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Immigration Sophistry Most laws are meant to stop people from doing something and to penalize those who disregard those laws. More generally, laws are meant to protect the society from the lawbreakers. But our immigration laws are different. Here the whole focus is on the “plight” of those who have broken the laws, and on what can be done to lift the stigma and ease the pressures they feel, so that they can “come out of the shadows” and “normalize” their lives. Merely using the word “illegal” to describe their breaking the law is considered to be a sign of mean-spiritedness, if not racism. The Associated Press refuses to let its reporters refer to people who sneaked across the border into this country, in violation of American immigration laws, as “illegal immigrants.” On the other hand, if an ordinary American citizen breaks a law, no one cares if he has to live in fear for years – in the shadows, as it were – worrying that his illegal act will be discovered and punished. No one bothers to come up with euphemisms to keep from calling what he did illegal. No cities announce that they will provide “sanctuary,” so that American shoplifters, or even jaywalkers, will be protected from the law. But, in some places, illegal immigrants are treated almost as if they were in a witness protection program. What is even more remarkable about this special treatment is that you are not supposed to think about it as special treatment. When a new immigration law is proposed that simply overlooks violations of the old law, that is not supposed to be called “amnesty” – even though the word “amnesty” has the same root as “amnesia.” It is all about forgetting. Why is it not supposed to be called “amnesty”? Because illegal immigrants must “earn” their citizenship. But if an ordinary American citizen gets a traffic ticket, the law is not going to just forget about it, no matter what good deeds he does afterward. People who come here perfectly legally have to earn their citizenship. Why is earning citizenship some special reason for ignoring the illegality of others? Impressive feats of sophistry have become the norm in discussions of illegal immigration. For example, we are told that there is no

way that the government can find all the people who are in the country illegally and deport them. Does anyone imagine that the government can find all the embezzlers, drunk drivers or bank robbers in the country? And does anyone think that this is a reason why the government should stop trying to enforce laws against embezzlement, drunk driving or bank robbery? Or let embezzlers, drunk drivers and bank robbers come out of the shadows and normalize their lives? Even if the government does not lift a finger to find illegal immigrants, many will come to the attention of law enforcement officials because of their violations of other laws. But, even then, there is no assurance that they will be deported – and certainly not in sanctuary cities. Why are there immigration laws in the first place? For the benefit of the American people – not for the benefit of people in other countries who want to come here. But political and media elites treat the American people as if they are the problem – a problem to be circumvented with sophistry and pious promises about border security that have not been kept in all these years since the last amnesty, decades ago. Making an irreversible decision to add millions of people – and their dissimilar cultures – permanently to the American body politic is something that should take months of careful examination and discussion, both inside and outside of Congress. But it is likely to get less time than you would take to decide whether to buy a house, or perhaps even a car. What should American immigration policy be? It doesn’t matter what any of us think that policy should be if the borders are not secure, because whoever wants to come across that border will come across anyway, in defiance of whatever the policy might be. If legal benefits are conferred on illegal immigrants before the border is secured, we may as well give up any pretense that we have an immigration policy, because benefits conferred are never going to be taken back, no matter how porous the border remains. © 2013

I opinion I 3

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letters to the editor Take a similar approach to Medicare. The current cost per person is $10,400. Above $113,700 collect 10 percent of that increTo the Editor: mentally until you pay the full premium if As a former university lecturer on the you earn more than twice the $113,700. Use subject of the U.S. Constitution, President current Social Security limits and Medicare Obama, you know the federal Constitu- premium costs to adjust for inflation. tion is fundamental law which cannot be By doing this we remove politicians as changed by legislation. the “middle man” collecting income, corYou also know that the amendments to the porate and capital gain taxes to be “filtered” Constitution cannot be changed by legisla- through Congress as they are converted to tion because they are also fundamental law. benefits paid out. You know through your studies, the Combining this with tax reform that closes Second Amendment was not written to loopholes in exchange for lower income tax protect hunting rights. Nor was it written and corporate tax rates would stabilize our to allow citizens to protect themselves budget and drive economic growth. We are from criminal attack. competing globally as never before. The Second Amendment was written It is time we demand politicians place as a means by which citizens (and states) the interests of all Americans ahead of their could protect themselves from the federal own and declare America is open for busigovernment taking from them what does ness on a solid foundation for the future. not belong to the federal government. Mark Kohring If the Federal Executive is intent on proBallwin posing changes to the Second Amendment, it may not be done by legislation. However, there is a process for making changes to the Violating state law Constitution which is described in Article To the Editor: 5 of the Constitution. Recently, I’ve read several news reports To make a change to the Constitution about the potential mishandling of personal (or a previously enacted amendment) all documents by the Missouri Department of you need is a “Yes” vote from two-thirds Revenue. It appears that the DOR is vioof the members of the U.S. House of Rep- lating state law and sharing private data resentatives, two-thirds of the members with an out-of-state vendor. These stories of the U.S. Senate, and a “Yes” vote from immediately made me think of my most three-quarters of the state legislatures and recent experience renewing my license. you can have it your way. Until then, the In late February of this year, I went Constitution stands as fundamental law. through the proper process to obtain my Lee A. Presser license. I pulled together my necessary Manchester information and was told I needed to bring a valid form of ID with me to the Department of Motor Vehicles. This did not conSupporting the safety net cern me, as I’m always proactive in fending To the Editor: off identity theft and presumed that the ID President Obama and the Democrats con- would be so that the agent could verify that tinue to insist that raising income and capital I am who I say I am. gains taxes on the wealthy will solve the When I arrived at the DMV, the agent financial strain of our entitlement system. But requested my paperwork and a form of ID, this approach allows many fingers in the tax so I handed him my papers and my passport. revenue before it is distributed as benefits. The agent told me nothing about the process, Why not reconsider the approach some nor was I given any information to review. call “means testing” as a way of attacking Instead, the agent simply looked over the the problem directly? Since Social Security paperwork and slid my passport into a small and Medicare were designed as safety nets device that appeared to be a portable printer/ for the middle and working class, why are copier. Again, I made the assumption that this we providing benefits to those who retire was for the purpose of the agent verifying with a very healthy income stream? This my identity. At no time was I informed that amounts to billions annually. the process was, in fact, a scan of my data – The current Social Security maximum for nor was I told that this data would leave the taxable income is $113,700. For those who building. Had that information been shared earn that much in retirement, what if we start with me, I would have objected. there and reduce the Social Security benefit In the past, when I have renewed my by 10 percent incrementally until the benefit license, I’ve received a new plastic card. is reduced to $0 at twice the $113,700? This time, I was handed a sheet of paper

An open letter to President Obama

with the license info printed on it, and was told that I would receive the actual card in three to four weeks. Surprised, I asked about the reason for this change. I was told – somewhat ambiguously – that there had been some “security issues” at some license offices, so the cards were now created in a centralized location for better security. This made a certain amount of sense, but at no time was I informed that my personal data was being transmitted outside of the DOR. In retrospect, I now see that the information I was given was incorrect (and in some cases partially withheld) during the renewal process. This experience raises serious red flags for me. I am always diligent about protecting my personal data, in order to prevent identity theft – but how can I do so when a state agency refuses to be forthcoming about its uses of data? It’s time for the DOR to come clean about how they are using our data, where they are sending it, and why. Dave Evans O’Fallon

In favor of the Affordable Care Act To the Editor: For years, we had a health insurance market that was broken for small businesses. Because they had less bargaining power, small businesses paid an average of 18 percent more for the same health insurance plan offered to the bigger business down the street, and their premiums could skyrocket if a single employee got sick. That made it hard for many small business owners to keep offering coverage and grow their businesses. But because of the Affordable Care Act, Missouri’s small businesses and their employees are getting better choices, starting with new protections that limit the outrageous rate hikes many small business owners faced in the past. Insurance companies must now publicly justify every rate increase of 10 percent or more, which has led to a sharp decline in double-digit rate hikes. Starting in 2014, insurers will have to justify every proposed rate increase, even if it’s a 1-percent bump. Additional rules require insurers to spend at least 80 percent of small employer premium dollars on employees’ actual health benefits, instead of the insurer’s own administrative costs. These limits have already resulted in more than $1 billion being returned to small business owners and other consumers. And the law has also begun to slow rising costs across the system by reducing waste and fraud and promoting higher quality care

that emphasizes coordination and prevention. These changes in care delivery have contributed to the slowest sustained national health spending growth in 50 years. Small businesses are also seeing savings thanks to new tax credits available to help them cover their employees. Many small businesses with 25 or fewer employees have already received a tax credit of up to 35 percent of their health insurance costs. And beginning in 2014, this tax credit will go up to 50 percent. Vintage Vinyl of University City, used the tax credit last year. Co-owner Lew Prince commented, “We were credited with nearly a third of what we paid out in premiums for the employees. It came in handy as we had a couple of illnesses last year and the credit just about covered the 30 percent increase I got hit with this year. Also, I got more coverage for less money last year because of health care reform” Small businesses are the backbone of our communities. And, in an economy where small businesses create two-thirds of jobs, owners and employees deserve a health insurance market with fairer prices, better choices, and greater certainty. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, that market is on its way. Beginning in 2014, Missouri’s small business owners will have access to a new Health Insurance Marketplace – which opens for enrollment on Oct. 1 – that will allow them to make side-by-side comparisons to find a plan that fits their budget and that’s right for their businesses and employees. Each Marketplace will operate a Small Business Health Options Program, or SHOP, focused just on small businesses. And while many small business owners have questions about the employer responsibility provision, it is important to note that businesses with fewer than 50 employees – that’s 96 percent of small businesses – are not required to purchase insurance. Of the remaining 4 percent of small businesses with more than 50 employees, most already provide insurance. So the number of businesses that will have to begin offering employee health insurance or pay a penalty is very small. No business owner wants to drop coverage for their employees. For many, their employees are like a family. For others, offering health insurance is critical to attracting the kind of workers they need to succeed. By making the health insurance market work better for Missouri’s small businesses, the law is letting them focus on what they do best: delivering great products and services, creating jobs, and growing our economy. Patricia Brown-Dixon U.S. Small Business Association




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The Bigger Picture Most days, Boston seems very far away and chances are pretty good that you left for work or school on Monday, April 15 without realizing that the Boston Marathon was being run that day. But at 2:50 p.m., Boston seemed very close – frighteningly close as bombs erupted near the race’s finish line. From coast to coast America felt the shock wave. Americans had been harmed on American soil in what could only be described as an act of terrorism. Domestic? Foreign? Who knew? Nonetheless, the act was planned to induce fear, to terrorize and harm. Across the country, people wondered “why?” What point was made in the senseless taking of three people’s lives? What message was delivered by injuring so many? In the immediate aftermath of the bombing, no one claimed responsibility. Reporters and analysts tried to make a connection to the issue of gun control, or tax day, or Patriot’s Day. But all of those connections were merely speculation. The only thing that could be stated with any degree of certainty is that the bombers were cowards and that the people of Boston were not. Immediately, Bostonians responded the way Americans always do in times of hardship – they rushed to help. First responders converged on the chaos quickly, moving those who were unharmed away from the scene and tending to those in need. But in wasn’t just the men and women in uniform who we expect to rush in and bravely come to the aid of others, ordinary citizens also answered the call. In the wake of the bombing, Bostonians opened their homes to runners and visitors that could not get back to their locked-down hotels. Strangers stopped on the street to offer comfort to one another. Some shared food, others helped runners retrieve their belongings. Jim Hoben, the owner of El Pelon Taqueria in Boston, offered pay-what-you-can service at his restaurant and told his employees they could go home if they wanted to. Instead, everyone stayed and some employees who were not scheduled came in to work. Hoben’s daughter, age 11, was also at the restaurant because of spring break. In an interview with National Public Radio, Hoben said “Her first inclination was to write little notes on bags to tell people everything is going to be OK. So

I think that this motivated us to just continue on and do what we could and not think about the big picture.” But caring for one another is the big picture. As the investigation continued, more shockwaves hit America. On Wednesday evening, April 17, a fertilizer plant in West, Texas, exploded. Immediately questions were raised. Was it another act of terror or an industrial accident? But even as investigators sought answers, the residents of West and nearby Waco, Texas, turned to the bigger picture. Friends, neighbors and family had died or been injured in the blast. In a small town, everyone suffers the loss. Once again, people rushed in to help. On CNN’s “AC360°,” paramedic Bryce Reed explained that emergency workers in West are all volunteers. They also are heroes. “People who didn’t have to go to that blast, went to that blast,” Reed said. “People who could have stayed at home, they didn’t have to go. They were all volunteers.” Some of those volunteers didn’t survive. At presstime, the death toll was climbing, hundreds of people were reported injured and numerous homes had been destroyed. Investigators were still searching for answers. But the people of West, Texas, were doing what Americans do – taking care of those who were injured and homeless, comforting one another and cramming into churches to pray. Locally, we may feel isolated and insulated from last week’s tragic events, but we, too, are part of the bigger picture. We can, of course, support organizations such as the American Red Cross, but we can also take smaller steps – we can pray, we can perform random acts of kindness, we can agree to disagree but still work together in the best interest of America. By presstime, one of the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings, 26-yearold Tamerlan Tsarnaev was dead and police were seeking his brother, 19-yearold Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev. Identifying the men behind the bombings may not explain their motives. Perhaps they thought their act of terror could shatter the resolve of America. If so, they failed to understand the American people. They failed to see the big picture.

With warmer weather ahead, it’s time to get out and explore beautiful places in West County and beyond. This image of the Missouri Botanical Garden’s famed Japanese Garden was snapped April 13 by West Newsmagazine reporter Jim Erickson.

In QUOTES “My students are my reward and my reason for success. I am an outstanding teacher not because of what kids see me do while lecturing in front of them but because of what kids are able to do while I stand beside them.” – Jamie Manker, Rockwood School District Teacher of the Year

“We may be momentarily knocked off our feet, but we’ll pick ourselves up. … We’ll keep going; we will finish the race.” – President Barack Obama speaking at the Boston Marathon memorial

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HEALTHY KIDS DAY is THE day for kids to get a

GIVING MOTHERHOOD A MICROPHONE Saturday, May 11 Two shows: 10 a.m. to Noon OR 2 to 4 p.m. St. Luke’s Hospital - Institute for Health Education 232 S. Woods Mill Rd., Chesterfield


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WILDWOOD FAMILY YMCA 636 458-6636 • 10 am-1 pm WEST COUNTY FAMILY YMCA West County Family 636 532-3100 • 10 am-2 pm YMCA

Chesterfield 636.532.3100 Wildwood Family YMCA *Details and restrictions online. Wildwood 636.458.6636

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a hands-on tree planting demonstration along the woodline of the Government Center. Attendees will receive a free tree sapling to plant in recognition of Arbor Day.

News Br iefs

Trash services public hearing City staff and the Horticulture, Environment and Beautification Committee are hosting two public meetings to discuss the city’s current trash and recycling contract and options for the upcoming bid for a new fiveyear contract beginning on July 1, 2014. Hearings dates are Tuesday, May 7 and Wednesday, May 22. Both meetings will begin at 7 p.m. A brief presentation on current service levels, market trends and associated costs will be followed by questions and comments from the public. Questions may be directed to Jim Heines, director of public works, by calling (314) 872-2538. Firefighters from Metro West, West County EMS & Fire Protection and Monarch Fire Protection District participate in a water tanker shuttle while fighting a home fire in Wildwood.



Road. Elementary school students who participated in the Creve Coeur Arbor Day contest will present their winning artwork and essays entitled, “If I Were A Tree.” Immediately following the students’ presentations, guests are invited to participate in

Arbor Day celebration Arbor Day activities on April 27 from 10-11 a.m. will take place at the Government Center, located at 300 N. Ballas

Sporting goods store seeks conditional use permit Ellisville may be getting a new sporting goods store, depending on how the City Council votes at its May 1 meeting.

If approved the store will sit on Manchester Road on the site of the former Gingham’s restaurant and would specialize in hunting equipment. James LoPorto, the man seeking to establish the store, said that it made sense to set up his hunting store in Ellisville. “I have some friends that live out here and anytime they need something … it’s an hour round-trip to get anything sporting goods related,” LoPorto said. Thirty-five percent of the store’s inventory will be dedicated to firearms, but only ones that have a use for hunting. LoPorto said he won’t carry any assault rifles or other guns that don’t have a purpose for hunting game. “I am going after a sporting goods store; my focus is not going to be on tactical weapons,” said LoPorto. “I feel that’s a fad.” Selling guns requires a special permit, and the Council will be vote on that issue on May 1. Ellisville residents in attendance at the April 17 Council meeting were mostly in favor of the store. Only a few hands were raised when the Council called for any opposition to the sporting goods store. “I’m supporting any new business that comes in,” said Ellisville resident Harlan Johnson. “We’ve got to many vacant buildings here as it is.”

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Supporting Circle Of Concern On April 15, the Ballwin Police Department and Ballwin Target store presented a check for $1,237 to Circle Of Concern Executive Director Chris Pallozola. The money was raised during a community shred event on April 6. This was the second year for this effort, which also collected 484 individual food items for Circle Of Concern. More than 7,300 pounds of documents were securely shredded for area residents. Circle Of Concern feeds the hungry and provides long-term and emergency assistance to lowincome families living in western St. Louis County.

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Interior design by appointment From left to right: Target Team Leader Amanda Hill, Ballwin Police Sgt. Jim Heldmann, Target Executive Leader Human Resources Kathy Thompson, Circle Of Concern Executive Director Chris Pallozola, and Ballwin Police Chief Steven Schicker

MANCHESTER Police warn of charity scams According to the Manchester Police Department, individuals wasted no time last week in registering domain names related to the explosions at the Boston Marathon, some of which are likely to take advantage of individuals looking to help victims. Police warned that scammers, spammers and other malicious actors capitalize on major news events by registering such domains. Within four hours of the incident in Boston over 115 .net or .com domains had been registered. In addition to fake domains, malicious actors may also create fake social media accounts with similar intent. A Twitter account @_BostonMarathon was created shortly after the explosions took place. The account stated it would donate $1 for each retweet, and was crafted to closely resemble the legitimate Boston Marathon Twitter account (@BostonMarathon). The bogus account has since been suspended by Twitter; however, the likelihood that similar social media accounts will surface remains high. Manchester Police recommend that all persons looking to donate money in support of those affected by the Boston tragedy rely on official fundraising charities such as the American Red Cross. Police also recommend residents exercise caution when clicking on links or interacting with social media accounts that claim to represent the best interests of those involved in this incident.

TOWN & COUNTRY Suspect pleads guilty Marco Castaneda, 64, of the 500 block of Pinebrook Court, pleaded guilty Feb.

19 to two counts of second-degree sexual misconduct, class B misdemeanors. Castaneda was accused of exposing himself to teenage girls on two separate occasions last summer. On April 2, St. Louis County Circuit Court Judge Mary Bruntrager Schroeder gave Castaneda a suspended sentence and placed him on two years of probation. Castaneda also was ordered to have no contact with the victims, seek counseling as directed by his probation officer and continue alcohol and substance abuse counseling.


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Lightning strike ignites house fire Spring storms rolling through West County last week, set off a fire in Wildwood when lightning struck a home on Wolf Trail Road. Metro West fire crews responded and found smoke showing from the roof of a house. All residents safely evacuated the house and firefighters worked quickly to suppress the fire and check for extension. “The biggest challenge faced by crews was the location of the fire,” explained Metro West Chief Vincent T. Loyal. “That particular area requires a tanker response.” Because a water tanker shuttle operation was necessary, Metro West had to work cooperatively with nearby fire districts. “The West County EMS & Fire Protection District and Monarch Fire Protection District responded to ensure adequate water supply for suppression efforts,” Loyal said. Given the nature of the fire, Loyal added, “This is a good time to remind everyone of the importance for homeowners to remember to change batteries in their smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.”

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I NEWS I 13 Heated words, lawsuit take center stage at Ellisville City Council meeting APRIL 24, 2013 WEST NEWSMAGAZINE


that I could say right now,” Murray said as she stood behind the dais. Then Murray spent nearly 10 minutes chastising those in attendance for their behavior toward her and the other councilmembers. “The things that are said do not only affect us,” Murray said. “We have families. The things that have been said have been wholly inappropriate. These people do not deserve the kind of comments that have been leveled at them, nor do I.” During her speech, Murray told the audience to run for a seat on the Council instead of levying criticisms, and that those serving in office deserve more respect than Ellisville’s newly elected councilmembers are (from left): Mick Cahill (District 2), Cindy Pool she has received. (District 3) and Gary Voss (District 1). (West Newsmagazine photo) “I love this city,” Murray said. Then she added with equal conviction, “I cannot express with any deeper emotion how By DAN FOX flowers as a farewell gift. Residents attending the April 17 EllisThe three were also given a chance to much I want to move.” The public comments were also full of ville City Council meeting were blasted give a farewell speech. Pieper declined, with strong words and heated emotions and merely went down the dais shaking bold statements. Several people asked for throughout the course of the evening. his fellow councilmembers’ hands. Anglin special elections to find a new mayor, and The meeting began with the acknowl- spoke briefly, thanking those gathered and some voiced their continued support for edgement of service for the three outgoing saying “it’s been an experience,” which former Mayor Adam Paul. Paul rose to speak as well and announced councilmembers, Michelle Murray (Dis- brought laughter from the crowd. trict 3), Troy Pieper (District 2) and Dawn When it came to Murray, the meeting that he has filed a lawsuit against City Attorney Paul Martin, Pirrello, City Manager Kevin Anglin (District 1). All three accepted abruptly shifted tones. “I made a promise to my sister, to my Bookout and resident Kathryn (Katie) James. plaques from Mayor Pro-Tem Matt Pirrello. Councilmember Linda Reel (District family, I would leave with grace and dig- The lawsuit, which is against those four in 2) brought each of them a bouquet of pink nity, and not express some of the things their individual capacities, claims that those

mentioned are guilty of defamation of Paul’s character, among other charges. Should Paul win his suit and be awarded a financial settlement, each of these individuals, and not the city, would have to provide payment. “I never wanted to get to this point,” Paul said. “The damage has been done to me and my family.” Paul also filed a lawsuit for his reinstatement as mayor and claimed that the precedings that led to his impeachment would not hold up in front of a judge. “I’m here to say you damaged my life, my livelihood and my reputation,” Paul said to those seated at the dais. “I’m looking forward to a real day in court.” Pirrello said that he was not surprised by these lawsuits since Paul’s attorney, Chet Pleban, has long been promising follow-up legal action to Paul’s impeachment hearing. Three new councilmembers, Cindy Pool (District 3), Mick Cahill (District 2) and Gary Voss (District 1) were sworn in to office at the meeting as well, and took their seats to work on the night’s agenda, including a resolution accepting past ordinances, resolutions and budgets of past Boards/Councils. Had the Council voted against the resolution, the door could have been opened to See ELLISVILLE, page 14

First meeting of Monarch FPD Board suggests change may not be easy By JIM ERICKSON For anyone wondering if the end of the director election battle earlier this month meant the end of contentious meetings for the Monarch Fire Protection District Board, the April 17 session provided an answer: not yet. The main items of business were the swearing in of Jane Cunningham and the Board’s election of officers. Those events occurred without incident, but the atmosphere quickly heated up thereafter. In comments after she was sworn in, Cunningham said the occasion was “not just a ceremony, but a celebration” of government “of the people, by the people and for the people.” During the subsequent citizen comment period, Rick Gans, a former Monarch director, accused the firefighters union of trying to control the Board and intimidating the local’s own membership. Gans, who withdrew his candidacy from this year’s race and backed Cunningham, also targeted Steve Swyers, who defeated Gans in the 2011 director election. He accused Swyers of voting for a tax increase two years ago after campaigning that he would not raise those rates and supporting

the move to oust four senior officers. The dismissals came in the wake of a discrimination lawsuit the district lost but Gans said they were “at the behest of the union” who wanted other officers “the union could control.” Gans also linked Swyers to the hiring of Tom Vineyard as chief, saying Vineyard’s qualifications didn’t measure up to requirements the Board earlier had established for that position. Vineyard was in the meeting but did not respond to Gans’ comments. However, Swyers later did. “The derogatory comments about Chief Vineyard in a public meeting were in extremely poor taste,” he observed. He added that the chief’s expertise and leadership abilities have been clearly recognized by his peers who selected him to head the Greater St. Louis Area Fire Chiefs Association. As for criticisms aimed at him, Swyers noted that while he originally supported the tax increase, the levy hike never happened because he later voted with other directors to rescind it after reviewing financial information he received too late to analyze before the first vote.

An accounting firm executive, Swyers said, “It’s absurd to describe me as being under the union’s control. My fellow directors and I aren’t the ones out there on the fire trucks and medical emergency vehicles. But we darn well better be able to work effectively with our employees – the ones who are out there getting the job done every day for our citizens.” Swyers cited recent downward trends in sick leave hours, workers’ compensation and overtime expenditures, as well as the reduced number of vacation days and the more years of service required to earn them as indicators of an improved working relationship in addressing problem areas. With Cunningham sworn in, the Board reorganization went quickly. The new director nominated Harris as president and there was no opposition. Cunningham was elected secretary and Swyers was chosen treasurer. Another topic of discord arose when Harris asked Vineyard to issue a request for proposals from legal firms interested in providing services to the district. The hiring of Charles Billings of the Bruntrager & Billings law firm was one Harris opposed two years ago.

Robin Harris of the Monarch Fire Protection District Board, administers the oath of office to Jane Cunningham. (West Newsmagazine photo)

This time, Swyers objected, saying Monarch’s legal costs have declined since Billings has been on board and that making any change now is ill-advised due to the status of a lawsuit filed against the district by the fired officers. The case is scheduled for trial starting Sept. 9. Harris countered that legal expenses are down because the overall litigation load is less, and he and Cunningham voted for seeking new proposals.

14 I NEWS I 


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Help Wanted: Rockwood begins its search for superintendent By CAROL ENRIGHT It was a done deal long before it was formally announced. The Rockwood School Board accepted the resignation of Dr. Bruce Borchers at its meeting on April 18, three days after Oak Ridge Schools, in Oak Ridge, Tenn., approved his contract to be the district’s next superintendent. Borchers’ last day at Rockwood is June 7. Although Borchers was not at the meeting, Board President Bill Brown thanked him for his three years of service and commented on the importance of selecting his successor. The Board invited Dr. Don Senti, executive director of the Cooperating School Districts of Greater St. Louis (CSD), to make some recommendations about selecting a new superintendent. Senti served as superintendent of both the Parkway and Clayton school districts, and was interim superintendent at Parkway in 2010. Senti made it clear that the CSD does not conduct superintendent searches, but he was there “to offer some advice and some alternatives.” His first recommendation was to hire an interim superintendent. “That’s something you need to do right away,” said Senti. He was emphatic that it be someone who is not seeking a permanent position, as this could cause complications should the Board identify a better candidate during its search. Senti also advised the Board to hire a search firm. “A lot of people don’t understand why you need a search firm to hire a superintendent,” he said. Then he offered the Board his reason for doing just that: “Your best candidate probably isn’t looking for a job.”

Search firms “are pretty skilled at working with the public and the staff in determining the type of leader you want,” said Senti. He added that “conducting public and staff surveys during this part of this process can be very valuable, particularly at this time, I would think, in Rockwood.” Senti described three types of searches for the Board to consider. The first is an open search, in which the candidates are made known from the start and the staff and the public are involved in every step of the process. But Senti cautioned that “many candidates, especially local or regional candidates, are not going to risk their relationship with the local community” just to make that first application for the job. The second type of search is closed. Candidates’ names are not made public. Staff and the public can interview candidates only after signing confidentiality agreements. “This attracts of wide range of candidates, especially those that were not looking for a job in the first place,” said Senti. Senti recommended that the Board conduct a search that is a hybrid of the first two. “Initially, it will be confidential, but toward the end, your finalists will be announced,” Senti explained. At that point, the public and staff can be involved. Senti estimated that hiring a search firm would cost $10,000 to $20,000. But he reiterated that the most desirable candidates are not looking for a job – and search firms have the networks to find them. He suggested the Board begin interviewing search firms immediately, with the goal of hiring a firm by September. This would allow the Board to have a new superintendent selected by the start of 2014.`

ELLISVILLE, from page 13

“I am fine with moving forward with getting a special election done,” Pirrello said during the meeting. “We have to do that regardless.” Pirrello was referring to wording in the city charter regarding filling a vacancy for the position of mayor, which reads: “Whenever, for any cause, a vacancy shall occur in the office of mayor, the vacancy shall be filled by the Council by a majority vote of all its remaining members for a period running to the next regularly scheduled Council election unless such period exceeds one year. In the latter case, the Council shall make arrangements for a special election to fill such vacancy for the remainder of the unexpired term.” Paul had just completed the first year of a four-year term when he was removed from office.

overturning the previous Council’s decisions on the tax increment financing and conditional use permit for the Walmart development. However, the Council voted unanimously to accept the resolution and in so doing accept all of the previous Council’s ordinances, resolutions and budgets. After a short discussion, the Council also agreed to hold special elections in order to find a new mayor for Ellisville and to keep Pirrello on as mayor pro-tem in the interim. Information on how to conduct special elections is being sought and will be available at the Council meeting on May 1. Pirrello said he also hopes the Council will be able to name an exact date for the election at that meeting.



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Laura and Brad Partridge with their identical triplets

Bundle of Joy: Des Peres couple ready to bring identical triplets home By SARAH WILSON More than a month after triplets Sonja, Sylvia and Scarlett Partridge came into the world, they are finally close to going home to their house of what will be seven in Des Peres. The babies have been at the hospital since they were born on March 19, but at West Newsmagazine presstime, their proud parents, Laura and Brad, said the babies would hopefully be coming home soon and the couple is “bracing” for that day. All the babies have had their feeding tubes removed, and Laura said they have been doing “so well taking all their feeds by mouth.” In addition to the triplets, the Partridges have a 3-year-old son and a 17-month-old daughter, but they have only been able to see their baby sisters once on Easter due to the cold and flu season. “We’re just looking forward to getting the whole family back together again and doing the best we can for their arrival,” Brad said. “We’ve got lots of help lined up. We’re still struggling how to wrap our heads around how to juggle it all, but we’ll find a way somehow.” The couple was expecting to just have a third child, but they got the shock of a lifetime when they heard there were three babies on the way – without the help of any fertility interventions. “I was at my doctor for a routine, eightweek ultrasound thinking I would see a heartbeat,” Laura said. “When I was told there were three, I couldn’t believe it.” She then called Brad, who was at work, to break the news. “I was shaking with shock, to be completely honest,” Brad said. “The only multiples on either side were my grandmother’s sisters who were twins.”

At nearly 33-weeks gestation, and after Laura spent three weeks in the hospital on bed rest, the Partridges welcomed their baby girls at Mercy Hospital in Creve Coeur. “They are all doing very well,” Brad said. “They are our one in 200 million babies.” Estimates vary on the instances of identical triplets from between one in 60,000 to one in 200 million. Without knowing the exact odds, doctors still say it is rare. Telling identical babies apart though, might prove to be a challenge. “At this point, I can still tell by their faces because our smallest, Scarlett, her face is still a little bit thinner and more petite,” Laura said. “Sonja, who has the biggest face, is a little fuller. But I’m going to guess in a couple of weeks – when everyone is at the exact same weight, once they’re bundled up in blankets and have their hats on and their eyes closed – it’s going to be like looking at the same baby times three.” Brad said Laura often sends him a picture from the NICU while he’s at work and says “guess who.” “And I don’t think I’ve gotten one right yet,” Brad said. “We know it’s just going to take some extra coordination and focus to make sure we don’t get them mixed up, but they’ll eventually be developing their own little quarks and personalities to tell them apart.” Right now, the couple said they are just blessed that the babies are here and healthy. “They’ve certainly had a long, pretty risky road to get to where they are and just beat the odds from the beginning. We’re just so proud of them, and I’m proud of Laura for all she did to carry them and bring them into this world,” Brad said. “We’re just excited and ready to start this great new adventure with them.”




Manchester hires special counsel, accused of bullying tactics By SARAH WILSON In response to a recent Manchester Police Department request for collective bargaining representation, the Manchester Board of Aldermen on April 15 unanimously approved emergency legislation to retain an attorney to represent the city. The ordinance appoints Attorney Robert Stewart, of the law firm Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C., as special counsel for the city. Andrew Hixson, Manchester city attorney, said the Board decided to bring in special counsel “to make sure everything was done fairly and legally with the Fraternal Order of Police.” “This is entirely up to the police department,” Hixson said. “We just want to treat every employee fairly and equally.” Greg Kloeppel, chief legal counsel for the Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 15, said he thinks “it was a good move by the city to have someone who has some knowledge in the law to assess this.” He sent the city a letter requesting voluntary recognition for FOP Lodge 15 as the exclusive bargaining representative and said about 58 percent of the city’s police officers and sergeants signed a representation interest card in March indicating support for collective bargaining, including bargaining with regard to wages, hours and working conditions. “Under Missouri law, public sector employees have an obligation to negotiate with union representation chosen by employees,” Kloeppel said. He cited the Supreme Court of Missouri case FOP Lodge 15 v. the cities of Chesterfield and University City, which calls for a section in the Missouri Constitution that “inherently imposes a duty on each city to bargain collectively with the exclusive bargaining representative elected by its police officers and sergeants with a goal of reaching an agreement.” In the midst of the city’s action, Kevin Ahlbrand, president of the Missouri Fraternal Order of Police, accused the city and police department of “bullying” employees. The accusations suggest that command staff took individual officers aside and tried to get them to rescind the representation cards they signed in support of collective bargaining. Ahlbrand also said officers were told that the city was in negotiations with St. Louis County to take over police services and that they would not have jobs. “This is a problem we’ve seen throughout the state,” Ahlbrand said. “Collective bargaining is relatively new to the state of Missouri, and most cities are ignorant of how it actually works. They’re afraid of it. They think it’s a big union tactic to take over things, but collective bargaining actu-

ally works as well for cities as it does for employees.” Hixson said he has “no idea” where talk of bullying came up but said that he “can guarantee there’s been no bullying from management.” Alderman Paul Hamill (Ward 1) also said he was not aware of any alleged bullying. For his part, Kloeppel congratulated the city at its Board meeting on the appointment of special counsel and said he thinks it is good to have an individual who has knowledge in the area of law, who knows

the process in the area of the law and who will move the process forward. “That’s the main goal of the collective bargaining agreement. (It) is when city employees have a voice in their workplace and basically have a seat at the table to express their working conditions and hopefully work out an agreement in a collective bargaining contract as the Supreme Court has stated the employees have a right to,” Kloeppel said. “A lot of departments have various issues that they believe may or may not be addressed through informal matters

with the department itself, and sometimes it just makes it a lot easier for both sides to have an agreement in place to let officers know what’s expected of them and the city knows the obligations they have. The whole issue is that they have a constitutional right to do it.” Ahlbrand said FOP Lodge 15, Missouri State FOP and the National FOP “will take whatever steps necessary to ensure that the brave men and women of the Manchester Police Department will be able to choose their representative.”

18 I Schools I 



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was designed to motivate elementary-aged students to develop quick recall of basic math facts. Using simple math strategies and taking the time to practice math skills at home using the program workbooks, students master the basic facts and progress to advanced math skill levels, including working with fractions, decimals and percentages. These advanced skill levels help to create a solid foundation for learning more demanding math concepts in middle school and high school. On April 2, fourth-grader Brendan Hoskins earned a Bronze Medal, and kindergartner Kat Luth earned a Blue Ribbon for achieving success at their respective levels.

Run for the Congo

From left, Krithi Bolledula, Nick Gottfried, Dylan Hoskins, Nicky Jumps, Jack Polys, Brendan Hoskins, Kathryn Luth, Hilary Jumps and Allison Luth are ready to take their first math test of the day. (Photo courtesy of Math Fact Scholars, LLC)

Implementing Math Fact Scholars The PTO Board for Wren Hollow Elementary in early February made a decision to implement the MATH FACT SCHOLARS weekly math testing program to provide Wren Hollow’s kindergarten through fifthgrade students with a “before-school” opportunity to further develop their math skills. Jackie Polys, Wren Hollow’s PTO president, said about five months ago, she enrolled her boys in the program. “I had been looking for a quality math

skills program my boys could get excited about,” Polys said. “It was amazing; they loved taking the math tests every week. “After learning that the program was available as a before-school enrichment program within elementary schools, I shared it with our PTO board and we scheduled a presentation. After the presentation, we all had a strong feeling that this program was going to be a great success at our school and decided to get it started right away.” The MATH FACT SCHOLARS program

Let Us Do The Caring! At Senior TLC we bring the most compassionate, reliable and skilled people into your home to help keep you active and independent.

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Students at Crestview Middle are rallying support for women in the Democratic Republic of Congo with the second annual Run for the Congo event. Students in the Crestview Service Learning Club are organizing the 5k walk/run. The goal is to support and raise awareness for women who have survived the Congo Civil War, according to Crestview student Vinai Kumar. “A lot of women, their husbands were killed,” Kumar said. “Basically they’re alone and have to fend for themselves and their children.” Money raised by the event will go to Women for Women International, which puts the money toward training women in different categories of business as well as educational courses on health and human rights.

“I think that all people on the earth should get equal rights,” said Crestview student Jon Zink. “I think we are just educating everyone about how not everyone has rights like we do, and I hope that more people will kind of get in the action about that.” The Run for the Congo starts at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, April 27 at Crestview Middle. The fee to participate is $20. Register at or visit

Advisor of the Year Julie Dwyer, technology teacher at Pond Elementary and advisor for the Fuel Up to Play 60 program, recently was named Advisor of the Year for Missouri. 
Fuel Dwyer Up to Play 60 is a national health and wellness program that promotes healthy eating and exercising for at least 60 minutes per day for children. Many schools across Missouri participate in this program, and each program has at least one program advisor. The FUTP60 committee said it was impressed with Dwyer’s personal healthy lifestyle and commitment to encourage students to be their healthiest.

Recognized for robotics The Cyborg Cats, Westminster Christian Academy’s First Robotics team, recently



Leader in fitness The St. Louis Rams and CHARACTERplus, an initiative of the Cooperating School Districts, have named Woerther Elementary a 2013 Character Fitness Model School. Woerther is one of three area schools selected for the recognition as a result of its effective character fitness program. Character fitness combines health and nutrition efforts, Teachers Amy Gentry and Carol Earley celebrate character development and Woerther’s Character Fitness Model School award physical exercise. Schools that with students. have achieved a mastery rating in those categories are recognized with the honor of being named a Model School. Principal Jane Levy attributed the school’s success with character fitness to physical education teachers Carol Earley and Amy Gentry. “Carol and Amy are outstanding role models who have a positive impact on all of the students, staff and parents at Woerther,” Levy said. “Their leadership and dedication have helped us establish a culture of character fitness.” 
 Woerther was selected as a Model School based on the number and quality of initiatives in which the school participated this year and how the program collectively involved the student body. In addition, the school was judged on staff involvement in teaching and modeling character fitness, curricular connections within physical education, health and core classes, community outreach and service and the outcomes of the various program and efforts. The school will receive a banner to highlight its accomplishment during an onsite celebration as well as tickets to a 2013 Rams game and an invitation to co-present at the fall launch of Character Fitness. competed in the Crossroads Regional in Terre Haute, Ind. The team was recognized with the “Excellence in Engineering Award” and “Safest Pit Award” and placed 13th in a field of 50 robots.

Rockwood Teachers of the Year Jamie Manker, a social studies teacher at Rockwood Summit High, was named the 2013 Rockwood School District Teacher of the Year. “My students are my reward and my reason for success,” Manker said. “I am an outstanding teacher not because of what kids see me do while lecturing in front of them but because of what kids are able to do while I stand beside them.” Each year, all 30 Rockwood schools select an educator to represent their school as the teacher of the year. Then, the district recognizes the school-level teachers of the year. One of these individuals is then selected as the Rockwood Teacher of the Year and will go on to compete for the state title sponsored by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The Rockwood teachers who were honored with the school-level, Teacher of the Year recognition were: Aron Blanke, Center for Creative Learning, Elementary School; Karen Schulz, Wildwood Middle, Middle School; and Jamie Manker, Rock-

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wood Summit High, High School. Rockwood will honor the educators at the 24th annual ROSE Award Ceremony on May 5. During this ceremony, the Teachers of the Year selected for each school will also be honored along with Service Award recipients, retirees and ROSE and Cornerstone Award recipients.

New HR director Becky Pitzer was named director of human resources for the 20132014 school year. Pitzer has served Rockwood for 15 years as a coordinator of benefits for Pitzer seven years and a benefit specialist for eight years. Before joining Rockwood, she served as a human resource representative for Norrell Services for two years and a personnel manager for Target Stores for four years. Pitzer earned both a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a graduate certificate in human resources management from the University of Missouri-St. Louis. In addition, she earned a master’s degree in human resources management from Lindenwood University. She replaces Dr. Katie Reboulet, who was named executive director of student services in Rockwood.

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Parkway follows Rockwood lead in safe and sober messaging campaign BY CAROL ENRIGHT It’s prom season in West County, and the area’s two public school districts are trying to make staying safe and sober as much a part of the tradition as dressing up for photos by the Grand Basin in Forest Park or other local landmarks. For several years now, Rockwood’s Drug-Free Coalition has been promoting “PROMise to stay safe and sober” – a messaging campaign that is supported by local police via increased party patrols and alcohol checkpoints on prom nights. Now, Parkway is creating its own drug-free coalition. Ken McManus is the director of the new “Parkway Coalition for Community Health,” which hasn’t quite settled on a formal name, yet. Prior to coming to Parkway in February 2012, McManus worked with the Rockwood Drug-Free Coalition. He said the Parkway coalition will be closely modeled after the Rockwood coalition in that they are both based on a national framework promoted by The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America. “Both Rockwood’s Drug-Free Coalition and ours are built upon the same set of structures and tool sets,” said McManus. “There’s probably a couple differences between the two, and one of those is that where Rockwood’s is a drug-free focus – we have that focus – but we are also committed to working on suicide-risk preventions.” Another difference is that Parkway is inviting a number of private high schools to join its coalition. “It’s really about our scope of reach and our footprint,” McManus explained. McManus said that while Rockwood has a number of private K-8 schools within its boundaries, the only private high school is Barat Academy. “In Parkway, we have either in our footprint – or just outside the edge – up to seven very prominent independent schools with

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whom we plan to work,” McManus said. Whitfield School and Barat Academy have already agreed to participate in the coalition. And McManus said he hopes to build relationships with CBC, De Smet Jesuit, Priory, John F. Kennedy, Westminster Christian Academy and Visitation – what he called “the whole channel running down the Hwy. 40 line.” The Parkway coalition is funded by a five-year, $500,000 grant from the Missouri Foundation for Health. The coalition also received a $5,000 grant from a state agency, ACT Missouri. Although the coalition is a work-in-progress, McManus said Parkway prom-goers should know that the coalition is paying local police overtime on prom nights to support increased party patrols. “That’s to ensure that in those areas that there has been some history of alcohol and drug-affected parties, that we provide extra patrols to keep that at a minimum or to hopefully eliminate it,” McManus said. McManus has also asked high school principals to adorn their marquees with “stay safe and sober” messaging in the days leading up to prom. He said the coalition plans to support increased party patrols around graduation, too. The Parkway and Rockwood coalitions are separate, and McManus said the police have been coordinating efforts to make sure there is no overlap. Capt. Chuck Boschert of the St. Louis County Police heads up Parkway’s law enforcement activities and Wildwood Police Capt. Ken Williams is in charge of the Rockwood effort. “They are totally able to trade notes and line up the resources, so we’re not duplicating each other’s footprint,” said McManus. West High hosts its prom at the Kemp Auto Museum in Chesterfield on April 27. The other Parkway high schools will have their proms on May 4 and May 11. Rockwood’s proms will be wrapping up on April 27.

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Chesterfield gymnast to head to Junior Olympic Championships, April 30 By Warren Mayes Crestview Middle School’s Taylor Styer will miss some school but he has a good reason – he will be competing in the 2013 Junior Olympic Championships for men’s gymnastics. The eighth-grader who lives in Chesterfield will compete in the national tournament that begins April 30 and runs through May 5 in Portland, Ore. Styer won the Missouri Level 9 championship to qualify for the regional competition and finished high enough to earn a bid to attend the national meet. “Being new to the state of Missouri, I was very proud of myself,” Styer said. “I competed against all the Level 9 boys from the state of Missouri. My all-around score was the highest in my level.” His family moved last September to Missouri from Marlton, N.J. “It has been a very big change starting in a new middle school in eighth grade,” Styer said. The Missouri state championships were held in Wichita, Kan. Styer took first in the floor, rings, vault, parallel bar, high bar and all-around. He did not place in the pommel horse. He trains at the St. Louis Gym Centre in Webster Groves. Mike Filla, his coach, said Styer’s best events are rings and parallel bars. “On those two events he can swing as well as most of the gymnasts who are on the national team,” Filla said. “He is also very strong and can do the Iron Cross on rings. Most kids do not learn that skill until they are several years older than Taylor.” The regional event was held in Springfield, Mo. “At this competition, I competed against boys from six states,” Styer said. “This is where you have to qualify to get to nationals. That’s everyone’s goal. They only have an allotment of 25 spots. I was 18th in the region out of 66 boys.” Styer started in gymnastics when he was 2, in a toddler class in Hacketstown, N.J. “I was asked to be on a competitive team when I was 8 years old,” Styer said. “At that time, we were living in Columbus, Ohio.” He said he likes gymnastics because it is fun, yet challenging at the same time. “I love the feeling when I am flying through the air,” he said. “I also like competing against others, that’s when the training pays off.” Filla said, “Gymnastics is a year-round sport with no off-season. He noted that Styer recently became the Missouri state champion. “It is a testament to how hard he trains in the gym,” Filla said. “I enjoy the time I put into training. I am

Taylor Styer

eager to learn and perfect new skills,” Styer said. “My coach not only trains me physically but helps me mentally prepare.” Filla is proud of what Styer has accomplished. “Taylor is a very talented gymnast,” Filla said. “He is one of the most talented athletes that I have ever worked with. Taylor is very easy to coach. He listens to corrections and makes the corrections on his next turn. He is always trying to improve his gymnastics and he wants to be great. That makes him easy to coach.” Now, athlete and coach will be going to the national meet. “It is extremely exciting for both of us,” Filla said. “It will give him a chance to showcase his talents on a national stage.” For one so young, Filla said what Styer is doing is impressive. “From gymnastics, Taylor has learned how to manage his time very well,” Filla said. “He has developed a tremendous amount of discipline and focus. Taylor has the potential to develop into a nationally competitive gymnast. “He dreams of becoming a national team member. If he continues to improve at the rate that he has over this past year he will be able to achieve that dream.” The Junior Nationals is the last competition of the season for Styer. However, there will be no time off after the met. “After the competition Taylor will get back to training and learning new skills to improve his routines for next season,” Filla said. “Taylor is also an exceptional student. He is a great teammate and part of one of the most outstanding teams that I have ever coached.”

I sports I 21

22 I sports I 


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Spor t s the team provides academically.” The 5-foot-9 Perea is comfortable playing shooting guard or either forward position. This past season she led the Metro League in steals with 4.5 a game and in rebounding with 9.3 a game. She was ninth in scoring at 11.2 points a game. “I have been playing basketball competitively since I was 5,” Perea said. “It is my favorite game. I love the fact that it’s a team sport, and I get just as much satisfaction from a nice pass helping my teammate to score as I do putting the ball in the basket myself. I will do whatever I have to do to help my team win.”

Cacciatore named to Soccer Hall of Fame Principia assistant coach Melanie Marcy (left) with Rachel Perea, and Meramec head coach Shelly Ethridge

By Warren Mayes

High school signings Principia basketball player Rachel Perea has signed with St. Louis Community College at Meramec. “I chose Meramec because it seems the logical next step in my academic and athletic career,” Perea said. “I know I am going to love the structure and support that

Whitfield faculty member and head girls soccer coach Jeff Cacciatore will be inducted into the St. Louis Soccer Hall of Fame on Oct. 17. Cacciatore, now in his Cacciatore 23rd year at Whitfield, is being acknowledged for his successful playing career and contributions to the St. Louis soccer coaching community. Cacciatore played collegiate soccer at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

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where he was a member of the Cougars’ 1979 NCAA Division I national championship team. He was inducted into the SIUE Athletic Hall of Fame in 2009. After graduating from SIUE, Cacciatore played one season for the Fort Lauderdale Strikers and reached the North American Soccer League championship match in 1980. Cacciatore returned to St. Louis and played the next six seasons with the St. Louis Steamers. During his Steamers career, the team advanced twice to the Major Indoor Soccer League championship match and Cacciatore was named team MVP for the 1982-83 season. Cacciatore has been the head coach of Whitfield’s girls soccer program since its inception in 1997. Under his leadership, the Warriors have won a district championship (2009) and several MWAA division titles. “It is an honor to be chosen into the St. Louis Soccer Hall of Fame,” Cacciatore said. “I always approached playing soccer as an opportunity to prove to myself and others that I could compete and excel, but I could not have done so without my teammates and coaches, so I share this award with them. I want to thank the selection committee, as well as Whitfield School, for their recognition and support that they have given to me throughout my teaching and coaching career.”

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High school boys volleyball The American Volleyball Coaches Association’s pre-season “Watch List” for High School Boys volleyball players includes Westminster Christian Academy’s Mitch Penning and Tom Beckmann, of St. Louis University High. This year’s watch list includes 79 players from 12 states and serves as the starting point for the Boys’ High School Senior All-America selection process. In May, the AVCA will name 20 studentathletes as an All-American, with 10 players being selected to both a first team and second team. Westminster coach Jean Evans said Penning is deserving of this honor. “He has been working very hard and put on 60 pounds over the past year lifting weights and working out with his trainer (Tracy Fober),” Evans said. “I think being on the list says that Mitch hasn’t peaked yet, and college coaches know this. As good as he has gotten, he is still getting better.” Penning goes to training before school on some days plus practicing after school. And Evans said he is playing well this spring. “He has matured as a player and makes very few mistakes,” Evans said. “The biggest change has been his attitude. He has become the type of leader that every coach wants on her team. “Mitch is committed to being the best


April 26–28

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Never PaiNt Never Paint Your House Again Never Paint Your House Againaga Your House Never Paint Your House Again t FRONT Red dotted line indicates trim area. Blue dotted line indicates safe area.

t FRONT Red dotted line indicates trim area. Blue dotted line indicates safe area. t FRONT Red dotted line indicates trim area. Blue dotted line indicates safe area.

ordable Solid wood Ceiling

the affordable Solid wood Ceiling

person that he can be, and that includes vol- two unanimous first-team All-Conference the classic cofferedin wood at a small thethird price selections, whichfraction gave herofthe conleyball. He’s grown tremendously his faithceiling and that has been the most exciting aspect of secutive All-Conference honor of her career. She was a first-team selection last having him on the team this year.” Penning was a unanimous vote for cap- year, and a third-team honoree in 2011. tain this season.

High school baseball

College baseball


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AFTER 25-YEAR Call now to schedule a FREE estimate TY N t FRONT Red dotted line indicates trim area. Blue dotted line indicates safe area. A R R R-YEA WA25

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NTY WARRAt FRONT Red dotted line indicates trim area. Blue dotted line indicates safe area.


Never YourPAINT! House Again Looks like t FRONT Paint IT’S NOT

PaiNt Never Never Paint Your House Again NEVER Your House agaiN Never Paint Your House Again PAINT Red dotted line indicates trim area. Blue dotted line indicates safe area.







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St. Louis




Looks like paint. Lasts like vinyl.


NOTE: This proof is 115% of normal size. Actual size will be: 6" x 4.25". n OK n OKAY WITH CHANGES n NEED ANOTHER PROOF

q OK OK RSVP to® print! print changes St. Louis and itswith designers harmless for any mistakes, graphical or typographical errors. q to q OK to print with changes

ffered wood ceiling at a small fraction of the price

Maryville’s Abby Duethman

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Signature: ______________________________________________________________ Date: __________ This is your RSVP Proof. Read all copy carefully — mark corrections clearly. Please fax Signature: ______________________________________________________________ Date: __________ approval or changes to (317) 844-9612 or call (317) 844-7787 immediately! Signature: ______________________________________________________________ Date: __________ Signature: ______________________________________________________________ Date: __________ If we don’t hear from you in 48 hours – your card will print as shown below!

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St. LouiS Fax (636) 386-7789 (636) 386-7787 ® St. Louis (636) color. is not responsible for layouts and artwork submittederrors. by client or its agent. Unless supplied by advertiser, RSVP® retains all rights to all images RSVP® St. Louis andRSVP its designers harmless for any mistakes, graphical or®typographical Tel 386-7789 (636) 386-7787 St. LouiS Fax (636) color. St. Louis is not responsible for layouts and artwork submittederrors. by client or its agent. Unless supplied by advertiser, RSVP® retains all rights to all images RSVP® St. Louis andRSVP its designers harmless for any mistakes, graphical or Tel 386-7789 (636) 386-7787 St. LouiS ® typographical

Proof Approval Proof Approval St. LouiS el (636) 386-7787 and layouts used in this advertisement, and may not be reproduced without the written consent of RSVP St. Louis. By approving this proof for printing, I ® St. Louis ® St. Louis ax (636) color. RSVP is not responsible for layouts and artwork submittederrors. by client or its agent. Unless supplied by advertiser, RSVP® r andapprove its designers for any386-7789. mistakes, graphical or typographical Tel 386-7789 (636) 386-7787 St. LouiS Proof ApprovalRSVP Please andharmless fax to (636) Proof Approval Please approve and fax to (636) 386-7789. and layouts used in this advertisement, and may not be reproduced without the written consent of RSVP® St. Louis. By approving this pro q OK to print! q OK to print with changes (636) 386-7789 Proof Approval ® St.Fax LouiS Proof Approval RSVP St. Louis and its designers harmless for any mistakes, graphical or typographical errors. Tel (636) 386-7787

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Proof Approval Please approve and fax to (636) 386-7789. I have reviewed these proofs and authorize RSVP® St. Louis to proceed as indicated above. Please note that this proof may not represent actual


Never Paint Your House

Call now to schedule a FREE estimate Save Money Time. 877-257-4466 St. Louis Red dotted line indicates trimand area. Blue dotted line ind

t BACK 877-257-4466

St. Louis Provide Protection for like Yourvinyl. Looks like paint. Lasts

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RHINO SHIELD HAS BEEN FEATU Never PaiNt Your House agaiN Paint Replacement System…

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Maryville University freshman Tyler t BACK Red dotted line indicates trim area. Blue dotted line indicates safe area. Looks Call now to schedule a FREE estimate 25-YEAR CBC competed in the recent 16-team USA Omlid, a Parkway South graduate, recently e p aint, St.likLouis 877-257-4466 TY WARRAN l a s t Classic in Millington, Tenn. The 21-year-old was named the Great Lakes Valley Confers l ikeLasts vinylike Looks like paint. RHINO SHIELD HAS BEEN FEATURED ON l! vinyl. tournament from Tennessee, enceatbaseball Pitcher of the of Week. righttheincluded classicteams coffered wood ceiling a small fraction theThe price Call now to schedule a FREE estimate t BACK Red dotted line indicates trim area. Blue dotted line indicates safe area. BACK Red dotted line indicates trim area. Blue dotted line indicates safe area. 25-YEAR Rhino Call now to schedule a FREE Ceramic estimate Shield Protective Louisiana, Florida, Texas, California, Indi- hander is the first Saints baseball player to earn Before St. Louis NT RAEA RY 877-257-4466 WAR 25-Y 877-257-4466 St. Louis WARRANTY ana, Maryland and Kentucky. the award since Maryville joined the league. Coating gives you… Looks like paint. Lasts like vinyl. Looks like paint. Lasts like vinyl. The Cadets went 2-2 and finished fourth. Omlid notched his first two wins of the RHINO SHIELD HAS BEEN FEATURED ON Rhino Ceramic Protective CALL 1-888-Rhino41 (744-6641) FOR A FREE IN-HOME INSPECTION • • 25 Shield year transferable warranty Senior catcher Joe Schrimpf and sopho- season as he keyed home victories over the Coating gives you… • Looks thicker and richer than paint more right-handed pitcher and outfielder University of Missouri-St. Louis and MisBy Mid • 25 year transferable warranty • Looks thicker and richer paint • Hassle-free, nothan maintenance, won’t peel, chip or crack! Matt Vierling were named to the all-tour- souri S&T. He started both games, worked Rhino Shield Ceramic Protective By Midwestern Coatings, Inc. An Autho • Hassle-free, no maintenance, won’t peel, chip or crack! Protective Rhino Shield Ceramic Protective Rhino Shield Ceramic An Authorized Rhino Shield Dealer nament team. 16 innings, gave up only 13 hits and sur• Waterproof andyou… breathable Rhino Shield Ceramic Protective Coating gives rhino shield Ceramic Protective t and BACK Red dotted line indicates trim area. Blue dotted line indicates safe area. • Waterproof breathable Coating gives you… rendered just two earned runs. gives you… Coating gives you… Coating gives you... •year BASF Tested and proven to last •year BASF Tested and proven to last ••2525 transferable warranty transferable warranty Impressively, Omlid struck out 10 and •year Bonds to all wood, even ••25 transferable warranty Looks thicker and richer thancedar, paint stucco, vinyl, By Midwestern Coatings, Inc. •thicker Bonds to all wood, even cedar, stucco, vinyl, College women’s basketball 25 year transferable warranty Looks thicker and richer than paint brick, block, masonite and aluminum. •• Looks and richer than paint On Any Job ToInc.By Midwes •• Hassle-free, no maintenance, won’t peel, chip or crack! allow a walk while notching a 1.12 An Authorized Rhino Shield RHINO SHIELD HAS BEEN FEATURED ONUpDealer “there weren’t did any not surprises By Midwestern Coatings, • EPA certified to encapsulate lead and asbestos. brick, block, masonite and aluminum. • Hassle-free, no maintenance, won’t peel, chip or crack! • Waterproof and breathable BACK Red dotted indicates trim area. BlueBlue dotted line indicates safe area. ••Looks richer than paint tthicker BACKno Redand dottedline line indicates trim area. dotted line indicates safe area. An Authorized Rhino Shield Dealer Hassle-free, maintenance, won’t peel, chip or crack! Maryville senior guard Abby Duethman ERA. —except With runners aboard, Omlid allowed $ An Authorized good ones!” By Mid BASF Testedand and breathable proven to last ••Waterproof • EPA certified to encapsulate lead and asbestos. FOR A FREE IN-HOME INSPECTION has been selected to the Women’s Divi- just four hits in 26 at-bats, holding oppo• Hassle-free, no maintenance, won’t peel, chip or crack! • Waterproof and breathable • Bonds to all wood, even cedar, stucco, vinyl, An Autho • BASF Tested and proven to last must present presentthis thiscard ad at You must attime time of purchase. purchase. CALL 877-25RHINO or 314-239-7947 8/31/11 sion-II Bulletin All-America Second Team. nents to a .154 batting average at the plate. brick, block, masonite andcedar, aluminum. Hurry, offer expires 4/30/12! Hurry, offer expires 7/30/11! On Any Job Up To ••• Bonds to all wood, even stucco, vinyl, BASF Tested and proven to last Waterproof and breathable RHINO SHIELD HAS BEEN FEATURED ON Not valid with any other offers, previous contracts • brick, EPA certified to encapsulate and asbestos. Rhino Ceramic Protective Duethman is the lone Great Lakes Valley block,Shield masonite and lead aluminum. the $5000 Job project minimum. OnorAny Up To $ Servicing St. Louis, Kansas City even and Lakecedar, of the Ozarks. • Bonds to all wood, stucco, vinyl, Coating gives you… BASF BASF and proven to last ••EPA certified to encapsulate lead and asbestos. must pp Conference player to be recognized. The You must FOR ATested FREE IN-HOME INSPECTION •brick, 25 year block, transferable warranty masonite and aluminum. Hu H You must present this card at time of purchase. reigning GLVC Player of the Year finished Professional basketball 877-25RHINO orthan 314-239-7947 • CALL Bonds to all wood, even cedar, stucco,Hurry, vinyl, • FOR Looks and richer paint Athicker FREE IN-HOME INSPECTION offer expires 7/30/11! Serving St. Louis, Kansas City and Lake of the Ozarks. Not valid wit By Midwestern Coatings, Inc. Not asbestos. valid with any other offers, previous contracts • EPA certified to encapsulate lead and her career as Maryville’s all-time leader in Chaminade graduate You must present this card at time of purchase. • Hassle-free, no maintenance, won’t peel, chip or crack! brick, block, masonite and aluminum. Rhino Shield Ceramic Protective CALL 877-25RHINO or 314-239-7947 An Shield Dealer or orAuthorized the $5000 projectRhino minimum. offer expires 7/30/11! Servicing St. Louis,and Kansas City and Lake of the Ozarks. Rhino Shield Ceramic Protective rhino shield Ceramic Protective Servicing St. Louis, Kansas City and Lake ofHurry, the Ozarks. • Waterproof breathable scoring (1,463) and rebounding (633). Bradley Beal, the WashCoating gives you… Not valid with any other offers, previous contracts Checklist Please proofto the front and back of your postcard carefully and check the appropriate box below if the item is correct. Call now schedule alast FREE in-home •• double-check EPA certified toinformation: encapsulate lead and asbestos. gives you… Coating gives you... or thee-mail, $5000 project BASF Tested and proven to Always the most important phoneof number, street address, web address, dates, minimum. disclaimers and special offers. During the 2012-13 campaign, Duethman ington Wizards’ rookie 25•year transferable warranty Servicing St. Louis, Kansas City and Lake the Ozarks. inspection and estimate Please notate any transferable errors changes and fax them immediately (636) 386-7789. F=Front/B=Back •year Bonds to or all wood, even cedar, stucco,tovinyl, • 25 warranty • Looks thicker and richer than paint R average 15.9 points, 9.9 rebounds, 2.2 assists, guard, will miss the EA By Midwestern Coatings,q Inc. -Y must Date present 25 877-25rHiNo Callblock, now to schedule aB FREE estimate brick, masonite and aluminum. qF• q•Looks B Headline q Fthan q won’t Hours/Days of Operation q B Body Text F qTo B You Expiration richer paint On Any Job Up noand maintenance, peel, chip or crack! q F An NTYthicker Rhino Shield Dealer RASubheadline “there weren’t surprisesof the NBA ARBHassle-free, Byof Midwestern Coatings, q FWServing q q F qKansas B Directions q FLake q BAuthorized Company Name/Logo qSt. F Louis q B Inc. Offer(s) Hurry, o St. Louis, and the Ozarks. 1.9 steals, and 0.6 blocks per game in 21 con- any remainder • EPA877-257-4466 certified to314-239-7947 encapsulate lead peel, and City asbestos. or • Hassle-free, no maintenance, won’t chip or crack! • Waterproof and breathable Authorized Rhino Shield Dealer q F q B Phone Number(s) qF q Bof your Mappostcard carefully and check q F qthe BAn Product Name(s)/Logo(s) q F is q correct. BNot Website Masonite/Color Loc valid with anyp $Looks Checklist Please the front and back appropriate box below if the item —except ones!” Seeproof more examples our work at tests. She drained 25 3-pointers, shot 50 per- season with good a stress must q Fdouble-check BBASF Address q to F qlast Bof Bullet Points q Fweb Disclaimer(s) qlike F and q vinyl. 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CALL 877-25RHINO or 314-239-7947 few bad boards replaced q F q B Headline q F and q Bback Hours/Days of Operation q F and q Bcheck Body Text q F7/30/11! qTo Expiration Datevalid wit 8/31/11 brick, block, masonite and aluminum. Hurry, offer expires 4/30/12! Not Hurry, offer expires $ On Any Job Up Always double-check the most important information: phone number, street address, web address, e-mail, dates, disclaimers and special offers. • Bonds to all wood, even cedar, stucco, vinyl, the free-throw line. Duethman also handed “I was going to play Please proof theand front and back postcard check the appr Call toimmediately schedule FREE in-home q F q B Subheadline qnow F q B Directions qa F of q Byour Company Name/Logo q F previous qand B Offer(s) Not valid with any carefully other offers, contracts Please notate any errors or changes and fax them to (636) 386-7789. F=Front/B=Back • brick, EPA certified to encapsulate lead asbestos. or and coated with Rhino block, masonite and aluminum. qF q B Phone Number(s) q Fmost q B Map q F q Bphone Product Name(s)/Logo(s) q Fminimum. qUp B Website orAny the $5000 project On Job To web addres Always double-check the important information: number, street address, out 45 assists, swiped 39 steals, and posted regardless because I’m $ Servicing St. Louis, Kansas and Lake of the Ozarks. You must St. present this card atand time ofCity purchase. Servicing Louis, Kansas City Lake of the Ozarks. inspection and estimate q F q B Address q F q B Bullet Points q F q B Disclaimer(s) q F q B Email q F Please q B •Headline q or F qchanges B lead Hours/Days offax Operation qimmediately F q B Body Text q F q BF=Front/B=Ba Expiration Date Shield to save and EPA certified to encapsulate and asbestos. notate any errors and them to (636) 386-7789. Offer 5/31/13! Not valid with any FOR Aexpires FREE IN-HOME INSPECTION 13 blocked shots. She registered nine double- a hard-headed kid,” Beal told CSN Wash-q F q B Subheadline q F q B Directions q F q B Company Name/Logo q F q B Offer(s) offers, q previous contracts or the R877-25RHINO Aother EHeadline beautify their must present this card at home! time of purchase. -Y 5CALL Number(s) F q or B Map q F q You Bestimate Product q F q B Website 2Phone 314-239-7947 Call now to schedule a FREE doubles on the year, and is the all-time pro- ington. “That’s just how I am. I’m alwaysqq FF qqq BBF Serving q B q Fof q BOzarks. Hours/Days of Name(s)/Logo(s) Operation F q B Body Te FOR A FREE IN-HOME INSPECTION $5000 project minimum. Hurry, offer expires 7/30/11! q St. Louis, Kansas City and Lake the Address q F q B Bullet Points q F q B Disclaimer(s) q F q B Email TY N A R R Not valid with any other offers, previous contracts A You must present this card at time of purchase. B Subheadline q F q B Directions q F q B Compan gram leader with 33 in her career. competitive. I always want to play. I was q FWqCALL 877-25RHINO or 314-239-7947 or the $5000 project minimum. Hurry, offer expires 7/30/11! St. Louis, Kansas City and Lake of the Ozarks. F qServicing B Phone Number(s) q F q B Map q F q B appropria Product Not valid with any other offers, previous contracts The Kansas City, Mo., native suffered glad that it was nothing too serious but qChecklist Please proof and back of your carefully Please proofto the frontthe and front back your postcard carefully andpostcard check the appropriate boxand belowcheck if the itemthe is correct. Call now schedule a ofFREE in-home See more examples of our work orat thee-mail, $5000 project minimum. qAlways Fdouble-check qdouble-check B Address q of Fnumber, q Ozarks. Bstreet Bullet Points q Fweb Baddress, Disclaim most important information: phone address, web address, dates, disclaimers and special offers. Servicing St. the Louis, Kansas City andestimate Lake the WiNTeR 2012number, | county livingaddress, magazine |q21 Always the most important information: phone street e-m a knee injury during Maryville’s Feb. 14 I’m still upset by the fact that I can’t play. inspection and Looks li Please notate any errors or changes and fax them immediately to (636) 386-7789. F=Front/B=Back notate any errors or changes and fax them immediately to (636) 386-7789. F=Front/B=Back R Call EA -Y home game against Rockhurst, which side- I had a feeling it really wasn’t my ankle. Please It 25 877-25rHiNo schedule estimate q F q B Headline now to q F qa B FREE Hours/Days of Operation q F q B Body Text q F q B Expiration Date NTY Please proofq the ARBRASubheadline of your the appr FWq F q Bfront q F qpostcard B Company carefully Name/Logo and qSt. F Louis q B Offer(s) 877-257-4466 lined her for the remainder of the regular ended up being my fibula, but I’m glad it’s or 314-239-7947 q F qq B Headline qDirections F and q Bback Hours/Days of Product Operation qF q Bcheck Body Text q F q B Phone Number(s) qF q Bof your Mappostcard q F qthe Bnumber, Name(s)/Logo(s) F is q correct. B web Website Always double-check the most important information: phone street addres Checklist Please proof the front and back carefully and check appropriate box below ifaddress, the q item See more examples of our work at season. Despite not playing in the final five a stress reaction rather than a fracture or Fdouble-check q BSubheadline Address q F q B Bullet Points q F q B Disclaimer(s) q F q B Email q FAlways qq B q F q B Directions q F q B Company 2012number, | county livingaddress, magazineweb | 21address, the most important information:WiNTeR phone street dates, disclaimers special offers. Na Looks like paint. Lasts likeand vinyl. Please notate any errors or and changes and fax them immediately to e-mail, (636) 386-7789. F=Front/B=Ba notate any errors or changes fax them immediately 386-7789. F=Front/B=Back FPlease qB Phone Number(s) q F qtoB(636)Map q F q B Product Nam conference games, Duethman was one of possibly broken. 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F=Front/B=Back q B Subheadline Phone Number(s) q F q B Map q F q B q F q B Product Name(s)/Logo(s) q q F qFB q Website q F qqF B Directions B Compan Address qqFF qqBB Bullet Points of Operation q FqqFB q Disclaimer(s) q F qqB F Email qq F FqqBB Headline Hours/Days B Body Text q B Expiration Da q Fq FqqBB Subheadline Phone Number(s)q F q B Directions q F q B Mapq F q B Company Name/Logo q Fq Fqq B Product B Offer(s) Tel (636) 386-7787

Fax (636) 386-7789 Tel (636) 386-7787 Fax (636) 386-7789

St. LouiS

St. LouiS

“there weren’t any surprises —except good ones!”

q OK to print!

the affordable Solid wood Ceiling



rhino shield Ceramic Protective Coating gives you... Save 15%

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Save 15% CALL 877-25RHINO or 314-239-7947 1,999 OFF Save 15% Save 15% Checklist 750 OFF

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24 I health I 



Tried everything for your heel pain/foot pain and nothing has helped? EPAT may be your answer!!

Watch complete EPAT vid eo feetonlin at!

GET A FREE BIOFREEZE WITH ANY EPAT TREATMENT PACKAGE! What are our patient's saying about the EPAT treatment...

"I was in chronic pain. I chose to do the EPAT treatment instead of shots. I had gone to another doctor prior to seeing Dr. Snyder. I was impressed by his detail options for my pain. After 5 treatments I am pain free. I can wear shoes with support. Since I am a retail manager, my feet are important. Note to all, my experience and results are outstanding! My feet thank you!" --- Jenny J. of Ballwin, MO

16087 Manchester Rd., Ellisville, MO 63011

A University of Missouri study showed that eating a high-protein breakfast leads to increased fullness and decreased food cravings. (University of Missouri photo)

A.M. protein reduces P.M. snacking Eating a protein-rich breakfast improves appetite control and reduces the urge to snack on high-fat and high-sugar foods in the evening, a University of Missouri (MU) study showed. Heather Leidy, assistant professor in MU’s Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, examined the impact of breakfast on daily appetite and evening snacking among young adults who typically skip breakfast. For the study, 20 overweight or obese women aged 18-20 either skipped breakfast, ate a high-protein breakfast of eggs and lean

beef (35 grams of protein), or ate a normalprotein breakfast of ready-to-eat cereal. All breakfasts were 350 calories and matched for dietary fat, fiber, sugar and energy density. Leidy had the participants complete questionnaires, provide blood samples and, prior to dinner, have a brain scan to track brain signals that control food motivation and eating behavior. The women who ate the high-protein breakfast experienced increased fullness and reductions in food cravings. They snacked less in the evening on foods high in fat and sugar compared to the women in the other groups. “Eating a protein-rich breakfast impacts the drive to eat later in the day, when people are more likely to consume high-fat or highsugar snacks,” Leidy said. “These data suggest that eating a protein-rich breakfast is one potential strategy to prevent overeating and improve diet quality by replacing unhealthy snacks with high-quality breakfast foods.” People who normally skip breakfast might think they will have trouble eating in the morning, but according to Leidy, it takes only about three days for the body to adjust to eating in the morning.

On the calendar “Knee Replacement. Is It Right For Me?” will be held from 6-7 p.m. on Thurs-


♥ Bathing/Personal Care ♥ Hospice Support Care ♥ Light Housekeeping ♥ Laundry/Linen Change ♥ Nursing/Physical Therapy ♥ Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care

♥ Post Surgery Care & Transport ♥ Meal Preparation ♥ Medication Management ♥ Insured and Bonded ♥ Doctor Visit Transportation ♥ And So Much More!

636-391-0000 • 314-961-1002 • Each office is independently owned & operated.

of A-fib, the risks of untreated heart rhythm disorders and how they can be managed or cured. A complimentary dinner will be provided. To register, call (866) 776-3627. ••• Des Peres Hospital will offer a grocery store tour at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 7 at the Schnucks store at 12332 Manchester Road in Des Peres. A registered dietician takes attendees through the store and discusses the aisles to avoid, aisles to shop and how to read labels. The program will be repeated at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 21. Admission is free, but registration is required. Call (314) 966-9100, or visit ••• St. Luke’s Hospital in Chesterfield will hold a film presentation and discussion of “Silver Linings Playbook” at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 7 at its Emerson Auditorium. Presented by Mental Health America of Eastern Missouri, the event includes a showing of the movie, which explores bipolar disorder, and a discussion with local mental health and cinematic experts. Admission is $10. To register, visit, or call (314) 773-1399. ••• Free skin cancer screenings will be offered from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. on Saturday, May 11 at Siteman Cancer Center at BarnesJewish West County Hospital in Creve Coeur. Dermatologist Eva Hurst, M.D., will perform the screenings on a first-come, firstserved basis. No registration is necessary. For more information, call (314) 542-9378.

P rofessIonAl d esIgn /B uIld r emodelIng

Bueler, Inc. Visit Our shOwrOOm: 13314 manchester Des Peres, mO

(314) 966-3191 Featuring

Bueler, Inc. A dditions • K Itchen & B Aths • L ower L eveLs

www .B ueler I nc . com

Making Life Easier


V IsIt

Ask Us About FREE Emergency Alert Monitoring System!

day, April 25 and again from 6-7 p.m. on Wednesday, May 8 at Desloge Outpatient Center, 121 St. Luke’s Center Drive in Chesterfield. Admission is free. For more information, call (314) 542-4848. ••• Dr. Seiichi Noda, a cardiothoracic surgeon, will discuss treatment options for those with heart valve disease or disorders from 6:30-8 p.m. on Thursday, April 25 at SSM St. Clare Health Center’s Fr. Krings Conference Center, 1015 Bowles Ave. in Fenton. Admission is free, and a complimentary dinner will be served. For reservations, call (866) 776-3627. ••• Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital will present “Preventing and Treating Diabetes” from 7-8:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 25 at West County Family YMCA, 16464 Burkhardt Place in Chesterfield. Jennifer Wessels, M.D., will discuss the two types of diabetes, symptoms and risk factors and explain how changing diet, increasing activity level and maintaining a healthy weight can impact risk. Admission is free. To register, call (314) 542-9378, or visit ••• SSM Heart Institute at St. Clare Health Center will present a free educational program for people with atrial fibrillation (A-fib) and other heart disorders from 6:30-8 p.m. on Monday, April 29 at its Fr. Krings Conference Center, 1015 Bowles Ave. in Fenton. Electrophysiologist Dr. Christopher Bauer will explain the causes

A wArd w InnIng P rojects

Healt h Capsu les

Call Today (636) 230-3883



Emily Elster, DMD General Dentist

Call Today! C

636-238-3567 6 Sc Schedule an ap appointment TODAY to meet Dr. Elster and te team, and see how our office can meet all of your dental needs!

We have locally grown ever Blooming hydrangeas and Knock out roses Beautiful Dark Mulch Delivery Available

Exam & X-rays

Includes exam, cleaning (Prophylaxis) & x-rays. New Patients Only.

Choose from 40,000 pots of annuals. We have the old traditional plants and the newest varieties that have been introduced. all the plants we grow have been selected for their outstanding garden performance.

59 Cleaning,

(Reg. $299) Offer Expires in 30 days.

1642 Clarkson Rd. Chesterfield, MO 63017

ornamental Grasses hardy and Tropical Ferns Large selection of Blooming Tropical Plants




1.00 Take-Home Whitening

(Reg. $199) Offer Expires in 30 days.

Receive a whitening kit & custom trays with completed new patient exam, cleaning (Prophylaxis) & x-rays. Offer not to be used in conjunction with any other offers or reduced-fee plans. New Patients Only.



500 Off


Offer not to be used in conjunction with any other offers or reduced-fee plans. Offer Expires in 30 days.

This office is a General Dentistry Practice. Cosmetic dentistry and tooth whitening are specialty areas not recognized by the ADA that require no specific educational training to advertise these services. The following dentists in this practice are not licensed in Missouri as specialists in the advertised dental specialties of Oral Surgery, Prosthodontics, Endodontics, Periodontics, or Orthodontics: Emily Elster, DMD

Enhancing St. Louis Homes for 45 Years

15% OFF

0% r o -

Interest for 36 Months*

Your Fence, Deck or Sunroom Project

18944 st. albans rd. (hwy. T) Wildwood, MO • 636-458-3991 March thru December hours: Monday - Saturday: 8 am to 5 pm Sunday 12 pm to 5 pm Directions: Take Highway 100 (Manchester Rd.) 4 miles west of Ellisville, make right on highway T (St. Albans Rd.) 1 mile on left

When You only Do Plants. It is amazing What Your Plants Can Do! Visit our website at


On orders of $3000 or more. *With approved credit.

Not valid with any other discount or offer. Present at time of purchase. Expires 5/31/13.



620 Spirit Valley East Dr. • Chesterfield, MO 63005


have our experts help You Create Your own Paradise!

Radiance Dental


Fahr Greenhouses & nurserY

 I 25

26 I Bridal I 



Bridal Expert advice for the bride and groom Planning a wedding requires a tremendous amount of time, energy and imagination. As they look forward to their special day, the bride and groom-to-be are faced with a multitude of decisions, many of which involve unfamiliar areas of expertise. Because a little professional advice can go a long way toward making the big day as magical as it should be, West Newsmagazine popped some wedding questions to several local experts. Here is what they had to say:

More Than a Stationery Store

From contemporary to traditional, we have a fantastic selection of invitations including ~ save the dates ~ showers ~ bachelorette parties & weddings.

20% off wedding invitation packages

~ in-house monogramming ~ interchangeable stampers ~ all occasion gifts & favors ~ vinyl lettering available and much, much more!


140 Chesterfield Commons East Road | Chesterfield 63005 Clock Tower Plaza (behind Petropolis) Mon-Thu 10am - 6pm | Fri 10am - 4pm | Sat 10am - 3pm

Friend us for special discounts

Custom Cakes • Wedding Cakes • Cupcakes • Dessert Bars


10 Clarkson Wilson Centre • Chesterfield

Independently Owned & Operated - Shop Local!

Q: Jewelers often refer to the four C’s of buying diamonds – cut, color, clarity and carat weight. If someone cannot afford to buy a “perfect” stone, which of these characteristics is most important? A: “Of the four C’s, cut is positively the most important,” said Michael Haddad, of Diamond & Jewelry Brokers in Manchester. “After our customers are educated about diamonds, most spend the budget on diamonds that are cut properly, which will make the stone appear brighter, whiter, larger, all white and sparkling more. Instead of the largest diamond you can afford, purchase just a slightly smaller ball of fire she is proud to stare at forever!” able to dance at reception for fun are: Foxtrot, Waltz, Rumba and Swing,” said Suzy NyemQ: Do you have any makeup tips for chek, an owner of Just Dancing in Manbrides, and are there any common mistakes chester. “These are easy to learn and are a lot that brides should avoid? of fun. Many couples will be attending other A: “Consult with a professional before the weddings of their friends and will now be able day of the event,” said Kaye Raiford, owner of to dance together at these events as well!” Merle Norman in Manchester. “A consultation helps the bride seriously look at how her Q: I like the idea of a dessert bar at my makeup fits with the details of her wedding wedding reception but still would like to attire and accessories. It also offers a time to have a wedding cake to cut. Do couples address any special skin requirements.” ever serve a small wedding cake along Raiford said she advises brides to consider with a variety of desserts? lighting and photography when determining A: “That is a great question!” said Jill their look, because photos tend to either Umbarger, who owns Sarah’s Cake Shop diminish or reflect certain features. in Chesterfield. “Most of the dessert tables we design have a single or tiered cake in the Q: I’ve heard that veneers are a great center of the display. For larger weddings, way to whiten and even straighten teeth. clients also order serving sheets in addition How do they work, and how long does it to the tiered cake. This allows for more cake take to get them? in addition to the wide variety of desserts.” A: “Lumineers change the color, the appearance, and position of the teeth,” said Q: What are the benefits of a massage day Robert Rothenberg, D.D.S., a Manchester for wedding parties before the big day and how dentist. “The contact lens-thin Lumineers far are these spa days booked in advance? are bonded to the teeth with no drilling, A: No matter what your role in the wedpain or numbing necessary. Impressions are ding party, a strained muscle, tension headtaken and sent to the lab and custom fitted. ache, or soreness caused from traveling can Lumineers are returned within three weeks certainly put a strain on this special occasion. for delivery to the patient. The porcelain Massage helps to minimize these anxieties,” does not stain or discolor over time, so the said Jen Klearman, owner of Chesterfield color selected is the color you keep.” and Wildwood Massage Envy. “Relaxation from a customized massage leads to Q: What are some popular, easy-to-learn peace of mind, which is important during dance styles for a bridal couple’s first dance? this life-changing event. It is best to schedA: “The most common dances for a wed- ule group sessions of eight or more at least ding couple to learn as a first dance and to be one to two weeks in advance.”

Buy your bridal jewelry from The Diamond Family and we will refund your purchase if it rains 1 inch on your wedding day. Check for details.

473 Lafayette Center (corner of Baxter & Manchester near Dierberg’s) Manchester, MO 63011 (636) 391-6622




M E R L E N O R M A N . CO M

Q: Would you recommend sampling a caterer’s food prior to ordering it, and should a sampling fee be expected? A: “Yes!” said Dennis Callier, owner of Callier’s Catering in Ballwin, who knows that the reception dinner should be an unforgettable and exceptionally delicious experience. Callier suggested that it would be preferable if the tasting takes place at an event. “If that is not possible, then ask for a complimentary tasting of the foods you wish to serve for your event,” Callier said.


he perfect guy. he perfect gown. Now the perfect makeup.

Bridal Registry Available

Unique Gifts • Home Accessories • Fine Furnishings • Fresh Flowers ook your personalized onsultation today. 17021 Baxter Road • Chesterfield • 636-728-0480

The The perfect perfect guy. guy. The The perfect perfect gown. gown. Now Now the the perfect perfect makeup. makeup. Book Book your your personalized personalized consultation consultation today. today.

Studio Name Address Phone Number Business Hours

Studio Studio Name Name Address Address Phone Phone Number Number Business Business Hours Hours

115 Baxter Shops (Manchester at Baxter)

Manchester • 636-394-3945 • HOURS: Monday - Saturday: 10am - 6pm & SUNDAY: 12 - 5pm Merle Norman Cosmetic Studios have been independently owned and operated since 1931.


Merle Norman Cosmetic Studios have been independently owned and operated since 1931.


Bridal 2012 Ad Slick 97-14 Bridal Ad3Slick 97-14x 7" (6-7/16" x 7") S.A.U.2012 system: columns S.A.U. system: 3 columns Photo expiration: 4/30/14 x 7" (6-7/16" x 7") Photo expiration: 4/30/14

Before Beforethe thekiss, kiss,

Christopher Barr Photography 2012 © 2012 Merle Norman Cosmetics, Inc. Merle Norman Cosmetic Studios been independently owned operated since 1931. Christopher Barrhave Photography 2012 © 2012 Merleand Norman Cosmetics, Inc.

M E R L E N O R M A N . CO M M E R L E N O R M A N . CO M

Mon-Fr i 9-6 • Sat 9-5 • S un 12-4

less money than most higher priced designer rings on the market.”

Q: How far in advance of her wedding day should a bride schedule procedures such as facials, dermal fillers and chemical peels? A: “In most cases, Botox-type injections done two weeks in advance of the event should permit desired effects to settle in and bruises to heal. Fillers like Juvederm®, Restylane®, Radiesse®, etc., generally necessitate six to eight weeks to settle in and allow swelling to diminish. Gentle chemical peels Q: What are the latest trends in wedding require little recovery time and afford mild rings? exfoliation, so one to two weeks is typically A: “While the halo style ring in most pop- OK. It’s never too late to start a gentle cleanser ular, we’re getting more requests for custom or vitamin C serum,” Joseph A. Muccini Jr., rings,” said Michael Herr, of Michael Herr MD, of MidAmerica Skin Health & VitalDiamonds and Fine Jewelry in Chester- ity Center in Chesterfield, suggested. field. “New technologies in design software make it easier to work with consumers as Q: What are the main factors that deterwe can produce images for them to see mine the price of wedding invitations? before a ring is made. Most people assume A: “The main factors that determine the building a custom ring takes a long time and cost of wedding invites are the quality of is expensive; that is simply not case. We’d the paper and the printing technique – ink, like to have about three to four weeks but embossed or thermography,” said Ruth if we had to make a ring quickly we can do Greco, owner of Take Note in Chesterfield. it in half that time. As far as the cost goes, “If they are custom created that adds cost. If we can usually design and make a ring for you add rhinestones, ribbons, lace, etc., and Bridal 2012 Ad Slick 97-14 S.A.U. system: 3 columns x 7" (6-7/16" x 7") Photo expiration: 4/30/14

Before the kiss,

Megan Thiele Studios

Your Vision Comes to Life at Mary Tuttle's

Christopher Barr Photography 2012 © 2012 Merle Norman Cosmetics, Inc. Merle Norman Cosmetic Studios have been independently owned and operated since 1931.

28 I Bridal I 


Callier’s Catering and Callier’s Home Plate Deli

are celebrating their “30th” Anniversary on May 3, 2013. Starting business in 1983, Callier’s has grown to include full service catering for all occasions. Still operating a retail delicatessen at 14787 Manchester Road, owner Dennis Callier states that “quality and dedication to customers have never been more important.” Callier’s is the recent recipient of the “Business of the Year Award” from The West County Chamber of Commerce, recipient of the “Best of Weddings 2013” from “The Knot”, and voted “Best in the West” by the readers of West News Magazine. Callier’s will be holding a celebration party on May 3, 2013.



I Bridal I 29

Let us put the finishing touch on your perfect wedding day…

a perfect smile. St. Louis’ premier dance studio for 26 years at the same location.






Come in for a FREE LUMISmile® Digital Smile Makeover to see how beautiful you can be with LUMINEERS. FROM CHIPPED & STAINED...




SPRING SPECIAL 30% OFF - $60 Per Single/Couple New Students Only


SINGLES & COUPLES WELCOME Adult, Children, Group & Private Lessons

Open 7 days a week


236 Old Meramec Station Rd. Southwest corner of 141 and Manchester Rd.

As you walk down the aisle glowing with joy, be sure your smile is just as radiant with LUMINEERS. In just two visits, we can painlessly give you a permanently straight, white, beautiful smile.

• Instant whitening that lasts • No shots, pain or drilling of sensitive tooth structure* • Backed by 20 years of clinical research**

*Tooth contouring may be necessary. Individual cases may vary.**Research available upon request. ©2013 DenMat Holdings, LLC. 801317700 01/13MO

40% off regular price of 8 LUMINEERS

Robert P. Rothenberg, DDS

(636) 391-6990 Expires: 05/31/2013

Robert P. Rothenberg, DDS 49 Nationalway Shopping Center

Manchester, MO 63011

(636) 391-6990

Join us for our

National Lumiday Celebration April 24 • 8:30am - 5pm and for Oral Cancer Awareness Month FREE Exam Call for more information

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The anti-aging laser for photo-damaged skin We offer EXPERT TREATMENT of skin conditions and our physician-administered treatments include:

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222 South Woods Mill Road | Suite 475N Chesterfield 63017 | On the campus of St. Luke’s Hospital Also offering Friday and Saturday appointment times

30 I bridal I 



Bridal TeaRoom • Botanicals • Home Decor Spring Into Tasteful Elegance at Imogene’s

Q: Who usually is included on the guest list for a bridal luncheon, and who pays for it? A: “The bridal luncheon is usually hosted by the bride as a way for her to thank and acknowledge her bridesmaids,” explained Clarice Wheeler, owner of Imogene’s Tea Room, Botanicals & Home décor in Wildwood. “The gathering includes the mothers of both the bride and groom, the wedding party and sometimes special friends. Bridal lunches can be booked as far in advance as six months, but are usually booked six to eight weeks before the preferred date.”

Host your Bridal Shower, Luncheon or any Special Occasion!


Open Monday - Saturday Store Hours 10am - 5pm • Tea Room Hours 11am - 2:30pm 16962 Manchester Road | Wildwood, MO 63040

Available at

17221 Chesterfield Airport Rd. | Chesterfield, MO 63005 17221 Chestfield Airport Rd • Chesterfield, 636.530.0006 | michaelh


if you use envelope liners, those items also add cost. Another cost-impacting factor is how many enclosure cards you need.”

MO 63005

Q: What are some creative ways for maximizing the impact of flowers used at a wedding and wedding reception? A: “Using flowers that complement the bride and groom and/or the theme of the wedding is key,” said Mary Gallow, owner of Mary Tuttle’s Flowers. With today’s trends it’s best to use

complementary colors vs. monochromatic colors, she said, noting that the use of foliages, pods, succulents and other natural elements to give a textural look is trending for summer and fall weddings. “A great way to maximize flowers is using the altar and aisle flowers from the ceremony to enhance the décor of the reception venue,” Gallow added.



I preschool & Child care I 31

Parkway, Rockwood offer free developmental screenings

By SHANNON F. IGNEY Preschool screening is one of the first steps of a child’s educational journey. More and more parents are having their children screened to identify areas of concern as well as obtain a true understanding of their child’s abilities. “So far this year, Parkway has screened over 1,000 future students,” said Jean Manning, director of the Parkway Early Childhood Development Center. Both the Parkway and Rockwood school districts offer developmental screening for preschool-aged children free of charge. “Because early intervention is so vital, parents who take advantage of screening may potentially be identifying an area of challenge that can be remediated sooner than not,” said Rockwood’s Early Childhood Education Director Michael Barla. Both school districts offer in-home screening services for children younger than age 3 as part of the Parents as Teachers (PAT) programs. Health screening sessions are performed by a registered nurse and include a review of the child’s overall health, a vision assessment and a hearing screening. A PAT educator provides play-based developmental milestone tests on a monthly basis to identify achievement of developmental markers. For children ages 3-5, educators conduct a more comprehensive developmental screening designed to pinpoint a child’s language and speech, motor, cognitive and conceptual development as well as vision and hearing tests. Rockwood assesses children using a method known as the “DIAL-4.” An early childhood educator conducts each screening in a one-on-one setting in four different screening stations, asking direct questions of a child and guiding the child through the

process, which takes about 90 minutes. The session includes vision and hearing screenings by a registered nurse and a personal conference to review screening results. Parkway’s screenings utilize a play-based method. Early childhood educators observe a child’s behavior and activity while he/she is engaged in games designed to utilize developmental markers. As an example, puzzles are indicators of problem-solving skills and spatial awareness, whereas rhyming is indicative of language comprehension. “Children are most comfortable in their natural environment,” Manning said. “By observing them during play, we are able to monitor speech and language, motor, cognitive and conceptual skills as well as social and emotional development.” Both districts offer a kindergarten readiness screening for 5-year-olds. Developmental screening programs identify children whose development may deserve closer observation or assessment. Results are not a diagnosis, said Cindy Lewis, director of screening programs at Rockwood, but “are simply indicators for further conversation and questions.” If serious concerns arise from a screening, a referral for in-depth testing can be made to the special education divisions within the districts, or in some cases, medical professionals. For more information, or to schedule a screening for your child in the Rockwood School District, visit ecc, or contact Cindy Lewis at 891-6217. For the Parkway School District, visit, or contact Jean Manning at (314) 415-6969.

Benefits of screenings The Child Health & Development Interactive System (CHADIS) identified many benefits in support of early childhood screening programs: • Regular screening helps assess if children are developing on schedule and helps identify issues early, even before some outward signs are present. • Early diagnosis and treatment of health, developmental, and behavioral issues is essential to successfully dealing with them. • Screening has proven to show very high identification rates in those children with mental health or developmental disabilities. • The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends routine standardized developmental and behavioral screening for all children.

13444 Beagle Lane • Chesterfield, MO 63141 • 636-748-0033 Check us out before you go anywhere.

Looking for a Camp? • Summer Fun • Creativity • Drama • Excitement “From learning Chinese and Spanish as preschoolers to all the field trips they have taken in the Summer Camp program, we’ve felt that our boys have been provided with plenty of challenges as well as fun activities” Paula and Adam Buffa

1725 Highway 109 Wildwood (Across from Babler Elementary) 636-405-0075

Twin Oaks Christian School Providing excellence in education for 40 years.

Private School Education for Children Ages 3 through 8th grade.

A balanced education with a biblical perspective.

Twin Oaks Christian School is committed to providing a strong, accredited, and Biblical worldview educational opportunity for its students. Amenities Include: -Computer & Science Labs -Hot Lunches -Art, Music, and Spanish Instruction -Sports and Extra-Cirucular Activities -Dedicated Teaching Staff -Convenient Location at 141/Big Bend

Enrolling Now for Fall 2013

Private Tours available, call or visit our website for more information. 636-861-1901

32 I preschool & Child care I 


Four things parents need to know about parenting preschoolers

Why should your child attend

The Elegant Child Campus? The Elegant Child is: • Celebrating 20 years of education in the community. • One of five schools in St. Louis that hold the prestigious NAEYC and Missouri accreditations. • Situated on a beautiful three-acre campus in the heart of Wildwood. • A peanut-free campus.

The Elegant Child Campus has:

• Three secure keypad entry buildings. • An administrative staff of thirteen which includes four nurses, a director, and an on-site owner. • Two certified PE teachers, a Music teacher, Spanish teacher and Kids Cooking teacher on our staff. Our littlest babies enjoy baby music and baby gym classes! • Extra-curricular activities including Computer classes, Gymnastics classes, Soccer classes and Dance classes. • An early childhood specialist who conducts classroom observations and works directly with teachers, children and families for the success of their child. • Letty Lou’s Cafe which caters our students lunch entrees and provides “meals-to-go” for our parents. • A large percentage of our students join the gifted program when entering elementary school. • Proud to have several past students teaching at our school.

Please feel free to stop by for a tour! 513 Strecker rd. • WildWood 636-458-4414 •

age 4 through grade 6

Step into my world and discover why my parents chose Rossman for me.


Call to schedul e persona a l tour!

12660 conway road l creve coeur 314.434.5877 l

Every parent is concerned with getting their child off to a great start. Here are a few tips from the experts on doing just that. IQ boosters Sending children to quality preschools, engaging them interactive reading and supplementing their diets with fish oil are effective ways to boost their IQs, according to a recent study. John Protzko at New York University led a team of researchers who analyzed findings from the best available existing studies to determine what interventions are most effective in raising children’s intelligence and found that: • Sending a child to preschool raised his or her IQ by more than four points, and preschools that include a language development component were found to boost IQ by more than seven points. According to the researchers, the finding could be due to increased exposure to language or the result of the overall cognitive complexity of the preschool environment. • Teaching parents how to engage their children while reading with them raised children’s IQs by more than six points. Researchers surmised that interactive reading accelerates language development, which, in turn boosts IQ. • Supplementing pregnant women and newborns with long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids boosted children’s IQ by more than 3.5 points. The report, “How to Make a Young Child Smarter: Evidence from the Database of Raising Intelligence,” was published in Perspectives on Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. Watching what preschoolers watch The programs that preschool-aged children watch can influence whether they are aggressive or cooperative, according to a recent study, published in Pediatrics. Dimitri Christakis at Seattle Children’s Research Institute analyzed data provided by 565 parents who tracked what programs their 3-5-year-olds watched. Roughly half of the parents had their children view programming that the researchers had selected for its emphasis on being nice and exhibiting non-aggressive behavior. Six months and a year later, those children showed less aggression and better social behavior than the other children. To nap, or not to nap? How important is it for a preschooler to take a daily nap? A University of Massachusetts Amherst researcher plans to answer that question with a study designed show how napping affects preschoolers’ memory, behavior and emotions.

Toddlers with better language skills are better able to control their anger, according to a recent study.

Rebecca Spencer, a UMass Amherst neuroscientist who received a $2 million, five-year grant to research the topic, will lead a study involving nearly 500 children aged 3-5. Because pressure is mounting in some school districts to eliminate naps, the study is important, she said. “There’s a sense among some educators that kids have to ‘get over’ napping in preparation for kindergarten, but it could be misguided,” Spencer said. “There’s some evidence in young adults and in older children that naps are beneficial, so I suspect there is a benefit for younger children, too.” Spencer pointed out that 70 percent of 4and 5-year-olds in the U.S. attend preschool, which offers lifelong benefits in physical health, emotional stability and quality of life. If sleep enhances those benefits, educators need to know that, she said. Taming tantrums Occasional temper tantrums are common – even expected – among toddlers, but by the time little ones start preschool, they are expected to have a better handle on keeping their anger and frustration under control. According to a study in the journal Child Development, toddlers with more developed language skills are better able to do just that. Researchers at Pennsylvania State University set out to learn whether language skill development and anger-control development go hand in hand. They measured children’s language and ability to cope with tasks that might cause frustration, observing them from the time they were 18 months old until they reached age 4. The study showed that children who had better language skills as toddlers and whose language developed more quickly expressed less anger at age 4 than those whose language skills were not as strong. Those with better language skills were better able also to occupy themselves at age 4, which helped them to better tolerate situations requiring some patience.



I preschool & Child care I 33

Great beginnings: Expert advice for choosing quality child care By SUE HORNOF Choosing a child care center, preschool or kindergarten is an important step in laying a strong foundation for a child’s development and education. Most parents have certain qualities in mind when they begin researching programs, but there are many things to consider. Fortunately, there are some excellent, expert resources that parents can use to find out what to look for in a program: •, a website provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), contains a section devoted to choosing a child care center. It includes a lengthy list of questions parents may want to ask a potential care provider as well as a chart outlining the AAP’s recommendations for the maximum child-staff ratio and maximum group size for children in various age groups. To access the section, go to, and enter “Choosing a Childcare Center” in the search box. • Last summer, the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), launched a website designed to help families find high-quality child care. The organization’s For Families website contains articles about how children learn, written by

well-known pediatricians and child development experts. In addition, the site features a searchable database to help families locate NAEYC-accredited centers and schools for infants, children and toddlers. “NAEYC understands how important it is to parents and families to select a highquality program for their children,” NAEYC Executive Director Jerlean E. Daniel said. “We developed the For Families website to help them find the best possible early childhood experience for their child and to share useful, research-based parenting and child development information.” To access the site, visit • Child Care Aware of America ( has put together a checklist that parents can use to evaluate child care programs. The list contains dozens of indicators of quality care based on research about what is important to a child’s health, safety and development. Topics include supervision, hand-washing and diapering, director and lead teacher qualifications, child-staff ratio and group size, immunizations, toxic substances, emergency plans, staff training and first aid, playgrounds and more. To access the list, visit, and enter “Choosing Child Care” in the search box.

International E A R LY



Learning ... Love ... Laughter ... That’s what Kids International is all about!

A place for children to learn, explore and grow. Come visit our campus to see how Kids International can make a world of difference in your child’s education.

• Pre-K, Preschool and Extended Child Care for children 6 weeks to 6 years old • Infants are welcomed into a loving, nurturing environment, designed to promote healthy first year development and to build strong relationships with families • Preschool Curriculum based on Project Construct and the Reggio Emilia approach • Spanish and Chinese language instruction • Extracurricular computer, gymnastic, tee-ball and soccer classes

Come Visit Our New Outdoor Classroom and Learn About Our Summer Enrollment Offer!

412 Old State Rd. • Ellisville • 636-391-6061



~ 6 Weeks To 10 Years ~ Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum

• Academically-based Pre-K program for children 3-5 years old • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday full and half-day programs • Solid spiritual foundation based on traditional Catholic principles • Rigorous academic preparation for grades K-8 in a joyful, nurturing environment • Latin, Spanish, Art, Music & P.E. • Student/faculty ratio 8:1 To preach...the unsearchable riches of Christ.” (Ephesians 3:8)


Thursday, April 25, 2013 9:00-10:00am Tours • 10:00 - 11:00am Presentation and Q&A • 314-580-2802 1755 Des Peres Road • St. Louis, MO 63131

Non-Discriminatory Policy – The St. Austin School does not discriminate against

applicants and students on the basis of race, sex, color, and national or ethnic origin. The St. Austin School adopts this racially nondiscriminatory policy as to students, makes this policy known to the general public, and operates in a bona fide manner in accordance therewith in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, tuition assistance, scholarship and loan programs (if any), and other school administered programs.

~ Full & Half Day Schedules ~ Before And After School Care ~ Degreeed, Montessori Certified And Experienced Teachers ~ Aerobics, Dance, Computer And Other Special Opportunities ~ Summer Fun Program ~ Field Trips ~ Nutritious Meals And Snacks Provided ~ State Licensed

The Centre at Conway • 13725 Conway Road • Chesterfield (314) 434-3300 •

34 I cover story I 



Chesterfield’s new City Council: A return of some of the ‘old guard’

Newly elected councilmembers are (from left): Dan Hurt (Ward 3), Bruce DeGroot (Ward 4), Nancy Greenwood (Ward 1) and Derek Grier (Ward 2).

By CAROL ENRIGHT Chesterfield City Hall was the picture of Main Street USA municipal government prior to the swearing in of a new mayor and four newly elected city councilmembers on April 17. Members of the St. Louis Civic Orchestra serenaded friends, family members and city officials as they entered the Council chambers. Newly elected councilmembers and Mayor-elect Bob Nation wore green carnations on their lapels. Handshakes, congratulatory pats on the back, friendly chatter – and even a couple of babies being passed around and kissed – gave the event all the trappings of a family reunion. But amid all the welcomes to the newly elected there was an unmistakable feeling that this City Council represented, in part, a return of the old guard. Among its “new” members are Nancy Greenwood, a former city councilmember who served as mayor from 1997-2001, and Dan Hurt, who served on the Council from 19892009. Councilmember Barry Flachsbart (Ward 1) who was not up for re-election this year, is one of the city’s founders and a former mayor. In an interview prior to the election, Nation, who has routinely voted with Flachsbart and against the majority as Ward 4 councilmember for the past six years, predicted that if Greenwood and Hurt won their elections – and he won his – the views of the Council would more closely reflect his own. After the election, he offered his thoughts on the composition of the new Council. “Obviously, the makeup is different than it was before,” said Nation. “Having said that, I’m sure that not everyone is always going to agree with each other.” He pointed out that the mayor “doesn’t have a vote, unless it’s a tie.” “Just because it’s different, and it came out as I would have forecast it, does not

necessarily mean that every vote will go as I would like to see it,” he added. Nation has been vocal in his opposition to tax subsidies for retailers, such as the Community Improvement District (CID) – a 1-percent sales tax – that the Council approved for St. Louis Premium Outlets, one of two outlet malls being built in Chesterfield Valley. Nation was absent when the Council approved the CID by a vote of 6-1 in May. Flachsbart voted against it. Greenwood also made her opposition to the CID known to the Council last year. In an interview after the election, she said her concern about tax subsidies for retailers was one reason she ran for the Council seat. “I was very concerned about the tax increments that were offered so that we now ended up with two competing outlet malls,” said Greenwood. “That was a major concern of mine and a major concern of other people.” It’s worth noting that Taubman Prestige Outlets Chesterfield, the other outlet mall being built in the Valley, secured a fiveeighths-of-1-percent tax on sales within a Transportation Development District (TDD) approved by the St. Louis County Circuit Court. Unlike a CID, a TDD does not require city approval. Greenwood’s campaign message was “neighborhoods first,” the same message she used when she ran for mayor in 1997. “My hope is that we continue to make this a city of great neighborhoods. We have businesses, too, and commercial development is very important to the sustainability of a community, but I also want us to think about our neighborhoods,” Greenwood said. Like Nation and Greenwood, Hurt, the new Ward 3 councilmember, opposes tax subsidies for retailers. “The sales tax subsidies for those outlet malls really got to a lot of people,” he said. Hurt said that the tax subsidies and

the city layoffs of 2010 – “especially the police layoffs” – got residents asking him to return to city government. Beefing up the police force is a priority for Hurt. “I believe the police force should come back up to the full strength it was four years ago,” said Hurt. “But we have to make sure we stay within our budget.” When asked about the makeup of the new Council, Hurt said, “Diversity is what makes us strong.” Greenwood called the new Council “exciting.” “New people always bring new ideas, and that’s the neat thing about municipal politics,” she said. “We’re not tied to parties. We’re tied to doing good for the city.” Unlike Greenwood and Hurt, Bruce DeGroot, who won Nation’s empty Council seat in Ward 4, offered a positive take on the new outlet malls. “I really think that both premium outlet malls and the mall are going to do fine,” he said. “I think Chesterfield is poised for tremendous growth, particularly as a destination city. We’ve got the shopping. We’ve got the sporting activities. We’ve got the arts activities – and I think the shopping malls are going to do fine.” DeGroot said he was “excited” that the Council would have “some people with previous experience.” It seems like experience may have won the day in the April 2 election. Nation, 62, beat his opponent, 34-yearold Matt Segal, winning 51.98 percent of the vote versus Segal’s 47.85. Segal gave up his Ward 1 Council seat to run for mayor. That seat is now held by Greenwood. One might surmise that Nation perhaps won the “older” vote in Chesterfield. “As a senior citizen, I’m 75, I appreciate Bob’s interest in keeping taxes low and I understand he’s a fiscal conservative,” said Jack Gruender. “And he received a strong endorsement from Barry Flachsbart, one of our founding councilmen. He’s been in office for 25 years, and I really respect that man and his opinion.” But 80-year-old George Giles is proof that not all retirees voted for Nation. Giles and his wife, who have lived in Chesterfield for 35 years, voted for Segal. “We’ve been very happy with his performance as a councilmember, and we just thought he would do a fine job as the mayor,” he said. Giles said he thought Nation might have won due to better name recognition. “I think that if people knew Matt, they would have voted for him – no matter who he was running against,” Giles said. Robin Brody, a 42-year-old mother of three, also voted for Segal. “I think that he’s a very honest family

man who had a great plan for the city, and he also has small children so I know that he would have kept education at the top of his priorities,” Brody said. “Because he has little kids – because he gets it – he’s in the same boat that I’m in. He’s in the same boat that a lot of us are in.” By all accounts, Segal outspent Nation in the mayoral campaign by a factor of two or three, with informational postcards and perhaps advertising reaching voters more often for Segal. When asked why he thinks he won, Nation said, “I think the message that got out there resonated with the residents.” He also said that even though he spent less on direct mail and advertising, his door-to-door campaigning was effective. “Even if it’s a neutral household, the fact that you came to their door in person, I think, is meaningful,” said Nation. As Nation takes the helm of a city that is preparing to celebrate its 25th anniversary, at the Chesterfield Amphitheater on June 1, it seems fitting that some of the newest members of the City Council were involved in the city’s earliest days. “I’ve always thought that Chesterfield has had a lot of good leadership, which is why we’ve been so successful,” DeGroot said. “So if we’ve got people who want to come back and do more of the same, I’m really happy about that – and I’ll follow their lead.”

Newly-elected Mayor Bob Nation (right) congratulates outgoing Mayor Bruce Geiger with a plaque honoring his years of service to the city.

I 35



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Bu si ness PEOPLE SSM St. Clare Health Center has named Tom Levanos as director of volunteer services. ••• Designer Ola Hawatmeh, of Chesterfield, Levanos was among the designers selected for the eighth annual Pronto Fashion Show taking place on April 27 at the Magnificent Mahler Ballroom in the Central West End. Her Ola Style designs will be featured in the show, which highlights talented, up-and-coming designers from the region. Hawatmeh regularly produces fashion shows and new clothing lines.

AWARDS & HONORS Missouri Professional Communicators, an affiliate of the National Federation of Press Women, for the second consecutive year has named Suzanne Corbett, a Corbett writer for Newsmagazine Network, as the Missouri Professional Communicator of the Year. Corbett earned the designation by accumulating the most points in Missouri Professional Communicators’ annual contest, winning six first-place awards – including two for articles appearing in West Newsmagazine – and three second-place awards, two of which were for stories published in West Newsmagazine. Corbett’s first-place entries will be entered in National Federation of Press Women’s national communications contest. ••• St. Luke’s Hospital in Chesterfield for the third consecutive year is a recipient of the 2013 Healthgrades Outstanding Patient Experience Award, which ranks St. Luke’s among

the top 5 percent of hospitals nationwide, based on analysis of patient satisfaction data. To determine award recipients, Healthgrades analyzed Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems survey data obtained from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for April 2011 to March 2012. Hospitals had to meet survey response size and clinical-quality thresholds in order to be eligible for the award. ••• Chesterfield-based BreakDown STL, a nonprofit that educates, equips and empowers teens to make positive life choices, on April 20 will present its 2013 Youth Empowerment Award to TV personality Tim Ezell. Jenna Imergoot, BreakDown STL founder, described Ezell as “devoted to his family and supporting local charities, education and causes throughout the St. Louis area.”

EDUCATION & NETWORKING The West County Chamber of Commerce holds a First Friday Coffee networking event at 7:30 a.m. on Friday, May 3 at Callier’s Catering, 14787 Manchester Road in Ballwin. To register, call 230-9900; members may register at ••• The Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce holds Speed Networking, an opportunity to build contacts quickly and easily, from 5:30-8 p.m. on Tuesday, May 7 at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Chesterfield. Admission is $25. To register, call 532-9900, or visit ••• The West County Chamber of Commerce holds a Business After Hours networking event from 5:30-7:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 9 at West County Honda, 15532 Manchester Road in Ellisville. To register, call 230-9900; members may register at

New in the neighborhood

21 South Washington 636.583.3133

Scarecrow is now open at 1095 Chesterfield Parkway East in the location formerly known as The Press Box. New owners Chris Mertz and Shawn Mulholland have transformed the restaurant’s upscale decor, along with the food and drink selection. The menu has received a complete overhaul with distinct variations for lunch, dinner and the bar.   Scarecrow is open from 11 a.m.midnight, Monday-Thursday; from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Friday-Saturday; and from 11 a.m.-10 p.m. on Sunday.

New, Bigger-Better Location! APRIL 24, 2013 WEST NEWSMAGAZINE

Y He our ad S a qu fet ar y te r s




 I 37

St. LouisSafety Safety St. Louis “Safety is our only business!”

“Safety Is Our Only Business!”


Seven Thought-Provoking Evenings of Diverse Opinions and World Perspectives


2013 - 2014 SEASON

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January 28, 2014



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Summer is here – are you ready?

Summer is here – are you ready?

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Why Gatorade®? ●Dehydration and its effects can jeopardize a worker's safety on ●Workers can lose as much as one to four gallons of sweat a da ●Even 2% fluid loss will diminish worker performance and produ

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Fringes Birches Magnolias Red Buds




& Up

Bradford Pears Willows dogwoods Japanese Maples

Your Ferti-Lome & Scott’S Garden ProductS deaLer

QuaLIty GRaSS Seed




95 & Up

Top Quality • All Kinds • Jaguar IV MISSouRI oak MuLcH Large 3 cu.Ft. Bags $4.99 ea

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Straw • top Soil • peat MoSS • Fertilizer • Gravel • wall StoneS

Professional advice for Your landscaPe needs!

Bring in Your sketch, Photo & Plans or call for an estimate!

112 old Ballwin Rd. • (636) 394-7776

Daily 8-8 Sat 8-6 • Sun 9-5

BuY From the PeoPLe Who KnoW PLantS!

We’ll find We’llsaving find your mouse your mou 00% Pension 3 We’ll find can miss. can miss Pension We’llsavings find savings apprehension? apprehension? your mouse your mouse can miss. can miss. Call for a FreeCall Discount Double for a Free DiscC

38 I  



Issued By

Goldman Sachs Bank USA


Semi-Annual Interest Fixed Rate / Callable in 12 months

New York, NY

FDIC Insured Final Maturity: 5/6/2033 Call Date: 5/6/2014 @ $1000 per CD Estate Feature / Death Put

The CD is callable in twelve months at the banks option and semi-annual thereafter with 15 calendar days notice.

*Subject to availability. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) represents the interest earned through each eligible call date based on simple interest calculations, an investment price of $1000 per CD, and is accurate as of April 19, 2013. Callable CDs are more likely to be called in a lower interest rate environment, and investors may be unable to reinvest funds at the same rate as the original CD. The minimum balance required to open a CD and obtain the APR is $10,000. Interest payouts are mandatory, and interest cannot remain on deposit. The CD is redeemable at par upon death of holder.

FDIC Insurance is provided through the issuer. FDIC insurance covers up to $250,000 (including principal and interest) for deposits held in different ownership categories, including single accounts, joint accounts, trust accounts, IRAs, and certain other retirement accounts, per issuer. CDs are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation up to a predetermined limit, based on account category. More details are available on Investors should check all their existing deposits at that bank prior to purchasing its CD so they won’t exceed FDIC insurance limits. CD prices move opposite to interest rates, increasing when rates decline and falling when rates increase. CDs are intended to be held until maturity, as this assures redemption at par value. Investors may sell them before the stated maturity date, if needed, at prevailing market prices, and proceeds may be more or less than the original investment. Market values of longer term CDs tend to be more sensitive to interest rate fluctuations. Thus, longer-term CDs are generally not suitable for investors with a short-term horizon. Other factors that may affect CD prices are order size, call features and investor demand. Sales charges may apply. Consider all risks and benefits and how this investment alternative may help meet investment objectives.

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is the


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Securities offered through Securities America, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC. Patterson Wealth Management, LLC, Securities America, Inc. and the issuer are not affiliated. Banking products and FDIC Insurance are provided by the issuer.

We’ll go right to work, making sure getting the making car insurance We’llyou’re go right to work, sure you’re getting the car insurance Travis Hesser, Agentyou hundreds Steve Martinez Agcy Inc Troy Pieper Ins Agcy Inc discounts you deserve. And that could save hundreds dollars. discounts youyou deserve. And ofthat could save of Insdollars. 13603 Barrett Office Drive Steve Martinez, Agent Troy Pieper, Agent St. Louis, MO 63021 ® Ballwin, MO 63011 Ellisville, MO 63021 ® Travisis Hesser, Agent Steve Martinez Agcy Inc Troy Pieper Ins Agcy Inc Bus: 314-966-2591 Fax: 314-966-2062 Fax:Ins 636-227-5488 Bus: 636-391-7788 Fax: 636-391-9829 Travis Hesser, AgentBus: 636-227-7888 Steve Martinez Ins Agcy Inc Like a good neighbor, State Farm there.neighbor, State Farm Travis Hesser, Agent Like aisgood there. Barrett Office Drive Office Drive Steve Martinez, Agent Steve Martinez, Troy Pieper, Agent 13603 Barrett Agent DriveMO 63021 St. Louis, MO 63021 Ballwin, MO 6301113603 Barrett Office Ellisville, St. Louis, MO 63021decision MO 63011 Louis,Bus: MO636-391-7788 63021 Get your to636-227-5488 aSt.Ballwin, better state. CONTACT AN AGENT TODAY. CONTACT AN AGENT TODAY. Bus: 314-966-2591 Fax:buyout 314-966-2062 Bus: 636-227-7888 Fax: Fax: 636-391-9829 Bus: 314-966-2591 Fax: 314-966-2062 ®





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Mikel Garrett, Agent 16437 Village Plaza View Dr Wildwood, MO 63011 Bus: 636-458-5055 Fax: 636-458-5088

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Bus: 636-458-5055 636-227-2000 Fax: 636-458-5088 636-686-7170

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State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company State Farm Mutual Au State Farm Indemnity Company, Bloomington, IL Farm Indemni State 1003055.1



SincE 1950

State Farm Home Office, Bloomington, IL MPC #121504

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Steve Martinez InsAgent Agcy Inc Travis Hesser, SteveBarrett Martinez, Agent 13603 Office Drive Chesterfield, MO63011 63017 Chesterfield, MO63021 63017 Chesterfield, MO 63017 Ballwin, Ellisville, MO 63021 St. Louis,MO MO 63011 63021 Ballwin, MO Ellisville, Troy MO Travis Hesser, Agent Steve Martinez Ins Agcy Inc Pieper Ins Agcy Inc Bus: 636-532-0044 Fax: 636-532-3339 Bus: 636-227-2000 Fax: 636-686-7170 Bus: 636-532-3339 Bus: 636-227-7888 636-391-7788 636-391-9829 314-966-2591 Fax: 636-227-5488 314-966-2062 636-227-7888 636-227-5488 636-391-7788 Fax: 636-391-9829 13603 Barrett Office Drive Steve Martinez, Agent636-532-0044 Troy Pieper, Agent St. Louis, MO 63021 Ballwin, MO 63011 Ellisville, MO 63021 Bus: 314-966-2591 Fax: 314-966-2062 Bus: 636-227-7888 Fax: Bus: 636-391-7788 Fax: 636-391-9829



Bus: 314-966-2591 636-227-7888 Fax: Fax: 314-966-2062 636-227-5488 Bus: These Farm agents have the financial to help you weigh the pros and cons of accepting a lump-sum buyout. Get to a better State. CONTACT AN AGENT TODAY.

TroyMart Piep Steve TroyMP Steve Ellisvill Ballwin Bus: 636-227-78 636-391-77 Bus: www.t www.ste

MPC #121504

State Farm Home Office, Bloomington, IL




Enter t ai n ment Jerry Seinfeld brings his stand-up on May 18 to The Fox Theatre.

COMEDY Tracy Morgan, May 3, The Pageant Anthony Jeselnik, May 4, The Pageant Royal Comedy Tour, May 11, Chaifetz Arena Jerry Seinfeld, May 18, The Fox Theatre


Anthony Gomes-Hendrix and Clapton Tribute, April 26, The Family Arena All-Mozart, April 26-27, Powell Symphony Hall Deftones, May 1, The Pageant Brad Paisley, May 9, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater The Music of Whitney Houston, May 17, Powell Symphony Hall Richard Hayman Returns, May 19, Powell Symphony Hall Soundgarden, May 21, The Pageant Korn, May 25, Peabody Opera House The Music of Queen, May 31, Powell

Symphony Hall The Music of Pink Floyd, June 1, Powell Symphony Hall Peter Frampton’s Guitar Circus, June 11, The Family Arena Luke Bryan, June 14, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater


“Jane Eyre,” through April 28, Mustard Seed Theatre “Million Dollar Quartet,” through May 5, The Fox Theatre The Black Rep’s “Smash/Hit!” through May 18, Grandel Theatre Chippendales, May 3-4, Lumiere Place “Maple and Vine,” May 3-18, Kranzberg Arts Center Jillian Michaels, May 11, The Fox Theatre

(Photo by Benjamin Gandhi)

Afriky Lolo’s “Life,” May 18, Edison Theater Kevin Smith: “Jay & Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie,” May 18, The Pageant “Rock of Ages,” May 24-26, The Fox Theatre “Anything Goes,” May 28-June 9, The Fox Theatre


Special Advertising Section

Next Issue:

May 1

Subject to terms, conditions, qualifications and availability. Allstate Vehicle and Property Insurance Company: Northbrook, IL. © 2012 Allstate Insurance Company.

Afriky Lolo celebrates its 10th anniversary with “Life” on May 18 at Edison Theater.

Gifts for

LESLIE NORTH (636) 458-9797

Call or stop by for a free quote.

Call 636.591.0010

3rd AnnuAl West County presented by

Talent Bash

produced by

St. Louis Bash Productions

Variety’s Dinner with the Stars, April 27, Peabody Opera House “Thrive Live!” April 28, Peabody Opera House Cinco de Mayo Festival, May 4, St. Louis City

tickets and information The Black Rep:, (314) 534-1111 Chaifetz Arena:, (314) 534-1111 Cinco de Mayo:, (314) 632-6498 Dramatic License Theatre:, (636) 220-7012 Edison Theater:, (314) 935-6543 The Family Arena:, (314) 534-1111 The Fox Theatre:, (314) 534-1111 Heagney Theater:, (314) 968-4925 J. Scheidegger Center for the Arts: telecharge. com, (800) 432-7250 Kranzberg Arts Center:,

Let us help you get the protection you need. Call us today for affordable home & auto coverage. We can help you save twice when you bring both your home and auto policies to Allstate.


SPECIAL EVENTS Korn performs at Peabody Opera House May 25.

Insure your 4-door and save money on your front door.

 I 39

(314) 289-4060 Lumiere Place:, (866) 448-7849 The Muny:, (314) 361-1900, ext. 550 Mustard Seed Theatre:, (800) 838-3006 The Pageant:, (866) 448-7849 Peabody Opera House: (866) 448-7849 Powell Symphony Hall:, (800) 232-1880 STAGES St. Louis:, (314) 821-2407 The Touhill:, (314) 516-4949 Verizon Wireless Amphitheater:, (800) 653-8000

Saturday, May 18 at the Central Park Amphitheater A variety of acts compete. Vote for your favorite performance. Winners announced that evening. Plus beer tastings and performances by Shades of Blue and Javier Mendoza! Fireworks compliments of Three French Hens Call 636-591-0010 or visit for details

40 I events I 



Must be preseted at time of estimate to be valid.

Com mu n it y Event s ART “On Fire,” an art glass exhibit by Third Degree Glass Factory, runs through Friday, May 17 at Chesterfield Arts. Call 5191955, or visit ••• The STLCC Art Student Exhibition is from 8 a.m.-7 p.m., Mondays-Thursdays and from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. on Fridays through Monday, May 6 at St. Louis Community College-Wildwood, 2645 Generations Drive. Visit ••• Studio Night Live, a free community open house featuring hands-on art activities for the family, is from 5-8 p.m. on Friday, May 3 at Chesterfield Arts. Chesterfield Arts’ annual LEGO design challenge also is featured. Call 519-1955, or visit

BENEFITS The Greater St. Louis Book Fair is from Thursday, April 25 through Sunday, April 28 at West County Center in Des Peres. For a $10 admission, shoppers can attend the preview event from 4-9 p.m. on Thursday, April 25 before the fair opens to the general public. Admission is free for the remainder of the event. Visit ••• West St. Louis County/Eureka Lions Barbecues are from 10:30 a.m.-sundown

Nicoletti’s S T E A K & PA S TA

Dinner Mon-Sun Starting at 4pm CLIP THIS

$5.00 Off

w i t h m i n i m u m p u r c h a s e o f $ 2 5 .00 Carry Out or Dine In N o t Va l i d w i t h a n y o t h e r c o u p o n s or on Holidays. Expires 5/15/13


(Highway 141 and Big Bend Road)


on Friday, April 26 and Saturday, April 27 at Hwy. 109 at Central Avenue in Eureka. To order Friday lunch delivery, call 388-5775. ••• The Ellisville Elks Flea Market is at 8 a.m. on Saturday, April 27 at the Ellisville Elks Lodge, 1007 New Ballwin Road. ••• The Kids in the Middle annual gala, “Lights, Camera, Action,” is from 6-10 p.m. on Saturday, April 27 at Ameristar in St. Charles. Proceeds support kids whose parents are going through separation and divorce. Tickets are $150 per guest. Call (314) 9099922, or visit ••• St. Louis Ovarian Cancer Awareness (SLOCA) hosts the Living Out Loud Gala & Auction from 6-10 p.m. on Saturday, April 27 in the atrium of Edward Jones’ corporate headquarters in Des Peres. Tickets are $125 per person/$1,250 per table of 10. For reservations, visit ••• The St. Louis Health Equipment Lending Program (St. Louis HELP) medical equipment donation drive is from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. on Sunday, May 4 at the Walgreens locations at 12006 Manchester in Des Peres and 1302 Clarkson Clayton Center in Ellisville. Call (314) 567-4700 for donation details. ••• A trivia night is at 6:30 p.m. (doors open


at 6 p.m.) on Saturday, May 4 at LifePointe Church, 1400 Babler Park Drive in Wildwood. The cost is $160 per team of eight. Proceeds benefit summer youth camp and youth programs. To register, visit, or call 458-3885. •••

FAMILY AND KIDS The Chesterfield 2013 Earth Day Festival is from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. on Saturday, April 27 at Chesterfield’s Central Park Amphitheater. Visit for details. ••• Ellisville Elks Lodge #2664 holds its annual Youth/Kid’s Day from 1-4 p.m. on Saturday, May 4 at 1007 New Ballwin Road. The free event is open to all ages and includes pony rides, a petting zoo, games, a bounce house, food, music, attendance prizes and more. Call 227-0404. •••

LIVE PERFORMANCES “Almost Maine,” by John Cariani, is at 7 p.m. on Friday, April 26 and Saturday, April 27 in the Multipurpose Room at St. Louis Community College-Wildwood, 2645 Generations Drive. Doors open at 6:30 p.m., and seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. Visit ••• “Listen to Your Mother,” a live show that is part of a national series celebrating Mother’s Day and featuring a series of live readings by area writers, is from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. and from 2-4 p.m. on Saturday, May

11 at St. Luke’s Hospital Institute for Health Education, 232 S. Woods Mill Road in Chesterfield. Visit •••

SPECIAL INTEREST The Eureka Parks and Recreation Department celebrates the Flat Creek Trail opening at 8 a.m. on Friday, April 27 at the Geggie Elementary School parking lot. Made possible through the generosity of Great Rivers Greenway, the trail runs from Legion Park to Route 66 State Park and ties into the Meramec Greenway trail system. Call 938-6775. ••• GriefShare, a weekly seminar/support group for people grieving the death of someone close, is from 4-6 p.m. on Sundays from April 28 through July 14 at King of Kings Lutheran Church, 13765 Olive Blvd. in Chesterfield. Each free meeting is self-contained, so participants may start at any time. To register, call Lori George at (314) 469-2224, or visit ••• St. Louis Community College and the city of Wildwood sponsor free electronics recycling from 8 a.m.-noon on Saturday, May 4 on the parking lot at St. Louis Community College-Wildwood, 2645 Generations Drive. Computers and accessories, TVs, VCRs, DVD players, home electronics and small appliances are accepted. Email with questions.


"The Irrigation Professionals"

• Design • Installation • Service • Maintenance • Renovations • Low Voltage Lighting


BackFlow TEsT wiTh spRing sTaRT-Up

16834 Manchester Grover

CALL (636) 458-2664

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1st Time Customers Only. Expires 6/11/13

(636) 458-2664

State Certified Backflow Tester

We Service All Sprinkler Systems!



 I 41

Authentic Mexican flavors await at Charro Mexican Restaurant & Bar By Suzanne Corbett When Ezequiel Camacho opened Charro Mexican Restaurant & Bar, he had a vision to create something different. That difference was a unique menu presenting authentic Mexican flavors and dishes. “When I opened three years ago, I wanted to have something different from other places,” said Camacho who created Charro’s dining experience to spotlight a selection of authentic, traditionally prepared Mexican dishes. “Our menu is unique, and we’ve added new dishes that introduce customers to more traditional dishes.” Charro’s new as well as its original menu items are based on family recipes that provide a flavor profile found only at Charro. While working on the new menu additions, Camacho did what many people do when seeking recipes and culinary advice: He consulted his mother. “I asked Mom how she did things, and I took notes,” Camacho said with a smile. “She told me she marinates all her meats, so I marinate, using her marinade and spice blend recipes.” In fact, marinating is the secret to Charro’s new chicken specialties, which include Pollo Encremado, a chicken breast that is topped with mushrooms, onions and peppers before

Charro Mexican Restaurant & Bar 14839 Clayton Road • Chesterfield 636-256-7071 11 a.m.-10 p.m., Sunday-Thursday 11 a.m.-10:30 p.m., Friday-Saturday

receiving a draping of cheese sauce. Another specialty, Pollo Empanizado, is a simple yet standout chicken recipe that breads and crisply fries a marinated chicken breast that is paired with rice, tortillas and a side salad tossed with tomato, onion, avocado, bell pepper, lime and jalapenos. A new, non-traditional dish to consider when dining at Charro is the Mexican Gyro. It is a totally different take on the gyro concept, stuffing a pita tortilla with grilled chicken or steak and finishing it with lettuce, pico de gallo, sour cream, cheese and salsa. Yet another original menu item that fuses culinary cultures is the unexpected ham and cheese-stuffed Chicken Cordon Blue (not “bleu”) – a popular item that gets a Mexican makeover with a ladle of house-made red sauce and salsa. An impressive selection of new seafood additions provides more creative dishes that set Charro’s menu apart from menus at other Mexican restaurants. Fajitas Del Mar is a twist on the classic that features a sizzling mix of shrimp, tilapia and scallops. Mojarra Frita (deep-fried snapper filets) and Caldo De Camaron (Mexican Shrimp Soup) are more options that reflect the regional foods of Mexico’s Michoacan region and are not often seen on local menus. “These are foods that remind me of my home. Customers like to have different things as well as the traditional dishes, like Tacos Al Pastor,” said Camacho relating how tacos were such a favorite in his hometown, where they where sold on the street. In fact, Camacho celebrates his memories of street tacos by featuring Charro’s “Street Taco Mondays.” “We’re famous for our 99-cent taco special,” he said. Tacos, quesadillas, burritos and enchiladas remain cus-

Cesar Camacho, Charro’s manager (left), and Ezequiel Camacho, owner

tomer favorites and are prepared using fresh, authentic Mexican ingredients – from the cheeses and chiles to the spices. And whether one picks vegetarian fajitas, steak, seafood or a classic combination plate, each dish is described in detail on Charro’s colorfully illustrated menu. Lunch and dinner menus are available for dining inside or out (weather permitting) on Charro’s inviting sidewalk patio. Situated in Baxter Center, it provides a prime location for celebrating Cinco de Mayo – a holiday that offers an excellent opportunity to taste Charro’s new menu and sample its house libations, which include 30 kinds of tequila and Mexican beer. “You’ll see we’re unique, and you’ll taste the difference,” Camacho said.

We Want



Hurry! Deadline Sunday, May 5!

Don’t let them sit in your jewelry box! The Diamond Family Since 1978

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Your Technology Center

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The Diamond Family Since 1978

Diamond & Jewelry Brokers - 473 Lafayette Center - Manchester, Missouri 63011 Located in the plaza with Dierbergs - (636) 391-6622 -

473 Lafayette Center

Funeral Home, Inc.

Manchester, MO 63011

(Corner of Manchester & Baxter, near Dierbergs)

636.391.6622 Town & Country Chesterfield Valley

West Newsmagazine


Funeral F u n eHomes ral & HCrematory ome, Inc.

Please visit and register your teacher to win. Simply explain in 100 words or less why a teacher should be the West Newsmagazine "Teacher of the Year." Nominations limited to Preschools, Grade Schools, High Schools and Colleges (Public or Private) in West Newsmagazine’s mailing area.

Looking for diamonds? Look into our eyes!

Diamond & Jewelry Brokers - 473 Lafayette Center - Manchester, Missouri 63011 Located in the plaza with Dierbergs - (636) 391-6622 -

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42 I  




3 OFF % 15 OFF $


505 Strecker Rd.

Your Graduation Party Headquarters!

(Corner of Clayton & Strecker in Wildwood)



Any Purchase of $15 or more


Valid for Dine-In, Take Out, delivery. Limited delivery area. One coupon per person. Not valid with other offers. Expires 5/31/13.


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Classic American Cuisine Ole’ Fashioned Service


$ 99 Limit 1 dozen. Must redeem coupon. Expires 5/23/13

Catering Order of $50 or more Valid for one Catering Order only. Not valid with other offers. Expires 5/31/13.

Mon - Fri 8am - 7pm • Sat & Sun 8am - 3pm Breakfast Served Daily! Free Wi-Fi Join our Mobile VIP Club! Text: LettyLous to 69302

Mother’s Day BrunchBuffet

Buy One Sandwich & Get One FREE!

Not to be combined with any other offer. Free sandwich must be of equal or lesser value. Expires May 23, 2013

9am - 3pm

Adults $23.99 • Children $7.99 3 & under FREE

Celebrate Mother’s Day

Enjoy Family, Friends & Great Food During the GREATEST Mother’s Day Brunch Buffet! 9am -3pm Reservations Only

CHESTERFIELD 13700 Olive Blvd. Next to Brunswick Bowl 314-894-0900 • Mon-Sat 7am-6:30pm • Sun 7:30am-2:30pm

Jenny’s Diner

Make ReseRvations now!!!

16765 Main Street Wildwood, MO 63040 Phone: 636-458-4333

100 Holloway Road • Ballwin 636.220.8989 Check us out on

Saleem's... Where Garlic is King

Happy 2 Appetizer Hour Margaritas With a pitcher of Everyday every Wed. Margaritas 4-7pm

Ladies Night $

Text GARLIC to 69302

speNd $50 aNd recieve $10 off LuNch or diNNer autheNtic mexicaN cuisiNe 14839 Clayton Road • Chesterfield

636-207-1368 | Open 5pm Tues-Sat. Closed Sun & Mon

(Turkish Meatloaf Sandwhich)

Open Sunday-Thursday: 11:00 - 10:00 pm Friday - Saturday: 11:00 - 10:30 pm

14560 Manchester Rd.

May not be combined with any other offers.

Delicious Breakfast & Lunch Menu Large Selection To Choose From Family Owned & Operated

Tuesday Special Ham & Beans Wednesday Special KOFTE


and so is chicken, lamb, beef... they are all kings! Unique Sauce & Recipes perfected since 1974. Nationally recognized for the skill of using garlic (Travel Channel)

Make it a Great Morning


Homemade Breakfast

3 49

Starting at $

Handmade Juicy

1/2 lb. Burgers

4 09

Starting at $

Open Everyday 6am - 2:30pm 45 Forum Shoppping Center (corner of Olive & Woodsmill Rd.)




 I 43

W E S T H O M E PA G E S St. Louis;Town & Country;E19120-2;4.625x3.493

Confidence makes you feel warm all over. Room Additions • Kitchens Finished Basements Design / Build

A new Lennox® system from Town & Country Climate Control Specialists will help you rest assured all Winter long. RECEIVE A

$1,200 rebate* when you buy a qualifying Lennox® Home Comfort System.


$500 in Federal Tax Credits**

Additional rebates available. Ask Bill King for details.


Pond & Waterfall Experts


(636) 230-6233 | (314) 968-5440 Quality Service for over 40 Years!

Professional Landscape Design and Installation E19120-2-13Sp-4.625x3.493.indd 1 Paver Patios • Retaining Walls Water Features • Plantings Landscape Lighting and Repair Update Existing Landscapes See our website for Landscape Lighting Specials

(314) 581-0099

Deck Restoration Co. ∙ Power Wash ∙ Stain and Seal ∙ Mold & Mildew Removal ∙ Deck Repair Cleaning Fences, Concrete & Vinyl Siding Free Estimates ∙ Over 18 years experience

DUSTIN HANN 636-484-2967 FR Estim EE ates!

Patios Driveways Pool Decks firepits Foundations Retaining Walls


West County


Now Available Outdoor Fireplaces 3/13/13 12:05 PM and Fire Pits

Kitchen Lighting Upgrades • Recessed Lighting • Pendant Lighting • Under Cabinet Lighting • All Residential Electrical • Exterior/Security Lighting •Flat Screen/Surround Sound • Panel Upgrades/Basement Wiring


“Let Us Shine the Perfect Light on Your Investment.”

• Power Washing • Deck Restoration • Window Cleaning • Gutter Cleaning Ask about Spring Specials! Call Today!

Squeaky Clean Insured • Free Estimates

(314) 494-7719


INSTAllATIoN ProFESSIoNAlS Ceiling Fans • Wholehouse Fans Gable Vent Fans • Recessed Lighting

Specializing in installation for two story homes with no wiring on first floor. When Handyman Quality Just Won't Do.

(314) 510-6400

G&P Are Proud Members Of:

gp-DoubleVert-bw2.indd 3

(636) 458-3809

Driveway & (314) 822-0849 Patio

New and Replacement

Traditional Finishes To Old World Charm

Free Estimates

D-K Electric


D-K Electric ResidentialCommercial

T.D. DeVeydt Electric L.L.C.

New Service- Repair- Remodeling Troubleshooting - Free Estimates

Cheapest Rates in Town! Licensed - Bonded - Insured


New Service • Repair • Remodel

Troubleshooting • Upgrade • Back-Up Generators


*Ask about our discounts* Licensed- Bonded- Insured


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Replace Wood Balusters with Metal Balusters! Replace Old Iron Rails • Upgrade Your Basement Stairs Open Up Existing Stairs • Do-It-Yourself or Let us Install It •FREE D-I-Y Installation Instructions w/Purchase•

ST. LOUIS STAIR & WOOD WORKS Visit our showroom in the Maplewood Area! 7156 Manchester • (314) 644-2625 • Mon, Tu, Th, Fri. 12-5; Sat. 10-1; Closed Sun. & Wed.

1/24/13 12:15 PM

Since 1930 Upholstering, Repairing and Refinishing

Specializing In:


636 • 578 • 4417 636 • 233 • 5057

Furniture & Decorating Co., Inc 17322 Manchester Road

*Rebate offer is valid only with the purchase of qualifying Lennox® products. System rebate offers range from $300–$1,200. **See dealer for details and visit for more information on the credit guidelines. © 2013 Lennox Industries, Inc.

Landscape Contractors

Tuckpointing • Leafgard • Repairs

(636) 227-7381

waterfalls and ponds ~ landscape lighting paver patios ~ fire pits ~ walks and steps ~ stone work landscape design ~ commercial and residential references available ~ owner on every job

Call now to schedule your A/C Precision Tune-Up.**

Roofing & gutteRs

$500 Fall Discount With this ad!

Custom-Designed & Built Decks • Porches • Gazebos

(636) 227-0800 FREE ESTIMATES

44 I


Private House Cleaning by Pam. Christian woman does excellent work and has many references. 28 years experience in Chesterfield and West County. Call Pam after 6pm 618-931-0793.

Floors, Sidewalk and Patios. New and Replacement. Licensed, In sured, Bonded. Over 50 Year Experience. FREE Estimates. Ca 314-651-4059.


Call EllEn 636.591.0010


W E S T c l ass i f i e d s



• • • • •

Painting Cedar Staining • Powerwashing



1 Room Or Entire Basement FREE Design Service Finish What You Started As Low As $15 sq. ft. Professional Painters, Drywall Hangers & Tapers

CPA Firm

for Small & Medium

Size Businesses

Affordable Accounting, Tax, Payroll & Guidance Solutions

Call Tom at 314-448-4264

Call Rich on cell 314.713.1388


Assisted Care

F inish & Trim C arpentry C o .

On a VOP call PrOfessiOnal!

Custom Woodworking • Bars • Bookshelves Mantels • Doors • Stairs • Media Kitchens • Basements • Baths


Roy Kinder

Home Repairs • Plumbing • Electrical Carpentry • Painting • Windows & Doors Appliances • Roof Repairs • Decks & More!

Master Carpenter #1557 Custom Contractor/Builder

(636) 391-5880

Insured • Satisfaction Guaranteed Since 1979 •

Home Helpers is your #1 source affordable, dependable care by compassionate caregivers. ♥ Senior Adults ♥ Recuperative Care ♥ Alzheimer’s / Dementia Care ♥ Bathing/Personal Care ♥ Transportation ♥ Meal Preparation ♥ Housekeeping ♥ On Call 24/7 Insured/Bonded & Carefully Screened West County 636-391-0000

636.541.0375 • 636.394.2319

Custom Blinds, shades, and shutters, Plus Cleaning, repairs, and more


CUSTOM SHADES, SHUTTERS, AND repairs, BLINDS, Custom Blinds, shades, and shutters, Plus Cleaning, and more

Proudly Serving Our Jewish Community

PLUS CLEANING, REPAIRS, AND MORE Proudly Serving Our Jewish Community

Celebrating 105 Years In Business

B i -S pSt at e C o ncre t e ecializing in Residential

Family owned

Te a r O u t & R e p l a c e m e n t

P ro fe s s i o n a l Wo r k m a n s h i p Driveways • Patios • Sidewalks • Porches Steps • Garage Floors • Repair Work Exposed Aggregate • Stamped Concrete

10100 Page Boulevard • St. Louis, MO 63132

Family Owned • Insured • Since 1963

10100 Page Page Boulevard Boulevard •• St. 10100 St.Louis, Louis,MO MO 63132 63132

314-428-7979 • 314-428-7979 •

FREE Estimates 314-849-7520



WEST claSSifiEdS V

i E w

Beef For Sale Grass-Fed

aNGUs BeeF

right from the farm! Hormone-Free • Antibiotic-Free

- USDA Inspected Coldspring Farm near Hannibal, MO

Call 636.578.6743 or email:


l l


d s

call Mike at 636-675-7641

Service at your home or office for: PC problems or set-up • PC won't start or connect

$30 diagnostic charge only for first ½ hour Day, Evening and Weekend appointments available

COMPUTER SERVICES: Specializing in Home Offices and Small Businesses. County Computer Consulting LLC, can support your computers and networks. Call Ray for information at 636391-3853 or www. CCC-LLC.BIZ.


Weekly • Bi-Weekly • Monthly Move in & Move Out $10 OFF AFFORDABLE New Clients PRICING


Family Owned & Operated

Private House Cleaning by Pam. Christian woman does excellent work and has many references. 28 years experience in Chesterfield and West County. Call Pam after 6pm 618-931-0793.

Call Ellen





E t w o r k

Concrete Service

Concrete Service

Hamlett Concrete - We specialize in all your Flatwork Needs - Driveway, Garage, Basement Floors, Sidewalk and Patios. New and Replacement. Licensed, Insured, Bonded. Over 50 Years Experience. FREE Estimates. Call 314-651-4059.

CONCRETE grinding and polishing, apply epoxy, clean and seal exterior concrete, remove carpet and tile from concrete. Insured. Over 15 years in business. Call Matt at 314-780-5285 or email to

Call EllEn 636.591.0010



C o m

Electric ERIC'S ELECTRIC - Licensed, Bonded and Insured: Service upgrades, fans, can lights, switches, outlets, basements, code violations fixed, we do it all. Emergency calls & back up generators. No job too small. Competitively priced. Free Estimates. Just call 636-262-5840.

The FAN Guy - Trained & experienced tradesman for light electrical services: ceiling fans, installation/repairs, new outlets/ switches, attic fans/outdoor lighting. Fair, dependable & honest. Call Paul 636-734-8402.


AFFORDABLE Name Brand Luxury Carpet, Commercial Carpet, Laminate & Wood

10 OFF Already Priced Below Retail %

We bring the SHOWROOM to YOU! Have our own Installers



Your Satisfaction Guaranteed


E w s m a g a z i n E

Serving St. louis & St. charles co

Established in 1979

Cleaning Service

Corrected number from last issue.


Spyware •Adware •Virus Removal •Hardware •Software Upgrades

Executive income


a t

Computer Services

✓We Fix Leaky Chimneys ✓We Solve Smelly Fireplace Odors ✓Masonry Repairs and Flashing ✓Convert Fireplaces to Gas/Wood ✓Replace Rusted Chimney Tops

Business Opp.

Call for interview.

n l i n E

Chimney Service

A wellness company. Work from home. Expanding in this area.


WOOD FLOOR REFINISHING: Add instant equity to your home. Professional Floors of St. Louis' 32 year old fully insured company serving entire metro community. Sanding, re f i n i s h i n g, re p a i r s, n e w installation, most manufacturers available. Free estimates 314843-4348,

CARPET REPAIRS Restretching, reseaming & patching. No job too small. Free estimates.

(314) 892-1003 Classifieds


Email: ClassifiEds@nEwsmagazinEnEtwork.Com



 I 45

WEST claSSifiEdS Call EllEn 636.591.0010


Email: ClassifiEds@nEwsmagazinEnEtwork.Com

For Sale


Help Wanted

Home Improvement

DiNiNg ROOM SeT: 84" light oak table with leaf. Six chairs include 2 captain chairs. matching breakfront and Serving Hutch with marble top. $750. call 636346-5684.


N u R S e - Fo r b u s y f a c i a l plastic surgeon. Skin care/ pt coordination & education/ peel performance/. maturity, motivation, organization, humor essential. Send resume to

Patrick Interior Finish LLC: Specializing in interior home remodeling, carpentry, drywall, taping & painting, tile & hrdwd. flooring. Over 25 years experience. NO pay til jOb cOmplete! Honest Day's Work for Honest Day's pay. References available. licensed & bonded. call patrick at 314-415-0377.

Garage Sale Treetop Condo's Semi-Annual

WE HAUL IT ALL Service 7 days. Debris, furniture, appliances, household trash, yard debris, railroad ties, fencing, decks. Garage & Basement Clean-up Neat, courteous, affordable rates. Call: 636-379-8062 or email:


Garage Sale

Sat., April 27 • 8am-4pm 701 Sandy Summit Manchester, MO 63021

The Enclaves at Cherry Hills Spring Subdivision

GARAGE SALE Multiple homes Sat., MAY 4, 7am–Noon Sponsored by

The Dawn and Mike Krause Team Keller Williams Realty

Direct: 636-549-1131

Foundations Top Notch Waterproofing & Foundation Repair LLC. cracks, sub-pump systems, structural & concrete repairs. exterior drainage correction. Serving missouri for 15 yrs. Free estimate 636-2816982. Finally, a contractor who is honest and leaves the job site clean. lifetime Warranties.

Garage Doors WeST COuNTY gARAge DOOR SeRviCe proudly serv-

ing West county since 1980. Springs, cables, electric openers. Door replacement. evening & weekend service available. call 636-388-9774.

DSi/Door Solutions, inc. garage Door, electric Openers. Fast Repairs. all makes and models. Same day service. Free estimates. custom wood and Steel Doors. bbb member, angie's list. Call 314-550-4071.

HIRING Donut Shop

pt or Ft evenings

Help Wanted PART TiMe OFFiCe CLeANeRS/ WORkiNg SuPeRviSOR – evenings after 5 pm. Hiring for chesterfield, St. peters, St. charles and O'Fallon, mO locations. must have reliable transportation and a clean background check. call 636-532-7910. Custodian: three days per week, four hours per day. Flexible schedule. Wings of Hope, chesterfield, mO. contact anne Volland (636) 537-1302. NIGhT NURSeS - Advanced Nursing Services needs you! if you are looking for 12 hour nights and would like to work mondays & thursdays, give me a call at 314-863-3030 and ask for connie. inside Sales: pt person to set appointments for professional market. accounting knowledge helpful. experience in cold calling very helpful. excellent pay. ellisville. 636-271-9190. NOW hIRING CAReGIVeRS AND NURSeS. immediate openings for all areas of St. louis especially chesterfield, ellisville & ballwin. private Duty cases only. all shifts avail. apply in person at 141 N. meramec, Suite 102, tues. & thurs. 9am-11am or 1pm-3pm. Questions? call 314-863-3030.

Kennelwood Pet ResoRts

Immediate Opportunities:

• Customer Service Rep Groom Technicians • Pet Activities Counselor (will train) Customer•Service Pet Hotel Boarding Attendant Representative • Groom Technicians - will train Pet Activities Counselor • Experienced Stylists Pet Hotel Boarding

Immediate Opportunities:

Will train Call Ann or Kelly at




Home Improvement

(636) 230-3588 CELL: (314) 799-4334 All Around Construction LLC - all interior and exterior remodeling and repairs. Historic restoration, molding duplication. Finished basements, kitchens, baths and decks. liability, workmens comp, and epa certified in lead removal. 20 years exp. call 314-393-1102 or 636-237-3246.



i E w


l l


d s

Serving St. Louis County Since 1978

S T L P O N D S . CO M call 636-226-pONDS (7663). patios, ponds, Walls and Waterfalls.

26+ years experience Handyman • Carpenter • Electrical Plumbing • Drywall • Painting Bsmt Remodels • Wood Decks/Repairs Landscaping • Mulching Home Repairs - Big or Small call James at 314-420-3562

No time to do repairs?

AeRATiNg $50 DeTHATCHiNg $95 (raking/bagging extra)

Complete Deck Restoration Too!

Seeding • Fertilizing

Landscaping cleanup! Weeding • Mulching Tree/Bush Trimming & Removal Leaf removal FRee eSTiMATeS

Specialize in 1-Time Clean-Up Retaining Walls • Sodding Island or Bed Designs Install Drainage Systems

Total Bathroom Remodeling Cabinetry•Plumbing•Electrical 20 Years Experience

Remove Small Trees & Bushes




Retaining Wall Specialist

Concrete & Paver Flat Work Hardscaping Angie's List


Fully Insured • Free Estimates • Residential & Commercial

Valley Landscape Co. Spring cleanup, mulching, mowing, tree and shrub trimming and removal, complete lawn care. (636) 458-8234.


CLEAN-UP! Trim Bushes • Sodding Retaining Walls

2 cuts FREE w/1 yr. contract


• Weekly Cutting • Great rates Do all the work myself

314.378.9064 West County Owner/Operator

Complete Lawn Maintenence for Residential & Commercial Spring Cleanup • Mulching Mowing • Edging • Planting Turf Maintenance • Sodding Seeding • Weeding • Pruning Trimming • Bed Maintenance Dethatching • Brush Removal Leaf & Gumball Cleanup Retaining Walls • Paver Patios Drainage Solutions

Licensed Landscape Architect/Designer ~ Free Estimates ~

Call 314-426-8833

YONS LAWN SERVICE LGrass Cutting • Mulching • Stump Removal


Call Mike For Your Free Bid Today!

a t


Bender Lawn Care


n l i n E

Re t aining walls, patios, pruning, chainsaw work, seasonal clean-up. Friendly service with attention to detail.

Prof. Lawn Mowing & Maintenance

Lawn Cutting $25

Jesse HANdyMAN

SCOTT'S ReSiDeNTiAL LAWN MOWiNg - grass cutting/ trimming. mulch by the bag or by the yard. Sod, Seed and topsoil. Small tree & Shrub trimming & Removal. Neat, clean and dependable. call Scott at 314-623-4687.

Ranch Homes Power Washed For The Dirt Cheap Price Of $95.00!


Tom Langley - Owner 314-651-LAWN (5296) or 314-452-2100

All Around Landscape Design & Installation COMMERCIAL • RESIDENTIAL




"WORk FROM HOMe! evenings and Weekends only. american Kidney Services needs telemarketing reps to schedule pickups for donations of clothing and household items. paid bi-weekly, commission only. earn up to $400 per month. No start up fees, No selling. Requirements: excellent communication skills and must be self-disciplined. must live in missouri/illinois areas. must be 18 years old. For complete information call 314-968-9768.

Owner does all jobs


Accurate Repair & Remodeling, LLC - Quality Remodeling and Handyman Services. Kitchens, baths, carpentry, Small repairs. trusted by homeowners for over 12 years. 314-255-7034.

Since 1989

Grass Cutting • Fertilizing Programs •Tree & Shrub Care • Core Aeration • De-Thatching Seeding/Sod • Mole Baiting/Trapping

West County Area

Join our team! Apply ONLINE

636•391•1196 314•378•0702

Serving West County

C a l l T o m 636.938.9874

(636) 227-1173

Join our team today! Complete application online

Skips hauling & Demolition! junk hauling and removal. all type clean-outs. appliances, furniture, debris, construction rubble, yard waste, excavating & demolition! 10, 15 and 20 cubic yd. rolloff dumpsters. licensed and fully insured. affordable, dependable and available! ViSa/ mc accepted. 21 yrs. service. toll Free 1-888-Stl-jUNK (888-7855865) or 314-644-1948.

314.941.1851 ittle Joe's awn and andscape

Dependable • Experienced • Insured FRee estimates 636 ●222 ●0670 or 314 ●973 ●1144

Minor Repairs • Carpentry Electrical • Painting FREE Estimates

Muretich Landscape Call: Frank

Wathen's Lawn Care & Landscaping since 1993. Dependable quality service. Fully insured. call tim Wathen at 636-458-5626.

Tommy 314-295-3133 Wayne 314-221-1797

30 yrs. Experience • Estimates

Licensed & Insured

Specialize in Roofing, Leaks, Demolition, Siding, Drywall & Fences




Family Owned & Operated

Reliable Home Repair


Lawn Maintenance • Fertilizing Mulch • Retaining Walls Landscape Design/Installation

MACHiNe LANDSCAPe: mulch, tree Removal, gravel application, Retaining Walls, leaf Removal, clean-up. call elijah for reliable service and more details at 314437-7924.

Recession constRuction

Handyman Corner Inc.



CAuLk SPeCiALTieS: expert application/ product knowledge. Specialize in showers, tubs, windows, doors and trim. StOp the leaKS and Damage. john Hancock has 30+ yrs. experience. Need caRpeNtRy or other repairs - call today! 636-7952627.



Aerating • Seeding • Fertilizing Programs


13+ yrs. in Ballwin


E w s m a g a z i n E


E t w o r k


C o m

46 I  


WEST claSSifiEdS Landscaping


Ben's Affordable Mowing & Lawn Care - Quality fertilizing and mulching. Reliable care for your lawn. Residential/commercial. Owner on every job. Free Estimates. Call 314-749-3947.

Painting Jim's Paint & Trim Service Interior & Exterior painting, crown and decorative moulding, wallpaper removal, texturing, drywall and rotten wood repair. 30+ years experience. Free estimates. Call 636-778-9013.

Riverside Painting - Residential Interior/ Exterior Painting Insured. Senior discount! We just keep rolling it on! Call Ken 636-391-1746



Daniels Bros. Painting

Interior/Exterior • Wallpaper Dry Wall • Crown Molding & Trim

Est. 1985 • Fully Insured

25 years Experience Fully Insured • Owner/Operator

Attention to Detail -Start to Finish

Mark 636-295-3476


Spraying 30 Years! orNO Rolling/Mess!

Commercial & Residential

Next DeaDliNe:

InSuReD MenTIOn AD & ReCeIVe 10% OFF

April 16


for May 1 issue


FREE ESTIMATES 636-465-4369


Pet Services



HomE PAINTING 314-852-5467



www.yuckos .com

MBC PLUMBING - Pick your own prices - call for details 314-4095051. Accept credit cards.


Trim • Soffits • Lap Siding Professional, Timely Manner Fully Insured • References

d s



Exterior & Interior


Call for appointment

Drywall Repair • Taping Mold Removal • Wallpaper Stripping Top Quality Work • FREE Estimates

Powerwash Deck & Fence

l l

Ask about discounts for rescues!

Interior & Exterior Painting

H&A PAinting


Reasonable rates • Free consultation All services available Keep your pets stress-free at home - great for older dogs


KEVIN'S PAINT SERVICE - Expert & Professional. New & old house interior/ exterior painting, drywall & acoustical ceiling repair. 25 years painting experience. Low rates/ Free Estimates. Call Kevin at 636-322-9784.

i e w

Dog Grooming

Full service grooming in your home...

Call Gary 314-805-7005

SCHEDULE NOW for Early Spring Rush



Gary smith

PaintinG & RePaiR

DECK STAINING ExtErior 314-852-5467

Pet Services


n l i n e

A t





May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved and preserved throughout the world now and forever. Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us. St. Jude, Worker of Miracles, pray for us. St. Jude, Help of the Hopeless, pray for us. Say prayer nine times a day; by the 8th day prayer will be answered. Say it for nine days. Then publish. Your prayers will be answered. It has never been known to fail. Thank you, St. Jude. ARC

Spring Cleaning? Turn your metal trash into cash! We buy old mowers, trimmers, bikes, most appliances, fencing, water heaters, pots & pans and much more! Recycle paint/ chemicals for a fee of 25¢ per lb. 636-938-1188 25 Truitt Dr. • Eureka MO 63025 Open 9-5 Mon-Sat.



Tree Service ST. JUDE NOVENA

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved and preserved throughout the world now and forever. Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us. St. Jude, Worker of Miracles, pray for us. St. Jude, Help of the Hopeless, pray for us. Say prayer nine times a day; by the 8th day prayer will be answered. Say it for nine days. Then publish. Your prayers will be answered. It has never been known to fail. Thank you, St. Jude. AM

Residential • Commercial Complete Tree Service Tree & Brush Removal • Pruning • Dead-Wooding Deep Root Fertilization • Stump Grinding • Cabling Storm Clean-Up • Plant Healthcare

Fully Insured • Free Estimates


Call Classifieds


e w s m A g A z i n e


e t w O r k


c O m

Rent going up? Why rent when you can own a BRAND NEW Luxury Condominium?

636.394.2424 Under Contract

7784 Highway N Dardenne Prairie, 63368 $650,000

Luxury Condominiums Located in Creve Coeur Now selling from $204,990 Secure gated community with underground garage and storage, elevators to all levels, clubhouse, pool, fitness center and more!


Purchase by May 31, 2013 and choose either one year’s monthly condominium fees paid (up to $4,572) OR a second underground parking space with storage.

Now that’s worth springing into action for! HURRY, only 2 opportunities remain*

3 Valley Park Rd Valley Park, 63088 $349,000

1212 Somerset Field Chesterfield, 63017 $524,900

15993 Wetherburn Rd Chesterfield, 63017 $499,000

Now Hiring For Real Estate Careers! Visit Our Career Center At

9 Avondale Spring O’Fallon, 63368 $279,000

Schedule your tour today! Call (636) 299-8444 w w w.bridge watercommunities. com *Conditions apply. Cannot be combined with any other promotions. Directions: From 270 take Olive Blvd. west approximately 2 miles. Mill Crossing Dr. is on the left. From 141, take Olive Blvd. east approximately 1 mile. Mill Crossing Dr. is on the right.


200 S. Brentwood Blvd, 5B Clayton, 63105 $275,000

456 Wildwood Pkwy Ballwin, 63011 $219,900

417 Brass Lamp Ballwin, 63011 $214,900


111 Royal Oaks Dr. Ballwin $228,000 Sprawling brick ranch with 4 bedrooms and 3 full baths! Finished LL, main floor laundry, tons of updates!

35 WILDERNESS ROAD EUREKA 1.5sty on 4+ gorgeous acres w/5BR, 3 car heated garage w/in-law quarters above. Lrg dining rm. $799,900

16907 LEWIS SPRING FARMS ROAD WILDWOOD Beautiful 1.5 sty overlooking trees & water. Stunning 2sty foyer & GR. Lrg main flr master suite. $725,000

17702 GARDENVIEW PLACE COURT WILDWOOD Spectacular 1.5sty home, 5BR, 5ba, see-thru FP from 2sty hearth room to DR, gourmet kitchen. $613,000

748 TURRENTINE TRAIL CREVE COEUR Fantastic 5BR/4.5ba home with 4,300 sq. ft in great neighborhood. Home is huge with 9' ceilings. $525,000

17892 SUZANNE RIDGE DRIVE WILDWOOD Beautiful 2sty on level lot with in-ground pool. Fabulous kitchen with wood flrs, granite, SS appls. $524,900

3 CONWAY SPRINGS CHESTERFIELD Beautiful & spacious 2 sty. Contemporary in convenient location! Fin W/O LL opens to pool. $460,000






t LiS


g! NE

14934 Royalbrook Dr. Chesterfield - $315,000


Gorgeous 2-story with 5 beds, inground pool, and located on private street with cul-de-sac!




g! NE

633 Coeur De Royale “D”, Creve Coeur - $80,000




 I 47


2231 Highland Hill Dr. St. Peters - $110,000 Bright condo with wood floors, updated kitchen, fireplace, partially finished LL and rear deck. Community has pool and tennis courts!

Bright condo with vaulted ceilings, fireplace, deck and patio. Condo pool, close to shopping, great restaurants, golf course, and major highways!

Big enough to provide excellent service... Small enough to care!

636-728-1881 • Integrity Land Title Co. • 11715 Administration Dr, Ste. 103 St. Louis, MO 63146 • Office: 314-291-8102

Call today for your Financing Needs: Wendy Wallach Cell: (314) 374-0737 •

Seeking Quality, Experienced Agents! 211 CHERRY HILLS MEADOWS DR WILDWOOD Beautiful 2-sty w/inground pool on gorgeous landscaped lot. Great rm w/frplc & bay window. $329,900

278 CHERRY HILLS MEADOWS DR WILDWOOD Beautiful 2 sty w/lots up updates. Kitchen w/granite, wood flrs & french door to patio. $325,000

2404 BAXTON WAY CHESTERFIELD Fantastic villa. 2BR on themain level, vaulted great room, fin W/O LL. Updated master bath. $269,900

12795 HIGHSTONE DRIVE PARKWAY NORTH Awesome updated open fl ranch. Wood fls throughout, beautiful kitch w/granite, stainless app. $239,000

2309 WINEGARDEN COURT WILDWOOD Lovely 4BR, 3ba on cul-desac lot! Vaulted great room! Fin LL! Many updates! $220,000

810 WEATHERVANE COURT BALLWIN Updated ranch with 3BR, 2 full ba and a 2 car garage. Updated kitchen and baths, wood floors. $189,900

New Construction

1579 TERRA VISTA (CREVE COEUR) Attached villa waiting for you to complete. Upgraded fixtures, wood flrs. $320,000 1816 FIRETHORN DR (DES PERES) Beautifully renovated 3BR, 2.5 ba brick ranch. Open layout,updated kit. $359,900 1626 BENTSHIRE CT (ELLISVILLE) Amazing custom 1.5 sty on gorgeous landscaped lot. Incredible kitch. $829,500 420 PARKVIEW PLACE DR (ELLISVILLE) Great townhome! 2BR, 1.5ba, 1 car gar. Wood floors, maple cabinets. $144,500 1237 FAIRVIEW DR (ELLISVILLE) 3BR ranch w/breezeway/sunroom & garage on large lot. Updated kitchen. $135,000 777 SOUTHERN HILLS DR (EUREKA) Custom 5BR atrium ranch w/wonderful outdoor entertaining patio/deck. $524,900 17305 HIDDEN VALLEY DR (EUREKA) Beautiful 4.25 acres. Build your dream home in Hidden Valley Forest. $129,700 1997 RULE AVE (MARYLAND HTS) Near hwys, airport & Creve Couer Park. 4BR/3 full bath home. $234,900 101 CLUB CREEK CT (ST ALBANS) 1.5 sty on gorgeous level lot, back to golf course. GR w/wall of windows. $849,900 694 SAINT ALBANS SPRING RD (ST ALBANS) Stunning 1.5 sty, beautiful levl lot, W/O LL, GR w/wood flrs. $749,900 1236 GLEN EAGLE LN (ST ALBANS) Cust blt 1.5sty on gorgeous lot overlooking golf course. 4BR, 4.5ba. $1,200,000 783 MASON RD (ST LOUIS CO) Stunning 1.5 sty on over 1 acre. gracious master suite, open great room. $979,000 1209 WOODLAND POINT DR, #J (ST LOUIS COUNTY) Move in ready, top flr unit, vaulted gr, corner gas FP. $108,000 11753 VILLA DORADO DR (UNINC ST LOUIS CO) Beautifully updated 3BR, 2.5ba TWH. 2car carport. $107,500 2 GRAND MERIDIAN CT (WILDWOOD) Exceptional 1.5sty w/salt water pool, 4+ ac & 4 car garge. $1,999,995

2334 BROOKHOLLOW LN (WILDWOOD) Custom 1.5 sty on 7 parklike acres. Gorgeous inground pool . $775,000 1320 WILDHORSE PARKWAY DR (WILDWOOD) Custom built one of a kind 1.5 sty on 3 beautiful acres. $767,350 422 PINE BEND DR (WILDWOOD) Exceptional atrium ranch, spactacular level lot, backing to pond. $725,000 1633 MISTY HOLLOW CT (WILDWOOD) Impressive 1.5 sty on quiet cul-de-sac. 5BR, 4 full ba-2 half ba. $619,000 2343 BROOKHOLLOW LN (WILDWOOD) Stunning 1.5 sty, 3+ acres, 2 sty great rm w/frplc & access to deck. $599,900 437 PINE BEND DR (WILDWOOD) Beautifully appointed 2sty w/incredible level lot. 4BR, 5.5ba, 3 car gar. $584,900 17701 GREYSTONE TERRACE DR (WILDWOOD) Beautiful 2sty, 4+BR, 4.5ba with a W/O finished LL. $549,900 17742 HORNBEAN DR (WILDWOOD) 1.5sty, 4BR, 4.5ba home w/finished W/O LL, wooded lot, 2sty great rm. $527,500 19141 DEEP WOODS DR (WILDWOOD) Elegant custom country french ranch on 3 ac. Open flr plan. $463,333 1652 RIDGE BEND DR (WILDWOOD) Fabulous brick 2-story in Wildwood 5BR/3.5ba. Updated kitchen. $375,000 1660 TIMBER HOLLOW DR (WILDWOOD) 2 sty, open flr plan, updated kitchen. 4BR 2.5ba, LR, DR. $267,900 1708 SHEPARD RD (WILDWOOD) Beautiful building site for your own plans. Gorgeous 4.6 acre lot! $250,000 18711 DOCTORS PASS LN (WILDWOOD) Beautiful 1.16 acre level to gently sloping lot backing to woods. $225,000 123 IMPERIAL CROWN WAY #J (WILDWOOD) Garden condo, 2BR, 2ba and carport. Cathedral ceilings. $99,900 16559 VICTORIA CROSSING DR #L (WILDWOOD) Upper level garden condo. 2BR, 2 full ba, private laundry. $94,900

4206 Stanmoor Dr. St. Louis $187,000

2011 Westbourne Way Fenton - $89,900

Terrific condominium in upscale community! Vaulted ceilings, large bedrooms, over 1,500 sq.ft. all on one level!

Great ranch with new carpet, fresh paint, new AC, finished LL. Close to Gravois Bluffs. Tons of potential.

Due to a growing business and increased market activity, we are seeking motivated agents that would like to be a part of our team. Please call our office or email, All inquiries will be kept confidential.

New Price LAFAYETTE CROSSING (WILDWOOD) Custom Homes from the $1,200,000s on 3 acre estate lots. Private streets. New Homes Division - MLS #12042885 MANORS AT THE ENCLAVES OF CHERRY HILLS (WILDWOOD) New Homes on 1/2 acre lots from the $600,000s. New Homes Division - MLS#12032829

Residential 2 REDSAND CT (BALLWIN) Great 1.5 sty home. 4BR, 2ba and 2 car garage. Newer windows, vinyl siding. $219,900 1320 WESTCHESTER MANOR LN (CHESTERFIELD) Lovely custom 1.5sty w/in-ground pool & hot tub! $1,150,000 16944 RIVERDALE DR (CHESTERFIELD) Magnificent custom 1.5 sty on wonderful lot. Extensive millwork. $1,049,000 16655 ANNA'S WAY CT (CHESTERFIELD) Pristine 2 sty situated on 2 private acres. 6BR/4.5ba. Fin W/O LL. $849,900 13 CHESTERFIELD LAKES (CHESTERFIELD) Architecutural masterpiece nestled on 3 gorgeous lakefront ac. $725,000 1612 WILDHORSE PARKWAY DR (CHESTERFIELD) Custom 2sty atrium, open flrplan, updated kitchen. $539,900 1600 BAXTER FOREST RIDGE CT (CHESTERFIELD) Charming atrium ranch on quiet cul-de-sac. $499,900 15129 BAXTON CT (CHESTERFIELD) Exciting, updated 1.5 sty townhome. Built-ins, millwork, granite. $274,500 16286 LEA OAK CT (CHESTERFIELD) Exceptional location, great complex in this 2BR, 2.5ba unit. $135,000 1530 BEDFORD FORGE #8 (CHESTERFIELD) 2BR, 2ba condo. Newer neutral carpet, newer kitchen appls. $104,900 11 CROWNHILL LN (CLARKSON VALLEY) Exceptional ranch backing to golf course and lake. $475,000

Pat Malloy, Manager Chesterfield Sales Office 636-537-0300

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655 Callaway Ridge Extraordinary 4BD 6BA home sits on 92+acres. This estate was built with excellence and is perfect for a weekend get a way or everyday living. Cathy Shaw-Connely 636-346-496 Tom Shaw Jr 314-283-5064

1034 Brook Mont Dr Exquisite large 4bd 3.5 ba 2 story on a wonderful fenced level lot with newly added fire pit ,deck and patio. Perfect Interior tons of updates! Cathy Shaw-Connely 636-346-4960

9024 Spy Glass Place Drive - O'Fallon Stunning, 2story-4bd/3bth. 3.800 sq.ft. home offers updated bths, 9 ft. ceilings, granite counters, wood floors & bonus room plus so much more. Cathy Shaw-Connely 636-346-4960 Sheena Connely 636-236-7036

5744 Calvey Creek Road 5bd 5ba Executive Country Home with a potential large lake site, awesome views, nestled on 141+/- acres. Curt Rosse 636-219-7606 Matt Shaw 314-503-4872

4325 Fox Creek Rd Beautiful Home with approx. 9,000 sq ft living space on a private 21-acre Equestrian Estate! 5Bd, 5Full & 2 Half baths. This is a horse lovers dream. Cathy Shaw-Connely 636-346-4960

19324 Deer Pointe Estates Dr. - Wildwood Gated Community w/common equestrian facilities! 1.5 story 5bd/3.5bath, 3 car garage sits on top of a hill of 10+/- acres. Cathy Shaw Connely 636-346-4960

17478 Radcliff Place Dr - Eureka Remarkable 4,200 sq/ft. atrium ranch on 2.43 wooded ac. with enchanted pond area and garden stocked with fish, perennial & tropical plants. Enjoy the subdivision pool, tennis and cabana. Call Catherine Shaw-Connely at 636.346.4960 or Donna Metts at 314.313.7976.

2103 Falzone - Glencoe Cozy 3 bd/3 bath ranch located in Rockwood School District sits on 6+ ac. Great fenced yard for kids and/ or pets. Lot could be divided and sold. Call today to make an appt. with Catherine Shaw-Connely at 636.346.4960 or Paula Michaels at 636.575.1866.

19300 Deer Pointe Estates Dr. - Wildwood Gated Community w/common equestrian facilities! Stunning 1.5 sty home offers 4bd/6ba, 3 car garage. Cathy Shaw Connely 636-346-4960 Tom Shaw, Jr. 314 283-5064

4820 Fox Creek Rd One of a kind custom built, 5BD 4BA 1.5 story home, with an open main level and a gourmet kitchen. 15 acres of fantastic equestrian property and has a 4 stall barn. Catherine Shaw-Connely 636-346-4960 Paula Michaels 636-575-1866

235 Old Manchester Rd - Pacific Private, secluded estate on approx. 13.5+/- ac. Suitable for horses. Many upgrades: Pella windows, solid oak floors, Casablanca ceiling fans, 6 panel wood doors. Lots of space for entertaining. Two master suites. Call Cathy Shaw-Connely at 636.346.4960 or Paula Michaels at 636.575.1866.

17738 Drummer Ln Beautiful 5BD 3.5 BA 2 story home situated on a 1/2+Acre wooded lot and has all the amenities of Wildhorse Subdivision. Catherine Shaw-Connely 636-346-4960

17813 Edison Avenue, Suite 200 Chesterfield, MO 63005

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14733 Westerly

2136 Dartmouth Gate

16804 Sunset Circle




Seller Saved

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CREVE COEUR (StL Uninc) 11917 Moorland Woods Cir



WILDWOOD 16526 Meadow Hawk

BALLWIN 336 Oakmont Farm Dr

WILDWOOD 40 Rockwood Forest Ridge

CREVE COEUR 105 Royal Gate Dr





14044 Forest Crest

490 Gunnison Gorge

18014 Little Pine Ct.




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Jason & Connie Lieber Owners

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CHESTERFIELD 2161 Willow Forest Ct

ST. LOUIS (Uninc) 1432 Old Farm Dr


WILDWOOD 16215 Thornberry Ridge

CHESTERFIELD 1720 Eldon Ridge

WELDON SPRINGS 5307 Lancelot Dr







504 Willow Glen Ct.

2179 Woodlet Park



Seller Saved

Seller Saved

1558 Buckhurst

Seller Saved




BALLWIN 324 Marsten Ct

ELLISVILLE 1349 Clarkson Pines Ln

Seller Saved $15,800**

Seller Saved $3,900**

2002 Centennial

15998 Kettington



Seller Saved

Seller Saved




WILDWOOD 16519 Hunters Crossing

Seller Saved $3,975**

Seller Saved $3,000**

Seller Saved $9,910**


SOLD DEFIANCE 716 Crown Pointe Farms


226 Vistaoak Ct.

Seller Saved




SOL SOL SOL TESTIMONIALS: WILDWOOD BALLWIN BALLWIN Thank you for getting my house sold at this difficult time in the real estate mar19117 Towering Timber 215 Fawn Meadows 135 you Lucerne ket. I am glad I chose your company and trusted as well.Place I admire your waySeller of doingSaved business$10,205** and your honesty when treating your clients. GH Seller Saved $6,300** Seller Saved $3,487**

Seller Saved $10,500**

Seller Saved $8,505

Thank you very much for your help in selling my house. This was my first exTESTIMONIALS: perience in selling a home and you made it a positive one. I found you a joy to just cannot thank you enough all youyour haveclients done. You metheir something very special--your time, your advice, your support & your care! I will always remember you for it! workIwith because you truly careforabout andgave have best interest Natalia at heart. PT Thank you for getting my Service house sold atwith this difficult time in the real estate market.I am glad I chose your company and trusted you as well. I admire your way of doing “Full Savings!”® **Savings based a comparison to paying a 6% commission. business and youronhonesty when treating your clients. 6% GHused for comparison purposes only. Commissions may be negotiable and are not set by law. Each office independently owned & operated.

Thank you very much for your help in selling my house. This was my first experience in selling a home and you made it a positive one. I found you a joy to work with because you truly care about your clients and have their best interest at heart. PT Jason, I would like to thank you for helping me in selling my home. I have to say that you and Connie were the best agents I have worked with so far. You gave me very courteous and professional services. It was always a pleasant experience to talk to you or Connie. I think you had the correct strategy to make the sale. I have to give you credit for selling my home in this tough market. I will be glad to recommend your services to anyone I know. Thank you, Dr. Chad Connie, I want to compliment you. While a difficult transition for our family, you have made the whole process wonderful and simple. I appreciate you and everything you have done. Marcus C.

“Full Service with Savings!”®

**Savings based on a comparison to paying a 6% commission. 6% used for comparison purposes only. Commissions may be negotiable and are not set by law. Each office independently owned & operated.


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