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PLUS: ACLU files suit against funeral protest ban ■ Holiday gift guide ■ County trying to avoid furloughs

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Airport ‘Security’? No country has better airport security than Israel – and no country needs it more, since Israel is the most hated target of Islamic extremist terrorists. Yet, somehow, Israeli airport security people don’t have to strip passengers naked electronically or have strangers feeling their private parts. Does anyone seriously believe that we have better airport security than Israel? Is our security record better than theirs? “Security” may be the excuse being offered for the outrageous things being done to American air travelers, but the heavy-handed arrogance and contempt for ordinary people that is the hallmark of this administration in other areas is all too painfully apparent in these new and invasive airport procedures. Can you remember a time when a Cabinet member in a free America boasted of having his “foot on the neck” of some business or when the President of the United States threatened on television to put his foot on another part of some citizens’ anatomy? Yet this and more has happened in the current administration, which is not yet two years old. One Cabinet member warned that there would be “zero tolerance” for “misinformation” when an insurance company said the obvious, that the mandates of ObamaCare would raise costs and therefore raise premiums. Zero tolerance for exercising the First Amendment right of free speech? More than two centuries ago, Edmund Burke warned about the dangers of new people with new power. This administration, only halfway through its term, has demonstrated that in many ways. What other administration has had an Attorney General call the American People “cowards”? And refuse to call terrorists Islamic? What other administration has had a Secretary of Homeland Security warn law enforcement officials across the country of security threats from people who are anti-abortion, for federalism or are returning military veterans? If anything good comes out of the airport “security” outrages, it may be in opening the eyes of more people to the utter contempt that this administration has for the American people. Those who made excuses for all of candidate Barack Obama’s long years of alliances with people who expressed their contempt for this country, and when as president he appointed people with a record of antipa-

I opinion I 3



thy to American interests and values, may finally get it when they feel some stranger’s hand in their crotch. As for the excuse of “security,” this is one of the least security-minded administrations we have had. When hundreds of illegal immigrants from terrorist-sponsoring countries were captured crossing the border from Mexico – and then released on their own recognizance within the United States – that tells you all you need to know about this administration’s concern for security. When captured terrorists who are not covered by either the Geneva Convention or the Constitution of the United States are nevertheless put on trial in American civilian courts by the Obama Justice Department, that too tells you all you need to know about how concerned they are about national security. The rules of criminal justice in American courts were not designed for trying terrorists. For one thing, revealing the evidence against them can reveal how our intelligence services got wind of them in the first place, and thereby endanger the lives of people who helped us nab them. Not a lot of people in other countries, or perhaps even in this country, are going to help us stop terrorists if their role is revealed and their families are exposed to revenge by the terrorists’ bloodthirsty comrades. What do the Israeli airport security people do that American airport security do not do? They profile. They question some individuals for more than half an hour, open up all their luggage and spread the contents on the counter – and they let others go through with scarcely a word. And it works. Meanwhile, this administration is so hung up on political correctness that they have turned “profiling” into a bugaboo. They would rather have electronic scanners look under the clothes of nuns than to detain a Jihadist imam for some questioning. Will America be undermined from within by an administration obsessed with political correctness and intoxicated with the adolescent thrill of exercising its newfound powers? Stay tuned. © 2010


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To the Editor: I recently attended the Santa's Arrival event at Mid Rivers Mall. It was a wonderful family event and my grandchildren received goodie bags. In the goodie bags, they were delighted to find that Mid Rivers Newsmagazine had provided “mystery money.” As a grandparent, I reveled in their delight, but found the letter that went with the money an even better reminder of what the season is about. My favorite line was this: “Remember, this time of the year is about much more than getting and giving gifts - it is about family and friends and taking time to count your blessings.” What a wonderful sentiment to share with families and our youth. Thank you for being a part of our community and for sharing such a wonderful message with our children! Merry Christmas to all! Jenny Zeik

Deficit reduction

To the Editor: Thomas Sowell’s recent column, “Deficit reduction,” contains deficit of facts, in my opinion. Mr. Sowell conveniently does not mention that changes in the deficit (as a percentage of GDP) have increased in each Republican administration beginning with Richard Nixon, and decreased in each Democrat administration since Johnson. (source: Wikipedia government deficits by President.) The largest percentage increases so far occurred during the second terms of Reagan and George W. Bush, respectively. Sowell also forgot to mention the recent Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction proposal calls for radically reduced overall incometax rates.  Deficit reduction is an important subject which must be debated. Carl Kontak

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To the Editor: Dear Mr. President, I hear you would like to freeze pay rates for our military starting next year. Would you also consider cutting your own pay as well to save much more money for our country? While you’re at it, let’s cut down congress’ pay too. If the people who risk their lives don’t get an increase in pay, why

continue raising pay for those who take no risks and reap the benefits? Doug Spencer

Pay cuts

To the Editor: In a sign of true holiday spirit and reward for the support of the electorate in the recent midterm election, the Congressional Republicans have blocked a 90-day extension of unemployment benefits citing “cost concerns.” It appears that the Republican leadership, all who happen to be millionaires, have concluded that the bill’s $12 billion cost could not be added to the government’s budget deficit. They demand offsetting savings elsewhere in the budget, otherwise the unemployed must suffer. If their families starve so be it. However, these are the same Republicans who have no interest in the deficit when it comes to providing an extension of the tax breaks for the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans, which would result in approximately $84,000 a year per millionaire. Senator-elect Rand Paul of Kentucky has indicated there is no difference in the wealthy and the poor in America. However, I view an individual struggling to find employment, save his home from foreclosure, feed his family, etc., and a millionaire receiving an extra $84,000 a year as a false equivalence. With all due respect to Mr. Paul and the Republicans these are not the same, and I think that would be perfectly clear to any critical thinker. It may well be that the Republicans feel that the poor and middle class in America have a responsibility to repay the millionaires and billionaires for the billions of dollars provided to the Republican Party, during the midterm election. I don’t feel that I have that obligation and I doubt that many unemployed individuals would place that obligation above paying their mortgage, feeding their families, etc. Since the midterm election the Republican Leadership has asserted that the American people spoke very clearly, and “we got the message.” It appears that the message they believe they received was the American people saying, “Our welfare and the welfare of our families are of no importance to us, our primary concern is the welfare of the millionaires and billionaires that you represent. If we have to spend our holidays in soup kitchens, so be it.” I believe the message has been misinterpreted by the Republicans. James Gordon


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Significant words for significant times “Remember when President Obama was asked, ‘Do you believe in American exceptionalism?’ He said yes, like the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism. We are being driven in the wrong direction, to a place where American exceptionalism no longer exists, where Americans no longer have ownership of the full measure of their freedom, where our values are under assault, where free enterprise and hard work are punished and where the government stops serving the people, so the people can get busy serving the government. At the end of that road lies a bruised and tattered American soul. I have no interest in arriving at the end of that road.” -Ann Wagner, from her Web site, “In America, every individual is blessed with the freedom and the opportunity to achieve his or her dreams. Freedom has allowed the people of this country to work hard for over 200 years, building the strongest and greatest nation in the history of man; a nation that has been resilient through the toughest times; a nation that knows how to work together despite differences; a nation of generous people willing to individually care for each other in every neighborhood of every community; a nation of courageous people willing to defend and protect freedom throughout the world; a nation of people who believe that our greatest days lay before us. I want to do my part in fighting for America’s future.” -Sarah Steelman, from her Web site, These are significant words for significant times, both sets uttered by Missouri Republican women with significant aspirations. Last week, Sarah Steelman threw her hat in the ring to run for the U.S. Senate seat currently occupied by Claire McCaskill. Veteran political operative Ann Wagner announced her bid to run for the chairmanship of the Republican National Committee. Both women have strong local connections and perhaps it is those roots that led them to have such similar messages. Both women speak of the promise of America, of the great history of America, and of the damaged present in America. Will those messages continue to resonate for another full year? How long will politicians find traction speaking about a damaged America? Let us hope that by the elections of 2012, candidates are writing and talking about our return to our roots, our history and our knowledge that America is truly exceptional.

This country remains the land of opportunity, evidenced in so many ways by so many. One small aspect of our greatness is the fact that so many strong and successful women are emerging to play very significant roles in our political process. Their participation can do much to restore our faith in America and our belief in the process of governing. These women and many others can inspire and remind us that this is a great nation. Not so many years ago, a new voice reminded us of the greatness of America and changed our perceptions of ourselves. That newcomer with that fresh message ultimately became the president of the United States. While these women may never become president, like President Ronald Regan they can individually and collectively contribute to our return to our belief that America was and always will be the greatest nation on earth.

Question of the week: Would the failure to extend the Bush tax cuts be disasterous? Answer the question:


120810_MidRivers Winter.pdf


5:16:13 PM

8 I 



d r a c t f gi Holi

d ay

Spend your gift cards in O’Fallon Support local businesses and keep your sales tax dollars in your community! O’Fallon... Your Hometown •

News Br iefs O’Fallon Safe city The city of O’Fallon is still a safe place to live—according to “City Crime Rankings 2010-2011: Crime in Metropolitan America,” CQ Press’ annual collection of reported data comparing crime numbers, rates and trends throughout the country. O’Fallon was ranked as the second safest place to live in the 400 cities studied for the publication. “This professional ranking is a tremendous honor for our city and our residents, and it shows that public safety is a top priority for our city,” said O’Fallon’s Mayor, Bill Hennessy. “It is a testament to the fact that we have one of the country’s finest police departments, and it demonstrates that the active and caring citizens of O’Fallon are truly dedicated to keeping this city as one of our country’s best. Our residents know that O’Fallon is a tremendous place in which to live and raise a family. And we are all committed to keeping it that way.” The crime rate rankings of the cities and metropolitan areas are calculated using six crime categories: murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, and motor vehicle theft. The rankings include all cities of at least 75,000 residents that reported crime data to the FBI in the categories noted for calendar year 2009. In the most recent survey, 347 metropolitan areas and 400 cities were considered using statistics released by the Uniform Crime Reporting Program of the FBI in September 2010. Lee’s Summit, ranked 38th, was the only other Missouri city in the Top 100. “It is an honor for me to work with the dedicated men and women in this department who have made this possible, and I am pleased that their service has been recognized in this manner,” said Roy Joachimstaler, O’Fallon police chief.

Holiday stroll Forget cruising through the neighborhoods looking for holiday light displays.

Families can take a walk through the brightly lit Celebration of Lights from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Dec. 14 at Fort Zumwalt Park. “This special night is one of our most popular holiday events for families,” said Megan Steinmann, tourism and festivals coordinator. “It’s fun to walk through the Celebration of Lights, and it’s the only night that people can hear live music, watch fireworks over the lake (7:25 p.m.), visit Santa, enjoy festive kids’ crafts, and shop at vendors’ booths for gifts, holiday crafts, and festival food.” A new animated scene this year features a 12-foot Christmas tree and thousands of lights twinkling to the tune of “Music Box Dancer.” New scenes include camping scouts, cartoon characters, and a cannon that shoots out presents. The park will be closed to all vehicles during the event, but free parking and shuttle service will be available nearby at the First Baptist Church of O’Fallon located at 8750 Veterans Memorial Parkway, and O’Fallon Christian Church located at 9380 Veterans Memorial Parkway. Admission is $2 for ages 3 and up. For more information, call 379-5614.

Shop more, save more Shop ‘n Save opened a new 53,000-squarefoot store at 1421 Mexico Loop Road East on Dec. 8. The new store, which will be open 24 hours a day, will replace the Shop ‘n Save location at 24 O’Fallon Square. “We are excited about the opportunities the replacement store offers our company and our customers,” said Shop ‘n Save President Marlene Gebhard.  “This store will provide our O’Fallon shoppers even more of the products they are looking for, with the same great service.” In addition to the typical departments like deli, liquor, seafood and bakery, the new store will offer organic produce and will have a full-service pharmacy. All prescriptions at the closing store will be transferred to the Mexico Loop Road East location. In

addition, the replacement store will offer money gram service and customers will be able to rent movies from its Redbox kiosk. Customers will be able to access the new O’Fallon store from Mexico Road or Hwy. K. At this time, a tenant for the closing store has not yet been identified.

Red means stop The O’Fallon Police Department caught dozens of drivers running red lights—and that was only four hours of work. The department conducted a grant funded Red Light Violation enforcement detail from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Nov. 23. The detail concentrated on the intersections of Veteran’s Memorial Parkway at Bryan Road and Hwy. K at Hwy. N. Police said both intersections are high violation areas that are also in the top five for intersections with the highest number of crashes. During this detail a total of 61 citations were issued and of those 48 were either red light or failure to yield right-of-way on a green light violations. In addition, two suspects were arrested for outstanding warrants and one suspect was charged with driving on a suspended license. Police said the focus of the detail was to deter and enforce red light and failure to yield right-of-way violations. Funding for this effort was provided through a grant from the Missouri Department of Transportation’s Highway Safety Division in cooperation with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Missouri Safety Center.

Sweet reading A local author teamed up with the O’Fallon YMCA to inspire children to read and dream. Kelley Lamm, author of the children’s book series, “Kocoa and The Chocolate Fairy,” and the YMCA hosted more than 50 children at the O’Fallon Family YMCA for Sweet Story Time last month. Lamm, who was dressed as the main character in the book, read the story to children dressed as princesses, fairies and princes. “I believe it adds something to the whole experience,” Lamm said. “The costume

was custom made to match the books illustrations…allowing children to actually interact with the value-driven, beautiful character they see on the pages.” Lamm donated a generous percentage of total book sales to the 2011 YMCA Strong Community Campaign. Lamm is also the on-air host of “Kelley’s Deliciously Alive Show” on Westplex Radio 100.7 FM.

St. Charles Scouts collect millions More than 30,000 Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Venturers helped feed the hungry last month, collecting 2.1 million cans of food during the 2010 Scouting for Food drive, sponsored by Wells Fargo Advisors. After distributing more than a million bags last month, the Scouts returned to those same areas the following week to collect canned goods and other non-perishables. “Our Scouts learned about helping others as they witnessed the generosity of so many throughout our region,” said Mike Zolezzi, director of activities and civic service of the Greater St. Louis Area Council. “As home foreclosures and unemployment remain high, food pantries continue to struggle to meet the needs of people they are serving.  The generous donations of food by general public and the hard work of our Scouts will help the less fortunate through the difficult winter months.” Since its inception 26 years ago, the Greater St. Louis Area Council, Boy Scouts of America, has collected more than 43 million cans of food.

Lake Saint Louis QUEST for premier care All five SSM Health Care-St. Louis adult acute care hospitals are 2010 Premier QUEST High Performing Hospitals, including SSM St. Joseph Health Center and SSM St. Joseph Hospital West. The honor recognizes hospitals that are national leaders in improving patient quality and safety (in the areas of heart attack, congestive heart failure, pneumonia and reducing surgical complications), reduc-


NEWSMAGAZINENETWORK.COM ing mortality rates and reducing costs for patients. “QUEST is designed to help hospitals achieve new levels of quality performance through various methods such as sharing ideas and best practices with others,” said Kevin Johnson, M.D., regional vice president and chief medical officer for SSM Health Care-St. Louis. “Our participation in this project allows us to focus on key evidenced-based medicine practices and will help us to improve the quality and safety of the care we provide. This recognition highlights our commitment to providing the highest quality, most cost-effective and most satisfying hospital experience for our patient.” QUEST hospitals have saved an estimated 22,164 lives and helped reduce costs of health care.  

St. Peters

Slow for faster traffic Traffic will be slow on a portion of Mid Rivers Mall Drive throughout this month— but it will eventually help improve traffic flow. The Mid Rivers Mall Drive Signal Improvement Project—between Ohmes Road and Cottleville Parkway—will include the installation of video traffic detection cameras at four intersections. Improvements will also include replacing some concrete slabs in the existing bike trail, installing new ADA-compliant sidewalk ramps and adding a new pedestrian crossing signal at Cottleville Parkway. Drivers can expect periodic lane closures in both directions during the project, which is expected to be completed by next month, weather permitting. The cost of the Mid Rivers Mall Drive Signal Improvement Project is $318,943.57. The project is federally funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Home help Fixing up the house just may not be in the budget. But eligible St. Peters residents may qualify for an interest free, forgivable loan to make much needed home repairs. St. Peters’ Home Help Program provides funding for low- and moderate-income homeowners with home rehabilitation projects such as new windows, furnace and air-conditioners, roof replacement, driveway replacement or repair. Eligible applicants can receive up to $5,000 through a no-interest, 5-year forgivable loan. To be eligible for the St. Peters Home Help Program, participants must be a city resident and homeowner for at least one year and not exceed household income guidelines established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

(HUD). Proposed funding for this program will cover 27 spots. Qualified participants will be selected based on a random lottery drawing held at 9:30 a.m. on Jan. 8 at St. Peters City Hall. Applications for the 2011 Home Help Program will be available through Jan. 3.

Firefighters prevail Firefighters narrowly won the battle against police officers last month at the 24th Budweiser Guns ‘N Hoses event. A shoulder injury prevented St. Louis County police officer Steve Park from continuing and the last-bout victory went to St. Louis Fire Department firefighter Chad Vancil. The firefighters claimed a 9-8 team victory in 17 bouts held on Nov. 24 at the Scottrade Center. Firefighters now have won two consecutive years following several years of police officers winning the team trophy. Last year firefighters won by an 11-6 team score. Proceeds from event — which have not yet been determined — will benefit The BackStoppers, an organization that assists the families of police officers, firefighters and emergency medical responders who lose their lives in the line of duty.  



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 Limit one coupon/discount per person. Expires 12-24-10

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For , it feels like someone truly cares.

Wentzville School National certification Hester Menier, an art teacher at Duello Elementary, has achieved National Board Certification through the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS). Teachers who achieve National Board Certification have met rigorous standards through intensive study, expert evaluation, self-assessment and peer review. “We are incredibly proud of Mrs. Menier, her dedication to her profession, and her dedication to her students,” said Dr. Susan Gauzy, assistant superintendent for curriculum, instruction and assessment. “Attaining National Board Certification demonstrates Hester’s commitment to excellence. As Wentzville’s first recipient, Hester is our shining star and a model for other teachers.” The District Professional Development Committee sponsors up to two teachers annually in its quest for National Board Certification. The application process takes a year and requires candidates to submit four portfolios and take six exams. “It is seen as a continual and neverending process to provide the best instruction, and this was probably as  thought provoking, intense and stressful as getting my master’s degree,” Menier said. “It has changed the way I approach lessons and deliver information. This experience will also help me to train future teachers and mentor current teachers.”

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ACLU files lawsuit against funeral protest bill By Jeannie Seibert As of January, it will be illegal for protestors to invade the privacy of mourning families during funeral and burial services in St. Charles County if the funeral protest ordinance survives a temporary injunction filing. The St. Charles County Council passed an ordinance Nov. 29 that will prohibit protests within 300 feet of funeral and burial services. The measure also disallows protesting activity an hour before through an hour after a service to preserve mourning families’ privacy rights. On Nov. 30, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for Eastern District of Missouri requesting a temporary injunction. ACLU St. Louis District Executive Director Tony Rothert said, “We actually

have two claims. One is the county is violating the first amendment, obviously.” This has become standard operating procedure for the ACLU when challenging funeral protest laws, he said. The second claim “is the ordinance violates the state’s freedom religious restoration act. That’s a new ball that hasn’t been used much in Missouri.” Explaining, Rothert said, “State law requires activity motivated by religious belief can’t be limited. Protests that I understand most people disagree with, is a religious act by these people.” ‘These people’ are the Westboro Baptist Church, Topeka, Kan. under the leadership of Pastor Fred Phelps. Rothert said the temporary injunction request is to give time for the U.S. Supreme Court to issue its ruling in the Snyder v. Phelps case in which a protest at a military

funeral was challenged by the father claiming violation of his right to bury his son in peace. A ruling is expected early next year. “The Supreme Court ruling could have a lot to do with making our case a lot stronger, their case a lot stronger, or not at all,” Rothert said. “It’s a complete unknown.” A fact confirmed by County Executive Steve Ehlmann. In introductory remarks prior to the council vote, Ehlmann said, “I’ve been a judge and judges don’t tell you how to do it, they just tell you if it’s wrong.” An attorney himself, Ehlmann said he’d counseled the legal staff to be cautious and thorough in writing the verbiage of the bill Councilmember Joe Brazil (Dist. 2) requested and introduced on Nov. 8. This bill “is based on a Nebraska statute,” Ehlmann said. “We’re not simply plowing

the same ground here. “We have a duty to protect those families who are suffering a loss,” he added. Legal counsel to the county, Joann Leykam explained the bill in laymen’s terms. Because the Nebraska statute confines itself to “time, place and manner” it seeks to simply protect the families’ privacy right from unwanted intrusion. The family at a funeral or burial service “is a captive audience,” Leykam said. Neither the funeral protestors’ messages nor their ability to protest is being outlawed by the ordinance – they can protest all they want under certain conditions – county officials feel confident this measure will stand up to the legal challenge as it balances both groups’ rights. “We’re focusing on the family’s ability to grieve,” Leykam said.

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Lindenwood grows by paying as it goes Despite $150 million building boom, university remains debt free. Now prepared to enter Division II athletics By Mary Ann O’Toole Holley Mary Easton Sibley was an East Coast girl, and it was 1827 near the river in Old St. Charles. Her husband was adventurous, and his buddies Meriwether Lewis and William Clark used to lure him away for long periods of time to do some exploring. Sibley, like suburban wives during deer season, needed to fill the void. She had been a teacher before she made the trek to the Midwest, so she built and operated a stone schoolhouse among a grove of linden trees. That school, now Lindenwood University, has evolved from those pioneer days. In 1989 it was a struggling college with broken down buildings that couldn’t even be given away. Now, it’s a thriving school that has invested $36 million in new construction in the past two years, and started turning students away for the first time in its history after its enrollment topped nearly

18,000. In the past 10 years the school has

spent $150 million in new construction, including a few building renovations. But what is most important, the university has no debt. Despite the current economic slump, when many universities have scaled back spending, Lindenwood is moving fullspeed ahead. This month, University President Dr. James D. Evans moves into the new “Lindenwood House,” a $3 million, 6,000-square-foot “residence” with a sixcar garage, large dining area for hosting receptions for student groups, benefactors and VIPs, and an atrium for enjoying the view from the top of the hill overlooking the campus. Evans is reported as saying that Lindenwood House is a much more “usable” building than simply serving as a residence. “Our Board of Directors decided that the former President’s House was not suitable anymore,” said Lindenwood spokesman Scott Queen, responding to scattered remarks that the house is excessively large and expensive. “The board thinks it’s important for the president to live on campus, and they made it part of his contract.” Queen said having Evans on campus guarantees he is accessible, and allows him to be involved in all aspects of campus life. Evans and his wife will use the house for entertaining and fundraising and meeting with alumnus, Queen said. “Lindenwood doesn’t incur debt. We

pay for each project as we do it,” Queen said. “We are debt free, and that allows us to pour money back into programs and facilities for our students. Lindenwood has a $143 million budget, and is a tuition driven institution. However, we do have a growing base of donors and are getting an increased amount of fundraising dollars each year. Because we are debt free and because we grow revenue by getting more students, we don’t raise tuition, and in those past 10 years we didn’t impose a (significant) tuition increase. When we did it was minimal—usually in a 2 percent range.” Lindenwood now draws students from 44 states and 80 countries and is on the

verge of becoming a Division 2, NCAAeligible school. “The university applied, and went through a process and was accepted as an NCAA Division 2 candidate in July,” Queen said. “The criteria demands that you meet the minimum number of sports and we’ve met that for years. It has to do with athletics in terms of how many sports are offered to students. Lindenwood had more than adequate facilities, and we funded our sports appropriately. We were accepted without hesitation.” Queen said there are many factors that

See LINDENWOOD, page 32



County: No to furloughs?

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Elected officials offer suggestions for budget woes By Jeannie Seibert Robbing from Peter to temporarily fund Paul sums up the county budget process this year – and not for the first time. “This is what we’ve been doing for three years,” County Executive Steve Ehlmann told the County Council on Nov. 29 during one of a series of budget sessions in which yet another proposal was offered as a shortterm fix to cover expenses in 2011. As the Jan. 1 budget deadline bears down, the County Council is looking at a double whammy of low sales tax revenue collections coupled with an unexpected decrease in building permits and recorders fees. According to Assistant Finance Director Debbie Salvo, the proposed 2011 budget, which includes some 30 different funds, totals $283,880,022 as compared to the 2010 budget at $262,568,572. While a dip in retail sales tax had been projected, an unanticipated drop in permit fees which “are coming in at substantially below projected amounts,” Salvo said, is creating the $1 million-plus shortfall. “Our sales tax is coming in about like we budgeted,” Salvo said. “Other revenue is lagging. Building permits, recorders fees and the like are way below what we projected.” She said the shortfall totals approximately break out to $760,000 for recording fees and $250,000 from building permits from original projections. Earlier in the budget process Ehlmann had recommended a mandatory five-day furlough for all county employees. This was estimated to save $720,000. This suggestion is being met with vigorous resistance from department heads and elected office holders like the sheriff, director of elections and the collector of revenue. While a furlough might save $720,000, Sheriff Tom Neer said that wouldn’t be the total cost. “The Sheriff’s Department can’t send 60 patrol personnel home for five days,” Neer said. “We’re 20 minutes from the most dangerous city in the U.S.” Because law enforcement is a 24/7 enterprise, Neer emphasized the folly in allowing a criminal element to get a toe-hold in St. Charles County. “Once you start slipping, you don’t get it back,” he said. “We’ve reduced the cost of government. You can only reduce so much. The majority of public services are funded by sales tax and that’s been going down for three years. Until times get better, there still has to be an additional source of revenue.” Collector of Revenue Michelle McBride has been campaigning for the council to

reinstate the property tax rate for two successive budget cycles rather than incur the personnel shortfall. Since 2008, some 50 salaries have been eliminated because of lay-offs and unfilled vacancies. “The work those employees did still needs to be done,” McBride said. “Remaining staff members are picking up the slack. A furlough would essentially be a pay cut on top of their added work responsibilities.” Presently the county levies property tax at .0016 cents per $100 assessed valuation. Voters approved a rate of .0113 cents per

“The Sheriff’s Department can’t send 60 patrol personnel home for five days. We’re 20 minutes from the most dangerous city in the U.S.” - Sheriff Tom Neer $100 assessed valuation, McBride said. Had her request been approved last year, the reinstatement would have meant an additional $797,000 more to the current 2010 budget. That’s water over the bridge. For now, Ehlmann did recommend another proposal in lieu of the furlough. Prior to the council meeting Ehlmann requested the elected officeholders make voluntary contributions from their federal and state funded accounts to make up the difference in the general fund. In this proposal Ehlmann estimated the county could close the gap with the $304,149 the contributions would generate. The rest of the needed funding would be realized in a coordination of the 2011 elections so as to eliminate the August ballot which typically costs about $435,000. This would require some coordination amongst the various jurisdictions but Ehlmann said he’d already begun that process by communicating with city officials. Director of Elections Rich Chrismer had his own alternatives to offer using federal grant monies he expects to receive in February or March. “I’m getting back from $310,000 up to $320,000 early next year,” Chrismer said. “My suggestion was to give it to the revenue fund. That, with no election (in August) next year saves $435,000. That will cover the cost in lieu of furloughs. Five days without pay, that would be very, very, very bad for my people.” He would also like to see the administration adopt a zero budget policy.


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Lets Put the Rumors to Rest Statements purported to be fact have been circulating in the email world warning us of the impending tax increases due to the new health care law. While we in no way want to Darrell Hackmann, E.A. debate that issue we would like to dispel a couple of the myths. Rumor 1-Starting in 2011 (or 2012 depending on which version you get) your formerly non taxable health insurance benefits will now be added to your W2 subject to tax. Fact: House Bill HR3590 passed and signed into law requires the value of health insurance benefits to be reported on your W2 starting in 2011 (and has since been pushed up to 2012). Contrary to what the rumors say, although required to be REPORTED on your W2 it is NOT ADDED TO YOUR TAXABLE AMOUNT in box 1. This will be an informational item to be reported in anticipation of the day when you will be hit with a penalty on your tax return if you do not have health insurance. That day starts with tax year 2014. Rumor 2-Sales tax of 3.8% on all home sales. Fact: The new legislation, starting in 2013, created a 3.8% tax on "unearned income" for high income taxpayers defined as modified adjusted gross income over $250,000 for joint filers and $125,000 for single. This will only apply if you have a TAXABLE gain on the sale of your home. Home sellers are entitled to EXCLUDE from tax up to $500,000 of gain ($250,000 if single) if you've lived in it as your principle residence for a 2 year period out of the last 5 years. For a married couple qualifying for the exclusion, they first must have a gain over $500,000 (meaning you sell your home for at least $500,000 more than you paid for it). Then, only the gain over $500,000 along with your other income must total more than $250,000 before this tax would kick in on the sale of your home So even if you have wage income of $300,000 and sell a home for $1.1 million that you bought for $600,000, as long as you've lived in that home as your main residence for 2 years before you sell, you will not be hit with this tax on that sale. As always, if you have any questions feel free to call Alliance Tax and we will be glad to answer them for you.


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Drunk driver checkpoints to be set up in county The St. Charles County Sheriff’s in over five years) results in a 30-day Department received a grant from license suspension. - Second conviction results in $1,000 the Missouri Dept. of Transportation Highway Safety Division for participa- fine, a year-long driver’s license revotion in the ‘You Drink and Drive, You cation and up to a year in jail. An igniLose’ campaign to lessen incidents of tion interlock system will be required impaired driving during the holiday on your car preventing the vehicle season. from starting if the driver has been Enforcement efforts were increased drinking. - Third and subsequent convictions Dec. 6 and will continue through Dec. 12, focusing on reducing deaths and can be penalized with up to a $5,000 serious injuries because of traffic acci- fine, a 10-year license denial and/or up to seven years in jail. dents caused by impaired drivers. Should an impaired driver be found “Losing a loved one during the holiday season is a tragedy no one should to be at fault in a fatal crash, the driver have to endure,” said Sheriff Tom Neer. could be charged with involuntary “Impaired driving is a preventable manslaughter, a felony resulting in up crime and we intend to crack down so to seven year’s incarceration, and/or a drivers feel secure when traveling on $5,000 fine. In 2009, in Missouri 280 individuMissouri’s roadways.” Drivers stopped for impaired driving als were killed, 1,140 seriously injured and 3,719 received minor injuries in can expect the following: - First conviction (or first conviction accidents involving impaired drivers.

Protest of President Obama takes place in Cottleville A small protest was staged Wed., Dec. 1, along Hwy. N in Cottleville, calling for the impeachment of President Barack Obama. The signs were placed in front of the Postal Office in Cottleville, asking motorists to stop and learn how to help in impeaching Obama. The one-day protest was staged by the LaRouche Political Action Committee. A woman, who refused to identify herself, was passing out literature calling for the impeachment and the passage of “Glass-Steagall principles that separate commercial from speculative banking.” The woman said she had spent the previous day in Des Peres, and didn’t know where she would be sent on the next day. But she said the protests would continue to be staged throughout the area.

Randy’s Jewelry robber caught By Mary Ann O’Toole Holley The woman who robbed Randy’s Jewelry store on Nov. 26, Black Friday, has been caught and is currently being held in custody of the police. Randy Hudson, owner of Randy’s Jewelry, 309 S. Main St., in O’Fallon, said a black female entered the store and engaged an employee in conversation. During the distraction, the suspect removed a rack of diamond earrings valued at $13,732 from the counter and placed them in her purse. The crime was caught on video surveillance. A photo line-up was shown to two separate clerks at Randy’s jewelry and both clerks positively identified Anne Darleen Smith as the person who took the jewelry. At about 5 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 30, Smith was located at her residence and arrested. O’Fallon city spokesman Tom Drabelle said at this early stage (Wednesday morning) he did not know which police department arrested the woman. The suspect, Smith, 65, of St. Louis County, was identified from the surveillance video posted online at various news sites. Hudson said police received a tip and went to the woman’s home where they also found the wig and purse they believe were used in the robbery. The items were seized as evidence. Smith has been charged by the St. Charles County Prosecuting Attorney with theft/stealing of property valued at more than $500 but less than $25,000. She is being held with a bond of $25,000, with no reductions in bond. Hudson attributes the news media for the woman’s capture. “The video was put on the news and Web sites and a tip is what caught her,” Hudson said. “She looked right up at the video camera. She was bold.” Hudson said he was told by police the woman has 30 prior felony convictions. “Isn’t that amazing,” Hudson said. “We got calls from a couple of jewelers who thought they got hit by her too. She started her thieving career in Michigan, but I guess she moved south to get a fresh start.” Hudson said none of the jewelry was recovered. “We talk and we train, but every now and then you have to pay tuition, and that’s what this was. It was expensive tuition because obviously we had gotten lax,” Hudson said. “We’ve only been robbed three times in 30 years. We had a grab and run once, but that robber was apprehended in a high speed chase. She had to pay restitution, and she paid us $107 a month for seven and a half years. I think that did her good.” He added, “I would think this one would go to jail.” Hudson also commended the O’Fallon Police for their attention to catching the robber.



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LSL may lift temporary sign restrictions in order to aid businesses By Jeannie Seibert As a result of a cry for help last summer the Lake Saint Louis Board of Aldermen is considering creating an avenue for relatively new businesses to temporarily advertise special sales and store events. While a series of public hearings and discussions amongst aldermen, staff and the planning and zoning commissioners has been going on for months in the crafting of the new sign bill, residents only recently set up a protest, alarmed the measure would negatively impact property values. Alderman Kathy Schweikert (Ward 2) said she has had enough contact with constituents that she thinks it boils down to a set of pros and a set of cons. Because the bill would allow a business a maximum of 28 days per year to display temporary signage, banners, flags and other attention-getting devices in commercial zoning districts only, the impact to residential areas would be minimal. “The con side is because there is no limitation for the balloons and pennants on height, number, size, shape and color,” Schweikert said, noting that the concern that a “cluttered, junky” look would “degrade the pristine image that Lake Saint Louis prides itself on.” Alderman Harry Slyman (Ward 1) antici-

pates that once residents realize that only “mom and pop businesses” would be able to employ the attention-getting devices and only by permit, it would be easier for residents to digest. “There was just a lot of misinformation put out there,” he said. “It’s really caused a lot of confusion. We’ve got to do something to help our businesses – especially those who’ve just opened their doors out at (the Shoppes at) Hawk Ridge.” The shopping district is quite new, opening at about the same time the recession started impacting retail sales. Because it is

confined to an area created by the intersections of highways 40, N and Lake Saint Louis Boulevard, it is approachable from a number of directions. It’s just hard to see from the main thoroughfare – Hwy. 40. “If you can’t see it from Hwy. 40, you’re fighting a losing battle,” Slyman said. “They (the business owners) told me that no one could find them. They’ve asked us for help and since we depend on them we need to help them.” Slyman said that while sales tax revenue had started having a substantial positive impact on the city’s budget, it is becoming

increasingly apparent that without some aid to the retailers the aldermen may have to reverse course on the property tax levy. “Now we can go to 64 cents per $100 assessed valuation that was already approved by the voters,” Slyman said. “We’re now at 59 cents. We haven’t raised our property tax in the last three years because of the sales tax that’s been coming in. If that depletes over the next year or so we’ll have to raise our assessment on property without a vote of the people.” A final vote was set for Dec. 6, after MRN presstime.

Wentzville SD seeks support for Holiday Assistance Program Each year during the holiday season, the struggling families. Wentzville School District Holiday AssisThis year the number of families who tance Program helps by providing food and need assistance has grown, and the school gifts for needy students and their families. district is seeking help to ensure that Last year more than 300 families and close everyone has some food and a few to 900 children received assistance in this presents this holiday season. charitable effort. To take part in this program The program, coordinated by the Wentz- and adopt a family, call ville School District Community Relations the WSD Community Office and school counselors, works with a Relations Department at variety of community groups to help make 327-3800 ext. 20357 for the upcoming holidays more enjoyable for more information.


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Hwy. 94

Message boards provide traffic updates Motorists on Hwy. 94 in St. Charles County can now see travel time and other key traffic information displayed on six new dynamic message boards. The message boards were activated Dec. 1. Along with the message boards, MoDOT traffic engineers can monitor traffic speeds and incidents using newly installed sensors and cameras. Hwy. 94 is the first non-interstate in Missouri to be equipped with intelligent transportation system (ITS) technology. “These boards are similar to the ones already available on the interstates, just a little smaller. They provide instant communication with drivers on road conditions up ahead,” said MoDOT Assistant St. Louis District Engineer Tom Blair. The boards are located on Hwy. 94 at the following locations: * Westbound at O’Fallon Road * Eastbound near Wolfrum Road * Eastbound near Jungs Station Road * Westbound near Zumbehl Road * Eastbound and westbound on either side of I-70. “The locations were strategically chosen to provide drivers information before reaching the key major highways and river

WiNtER SaviNgS TwIN MaTTRESSES crossings on I-70, Route 364 and Route 40/61,” said Blair. “With advanced information, drivers can make better decisions about what road or river crossing they want to take.” MoDOT will be activating similar ITS message boards on Route 141 and on Lindbergh Boulevard (Route 61/67) in St. Louis County in December and January. The Hwy. 94 message boards display “testing travel times” for the first week while traffic engineers ensure the data from the sensors is accurate.

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O’Fallon hires lobbyist for state government By Mary Ann O’Toole Holley They’ve been at the top of the heap in positive polls, being named most recently as the second safest city in the country – while only 30 minutes from the most dangerous. Now, O’Fallon city officials are hoping to have one of the strongest voices in the state with the recent hiring of a lobbying firm to speak up for them in Jefferson City. The lobbying firm Burton-Liese Government Relations of Jefferson City, headed by three former state legislators, Gary Burton, Chris Liese and Jim Foley, will work to benefit the city during legislative sessions in the state capitol whenever a new law, grant or change in statutes could affect the city. The firm will be paid $30,000. An O’Fallon selection committee including Mayor Bill Hennessy, Councilwoman Rose Mack, Councilmen Rick Lucas and Bob Howell, City Administrator Keith Riesberg and City Clerk Pam Clement recommended the firm after reviewing resumes and bids submitted to the city. Jim Foley, a partner with Burton-Liese, said the firm represents multiple cities and fire protection districts. “One thing in the future of the city is the economic development. One of the things I think is in the future for O’Fallon is the alternative energy research park,” Foley said. “We have had experience with that not only from an economic development standard, but also to open doors with universities to partner with the city.” Foley said the concept has been resonating throughout the state of Missouri, with the idea of pushing the businesses back

into a park to be a conductive unit for the city. He said the firm also deals a lot with municipal issues. “While they may be universal issues, we’ve been very successful,” Foley said. “Each city has its unique issues.” Foley said when it comes to plans for an alternative energy park, it is important to look at state statutes and whether they fit what the city needs. “When you have those types of businesses coming in, you better have in place what they need. Those are important aspects of state government,” Foley said. “We have been successful with positive legislation and in stopping negative legislation. We are able to put six lobbyists on the ground at any given time. As long as the session is going on, we are there. We are able to watch all committee hearings. It could be a cost factor to cities, especially when you have state government making regulations that affect cities.” Mack said when she went into the selection committee meeting she was totally against hiring a lobbyist, but left justifying it. “My particular issue turned out to be the research park and their track record in doing that,” Mack said. Howell said as he sat on the selection committee he was well aware of the city’s conservative financial situation. “Any time taxpayer money is involved, I think I can speak for everyone concerned. This was a tough issue,” Howell said. “We need someone there to look out for us. A lot of cities carry lobbyists under their belts.”

Business leaders Photo by Jim Jacobi

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Greg Prestemon, president of the St. Charles County EDC, (left), presents Dan Wilbanks, COO and vice president Research, Development and Quality for National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC) with the 2010 Excellence in Community Development Award. The award was given during the annual Progress 64 West luncheon held at the Doubletree Hotel in Chesterfield, Nov. 24.

New Hope for CHildreN with Autism Spectrum disorder, Add and AdHd • Highly Trained Medical Staff • Advanced Individualized Treatment Options • Most Medical Insurance Plans Accepted • Genetic Consultation • Review of Medical records and clinical examination • Psychiatric diagnostic examination • Order laboratory testing According to a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) survey published in 2007, all forms of autism now affect 1 in 150 children in the U.S. today. If you contrast this with the incidence reported in the early 1990’s, 1 in 10,000 Children, this increase is alarming. Given its prevalence, autism is now more common than childhood cancer, diabetes, Down’s Syndrome and HIV. Many will tell you that the cause for autism is due to generalized “genetics.” Worse, they’ll imply there is no cure – or, at least no protocol that can provide families with hope. There is HOPE now! Call us for an evaluation.

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Francis Howell Government for youth

Youth in Government students from Francis Howell North, Francis Howell and Francis Howell Central high schools received top awards from the 2010 Missouri YMCA 62nd annual Lewis State Convention held last month.   Students were given the opportunity to run and campaign for certain democratic offices, attend town hall meetings, develop a clearer understanding of state agencies and their functions, expand awareness and knowledge of state problems, stimulate tolerance and understanding of other points of view, and express their concerns on state issues to governmental officials in a responsible and constructive way. In the Legislative Branch, FHC’s Brittany Schenk received the “Best Committee Chair” award; Ben Morrison, “Most Timely Bill,” discussing ownership of vacant homes; and Spencer Foust, “Most NonDisputed Bill,” arguing the need for more funding for autism.  In the Senate, Michael Roundcount had the honor of having his bill, addressing eminent domain, passed into law by the Youth Governor. The FHC video news crew of Alex Faupel, Jake Salge, and Nick Book won the “Best Feature News Story” Award with a humorous look at the vaults in the State

Capitol, while Nicki Turano was chosen to be the 2011’s Lead Video Anchor. The freshmen video news team, Nicki Turano, Jessica Lund and Brittney Steele earned air time with a clever piece on fashion at the Capitol, while reporters, Daniel Duecker, Kyle Pyatt, and Nick Staudacher wrote a feature on the difficulty of climbing to the roof of the Capitol Building. Youth In Government is a YMCA sponsored event in which approximately 500 students from across the state of Missouri gather at the State Capitol in Jefferson City for two,  three-day conventions. The students take over the jobs of the legislative, judicial, executive and media aspects of the government. 

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dialogue on historical, current, and emerging topics of interest to secondary English language arts educators. During the convention Linneman attended several workshops related to teaching English and had the opportunity to listen to authors Firoozeh Dumas, best selling author of “Funny in Farsi” and “Laughing Without an Accent” and Jim Burke, author of “The English Teacher’s Companion: A Complete Guide to Classroom, Curriculum, and the Profession.” Linneman said she is extremely honored to be recognized for her efforts and always had an inspiration to teach. “I truly love the subject I teach, and it is that passion that inspired me to become a teacher. Reading and writing are powerful tools, and helping students to embrace those skills and learn to convey themselves through writing is always exciting to witness,” Linneman said. Linneman has been teaching for six years.

Fort Zumwalt

Kimberly Ann Linneman, an English teacher at Francis Howell High School, recently received the 2010 High School Teacher of Excellence award at the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) National Convention held in Orlando, Fla., last month. The Secondary Section of the NCTE enhances the professional lives of secondary English language arts educators and the quality of education of their students by providing multiple forums for significant

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Young professional of the year Jennifer VanderBol, Progress South Elementary School physical education teacher, was named Young Professional of the Year by MOAHPERD (Missouri Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance). The award is presented to a young member of the association who has demonstrated outstanding potential for scholarship, teaching, and/or professional

306 W. Pearce Blvd. Wentzville, MO 63385

leadership. The recipient should have held office, served on committees, conducted workshops, and/or presented convention programs for MOAHPERD.

Cook off benefits needy The staff at Fort Zumwalt South Middle School raised about $750 to help brighten the holidays for needy families. Staff and teachers made donations to taste test more than 28 varieties of soup or chili during the school’s annual Chili/Soup Cook Off last month. The money raised will go to make the holidays a little brighter for some the South Middle School families.

Student stars Fifteen high school students from the Fort Zumwalt School District participated in filming a promotional video for the Gateway Readers Award sponsored by the Missouri Association of School Librarians. The purpose of the Gateway Readers is to promote literature, literacy, and reading in Missouri high schools and to recognize authors and illustrators of books that are favorites of Missouri students in these grades. The video featured the following students: Brett Smith, Lyndsey Stailey (graduate), Drew Roberson, and Taylor Harlow from South High School; Michelle Hollis, Ashleigh Poteete, Dannielle Stennett, and Destany Westrich from East High School; Alexandra Flynn, Bobby Jones (graduate),

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NEWSMAGAZINENETWORK.COM and Samantha Hill (graduate) from North High School; Austin Lane, Annie Holzen, Alex Currie, and Tiara Harrison from West High School.

Wentzville School District


on Nov. 20. Rice took second place in the competition. Both students received savings bonds and were honored at the sorority’s annual awards luncheon last month.

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Bainbridge chooses Truman Timberland High School senior Adam Bainbridge has committed to play baseball for the Truman State University Bulldogs. With his mother and father by his side, the catcher/pitcher signed an Institutional Letter of Intent at Timberland High School last month. “I really like the campus, the academics are great, and I feel like I can help the team,” Bainbridge said. Last year as a junior, Bainbridge hit for an average of .323 and had an ERA of 2.40 for the Wolves. Bainbridge also has a 4.0 GPA, and was named to the Gateway Athletic Conference All-Academic Team. He plans on majoring in accounting at Truman.

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Timberland High School juniors Megan Brillos and Jake Rice have been named winners in the Alpha Zeta Chapter of Iota Phi Lambda Sorority’s 29th annual American Education Week Essay Contest for middle and high school students in the greater St. Louis area. This year’s essay theme was “Great Public Schools: A Basic Right and Our Responsibility.” Students from six area school districts submitted entries for the contest. Brillos won first place and will advance to the regional level of the competition. She was the Youth Featured Speaker at the luncheon and presented her winning essay

(Reg. $299) Offer Expires in 30 days.

Timberland senior Kelsey Sikes has committed to play basketball for the University of Missouri – St. Louis. The 5-foot-10-inch shooting guard signed her National Letter of Intent with the UMSL Tritons at Timberland High School. “I really liked the coaching staff, it’s a great team with a lot of potential, and I’m looking forward to winning,” Sikes said. Last season Sikes averaged 7.8 points and 4.6 rebounds per game for the Wolves. Over the summer Sikes helped her AAU team, the Southwest Illinois Jets, to the finals of the United States Junior national Midwest Tournament. Sikes plans on majoring in business next fall at UMSL. Three recent Timberland High School newspaper students received Honorable Mention in the “Design of the Year Award” contest at the national high school journalism convention. The honorable mention ranks the newspaper design as one of the top six designs in the nation. Graduates Cara Eckert, Hollan Linn, and Caleb Quinn were named finalists in the Newspaper Page/Spread Design Category in September. “I felt happy to win an honorable mention at the national convention,” said Eckert, a freshman electronic arts major at Missouri State University. “I loved working with them (Caleb and Hollan) on this spread. I’m extremely proud of our design and it wouldn’t have happened without them. I’m thrilled that it got so far.”


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Office Assistant Barbara Courtney 636-561-1718 ext 0

Deputy City Clerk Assistant to the Mayor Patti Agnew 636-561-1718 ext 5

• Basic Necessities In addition, volunteers will distribute gifts to those who are home-bound, in nursing homes and hospitals, and all Salvation Army shelters will be open for sit down dinners. Your contributions to the Tree of Lights Campaign will help make this all possible, and will be much appreciated this holiday season. As we continue through these times of economic challenges when so many need your support, you may be asking how the economy affects the city. While we have had some issues, and some local businesses have struggled, the City has been able to continue to operate without a tax increase or big budget deficits. While there are many projects we could do, I think it is wise to continue to operate in a fiscally responsible manor without raising taxes – which imposes a financial burden on our residents during this already trying time.

Scott Kolbe Ward 1

What can you do to help support the City during the holiday season? Shopping at Dardenne Town Square and other Dardenne Prairie businesses is a great way to keep money in our community. This includes Target, Shop & Save, JC Penney, and Famous Footwear, among others (those on the other side of 40/61 are not in Dardenne Prairie!). And did you know we have a bookstore in Dardenne Prairie? Instead of heading to a big chain, consider your local, independent shop right at the corner of Bryan and Feise. When you shop locally, the money goes towards projects in our community, and ultimately eases the tax burden on our residents. Speaking of projects, we recently installed new stoplights at two key intersections in the City – Highway N at Hanley/Post, and Feise at Hanley. They’ve certainly improved traffic flow, and look great. Looking forward to 2011, the City is planning

your City. If you approve, join our committees and help us reach our goals. If you do not approve, let your Alderman know your concerns. Either way we need your participation. Think of all we can accomplish together. What do you think of the new traffic lights located at Hanley and Highway N and Hanley and Feise? What a difference they make to the flow of traffic and they are a beautiful addition to our streets as well. On a final note, as you do your shopping for this season, please consider all of the fine businesses here

many activities and would look forward to your ideas and feedback. What things would you like to see happen in the community? Feel free to contact anyone at the city and share your ideas. And finally, don’t forget that elections for Alderman are coming up this Spring. Being an elected official can be a rewarding experience. Filing opens on December 14th, and candidates must file by January 18th to be included on the ballot. If you are looking for other ways to be involved, opportunities are available on the Parks Commission, Planning and Zoning and the Board of Adjustments. Or, you can volunteer for various events and activities throughout the year. As always, I am open to hearing new ideas, things you would like to see in the newsletter, and listening to any issue you may have. The best way to reach me is via email at aldermankolbe@ From my family to yours, Happy Holidays.

Pam Fogarty

in Dardenne Prairie. Not only do we have the “big name” retail stores, such as Target and Penney’s, but there are many small stores and restaurants that offer wonderful gift ideas and yummy food to add to your celebrations. Check our website under “Business Directory” for a complete list of local businesses.

households and businesses, a mass of questions have arisen from the recipients to City Hall seeking an understanding of the change they must endure. The City had abided by the Federal mandate of announcing this contract proposal for two years in advance. The contract was awarded to Grace Hauling based on best and lowest bid in accordance with State decree with numerous competitive contenders. Commencement of

this contract is to be effective January 1, 2011. As a financial interest for the City to proceed with this contract initiative, the City acquired a very competitive rate by issuing this singlevendor contract with the ability for Grace to secure a vast amount of guaranteed customers. The City not only strived to achieve that financial benefit for the residents they also had the intention to initiate a tremendous decrease in the amount of loud, busy, polluting truck

traffic throughout the City, thus creating safer and more peaceful subdivision streets. This will also minimize the deterioration of the City streets with less large vehicular travel. The City apologizes for not inserting any supportive information in the announcement letter sent by Grace Hauling that would have explained this change with more clarity.

installation for tracking of this growing St. Charles County program. The special switch replaces the regular light switch of a front house light. This switch has three positions: Off; Flash; On. This device application allows one to use any light bulb as their front porch or front window light. The other option is an adapter that screws into one’s front porch or front window light socket. This device allows them to use a regular light bulb with their regular switch and it will flash when turned on two times repetitively. Essentially, this Emergency Beacon Program

device is an every-day front porch or front window light that becomes a FLASHING BEACON to help emergency responders find those in need FAST! In the event of an emergency, DIAL 911. Tell the operator your emergency and tell them to look for the FLASHING LIGHT then activate the flashing light. The time saved in finding the location of the emergency due to the use of this BEACON could be a lifesaver! Other requirements to participate in this free program are for the immediate installation of

the device and maintain the strict compliance for the appropriate use of this tool as it is not a toy. The City of Dardenne Prairie will be establishing a working model display in the lobby of their City Hall for information as to the ease of the installation and further clarity of the program. Donations to support this initiative are welcomed as the City of Dardenne Prairie strives to reach their goal of having every household equipped with an Emergency Beacon Program device.

Special Needs, and Animal Care. Volunteers complete their Basic Training by participating in a disaster simulation designed to test the skills they will have learned. These volunteers will be registered with the City of Dardenne Prairie as well as the State of Missouri. In the event of a major disaster, they may be called upon to provide

aid to their neighbors as well as to assist with the first responders. In addition, these volunteers will have the opportunity to continue their training with additional programs offered throughout the year. This initial CERT class is a twenty (20) hour training program and runs through the weekend. Training is to be held at the new

Dardenne Prairie City Hall from the hours of 6:00P – 10:00P on Friday, and 8:00A – 4:00P on Saturday and Sunday. The Dardenne Prairie Citizen Corps Council is currently registering residents for this next CERT training class. Those interested can register by calling City Hall at 636.561.1718 or sending an email to

All meetings will be held at Dardenne Prairie City Hall

Municipal Court: 6:30 PM 4th Wednesday of the month

Planning & Zoning 7:00 PM 2nd Wednesday of the month

Board of Aldermen: 7:00 PM 1st & 3rd Wed. of the month

Board Workshop: 5:30 PM 1st & 3rd Wed. of the month


The cities of Dardenne Prairie, Cottleville and Weldon Springs are in a fierce competition. The winner will be the City that collects the most canned goods by December 15th. Show your support for your City and help to make a happier holiday for those less fortunate. Drop off canned or non-perishalble goods to City Hall during normal business hours.

Don’t cry and don’t pout because Friday, December 10th Santa will be in Dardenne Prairie. The O’Fallon Fire District will be assisting Santa on his trip around town checking his list to find out who has been naughty or nice. So you better watch out for Santa in the subdivisions of Providence, Avalon, Kings Mill Estates, Quail Hollow and Tyson’s Corner. Go to our website for details on Santa’s route through these neighborhoods, and remember please don’t feed the reindeer unless you have the magical reindeer food. We’re on the web

Kimberlie Clark, City Clerk City of Dardenne Prairie, Missouri

Pursuant to § 115.127, the City of Dardenne Prairie, Missouri gives notice that the opening filing date for the general election to be held on the 5th day of April 2011 shall be on December 14, 2010. The offices to be filled are one (1) Alderman for each of the three (3) wards. Filings shall be received by the City Clerk, during regular office hours, at City Hall 2032 Hanley Road in the City of Dardenne Prairie commencing at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, December 14, 2010. The closing date and time for filing shall be 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 18, 2011.

The City of Dardenne Prairie requires a Health & Safety Occupancy inspection & certificate be issued prior to any person occupying any property due to sale, rent or lease of any dwelling unit (Ordinance #884). The inspection shall determine compliance with the basic health and safety requirements, if a violation is found the owner shall be given a reasonable length of time to make repairs prior to re-inspection. The occupancy certificate is issued when the property complies with current requirements. Applications are available at City Hall and the fee for this inspection and certificate is $75.00. Thank you for your cooperation.


look and exposure in a new affordable office building. For more details or to view please contact Brad Turvey, City Administrator, 636561-1718 ext 2 or


receptionist and directed to your 2nd floor suite via the tiled ornamental iron staircase or the elevator. Get your basement, dining room or extra bedroom back and have the professional


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Step up to a professional office setting in Downtown Dardenne Prairie

New Volunteer Training Scheduled The City of Dardenne Prairie has scheduled their next CERT Basic Training class for new volunteers on February 25-27, 2011. CERT Volunteers receive training in the follow areas: Disaster Preparedness, Fire Safety, Disaster Medical Operations, Light Search & Rescue, CERT Organization, Disaster Psychology, Terrorism,

The City of Dardenne Prairie Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

The City of Dardenne Prairie has recently initiated a free safety program for the wellbeing of its citizens. The Emergency Beacon Program is a means for having the capacity to turn on a flashing front light of a home to better notify emergency responders to the location of need for a more expedient response time. City Hall is the point of distribution for interested residents to receive one of two free devices: a special light switch or a special light bulb adapter. The only requirement at the time of pick-up is for the resident to leave their address as to the location of the device

The City of Dardenne Prairie Initiates Free Safety Program For Citizens well-Being

The City of Dardenne Prairie has recently signed a contract with a single trash hauling company for the betterment of the community for the residents and City as a whole. As letters of this contract information have been mailed directly to all City

Robert Menichino Ward 2

The City of Dardenne Prairie Enters A Trash Hauling Contract with Citizens’ Interests In Mind

The holiday season is always a special time of year, filled with family, friends and celebration. It’s also a time which embodies the spirit of giving, and this year the City of Dardenne Prairie is host to one of the community’s pillars of service and generosity to those in need - the Salvation Army. For the first time in our City’s history, we are honored to host the Salvation Army Tree of Lights Campaign for St. Charles County. This campaign, which includes the Red Kettles you see around town, supports our neighbors in need this holiday season with things such as: • Christmas dinners • Clothing • Toys

that I am certain will become a special tradition for all our families. If you are interested in joining the committee to plan this and other events for the City or if you have ideas for events you would like to see, please email me at As we come to the end of another year, I would like to recommend a New Year’s resolution for you all. In 2011, get involved in your community. Come to a meeting, the Board of Aldermen meet the first and third Wednesday of every month at 5:30 for the workshop and 7:00 for the general meeting. Join us and see the direction your elected officials are leading

Happy Holidays To Everyone!

A Message from the Mayor of Dardenne Prairie

2032 Hanley Road | Dardenne Prairie, MO 63368 | (636) 561-1718 |

Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Jeff Amelong 636-561-1718 ext 8

Court Clerk Coreen Conroy 636-561-1718 ext 3


We had a wonderful turn out for our Christmas Tree Lighting Celebration on November 19th. A special thank you to the Salvation Army Tree of Lights for allowing us to host their kick-off. We were entertained by the awesome choirs from Crossroads Elementary, under the direction of Janet Studstill and Prairie View Elementary, Katie Jones, director. We even received a special visit from Santa Claus! This is going to be an annual event

City Clerk/Treasurer Kim Clark 636-561-1718 ext 1

City Administrator Brad Turvey 636-561-1718 ext 2

Mayor Pam Fogarty 636-561-1718 ext 6


22 I 



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Tradition To Bring In The New Year Continues

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Helping Hands to offer warm meals, coats for needy By Amy Armour Needy families will have a chance to enjoy a warm meal and some fun holiday activities—all at no cost. “Helping Hands for the Holidays” will be held from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Fri., Dec. 17 in the Grand Ballroom at the St. Charles Convention Center. In addition to providing a free buffet dinner, the event will include free health screenings, live entertainment, a canned food drive, a winter clothing drive and activities for the children. “We wanted to reach out to the community and help those in need,” said Joe Capitanelli, marketing manager for Global Spectrum at the St. Charles Convention Center. Carolers from Christmas Traditions will provide entertainment, and children can get their picture taken with Santa. Local Girl Scout troops will be on hand to lead the children through holiday arts and crafts and other activities. Molina Healthcare will be onsite to

provide free dental screenings and SSM Healthcare will offer families free checkups. Local nonprofits, like the Salvation Army, Sts. Joachim & Ann Care Service and Crider Health Center, will be in attendance to provide families with information and help. And after enjoying the buffet, families will take home canned goods and personal hygiene items collected from the food drive. Winter coats will also be available on a first-come, first-served basis. “We really wanted to make it a wellrounded event,” Capitanelli said. Capitanelli is hoping at least 500 people will benefit from the event. “We have enough food to accommodate 1,000, but I would be happy if we could help 500,” Capitanelli said. “The goal is to help those in need.” Mid Rivers Newsmagazine and Newsmagazine Network are sponsors of the event. For more information, or to donate, call 669-3000.

Christmas at The Meadows offers carriage rides, Santa New store openings, free pictures with Santa, festive holiday events, a new Christmas tree lot, and holiday caroling groups are making The Meadows a holiday destination in St. Charles County this year. Returning this year are two holiday favorites: free horse-drawn carriage rides and hot chocolate. The horse-drawn carriage rides are provided by St. Louis Carriage Company, a local business celebrating its 25th year of service. It is home to fifteen Percheron draft horses that make up the team. The horse-drawn carriage rides run from noon to 6 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday, and from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Christmas Eve across from Loft. Hot chocolate is also available next to the carriage rides from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. on

Saturdays. A Christmas tree lot is one of the newest holiday additions to The Meadows. The tree lot offers five varieties of Christmas trees starting at just $19.99. The lot is open seven days a week from 9 a.m. until 10 p.m. and is located next to the patio of BC’s Kitchen. Santa Claus will be in Von Maur’s center court on Saturdays throughout December for children to visit and receive a free picture. Santa’s hours are from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m., Dec. 11 and Dec. 18. Santa will have a reindeer feeding break from 2 p.m. until 3 p.m. A complete list of events and times are available on The Meadows website at

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Bu si ness

Pet pampering




Aleece Vogt has been appointed to the St. Johns Board of Directors. Vogt is director of advancement for Duchesne High School. • • • Stacey B. Klein has joined Midland States Bank in Chesterfield as a mortgage banker in the St. Louis region Mortgage Division.


Cuivre River Electric Community Trustee Nancy Matheny (from left) with Saints Joachim and Ann Care Service Executive Director Miriam Mahan and Repairing Homes Restoring Hope Program Coordinator Jacqueline Hoener.

• • • Our Urgent Care has opened a new location at 2893 Veterans Memorial Parkway in St. Charles. • • • Maurice’s has opened its new location at 20 Meadows Circle Drive in Lake Saint Louis. • • • Vatterott College has opened its new location at 3550 West Clay Street in St. Charles.

Paws and Relax Pet Spa has celebrated the opening of its new location with a ribbon cutting ceremony. The spa is located at 1330 Sunburst Drive in O’Fallon. Pictured are Paws and Relax Pet Spa Owner Jessica Uzzetta with family, staff, friends, and representatives of the O’Fallon Chamber of Commerce and the city of O’Fallon.

Brand new ride Planet Motors has celebrated the grand opening of its new location at 3729 Veterans Memorial Parkway in St. Charles. Pictured (from left) are partners Mark Mattmann, Harlan Green and Vince Nolan.


Owners Jane Pan and Jack Pan are joined by representatives of the O’Fallon Chamber of Commerce and the city of O’Fallon.

China King III has celebrated the opening of its new location with a ribbon cutting ceremony. The new location is at 8626 Veterans Memorial Parkway in O’Fallon. • • • The Trust Board of Cuivre River Electric Community, of St. Charles, Lincoln, Pike and Warren County, has awarded a $4,000 Operation Round Up grant to Saints Joachim and Ann Care Service, of St. Peters, to assist its Emergency Housing Retention program

Forty-eight employees of Garden View Care Center, of O’Fallon, Chesterfield, Dougherty Ferry, and Big Bend, have been recognized for 10 and 20 years of service. • • •

St. Louis sculptor Harry Weber was named the 2011 Sport Artist of the Year by the American Sport Art Museum and Archives.


Garden View Care Center Owners (from left) Bill Weier and Richard Winter, with honoree Tonia Blunt and O’Fallon Administrator Charlotte Litle. Blunt has served more than 23 years of service to Garden View Care Center residents.

“‘It’s All About Me’ – Learn to Benefit from Your Personality Style” will be from 9 a.m. to noon on Thurs., Dec. 9 at Old Hickory Golf Club at 1 Dye Club Drive in St. Peters. Find out about personality styles and how to make them work better for you and those around you. The cost of the program is $125 per person. Advanced registration is required. The sign-up deadline is at noon on Wed., Dec. 8. To register, visit

Chesterfield Arts Board Members Jack Schaar (right) with sculptor Harry Weber.

I 25

Ho so Yo lid u r u r ay ce Sh for op pi ng



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*Sale Prices includes all Rebates and Discounts. Pricing changes when using incentive rate financing. W.A.C. Vehicle pictured may not represent actual vehicle listed. Select in stock vehicles only. Sale ends 1-32011. See dealer for complete details. C12310V


O’Fallon grapples with choosing a towing company By Mary Ann O’Toole Holley Requiring towing services is never fun, and when you’re a city looking to award a contract for towing, it can be even more complicated. At a recent meeting of the O’Fallon City Council, city staff, Police Chief Roy Joachimstaller and the council reviewed bids, discussed finalists and then the City Council scrapped the whole process only to start over. Mayor Bill Hennessy said the council would discuss the bid process at a workshop scheduled for Dec. 9, but the dispute over the contract recommendation leaned toward pricing and a requirement that the towing company selected own all of its own equipment. “There was no reason given for rejecting it,” Hennessy said. “The council just did not accept the recommendation of the police chief.” City Administrator Keith Riesberg said struggling over towing contracts is common among administrators and is right up there with employee health contracts. “What poses the challenge for us is that to provide this towing service, there are so many variables. The bid specifications we use are consistent with what I’ve seen in other communities,” Riesberg said. “The city required that they have capital equipment because we need a certain level of assurances that can be fulfilled.” Riesberg said towing companies can subcontract some things out, but most city contracts say if they are going to subcontract work, the city needs to agree to the provision of those services. Police Chief Joachimstaller said his rec-

ommendation was to enter into an agreement with Sherman Towing, based on a number of factors including “past performance, accessibility and convenience, lack of documented complaints from citizens and police and because it’s an O’Fallon business.” However, the council voted unanimously against the decision, because they agreed that the bid requirements were more stringent than they thought they should be. “Clearly, and absolutely, we (the police department) have no ties to any of these companies. We looked into this above board and transparent, and after a number of meetings this is our recommendation,” Joachimstaller said. “However, we will support any decision you make, but we want the best services for the citizens of O’Fallon and the police department itself.” Councilman Jim Pepper said he was having some “heartburn” about a services contract that requires ownership of capital assets. “How you get the services done is enough,” Pepper said. Riesberg said when the city originally sat down to discuss the towing contract, it was explained that if the company owns the equipment, it can be accessed immediately. “Sometimes you need heavy equipment to lift something or to get someone out of a car,” Joachimstaller said. “How many times would it occur? I don’t know, but that one time would be worthwhile.” Councilman Rick Lucas said he didn’t care if they own the equipment or lease it as long as they respond and perform duties within the contract.

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U.S. Pat. No. 7,007,507 • © • All rights reserved • PANDORA-JEWELRY.COM • PANDORA.NET

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PLEASE JOIN US FOR A TRADITIONAL CHRISTMAS DINNER Turkey, Dressing Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Sweet Potatoes, Fresh Vegetables, Cranberries, Green Bean Casserole, Rolls & Butter Pumpkin or Pecan Pie

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LINDENWOD, from page 10 account for the university’s growth. “Between the programs and the number of graduates who get jobs, plus, when there is a tough economy students tend to stay closer to home. At Lindenwood you can go away to college close to home,” Queen said. “Our academic programs are great, our facilities are great, and another thing that contributes to Lindenwood growth is its thriving evening program for adults. Twothirds of our student population comes from the evening program. Lindenwood has sites throughout the metro area. Another huge area of growth is our Belleville Campus, which has over 300 daytime students and its own athletic program.” The building boom also brought eight new 180-bed residence halls for Lindenwood students, as well as the grand 138,000-square-foot Scheidegger Center for the Arts, where plays, speakers and special entertainment venues bring culture to the students as well as local residents. In August, the school’s new $20 million LU Commons student center will open. The 120,000-square-foot building will include a second dining hall for students, and a suspended jogging track on the third floor.

Offer valid Sunday-Thursday. One coupon per table please. Not Available w/other offers or discounts (Dine In Only)

269 Salt Lick Rd. • Dierbergs 79 Crossing Plaza • St. Peters, MO 63376 • Phone: (636) 970-7926

Waking up the sleepy giant In 1987, Dennis Spellmann, who died in 2006, was brought in as a consultant to try to save Lindenwood College. Two years later his wife, Sue, and daughter, Sheryl Guffey of Cottleville, worked at the school, and he was president. “When it couldn’t be sold, my father put his head together with Lindenwood Board member Robert Hyland, and the two decided Lindenwood wasn’t hopeless. They felt they could bring the school back to life,” Guffey said. “Back to its mission. “I went to school there. When I first went there, there were horses; there was an equestrian program,” Guffey said. “It needed to go back to its Christian value system: to stand for something. And for parents to know it was a safe place for their children to go, where students thrive. If you’re going to try to be a Saint Louis University or a Yale or Harvard, it won’t usually work. You need to be what you are.” Guffey said their goal was to recruit 500 students that first year, but the newspapers had already reported that Lindenwood was closing, so there were very few applicants. Spellman did get the word out, however, using unusual methods to achieve his goals. Spellman started the 1989 “Pork for Tuition” program to draw students. The program garnered attention from national news outlets like the “Today Show” and others who dubbed Lindenwood “Pork U.” Spellman didn’t care. He figured if surrounding farmers couldn’t afford to send

LU to D2 bring new status and athletic center to Lindenwood In the midst of a $150 million building boom at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, the Board of Directors, earlier this month, approved the construction of a new athletic building that promises to rival all others. Architects have barely put pen to paper, and costs have yet to be determined, but a new athletic building for Lindenwood University promises to be in line with the university’s stateof-the-art approach to education. “The building will feature an academic center, a very attractive and comfortable locker room for stadium sports, our Hall of Fame will go in the building with multi purpose rooms that could serve as suites to look down into the stadium to watch sporting events,” said Scott Queen, spokesman for Lindenwood University. “We’re hoping the athletic building will coincide with Lindenwood’s entry into the MIAA conference in the fall of 2010.” Lindenwood is on the verge of becoming a Division 2, NCAA-eligible school. “The university applied, and went through a process and was accepted as an NCAA Division 2 candidate in July,” Queen said. “The criteria demands that you meet the minimum number of sports and we’ve met that for years. It has to do with athletics in terms of how many sports are offered to students. Lindenwood had more than adequate facilities, and we funded our sports appropriately. We were accepted without hesitation.” Lindenwood University was approved for Division 2 Conference which includes Central Missouri, Truman State, Southwest Baptist, Northwest Missouri State and others, Queen said. Lindenwood is beginning a fundraising campaign dubbed LU to D2, reflecting the move to Division 2 status. The school is also seeking a grant from the Mabee Foundation, which would go toward construction of the new building. The J. E. and L. E. Mabee Foundation, Inc., a Delaware non-profit corporation, with its office in Tulsa, Okla. As stated in its charter, the purposes of the foundation are to aid Christian religious organizations, charitable organizations and institutions of higher learning, hospitals and other organizations of a general charitable nature.


NEWSMAGAZINENETWORK.COM their children to college, he’d use the bartering system and accept pigs as payment. The pork was used in the school’s cafeteria, Guffey said. As years progressed, Spellman traveled the globe recruiting international students to bring diversity to the campus. “My dad traveled to China and Thailand, and he had contacts everywhere. He was a visionary,” Guffey said. “He always said, ‘I like trees and students. I like to see trees and students grow.’ He saw plenty of trees, and kids, grow at that school.” She added, “It’s been a tremendous success story. A lot of people can’t imagine that.” Guffey also attributes the university’s growth to “getting back to its original mission: of an ordered, purposeful universe, the dignity of work, the worth and integrity of the individual, the obligations and privileges of citizenship and the primacy of the truth.” When Sibley opened the school, she began the first “work study” program, directing students to grow cotton for fabrics and clothing and foods to feed the locals. “It was Indian Territory, and she had come from the east and the lap of luxury, where servants brushed her hair,” said Guffey. “Her husband was always off on trips, so when she found herself living the


life in the middle of nowhere as a pioneer woman, she wanted to try to educate people in the area. She even tried to educate the Indians.” “In 1989, Lindenwood went back to not being like everyone else,” Guffey said. “It grew because the mission was a good one, and that was to try to take a person and mold them into a state of mental, physical and social well-being.” She added, “It grew because we cared about the kids, and they knew it. As they became successful, Lindenwood became successful. Not one penny was spent unless it helped the students. If we did something we did it for the kids.” As for the critics of the new Lindenwood House, Guffey holds back comments except to say the old President’s Mansion was close to her heart. “They entertained some pretty fine dignitaries in that house. It has a staircase that is amazing. It had white carpet. It was a beautiful mansion.” She said her father was never required to be there; that he wanted to be there. “He met every new student who came. He called it ‘hat’ day. He’d have students and their parents come into his office, shake their hands and offer the student a Lindenwood hat. He worked until the day he passed away – through all that cancer. I was with him in that house when he died.”

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34He I mature taughtfocus I  you life…



He taught you life…

and now he can’t remember where he lives. and now he can’t remember where he lives.

WeWearearehere andyour yourloved lovedone. one. heretotohelp help you you and

• 24-hr Licensed Nursing Supervision • Family Education & Support • Respire Care Available • Social/Recreation Cedar Ridge Special CareCenter CenterActivities Cedar RidgeAlzheimer’s Alzheimer’s Special Care • Personalized Assistance •Specially Trained Caregivers 2100 S. Lakeline Blvd. • Cedar Park, TX 78613 • 512-258-5157 • 2100 S. Lakeline Blvd. • Cedar Park, TX 78613 • 512-258-5157 •


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Senior Living Community

Assisted - Special Care // Independent Apartments // Garden Homes

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Throat cancer survivor scares smoke out of youth By SHEILA FRAYNE RHOADES Don Young, 66, is a man on a mission to direct teens and young adults to refrain from smoking. His methods are scary, but they work. “I’m compelled to tell my story and make young people afraid to smoke,” said Young, who lives in St. Charles. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), smoking is the single leading preventable cause of death in the nation, and each day, about 4,000 American youth aged 12-17 smoke their first cigarette. Determined to change those statistics, Young presents thought-provoking programs at area schools, colleges, churches, youth organizations, public forums, medical schools and corporations, sharing his cancer experience with more than 40,000 people per year. Young started smoking at age 14 and in 1992, at the age of 48, he was diagnosed with throat cancer, caused by 34 years of a two-pack-a-day smoking habit. A series of operations and treatments saved Young’s life but left him unable to speak. He is unable to breathe or talk normally through his nose or mouth; a hole in his throat that opens directly to his lungs (a tracheotomy) allows him to breathe. To speak, he must use an electronic voice box, which produces a robot-like speech pattern. To eat and drink, Young inserts a two-foot tube down his throat every morning to dilate the opening. It is said a picture is worth a 1,000 words, and Young’s photo presentations say it all, vividly illustrating his story in graphic detail, as Young documented the course of his illness by photographing his surgeries and treatments. His programs are intended to shock, and they do. Kathleen Graham, who teaches at St. Charles High School, connected with Young through her classes on peer facilitating in which students are trained to help their classmates solve teen problems. “It’s hard not to gush when talking about Don Young,” Graham said.  “He is a wonderful human being who genuinely cares

Speaking through an electronic voice box, throat cancer survivor Don Young shares his anti-smoking message.

about people, both young and old. Don hopes his story will warn others not to make his mistakes. He has been through so much, and it’s a miracle that he’s still alive.  Students seem to truly respect his honesty, and he always commands their respect when he addresses them.” Over the years, Graham said, she has seen many students attribute their decision to remain tobacco-free due to Young’s presentations. Cancer-free since 1993, Young has garnered numerous honors and awards, including the 1997 St. Louis American Cancer Society “Volunteer of the Year.” He volunteers for many organizations, including the American Lung Association, the Tobacco-Free Missouri - St. Louis Coalition, the National Council of Alcohol & Drug Abuse and others that fight tobacco and drug use. Amazingly, Young has participated in the Senior Olympics in track and field, javelin, jumping, shot put, and more. He carried the Senior Olympic Torch in St. Louis in 1996, 2000 and 2004. In 2000, he was named Coping magazine’s “Cancer Survivor of the Year.” He continues to work with young people in sports, at church, at St. Louis Children’s Hospital and performing as a Shriners clown. Through it all, Young aims to make a difference. “I know not everyone will stop smoking, but some will, and that’s worth it,” he said.



I mature focus I 35

prescription costs meeting the initial coverage limit. • The initial coverage limit will rise from $2,830 to $2,840. • Out-of-pocket threshold will remain $4,550. • The coverage gap (donut hole) begins once patients reach their Medicare Part D plan’s initial coverage limit and ends when they spend a total of $4,550 in 2011. • Starting in 2011, Part D enrollees will receive a 50-percent discount on the total coast of their brand-name drugs while in the donut hole. Drugs excluded by law under Part D by law include: anorexia, weight loss or

weight gain drugs; barbiturates and benzodiazepines; erectile dysfunction drugs when used for treatment of sexual or erectile dysfunction, unless such agents are to treat a condition; fertility drugs; drugs for cosmetic or lifestyle purposes; drugs for symptomatic relief of coughs or colds; prescription vitamin and mineral products (except prenatal vitamins and fluoride preparations); and non-prescription drugs. Benzodiazepines and barbiturates will be covered starting in 2013. For additional information or to review and compare plans, call (800) MEDICARE (633-4227) with 24-hour help available, or visit

New year brings changes to Medicare Part D Open enrollment ends Dec. 31 By SARAH WILSON Special assistance is available statewide to seniors who plan to participate in the Medicare Part D prescription drug program. The open enrollment period for the program began Nov. 15 and will run through Fri., Dec. 31. Seniors are encouraged to enroll as early as possible to avoid any inconvenience at the pharmacy counter in January. “Due to significant changes in the program, and changes in plans offered by private insurers, the volume of calls for help we are receiving has increased,” Catherine Edwards, executive director of the Missouri Association of Area Agencies on Aging, said. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and Q1Group, an online resource for Medicare Part D prescription drug plan information, provided an overview of significant Medicare Part D changes, and what will remain the same, in 2011: • Thirty-two Medicare Prescription Plans

(PDPs) are available. • Eighty-seven percent of people with Medicare have prescription drug coverage (including 62 percent with Part D). • Thirty-four percent of people with Part D receive Extra Help (also called the lowincome subsidy, or LIS). • Ninety-nine percent of people with Part D can pay a lower premium in 2011 than they did in 2010. • One hundred percent of people with Medicare have access to an MA plan for a $0 premium. • Thirteen PDPs have $0 deductibles. • The lowest monthly premium for a PDP is $14.80. • The lowest monthly premium for a PDP with any generic coverage in the Coverage Gap is $44.80. • Five PDPs have a premium of $0 for people who qualify for Extra Help. • The initial deductible will remain $310. After the deductible is met, the beneficiary pays 25 percent of covered costs up to total




WE’RE WORKING WITH SOME OF THE GREATEST MINDS IN THE COUNTRY. INCLUDING YOURS. Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital is part of BJC. Our patients benefit from research, resources and innovations from our 13 hospitals and insights from more than 30,000 of the best physicians and caregivers in the world. Right here, in our own backyard, people are finding better ways to provide care. Tell us what you want at


Tiffany Semar Respiratory Therapist Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital


11/17/10 1:00 PM

36 I 


NEWSMAGAZINENETWORK.COM Buff/Wax/Carpets/Glass/Engine/Windows/AndMore

08 Grand Cherokee 4x4, V6$19,500

05 Nissan 350z, 6 Speed Roadster, $20,900

“Let Us Find Your Next New Or Used Car” • 636-447-5900 450 St. Peters Howell Rd.

98 Corvett, Auto, Leather, Full Pwr, $15,500

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plete Auto Detai m o C 636-447-5900 l Cars $85

Trucks $100

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Com mu n it y Event s HOLIDAY HAPPENINGS The city of O’Fallon’s 19th annual Celebration of Lights is being held through Dec. 30 at Fort Zumwalt Park. The whole family will enjoy the thousands of twinkling lights and charming holiday scenes throughout the park. Families can take a ride on a carriage, a train or a sleigh-hayride. All rides require reservations. To schedule a 30-minute carriage ride, call the Carousel Farms and Carriage Company at 390-4403. Train rides and sleigh-hayrides must be reserved at least two weeks in advance, and can be booked by calling 379-5502. Train rides are available on Monday nights only. The cost is $7 per person for ages 12 and up, $5 for ages 1 to 11, and free for infants up to 11 months old. For additional information, call 379-5614, or visit www. • • • The 28th annual Candlelight Christmas Walk will be held from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Fri., Dec. 10 in historic Augusta. A full schedule of holiday activities and shopping will include horse drawn carriage rides, a scavenger hunt, chestnut roasting and Christmas caroling. For more information, call 314-954-0007. • • • Breakfast With Santa and Nutcracker Friends will be held at 9 a.m. on Sat., Dec. 11, at the student center on the St. Charles Community College campus located at 4601 Mid Rivers Mall Drive in Cottleville. The cost is $15 for children 12 and under and $7 for adults. For more information, call 922-8233 or visit learnforlife. • • • “Free Photos with Santa and Holiday Boutique” will be held from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sat., Dec. 11 at the Coldwell Banker Gundaker’s St. Charles office located at Hwy. 94 and Mid Rivers Mall Drive. Children can have a photo taken with Santa and make a craft while parents shop at 14 holiday vendors, some of which include:  Premier Jewelry, Angelic

Treasures, Ken’s Designer Purses, Scentsy Wickless, and Signs by Design Vinyl Lettering. A portion of vendor proceeds will benefit Youth in Need, a nonprofit child and family services agency. For more information, call 441-1360. • • • Monkey Tales Theatre presents “Twas The Night Before Christmassy Brunch Show” at 9:30 a.m. on Sat., Dec. 11, at RT Weiler’s Restaurant located at 201 N. Main Street in St. Charles. Tickets are $15 for children and $20 for adults. There is limited seating and reservations are required. Order tickets online at www.monkeytales. org. • • • A Jingle Bell Lunch will be held from noon to 2 p.m. on Mon., Dec. 13, at Civic Hall, located 305 Civic Park Drive in O’Fallon. Celebrate the season with friends old at a traditional sit-down meal of slow-roasted turkey with all the trimmings served to the tune of a light-hearted holiday show. The cost is $15 for O’Fallon residents and $20 for non-residents. Register by calling 474-2732, or by visiting • • • St. Peters Aglow Lighthouse invites the women of St. Charles County and beyond to join them at 11 a.m., Sat., Dec. 11, at Joy’s, off Pieper, for a Christmas Party and snacks. For details and directions, contact Beverly Combest at 887-0830.

TRIPS “A Day in Eagle Country” will be held from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Wed., Feb. 2. Board the motor coach at 7:30 a.m. at Civic Hall located 305 Civic Park Drive in O’Fallon for day-long adventure of wildlife and bald eagle spotting. Travel through scenic woodlands and along limestone bluffs in the Mississippi Valley where wintering eagles prefer to roost, and make a mystery stop before returning to O’Fallon at 6 p.m. The cost of $75 for O’Fallon residents and $84 for non-residents includes

At the Meadows in Lake Saint Louis, horse-drawn carriage rides are provided by St. Louis Carriage Company. Fifteen Percheron draft horses make up the team. The horse-drawn carriage rides run from noon to 6 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday, and from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Christmas Eve across from Loft. Read more about Christmas at the Meadows on p. 23.

transportation, a continental breakfast, lunch at rustic Pere Marquette Lodge, gratuities and escorts. Register by calling 4742732, or by visiting parksandrec.


Liberty Productions presents the Charles Dickens Classic “A Christmas Carol” at 7 p.m., Thurs., Dec. 16 and Fri., Dec. 17; and at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Sat., Dec. 18 in the Francis Howell Central High School auditorium, 5199 Hwy. N. Admission is free. For tickets, directions or more information visit or call 734-7870. • • • Young People’s Theatre of St. Charles Community College presents “The Nutcracker” at 7 p.m. on Fri., Dec. 17; at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Sat., Dec. 18; and at 2 p.m. on Sun., Dec. 19 at the Donald D. Shook Fine Arts Building Theater on the SCC campus. The cost is $7. For more information, call 922-8233. • • • An introductory acting class for young students will be held on Tuesdays from Jan. 11 through April 26 at the Foundry Art Centre located at 520 North Main Center in St. Charles. Students from first through eighth grade, will learn basic acting tech-

niques and short-form improvisation using monologues, short scenes and educational games to develop their creative energy into acting for the stage. Classes will be taught by Becca Helms. The cost is $180 for members and $200 for non-members. For more information or to register, contact Angela at 255-0270 or angela@foundryartcentre. org. • • • Emerging local artists will be featured in a mixed media exhibition from Dec. 10 through Jan. 14, at The Foundry Art Centre located at 520 North Main Center in St. Charles. “Beyond the Resume” will showcase the works of artists who have received their masters of fine arts or a masters of arts from an area university within the last three years. An opening reception will be held from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Fri., Dec. 10 at the Foundry Art Centre. For more information, call 255-0270.

TRIVIA NIGHT The Vision St. Charles Leadership Trivia Night will be held at 7 p.m. on Sat., Jan. 29, at the American Legion Hall located at 2500 Raymond Drive in St. Charles. The cost is $20 per person or $200 for a table of 10. The cost includes free beer and soda. For more information, call Christa Montgomery at 314-448-0403.





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PeoPle & Places

sPorts & recreation

Dining & entertainment

Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best

Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best

Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best

Elected Official Mayor Radio Personality Television Personality Teacher citizen city local personality to look up to

local Flavor Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best

High School Grade School Neighborhood Local Charity St. Charles place to take out of town guests place for a romantic evening public art thing to happen to St. Charles County

High School Athlete (Male) High School Athlete (Female) St. Louis Professional Athlete Professional Athlete Not Named Albert Pujols Local Sportscaster Playground golf course place to watch sports local athlete to look up to

Hamburger Pizza Ethnic Restaurant breakfast desserts place for live music Movie Theater wine list cheap entertainment

Your vote counts:

Visit to cast your vote or simply write in a winner for each category and mail it to 355 Ozark Trail Drive • Ellisville, MO 63011 ATTN: Best Of. We ask that you tell us why you chose as many of the winners as you can. We will be publishing voter comments in the “Winner’s” issue. Ballots must be received by December 23, 2010. Results will be published in the January 12, 2011 issue. Winners will be decided based solely on the voting results.

Spray Tanning Look Great in 60 Seconds! Best Spray Tanning Available 2009 Industry Award Winner

Collagen Red Light Therapy has numerous client benefits. Some of these benefits are unattainable through any alternative treatment regimens.

• Results in a proven, pain-free and recognizable anti-aging effect • Naturally promotes collagen and elastin production (light penetrates

fibroblast cells in connective tissue where collagen/elastin is produced) • Smooths and reduces fine lines and wrinkles • Firms aged and tired skin – keeps it renewed and fresh • Improves consistent skin coloration and complexion • Moisturizes skin – a key component to a good skin care regimen • Activates blood flow for increased circulation • Promotes oxygenation, detoxification and restoration of skin’s natural cellular activity • Stimulates wound healing - treats problems close to skin’s surface (wrinkles, wounds, cuts, scars or infections) • Reduces inflammation in skin conditions such as acne • No adverse side effects nor downtime (UV-free) • Makes light therapy device manufacturing economical and allows you to offer an affordable innovative technology to the anti-aging market

A rejuvenating experience and youthful complexion: That is Red Light Therapy!

Tan Free Sundays* Now through the end of 2010 *Some restrictions apply.

St. Peters

1104 Jungs Station Rd.

(1/4 mile South of Hwy 94 in Jungs Station Plaza))


38 I 


e a nta Tak w/Sa /15 2 e tur ay 1 . Pic dnesd 8:30 pomnly)

EXPRESS DAILY LUNCH BUFFET $6.95 Best Sunday Brunch In Town 10 a.m - 2 p.m. $8.99

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Non Smoking Facility Pizza, Pasta, Steaks, Seafood, Salad,

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3728 Monticello Plaza Next to Shop & Save At Hwy K & O’Fallon Rd.


$4 Off Any Purchase Can not be combined with other coupon offers. No cash refundable. Not valid for Sunday Brunch or Express Lunch Buffet.

1266 Bryan Rd. 0’Fallon


The Home of the Triple Christy As seen on Fox 2 Morning Show

3957 Mid Rivers Mall Drive Cottleville, MO 63376

636.926.2222 Dine in or Carry Out


The Best Burgers in St. Charles County!

Serving Authentic Chicago Pizza, Italian Beef & Hot Dogs!

Home of the

TWO LOCATIONS! O'Fallon & St. Louis


Lunch Specials: Daily 11-4pm


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2964 Dougherty Ferry Rd.


• Dine-in • Carry-out • Lunch • Dinner

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1090 Tom Ginnever Ave.

Come Full! The TomHungry....Leave Arcobasso Tradition Continues let us Cater Your holiday Party

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FREE Large Dinner Salad with purchase of a large 2 topping or more pizza

Buy One Lunch Pasta and 2 Beverages, Get One Lunch Dine in only. Valid Mon-Fri 11am-4pm. Valid thru 12-31-10. *Free pasta of equal or lesser value with coupon. Limit 1 coupon per table. Not valid with other offers or discounts.

Carry Out Only. Valid Sunday thru Thursdays only. Limit 1 coupon per person. Limit 1 FREE salad per order. Not valid with other offers or discounts. With coupon. Expires 12-31-10

Monday all you Can eat pasta 4pm-9pm. Select Group of Pastas. 636-949-9005 2061 Zumbehl Rd. Bogey Hills Plaza St. Charles

ting Celebras at 2 year ven Wingha

A 36 Year Tradition

fresh Chilean Sea bass & battered/fried lobster tails & Steak Specials Christmas eve Open 4pm - 9pm New Years eve Open 4pm - ?

Serving Certified Black Angus Beef Everyday


951 Jungermann Rd • St. Peters

Call today for reservations

928-0112 Gift CeRtifiCateS available

3072 Winghaven Blvd. • 636-561-5202 Lakeside Shoppes Plaza (Hwy. 40 & Winghaven Blvd.)

M I D R I V E R S H O M E PA G E S When you want it done right the first time... We’re the place to check out first.



Top Gunn Deck & Fence Revival Top Gunn Home Improvements


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Landscapes, Fences & More L.L.C. Storm

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Looking For In Home Care? Providing In Home Care for Seniors and the Disabled * Our ability to deliver services in customized packages–hourly, live-ins, couples care, bath visits, sleepovers, and respite care * Call to see if your loved one qualifies for Veteran’s Benefits

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A preferred home care choice since 1987. College degreed professionals provide care/companionship. Why accept less? Competitively priced options. Care managers and clinical staff available. Bonded & insured. AAA screened. Call Gretchen at StaffLink (314) 477-3434

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St. Charles Junk is your local bulk and container service company catering to the St. Charles and surrounding counties. We haul it all...basement and garage cleanouts, appliances, yard waste, construction debris, and NOW OFFERING CONTAINERS! For the best service and pricing call St. Charles Junk at 636-697-7825


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Bankruptcy Chapter 7 •Chapter 13 Debt Consolidation Foreclosure Defense Debt Adjustment

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lOVE 'N' caRE Pet farm Full Service Kennel Grooming & Boarding

Quality Puppies fOR SalE with fREE Vet Visit & Health Package SalE on Select Pups Thru christmas! 104 Laura Hill Rd. (off Hwy K) St. Peters/O'Fallon 63376


Prayers Novena To The Holy Spirit Holy Spirit, you who make me see everything and show me the way to reach my ideals. Give me the divine gift to forgive and forget them all who have done wrong to me. I, in short dialogue, want to thank you in everything and confirm once more that I never want to be separated from you no matter how great the material desires may be. I want to be with you and my beloved one in our perpetual glory. Thanks for favors. Pray this prayer for three consecutive days without asking for wish. After third day, wish will be granted no matter how difficult. Promise to publish this dialogue as soon as your favor has been granted. L.M.

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