development/redevelopment both are an upgrade to either a new or an existing location. Shouldn’t this be the ultimate goal across the United States – the American dream, per se? Isn’t this the American banter we have been spoon-fed since birth? Bigger, better, faster, more efficient, effective, safer, more money … your definition of elites. Point being, your key-point regarding the “hoax” is entirely irrelevant. Adam Paul Ellisville

Defending the president

To the Editor: I read an opinion article in this week’s (April 27) West Newsmagazine written by a woman who obviously can find nothing positive to say about our president. She criticizes everything he does – no matter how significant or trivial it might be – and she implies that he is the only person who does such things. She thinks he is insincere because his attempt to close Gitmo, as he promised, was met by opposition that brought trial of the inmates to a halt for two years. She accuses him of being indecisive in dealing with Libya and Egypt because he took the time to consider the consequences of various options and he sought and received the assistance and advice of other world leaders before launching an unpopular invasion as his predecessor did. She even accuses him of being “insufficiently patriotic” based on her totally inaccurate view that he took a “world apology tour.” According to her, he is insensitive to our debt and intent on insolvency based on her view that he stonewalled the budget debate. She conveniently forgets that our debt crisis emerged before he took office and members of both parties agreed that massive spending to save the financial community was imperative and that the root causes of our debt crisis was two unfunded wars, a huge unfunded prescription drug bill, a failed “trickle down” tax reduction favoring the wealthy, and deregulation that opened the doors to uncontrolled abuse by the financial community. She overlooks the fact that the Republican Party vowed from day one to bring him down, then forced a filibuster-proof majority on major bills followed by en mass

partisan voting. She faults him for taking vacation during wartime. She forgets that we have been at war for about 10 years now and that he takes about 10 percent of the vacation time taken by his predecessor. She is also appalled that he ran up the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial to buy an ice cream cone! Scandalous behavior! John Doolittle Grover

Out of control spending

To the Editor: I have noticed more and more that what was once American-made or Americaowned is now being sent away or being bought up from under us. “American Idol” is run by people from England. Even HGTV seems to have a strong influence from that same country, not to mention all the other countries who now own us. I watch HGTV and enjoy many of their programs. One that I watched just to see what it was about: “House Hunters International.” Well, seems we have people who have made a lot of money in the good old USA but prefer to vacation in other countries. Everyone else is trying to get into the USA but those who have profited the most choose to go outside of their country to buy vacation homes at very high prices and to be used for very short periods of time. But that is their choice and their money. What bothered me the most was when I saw a guy who works for the IRS, lives in a very expensive home in Baltimore, Md., and was looking for a place in the tropics and his budget was $800,000. How does someone whose salary I pay, working for the government and making sure all of us pay our taxes, get that kind of salary and no one noticed? We have lost control. It’s high time those in the White House, Congress and federal employees take a huge pay cut, stick their “entitlements” into Social Security and try to live and retire like the rest of us. We pay for their entitlements (which never get touched by anyone by them) because we pay their salaries. Are there any real, honest politicians that can see that “we the people” are being treated like “subjects” instead of citizens? The inmates are in charge of the nuthouse. We criticize other countries’ leaders for their greed and dictatorship. We have just as greedy politicians, only we have more dictators than they do. Marilyn Ware Pacific

Good doctor To the Editor: Most parents want what is best for their children and would go to great lengths to get whatever that is. I wanted to write this letter to tell you about the best pediatrician, who literally saved my infant son’s life, and she is right here in West County: Dr. Caryn Garriga. I do not work for Dr. Garriga, nor am I related to her, but her expertise saved my 6-day-old child’s life and because of that I feel like I have to tell everyone about her. On my new son’s first office visit, Dr. Garriga felt a mass near his kidney, a mass that many of the doctors at Children’s Hospital, where we were sent the next day, called “subtle,” and “nearly undetectable.” And those were the doctors that actually could feel it. Nearly all of the experts at Children’s Hospital daily sang the praises of Dr. Garriga, continually calling her work “a great find” and many, after continuous poking and prodding on my six-pound baby’s stomach, still could not feel it. For the first month of his life, my son underwent urine tests, blood tests, bone marrow tests, tests that injected radioactive dye into his little body, and finally, when a neuroblastoma was confirmed, a five-hour surgery. Due to Dr. Garriga’s early detection and the surgeon’s tremendous work, our baby does not need chemotherapy and is cancer-free! When I think about Dr. Garriga’s great find at just a typical office visit where no symptoms were present and on a patient that could not say a word, I am reduced to tears. She absolutely found my son’s tumor at the earliest stage possible and because of her, he can now live a normal life, with no memory of how the scar that stretches across his abdomen came to be. Dr. Garriga has done more for my baby in his first two months of life that I can hope to do in a lifetime. She has given him the opportunity to be healthy and happy and to grow and develop like a normal boy. If he didn’t already have a good name, he might be the only boy in West County named Caryn! Stephanie Horner Ellisville

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How should we feel about Bin Laden’s death? I’m not sure really. But we should not feel sadness or guilt. Osama Bin Laden was a despicable human being, and does not deserve our regrets that human beings generally receive upon their passing. We also should not feel joy or euphoria. The impromptu parties outside of the White House were a bit much. Our military achieved an important victory, and that should not look the same as when our sports team wins the big game. Personally, I felt happy and relieved. “Finally,” I thought. The fact is that the world is a better place without this monster in it. I definitely feel happy about that. I also felt overwhelming pride toward our military – and not just toward the ones who found and killed Bin Laden. This was a victory for all the men and women who joined up knowing there was a likelihood they would see combat. I thought about all the military victories we have had in the last decade. I wished there was a statue of Bin Laden the world could have seen us pull down. That does not mean that the world is a safer place without Bin Laden. I am not sure that it is, so I understand the people who have said they are scared about retaliation. I understand, but it saddens me – almost as though the terrorist achieved a victory even in getting killed.

side of a military base in Pakistan, surrounded by family. I suppose there had been some solace that he was confined to a cave leading a horrible existence for the last near-decade. Every time I think of him living in the suburbs, it makes my blood boil. I have chuckled when people have mistakenly said “Obama” instead of “Osama.” Somebody brought up in the office how “Obama (meaning ‘Osama’) was totally against women receiving an education.” I did not even know that. I am not much for conspiracies. I do not think we secretly have his body stashed away somewhere. I do not think he is still alive. I believe he was killed that day with bullets fired from the rifle of a Navy SEAL, and I believe we were honorable enough to bury his body at sea. I am not sure how to feel for families who lost loved ones on Sept. 11, 2001 or in the ensuing war on terror. I try to empathize, but I am not certain this changes anything. For our fallen military, I feel just as much gratitude for their sacrifice the day after Bin Laden’s death as I felt the day before. For the families of 9/11 victims, I feel the same amount of sorrow. I hope that right before they stormed Bin Laden’s compound, one of the Navy SEALs thought to turn to the others and say, “Let’s roll.”

In QUOTES “Nothing will ever compensate for the pain and suffering inflicted by this mass murderer and his henchmen. But just as evil never rests, neither does good. May the fact that Osama Bin Laden no longer inhabits the earth be a source of comfort for the thousands of families, here in America and around the globe, who mourn the victims of Al Qaeda’s barbarity.” - CIA Director Leon Panetta

“It’s about time.” - Manchester resident Margot Smith, on the death of Osama Bin Laden.

I am angry that Bin Laden was living in a mansion out-

Why didn’t the cars cross the road?

A truck driver dropped several hundred pounds of chicken parts on I-64 on the afternoon of May 3, forcing officials to shut down the highway for more than an hour.



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Millions of people suffer from sleep disorders, including several rare, but surprisingly common conditions called parasomnias, or extreme sleep disorders. Without proper help, your quality of life may suffer and possibly lead to other medical conditions or even injury. Our sleep specialist will discuss several disorders and explain treatment options. Reshape Your Future with Weight Loss Surgery: May 26 from 6:30 - 8 p.m.

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allowed at Millennium Park; however, park seem to be targets of the scam, not to send users will be accommodated. There will be money to an outside source claiming to no parking on Mason Road, Hezel Lane or be an official from another police departCorum Way. For additional information see ment or other entity conducting business CHESTERFIELD Road). All parade traffic will travel in Creve Coeur Days is in another country. Anyone who receives the eastbound lanes of Olive Boulevard, a private organization and is not affiliated such a call should contact the Des Peres New name for Lydia Hill Police Department at (314) 835-6200 to allowing westbound lanes to remain open with the City of Creve Coeur. file a report. A portion of Lydia Hill Drive in Ches- to vehicular traffic. When the parade starts, all eastbound DES PERES terfield is set to be renamed to August Hill Drive. The city council approved the plan Olive traffic will be detoured north on Fee ELLISVILLE Date of issue: at its meeting on April 20, but the change Fee Road to Bennington Road, then to Page Telephone prison scam Newsmagazine Client: traffic will not take effect until landowners are Avenue. There will be no eastbound The Des Peres Police Department A spot for Spot Salesperson: allowed on Olive during the parade. While recently has been contacted regarding notified and an ordinance The committee formed to scout locations Size: Proof: is passed. Notifying the landowners will be easy to westbound travel will be permitted, turns incidents in the city in which the elderly for a possible dog park in Ellisville has Colors: do because there are only two, and one of will be restricted along Olive, based upon were contacted regarding a family member selected a few potenial spots. Pictures: south side of being “confined” in another country while them is the city of Chesterfield. Still, the parade traffic. Streets on the At a work session on May 4, Ellisville the parade, city will go through the legal process of Olive will be blocked during on a trip in that country. Countries listed City Councilmember Linda Reel (Dist. 2) Logos: publishing its intent to change the name with no access to Olive until the parade has have included Mexico, Spain, and Canada, said she and committee members took a Copy: of the section of road from the intersection passed the street. and the contacts have told family members field trip and were considering three difPolice officers will be directing traffic that loved ones were in jail for various ferent areas within Bluebird Park, includof Chesterfield Park Drive to August Hill Drive. That 644-foot section currently is throughout the parade route. Motorists offenses and needed money sent to them ing a 12-acre property near the back of the can expect eastbound Olive to be closed via Western Union in order to be released park. The committee will meet again, and under construction. If there are no protests to the name change between I-270 and Timber Run Drive from from jail. Reel said she would report back to the city by June 8, the city council at its meeting on 1 p.m. until about 3 p.m. Police said those contacting the elderly council on May 18. Parade spectators should park and sit had used family names and addresses June 20 will consider an ordinance making on the south side of Olive Boulevard.The obtained online, creating some sense of it official. Creve Coeur Days Midway will be on the credibility. The caller I.D. on the telephone Kids’ Safety Day campus at Barnes-Jewish West County of the person being called may come up CREVE COEUR The Ellisville Police Department is Hospital located at Olive Boulevard and with an unknown number such as (760) sponsoring a Kids’ Safety Day featuring Creve Coeur Days trafNorth Mason Road. 705-8888, police said. The number is not free children’s car seat and bicycle/helmet fic and parking alert The Midway runs from 6-10 p.m. on a working number, and return calls to the inspections form 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on The Creve Coeur Days parade will begin Thurs., May 19, from 6-11 p.m. on Fri., number reach an Internet telephone, which Sat., May 21 on the west parking lot of St. at 1 p.m. on Sun., May 22, leaving from May 20, from noon-midnight on Sat., May is not traceable. John Lutheran Church, 15800 Manchester The Des Peres Department of Public Road. Country Manor Lane (just west of I-270), 21, and from noon-7 p.m. on Sun., May Safety would like to warn the general and will proceed west on Olive Boulevard 22. Certified car seat technicians will be on There will be no Midway parking public, and specifically the elderly who hand to check car seats for safety. They to Timber Run Drive (just west of Mason


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In Missouri, (excluding 30 counties in the Kansas City area) Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is the trade name of RightCHOICE® Managed Care, Inc. (RIT), Healthy Alliance® Life Insurance Company (HALIC), and HMO Missouri, Inc. RIT and certain affiliates administer non-HMO benefits underwritten by HALIC and HMO benefits underwritten by HMO Missouri, Inc. RIT and certain affiliates only provide administrative services for self-funded plans and do not underwrite benefits. Independent licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. ® ANTHEM is a registered trademark of Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield names and symbols are registered marks of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.



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Group effort More than 50 people on April 30 worked to build a new community garden at the Wildwood Family YMCA. In six and a half hours, the group built and filled 42 raised beds. At press time, the fence was under construction and planting was scheduled for May 7. Members of the community donated all materials for the project, which was constructed by individuals who will have plots there, the Lafayette High School National Honor Society, and Boy Scout Troop 677 from Living Word United Methodist Church. Garden plots all have been claimed, but names are being taken for a waiting list. will teach parents how to properly install the car seat and how to safely restrain the child. Each car seat inspection will take about 20 minutes. For more information or to schedule an appointment for faster service, contact Sgt. Nancy Walker at 227-7777 or at “Drive-ups” during the event also will be welcomed. Kids can bring in their existing helmet for inspection and fitting by a police officer. Police also can inspect bicycles for safety and correct fitting. A limited number of free helmets will be available to residents who cannot afford them. The event also will feature information on child safety issues such as child fingerprinting and bicycle safety. Ellisville police and neighboring police and fire departments will display emergency equipment and have police officers and firefighters on hand to answer questions. There will be free hot dogs, soda, water, pizza and popcorn, plus games and prizes for kids. Raffles will held every 30 minutes for gift certificates donated by area businesses.

Gambrill Gardens requests change The Ellisville City Council on May 4 heard a petition from a retirement community to amend the use for two of its buildings from independent living to assisted living. Mary Jane Harris, chief operating officer of Gambrill Gardens, said the 293-unit center is filled with many residents who have lived there for more than 25 years, and some of them need more care than what the facility currently is able to provide. Harris told the council the residents in need do not want to leave Gambrill Gardens. Harris said the retirement community

would also be making minor changes to its campus, including adding new sprinkler systems and a community room. Gambrill Gardens, located at 1 Strecker Road, has a registered nurse, chaplain, and recreational therapist on its staff. The council will vote on the matter at its next meeting, May 18.


Legislative forum The Wildwood Family YMCA will host a legislative forum featuring Missouri House Rep. Don Gosen, Majority Floor Leader Tim Jones, and Wildwood Mayor Tim Woerther from 7:30-9 a.m. on Fri., May 27 at the Y, 2641 Hwy. 109. The panel will discuss state and city happenings of the past year, and there will be time for questions and answers. A light breakfast will be provided, and the event is open to the public, but seating is limited. To register, call 458-6636, ext. 232.

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WEST COUNTY Metro West EMS Fair Metro West Fire Protection District will hold its 2011 EMS Fair from 12-4 p.m. on Sun., May 15 at Station No. 3, located at Hwy. 109 and Manchester Road in Wildwood. Families are invited to see displays of Metro West’s advanced life saving paramedic units, fire trucks and rescue units, and kids can play in the firefighting village. There will be a variety of events and demonstrations, search and rescue operations with Metro West’s K-9; professional car seat checks; booths, exhibits and refreshments. For more information, call 458-2100.

FURNITURE SINCE 1975 11585 Lackland Rd. St. Louis, MO 63146 314-432-6644

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Mammograms Made Easy Walk-in Screening Mammograms at Two Convenient Locations. Life is busy. Whether it is caring for others or taking time to care for yourself. That’s why St. Luke’s Women’s Centers offer walk-in screening mammograms using the latest digital technology at two convenient locations. St. Luke’s Hospital is committed to save lives through early detection. Area women who are uninsured may be eligible for free screening and diagnostic mammograms and ultrasounds. For more information, please call 314.205.6267. Digital screening mammograms only, ages 40 and over. No referral needed. Most insurances accepted if 12 months since previous exam.

v ST. LUKE’S WOMEN’S CENTER AT ST. LUKE’S HOSPITAL Walk-in Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. St. Luke’s East Medical Building, Suite 200 Appointments also available, call 314.205.6267

v ST. LUKE’S WOMEN’S CENTER IN CHESTERFIELD VALLEY Walk-in Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday, 8 a.m. to Noon 6 McBride & Son Corp. Center Drive (at Boone’s Crossing), Suite 102 Appointments also available, call 636.530.5505





Wildwood continues a slow path toward high speed By SARAH WILSON The city of Wildwood’s Rural Internet Access Committee (RIAC) at its May 3 meeting after receiving four requests for proposal to bring Internet access to the city decided to move forward and present their progress to city council. “We’re in the final run of making a recommendation, which is what this committee was set up to do three or four years ago, and I think we’re now on the final leg,” Richard Kallaus, RIAC committee chair, said. The four companies that submitted proposals and are being considered include

Charter Communications, Pulse Broadband, St. Louis Broadband and WisperISP. The committee passed a motion stating that all four proposals were received by the April 12 deadline, with each having certain deficiencies. However, those deficiencies will be waived so the committee can move forward. “What I envision is that we’ll have three meetings, possibly more,” Kallaus said. “I think a good goal of that first meeting would be to narrow our selection down to two. If that’s not possible, we’ll find that out as we try to go through them. In the course of narrowing it down to two, we’ll

have criteria and guidelines for making that decision.” After narrowing the possibilities to two potential Internet providers, the committee plans to hear oral presentations from both companies and give them a chance to respond to any unanswered questions. Wildwood City Councilmember David Sewell (Ward 6), RIAC council liaison, said the committee itself could not make a decision but that it would go to the city council for recommendation. “We’re going to have to be very clear and precise as to what the next steps are for the committee and exactly what steps we envi-

A standout gentleman in a gentleman’s game Parkway South golf coach suffers fatal heart attack just days after victory in district tournament By WARREN MAYES Mark Wade, the Parkway South golf coach who led the Patriots to a state championship in 2000 and to seven district championships in the past 11 years, passed away on Sat., April 30. Wade, 59, suffered an apparent heart attack. Wade was a 30-year math educator and coach at Parkway South. Wade served also as a Parkway South administrator and as the math department team leader for the past 11 years. During his tenure, Wade was considered by his colleagues and students as an outstanding teacher, coach, colleague and friend who had a significant positive impact on all he touched. The news hit Chip Allison, Parkway South’s athletic director, hard. “We’re hanging in there,” Allison said. “You’re not going to find a better man and I’m not saying that just because he passed away. He was a good man, a good father, a good husband and a good teacher. He was in great shape for being 59 years old or even for someone who’s 39 years old.” Wade’s unexpected death came during the golf postseason. His Patriots won the Class 4 District 2 tournament on April 27 at Persimmon Woods. Parkway South edged CBC to win the district title. It was Wade’s seventh district title. Allison attended the tournament. “I was teasing him before their district meet and – he and I started here 30 years ago, so we know we each other well and I could get away with kidding him about

it – I said, ‘You’re still one behind me,’” Allison said. “When I was the wrestling coach, I won seven district titles. We had a good laugh about that.” CBC Cadets Coach Scott Pingel said Wade’s death was a big loss to the high school golf community. “I did get to know Coach Wade pretty well over these last six years,” Pingel said. “He was a great man to emulate just by watching how he did things. He did things the right way, and everything he did was done with a lot of class. He was always willing to help other coaches. “I got to know Coach Wade as a math teacher as well. I observed his class two times and saw his interaction with the kids. He was amazing with high school kids in the math class. Over the years of golf, we probably talked just about as much math as we did golf. He was so easy to talk to.” Pingel said what he would miss about Wade was “his smile and quick wit.” “He was always content with his life,” Pingel said. “He was a great, great guy and he will be missed around the links.” Veteran DeSmet Coach Frank Hawkey agreed. “Mark was a great guy to be around. He was always upbeat,” Hawkey said. “He had a genuine interest in his players and always wanted the best for them. He was the same way in the classroom. Since we teach the same thing, we would talk about students and classes. He always had the best for them in his mind. We’ll all miss him.” Marquette Coach Eric Schweain competed frequently with his Mustangs against Wade’s squad. “I coached against him for seven years,

Mark Wade led the Parkway South golf team to seven district championships in the past 11 years. He passed away just days after the most recent.

and I can’t say enough positive things about the man,” Schweain said. “After I received the news Saturday night, I woke up Sunday morning hoping it was a nightmare; when I found out it wasn’t, I spent most of the day in a fog. “He was the consummate professional.

sion for moving forward,” Sewell said. Joe Vujnich, Wildwood director of planning and parks, said finances have not yet been discussed in detail but will be as the committee moves forward. “The good news is we’re finally at a point, and it’s not predetermined, but hopefully it results in a recommendation,” Kallaus said. “We’re an open-minded group here that are looking at this very factually and pragmatically for the benefit of the residents and to safeguard the city.” The committee’s next meeting is at 6:30 p.m. on Wed., May 18 at Pond Elementary. Yes, he was competitive, and golf doesn’t always reflect that side of people compared with most sports. However, just like golf is the gentleman’s game, he was always the first to come up and congratulate you when your team played well. I truly loved the man and am still struggling with this.” Schweain said Wade related to everyone, and that made him special. “He was such a people’s person,” Schweain said. “He would pull up to an event with a carload of players, smile and greet everyone before going out to help any kid look for a potential lost golf ball or give encouraging words to anyone. The difference between golf and other sports is the way the opponents work together – players and coaches. “I got to ride around with Coach Wade and talk about golf, and life, while our players would play for themselves and their schools. I know the golf coaches in our conference and district very well for that reason; I am so thankful that I knew Mark; he was a great human being. I plan to honor his legacy by living my life in much the same way.” Parkway South advanced to the Class 4 Sectional 2 meet at Westwood Hills Country Club, which was to be held on May 4 but was pushed back to May 6. Assistant Coach Jason Koehrer, 36, at presstime was slated to coach the Patriots. He has been Wade’s assistant for the last five years and teaches math. “He will lead the team for the rest of the season,” Allison said. Wade helped develop many golfers over the years. Kyle Weldon, a senior on the current squad, will go on to play college golf at Kansas State. Scott Langley is a senior at Illinois and has had great success at the next level. Langley is the defending NCAA champion. That got him a spot in the U.S. Open last summer, and Langley was the low amateur with a 16th-place finish. Wade attended the tournament at Pebble Beach and saw Langley play.

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West County weighs in on Bin Laden’s death The news on May 1 that Osama Bin Laden had been killed generated tremendous emotion throughout the U.S. and the world. The following day, West Newsmagazine asked West County residents how they felt when they learned Bin Laden was dead and how they thought his death would affect the U.S. war on terrorism. “I’m glad that Bin Laden is dead, but I also feel a little bit guilty for taking pleasure in the death of another human being. I think this is good for the War on Terror, but doesn’t mean that it is over.” - Nick May, 22, Ballwin “I feel joy. I saw them Nick May interview a Muslim extremist on television today, and he said this death wouldn’t matter, because they’d have a billion people to replace him. That’s OK, because in America, we have a billion bullets.” - Jim Holten, 66, Manchester Jim Holten

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5/5/11 10:50:44 AM

“I feel relief and satisfaction that this massmurderer has finally been brought to justice. I don’t know what effect it will have on the war on terrorism in the long run, but today we can all breathe a little easier and celebrate a long-awaited victory in the War on Terror.” - Chris Carlson, 48, Wildwood Chris Carlson

- Matt Kroeker, 22, Wildwood “It was welcomed news. … I’m glad they were able to capture him and I hope (the War on Terror) will continue to dismantle Al Qaeda.” - Ellisville Mayor Matt Pirrello Matt Pirrello “I felt relieved. Hopefully, the U.S. is now one step closer to ending the War on Terrorism – finally.” - Karen Missey, 33, Des Peres Karen Missey “I felt a cool chill knowing that the mastermind of such a horrific attack on America was finally found and killed. I was so proud and thankful of our troops who have continued to fight to protect our country. This is a huge step in fighting terrorism. The U.S. has proven that we will not back down from any direct threat to our country. The nationalism shown when the news was delivered proved to the world that we are, in fact, one nation that will not back down. On a side note, the fact that this occurred on the same day that (the late Pope) John Paul II – the world’s greatest advocate for peace – was beatified is an absolutely beautiful testament of faith and prayer.” - Andrew Shipp, 22, Creve Coeur “The best news I’ve heard in a long time. … I don’t think they (Al Qaeda) will take it lying down.” - Creve Coeur Mayor Harold Dielmann Harold Dielmann

“Good riddance. I do think people need to be a little more cautious now, because we know there are crazy “I felt like you feel people that will retaliate.” when you hear your favorite sports team - Manchester Alderman John Schrader, won the championship after a long season. 47 I felt excitement, relief and gratitude. I think that Bin Laden’s death will send a “I am pretty pumped. clear message to the rest of the world that, It’s an exciting even if it takes 10 years, we’re not going to announcement, and I yield to terrorism, we’re don’t think there is any not going to forget, and point in worrying about we’re not going to stop retaliation at this point. until justice has been I doubt this gives the Matt Kroeker served.” families of the victims - Phillip Berger, 24, closure, but hopefully it Chesterfield Phillip Berger gives them the sense we are headed in the right direction. It’s another step in what is “I was a bit anxious still sure to be a long process.” that it would lead to retaliation, but I was


NEWSMAGAZINENETWORK.COM proud and pleasantly surprised. The war on terror is far from over, though.” - David Fuchs, 25, Chesterfield

“It’s about time. We finally made this happen and now that chapter is closed.” - Margot Smith, 72, Manchester

“I was glad and relieved to hear that the person ultimately responsible for thouDavid Fuchs sands of American deaths had finally been “Before they actually judged. I sincerely hope this provides said that Bin Laden was killed, I was wor- some measure of comfort and closure for ried that Obama was going to announce the thousands of families who have sufthat we were going to war with Libya, so fered through the death and injuries of their I was double happy and surprised to hear loved ones in the pursuit of bringing this the news. This is a huge step in the war on terrorist to justice. We can only hope that terror, and hopefully many more like it can this event will serve to weaken the terrorist be made to bring down Al Qaeda.” network and send a powerful message to - T.J. Duane, 22, Ellisville

other terrorists worldwide.” - Dennis Wall, 51, Chesterfield “I wish they hadn’t killed him. In their religion, that just makes him a martyr. They should have brought him here instead and treated him like a criminal.” - Jackie Biggs, 78, Manchester


an end to U.S. war on terrorism. I also fear retaliation and worry about the troops, particularly my nephew who is being deployed to Pakistan.” - June Christoff, 47, Chesterfield

“Honestly, I was completely surprised. It had been so long since I had heard any news of Bin Laden that I had resigned myself to “When I first heard the news I was skep- thinking that we would never catch him. I tical. Are we sure it was indeed him, and think that the war on terror has moved past how do we know for sure, as the body was Bin Laden. It is a great sentimental victory, ‘buried at sea.’ I think it’s good news that but I don’t think it will stop very much Osama Bin Laden is dead; however, and from happening.” unfortunately, it doesn’t necessarily mean - Allison Sinnet, 36, Ballwin

“I think it’s a good thing. It will boost the morale of our troops.” - Manchester Alderman Paul Hamill, 37 “For 10 years Bin Laden has been the face of fear and evil to the U.S.; thank God that fear and evil is brought to justice. I hope this inspires our troops to finish the war on terror” - Steven Johnson, 34, Chesterfield “Although I think that it is a great victory for America, I am a little surprised how bloodthirsty people have been over this. I have a hard time rejoicing over the death of another human being, no matter how terrible. I hope this has a catalyzing effect in ending the war on terror” - Stephanie Turnbell, 29, Wildwood “I felt a sense of triumph, but far less than I would have felt had this happened much sooner. Our world is more destabilized right now and there are far more splintered terrorists groups; so I think this will be cause or excuse for more terrorist activity in the short run. In the long term, I hope it will help bring about further healing for all who seek to live together in peace.” - Debbie Mannion, 47, Chesterfield “I’m glad he’s out of the picture. I really wasn’t 100 percent sure he’d be alive up to this point, and really, I’d rather have seen him caught alive.” - Manchester AlderJohn Diehl man John Diehl, 64 “Concerning Bin Laden, ‘as he sowed he shall reap.’ With regard to the war on terrorism, we eliminated an influential leader, but did not end the war.” - Earl Engelman, 56, Wildwood Earl Engelman

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4/20/11 4:19 PM

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The Chesterfield Amphitheater will accommodate 2,500 people in lawn and stadium-style seating. The venue is set to open this month.

Chesterfield Amphitheater grand opening set for May 21 Full day of fun and festivities planned By MARCIA GUCKES Everything is on schedule for the grand opening of Chesterfield’s new $7 million amphitheater in Central Park. The free “Celebrate Central Park” festivities are set to start at 10 a.m. on Sat., May 21 and are open to the public. Grand opening events will begin with a classic car show from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Safety Fair exhibits will be on display all day from 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Other all-day activities will run from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and will include train rides, inflatables, caricature drawings, face painting magicians, and various food vendors. A hike on the new trails around the amphitheater can result in more than good exercise if one grabs a punch card and participates in the scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunt winners may take home $50 gas cards, Cardinals tickets, a new gas grill, and more. Guests even will have the opportunity to catch an aerial view of the amphitheater and park from a tethered hot air balloon. Rides will be available from 4 to 6 p.m. Entertainment on the amphitheater stage will begin at 11 a.m. with a gymnastics

demonstration and will continue throughout the day with dance and music acts until the final act, which takes the stage from 8:45 to 10 p.m. Radio Disney and Y98 Radio will be broadcasting live from the scene. Construction of the Chesterfield Amphitheater began after voters approved a halfcent sales tax in 2004. The venue holds more than 2,500 people in lawn and stadium seating. It also boasts state-of-the-art audio technology as well as the convenience of a concession stand and restrooms. Central Park and the Chesterfield Amphitheater are located west of Chesterfield Mall on Lydia Hill Drive. Parking is available in the Central Park parking lot, along Veterans Memorial Drive, in the parking lot on the west side of Chesterfield Mall, and near the former Bahama Breeze restaurant. Chesterfield Assistant City Administrator for Community Services & Economic Development Libby Malberg-Tucker said the city had arranged for three 55-passenger shuttles to transport visitors to and from parking lots on the west side of Chesterfield Mall every 10 to 15 minutes throughout the grand opening celebration.

Chesterfield approves zoning

changes for new construction

By MARCIA GUCKES Chesterfield is making way for several new buildings. The city council at its meeting on May 2 approved zoning changes for construction at a site on North Outer 40 Road and a site off Wildhorse Creek Road. The 5-acre site on North Outer 40 Road is located east of Delmar Gardens of Chesterfield, 14855 North Outer 40 Road. A four-story parking garage and a five-story medical office building are planned for that

site by Delmar Gardens at Conway Ridge. The council approved also a zoning change for construction of a nursing home on 8 acres located north of Wildhorse Creek Road and west of Wild Horse Parkway Drive. Chairperson of the Planning and Public Works Committee Connie Fults said the council will still need to approve a conditional use permit before construction can begin. The developer is Plan Provisions, LLC.





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City of Ballwin, Missouri notiCE of PuBliC HEaring May 24, 2011 DESIGN OF KEHRS MILL ROAD RESURFACING AND SIDEWALK PROJECT

Notice is hereby given to all interested persons that a public hearing will be held at the Ballwin Golf Club located at 333 Holloway Road on Tuesday, May 24, 2011, between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm Central Daylight Savings Time. Handicap access is available. All interested persons will be given an opportunity to be heard concerning their views on the design of the Kehrs Mill Road Resurfacing and Sidewalk Project with reference to the economic and social effects of such design, its impact of the environment and its consistency with the goals and objectives of the community. The presently contemplated improvement is as follows: This project is located between Clayton Road to Holloway Road, a distance of about 1.5 miles. The work consists of removing and replacing the top 4 inches of the asphalt pavement maintaining the same width of pavement. The existing concrete curb and gutters, drainage inlets and storm sewers will not be impacted and will remain in place. An additional 6,000 feet of 5 foot wide sidewalk will be constructed along the south side to provide continuous sidewalks along both sides of Kehrs Mill Road between Clayton Road and Holloway Road. Maps, plats, and other detailed information prepared by the City of Ballwin and its engineering consultant H. R. Green, will be available for public inspection and copying at the office of the City Engineer at 200 Park Drive, Ballwin, Missouri 63011. Written statements and exhibits as well as oral statements will be received at the hearing. Written statements and exhibits will be made a part of the public hearing transcript if received within ten days after the date of the hearing. Tentative schedules for right of way acquisition and construction will be discussed at the hearing. If you are disabled and require special services at the public hearing, please notify City Engineer Gary Kramer at 636-227-9000 or RELAY MISSOURI 1-800-735-2966 TDD so that arrangements for those services can be made. City of Ballwin By City EnginEEr

Manchester Police Lt. Timothy Walsh is sworn in as the city’s full-time police chief.

Manchester swears in aldermen, full-time police chief Several employees honored for service to city By BRIAN MCDOWELL Once the results of the April 5 election were certified at the Manchester Board of Aldermen’s May 2 meeting, the city swore in its two newly elected aldermen as well as an official, full-time police chief. Aldermen Paul Hamill (Ward 1) and John Schrader (Ward 3) were sworn in and took their seats on the board. Departing Alderman Don Ryan (Ward 3) received a token of appreciation for his service to the city. Former Alderman Bob Tullock (Ward 1) was due also to receive such a token but was not present at the meeting. The city honored several of its employees as well. City Attorney Patrick Gunn received a plaque and an eagle sculpture from Manchester Mayor Dave Willson in commemoration of his 35 years as city attorney. Several of Gunn’s law associates and family members surprised him by filing into the meeting room for the presentation. City Clerk Ruth Baker was given a plaque in celebration of Municipal Clerks Week. Willson congratulated City Manager Ed Blattner and Parks Director Eileen Collins for the help they provided with recent post-tornado cleanup efforts in Maryland Heights. The city of Manchester sent a truck, a wood chipper and a crew to help clean up storm damage in neighborhoods, and the Manchester Parks Department also sent a crew of people to help.

Hamill introduced legislation to confirm Lt. Timothy Walsh, who for the last two years has served as Manchester’s acting police chief, as the city’s full-time police chief. The measure was passed 6-0. Aldermen Hal Roth (Ward 1) and Marilyn Ottenad (Ward 2) previously had voted against hiring Walsh as chief. Ottenad explained her change of heart by citing good feelings about Walsh expressed by citizens of her ward. Walsh was then sworn in as the city’s full-time police chief and promised to make every effort to provide the best service to the community. He said being officially named chief would make him more able to promote people and to put people in different roles within the city’s police department. “I live here,” Walsh said. “Manchester is my community. I wanted to be given the chance to do what I can to make it better.” Manchester Alderman Mike Clement (Ward 2) nominated Ottenad, the longest serving current Manchester alderman, for president of the city’s board of aldermen. While the previous board was in place, Ottenad had failed to garner more than three votes for the position of board president, and the board presidency was the subject of a lawsuit filed by Tullock, who claimed the position was rightfully his. Ottenad on May 2 was elected by a 6-0 margin to head the board.




Ballwin’s newest alderman seeks ‘creative solutions’ By BETSY ZATKULAK After officially taking his seat as alderman for Ballwin’s Ward 2 at the city’s April 25 board of aldermen meeting, Mark Harder, a Ballwin resident since 1993, said he hoped to bridge the gap between residents and city government and be the voice for creative solutions. “We’ve got to look at things and go outside of the box,” Harder said. “I want to try to bring up some ideas to challenge people to think differently.” As an example, Harder said he would like to list on the city’s website the vendors with which the city does business, show what transactions take place and list how much is spent with each vendor. “It’s not my idea, but it’s modeled after

the Mehlville Fire Department, which did the same thing when they had credibility issues as far as where the money was going,” Harder said. “It’s just getting people to think that way. … The spirit of it is to identify where the money is going and let everybody know what’s being spent.” Another thing Harder said he would like to do is help create a permanent listing on the city’s website that lets residents know when work is going to take place on city streets and if work is going to be delayed. St. Louis;Rhymes;E00374;7.458x8.687-4C

“I met with the public works people and they agreed it was a good decision,” he said. As for bridging the gap between residents and government, Harder said he was in the process of studying all of the city departments, their budgets, what they do and how they operate so he could talk intelligently with residents when issues arise. “I hope to not be somebody that will just throw (residents) over to the person and say, ‘Go talk to him,’” he said. “I want

to be that middle person that refines what residents are looking for, then puts them in touch with right person instead of making them chase voicemails or emails.” Harder said he was excited about bringing new ideas and other people’s ideas to the city of Ballwin. “I don’t know all of the answers, and I don’t profess to have all of the answers,” Harder said. “I just want (the board of aldermen) to think outside of the box on all of these issues.”

636-391-1200 Call the Ryan Family! “A Name You Can Trust Since 1926”

Provisional Judge Virginia Nye swears in Mark Harder as a Ballwin alderman.

MoDOT cuts $512 million from budget Citing a transportation funding crisis, Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) Director Kevin Keith on May 4 presented a plan to the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission to redeuce the size of the department’s staff by 1,200, close 135 facilities and sell more than 740 pieces of equipment. For the past five years, Missouri’s state highway construction program has averaged $1.2 billion a year; the new, five-year program is half that amount - about $600 million a year. The plan includes closing district offices in Macon, Joplin and Willow Springs. Staff reduction would occur through attrition and transfers, and, as a last step, layoffs, MoDOT officials said. The commission is expected to act on the proposal on June 8. If approved, the recommendations would begin being put into place immediately, with full implementation in December 2012.

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4/8/11 10:03 AM

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Manchester’s new amphitheater in Paul A. Schroeder Park is scheduled to open this month.

Manchester amphitheater to open this month By BRIAN MCDOWELL Springtime rains caused some brief delays to the completion of the new amphitheater at Paul A. Schroeder Park in Manchester. Eileen Collins, Manchester’s director of parks and recreation, said workers still needed to lay some sod around the venue, which should be completed and ready to host events by the middle of this month. The first event scheduled at the new amphitheater is a Parkway South Symphonic Band concert on May 19, a fitting tribute to the late Corey Donnelly, in whose honor the amphitheater was built. The amphitheater will be dedicated to Donnelly, a 2002 Parkway South graduate who in 2003 was killed in a car accident.

Donnelly was a music-lover and band member at Parkway South. His family donated $15,000 toward construction of the amphitheater, thinking it would be a fitting tribute to Donnelly and his love of music. Concerts scheduled to take place at the amphitheater include: • Griffin & the Gargoyles, 7-10 p.m. on Fri., June 3 (rain date Sun., June 5) • Sundance & Brass, 6-9 p.m. on Mon., July 4, with fireworks to follow (rain date Tues., July 5) • Well Hungarians, 7-10 p.m. on Fri., Aug. 5 (rain date Sun., Aug. 7) • Scott Laytham & Karl “Trickee” Holmes Duo, 7-10 p.m. on Fri., Oct. 7 (rain date Sun., Oct. 9)

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201 1 Susan G. Komen St. Louis

Race for the Cure



3rd Annual Dine Out for the Cure®

Davis Payne, Head Coach of the St. Louis Blues, his wife, Jane Payne, and Blues player Cam Janssen

Thursday, June 9, 2011 Visit for a list of participating restaurants.

Locally presented by

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Forest Hills Subdivision

on Clarkson Rd. between Clayton Rd. and Kehrs Mill Rd.

Garage/Estate Sale May 14th, 8 a.m. to noon (Rain Date May 21st)

Homeowners Participating: 129 Chippenham Ln

298 Herworth Dr

4 Crownhill Ln

424 Herworth Dr

7 Fairlake Dr

427 Herworth Dr

8 Forest Club Dr

441 Herworth Dr

375 Herworth Ct

7 Jennycliff Ln

191 Herworth Dr

10 Jennycliff Ln

203 Herworth Dr

212 Pennington Ln

259 Herworth Dr

242 Pennington Ln

Sponsored by Mary Gettinger

Coldwell Banker Gundaker-Town & Country office 1100 Town & Country Crossing Dr

(314) 378-3173


North Pointe Family Aquatic Center in Ballwin.

Area pools open May 28 Break out the sunscreen. It is almost time for municipal pools in West County to open again. All of them open on the Saturday before Memorial Day, May 28, and close after Labor Day, Sept. 5. Ballwin North Pointe Family Aquatic Center 335 Holloway Road 227-2981 Hours: May 28 to Aug. 14 11:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. daily Aug. 15 to Sept. 5 Closed, Monday-Thursday 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., Friday 11:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., Saturday-Sunday and Labor Day Sept. 6 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., Dog Swim Chesterfield Chesterfield Family Aquatic Center 16365 Lydia Hill Drive 537-4770 Hours: May 28 to Aug. 21 12 p.m. to 8 p.m., Monday-Friday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday and Sunday and holidays Aug. 22 to Sept. 5 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. daily (Leisure pool only) 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., daily (Entire pool facility) Half-price admission Monday-Friday Des Peres The Lodge Des Peres 1050 Des Peres Road (314) 835-6150 Hours: May 28 to Aug. 21

12 p.m. to 8 p.m., Monday-Friday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday and Memorial Day 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sunday and Independence Day Aug. 22 to Sept. 5 Closed, Monday-Friday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday and Labor Day 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sunday Ellisville Edge Aquatic Center 225 Kiefer Creek Road 591-2397 Hours: May 28 to Aug. 18 11:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. daily Aug. 19 to Sept. 5 Closed, Monday-Thursday 4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., Fridays 11:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., Saturday, Sunday and Labor Day Manchester Manchester Aquatic Center 359 Old Meramec Station Road 391-6326 Hours: May 28 to Aug. 21 12:05 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., Monday-Thursday 12:05 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., Friday 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., Saturday 12 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., Sunday Aug. 22 to Sept. 2 4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., Monday –Thursday 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., Friday 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., Saturday 12 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., Sunday Sept. 3 to Sept. 5 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., Saturday-Monday


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Thursday, June 16 • 6 to 7:30 p.m. Mungenast Lexus of St. Louis 13700 Manchester Road Couples and singles are invited to roll up their sleeves and dig in to some healthy BBQ samples from grilling demonstrations put on by the Grillin’ Fools ( and interact with St. Luke’s physicians (cardiology, orthopedics, GI, dermatology, urology and internal medicine) and other health experts. You can also…


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Take advantage of health screenings including PSA for prostate cancer*, blood pressure, vascular risk assessment, bone density and sleep risk assessment. Dive into a fun-filled menu including delicious food, beer and wine tastings, golf demos and instruction, a fly fishing demonstration, complimentary haircuts*, skin care products for men and women, fruit smoothies, chair massages and an appearance by Randy Karraker from 101 ESPN. Fee: $25 per couple ($15 per person). Register at or call 314-542-4848. Pre-registration required. * Based on availability and time constraints. (Schedule subject to change) 3-1259

24 I NEWS I 



Creve Coeur

Walgreens, road improvement project nearing completion By TED DIXON JR. After three years in the making and opposition from a couple of city leaders, the Walgreens store on the north side of Olive Boulevard at Graeser Road in Creve Coeur is set to open this month. Steve Heitz, vice president for the developer, Pace Properties, said the store would open on Fri., May 13. Creve Coeur City Administrator Mark Perkins said a ribbon cutting is planned for Sat., May 21. In 2008, the Creve Coeur City Council voted to approve the 24-hour, drive-through store. The project included many road improvements in the area, including the realignment of Dautel Road and Graeser Road, a median, new traffic signals, widening of Olive to accommodate a center turn lane, a new sidewalk and curb cuts. Heitz said the cost of the improvements was somewhere in the neighborhood of

$1.5 million. A Transportation Development District (TDD) was formed to help pay for the roadwork, and a 1 percent sales tax generated from the Walgreens and nearby stores will support that. Perkins said the city of Creve Coeur and St. Louis County each contributed $200,000, and Pace paid about $600,000 for construction of the new alignments on Dautel Road. The city agreed also to kick in $55,000 annually for a period of 25 years for debt service related to the road improvements. Perkins said the improvements would reduce congestion and improve traffic flow and safety in the area. When the project was first proposed, Creve Coeur Councilmember Jeanne Rhoades and former Councilmember Laura Bryant (both of Ward 4) opposed it, citing the relative proximity between a home and the store.

‘Stamp out Hunger’ food drive is May 14

Sit back, relax, and enjoy time in WILDWOOD this Summer and Fall MOVIE NIGHTS

“How to Train Your Dragon” “The Karate Kid” (2010) “Rudy” “Wall - E”

May 20 June 24 July 15 August 12 *

Movie nights begin at approximately 8:45 p.m. All movies are FREE and include complimentary kettle corn, Kona Ice, and soda and water. *In conjunction with the Back to School Party.

CONCERT SERIES Brit Beat (Beatles Tribute) The New Invaders (60’s Tribute Band) Best of Stovall’s - Country-Western

August 26 September 16 October 7

Concerts begin at 6:45 p.m. All concerts are FREE and include complimentary hot dogs and chips, kettle corn, Kona Ice, and soda and water.

All events are located in the Town Center Plaza. Bring your blanket or lawn chair! For more information regarding these events and others, visit

On Sat., May 14, area residents can help local food pantries by donating non-perishable food during the 19th Annual Letter Carriers’ Stamp Out Hunger National Food Drive. Residents should place cans of unopened, non-perishable food next to their mailboxes before the letter carrier delivers their mail on Saturday, as letter carriers will collect food donations as they deliver mail along their routes. Favorite non-perishable goods include peanut butter, soups and canned tuna or

chicken. Any canned good that can be considered a complete meal is desired. “Our upcoming 19th annual Letter Carrier Food Drive is important to so many needy families with unemployment still at 9.2 percent. That number doesn’t even count all those millions of people off the rolls or just working part time,” Barry Linan, St. Louis Stamp Out Hunger chair, said. “We need everyone in our community to help us provide for those in need by donating as many non-perishable food items as they can on Sat., May 14.”

Stop in and see us! $25 Off first exam

O ne coupon per family. Town & Country Veterinary Hospital 1016 Town & Country Crossing Dr. Town & Country, MO 63017

Call to make an appointment today!

636-227-PETS (7387) Friendly compassionate care for your pets.

All events and programs are open to the community!

St. John Church Ellisville MO 63011 For service times please see our website,, or call 636.394.4100 for more information.

26 I Schools I 



Maplewood Bedding


Mattress Toppers • Inner Spring • Memory Foam • Custom Antique Sizes • RV-Marine & More! Family Owned & Operated for 25 years 3110 Sutton Ave. | Maplewood | 314-645-1380 |

Bu llet i n Boa rd ‘Can-do’ attitude During this year’s annual canned food drive, Whitfield students demonstrated a “can-do” attitude by collecting 9,956 pounds of canned food (approximately 16,000 cans), which set a new record at Operation Food Search for the most cans collected by any St. Louis area school. This year’s drive featured a sculpture contest won by Pictured is the winning canned food sculpture. the senior class. The juniors received second place, followed by the freshmen in third; eighth and sixth grades tied for fourth; and seventh and 10th grades tied for fifth place.

National Merit qualifiers Eight students from Westminster Christian Academy met the requirements to enter the 2012 National Merit Scholarship program. The students had a selection index score of 202 or above on the 2010 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT). That placed the students among the top 50,000 highest scoring participants of roughly 1.5 million program entrants. Of the 50,000 students across the nation,

approximately 16,000 will be selected as National Merit Semi-finalists, and about 34,000 will be Commended Students. Westminster National Merit qualifiers include: • Steven E. Bosch • Joseph P. Collins • Hannah R. Hoekzema • Jessica G. Holt • Peter F. Johnson • Jonathan R. Roth • Brandon C. Terlouw • Gordon C. Younkin

The Care You Need ... In Your Own Home. Seniors • Disabled • Two-Career Families Single Parent Families • New Mothers Respite Care • Post-Surgery Care

Ridge Meadows Elementary was named a 2011 Missouri Gold Star School of Excellence.

Missouri Scholars

• Mariana Montero – West • Kendra Rowey – North • Christina Sittser – South • Ben Weinstock – North • Christina Wesley – North • Hannah Wiedner – Central • Joy Yang – Central Students were selected on the basis of scores from selected individual intelligence and aptitude tests; GPA; student essays; evidence of leadership; creativity; intellectual curiosity; problem-solving ability and initiative; projected benefits to the student for participating in the academy; and commitment.

Eleven sophomores in the Parkway School District were honored for the 2011 Missouri Scholars Academy (MSA), a three-week residential program held at the University of Missouri for 330 of Missouri’s gifted students ready to begin their junior year of high school. Schools from throughout Missouri were invited to nominate candidates for the statewide recognition. Parkway’s winners include: • Christian Alten – North • Elizabeth Carroll – West • Leela Chapman – South Gold Star for Ridge Meadows • Alicia Coronado – South • Andrew Kuehnle – West Ridge Meadows Elementary in the • Jaron Ma – West Rockwood School District was honored

Does Your Student Need Summer Work? + Part Time / Full Time + No Experience + Full Training Program + Scholarships + Management Opportunities for Graduates Not a student? No worries, Everyone is welcome!

We Serve You, The Way We Want To Be Served




I Schools I 27

met with their senators and representatives at the state House. Sherry Blough, counselor at Westminster Christian Academy, was the Westminster faculty sponsor.

Westminster SWAT team members who went to Jefferson City, Mo., to attend “Speak Hard,” an event concerned with drugs and young adults.

designed to turn dreams into realities for students eager to further their learning or explore new opportunities. Grant requests range from Japanese lessons for a grade school youngster, to a medical mission trip to Honduras, to a student wanting to take a Parkway grants dreams robotics class. The Parkway Alumni Association (PAA) Grants of financial support of up to $250 announced that more than $22,000 in mon- are awarded, as well as grants of community etary dream grants and numerous resource resources and/or alumni support. Students grants were awarded to students through- are encouraged to submit requests that out the Parkway School District, totaling demonstrate a commitment to furthering 221 grants for the 2011 Granting Dreams skills, acquiring knowledge or experience, Program. participating in school-related activities, or The Granting Dreams Program is those that involve the community.

with the 2011 Missouri Gold Star School of Excellence. The school is  one of eight elementary schools in the state to receive the recognition.  Ridge Meadows previously earned the Missouri Gold Star School designation in 1996.  “We are very excited to be named a 2011  Gold Star School,” Principal Amy Digman said. “Ridge Meadows is an exceptional school, and this recognition validates the hard work and dedication shown every day by our students, parents and staff.”  The Gold Star program identifies schools that are performing at a high level academically or making exceptional progress, while serving a significant proportion of disadvantaged students.

Strong in Spirit.

Expert in Kids.

When your child needs medical attention, you want doctors and nurses who are knowledgeable and experienced. But just as importantly, you want a medical team that cares as much as you do about your child’s well-being. At Mercy Children’s Hospital, our whole focus is your child’s health – body, mind and spirit. It’s part of our legacy of faith-based care, more than 150 years strong.

Good reporting at Rockwood The Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting was awarded to the Rockwood School District for its comprehensive annual financial report.  The award, which is given  by the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada, is the highest form of recognition in the area of governmental accounting and financial reporting.  An impartial panel judged the  district’s  comprehensive annual financial report and determined that it met the high standards of the program, including demonstrating a constructive “spirit of full disclosure” to clearly communicate its financial story and motivate potential users and user groups to read the report.

We are Mercy Children’s Hospital: • A nationally accredited children’s hospital • A dedicated pediatric emergency department • Pediatric and neonatal intensive care • Partnerships with the community’s leading pediatricians • Pediatric specialists in critical care, reconstructive surgery, orthopedics, cardiology, cancer, autism and more • Second to none in providing care for your child

Tobacco prevention Thirteen Westminster SWAT team members received full scholarships to attend the “Speak Hard” event in Jefferson City, Mo., to reflect the effect young voices can have on legislators when they know the facts about tobacco use. The Missouri Youth Adult Alliance (MYAA), a group that keeps an eye on legislation related to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, sponsored the event. The students attended a conference and

We are Mercy Children’s Hospital, St. Louis County’s only full-service pediatric hospital, located on the campus of St. John’s Mercy Medical Center.

St. John’s Mercy is Mercy.



MBU Spartans Basketball Camps at Missouri Baptist University

Boys and Girls ages 8-18

Shooting Camp

Shooting instruction, video analysis, and shooting drills/games.


COUNTDOWN TO 2011 BALLWIN DAYS! Note the New Dates! June 3-5, 2011

Bring the kids (and the adults who are REALLY kids at heart!!) down to the festival for some great fun at Kids Korner! Check out this year’s highlights:

Camp #4 ... June 13-17 .. 9am-3pm ... $100

• Hands-on art and building projects in the “Kids Art Garden” hosted by the St. Louis County Library and Lowes Home Improvement of Ballwin-all weekend • Kids Games-all weekend • Tekno Bubbles-Saturday, 3-4 • World Bird Sanctuary demonstration including an American Bald Eagle, Sun 2-4, hosted by Missouri American Water • Stray Rescue, Sunday, 12-6 • Endangered Wolf Center—meet their mascot “Lobo” • River City Rascals mascot, “Ruffy”, Sat. 12-2 • Jugglers, musicians, face painting, more mascots, and balloon animals both days!

For more info Call Coach Farrell 636-220-6783


Camp #1 ... may 25-27 ... 9am-noon .....$60 Camp #2 ... June 1-3 ..... 9am-noon .....$60

Fundamental SkillS Camp Teaching the fundamentals of basketball and game play

Camp #3 ... June 6-10 .... 9am-noon ... $185 Camp #3 ... June 6-10 .... 9am-3pm ... $100 Camp #4 ... June 13-17 .. 9am-noon ... $185 Search MBU Spartans Basketball Camps on FACEBOOK and “Like” us

For more information, visit Or call (636) 207-2388

Andrews Academy Summer Camp Andrews Academy Day Camp is a challenging program designed to help children thrive and discover their unlimited potential for success. To do this, the camp offers several activities packages tailored to your child’s interest or needs. Plan now to make this coming summer, one that your child will always remember. Availability is limited. • Kindergarten - 6th Grade • Two, 5-week sessions • Lunch, snacks provided • Before - and after - camp care provided (at no charge) • Low counselor - camper ratio

Andrews Academy (314) 878-1883

888 N. Mason Rd. Creve Coeur


New citizens taking the oath of allegiance to the United States at a naturalization ceremony at Parkway South High School. (West Newsmagazine staff photo)

Parkway South hosts naturalization ceremony By MARCIA GUCKES He came with his parents who sacrificed all for their children’s education. She came with her husband and daughter seeking a better life for her family. He came without anyone for the chance to live near his American-born son. They all came together in the gym at Parkway South High School on April 26 to become citizens of the United States. They were among 63 people who came from 23 countries to take the oath of allegiance in front of about 200 Parkway students and federal court officials. It was the third time a naturalization ceremony was held at Parkway South. The ceremonies usually take place in the federal courthouse in downtown St. Louis, but one of those ceremonies started coming to Parkway South three years ago, when Barb Ryan, social studies teacher and department chair, received a letter from the court inviting her to bring students to observe the naturalization process. Ryan asked court officials to bring the ceremony to her students instead. Ryan said it took about six months to clear all the hurdles for the first ceremony to be held at the school in April 2009. Now, Parkway students are not only observers; they provide all of the pomp and circumstance and cookies necessary for such a momentous event. The school’s symphonic orchestra played “God Bless America” and the national anthem. The color guard, dressed in revolutionary era attire, presented the flag. The Cooking Club baked the cookies and served the refreshments. The Key Club and the Library Book Club donated the American flags and bookmarks that were given to each new citizen. Several classes

filled the bleachers to applaud each person as they crossed the stage to become official citizens of the United States. W. Dudley McCarter, a Parkway alum and attorney, with a practice in Clayton, was the keynote speaker. “I became a citizen the easy way. I was born here,” McCarter said. “You, on the other hand, are about to become citizens the hard way. You have earned it.” He reminded them of those who came before them to make their opportunity in America possible. “Liberty is not free,” McCarter said. “It is often very costly.” He then asked all of the U.S. veterans in the crowd to stand and be honored. The 63 petitioners then raised their right hands and repeated the oath of allegiance, renouncing their ties to their former homelands and swearing to support and defend the United States of America. Their first act of support came immediately after the ceremony when they all lined up and registered to vote. Tauseef Charanya, from Pune, India, was among those in line. “My parents came here for the sole purpose of education in 2002,” Charanya said. “It was a big change for them – a lot of sacrifice. Leaving everything was the toughest part for them.” Charanya was 14 years old then. Now, he is getting his doctorate in biomedical engineering at Washington University. Munevera Hodzic stood in the voter registration line with her two daughters, the youngest one waving the small American flag given to her mother by students. Hodzic said she and her husband and their oldest daughter came from Bosnia-Herzegovina to the U.S. “for a better life.”



I 29

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UMSL Business at St. Louis Community College–Wildwood

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Ugly ConCrete? Here is the rock solid solution that covers your existing concrete! The beautiful and durable Pebblestone/Epoxy System is applied over your existing: Driveway • Porch & walkway • Patio • Pool Deck • Basement Floor GaraGe Floor & more availaBle in 15 colors! Before


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Parkway revises 2011-2012 school calendar Tandy told the board there are three reaBy MARCIA GUCKES Parkway School District now has a sons to close schools on Good Friday, April slightly different calendar for next school 6, 2012. First, another day is subtracted from the year than had previously been published. The school board at its meeting on May second semester by making Good Friday a 4 approved a revision to the 2011-2012 day off school. Second, Tandy told the board the change school calendar. The major changes come in the dates not only helps balance the school calendar of winter break and the addition of Good but also saves the district money. He said that over the past three years, the district Friday as a day off school. Parkway Director of Communications has had to hire almost five times the normal Paul Tandy told the board that one of the number of substitute teachers on Good goals for the revision was to more evenly Friday at a cost of about $20,000. “The substitute pool has run out the past balance the semesters. The original 2011-2012 calendar gave couple of years and we’ve had to deny the first semester 86 days and second some requests for leave because we didn’t semester 92 days. The revision resulted have the subs,” Tandy said. According to Tandy, the district hired in a first semester of 87 days and a second 190 substitutes on Good Friday as comsemester of 90 days. The revised calendar added one day to the pared to an average of 40 substitute teachfirst semester by moving the start of winter ers per day. Finally, Tandy said a reason to close break to Dec. 23, 2011 instead of Dec. 22, 2011. Meanwhile, the revised calendar schools on Good Friday is because over subtracted a day from the second semester the past three years, student attendance on by changing the last day of winter break to Good Friday dropped from an average rate of 95 percent to 90 or 92 percent. Jan. 4, 2011 instead of Jan. 3, 2011.

Keeping it Clean Girl Scout Troop 4118 and members of Girls on the Run, from Pond Elementary and Wildwood Middle in the Rockwood School District, recently teamed up to volunteer to clean up Route 100 in Wildwood as part of the Adopt-A-Highway program. Girls on the Run is a 12-week program designed to help young girls Pictured are members of Girls on the Run and Girl Scout Troop tackle issues of self- 4118 from Pond Elementary and Wildwood Middle cleaning up esteem, bullying and Route 100 in Wildwood. standing up for themselves. “The girls in Girls on the Run also volunteer with different projects, which is how they got involved with the Adopt-A-Highway program,” said Laurie Luck, a parent volunteer who started the Girls on the Run program at Pond Elementary. “They all seemed so excited about it, and I’m ecstatic that they felt good about it. The icing on the cake was when a driver stopped us and thanked us for our hard work. “I think I grow more than the kids do; it’s been so rewarding.” Each year for the next three years, Luck said, the girls will clean up the highway as part of their community service project. They plan also to collect clothes for recent tornado victims. Amy Klopstein, a teacher at Wildwood Middle School, serves also as a Girls on the Run coach. Pictured are members of Girls on the Run and Girl Scout Troop 4118 from Pond Elementary and Wildwood Middle cleaning up Route 100 in Wildwood.

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Battle Blood CanCer Barn Bash

the Biggest outdoor Party this spring in West County (Limited Seating; Bring Your Own Lawn Chair)

314-766-5910 930 Kehrs Mill Rd. Ballwin

Saturday, May 14 2pm - 8pm The Barn At Lucerne $5 Donation to Leukemia Lymphoma Society Clancy’s Pig Roast Seasonal Beer & Wine

Live MuSic Century Quintet Paint The Earth The Benders Justin Klienhoffer Blues Handle


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That winning feeling Rockwood Summit High School on April 30 played host to the Special Olympics Missouri Spring Games. SchoolReach, a local school notification company, helped out with the softball toss, cheering on contestants. “The Special Olympics is very near and dear to us as a community involvement event,” Pictured is SchoolReach Customer Service Manager Paul Langhorst, SchoolReach Shawna Walker helping a contestant in the softball co-founder and chief market- throw. ing officer said. “Many of our school clients are heavily involved with special needs students, and locally we are fortunate to have the Special School District of St. Louis as one of our clients. This is such a great way to give back to the community and to help support an event that gives special needs students and adults such great pleasure.” Everyone who participated, as a contestant or a volunteer, truly felt like a winner.

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Defending state champion Whitfield won the Class 2 District 2 tournament at The Landings at Spirit Golf Course.

Vianney, 360; 10. Kirkwood, 376; Parkway West, 377. It was Weldon’s first district championship. Parkway South’s Jack Darland was second with a 77. Wes Allard tied for eighth with an 81. David Arth tied for 16th with an 83. Jake Frericks finished 27th for the Patriots with an 88. CBC’s Nick Sadorf and Tanner Bulejski tied for second with scores of 77. The other CBC scores were: Nick Winston, who was Patriots shot a 314, earning it’s seventh 10th with an 81, and Kevin Groppe, who High school boys’ golf district title in the last 11 years. tied for 39th with a 92. Local golfers dominated in the recent CBC was second with a 320. The two The other golfers who qualified out of high school district golf tournaments. teams got out of districts and advanced. district were: Seth Smith, Ladue, 77; Zach Parkway South, led by senior Kyle WelOther team scores were: Eureka, 329; Gollwitzer, Marquette, 79; Ben Hutchison, don’s 73, won the Class 4 District 2 golf Marquette, 332; Lafayette, 339; Ladue, SLUH, 79; Teddy Jones, 80; Shane Harris, tournament at Persimmon Woods. The 340; SLUH, 342; Webster Groves, 356; Eureka, 80; Conner Katsev, Lafayette, 81;

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Will Signaigo, Marquette, 82; Matt Miklas, Eureka, 82; Mitchell Porter, Lafayette, 82; Max Charpentier, Lafayette, 83; Joe Hof, Vianney, 84; Mike Becker, Webster Groves, 84; Alex Cordeal, Ladue, 84; Scott Schaeffer, SLUH, 84; Colton Owens, Marquette, 85; and Dominic Kacich, CBC, 85. Other local scores were: Dalton Jones, Marquette, 86; Sam Mauer, Eureka, 87; Bennett Jensen, Kirkwood, 88; Gabe Borg, Eureka, 88; Jeremy Malof, Parkway West, 89; Michael Anderson, Parkway West, 89; Blake Stonecipher, Lafayette, 93; Dillon Jones, Marquette, 94; Mike Kanan, Lafayette, 94; Blake Hustedt, Parkway West, 96; and Austin Allard, Parkway West, 103. ••• DeSmet, led by Scott Hamel’s 74, won

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NEWSMAGAZINENETWORK.COM the Class 4, District 3 tournament at Missouri Bluffs with a 309. Chaminade was second with a 311. Other team scores were: Parkway Central, 337; Pattonville, 355; Hazelwood Central, 366; McCluer North, 376; Parkway North, 384; Hazelwood West, 390; Hazelwood East, 459. It was Hamel’s first district championship. Nick Arman came in third with a 76 for the Spartans. Michael George shot a 79 to tie for sixth place. Michael Odenwald came in eighth with an 80. James Siegfried tied for ninth with an 81. Chaminade was led by Stephen Wilson, who finished second with a 75. Finishing fourth for the Red Devils was Brandon Straeb with a 75, followed in fifth place by Alex Doneff’s 78. Daniel Willey tied for ninth with an 81, and Michael Kothoff tied for 21st with a 90. Other individuals who got out of district were: Blake Schiel, Parkway Central, 79; Jason Sobelman, Parkway Central, 84; Benjamin Gross, Parkway Central, 87; Jefferson Hartig, Parkway North, 87; William Melvin, Parkway Central, 87; Joe Kindig, Parkway North, 89; Darrel Jiang, Parkway North, 93. Other local scores were: Mason Bikshorn, Parkway Central, 94; Zachary Gloyd, Parkway North, 113; Sean Bearman, Parkway North, 122. ••• Defending state champion Westminster Christian Academy won the rain-shortened Class 3, District 3 tournament at the Norman K. Probstein Golf Course in Forest Park. Only nine holes were played because of the weather. Westminster won with a team score of 151. It was the third district title in a row for the Wildcats. Lutheran South took second place on scorecard playoff with a 157. Other team scores were: Priory, 157; MICDS, 157; John Burroughs, 162; Clayton, 172; DuBourg, 179; St. Mary’s, 180; Affton, 191; and Lutheran North, 191. The Wildcats’ Kevin VandeKamp was the medalist with a 34. Teammate Ryan Haxel tied for seventh with a 38. Matthew Brugner tied for 12th with a 39. Peter Sippel and Schaeffer Bell both tied for 15th with a 40. Other local individuals who got out of the district were: Sohil Desai, MICDS, 36; Parker Goldman, Priory, 37; Matthew Finneran, Priory, 38; Andrew Fogarty, Priory, 39; Kyle Adamson, MICDS, 40; Mason Meiners, Priory, 40; Colin Kopsky, Priory, 40. Westminster Coach Brian Burkey said officials “had to suspend play midway through the tournament. After an hour delay we went out and finished more holes and then had to stop the tournament without everyone finishing because of lightening

and course conditions,” Burkey said. “So it was reduced to a nine-hole tournament, which was not ideal, but there was nothing that could have been done about that.” Last year at state, VandeKamp was the co-individual medalist. “Ryan Haxel struggled a little at districts with his putting,” Burkey said. “His average for the season is about 1 over par, and he has consistently been the leader for our team. For him to shoot a 38 when he was struggling shows the great player that he is. Matt Brugner played well; he is one we can always count on. Peter Sippel and Schaeffer Bell both shot 40s, so even though they did not play their best, they made sure to keep us in contention.” ••• Defending state champion Whitfield won the Class 2 District 2 tournament at The Landings at Spirit Golf Course with a 326. It was Whitfield’s fourth district title. Other team scores were: Lutheran St. Charles, 349; Christian (O’Fallon), 381; Barat Academy, 391; Orchard Farm, 400; Kennedy, 424; Crystal City, 456; Herculaneum, 457; Valley Park, 463; Wright City, 464; St. Pius X, 472. Whitfield took the first three places. Mitchell Rutledge was the medalist with a 77. Alexander Sarr came in second with an 80; Jake Andrews was third with an 81. Nate Schmidt was eighth with an 88; Nick Kunin was 16th with a 98. Whitfield Coach Harold Barker said the conditions were “very windy and wet.” “We thought we had a good chance to win, but we were focused on just doing our best, especially given the conditions,” Barker said. “Mitch played solidly but let a few chances to really go deep slip away. Overall, I am proud of his effort.” Andrews, a junior, “shot a solid round,” Barker said. Sarr, a senior, “was a pleasant surprise shooting an 80 and finishing second.” Barker said Schmidt, a freshman, “fought hard shooting 88 and finishing tied for eighth,” and Kunin, a freshman, “shook off a tough front nine” to finish with a 98 in 16th place. Kennedy’s Lucas Russell was 17th with a 99. Other Kennedy scores were Benjamin Nord, 104; Jonathan Parasch, 115, and Nicole Reinhardt, 131.

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ASTHMA ASTHMA research study research study study The Clinical  Research  Center  is  currently  conducting research an  The Clinical Research Center is currently conducting an investigational

investigational research  study  for  uncontrolled  asthmatics  study for uncontrolled experienced 2-6 asthma attacks in the The  Center  is  conducting  an  The  Clinical  asthmatics Research who is  currently  currently  conducting  an past who experienced 2‐6 asthma attacks in the past year despite  year despite using daily controller medicines. investigational  investigational  research  study  for  for  uncontrolled  uncontrolled  asthmatics  asthmatics  using daily controller medicines.   who experienced 2‐6 asthma attacks in the past year despite  who experienced 2‐6 asthma attacks in the past year despite  Participants must: Participants Must:  using daily controller medicines.   using daily controller medicines.    Be 18‐75 years of age with a uncontrolled Asthma  • Be 18-75 years of age with a uncontrolled Asthma; Participants Must:   Have a history of 2‐6 asthma attacks within the past year  Participants Must:   Be 18‐75 years of age with a uncontrolled Asthma  • Have aBe on medium to high doses of asthma controller medicines that  history of 2-6 asthma attacks within the past year Be 18‐75 years of age with a uncontrolled Asthma  contain an inhaled corticosteroid (or ICS for short) plus a long‐acting  Have a history of 2‐6 asthma attacks within the past year  Have a history of 2‐6 asthma attacks within the past year  • Be on medium to high doses of asthma controller medicines that contain an (or LABA for short)   beta‐2 agonist  Be on medium to high doses of asthma controller medicines that  Be on medium to high doses of asthma controller medicines that  inhaled corticosteriod (or ICS for short) plus a long-acting beta-2 agonist (or  Be a Non‐Smoker, or Former Smoker with little to no smoking history  contain an inhaled corticosteroid (or ICS for short)  plus a long‐acting  contain an inhaled corticosteroid  (or ICS for short)  plus a long‐acting  LABAbeta‐2 agonist  for short) (or LABA for short)  beta‐2 agonist  Qualified study participants may receive study related exams at   Be a Non‐Smoker, or Former Smoker with little to no smoking history  no cost, and may be eligible to receive compensation for their  • Be a Be a Non‐Smoker, or Former Smoker with little to no smoking history  Non-Smoker, or Former Smoker with little to no smoking history time and travel . Qualified study participants may receive study related exams at  Qualified study participants may receive study related exams at  Qualified study participants may receive study related exams at no cost, and may no cost, and may be eligible to receive compensation for their  no cost, and may be eligible to receive compensation for their  Please call The Clinical Research Center at 314‐514‐8509  be eligible to receive compensation for their time and travel. time and travel . time and travel . for more information about this research study for asthma.  Please Please call The Clinical Research Center at  call The Clinical Research Center at 314.514.8509 for more information Please call The Clinical Research Center at  314‐514‐8509  314‐514‐8509  about this research study for asthma. for more information about this research study for asthma.   for more information about this research study for asthma.  




                     1040 North Mason Road, Suite 112       The     Clinical  Research  Center  is  St. Louis, Missouri 63141  located on the campus of Barnes     Phone:  314.514.8509  Jewish West County Hospital and     1040 North Mason Road, Suite 112  1040 North Mason Road, Suite 112  Email:  is run by Dr. Phillip Korenblat and     The  Clinical  Clinical  Research  Research Center  Center is  is  Dr. Jeffrey Tillinghast.  The  St. Louis, Missouri 63141  Web:  located on the campus of Barnes  located on the campus of Barnes  Phone:  314.514.8509  Jewish West County Hospital and  Jewish West County Hospital and  Email:  is run by Dr. Phillip Korenblat and  Email:  is run by Dr. Phillip Korenblat and  Dr. Jeffrey Tillinghast.  Dr. Jeffrey Tillinghast.  Web:  Web: 

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High school boys’ tennis MICDS senior Charlie Curtis won the championship match of the No. 1 singles flight of the ABC Tournament. He defeated Nate Waters, of Principia, 6-0, 6-4. Westminster won the team championship.

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By WARREN MAYES Parkway West Coach Nancy Sachtleben had to persuade Nicole Douglas to run in the hurdle events for the girls’ track and field team. “Nikki is a natural hurdler, but she did not want to do hurdles at all as a freshman, but I told her she had no choice and I made her do them,” Sachtleben said. “Once she became more comfortable and was involved in close races, she loved it.” Douglas loved it enough to become a state champion last year as a sophomore in the 300-meter hurdles in 43.54 seconds. That time also set a Parkway West record. “When Nikki was a freshman, she did not make the finals at state in the 300s, but as a sophomore she was the state champ,” Sachtleben said. “What’s interesting is that Nikki did not want to do the 300s at all at the beginning of the season last year, so I decided to change the way I would train her. “I put her up with the distance coach at the start of the season for workouts, and also her parents gave her incentives to run the race. I also trained her to hurdle with either leg for the 300s to lower her time. Nikki had to work very hard to accomplish both of these, and thus the hard work paid off with her winning the state title.” Douglas, who holds school records in the two hurdle events, said she was happy to win at state. “I was really excited when I got first in the 300-meter hurdles,” Douglas said. “I don’t think anyone was expecting that.” As a freshman, she made state in two events; Douglas finished sixth in the 100meter hurdles but did not qualify in the 300 hurdles. So, going into state last year, she kept her goals simple. “I definitely wanted to get better than sixth in the 100-meter hurdles,” said Douglas, whose best time of 14.90 is a school record.

Her coach acknowledged she had varied emotions. “Last year at state was very exciting and nerve-racking,” Sachtleben said. “I expected Nikki to be able to run 44 seconds in the 300 hurdles and win it. I told her she could win it when she turned in a good time for the prelims. She felt a lot of pressure to win the next day in the finals. I told her to run it like we trained and she would be fine. She ran it perfectly and did even better than I thought by turning in a 43.54.” Later at state, she finished third in the 100 hurdles. “After getting first in the 300 hurdles, then getting third in the 100 hurdles wasn’t nearly as exciting any more,” Douglas said. “I’m always hoping to get a better time in the 100 hurdles. But really, the 300 hurdles is my main focus now.” It takes coordination, balance and speed to run the hurdles. It looks difficult, but Douglas said it is not. “The hurdles themselves are not that hard, but building up the endurance to run that distance while jumping is tough,” Douglas said. In addition to the two hurdle events, Douglas is running the 200-meter dash. “I’ve done really well in that. I think that’s because the 300M Hurdles has probably built up my endurance, so I still have a lot of energy at the end of the 200,” Douglas said. Naturally, going back to state and repeating as state champion remains her top goal. “I’m going to try my best to beat the state record,” Douglas said. “I just don’t like it when people are expecting me to. Then I feel pressured to do well.” College is in her future plans, and she would like to run track. Schools that have inquired about her include Missouri, LSU, Brown, Louisville, Wisconsin, Miami, Boston, Harvard, Wake Forest, Iowa, Texas Tech, Penn and Duke.



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By WARREN MAYES Westminster Christian Academy’s Daniel Everett is fast, but he wants to go a little bit faster. At the recent Kansas University Relays, Everett captured the Jim Ryun High School Dream Mile in an impressive 4 minutes, 12.58 seconds. That is the seventh-fastest high school boys’ time in the country this spring. If Everett can run a 4:11 mile at any point for the remainder of the track and field season, he will receive an invitation to the prestigious Adidas Grand Prix in New York in June. That gives the reigning Class 3 state cross country champion something to run for. He shaved another 1.2 seconds off his mile time by running a 4:12.34 at the Marion Freeman Invitational. So, he is still 1.8 seconds off receiving the automatic qualifier. “I have until one week after state to get the time,” Everett said. “With my focus on winning as many events as possible, I will most likely not take a shot at the time until after state when I run the Festival of Miles.” Everett is impressing Eric Bain, his Westminster head coach. “He has had as good of a season as you could ask for up to this point,” Bain said. “I think with great competition, he can get to the 4:09 he is seeking. His time of 4:11.34 at the Marion Freeman meet was outstanding, especially considering the last two laps he basically ran alone.” The performance at the Kansas Relays certainly opened some eyes. The Jim Ryun High School Dream Mile is in its second year of existence. Last year, it was an invite-only race for the top 12 milers in the nation. This year, they expanded it to three automatic qualifiers and nine invitees. “The Kansas Relays, which is held at the University of Kansas, is one of those meets that gives an automatic invite to the winners,” Everett said. “On top of winning, you also have to hit a qualifying standard either at the meet or sometime throughout the year. For the boys’ mile it is 4:11. “Since it was an automatic qualifier meet, there were a handful of sub-4:20 milers, but my 4:14 from sophomore year was good enough to seed me second.” Everett was excited to be in the race. “My expectations going in were to give it my all and see what happens,” Everett said. “I decided not to run the 800 or the 3200 the day before so I could stay fresh. I knew there was a pretty good miler (Connor Martin from Indiana), but I just wanted to go out there and race.”

Westminster’s Daniel Everett posts a victory at the Kansas University Relays.

Winning meant “relief and excitement” for Everett. “As far as winning, it was just an insane experience,” he said. “I knew that I had a shot at it, but it was still a really cool experience with everything that surrounded the race with the Golden Stripes qualifier.” Now, Everett is feeling confident. “My training is going really well though and I am feeling really confident going into the state series,” Everett said. “This has definitely been my best season yet.” Bain has been running Everett this season in the 800, 1600, 3200, and 4 x 800 relay. His time in the 1600 of 4:11.34 is the third fastest 1600 in the country this year. He holds the school record in the 1600. Everett also has run the 800 in 1:57, and the 3200 in 9:41. It is no secret which event he likes best. “My main focus has always been the mile,” Everett said. “I never really was a two-miler until I had a good cross country season last fall and decided to try it out. I haven’t fully made the change, so as of right now, I run the 800 on up. “After state, I will probably run in some competitive miles, but as far as state, I am entered in about every event a distance runner can run.” The school year is almost over for Everett, who will be going to Columbia to run track, cross country and study economics. “It is absolutely insane,” Everett said. “I remember my freshman year looking up to Lutheran South’s Adam Behnke, who is now at Columbia University. It’s weird thinking that just in a couple of months, he will be my teammate.”




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assuMption Greek orthoDox ChurCh 1755 Des Peres Road - Town and Country, Missouri GREEK FOOD & PASTRIES • LIVE GREEK MUSIC AND DANCERS • GIFT SHOPS CHURCH TOURS • KIDS CORNER • FUN FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY HOURS: FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY: 11 A.M. - 9 P.M. • MONDAY: 11 A.M. - 8 P.M. • 314-966-2255

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Lawmakers, NFL team up to tackle student athlete head injuries

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The National Football League (NFL) this year in at least 10 other states has helped champion similar legislation. “The (NFL) has strict return-to-play guidelines that apply to some of the best athletes in the world,” Kenneth Edmonds, NFL Director of Government Relations and Public Policy Kenneth Edmonds said. “We believe a similar approach is necessary when dealing with some of the youngest athletes. This legislation does that.” The act would require the Department of Health and Senior Services to work with school boards, the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA), and an organization that provides support services for brain injuries to implement educational information for youth athletes on the risks of concussions and other brain injuries. The department and organizations by the end of the year would be required to develop guidelines and forms to educate coaches, student athletes, and their parents or guardians on the nature and risks of concussions and other brain injuries. The materials would have to include information on continuing to play after a concussion. Sen. Rob Schaaf (R-St. Joseph) sponsored a similar bill in the Senate and said the sooner common-sense guidelines are put in place, the sooner the number of brain injuries stemming from contact sports will be reduced. “Education is half the battle,” Schaaf said. “The more our student athletes, their parents and coaches know, the better decisions they will make when faced with the symptoms and possible life-long consequences of continuing to play after sustaining a concussion.” Brain injury and trauma awareness advocates testified also in support of HB 300. A passing vote by the Senate committee would recommend the bill for debate by the full Senate.


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Student athletes are one step closer to having to sit out of play after suffering a concussion. Lincoln University Football Coach Mike Jones, a former linebacker for the St. Louis Rams, on May 3 testified before the Missouri Senate Committee on Health, Mental Health, Seniors and Families in support of legislation that would create the “Interscholastic Youth Sports Brain Injury Prevention Act.” The bill, HB 300, would serve to educate and protect student athletes from the risks of concussions and other brain injuries. “We are learning today that returning to play with a sprained ankle or a swollen knee is one thing; returning to play before being fully recovered from a concussion or other head injury is a great deal more serious,” Jones said. “Young athletes and their parents need to be educated on the symptoms and dangers of concussions and should not be allowed to return without medical clearance. That is what the bill before us is about.” Under the bill, student athletes suspected of sustaining a concussion or brain injury would be required stop play for at least 24 hours and could not return to the field without written permission from a medical professional trained in the evaluation and management of concussions. In addition, a student athlete’s parents would be required to sign a concussion and brain injury information sheet prior to the athlete’s participation in any practice or competition. “With up to 18 percent of all high school sports being contact sports, and with up to 19 percent of all the athletes in those contact sports receiving a concussion (more than 62,000 of them), I feel it is high time our coaches, athletes and parents know the symptoms of a concussion,” Rep. Chuck Gatschenberger (R-Lake St. Louis), said. “When in doubt, sit them out.”

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By BRIAN MCDOWELL Ann Wagner has owned a home in Ballwin for 16 years. Her parents were smallbusiness owners who had floor-covering stores on Manchester Road. Her husband is a Ballwin municipal judge and currently serves as a St. Louis County police commissioner. Her home is located right next to the city’s golf course, and her three children have worked as lifeguards at the city pool. Now, Wagner is launching a campaign to represent the area she loves in the U.S. Congress. Wagner has announced that if Congressman Todd Akin runs for Senate next year, she intends to run for U.S. Representative in the 2nd congressional district. With congressional redistricting, that district will look quite a bit different than it used to, encompassing most of St. Louis County, St. Charles County and a sliver of either Jefferson County or Franklin County. Wagner said she knows all of those areas and is convinced she could do well campaigning in and representing them all. Wagner has formed an exploratory committee for the campaign and has begun meeting with groups of Missouri voters. Sitting in the living room of her Ballwin home, surrounded by military and political mementos, she made it clear she would run only if the seat was vacated by Akin. “Todd Akin has served the people of this district ably,” Wagner said. “I have tremendous respect for him.” Wagner said she had discussed her plans with Akin but declined to say specifically what Akin told her. She described herself as a “tried and true, common-sense conservative.” She said she felt compelled to run because she feels there is a struggle right now for what people want America to be. Her campaign would focus on business interests and the need for job creation. “Our country is near financial ruin,” Wagner said. “The federal government has put handcuffs on job creators, and their policies are killing private sector jobs.” Wagner said it is time for the country to have an adult conversation about government spending habits. “We need to cut up the government’s credit card,” she said. When asked specifically what she would cut from the federal government’s budget, Wagner said, “I don’t want to cut defense spending when we have people in harm’s way, but I’d say everything is on the table. The federal government is out of control.

Ann Wagner

What I intend to do is grow the private sector instead of the government.” She said the current administration’s energy policy was headed in the wrong direction, especially since the price of gas has gone up by more than $2 a gallon since President Obama took office. She emphasized the need for environmentally sound domestic solutions to the problem. She characterized the president’s foreign policy as “incoherent.” “This election is about who we want to be and what kind of future we want to have,” Wagner said. Even though she has been a political fixture in the state for more than 20 years, this would be the first time her name has ever appeared on an electoral ballot. Wagner since 1991 has worked for the Missouri Republican Party, and every job she has obtained since has been the result of connections made through her work with the Republican Party. She worked for President George H. W. Bush’s 1992 presidential campaign and Senator John Ashcroft’s 1994 senatorial campaign. Then, Wagner became the first woman ever to chair the Missouri Republican Party. “We had great success in my tenure,” Wagner said. “We picked up a congressional seat, a Republican governor, seats in the legislature, and Bush won this state twice.” When President George W. Bush was looking for someone to co-chair the Republican National Committee (RNC), he said he wanted “a suburban mother of three from the heartland of our country that knows how to win elections.” Her skills at bringing together the dif-


NEWSMAGAZINENETWORK.COM fering factions of the Republican Party so impressed Bush that he appointed Wagner to be ambassador to Luxembourg. She moved there with her family for four years, working a job that gave her experience in foreign relations, dealing with the military, and establishing strong business ties. She returned to America at the end of Bush’s term and said she immediately got the sense that things in the country had changed with the election of President Obama. “I was leaving one socialist continent and had the feeling that perhaps I was returning to another one,” Wagner said. “That worried me, so I jumped right back into politics.” Wagner chaired U.S. Senator Roy Blunt’s successful 2010 campaign, and she gave several speeches to conservative groups about “American exceptionalism,” the free market principles that make America great, and the importance of self-reliance. Believing the Republican Party was being mismanaged and in danger of becoming insolvent, Wagner earlier this year jumped into the race to head the RNC. “It was very much an insider race,” Wagner said. “The decision was made by only 163 members. It was amazing to be a part of that.” Wagner was narrowly defeated in the race. If she had won, she would have been the first woman ever to head the RNC.

“I couldn’t quite manage to break that glass ceiling, but I came really close,” Wagner said. She has attracted much attention and support from members of the Tea Party. “I’ve been involved in the political process for over 20 years. It’s the most effective grassroots movement I’ve ever seen,” Wagner said of the Tea Party. While she is firmly a part of the Republican Party, Wagner still thinks of herself as a grassroots activist. “I’ve done politics as a volunteer most of my life,” she said. “I’ve never made much money doing this. I know when I was an ambassador, for instance, we never broke even during that time, but this is a calling.” She said she is particularly proud of the way she has managed to juggle her political work and her family life. “My children have had a front-row seat to a living civics lesson,” Wagner said. “I hope they’re rooted in the commitment to public service that this country needs.” Asked if she had concerns about the how a campaign might affect her personally, Wagner replied, “Those kinds of sacrifices are a part of it. I know I’ve gotta go through that, but if I stay true to myself, my beliefs and my family, I’ll sleep well at night. I am strong in faith and strong in my convictions. I think that will carry me through.”

Crime spree strikes Town & Country, Ballas Road The Town & Country Police Department recently has responded to several reports of crimes committed in neighborhoods along Ballas Road. On April 22, police received three reports of vehicles parked in neighborhoods off of Ballas Road being entered and ransacked during the overnight hours. Two vehicles parked in the same driveway on Carberry (west of Ballas) were entered, but nothing was taken, police said. Two additional vehicles parked in a driveway on Ballas Court were entered, also with nothing reported missing. A vehicle parked on Hawthorne Estates was entered as well, and a Sony camcorder was stolen from that car. All of the vehicles

were unlocked. Between the hours of 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. on April 28, two houses located in the 12200 block and the 12300 block of Ballas Lane were burglarized while residents were away from home, police said. Entry to one residence was gained through an unlocked garage window, and a landscaping stone was thrown through the window of the other house. Jewelry was stolen from both homes. Anyone with information regarding the incidents should call Detective Sgt. Rick Kranz at (314) 587-2860 or email him at To provide an anonymous tip, call CrimeStoppers at (314) 725-8477.

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Bu si ness

Week of Caring



Sisters of Mercy Health System has named Bob Davidson director of marketing and communications for the St. Louis region, which includes St. John’s Mercy Medical Center, Bob Davidson Mercy Clinic, and other facilities and services. • • • Anand V. Palagiri, M.D., a pediatric urologist, recently joined Mercy Children’s Hospital and Mercy Clinic, the multi-specialty physician group affiliated Palagir with St. John’s Mercy. • • • Christopher M. Simms has been promoted to senior vice president, sales manager of Mortgage Lending at Pulaski Bank. Simms • • • DeEtte Howell after a six-year hiatus has returned to Marketing Matters as a senior account director.

Southwest Airlines recently presented to the Ronald McDonald House in Creve Coeur a $207,000 check on behalf of the LUV Classic, a charity golf tournament. The donation helped build the recreation room in the basement of the new house. • • • Lou Fusz Soccer Club has announced the addition of two synthetic turf fields and lighting at its soccer complex at 2155 Creve Coeur Mill Road. • • • Ben Rassieur IV and Phillip Harris, coowners of Tee’s Golf Grill in Chesterfield Valley, during their recent “soft opening” raised $2,500 and donated it to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Metro St. Louis/Greater Missouri Chapter. • • • MasterCard Worldwide recently donated to two area organizations providing support to victims of the April 22 storms in the St. Louis area. MasterCard gave $25,000 to the United Way of Greater St. Louis and $25,000 to the St. Louis Chapter of the American Red Cross. In addition, the company through May 25 is double matching its employee gifts to the two organizations.


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Each year, Chesterfieldbased Reliv International allows its employees to celebrate National Volunteer Week by working at local charities. This year, Reliv employees volunteered at Ronald McDonald House, Circle Of Concern, Stray Rescue, Friends of Kids Pictured are Reliv International employees working in the with Cancer, and Habitat food pantry at Circle Of Concern in Valley Park. for Humanity.

HBA winners The Home Builders Association of St. Louis & Eastern Missouri (HBA) recently honored its Sales & Marketing Council award winners. Winners included (front row, from left) Shari Wynn, of Gershman Mortgage, David F. Eppler Award; Ed Lott, of Payne Family Homes, Hugh Pettus Award; and (back row, from left) Linda Boehmer, of Prudential Select Properties, David F. Eppler Award; Scott Alberson, of Gershman Mortgage, SMC Associate Award; and Brett Hardesty, of Hardesty Properties, Champion of the SMC Builder Award. The HBA is a local trade association of more than 700 member firms representing the residential construction industry. (Photo by Michael Marxer)

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Balaban’s in Chesterfield is among the 11 restaurants participating in West County Restaurant Week.

West County Restaurant Week set for May 16-22 By SARAH WILSON If ever there was a time to experience the diverse flavors of West County, it is the week of May 16-22 – the inaugural West County Restaurant Week. Eleven West County restaurants are participating in Restaurant Week by offering a three-course meal that will showcase their best dishes, all for $25 per person. Restaurants taking part include Andria’s (Chesterfield); Café Balaban (Chesterfield); Candicci’s (Ballwin); Charlie Gitto’s (Chesterfield); Gianfabio’s (Chesterfield); Surf & Sirloin (Des Peres); McCormick & Schmick’s (Des Peres); The Mediterranean Grill (Chesterfield); Sapore (Ballwin); and Ya Ya’s Euro Bistro (Chesterfield). Each restaurant will provide a few different options for each of three courses –an appetizer/salad, entrée and dessert. Bobby Conn and Rob Muckler, managing partners of R & B Productions and organizers of West County Restaurant Week, worked previously with the organizer of the Clayton Restaurant Week, which inspired them to bring a similar event to West County. “There’s never really been a collaboration of prominent West St. Louis County restaurants that all offered this type of deal,” Conn said. “We thought instead of having everybody that lives out west travel east for a program like this, why not bring it to their own backyard? We just wanted to bring a little bit of excitement back to West County.” West County Restaurant Week is presented by Out & About, Pearl Vodka, R&B Productions, St. Louis Magazine and West Newsmagazine.

There are no cards to carry or tickets to purchase. Diners simply visit the participating restaurant(s) of their choice and order off of a special menu. At the end of the meal, diners will be encouraged to “Help a Hero” by adding an extra $5 to their check to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project, a nonprofit organization that provides programs and services to severely injured service members. Donations are accepted also on the West County Restaurant Week website. “People are really starting to talk about the restaurant menus, the website looks great and all of the restaurants are telling their customers about it,” Conn said. “I think it’s going to do really well.” Muckler said he hopes to make the event an annual occurrence and is optimistic there will be a good turnout. He said the restaurant selection features a wide range of food styles – including Italian, seafood, European, Mediterranean – providing something for just about everyone. Some of the restaurants are brand new to West County, and others have been in the community for years, so diners can try something new or stick to their favorites. “We definitely think it’s going to get bigger and bigger as we go,” Muckler said. “We just want to get people in the doors of these local restaurants and help them gain more business during the week.” Reservations are strongly encouraged. For more information or menu options for each restaurant, visit

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Walking, weight control key to managing knee osteoarthritis

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By SHANNON F. IGNEY On May 13, St. Louis residents will walk together on behalf of the 1.4 million Missourians who suffer from arthritis. Sponsored by the Arthritis Foundation, the 3.1-mile walk at Forest Park aims to raise awareness of the disease and its many types, symptoms and treatments. There are more than 100 types of arthritis, but osteoarthritis (OA) – and specifically knee osteoarthritis – is the most common. Most simply described as a degenerative joint disease, OA is caused by the breakdown of the cartilage present in the joints. Roughly 41 percent of OA cases occur in the knee, and OA of the knee is one of the top five causes of disability among adults in the U.S. “OA is a natural part of the aging process,” said Sona Kamat, M.D., a rheumatologist with BJC Medical Group and assistant professor of internal medicine in the Division of Rheumatology at Saint Louis University. The lifetime risk of developing knee OA is almost 50 percent, but according to Kamat, “the speed with which the disease progresses is a combination of genetics and lifestyle.” Symptoms of OA start to become evident around the age of 40 and include steady joint pain, swelling and tenderness, morning stiffness, bone crunching and the growth of bone spurs. OA typically is diagnosed by a physician via review of medical history, X-rays or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). In extreme cases, joint aspiration, a medical procedure that drains fluid from the affected area, is required. Symptoms of knee OA can be vague, so it is important to listen to one’s own body. “When routine exercising, stretching, diet adjustments and over-the-counter medications don’t help with the pain, it is time to be evaluated by a physician,” Kamat said. “It is important to know when to draw the line on your suffering to make sure further damage isn’t done to the knee.” As there is no cure for OA, the focus of treatment is to decrease pain and improve joint movement as much as possible. Treatment ranges from exercise regimens to pharmaceuticals to a full knee replacement. Treatment type depends on severity of joint deterioration and the level of pain. In most cases, therapy includes a combination of rest, physical activity, joint protection, physical or occupational therapy and pharmaceuticals. Step No. 1 in pharmaceutical treatment is over-the-counter medications such as acetaminophen or non-steroidal anti-

Walking in water is one of the most effective exercises for managing OA of the knee.

inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to reduce joint pain, stiffness and swelling. Prescription-strength pharmaceuticals are the next step. “The medical field has made major headway in the treatment of OA,” Kamat said. “The development of topical NSAIDs, like Pennsaid and antiinflammatory injections, has greatly improved our ability to provide lasting treatments to our patients.” But many people are surprised to learn that small, simple changes are the best way to manage OA. “Diet and exercise are the best way to manage the progression of OA,” Kamat said. “The exercise I recommend most to my patients is walking. Walking is easy, affordable and causes minimal trauma to the knee. Even better: water-walking in a heated pool, as it eliminates pressure completely.” A piece of advice Kamat said she shares with her patients is the “Rule of 11.” “In regard to weight management, the magic number is 11 pounds,” Kamat said. “Studies show that maintaining an 11-pound weight loss can reduce chances of developing symptomatic OA of the knee by 50 percent over 10 years.”



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where quality and satisfaction matter        Zero Initiation Fee Full Family Golf Membership $375/Monthly Dues Friday, May 13th Only!    No Assessment Fees $ *     Full Flat of Annual Flowers Customized Corporate Packages Available    *Cash and carry, not valid with any other offer. In stock items only. Previous purchases excluded. Good only on 5/13/11. • P.B. Dye Designed Championship Golf Course Good Things do happen on Friday the 13th!   Swim Facility   • Family Friendly   • Fully Equipped Fitness Center 1855 Hwy. 109 • wildwood (at tHe corner of Hwy 109 & clayton)

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46 I Cover STory I 



Into the eye of the storm Storm chasers track down trouble

By BRIAN MCDOWELL Midwesterners are no strangers to the blare of tornado sirens, and the area’s recent tornadic activity has convinced many people to heed those sirens like never before. The April 22 warnings of severe storms that devastated parts of the St. Louis area sent area residents running for cover, resulting in zero fatalities and no serious injuries. But while most people were seeking refuge, others were aiming to get as close to the severe weather as they possibly could. Storm chasers typically are groups of journalists, scientists or thrill seekers whose experiences are readily available for viewing on TV and the Internet. In fact, much of the TV news coverage of the recent local storms featured footage captured by storm chasing teams. Colleges are even using the storm chasing craze as an education opportunity. Professor Tony Lupo, chairman of Atmospheric Sciences at the University

of Missouri, helped organize the Mizzou Storm Chase Team, which he said offers students the chance to practice and practically apply forecasting skills they learn in the classroom. Mizzou storm chasers have pursued storms in Ohio, Colorado and Texas; this year, they were present when tornadoes touched down in Iowa and Oklahoma. Hayden Oswald, a member of the team for the last two years, said he has been on three storm chases and within a half mile of a tornado. He said being that close to a storm was awe-inspiring and exhilarating. “There was definitely a rush,” Oswald said. “It can also be scary. I had to stay in the moment and listen and keep my head about me.” To identify the probable location of storms, Mizzou Storm Chase Team members watch the same computer models used by TV meteorologists and the National Weather Service. The night before severe weather is due to hit, they pick a target

location for waiting out the storm and hold weather conditions allow. Oswald said he chases storms because a briefing in the school’s meteorology lab. The size of a Mizzou storm chasing team he is passionate about studying weather can vary from four students in a single car and improving public safety. Veteran storm chaser Warren Faidley to 11 students in three vehicles. The teams aim to arrive at about 1 p.m. or 2 p.m. in an said he would recommend spotting for the area due to be impacted by a storm. Upon National Weather Service to anyone who arrival, they eat, make sure their vehicles wants to get close to a storm. He bemoaned have enough fuel, and if wireless Internet the fact that storm chasing has largely is available, use laptops to do their own stopped being the realm of scientists and journalists and become a way for young forecasting. While chasing storms, students stay in men to perform stunts and one-up each close contact with team members at the other on You Tube. Faidley, who has written books about his university’s “base camp” who monitor weather radar. Students in the field act as storm chasing experiences, started chasing storm spotters, watching the storm and storms while reporting for several newsrelaying to the National Weather Service papers. He said he has survived first-hand and local law enforcement information encounters with softball-sized hail, blizabout the storm’s location, where it is zards, hurricanes and tornadoes. According to Faidley, there has been an heading and what damage it is doing. Students are instructed not to get too increase in recent years of people in close close to the storms and to give themselves proximity to tornadoes dying in their cars. “People aren’t as afraid of the dangers room to leave if things get too dangerous. They chase storms for as long as light and as they used to be because of footage

(Photo by Katie Crandall, Mizzou Storm Chase Team)



I Cover STory I 47

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Circle Of Concern (Photo by Katie Crandall, Mizzou Storm Chase Team)

they’ve seen on the Internet,” Faidley said. was studied last year by the Department “It gives people some apathy towards the of Parks, Recreation and Tourism at the power these storms can have.” University of Missouri’s School of Natural He said thrill-seeking storm chasers Resources. Researchers surveyed 50 people make it difficult for legitimate journalists, who were signed up to take the tours. scientists and law enforcement officials to Sonia Wilhelm Stanis, an associate do their jobs. professor who helped conduct the study, “They ruined it for a lot of people,” Faid- explained what motivated her to investiley said. “Now, it is a Herculean task for us gate the trend. that do this for a living to keep our work “We realized that the popular and social separated from these nuts and weirdos.” communication channels such as TV series Faidley said weather forecasting web- and blogs were increasing their attention to sites have made tracking storms much recreational storm/tornado-chasing,” Stanis easier than it used said in an email. to be. When look“Everything started ing for storms to with the release of chase, he said, he the movie ‘Twister’ looks for flat areas in 1996, and more with good visibility - Warren Faidley recently (2007) with and good terrain. the weekly docuHe uses a fortified mentary ‘Storm vehicle with a roll cage, full air curtain Chasers’ on the Discovery Channel. deployment and screened windows. “So, we thought that that it would be “(The vehicle) is designed for safety, but important to know about this form of recrethere is still risk,” Faidley said. “I’ve seen ation, mainly because Missouri is a popular locomotives roll over in tornadoes.” destination for this activity as it is part of One of the worst weather events Faidley a region where tornados frequently occur. ever covered was in May 1987, when a Also, little scientific information was tornado obliterated the small, west Texas available about recreational storm/tornado town of Saragosa. Most of the casualties chasing, as opposed to storm chasing for were children attending a graduation cere- scientific purposes.” mony, and Faidley said the storm gave him Researchers were surprised to learn what a different outlook on what severe weather motivated people to chase storms. can do. “Interestingly, our study shows that motiThe popularity of storm chasing is so vations related to Taking Risks, such as to widespread that some companies offer be in dangerous situations, were not as tourists the chance to ride along on storm important as the ones related to Enjoying chasing expeditions. The tours, led by Nature and Learning,” Stanis said. meteorologists or experienced storm chasAs for Faidley, he said he would advise ers, cost anywhere from $3,000-$5,000 anyone who wants to chase storms to do so and can last from one to two weeks. only with a specific purpose in mind and That unique brand of “tornado tourism” not just for thrills.

“I’ve seen locomotives roll over in tornadoes.”

112 St. Louis Avenue P.O. Box 444 Valley Park, MO 63088





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Coming this summer to a theater near you By MEL PETERSON With familiar territories and favorites lighting up the screens this summer, there are also some fresh stories coming to the box office. Audiences should not be disappointed, as these picks are packed with what summer flicks are all about: adventure, action, artistry and awe.

world watching. “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” July 15 (not yet rated) It’s more than the just the last of the Harry Potter films – it is the film fans have been waiting for. Harry is closer to learning of the final Horcuxes but still far from finding them. The mysterious objects lead him back to Hogwarts, where the battle between good and evil has made its way to the school grounds. The only chance for survival is to fight.

“Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” May 20 (PG-13) In this fourth installment, Depp returns as Captain Jack Sparrow. His story continues as he hunts for a treasure more elusive than any other: the fountain of youth. But rough “Captain America: The First Avenger” seas lie ahead. Ian McShane as Blackbeard, July 22 (not yet rated) Penelope Cruz as an old flame, and GeofThe classic Marvel hero of World War II frey Rush as Barbossa all are sure to serve has a bold new look. A soldier who agreed as conflicting forces to Jack’s plans. to treatments for super soldier experimentation, Steve Rogers was deemed too “Kung Fu Panda 2” expensive to risk in combat and put on the May 26 (PG) sidelines. When the Nazi regime moves in, Having just mastered the art of kung fu, Rogers steps up as Captain America, only Po must help save it from annihilation as to further sacrifice himself. After being Lord Shen threatens to unleash a weapon frozen for nearly 60 years, he must prove that may very well do so. Fellow masters himself more than ever as an avenger the Furious Five now look to Po to con- amongst new heroes and a new war. ceive a plan, but before he can move forward, he must look back at how he got to where he is in the first place. “Cowboys and Aliens” July 29 (not yet rated) “Cars 2” It is 1873, and Daniel Craig, a man with June 24 (not yet rated) no recollection of his past and a shackle on Lightning McQueen is competing in the one wrist, has stumbled upon the town of World Grand Prix, and the prize is noth- Absolution. Yet, he is not the only stranger. ing other than world’s fastest car. Mater The aliens and their technology are no sets out to help but is soon caught up in match for the townsfolk, and they soon his own grand scheme of international realize that Craig may be their only chance. espionage. The top-secret mission, as well Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde join the as the championship race, leads to wild fight as the town unites against the enemy. adventures through the streets of Japan and It is more than their way of life they are all over Europe, with friends and all of the protecting – it is their very existence.



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15908 Manchester Rd • Ellisville, MO 63011




Creve Coeur Days… a charity fundraising event This year, the Creve Coeur Days carnival runs from Thurs., May 19 through Sun., May 22, and the event is being held again on the Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital campus on Mason Road, south of Olive Boulevard, just south of the hospital’s medical buildings. The hours are from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Thurs., May 19; from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Fri., May 20; from noon to midnight on Sat., May 21; and from noon to 7 p.m. on Sun., May 22. There is no admission charge to the carnival, and free parking is available on area lots after office hours. Started in 1967, this marks the 44th year for the charity fundraising event. In one respect, Creve Coeur Days is unlike other local community festivals. Instead of being an adjunct of city government, Creve Coeur Days since the earliest years, has been planned and organized by an independent, nonprofit planning committee with the double goal of bringing recognition to the city of Creve Coeur and raising funds for charitable and philanthropic endeavors. The formal name of the planning body is

Creve Coeur Days, Inc., and its membership is called the board. “The Creve Coeur Days board is made up of ordinary citizens of the Creve Coeur area who have become members just because they thought it would be both a worthwhile activity and a lot of fun,” Jan Becker, president, said. Many of them, like Becker, have remained board members for many years. Through the years, the volunteer-run festival has raised and contributed more than $180,000 for area charities, philanthropic and civic organizations. That is the “worthwhile” part. The fun part is working on the four-day festival itself with its carnival midway filled with carnival rides for kids of all ages, great game and food booths, a kids’ tent, pony rides, entertainment and the big Sunday parade. Details can be found in the Creve Coeur Days ad in this section of West Newsmagazine, one of Creve Coeur Days’ supporting sponsors. For full details on Creve Coeur Days, visit

! Thursday, May 26 Community Event

Specializing in Dementia Care

3rd Anniversary


Car Show Benefit

(314) 686-4444

12880 Manchester Road Saint Louis, MO 63131

I Creve Coeur Days I 51



Anniversary 1871 - 2011

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54 I Creve Coeur Days I 


The Wolf Public House and Jimmleg Presents THE ROCKIN JAKE BAND

Proud Sponsors of these bands


MAY 22nd The Jeremiah Johnson Band

15480 Clayton Road Ballwin, MO



Mayor Harold Dielmann heads the Creve Coeur Days parade Bring the kids out on Sun., May 22, to watch the annual Creve Coeur Days parade, the culminating event of the fourday Creve Coeur Days festival. The parade steps off promptly at 1 p.m. on Sunday, and travels west on Olive Boulevard from Pulaski Bank at 12300 Olive Blvd. to west of Mason Road. After the parade, walk to the Creve Coeur Days Carnival Midway, on Mason Road south of the medical buildings on the Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital campus. On Sunday, Creve Coeur Days closes at 7 p.m. Mayor Dielmann is being honored as this year’s Parade Marshal. The mayor organized the very first Creve Coeur Days Parade in 1967. He was the mayor of the city at that time and the parade was organized to celebrate the completion of the I-270 and Olive Boulevard intersection. Dielmann, who is a lifetime member of the Creve Coeur Days board, has since participated in nearly every parade. This year’s parade will have a variety of entries, including marching groups, baton corps, Cub Scout and Brownie Girl Scout groups from area schools, horses and riders, Shriners’ mini cars, decorated cars and floats, antique cars, and many other marching and motorized units. Terri Lott and Jo Knibb, parade co-chairpersons, advise those planning to view the parade to come out early and claim the best viewing spots along the parade route and on either side of Mason Road, just south of the intersection. Traffic will be blocked during the parade, so it is advisable to arrive well before the 1 p.m. starting time.

Information booth Hourly drawings for valuable prizes, generously provided by area merchants, will take place at the official Creve Coeur Days information booth, which also serves as the center for lost parents, lost articles and bottled water purchases. Register every hour at the information booth for that hour’s drawing. You must be present to win. Food booths abound on the Carnival Midway and you will have your choice of a great variety of tasty delights, from barbecue and burgers to pizza and ice cream. Game booths, where you can try your luck for prizes, are also plentiful. Come and enjoy good fun, good food and good entertainment.

Come for food, games and entertainment Food booths abound on the Carnival Midway and you will have your choice of a great variety of tasty delights, from barbecue and burgers to pizza and ice cream. Game booths, where you can try your luck for prizes, are also plentiful. Come and enjoy good fun, good food and good entertainment.

Thursday night is Armband Night Come early and purchase an armband that will allow you to ride on all rides as often as you like all evening long. It is only for Thursday night, but you will realize substantial savings over single or multiple ticket purchases.

—The Banker magazine, London

The Creve Coeur Days board of directors, members


It’s about lending responsibly, supporting small businesses and committing to green building practices. It’s about innovations like PNC Virtual Wallet® that help you make better decisions to make the most of your money. And it’s looking after our next generation with initiatives like PNC Grow Up Great®, which supports early childhood education. To find out more about PNC, visit

©2011 The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. All rights reserved. PNC Bank, National Association. Member FDIC The Banker — the monthly banking magazine of the Financial Times since 1926.

COMMSERV Ad Feb 2011 005

Officers: President – Jan Becker; Vice President and Midway Chairman – Roger Levy; Secretary – Marcene Tockman; Treasurer – Joan Beal Members: Joan Beal, Jan Becker, Carrie Carrigan, Harold Dielmann, Ed and Marilyn Farber, Tom Finley, Allan and Eileen Hurwitz, Roger Levy, Terri Lott, Larry Heyman, Jo Knibb, Robert W. Neier, Todd Neier, Marcia Oberdorfer, Rick Millner, Leona Stein, Steve and Marcene Tockman, A.J. Wang

creve coeur days


Funds and services provided by area businesses help to make Creve Coeur Days one of the largest and most successful of all community festivals in the county. This year’s sponsors include: Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital, Monsanto, Lions Choice, Great Southern Bank, West Newmagazine, Ladue News, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Warner Communications, United Rental, ProServices HandyMan, Midwest Waste, Pac-Van, Inc., Frank Kraemer Electric



I news I 55

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Ballwin VFW Post members (from left) Pete Froesel, Richard Taylor, Hans Recker, Eddie Young and Clifford W. Mitchem.

All are welcome at Ballwin VFW Post

By SHEILA FRAYNE RHOADES Tucked away behind the Ballwin Post Office is a local landmark of which many area residents are unaware. Ballwin VFW Post 6274, located at 115 Mimosa Lane, consists of a large hall and attached bar; it is sort of a “Cheers” venue with a military flavor. “Everyone is welcome here, service background or not,” Post Commander Richard Taylor said. Chartered in 1946, Post 6274 moved to Ballwin in 1974. Currently, it has a paid membership of 389. 175 of whom are life members. The oldest member is 89. The only requirement for membership is service in a military campaign. Most members are veterans of Iraq, Desert Storm, Kuwait, Vietnam, and Korea. There is a Ladies Auxiliary as well. Local residents familiar with the Post know it for its fundraisers, such as barbecues, bingo games, GI-style breakfasts, Lenten fish fries and golf tournaments. “We use the raised money for building upkeep, support of veterans and various community services,” Taylor said. There are Monday shuffleboard games and Tuesday dart leagues, and anyone can rent the hall for receptions, trivia nights and other private events. This year, the Post will hold its barbecue from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m. on May 13, 14 and 15 on the old PETCO parking lot. A portion of barbecue proceeds traditionally are donated to the Missouri Veterans Home in St. James, Mo.

“It’s one of our most humbling and rewarding services – our trips twice a year to the Missouri Veterans Home in St. James,” Taylor said. “We prepare and serve barbecue to our veterans and like to listen to their stories.” On Sun., June 5, the Ballwin VFW Post will hold its 19th annual Scholarship Golf Tournament at Mid Rivers Golf Course. “We are proud to offer scholarships to local high school students,” said 12th District Jr. Vice Commander Clifford W. Mitchem. “Students are asked to compose an essay with a military theme. Our committee reviews the essays and awards scholarships based on their grades and choice of college.” The Post contributes also to the USO and supports Jefferson Barracks. Members serve as funeral honor guards, on rifle teams at Jefferson Barracks, and take part as honor guards at the annual Memorial Day service in Vlasis Park. “We’re continually anxious for new members,” Taylor said. “Personally, I have a goal of 500.” Members meet at 7 p.m. on the third Monday of every month. The Post’s bar is open to the public seven days a week. “We have the cheapest and coldest beers in Ballwin,” Taylor said. “We’re unusual in that we are a family oriented organization and open to the public,” said Service Officer Eddie Young. “It may get lively and noisy in here, but it’s always friendly.” For more information, contact Taylor at (314) 409-3987.

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56 I  prime. Your guide to new homes


Builders hope for quick response from buyers Kevin Weaks

Know what a QR code is? Several St. Louis home builders and realty firms are betting that smart homebuyers with smart phones will be using this new technology in their search. A QR code (QR stands for Quick Response) is essentially a square bar code. You’re starting to see them everywhere, and with a QR reader on your phone you can scan a code with your phone’s camera then view a website or get a message and contact information. One of the first home builders to use QR code was Greater Missouri Builders. “Look for these codes on our flyers, brochures and advertisements,” said Kim Davison-Whalen, GMB’s residential sales and marketing director. “We’re excited to be on the cutting edge of marketing technology.” And they’re not the only ones. Payne Family Homes also now includes a QR code in its ads, adding to the ways buyers can shop for a new home or neighborhood. Another company cashing in on this new technology is Dutchman Realty of St. Charles County. A recent direct mail postcard mailing announcing an open house has a QR code that takes readers to the Dutchman website for more information. Watch for QR codes to show up on yard signs, business cards, bumper stickers and even movie screens. A gentleman I know took his daughter to the cinema and while they were waiting for the film to begin she used her smart phone to see a preview of the movie. Try it out for yourself. Grab your iPhone, Droid or other smart phone and look for the ads featuring that funny little QR square in this issue of Prime. Here’s what else is going on: If you haven’t been to Thomas & Suit Homes’ Wyndgate Forest, now is definitely the time. The neighborhood is in its springtime glory, with the trees in full bloom and the swimming pool set to open in a few weeks. You’ll be wowed, as I was, by the 55 acres of wooded common ground, four parks perfect for outdoor activities, and scenic trails for a spring walk. All that’s not to mention the two sports courts and bicycle lanes. Plus, you’ll love Wynd-

gate Forest’s great location near Highway 40 and Highway N that puts you minutes from dining, entertainment and shopping. Also prepare to be impressed with the amazing Sassafras display home that consistently draws rave reviews. Thomas & Suit Homes also is building at the nearby Enclave at Sommers Pointe, where they have just put the finishing touches on the brand-new Alberta ranch display model. This 2,260-square-foot beauty has 11-foot ceilings in the wide-open great room, breakfast room, hearth room and kitchen, and is available for only $329,000. For information, hours and directions, call 636561-2173 or visit It’s a grand opening at Greater Missouri Builders’ Queensbrooke Townhomes in St. Peters with brand-new townhomes all ready for you. There are two Elizabeth end units with two bedrooms and a loft, 1½ baths, a full basement, two-car detached garage and a real back yard. The townhomes have an eat-in kitchen with dark espresso maple cabinets, large center island, pantry, huge dining space and a spacious living room area. They are priced at $149,900 The Victoria, center unit, is 2 feet wider than the end units and offers three bedrooms, 2½ baths, upstairs laundry room, full basement, two- car detached garage, large kitchen with medium-toned cabinets and a large center island. Other features include a pantry, and very spacious dining area and living room – all enhanced with custom wall color. The price is $161,000. Also available is a 1,408-square-foot townhome with two – yes, two - master suites plus a laundry room upstairs, big walk in closets, extra windows, two-car detached garage, large eat-in kitchen with light-finish cabinets, center island, pantry, custom wall color, full basement and a large dining space. It is priced at $160,000 Queensbrooke townhomes have great curb appeal with brick and cement board siding, covered front porches and sodded and landscaped lawns. Want to hear more? Call sales agent Debbie Terwilliger at 636-9363615 or visit www.greatermissouribuilders. com.


Payne has vision! For spring home shoppers, choosing from the 20 fabulous designs Payne Family Homes now offers in The Meadows at Ohmes Farm may be challenging. The builder has just added its all-new “Vision Series” to the selection in the 250-acre, master-planned community on Ohmes Road in St. Peters. Complementing the builder’s popular “Lifestyle” portfolio, Payne’s new “Vision Series” adds another seven plans that were developed in response to buyer requests and extensive market research on the changing configurations of today’s households – from single first-time buyers to downsizers and multi-generational families. Basic Vision ranch and two-story plans start from the $180’s and provide two to four bedrooms and 1,302 to 2,480 square feet of living area. Multi-function spaces, dual master suites, upper-level laundries, flex rooms, and a myriad of options – for example, penthouse suites, finished lower levels and three-car garages – allow purchasers to design a home that fits their individual requirements. All of these choices – and a selection of move-in-ready inventory homes – are availablein this scenic neighborhood in the heart of St. Peters adjacent to Woodland Sports Park. For more on the Lifestyle and Vision Series and directions to Ohmes Farm call 314-477-1218 or visit

director of sales and marketing, Consort Homes has purchased 300 homesites in the established community, which is located on Highway Z, directly south of Quail Ridge Park, in Wentzville. “This acquisition represented a huge investment for Consort Homes, and the intent is to make Carlton Glen our new ‘flagship’ community in St. Charles County,” Petras stated. “The decision demonstrates our confidence in the development itself and in the future of Wentzville.” Designed for 503 families, the site is comprised of several villages radiating from a main parkway that terminates on the banks of a lake, and the neighborhood’s completed recreational complex includes a swimming pool, cabana, and “tot lot” playground. The grand opening introduces home shoppers to two of Consort’s most successful design collections – the Heritage Series and the Hometown Series. Community sales manager Sherry Conroy reports that customers purchasing during the preconstruction phase have been impressed by the large homesites, ranging from 8,000 to more than 12,000 square feet. Consort is the only volume home builder in St. Louis qualified as 100 percent “green,” providing the energy-efficiency and added comfort of a third-party-certified “green” home to all of its owners as a standard feature. Homes in Carlton Glen are grand-opening priced from the $150’s to mid-$200’s, and three market homes are available at various Consort Homes is celebrating its offi- stages of completion. For information call cial entré into Carlton Glen Estates with 636-327-4390 or visit www.consort-homes. the grand opening of four spectacular new com. display models. According to Ed Petras,

prime. Your guide to new homes I 57




Call 636-591-0010 to advertise.

I 59 Enjoy the Ride MAY 11, 2011 WEST NEWSMAGAZINE


Enter t ai n ment

Josh Groban brings his “Straight to You” tour to Scottrade Center on May 27.

COMEDY “Weird Al” Yankovic, June 3, The Family Arena

CONCERTS Neil Sedaka, May 13, Powell Symphony Hall Jason Aldean, May 13, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater Steve Tyrell, May 15, Sheldon Concert Hall Pointfest, May 15, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater “Classical’s Greatest Hits,” May 20, Powell Symphony Hall Tim McGraw, May 21, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater Bon Jovi, May 22, Scottrade Center Josh Groban, May 27, Scottrade Center Jimmy Eat World, May 28, The Pageant

The Music of Michael Jackson, June 11, Powell Symphony Hall Robert Plant & The Band of Joy, June 15, The Fox Theatre “Vegas & The Rat Pack,” June 17, Powell Symphony Hall Brad Paisley with Blake Shelton and Jerrod Niemann, June 17, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater Earth, Wind & Fire, June 18, The Fox Theatre Matthew Morrison, June 19, The Fox Theatre Lyle Lovett & John Hiatt, June 21, The Fox Theatre Motley Crue and Poison, June 22,

Chinese Culture Days, held May 21-22 at the Missouri Botanical Garden, features traditional Chinese arts, music, culture and cuisine.

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142 Enchanted Pkwy # 101 Manchester, MO 636-391-9111

17295 Chesterfield Airport Road, Suite 200 1-800-SHELTER

It just keeps getting better. Visit the all new The official internet home of West & Mid Rivers Newsmagazine

Verizon Wireless Amphitheater Rascal Flatts with Sara Evans, Justin Moore and Easton Corbin, June 26, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater Keith Urban, June 29, Scottrade Center

FESTIVALS Chinese Culture Days, May 21-22, Missouri Botanical Garden Shakespeare Festival of St. Louis “Taming of the Shrew,” May 25-June 19, Forest Park - F Emerson Spring to Dance Festival 2011, May 26-28, The Touhill Tim McGraw performs his “Emotional Traffic” tour on May 21 at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.


Dana Fuchs, June 1, Old Rock House “Symphonic Hollywood,” June 4, Powell Symphony Hall “Sing-A-Long ‘Sound of Music,’” June 10, Powell Symphony Hall

“Jersey Boys,” through May 29, The Fox Theatre “The Lady With All the Answers,” May 12-22, COCA “Mass Appeal,” May 26-June 12, Dramatic License Theatre

tickets and information COCA:, (314) 725-6555 Dramatic License Theatre: dramaticlicenseproductions. com, (636) 220-7012 The Family Arena:, (314) 534-1111 The Fox Theatre:, (314) 534-1111 Missouri Botanical Garden,, (800) 642-8842 Old Rock House:, (314) 534-1111 The Pageant:, (866) 448-7849

Powell Symphony Hall:, (800) 232-1880 Scottrade Center:, (866) 448-7849 Shakespeare Festival of St. Louis:, (314) 531-9800 Sheldon Concert Hall:, (314) 534-1111 The Touhill:, (314) 516-4949 Verizon Wireless Amphitheater:, (877) 598-8703 F =Free Admission

Whitmoor Country Club has been rated the BEST private country club in St. Charles County.

MeMbership Drive Now iN progress 9 Month Memberships Now Available for Golf & Social Special Incentives for both! C a l l fo r d et a i l s O n l y 10 mi nut e s fro m We s t Co unty Whitmoor Membership Director Shelly Anderson 636-926-9622 X 130 •

60 I 



Folk Art At It’s Best!

Shorebirds • Candle Sconces • Shelves Available at... Old

House In Hog Hollow

14319 Olive Blvd, Chesterfield MO • (314) 469-1019 • 1 mile west of 141 & 3 miles east of Chesterfield Mall • Hours: 10-5 Mon-Sat •

Event s BENEFITS The American Cancer Society presents “Winearoo,” a wine tasting and art show, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Thurs., May 12 at Dave Mungenast Lexus of St. Louis (13700 Manchester Road in Manchester). Samplings of fine wines, art exhibits, jewelry vendors, hors d’oeuvres and live entertainment are featured. Art and wine are available for purchase. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at, by phone at (314) 286-8157 and at the door. ••• The West St. Louis County/Eureka Lions annual barbecue is from 10:30 a.m. until sundown on Fri., May 13, Sat., May 14, Fri., May 20 and Sat., May 21 on Hwy. 109 at Central Avenue, four blocks south of I-44. The menu includes ribs, pork steaks, chicken, bratwurst, sandwiches and dinners. Proceeds benefit organizations including the Missouri School for the Blind, Lions Eye Research and Eye Clinic, college scholarships for Eureka high school seniors, care packages to troops and the Lions summer youth swimming program. On Fridays, call 388-5775 to order lunch delivery. ••• Wildlife Rescue Center’s Wildlife Baby Shower is from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sat., May 14 at 1128 New Ballwin Road. Families are invited for tours, food, games,

prizes, educational programs and crafts; animal welfare and environmental groups also are featured. To view the wish list, visit ••• Operation Food Search hosts Where Hunger Meets Hope at 6:30 p.m. on Sat., May 14 at 12555 Manchester Road in Des Peres. Unique artwork is available in a silent auction, and cocktails, food stations, Circus Harmony and a performance by Jeremy Davenport are featured. Table sponsorships start at $2,000, and individual tickets are $200 for reserved seating and $150 for open seating. Visit or call (314) 726-5355 ext. 23. ••• The Archimedes 5K Fun Run is at 8:30 a.m. (registration is from 7 a.m. to 8:15 a.m.) on Sun., May 15 at Kircher Park in Eureka. A toga costume contest, kids’ 100yard dash, balloon twisting and awards are featured. Donations benefit Eureka Parks and Recreation. Entry is $20 through May 13 or $25 the day of the race. Visit ••• Support Dogs Inc. hosts its second annual ‘Dogs in the Ruff!’ golf tournament at 1 p.m. (registration and lunch at noon) on Fri., May 20 at Norman K. Probstein Golf Course in Forest Park. An 18-hole, fourperson scramble with a shotgun start is fea-

BAIT & TACKLE SHOP At Busch Wildlife

2360 Highway D • St. Charles, MO 63304 Questions or comments call Ted at 636-300-3434 Alternate #’s 314-486-2919 or 314-616-0960

We Carry an Assortment of Tackle, Supplies & More! LIVE BAIT We also Worms, Chicken Liver, Minnows, Crickets have snacks, sandwiches, RENTALS candy, frozen • BOATS (All Day) $5.30 tilapia, pollock or 10 plus lakes with boats, rentals are for the lakes here only! catfish fillets! • TROLLING MOTORS & BATTERY • ANCHORS & FISHING POLES

tured. A golf cart, dinner, complimentary beverages and a silent auction are included. Support Dogs provides highly skilled service dogs to individuals with disabilities. Tickets are $90 per person or $360 for a four-person team. Call (314) 997-2325 or visit ••• Old Trails Historical Society presents a Quilt Bed Turning and Dressing of a Proper Victorian Lady Luncheon at 11 a.m. on Sat., May 21 at the Salem Church in Ballwin United Methodist (14825 Manchester Road). Tickets are $15. Proceeds support the preservation and restoration of the Historic Bacon Log Cabin. For reservations, call Irene at 527-2522 or Janice at 220-7330. ••• The Missouri Brewfest is from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Sat., May 21 on the Westport Plaza west parking lot. A beer garden, live music by Hollywood 5 and a “People’s Choice” award for guests’ favorite beer are featured. The entrance fee is $20 and includes a commemorative beer pilsner, all beer sampling and entertainment. Food is sold separately. Tickets sale proceeds benefit Friends of Kids with Cancer. Visit ••• The Eureka-Pacific Elks sponsor a golf tournament at 1 p.m. on Sat., May 21 at Aberdeen Golf Course (4111 Crescent Road in Eureka). A barbecue and beverages, contests, raffles and prizes are featured. Proceeds benefit The Mission Continues,

which supports veterans. Entry is $90 per person or $360 per team. Call Bob at 4323063 or Steve at 938-6744. ••• Communities Healing Adolescent Depression and Suicide (CHADS) Coalition for Mental Health hosts the fifth annual Kids Walking for Kids—A Celebration of Hope! from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Sat., May 21 in Creve Coeur Park. Food, games, team competitions, arts and crafts, beach volleyball, live music, a memorial walk, fireworks and more are featured. CHADS works to end teen suicide. Call 952-2046 or visit ••• The 13th annual Friends of Kids with Cancer Golf Tournament is at 12 p.m. on Mon., May 23 at Whitmoor Country Club. There is a shotgun start with standard foursomes. The tournament includes a catered lunch, snacks and games on the course and a dinner auction for $300 per golfer. Register by calling (314) 275-7440 or visiting ••• The Saint Louis Crisis Nursery Golf Classic is at 1 p.m. (registration at 11:30 a.m., lunch at 11:45 a.m.) on Mon., May 23 at Forest Hills Country Club. A four-person scramble, contests and a dinner/awards banquet are featured. The individual player’s fee is $350; sponsorships begin at $2,000. Call (314) 292-5770 or visit •••

Spring is Here! We have the largest selection anywhere...Come see for yourself! Trees • Shrubs • Annuals Perennials • Fire Pits • Paver Patios Retaining Walls • Gravel • Mulch Ponds • Vegetables & Herbs Landscape Design & Installation Troy | 636-366-4550 | 531 John Deere Dr. | Maryland Heights. | 314-469-8900 | 13801 Marine Ave.

FAMILY AND KIDS Bethel United Methodist Church invites all pets to the Blessing of the Animals and a pet show from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sat., May 14 at the church (17500 Manchester Road in Wildwood). The event is free and donations to local bet shelters are welcome, including pet beds, collars, treats, leashes, blankets, towels, etc. Call 458-2255. ••• A Sports Night is at 6:30 p.m. on Wed., May 18 at Congregation Shaare Emeth (11645 Ladue Road in Creve Coeur). “The Cardinals of Cooperstown” authors Myron Holtzman and Greg Maracek, an open forum for discussion for those who enjoy talking about the Cardinals and refreshments are featured. The program is free and open to the public, but reservations are required. Call (314) 692-5342 or email ••• The city of Wildwood presents a showing of “How to Train Your Dragon” at about 8:45 p.m. on Fri., May 20 outdoors at the Town Center Plaza. The movie is free and includes complimentary kettle corn, Kona ice, soda and water. Visit cityofwildwood. com. ••• The city of Ballwin hosts a Family Campout from Sat., May 21 to Sun., May 22 at Vlasis Park. Pitch a tent and there will be barbecue, s’mores, a scavenger hunt and more. Registration is $25 per tent for VIPs or $30 for regular admission. Visit ballwin. ••• The city of Ballwin hosts Conquer Castlewood at 8 a.m. on Sun., May 22 at Castlewood State Park. Teams of two canoe on the Meramec river, bike and run a course on the park’s trails. Visit ••• St. Joseph Manchester Athletic Association hosts a Grass Volleyball Tournament from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sun., May 22 at Schroeder Park. The tournament is for both adults and children (fourth grade through high school) and all levels of play are available. A mix of single gender and co-ed teams is allowed. Music, food, refreshments and awards are featured. For fees and to register, call Shari Carder at 3915165 or email ••• St. Louis County Greek Fest 2011, “A Taste of Greece from This Side of the Atlantic,” is from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Fri., May 27 through Mon., May 30 at Assumption Greek Orthodox Church (1755 Des Peres Road in Town & Country). Greek foods, live entertainment, church tours, activities for kids, a Greek market and more are featured. Visit West Newsmagazine, the city of Chesterfield, Bash Productions, KTRS Radio and Fazio’s present the inaugural West County

I 61


NEWSMAGAZINENETWORK.COM Talent Bash from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Sat., May 28 at the new Chesterfield Amphitheater in Central Park. More than 50 live acts compete for prizes. Businesses wanting to participate and those wanting more information should call Frank Schmer at 2566564.

When you demand the finest ... Exterior Design Specialists


Family owned & operated for 40 years

“Mothers, Daughters and Caregiving… When the Tables Turn,” a Pathways for Aging community education program, is from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Thurs., May 19 and from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Tues., May 24 at Pathways for Aging (745 Craig Road, Ste. 212). The event includes tools to improve communication, skills to manage caregiver stress and tips to positively adapt to changing roles. The $25 registration fee includes a meal. RSVP by May 13 by calling (314) 395-7560.

SPECIAL INTEREST “An Update on the Latest in Travel Medicine” will be presented by Karen Moore, Travel Health Coordinator of BJC Traveler’s Health Service at 2 p.m. on Sat., May 21 at St. Louis County Library Headquarters (1640 S. Lindbergh in Frontenac). A presentation on Sicily also is featured. Admission is free and open to the public. Call (314) 432-1289. ••• St. Louis Imperial Swing Dance Club, in cooperation with the USO, hosts “Military Appreciation Night” at 6:45 p.m. (doors open) on Sat., May 21 at Trinity Lutheran Church (Clayton Road and Route 141 in Chesterfield). Guests are asked to bring toiletries for the USO at Lambert International Airport. Admission is $6 for members and sister club members and $8 for guests. Call 493-1665 or visit ••• The inaugural Harrah’s High Steaks BBQ Bash is on Sat., June 11th (one day only event) on the Harrah’s Casino parking lot (777 Casino Center Drive in Maryland Heights). Amateurs and professionals compete for “High Steaks” payouts, which will be a total of $20,000 distributed between four main categories (ribs, chicken, pork steak, Chefs Choice), Peoples Choice and Grand Champion Awards. Call Frank Schmer at 256-6564 for more information or to register a team. ••• Team registrations are now being accepted for the seventh annual St. Louis Home Fires BBQ Bash taking place on Sat., Sept. 24 and Sun., Sept. 25 at the Wildwood Town Center. Amateurs and professionals compete for prizes in several categories. Call Frank Schmer at 2566564.

• • • • • • •

Custom Design & Installation Landscape Lighting Retaining Walls / Ponds Patios / Walkways Ground Management Water Drainage Tree, Shrubs, Perennials

14 Meramec Station Rd.


! All Brands ! s le ty S All r! All Leathe



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St. Louis’ best selection of all-leather furniture!

These Styles and many others in stock or custom order at sale prices!


St. Louis’ Original Leather Specialty Store 445 Lafayette Center at Manchester & Baxter by Petco

62 I 





Pub & Eatery



Now A Non-Smoking Establishment


Every Sunday

All You Can Eat Fried Chicken

Served with Salad, Slaw & Potato. Dine in only.


VETERANS BAR-B-QUE MAY 13 & 14 • 11AM - 8PM Between Elco & McDonald’s On Manchester Road

Inquire about our Banquet Room 250 person capacity starting @ $450 OPEN to the public daily

19th Annual 4-Man Scramble Golf Tournament June 5th • 4-Man Team - $300 - Call for details -

Open 8am Mon-Sat • 9am on Sundays 49 Clarkson Road • Ellisville

BALLWIN VFW POST #6274 115 Mimosa Lane • Ballwin Behind Ballwin Post Office 636-527-9555

One block North of Clarkson & Manchester


Come To

The Hill

I just wish my golf game was as good as our food!

For Great Italian Food & Catering!


We’re Open FOr Lunch! Tuesday thru Friday 11am to 2pm Tropical Patio is Now Open!

Conveniently located off Hwy 44 at Kingshighway & Hampton exits

Offer good 5/11/11 thru 5/25/11 (Equal or lesser value. Cannot be combined with other offers. Requires purchase of two beverages. Must present coupon)

Di Gregorio Foods 2232 Marconi Ave.


Since 1978

I think Eric & Kevin are the best Chef/Manager combination around! I'd like to thank Fran for being my favorite ad agent for the past few years - I'll miss you – Jack Massa

16125 Chesterfield Pkwy. West 636-530-9800 • Open Mon-Sun 4pm; Sunday Brunch 9:30-1:30pm

Nicoletti’s S T E A K & PA S TA

Lunch Tues-Fri 11am-2pm Dinner Mon-Sun Starting at 4pm

$5.00 Off

w i t h m i n i m u m p u r c h a s e o f $ 2 0 .00 Carry Out or Dine In

• Communion • Mother’s Day • Graduation • Birthdays • Anniversaries • Any Special Celebration


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Limit 1 per customer. Must redeem coupon. Not valid with any other offer. Expires 5/31/11.

Limit 1 per customer. Must redeem coupon. Not valid with any other offer. Expires 5/31/11.

Decorated Cake




N o t Va l i d w i t h a n y o t h e r c o u p o n s or on Holidays

15310 Manchester Road


Mon. - Sat. 7:00 am - 6:30 pm Sun. 7:30 am - 2:30 pm

(314) 894-0900

@ Long & Edison in Chesterfield


(Highway 141 and Big Bend Road)


Home of the


CHESTERFIELD 13700 Olive Blvd.

(636) 530-1745

Serving Authentic Chicago Pizza, Italian Beef & Hot Dogs!

O'Fallon & St. Louis

“When you want to serve the very best.”

Buy One Lunch, Get One Free

• Dine-in • Carry-out • Lunch • Dinner


Lunch Specials: Daily 11-4pm


636-225-9944 carry out The Landings at Dougherty Ferry and Big Bend Rd.

2964 Dougherty Ferry Rd.

636-379-4447 636-379-4446 carry out Seconds from T.R. Hughes Ballpark

1090 Tom Ginnever Ave.




I 63

‘Expect the unexpected’ at Cedar Lake Cellars By SUZANNE CORBETT When Carl Bolm first opened Cedar Lake Cellars in Wright City, Mo., wine was not a consideration. The 100-acre property was first developed as an event center, embracing its early 20th century farm theme. “I grew up out here, and when I found this place I fell in love with its beauty,” Bolm said. “I wanted to develop an event center, so we began the project with renovating the barn.” When Bolm began his unique retrofit of the barn, its occupants were farm equipment and cows. Today, the barn complex is a multilevel event space that includes a smaller roomer with wood burning fireplaces on the first floor and an upstairs party space that offers a bar, pool tables and a connected outdoor deck. Outside, a large patio and stage overlook the adjacent lakes, vineyards and manicured grounds.

Cedar Lake Cellars 11008 Schreckengast Road Wright City, Mo. (636) 745-9500 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., Fri. – Sun. 

“I fell in love with the beauty here,” Bolm said. “And after the barn complex was opened for events and I saw the enjoyment it brought people, I asked myself what I could do to complement the experience. That’s when we added the winery.” After taking a research trip to California as well as exploring Missouri wineries, Bolm brought together a team to create the winery, headed by Scott Sutter, who developed the Cedar Lake Cellars element. “We have wines from 25 different wine regions from around the world, including 10 wines we produce,” said Sutter, noting that 90 percent of the wines sold are those Carl Bolm (left) and Scott Sutter.  sporting the Cedar Lake label. Cedar Lake wine production is split Cedar Lake chefs provide. There also is an between Missouri and Paso Robles, Calif. excellent selection of beers for those who Among Cedar Lake’s California-produced prefer a brew, as well as soft drinks and wines are Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Pinot waters. Noir, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. “This is a destination attraction,” Bolm Missouri wines include Vignoles, Riesling, said. “We wanted to make ourselves differPink Sunset (blush wine), Norton (a full- ent, making the experience exceptional for bodied red, made from Missouri’s state our patrons.” grape), and Fire Truck (a sweet red wine Cedar Lake Cellars offers two sepanamed for the 1939 Ford fire truck). rate kitchens, featuring farm to fork cuiWhile Cedar Lake Cellars sells wine by sine. On the daily menu, guests will find the bottle, it also sells its wines to visi- soups, salads and sandwiches, along with tors by the glass – a unique and exciting bruschetta, antipasti and cheese platters – concept that complements the food service perfect for enjoying al fresco on spacious

landscaped grounds. With the weather getting warmer, live musical entertainment is planned each week, as well as special events. “We’re also in the planning stages of offering winemaker dinners,” Sutter said. Cedar Lake Cellars’ natural beauty and surroundings provide visitors with an exotic blend of serenity and energy, where friends and family can gather in an inviting environment. “Expect the unexpected,” Bolm said. “You have to come out and experience it for yourself.”





Mr. Sushi Yoshio Aoki is Back

Hard to Find... Easy to Fall in Love With


 ow ServiNg at M oMoYaMa 




10 PGA Tour Golf Simulators 15 HDTVs Large Bar and Upscale Dining Room Unique Menu Items: Homemade Flatbreads • 1/2 lb. Lamb Burgers Braised Beef T-Ravs • Grilled Wings

Bring in this ad for

10 Off %

Bring Your Own Clubs or Rent Ours

Japanese Sushi Restaurant 636-536-7778

(In the plaza with Trader Joe’s)

Great for Private Parties!




Monday - Saturday • Lunch & Dinner

1637 Clarkson Rd. • Chesterfield







Ask me about Accident Forgiveness. Ask me about Accident Forgiveness. With other insurance companies, With other havinginsurance an accident companies, can having an accident can mean your rates rise as much mean as 40%. your But rateswith riseAllstate’s as much as 40%. But with Allstate’s Accident Forgiveness, your Accident rates won’t Forgiveness, go up at all your justrates won’t go up at all just because of an accident. Don’tbecause wait! Call of me an accident. today. Don’t wait! Call me today.

64 I 


Feature is optional and subject to terms and conditions. Safe Driving Bonus® won’t apply after an accident. In CA, you could still lose the 20% Good Driver Discount. Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company: Northbrook, IL. © 2010 Allstate Insurance Company

Feature is optional and subject to terms and conditions. Safe Driving Bonus® won’t apply after an accident. In CA, you could still lose the 20% Good Driver Discount. Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company: Northbrook, IL. © 2010 Allstate Insurance Company


ut Accident Forgiveness. insurance companies, having an accident can ates rise as much as 40%. But with Allstate’s orgiveness, your rates won’t go up at all just an accident. Don’t wait! Call me today.

tactile feel, as well as add additional support. The new seats are complemented by the revised steering wheel, featuring modelspecific badges, streamlined switch trim and wrapped spokes. Padded center console and armrests for all models are now included for 2012. An additional visual touch inside the car is contrasting color stitching – in red, blue and yellow – which is available with the custom leatherwrapped interior. Also coming in 2012 is a new Bose uplevel audio system, which includes nine speakers (compared to seven in 2011) for improved audio quality that is more precisely tuned to the cabin’s acoustics. New tweeters located in the instrument panel and improved Bose Nd next-generation bass performance is the main benefit that Corvette drivers will hear. A new Technology Package (2LT trim level) brings together many of the Corvette’s popular infotainment features and makes them available for more models. The package’s equipment includes the navigation radio, head-up display, Bose premium audio system, Bluetooth wireless phone connectivity and a USB port. Wrapping up the new features for 2012 is the availability for customers to select brake caliper colors, for more personalization of their Corvette. The calipers are offered in the red, yellow, silver or gray.


Askme me about Accident Forgiveness. Ask about Accident Forgiveness. With other insurance companies, having an accident can With other insurance companies, 16828 MANCHESTER RD Ask me about Accident Forgiveness. having an accident can mean your rates rise as much as 40%. But with Allstate’s WILDWOOD meanother yourinsurance rates risecompanies, as much ashaving 40%. Butaccident with Allstate’s With an can Accident Forgiveness, your rates won’t go up at all just DETROIT – Chevrolet announced today Accident Forgiveness, your rates won’t go up at all just mean your rates rise as much as 40%. But with Allstate’s because of an accident. Don’t wait! Call me today. that it will once again elevate Corvette’s because Forgiveness, of an accident. Don’t wait! Callgomeuptoday. Accident your rates won’t at all just performance capabilities with a series of because of an accident. Don’t wait! Call me today. improvements for the 2012 model year that improve on-track performance and on-road LESLIE NORTH comfort. They include enhancements to the (636) 458-9797 high-performance Z06 and ZR1 models as LESLIE NORTH well as interior upgrades across the Cor16828 MANCHESTER RD LESLIE NORTH (636) 458-9797 WILDWOOD vette lineup. (636) 458-9797 Sports car fans will get their first look at 16828 MANCHESTER RD the 2012 models – including the racing16828 MANCHESTER RD WILDWOOD inspired appearance of the Chevrolet CenWILDWOOD tennial Edition – at a special event this weekend at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Ky. Production begins Feature is optional and subject to terms and conditions. Safe Driving Bonus® won’t apply after an accident. In CA, you could still lose the 20% Good Driver Discount. Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company: Northbrook, IL. ©and 2010 Allstate Feature is optional subject to Insurance terms and Company conditions. Safe Driving Bonus® won’t apply after an accident. In CA, you could still lose the 20% Good Driver Discount. Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company: in July. Northbrook, IL. © 2010 Allstate Insurance Company “We constantly strive to make the Corvette a better car on the road and the track,” says Tadge Juechter, Corvette vehicle line director and chief engineer. “For 2012, the Corvette lineup achieves its highest performance level ever, while at the same time being easier to drive and enjoy thanks to several changes and new features inside the car.” Interior and feature changes All 2012 Corvette models will include a new seat design and a new steering wheel. The seats feature larger bolsters on the seat back and cushion areas, which provide Feature is optional and supject to terms and conditions. Safe Driving better driver support, especially in highpply after an accident. In CA, won’t you could still lose the 20% Driver Discount. and Casualty Insurance Company: Bonus® apply after an Good accident. In CA,Allstate you Fire could still lose the 20% performance driving while remaining comGood Driver Discount. Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company: fortable for daily street driving. Microfiber Northbrook, IL. © 2010 Allstate Insurance Company suede seat inserts are optional and improve

LESLIE NORTH (636) 458-9797

LESLIE NORTH (636) 458-9797

Corvette Performance Reaches Higher in 2012

RTH 8-9797

Ask me about Accident Forgiveness. With other insurance companies, having an accident can mean your rates rise as much as 40%. But with Allstate’s Accident Forgiveness, your rates won’t go up at all just because of an accident. Don’t wait! Call me today.



I 65

Automotive Showcase

Sapaugh GM Country exceeds what the client expects every time By BRIAN MCDOWELL

restorations, as well as free pickup and delivery of vehicles being serSapaugh GM Country knows time is valuable for every viced to and from anywhere in West one of its clients. So when West County car buyers learn County as well as most locations in about the exceptional, personalized service the family- the St. Louis area. owned Sapaugh GM Country dealership provides, a short Sapaugh also offers shuttle serdrive to Herculaneum, Mo., is well worth the trip. vice to those having their vehicles “Our goal is to give our customers the experience like repaired, as well as making both one they’d have if they stayed at the Ritz,” Sapaugh Gen- rental and loaner cars available. eral Manager Joe Clemens said. “When they leave here, I Sapaugh even washes every car want them to be saying, ‘Wow.’” after it is serviced. Sapaugh attracts customer loyalty by employing highly “If there’s anything wrong with trained service techs. Its loyal service department offers any of the cars we sell, we want to everything from standard oil changes to complete vehicle make it right for the people,” Clemens said. Sapaugh sells all new GM makes Sapaugh GM Country and models, from Chevrolets and 1507 McNutt St. • Herculaneum, Mo. Cadillacs to Buicks and GMC trucks, in one location. It and has been with it since, becoming an expert in the Sales: (636) 232-0142 also features the area’s largest selection of used cars, industry. He said all the nice people he works with are Service: (636) 524-4268 allowing Sapaugh to sell pre-owned vehicles at a lower what keep him coming back every day. Sales Hours: Even though the economy has hit the car business hard price than its competitors. Those who purchase used cars 8:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Mon., Wed. & Fri.; from Sapaugh benefit from the dealership’s commitment in the last few years, Clemens said sales at Sapaugh have 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Tues. & Thurs.; continued to grow. to service – they know they can count on it. 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sat. “Everyone has found out about the level of service that Sapaugh prides itself on being big enough to serve cusService Hours: tomers but small enough to personally know each person we offer,” Clemens said. 6:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., Mon. – Fri.; He said he thinks customers from West County will who walks through the door. 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sat. Such commitment to service has been featured at quickly find that Sapaugh goes above and beyond its Sapaugh ever since the beginning. A few months after the advertised motto, “American-made products, Mid-Amerdealership opened 26 years ago, Clemens joined Sapaugh ican values.”

Who is Concierge Automotive Services?

We offer a NEW CONCEPT in purchasing “Like-New” vehicles.

It just keeps getting better.

Why buy a “Like-New” instead of New?

“Like-New” saves $$$ and allows you to purchase more vehicle for less, NOW!

Why buy from Concierge Automotive?

The Vehicle You Want, From Desire to Delivery... No inventory in stock, Our inventory is on-demand! YOU name it, WE buy it, WE deliver it, YOU drive it!

Visit the all new The official internet home of West & Mid Rivers Newsmagazine

• No time? NO PROBLEM! • Get the exact vehicle YOU desire! • Shopping made easy! • Hassle free! • Haggle free! • Worry free! • Carfax guarantee on qualified cars! • 120 Point Pre-Delivery vehicle Inspection! • Safety and emission inspection! • 1 Year Concierge Assurance Plus on selected vehicles


We do the work while you go about your day! From Desire to Delivery...

66 I 



W E S T H O M E PA G E S West County

Landscape Contractors


Professional Landscape Design and Installation Paver Patios • Retaining Walls Water Features • Plantings Landscape Lighting and Repair Update Existing Landscapes

Kitchen Lighting Upgrades • Recessed Lighting • Pendant Lighting • Under Cabinet Lighting • All Residential Electrical • Exterior/Security Lighting •Flat Screen/Surround Sound • Panel Upgrades/Basement Wiring



Tim Gamma - B.S.Newsmagazine Horticulture Board Certified Master Arborist

“Let Us Shine the Perfect Light on Your Investment.”

Proof: Stout Landscaping Salesperson:


Pruning • Fertilization Planting • SPraying trimming and removal

314-725-6159 Insured

Top Gunn Deck & Fence Revival Top Gunn Home Improvements


• Powerwash/Stain • Decks - Fences • Interior/Exterior Paint • Install/Repair Decks - Fences Concrete Work • Full Remodeling

636.466.3956 • 636.422.0788 Now Available Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

...A Certified Belgard Installer... Retaining Walls (Any Size) Paver Patios • Bobcat & Backhoe Services Erosion & Drainage Control SPECIALIZING IN LARGE DIFFICULT PROJECTS

Check us out @

(636) 227-5595

• • • • •

Visit our Showroom



Fully stocked trucks for expedient repair Quality plumbing repairs Fair • Honest • Reliable Reasonable rates • Licensed Satisfaction Guaranteed Specialists in OLD HOME repair.

T O N Y L AM A R T I N A PLUMBING COMPANY 965-9377 INC. “We want to be your family plumber”

Specializing In:

Driveway & (314) 822-0849 Patio

New and Replacement


“Finally, An Affordable Mole Service”


Don’t Live With Moles... My Customers Don’t! Average Yard Has 1-2 Moles • Litters Are Born March - July Local and Neighborhood References No Poisons • No Chemicals • Child & Pet Safe Traps Less Expensive • More Reliable • More Effective • Fast Results

Call J.D. At 636-233-4484

When you want it done right...


Free Estimates

Power wash solutions

call On a handyman PrOfessiOnal!

• House Wash • Concrete Cleaning • Sealing • Deck Restoration • Staining • Fence Restoration Licensed & Insured

Home Repairs • Plumbing • Electrical Carpentry • Painting • Windows & Doors Appliances • Roof Repairs • Decks & More!

636.541.0375 • 636.394.2319

• • • • •

1 Room Or Entire Basement FREE Design Service Finish What You Started As Low As $15 sq. ft. Professional Painters, Drywall Hangers & Tapers

Call Rich on cell 314.713.1388

D-K Electric New Service- Repair- Remodeling Troubleshooting - Free Estimates


*Ask about our discounts* Licensed- Bonded- Insured

Call for estimate 636-675-1850


Residential- Commercial

Kitchen/Baths/Room Addition

Painting Cedar Staining • Powerwashing


Squeaky Clean

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• Window Cleaning • Gutter Cleaning • Power Washing • Deck Restoration Call Today!

Traditional Finishes To Old World Charm


Senior Discount Available



Call for Free Design Consultation and Estimates

(314) 581-0099 Date of issue: Client: SHOWERS REBUILT Size: When you want BATHROOMS REMODELED it done right Colors: “Water Damaged Showers a Specialty” the first time... Tub/Shower Conversions Pictures: Tile & Logos: Bath Service, Inc. 25 Years Experience We’re the place • 14770 Clayton Road • Copy: to check out first.

Basement Finishing Specialist 3 & 4 Season Rooms James Hardie Siding/Vinyl


Licensed • Bonded Insured • References Free Estimates

Insured • Free Estimates

(314) 494-7719

Custom Landscaping and Installation Pond & Pondless Water Features Erosion / Drainage Control / Rain Gardens Shrub & Bed Maintenance Block and Stone Walls / Walks and Patios


Certified Aquascape Contractor • “Family Owned & Operated” • Fully Insured

$200 Off Any Remodeling Job Over $4,000

Bathrooms • Kitchens • Basements Additions • Custom Carpentry Free Estimates G.A. Chott & Associates, Inc.

“Excellence In Remodeling Since 1987”

636-282-7950 Fully Insured/Licensed



 I 67


F inish & Trim C arpentry C o .


Custom Woodworking • Bars • Bookshelves Mantels • Doors • Stairs • Media

Furniture & Decorating Co., Inc

Kitchens • Basements • Baths

Roy Kinder

Since 1930 Upholstering, Repairing and Refinishing

Master Carpenter #1557 Custom Contractor/Builder

17322 Manchester Road

(636) 391-5880

(636) 458-3809

Insured • Satisfaction Guaranteed Since 1979 •


Established in 1979



Custom Lamps made from Your Favorite Possessions A Modern Old Time Lighting Store

St. Charles • 2156 Bluestone Dr. • 636-949-2177 Creve Coeur • 1265 N. Warson Rd. • 314-432-0086

The Cleaning Agents, LLC

“We’re Tough On Grime”

1279 Hwy 100 • Wildwood, MO 63069 (636) 451-5107 (Cell:(636) 485-7723) Residential • Commercial • New Construction


6 3 6 . 2 62 . 51 24 InSuREd • MEnTIOn Ad & RECEIVE 10% OFF

& Consultation


Neighborhood Discount Available



636-288-6410 I RETURN ALL CALLS! Our Reputation is Our Guarantee •Kitchens • Baths • Finished Basements • Room Additions • Custom Carpentry

From the Simple....To the Most Extravagant

$1,000.00 Off Must be presented upon initial appointment. Certain stipulations apply. Thru 5/31/11. Cannot be combined with any other offers.

Many Spring Discounts Available 636-887-4384

When you want it done right the first time...

We’re the place to check out first.

Roofing & gutteRs Tuckpointing • Leafgard • Repairs


Bonded & Insured/Experienced Employees/ Professional, Safe And Reliable


Ceiling Fans • Wholehouse Fans Gable Vent Fans • Recessed Lighting

Specializing in installation for two story homes with no wiring on first floor. When Handyman Quality Just Won't Do.

(314) 510-6400



No Spraying • No Rolling • No Mess Decks- Playsets-Tie Walls- Fences- Hardwoods FREE Estimates

Work Guaranteed • Insured • References

314-852-5467 • 314-846-6499


Bi-Specializing S t a t e inCResi ond ecn tri ael te Tear Out & R eplac em ent

P ro fe s s i ona l Work m a n s h ip Driveways • Patios • Sidewalks • Porches Steps • Garage Floors • Repair Work Exposed Aggregate • Stamped Concrete Family Owned • Insured • Since 1963

FREE Estimates 314-849-7520

Before & After Marshall Cleaning

Window & Gutter Cleaning Power Washing • Houses Roofs & Patios Insured • Free Estimates

(314) 805-1405




T.D. DeVeydt Electric L.L.C.

Roofing • Siding • Gutters 24 Hour Emergency Service

Meeting All Your Storm Repair Needs With Value and Integrity-GUARANTEED

Call 314-599-3175

WEGENER ASPHALT PAVING , INC. 31 Years of Professional Service


3 q Drywall repair/Painting 3 q Caulking/Grouting 3 q And much more!


Driveways, Patios & More Standard or Decorative Finish

Free estimates

3 q Kitchens & Baths 3 q Wood Rot 3 q Windows/Doors


New or replacement Concrete

Lamps • Fixtures • All Lighting Replacement Parts & Glass

Interior & Exterior Painting Mold Removal • Wallpaper Stripping Top Quality Work • FREE Estimates

Custom Finishes, Inc.

Chimney Covers Brick Work Flue Relining Full Restoration Wet Wall Solution


AdvAntAge PAinting & PowerwAshing

Paving • Sealing • Excavating

Licensed - Bonded - Insured New Service • Repair • Remodel

Troubleshooting • Upgrade • Back-Up Generators

314-606-8160 Call for a free estimate today!

GOT MOLD? Let us help!


Certified Mold Remediation Company Specializing in:

at Reasonable Prices Residential • Commercial • Subdivision Work

• Residential Remediation • Commercial Remediation • Indoor Air Quality



68 I 



WEST claSSifiEdS Assisted Care


Computer Services

For Rent

Help Wanted


Specializing in Home Offices and Small Businesses. County Computer Consulting LLC, can support your computers and networks. Call Ray for more information at 636-391-3853 or www. CCC-LLC.BIZ.

Destin Florida Area. Beautiful 3 bed, 3 bath condo or home, Gated Gulf Front community. Includes beach front cabana, 3 pools, tennis courts & more. Call for Special Spring/summer rates and availability. To view pictures please go to /127089 or /148365. For Additional info Call 314-922-8344.

Acting/Modeling Opportunity

RUNNING USED CARS Home Helpers is your #1 source affordable, dependable care by compassionate caregivers. ♥ Senior Adults ♥ Recuperative Care ♥ Alzheimer’s / Dementia Care ♥ Bathing/Personal Care ♥ Transportation ♥ Meal Preparation ♥ Housekeeping ♥ On Call 24/7 Insured/Bonded & Carefully Screened West County 636-391-0000

Get More Money Than A Tax Deduction

Cash Paid On The Spot Call Sam 314-302-2008

COMPLETE COMPUTER SERVICES FREE Pick-up & Delivery. Only $59 Per Hour. Chambers Computers 15274 Manchester Road, Ste 275 (New Ballwin & Manchester Rds.) Call Mike today at (636) 220-2395

Business Services EaM MEdia GROUP llc

Website Design, ManageMent & Hosting Full service Web Design and Re-Design email Campaign, Hosting & Domain Management small/Home business specialists the affordable Way to get Your business noticed

636.368.7757 EAM Media Group EAMLLC MediaFlooring Group LLC

Website Design, Management Websiteand Design, Hosting Management and Hosting


Full Service Web designFull andService Redesign Web design and Redesign Email Campaign Management Email Campaign Management Hosting and Domain Registration Hosting and Domain Registration Corporate Communications Communications LoVE WiNE? Want to make it a Corporate Design Services Design Services

Business Opportuniy

Restretching, reseaming & patching. No job too small. Free estimates.

career? Our Napa winery handSmall/home Business Specialists Small/home Business Specialists crafts affordable wine, and busito get your The affordable business noticed way to get your business noticed (314) 892-1003 nessTheisaffordable booming!wayEducate cus636-368-7757 tomers about our 636-368-7757 artisan wine WOOd flOOR REfiNiSHiNG through Wine 101 classes, wine Add instant equity to your tastings, and wine & food pairhome Professional Floors ings. Part-time, in-home, direct of St. Louis 25 year old sales. Abundant training offered. Check out my website for more fully insured company information, www.corkandglass. serving entire metro comcom We are having an informamunity Sanding, refinishing, tional wine tasting on Monday, repairs, new installation, most May 16 at 6:30 p.m. Come and manufacturers available. taste this exclusive wine, learn Free estimates 314-843-4348 about hosting a party or starting a business. Call me for directions to the event! 314-359-0402. A preferred home care choice since 1987. College degreed professionals provide care/ companionship. Why accept less? Competitively priced options. Care managers and clinical staff available. Bonded & insured. AAA screened. Call Gretchen at StaffLink (314) 477-3434 www.

Air Conditioning

Save 10% on all

Home ServiceS Air Conditioning • Roofing Siding • Pest Control Windows • Guttering Power-Washing • and more!

314-227-8000 Free to Join • Free to Use! Classifieds

636.591.0010 Attorney Attorney has clients who buy residential/commercial real estate in any condition or situation. Also promissory notes, unpaid judgments and structured settlements. Call or email Roger at Wallach & Associates, P.C. 314-308-2900 or

We Bring the Showroom to YOU!

Call Ellen in Classifieds 636.591.0010

Below Retail Pricing on Name Brand & Commercial Carpet, Laminate, Wood & Vinyl Flooring

Email: classifieds@

Cleaning Service CLEAN AS A WHISTLE Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly Move in & Move Out

Let us BEAT the Other Guys In Quality, Pricing and Service after the Sale!

Free Estimates

Serving the St.Louis Area Since 1992


Your Satisfaction is Our Goal Insured & Bonded Call 314-426-3838



We cut costs, not corners! Flexible cleaning schedules, move-in/ move-out cleaning, residential & commercial cleans. Bonded, insured, screened employees. petfriendly. Discounts for seniors and new customers! FREE Personalized estimates.

Call 314-852-9787

Call Ellen in Classifieds

Email: classifieds@

For Lease For Lease "Downtown Wildwood". Small office, storage or garage. All one building climate control. Call Kevin at 314-803-8727

Computer Services Serving St. louis & St. charles co

call Mike at 636-675-7641 Service at your home or office for: • PC problems or set-up • PC won't start or connect

•Spyware •Adware •Virus Removal •Hardware •Software Upgrades

$30 diagnostic charge only for first ½ hour Day, evening and weekend appointments available.

Ever thought of you or your child appearing in print ads, commercials, TV/films? Our Agency develops, markets & places people ages 3mos. thru adults Accepting applications for all sizes & heights

Home Improvement

Total Bathroom Remodeling Cabinetry•Plumbing•Electrical 20 Years Experience

Beginners welcome!


Garage Sale

Since 1988 • State Licensed

Gigantic Inside/Outside Church Parking Lot Sale-Fri & Sat, May 13 & 14, 8am-3pm. New Community Church, 16801 Manchester Rd. Wildwood 63040. Clothing, furniture, appliances, toys and much more!

Minor Repairs, Carpentry, Electrical, Painting, FREE Estimates, West County Area



WE HAUL IT ALL Service 7 days. Debris, furniture, appliances, household trash, yard debris, railroad ties, fencing, decks. Garage & Basement Clean-up Neat, courteous, affordable rates. Call: 636-379-8062 or email:

Skips Hauling & demolition!

Serving the Bi-State Area including St. Charles County. Appliances, furniture, debris, construction/ rubble, yard waste, excavating & demolition! 10, 15 and 20 cubic yard rolloff dumpsters. All type clean outs & hauling! Affordable, dependable and available! No conditions! 20 yrs. service.

Toll free 1-888-STl-JUNK (888-785-5865) or 314-644-1948

Help Wanted Chesterfield Mall is hiring for part-time positions in Customer Service. Two years customer service or retail experience preferred; ability to work days, nights, weekends required. EOE/AA. Apply online at www. Veterinary Technician Assistant Fox Creek Veterinary Hospital, a progressive, 2-doctor practice specializing in small animals and equine, is looking for a Veterinary Technician Asst. Will assist technicians with appointments, surgery, lab procedures, dentistry and animal care. Please send resumes to: Attn: Practice Manager 18962 Hwy 100, Wildwood, MO 63069 or email to

Images Agency Apply Online at

Male/ Female

CNA & Caregivers Positions Available

CNA's with current license Caregivers with Experience Insured vehicle a must Call 636-225-2600

Home Improvement

Handyman Corner Inc. Reliable Home Repair

Factory Direct Wood Cabinets Save 50% off list price or more! Visit our showrooms!


17722 Chesterfield Airport Rd.

30 yrs. Experience- Free Estimates

PHONE: (636) 230-3588 CELL: (314) 799-4334 THE WORKS Home maintenance repair, electric, carpentry, plumbing, painting & plastering, ceramic tile & backsplash, hardwood flooring, pressure washing & sealing, assembly and more. No jobs too small or large. 25 yrs experience. FREE ESTIMATES Call Bill at (636) 391-7548 or (314) 452-6554.

Handyman PDQ

Repairs • Assembly All Electrical and Mechanical Plumbing • A/C • Appliances


No Excuses For A Dirty House!

************ 2009 Prices At DIRT CHEAP POWER WASH

West Newsmagazine ExpEriENcEd NEWs rEportEr

Call Mike Today

Submit resume


and writing samples to editorwest@newsmagazine

Bruce & Son Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance. Pressure Washing: Driveways, Homes, Decks, Boats. Commercial & Residential. Hauling & disposal of scrap, yard debris, worksites & more! Free estimates! (636) 322-9011.

1 Story Ranch Homes Power Washed For Only $95.00!

is seeking an

(636) 227-1173

We Also Clean And Stain Decks/Fences!


all around construction llc All interior and exterior remodeling and repairs. Historic restoration, molding duplication. Finished basements, kitchens, baths and decks. Liability, workmens comp, and EPA certified in lead removal. 18 years exp. call 314-393-1102 or 636-237-3246

Lawn/ Landscaping Kalemis enviroscapes Complete Landscape Services

314-567-3666 • Free Estimates Property clean-up, fertilizing, mulching, weed control, pruning, seeding, sodding & leaf removal. Revitalization of old, tired & overgrown landscapes. Mowing. Creative landscapes & installations - patios, walkways, lighting, irrigation, retaining walls

Erosion & Drainage Control • Installation of trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals

Residential & Commercial Properties We make it easy going green.

MORALES LANDSCAPE LLC. Spring Clean-Up, Mulching, Aeration, Trimming, Edging, Weeding, Leaf & Tree Removal, Sod Installation, Planting, Grass Cutting $25 & Up! Retaining Walls, Paver Patio, Decorative Gravel, Stone & Brick work, Drainage work & More! FREE ESTIMATES


SHEARN LANDSCAPING Spring Clean Up! Seasonal Lawn Maintenance!


with any seasonal agreement thru April 15th!

Call Chesterfield resident,

DENNIS at (314) 591-2787



 I 69

WEST claSSifiEdS Lawn/ Landscaping Valley Landscape Co. Mowing, leaf removal, mulching, tree & brush removal, stump removal, trimming, planting, garden tilling, and gutter cleaning! (636) 458-8234


Lawn Mowing & Maintenance

SPRING CLEAN-UP! Trim Bushes • Mulch first cut fREE with one year agreement!

Complete Lawn Maintenence for Commerical & Residential Leaf Clean Up, Leaf Vacuuming, Aeration, Overseeding, Seeding, Fertilizing, Sodding, Mowing, Spraying, Weeding, Pruning, Trimming, Planting, Brush Removal, Edging, Mulching, Retaining Walls, Paver Patios & Draining Work

#1 In Quality, Service & Reliability Est. 1995 for a Free Estimate

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Autullo Masonry Inc. Brick & stone contractor. 32 yrs in business in St. Louis. Our reputation is built on quality and service for all your masonry needs. Paving, sidewalks, patios, walls, fireplaces - indoor & outdoor, fire pits, tuck pointing and brick exteriors. Free Estimates. Insured. 636-394-5543.

MASTER PLUMBER. Water Heaters, Code Violations, Backflow Preventers. Basement bathrooms, Outdoor faucets. Licensed & Bonded, Fully Insured. No Job Too Large or Too Small. (314) 288-9952


West Wildwood Surveying, LLC

Mulch Mulch - All Types available. Delivery and dump and/or spread. Storm Damage Cleanup available. 573-631-0291.

ANYTHING IN PLUMBING Good Prices! Basement bathrooms, small repairs & code violations repaired. Fast Service. Call anytime: 314-409-5051

Painting Services

I LOVE TO PAINT!! Professional Painting Landscape Design and Installation

Retaining Walls • Paver Patios

FREE ESTIMATES (636)296-5050

Work Guaranteed • Insured • References

•Retaining Walls •Driveways •Walks •Concrete & Pavers •Sod •Hauling •Mulch •Topsoil •Rock •Decorative Rock •Bobcat Work •Grading •Drainage •Erosion •Pool Fill-Ins Specializing in Retaining Walls and Paver Patios


Spring Clean-Up! Rock walls, patios, pruning, chainsaw work, e tc. Fr iendl y ser vice, with attention to detail. C a l l T o m 636.938.9874

Fully Insured • Free Estimates • Residential & Commercial Member of the Better Business Bureau


Lawn Care & Installation.

Bobcat Services

Family Owned & Operated. 10+ years experience. Fully Insured.

Call Ron 636-299-3904

Mike's Lawn Service Dependable, Responsible Mowing, shrub trimming, mulch, spring yard clean-up Seeding/ Fertilzation References

Mulching • Lawn Mowing & Fertilization • Retaining Walls & Paver Patios

• Landscape Design & Installation • Drainage Work • Landscape Lighting • Mole Trapping

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David (314) 732-FAUX (3289)

Decks- Playsets-Tie Walls- Fences- Hardwoods

Professional Outdoor Services


DON’T PAY MORE!! Free Estimates

DECK STAINING • BY BRUSH ONLY No Spraying • No Rolling • No Mess

PEDRO MARTINEZ LANDSCAPING A Cut Above! Year round Lawn Maintenence, leaf, bush & tree removal, spring clean-up. Mowing, mulching, bush & tree trimming, edging, retaining walls, drainage work, patios, fence installation/ repair and more. 636-237-5160 or 636-519-9190

*Mowing and Fertilization *Landscape Installation & Retaining Walls *Brush Pruning & Clearing

Wall & Ceiling Combo Special! • Paints, Glazes and More • • Cabinetry & Furniture Too • • Affordable Quality •

Karen's Painting Looking for a job done right the first time? On time? Neat & organized? Someone who respects your home like her own? Interior & exterior painting. Free estimates. Discounts on empty properties. Call KAREN 636352-0129

Call 636-346-9704

314-852-5467 314-846-6499 Jim's Paint & Trim Service Interior & Exterior painting, crown and decoraInterior and Exterior Painting Power Washing tive moulding, wallpaper FULLY INSURED removal, texturing, wall and rotten wood re636-527-2501 pair. Call 636-778-9013

Riverside Painting Residential Interior and Exterior Painting. Insured.

Senior discount!

We just keep rolling it on!

Call Ken 636-391-1746 A-1 Custom Painting & Wallpapering

We handle your design needs, professionally trained. Faux finishes, texturing, marbling, graining. Interior & exterior, insured, FREE estimates. All work done by owner. 26 years experience. Call Ken or Hugo at 636-274-2922 or 314-640-4085

only $45 per inch

what a deal! Display ad includes: • 1 pt. border • Logo/art • Many typestyle options your ad is created just for you + a proof at no charge! - Call 636.591.0010 -

KEViN'S PaiNT SERVicE Expert & Professional. New & old house interior/ exterior painting, drywall & acoustical ceiling repair. 25 years painting experience. Low rates/ Free Estimates. call Kevin 636-322-9784

We Use Environmentally Friendly - NO VOC Paints

Top of the Line Name Brands Only! Drywall Repair and Lead Abatement Contractor

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314-770-1500 www.yuckos .com

We take care of Pets in your home Where Pets Prefer

Pet Sitting & Dog Walking. POOP'R SCOOP'R Services Available! Insured

West County Pet Care 636-394-6852 314-401-5516


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Ranch Home on approx 15 ac. on private lane off Wild Horse Creek Rd. Minutes from Chesterfield Valley.

$1.25M (or will separate)

314-583-2664 Recycling WE BUY SCRAP METAL Copper, Alum, Brass, Stainless Steel, Lead & Car Batteries. FREE drop-off for steel, vinyl & cardboard.

25 Truitt Dr., Eureka, MO 63025

Open M-Sat 9-5.


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Edward Weman, P.L.S., President

Tree Services Tree and Stump Removal

Storm Clean-Up, Tree Trimming & Hauling

Insured • Free Estimate

County Stump Removal

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Chimneys, Walls, Spot & Solid Waterproofing, Caulking Do Own Work • No Job Too Small Licensed & Insured 38 years in business Free estimate 10% senior discount Credit cards accepted

314-484-1548 CLASSIfIEDS 636.591.0010 Waterproofing

Top Notch Waterproofing & Foundation Repair LLC. Foundation cracks, sub-pump systems, structural & concrete repairs. Serving Missouri for 15 yrs. Call for free estimate 636-281-6982. Finally, a contractor who is honest and leaves the job site clean. We offer Lifetime Warranties.

Wedding Services

Anytime... Anywhere... Marriage Ceremonies Renewal of Vows Baptisms


Full Service Ministry

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Outboundarys Septic Designs • Site Plans Tree Preservation Foundation Stake Out and Spots

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Real estate showcase

Magnificent West County Custom Home! Provided by West Newsmagazine’s Advertising Department One-of-a-kind conveniently located home on 1.2 acres! This home sits on a scenic park-like setting on a sprawling corner lot with circular driveway and huge rear patio overlooking lush landscaping. Sculptured, beveled glass front doors, 2-story entry foyer. Spectacular kitchen with granite counters, Dacor appliances, Sub Zero built in fridge, and five burner gas range. Kitchen opens up to the giant great room with 18’ ceiling, full window wall overlooking backyard, and stone fireplace. Living room has 15’ ceiling and gorgeous wood treatment. Main floor master suite has fireplace, heated bathroom floor, oasis tub, oversized shower, and 2 walk-in

closets! Wood floors shine throughout the main floor and lower level. Upstairs are four additional bedrooms with Jack ‘n’ Jill bath and another full bath. Downstairs you will find a professionally finished walkout lower level with recreation room, 3rd fireplace, bar, full kitchen, guest bedroom suite with luxury bath including Jacuzzi tub, glass block windows and separate shower with granite surround! Over 7,000 square feet of living space throughout this amazing home! This is a first class custom built home with all the finest touches. Please call Kay Bova Realty today to schedule a showing of this home, or any other one of our special West County listings! Or, to see additional pictures of any of our listings you can go to our website at

Priced at


It just keeps getting better. Visit the all new The official internet home of West & Mid Rivers Newsmagazine

Kay Bova 636-728-1881



 I 71

Find Your Dream Home at Chesterfield/Wildwood


18000 TARA WOODS COURT CHESTERFIELD Exquisite 1.5 sty, classical details! Wood flrs, granite countertops, canned lights, tall ceilings. $799,900





Want more info on area open houses? Just click on

New Homes Div


305 Remington Way Dr. - Ballwin - $425,000 133 Apache Dr. - Pacific - $320,000 603 Charbray - Ballwin - $265,000 Pristine “like new” one owner 2sty in Gorgeous 2-story with brick exterior, circular Stately 2-Story in great location! Beautiful Remington Place! First class upgrades, huge drive on 1.4 acres! Custom kitchen, big, corner lot, tons of potential throughout. mstr suite, bonus room. Over 3600 sq. ft.! bright open floor plan.

NE 17702 GARDENVIEW PLACE COURT WILDWOOD Custom 1.5 sty on cul-de-sac lot. Wood floors, stunning kitchen w/2sty hearth rm, see thru fireplace. $650,000

262 Cleta Ct. - Ballwin - $193,000 Meticulously maintained ranch on private Ballwin cul-de-sac! Vaulted ceilings, new roof, new appliances, updated baths and kitchen!


2325 CRIMSON VIEW COURT ELLISVILLE Sharp 2sty home with 4BR, 3.5ba, 3 car garage. Updated throughout, wood flrs, 42 cabinets. $399,900

1507 Wild Berry Ct. - Ballwin - $190,000 Bright 1.5 story on quiet cul-de-sac! Huge great room with fireplace and vaulted ceiling. Updated kitchen.


3345 JOHNS CABIN ROAD WILDWOOD Architectural gem on 4+ picturesque acres, 3 large BR, updated thru-out, great outdoor areas. $339,000









331 Jefferson Ave. - Valley Park - $192,500 Charming country setting on large lot, includes addl. side lots! Updated kitchen, finished LL, newer windows and roof.






1259 Robinview Ct. - Creve Coeur - $299,000 380 Genoa Dr. - Ballwin - $187,000 Fabulous 2-sty on cul-de-sac! Large rear Updated beauty in Ballwin! Big, bright and deck, FP, updated kitchen, great neighbor- open. 2 fireplaces, finished LL with wet bar, hood. 2.5 baths, beautifully updated kitchen.

Integrity Land Title Co. 11715 Administration Dr, Ste. 103 St. Louis, MO 63146 Office: 314-291-8102 458 GUNNISON GORGE DRIVE WILDWOOD Impeccable 2sty,gourmet kitchen w/granite, ss, gas cooktop, maple cab. Screen prch. $389,000


22 Forsythia Ln. - Olivette - $1,300,000 Magnificent one-of-a-kind custom home on 1 acre! First class elegance throughout. 7,000 sq. ft. Must See!

NE 2130 ENGLEWOOD CHESTERFIELD Magnificient atrium ranch! 5BR, 3ba. Soaring cath ceiling in GR, Subzero, Bosh & Miele appl. $475,000


Call today for your Financing Needs: Wendy Wallach Cell: (314) 374-0737

17504 THUNDER MOUNTAIN ROAD WILDWOOD Nestled in 3 secluded acres of towering trees is this 4BR greatroom ranch, minutes from Hwys. $292,000

Big enough to provide excellent service... Small enough to care!

636-728-1881 •

2012 MERAMEC MEADOWS DRIVE FENTON Great buy for this 2 story, 3BR, 2.5ba home. Formal LR & DR, fabulous family room with gas FP. $240,000

712 VALLEY VIEW MANCHESTER Spacious, neutral and large yard backing to trees. Finished W/O lower level w/family rm. $200,000

1614 RENOIR LANE UNINCORP 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch with many updated systems. Beautiful wood flooring. $179,000

1313 RUSTICVIEW DR (BALLWIN) Spacious 3BR/2ba home in convenient Ballwin subd. Updated kitchen. $249,900 16349 FULLERTON MEADOWS DR (BALLWIN) Open flr plan 2 sty in Rockwood Schl Dist. Screen porch. $247,900 190 BRAESHIRE DR (BALLWIN) Spacious 3BR, 2.5ba on beautiful wooded lot. Great rm w/stone fireplace. $199,900 721 WINDY RIDGE DR (BALLWIN) Vaulted & open flr pln on this townhome. 3BR, 2.5ba and 2 car garage. $179,900 704 AUBER DR (BALLWIN) Well cared for 3 bedroom ranch with level fenced yard. Updated baths. $159,900 1443 FOX HILL FARMS CIRCLE (CHESTERFIELD) Exceptional 1.5 sty, 5BR, custom staircase. $1,649,500 1418 WINDGATE WAY LN (CHESTERFIELD) Custom 1.5 sty, gorgeous 1.6 acre lot, inground pool. $1,125,000 13 CHESTERFIELD LAKES RD (CHESTERFIELD) A one of a kind, lakefront, contemporary estate. $950,000 1506 TIMBER POINT CT (CHESTERFIELD) Spacious ranch, lovely lot backs to trees, vaulted great rm, FP . $419,500 15124 BAXTON CT (CHESTERFIELD) Expanded villa, main flr master suite, large kitchen, main flr laundry. $339,900 1825 ORCHARD HILL DR (CHESTERFIELD) Updated 2sty, freshly painted inside & out. Maple cabinets. $289,900 1584 DEXTER WOODS DR (CHESTERFIELD) Outstanding value in Claymont Woods subdivision! $287,500 2156 FEDERAL WAY (CHESTERFIELD) Lovely 2 sty, large living rm, gracious dining rm, great rm with fireplace. $275,000 1709 WILSON AVE (CHESTERFIELD) 1 ac lot site terraced for home to be on a nice level area back to trees. $239,900 15925 COUNTRY RIDGE DR (CHESTERFIELD) 4BR, 2.5ba 2sty home, updated kitchen w/center island. $239,000

Prudential Alliance , REALTORS

2562 GROVER RIDGE DR (GROVER) Only 14 yr old 2 story 4BR in Rockwood Sch Dist. Vaulted mst suite. $245,000 194 BROOK VALLEY LN (PACIFIC) 2 sty home on almost one acre lot. 2BR, 1.5ba, 2 car detached garage. $139,900 235 DOULTON PLACE (TOWN & COUNTRY) Gracious 1.5 sty, Pebble Tech inground pool. 4BR + loft. $599,000 1500 AUTUMN LEAF (TWIN OAKS) Enjoy this resort like setting from this huge deck. 3BR/2 baths. $175,000 205 VISTAOAK (UNINCORP) Wonderful 3BR, 2ba split foyer, combined living rm and dining rm. $175,000 12550 WESTPORT DR (UNINC) Ranch3BR/2ba. Great neighborhood & locat. Parkway North schools. $149,900 17700 BIRCH LEAF CT (WILDWOOD) Stunning 2 sty, lush landscaping, wood flrs, wonderful great rm. $559,900 3801 TAMARA (WILDWOOD) Gorgeous ranch home on 10 acres. Features updated kitchen, inground pool. $399,900 1500 WINDWOOD HILLS (WILDWOOD) Nesteled on 3+ acre lot. Numerous updates, newer carpet thru-out. $375,000 2127 MINT SPRING LN (WILDWOOD) Beautiful 2 sty 4BR, 4ba on 3 wooded acres. Updated kitch w/granite. $375,000 16303 COPPERWOOD LN (WILDWOOD) One of the best 1.5sty 4BR,2.5ba. Level lot. Dramatic 2sty great rm. $299,900 3505 RATHBUN HILLS (WILDWOOD) Beautiful log home on 4.71 acres. 4BR, 3ba. Finished W/O lower level. $288,450 16336 NANTUCKET SOUND CT (WILDWOOD) Cul-de-sac in Nantucket Subdivision! Fin walkout LL. $279,900 110 WINDJAMMER LN (WILDWOOD) Beautiful 4BR, 2 sty in Lake Chesterfield. Silestone countertops. $275,000 2434 MAPLE CROSSING (WILDWOOD) Updated 1.5 sty. 4BR, 2.5ba, 2car. Updated kit & baths, main flr MBR. $269,000

Chesterfield Sales Office welcomes

Barb Woodham 314-346-2272 and Jason Woodham 314-583-8777 Call these fine agents today for your real estate needs! 1574 WALPOLE DR (CHESTERFIELD) Vacation at home with your own private pool ,sauna, 2 wb FP. $209,900 1231 CREVE COEUR CROSSING #B (CHESTERFIELD) Nicely updated 2BR, 2ba condo. LL W/O to patio. $109,900 214 FOX CHAPEL (CLARKSON VALLEY) Wonderful 1.5 story, updated to perfecion. 5BR/3 F/2H baths. Fin LL. $739,900 1704 PINEBERRY CT (CREVE COEUR) Spacious 2BR+loft & finished LL condo. Eat-in kitchn, LR/DR, 2.5ba. $154,900 11920 OLD BALLAS RD, #203 (CREVE COEUR) Open spacious floorplan, wood flrs in entry, living, dining rms. $149,900 16069 PIERSIDE LN (ELLISVILLE) New price! Motivated Seller. Custom 2sty, 3000sq ft. 2sty entry & GR. $325,000 1329 PARKVIEW ESTATES DR (ELLISVILLE) NEW price. Motivated Seller. 7 yr old townhouse. $137,500 134 CARMEL WOODS DR (ELLISVILLE) Beautiful updated 2 BR townhome. Fin walk out lower level. Patio. $117,000 6116 THORNTREE LN (EUREKA) 1.5 sty backing to golf course, 2 sty entry & great rm, kitchen w/granite. $434,900 17305 HIDDEN VALLEY DR (EUREKA) Beautiful 4.25ac. Build your dream home in Hidden Valley Forest Subd. $145,000


13344 Fairfield Circle $625,000 Town & Couontry

650 Spyglass Summit $489,900 Chesterfield

1318 Golden Point $299,900 St. Louis Unincorporated

1676 Blakefield Terrace $240,000 Ballwin

516 Woodlyn Crossing $219,900 Ballwin

Price reduced

717 Spring Hill $274,900 Ballwin


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