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Spilled Milk Despite the old saying, “Don’t cry over spilled milk,” the Environmental Protection Agency is doing just that. We all understand why the Environmental Protection Agency was given the power to issue regulations to guard against oil spills, such as that of the Exxon Valdez in Alaska or the more recent BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. But not everyone understands that any power given to any bureaucracy for any purpose can be stretched far beyond that purpose. In a classic example of this process, the EPA has decided that, since milk contains oil, it has the authority to force farmers to comply with new regulations to file “emergency management” plans to show how they will cope with spilled milk, how farmers will train “first responders” and build “containment facilities” if there is a flood of spilled milk. Since there is no free lunch, all of this is going to cost the farmers both money and time that could be going into farming – and is likely to end up costing consumers higher prices for farm products. It is going to cost the taxpayers money as well, since the EPA is going to have to hire people to inspect farms, inspect farmers’ reports and prosecute farmers who don’t jump through all the right hoops in the right order. All of this will be “creating jobs,” even if the tax money removed from the private sector correspondingly reduces the jobs that can be created there. Does anyone seriously believe that any farmer is going to spill enough milk to compare with the Exxon Valdez oil spill or the BP oil spill? Do you envision people fleeing their homes, as a flood of milk comes pouring down the mountainside, threatening to wipe out the village below? It doesn’t matter. Once the words are in the law, it makes no difference what the realities are. The bureaucracy has every incentive to stretch the meaning of those words, in order to expand its empire. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has expanded its definition of “discrimination” to include things that no one thought was discrimination when the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed. The Federal Communications Commission is trying to expand its jurisdiction to cover things that were never included in its jurisdiction, and that have no relationship to the

reason why the FCC was created in the first place. Yet the ever-expanding bureaucratic state has its defenders in the mainstream media. When President Obama recently mentioned the possibility of reducing burdensome regulations – as part of his moving of his rhetoric toward the political center, even if his policies don’t move – there was an immediate reaction in a New York Times article defending government regulations. Under a headline that said, “Obama May Find Useless Regulations Are Scarcer Than Thought,” the Times writers declared that there were few, if any, “useless” regulations. But is that the relevant criterion? Is there any individual or business willing to spend money on everything that is not absolutely useless? There are thousands of useful things out there that any given individual or business would not spend their money on. When I had young children, I often thought it would be useful to have a set of the Encyclopaedia Britannica for them. But I never bought one. Why? Because there were other little things to spend money on, like food, clothing and shelter. By the time I could afford to buy a set of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, the kids were grown and gone. But at no time did I consider the Encyclopaedia Britannica “useless.” Weighing benefits against costs is the way most people make decisions – and the way most businesses make decisions, if they want to stay in business. Only in government is any benefit, however small, considered to be worth any cost, however large. No doubt the Environmental Protection Agency’s costly new regulations may somewhere, somehow, prevent spilled milk from pouring out into some street and looking unsightly. So the regulations are not literally “useless.” What is useless is making that the criterion.

My new clients, a busy family of four, spent most of their time together in this small room with sparse seating and a glare on the television. They wanted new furnishings to make the room more comfortable and inviting. Style-wise, the wife was more transitional and the husband very modern. A floor plan determined the size and placement of furniture to accommodate four people and that a larger rug was needed. The selected rug had funky stripes in yellow, blue, green and brown. This combination worked well with the butter yellow walls and cooler colors of

the floor tile and fireplace stone. A transitional chaise-end sofa, more modern glass topped tables and colorful swivel chair completed the seating area. Grommet top panels on brushed nickel rods were chosen to frame the window with softness and to close off glare, when needed. Artwork, accessories and lamps finished the blended transitional/modern look. Now, this room works for the whole family, including their dog!

Nancy Barrett, ASID

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letters to the editor Smashing out drugs To the Editor: I am writing this in response to the “Smashing out drugs” letter to the editor in the Dec. 8, 2010 West Newsmagazine. As a student of Crestview Middle School, I wanted to clarify the subject of a “pointless lesson meant to inspire rage.” At Crestview there is a student-run club called TREND whose goal is to set the trend of a positive and healthy lifestyle for the other students at the school. One of TREND’s main events is RRW, or Red Ribbon Week. For this one week out of the school year, the students participate in a week full of fun activities and special “days” such as: Decorate a Teacher’s Door Day, Wear Red Day, and of course Car Bash Day. All of these activities are created and arranged by the students in TREND who make the final decision after consulting their classmates. Every year, TREND discusses the plan to do the Car Bash, and every year, students say they look forward to Car Bash Day. Crestview’s very helpful resource officer takes the time to find an already damaged car that has specifically been in a recent accident due to drug related influences. When each class goes outside to hear about the car, our resource officer explains in detail the reason for the crash. He tells us the influencing drug, the age, if possible, of the influenced person, and the people affected in the accident and how his or her life ended or was thankfully saved. This is used as proof to the students that negative consequences can happen if they take a risk with drugs. The actual act of hitting the car is fun for all of the students. It’s not an act of anger at all! In hitting the car we are pledging to stay away from drugs and show others we are taking a stand against drug use. The thought that it’s an act of anger can only be derived from someone who hasn’t been there to witness firsthand the laughter tossed, the smiles thrown, and the empowering motivation given from nailing that car right in the headlight. It’s truly exciting! Everybody loves it! The letter specifically stated: “I see no beneficial value these students could possibly observe during this act.” I apologize if our organization did not clearly communicate to the community our intent of informing our students of the dangers of drug use. It is our hope that our students go back to their homes at the end of the day and discuss with their families the impact of the Car Bash on their life and their resistance to seeing these negative aspects in

the lives of their friends and family. Seeing and hearing the effects of drug use can be a powerful example to our students. Sydney Strickland Chesterfield

American parenting

To the Editor:

With regards to the editorial in the (Jan. 26) edition, I agree with most of the points that were quoted from Amy Chua’s book comparing Asian parents to American parents. American parents, and citizens in general, have become soft. We have allowed ourselves to be brainwashed into believing that self-esteem trumps everything else. Sure self-esteem is important, but what about success? We have been watching the academic performance of our schools fall for years and what is our solution? It’s always to throw more money at the problem. Has this worked? We are spending more per student in public schools than the tuition cost at many private schools. How many public schools outperform private schools? Have you had the opportunity to witness the spelling of some of our college graduates? I have, and it’s not pretty. I can spell better and I’m one of them thar grad-u-ates from the public school system. Other than social engineering, what are our colleges teaching? It’s obvious to me that education in this country years ago was superior to the education of today. We didn’t try to reinvent the wheel back then or dumb down the curriculum and stifle one student’s genius in order to not offend another student. That’s when we taught history, vs. “social studies” English and grammar, vs. communication arts; and math vs. “new” math. It’s also obvious that in most cases, the Asian students in our schools outperform the nonAsian students. I would never call my child garbage as the author did her child, but I do believe that if we do not get back to basics and get the politics (teachers’ union) out of our schools, our current education system and garbage will continue to bear a striking resemblance to one another. Dave Hixson Manchester To the Editor: Daily, we as individuals or as a group are compared to others, with numbers or statistics offered. In your recent editorial about parenting and the book by Amy Chua, it spoke of different parenting techniques and compared them to that of Americans.

If all of us had the same experiences or perspective on life, these comparisons may be legitimate, but there are many differences. Even though China and the U.S. are almost identical in land area (the U.S. being larger), China has 1 billion, 300 million people. The U.S. has just 330 million people. There are enough complaints about 11 to 15 million illegal Mexicans residing in the U.S., but imagine 1 billion more people. To have 20 times more engineers than the U.S. is very understandable. It would also have been interesting to learn that in areas of China away from the densely populated coastal areas, students get to about a sixth-grade education, then go to work. In the U.S., a grade 12 education is available for all who want it (even illegal Mexicans in California). China may graduate 20 times more engineers than the U.S., but as for an educated population, we are far more successful with people who have a primary education, who can think on their own, and not be single-focus “robots.” Not mentioned in your article but by (President Obama) recently was a comparison of the U.S. to Europe in mass transportation. He spoke of how far ahead other countries were of the U.S. and that in 25 years, he wanted 80 percent of our population to have access to high-speed rail. First of all, Americans haven’t asked for this. In fact, at least here in West County, we have repeatedly turned this down. More importantly, the president was comparing us to Europeans. We are not like Europeans. In Europe, they are used to “the government” telling them what they can and can’t have, and are accepting of the communal type attitude, sharing transportation, or doing without things. In the U.S., we have a different attitude. “We the People” don’t want to do without, we hate any government telling us what we can and can’t do, and “we know what is ours.” Mr. President, quit comparing us to Europe. We have not all had the same experience to make decisions with and we need to be careful in our comparisons with others. Noel LaVanchy Wildwood

Taxing matters

To the Editor: I recognize John Doolittle’s right to respond with his opinion to Noel LaVanchy’s letter on “Taxes 101” (West Newsmagazine, Jan. 12), but his facts claimed seem very wrong, according to what I found.

First, the huge, unpaid prescription drug bill: Does he know that the Democrats wanted a federal paid program with a $37/ month premium charged, but due to a market-based program and competition, the average premium the first year was only $22/month? Second, the death spiral of deficit spending: Bush was faced with a recession starting when he took office, and the 9/11 impact on the economy. His tax cuts increased tax revenues by 20 percent in his eight years and took 7.8 million people off the tax rolls at the lower end, causing the upper strata to pay more. … During this time, the GNP grew $4.5 trillion. … Bush averaged deficits at slightly above (2 percent) the 1.7 percent average since World War I while President Obama is above 5 percent and has a $1.5 trillion deficit in the last year alone. Third, the sky-rocketing unemployment: Bush and others … warned about Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae leveraged to only 1.7 to 2 percent of assets in 2003 but were blocked by Democrats, especially Rep. Barney Frank. Fourth, the vote to return tax levels to President Bush’s term: Does Mr. Doolittle realize that President Obama won this exchange with the Republicans? After all, he got a 99-month extension in unemployment benefits for the trade-off, increasing the deficit once again. The tax cuts probably would have passed in 2011 anyway. Fifth, two unpaid wars: 9/11 wasn’t started by President Bush and the U.S.A. wasn’t attacked during (his) term. Didn’t President Obama send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan? Has Mr. Doolittle read “Obama’s War,” by Bob Woodward, who is a pretty neutral fellow? Quarterbacking after the game is what is wrong about these wars. Lastly, don’t forget the estate tax went to zero in 2010 under President Bush. In 2011, it’s back again. Does anyone know this started as a temporary war tax that was repealed after the Civil and Spanish American Wars but wasn’t repealed after World War I debts were paid? Most of all, this class war is due to the permanent campaign to get re-elected to office, by either party. Lawton Drury Ballwin CORRECTION The article “‘MAVERICK’ flyer takes aim at Manchester government” (Jan. 26) incorrectly stated that John Diehl was up for re-election. It should have said that Don Ryan was up for re-election.




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wavering on obamacare Far be it from us to be the ones to waste your time debating the benefits or costs of Obamacare. This massive federal takeover of healthcare has been endlessly debated over and over in the media and at kitchen tables across America. By now most have formed an opinion one way or the other. Like it or hate it, it is hard to argue with the fact that this massive, 2,700-page bill and the tens of thousands of pages of coming regulations are a massive government takeover of one-sixth of the economy, a powerful tool to redistribute wealth, and most importantly a real world job killer. Passed in a hurry with the taint of extraordinarily corrupt politics, this bill makes many of us question the system and question the government. While repeatedly being told we are going to like this bill when we fully understand it, we already understand a few simple facts. We understand that so far, more than

700 temporary waivers have been granted, many going to powerful unions that have been huge Obama supporters and even larger contributors to the Democratic Party and President Obama’s campaign. These union waivers include such groups as the Teamsters Union, the United Food and Commercial Workers, the United Federation of Teachers and, of course, the Service Employee International Union. To be fair, it is not just big labor but also corporate America that has gotten into the waiver act. Clearly, with so many waivers being granted, we must ask the obvious question: If this law is so good, if we are going to like it, why are so many waivers being granted? Maybe, even if you like the concept of universal healthcare, you realize this is a bad law. Sadly for all of us, like it or hate it, Obamacare is having a profound impact on

the marketplace. W h y ? Because small and medium businesses, the backbone of America, the job creators in this country, seemingly do not have the clout to get a wavier. The collective reaction of many businesses to the uncertain costs of insuring their employees is to avoid hiring new workers. Common sense tells these potential employers that you cannot insure millions of new people without running up costs significantly on those who have and provide insurance. The biggest problem facing our great nation is unemployment. People want jobs. Employers want to hire. Hopefully, the Supreme Court will grant us all a waiver and declare this entire law unconstitutional.

ice ain’t nice

Bob Jackson uses an ice scraper to clean his car windows as a steady sleet falls in St. Louis on Feb. 1, 2011. Photo Credit: UPI/Bill Greenblatt

“If a caribou needs to be sacrificed for the sake of energy independence…I say, ‘Mr. Caribou, maybe you need to take one for the team.’” - Sarah Palin, on drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge.       

“No level of government has the right to force citizens to provide free labor.” -Ballwin resident Steven Palesch, on Ballwin’s public sidewalk snow removal regulation.



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News Br iefs BALLWIN Here comes the judge After accepting the Jan. 27 resignation of Prosecuting Attorney Keith Cheung, Ballwin Mayor Tim Pogue reported that the city’s provisional judge, Don Anderson, will Anderson serve Ballwin as interim prosecuting attorney. Anderson operates a private law office and has a depth of statewide experience, Pogue said. He was appointed in 2009 as the provisional judge for the Ballwin Municipal Court and currently serves as the municipal judge for the city of Ellisville and as prosecutor for the Village of Innsbrook, Mo. Anderson served previously as city attorney and prosecutor for the city of Ellisville. He recently was named president of the FBI National Citizens’ Academy Alumni Association, is the local alumni chapter president and FBI InfraGard member. Cheung was appointed as prosecuting attorney for Ballwin in September 2009 and resigned last month amid reports that he

engaged in “conduct involving dishonesty, deceit and misrepresentation,” according to Missouri Supreme Court documents.

Eye on crime The Ballwin Police on Jan. 27 received reports of multiple thefts from vehicles in the 100 block of Steamboat Lane. The victims told police that sometime during the overnight hours, catalytic converters were stolen from their vehicles. The total value of the items stolen exceeded $2,000, police said. Less than six months ago, numerous thefts from vehicles and property damages occurred in the 100 and 200 blocks of Steamboat Lane. On the morning of Aug. 21, 2010, several residents found the windows to their vehicles smashed and items including cash, iPods and GPS units missing from those vehicles. On Jan. 28, police received a report of a burglary in the 100 block of Deer Meadows Court in Ballwin. The victim reported that a broken plasma TV was missing from the garage.

CHESTERFIELD Accidental shooting A person at presstime is hospitalized

after a security guard at a Chesterfield business accidentally discharged his weapon and shot the victim in the leg. The incident occurred on Feb. 3 at 390 S. Woods Mill Road, Chesterfield Police Lt. Steven Lewis said. Lewis said police received the call at roughly 9:30 a.m. “We responded to the call believing it was potentially an active shooter but verified that it was an accidental shooting,” Lewis said. Lewis said the victim was not seriously injured.

CREVE COEUR Fatal accident

Needs some salt

An 81-year-old man died on Feb. 2 after slipping down an embankment while walking his dog in the 11000 block of Lakeshore Drive in Creve Coeur, near Ladue and S. Ballas roads. According to police, Robert W. Cohen was walking his dog around 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 2 when he apparently fell 12 feet into a creek. He was found in a foot of freezing water. Creve Coeur Police Capt. George Hodak said Cohen’s wife called police for help when the dog returned home without her husband. He said six of his officers quickly responded, and it took roughly 13 minutes from the time of the wife’s phone call until Cohen was found. Hodak said officers placed blankets

With the St. Louis region receiving more than average snowfall this winter and a shipment of salt held up on the Mississippi River, the city of Creve Coeur is running low on salt for its roadways. As a cost-savings measure, the city orders salt twice per year along with other communities through a co-op agreement. Salt purchased through the co-op costs about $50 per ton, which is lower than it would cost on the open market, Creve Coeur City Administrator Mark Perkins said. Melissa Weiss, the city’s public information officer, said the next salt shipment could arrive by mid-February. “We’re waiting for that to come through,” Weiss said on Jan. 31. “Right now, it’s stuck on a barge along the Mississippi River.”

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around Cohen to keep him warm but did not move his neck for fear he may have had injuries in that area. He said Cohen was semi-conscious when he was found and was still breathing when he was placed into an ambulance. He was transported to St. John’s Mercy Medical Center, where he later died. Hodak said it was too early to say whether he died of a heart attack, hypothermia or as a result of the accident. He ruled out foul play. “All his property was in his pocket,” Hodak said. “This just appears to be a bad accident.”

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Winner, winner, chicken dinner Snow and subfreezing temperatures on Feb. 2 did not stop a loyal contingent from camping overnight at the new Chick-fil-A in Des Peres. Whenever Chickfil-A opens a new restaurant, the first 100 people in line West Newsmagazine staff photo. for the grand opening win a free meal a week for a year. While some accepted the offer to wait indoors, many opted to brave the bitter cold. Dozens of tents dotted the parking lot, and one group of friends (pictured in the foreground) built themselves an igloo. The Des Peres restaurant, located at 11997 Manchester Road, opened at 6 a.m. on Feb. 3.

WILDWOOD Take a hike The city of Wildwood will host its annual Cabin Fever Hike on Sat., Feb. 26 along the Al Foster Memorial Trail. Participants may check in and start hiking any time between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. and may choose a 9-mile route from the Al Foster Memorial Trailhead to Castlewood State Park and back, or take 6-mile hike along the Al Foster Trail and the Rock Hollow Trail. The city will provide a breakfast of bagels, granola bars, fruit and beverages at the trailhead, plus a memento for each participant. The hike is free, but pre-registration is required, and space is limited. To reserve a spot, visit

Central Dispatch Center Construction has begun on the new West Central Dispatch Center, and a general manager has been hired to run the facility, which will combine emergency dispatch services for the cities of Creve Coeur, Frontenac, and Town & Country. The WCDC is being built at the Town & Country Municipal Center and is expected to be fully operational by March 1, Town & Country Police Capt. Gary Holzer said. At a Jan. 25 meeting of the WCDC board of directors, Robert J. Heimberger, a retired St. Louis Metropolitan Police sergeant, was announced as the WCDC’s general manager.

Signs of the times WEST COUNTY Former Parkway coach indicted A federal grand jury has indicted a former Parkway Central High School girls’ basketball coach on charges of child pornography. According to an indictment filed on Jan. 27, Brent M. Woody allegedly transported a minor across state lines with the intention of engaging in criminal sexual activity. The indictment also lists production of child pornography and receipt of child pornography as pending counts against Woody. Last summer, Woody faced charges in St. Louis County on multiple counts of statutory rape and sodomy involving Parkway Central female students. According to a Parkway School District spokesperson, those incidents took place off campus. That case is pending. It is unclear if the new allegations involve one of the same victims named in the previous charges.

Motorists on Route 141 now can see travel times displayed on new dynamic message signs. The message signs have been providing traveler information for more than a month, but now, travel times are displayed as well. The signs work in conjunction with speed sensors and traffic cameras to help provide information on travel times, lane or roadway closures, crashes and congestion. From the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) Transportation Management Center, engineers and operators monitor traffic speeds and incidents using the newly installed sensors and cameras. Signs on northbound Route 141 are located south of Woodsmill Road, north of Carman Road, south of Bowles Ave., and south of Route 21. Signs on southbound Route 141 are located south of Clayworth, north of Carman Road, north of Bowles Ave., south of Fiedler, and south of Astra Way.

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Ballwin ordinance leaves some cold

Humanitarian organization nominated for Nobel Prize By SHEILA FRAYNE RHOADES Wings of Hope, an international humanitarian organization based in Chesterfield, has been nominated for the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize. “Wings of Hope is very humbled to be considered for this honor,” Wings of Hope Vice President Michele Rutledge said. “It is a wonderful recognition of the years of work that volunteers have done since the charity’s founding in 1962, and a beautiful testament to our founders’ vision.” Wings of Hope flies medical professionals around the world in small planes to help those in need. There are 154 bases in 45 countries, including Vietnam, Cambodia, Haiti, Congo, Tanzania, and Somalia. “Small aircraft can go where others cannot,” explained Rutledge. “They can land just about anywhere without destroying the area.” Each base has a plane associated with it. The non-profit organization relies strictly on private, corporate and foundation donations. It is the largest and oldest aviationbased charity in the world, and with 3,000 volunteers, it is the largest volunteer organization in the Midwest.

ABOVE: A Wings of Hope aircraft near an erupting volcano in Tanzania. RIGHT: Wings of Hope volunteers rescue a man in need of medical care.

Most recently, Wings of Hope opened a base in Cambodia, but it is the work the organization has been asked to do in Vietnam that brought it to the attention of the person responsible for its Nobel Peace Prize nomination. That project will work to eliminate landmines and unexploded bombs and to correct health issues, including birth defects, that still occur because of defoliants such as Agent Orange. Wings of Hope volunteers tend also to Americans in need. “We also assist domestically, flying children with birth defects and disabled adults to hospitals within the U.S.,” Wings of Hope Executive Director Doug Clements

said. “If we can help one child, we can change the world.” Clements and Rutledge acknowledged that the Nobel Peace Prize nomination was wonderful for the recognition alone. “It’s just an honor to be nominated,” Clements said. The charity is on a short list of 150 Nobel nominees worldwide. The winner will be announced in September.

New discount stores slated for Chesterfield Valley By DIANE PLATTNER Chesterfield city officials have confirmed that plans are in the works to open a new Aldi grocery store and a new Gordmans department store in the Chesterfield Valley. Chesterfield officials have approved the site plans for both the Aldi and Gordmans retail stores in the Chesterfield Commons, a development that currently is home to more than 100 shops and 30 restaurants. The 48,459-square-foot Gordmans clothing and home furnishings store will be nestled between the new 18,180-squarefoot Aldi grocery store and the current Home Depot store, officials said. Chesterfield Planning and Development Services Director Aimee Nassif said Aldi is making minor changes to its site plan, and both Aldi and Gordmans still need to obtain their building permits. She said the plan is for both stores to open in the Chesterfield Valley sometime in 2010.


A rendering of the Aldi grocery store opening later this year in the Chesterfield Commons.

“We are very excited to have them,” Nassif said. “There are not a lot of true grocery stores (in Chesterfield Valley), and we welcome a standalone grocery store. There are also not a lot of true clothing stores, and I am sure residents will be excited. We hope construction will begin as soon as possible.” Neither Nassif nor a spokesperson for the Gordmans in Ellisville could confirm whether the Ellisville Gordmans would

close when the Chesterfield store opens. Gordmans currently has 68 stores in 16 states and offers brand-name clothing, accessories, footwear, home décor, gifts, fragrances, jewelry, bedding and bath items, accent furniture, and toys at prices up to 60 percent off department and specialty store regular prices. Aldi is a discount grocery chain that has more than 1,100 stores located in 31 states.

By BETSY ZATKULAK Not all Ballwin residents are happy about a recent news release regarding an ordinance requiring residents to remove snow and ice from public sidewalks abutting their property. Ballwin resident Steven M. Palesch on Jan. 26 sent an e-mail to Ballwin Mayor Tim Pogue stating that he was “shocked and outraged that the city of Ballwin thinks it has the authority to force residents out in the cold to shovel public sidewalks.” Palesch said that the last time he checked, the city worked for him – not the other way around. He said he was further astonished that the ordinance specifies the width of the path that must be cleared and the time frame in which it must be done. According to the Ballwin release, “Ballwin regulations require the owners of properties abutting a public sidewalk to remove and clear away snow and ice from a path at least 36” wide from such sidewalk and from around fire hydrants within 24 hours after the cessation of fall of snow or sleet.”   Palesch in an e-mail to West Newsmagazine said that Ballwin “does not have the right to force residents into the cold to shovel public sidewalks.” “No level of government has the right to force citizens to provide free labor; and that’s essentially what this ordinance does,” Palesch wrote. “And if they don’t do it, they can be punished,” Palesch said. “How is that different from slavery?” Responding to Palesch in an e-mail also dated Jan. 26, Pogue said, “I was unaware that this was even an ordinance myself until just this week. One of the aldermen was approached by an individual prior to the board meeting on Monday night (Jan. 24) and mentioned this ordinance.”   Pogue said the ordinance was passed in 1973. “To my knowledge, we have never cited anyone for being in violation and it is handled on a complaint basis in which the property owner is made aware of the ordinance,” Pogue said. In a Jan. 31 e-mail to West Newsmagazine, Pogue said the ordinance is similar to regulations of nearby communities. “Like other cities, it is enforced by complaint and these are extremely infrequent due to our typically mild winters,” Pogue said. “There are no plans to change this legislation at this time.”

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Sunshine Law provokes debate By BRIAN MCDOWELL A Manchester city resident recently challenged claims made by Manchester Alderman Hal Roth (ward 1) regarding Freedom of Information requests under the state of Missouri’s Sunshine Law. Roth has publicly complained about having to pay for copies of Manchester city documents he requests under the Missouri law. By law, anyone who requests the records must pay for the copies printed and for the time it takes city employees to produce them. Manchester charges 50 cents per copy plus an additional $15 an hour for the time it takes to find files and make copies. Roth, who has made repeated requests to view all of the spending records of Manchester Mayor David Willson, said charging aldermen for access to that type of city information is unfair. He said he needs the information to be able to properly perform his job. Roth said other nearby cities give their aldermen access to such material without charging them. Manchester resident Jim Holton used the public comments time at the board’s Jan. 17 meeting to challenge Roth’s assertions. Holton used a Freedom of Information request to take a look at all the documents collected by Roth over the years. According to Holton, Roth had collected 18 months worth of data on Willson’s expense reports and spending receipts, as well as reports on the city’s checking account and credit card receipts. The requests took Manchester employees a combined 31 hours to gather and would ordinarily have cost $500 to print. Manchester City Clerk Ruth Baker said that Roth put down a $300 deposit, that no more money was collected from him, and that he received about a $200 discount on the material with which he was provided. Holton said he did an informal study of the Freedom of Information policies in nearby cities and found that printing the same documents in Town & Country would have cost well more than twice as much as it did in Manchester. Holton told the board that, of all the cities he contacted, Manchester charged the least for the printing of documents for its aldermen. Holton originally was listed as a candidate for Don Ryan’s aldermanic seat in ward 3 but dropped out of the race for undisclosed reasons at the time of the filing deadline. Roth indicated before the board that he did not really listen to much of Holton’s statement. “I just heard the drivel that started spilling out of his mouth, and I knew where he was going with it,” Roth said. Roth acknowledged that Holton’s esti-

mations of the time and money involved in his search for Willson’s expense accounts were correct, but Roth disputed the notion that he was actively seeking to look at the city’s checking or credit reports. He said the records were the only places to find the information he wanted to see – Willson’s expenses. “All this information ought to be in one place,” Roth said. “The mayor’s expense account ought to be easy to find, but in Manchester, it was all scattered.” He said that is why his request took so long and required so much work by Manchester city employees. When asked what he learned from seeing the details of Willson’s spending, Roth said, “This mayor doesn’t know how to eat or drive without the city paying for it.” Roth said Willson spent $6,000 of taxpayer money on meals and mileage reimbursements, which also included a trip to a friend’s father’s funeral. “That’s not a lot of money in the big scheme of things, but it is significant that he was essentially using city funds to campaign,” Roth said. Willson in an e-mail to West Newsmagazine denied the charges and indicated his mileage reimbursements for 2008-2009 totaled $750. The next year they were slightly less than that, and since April 2010, they have totaled $350. The mayor said also that his drive to former Alderman Joe Mastroianni’s father’s wake was not one for which he sought reimbursement. The mayor said he sought less than $500 during his tenure for meal reimbursements, which included food for staff appreciation events and buying pizzas for public works employees. “All of these reimbursements are based upon documents provided to, reviewed by and approved by the city administrator and director of finance, consistent with the city’s established policy for reimbursement of expenses,” Willson said. Roth said he went to Des Peres City Hall and was able to look at its mayor’s expense report for free with no hassle. He said, however, that to take home copies, the way he did in Manchester, would have cost him some money. Roth said when he and Alderman Bob Tullock (ward 1) have asked for access to city records in the past, an e-mail went out to other aldermen outlining the requested information. He said he wondered why he never received an e-mail regarding information other aldermen were seeking. Baker and City Attorney Patrick Gunn said Tullock and Roth recently were the only aldermen who filed Freedom of Information requests.




Creve Coeur

Invasion of the honeysuckle Council to consider allowing plant on private property By TED DIXON JR. After hearing several residents’ complaints over having been cited for having Japanese honeysuckle on their properties, the Creve Coeur City Council is considering revising its ordinance regarding noxious weeds to allow for the plant to be grown on private property. The exisiting ordinance states that all areas be kept free from grass, weeds or rank vegetation in excess of 7 inches. It further states that it is the duty of any person who owns, leases, occupies or controls any plot of ground in the city to prevent the growth of and eliminate noxious weeds, including Japanese honeysuckle. Creve Coeur Public Information Officer Melissa Weiss said that after being cited for honeysuckle on their properties, several residents brought the matter to the attention of city leaders and told them the law against the plant was unreasonable. Once a citation for honeysuckle is issued, the resident cited has five business days from the date of the citation’s mailing to cut down the vegetation. Failure to comply can result in the city having the vegetation cut down and removed from the property, with costs for those actions, as well as related administrative costs, billed to the property owner, Weiss said. Weiss said that because each case is different, there is no specific cost. Creve Coeur officials at the Feb. 14 city council meeting will vote on whether or not to allow honeysuckle to be grown on private property. Meanwhile – and despite the fact that citizens could be permitted to plant honeysuckle in the future – members of the city’s Recycling, Environment and Beautification Committee (REB) and volunteers have been working to remove Japanese honeysuckle from city parks and from city hall property. According to Claire Chosid, a master gardener and member of the REB, Japanese honeysuckle has grown tremendously near the Tappmeyer House at Millenium Park and also at Malcolm Terrace Park. There is nothing inherently good about honeysuckle, she said. “If you don’t cut it, it could spread up to 6 feet in a year,” Chosid said. “They (honeysuckle plants) are very shallow-rooted and can’t be eaten. It’s so amazingly invasive. The deer won’t even eat honeysuckle.” Chosid, who has been described as a “foot soldier” in the removal of honeysuckle, said the plant has posed a real problem for most cities. “It really chokes out other trees and shrubs,” she said. Chosid said that with the help of Creve

Coeur residents and members of the city’s public works department – and the use of some chainsaws – they have been able to remove about 75 percent of the honeysuckle at Millenium Park. “The only way to get rid of it is with humans,” she said. Other trees, shrubs and wildflowers will replace the honeysuckle in the parks, Japanese honeysuckle is highly invasive and has caused problems in many municipalities. Chosid said.

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The Old Pond School headed for historic registry

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By MARCIA GUCKES The Old Pond School at 17123 Manchester Road in Wildwood is on its way to being placed on the city’s historic preservation registry, and eventually the National Register of Historic Places. The Wildwood Historic Preservation Commission at its meeting on Jan. 26 unanimously approved a recommendation to put The Old Pond School on the city’s registry. Wildwood’s Director of Planning and Parks Joe Vujnich said the next step will be for the Wildwood City Council to consider the recommendation at its meeting on Feb. 28. Placing a property on a historic preservation registry can protect it from demolition, but Vujnich said that was not a concern since the site is owned by the city. “It’s an opportunity for the city to lead by example,” Vujnich said. “It will show that the city supports the historic preservation process.” If the city council agrees, The Old Pond School will probably be placed on Wildwood’s historic registry by the end of March, according to Vujnich. After that, a similar recommendation will be made to the Missouri State Historic Preservation Office. Finally, Wildwood officials will take their request to the National Register of Historic Places. The Old Pond School is the second school on the site. The first was a wooden

The Old Pond School at 17123 Manchester Road in Wildwood. City council members will consider placing the site on Wildwood’s Historic Registry at their meeting at 7:30 p.m., Mon., Feb. 28.

school building built around 1880 that burned to the ground shortly after the turn of the century. The present-day building was constructed around 1914 with extensive use of fire-resistant materials such as concrete, clay and stucco. It was used as a school until 1970, when the Rockwood School District turned it into administrative offices and then later used it for equipment storage. In 1998, a local historical group started an attempt to restore the building as a museum and meeting facility. An heir to the family that originally owned the property donated it to the city of Wildwood in 2001. Since that time, the city has completed restoration of The Old Pond School and uses it for meetings and special events.

Expert to help decide fate of Pond Hotel By MARCIA GUCKES The old Pond Hotel, located at 17301 Manchester Road in Wildwood, is getting one more shot at life. The Wildwood Historic Preservation Commission has directed city officials to get an expert opinion on the condition of the building. Wildwood Director of Planning and Parks Joe Vujnich said the commissioners at their meeting on Jan. 26 asked for an update on the building, as the city is concerned about its safety. Vujnich said the owner of the building, Wildwood resident Scott Keller, is also concerned and has been working with the city to find an agreeable solution. The two parties are trying to decide whether to preserve the old Pond Hotel or demolish it. “Mr. Keller has been very cooperative,” Vujnich said. “At this point, we’re both between a rock and a hard place.” In order to get the decision-making process moving, the commission directed Vujnich to look for a preservation expert to evaluate the building. “The commission asked for an assessment to see if the building is too far gone,” Vujnich said.

West Newsmagazine staff photo. A memorial monument erected 88 years ago at the Pond Hotel.

Vujnich said he will report back to the commission after he finds a preservation expert and the evaluation of the old Pond Hotel’s condition is complete.




‘The Shoeman’ cometh QuikTrip in Ballwin and was intrigued by his charity work. She originally intended to just donate some shoes to him but was so taken by his energy and ambition that she wound up answering his phones and mail and now works as his assistant. “I remember when he first told me he By BRIAN MCDOWELL wanted to collect 100,000 shoes in a year, When George “The Shoeman” Hutch- I thought he was crazy,” Sikes said. “And West Newsmagazine staff photo. ings first told his wife that he wanted to use then, when he surpassed that number, I was shoes to get clean drinking water to people inspired. And now, I know we can’t stop.” in impoverished countries, the idea struck For more information on Hutchings and Ballwin resident George “The Shoeman” Hutchings (in cowboy hat) with his wife and other supporters upon his return on Jan. 26 to St. Louis from a trip to Kenya, where four wells were her as somewhat ridiculous. Now that his his cause, visit dug using proceeds from the sale of donated shoes. efforts have paid off and helped hundreds of thousands of people, Becky Hutchings has changed her opinion. Hutchings, who lives in Ballwin, last year collected 700,000 used shoes, and he is aiming to collect 1 million this year. “The Shoeman” gained his moniker by sending donated shoes to people in Kenya who could not afford footwear. Hutchings later expanded his charity efforts to try get clean drinking water to Kenyans living in drought-like conditions. Now, he takes shoes to several countries, including Kenya and Haiti, sells them to locals at inexpensive prices and uses the proceeds to dig wells that provide access to clean drinking water. Hutchings, a Vietnam veteran, got started When your child needs medical attention, you want with his mission when a co-worker at Misdoctors and nurses who are knowledgeable and souri Baptist College who hailed from Kenya told him about the poverty, drought, experienced. But just as importantly, you want a cholera, malaria and lack of adequate footmedical team that cares as much as you do about wear in his homeland. your child’s well-being. At Mercy Children’s Hospital, Hutchings felt compelled to go to Kenya to see for himself, and once there, he found our whole focus is your child’s health – body, mind it impossible to remain apathetic. and spirit. It’s part of our legacy of faith-based care, “I just went out there and it was hard to more than 150 years strong. wrap my head around what I was seeing,” Hutchings said. “I guess I’ve just had We are Mercy Children’s Hospital: the Lord be gracious to me and raise me up right, and that led me to find a way to • A nationally accredited children’s hospital help.” • A dedicated pediatric emergency department He said seeing people benefit from his • Pediatric and neonatal intensive care work has made his life a fulfilling one. On Jan. 26, Hutchings returned from a • Partnerships with the community’s leading two-week trip to Kenya during which four pediatricians wells were dug, including one that cost • Pediatric specialists in critical care, reconstructive $250,000. When he arrived back at Lambert St. Louis Airport, 15 of his supporters surgery, orthopedics, cardiology, cancer, autism cheered and waved signs greeting him. and more Among the crowd was Karl Johnson, a • Second to none in providing care for your child recent University of Missouri graduate who collects shoes for Hutchings in Columbia, We are Mercy Children’s Hospital, St. Louis County’s Mo. On May 7, Johnson will attempt to set a Guinness world record by lining up only full-service pediatric hospital, located on the 30,000 donated shoes on an athletic field at campus of St. John’s Mercy Medical Center. Mizzou before giving them to Hutchings. Also present were Harold Lilley and his son, Larry, who after hearing Hutchings interviewed on the radio were inspired to travel last summer to Haiti to help earthSt. John’s Mercy is Mercy. quake victims. Kellee Sikes said she met Hutchings at

Ballwin man returns from successful drinking water mission in Kenya

Strong in Spirit.

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Coulter brings liberal dose of E Hannah’s conservatism to Constitutional L A Better Beds, Better Sleep S Coalition conference 157 Lamp & Lantern Village Town & Country


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By JEANNIE SEIBERT Liberal doses of Ann Coulter’s acerbic wit headlined the 22nd annual Constitutional Coalition’s Educational Policy Conference (EPC) held Jan. 27-29 in Frontenac. Coulter’s address was energetically received by an august gathering of conservative thinkers, legislators, educators, pastors, scientists and concerned parents and grandparents. Introduced by Donna Hearne, founder and executive director of the Constitutional Coalition, Coulter was described as “author, lawyer, student; inimical and joyful.” As Coulter’s keynote on Jan. 28 was delivered to conferees from all over the U.S. just two days after President’s Obama’s State of the Union address, the field was ripe for the picking. The irony was not lost on the crowd when she led off with the scathing observation: “After 30 years of the Democrats ‘investing in education,’ students’ test scores are going down.” Coulter rolled right into a rapid-fire assessment of liberal policies failures: While trillions have been spent to “save or create jobs,” the lowest unemployment figures recorded during President Obama’s tenure were those “on the day he took the oath of office,” she said. The replacement of education with indoctrination in public schools produces college students who jeered at a U.S. senatorial candidate from Delaware – Christine O’Donnell – when she said the words “separation of church and state don’t appear in the Constitution.” As a reminder, Coulter said that Thomas Jefferson penned the phrase in a letter to the Danbury, Conn., Baptists explaining the First Amendment restricted the federal government from establishing a religion. States were under no such constraints, unless specifically denied by the individual state constitutions. “If they really wanted to get rid of God, they’d put him on MSNBC,” Coulter joked. The indoctrination that has supplanted true curricula that used to produce adults capable of critical thinking now results in college students who live in mortal fear of “the imaginary phenomenon of global warming,” she said. Referencing the Delaware senatorial debate, Coulter asked what one would expect from college students who throughout their school years have been force-fed a steady diet of Al Gore’s Academy Awardwinning documentary “Earth in the Balance.” Gore went on to receive the Nobel Peace

West Newsmagazine staff photo. Ann Coulter delivers the keynote address at the recent Constitutional Coalition Educational Policy Conference.

Prize for the work, earning him enough prize money to “buy his own Gulfstream jet instead of just having to lease them all the time,” Coulter said. During one campus appearance, Coulter said, a student hurled a pie at her. “Not to worry,” Coulter assured the EPC audience. “Liberal boys throw like girls.” She then turned her lasers on the results of the trillions spent on social policies that have undermined the nuclear family. The direct result of government-provided food, housing, health care and education as long as there was no father present in the household has been fewer fathers who are actively engaged in their children’s lives, she said. More often than not, every crime statistic broken down by race can trace back to individuals who were denied the nurturing and guidance of the traditional nuclear family construct, Coulter said. She said the Republican Party has not of late offered any alternatives to Democratic leadership. “A John McCain candidate (in the 2008 presidential election campaign) shows a real deficit of leadership in this country,” Coulter said, but added that the grassroots Tea Party movement led to the November midterm tsunami. “The total collapse of the U.S. monetary system tends to focus people’s minds,” Coulter said.



I health I 19

Early detection key to managing heart disease By SARAH WILSON Vivian Moore is not a drinker, never has smoked and never was overweight – yet she is living with heart disease. “I was not the classic example of what a person who has heart disease is supposed to look like,” Moore said. “My situation occurred because it was all genetic. In my wildest imagination, I never thought I’d have heart disease.” In 1999, Moore was working as the central office administrator for the Rockwood School District with a hectic schedule and strong ambition. Before she learned of her heart condition, she traveled a lot for her career and kept busy with her family. But in 1999, Moore began feeling more tired than usual. “That was my signal, but I didn’t know it,” Moore said. “I remember when I got out of the car with my luggage, I could never go straight to the gate. I had to stop and rest, and I thought that was very strange, but I chalked it up to being tired.” That occurred regularly for six months, until one night during a board meeting, Moore felt even worse. After going to the doctor and getting a second EKG – the first one having been only a few months earlier with a healthy report – she was told she

would need to be admitted to the hospital. Four days later, she had open-heart surgery. But in 2003, Moore was at a wedding and started getting that old feeling of fatigue again, which she later learned was due to a minor heart attack. She was treated at St. John’s Mercy Medical Center in Creve Coeur and credits health care professionals there for the excellent care she has received throughout the experience. “St. John’s saved my life – literally,” she said. Now, soon to be 70, Moore is retired from Rockwood, travels regularly and continues to be involved in the community.

“I feel great. I exercise every day, take my medication and go to the doctor,” Moore said. “If you saw me, you’d never know anything was wrong with me. I have to actively remember I have heart disease.” St. John’s Mercy cardiologist Dr. Patricia Cole said that much like Moore, many women do not realize they are having a heart attack and fail to seek immediate medical attention. Fellow St. John’s Mercy physician Dr. Jeanne Cleveland agreed. “Busy women tend to put others’ needs ahead of their own and put a low priority on their own health requirements,” Cleveland said.

St. John’s Mercy Heart to Heart Fair 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Fri., Feb. 25; 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sat., Feb. 26 at West County Center in Des Peres





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1772 Clarkson Road at Baxter Chesterfield, MO 63017 636.449.6700

Women and men ages 21 and older are encouraged to pre-register, but walk-ins are welcome.

To pre-register, call (314) 961-2229 or visit

BE W0211


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By MARCIA GUCKES Kaycee Collins and Nick Parker may look like any other couple when they get married this spring at sunset on a beach in Florida, but there will be something FREE ESTIMATE unusual. An insulin pump will be hidden We'll meet any written competitor's bid, plus discount 10% OFF the difference! in a secret pocket stitched into the bride’s wedding gown. • w w w. a 1 c o n c r e t e . c o m “The insulin pump doesn’t keep me from doing anything,” said Collins, the marketing director for a Chesterfield real estate firm. “You figure out ways to wear it with 1/8 Horizontal ad size anything.” 4 15/16 x 2 13/16 That “it’s no-big-deal” attitude has been a constant for Collins since she was diagDistrict Finances/FY13 nosed with Type 1 juvenile diabetes. Sustainable Budget Process “My mother noticed the symptoms early on and took me in for testing,” Collins Accepted by___________________ said. Those symptoms included excessive IMPORTANT thirst, always being tired, getting up at is YOUR responsibility to review this proof. If we do not hear from you by night for trips to the bathroom, and loss of _______________, it will be assumed that your ad is OKAY and will run as is. weight. Other symptoms include sudden vision changes, fruity odor on the breath, Tel: (314) 405-2500• FAX: (314) 405-2400 heavy or labored breathing, and stupor or unconsciousness. Testing required more than Collins’ little hometown of Robinson, Ill., could provide, so she was taken to a hospital in Indianapolis. The testing resulted in a diagnosis of Type 1 juvenile diabetes, which many would call a life-changer and Collins described as “a disease that will never go away and requires you to focus on it every day of your life.” 1780 Hawkins Road in Fenton According to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) about 3 million Americans may have Type 1 diabetes, and more than 15,000 children and 15,000 16025 Clayton Road in Ellisville adults are diagnosed each year. So every day, about 80 people learn they have the You’re invited to attend one of these meetings to disease. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disshare input about options within these three areas: ease in which the body’s immune system destroys the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas. The pancreas stops producing insulin, and glucose builds up in the blood causing high blood sugar. Left untreated, very high blood sugars can cause serious complications, including coma and death. It is not known what causes diabetes, but scientists believe that both genetic factors and environmental triggers are involved. Type 1 diabetes comes on suddenly and can strike people at any age. Collins was 12 years old. For more information, visit “At that age you really don’t know what’s Click k on: going on,” Collins said. “I was going to Indianapolis; there were IVs, an overnight stay at the hospital. I didn’t quite get it.” After three days at the hospital and sev-

(636) 529-0635

Guiding Change

Rockwood School District wants your input to help design options for the development of a sustainable balanced budget for FY13 and beyond.

The district is hosting two Town Hall meetings from 7-8:30 p.m. on: Feb. 16 - Rockwood Summit High School

Feb. 28 - Crestview Middle School

Revenue replacement  Cost reductions Fund balance reductions

Nick Parker and Kaycee Collins plan to be married in March.

eral classes on how to take insulin and what to eat, Collins was ready to get back to normal life, but “normal life” meant checking her blood sugar four to seven times a day, two insulin injections a day, and a trip to Indianapolis every three months for a check-up. “It makes you grow up pretty quickly and you learn to be pretty responsible,” said Collins, who credited her family for her positive attitude and determination to keep moving forward, even as a young girl. “I had great family support,” Collins said. “As a family, we started watching out for what we ate. My mother was very intentional about what she packed for lunch.” She said she found out that if she learned to balance her food and medicine with her exercise that she could continue to lead a normal life, including dance team and softball. “It doesn’t keep me from doing anything,” she said. In college, Collins transitioned to an insulin pump that she wears all the time. She still tests herself for blood sugar levels, but the pump calculates how much insulin she needs and gives her the correct dosage throughout her day. “I’ve learned it’s really important to manage diabetes and not let it manage you,” she said. “You just have to understand how your body reacts and adjust. Once you get over those hurdles, it’s just part of your normal self.” Helping others with diabetes is part of Collins’s normal routine. She is a JDRF volunteer mentor for newly diagnosed families. “I help them get over the shock,” Collins said. “I answer questions and give oneon-one advice to parents with a child who has been diagnosed. I help them figure out what to do.” Just like she figured out how to work her insulin pump into her wedding plans. Collins said getting her seamstress to sew the pump into her gown was just “sort of a nuisance,” like any other detail for the big day. As one JDRF official said, Collins’ wedding day will wrap up “a tender-hearted, sugar-free love story.”



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This office is a General Dentistry Practice. Cosmetic dentistry and tooth whitening are specialty areas not recognized by the ADA that require no specific educational training to advertise these services. The following dentists in this practice are not licensed in Missouri as specialists in the advertised dental specialties of Oral Surgery, Prosthodontics, Endodontics, Periodontics, or This office is a General Dentistry Orthodontics: Samson Liu, DDS, MAGDPractice. Cosmetic dentistry and tooth whitening are specialty areas not recognized by the ADA that require no specific educational training to advertise these services. The following dentists in this practice are not licensed in Missouri as specialists of in thethe advertised dental specialties of Oral Surgery, Prosthodontics, A Proud Member Heartland Dental Care Family Endodontics, Periodontics, ADV10903or Orthodontics: Samson Liu, DDS, MAGD

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Bu llet i n Boa rd Student scholarships available Circle Of Concern in the spring will award scholarships to students who live or attend school in West St. Louis County. The competition is open to graduating high school seniors from low- and moderate- income families. Circle grants can be used at professional trade schools, community colleges or four-year colleges. This year, Circle Of Concern expects to award $50,000 in scholarships. All applications must be received by Fri., April 1. Grants will be awarded at the end of April. For more information or an application, call 861-2623 or visit

scholarships awarded to sophomores, juniors, seniors or graduate students pursuing a media degree and planning a summer academic internship in a communication field. • $500 to $1,500 Journalism Foundation scholarships given to sophomores, juniors, seniors or graduate students who are pursuing degrees in media-related or communication fields. All awards are given to students who are from the bi-state Greater St. Louis region. The application deadline for all scholarships is Mon., May 2. For applications and additional information, visit stlpressclub. org.

Press club scholarships

Parkway Teachers of the Year

The Press Club of Metropolitan St. Louis is accepting applications for its various communication student scholarships. Scholarships include: • A $5,000 Press Club scholarship awarded to a junior, senior or graduate student intending to pursue a print, broadcast or digital media career. • $1,000 scholarships awarded each semester to communication students who are sophomores, juniors or seniors interning at the Press Club. • $1,000 Press Club summer internship

The Parkway School District recently announced its 2011 building Teachers of the Year. A district-wide selection committee will now select one elementary, middle school, high school and district Teacher of the Year. Building Teachers of the Year include: Elementary school • Barretts – Teresa Waters • Bellerive – Melissa Biehl • Carman Trails – Sarah Rakers • Claymont – Rhonda Grahm • Craig – Leanne Delosky

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Celebrating 100 days Kehrs Mill Elementary students on Jan. 27 celebrated the 100th day of the 201011 school year. Kindergarten students paraded through the halls wearing crowns and shirts to commemorate the event. They participated in making necklaces and “100 Day”-themed centers and wrote about what they would do with $100. Pictured are Kehrs Mill teacher Jennifer Busch and her kindergarten class in front of their “100 Days” counting wall. • Green Trails – Debbie Sachs • Henry – Elise Sivcovich • Highcroft Ridge – Angie Guccione • Mason Ridge – Adrienne Broyles • McKelvey – Sue Baum • Oak Brook – Roger Burgdorf • Pierremont – Michelle Braungardt • River Bend – Debbie Schatteman • Ross – Denise Ford • Sorrento Springs – Catherine Pecher • Wren Hollow – Mandy Greeninger

Open House

Specializing In:

Driveway & (314) 822-0849 Patio

Thursday, February 24th • 9 am - Advanced Curriculum -Full and Half-Day Preschool -Violin Instruction in Kindergarten -Spanish for Pre-K - 6th Grade -Latin in 7th & 8th Grade -Middle School Leadership Program

New and Replacement

Traditional Finishes To Old World Charm

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Middle school • Central – Carol Lena • Northeast – Bill Anderson • Pathways – Sarah Files • South – Jamie Fuller • Southwest – Monica Kilcullin • West – Jody Eisele High school • Central – Carol Simpson • Fern Ridge – Karen Diekroeger • North – Russ Barton • South – Michelle Dempsey • West – Colleen O’Toole

Let Gateway Academy open the door to your child’s future!

Gateway Academy

A Private Catholic Education for Grades Pre-K through 8

636-519-9099 x107 17815 Wild Horse Creek Rd. • Chesterfield, MO 63005



By MARCIA GUCKES A final decision on school schedule changes that would affect when Parkway students go to school each day will have to wait until the March school board meeting. The task force working on the proposed time changes had planned to make a final recommendation to the school board at its Feb. 9 meeting. But the snow and school closings have forced the group to cancel meetings and delay its work. The group now hopes to make its recommendation at the March 2 board meeting. The proposed schedule is expected to change start and end times for schools and lengthen the elementary school day by 20 minutes. If the Parkway school board decides to accept the school schedule changes, it is estimated that the district will save $200,000 to $400,000 in transportation costs.

Parkway middle schools currently start at 7:25 a.m., high schools start at 8 a.m., and elementary schools start anywhere from 7:55 a.m. to 9 a.m. The proposed school times for 20112012 are: High schools: 7:50 a.m. – 2:45 p.m. Middle schools: 8:30 a.m. – 3:35 p.m. Elementary schools: 9:10 a.m. – 4:05 p.m. (with exceptions) There are several exceptions to the time change for elementary schools. The exceptions are: Pierremont, Oakbrook, and Sorrento Springs – follow the high school schedule Green Trails – follow the middle school schedule Details of the 2011-2012 school schedule proposal can be found on the district’s website at

Rockwood Relay for Life

ing,” second-grade teacher Steve Brim said. “E-readers are allowing us to reach auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners as students take notes, use the highlight tool to find certain text features and deepen their understanding of the skills being taught, such as the main idea or phonetic pattern.”  Teachers utilizing Nooks also are able to download electronic books at no charge through the St. Louis County Library.  Since moving to the Daily 5, a program that fosters literacy independence, firstgrade teachers at Babler Elementary were anxious to put Leapster Explorers in the hands of their students.   “These grants provide teachers with funding to create education opportunities for students, like these programs designed to develop literacy skills,” Rockwood Schools Foundation Executive Director Debbie Fluchel said. 

2010 Rockwood Relay for Life.

The Rockwood Relay for life is June 3-4 this year. For more information or to register a team for the event, visit rockwood.

Rockwood grants go a long way During the 2010-11 grant cycle, the Rockwood Schools Foundation awarded 14 grants totaling more than $28,000 to teachers throughout the district. Of the grants awarded, five focused on enhancing literacy at the middle and elementary school levels.  At Rockwood Valley Middle, Jane Lingafelter, a literacy coach, is implementing a  program to reach struggling students through reading.  Through the use of e-readers, elementary school teachers at Ridge Meadows, Green Pines, Fairway and Babler are piloting reading programs to increase students’ reading comprehension, knowledge of new technology and love of reading.  “Our students are much more engaged when technology is utilized in daily learn-

It just keeps getting better.


Weather delays Parkway decision on schedule changes

I schoolS I 23

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Wildwood Dermatology 636-458-8400 First-grader Jackson Meadows practices reading with Leapster pens purchased with Rockwood Schools Foundation grant funds.

16516 Manchester Road Wildwood, MO 63040

Dr. Anne Riordan

24 I schools I 



Seven Rockwood schools win character education award By MARCIA GUCKES Seven Rockwood elementary schools have been named 2011 Missouri Schools of Character. The award is given to schools with outstanding character education programs. These schools will compete also for the National Schools of Character award. The award-winning schools are: • Bowles • Kellison • Ulthoff Valley • Westridge • Woerther • Babler • Geggie The awards are sponsored by the Character Education Partnership (CEP). It is a nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C., that serves as a resource for educators who want to integrate character education into their schools and communities. The CEP looks for schools that demonstrate its 11 principles, which range from promoting core ethical and

performance values to regularly assessing the culture and climate of the school. A CEP publication states: “Character education teaches students how to be their best selves and how to do their best work while also facilitating positive school culture and climate transformation.” “I can’t say enough about the hard work the principals and their teams have done to accomplish this achievement,” Rockwood Director of Assessment and School Climate Roxanna Mechem said in a district news release. Babler Elementary, one of last year’s State Schools of Character, is a two-time winner. Kehrs Mill Elementary in Chesterfield was a National School of Character in 2009. The schools chosen for state and national awards are expected to serve as models for other schools and to share their best practices with other educators and their communities.

Rockwood to evaluate gifted education By MARCIA GUCKES The Rockwood School Board directed its administrators to move ahead with plans to evaluate the gifted education program. At its meeting on Feb. 3, the board discussed the plan, which includes a series of meetings to gather input from school staff, students, parents and residents. It also plans to bring in an expert in gifted education to conduct an independent evaluation of the program. A document presented to the board states that the purpose of the evaluation is to gather information to help it make decisions concerning the quality, effectiveness, nature, structure and size of the current program. Rockwood’s gifted education program began in 1985. Currently about 1,350 elementary students travel one day a week to either the program’s facility housed at

Ellisville Elementary or the facility at 265 Old State Road in Ellisville. About 1,000 middle school students participate in Academic Stretch classes at their school. More than 1,200 high school students get support and advice from gifted education specialists at their school. The program employs about 40 teachers and counselors. According to Kim Cranston, the district’s chief officer of communications, the independent expert has not yet been chosen, but the board plans to hire someone at its March 10 meeting. Cranston also said the board directed school officials to develop a Gifted Education Committee and to choose members who represent the entire district community and not limit it to only those with an interest in gifted education. The committee’s first meeting is planned for March 3.

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High school girls’ basketball

High school boys’ basketball

Clearwater Beach

DeSmet finished second in the ninth annual Ameritime Classic at Parkway West. Hazelwood Central defeated DeSmet 60-51 to win the tournament championship. Nolan Berry, a 6-foot-8 sophomore, led DeSmet (17-4) with 20 points. Parkway South defeated Borgia 57-54 in overtime in the third-place game. Ryan McArthy was the leading scorer for Parkway South (14-4) with 15 points. Others in double figures for the Patriots were Charlie Bakula (14), Eric Laurent (14) and Tom Holaway (10). In the fifth-place contest, Lafayette (9-7) thumped Parkway Central 55-41. Free throws helped the Lancers, who connected on 20 of 26 attempts. Joel Pennington pumped in 24 points to lead Lafayette with 24 points. Other Lancers in double figures were Aareon Smith with 16 and Luke Kreienkamp with 12. Zach Biggs paced Parkway Central (9-10) with 13 points. In the seventh-place game, Larry Toomey scored a game-high 27 points to spark Parkway West (7-10) to a 59-47 win over De Soto. The Longhorns shot 64 percent (18 of 28) from the field.


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St. Joseph’s Academy defeated its rival Incarnate Word Academy 61-53 recently in a Metro Women’s Athletic Association White game. In the Visitation Holiday Tournament in December, Incarnate Word, the defending Class 5 state champions, scored a 64-63 victory over the Angels. Overall, Incarnate Word had topped the Angels in seven of their last eight match-ups. St. Joseph’s improved to 16-2 with the victory. The Angels’ other loss this season came to Olney, Md., in a tournament in Naples, Fla., over the holiday semester break. The league victory left the Angels spotless at 4-0. Incarnate Word fell to 14-4 overall and 2-1 in conference action. If both teams get out of district play, they still could meet in postseason play.

High school hockey The playoffs have begun after another fine regular season of competition by teams in the Mid-States Club Hockey Association. Here is a look at how the area teams fared in division play and overall this season. Marquette claimed the Southwest Division title with a 9-0-1 record. Overall, the Mustangs finished the regular season with



a 15-2-3 record. Lafayette finished sixth with a 3-6-2 division record. Overall, the Lancers went 8-9-3. Parkway South finished seventh in the division with a 1-10-1 record and overall, the Patriots wound up 3-16-2. Mary Institute Country Day School won the Central Division with a 12-1 record. The Rams were 15-3-2 overall. Westminster (16-2 overall) came in second in the division at 11-1. Priory finished fourth at 8-4-1 and 11-6-2 overall. Whitfield ended sixth at 5-8. Overall, the Warriors went 5-14-1. CBC won the Metro Division with a 10-0-1 record. Overall, the Cadets finished 19-1-1. Chaminade placed third with a 6-6 record. The Red Devils went 11-7-2 overall. DeSmet came in fourth with a 1-9-1 division record. Overall, the Spartans finished 4-15-2. In the North Division, Parkway North ended up third with a 4-6-2 record. Overall, the Vikings finished 6-12-3. Parkway West ended division play in sixth place with a 1-6-4 mark. Overall, the Longhorns finished 1-13-6. In the South Division, Eureka, skated to a second-place finish with a 9-1-1 record. Overall, the Wildcats went 15-3-2.

High school wrestling The Whitfield Warriors won the recent 18-team Eric Lewis Invitational in a rout. The wrestling Warriors won the 45th annual meet with 213 points, easily top-

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ping second-place Summit’s 185.5 points. Whitfield scored three winners and had one second-place finish and three third-place finishes to win the cham- Wilkes pionship. Five other local schools participated in the meet. Parkway North finished sixth with 111 points. Principia tied for 10th with 81 points. Westminster finished 14th with 52 Kissell points. Chaminade was 16th with 47 points. MICDS came in 17th with 27 points. “Overall, the competition was good,” MICDS Coach Steve Burleson said. “As always, some weight classes were Hahn tougher than others, but there were some very good matches all around.” The Whitfield win did not surprise Burleson. “Whitfield has a solid program and has for years,” Burleson said. “They were able to get bonus points on top of advancement points. Some teams are better dual teams; others are better tournament teams. This year they did what needed to be done and put together a good run for the tourna-

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NEWSMAGAZINENETWORK.COM ment.” Whitfield Coach Charlie Sherertz, whose squad earlier won the 141 Rumble at Summit, said he felt good about his team going into the event held at Mary Institute Country Day School. “Well, I forced everybody down into the right weight class,” Sherertz said. “By doing so, I thought we would certainly be a contender. I didn’t know everything the other schools had. I’d seen some of them. I knew we’d be in the picture. This is a very, very good tournament.” Sophomore Chris Wilkes (39-1) won at 130 pounds. He scored a second-period pin over Chaminade senior Zac Bozich (20-2). Senior Mike Kissell (37-0) won at 152 pounds with a second-period pin over Mexico junior Monterio Burton. One of the biggest wins of the tourney came when Whitfield freshman Rodney Hahn (34-5) beat Parkway North senior David Evans at 135 pounds. Evans dropped to 32-1 with the loss. Hahn was down 8-3 after the first period before pinning Evans in the second period. Speaking about Wilkes, Sherertz said, “It was the first tournament he’s been at 130. He’d been at 135. We dropped down to our district weights. He dominated his opponent. Chris kept the pressure on. Chris is a dynamite kid. He works hard and is very coachable. He’s a pleasure to have on the team.” Kissell, the team’s senior captain, remained unbeaten. “He’s just been dynamite this year for us,” Sherertz said about Kissell. “Sometimes seniors get a little full of themselves – he’s not. I wrestle him sometimes at 160. I moved him to 152 and got no complaints. He’s a more natural 152-pounder. “Wherever I need him, he takes the tougher bout. The love of competition is what he’s all about. No matter the competition, he’s handled it. He’s up for the fight.” Hahn’s win was no surprise to Sher-

ertz. “If anyone had a slight appreciation for Rodney before the match, they have more so now. He’s a gamer. You get in a scramble with him, you’ll have problems with him.” Freshman Jack Pantanella finished second at 103 for Whitfield. Junior Austin Smith at 119, junior Ethan Sherertz at 160 and senior Peter Gienke at 171 all finished third. “What won it for us was our balance,” Sherertz said. “I feel pretty good about things.” Districts will be held Friday and Saturday (Feb. 11-12). The top four in each weight class will advance to the state meet the following weekend in Columbia. “So far, so good,” Sherertz said. “We’ve got to fine tune and keep training hard.” • • • Parkway North Coach Dan Lovelace said he was happy with the performance of his wrestlers at the recent Eric Lewis Invitational at MICDS. “I was pleased,” Lovelace said. “I thought we could be top five and we were top six. We had one of our better kids sick at the tournament and he wrestled through it but he was not himself. I think that was the difference.” Zach Cusumano won at 112 for the Vikings. Austin Adderley captured first at 125 for Parkway North. Lovelace credited Whitfield freshman Rodney Hahn with a solid performance in knocking senior David Evans from the unbeaten ranks at 135. Hahn scored a pin in the second period. Loevelace said he did not have to say much to Evans after the loss. “David knows what he is capable of,” Lovelace said, “and he knows the mistake he made. I told him we will see other wrestlers like Hahn in the future and we will be ready for them. We will learn from it and move on.”

The Chesterfield Baseball and Softball Association (CBSA) is excited to announce the 2011 Chesterfield Tournament Series. Come enjoy a first class baseball and softball experience while playing at the premier athletic complex in St. Louis. The 2011 Chesterfield Tournament Series features the following: • 13 tournament weekends (April through July) • The 15th Annual Rawlings Invitational (Memorial Weekend) • USSSA State Qualifying points (baseball only) • Recreational and Select Baseball and Softball for a great price- $395 • Girls Softball College Exposure Tournament (July 1-3) - $495 • No gate fees or other hidden costs • Top tier senior umpires • 3 or 4 Game Guarantee- Pool play with a single elimination playoff round For more information and to register on-line or download the manual registration form go to Questions or requests can be forwarded to We look forward to seeing you at the park this summer!

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ne’s Chris

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Principia grad honored by Baseball Writers Association By WARREN MAYES Jenna Marston got an invitation many only dream about – an invitation to spring training from St. Louis Cardinals Manager Tony La Russa. Marston, a sophomore at the University of Missouri and a graduate of Principia, recently earned the John Wray award for outstanding accomplishment in a sport other than baseball at the recent St. Louis Baseball Writers Association of America annual dinner. Upon hearing of Marston’s accomplishment, La Russa made it a point to shake her hand and issue the invitation, saying he could use a good player. “It was awesome, unbelievable really,” said Marston, a lifelong Cardinals fan. “It’s something I’ll never forget.” Her acceptance speech was short but typical of the humble Marston. “Thank you very much for this,” Marston said. “I don’t have much to say but, ‘Go Cards.’” Looking back, Marston said it was a great night. “That was all pretty cool. It was awesome. I’m a big Cardinals fan,” Marston said. “I got to talk to Skip Schumaker and Steve

Klein. It was a special night. Just getting to be included in that dinner was incredible – and something I’ll never forget.” The 5-foot-9 Marston earned 12 varsity letters at Principia. She played softball, baseball and basketball. She is a shortstop for the Tigers. She had a freshman season that showed her potential to be an outstanding force for Missouri in her career. Last season, she played in all 64 games, starting 63 of those at shortstop. Marston collected the second most hits among Big 12 players, while also coming in fifth in runs scored. She tied for third in the league in doubles, and had the fourth most runs batted in. Her 16 doubles were the third most in a single season in Missouri softball history, and her 68 hits tie her for 10th in a season while ranking ninth for most RBI in a season. The Tiger faithful will forever remember her performance against rival Kansas. With the Tigers down 4-2 in the bottom of the seventh against Border Showdown rival Kansas, Marston delivered a threerun, walk-off home run. In all, Marston had 15 multi-hit games during the regular season, the second-most on the team. She led all Tigers with 13

Last season, Jenna Marston led the Missouri Tigers with 13 multi-RBI games.

multi-RBI games. All that resulted in numerous honors: Second Team All-Midwest Region, AllBig 12 Tournament Team and First Team All-Big 12. That led her to something even bigger, as last summer, she earned one of 20 spots on the USA National Women’s Baseball Team, which competed in the IBAF Women’s Baseball World Cup in Venezuela, and there, she shined as bright as a comet. Marston was selected to the All-Tournament Team after posting the second highest batting average during the tournament

(.593) and leading all tournament competitors with 16 hits and eight doubles. She finished with 12 runs scored, seven runs batted in, was a perfect 3-for-3 on stolen bases, posted a team-best .636 on-base percentage and a slugging percentage of .889, second-highest on the team. Marston and Team USA beat Venezuela 15-5 to take home the bronze medal. Is another trip to the NCAAs on the horizon for the Tigers? “We all think so,” Marston said. “We’ve got the talent and the experience, we just need to play like we can.”

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Unsure of what to get your Sweetheart? Purchase a

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Mon. 9am - 7pm • Tues. - Thurs. 9am - 9pm Fri. 9am - 6pm • Sat. 8am - 4:30pm


St. Joseph’s basketball stacked with Stocks By WARREN MAYES St. Joseph’s Academy girls’ basketball Coach Julie Matheny can tell the identical Stock twins apart, now that they are juniors. “At first it was tough,” Matheny said. “But, they helped out, as Maddie would wear a thicker headband and Morgan wore more of a thin one, so Maddie became ‘Fatty Maddie’ until we got practice reversible jerseys with numbers on them.” While they are identical twins, it does stop there. “I wish we had twin telepathy, but unfortunately we don’t,” Morgan said. “A lot of times people tell us we are like the twins in the Disney movie ‘Double Teamed,’ because they are twins that play basketball. I know my sister really well and exactly how she plays, so I know when she is having a great shooting game to get her the ball. “A lot of times she is doubled teamed and so I know I have to help her get open and set screens.” The two 6-foot-1 girls have made themselves known to area basketball fans with their exploits on the court. “I was impressed that they play a guard position even though they were the tallest kids on the floor,” Matheny said.

St. Joseph’s is off to a 16-2 start. Maddie is leading the Angels, at presstime averaging 18.3 points, 3.11 assists and 4.6 rebounds per game. Morgan chips in with 10.4 points, 2.44 assists and 6.2 rebounds per game. “Maddie can play any position on the floor – she can run the point or post up, which she really likes to do,” Matheny said. “But, she seems to handle the ball more than Morgan. And, she does it all really well. “Morgan is one of the best rebounders we have had. I think Maddie used to make her rebound all the time. She’s a pure shooter and great defender. She’s a solid, all-around player.” Both girls are pleased with how the season has gone for the Angels. “Some highlights so far would have to be beating Blue Springs, Marion Catholic, and Incarnate three Saturdays in a row,” Maddie said. “We have lost two games, both of which we should have won, but it’s OK because our record this year has been way better than my past two years,” Morgan said. “The highlights so far have happened … when we played a game against Blue Springs from Kansas City. They came into the game ranked No. 1 in the state and we ended up beating them in overtime by two.

Twins Morgan (with ball) and Maddie Stock.

Then the next week we got to play a very good team (Marion Catholic) from Chicago. We played them last year and lost but this year we pulled through and won after being down most of the game. Hopefully if we stay on the right track we will get to go to state this year.” The two girls “love” playing for St. Joseph’s. “The team is like my second family,” Maddie said. “Every season we get closer and we love being around each other.” Morgan agreed. “The atmosphere is great the coaches are incredible and my team is amazing,” Morgan said. “I love being part of a program that people have learned to respect and admire.”

Warming the needy in St. Louis County for over 28 years Dollar-Help provides crisis assistance for those who struggle to pay their heating bills. The majority of Dollar-Help grant recipients are elderly, disabled or single parents with small children. While Dollar-Help is generously supported by Laclede Gas, its customers and employees, the charity makes no distinction over fuel type. Independent social service agencies distribute the funds, which can be applied to a household’s primary heating source - natural gas, electric, propane or fuel oil. Dollar-Help is active in nine Eastern Missouri counties and the City of St. Louis. When you check a $1, $2 or $5 box on your gas bill, you can be assured that 100% of your donation helps heat the homes of the needy.


Image copyright - Jon B. Petersen, Tulsa, Okla. The River Blenders Chorus sings at one of its many performances.

Singing Valentines offer sweetheart of a deal, help area charities By MARCIA GUCKES What if an unforgettable Valentine experience could be arranged for a song? Thanks to a Chesterfield organization, it can. Its members will deliver a song performed live by a quartet – barbershop style – at a loved one’s home or office, at a restaurant or over the phone. They will even throw in a rose and a card. The River Blenders Chorus in Chesterfield is a chapter of Sweet Adelines International. The River Blenders is a group of about 80 women who for 33 years have been harmonizing in West St. Louis County. This is the third year they are offering their Singing Valentines. “We get rave reviews,” said Jean Diekemper, coordinator of the Singing Valentines event for the River Blenders. According to Diekemper, the applause the quartets get is great, but it is really more about what they give and the personal connections they make. Diekemper cannot forget the reaction of a very elderly lady in a retirement home. “She beamed and immediately recognized the songs we sang for her,” Diekemper said. “We really reached her.” The River Blenders are offering their heart-touching renditions from Feb. 12 – Feb. 14. They will serenade sweethearts wherever they are, unless they are too far away, in which case they will send their songs out over the phone lines. A Singing Valentine costs $15 to $50. One of the romantic rhapsodies can be ordered by calling 299-3908 or e-mailing But don’t get your

heart broken – Diekemper said although the Valentine’s Day slots are all taken, an early Singing Valentine can be sent on Feb. 12 or Feb. 13. The money they make will go to help send the River Blenders to an international competition in Houston, Tex., in October. The group currently is the Region 5 Champion. This is the 11th time it has worn that crown. In addition to competing internationally and performing Singing Valentines, the River Blenders Chorus gives away $15,000 each year in scholarships to five high school students, holds singing clinics for middle and high school girls, performs at fundraisers and other events ranging from local garden club association meetings to the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, offers free voice lessons, and stages a big show every year. The River Blenders always are looking for women singers who want to blend with them. Jaime Opfer, one of the Singing Valentine organizers and a River Blender for three years, said her reason for joining was simple. “I love to sing,” Opfer said. “It’s a way I can express myself, have a hobby, and be involved with people from all walks of life.” Anyone interested can just walk right in to the group’s weekly rehearsal, held every Monday night at 7:30 p.m. at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, 15764 Clayton Road, in Ellisville. More information about the group can be found at its Web site www.


Must be 21 years of age or older to gamble. Must present valid mychoiceTM card and valid government or state issued ID. Persons who are on the Missouri Disassociated Persons List or who have been otherwise excluded from any casino owned by Pinnacle Entertainment or its subsidiaries may not be allowed on the River City premises. Gambling Problem? Call 1.888.BETSOFF. ©2011 Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.



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RIV_912_BestCity_WNM_AD.indd 1


2/2/11 2:59:57 PM

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Reading group favorites Bestsellers make booksellers happy, but reading group favorites are the books that get people talking. Here are some buzz-worthy books that have been keeping book discussion groups humming. “One Day,” by David Nicholls (Vintage, 2010) Dexter and Emma meet on graduation day in 1988, and from there the story unfolds through one day of each year over the course of 20 years. No matter how far down separate paths the two travel, they have to accept that they cannot live without each other.

THREE FRENCH HENS For Valentine’s Day consider making a gift of design services from Three French Hens Gift Certificates Available

“The Elegance of the Hedgehog,” by Muriel Barbery (Europa Editions, 2008) In an affluent Paris apartment building, Renee is a concierge who keeps her eyes and ears down when it comes to the wealthy dwellers. Her observations are coupled with the journal entries of a young girl living in the building with her father. An English translation of an acclaimed success in France, the themes of class, social injustice, and culture are philosophically appealing. “Still Alice,” by Lisa Genova (Gallery, 2009) Alice Howland, a Harvard psychology professor, is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. As her memory fades, her life slowly disintegrates. The marvel of the story is Alice’s rendering of the disease. The physical endurance of her family set alongside her deteriorating mentality give the book a dynamic found only in narrative accounts of illness. “Olive Kitteridge,” by Elizabeth Strout (Random House, 2008) A hard-hearted woman lies at the center of the book made up of stories spanning more than 30 years. The stories cover a range of characters, but it is the human condition that keeps the pace steady as love and loss, fear and hope, pulse through the pages. Readers are pulled in by the complexities of the characters, yet they stay for the catharsis brought on by the presentation of life’s uncertainties.

“I can’t stop looking at my is so gorgeous. I enjoyed going through every detail with you. Just when I thought my home couldn’t get any more beautiful, you make is even lovelier than I could possibly imagine,” - Helen Crist

Considering • Furniture • Accessories • Lighting • Custom Drapery or Bedding • Wall Finishes • New Builds and Remodels JR Zachary Creates Beautiful Relaxed, Elegant Or Rustic Styles.

It’s All Right Here! 16935 manchester rd. • wildwood

636-458-8033 mon-sat 10-5 • sun 12-4

“A Reliable Wife,” by Robert Goolrick (Algonquin Books, 2010) It is 1907 and Catherine answers a newspaper ad of a businessman looking for a wife, hoping to walk away with a profit. While he suspects her motives from the start, Ralph marries her anyway, and Catherine slowly poisons him with arsenic. The suspense mounts as Ralph gets worse but fails to die. Does Ralph have plans of his own? It is a psychological web of intrigue, motives and a possible murder. “The Lace Reader,” by Brunonia Barry (Harper Paperbacks, 2009) Towner Whitney returns home to Salem in search of solace. Following a long line of fortune tellers, Whitney women have been known to read messages in lace, and given this association, no one believes Towner when her Aunt Eva mysteriously drowns. Small-town cop John Rafferty is pulled into her family’s past and the present-day draw of Towner. Through a variety of views, the small-town and its history are encapsulated in a well-paced, enchanting novel. “Those Who Save Us,” by Jenna Blum (Mariner Books, 2005) Melding Trudy’s present-day research of Nazi Germany with her mother’s past in the 1930s, two narratives collide in a story of endurance. Trudy’s mother refuses to answer questions about Trudy’s birth, her love affair with a Nazi officer and marriage to an American soldier. It is a story of the Holocaust from a side not usually touched on: How did German citizens confront the horrors surrounding their homes? Haunted with attitudes of War World II from then and now, emotions lead the way as Trudy searches for answers.

West Decor West County’s guide to the Modern Home

The Largest Weekends Only Store Ever! Now Open in West County Manchester Road just east of Hwy 141

Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony Friday, February 11 9:30 a.m. FRIDAY-MONDAY 10am-9pm •

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HBA Builders Home & Garden Show returns in March

Transform your staircase from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY in 2 days or less! With so many styles from which to choose, it’s the most cost effective way to get the biggest bang for your home improvement dollar!

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By SARAH WILSON The annual Home Builders Association (HBA) St. Louis Builders Home & Garden Show returns to America’s Center and the Edward Jones Dome March 3-6 and will pack six shows into one. The latest in lawn and garden, kitchen and bath, interior design, pool and spa, building products and green products will be showcased by more than 400 exhibitors The Balloon Garden will return this year to HBA Home & Garden Show. in more than 1,800 booths filling nearly 400,000 electric shock. square feet. The GeoComfort Green Products PavilAt the Backyard Oasis, guest can stroll ion is for those wanting to find out how to through five feature gardens for inspiration save money, breathe easier and help the to create a backyard getaway. environment. It will feature informative The Interior Design Marketplace will seminars about a variety of green topics, feature furniture, window and wall treat- including geothermal heating and cooling, ments, flooring and accessories. benefits of green building and solar energy. A huge selection of lawn equipment and The Home & Garden Show is familylandscape supplies will be under one roof friendly, with Frisbee Dogs performing a at The Lawn & Garden Marketplace. high-energy show, a giant Ferris wheel and Tara Dillard, a nationally recognized The Children’s Garden Club, which will garden designer and author will teach audi- have free, hands-on projects that kids can ences to create gardens that fit their life- take home.


St. Louis 34th

Annual Home & Garden Show



• • • • •


200 Meramec Valley Plaza • Valley Park, MO (Hwy 141 & Marshall Rd. - Across From Carol House Furniture)

(636) 225-8350

Financing Available with approved credit (O.A.C.)

HOURS: MON-TUES: 9:30-7pm WED-FRI: 9:30-5pm • SAT 9:30-4pm  CLOSED SUNDAY

10 a.m. to 9 p.m., Thurs., March 3 – Sat., March 5;

Tara Dillard.

styles. Dillard has hosted her own TV show on CBS, “The Better Gardening Show.” She designs and contracts sustainable landscapes emphasizing low maintenance, little water, increased property value, lower HVAC bills and pollinator habitats. In the Better Living Theater, attendees can sit in on seminars on a variety of home improvement topics hosted by KMOX’s “Home Improvement Answer Man” Scott Mosby and other local experts. New to the show is the Live Line Demo, an electrical safety program sponsored by Ameren that demonstrates live contact with 7,200 volts to assist in understanding a home’s electrical system and educate on how to protect oneself and others from

10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sun., March 6 America’s Center and Edward Jones Dome Admission: Adults: $10 Children ages 6-12: $4 Children 5 and younger: free

Parking spaces are available at Laclede’s Landing and the Arch garage For more information, visit



Put out the welcome mat

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Design & Decorating Solutions for Every Room, Every Style, Every Budget!

By SARAH WILSON Doormats can do more than give guests a place to wipe their feet. These designs welcome guests with a statement of your personal style.

Monogrammed natural fiber doormats placed in a decorative rubber surround are interchangeable, offering a convenient way to decorate for each season and holiday. Interchangeable doormats and rubber surround are available at The Final Touch in Ballwin.

BrownTrout animal doormats are suitable for use indoors and out. They are easy to wash and are available in a variety of different animal designs at Pet Supplies “Plus” in Ballwin.

Luxurious coir mats say, “Bienvenue,” French for “welcome.” Suitable year-round and made from a natural fiber of coconut husk, coir mats are available at Belle Fleur Designs in Ellisville.

MatMates interchangeable doormats and decorative tray, all made in St. Louis, are eco-friendly and work for special occasions or everyday use. They are available at SummerWinds Garden Center in Ellisville.

Evergreen ladybug welcome mats are a fun, colorful way to brighten an entry. They are available in a variety of different colors and styles at Terra in Des Peres.

Color Consultations Blinds, Shades & Shutters Custom Window Treatments We Bring Furnishings & Accessories Everything Cabinetry & Countertops To You Wide Selection of Flooring

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“This is the most professional group of people we have ever dealt with! The detail in his quality presentation and quote is continued in the execution of his precision work.” -Gayle D. Webb, Eureka “A real pleasure to work with Bill: polite, thorough, attention to detail, excellent follow up, careful and skilled workmanship, good pricing. I heartily recommend him and his work.” -Harold Showalter, Chesterfield

To see more of our work or view more testimonials please visit..


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Creating mixed-media art Tips from a Wildwood artist

Keep heat where heat belongs. Major Benefits: • Installed over existing insulation • Keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer • Save 20–40% on energy bills • Blocks 97% of radiant heat • Lowers summer attic temperatures up to 30º • Reduces heat gain/loss up to 50% in living spaces • Keeps your home comfortable year round • Saves on the life of your furnace and A/C.

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By SHEILA FRAYNE RHOADES Accomplished artist Mary Beth Shaw, of Wildwood, is an expert on mixed-media art – and now is sharing her techniques in a new book. “Flavor for Mixed Media: A Feast of Techniques for Texture, Color and Layers” is a mixedmedia technique guide for artists and crafters, whimsically written in cookbook style. It instructs and entertains with a fantasy dinner party setting, where all the guests are artists and contribute to table talk – constructive tips and tricks on creating simple projects – such as how to create layers with stencils or to use a cheese grater for texture. The colorful, food-themed chapters are set out as dinner courses – color, layers, texture, “Flavor for Mixed Media,” a how-to book for artists, gives flavor and combinations – and “recipes” for creating art. also feature the artist’s own recipes. sources, favoring found objects, antique “I like to cook and think that creating ephemera, my own drawings and photogmixed-media art is like a recipe, using raphy, as well as other unusual imagery,” certain ingredients and tools,” Shaw said. Shaw said. “I hope my book helps artists and crafters Each of her collages is something of a enjoy the freedom to play with new tech- mystery. There is more than meets the eye niques.” upon close inspection, and the viewer must visually peel away layers to see what lies beneath. “My art tells a story through multiple layers,” Shaw said. “I first distress the surface, then remove layer portions to reveal a bit of text, a hidden image or perhaps a peek at color.” She currently teaches workshops and exhibits her collages in art fairs and galleries throughout the country. Locally, her work can be viewed at Wood Icing in Chesterfield, The Vino Gallery in the Central West End and Art Saint Louis. “I believe everyone has an inner artist that should come out and play,” Shaw said. “I want art to be accessible. It’s a thrill to watch a person discover and use their artistic ability.” Shaw’s book can be found online at Wildwood artist/author Mary Beth Shaw., local bookstores and arts and A kind of do-it-yourself crafter, Shaw crafts stores. She also offers a line of stenemploys acrylics, pastels, ink and vari- cils at Wood Icing in Chesterfield Mall or ous other materials to create colorful col- online at lages. Largely self-taught, Shaw has been Shaw is scheduled to make an appearworking in mixed media for more than 10 ance on March 4 in a TV segment on Chanyears. nel 4’s “Great Day St. Louis.” The same Although collages present “snippet” day, Shaw’s book will be celebrated with a views of life experiences, scissors and glue book signing from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Chesare not Shaw’s main tools. terfield Mall’s Wood Icing store. “I gather materials from a variety of Visit Shaw’s website at







Kohler Forte Faucet and 18 gauge stainless undermount sink package for $100.00!

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Need OutdOOr LiviNg? “We create beautiful designs” Custom Decks Screen Rooms Paver Patios Water Features Pergolas Fire Pits Schedule an appointment to visit our new one-of-a-kind showroom. See full size deck, patio, and water feature displays using various materials and styles.


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St. Louis’ best selection of all-leather furniture! Styles from contemporary to traditional - All at discounted prices!

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St. Louis’ Original Leather Specialty Store 445 Lafayette Center at Manchester & Baxter by Petco

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Spruce up the staircase By SARAH WILSON Homeowners often overlook the impact of a great staircase, but with some creativity and the right resources, a staircase can get the attention it deserves. “Ninety percent of the homes you walk into have a staircase,” Bryan Barr, vice president of Kirkwood Stairs, said. “They set the tone of a person’s home, so it’s a good idea to spruce them up just like you would any other area.” Barr said the first thing to decide on is the type of wood that will be used, making sure it complements the rest of the home. “Oak is a standard wood used because it is the most durable and costefficient,” Barr said. “Many people are using cherry maple to match the new Photo courtesy of Kirkwood Stairs. flooring they’re using.” Barr also suggested matching the A curved, cherry staircase with metal balustrade. banister to nearby light fixtures. Thomas Stairs owners George and Brad Thomas noted that once a banister goes well with the upstairs and the downand staircase are installed, adding one or stairs but is too bold for an entire room. two personal touches can make a big dif• Stack books on the stairs. The sides of ference. indoor staircases make a terrific bookcase. The Thomases provided these tips, which • Add a shelf or table to one end of the they culled from stairs for depositing keys, reading glasses • Add a carpet. Stairs often get worn out and mail. because of foot traffic. Adding a carpet • Hang mirrors at the top or bottom of that runs along the center of the stairs will the stairs to create the illusion of greater preserve the quality of the staircase while space. adding a bit of color. • Add texture with fabric, which can be • Hang artwork on the walls or paint the added to handrails, framed as art for walls walls with a bold color. Use a color that or used to line the edge of a staircase.

Photo courtesy of Thomas Stairs. White oak spiral staircase with simple balustrade.



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Your time is valuable. That’s why we arrive on time to get your electrical needs completed when you need it. If we don’t, your repair is free – that’s the Mister Sparky promise. For service or repair, call today. St. Louis’

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Missouri Botanical Garden Orchid Show.

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The Blodgett Lighthouse and Hinkley Lighting have joined together to feature a sTore-wide cHandeLier saLe!

Lamp & clock repairs

100’s of fixtures to choose from, special orders allowed, come one, come all! The entire Hinkley line is on sale from chandeliers to outdoor lighting as well as other well-known lines.

a Modern old Time Lighting store Giant selection of lamps, lampshades, ceiling fans and light fixtures. • Repairs • Replacement Glass and Parts • Installation Available • Lowest Prices • Knowledgeable Staff • Locally Owned

The 2011 Orchid Show is open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday at Missouri Botanical Garden (4344 Shaw Blvd. in St. Louis). The annual orchid show will feature 800 blooming orchids in lush, tropical display infused with an eclectic mix of Maya-themed accents. Admission is $5 and is free for Garden members. Tickets are available at the door or online. For more information, call (314) 577-1500 or visit

Feb. 12, Feb. 26

“Make a Lavender Wreath” classes are from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Sat., Feb. 12 and Sat., Feb. 26 at the Winding Brook Estate Lavender Shoppe (3 Winding Brook Estate Drive in Eureka). Participants start with a grapevine base and finish with a scented lavender wreath to take home. Admission is $38 and includes required supplies, lavender tea, pastries and conversation. To register, call 587-2329 or visit

Feb. 19

St. Louis Garden Blitz’s “The Edible Revolution” event, presented by Horticulture Co-op of Metro St. Louis and Missouri Botanical Garden (4344 Shaw Blvd. in St. Louis), is from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sat., Feb. 19 at Missouri Botanical Garden. The keynote speaker is Jennifer Bartley, author of “The Kitchen Gardener’s Handbook.” Four sessions are included in the event, with different choices available for each session, including a Lunch & Learn. During the event and breaks, guests can visit fun, informational booths, bid at silent auction and attend book signings by author speakers. Admission is $86 for Garden members and $96 for non-members. To include a box lunch with the registration fee, RSVP by Thurs., Feb. 10. To register, call (314) 577-5100 or visit

Feb. 19

“Success With Seeds” is at 10 a.m. on Sat., Feb. 19 at Sugar Creek Gardens (1011 N. Woodlawn in Kirkwood). Starting plants from seeds is an inexpensive and easy way to get a garden going. Participants will learn the best techniques for good seed germination, along with proven tips to give seedlings a healthy start. The event is free. To register, call (314) 965-3070.

St. Charles • 2156 Bluestone Dr. 636-949-2177 (1st stoplight Hwy 94 East of 364 at Portwest) Creve Coeur • 1265 N. Warson Rd. 314-432-0086 (between Page & Olive next to Worm’s Way & Enterprise Bank) Hours: M,T,W,F 9-5 Thurs 9-6:30, Sat 9-4 • VALID ONLY WITH THIS COUPON

Lavender wreath.

Photo credit Winding Brook Estate


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meth math

an Mittenberg, a college student in Linn, Mo., was sleeping peacefully when a fire broke out in his next-door-neighbors’ apartment. Instead of warning others in the building about the fire, his neighbors – who had been manufacturing methamphetamine – climbed through a window and escaped into the night. Mittenberg died in his sleep. News stories such as that are what inspired Detective Sgt. Jason Grellner to become one of the leading voices in the fight against the methamphetamine epidemic in Missouri. Grellner since 1997 has worked for the Franklin County Narcotics Enforcement Unit. He became involved because of his personal experiences with encountering meth labs. He said he has carried numerous children out of numerous labs to waiting ambulances, and he thinks about that every time he lobbies for tougher laws to battle the manufacture of meth. These days, Grellner is concentrating much of that effort in West County, because Franklin County meth manufacturers travel here to buy pseudoephedrine, a key ingredient of the drug. According to some estimates, there are 20,000 methamphetamine labs in Missouri, but Grellner said that number is “just the tip of the iceberg.” Meth manufacturers use large amounts of pseudoephedrine, a common ingredient in cold medicines, to make the drug. According to Grellner, there are 14 brand-name cold medicines that contain pseudoephedrine, and none of them actually cure a cold – they simply treat the symptoms. There are hundreds of over-the-counter cold medicines that offer similar

results and do not contain pseudoephedrine, he said. “We believe 80 to 90 percent of pseudoephedrine products sold are for use in meth labs,” Grellner said. Grellner said that nationwide, attempts to deal with the meth trade have cost taxpayers $24.3 billion, or approximately $80 for every man, woman, and child in the United States. Grellner and others believe that requiring a prescription for the purchase of medications containing pseudoephedrine would make it much more difficult for people to manufacture meth. They point to statewide laws passed in Oregon and Mississippi that have exponentially reduced in those states statistics for crime, the number of children in the Child Protective Services system, and the recorded number of meth labs. Missouri’s governor and attorney general have spoken in favor of that idea and launched a statewide campaign in favor of such a law. However, Grellner said, lobbying efforts by the pharmaceutical industry prevented the effort from gaining any traction in the Missouri legislature. The pharmaceutical industry makes $1 billion a year nationwide and $2 million a year in Missouri off pseudoephedrine sales – profits that Grellner said are “blood money that they make off the meth trade.” The pharmaceutical industry has sponsored electronic monitoring that is used in drugstores across the state of Missouri. Under the system, the names and addresses of those who purchase pseudoephed-

rine products are entered into computers by drugstore employees and stored in a database. The system purports also to limit the amount of pseudoephedrine products that can be bought by any individual to 3.6 grams per purchase or 9 grams per month. The system has not impressed Grellner. “Monitoring will not and cannot stop meth labs,” he said. What electronic monitoring accomplished, Grellner said, was to create a black market for pseudoephedrine products. Now, he said, people with no other direct involvement in the meth trade buy the over-the-counter medications for eight or nine dollars and sell them to meth makers for more than $100 a bottle. “What other product can you sell for over 1,000 percent profit?” Grellner said. Of course, that type of transaction would become much more difficult if pseudoephedrine products required a doctor’s prescription. Since his efforts to get such a measure adopted statewide have failed, Grellner has been tackling the problem on a municipal level. Much of Franklin County has followed his suggestion, and the amount of pseudoephedrine sold by drugstores there has decreased by 94 percent. Grellner said that has helped him do his job, as meth-related crimes have dropped 70 percent in that area. Many meth manufacturers, however, have begun traveling to locales where a prescription is not required for pseudoephedrine – and those locales include West St. Louis County drugstores.

The West County connection to Missouri’s meth epidemic revolves around a troubling numbers game Photo courtesy of Sgt. Jason Grellner

By Brian McDowell

Firefighters battle flames at a Franklin County meth lab in January 2010. The meth manufacturers purchased their supplies in Wildwood, Ellisville, and Eureka. They made their last purchase at 10:30 a.m.; this photo was taken at 12:45 p.m.



“As more and more communities pass ordinances,” Grellner said, “we’ve seen that individuals have gone to other cities to buy these products.” Grellner has turned his attention to West County, which is a short drive from Franklin County. Eureka was the first municipality in West County to toughen its pseudoephedrine laws when one year ago it made a prescription for the product a requirement. According to officials there, it was a wise move. Eureka Mayor Kevin Coffey said that when nearby municipalities such as Washington, Mo., began requiring a prescription to purchase pseudoephedrine-containing medicines, retailers in Eureka saw enough of an increase in purchases to raise some eyebrows. Subsequent studies showed that many of those who purchased cold medicine in Eureka had been arrested on drug charges in the past. Eureka Police Chief Michael Wiegand said he had not heard any complaints. “I know before passing the ordinance, Walmart and Walgreen’s called us constantly for people they suspected of purchasing pills to make meth,” Wiegand said

The ingredients to produce meth are readily available.

in an e-mail. “We now track pill sales all around the city of Eureka, but a noticeable decrease in pill sales here has sent those wanting to make illegal substances to other communities in St. Louis County to purchase the precursors.” When asked if he would recommend that other cities pass the same law, Coffey said, “It’s their call. It is very difficult sometimes to strike a balance between a safe community and convenience. We felt this law was needed because we were a target for purchasers. When we looked at statistics, we found our concerns were legitimate. So, for us, this has been successful and has made a difference.” Wildwood currently is debating whether to require a prescription for pseudoephedrine purchases in the city. Wildwood Mayor Tim Woerther said he has been gathering opinions from residents and has talked to two of the three chief pharmacists at drugstores in the municipality. According to Woerther, one of the pharmacists supported it, and the other was reluctant. “Meth isn’t a big problem in Wildwood, but we are seeing traffic migrate into our city,” Woerther said.

I cover story I 43

“There are always some people that look for the path of least resistance.” There will be a public meeting on the Wildwood ordinance on Mon., Feb. 28 at Wildwood City Hall. “I’m sure it will be a lively debate,” Woerther said. Ellisville Mayor Matt Pirrello said the issue would be taken up sometime soon. “Regulation has a direct impact on meth production,” Pirrello said in an e-mail. “Governor Nixon and the state should lead by example. Unfortunately, many doctors will not write a prescription without an office visit, adding more stress on a financially burdened public.”  The mayors of Ballwin and Manchester said the issue had not been officially discussed in their cities, although Manchester Mayor David Willson did say it was a matter of “concern.” Grellner said at times he feels like he is trying to put a genie in the bottle. He said he keeps going because he feels that if meth labs go away, law enforcement officials can get serious about their efforts to combat the devastating effects that narcotics have had on the community.

44 I automotive I 



west Cadillac launches CTS-V Black Diamond Edition Cadillac will offer this spring a Black Diamond Edition of the high-performance CTS-V that comes with a host of popular performance options and an exclusive tricoat paint, also called “Black Diamond.” The Black Diamond Edition, available in the CTS-V Sedan, Coupe and Wagon models, will be the first use by an automaker of JDSU’s proprietary SpectraFlair pigment in North America. JDSU, a Milipitas, Calif.,-based optical technology firm, specializes in cutting-edge color solutions for a wide range of markets. Its pigments are used in certain DuPont paints supplied to Cadillac. 2011 CTSV Coupe Black Diamond 96

In the CTS-V Black Diamond, a dark tri-coat paint is embedded with SpectraFlair Bright Silver pigment. Black Diamond is created through a meticulous process that gives the paint added dimension. Instead of simply containing small bits of metal, the SpectraFlair pigment in Black Diamond uses aluminum flakes encapsulated in a glass-like substance called magnesium fluoride. The result is a paint that has a diamondlike sparkle. “The CTS-V Black Diamond Edition is like a finely crafted, tailored tuxedo,” said Michelle Killen, Cadillac exterior paint designer. “The

Cadillac’s CTS-V Black Diamond Edition will be available at U.S. dealerships in March. The car is named for an exclusive, tri-coat paint, also called “Black Diamond.”

base color may be a simple black, but the details and richness of the material set it apart.” Black Diamond helps Cadillac meet growing demand by luxury buyers for paints that are set apart not just by their color but also by their special effects. “Auto makers and consumers are looking to differentiate the color black, an ubiquitous color in automotive,” said John Book, Custom Color Solutions product manager at JDSU. “Black Diamond offers the discerning Cadillac customer a special option color that stands out and remains true to their sense of luxury and style.” In addition to the unique paint, CTS-V Black Diamond comes standard with content that complements its look and feel. The special edition

has: • Satin Graphite 19-inch wheels with yellow Brembo brake calipers. These six-piston front, fourpiston back brake calipers provide exceptional stopping capabilities. • Recaro seats that feature 14 adjustable elements, French-stitched leather and microfiber suede inserts in the center sections of the cushions and seatbacks. • Midnight Sapele wood trim known for its durability and distinctive grain. “We’ve already established V-Series as a serious sub-brand for Cadillac,” said Rich Pinto, Cadillac creative designer. “Black Diamond further establishes V-Series in the market as a performance-minded line of vehicles with a luxury twist.”

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5.4 L V8, Leather Trim Captain Chairs, Electronic Automatic Temp Control, Chrome Step Bar, Power Moon-roof Rear View Camera, Reverse Sensing System, Heat/Cool Front Seats, Two Tone Paint, and more

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14. The majority of our Sales customers are from referral or repeat customers

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46 I automotive I 



Automotive Showcase

Autohaus BMW is dealership of superlatives By SHEILA FRAYNE RHOADES BMW sales leader in Missouri.” Autohaus BMW of St. Louis is the largest and fastest Autohaus’ beautiful, state-of-the-art facility opened on growing BMW center in the Midwest and is one of the Hanley Road in June of 2008. Since then, it has brought premier BMW dealerships in the country. Founded in the sales, service, parts and on-site body shop to new 1967, Autohaus is St. Louis’ oldest BMW dealership as levels. well. It has been continually owned and managed by the “Autohaus has always employed the best people, but Fink family. now we have the best building in which to raise BMW’s Autohaus sells new, used, and pre-owned BMWs and performance higher than ever,” Emerson said. offers quality service, parts and body repair. The 57,000-square-foot building brings to St. Louis “Customer satisfaction is our highest priority,” said Joe automotive sales a modern cutting edge. It was designed Emerson, who since 2004 has been Autohaus’ sales man- with the customer in mind and includes a comprehensive ager. “We call it ‘the Autohaus Experience.’ Top-level parts department, a 30-bay service center, and a certified total service keeps our customers coming back. In today’s collision center. climate, this is what’s most important to the Fink Family Autohaus technicians receive ongoing training to perand me. Thanks to our loyal customers, we are now the form repairs quickly and correctly, and 98 highly trained automotive professionals who are committed to exceptional customer service are on the dealership’s staff. Autohaus BMW “It’s no wonder we are the No. 1 BMW dealer in St. 3015 S. Hanley Road • St. Louis Louis,” Emerson said. Joe Emerson, sales manager of Autohaus BMW of St. Louis (immediately south of Manchester Ave.) For customer convenience, Autohaus offers 60 BMW Sales: (314) 727-8870 • Service/Parts: (314) 727-8877 service loaners, but when a customer chooses to wait Collision Center: (314) 646-7755 on site for a repair, he or she can do so in a comfortable ing the latest BMW models.  Sales Hours: lounge that is equipped with a 62-inch HD TV, compli“The two newest BMWs to arrive at Autohaus are Mon., Wed., Fri.: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. • Tues., Thurs.: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. mentary refreshments and free Wi-Fi access. Customers the 2011 X3 sport activity vehicle and the all new 2011 Sat.: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. • Sun.: Closed may even watch the repair of their cars on a monitor. If 5-series,” Emerson said. Parts & Service Hours: they choose, they can also take a look beneath the car and Autohaus offers outstanding service, a professional Mon. - Fri.: 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. • Sat. and Sun.: Closed Body Shop Hours: observe what the mechanic sees. sales team, large selections of brand new and certified Mon. - Fri.: 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. • Sat. and Sun.: Closed When shopping for a car, customers can check out the 15 pre-owned BMWs, and an extremely efficient parts and models displayed on the spacious showroom floor, includ- service department.

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orld ide

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Savings off regular price. In-store installation required. Not to be combined with another offer on same product and not be used to reduce outstanding debt. No cash value. Offer good at participating Firestone Complete Auto Care stores. See store for full details.

16950 Chesterfield Airport Rd. (636) 733-0029 Open Mon–Fri 7am-8pm Sat 7am-7pm and Sun 8am-5pm • 1 - 8 0 0 - L O C A T E - U S

Shop supply charges in the amount of 6% of labor charges will be added to invoices greater than $35. These charges will not exceed $25 and represent costs and profits.Shop supply charges not applicable in CA or NY.Non-mandated disposal or recycling charges,if any are disclosed above, may also represent costs and profits. Specific product offerings and tread designs may vary. Prices,warranties,car service,credit plans and other offers available at Firestone Complete Auto Care; see affiliated for their competitive offers and warranties.*If you do not achieve guaranteed mileage, your Firestone retailer will replace your tires on a pro-rated basis. Actual tread life may vary. All warranties apply only to original owner on originally installed vehicle. See retailer for details,restrictions and copy of each limited warranty. †MINIMUM MONTHLY PAYMENTS REQUIRED. Applicable to purchases made January 1st through June 30th, 2011. APR:22.8%. Minimum Finance Charge $1.00. CFNA reserves the right to change APR,fees and other terms unilaterally. FX-0193A




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48 I  



Valentine’s Vino Adventure at


February 11-13

An adults-only weekend, ages 21 and up. 1-888-FUN-YMCA

Bu si ness PEOPLE



Logan College of Chiropractic, in Chesterfield, has appointed Weiwen Chai, PhD, to the newly created position of director of nutritional studies. • • • Les Dickens has been promoted to general manager of Lester’s Sports Bar & Grill in Chesterfield. Dickens previously worked at Lester’s in Ladue. • • •

‘Pot of gold’ • • • Dr. David Sewall, who is board-certified in interventional cardiology and nuclear cardiology, has joined Dr. Robert Kopitsky at Advanced Cardiac Care Group of St. Louis, on the campus of Missouri Baptist Medical Center in Town & Country. • • • Residential and commercial lender Gershman Mortgage has promoted Kim Nickeless to office manager of its Chesterfield branch.

PLACES Kennelwood Pet Resorts has opened a new location inside the Pet Supplies “Plus” store at 15311 Manchester Road in Ballwin. The facility provides spa services for pets.




Ally Klein, of Chesterfield, has been named special events manager of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation of Metro St. Louis/Greater Missouri chapter.

The West County Chamber of Commerce holds “Hour of Power” Speed Networking from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. on Tues., Feb. 15 at Table Three in Wildwood. Admission is $15 for members and $20 for non-members. To register, call 230-9900 or visit by Feb. 11. • • • A Career Fair is from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Wed., Feb. 16 at the Doubletree Westport Hotel (1973 Craig-

Rainbow Village, a Creve Coeurbased non-profit organization that provides safe and affordable homes for people with developmental disabilities, has received a $1.2 million gift from the estate of the late St. Louis philanthropist Edith L. Wolff. Rainbow Village recently opened its 51st neighborhood home and U.S. Bank Vice President of Trust Relationships plans to use the gift to purchase David Diener (far left) and U.S. Bank Vice and rehab additional homes, which President of Wealth Management Larry Bernardoni (far right), present the first will enable more people with devel- installment of a $1.2 million gift from the Edith opmental disabilities to live in their Wolff estate to Lydia Rasis and Mike Rea, both own homes and be a part of the of Rainbow Village. community. Wolff passed away in 2008 at the age of 93. She and her husband Alan, who died in 1989, owned Wolff Construction Co., developer and manager of commercial real estate for grocery stores and shopping centers throughout Missouri. shire). For more information and a list of participating employers, call 489-5400 or visit • • • The Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce holds a general membership meeting at 11:30 a.m. on Wed., Feb. 16 at Doubletree Hotel & Conference Center in Chesterfield. Pam Bolton of the Wildlife Rescue Group is the featured speaker. Admission is $20 for members and $25 for non-members. To register, call 532-3399 or visit by Feb. 14. • • • The Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce

holds Business Over Breakfast at 7:30 a.m. on Wed., Feb. 23 at Doubletree Hotel & Conference Center in Chesterfield. Admission is $20 for members and $25 for non-members. To register, call 532-3399 or visit by Feb. 21. • • • The West County Chamber of Commerce holds a general membership meeting at 11 a.m. on Wed., Feb. 23 at Forest Hills Country Club. Admission is $21 for members and $25 for guests. To register, call 230-9900 or visit westcountyhamber. com by Feb. 20.

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Top Agents of 2010: PAGES 6 - 14 Meet Some of the Nominees for the 2010 St. Louis Post-Dispatch Top Real Estate Agent Award & Learn How to Vote for Your Top Agent

Central St. Louis: PAGES 15 - 17

Brentwood, Maplewood, Clayton, Ladue, Richmond Heights, Central West End, Kirkwood, Glendale, Warson Woods, Webster Groves, Rock Hill, University City ...and more

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West St. Louis County: PAGES 18 - 20

Chesterfield, Clarkson Valley, Creve Couer, Frontenac, Town and Country, Manchester, Peerless Park, Westwood, Des Peres, Ballwin, Wildwood, Ellisville, Maryland Heights …and more

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South St. Louis City/County: PAGES 21 - 26

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Benton Park, Compton Heights, Lafayette Square, Shaw, Soulard, Tower Grove, Bevo, Boulevard Heights, Holly Hills, Clifton Heights, Dogtown, The Hill, Oakville, Mehlville, Lemay, Jefferson Barracks, Affton, Sappington, Mackenzie Hills, St. George, Marlborough, Crestwood, Concord Village, Sunset Hills, …and more

North St. Louis City/County: PAGES 27 - 30

Ferguson, Florissant, Hazelwood, Bridgeton, Normandy, Berkeley, Jennings, Bellefontaine Neighbors, Black Jack, Overland, St. Ann, Wellston, Pine Lawn …and more

St. Charles County (and outlining areas): PAGES 31 - 47

St. Charles, O’Fallon, St. Peters, Lake St. Louis, Wentzville, Warrenton, Wright City, …and more

Lincoln County : PAGES 48 - 52 Troy, Moscow Mills, Winfield, Old Monroe, Elsberry, Foley, Hawk Pointe ...and more

Quad Counties : PAGES 53 - 61

(Jefferson/Franklin/Ste.Genevieve/St. Francis/St.Louis County)

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The era of near 4% mortgage rates has ended. But some industry experts think that actually may be a good thing for the housing market. The average 30-year fixed rate mortgage rate has risen to 4.86% from 4.17%, according to Freddie Mac’s weekly mortgage market survey. In the weekly survey, the rate has risen to 5.02% -- crossing the 5% mark for the second time in three weeks -- after being as low as 4.42% as recently as early November. In the St. Louis area 30-year fixed rates range from 4.625% to 5.125% Rates haven’t been this high since May of 2010 and forecasters now predict them to remain between 5% and 6% for all of 2011, according to “You can kiss those record lows goodbye,” said Greg McBride, Bankrate’s chief economist. The increase will push mortgage payments higher for homebuyers. When rates rise from 4.25% to 5% it takes away about 9% of buying power, McBride estimated. But oddly, higher interest rates may even be stimulating to home sales. “The initial phase of an interest rate increase generally does not hurt markets,” said Lawrence Yun, chief economist for the National Association of Realtors. “In fact, it can help.” How? Well, the rapid rise introduces an element of urgency for potential homebuyers, he explained. “They may now rush to buy before rates spurt even more.” Plus, we all know that if hiring starts to pick up, so will the housing market. “If we add 2 million jobs as expected in 2011, and mortgage rates rise only moderately, we should see existing-home sales rise to a higher volume,” said Yun. In the end, it’s not rising mortgage rates that are the problem; it’s the number of homebuyers who can qualify for a loan.

$20,000, but also an additional 13% rebate on every to-be-built home. For example, select $20,000 in options absolutely free, and receive an additional $2,600 rebate which you can use for more options, closing costs or a reduction in the sale price of your new McKelvey home. To learn more about McKelvey Homes’ 113% off promotion, stop by any of the 11 McKelvey Homes communities. For locations and directions visit Want to pocket a cool $2,000 and help a friend at the same time? Refer them to The Meadows of Wildwood, a 55-and-older active retirement community, and if they purchase a home by E-404 Construction, you both come out ahead. Call 636-2735300 for details or visit This offer expires Feb. 28. But there’s more! Now through Feb. 15 you can take $10,000 off options up to $30,000 and $15,000 off options up to $50,000, and the prices on selected lake lots have been reduced by 75%. Only 24 homesites remain at The Meadows of Wildwood, a private enclave in the heart of Wildwood which features luxurious, maintenancefree detached villa homes priced from the mid $290’s. To visit, take Highway 100 to south on Highway 109 to right at the New College Avenue stoplight. Turn left at Generations Drive and follow to the entrance of Meadows of Wildwood. The sales center and clubhouse are on the right.

Greater Missouri Builders has new, lower, anniversary pricing at Queensbrooke Condominiums, now starting at $ 99,900. There are 10 ready to move into at that price featuring 1,070 square feet, two bedrooms, two full baths, wood cabinets, pantry, laundry room in each unit and a balcony or patio. Queensbrooke features an elevator building, covered parking and Here’s what else a great location on Highway 94 at Harvester Road. “We’ll also be ready to open is happening: the New Townhomes at Queensbrooke in “We’ve always said ‘you get more with March,” announced Kim Davison-Whalen, McKelvey,’ and our 113th anniversary residential sales and marketing director for sale proves it more than ever!” said McK- GMB. The townhomes will be priced from elvey Homes President Jim Brennan. To $154,900 with two bedrooms, 1½ baths and celebrate the company’s 113th anniversary, a loft, with a three-bedroom option, and a McKelvey is offering buyers 113% off two-master bedroom option. All have a options through March 6. “In honor of our long tradition of fine homebuilding, we’re not only giving 100% off options up to See RISING MORTGAGE, page 52

*Offer good for up to $20,000 in free options and a $2,600 rebate on any to-be-built McKelvey home. Contracts must be signed by 3-6-11. Some restrictions apply. See salesperson for details.

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RISING MORTGAGE, from page 50

667 Barrow Ridge. Detached Villa in Barrow Ridge, the Ashley model.

two-car detached garage, large back yards, full basement, brick front, large kitchen and more, Kim said. “We have great pricing on all of our inventory homes in all of our communities,” she added. “Plus, we’re getting ready to start two new villas at Brunhaven, with new prices from $280’s.” For information click on

$148,500. President Greg Whittaker also announced that there are two new twostory models with four bedrooms priced from an unbelievable $149,500. Many have been asking about larger lots at New Town, Whittaker said, “so we now have half-acre homesites that you can build on. Buyers can meet with our town architect, Tim Bussee, and design a custom home as one couple did recently.” Call 636-949-2700 Just in time for spring, Thomas & Suit or visit At Homes is offering for quick move-in a Whittaker’s unique Glenhurst townhome new Alberta model at The Enclave at Som- community in Wentzville, savvy homemers Pointe in St. Charles County. “This buyers can move into a three-bedroom, 2,260-square-foot home represents an 2½-bath home with two-car garage from exceptional value, priced at just $329,000,” just $106,500. Call 636-332-9988. said Community Sales Manager Char Richards “It has a wonderful open floor plan, Payne Family Homes prides itself in with 11-foot ceilings in the great room, listening to customers, says Sales and breakfast room, hearth room and kitchen. Marketing Director Ed Lott. As a result, Another exceptional feature of this home the homebuilder has introduced a new is the direct-vent gas fireplace.” At nearby line of homes called the Vision Series, “a Wyndgate Forest, buyers have the rare visionary collection of customer-designed opportunity to purchase a move-in-ready homes at prices and sizes consistent with 1½-story sitting on a wooded homesite the way you want to live,” according to that is over a half acre. The 3,311-square- their advertisements. The seven all-new foot Persimmon model has four-bedrooms, designs have features such as two master 3½-baths and architectural features galore suites with luxury baths and walk-in like a two-story window wall in the expan- closets, multi-purpose rooms, and a sinsive great room and a covered deck. Both gle-level model that offers an optional are designed to take full advantage of the penthouse suite. The Vision Series is breathtaking setting, Char said. Price of available at Ashton Woods in Eureka; this home is $449,000. For information call Ohmes Farm, Bella Vista and The Pointe 636-561-2120 or go to at Heritage Crossing, all in St. Peters. Prices start in the upper $100,000s. In addition to the new Vision Series, Payne There’s always something new at The recently announced that it is now selling New Town at St. Charles: Whittaker Homes homes from the low $200,000s at Boulder is debuting three different sized versions of Ridge on Highway Z just south of I-70. its new Cottage Villas with two bedrooms For information call 314-477-1218 or go and two baths priced from $128,500 to to

Your guide to new homes prime.  I 53


Generation Y finds a perfect fit at Whittaker’s New Town at St. Charles Were you born between 1980 and the early 2000s? That would make you a member of Generation Y, and there are an estimated 80 million of you – even more than the fabled Baby Boomer generation. While Boomers prefer suburbia, Generation Y – also known as Millennials - likes a more urban setting, and they’re willing to pay for the ability to walk to work, shopping and entertainment. If you like to walk rather than drive, The New Town at St. Charles was made for you. In 2003, New Town was established as the first true New Urbanism development in Missouri and one of the premier Traditional neighborhoods in the country, designed in the style of Seaside, Fla. Seven years later, New Town has eclipsed Seaside in growth and amenities. New Town is designed to accommodate a wide price range of homes and small businesses in a setting that combines old with new, creating a town reminiscent of the past where children can ride their bikes to the corner market or ice cream shop and residents can walk to restaurants and bars More than 1,000 families and individuals have purchased homes in New Town since it opened in 2003. “We’ve sold more homes in just seven years in New Town than any other project in our company’s 30-year history,” noted Greg Whittaker, president of Whittaker Homes and developer of The New Town at St. Charles. “People like the close-in location in the city of St. Charles, the products and the pricing, Whittaker said. “New Town has continued to sell even during this slow period. Last year over 200 moved into New Town. Nothing close to that is happening anywhere else.” While New Town appeals to Gen Y’ers, who are entering their 30s, the community also is attracting 20-somethings, Whittaker pointed out. “From the beginning I’ve said that our buyers at New Town have been younger AND older than I expected. They range from singles to empty nesters, and over half

have kids. New Town serves everybody’s needs, no matter what they’re looking for. “We have so many different styles that we appeal to all ages.” This spring Whittaker has rolled out two new homestyles at New Town: Three versions of Cottage Villas with two bedrooms and two baths priced from $128,500 to $148,500, and two new two-story models with four bedrooms priced from just $149,500. Many have been asking about larger lots at New Town, Whittaker said, “so we now have half-acre homesites that you can build on. Buyers can meet with our town architect, Tim Bussee, and design a custom home as one couple did recently.” Residents can enjoy shopping at Marsala’s Market, the new Second Hand Rose home décor shop, and a new jewelry store which just opened. Plus there’s fun under the sun at Shire Lane Pool, sand volleyball, an ice-skating rink and a full yearly schedule of music festivals, all of which contribute to the stimulating atmosphere. “There are so many things to do at New Town,” said Whittaker. “It’s just an unbelievable place.” To visit New Town take Highway 364 to north on New Town Boulevard 1.5 miles to the entrance on the right. Call 636-9492700 or visit www.newtownatstcharles. com. Meanwhile, at Whittaker’s unique Glenhurst townhome community in Wentzville, savvy homebuyers can move into a threebedroom, 2½-bath home with two-car garage from just $106,500. The townhomes are only attached at the two-car garage, and buyers have their own front yard and large back yard, so there are no monthly maintenance fees. Buyers also enjoy an ideal location just minutes from Wentzville Parkway shopping. To visit Glenhurst take I-70 to Wentzville Parkway to west on the South Service Road to left on Point Prairie Road. Call 636-332-9988.

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Home Helpers ♥ Bathing/Personal Care 636-391-0000 ♥ Hospice Support Care 314-961-1002 ♥ Light Housekeeping

Com mu n it y Event s BENEFITS A Valentine Bridal Boutique is from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Thurs., Feb. 10 at Dave Mungenast Lexus (13700 Manchester Road in Manchester). A designer bridal fashion show, vendor displays, refreshments and prize drawings are featured. Admission is $5 and benefits the St. Louis Chapter of Wish Upon a Wedding. To register, visit valentinebridalboutique. com. • • • The 25th annual Missouri Winefest is from noon to 5 p.m. on Sat., Feb. 12 and Sun., Feb. 13 at the indoor pavilion of Westport Plaza (111 West Port Plaza, Suite 550). Ten wineries offer four of their best wines for tasting and purchase by the bottle. Food items are sampled and sold from Ice Kitchen, Missouri Mercantile, Pujols 5 and The Drunken Fish. Live entertainment is provided by Tony Viviano. Entrance is $20, which includes a commemorative glass. Proceeds benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Call (314) 878-0780, ext. 23, or visit • • • The Pond Elementary Trivia Night is at 6:30 p.m. (doors open) on Sat., Feb. 12 at 17200 Manchester Road in Wildwood. Silent and live auctions are featured, and funds raised benefit the classroom literature sets and campus beautification. The

We Restore Floors Marble • Stone • Wood Vinyl • Ceramic Tile Grout • Carpet • Upholstery Floors, Showers Counter Tops, Back Splashes

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children create a tile mosaic led by a professional artist. E-mail Cindy Beeler at or call 273-0049. • • • The “Love is Blind” Trivia Night hosted by Midwestern Braille Volunteers is at 7 p.m. (doors open at 6:15 p.m.) on Sat., Feb. 12 at the Two Hearts Banquet Center (4532 South Lindbergh Blvd. in Sunset Hills). A silent auction, 50/50 raffles, head/ tales and more are featured. The cost is $20 per person or $200 for a table of 10. For details or to donate items, visit, e-mail, or call (314) 966-5828. • • • Budweiser presents the eighth annual Sports Trivia Championship to benefit theShelter St. Patrick Centerlife on Fri., Feb. 18 at makes insurance the Chaifetz Arena. A VIP table 10 is a walk in the for park $3,000; a standard table for 10 is $1,000. Call Katie Holcomb at (314) 802-1976 or e-mail to reserve a table. • • • A trivia night is at 7 p.m. (doors open at 6:30 p.m.) on Fri., Feb. 18 at the Eureka Community Center. St. Louis Cardinals broadcaster John Rooney is the emcee; proceeds support the Wildwood Y Community Campaign. Tickets are $160 in advance for a table of eight/$175 at the door. Call 4586636 or visit

Shelter makes life insurance a walk in the park Selecting the right life insurance coverage isn’t always Your Shelter agentisn’t can Selecting the right life easy. insurance coverage you find that work always easy. Your Shelterhelp agent canoptions help you find for From you. From policies to to options that work for you. termterm polocies whole life, find out how we can whole life, find out how we can help with your life help with your life insurance insurnace needs. Call, click or come seeoruscome to find needs. Call, click see our how our sheld can help us toprotect find ouryou! how our shield can help protect you! Steve Downs 142 Enchanted Pkwy # 101 Manchester, MO 636-391-9111 For your free quote

(636) 458-2500

w w w .ama n ts

Shelter Life Insurance Company Columbia, Missouri 1-800-SHELTER


♥ Laundry/Linen Change ♥ Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care ♥ Recuperative Care

• • • A trivia night is at 7 p.m. on Fri., Feb. 18 at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church (15764 Clayton Road in Ellisville). Tickets are $20 per person or $160 for a table or eight, with beer, wine and chips con queso included. A cash prize, silent auction, door prizes and a 50/50 drawing are featured. Visit, call Leanne Lyle at 532-0794 or e-mail • • • The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America hosts the 21st annual Orchid Affair at 6 p.m. on Sat., Feb. 19 at the Chase Park Plaza. Charlie Brennan is emcee and auctioneer. A silent auction, dinner, awards ceremony, live auction and dancing are included. Proceeds benefit AAFA’s local service programs. For information, call (314) 645-2422 or visit • • • Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis hosts Jump & Jive for 25 from 6:25 p.m. to 8:25 p.m. on Fri., Feb. 25 at Jive & Wail (1227 Washington Avenue). Dueling pianos provide entertainment. Tickets are $25 or $50 and sales benefit the nonprofit’s efforts to eliminate substandard housing in the area. Tickets are available at habitatstl. org/jive25 or by sending a check payable to Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis to 3763 Forest Park Ave., St. Louis, MO 63108. NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING before the CITY OF WILDWOOD CITY COUNCIL February, 28, 2011, 7:30 p.m. (Monday)

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Call (314) 371-0400. • • • The Saint Louis Ballet School Trivia Night is at 7 p.m. (doors open at 6:30 p.m.) on Fri., Feb. 25 at St. John Lutheran Church in Ellisville. Admission is $25 per individual/$175 per table. A best-decorated table contest and silent auction also are featured. Beer and wine are provided; soda and water are available for purchase. Proceeds benefit the Saint Louis Ballet School expansion project. E-mail parentsociety@ • • • The “Go Wild at Mardi Gras Trivia Night” is at 7 p.m. (doors open at 6 p.m.) on Sat., Feb. 26 at Congregation Shaare Emeth (11645 Ladue Road in Creve Coeur). Music, cash prizes, prizes for best Mardi Gras mask and best decorated table, a raffle and silent auction are featured. Admission is $175 for a table of eight with proceeds benefiting the Wildlife Rescue Center. To register, call 394-1880 or visit • • • The Knights of Columbus Ladies Auxiliary of Holy Infant Church in Ballwin presents a JEST mysteries production of “Muuurder in Maaaaberry” at 7 p.m. on Sat., Feb. 26 in the upper cafeteria. Cost is $20 per person and includes dinner and Public Notice posted in accordance with 610 RSMO 1994, as amended, by Lynne Greene-Beldner Deputy City Administrator/City Clerk

The City Council of the City of Wildwood will hold a public hearing on Monday, February 28, 2010 at 7:30 p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers, 183 Plaza Drive, Wildwood, Missouri 63040 for the purpose of hearing testimony regarding a recommendation by the Board of Public Safety to regulate the sale of Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine related products within the municipal boundaries of the City of Wildwood, which will then be taken under advisement for future action. This hearing will be open to all interested parties to comment upon this request, whether in favor or opposition, or to provide additional input for consideration. If you wish to attend this public hearing and require accommodation due to disability, please contact the Department of Public Works forty-eight (48) hours in advance at (636) 458-0440. If you do not have comments regarding this request, no action is required on your part. Written comments must be submitted prior to the date of the hearing and addressed to the City Council, City of Wildwood, 183 Plaza Drive, Wildwood, Missouri 63040. The following request will be considered at this time: P.S. 1-11 City of Wildwood Board of Public Safety c/o Department of Public Works, 183 Plaza Drive, Wildwood, Missouri 63040 - A recommendation by the Board of Public Safety to regulate the sale of Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine related products within the municipal boundaries of the City of Wildwood. (Ward – All) By Order of the City Council on January 24, 2011 by Lynne Greene-Beldner, Deputy City Administrator/City Clerk The City of Wildwood is working to comply with the American with Disabilities Act mandates. Individuals who require accommodation to attend a meeting should contact City Hall, (636) 458-0440, at least 48 hours in advance.


NEWSMAGAZINENETWORK.COM dessert. Proceeds benefit charities. For reservations, call Rita at 391-9264. • • • Grace Place Lutheran Wellness Ministries hosts Soup for the Soul from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Sun., Feb. 27 at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Des Peres. The unique culinary event features about 20 soups, chowders and chili from area restaurants. Tickets are $15 for adults (13 and older), $5 for children 5-12 and free for younger kids. Call Charlotte Bohlmann at (314) 368-7100. • • • The 13th annual Taste of West County is from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Mon., Feb. 28 at Lafayette High School. Guests sample food from more than 30 restaurants and may purchase a “Taste of Lafayette” cookbook for $15. Tickets are $12 per person or $40 for a family of four with additional family members admitted for $10; children younger than age 5 are admitted for free. All proceeds benefit the Lafayette High Class of 2012. For tickets, call Karen at 458-3731 or 273-5709. • • • “Falling in Love…in Five Courses,” a gala hosted by the St. Louis Community College Foundation, is at 6:30 p.m. (dinner is at 7:45 p.m.) on Sat., Mar. 12 at the Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis (999 N. Second Street). Richard Sandoval, considered father of modern Mexican cuisine, hosts a VIP tequila tasting at 5:30 p.m. Individual tickets are $295, individual patron tickets are $500 and tables of eight start at $2,950. Contact Deborah Godwin at (314) 5395216 or e-mail • • • Support Dogs, Inc. hosts its sixth annual “Tacky Ball” with the theme “The Dogfather: A Gala You Can’t Refuse” from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Sat., March 26 at the Hyatt Regency St. Louis Riverfront (315 Chestnut St.). Dinner, live and silent auctions and dancing with the Dr. Zhivegas band included. Proceeds benefit Support Dogs, Inc., which provides assistance dogs to individuals with disabilities. Tickets are $85 per person or $1,500 for a 10-person table. To reserve a seat, call (314) 9972325 or visit


A Daddy-Daughter Dance is from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Fri., Feb. 11 at the Eureka Community Center. Girls ages 2 to 13 and their fathers are invited for crafts, music, dancing and prizes. Admission starts at $18 for a dad and one daughter; the registration deadline is Feb. 4. Call the Eureka Parks and Recreation Department at 938-6775. • • • Friday Night Live for middle school students, ages 11 to 14, is from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Fridays Feb. 11, March 11 and April 8 at The Lodge Des Peres. The event

is $5 and includes activities, games, fitness classes and more. For details, visit • • • “Story Time” is from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sat., Feb. 12 at Chesterfield Mall. Local Author Kelley Lamm, host of “Kelley’s deliciously Alive Show” on Westplex Radio 100.7 FM, hosts a theatrical production by Make Believe Theatre and Arts Centre of “Kocoa and the Chocolate Fairy.” Children are encouraged to dress as princes, princesses and magical fairies for a chance to win a gift. For information or to RSVP for the free event, visit or email • • • A Valentine’s event for kids is from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Sat., Feb. 12 at the Wildwood Family YMCA (2641 Hwy. 109). The special guest is Clifford the Big Red Dog. Kids from age 3 through grade 5 can enjoy an inflatable, swimming, crafts, games and gym sports. Kids younger than age 5 get their own gym time. The fee is $15 per participant ($10 for siblings) in advance. After noon on Saturday, admission is $20 at the door with no sibling discount. Sign up at the YMCA, 458-6636 or go to • • • An All Camp Expo is from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Sat., Feb. 19 at The Lodge Des Peres. Representatives from camps help with summer plans. Visit

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St. Louis Hot Tub Warehouse Low Interest Financing Available

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16329 Westwoods Business Park Dr.

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(Off Old State Rd. • Just South of Manchester)

(636) 394-4600

LIVE PERFORMANCES Lafayette High School presents “Little Shop of Horrors” at 7 p.m. on Thurs., Feb. 10, Fri., Feb. 11 and Sat., Feb. 12 at the LHS Theatre. Tickets for the musical are $5 in advance and $7 at the door. Rockwood Gold Cards are good for one free ticket. To pre-order tickets, call Erica Cohen at 399-7318. • • • STAGES St. Louis presents “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown” in conjunction with the Delta Gamma Center for Children with Visual Impairments at 7 p.m. on Sat., Feb. 26 at Maryville University Campus. The musical comedy includes children who are sighted and those who are visually impaired. Admission is free and made possible by contributions from the Valerie Marvin Walch Fund and E. Reuben and Gladys Flora Charitable Trust. For details, visit


We’re committed to helping the community and everyone who lives here achieve more than ever. To learn more, stop by your local branch, call 1-877-CALL PNC or visit

SPECIAL INTEREST St. Louis Imperial Swing Dance Club holds a “Sweetheart Dance” at 6:45 p.m. (doors open) on Sat., Feb. 19 at Trinity Lutheran Church (Clayton Road and Hwy. 141 in Chesterfield). Admission is $5 for members and sister club members and $8 for guests. Call 493-1665 or visit slidc. com.

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Enter t ai n ment


formance Center Tchaikovsky 6, Feb. 25-27, Powell Symphony Hall Merle Haggard & Kris Kristofferson, March 9, The Fox Theatre

Join us for a romantic Valentine's evening from February 11th - 14th, Fin is offering a special three course Valentine's dinner for two at $50 that includes two complimentary drinks and a valentine’s roll.


Al Jarreau brings his unique vocal style to The Touhill on Feb. 11.

COMEDY Royal Comedy Tour, Feb. 25, Chaifetz Arena


Make your reservation at 636.536.4228 Lunch Hours Mon-Fri 11:00a.m to 2:30p.m Dinner Hours Sun-Thu 5:00p.m to 9:00p.m Fri-Sat 5:00p.m to 10:00p.m


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The Hill

For Great Italian Food & Catering!

1682 Clarkson Rd. Chesterfield, MO 63017

Celebrate Valentine’s Day All Weekend Long February 11 — 14

Conveniently located off Hwy 44 at Kingshighway & Hampton exits

Di Gregorio Foods 2232 Marconi Ave.

OPEN VALENTINE’S DAY Monday, February 14th LUNCH : Tues - Fri • 11-3 p.m DINNER : Tues-Thurs. • 5-9:30 p.m Friday & Saturday • 5-10 p.m. Sunday • 4-9:30 p.m. Featuring Fresh Seasonal Cuisine at a Modest Price Point 79 Forum Center Olive & Woodsmill Chesterfield 314.52.FRESH (37374)

SpeCial entReeS live MuSiC tHuR/FRi/Sat/Sun/ Mon Make ReSeRvationS now!!!

Al Jarreau, Feb. 11, Blanche M. Touhill Performing Arts Center Jupiter Symphony, Feb. 11-12, Powell Symphony Hall 6th Annual St. Louis Blues Festival, Feb. 12, Chaifetz Arena “Brian Owens: The Soulful Sounds of Sam Cooke,” Feb. 12, Sheldon Concert Hall “Lift Every Voice: Black History Month Celebration,” Feb. 18, Powell Symphony Hall Chris Botti, Feb. 19, Powell Symphony Hall Arianna String Quartet’s “Imagination and Imagery,” Feb. 20-23, Blanche M. Touhill Performing Arts Center “The Sheldon Corale: Sacred Music of the Season,” Feb. 21, Sheldon Concert Hall Ke$ha, Feb. 22, The Pageant St. Louis Jazz Orchestra, Feb. 24, Blanche M. Touhill Performing Arts Center Miranda Lambert, Feb. 24, Chaifetz Arena Kenny Rogers, Feb. 25, Effingham Per-

Chris Botti performs one night only on Feb. 19 at Powell Symphony Hall.

“Shadowlands,” through Feb. 13, Mustard Seed Theatre “True West,” through Feb. 19, Centene Theatre for Arts & Education “9 to 5: The Musical,” through Feb. 20, The Fox Theatre “Macbeth,” through March 6, LorettoHilton Center “Peter Martin Music: Live!” Feb. 10, Sheldon Concert Hall “Disney Live: Mickey’s Magic Show,” Feb. 10-11, Chaifetz Arena David Lanz & the Liverpool Trio: “ReImagining the Beatles,” Feb. 11, Sheldon Concert Hall

Brian Owens performs “The Soulful Sounds of Sam Cooke” on Feb. 12 at Sheldon Concert Hall.

“A Valentine’s Cabaret,” Feb. 11-12, Dramatic License Theatre “Round and Round the Garden,” Feb. 11-26, Black Cat Theatre “Chiwoniso: Rebel Woman,” Feb. 26, Blanche M. Touhill Performing Arts Center “Cirque d’Or: Golden Dragon Acrobats,” Feb. 26, Blanche M. Touhill Performing Arts Center “In the Next Room or the vibrator play,” March 9-27, Loretto-Hilton Center “Driving Miss Daisy,” March 10-27, Dramatic License Theatre Alvin Ailey, March 11-12, The Fox Theatre “Beehive: The 60s Musical,” March 16-April 10, Loretto-Hilton Center “Imagination Movers,” March 17, The Fox Theatre

tickets and information 100 Holloway Road Ballwin, 63011 636.220.8989 Check us out on

Black Cat Theatre:, (314) 781-8300 Blanche M. Touhill Performing Arts Center:, (314) 516-4949 Centene Theatre for Arts & Education: hotcitytheatre. org, (314) 289-4060 Chaifetz Arena:, (314) 534-1111 Dramatic License Theatre: dramaticlicenseproductions. com, (636) 220-7012 Effingham Performance Center:, (866)

448-7849 The Fox Theatre:, (314) 534-1111 Loretto-Hilton Center:, (314) 968-4925 Mustard Seed Theatre:, (800) 838-3006 The Pageant:, (866) 448-7849 Powell Symphony Hall:, (800) 232-1880 The Sheldon Concert Hall:, (314) 534-1111



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The Closest Smoking Establishment to the Valley: Only 4 miles West of Chesterfied Valley. Easy Access on and off Hwy. K


Join us for Valentine’s Day Great Food • Great Service

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Hwy.40 Hwy. K

(Includes a side dish and salad) Monday thru Thursday

Tech n



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EVERYDAY 16 oz. Pork Chop - 13.95 14 oz. Ribeye - $16.95 8 oz. Sirloin - $10.50 $

Open 8am Mon-Sat • 9am on Sundays

49 Clarkson Road • Ellisville One block North of Clarkson & Manchester


Monthly Beer Tastings

Exceptional Sunday Brunch $10. 00 Off w/purchase of 2 Brunches Children under 6 free.

6-12 yrs. $6.95

$15 Off 2 Dinner Entrées

Please Present Coupon When Ordering. Limit One Per Table. Not Valid With Any Other Offer. Not Valid On Carry Out Orders. Expires 3/11/11. Valid weekdays only.

138 Chesterfield Towne Center 636.532.5353



58 I  For St. Louis Italian-style cuisine, it’s Massa’s of course! FEBRUARY 9, 2011 WEST NEWSMAGAZINE

By SUZANNE CORBETT When Jack and Bill Massa decided to go into the restaurant business 37 years ago, naming their new establishment never was an issue. When Jack was asked what the name of their restaurant should be, he quickly said, “Massa’s, of course!” The name – including the “of course!” – stuck. Massa’s now has four operations, including the restaurant in Ellisville, the success of which links to Jack Massa’s love of being a restaurateur – a love that began when he was a 12-year-old kid, working in South St. Louis as a food runner and barback. “I love this business – and it gets into your blood,” said Jack, adding that his first job ignited a passion that continued even after becoming an aeronautical engineer. “I would work as an engineer during the day at McDonnell, then moonlight at Bartolino’s at night. All that time I always had it in the back of my mind to open a restaurant one day.” Once Jack decided to take the leap and open his first restaurant with his brother Bill, he began to write down the recipes he had cooked for friends – such as Chicken

Massa’s 15310 Manchester Road • Ellisville (636) 391-3700 Hours: 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., Monday-Thursday; 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Friday-Saturday; Closed Sunday


Bianco – a house specialty – and family recipes that Massa refined for restaurant use. “Our cannelloni is out of this world,” he said. “The recipe is a mix between my recipe and my dad’s. And my wife came up with our salad dressing recipe. After 37 years, we’re still using the same recipes.” When asked which dishes ranked as customer favorites, Massa’s Ellisville Manager Kevin Ragsdale said, “Everything on the menu. We have customers say we have the best seafood they’ve ever had. And people love our steaks that are all aged for 21 days.” Carnivores appreciate the Steak Pepe, a 9-ounce filet draped with a creamy, cracked pepper sauce. Bleu Medallions is another steak option – grilled sliced beef tenderloin crowned with blue cheese and garlic butter. Tutta Mare consistently receives rave reviews. The Italian pasta classic tosses clams, shrimp, crabmeat, and scallops with linguine in a rich cream sauce. Another stand-out pasta dish with high flavor marks is the Cajun Pasta. “Cajun Pasta has only been on the menu for three or four Massa’s Manager Kevin Ragsdale (fourth from left) and years, but it’s been a big hit,” said Massa, who created staff. the recipe. “We have our Cajun spices blended just for us locally by McCarthy Spice Company. It’s got just enough Ragsdale said. “It’s got Italian sausage, pepperoni and heat and spice without being too spicy.” bacon. But if you want something different, try Kim’s Besides entrees, salads, appetizers and sandwiches, Special (a white sauce pizza with chicken, mushrooms homemade pizzas have garnered awards – even being and onions).” named the best pizza in West County by West NewsJack Massa calls Massa’s cuisine “St. Louis Italian,” a magazine readers. Available for dining in or as carryout, cuisine he helped create. Massa’s pizzas are custom-made and sized from large to a “You don’t get tired of the recipes on the menu,” he said. single-serve mini. “That’s important because we’re a local place – even if we “If you’re a meat lover you’ll like Big Al’s Special,” have four locations. We cater to the area we serve.”

Come Celebrate Valentine’s Day mon, Feb. 14

Free Dessert for Every Table • 5-8 pm

Open Valentine's Day ' '

Mon., Feb. 14th for Lunch & Dinner

Sweeten Up Your Sweetie This Valentines Day

/ 0 $ 1%2'- +"Dinner *$ ' &, %" 1'3 '40 - &, %+', %+* Valentine for Two $39.95 '

' ' ' '

One lucky couple will win their dinner FREE!!!

— lunch specials —

$4.95 Monday-Saturday (Includes Rice, Beans & Soft Drink)

Authentic Mexican Restaurant

Family owned & operated since 1995




40 - &, %+'+0 44'

5% - - . &'+* - %' , '6 +%" / '+0 4 '


15307 Manchester Rd. • Central Plaza • Ballwin


Open For Lunch & Dinner Steaks, Chicken, Seafood, Grouper, Walleye, Chops, Burgers and Sandwiches Valentine’s Day Monday, Feb. 14th


Bring in this ad for &( & ) *'#4" , , %+'

% 10 Off Monday - Thursday • Lunch & Dinner

Everyone loves a delicious treat from McArthurs Bakery!


Not valid with special dinner offer.

Make Your Reservations Today!

Carryout Children’s Menu Happy Hour Daily 165 Lamp & Lantern Village Town & Country

Now 100% Non-Smoking

“We Collect Old Fishing Stuff”

631 Big Bend Rd. Manchester

636-207-0501Gift Certificates Available 636-207-1689

Japanese Sushi Restaurant

1637 Clarkson Rd. • Chesterfield


(In the plaza with Trader Joe’s) • 13700 Olive Blvd Chesterfield, Mo 63017 (314) 894-0900

Lunch Special Buy 1 Sandwich get 1 FREE (Limit 1) • 3/15/2011

Gooey Butter

Only $4.99 (Limit 1) • 3/15/2011



 I 59

W E S T H O M E PA G E S When you want it done right...

Wildhorse Contracting Custom Home Building

Check our ads first. 636.591.0010


On a VOP call PrOfessiOnal!

•Kitchen/Baths •Concrete Flatwork •Basement Remodeling •Landscaping •Carpentry •Decks/Patios •Stone Brick Work •Room Additions Licensed & Insured


Home Repairs • Plumbing • Electrical Carpentry • Painting • Windows & Doors Appliances • Roof Repairs • Decks & More!

636-288-6410 I RETURN ALL CALLS!

636.541.0375 • 636.394.2319

New Service- Repair- Remodeling Troubleshooting - Free Estimates

Since 1930 Upholstering, Repairing and Refinishing


17322 Manchester Road

*Ask about our discounts*

(636) 458-3809

Licensed- Bonded- Insured


Certified Mold Remediation Company Specializing in: • Residential Remediation • Commercial Remediation • Indoor Air Quality • Guaranteed Odor Removal - Pet, Tobacco, etc.


Residential/Commercial • FREE Estimates


Carpet, Tile & Grout 3 q Kitchens & Baths 3 q Wood Rot 3 q Windows/Doors

3 q Drywall repair/Painting 3 q Caulking/Grouting 3 q And much more!

Bonded & Insured/Experienced Employees/ Professional, Safe And Reliable


Also Offering Power Washing! Vinyl Siding, Sidewalks and Driveways


NEED ELECTRIC? T.D. DeVeydt Electric L.L.C. Licensed - Bonded - Insured New Service • Repair • Remodel

Troubleshooting • Upgrade • Back-Up Generators


Cleaning Three Areas

109 $ 159 Seven Areas $ 199 $

Five Areas

Ten Areas

(Whole House)


Call for a free estimate today! ®


Highest Quality, Lowest Prices!


State-of-the-Art Truck Mounted


Locally Owned & Operated

Steve Probst • Owner


SHOWERS REBUILT BATHROOMS REMODELED “Water Damaged Showers a Specialty” Tub to Stall Shower Conversions Grab Bars/ High Toilets/ Personal Showers visit our showroom

636-394-0315 Senior Discounts Available

Tile & Bath Service, Inc. 25 Years Experience • At this location 20 years 14770 Clayton Road • Ballwin, MO 63011

TOOLS Bosch, Porter Cable, Ryobi, Makita, DeWalt, Delta, Sioux, Skil, etc., etc.

Reface St. Louis “One Kitchen At A Time” Over 18 Years Experience

Refacing Kitchen, Cabinets & Bath Vanities Save money & make your cabinets look new

8125 Brentwood Industrial Drive

Kitchens ♦ Baths ♦ Additions Concrete Driveways,

Exterior/Interior Home Remodels





Salesperson: F inish Proof: & Trim C arpentry C o . Custom Woodworking • Bookshelves Fireplace Mantels • Doors Entertainment Centers Theatre Rooms • Custom Bars

Call for a fRee estimate

R. Kinder

Master Carpenter #1557

• Kitchen & Bath Remodeling • Drywall • Carpentry • Flooring • Molding & Trim Work •Handyman Jobs

(636) 391-5880

Insured • Satisfaction Guaranteed Since 1979 •



eSTiMaTeS • Painting Fully • Staining inSuReD • Decks • Mildew Correction

$100 OFF 314.630.1506 Any Interior or Exterior Job of $1,000 or More

Present coupon at bid. Not valid w/ other offers. Exp 3-15-11

The Cleaning Agents, LLC

“We’re Tough On Grime”

Off Manchester Just West Of Hanley


1279 Hwy 100 • Wildwood, MO 63069

644-6677 (800) 444-0423

Serving St. Louis & St. Charles County Licensed • Insured

Residential • Commercial • New Construction

(636) 451-5107 (Cell:(636) 485-7723)

Full Line Of Concrete Stamp


Over 15 Years Experience


Patios & Sidewalks, Patterns & Colors

Building Quality With Integrity

& Remodeling L.L.C Licensed • Insured • Bonded


Let us help!



Residential- Commercial

Furniture & Decorating Co., Inc


D-K Electric


We Come PREPARED! • • • • •


Fully stocked trucks for expedient repair Quality plumbing repairs Fair • Honest • Reliable Reasonable rates • Licensed Satisfaction Guaranteed Specialists in OLD HOME repair.

T O N Y L AM A R T I N A PLUMBING COMPANY 965-9377 INC. “We want to be your family plumber”

When you want it done right the first time... We’re the place to check out first.


60 I 



WEST claSSifiEdS Assisted Care


Cleaning Service



Get More Money Than A Tax Deduction


RUNNING USED CARS Home Helpers is your #1 source affordable, dependable care by compassionate caregivers. ♥ Senior Adults ♥ Recuperative Care ♥ Alzheimer’s / Dementia Care ♥ Bathing/Personal Care ♥ Transportation ♥ Meal Preparation ♥ Housekeeping ♥ On Call 24/7 Insured/Bonded & Carefully Screened West County 636-391-0000

Apreferred home care choice since 1987. College degreed professionals provide care/ companionship. Why accept less? Competitively priced options. Care managers and clinical staff available. Bonded & insured. AAA screened. Call Gretchen at StaffLink (314) 477-3434

Cash Paid On The Spot Call Sam 314-302-2008

Watch for our next edition to arrive

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly Move in & Move Out $10 OFF New Clients

Your Satisfaction is Our Goal Insured & Bonded Call 314-426-3838


february 23rd, 2011!

advertising deadline Thurs., february 17th!

call Hope at 636-591-0010 Childcare

fine Motor tutoring available in your home for your SPEcial NEEdS child by licensed professional with 12+ years experience.

fREE iNiTial cONSUlT!


CHILDCARE IN MY BALLWIN HOME Limited opening for 8wk-3yr old for individualized & professional care. M-F 7am-6pm. 11-years professional infant/toddler care experience. CPR & First Aid certified. Insured. References avail. Call 636-517-1383 email:

We cut costs, not corners! Flexible cleaning schedules, move-in/ move-out cleaning, residential & commercial cleans. Bonded, insured, screened employees. petfriendly. Discounts for seniors and new customers! FREE Personalized estimates.

Caregivers Quality In Home Care For People of All Ages Dependable, Highly Trained Compassionate Caregivers Flexible Customized Care Hourly, Shift or 24 Hour Care Locally Owned and Operated

For the peace of mind of having a clean home, when you don't have the time to do it on your today for a one-time or regularly schedul ed house cleaning. We do it all!



House Cleaning/ Personal Assistant Mature-Reliable References

Call Sue 314-993-8954


To Place Your Classified ad,

call Hope at


Many West County References

Restretching, reseaming & patching. No job too small. Free estimates.

(314) 892-1003 WOOd flOOR REfiNiSHiNG Add instant equity to your home Professional Floors of St. Louis 25 year old fully insured company serving entire metro community Sanding, refinishing, repairs, new installation, most manufacturers available. Free estimates 314-843-4348

WEST COUNTY GARAGE DOOR SERVICE Proudly serving West County since 1980. Springs, cables, electric openers. Door replacement. Evening & weekend service available. Call 636-388-9774


Only $64/Hour

WE HAUL IT ALL Service 7 days. Debris, furniture, appliances, household trash, yard debris, railroad ties, fencing, decks. Garage & Basement Clean-up Neat, courteous, affordable rates. Call: 636-379-8062 or email:

Chambers Computers 15274 Manchester Rd. Ste 275

Skips Hauling & demolition!

COMPLETE COMPUTER SERVICES In-Home, Offices & Small Business

Affordable Expert PC Repair

(New Ballwin & Manchester Rds.)

Call Mike (636) 220-2395

Serving St. louis & St. charles co

call Mike at 636-675-7641 Service at your home or office for: • PC problems or set-up • PC won't start or connect

•Spyware •Adware •Virus Removal •Hardware •Software Upgrades

$30 diagnostic charge only for first ½ hour Day, evening and weekend appointments available.

Help Wanted

NOW HiRiNG! Staff accountant

F/T. Analyze financial info, prepare reports. Oversee / Perform reconciliation of A/R and A/P’s & monthly closings. Prepare budgets & management agreements. Oversee bookkeeping. BA in Accounting req. Quickbooks & Microsoft proficiency.

Sales Manager

F/T. Expanding DM firm seeking Sales Manager to Manage, Lead & MotivateSales Team. Carry a book of business while leading team to closing clients. 5-7 yrs successful sales exp. Microsoft proficiency. 30% travel. Bachelors Degree Req.

Executive assistant

F/T Assist President with arranging meetings, coordinating calendar, contacting clients, composing letters & ongoing projects. Excellent Phone skills & Microsoft Office. Bachelor’s degree req.

Email resume to: fax 636-536-9456

Caregivers Wanted Experience with all aspects of home care. Must have good communication skills. Work where you are appreciated! Call 636-391-0000



for Small Business & individuals

call 636-532-0859

FREE ESTIMATES (636)-256-8244

Cleaning with Care

computer Service & Support

Ask about our special offers for new customers!

Lighting & Design, Fans, Receptacles, GFCIs, Code Upgrades, Troubleshooting, Switches, Wiring and more. Very Experienced, Clean, Reliable, Insured, Honest, Detailed & Prompt


Specializing in Home Offices and Small Businesses. County Computer Consulting LLC, can support your computers and networks. Call Ray for more information at 636-391-3853 or www. CCC-LLC.BIZ.

computer Problems? computer Support Needs? computer Training Needs? Website Needs or Questions? Moving to a Mac? for Economical On demand Service and Support Since 1995

Fully Code Compliant Electrical Work that is Safe and Guaranteed


Computer Services

In Home

John Franz Inc.

Call 314-852-9787

Retired LPN with over 40 years experience with older adults. Reliable, dependalbe compassionate and caring. Insured & licensed. Own car and will negotiate if interested in days and times. Proudly Serving Wildwood and Ellisville. Call 636-273-9139

Electrical Services

Serving the Bi-State Area including St. Charles County. Appliances, furniture, debris, construction/ rubble, yard waste, excavating & demolition! 10, 15 and 20 cubic yard rolloff dumpsters. All type clean outs & hauling! Affordable, dependable and available! No conditions! 20 yrs. service.

Toll free 1-888-STl-JUNK ( 8 8 8 - 7 8 5 - 5 8 6 5 ) o r 3 1 4 - 6 4 4 - 1 9 4 8

Male/ Female

CNA & Caregivers Positions Available

NOW HiRiNG call cENTER POSTiONS Nationwide Company now hiring Call Center Positions We are expanding and looking to fill Call Center Positions. We offer set schedules, no sales and Ridefinders. No experience necessary, must have excellent attendance standards, Computer experience helpful.


• Starting pay $8.00 per hour and up • State of the art call center • Full service cafeteria available • Monthly contests and incentives • Paid training program • Comprehensive benefits package • Vacation time and paid personal time off • Opportunity for advancement

call 877-297-7804 to schedule an appointment for a confidential interview. Take HWY 40 west to exit 11, Research Park Cir., Stay to left onto Technology Dr. West, 500 Technology Dr. West is on the right in Verizon bldg. drug free Workplace EOE M/f/d/V E-Verify

Home Improvement THE WORKS Home maintenance repair, electric, carpentry, plumbing, painting & plastering, ceramic tile & backsplash, hardwood flooring, pressure washing & sealing, assembly and more. No jobs too small or large. 25 yrs experience, FREE ESTIMATES Call Bill at (636) 391-7548

Handyman PDQ

CNA's with current license Caregivers with Experience Insured vehicle a must Call 636-225-2600

Repairs • Assembly All Electrical and Mechanical Plumbing • A/C • Appliances



Earn extra cash dog sitting in YOUR OWN home. Interviewing dog lovers for overnight sitting of ALL size dogs. Advantages: Done in your home, cash payments, & companionship. Requirements: Available during the Day, Great for retirees, need sitters without current pets of their own.

Call 314-600-2044

acting/Modeling Opportunity.

Ever thought of you or your child appearing in print ads, commercials, TV/films? Our Agency develops, markets & places people ages 3mos thru adults. Accepting applications for all sizes & heights. Beginners welcome!

images agency

(since 1988). State Licensed.

Apply Online at

all around construction llc All interior and exterior remodeling and repairs. Historic restoration, molding duplication. Finished basements, kitchens, baths and decks. Liability, workmens comp, and EPA certified in lead removal. 18 years exp. call 314-393-1102 or 636-237-3246 Bruce & Son PressureWashing

Driveways, Homes, Decks, Boats Commercial & Residential. Hauling & disposal of scrap, yard debris, worksites & more!


STRaiGHT flUSH OPEN clOGGEd dRaiNS Starting at $70 call Mike (314) 971-5621



 I 61

WEST claSSifiEdS Home Improvement

factory direct Wood cabinetry Save 50% off list price or more!

Lawn/ Landscaping Valley Landscape Co. Mowing, leaf removal, mulching, tree & brush removal, stump removal, trimming, planting, garden tilling, and gutter cleaning! (636) 458-8234


314-432-8900 Complete Lawn Maintenence for Commerical & Residential Leaf Clean Up, Leaf Vacuuming, Aeration, Overseeding, Seeding, Fertilizing, Sodding, Mowing, Spraying, Weeding, Pruning, Trimming, Planting, Brush Removal, Edging, Mulching, Retaining Walls, Paver Patios & Draining Work

Call 314-426-8833

JS Home Services Handyman • Carpenter 25 Plus Years Experience Cheap Rates! Free Estimates! House Closings, Deck Repairs, Structural Repairs. All Jobs Big or Small. Licensed, Bonded, Insured. Call James at 314-420-3562

Davis Home Repair & Maintenance

Painting, Carpentry, Interior & Exterior Door Installation. Plumbing, Bathroom Remodel, Handyman Services. No Job Too Small. References Available. Call Waid

(314) 277-7891

Handyman Corner Reliable Home Repair PLUMBING• ELECTRICAL•CARPENTRY


Jim's Paint & Trim Service Interior & Exterior painting, crown and decorative moulding, wallpaper removal, texturing, drywall and rotten wood repair. Call 636-778-9013

•Lawn Mowing & Fertilization •Retaining Walls & Paver Patios

•Landscape Design & Installation •Drainage Work •Landscape Lighting •Mole Trapping

Fast Free Estimates (636) 296-5050

•Snow & Leaf Removal • Retaining Walls • Paver Patios • Mulch • Professional Lawn Mowing

Free Estimate


Professional Outdoor Services

Interior and Exterior Painting Power Washing



Karen's Painting

Looking for a job done right the first time? On time? Neat & organized? Someone who respects your home like her own? Interior & exterior painting. Free estimates. Discounts on empty properties. Call KAREN 636-352-0129

We Use Environmentally Friendly-NO VOC Paints


*Mowing and Fertilization *Landscape Installation & Retaining Walls *Brush Pruning & Clearing


Top of the Line Name Brands Only! FREE Estimates

Call Rich


PHONE: (636) 230-3588 CELL: (314) 799-4334

Driveways, Homes, Decks, Boats Commercial & Residential. Hauling & disposal of scrap, yard debris, worksites & more!

Owner / operator specializing in interior painting, decorative & faux painting, wall textures, concrete staining. Design consultation. Insured. References. FREE ESTIMATES 314-397-3868


30 yrs. Experience- Free Estimates

Bruce & Son PressureWashing

Pet Services




PRAYER TO THE BLESSED VIRGIN (Never known to fail) O, most beautiful flower of Mt. Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity. Oh, Star of the Sea, help me and show me herein you are my mother. Oh, Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth, I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succor me in this necessity. There are none that can withstand your power. Oh, show me herein you are my mother. Oh, Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse for thee (3X). Holy Spirit, you who solve all problems, light all roads so that I can attain my goal. You who gave me the divine gift to forgive and forget all evil against me and that in all instances in my life you are with me. I want in this short prayer to thank you for all things as you confirm once again that I never want to be separated from you in eternal glory. Thank you for mercy toward me and mine. Must say this prayer 3 consecutive days. After 3 days, the request will be granted. This prayer must be published after the favor is granted! Thank you! T.W.



314-770-1500 www.yuckos .com

Wags to Riches

Full Service Mobile Grooming Spa on Wheels. We offer: Pet/show clips, aroma therapy baths, nail clipping and grinding, teeth cleaning, high velocity drying & more! We come to you any day of the week at anytime. Specializing in large breeds and geriatric dogs. For the pampering your pet deserves, call


#1 In Quality, Service & Reliability Est. 1995 for a Free Estimate

Total Bathroom Remodeling Cabinetry•Plumbing•Electrical 20 Years Experience

DON’T PAY MORE!! Free Estimates

We handle your design needs, professionally trained. Faux finishes, texturing, marbling, graining. Interior & exterior, insured, FREE estimates. All work done by owner. 26 years experience. Call Ken or Hugo at 636-274-2922 or 314-640-4085

Visit our showrooms!

(636) 227-1173

Wall & Ceiling Combo Special! • Paints, Glazes and More • • Cabinetry & Furniture Too • • Affordable Quality •

A-1 Custom Painting & Wallpapering

17722 Chesterfield Airport Rd. 636-536-0771 11600 Olive Blvd. Creve Coeur

Minor Repairs, Carpentry, Electrical, Painting, FREE Estimates, West County Area

I LOVE TO PAINT!! Professional Painting

David (314) 732-FAUX (3289)

• Soft Close Doors/Drawers • • Crown Moulding • • Cutlery Divider • • Field Measure • •Custom Design •


Painting Service

Music Lessons PIANO LESSONS: Masters Degree in Composition w/ Piano major, 5 yrs. in Europe, 30 yrs. teaching experience, all ages. Taught music theory and piano at college level. Manchester & Strecker. Call Arthur 636-458-0095

MusicTutor Drums, Guitar & Clarinet. Henry

(314) 807-3786

West County Pet Care. Pet Sitting & Dog Walking. We take care of Pets in your home where Pets prefer. Daily, Weekly Rates. Insured. 636-394-6852 314-401-5516

Real Estate For Sale

138 Meadows of Wildwood 55+ Living on the Lake

lOST caT

Real Estate For Lease

Orange Tabby near Big Bend & Sulpher Springs (564) 201-4916

Plumbing ANYTHING IN PLUMBING Good Prices! Basement bathrooms, small repairs & code violations repaired. Fast Service. Call anytime: 314-409-5051 MASTER PLUMBER. Water Heaters, Code Violations, Backflow Preventers. Basement bathrooms, Outdoor faucets. Licensed & Bonded, Fully Insured. No Job Too Large or Too Small. (314) 288-9952

STRaiGHT flUSH OPEN clOGGEd dRaiNS Starting at $70 call Mike (314) 971-5621

Open M-Sat 9-5.


Roofing A-ACCURATE ROOFING SIDING & GUTTERS No job too Large or too Small, Affordable Roofing residential & commercial, all types of roofing, 40 years experience, Call for a Free Estimate, 636-939-5109 or 1-800-459-ROOF

Tree and Stump Removal

Reasonable rates Free consultation All services available Keep your pets stress-free in their own home. Great for older dogs. Call for appointment.


25 Truitt Dr., Eureka, MO 63025

Tree Care

Convenient Dog Grooming Full service grooming in your home...

Copper, Alum, Brass, Stainless Steel, Lead & Car Batteries. FREE drop-off for steel, vinyl & cardboard.


No Maintenance Living! Clubhouse Included! Loaded with upgrades!

636-273-5300 MLS# 10053703

Commercial free-standing building. Original Ellisville School House. #14 Weis Ave. off Manchester Rd (next to Barney's BBQ) This building has been used for a Tea Party Room, Coffeeshop, Preschool, Pottery Studio & Art Gallery. Health Dept. approved kitchen in the lower level & patio in backyard. Recently updated. 800+ sq ft total. Great location. Contact 314-504-3446 or 314-5412703.

Real Estate Vacation Rentals Destin Florida Area. Beautiful 3 bed, 3 bath condo or home, Gated Gulf Front community. Includes beach front cabana, 3 pools, tennis courts & more. Call for Special Spring/summer rates and availability. To view pictures please go to /127089 or /148365. For Additional info Call 314-922-8344.

Storm Clean-Up, Tree Trimming & Hauling

Insured • Free Estimate

County Stump Removal

(314) 799-1461

Tax Services


  


 

Wedding Services

Anytime... Anywhere... Marriage Ceremonies Renewal of Vows Baptisms Full Service Ministry Non-Denomination

(314) 703-7456

It just keeps getting better.

Visit the all new The official internet home of West & Mid Rivers Newsmagazine



 I 63

Find Your Dream Home at Chesterfield/Wildwood


13 CHESTERFIELD LAKES RD CHESTERFIELD A one of a kind, lakefront, contemporary estate. Nestled on 3 private acres. $950,000





Want more info on area open houses? Just click on

236 MERLOT LN ST ALBANS Lovely 1.5 sty w/additional lot, neutral decor, 2 sty great rm, kitchen w/granite, main flr master ste. $649,900

1926 CHESTERFIELD RIDGE CIRCLE CHESTERFIELD Absolutely stunning 3BR, 3.5b villa. Beautiful wood floors. High ceilings. High end finishes $499,900

New Homes Div


1506 QUAIL HOLLOW CT WILDWOOD NEW price. Country French 1.5 sty Miceli built on acre 5 yrs. 2 tiered comp deck. W/O LL. $698,800


901 Washington #204 St. Louis $364,000

14308 E.Conway Chesterfield $209,900

490 Baywillow Ballwin $199,000

801 Chatelet Ballwin $159,900

11754 Berrybell Maryland Heights $149,900

1123 Missouri Kirkwood $149,900

6850 Foxcroft Affton $120,000

7024 Plymouth University City $119,900

6810 Crest University City $114,000

4325 fox Creek rd- WildWood One of a Kind Executive 1 1/2 story home on approx. 20+/- acres, 5 bed, 7 bath, 8 car garage Cathy Shaw-Connely (636) 346-4960 Tom Shaw, Jr (314) 283-5064

1009 savonne Ct- CHesterfield WOW! 1 1/2 story on 1 acre, 5 bed, 5 1/2 bath, media room, heated pool and beautiful stone patio Cathy Shaw-Connely (636) 346-4960

13212 WEATHERFIELD DR ST LOUIS CO Beautifully updated 4BR home with great views. Gourmet kitchen w/Viking & Sub-Zero ss appls $499,900

15961 CHAMFERS FARM ROAD CHESTERFIELD Beautifully updated 2sty, parklike lot, stunning kitchen, 42 cabinets & granite, great rm w/FP. $479,900

16901 HICKORY WAY CT WILDWOOD 5BR, 3.5ba, cul-de-sac. 2 story, finished W/O lower level. Newer carpeting. Move in now! $298,000

14305 QUIET MEADOW CT E CHESTERFIELD Updated Townhouse in gated community! 2BR, 3.5ba! Updated kitchen w/granite countertops. $269,900

15593 BEDFORD FORGE DR #24 CHESTERFIELD 3rd floor unit overlooking lake & woods. Complete remodel, newer kitchen, baths, carpet, paint. $144,900

1511 HAMPTON HALL CHESTERFIELD Lovely updated, ground flr condo in heart of Chesterfield. Secured lobby, garage parking. $139,900

825 WOODSIDE TRAILS DR (BALLWIN) Great ranch villa with 3BR and 3 full baths. Great rm w/FP. $189,900 704 AUBER DR (BALLWIN) Well cared for 3 bedroom ranch with level fenced yard. Updated baths. Wood flrs. $159,900 161 CUMBERLAND PARK CT #G (BALLWIN) Absolutely stunning 3BR,2ba condo in West County! $105,000 711 LOFTY POINT (BALLWIN) Spacious Treetop condo with newer deck overlooking trees. Large master suite. $104,700 1418 WINDGATE WAY LN (CHESTERFIELD) Custom 1.5 sty, gorgeous 1.6 acre lot, inground pool. $1,175,000 2308 WELLINGTON ESTATES DR (CHESTERFIELD) Beautifully appointed 2 sty. Fabulous kitchen. $525,000 2206 TWIN ESTATES CIR (CHESTERFIELD) Fabulous 2 sty home with 4BR, 2.5 baths and a 3 car garage. $459,900 16523 BAXTER FOREST RIDGE DR (CHESTERFIELD) Pristine 2 sty in prime location, great rm w/FP. $419,900 14024 WOODS MILL COVER DR (CHESTERFIELD) Beautifully appointed villa, neutral decor, fabulous kitchen. $379,900 8 CONWAY SPRINGS DR (CHESTERFIELD) Classic, all-brick 2sty, 4BR/2.5ba, over 1 ac, level, perfect for pool!$375,000 234 PORTICO (CHESTERFIELD) Extensively rennovated open floor plan ranch. Kitchen w/granite countertops. $319,900 2156 FEDERAL WAY (CHESTERFIELD) Lovely 2 sty, large living rm, gracious dining rm, great rm with fireplace. $275,000 14737 LADUE BLUFFS CROSSING DR (CHESTERFIELD) 7yr young Villa! Open flr plan! 2BR plus den, 3 full ba. $269,900 15925 COUNTRY RIDGE DR (CHESTERFIELD) 4BR, 2.5ba 2sty, updated kitchen w/center island. $255,000

14931 RUTLAND CIRCLE (CHESTERFIELD) 3BR, 2ba, updated kitchen with newer cabinets, stainless appls. $229,900 1574 WALPOLE DR (CHESTERFIELD) Vacation at home with your own private pool ,sauna, 2 wb FP. $209,900 15474 COUNTRY MILL CT (CHESTERFIELD) Lovely 3BR, 2.5ba ranch home. Level lot, vaulted foyer. $199,500 1552 WALPOLE DR (CHESTERFIELD) 2BR, 2ba villa in great area close to highways, shops, resturants. $198,000 14308 CONWAY MEADOWS CT #303 (CHESTERFIELD) Wonderful open floorplan ranch condo! 2BR, 2ba. $179,500 1231 CREVE COEUR CROSSING #B (CHESTERFIELD) Nicely updated 2BR, 2ba condo. Lower level W/O. $114,900 208 FOX CHAPEL LN (CLARKSON VALLEY) Exceptional 2 sty w/numerous updates & additions. $749,947 214 FOX CHAPEL (CLARKSON VALLEY) Wonderful 1.5 story, updated to perfecion. 5BR, 3 F/2H baths. $739,900 1579 TERRA VISTA (CREVE COEUR) Attached villa waiting for you to complete. Upgraded fixtures, wood flrs. $320,000 1329 PARKVIEW ESTATES DR (ELLISVILLE) NEW price. Motivated Seller. 7 yr old townhouse w/attached gar. $142,100 312 CLAYTON CROSSING #201 (ELLISVILLE) Pristine 2nd floor condo unit, freshly painted, newer carpet. $125,000 1806 RIDGEVIEW (ST LOUIS CO) Light filled condo. Main level master BR and 2BR in the W/O LL. $169,900 1233 GUELBRETH, UNIT 206 (ST LOUIS CO) Completely updated 1BR/1ba, all newer kitchen cabinets. $42,500 1209 WOODLAND POINT DR #J (ST LOUIS COUNTY) Creve Coeur area. Wonderful 2BR/2ba, open flr pln. $132,000

12929 PORTULACA (ST LOUIS CO) Immaculate 2BR, 2ba condo, fresh paint & cpt, open, neutral flr plan $116,900 1832 TAWNY ASH DR (ST LOUIS CO UNINC) Spacious Westport Crossing townhse. Fresh paint & carpet. $139,900 103 GRAND MERIDIEN FOREST (WILDWOOD) Custom 2.5 sty, exceptional, over 7800 sq ft finished. $1,925,000 395 LARIMORE VALLEY DR (WILDWOOD) Custom 1.5 sty, 2.4 acre lot, inground pool, gazebo, porch. $1,749,900 18128 DAWNS TRAIL (WILDWOOD) Exceptional custom 1.5 sty on 3 acre lot. 2 master suites, unique flr plan. $900,000 849 STONE BRIDGE SPRINGS DR (WILDWOOD)Custom 1.5sty, 3 acres, lovely views, 2sty great rm. $759,000 744 FORBY RD (WILDWOOD) 14+-acre building site, just mins from I-44 & Hwy 109. Secluded, wooded. $500,000 1645 BENTSHIRE CT (WILDWOOD) Wonderful 4BR 2sty on level cul-de-sac lot. Kit with 42 cabs, ss appls. $465,000 1500 WINDWOOD HILLS (WILDWOOD) Nesteled on 3+ acre lot. Numerous updates, newer carpet thru-out. $399,900 2127 MINT SPRING LN (WILDWOOD) Beautiful 2 sty 4BR, 4ba on 3 wooded acres. Updated kitchen. $375,000 1766 CHIMNEY TOP FARM (WILDWOOD) Beautiful views, 1.5 story nestled on 3.48 acre. Many updates. $329,999 1708 SHEPARD RD (WILDWOOD) Beautiful building site for your own plans. Gorgeous 4.6 acre lot! $325,000 18024 TURKEY BEND (WILDWOOD) 4BR/2.5ba amidst 3 acres tranquility. Newer hottub spa bldg. $319,200 240 HARBOUR POINTE DR (WILDWOOD) Pristine and so spacious! Lg ranch on great lot, 3BR/3.5ba. $309,900

2510 sPrinG valley- PaCifiC One of a Kind!1 ½ story, 5 bed, 4 car garage Unbelievable finish work on approx 14+/- acres just outside Franklin Co. w/ frontage on Hwy 100 Cathy Shaw-Connely (636) 346-4960 Chip Dewitt (314)503-3619

oPen sun. 2-4

420 ParkvieW PlaCe- ellisville A Must See!! Beautiful 2 bed, 1 ½ bath condo in the heart of Ellisville. Custom detail work throughout & open floor plan.Cathy Shaw-Connely (636)346-4960

18211 Wild Horse Creek- CHesterfield Wow! One of a Kind Equestrian estate on Executive style home w/ 6 stall barn & infinity pool in the heart of Chesterfield Cathy Shaw-Connely (636) 346-4960 Tom Shaw, Jr (314) 283-5064

605 Mulberry Grove Ct- ManCHester Stunning Custom built atrium ranch 4 bed, 4 bath. Chef’s dream kitchen, 12 ft ceilings & finished LL Cathy Shaw-Connely (636) 346-4960 Barbara Beiter (636) 346-3160

18312 aCorn ridGe- WildWood Great horse property! 1 ½ story 4 bed 2.5 bath home on 5.6 +/- Acres. Cathy Shaw-Connely (636) 346-4960 Chip Dewitt (314)503-3619

17883 Pike Cr 233 rd- Clarksville Beautiful Country Estate on 480 +/- acres. 4 bed, 4 bath home, custom pool, 12 person hot tub, 7 stall barn, 20,000 sq. ft. open span building. Barbara Beiter (636) 346-3160 Tom Shaw, Jr (314) 283-5064

5 lakeWay- defianCe A unique 4 bed/ 3 1/2 bath waterfront property on 3 acres w/ attached 3 car garage & separate 2 vehicle, heated carriage house. Cathy Shaw-Connely (636) 346-4960 Tom Shaw, Jr (314) 283-5064

17665 orrville rd - 1.5 story, 4 bed 2.5 bath home in the heart of Wildwood on 3+/- park-like acres. Cathy ShawConnely (636) 346-4960 avondale lots - New Price on 3 acre lots minutes from Hwy 40 just off Hwy DD. Paved streets, public water, lake & equestrian lots available. Cathy Shaw-Connely (636) 346-4960 / Tom Shaw, Jr (314) 283-5064 2199 oberhelman rd - Great potential Horse Property! 3 bed 3 bath ranch style home on 12.9+/- park-like acres w/ new vinyl fence, woodworking shop, and scenic view of neighborhood lakes. Barbara Beiter (636) 346-3160 Wild Horse spring farm - Looking for privacy close to everything? 2 beautiful lots at 18743 Doctors Pass w/ 1.54 acres & 18621 Charlevoix Ln w/ 1.88 acres. Cathy Shaw-Connely (636) 346-4960

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