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ECRWSS Postal Patron Local PRSRT STD U.S. Postage PAID Breese, IL Permit #84

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Guess Who? and longest-lasting depression in American history. But facts have taken a back seat to rhetoric. In more recent years, there have been both academic studies and popular books debunking some of the myths about the New Deal. Nevertheless, Professor Folsom’s book “New Deal or Raw Deal?” breaks new ground. Although written by an academic scholar and based on years of documented research, it is as readable as a newspaper – and a lot more informative than most. There are few historic events whose legends are more grossly different from the reality than the New Deal administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt. And there are few men whose image has been more radically different from the man himself. Some of the most devastating things that were said about FDR were not said by his political enemies but by people who worked closely with him for years – Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau being just one. Morgenthau saw not only the utter failure of Roosevelt’s policies, but also the failure of Roosevelt himself, who didn’t even know enough economics to realize how little he knew. Far from pulling the country out of the Great Depression by following Keynesian policies, FDR created policies that prolonged the depression until it was more than twice as long as any other depression in American history. Moreover, Roosevelt’s ad hoc improvisations followed nothing as coherent as Keynesian economics. To the extent that FDR followed the ideas of any economist, it was an obscure economist at the University of Wisconsin, who was disdained by other economists and who was regarded with contempt by John Maynard Keynes. President Roosevelt’s strong suit was politics, not economics. He played the political game both cleverly and ruthlessly, including using both the FBI and the Internal Revenue Service to harass and intimidate his critics and opponents. It is not a pretty story. But we need to understand it if we want to avoid the ugly consequences of very similar policies today. © 2010

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Guess who said the following: “We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work.” Was it Sarah Palin? Rush Limbaugh? Karl Rove? Not even close. It was Henry Morgenthau, Secretary of the Treasury under Franklin D. Roosevelt and one of FDR’s closest advisers. He added, “After eight years of this Administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started. . . And an enormous debt to boot!” This is just one of the remarkable and eye-opening facts in a must-read book titled, “New Deal or Raw Deal?” by Professor Burton W. Folsom, Jr., of Hillsdale College. Ordinarily, what happened in the 1930s might be something to be left for historians to be concerned about. But the very same kinds of policies that were tried – and failed – during the 1930s are being carried out in Washington today, with the advocates of such policies often invoking FDR’s New Deal as a model. Franklin D. Roosevelt blamed the country’s woes on the problems he inherited from his predecessor, much as Barack Obama does today. But unemployment was 20 percent in the spring of 1939, six long years after Herbert Hoover had left the White House. Whole generations have been “educated” to believe that the Roosevelt administration is what got this country out of the Great Depression. History textbooks by famous scholars like Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., of Harvard and Henry Steele Commager of Columbia have enshrined FDR as a historic savior of this country, and lesser lights in the media and elsewhere have perpetuated the legend. Although Professor Schlesinger admitted that he had little interest in economics, that did not stop him from making sweeping statements about what a great economic achievement the New Deal was. Professors Commager and Morris of Columbia likewise declared: “The character of the Republican ascendancy of the ‘20s had been pervasively negative; the character of the New Deal was overwhelmingly positive.” Anyone unfamiliar with the history of that era might never suspect from such statements that the 1920s were a decade of unprecedented prosperity and the 1930s were a decade of the deepest

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to provide services to over 300 homes of the needy, handicapped and less fortunate To the Editor: residents across our entire region. Locally, Combat Operations are over in Iraq, Sts. Joachim and Ann provided the listing declared President Obama earlier this year. of less fortunate for our local hero volunSo the Iraq War has ended. Our troops teers to visit and help out. have returned home. But what the AmeriThis program began in 1987.  The concan public doesn’t know is that for some tractors donate the trucks and materials veterans, the war has just begun. needed, while the Plumbers and Pipefitters That’s because they are returning home donate their time and expertise to inspect only to be diagnosed with and die from and/or repair faulty furnaces, hot water Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), heaters and smoke detectors. better known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. The If it weren’t for the tireless efforts of disease strikes veterans at twice the rate these two organizations, many people may as the general public. It has no treatment, not have the safe heat needed in their home no cure; only death in 2 to 5 years. And it this winter.  I wish to thank the Plumbers doesn’t matter if vets served in World War and Pipefitters of Eastern Missouri Local II, Iraq or never even left the United States. 562 along with the MCM for their continThey are at greater risk of ALS. ued services in our community. Why? Is it head trauma, which recent Len Pagano headlines also suggest is the reason why Mayor, St. Peters more and more NFL players seem to be developing ALS? Is it physical activity, exposure to chemicals? We just don’t Thank you! know. But the government is doing some- To the Editor: thing about it. Thank you, Missouri, for voting yes to Just a few weeks ago, the Centers for say no to double real estate taxation. Disease Control launched a national regA resounding 77.1 percent of voters cast istry of ALS patients, their ballots Tuesday, Nov. 2, in support of The registry is the first comprehensive, Amendment 3, to protect our homes and nationwide effort to identify not only who property by prohibiting transfer taxes on gets ALS, but why. Indeed, the registry real estate. The message was loud and clear may help us learn why our veterans are to politicians: Missourians won’t stand for developing ALS. It may tell us why NFL unfair double taxation that destroys equity, players are developing the disease and why harms families and denies the American your neighbor has ALS. And it will help us dream of home ownership. Missourians joined in supporting the find a treatment. But not enough people know about the leadership of nearly 21,000 members of registry. It was forgotten by the press. I the Missouri Association of REALTORS hope this Veterans Day, the media will in undertaking the Amendment 3 campaign.  remember that our veterans and thousands The overwhelming support shown by those of other Americans are fighting a war who posted signage, passed out flyers, and cast “yes” votes is gratifying, and we are against ALS. And that the ALS Registry is there to so grateful for their support. Our dream of prohibiting unfair double help them fight back. Scott Mercer taxation on Missouri homes and properties has been fulfilled. But, as REALTORS, Heroes we will never rest in helping our neighTo the Editor: bors realize the ultimate American dream There’s been a lot of talk about heroes of home ownership.  This Election Day lately. Whether it’s in those tireless rescue brought us a huge step closer to securing workers in Chile saving the lives of the that dream for everyone. miners buried for more than two months, We still believe we, in St. Charles County, or the Nobel Prize winner being held in reside in one of the most fertile markets prison in China — we can all learn a lot for real estate rebound in the nation.  We from heroes and we salute them. I’d like to just took another giant step to ensure that tell you about some local heroes working remains the case. to help our neighbors. Thank you again, fellow Missourians. Recently, some St. Peters’ residents Merle Schneider were helped by an event called “Heat’s Public Relations Chair On.”  The Plumbers and Pipefitters of St. Charles County Association Eastern Missouri Local 562 partnered with of REALTORS the Mechanical Contractors Association,


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Points of agreement Well, the tsunami was real. Republicans won historic victories in the midterms. The Democratic Party and the President are reeling. That said, this is no time for gloating and no time for cowering in a corner. Now is the time to get things done. The best way to begin accomplishing things is to focus on our common goals – goals that permeate both sides of the aisle. Following are a few items on which we believe both parties can agree: Jobs. This country simply functions better when its unemployment levels are under 8 percent. There is an old saying that “good business hides a multitude of sins.” Good employment figures for this country do the same thing. All of our other problems become intensely magnified when people cannot find a job or feel uncomfortable with the status of their current jobs. Do we believe that the government can wave a magic wand and create jobs? Nope, but we do believe that government can create an environment conducive to job-creation in the private sector. Health care. Our health care system is broken. The so-called “Obamacare” is not the solution. We can go ahead and agree on that now. We also have agreement on what many of the problems are. People with pre-existing conditions need a solution. Maximum payouts need to be capped. Sick people shouldn’t be dropped from insurance coverage just because they got sick. Health care should be more affordable for everybody, because taxpayers are footing the bill, one way or the other. National defense. Clearly, there are massive differences of opinion on the best way to accomplish this goal, but we all want the country to be free from danger. We want national security. Wouldn’t it be great if politicians could start there and work backwards, each side making small concessions along the way, until a reasonable solution was achieved? Independence from foreign oil. Chances are, both sides are not going to agree on an energy policy, but the place where we can agree is that we need to be less dependent on foreign countries for our energy needs. Now, we are not all going to ride bicycles every day, but we also do not all need to drive Hummers. Somewhere in between those two extremes there is common ground. Reduced national debt. Perhaps no issue greater divides the parties than this one. Both sides agree that a lower national debt is a major priority, but the methods to achieve that goal are polar opposites. Again, politicians need to focus on the result. An excellent place to start – and another point of theoretical agreement – is with greater efficiency in eliminating government waste. For generations now, politicians have claimed bipartisanship. We, the voters, will not get fooled again. Work together, fix the problems, move this country forward – or we will throw your narrow-minded little heads out again in two more years. Voters have shown a willingness – in true bipartisan fashion – to unseat any party, any politician, who believes that his or her will is greater than the will of the people. Just like last Tuesday, our voices will be heard.

Now Hiring Mid Rivers Newsmagazine is seeking a news reporter to cover municipal meetings and report local news. Please send a resume and writing samples to


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636-970-0440 | 240 Salt Lick Road | St. Peters, MO 63376 you use the card for cash advances, the cash advance fee is 4% of the amount of the cash advance, but not less than $10.00. **To download and print the government’s summary of Energy Star products that are eligible for HVAC credits TEC0910MK



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6047 Mid Rivers Mall Dr. Cottleville

1120 Technology Dr. Suite 117 • O’Fallon

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News Br iefs St. Charles Police are still on the lookout for two suspects in an armed robbery that occurred at the Payday Loan Store in St. Charles on Oct. 20. The two suspects are described as a black female in her 20s with heavy, long straight hair and a black male in his 20s, about 5-foot 10-inches and 180 to 200 pounds. According to police, the male suspect jumped over the counter while the female suspect pointed a black semi-automatic handgun at the clerk. The suspects left on foot taking an undetermined amount of money. Police said the suspects may have left the area in a white cargo van. Anyone with information should contact the St. Charles Police Department at 9493320 or call anonymously to Crimestoppers at 949-3333.

the past two years, the city has received an evergreen tree donation from residents. “We’d love to try find something in the county again this year — a full and pretty evergreen,” said Carol Felzien, with the St. Charles Convention and Visitors Bureau. Any residents or business owners interested in potentially donating a tree, may submit a photo, address and contact information to the tourism office for consideration. Entries must be received by Nov. 15. The winning tree entry will be cut and removed from the owner’s property on Nov. 22. The Convention & Visitors Bureau will handle all related arrangements and expenses. The historic district installation in Berthold Square is tentatively scheduled for the following day on Tues., Nov. 23.  For more information, call the tourism office at 946-7776.   

O’ Christmas tree

Replacement trophy

The Christmas Traditions festival team is looking for the perfect Christmas tree— and it could be growing in your backyard. As a part of the city’s annual Christmas Traditions festival, St. Charles started a new tradition of its own by displaying a grand holiday tree in Berthold Square. For

The Chesterfield home of a St. Charles firefighter was destroyed by fire last August. Among the many items lost in the fire was Jeff Twyman’s trophy he won in 2001 in the Budweiser Guns ‘N Hoses event. A replacement trophy was recently given to Twyman by Jerry Clinton, executive direc-

Armed robbers

tor of the St. Louis Guns ‘N Hoses Boxing Association. The annual boxing show has raised $3 million for The BackStoppers. “The trophy means a lot to me because it is a symbol of a personal challenge I made to myself to train hard for Guns ‘N Hoses,” Twyman said. “I entered because the money goes to the people who need it most, the families of those who lose their lives in the line of duty. It’s easier to go to work knowing that my family will be covered if something happens to me.” The 24th annual Budweiser Guns ‘N Hoses will be at 7 p.m. on Nov. 24 at Scottrade Center. To get tickets, call 314-560-9226. Additional information is available at

Ponder takes over St. Charles City Finance Director Karen McDermott resigned her position on Oct. 22 after 18 years of service. The city has named Jerry Ponder as temporary finance director, effective Nov. 1. Ponder has years of municipal experience during his tenure with the cities of Wildwood, Ballwin and Fulton, Mo. He also has experience directing financial operations for several not-for -profit organizations, including seven years as director of finance with the Red Cross, St. Louis Area Chapter. Ponder is a certified public accountant, as well as an attorney at law. “We are extremely fortunate to find someone with Mr. Ponder’s experience in all the various dimensions of finance,” said

Mayor Patti York. “He is especially qualified in the implementation of new software systems.  Given the city of St. Charles is just starting the process of its New World software conversion, we are excited to have his caliber of expertise on board during this rollout.”  According to York, the city will retain Ponder’s services on a temporary basis while the St. Charles leadership team initiates a management search for a permanent, full-time finance director. “The city of St. Charles looks at changes such as these as an opportunity to determine what’s best for the future of our operations,” York said. “This departmental shift enables us to review the city as a whole and develop best practices in support of our residents and business owners.”  

St. Charles County Property stolen

A St. Charles County man allegedly had about $7,000 worth of his belongings stolen after inviting some people he met at a local bar back to his home. The victim met two men and two women at a bar off of Hwy. K in O’Fallon on Sept. 2. When the bar closed, he invited them back to his home in the 1200 block of Running Waters Drive for more drinks. After drinking on his back porch, the women went inside to use the bathroom. They returned about 15 minutes later and the two couples left then the victim’s house. Lt. Craig McGuire with the St. Charles

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Artsy gifts Unique art is for sale—and just in time for the holiday season. The St. Peters Community and Arts Center $100 or Less Art Sale & Exhibition has started and it will run until Dec. 20. Artists have cleared out their inventory and created new pieces of art for this sale and exhibition. All artwork is framed unless on stretched canvas or a mixed media. For more information on upcoming art shows, visit

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District receives grants The St. Charles County Alliance for Business, Learning, and Education (ABLE) and the Mid Rivers Tech Prep Consortium have announced that two Holt High School initiatives will receive grants through the ABLE Mini-Grant for Schools Program. “How Do I Get My Food? Exploring Food Related Careers,” sponsored by Family & Consumer Sciences Teacher Charlotte Gray, and “Careers from High School to Masters,” a program sponsored by Math Teacher Constance Hallemeier, will both receive a $500 grant from ABLE.


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Drivers will need to find an alternate route to Callaway Fork Road in St. Charles County on Nov. 15. The road, located 0.7 miles south of Hwy. D, will be closed to traffic starting at 7:30 a.m. to repair a low water crossing. Callaway Fork Road will remain open on either side of the closure area, but no through traffic will be allowed through the area of the construction. 

299 $399 $499 $599

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3025 Boschertown rd. • (636) 949-9140 M-F 8 AM to 8 PM, Sat. 9 AM to 5 PM, Sun. 11 AM to 4 PM

he rto wn

Road closed



Santa Claus will be helping kids with cancer this holiday season. This year for a $5 donation, Santa will be sending personalized letters to children straight from the North Pole. All funds raised will benefit the National Children’s Cancer Society, a non-profit organization that serves as a financial, emotional, and educational resource for those in need at every stage of illness and recovery. To have a letter sent to your child, grandchild, niece or nephew, visit

A 34-year-old Ferguson man crashed his truck near I-70 on Nov. 1 after trying to outrun O’Fallon police. Police spotted Lorenzo Nunn allegedly driving erratically on eastbound I-70 near Hwy. K in a 1992 Chevrolet truck. An officer pulled Nunn over at about 11:33 p.m. near T.R. Hughes Boulevard. When the officer approached the vehicle Nunn sped away. The officer attempted to catch up to the vehicle, which exited the highway at the Hwy. 79 and left the roadway. The vehicle struck a sign and overturned several times causing the driver to be ejected. Nunn was transported to an area hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. Nunn was issued a summons to appear in court on numerous charges which include driving while intoxicated and driving with a revoked license.


Letters from Santa

Truck chase

WiNtER SaviNgS


County Executive Steve Ehlmann submitted a tight budget proposal for the 2011 fiscal year to the County Council on Oct. 29. The operating budget is expected to be $59.8 million. “Economic forecasts for 2011 point toward modest improvement in the economy and indicate that sustained long-term improvement will occur at a very gradual pace,’ said Ehlmann in a letter to the council. “The effects of any such improvement are too uncertain to make any widespread budget assumptions. Therefore, I believe it is best to once again recommend a fiscally conservative budget.” From 2008 to 2011 a total of 49.7 full time positions have been eliminated or defunded, which saved taxpayers $5.6 million. The budget proposal includes the layoffs of five full-time employees, and no new positions are planned for 2011. Another 19.6 positions are presently vacant and remain unfunded. Ehlmann is also recommending a mandatory furlough of five unpaid days off as a cost-cutting measure. County Councilman John White has scheduled meetings to review the proposed budget at 5 p.m. on Nov. 15 and 29.



County tightens belt and budget

Motorists can take Hwy. D east to Hwy. DD to Hwy. F or Hwy. D west to Hwy. F to by-pass the closure. The road should open later that day. Signs notifying motorists of the closure will be posted. For additional information about St. Charles County road projects, call 949-7305.


Sheriff’s Department said the victim woke up the next morning and noticed his laptop, some jewelry and a camera were missing. “This was more of a crime of opportunity. We don’t suspect this is a ring doing this,” McGuire said. At this time, the suspects have not been apprehended.




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10 I NEWS I 



Republicans sweep St. Charles County Blunt wins Senate seat with record number of votes; 52 percent of voters turnout By Jeannie Seibert The 2010 midterm elections held Nov. 2 became an historic event in U.S. history. Some 60-plus seats were taken over by the GOP in the U.S. House of Representatives. In 1932, in the midst of the President Hoover years, almost as many congressional seats changed parties. But not quite. The reasons are strikingly similar – it’s the economy, stupid. President Nixon once gave the moniker “the silent majority” to those in the demographic middle. Middle income, middle aged, responsible people who work, vote, pay taxes, rear their children, send them to college, volunteer at church and civic groups. Historically, they’ve avoided public displays of political unrest. Outside of writing a letter to a congressman or an editor, the silent majority pretty much kept itself occupied with the business of running their lives. Katy Couric of CBS News recently re-dubbed these same people “the great unwashed.” Nov. 2 proved middle America to be neither unwashed nor silent. In fact, a prediction of Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto may be more accurate. From a diary posting following the Pearl Harbor attack Dec. 7, 1941, he report-

edly wrote, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” Here in St. Charles County a wide-awake “giant” electorate resolved to participate in conveying a loud message: No more taxes. No more spending. No more big government. Voters poured out to the polls. According to Election Authority Director Rich Chrismer a record was recorded. “In St. Charles County we had more votes than we ever have for a statewide candidate,” Chrismer said. “Thirty-thousand more people voted for Roy Blunt than his opponent. That beat the previous record of 20,003 more votes for (Gov.) Matt Blunt back in 2001.” U.S. Congressman Roy Blunt defeated Mo. Secretary of State Robin Carnahan for the U.S. Senatorial seat being vacated by Sen. Kit Bond. Out of 242,357 registered voters, 126,375 St. Charles County voters filled out their ballots for a massive 52.14 percent turnout in a non-presidential election year. That’s pretty respectable. As a comparison, in 2008’s presidential election St. Charles County turned in a 77.82 percent voter turnout. And the mood that pervaded the polling places was remarkably upbeat. In Lake Saint Louis’ Chapel of the Lake polling

station it was positively celebratory. At one point an election judge called out, “We have another first-time voter!” The room erupted into applause and cheers. Some voters in their voting booths raised up to offer high fives and fist pumps. Moments later another election judge called out with equal enthusiasm, “We have a military voter here!” Again, vigorous applause and cheers. Many stepped over to thank the young soldier for his service, to shake his hand and pat him on the back. Cookies and punch were served. Children abounded. It was hard not to reflect on how the children’s first exposure to such an exuberant voting day will influence them as future voters. Chrismer said, “The event at the Chapel of the Lake on election day made me even more proud of my election judges, Nancy Milliken, Gwen Werner, Dorothy Sprinkle, Suzanne Goebel, Darrell Sprinkle, L.C. Stix, Judith Rydlund,  Doris Griewing, Vicki Meier Albeata Beavers and Susan Whitehead.” In another polling place at Warren Elementary School in Cottleville, a young mother told her daughter to read the poster that explained the issues that was affixed to the wall, “and learn what we’re doing

here today. It’s important.” The results of all that voting and celebrating make a pretty strong statement. But this election, Republicans – especially those with a conservative message – ruled the day. The U.S. Representative office for District 2 was won by Todd Akin (Rep.) with about 67 percent of the vote. District 2 had Blaine Luetkemeyer (Rep.) with about 80 percent of the vote. Scott Rupp (Rep.) received the most local votes for the District 2 State Senator seat with 71 percent of the vote. It was a clean sweep for Republicans running for State Representative in St. Charles County. Voted in as State Representative were: Douglass A. Funderburk (Dist. 12), Chuck Gatschenberger (Dist. 13), Kathie Conway (Dist. 14), Sally A. Faith, (Dist. 15), Mark A. Parkinson (Dist. 16), Vicki Schneider (Dist. 17), Anne Zerr (Dist. 18), and Kurt Bahr, (Dist. 19). Steve Ehlmann was the only candidate for St. Charles County Executive, however 1,384 write-in votes were recorded, many naming Bruce Holt. Holt, who recently switched political allegiance, joined the Republican Party. In the contested races for County Council the winners were: Joe Cronin, (Dist. 1), and John White, (Dist. 7).

word on the street: “What did you think of the election results”

“I wish the (Wentzville) school bond issue would have passed and I didn’t care that (Roy) Blunt won. I’m a Democrat and in the union. I noticed a lot of Republicans on the ballot and they’re not for union stuff. The union takes care of us so we can take care of our families.” -Brian Trail, Wentzville

“I’m not happy with some things in Washington. Healthcare is the big one. I’m not happy with that at all.” - Sue Stanfield, Lake Saint Louis

“The government has to be turned around. I fear what will happen by not taking the Senate. It may “I was hoping Prop B cause gridlock and we would pass. People need won’t get the Bush tax cuts better regulations and extended. They sunset on standards in how they treat Dec. 31. If nothing’s done animals. It’s important to we’re going to see a tax improve overall condiincrease on Jan. 1 with this tions.” lame-duck Congress.” -Jill Smiley, manager of -Robert McGaha, man- PetCo, Dardenne Prairie ager of Dad’s Bottle Shop, Lake Saint Louis

“I like the turn-about. Wow! I definitely wanted “It came out the way I a change in the Speaker of wanted it to, the way I the House and we got that. expected it to. My wife, I’m on the conservative too. The propositions we side and in my book God wanted passed and (Roy) is still in control. God is Blunt won. Seems to me using Christian leaders for the winner was majority his purposes. We need to do rule.” our part by going out and -Branden Bell, sales voting for them.” representative with -Sheryl Heafner, office RSC Equipment Rental, manager at Lakeside O’Fallon Rentals, Lake Saint Louis



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Conservation agencies, local food banks make deer donation easy By Jeannie Seibert For the first time ever, Missouri’s Share the Harvest program will have the capacity to process up to 10,000 deer this season and provide that venison to families in need, thanks to a partnership between Gov. Jay Nixon, the Missouri Department of Conservation, the Conservation Federation of Missouri and local food banks. Nixon was in St. Peters last week to discuss the plan. Last year, Missouri hunters donated 4,200 full deer to Share the Harvest. Because of this expansion, contributing a deer will be easier and cheaper than ever. For each whole deer contributed this season, the Conservation Federation will reimburse local processors $60, directly reducing the processing cost for the hunter. That is a significant increase over the $40 reimbursement offered last year. In many cases, local charities also will cover the balance of the processing cost. “Hunting is a time-honored tradition for families across Missouri and sharing the harvest with those in need is an important part of that tradition,” said Gov. Nixon, who once again will hunt in Clark County on the opening weekend of firearms deer season. “This season, I encourage Missouri hunters to join us in continuing this legacy of generosity by providing a healthy source of protein to needy families. From a few pounds to an entire deer, any amount of venison donated to Share the Harvest helps feed people right here in Missouri. By participating in Share the Harvest, hunters can fight hunger and foster hope for thousands of Missouri families.” Nixon made the announcement last week at the Farmers’ Cooperative in St. Peters.  Founded in 1916, the 600-member cooperative has sold seed, fuel and supplies to generations of farmers and landowners in St. Charles County and the surrounding region.  In recent years, the cooperative’s sales of specialty wildlife seeds, such as seeds for clover, grasses and turnips, to sportsmen and landowners have skyrocketed.  Landowners use these seeds to attract deer and other game to their property for hunting purposes. “For businesses like the Farmers’ Cooperative, hunting is a major component of Missouri’s economy, as well as a part of our special heritage,” Nixon said.  “This year, we want to remind all those who are a part of this legacy to give back to our communities through Share the Harvest.”  Now in its 19th season, the capacity of Share the Harvest will grow dramatically this year because of two new funding sources secured by Gov. Nixon. Last year, Gov. Nixon’s administration awarded the

Conservation Federation of Missouri more Earlier this year, Nixon’s administra- of butchering and packaging whole deer than $277,000 in Neighborhood Assistance tion and the Missouri Association of donated by Missouri hunters. To particiProgram tax credits. Over three years, these Food Banks also provided an additional pate, hunters simply take their deer to an credits will help the Conservation Federa- $350,000 to expand the capacity of Share approved processor and indicate how much venison they wish to contribute, ranging tion secure private contributions to expand the Harvest. “Share the Harvest has expanded sig- from a few pounds to a whole deer.  the number of meat processors who parThe 2010 Missouri firearms deer season ticipate in Share the Harvest; the number nificantly over the past 19 seasons, but of deer contributed by hunters; and the this season, we’re posed for more growth opens Saturday, Nov. 13. A complete list of pounds of venison distributed.  The Con- than ever,” said Dave Murphy, executive participating meat processors is available servation Federation administers Share the director of the Conservation Federation of on the Missouri state Web site.  MissouriHarvest in partnership with the Missouri Missouri. ans can point their browsers to Department of Conservation. Share the Harvest subsidizes the cost and search for “Share the Harvest.”

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Ehlert has all types of nativity scenes By Amy Armour More than 250 Nativity scenes will be ranging from a tea set nativity scene to on display over Thanksgiving weekend at a dog nativity scene to an ultramodern BEFORE ULTRASOUND ASSISTED St. Joseph Catholic Church in Cottleville. carved wooden scene. Carol has picked LIPOSELECTION Nativities off all sizes, materials and up nativities scenes from all around the BEFORE AFTER LOCAL ANESTHESIA origins will be represented at the fourth world—as far as Egypt and Guatemala. These Body Sculpting Procedures do “I get new nativity scenes every Christannual display which is free and open to OFFICE PROCEDURE NOI’ve fitness routine, external mas and birthday,”something Carol said. “And the public. along or the external way (whenUltrasound treatement “We have everything from very classic just collected themLaser AFTER ONE TREATMENT to modern to how the manger scene is travelling).” can: Permanently Remove Fat cells. In addition to the display, the event interpreted with different artistic styles,” $500 We are the only provider in Missouri to FREE activities for the said Chuck Ehlert, who helps put the dis- will also include several CONSULTATION LOCAL ANESTHESIA OFFICE PROCEDURE OFF offer these 3 new technologies. ANY AREA play together. And even with hundreds of kids including an arts and craft area. “Kids can work on their own little nativity scenes, Ehlert said there is rarely BEFORE AFTER ONE TREATMENT nativity scene,” said Chuck Ehlert. a duplicate. We from are the provider and adults can also particiThe nativity scenes range theonly Children OFF ANY AREA in Missouri these CONSULTATION pate in a scavenger hunt to find unique small classic manger scene usually placedto offer | 636.399.5590 | 14897 ClaytonRd. Suite 100 | Chesterfield, MO 63017 technologies features in the nativity scenes. And there under the Christmas tree to 3a new nativity | 636.399.5590 scene made from clothespins to a nativity is also an area where kids can dress up in 14897 Clayton Rd. Suite 100 | Chesterfield taken scene made for an outdoor display. The biblical clothing and have a photo Final approval for all ads are due:___________________ 1st proofs are for corrections. If second proof is needed, it is for display will also include nativities made in a live nativity scene. grammatical and typographical corrections only. IF NO RESPONSE IS RECEIVED FROM THE ADVERTISER The Scenes of the Nativity display from unique materials from stained glass THE AD WILLwill RUN AS IS. LADUE NEWS WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ERRORS. Sat., Nov. to clay to olive wood to terra cotta to be open from noon to 8 p.m. on size rep date art proof approval / date issue 1/2h wcj 2.3 ds 1 9.10 27, and from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sun., Guatemalan grasses. ELECTRONIC PROOF Carol Ehlert has collected nativity Nov. 28. “We invite everyone out. We think scenes for nearly 40 years, starting with a Precious Moments Nativity. Since you’ll find it interesting,” Chuck said. All of the event activities are comthen, she has expanded her collection to nearly 100 unique scenes, half of which pletely free and open to the public. St. will be on display at St. Joseph Catholic Joseph Catholic Church is located at 1355 Motherhead Road in Cottleville. Church.




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Messiah, visit school.

Advanced freshmen Graduates of Messiah Lutheran School in Weldon Spring enter their freshman year at the academic equivalent of a high school senior in mathematics, language and social studies, according to the school’s most recent Stanford Achievement Test (SAT 10) results. The SAT 10 is one of the leading standardized achievement tests for assessing American students from kindergarten through high school. Messiah students take the test each spring.           “We’ve always been proud of our commitment to academic excellence, and these test scores provide great supporting data,” said Dr. Tom Guenzler, school administrator at Messiah. “Our students are more than prepared for high school and already on the path to college when they leave Messiah. Our exceptional teachers work hard to deliver a positive educational experience for every child, and it’s just wonderful to see the results of their efforts.” Messiah eighth-graders also scored above the high school sophomore level in science, reading and spelling. Messiah Lutheran School is located at 5911 South Hwy. 94 and serves more than 300 students in grades pre-kindergarten through eighth.  For more information on

Wentzville District exceeds standards State education officials have released the Annual Performance Reports (APR) for Missouri school districts for the 200910 school year, providing an update on how districts are meeting state standards for academic performance. The APR provides a five-year progress report as measured by the 14 academic performance standards set by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The Wentzville School District met or exceeded the standards in all 14 categories. “We have a wonderful school community, and our students and staff work so hard to achieve great things,” said Superintendent Dr. Terry Adams. “We will continue our work to increase academic rigor and improve as a district in all areas.” Published each year since 2000, the Annual Performance Report measures the academic performance standards that are the cornerstone of Missouri’s accreditation requirements for public schools. The 14 standards cover measures such as ACT and MAP test scores, attendance, graduation rates, and other academic indicators.

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3023 Highway 94 South St. Peters, MO 63376

Unlike the reports issued under the federal No Child Left Behind Act, Missouri’s reporting is based on multiple measures of performance over time, which provides a more comprehensive picture of a school district’s overall performance. To be fully accredited, a K-12 school district must meet at least nine of the 14 accreditation standards for academic performance, and at least six to be provisionally accredited. A district that meets five or fewer standards may be classified as unaccredited by the State Board of Education.

Boone Trail Days Last month, students at Boone Trail Elementary enjoyed one of the longest running traditions in the Wentzville School District, “Boone Trail Days.” This celebration of early American life started in the classroom, where teachers incorporated lessons about Native Americans and pioneer life into the curriculum. Students spent a day outside enjoying hands-on exhibits about butter churning, washing clothes by hand, and hunting and trapping. Students played with the same types of toys children had on the frontier and explored the inside of a tee-pee. Authentic period food was served as well, including venison stew and apple butter. “It’s like taking a trip back in time, we get to square dance and see blacksmiths and understand what life used to be like,” said Keaton, a fifth-grader. A Friday night event was open to the public and included a chili dinner with hay


2434 Highway K O’Fallon, MO 63368 rides, games and a gift basket raffle. This year marked the 20-year anniversary of Boone Trail Days.

Francis Howell Students helping students The Francis Howell High School (FHHS) Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and DECA clubs hosted a community service project “Defending Our Own Against Hodgkin’s Lymphoma” last month. The project, which was held from Oct.12 through Oct. 29, benefitted two Francis Howell Alumni who have been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Jenna Hale (class of 2004) and Katie Long (class of 2006) were diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a cancer of the immune system that is marked by the presence of a cell called the Reed-Sternberg cell, which causes the enlargement of the lymph nodes, spleen or other immune tissue. Students from FBLA and DECA sponsored activities and events throughout the week for members within the Francis Howell community included a pumpkin decorating contest, providing information tables at Parent Teacher Conferences and collecting change at the FHHS football game against Francis Howell North (FHN) High School. Fans, football players, cheerleaders, FBLA and DECA members showed their support by wearing purple and green to the game, which are the awareness colors for Hodgkin’s disease.


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Collector’s office has mailed property tax bills More than 300,000 property tax bills will soon be hitting the mail boxes in St. Charles County. Personal property tax bills, totaling close to $66 million, were to be mailed out Friday, Nov. 5. Real estate tax bills, totaling just over $423 million, are scheduled to be mailed out Friday, Nov. 12. Michelle McBride, Collector of Revenue for St. Charles County, said taxpayers should be reminded that the county is responsible for collecting the taxes and sending the revenue to the various taxing districts - schools, municipalities, fire districts, etc. “They set the rates, not us,” McBride said. “Our job is to mail out the bills, collect the revenue and disburse the funds to the political subdivisions.” There are several ways to pay your 2010 tax bills, which must be paid by Jan. 1, 2011, to avoid penalties. Taxpayers need to be aware that all county offices will be closed on Dec. 31 in observance of New

Year’s Day. The collector’s office is open from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday thru Friday. For 24-hour collection, a drop box is located in front of the County Administration Building, 201 North Second Street, in St. Charles. Payments must include the remittance slip or a substitute form of it. Tax information can be viewed at Payment also is accepted on-line at or you can pay by telephone at 1-800-272-9829, jurisdiction code 3513. When paying with a personal bank account on-line bill pay system, the collector’s office does not receive payment immediately. To make sure payment is received by the due date, you should make on-line payments no later than Dec. 23. Be sure your Assessor’s Account Number (ID) is used as the account number if you pay on-line with your personal bank account.

Taste of St. Charles set for Nov. 18

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The Taste of St. Charles will be held from 7 p.m. until 9 p.m., Nov. 18, at The Columns, 711 Veterans Memorial Pwy., in St. Charles. The Taste of St. Charles is hosted by the Rotary Club of St. Charles to raise money for St. Charles County charities. Featured are 35 restaurants from St. Charles County. There will be seven separate “tasting tables” provided by a local spirits distributor as well as tastings offered by Trailhead Brewery, Little Hills Winery, Yellow Farmhouse Winery and  Quintessential’s signature martini’s.

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Living space and good schools were huge issues for the Buckowitz family, which includes energetic 2½-year-old twins, Peyton and Michael. Entering the 2-story “Givry” display, their first reaction was, “Wow, we’re not looking at any other houses. This is our dream home!” Jenny was immediately won over by the Givry’s spacious kitchen and its open view to the dining area. Moving upstairs, she was, yes… wowed! “It was breathtaking! – the loft, the open hallway, the double doors to the master bedroom – it was almost like a fairy tale!” For Mike, there was an unexpected bonus. “Belleau Creek provides outside maintenance,” he explained. “We both work, so this means we can spend our weekends with our family, instead of mowing the lawn or doing yard work.” “Or shoveling snow!” Jenny added with a relieved sigh.

Beautiful selection of home sites await you right now! Extra special incentives for all Belleau Creek buyers until 11/15/10! LET’S MEET!


Tickets are $35 in advance, $40 at the door, and can be purchased at all St. Charles County locations of the following banks: Citizens Bank, Commerce Bank, Enterprise Bank, First National Bank, First State Bank, New Frontier Bank and UMB Bank. Tickets are also available online at www. Free valet parking will be provided by Duchesne Key Club and free taxi rides home will be provided by Baue Funeral Homes.

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In Missouri (excluding 30 counties in the Kansas City area): Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is the trade name for RightCHOICE® Managed Care, Inc. (RIT), Healthy Alliance® Life Insurance Company (HALIC), and HMO Missouri, Inc. RIT and certain affiliates administer non-HMO benefits underwritten by HALIC and HMO benefits underwritten by HMO Missouri, Inc. RIT and certain affiliates only provide administrative services for self-funded plans and do not underwrite benefits. Life and Disability products underwritten by Anthem Life Insurance Company. Independent licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. ®ANTHEM is a registered trademark of Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield names and symbols are registered marks of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

Holiday Helper Expert advice to simplify the season

Raise your glass this holiday season A bottle of wine can serve many purposes during the Holiday season. If chosen correctly, it can be a thoughtful gift, the flavorful accompaniment to a delicious meal or the perfect way to unwind after a busy day spent shopping. The more common and mainstream wines, such as Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet, are good staples when choosing wines. However, the holidays are the perfect time to experiment with new grapes and blends. “There are special seasonal wines like cranberry, pumpkin, mulled wine, or blends with a little chocolate that are perfect for the holidays,” Regina Ruppert, proprietor of Vintner’s Cellars in O’Fallon, said. Traditionally, Chardonnay and Merlot are the wines served at most holiday parties. Regina suggests offering a more fruit forward wine such as an apple, peach or pear wine as a third choice. “When I host a tasting, I find that many of my guests request the sweeter wines,” Regina said. If serving turkey as the main course, Pinot Noir, and Gewürztraminer are considered the “go-to” wines. However, a Beaujolais or sweet fruit wine works just as well. “Serving a wine you enjoy and offering a variety make it fun,” Regina said. A bottle of wine can also be a great gift. Of course, the expensive and hard-tofind wines are thoughtful for the true wine connoisseur, but a custom labeled or custom blended wine can be the perfect choice for a more personal gift for the average wine drinker. Ports and Ice Wines are also a good choice. Uniquely flavored wines are available at most local wineries and beverage stores. Pick up a few bottles to serve your friends and family during your holiday festivities. Raise your glass to family and friends this holiday season.

How to buy diamonds and be the biggest hit this Christmas When choosing a diamond to put a sparkle in her eyes, it pays to be an educated consumer. Many believe that as long as they purchase a “certified” diamond they are buying a quality stone, but that is not necessarily true. “There are more certified low-quality diamonds in the market place than ever in the history of diamond industry,” Randy Hudson, who opened Randy’s Jewelry 29 years ago, said. “The average quality of diamonds purchased has plummeted, most of the time because the purchaser was not educated and can be fooled by a ‘certificate’ on low quality. A high-quality diamond is not only more beautiful, but has the potential to double or triple in value over the next 10 years.” The best way to learn about diamonds is to visit reputable merchants who are willing to share their expertise. When considering a stone, ask for the precise quality, based on the four C’s – clarity, color, cut and carat weight. “A poorly cut diamond can diminish a stone’s value by 25 to 30 percent,” Randy said. To determine clarity, find a jeweler who can plot the stone and point out its imperfections. Determining color requires comparing the diamond to either Master Stones or another certified diamond. Carat weight is the weight of the diamond and not always the reflection of size. Randy also noted that not all certified diamonds are the same, because some gem trade labs grade diamonds better than what they are. He recommends looking for diamonds certified by Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or European Gem Laboratories USA (EGL USA). “If you have questions about diamonds and the person selling it does not have good answers, go somewhere else,” Randy said. “It all goes back to trusting the people you are buying from. That’s how to be a big hit this Christmas.”

Vintner’s Cellar - Winery 973 Waterbury Falls • O’Fallon (636) 300-9960 • Hours: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Tues. – Sat.

Randy’s Jewelry 309 Main Street • O’Fallon (636) 978-1953 • Christmas Hours Thanksgiving through Christmas Mon. – Fri., 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Sat. – Sun., 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Finding ways to cope with holiday grief

Remembering is part of the healing

Experiencing the death of a loved one can be a very difficult and stressful experience. Instead of celebration and happiness, feelings of sadness or anger may become stronger this time of year. Your ways of mourning will vary greatly from someone else’s. Some people choose to ignore the holidays, while others choose to embrace the traditions of the past.  Whatever the right path for you, remember to incorporate coping strategies during the holiday season; a concentrated effort will help you cope more effectively. Love does not end with death. The relationship you had with the person who died still exists. Talk about your grief. Seek support from people who understand you. There are many resources available during the holidays, from church support groups, grief support groups, or remembrance programs. To get others to understand your need to remember your loved one, mention the name of the person who has died. It is okay to incorporate your memories into holiday celebrations; if they are happy memories, be happy, but if they are sad memories, it is okay to be sad. Take care of yourself. Get proper sleep, exercise, maintain healthy eating, and experience your emotions. Your outward expression of grief and remembrance is critical in the healing process. This holiday season, Baue Funeral Homes, Crematory & Memorial Gardens is offering help and guidance at its annual Holiday Remembrance Programs. This complimentary program will include education and information on coping during the holidays, as well as a beautiful memorial candle lighting service. Surround yourself with others who are coping with loss and use the opportunity to remember your loved one, hear their name read and find the resources available to help you through your journey of grief.

Sat., Dec. 4, 3 p.m. - Baue St. Charles • 620 Jefferson Street • St. Charles Sat., Dec. 11, 4 p.m. & 7 p.m. - Baue Funeral & Memorial Center • 3950 West Clay • St. Charles Tues., Dec. 14, 7 pm. - Baue O’Fallon • 311 Wood Street • O’Fallon (636) 946-4042 •

Making holiday memories As parents and grandparents plan and shop for the holidays, they should take a moment to think back to some of their own favorite holiday memories. “Sometimes it may be a special gift like a new bike or doll or train set,” Gayle Grabish, owner of A Pocketful of Toys, said. “But often, the memory goes deeper than simply the toys they get.” There are lots of emotions tied to the memories. So planning some special activities in addition to great gifts are important, too. When the family gathers at home, having a holiday puzzle for everyone to work on is something all generations enjoy. “As you fit the puzzle together, you find that conversation starts to flow and the kids start talking to you, along with their grandparents and aunts and uncles; or find a game that will help get everyone talking,” Gayle said. Some great new games are Telestrations (similar to the old “telephone” whispering game), but you are drawing instead of whispering and passing the sketch on. Consensus is another new game that gets groups talking. You pick from 10 items that you think are interesting, exciting, scary, etc., but you also want to pick one that others will agree with, thus reaching a consensus. There are old standby games, such as Monopoly or Risk, but with a new twist. You can get St. Louisopoly, Beatles Monopoly, Muppets Monopoly and even John Wayne Monopoly. The original 1959 version of Risk is available, but updated versions like Halo Risk are great as well. “Special holiday memories do not have to revolve around the biggest or most expensive gift,” Gayle said. “Holiday memories are made by families who have fun together and who share the love of the season and their love for one another at this special time.” A Pocketful of Toys 9987 Winghaven Road • O’Fallon (636) 561-3222 Mon. – Sat., 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. • Closed Sun. Starting Nov. 28: Open Sun. 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Travel gift certificates are the perfect gift... Give the gift with memories that last for a lifetime. How many times have you heard your parents or grandparents say, when we retire we are going to travel. Now that they have finally retired they still have not made that dream come true. You and your family members can help to make their dream come true, by giving them a gift certificate to travel. They can be purchased in any amount and applied to any destination. Get together with your brothers and sisters to give them that push in the right direction, and give the gift that counts. Remember they can’t take it with them, so why not reach out and touch someone you love, make their world a better place if you can. Here are a few suggestions... 7-Day Cruise to Alaska, sail from Vancouver to Anchorage visit Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, and the beautiful Glacier Bay. Priced from, $799 per person. Add a few days extra in the wilderness and experience the mountains, and observe wildlife for an additional cost. Consider a 10 to 14 day cruise/tour and experience it all from $1999 per person. 10-Days 3 Islands - Hawaii: Fly to Honolulu, experience a bit of history at Pearl Harbor, feel the trade winds as you stroll along the beach at Waikiki. Continue on to Maui where you can see the whales and experience the road to Hanna. Complete your tour with several nights in Kauai where you can enjoy a helicopter ride into a volcano or enjoy Waimea Falls & a Luau. Priced from $1612 per person. 7-Day Caribbean Cruise - drive or fly to your port of departure and sail the beautiful Caribbean Sea to exotic ports of call, St. Thomas, St. Maarten, Aruba, Grand Turk, Cozumel, Belize and others. Priced from, $499 per person. 12-Day Cruise through the Mediterranean - Depart from the ancient city of Rome and visit, Venice, Florence, Naples, Monte Carlo, Barcelona and more priced from $999 per person. Remember the time is now the world is yours. What are you waiting for? All major credit cards accepted. Above prices are suggestions and available only on certain dates. Just Cruises 521 Salt Lick Rd. • St. Peters (636) 970-2581•

Relax and feel beautiful The holidays are an exciting time for families. They can also be extremely stressful with constant shopping, cooking and social functions. Barb Crane, owner of The Powder Room, recommends that you treat yourself to a little relaxation for the holidays. Once you have had the calming experience of a lifetime, there is probably not a man or woman on your gift list that would also not enjoy a prepaid visit to a spa for some special pampering after the holidays. “Often, people have trouble finding the perfect gift, but look no further for something anyone would enjoy,” Barb Crane, owner of The Powder Room, said. “A facial, manicure or pedicure is a great idea to rejuvenate you for a new year.” Facials help soften wrinkles, brighten complexions, reduce breakouts, improve firmness, and are a great way to relax. For all of those holiday parties you will be attending, consider treating yourself to a new beautiful hair color and top of the line hair cut and style. Pedicures are always an excellent option as well to relieve the everyday buildup of stress. “The average person walks the equivalent of four times around the world in their lifetime,” Barb said. “Everyone deserves a pedicure a few times a year, with ‘pedi socks’ to warm those toes.” If you enjoy having beautiful nails, manicures and sculptured nails using professional quality products will last significantly longer and be lower maintenance during the busy holiday season. If you prefer beautiful, natural nails, The Powder Room is a proud carrier of CND Shellac polish, for the perfect natural nail. Barb recommends using quality makeup as well, which can completely transform your complexion. The Powder Room is a proud authorized retailer of the number one mineral makeup in the United States. “Bare Escentuals will actually change the way anyone will feel about their skin,” Barb said. “The product can be personalized to fit each individual’s skin type, is great for a gift, and will allow you to relax and feel beautiful with no effort.” Whatever you do this holiday season, make sure it includes a little pampering. Don’t forget, a gift certificate for friends and family alike is always the perfect gift. The Powder Room 311 Main Street • St. Peters • (636) 970-0010 • Mon. – Thurs., 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Fri., 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Sat., 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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OR 2 Free Passes to the Mid Rivers 14 Cine To receive your free gift, present your receipts dated 11.10.10 - 11.24.10 at the Customer Service center located on the upper level in the JCPenny wing. Supplies are limited and no alternative gifts will be offered if supplies exhaust prior to 11.24.10. Receipts must be dated November 10 - 24, 2010 and presented by November 24 at Customer Service. Limit one per household. Go to for complete details and regulations.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from Mid Rivers Mall.

*Gift Cards are available in variety of prepaid amounts. Terms and conditions apply to Gift Cards. Purchase fees apply. Additional fees apply for online orders. Usable at participating retailers only in the United States where American Express Cards are accepted. Usage restrictions and guidelines apply. Not for use at cruise lines, casinos, for recurring billing charges, or ATMs. Š 2009 AEPCMC under license from American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc.

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The Starnes family - (From left) Austin, Grant, Diana and Chris

tAX creditS expire 12/31/2010 FinAl yeAr

Bravery in a small package Local family struggles with Juvenile Diabetes By Amy Armour Every 30 seconds a child is diagnosed with type 1 (juvenile) diabetes, according to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). November is Diabetes Awareness month. Grant Starnes, an 8-year-old from Lake Saint Louis, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, just after his third birthday. His mother Diana Starnes noticed her little boy just didn’t have the energy of a normal preschooler. “I noticed that he was drinking excessively and he was always super tired. He wasn’t interested in playing and he was urinating a lot,” Diana said. “When he would get up in the morning he was soaked from his socks all the way up to his neck.” When Diana brought Grant to the pediatrician for his 3-year-old check up she voiced her concerns about the excessive urination and pushed for the doctor to take a urine test. After the appointment, the family went home. Within minutes of getting home, the pediatrician called and told Diana to bring Grant to Children’s Hospital where a team of endocrinologists were standing by. “The doctor told me they believed Grant had type 1 diabetes,” said Diana, who had no history of diabetes in her family. Type 1 diabetes, often called juvenile diabetes, is an autoimmune disease where the body attacks the insulin producing cells in the pancreas, according to the JDRF Web site. As a result, people with type 1 diabetes must take insulin shots to stay alive. Type 1 diabetes is very rarely genetic, with only a 3 percent to 5 percent chance of a parent passing it on to a child. Some of the symptoms of diabetes are excessive thirst, hunger and urination, as well as tiredness, dizziness and weight loss. Diana and her husband Chris rushed Grant to Children’s Hospital where they

spent three days learning how to care for Grant and his diabetes. “Our life literally changed in that moment,” Diana said. “The whole dynamic of our family changed.” Diana and Chris had to learn how to give Grant shots and monitor his blood sugar so it did not go too high or too low. “I had never given a shot before and I was shaking uncontrollably,” Diana said. “I just kept saying ‘I don’t think I can do it’…the nurse looked at me and said ‘you have to do this because if you don’t he will die.’” Some of the complications of diabetes can lead to blindness, kidney failure, amputations, heart attack, stroke, and pregnancy complications. Grant is now a third grader. And having diabetes has not stopped him. “He’s not limited in anything. Grant has every opportunity in sports, education, family, life,” Chris said. Just last week, Grant went from insulin shots to an insulin pump. The pump, which is attached just under the skin, delivers small, regular doses of insulin throughout the day. Before he eats a meal or snack he just pushes a button to release additional insulin. “He is so excited. The pump means he no longer has to take insulin shots. It gives him a lot more control of his diabetes,” Diana said. “He just has to push a few buttons and it handles it.” Diabetes Awareness Day is Nov. 14 and several area restaurants will be supporting the Hungry for a Cure Campaign. Dine at one of the restaurants listed on the Web site — — and a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to JDRF. A Spring Gala is planned for May and JDRF is hoping to raise at least $900,000. “I think Grant is truly the bravest little boy I know,” Diana said. “I didn’t know you could look up to someone so little. He amazes me everyday.”


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23 Years of Progress “Connect to the Future”

You are cordially invited to attend the Excellence in Community Development Awards Banquet 2010 Keynote Speaker

Wednesday, November 24, 2010 The Doubletree Hotel in Chesterfield

David Kirkpatrick Author of “The Facebook Effect” Speaker Sponsored by American Direct Marketing Resources

2010 Honorees

Excellence in Community Development Awards Book Signing: 10:30-11:45 a.m. RegiStRation: 11:15 a.m. The Hightway 141 Extension Project P RogRam: noon - 1:30 P.m. Presented to the Hon. Charlie Dooley Dan Wilbanks, Vice President $50 Per Person National Information Solutions Cooperative

Presentation of the Louis S. Sachs $5,000 Scholarship Award

$400 Table of Eight $1,000 Corporate Sponsor/Table of Eight/Individual Banner & Program Recognition

RSVP by November 18, 2010

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FREE vEin scREEning call to REsERvE a spacE (314) 993-8233 creve coeur on Dec. 1st, 1-4pm Washington on Dec. 7th, 1-4pm!

Eliminate varicose & spider veins with experienced, leading-edge, exclusively focused care. 11456 Olive Blvd., Suite 200, St. Louis

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St. Peters man pleads guilty to investment fraud The United States Attorney’s Office announced Oct. 27 that Randall Lynn Stuckey of St. Peters had pled guilty to defrauding more than 50 clients who invested more than $2.4 million with him between 2007 and July 2010. “This case is a tragedy for the victims,” said U.S. Attorney Richard Callahan in a released statement. “While we were unable to make the victims whole, I am pleased that the agencies involved in the investigation were able to quickly identify any assets still available and preserve them for the benefit of the victims.” Stuckey, 62, of St. Peters, pleaded guilty to one felony count of mail fraud and one count of fraud under the Commodities Exchange Act before United States District Judge Carol E. Jackson.  Sentencing has been set for Jan. 25. Stuckey invested clients’ money in the global currency markets and operated as a number of business entities, mainly The Stuckey Group, L.P. and The Stuckey Group II LP. Officials said Stuckey misrepresented the performance of his clients’ investments in order to collect additional fees

and to keep his clients’ from pulling their investments. By July 31, the total amount invested had gone down from $2.4 million to approximately $900,000 because of losses sustained in the currency trading market and withdrawals made by investors. However, according to Stuckey’s false monthly statements, he led his clients’ to believe that their investments were worth approximately $4.8 million.   Mail fraud carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and/or fines up to $250,000.  The Commodities Exchange Act charge is punishable by up to 10 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $1 million. In addition to the criminal charge, Stuckey was charged with a forfeiture allegation, which will require the forfeiture of 20 financial accounts held in the name of Stuckey and various business entities at 10 different institutions. This case was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  A parallel civil investigation has been undertaken by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in Washington, DC.  Assistant U.S. Attorney Tom Albus is handling the case for the U.S. Attorney’s office.

Local businesses fail at I.D. check By Amy Armour About a third of businesses in St. Peters failed to check for identification when minors tried purchasing alcohol this summer. The St. Peters Police Department conducted Alcohol Compliance Checks on city businesses with liquor licenses this summer. A minor, working in conjunction with St. Peters Police officers, was sent into randomly selected businesses in an attempt to buy alcohol. If the employee asked for his/her identification, the minor provided their real Missouri Drivers License which indicated they were under 21 years old. Half-way through the compliance checks,

Paramedics, State Farm team up for a safe Halloween On Halloween, paramedics distributed 15,000 glow sticks throughout the county that were fashioned into bracelets and necklaces. This year’s safety program was sponsored by State Farm Insurance through a $4,000 “Safe Neighbors” grant. Pictured, Paramedic Brian Holmes attaches bracelets to Trick or Treators in Estes Park subdivision in St Peters.

33 percent of businesses failed to ask for identification. “The intent behind these compliance checks is not to ‘trick’ anyone.  We just want our businesses to know this is something our department takes seriously and we will enforce all violations. Through this grant, we have found that our businesses aren’t purposefully selling alcohol to minors, they just aren’t being attentive when checking the identifications,” said Chief Tom Bishop.   The employees that sold to the minor working for our department were written summonses for selling alcohol to a minor, which is a misdemeanor charge.

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What changes may be coming to your health insurance coverage

By Jeannie Seibert

Insecurity seems to underline every aspect of the business world these days and then there is the health care issue. There are many unanswered questions as companies offering group health insurance face hard decisions without the benefit of hard facts.


or months, public opinion indicated an average of 65 percent who either dislike what they’ve learned of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare, or want it repealed outright. People fear what they don’t understand and there’s much not to understand at this stage. So what is the state of our health insurance right now? No one hoped for this much change. Because ObamaCare represents such a major overhaul in the health insurance industry the number crunchers and some government mandates are already affecting change to an industry with which 85 percent of the country was happy prior to 2009. From all outward appearances, no one is getting out of this without substantial changes either in new cost structures, fines, fees or higher taxes. Jerry Hollingsworth, a St. Peters insurance broker with St. Charles Insurance Co. summed up the new federal government mandates on insurance companies as a threat to the future of the companies’

continued existence in its current form. “I’m not saying there isn’t room for some reform in the insurance industry,” Hollingsworth said. “But some of these mandates are going to put some companies out of business.” Maybe that was the goal - to push bad companies out and allow the good to takeover. “But requiring companies to keep kids on their parents’ policies until they’re 26 (years old) and eliminating the preexisting conditions without a rider or a waiting period, the costs (to the insurance providers) are going to go up,” Hollingsworth said. “I compare it to buying a stripped down Fusion for $14,000, $15,000 to buying a fully-equipped Malibu for $26,000, $27,000. All those bells and whistles are just going to cost more.” Hollingsworth is concerned on a broad range of the new changes but the most pressing is the Minimum Loss Ratio (MLR). Explaining, he said MLR requires insurers to dedicate 85 cents out of every $1 of premium for payment on medical claims in

large group insurance plans. Small groups and individual policies would require 80 cents be paid to medical claims. The remaining 15 to 20 cents of each premium dollar can be used to pay expenses that do not directly benefit customers like advertising, overhead and the company’s profits. “That can’t cover (an insurance company’s) administrative costs,” Hollingsworth said. “That’s ludicrous. Where does that leave salaries and commissions?” The MLR is a hot topic too with Dennis Denny, a 35-year veteran insurance broker specializing in employee benefits and currently serving as president of the St. Louis Association of Health Insurance Underwriters. Will commissions for insurance agents be included in the calculations? “That’s another unknown,” Denny said. “I know Blue Cross/Blue Shield is cutting all renewal compensation by 20 percent on individual sales as of Jan. 1. We make 7 percent commission. That’s going to 5 percent Jan. 1.” Hollingsworth said this could eventu-

ally lead to the loss of personal service. “Now when you have a question or need help negotiating a claim, you can call your agent. If this goes through, you’ll have to deal with some faceless bureaucrat who doesn’t know you from Adam.” Hollingsworth’s office has had to reassess its employees’ insurance plan. Higher costs for office calls and deductibles have been a hard sell but necessary to keep the overall premiums manageable. This same tack is occurring with employers through-

“The choices are being systematically removed.” -Dennis Denny out the country. Denny said, “Employers are confused. They’re unsure what’s going to happen as rate increases coming down to the employer is causing them to have to look at making changes to the benefits to their employees to stay competitive.


NEWSMAGAZINENETWORK.COM “Look at Lake Saint Louis (city hall),” Denny said. “They can’t afford a 24 percent rate increase at a time when revenue isn’t what it was.” It’s boiling down to three options for employees to consider: keep the same coverage at a higher premium, elect a higher deductible for lower premiums or select a lower-cost plan with fewer services covered, higher co-pays and increased charges for office visits. In the private sector, Abbott Tool and Die, Inc. and North Central Stamping, Inc. owner Tom Abbott isn’t just concerned about “the financial burden on my company” but the unintended consequences to his 30 employees. The Obama administration touts Abbott’s type of business as “the backbone of America.” The entrepreneur started small in St. Louis County in 1987 expanding his operation when he moved to O’Fallon in 1993. Employing workers ranging from highlyskilled craftsmen who earn $50 an hour to yeomen at $10 an hour, Abbott values his staff. The company picks up 80 percent of the health insurance tab. If he continues with that practice, he said, “We’re going to have more cost, more financial burden. The cost of all the increased paperwork is significant.” The original group health coverage was set up on a cafeteria plan. Abbott said the company contributed 80 percent of the premium as pre-tax dollars as was the employees’ 20 percent portion. “Now, in 2011 that 20 percent will just be a notation on the W-2 (income tax form) the employees get,” Abbott said. “In 2012, that’s going to change. Not only will it be noted, it (the premium amount) will be taxable in addition to their regular income. That’s going to put some of my employees in a higher tax bracket. They’re the ones who are going to take the real hit. It will be added to their gross income. “(The previous Speaker of the House Nancy) Pelosi said ‘we’re going to have to pass the bill in order to find out what’s in it,’” Abbott said. “Well, we’re finding out. It’s just a tax bill in disguise.” According to the American Spectator and the Heritage Foundation, Congressional Democrats rushed the healthcare overhaul through so quickly they didn’t bother working out key details about how the new law would be implemented. Instead, it has been left up to the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) to make more than 2,500 regulatory decisions listed in the 2,300-plus page legislation. The HHS secretary determines what type of insurance coverage every American is required to have. He/she can set up health insurance exchanges within states whether

or not the states want it. HHS pilot programs set up in an effort to control costs are in a position to dole out billions of dollars in grant monies. But the full reach of the HHS secretary’s powers is unknown because of the ambiguity of the language in many parts of the healthcare legislation. “As of Sept. 23, six months after the law passed, any new policy can’t exempt any

Ozenkoski’s Bakery

-Dr. Bob Onder

preexisting conditions for a child under age of 19 and no waiting period allowed. “Take day one,” Denny said. “In St. Louis, the big three (insurance companies) Blue Cross/Anthem, United Health Care and United Insurance Group have all withdrawn selling any individual health care policy for a child at all unless it is on the same application as parents. “So, you have a healthy child age 10,” Denny said. “You’re covered at work and just need coverage on the child. There’s no policy available for you to buy. The choices are being systematically removed.” That is just one demographic. What about the disabled, the elderly? Dr. Bob Onder practices in St. Peters and Creve Coeur and is a former state representative from Lake Saint Louis. Onder said he is one of many who simply can’t afford to take on more and more Medicaid patients for whom reimbursement is less and less. “You’ve heard from our president dozens of times that doctors support his healthcare scheme, based on the fact that the AMA (American Medical Assn.) endorsed it,” Onder said. “Fewer than 30 percent of doctors belong to the AMA and even fewer supports ObamaCare. The AMA no more speaks for doctors on this issue than the AARP does for seniors who also overwhelmingly oppose ObamaCare.” As the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act takes hold in throughout the nation, it will be interesting to learn exactly how the medical community is permitted to work with patients.

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Bu si ness PEOPLE Julie Hughes has been named president of M&I Bank’s Saint Louis region.

Grand Opening is located at 307 Droste in St. Charles.


Lauren Johnson, community sales manager at Payne Family PLACES Homes’ Bordeaux ConHughes St. Charles Sports dominiums, of St. Peters, & Physical Therapy has been named Rookie owners Dennis Roth and Dave Bortfeld of the Year in the com- Johnson recently presented a check to the Foster petition sponsored by Adoption Support Team. The funds were the Home Builders raised through Giving Back Now. Association of St. Louis & Eastern Mis• • • souri’s Sales & Marketing Council. Steel Shop Tennis Club has opened at • • • 900 N. Main Street in St. Charles. The Meadows • • • shopping center has Eldridge Plaza merchants, of O’Fallon, announced the Bryant celebrated their plaza grand opening. family, of Lake Saint Louis, as the winner of • • • Vatterott Education Centers celebrated the “Face of the Meadthe grand opening of its new facility, located ows” 2010 Family Photo Bryant Family at 3550 West Clay Street in St. Charles. Contest. • • • • • • 1st Financial Credit Union, located in Satellite Shelters celebrated the grand opening of its new location with a ribbon Wentzville, St. Charles, Hazelwood, and cutting ceremony. The new location is downtown St. Louis, was recently honored at 2000 Harry S. Truman Blvd. in St. with a Golden Mirror Award, which recCharles. ognizes outstanding marketing and adver• • • tising achievements in the credit union Make Believe Theatre celebrated the industry. grand opening of its new business with a • • • ribbon cutting ceremony. The new theatre Schaefer Auto Body Centers, with loca-

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The Back Store celebrated its grand opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony. The new store is located at 1376 Mid Rivers Mall in St. Peters. Pictured are Jonathan Handyside, The Back Store owner, with St. Peters Chamber of Commerce members. tions in O’Fallon, Crestwood, Creve Coeur, Webster Groves, Fenton and Ellisville, was recognized by the Better Business Bureau for 25 years of outstanding customer service. • • • The Barnes-Jewish St. Peters radiology department has obtained American College of Radiology (ACR) accreditation for its ultrasound services. • • • Vetta Sports, of St. Charles, has ranked

No. 2 on the Top 100 list of the “2010 Best Adoption-Friendly Workplaces” list. This is the second year in the row for Vetta Sports to be on the list.

NETWORKING & EVENTS The 10th Annual Celebration of Trees gala to benefit Habitat for Humanity, of St. Charles County, is at 6:30 p.m. on Thurs., Nov. 11. To RSVP, call 978-5712 or visit

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Jobs- and home salesare coming back Kevin Weaks

Want to hear some good news? Mark Zandi, chief economist with Moody’s Analytics, a division of Moody’s Investors Service, is especially confident that the employment picture is about to brighten. Corporate profits have spiked, he says, and hiring usually follows profits with a lag of eight to 10 months. That means companies should start hiring workers very soon, Zandi said. Meanwhile, home prices continue to fall because sales aren’t taking off. Without buyers, says, the market can’t bottom out. Once Americans do start returning to work, though, they’ll find home prices are very reasonable. Housing is the most affordable it’s been since the pre-boom years. During the boom prices were overvalued by about 50%; today it’s close to zero. Sales of existing homes rose 10 percent from August to September, the biggest monthly gain in nearly 28 years, reports the National Association of Realtors. Compared with a year ago, existing home sales nationwide were down 19.1 percent. “A housing recovery is taking place but will be choppy at times depending on the duration and impact of a foreclosure moratorium,” said NAR chief economist Lawrence Yun. “But the overall direction should be a gradual rising trend in home sales with buyers responding to historically low mortgage interest rates and very favorable affordability conditions.” Indeed, local industry leader Gershman Mortgage has lowered its most popular loan rate to 3.0% from 3.25%, and its Jumbo rate (for loans over $417,000) to 2.875%.

at Westmeade in Chesterfield, now offered at $449,437, a $20,000 savings. For the complete list visit any McKelvey Homes community or McKelvey has opened new displays at several communities: The Sterling ranch at the Manors at Quail Ridge, the Glenbrook at the Manors at Deer Creek and West Hampton Woods, the Turnberry at the Manors at Magnolia, the Muirfield at Bellemeade and the Trevi at the Villas at Westmeade. Two beautiful and very unique displays are now open at Greater Missouri Builders’ new Grover Crossing just west of Wildwood’s Town Center at Manchester and Brown roads. Prices start at $295,900. “Everyone has been asking when we were going to open, and it’s finally here!” said GMB Sales Manager Kim Whalen. From GMB’s Lifestyle Home collection, the elegant story-and-a-half Hickory is available with three or four bedrooms and 2½ baths on more than 2,500 square feet Features include a two-car attached rear-entry garage (standard with all homes here), main-floor master bedroom, two-story great room, formal dining room, separate breakfast room, large loft in the threebedroom version, walk-in master closet, main-floor laundry and a full basement. It is priced from the $320’s.

Along with the autumn leaves, prices have fallen at Falcon Crest by Helmut Weber Construction, said Sales Manager Sheila Knutson. “First, homebuyers get $10,000 off the base price across the board on any model. Second, buyers have their choice of $10,000 in free options.” But that’s not all, she said. “We’re waiving all Here’s what else is happening: lot premiums including those lots that back to treelines or woods. And we have several McKelvey Homes has a holiday gift choice homesites still to choose from.” for buyers who purchase and close on a Falcon Crest, on Emge Road off Civic Park Designer Market Home between now and Drive in O’Fallon, features homes with Dec. 31. Not only will they get $2,500 Craftsman styling for an authentic Ameritoward closing costs, they also receive a cana ambience. An example is one of the free Apple iPad, the hottest gift item since two available inventory homes now priced Tickle Me Elmo. Right now McKelvey has at $199,900. The McKinley two-story on 15 market homes available with end-of-year lot 35 over 2,000 square feet and is loaded price reductions of as much as $95,000. with options like hickory wood floors in More than a dozen of the homes are ready the foyer, great room, kitchen and breakfast for immediate move-in. They include the room and powder room; Craftsman design story-and-a-half Muirfield at the Estates including a stone front and extended front at Bellemeade in St. Peters, now priced at porch with columns; a garage door with $379,109, a savings of $33,573; and the windows and coachlights; arched doortwo-bedroom 2½-bath Trevi at the Villas ways and three-panel Craftsman doors.


SAVE $33,020!

The Manors at Deer Creek

SAVE $20,000 TO $95,000 ON DESIGNER MARKET HOMES! Chavanel Ballwin 636-891-9080 #3 Lucerne 1½ Story 4 Bed. 3½ Bath $724,603 Save $94,489

The Manors at Magnolia O’Fallon 636-379-6880 #118 Muirfield 1½ Story 4 Bed. 3½ Bath $391,973 Save $20,000

The Estates at Bellemeade St. Peters 636-397-1843

The Manors at Quail Ridge Lake St. Louis Area 636-332-9884 #82 Muirfield (shown below) 1½ Story 4 Bed. 3½ Bath $365,545 Save $20,000 #88 Carlyle 2 Story 4 Bed. 2½ Bath $289,128 Save $41,677

#26 Muirfield 1½ Story 4 Bed. 3½ Bath $379,109 Save $33,573 #88 Bennington Ranch 3 Bed. 2½ Bath $327,919 Save $31,806

Charbonier on the Park Hazelwood 314-831-7227 #6 Glenbrook 1½ Story 4 Bed. 3½ Bath $349,900 Save $95,458 #8 Carlyle 2 Story 4 Bed. 2½ Bath $291,877 Save $20,000 #30 Westshyre 2 Story 4 Bed. 3½ Bath $349,900 Save $66,727

The Manors at Deer Creek O’Fallon 636-379-6880 #27 Glenbrook 1½ Story 4 Bed. 3½ Bath $299,411 Save $33,020

The Estates at Magnolia O’Fallon 636-379-6880 #29 Muirfield 1½ Story 4 Bed. 3½ Bath $358,080 Save $20,000 #42 Glenbrook 1½ Story 4 Bed. 3½ Bath $329,129 Save $20,000

Lot 27- Glenbrook 1½ Story $299,411

SAVE $41,677!

The Manors at Quail Ridge Lot 88-Carlyle 2 Story $289,128

West Hampton Woods Wentzville 636-332-6924 #69 Carlyle 2 Story 4 Bed. 2½ Bath $264,711 Save $30,564

The Villas at Westmeade Chesterfield

636-530-1311 #16 Trevi Villa 2 Bed. 2½ Bath $449,437 Save $20,000 #17 Navona Villa 3 Bed. 3 Bath $499,975 Save $24,691

*Free $2,500 closing costs and iPad offers good on McKelvey market homes only. Must close by 12/31/10. iPad awarded at closing. Must bring in ad for free iPad. Some restrictions apply. See salesperson for details.

SAVE $31,806!

The Estates at Bellemeade

Lot 88-Bennington Ranch $327,919

SAVE $95,458 !

Charbonier on the Park

Lot 6-Glenbrook 1½ Story $349,900

SAVE $20,000 ON THIS HOME! The Manors at Quail Ridge Lot 82–Muirfield 1½ Story

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“Let Us Find Your Next New Or Used Car” • 636-447-5900 450 St. Peters Howell Rd.

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Com mu n it y Event s HOLIDAY HAPPENINGS An Artists Holiday Boutique will be held Nov. 12 and Nov.13 in the builder’s home display in the Laural Glen subdivision in Dardenne Prairie. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Turning Point Women and Children’s Abuse Shelter located in Warrenton. For more information, call 561-0621. • • • The city of O’Fallon’s 19th annual Celebration of Lights will be held from Nov. 26 to Dec. 30 at Fort Zumwalt Park. The whole family will enjoy the thousands of twinkling lights and charming holiday scenes throughout the park. Families can take a ride on a carriage, a train or a sleighhayride. All rides require reservations. To schedule a 30-minute carriage ride, call the Carousel Farms and Carriage Company at 390-4403. Train rides and sleigh-hayrides must be reserved at least two weeks in advance, and can be booked by calling 3795502. Train rides are available on Monday nights only. The cost is $7 per person for ages 12 and up, $5 for ages 1 to 11, and free for infants 0 to 11 months. For additional information, call 379-5614, or visit • • • The Big Red Box, a show and sale of gift-able holiday items, will be held from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Fri., Dec. 3, and from

Happy Computers

Great Studying

10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sat., Dec. 4, at the St. Charles Foundry Art Centre located at 520 North Main Center. Over 20 Juried artists from The Best of Missouri Hands will present the show. Free gift-wrapping, refreshments and entertainment are a part of the event. The St. Louis Classical Guitar Society will entertain shoppers from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Friday. No sales tax is charged and Foundry Art Centre members receive a 10 percent discount. For more information, call 255-0270.

CLASSES “Mini Masters,” a beginning art experience for preschoolers ages 3 to 5, will be held from 10:15 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. on the third Saturday of every month until February at the St. Charles Foundry Art Centre. Each class offers different activities that will inspire the creativity of your budding little artist. For prices, more information, and to register, contact Angela at 255-0270 or angela@

TRIPS A motor coach headed to Kimmswick, Mo., will leave at 10:15 a.m. on Fri., Dec. 3, from O’Fallon Civic Hall and return by 7:15 p.m. that evening. Participants will enjoy shopping in Kimmswick’s unique shops, touring historic homes, and lunch and dinner at great restaurants. The cost

14366 Manchester Rd Manchester, MO 63011 (636) 256-7901

$10 Off

With the purchase of $50 or more for StudyX or Jeff Computers Products and Services. Must present the original coupon. One coupon per visit and coupon can not be combined with any other offers. No cash values. Expires November 30, 2010.

02 BMW x5


Black, Like New

plete Auto Detail m o C 636-447-5900 Cars $85

of the trip is $80 for residents and $85 for non-residents, and includes transportation, lunch, dinner, the tour, admissions, an escort and gratuities. To register, call 4742732 or visit

VETERANS CEREMONIES A Veterans Day program will be held at 1:30 p.m. on Wed., Nov. 10, at Peine Ridge Elementary. The public is invited to watch as the Whiteman AFB Honor Guard post the colors and perform a flag folding ceremony. A video tribute to past and present military family and friends, as well as patriotic music, will be offered. The guest speaker will be Michael Force, retired Captain USMC. Following the program, light refreshments and stories can be shared with fellow veterans. For more information, call 327-5110. • • • A Veterans Day Ceremony will be held at 11 a.m. on Thurs., Nov 11, at O’Fallon Veterans Memorial Walk located at 800 Belleau Creek Road. For more information about the ceremony, contact Jim Mueller at 978-3747, or e-mail jpmueller5077@aol. com. • • • The Patt Holt Singers will presents the 10th annual Veteran’s Dinner and Show at 5 p.m. on Sun., Nov. 14, at St. Peter Parish Hall in St. Charles. Tickets are $16. Admission is free for active military personnel in uniform. For tickets and more information, call 947-0120.

Trucks $100

SUV $95

ENTERTAINMENT The O’FallonTheatreWorks’ production of The Crucible will be performed at 8 p.m. on Fri., Nov. 12, and Sat., Nov. 13, and at 2 p.m. on Sun., Nov. 14, at O’Fallon Municipal Centre. Ticket prices are $12 for general admission and $10 for students and seniors.  For more information, call 474-2732. • • • Taste of St. Charles will be held from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Thurs., Nov. 18, at the Columns Banquet Center. The cost for the evening of food and wine is $35 in advance or $40 at the door. Sponsored by the Rotary Club of St. Charles, proceeds will benefit Adult Charities in St. Charles. For more information, visit www.tasteofstcharles. com.

CRAFT FAIR The Francis Howell North All-Knighter second annual Craft Fair will be held from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sat., Nov. 13, at 2549 Hackman Road in St. Charles. Proceeds from the fair will be used for the school’s drug- and alcohol-free all-night lock-in graduation celebration. The event will feature 129 booths of talented and committed artists, crafters, and vendors. Concessions will be offered, along with a bake sale. Children can also take photos with Santa from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. For more information on the event, contact Yvette Pilkington at

Gil’s liquor

The only store in the area that caters to its customer’s needs 3953 Mid Rivers Mall Dr. Cottleville, MO 63376

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Mon - Thu 10am -9pm Fri & Sat 10am - 10pm Sun 12 - 7pm



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Homecoming brings a record crowd at Lindenwood

A record number of students returned to Lindenwood University President James D. Evans. “I felt that there was a greater presence of warmth, genuine interest, and positive excitement overall than for Homecoming last month. The 2010 Homecoming and Reunion was one of the largest and we had ever managed to generate prior to this year’s festivities. I most successful in school history with more than 1,300 alumni, hope each future homecoming is an enhanced encore of this fall’s parents, and friends of the university taking part in a wide range great success.” of events throughout the weekend. “The Alumni Office was proud to see so many alums and their families come back to the school and show their support,” said Keeping up with speeding cars in (speeding) complaints and park it,” Director of Alumni Relations Whitney Wentzville neighborhoods is a difficult Lambi said. Fraier. “In turn, I’ve heard nothing but posiThe camera would take a picture of the job for the city’s four traffic officers. tive feedback from those who were not only The Wentzville Board of Aldermen is driver and the license plate, as well as impressed with the number of activities currently discussing the possibility of provide a 10 second video of before and scheduled for the weekend, but also amazed adding a mobile speed camera that can after the vehicle triggered the camera. to see how the school has grown and how be parked in neighborhoods to catch The pictures and video would then be accomplished our students are.” speed violations. sent to the police department for review. During the course of two days, a record Lambi said a standard ticket of drivMayor Paul Lambi said the highest number of alumni from the classes of 1950, number of complaints from residents is ing 35 mph in a 25 mph zone is a $30 ’60, ’70, ’80, ’85, ’90, ’95, 2000 and 2005 cars speeding through neighborhoods. speeding ticket and $24 court cost. If were honored at special receptions. There “We have 80 subdivisions and only four a driver was caught by the camera the were nearly 50 entrants in the parade, 120 traffic officers,” Lambi said. “I can’t cost is an additional $30, which would participants in the inaugural Race to be add 80 traffic officers to do on-the-spot be paid to Redflex. King Homecoming 5K run/walk, 800 dance Redflex also installed and maintained speed patrols.” attendees and more than 3,000 Switchfoot Redflex Traffic System would provide the city’s two red light cameras. concertgoers.    “The people who break the law will the mobile camera — which is located “I commend and thank every member inside an SUV marked speed enforce- pay for the enforcement,” Lambi said. of the Lindenwood community for the No decisio has been made at this time. ment vehicle — for $30 per ticket successful planning and execution of this The board would like more input from issued. year’s Homecoming. It was, without ques“We would pick an area with high residents regarding the speed cameras. tion, the best one ever witnessed on this campus,” said Lindenwood University

Wentzville considers subdivision speed cameras

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Cinderella Project gearing up for 2011 prom season By Amy Armour Every girl wants to feel like Cinderella on prom night, with a beautiful gown, fancy hair, painted nails and gorgeous shoes. But affording all those luxuries is not always a reality. The Metro St. Louis Cinderella Project was started in 2009 to help every girl feel like a princess at prom — without having to spend a dime. The project is a part of the Community Council of St. Charles County. The group is gearing up again for another prom season, with the simple goal of putting smiles on the faces of young women. “We receive calls from counselors and high schools teachers, who tell us that girls and their parents cannot afford the cost of prom…it is one less thing for a girl to worry about,” said Diane Wolferding, director of development and community relations for Community Council of St. Charles County. The Cinderella Project opens a boutique in March at Mid Rivers Mall stocked with gently used and new prom-appropriate dresses. VIPs (Very Important Prom-goers) who have been referred to the program through an agency or school, meet at the boutique for a one-on-one personal shopping experience.

“They get an amazing gown, fittings, free alterations, dry-cleaning, accessories, hairdo or makeover on the day of their prom,” Wolferding said. “After the referred girls have gone through, the boutique opens to the public - mid to end of March. This allows any girl to come and chose a beautiful gown that is new or gently used for their prom or high school function. It is a beautiful boutique and we receive amazing gowns from the public cleaning out their closets along with stores and boutiques in the St. Louis area who donate new dresses.” The Cinderella Project touched more than 1,300 girls from the metro area during prom season 2010. More than 40 high schools and 25 social service agencies that serve teen girls were invited to refer girls to the project. But the Cinderella Project has run into a problem finding plus size prom dresses. Last year, more than 3,000 dresses were collected, but less than 100 prom-appropriate dresses were available in the larger sizes. “We had over half of the VIP girls that were a size 14+…the pickings were pretty slim in those sizes,” Wolferding said. “Those girls should have the same selection of dresses as the girls wearing smaller


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sizes. We need large size prom appropriate dresses, this is a problem for our sister dress drives around the country.” Eboney travelled from Moberly, Mo., in search of a prom dress. The high school senior, who lives with her grandmother, needed help finding a dress to fit her larger figure. “Every girl deserves to go to prom. I don’t think you should have to worry about finding a dress no matter what size you are,” Eboney said. “You should have a dress and it should be fun and something you enjoy. I was so excited to go and pick my dress. I was like ‘yes. I get to try on this. I get to try on that.’ I was excited. You could see the smiles and excitement on the other girls faces too. It was a real stress relief.” Even though her selection choice was small, Eboney was able to find the perfect red dress which she wore to prom—where she was crowned prom queen. “Prom was pretty great…When I was little the one thing I always said to my grandma and mom was when I grow up I want to be prom queen and it felt so surreal because it happened,” Ebony said. “It was probably one of the best days of my high school life...just my life altogether. I have my tiara sitting in the living room. I just look at it every now and then and smile

and just kind of think of that day. It kind of keeps me going on other days when things are bad.” To stock up on more plus-size prom dresses, the Community Council of St. Charles County recently submitted an application to the Pepsi Refresh Project for a $25,000 project grant for the Metro St. Louis Cinderella Project. The Pepsi Refresh Project is an initiative designed to fund good ideas that helps refresh the world. Pepsi awards $1.3 million per month to people, non-profits and businesses that have a positive impact on their communities. One thousand “good ideas” per month are presented to the public for voting. The ideas that receive the most votes win. The Metro St. Louis Cinderella Project submitted an idea to help purchase 100 plus size prom dresses to distribute through their project during prom season 2011. The project was accepted for the voting cycle that started on Nov. 1. Anyone can vote everyday for the project by going to through Nov. 30. If the project wins, Wolferding said the funds would be used to support the project and purchase gowns for plus size promgoers.

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Automotive Showcase

Indy Motorsports looks to expand in St. Charles By Amy Armour Indy Motorsports can find its customers any car—down to the color. The small used car dealership located at 450 St. Peters Howell Road in St. Charles specializes in finding its customers the perfect car—regardless of its make or model. “If you tell me a car you want, down to the color, we can find it for you,” said Dan Klott, owner of Indy Motorsports. And with his contacts in the industry, Klott is often able to get the perfect car for his customers at a much lower price. Last week, Klott was able to save his customer $2,000 on a brand new Nissan Maxima. “I called my contacts at Nissan and I was able to save my customer $2,000 off the best offer he received,” said Klott, who has 25 years experience in the industry. “I was also able to buy his trade-in for $500 more than the other dealership offered.” Low overhead also allows Indy Motorsports to offer its

Indy Motorsports (636) 447-5900 450 St. Peters Howell Road • St. Charles Monday - Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

clients the best possible deal on all types of vehicles. “Our prices are generally thousands of dollars less (than the competition),” Klott said. The dealership has about 60 cars on the lot, and depending on the day, customers can find anything from a 2000 BMW to a 2001 Ford Taurus to a 2001 Volvo S60 to 2008 Dodge Avenger. The dealership also offers prices for all levels of incomes, varying from a $1,000 used vehicle to a brand new $30,000 car. Indy Motorsports is located at 450 St. Peters Howell Road in St. Charles Klott is constantly shopping for new used vehicles, so customers can check out to its current location which will be used to feature more the dealership’s Web site at to unique used cars. view all of the available cars currently on the lot. Indy Motorsports also offers complete auto detail for All of the shopping has paid off because business is good about half price of its competition. Cars can be detailed at Indy Motorsports. The dealership sold 375 vehicles just for $85, SUVs for $95 and trucks for $100. in the last year. “I’ve been in the car business for 25 years and it’s always “It’s been such a good year, we’re expanding,” Klott been my dream to own a small dealership,” Klott said. said. Indy Motorsports is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday The dealership bought a half-acre piece of land adjacent through Saturday or by appointment.

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ERIC'S ELECTRIC: Service upgrades, fans, can lights, switches, outlets, basements, code violations fixed, we do it all. No job too small. Licensed, bonded, and insured. Competitively priced. Free Estimates. Ask about our monthly specials. Just call 636-262-5840

Bill's HeaTiNG & a/c service

Novena To The Holy spirit Holy Spirit, you who make me see everything and show me the way to reach my ideals. Give me the divine gift to forgive and forget them all who have done wrong to me. I, in short dialogue, want to thank you in everything and confirm once more that I never want to be separated from you no matter how great the material desires may be. I want to be with you and my beloved one in our perpetual glory. Thanks for favors. Pray this prayer for three consecutive days without asking for wish. After third day, wish will be granted no matter how difficult. Promise to publish this dialogue as soon as your favor has been granted. P.M.F.

For Sale

call 636-532-0859

The FAN Guy Trained & experienced tradesman available for light electrical services: new outlets/ switches, water heater repair, lighting/ fan installation & repairs. Fair, dependable & honest. Call Paul 636-734-8402


Furniture Repair Professional Repair & Restoration Services by Vintage Workshop. Painting, staining, distressing & refinishing. In-Home Furniture Repair services available. Free estimates. 636-946-5204

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Legal Service

St. Charles Junk is your local bulk and container service company catering to the St. Charles and surrounding counties. We haul it all...basement and garage cleanouts, appliances, yard waste, construction debris, and NOW OFFERING CONTAINERS! For the best service and pricing call St. Charles Junk at 636697-7825

Bankruptcy Chapter 7 •Chapter 13 Debt Consolidation Foreclosure Defense Debt Adjustment 25 years experience. Call Lloyd Nolan, Attorney at Law (314) 7251880, or visit us on the web at

Inside Sales: Part time person to set appointments for professional market. Accounting knowledge helpful. Experience in cold calling very helpful. Excellent pay. Ellisville office. 636-271-9190

Ask about our special offers for new customers!

Electrical Services

FALL SPECIAL $25 SERVICE CALL & $20 OFF ANY SERVICE REPAIR. Licensed and Insured. EPA Specialist! Call Bill today at (314) 839-2977 Handyman services also available!

Brother 4000D Sewing/ Embroidery Machine. All accessories included. Excellent condition. $2,850 636-734-8357

Help Wanted for small Business & individuals

Keeping you comfortable all year round.


Do you have the desire to be considered for jobs in showbiz such as print ads, commercials, TV/films? We can help! We develop, market & place “real looking” people ages 3mos thru seniors. Accepting applications for all sizes & heights. Beginners welcome! Images Agency (since 1988). State Licensed. Apply Online at


Lessons GUITAR/ VOICE LESSONS Now Accepting New Students.Lessons in your home. Exp. includes: Band leader, composer, vocalist. (refer. avail). $35/hr. Call Joe 636.346.7146 or 636.458.2066

Pet Services

Devil VS Angel

•Is your dog jumping up on you and/or your guest? •Do they rush out and run when the door is opened? •Do they pull you on walks? •Do they run off with things they aren't supposed to have?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to call

Training Tails On The Go, LLC. 636-734-8802 or e-mail at

PRAYER TO THE BLESSED VIRGIN (Never known to fail) O, most beautiful flower of Mt. Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity. Oh, Star of the Sea, help me and show me herein you are my mother. Oh, Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth, I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succor me in this necessity. There are none that can withstand your power. Oh, show me herein you are my mother. Oh, Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse for thee (3X). Holy Spirit, you who solve all problems, light all roads so that I can attain my goal. You who gave me the divine gift to forgive and forget all evil against me and that in all instances in my life you are with me. I want in this short prayer to thank you for all things as you confirm once again that I never want to be separated from you in eternal glory. Thank you for mercy toward me and mine. Must say this prayer 3 consecutive days. After 3 days, the request will be granted. This prayer must be published after the favor is granted! Thank you! T.W.

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Plumbing ANYTHING IN PLUMBING. Good Prices! Basement bathrooms, small repairs & code violations repaired. Fast Service. Call anytime: 314-409-5051

Tax Preparation TAX PROBLEMS? Unfiled Returns? Audit Notice? Penalties? WE CAN HELP! Sederburg & Associates 636-928-1040

Wedding Ceremonies

Anytime... Anywhere... Marriage Ceremonies Renewal of Vows Baptisms Full Service Ministry Non-Denomination

(314) 703-7456

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Providing In Home Care for Seniors and the Disabled * Our ability to deliver services in customized packages–hourly, live-ins, couples care, bath visits, sleepovers, and respite care * Call to see if your loved one qualifies for Veteran’s Benefits

Electrical Services

Mid Rivers 111010  

Mid Rivers 111010

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