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How to Parent with a Hostile Ex-spouse It’s always a nice idea to think that you and your ex-wife will go through a divorce and one day be able to work together to co-parent your children. And while for many this may be true, the truth is that in some situations your ex-spouse will continue to be hostile well after a divorce and make it difficult for you to deal with their antics and raise your children together.

tations and boundaries. For example, if talking on a phone always leads to an argument, the best thing to do is only have communication over e-mail and text messaging. This way, negative comments can be deleted and there is time to think of how to respond instead of just saying the first thing that comes to mind after a particularly nasty comment.

In these types of situations, it is quite common for an angry ex-spouse to even go as far as to convince themselves that you are not a good parent. And while this could be very far from the truth, in many situations the hostile ex-spouse is also trying to portray this image on others -like doctors and school staff -- and sadly, in some cases, even the children.

However, while with parallel parenting communication is limited between parents, it is up to the non-hostile parent to be proactive and reach out to school staff and doctors. This will give the parent the chance to explain the true situation and demonstrate that he or she is a competent and caring parent. At this point, it’s also even a good idea to provide these people with a copy of a child custody agreement to let them get a real understanding of how custody, visitation and decision making actually works.

When this happens, and it is just not possible to reason or have a conversation without it turning into an argument, one suggestion is instead of co-parenting to try what is called parallel parenting. With parallel parenting, both parents still play active roles in their children’s lives, but communication between both parents is limited with very clear expec-

In the end, in situations where a divorce leads to hostile parents, it’s best to try parallel parenting in order to provide mental sanity not only to both parents, but to also keep the child out of the middle of the situation.

If you are facing divorce, Stange Law Firm LLC can help you. We have lawyers available to discuss options with you and work to find a solution that meets your family’s needs. When you retain Stange Law Firm LLC, you will work with accomplished lawyers who focus their practice on family law. We use our extensive knowledge of the law and passion for justice to get the best possible results for our clients. Because of our enthusiasm about getting results for you, clients are given almost unparelleled access to their lawyer. When you become a client at Stange Law Firm LLC, you can access your file online through Your Case Tracker. You can comment on these documents and receive answers from Stange Law Firm LLC quickly and efficiently. Clients receive their lawyer’s personal cell phone numbers and swift responses to their emails and phone calls. Potential clients also receive a free, one hour consultation. Source: Huffington Post, “What to Do When Co-Parenting Doesn’t Work,” Virginia Gilbert, May 29, 2012

Stange Law Firm LLC St. Charles Office

2268 Bluestone Drive St. Charles, MO 63303 Phone: 636-940-5900 The choice of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. The information you obtain in this advertisement is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. You should consult an attorney for advice regarding your individual situation. We invite you to contact us and welcome your calls, letters and electronic mail. Contacting us does not create an attorney-client relationship.



Sale Aug. 15 - Aug. 21



Sports versus politics It has long seemed to me that there is far more rationality in sports, and in commentaries on sports, than there is in politics and in commentaries on politics. What has puzzled me is why this is so, when what happens in politics has far more serious effects on people’s lives. To take one common example, there are many people who believe that if the market fails, the government should step in. But if Robinson Cano strikes out does anyone suggest that the Yankees should send in a pinch hitter for him on his next time at bat? Everyone understands that a pinch hitter can also strike out and is less likely than Cano to get a hit or a home run. But the very possibility that the government can fail when it steps in to substitute for a failing market seldom occurs to many people. Even among some economists, “market failure” is a magic phrase that implies a need for government intervention. We could argue about the empirical evidence as to when government pinch-hitting is better or worse. But there is seldom even an argument at all in some quarters where government intervention follows market failure as the night follows the day. Milton Friedman once pointed out, “A system established largely to prevent bank panics produced the most severe banking panic in American history.” Many other examples could be cited where government intervention made a bad situation worse. But most discussions of the role of government never even reach the point of looking for empirical evidence. Today, for example, there is much gnashing of teeth in the media because Democrats and Republicans can’t seem to get together to create a bipartisan plan for government intervention to solve our current economic problems. Those who cry out that the government should “do something” never even ask for data on what has actually happened when the government did something, compared to what actually happened when the government did nothing. That could be a very enlightening trip through the archives. Sports statistics are kept in a much more rational way than statistics about political issues. Have you ever seen statistics on what percentage of the home runs over the years have been hit by batters hitting in the .320s versus batters hitting in the .280s or

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the .340s? Not very likely. Such statistics would make no sense, because different batters are in these brackets from one year to the next. You wouldn’t be comparing people, you would be comparing abstractions and mistaking those abstractions for people. But in politics and in commentaries on political issues people talk incessantly about how “the top 1 percent” of income earners are getting more money, or how the “bottom 20 percent” are falling behind. Yet the turnover in income brackets over a decade is at least as great as the turnover in batting average brackets. In the course of a decade, the top 400 income earners include a couple of thousand people. The income received by the top 400 (as a statistical bracket) has risen, both absolutely and as a share of all income, even while the average income of the average person who was in that bracket at a given time has fallen by large amounts. How can this be? The short answer is turnover. Turnover in sports creates no such confusion. If players A, B and C all have batting averages in the .320s this year and, put together, they hit 100 home runs, while players X, Y and Z all have batting averages in the .320s next year, and together they hit 120 home runs, we could say that .320s hitters were increasing the number of home runs they hit. But A, B and C could easily be hitting less than 100 home runs next year. It all depends on whether you are talking about what is happening in statistical brackets or what is happening to actual flesh-and-blood individuals who were in those brackets at one time but not another time. We understand that when we talk about sports statistics. But not when we talk about statistics on political issues like income differences. Do our IQs just drop spontaneously when we turn to politics? Or are there many people in politics, and the media, with vested interests in misstating issues and lots of experience in doing so? I think it is the latter, especially during an election year.

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Unravel Travel


l ette r s t o t h e e d i t o r

With Linda Bosch, Owner of Just Cruises

River Cruising, a Luxury in the Heart of Europe… River cruising is the second biggest emerging travel trend of 2012. Doesn’t it make sense to know that you get what you pay for? In today’s market, Value added vacations are exactly what everyone is looking for. Tauck specializes in Deluxe Travel offering you a truly inclusive experience. Just 10 years ago only about 26,000 travelers took a European River Cruise, today over 300,000 people are enjoying the Luxury and Value provided by a Tauck European River Cruise. Tauck River Cruises is the #1 Best Luxury Value in European River Cruising today. A family owned company, with four ships holding only 118 passengers, each offering large spacious cabins and suites with walk in closets built and designed for American Preferences. For example, a Tauck river cruise includes the following:  7 to 10 days in a luxury cabin, 85% with French Balconies.  Private shore excursions led by Tauck Directors accompanied by local experts.  Port charges, all taxes, luggage handling & airport transfers.  Gratuities to the Tauck Directors & Cruise Director, ship staff, driver and local guides.  Meals on the ship and at local restaurants shore side.  Exclusive Tauck experiences such as special dinners and cultural performances.  Pre & Post Hotel accommodations in Europe’s top cities – handpicked for their city center locations.  All–day soft drinks, regional wines and beer with lunch and dinner aboard the riverboat. The price you pay upfront is your final price, virtually every river cruise expense is included in one upfront price. No little extras and no hidden expenses. Choose from: The Blue Danube, French Waterways, Rhine and Moselle, Belgium & Holland in the Spring, or Budapest to Amsterdam. Experience the World of Tauck, for your Free brochure call the experts:

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Thoughts on ‘Random Thoughts’ To the Editor: I am responding to the “Random Thoughts” by Thomas Sowell reproduced by MRN on Aug. 1. I understand Sowell is an educated man — that doesn’t necessarily mean his statements hold validity, in fact, many lack it. In his latest “Random Thoughts,” Sowell jumps abruptly from topic to topic. The first line states, “Even squirrels know enough to store nuts, so that they will have something to eat when food gets scarce.” Just a quick thought to him — what if there are never enough nuts to store in the first place? Not every adult in America has opportunities to obtain jobs that are that much above minimum wage. And what if they have children to take care of also? Sure, one could say, “Well, dang, they shouldn’t have done that!” Some just don’t make as much money. Where then are the nuts to store when a measly paycheck is going toward daycare? Sowell inadequately links the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment to what seems to be presidential pardoning, and then somehow links that to Obamacare and immigration laws. In case Sowell hasn’t been reading anything, Obamacare applies and affects everyone in America, not just some. He says government intervention won’t fix anything on the economy, but perhaps we just need the right government intervention. And, of course, he refers the reader to read his own book, his opinion. Sowell openly denounces the modern college system, yet he is employed by one — Stanford University. Sowell doesn’t seem to like how using the phrase “Islamic Terrorist” is considered detrimental to today’s society. How do you think the Christians in America would like it if they were called “Christian Terrorists”? Using the term “Islamic Terrorist” makes a direct link between terrorism and Islam, and I can say from being classmates (mind you, this is in my evil modern day college) with a Muslim, that the terminology makes them feel extremely marginalized. Why can’t criminals just be criminals? Or maybe in America we like to use pseudo-synonyms to evoke fear against America “enemy.” I would argue that the celebration of gays being able to serve openly in the military is simply a celebration of people being accepted that have for so long been rejected. Maybe they deserved it. Sowell Thinks not. Sowell claims Franklin Roosevelt was anti-business. Maybe he was seen as anti-

business because he made an attempt to Founder Doug Huber create jobs (yes, they were government jobs) Publisher Sharon Huber in a country that had 25-percent unemploy- ment at the height of the Great Depression. I General Manager Tim Weber guess it was Sowell’s “business” that led to Managing Editor Terry Dean the unemployment. But maybe it is easier to Features Editor Sue Hornof blame slow economic recovery on a single man trying to save a country. Associate Editor Sarah Wilson Lastly, Sowell thinks it is ridiculous for Business Manager Erica Ritter an administration loaded with people who have never run a business to try and tell Sr. Graphic Designer Angela Carmody America’s businesses “what to do.” Yet Graphic Designers Chris Hedges Sowell, himself, is an economist who (by Graphics/Layout Lindsay Hard my research) has never run a business, yet he feels he can say how business in America Tech Advisor/ Website Brian Miller should be run (laissez-faire). By the way, Office Manager Janet Ruhmann Mr. Obama also has economists who give him advice. What makes Sowell correct? I’m not trying to give answers in this Advertising Manager letter; an editorial is too short for that. I’m Vicky Czapla only trying to have people think about Advertising Account Executives what this man is telling them. Alex Betley Nancy Anderson Linda Hauhe O’Fallon Sheila Bennett Theresa Judd

Bath salts

To the Editor: Our local, county, state and federal law enforcement authorities continue to pursue “bath salt” stores and customers fully aware of the “changing chemistry” issue which can complicate prosecution. As noted a few weeks ago, the national and local news programs covered the recent “raid” by authorities in the St. Louis region. Millions of dollars of “bath salt” product had been confiscated which is pending laboratory verification of the “chemistry” to ensure it falls within the scope of the existing laws. This verification process will always be the case and protects the “alleged” offenders their rights to sell legitimate and safe products. To counter the “changing chemistry” process, local and state jurisdictions may pass additional ordinances and laws in the future to cover the “new chemistry” developed by the industry producers. In the meantime, the store shelves will be bare of the “old chemistry” product if our law enforcement community continues their monitor and arrest policy to enforce existing laws. If the store owners restock the shelves with potentially lethal product, we need law enforcement to remove the product for verification for prosecution by authorities and our courts. In short, how can we in St. Charles County end the sale of these dangerous products? Our law enforcement, prosecutors and courts need our help and support for the safety of our citizens. Gerry Baker Weldon Spring

Keith Carpenter Ellen Hartbeck

Roger Koch Joe Ritter

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The sporting life Twenty days ago, Queen Elizabeth II and James Bond parachuted into Olympic Stadium in east London and thus began one of the great spectacles of sport still in existence today, the Olympic Games. In many ways, we all want to believe that the Olympics are still a pure version of sport, amateurs competing for the love of country and competition. In some ways, that still holds true. In others, this modern life we live has definitely slinked its way into the games.

States and China were the only serious competitors for the overall medal count title. China is only a very recent serious competitor in the games, mirroring their ascension on the world economic stage. Since the 1896 games, the U.S. has more than double the total medals in the Summer games (2.296) of the next closest country (the now defunct Soviet Union with 1,010). Despite their showing at the 2012 games, the Chinese only have a total of 385 medals over the same time. As recently as 1988, China won just 28 medals, one third of what they will take home in 2012. The Olympics, however, can also still deliver some of the most amazing and transcendent moments in sport – moments that cannot be matched in the work-a-day world of the major professional sports. The 100-meter dash is far and away the most exciting, explosive 10 seconds in the world of sport, and Usain Bolt did not disappoint. Michael Phelps’ dominance over Ryan Lochte reminded all of us that there is a difference between true great-

The Olympics, however, can also still deliver some of the most amazing and transcendent moments in sport. Athens held the first modern Olympics in 1896, and the total estimated cost of staging the event was $448,000. The 2012 London Olympics had a price tag of more than $14 billion. The Olympics are big business now – massive business actually – with more than 1 billion viewers worldwide tuned in to watch the aforementioned parachuting stunt. NBC reportedly paid $1.18 billion for the rights to show the (tape-delayed) games to U.S. audiences. With the money involved, some of the purity is gone. This Olympics saw several teams and athletes ejected from the games for throwing matches to secure a better matchup for the following rounds. The luster of the U.S. basketball “dream team” seems to have faded, as watching a group of multimillionaires stomp on woefully overmatched opponents has taken on the feel of the Harlem Globetrotters playing the Washington Generals. Endorsement deals and social media collided and made the Olympics seem dreadfully behind the times. Free speech, paid speech and the purity of sport seemed contradictory in moments – or perhaps they were a symbol of the greater conflict being waged with a connected world. The Olympics has often been a showcase of world superpowers, and the 2012 games were no different. The United

ness and the flavor of the moment. Gabby Douglas provided moments of historic joy, while highly-favored vault competitor McKayla Maroney reminded us that these athletes are mere humans performing on the world’s largest stage. Overall, the Olympics still thrill and captivate. From table tennis to synchronized swimming, from the decathlon to wrestling, we are reminded that there are some athletes who still very much exist for the love of country and competition, and we are better for having watched them and cheered them on.


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News Br iefs St. Peters Gas station assault A St. Peters man was arrested on July 30 after entering his workplace off duty and breaking items in the store. Douglas Hoops, of the 600 block of Boca Raton, entered the Fast Lane gas station on Salt Lick Road in St. Peters at 4:30 p.m. on July 30, to get his work schedule. Police said while he was there, he started yelling derogatory comments at a female employee of the store, who is also his coworker, and then started breaking items in the store. Two patrons at the store attempted to restrain him and one patron was punched in the face in the process. “When officers arrived, Hoops was placed under arrest and started resisting. He spit on our officers numerous times and while inside of the police vehicle he kicked the rear windows and slammed his head on the windows,” said Officer Melissa Doss. Hoops’ girlfriend Michelle Grayon arrived on scene, and attempted to open the rear police door. “After being instructed numerous times to back away from the police vehicle, she was arrested,” Doss said. “While in the back of separate police car, she started kicking the back windows, knocking the window off track.” Hoops was charged with third degree assault, second degree property damage and resisting arrest. Grayon was charged with misdemeanor assisting arrest and property damage. Bail was set at $5,000 each.

Soliciting a minor A 23-year-old St. Charles County man was arrested on Aug. 6 after allegedly soliciting sex with a minor. The St. Charles County Drug Task Force, with the assistance of St. Peters Police Depart-



ment, arrested Mohammad Teimoortagh in a hotel parking lot where he allegedly planned to meet a 14-year-old girl to have sex. Teimoortagh was charged with Attempt Sexual Trafficking of a Child Under 18 years old, Promoting Prostitution 1st, Attempt Statutory Rape 2nd, and Possession of a Controlled Substance. The St. Charles County Drug Task Force received information from an individual stating Teimoortagh asked to find a young girl for him to have sexual relations with. The cooperating individual contacted the Drug Task Force with Teimoortagh’s request because the person was concerned that he was soliciting sex with a minor. The cooperating individual informed officers of originally telling Teimoortagh a 15-year-old could be found. He told allegedly said that was too old, and his preference was 12-years-old. Through various text message correspondences, Teimoortagh agreed to meet a 14-year-old girl on a hotel parking lot located at the 4300 block of Veterans Memorial Parkway with the intentions of having sexual relations. When Teimoortagh arrived in the hotel parking lot he was immediately taken into custody without incident by St. Peters police officers. He was found with $100 cash, the agreed upon price for the 14-year-old girl. Police said the 14-year-old girl in this incident did not exist and no minor children were ever involved in the investigation. Teimoortagh is currently being held on a $250,000 bond at the St. Charles County Jail.

Iowa crash A St. Peters man was killed in Wapello County, Iowa, when the vehicle he was riding in was struck by a semi-truck. Police reports said the Pontiac Sunfire driven by Robert Lindsey, 50, of O’Fallon, was going slower than the posted speed limit down Hwy. 63 in Wapello County when it

was hit from behind by a semi-truck driven by Steven W. Searls, 58, of Auburndale, Fla. The accident happened around 1:15 a.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 7, reports show. Charles W. Haffer Jr., 44, of St. Peters and Tony R. Penberthy, 47, of St. Louis were both killed in the collision. Lindsey was injured. None of the men were wearing seatbelts, according to the Iowa State Patrol. Authorities are looking into mechanical issues and the accident remains under investigation. Charges are pending the completion of the investigation.

Stealing from vehicles Four St. Peters men were arrested earlier this month in connection to a string of thefts in the area. According to police, Destine D. Kelley, 18, of the 200 block of Laurelwood Drive, has been charged with stealing over $500 including a firearm. Three others were charged with receiving stolen property. The Criminal Investigations Bureau received information on July 25 about the subjects being involved in thefts from vehicles. During the investigation, police said it was discovered Kelley allegedly entered an unlocked vehicle and stole various items, including a handgun on July 18. The St. Peters Police Department was able to return some of the recovered stolen items, but the department still has possession of numerous items, waiting for the property owners to report the thefts.

No butts about it Before tossing that cigarette on the ground—consider the cost. The city of St. Peters reminds smokers that tossed cigarette butts may cause brush fires and the city will have zero tolerance when enforcing its littering law. “The recent brush fires in the western United States have been a reminder to all of us that we need to do whatever we can to reduce the danger of a tragic fire in our region,” said St. Peters Mayor Len Pagano. “Please, don’t

throw your lit cigarette butts on the ground.” If caught tossing hot cigarette butts, individuals could face fines of up to $500.

St. Charles County Road closed until mid-October A portion of Forest Green Drive will be closed for the next two months to allow for the replacement of the crossroad culvert. The construction area is located between Oak Ridge and Forest View Drive south of Hwy. P. Forest Green Drive will remain open on either side of the closure area, but no through traffic will be allowed through the area of the culvert replacement. Motorists may take Hwy. P to Deer Creek Drive to Forest View Drive to by-pass the closure. Signs notifying motorists of the closure and detour route will be posted. For additional information, contact the St. Charles County Highway Department at 949-7305.

Vendors needed Vendors are being sought for the Health and Fitness ExMO’ to be held on Oct. 5 and Oct. 6 at Lindenwood University’s Hyland Arena in St. Charles during packet pickup for runners in the 2012 MO’ Cowbell Half Marathon and 5K. More than 2,000 runners have already signed up for the second annual half marathon. Race organizers said they expect as many as 3,500 for the race scheduled Sun., Oct. 7, in historic St. Charles. “We are proud of one of the newest additions to the MO’ Cowbell event, the Health and Fitness ExMO’. We want health and fitness-minded businesses to join us in reaching out to nearly 7,000 people during this year’s runner’s packet pickup at Lindenwood,” said Kerin Abbey, marathon chair. The cost per 10-foot-by-10-foot booth is $300 and vendors will be able to display both days. Electricity and WiFi will be provided. A deposit of 50 percent of the total rental fee is required when reserving a booth. Final payment is due Sept. 15.

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NEWSMAGAZINENETWORK.COM “There is no better way to reach more than 3,000 runners and even more walkers and health-minded consumers than to be part of the MO’ Cowbell Health and Fitness ExMO’,” Abbey said. The ExMO’ is open to the public and is free to attend. For more information, visit

Dardenne Prairie All-inclusive play Children of all abilities will be able to climb, swing and learn at a newly renovated, all-inclusive playground and new outdoor classroom at United Services for Children in Dardenne Prairie. Crews have put the finishing touches on the $158,000 project that officially opened on Aug. 13. The 9,400-square-foot playground has a new poured-in-place rubberized surface that allows safe, easy access for children who use wheelchairs, walkers and other mobility devices. The new playground equipment includes a curved balance beam, swing set with two adaptive swings, five-seat cycle circle, and a rock climbing tunnel. The balance beam helps children learn coordination. The adaptive swings accommodate children who do not have the upper body strength to remain upright or hold onto a standard swing.

Weldon Spring Bath salts prohibited The sale of bath salts is officially illegal in the city of Weldon Spring. Weldon Spring City Clerk Moe Kwiatkowski said the city passed an ordinance back in 2010 that prohibited the sale and/or purchase of cannabinoids or K2. “But since the manufacturers keep changing the ingredients, we have now passed an updated ordinance to include the possession, sale or offering for sale of imitation and/or synthetic drugs specifically marked as ‘bath salts,’” said Kwiatkowski Kwiatkowski said the name “bath salts” may sound harmless, but they contain a synthetic stimulant that carries the risk of easy overdose, hallucinations and even death. “It contains amphetamine-like chemicals, including mephedrone. They can cause rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, chest pains, agitation, hallucinations, extreme paranoia and delusions,” Kwiatkowski said. The updated ordinance passed at the July 26 meeting.

O’Fallon AC emergency Record temperatures this summer have made air conditioning a must-have luxury. And for those who may not be able to

afford it, city officials said it’s not too late to apply for emergency HVAC funding. The funding can help qualified O’Fallon homeowners afford HVAC repairs and replacements, as well as essential home repairs through the city’s zero-interest Home Improvement Loan Program. “If you are a homeowner with a lowto-moderate income, O’Fallon’s Home Improvement Loan Program can help you replace old air conditioners, windows, siding, roofs, and make other improvements,” said Jessica Hawkins, public assistance specialist for O’Fallon. “The first step is to apply to see if you qualify.” The city of O’Fallon is encouraging city homeowners to find out if they qualify for the forgivable five-year loans of up to $5,000 to address energy needs, home maintenance and repair and housing code violations. In general, applicants must reside in O’Fallon city limits, have owned and lived in the home a year, be a U.S. citizen, have low to moderate income and be current on mortgage payments and real estate taxes. For more information, visit www.ofallon. GRANTS.

Police search for Circle K robber At MRN press time, O’Fallon police were still looking for a man suspected of robbing the Circle K gas station located at 1750 O’Fallon Road on Aug. 5. According to police, the suspect entered the gas station at 2:46 a.m. The suspect implied that he had a weapon, but never displayed one. The suspect fled on foot with an undisclosed amount of cash. “No one was injured,” said Office Diana Damke. The suspect was described as a white male approximately 18 to 25 years of age. The suspect was wearing a bandana on his face, gray long sleeve sweatshirt, blue jean shorts, and black tennis shoes, carrying a gray back pack. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the O’Fallon Police Department at 240-3200.

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Sodomy charges An 18-year-old O’Fallon man was charged with six counts of statutory sodomy on Aug. 9. Cody L. Bonecutter is accused of having sexual deviant intercourse with a 10-yearold victim, police said. The O’Fallon police responded to a report of child molestation at a home on Brook Meadow Lane on Aug. 7. According to police, the incidents occurred between July 13 and Aug. 3. Bonecutter is currently being held in the St. Charles County Jail with a $100,000, cash only bond. The O’Fallon Police Department is requesting if there are other victims they should contact Det. Luke Smyka at 379-5664.


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10 I NEWS I 



Elections commissioner says lawsuits are family vendettas By Mary Ann O’Toole Holley During a very open interview, County Elections Commissioner Rich Chrismer seemed relieved to have the chance to discuss ongoing lawsuits and accusations that have been made against him. Chrismer told Mid Rivers Newsmagazine the sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuits filed against him recently are retributions for not approving merit raises and family loyalty. Mary Railean Benefield, a county employee for 22 years who formerly worked in Chrismer’s office for about eight years, filed a sexual harassment suit Oct. 5, 2011. Seven additional lawsuits followed for what Chrismer said is the result of a decision to deny merit raises to four employees. Benefield, of Old Monroe, alleges that Chrismer created a sexually hostile work environment, stalked and groped her and flirted with other females in the Election Authority office in St. Peters. “There are just two employees suing, and most of the others are related by marriage or by blood,” Chrismer said. “The only person suing who has no relationship is Marge Muffler, who has been here about 10 years and is still working for me. “The county has had lawsuits in the past and settled them,” he said. “I told them I do not want to settle because I will not be accused of something I’ve never done. These people have been around long enough and know the county settles, and I think this has everything to do with this.” Chrismer said it’s a complicated maize of allegations. Four of the seven plaintiffs work in the elections office; Benefield’s husband Christopher, Catherine Fry and Mary Widaman, both of St. Charles, filed a charge of discrimination Jan. 9 with the Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations Commission on Human Rights. In February, Marge Muffler of St. Peters, filed suit claiming that Chrismer, 66, maintained a hostile work environment because of her age, 65, and a perceived disability. Muffler stated that after she complained about Chrismer to Dohrman and the county’s human resource director, she was placed on leave without pay. She said Chrismer overly scrutinizes her work. Chrismer said he sympathizes with Muffler, who is suing because there is no elevator in the building. He said the county budgeted for an elevator and the funds have been available for some time, but County Administrator Chuck Rose felt the timing was not right to spend the money. “I think the timing was right when we moved into this building,” Chrismer said. “Marge quotes in the lawsuit the ADA requirement, but I’ve always requested an elevator.” Benefield’s husband, employee Christopher Benefield, claimed sexual harassment

on behalf of his wife and retaliation against him, saying after his wife filed charges, he received an annual performance review much lower than his previous six performance ratings and that the lower rating cost him $3,000 in lost wages and benefits. Fry, Benefield’s sister, claims she reported to then-County Counselor Greg Dohrman in November 2010 that Chrismer sexually harassed her sister and another Election Authority employee, Beverly Abel. Fry is an election assistant who has worked in the office for 32 years. She claims she was given a poor performance rating in January, costing her a merit raise and benefits. Widaman, (friend of Benefield), a program specialist who has worked in the office for 25 years, reported Chrismer to the County Counselor in November 2010 for sexually harassing Mary Benefield and was also given a performance rating in January that fell below any she had received in the past, costing her a raise and benefits. The other three plaintiffs are spouses of Election Authority employees, but are not employees themselves, including William Fry, Charlene Lohman and Bob Lohman. Charlene Lohman retired as Chrismer’s assistant director recently, and alleges that since 2008 he has overcharged political subdivisions in St. Charles County by more than $500,000 for their share of election costs. The spouses are suing on their wifes’ behalf. Chrismer said he and the employees filing suit worked very hard during the last 10 years, but things seemed to fall apart when the former assistant director Charlene Lohman retired. “Charlene was their supervisor, and she did the employee reviews,” Chrismer said. “I’d look at it and sign it, because I trust my supervisors to know how their staff works.” Chrismer said he is shocked that those who feel they were unfairly reviewed sued him. He said they all received a 1 percent pay increase, but there was another 2 percent if it was merited. “I run a tight ship, and the citizens of our county pay our salaries. I believe citizens would prefer people in county government, if they’re paid 8 hours pay, should be producing 8 hours work,” Chrismer said. “They said since Railean (Benefield) was suing for sexual harassment, they felt I gave them low ratings as retribution. I didn’t do the ratings.” The group did eventually get their additional 2 percent merit increase because prior to filing the lawsuits, the decision to deny the merit raise was reversed. “County Administrator Chuck Rose decided that the supervisor and I had not given them a sufficient chance to improve themselves, so they gave them the merit raises anyway,” Chrismer said. “The director of administration said we didn’t give them sufficient time to improve themselves.

County Elections Commissioner Rich Chrismer works with election officials during Aug. 7 primaries. (MRN photo)

My response is they’ve been working here 20 to 30 years, and I can’t imagine them not knowing what was expected of them.” Municipal election costs explained As for the unlawful charges for election costs, Chrismer said municipalities need to understand that the election fees are regulated under state and federal election laws. “Charlene is correct,” Chrismer said. “It is not state law, but we don’t follow just state law. We follow Federal election laws. Under Help America Vote Act (HAVA), there are statutes in there that allow me to do exactly what I am doing.” Chrismer said as his assistant director, Lohman, was not obliged to know these laws. He said she did a good job as director, but directors throughout the country interpret both federal and state laws. “I don’t know how she couldn’t be aware of it, because she was in every budget meeting and knew what I was doing at all times. She says it’s not state law, but it’s in federal law,” Chrismer said. St. Charles County is a political subdivision, Chrismer said if he raises cost for municipal elections, it’s because of postage or ballot requirements, and these expenses have to be passed on. He said each municipality pays its proportionate cost. “I pass them to all the political subdivisions, but the bulk of the cost goes to the county,” Chrismer said. “There are printing, voting equipment maintenance; we have a schedule for shredding ballots. Those costs have to be in there. The county executive made it clear to me years ago that they didn’t think municipalities were paying their fair share, but I work for the citizens, not the county.” In fact, Chrismer says, to save municipalities and the county money, he pushed the state to change the requirement on the

number of ballots printed. In earlier days, the state required that counties print 10 percent more ballots than registered voters. “I went to the legislators, I was a former legislator from 1992 to 2000, a state rep, and so I do know how to pass laws,” Chrismer said. “I went to Jeff City in 2006 and fought the law that says we have to print 110 percent. I asked if I could have the privilege of printing the amount I needed, because it would save funds based the amount of ballots we can print.” He said the Secretary of State was opposed, but a conference was held and since Chrismer was the only one to request the change, the state agreed. “I saved this County $200,000 a year on ballots,” Chrismer said. “I’m always looking at ways to save money in this office. The bill I’m most proud of, and it took me four years to get it through, was able to eliminate state sales tax on food, and that saves the state citizens $350 million every year. I’ve always been a hog on watching citizens’ money.” Overall, Chrismer said. His office is running well, despite the upheaval of these allegations. “These people are professionals. They are good. If they have issues with me, it doesn’t affect the office,” Chrismer said. “This case is difficult, but you would never know it because I’m easy going. I talk to everyone, make some jokes and try to keep the atmosphere the way it was. Current employees seem to be reacting positively. We get the job done.” He added, “I’ve told them it is an honorable position we are working in. There are 250,000 people who trust us to count their votes. What we do is an honorable job and it is a privilege for us to be working here allowing people to have the right to vote.”


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LSL Board of Aldermen spars over snowplowing, tower By Michael R. Smith In a departure from the normally serene Board of Aldermen meetings in Lake Saint Louis, former and current council members sparred with each other Aug. 6 over issues related to snow plowing of private streets, and the erection of a communications tower. Prior to the first reading of Bill 3270, which would use city funds to pay for snowplowing private neighborhood streets, former Alderman Larry DeGroodt spoke against it during the public comments session. DeGroodt looked at Ward 1 Alderman Tony Zito — the bill’s sponsor — and noted that the council member lives in a gated, private subdivision with a private homeowners association. “You’re an elected official. I can see the conflict of interest here,” DeGroodt said. DeGroodt then referenced portions of the Missouri Constitution — Article 10, Section 3 and Article 6, Section 23 — which state that levied taxes are for public use and that public money cannot be used for non-public groups. “This proposed bill is unconstitutional,” DeGroot said, before asking that it be rejected. Zito sponsored the bill because he said

it’s unfair that private subdivision homeowners don’t get the snowplow benefit from their city taxes like other Lake Saint Louis residents. The bill, if approved, would have the city use city equipment to plow private subdivision roads, or reimburse neighborhood associations which contract their own services. The city’s total outlay from public funds would be capped at $15,000. City Administrator Paul Markworth said that “just over eight miles” of private streets would be covered by the bill. During the discussion Ward 2 Alderman Karen Vennard told Zito, “I don’t have children but I pay taxes for schools.” She said that residents in private subdivisions get the benefits of their taxes in their use of city streets. She then asked Zito to excuse himself from voting on the bill. Vennard’s aldermanic partner in Ward 2, Kathy Schweikert, said the issue has come up each of the three years she’s been on the board and then tried to table the bill. Her motion to table it failed. “We shouldn’t be paying up to $15,000 for this. They (private subdivision residents) made the decision to be private” and that meant subdivision owners were responsible for street upkeep, Schweikert said.

For , a massage helps balance it all

After a first of two readings of the bill the council sent it to the city attorney to consider the constitutionality. The council is expected to make a decision on the bill at the next aldermanic meeting. The Board of Aldermen’s discussion turned fractious during the placement of a mandated radio tower in the city. St. Charles County and federal organizations are requiring county police and emergency departments to unite their communications under a common radio frequency. The change means installation of about a dozen radio towers throughout the county. Lake Saint Louis is expected to have one tower. Boulevard Park has been mentioned as a possible site. On Aug. 4, Newstime — a paper distributed throughout Lake Saint Louis — published a letter from Ward 3 Alderman Richard Morris about the tower. In the letter, Morris said Lake Saint Louis “wants to install a giant 3,400-foot-tall communication tower in Boulevard Park.” The letter continued, “There will be guide wires, cyclone fencing and ugly buildings to support this tower.” In Monday’s meeting several residents voiced their opposition to the tower place-

ment in Boulevard Park because it would be too close to houses and ruin the aesthetics of the park. Mayor Mike Potter was emphatic at Monday’s meeting that no site determination had been made. He also told the board that “We should be careful about comments made to the media.” Morris responded with “We shouldn’t be ruining that park with a radio tower” and claimed the mayor was “giving away the park.” Ward 1 Alderman Ralph Sidebottom echoed the mayor’s comments: “At this moment no tower has been scheduled for that park.” Morris continued voicing his disagreement with the tower until Vennard asked, “Are you listening to them?” referring to the mayor and Sidebottom. “I am,” Morris said. “Are you listening to me?” In her final comments before the end of the meeting Vennard said to Morris, “I mean no disrespect but I think perhaps we should find a different spot for you to sit. I’m not sure you’re hearing everything that’s being said.” Morris, who sits at one end of the board, replied “I’m doing fine here. Thank you.”

COTTLEVILLE 6085 Mid Rivers Mall Drive (Next to Schnucks)



14 I NEWS I 



O’Fallon approves $1.4 million spending on city improvements By Mary Ann O’Toole Holley The O’Fallon City Council has agreed on what to do with the city’s $1.4 million general fund surplus, and that means a more attractive city, snowplows that don’t break down in winter and more concrete streets that aren’t cracked. The city is expecting to sign an agreement with the Missouri Department of Transportation for extension of Hwy. 364/ Page Extension into O’Fallon, and city officials agreed it would be least expensive to incorporate the first phase of the city’s Community Landscape Improvement Program (CLIP) into that construction project. City Administrator Keith Riesberg said city staff had identified three priorities for use of the surplus, with the first being the allocation of $675,000 for the city’s CLIP improvements as the Page Extension is constructed from Mid Rivers Mall Drive through O’Fallon. The second priority is to place $400,000 in the city’s equipment replacement fund; and third priority is to place $400,000 in the concrete street repairs contract. Riesberg said coordinating CLIP plans with the Page Extension project makes it much less expensive to include enhance-

ments during construction of improvements. Riesberg said staff recommended allocating $675,000 which would include decorative lighting, fencing along bridges, decorative stamped concrete walls and other beautification efforts. The city will also get two new bridges as part of the Page Extension, with one constructed on Bryan Road and another at Hwy. K. Phase 2, ending at Mid Rivers Mall Drive, is expected to open Aug. 30. Riesberg said city staff is currently working toward an equipment replacement fund that will enable the city to have funds available when equipment ends its useful life. “The key to having a successful equipment replacement program is allocating funding for it,” Riesberg said. “It would cover our initial payments for equipment bought in 2011 and 2012, and although we’re still in the process of finalizing the program, we recommend the $400,000 as a starting point.” The third priority would be to place $400,000 in the concrete street repair program. The contractor currently has about $1 million worth of work, by adding $400,000 we would increase the amount being done by 40 percent. The additional work would be completed by Nov. 15, Riesberg said.

LSL Ambassadors plan to ‘out-fun’ last year’s Oktoberfest There are fundraisers and there are fun fundraisers. The Lake Saint Louis Ambassadors opt for the fun factor in all their pursuits – including the annual Oktoberfest the group will stage for the second year in a row. The goal is to raise money for the annual community fireworks show they help host every July 4 along with the Lake Saint Louis Community Association, the city of Lake Saint Louis and a host of their many other community activities and sponsorships.  Last year’s one-day Oktoberfest was such a success the group has decided to double down, said President Karen Little. To be held two days this year, Oct. 6 and Oct. 7, the expanded event has had to move to the Shoppes at Hawk Ridge, at the Hwy. 40 and Hwy. N intersection, where it will take up large segments of the Lowe’s parking lots and the adjoining empty lot currently owned by Dierbergs.  “One thing we learned last year is that folks enjoy having a good time,” said co-chairman John Bloecher, who is assisted by his wife, Joan.

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“And, if there’s one thing the Ambassadors do well, it’s have a good time,” Little said. So there will be more of everything event-goers enjoyed from last year’s event. Instead of one band, there will be three. More children’s activities are scheduled, including carnival rides, a bounce house and lots of food, soft drinks and the ever-popular beer tent. “This is going to be a family-friendly, community-based fun activity,” Little said. “It will be a festival to remember.” And the really fun part, the door prize drawing is swelling daily, she said. A complete list with sponsors will be published closer to the event but the committee welcomes additional prize sponsors and new vendors to the list of 100 who have already signed up. For more information, see or call Bloecher at 314605-6111; Little can be reached at or 240-3850. Little added, “Everyone is invited to come and enjoy the fun. There’s no need to drive to Hermann to be German – you can do it right in your own neighborhood.”









Professional ice hockey, indoor football return to Family Arena By Michael R. Smith On one of the summer’s hottest days last month, St. Charles County Executive Steve Ehlmann welcomed the St. Charles Chill — the area’s newest professional ice hockey team — by saying it “will have a chilling effect on St. Charles County. I mean that in a positive way.” The next day he welcomed the Missouri Monsters, a minor league indoor football team which begins league play next spring. The Chill’s season starts in October 2013. Both teams will play at Family Arena. The Chill is relocating from Laredo, Texas, where it was known as the Laredo Bucks. Team president Nicole Kupaks has already moved to St. Charles. She previously held a leadership position with the Bucks. Kupaks said Laredo was a “non-traditional hockey market.” She expects the team will get a different reception here from hockey-savvy fans. “We had people leave after the second period because they thought the game was over,” Kupaks said. She said that the next 14 months will go fast in creating all that’s necessary to establish, support, and market a pro team. The Chill is without a team, logo, mascot, or ticket prices at this point. Kupaks plans to involve the community in designing a logo and naming a mascot. The Chill’s out-of-state owners are Alfonso Arguindegui, Glenn Hart, and Gustavo Hernandez. The trio of Texans previously owned the Laredo Bucks. The Chill is contracted for games at Family Arena through 2018. The CHL has operated since 1992. Its Web site currently lists 12 teams — including the Chill — spread over eight central and southwestern states. In its press materials the CHL boasts that 110 of its players have moved up to the American Hockey League, and nine have moved on to the NHL. The Chill is not affiliated with a National Hockey League team. The Missouri Monsters of the Ultimate Indoor Football League will begin its season next spring at Family Arena and are currently testing and acquiring players. An expansion team for the UIFL, the Missouri Monsters is owned by Andrew Haines — an entrepreneur with various businesses who also owns the league’s Florida Tarpons and is a co-founder of the league. The Monsters have a 3-year contract with Family Arena, with seven home games planned each season. The team also has local connections: former Lutheran South High School special teams coordinator Jarrad Rogol will be the head coach. Rogol is a 2001 Webster Groves High School graduate and played on the 2006 RiverCity Rage indoor football team. Other former RiverCity Rage players and

coaches are now assistant coaches for the Monsters, including Charles Edmunds, Jeff Hunt, J.T. Thompson, and Kareem Wise. The UIFL currently has eight franchises spread between Missouri and Florida. It began league play in 2011. However, the UIFL has its roots in another indoor football league in which Haines had a leadership spot: The Atlantic Indoor Football league began play with teams based along the east coast in 2005. After expansions, a merger, dissolution, and a re-launch as American Indoor Football

the league continues with 12 teams. Haines left in 2006, launched other sports businesses, and co-founded the UIFL in 2010. Like the Chill, the Monsters is a professional, minor league team without an affiliation to a big-league club. The Chill will be the second minor league hockey team to have called Family Arena home. Another unaffiliated professional ice hockey team — the Missouri River Otters of the United Hockey League — played at the arena from 1999 until the team folded in 2006. The Monsters is the fourth arena football

team for St. Charles. The St. Louis — then River City — Renegades played at the arena in 2001 and 2002. When local businessman Ed Watkins took control of the team in 2002 he renamed it the Show Me Believers. Watkins sold the team in 2004 after disappointing results. It was renamed the RiverCity Rage. Under that name the team initially played at Family Arena but moved to Scottrade Center for its 2006 season. It returned to Family Arena in 2007, then folded in 2009. The two teams are expected to fill about 50 dates in the arena’s calendar each year.

Choose a St. Charles County Mercy Clinic doctor and get a whole care team. At Mercy, caring for you is a team effort. And while your Mercy Clinic primary care doctor is at the center of it, there’s a broad range of care specialists and advanced practitioners also focused on responding to your needs. These highly-trained professionals are linked by your electronic health record, enabling collaboration and a better understanding of your needs as they work together for you. Welcome to a better way to provide care. Welcome to Mercy Clinic. Find your St. Charles Mercy Clinic physician at

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Trauma Recovery of St. Charles Tara S. Dickherber, LPC, has worked in the field of mental health for more than 15 years in many capacities – from in-patient psych to private practice. Her passion lies in her private practice, and a little more than a year ago, she moved her practice to St. Charles. Given all her experience, Dickherber’s specialty is treating survivors of sexual violence and traumatic events. Dickherber was the first to be certified in Rapid Resolution Therapy® in St. Charles or St. Louis County, which has taken her from being a counselor to becoming a transformative healer. She also has assisted two other therapists in getting certified in RRT and joined the Institute for Survivors of Sexual Violence ® as the executive director. “RRT is a powerful but gentle way to get the mind to make shifts quickly because we are working with the part of the mind that causes emotional responses,” Dickherber said. “Other therapy methods just work at the level

of the logical mind. But, I am sure you have realized that the part of the mind that causes emotions does not respond to logic. So, with RRT we are simply communicating in a way that the emotional part of the mind learns and understands things. That part of your mind tends to respond better to imagery, sensory experiences and certain ways of using language. I show my clients how to influence that part of their mind to get more responses they want, and in doing so, it clears the negative effect of any past event that’s been getting in the way of them being at peace.” Trauma Recovery of St. Charles Tara S. Dickherber, LPC Certified in Rapid Resolution Therapy® 1360 S. 5th St., Suite 394 • St. Charles (573) 754-0348

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O’Fallon approves right-of-way, extension of Paul Renaud Blvd. By Mary Ann O’Toole Holley O’Fallon City officials have agreed to convey the right-of-way for Paul Renaud Boulevard and provide off-sight road improvements as necessary to support construction of roadways associated with the new Wentzville High School Following massive disapproval by residents in the area who oppose construction of the school, the roadway expansion and the subsequent traffic issues, O’Fallon first rejected the plan, but was forced to agree after they learned that Wentzville School District’s status as an equal taxing entity allowed the district to override any decision by the city. Mayor Bill Hennessy said the project will move forward as described in the original plans. “That road had always been in the plans to go through there, so it will go through as planned,” Hennessy said. Placement of the roadway was still a debatable issue, however, but city officials said the expansion of Paul Renaud Boulevard is a key roadway, despite being a key issue cited by residents opposed to the development. Hennessy said at the time of the controversy that the road extension won’t be started until after the school is built. In January, the O’Fallon City Council originally rejected a conditional use permit to

allow the Wentzville School District to build a new high school in the city. That was overruled because of the school districts status. Several residents of the Countryshire subdivision spoke against approval of the permit to build a large high school on the 80-acre tract of land south of Hwy. N and west of Sommers Road. The land was previously zoned residential. Cliff Heitman of Bax Engineering said the school would have placed an 8-foot fence up to shield the school from nearby neighbors. The tract would have included a new high school building, bus drop off and pick up area, athletic complex and associated parking. Attorney Kevin O’Keefe said the only consideration was whether or not to approve a conditional use permit to rezone the property. He said the site plan and question of a roadway were considered and recommended by the Planning and Zoning Commission. He said the layout and elements within the school site are not subject to the council’s decision-making authority. Public Works Director Steve Bender said at the time of the debate that the school’s property is in a growing corridor. Paul Renaud Boulevard serves area residents, especially those who build homes in the area. “Traffic is like water. It will find the path of least resistance,” Bender said.


Celebrate St. Peters festival expands SaladS






Purchase 2 beverages and one entree from our regular menu and receive one regular menu entree of equal or purc AND VaiLD ONLY aT THEsE LOcaTiONs: hase up to$$10.00 25 or more.* OPGRENI lesser value of FREE! NG • West County Center – Des Peres


*Not valid with any offer.Combo, This offerErma’s cannotTrio be redeemed alcohol, sales Not valid on other 3 Course PIck 3 oron with tax,other rewardcoupons redemptions, gratuity, prior purchases, Hour purchases, or discounts. Please present Happy coupon when Good Neighbor Rewards Program gift cardOne purchases. use only. ordering. Limit one entree perorcoupon. couponOne pertime party. GRAND Limit one coupon per party. Expiration Date: November 1st, 2011. Metro St. Louis locations only. Expires October 31, 2012. OPENING

• Inside Mid Rivers Mall – St. Peters • The Meadows – Lake St. Louis • St. Clair Square – Fairview Heights, Il.

By Jeannie Seibert St. Peters City Hall has been busy putting the final plans together for the second year of Celebrate St. Peters. The festival has expanded so much it has been extended to a two-day festival to accommodate all the new line-up of live entertainment, events, contests and features, according to Chris Burke, events coordinator and Lisa Bedian, communications manager. Now set for Sept. 14 and Sept. 15, the word is out that this event is fast becoming one of the largest festivals in the area. Two stages will be set up to accommodate all the live entertainment headlined by the bands Poco, the Smash Band and Pure Prairie League, presented by KSHE-FM radio on the main stage. A fireworks show will light up the starstudded night Sept. 15 between the Poco and Pure Prairie League concerts. The Celebrate stage will feature a range of live performances ranging from an Elvis Presley tribute group, The Tom Christopher Band, to the acoustic tunes of Dan Turnbaugh, country music by Robyn Lee and Chris Block with German polka, among others. The Celebrate stage schedule includes a

special show for children with Joy Nack’s ‘Live Your Dream’ puppet show followed by the Patt Holt Singers. Of even more interest to kids are the new carnival games and rides area which just about doubles the festival grounds from last year’s inaugural event. The big draw is the 72-foot Ferris wheel which will be surrounded by all the favorite rides of kids of all ages. Wrist bands will go on sale Aug. 20 at City Hall and the Citizens Action Center, Burke said. Discounts are available for families. Home Depot is sponsoring a kids’ workshop in which children will be able to participate in a fun project making their own prize to take home. Bedian said a shuttle from the St. Peters Senior Center would ferry elderly residents to 370 Lakeside Park for the Saturday events at a cost of $5 per person. Aldermen Patrick Barclay, Rocky Reitmeyer and Tommy Roberts all offered to cover the cost of the shuttle on behalf of the seniors, to which the Board of Aldermen quickly agreed. Watch for a complete listing of events and schedules in the Sept. 5 edition of Mid Rivers Newsmagazine.




O’Fallon to crack down on commercial mowing code enforcement By Mary Ann O’Toole Holley The O’Fallon City Council is up to their ears in grass, weeds and sometimes crops, and has decided to crack down on commercial property owners who violate the city’s mowing code. At a recent meeting of the City Council, Councilman Bob Howell and Councilwoman Rose Mack led the charge to halt revision of the city’s nuisance law and resolve what they called the “ongoing problem” of mowing violations. In 2010, the council enacted an ordinance that required commercial properties of 2 acres or less to be mowed. Those larger than two acres are required to have a 20-foot cutback. Howell said he, Pepper and Mack did a tour recently to look at properties of less than 2 acres for potential violations of the city crop/mowing ordinance. “We had our eyes opened,” Howell said. “It was 53 properties, and close to two-thirds were in violation of the ordinance as it is currently written. Ten were almost in compliance and five were probably in compliance. I came to the resolution that I think the city has failed the residents and businesses, the mowing cut backs weren’t there, the ordinance wasn’t

being followed.” Howell told City Administrator Keith Riesberg, “When you have this many issues with one particular ordinance, I think we failed the citizens and the businesses. When two-thirds of the properties were not in compliance, it was an eye opener.” Riesberg said property violations are usually initiated through complaints. “Recognizing that this is something elected officials want to place more attention on, we can direct staff to step up enforcement and monitor more closely,” Riesberg said. The council agreed that diligent monitoring and stronger enforcement is the answer. City officials have been grappling with the issue of mowing vacant land through two City Councils. The problem has recently exploded with the homebuilding slump and hundreds of unsold lots in neighborhoods. “On our tour, I felt we had more questions than answers,” said Councilwoman Rose Mack. “That’s why we were asking to hold this ordinance. So we can get answers.” Councilman Jim Pepper said if you drive around and look, it’s so obvious that something needs to be done. “To me, there’s a disjointed approach to enforcement in certain areas,” Pepper said.

Riesberg said when inspectors were in neighborhoods citing mold on the side of homes, the challenge with grass is it all grows at the same time. Earlier this year we had a wet spring; here lately we’ve not been dealing with grass. Pepper said he spoke with someone at the County Assessor’s office who would welcome the city council’s help if there is a parcel zoned agricultural with nothing but weeds growing. The Assessors office would take enforcement measures changing the tax rolls. “I would love our inspectors to be more proactive,” said Mayor Bill Hennessy. In early June the City Council discussed the issue, and Pepper explained a loophole in the law that says undeveloped property need not be mowed if crops are planted at the site. If one looks closely among the thistle and ragweed, there are often loosely formed rows of wheat and other “crops” scattered on empty lots, he said. “We’re not a farming community where that would tend to be normal,” Pepper said. “I’d like the city to look good, and I can cite many areas that don’t.” Riesberg said some lots were mowed 12 feet back rather than 20, but as a general rule, inspectors don’t get out and measure.

hardwood sale Red Oak

“(If we instruct inspectors to be proactive), recognize that it will take them from some of their other functions,” Riesberg said. “When inspectors were in neighborhoods doing proactive inspections, it was March. The challenge with grass is once it starts growing, it grows all at the same time. “Inspections vary based on the workload of the season. In winter, the workload is down, so we took the initiative of being proactive, looking for property maintenance violations,” Riesberg said. “The council had asked us to be proactive on these things in the past, but as you go into spring, workloads adjust. There are building inspections and a larger volume of complaints and issues they are responding to.” Councilman Jeff Schwentker said he’s not saying “hire, hire, hire,” but if the city were to hire more inspectors, the fines issued would pay the salaries of the inspectors and the issue would be resolved. “We’ve been talking about this for two years, and I feel like we’ve wasted a lot of time,” Schwentker said. “If we would have had the 20-foot cutback ordinance in force, half of this probably would not have come up.”

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By Amy Armour A St. Peters mother has found a way to Cabinet Installation Vanity ONYX Top Dealer Street . Dealer City, State, Zip remember and honor her son who was killed with complete bath remodel 12 cabinet minimum list price DEALER LOGO by a drunk driver in 2001 — while raising DEALER PHONE by Medallion Cabinetry funds and awareness for local nonprofits. Kitchens & Baths, LLC Kitchens & Baths, LLC Kitchens & Baths, LLC A first-grade field trip to the zoo turned Valid with coupon only. Limit 1 coupon. Some Valid with coupon only. Limit 1 coupon. Some Valid with coupon only. Limit 1 coupon. Some into a tragedy on May 18, 2001. Seven-yearrestrictions apply. See store for details. Not valid restrictions apply. See store for details. Not valid restrictions apply. See store for details. Not valid with other offers. Expires 9/30/2012. with other offers. Expires 9/30/2012. with other offers. Expires 9/30/2012. old Luke Maue was struck and killed by a drunk driver while waiting on the sidewalk in front of the Zoo for his school bus. •Granite • Quartz • Laminate His mother Angie Maue was a chaper•Appliance Installations one that day for the field trip. There were Kitchens & Baths, LLC about 40 students and parents from Zion •Complete Kitchen & Bath Lutheran School in St. Charles waiting on 18 Sanders Dr. • O’Fallon, MO 63366 Remodeling the sidewalk outside of the south entrance 314.581.5911 • of the Zoo at 1:30 p.m. that afternoon. “A car came barreling down the street in front of the Zoo, jumped up onto the sidewalk, struck and killed Luke,” Maue said.


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“He was killed in front of me.” Robert Robertson, the driver of the car that killed Luke, was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Since Luke’s death, Maue has searched for ways to honor and remember her son. She got involved with Mothers Against Drunk Driving. In 2009, she found an outlet to honor her son and help others. After getting a note from a friend about running in the St. Michael’s Day race, Maue said a light bulb went off. The run was close to what would have been Luke’s 16th birthday. A runner herself, she put together a team of more than 50 runners and walkers called Runners for Luke. The team raised the most money for the nonprofit Backstoppers. In 2011, Maue decided to form a corporation — which is in the process of becoming a nonprofit — called Luke’s Legacy which would host a race of its own. More than 150 participants raced through the rain at the inaugural Hope 4 Tomorrow 5K run last September raising more than $3,300. The second annual Hope 4 Tomorrow 5K Run and 1 Mile MADD Dash will be held at 8 a.m. on Sun., Sept. 16, at Lutheran High School. All proceeds from the race will benefit the Gateway affiliate of MADD to fund programming for the prevention of underage drinking and drunk driving. For more information, or to register for the race, visit

‘Biggest Winner’ kicks off Sept. 17 By Amy Armour Losing is a key component to winning this competition. Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital and Progress West HealthCare Center are partnering again to help residents achieve their weight-loss goal with round four of the Biggest Winner St. Charles County. Contestants will have nine weeks — from Sept. 17 through Nov. 16 — to earn the title of the next St. Charles County’s Biggest Winner and a grand prize. Karen Prideaux, manager of marketing and community relations for Barnes Jewish St. Peters Hospital, said the Biggest Winner of St. Charles County provides free education, motivation and support to participants in their weight loss journey. The program offers diet tips and exercise advice through e-mails and Facebook, special speaker seminars, and free health screenings. Participants are held accountable for their weight loss, as they are required to weigh in each week at one of multiple locations throughout St. Charles County. A total of 970 participants have signed up for the previous three rounds of the Biggest Winner, with 328 winners completing

the program. Since its inception, a total of 4,317 pounds have been lost, and the success of the program has been noticed. Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital and Progress West HealthCare Center recently received the Partners for Progress Award in the Health Category (PfP) for the Biggest Winner Program of St. Charles County. Prideaux said being recognized by Partners for Progress of St. Charles County with the Health Progress Award was a huge honor for both Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital and Progress West HealthCare Center. A mandatory kick-off meeting for round four will be held from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Wed., Sept. 12 or Thurs., Sept. 13, at the St. Charles Community College auditorium located in the Daniel J. Conoyer Social Science Building. The contest is limited to St. Charles County residents 18 years and older. To register, call 928-WELL. The Biggest Winner partners include: BJC Medical Group of Missouri, St. Charles City-County Library District, St. Peters Rec-Plex, Renaud Spirit Center, St. Charles Community College, Fitness Fuzion and Mid Rivers Newsmagazine.

I NEWS I 19 Overturning the medical malpractice cap a mixed blessing for Missourians AUGUST 15, 2012 MID RIVERS NEWSMAGAZINE


By DOUG KAUFMAN The recent 4-3 Missouri State Supreme Court decision overturning the $350,000 cap on non-economic medical malpractice awards either reaffirms a constitutional right for Missourians, or is a step toward financial jeopardy for doctors and hospitals – it’s all in who you talk to. The cap was part of a tort reform package that passed the Missouri General Assembly in 2005. On July 31, in Watts v. Lester E. Cox Medical Centers, the court ruled the cap unconstitutional. In response to the ruling, SSM Health Care, in a statement released by their corporate communications department, expressed concern. “SSM Health Care is very disappointed that the Missouri Supreme Court ruled to eliminate the state’s cap on damages in medical malpractice cases,” the release states. “Eliminating the cap will increase health care costs and could ultimately drive physicians out of the state, limiting Missourians access to high quality care.” Dr. Jeff Zohner, who has a private, concierge-style internal medicine practice at the St. Luke’s Medical Complex, knows Illinois physicians who practice in Missouri because the malpractice settle-

ments in Illinois can be very costly. He said if medical malpractice insurance rates increase in Missouri because of this decision, there will probably be a cost to patients. Concierge patients, who pay an annual fee to be part of a smaller patient group, might see an increase in what the doctor charges, Zohner said. Doctors with traditional practices would likely have to increase the turnover rate – the time that a doctor spends with each patient. “And that’s already a problem,” he said. “That’s one way you would see this extra cost spread to patients. Basically they would have less time with the doctor. It would be a meat packaging kind of thing – you bring them in and move them out as quickly as you can.” In a statement available on the Missouri State Medical Association (MSMA) Web site, MSMA President Dr. Stephen Slocum states the current reversal is a backwards step and “an immeasurable disappointment.” “It turns back the clock to a time when a medical lawsuit crisis had pushed Missouri doctors to the breaking point,” Slocum states. “Scores of physicians moved away, and access to health care was threatened in every corner of the state.” The Missouri Association of Trial

Attorneys (MATA) has a different take. In a statement on its Web site, the MATA states the ruling “is significant and a victory for victims of catastrophic medical malpractice.” Former Missouri State Supreme Court Justice Mike Wolff, a professor of law at St. Louis University School of Law, does not expect a rush of large “pain and suffering” settlements as a result of this new ruling. From 2002 to 2010, the number of yearly malpractice claims in Missouri has remained about the same, he states. “It’s a case involving one kid,” Wolff said. “… So, the number of cases in which the cap is going to be reached or exceeded is really small.” In that case, Deborah Watts, on behalf of her son Naython Watts, sued Lester E. Cox Medical Centers of Springfield, Mo., plus specific doctors, claiming their medical negligence caused her son’s disabling brain damage. A jury awarded Watts $1.45 million in non-economic damages. When the damages were reduced to the cap level of $350,000, Watts appealed, saying her right to a jury trial – guaranteed in the state Constitution – was violated because the jury award was not honored.

“This applies to the right to a jury trial, that the right to a jury trial remains inviolate,” Wolff said. “It applies, then, to injury cases and medical negligence, because there was such a thing as medical negligence in 1820, when the (Missouri) Constitution was adopted.” The court, according to the MATA statement, based a portion of its ruling on Article I, Section 22(a) of the Missouri Constitution, which says “the right of trial by jury as heretofore enjoyed shall remain inviolate.” The court found that allowing the legislature to limit the amount a jury could award took the power out of the hands of the jury, in direct contradiction to the Missouri State Constitution. Tim Dollar, president of the MATA, said the court ruling “leaves no doubt” when it said the right to a jury trial shall remain inviolate. On behalf of the MATA, Dollar applauds the decision. “The losses that we’re talking about in these cases are the worst kind of losses – human losses,” Dollar said. “Everyone who believes in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights should be thrilled with this decision because it protects children like Naython Watts.”

Doctors serving at: Alton Memorial Hospital Barnes-Jewish Hospital Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital Boone Hospital Center Christian Hospital Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital Missouri Baptist Medical Center Parkland Health Center Progress West HealthCare Center St. Louis Children’s Hospital

We know that your choice of a doctor to safeguard the health and wellness of you and your loved ones is an important one. That’s why BJC Medical Group employs more than 240 doctors and specialists who are affiliated with the top-ranked hospitals in the area. We care for thousands of people every day at over 90 locations in greater St. Louis, mid-Missouri and southern Illinois, so there’s a BJC Doctor close to you, wherever you live. Plus, because we’re all part of BJC HealthCare, we’re backed by the research and technology resources of one of the top health care organizations in the country. “BJC Medical Group” generally refers to BJC Medical Group of Missouri, BJC Medical Group of Illinois and BJC Medical Group of Sullivan, all of which are well-established physician organizations.

Find a BJC Doctor in your neighborhood. Call toll-free: 1-855-747-5400

20 I schools I 



Bu llet i n Boa rd Fort Zumwalt

exercises and group activities.

Pancakes for a cause Francis Howell

The Fort Zumwalt South Marching Band is hosting an All You Can Eat Pancake Breakfast from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Sat., Aug. 25, at the high school located at 8050 Mexico Road in St. Peters. The family event will include music by DJ “Cardinal Cowboy” who was voted as the Major League Baseball’s “favorite fan” in 2011. Tickets are available at the door for $8 per person and children ages 2 and under are free.

From summer to school

Active seniors

Students entering the sixth and ninth grades had the opportunity participate in the Francis Howell School District (FHSD) Transition Day activities within all middle and high schools on Aug. 6. Transition Day provided students with effective and efficient guidance in transitioning from one level into another. Transition Day leaders and mentors led assemblies and meet-and-greet sessions, welcoming all new students. Throughout the day, students took tours of their buildings to locate various offices within the school such as the library, main office, counseling offices, the nurse’s office and gymnasiums. Students also were able to become acclimated with their new school through various teambuilding and small group activities, as well as having the opportunity to locate their lockers and classrooms. Students also had the chance to meet their new teachers before the start of school. Transition Day was beneficial for students because they were not only becoming familiarized with their new school, but learned to prepare themselves for the next phase of their lives in a new environment with supportive teachers and staff. Students had the chance to speak with current students and teachers regarding academics, time management, organization, teacher expectations, and a new social environment. The Transition Day programs provided sixth- and ninth-grade students with the skills necessary for making successful transitions while actively engaging students, making them aware of the differences, the challenges and the great adventures that await them in their new school.

The Fort Zumwalt School District is thanking its senior citizen role models by offering free activity passes for the upcoming school year. The passes are good for all “at home” scheduled athletic events and drama productions at district high schools, excluding state and regional tournaments. To qualify for the free passes, these citizens must be 55 years of age or older and reside in the Fort Zumwalt School District. Passes can be obtained at the District Administrative Offices located at 110 Virgil Street in O’Fallon.

Test college experience Culver-Stockton College played host to the Fort Zumwalt West High School band camp this summer. About 120 campers — along with 30 instructors and chaperones — lived the college experience as they slept in the dorms, ate cafeteria food and practiced all around campus. The students spent July 29 through Aug. 3 rehearsing music, learning drill blocking and practicing marching basics. The students also participated in team building

Five star leaders Francis Howell Central (FHC) High School has received 5-Star Leadership Distinction for the 2011-12 school year from the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA), the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) Champions of Character Program and Musco Sports Lighting, LLC. The program provides the opportunity for MSHSAA member schools to become 5-Star Leadership Schools, earn a championship banner to hang in the gymnasium and a digital banner to post on the school Web site. This program expanded MSHSAA’s longstanding “Leadership School Program” to encourage schools to become even more active in regard to sportsmanship, character education and citizenship. Only 16 MSHSAA junior and senior high schools — approximately 2 percent of the MSHSAA membership — earned this honor last year and were able to repeat the distinction this year. MSHSAA also had 11 schools earn the designation for the first time this year. FHC received its personalized banner at the 2012 MSHSAA Sportsmanship Summit on Aug. 11 in Nixa, Mo.

Wentzville Online lunch payments The Child Nutrition Department recently announced that the Wentzville School District has converted to a new system for online meal payments. Parents will now be able to deposit money directly into their child’s lunch account through their Parent Portal account. This new feature will deposit funds into the student’s lunch account immediately, as well as allow parents to make a deposit in multiple student accounts using only one transaction. School officials said it is a secure online payment processing service that uses the latest electronic security to protect your information. PayPal is used as the clearing agent for these transactions.

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School officials said the district is offering this service at a convenience to parents, but there will be a nominal convenience fee per transaction. Child Nutrition will no longer take credit card payments in the building or over the phone. All credit card payments will be done online through the Parent Portal. Child Nutrition will only take cash or checks for school lunch deposits in the building. Registration forms for a Parent Portal account can be found on the district Web site under “Parent Info.” Completed registration forms will need to be taken to the school office with identification to complete registration.

Grant adds up A $25,000 grant from MasterCard to the Wentzville School District has helped to fund additional training this summer for teachers in the Singapore Math program. Singapore Math is designed to build student understanding by teaching mathematical concepts from concrete through pictorial to abstract. “Singapore Math makes sure that students have a deep understanding of mathematical concepts before getting them to the memorization of traditional algorithms, and that allows the teachers to dive into the rigor much sooner and at deeper levels than a traditional math curriculum,” said Curriculum Coordinator David Brothers. Since the introduction of Singapore Math into the Wentzville School District elementary curriculum in 2008, which was also funded with a grant from MasterCard, improvements in student test scores have continued to outpace the state average. The Singapore Math professional development training was again provided by Bob Hogan and Susan Little, who have trained other teachers in Singapore Math since 1999. Twenty-two elementary teachers took part in the training. “I love it, it’s been very neat. It takes the fear out of teaching math. Every time I take part in our district professional development I learn something new, and I love Family Owned & Operated

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NEWSMAGAZINENETWORK.COM learning,” said Lakeview Elementary kindergarten teacher Cheryl Hodak.

Students shine bright The Wentzville School District recently announced that 42 seniors have qualified for Missouri “Bright Flight” scholarships this year, with 21 recipients from Holt High School and 21 from Timberland High School. Bright Flight is the Missouri Department of Higher Education (MDHE) academic scholarship program that awards scholarships to the top 5 percent of the state’s high school seniors as determined by their ACT or SAT composite scores. “We are very proud of our students, and the fact that just two years ago we had half as many Bright Flight recipients means we are absolutely moving in the right direction,” said Terry Adams, superintendent of Wentzville School District. “We have helped our students by increasing academic rigor and adding more Advanced Placement classes, and it’s clear our students are benefiting with higher test scores.” This year, a score of 30 or above on the ACT or an SAT score of 770 or above on critical reading and math qualifies a student for Bright Flight. The scholarships can only be used at approved Missouri institutions, and are intended to encourage top-ranked high school seniors to attend college in Missouri.

St. Charles Catch a healthy habit St. Louis OASIS is partnering with the St. Charles School District and Project Read & Reach this fall to kick off CATCH Healthy Habits, a fun, inter-generational program that combats childhood obesity. Adult volunteers are needed to help elementary school children learn about good food choices, share healthy snacks and play fun, active games. The eight-week program meets weekly for one hour on Wednesdays from Sept. 26 to Nov. 14 at Lincoln and Blackhurst elementary schools in St. Charles. Volunteer training will be conducted from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Aug. 28 and Aug. 29, at the city of St. Charles School District Administration Center, located at 400 N. Sixth Street in St. Charles. Anyone interested in volunteering should contact Shelby Schroeder, 314-779-9870 or CATCH Healthy Habits is funded by a grant from Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation.

Thomas named assistant principal The St. Charles School District has hired Shaneice Thomas as the new assistant prin-

cipal for Jefferson Intermediate School. Thomas has experience as an assistant principal, most recently working in the Sampson County School District in North Carolina. Prior to that, Thomas served as assistant principal for the Cumberland County School District in North Carolina. In addition to her administrative positions, Thomas was a classroom teacher for five years, during which time she was recognized as Teacher of the Year. Thomas has a bachelors degree in elementary education from Fayetteville State University and a masters degree in school administration from Fayetteville State University.

I schools I 21

CMG Nashville Artist Billy Berry with the

Billy Berry BAND performing at

10060 Veterans Memorial Lake St. Louis, Mo

Lake St. Louis

Saturday September 1st 7:30 - 11:30 p.m. Billy Berry PARTY GOIN’ ON

SCC Open auditions for children St. Charles Community College’s Young People’s Theatre will hold open auditions for its productions of “The Creepy Creeps of Pilgrim Road” and “White Christmas” at 8:30 a.m. on Sat., Aug. 18, at SCC. Open auditions are for children ages 8 to 18 and a parent must be present during the audition process. For “The Creepy Creeps of Pilgrim Road,” auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. The play is based on the book by Tim Kelly and features a charming though unusual family, living in a dilapidated mansion in Edible Falls. Heading the home is Sinbad and his captivating spouse, Tarantula. Unfortunately their home is in an exclusive and snobby neighborhood dominated by a group of people who are certain the Creeps are ruining Pilgrim Road’s chance to win the yearly All American Street Contest, which they have lost every year. The neighborhood’s self appointed leader makes it her mission to force the family out of Pilgrim Road at any cost which results in a comical misadventure. “The Creepy Creeps of Pilgrim Road” will be performed in the theater of the Fine Arts Building at 7 p.m. on Oct. 19 and Oct. 20, and at 2 p.m. on Oct. 20 and Oct. 21. For “White Christmas,” participants must prepare 16 measures of a “White Christmas” song and bring music accompaniment, tap shoes and/or dance shoes. If auditioning for a solo, the song performed must be “White Christmas.” The production, based on the beloved, timeless film, is a heartwarming musical. After World War II, Bob Wallace and Phil Davis relentlessly pursue a busy and highly successful song and dance career. Their lives change completely when they meet and follow two sisters to Vermont for the holidays. This romantic and uplifting musical comedy is fun for the whole family. “White Christmas” will be performed in the theater of the Fine Arts Building at 7 p.m. on Dec. 14 and Dec. 15, and at 2 p.m. on Dec. 15 and Dec. 16. For more information about auditions or the play, call 922-8233 or visit www.

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Carter Meyer (12) competes in semi finals at Lindenwood.

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Carter Meyer leads Wentzville lacrosse to super season as a freshman By Jonathan Duncan The Wentzville lacrosse club had been a little known entity before the start of the 2012 spring season. All of that changed vividly for Wentzville thanks to the efforts and hard work of Carter Meyer. Carter, a sophomore to be at Francis Howell High School turned in an amazing freshman season that allowed Wentzville to not only be successful on the pitch but drove them to within just one game of the Missouri State Lacrosse Association Division II championship. An almost unstoppable scoring force for Wentzville when on the field, Carter scored 43 goals with 13 assists good for 56 points on the season. Carter also added 76 ground balls for good measure. “I really just tried to adjust to playing varsity at the beginning of the season and then after that it was just trying to live to expectations of being a freshman starting on varsity,” Carter said. “I was scoring like three goals a game by the middle of the season and I was just trying to keep that up.” Playing at the midfield position, Carter used his speed, quickness and savvy to work himself on many rushes into position to score and set up teammates for goals in virtually every game this season. “One the keys for my success was my speed and being able to dodge people in space,” Carter said. “I was quick enough to get into spaces and find my shot and be effective with it.” Carter’s coach at Wentzville, Chris Benton noted that Carter also was usually

the toughest forward or middie to stop in the open field because of his tremendous field awareness for the flow of the game. “Carter just has a tremendous lacrosse I.Q. for having been a freshman,” Benton said. “He has a great sense of where to be on the field along with tremendous speed and a very quick and accurate shot.” Another attribute that allows Carter to excel on the field is his ability to pick up things during the course of the game and make fast adjustments. “He is one of those rare kids that you can show him something once and he has it,” Benton said. “A lot of kids went to him during the course of the season and would ask for help on certain aspects of the game and he was great about giving them tips and pointers.” Behind Carter’s scoring prowess, Wentzville managed to push to a 13-6 mark as the club closed its seventh season with an exciting run that culminated in a semifinal berth in the MSLA Division II Tournament at Lindenwood University earlier this year. Wentzville lost to Rockwood Summit 5-4 in that game, but that hardly dampened Carter’s spirits. “I think probably getting to the semifinals of state was the best thing about the season,” Carter said. “Getting there was a lot of fun.” The postseason also brought an unexpected honor Carter’s way as he was one of five Wentzville players named and just one of the only three freshman statewide to be named as a first-team All Conference selection. “That was something that I really didn’t see coming,” Carter said. “It just kind of grew out of me, playing well and being able to help the team win games.”



I cover story I 23

Football FORECAST -




By Warren Mayes It’s time again for high school football, but it’s not the same routine. Francis Howell, which reached the Class 6 semifinals and eliminated Fort Zumwalt West, has 13 starters back this season as the Vikings try to go deeper into the playoffs. Fort Zumwalt West, who was eliminated by Francis Howell in the postseason last year, has nine starters back and opens the season against CBC, who finished second in Class 6 last fall. The two teams met in the opener last year with CBC winning a 52-49 barnburner. Also, two schools have new coaches this season. Brandon Gregory takes over at Francis Howell North and Edward Gilreath will stalk the sidelines for the Wentzville Timberland Wolves. The postseason is also new this year. In the past, teams played seven games and then went into four-team districts that saw each district advance two teams to the playoffs based on how the teams did in those three games. Beginning this fall, schools now will be in six-, seven- or eight-team districts that are seeded based upon a regular-season points system from the first nine games. The new playoff system reduces the high school regular season from 10 games to nine. However, every team then goes into district playoffs. Teams that win advance to the state championship. The 2012 season concludes with the annual MSHSAA Show-Me Bowl at the Edward Jones Dome. The championship dates are Nov. 23 and Nov. 24. It looks like it’s going to be a competitive season for the teams in St. Charles County. Here’s a look at the teams in alphabetical order with perspective from the coaches. CBC CADETS 2011 record: 13-1, finished second in state Coach: Scott Pingel. Entering fifth year as head coach. Record at CBC is 35-12. Returning: 20 lettermen. 9 starters: 4 offense, 5 defense Offense: Multiple; Defense: 3-4 Players to watch: senior RB/WR/DB Aarion Penton, senior RB Jonathan Parker, senior LB Zach Turnure, senior LB T.J. Williams, senior LB Jon Owens, senior DB Bert Birdsall, senior WR Marcus Wheat, junior WR/QB Corey Patterson Newcomers expected to help: junior QB Tyler Creath, sophomore S Eric Carrera, junior DB Zach Muniz Team strengths: We have a lot of experience returning which is always a good thing. We return all four of our linebackers; they should be the best players on our team. Goals: Play football as a team and commit to getting better. Teams in Class 6 District 2: CBC, De Smet, Francis Howell North, Hazelwood Central, Hazelwood West, Pattonville, Ritenour, SLUH Quote: “I am excited to start another year,” Pingel said. “We lost a lot of senior talent last year but it is always exciting to see new people step up and become leaders. The team has had a great summer and is ready to play for real. The players knows what is expected of them and are ready to accept the challenge of bringing their best game each and every week.”

Drew Moore, senior WR Mike Deluvia, senior WR Nate Friedel, junior RB Trevor Korba, junior RB Rick Leach, senior DB Chad Sams, senior DB Joe Lloyd, junior LB Trevor Korba, junior LB Rick Leach, senior DL Greg Velders, senior DL Brendan Freeman, junior DL Blake Westhues Newcomers expected to help: senior LB Henry Raup, senior DB/WR Doug Swann, sophomore DT/OL Tom Malloy, sophomore LB Will Travous Team strengths: We will be very solid defensively and should have an explosive offense. Special teams should be very good. Goals: The team expects to play disciplined and physical football. It needs to develop depth at all positions, wanting to improve every week, win the AAA, advance in the playoffs and win the state championship. Teams in AAA Conference: Bishop DuBourg, Borgia, Cardinal Ritter, Duchesne, Kennedy, Lutheran St. Peters, O’Fallon Christian, St. Dominic, St. Mary’s, Trinity Favorites to win AAA Conference: Borgia Teams in Class 3 District 5: Duchesne, McCluer South, O’Fallon Christian, Orchard Farm, Sumner, Trinity. Winfield, Wright City

challenging schedule,” Eacret said. FORT ZUMWALT NORTH PANTHERS 2011 record: 6-3, won GAC North title. Coach: Joe Bacon. Entering fifth year as head coach with a record of 17-21. Returning: 18 lettermen. 15 starters: 5 offense, 10 defense Offense: Spread option; Defense: 3-4 Players to watch: WR Colin Mueller, OL Even Miller, OL Jalen Price, OL Pat Kane, OL Jake Erspamer, LB Quinton Moore, LB Killian Sneed, DB Quentin Hooks, DL Teddy Ballmann Newcomers expected to help: QB Zach Hilliard, RB Deon Lewis, WR Justin Fitzpatrick, DL Josh Stockton Team strengths: Solid up front on the offensive line and tons of experience returning on defense. Goals: Compete for conference and district title, play deep into November and establish team as a quality Class 5 program. Teams in Gateway Central Conference: Fort Zumwalt East, Fort Zumwalt North, Fort Zumwalt South, Washington, Holt Favorites to win Gateway Central Conference: Holt and Zumwalt East Teams in Class 5 District 4: Fort Zumwalt East, Fort Zumwalt North, Fort Zumwalt South, Holt, Parkway North, Parkway Central, Parkway West Quote: “It’s a very physical group of boys that love to hit on both sides of the ball,” Bacon said.

Deeds, junior WR/DB Gerald McBurrows, senior C Spencer Whaley, senior QB Brett Simon, senior WR/DB Justin Smith, senior LB Arnold Jaeger, senior LB Nathan Clark. Newcomers expected to help: sophomore WR Marshawn Blackmon, junior OL Austin MacManus, junior OL Nathan Menke, senior TE Jonathan Cook Team strengths: Experience and a strong desire to win. Goals: Finish games. That is the team’s slogan for the year. Teams in Gateway Central Conference: Fort Zumwalt East, Fort Zumwalt North, Fort Zumwalt South, Washington, Holt Favorites to win Gateway Central Conference: Holt Teams in Class 5 District 3: Fort Zumwalt East, Fort Zumwalt North, Fort Zumwalt South, Holt, Parkway North, Parkway West, Parkway Central Quote: “This team can go as far as they want to if they are willing to work,” Fulton said. “This could be one of the most successful teams in the 25-year history of Fort Zumwalt South.”

FORT ZUMWALT WEST JAGUARS 2011 record: 9-3, won GAC South. Won FORT ZUMWALT EAST LIONS district. Reached Class 6 state quarterfinals. 2011 record: 5-5, district champions Coach: Paul Day. Entering 13th year as Coach: Scott Eacret. Entering sixth year as head coach. Record at Fort Zumwalt West is head coach. Record at school is 23-17. 86-46. Overall coaching record is 118-67. Returning: 9 starters: 5 offense, 4 defense Returning: 9 starters: 5 offense, 4 defense Offense: Pistol; Defense: 4-3 Offense: Spread gun; Defense: 4-2-5 Players to watch: to be determined Players to watch: junior RB Teddy WilliamDUCHESNE PIONEERS Team strengths: to be determined FORT ZUMWALT SOUTH BULLDOGS son, senior OG Ben Saint, junior C Anthony 2011 record: 4-7 Goals: To improve with each game. 2011 record: 5-5 Farley, senior OG Dominic Donatom, senior Coach: Charlie Elmendorf. Entering 18th Teams in Gateway Central Conference: Coach: Scott Fulton. Entering his sixth year OT Michael Carroll, senior LB Demetrius year as head coach at Duchesne with a Fort Zumwalt East, Fort Zumwalt North, as head coach. Record at school is 14-36. Bernard, senior CB Kyle Harris, senior LB record of 106-77. Fort Zumwalt South, Washington, Holt Returning: 17 starters: 8 offense, 9 defense Allan Hall, senior Mark Tiemeyer Returning: 20 lettermen. 19 starters: 9 Favorites to win Gateway Central Confer- Offense: Pistol spread option; Defense: 4-3 Newcomers expected to help: senior OL offense, 10 defense ence: Holt, Fort Zumwalt South Players to watch: senior RB/SS Chase Briar Rice, junior OT Ebrahem Salem, junior Offense: Multiple; Defense: 4-3 Teams in Class 5 District 4: Fort Zumwalt Abbington, senior OL/DL Chris Hood, WR Seth Hebert, junior RB/Slot Doug Cook, Players to watch: junior OL Brad Pryor, East, Fort Zumwalt North, Fort Zumwalt senior OL/DL Dustin Wood, junior LB junior Slot Derek Brew, junior DE David senior OL Jake Vonderharr, senior OL Otto South, Holt, Timberland Dillon Bowman, senior DB Evan Perry, Thiele, junior QB Clay Stulce, junior WR Quote: “We look to be competitive vs. a senior DB Joe Franzoi, senior DE Mike See FOOTBALL PREVIEW, page 24

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FOOTBALL PREVIEW, from page 23

Horvath, junior DE Michael Vester, sophomore Rover Roarke Penn, sophomore WS Dylan Bruce, sophomore FS Blake Benoist, senior CB Dominic Fanara Team strengths: The running game. The Jaguars return four offensive line starters FREE ESTIMATE and five offensive linemen that played sigWe'll meet any written competitor's bid, plus discount 10% OFF the difference! nificant time last year, along with a Division 1 commit at running back in Teddy • w w w. a 1 c o n c r e t e . c o m Williamson (Ball State). The team also returns two inside linebackers on defense, who are very good players. Goals: To continue to improve throughout 1/8 Horizontal ad size the season and compete for a conference 4 15/16 x 2 13/16 and district title. Teams in Gateway South Conference: Fort Zumwalt West, Francis Howell, Francis Howell North, Francis Howell Central, Troy, Timberland Accepted by___________________ Favorites to win Gateway South Conference: (excluding Jaguars) Francis Howell, IMPORTANT Francis Howell Central, Troy, Timberland, is YOUR responsibility to review this proof. If we do not hear from you byFrancis Howell North _______________, it will be assumed that your ad is OKAY and will run as is. Teams in Class 6 District 3: Francis Howell, Francis Howell Central, Fort ZumTel: (314) 405-2500• FAX: (314) 405-2400 walt West, Hickman, Jefferson City, Rock Bridge, Timberland, Troy Buchanan Quote: “We had a great offseason and are really excited to start the season,” Day said.

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Teams in Class 6 District 5: Francis Howell, Francis Howell Central, Francis Howell North, Pattonville Quote: “Our kids work extremely hard,” Koch said. “It’s not uncommon for us to have 80-plus kids at a 6 a.m. workout and open gym. Personally, myself and our coaches are excited to see that hard work transition to playing under the lights on Friday nights.”

FRANCIS HOWELL CENTRAL SPARTANS 2011 record: 3-7 Coach: Todd Berck. Record at Howell Central is 24-27. Overall head coaching career record is 58-63. Returning: 13 starters: 7 offense, 6 defense Offense: Spread; Defense: 4-3 Players to watch: senior C/DL Joe McDevitt, senior TE/LB Derrick Puni, senior QB/ DB Brody Allen Newcomers expected to help: junior WR/FS Justin Hayden, junior RB/CB Duboise Hill Team strengths: A solid core of returning starters combined with a very athletic junior class. Depth at several of the key skilled positions, and a hard-working group of kids who enjoy each other and have great team chemistry. Goals: Take it one game at a time. Competing for a conference and district title are FRANCIS HOWELL VIKINGS reachable goals this year. 2011 record: 9-4, reached Class 6 semifinals. Teams in Gateway South Conference: Coach: Bryan Koch. Entering sixth year Fort Zumwalt West, Francis Howell, Franas head coach at Francis Howell. Record at cis Howell North, Francis Howell Central, Troy, Timberland school is 31-26. Returning: 13 starters: 4 offense, 9 defense Favorites to win Gateway South Conference: Fort Zumwalt West and Francis Offense: Spread option; Defense: 3-3 Players to watch: senior OT Harnett Howell led the league last year, so until Gill, senior OT Jimmy Alloway, junior someone knocks them off they are the WR Richie Eisenhart, senior MLB Calvin teams to beat. Munson, senior DE Jarrett Franklin, senior Teams in Class 6 District 3: Francis Howell, NG Donovan Walker, junior LB A.J. Jones, Francis Howell Central, Fort Zumwalt West, Hickman, Jefferson City, Rock Bridge, Timsenior FS Zach Perkins Newcomers expected to help: junior QB berland, Troy Buchanan Brett Siebenshuh, senior WR Brandon Quote: “We are very fortunate to have sevSuwantratest, junior CB Brian Land, soph- eral returning starters on both sides of the omore CB Connor Flynn, junior SS Jeremy ball who were first time varsity players last Hagely, junior SS Adam Sazio, junior E year,” Berck said. “We are looking to open up the offense this year which we feel will Nick Perkins Team strengths: Return a lot of defensive help us utilize all of our talent.” players that will help create turnovers and FRANCIS HOWELL NORTH KNIGHTS get the ball back to the offense. Goals: Hard working group of kids who want 2011 record: 2-8 to prove they’re part of the Francis Howell Coach: Brandon Gregory. Entering first year as head coach. tradition. They are eager to get on the field. Teams in Gateway South Conference: Returning: 14 lettermen. 4 starters: 2 Fort Zumwalt West, Francis Howell, Fran- offense, 2 defense cis Howell North, Francis Howell Central, Offense: Pro; Defense: 4-3 Players to watch: QB Brett Magilligan, Troy, Timberland Favorites to win Gateway South Confer- WR Cody Vogt, LB Drake Kruep, OL/DL ence: Fort Zumwalt West, Holt, Francis Howell Central See FOOTBALL PREVIEW, next page

I cover story I 25



Football FORECAST -

H i g h

s c h o o l

FOOTBALL PREVIEW, from previous page

Danny Goggin Newcomers expected to help: sophomores Derrick Scarbrough, D.J. Williams, Jordan Moody Team strengths: Defense. Goals: Compete every game. Teams in Gateway South Conference: Fort Zumwalt West, Francis Howell, Francis Howell North, Francis Howell Central, Troy, Timberland Teams in Class 6 District 5: Francis Howell, Francis Howell Central, Francis Howell North, Pattonville Quote: “I am very excited to be coaching my team,” Gregory said. “They have put in the work for the offseason and I am ready to see them in action.” LUTHERAN HIGH ST. PETERS COUGARS 2011 record: 0-10 Coach: Matt Marty. Entering his second year as head coach. Returning: 18 starters: 8 offense, 7 defense Offense: Multiple; Defense: 4-3 Players to watch: QB/DB Brett Collins, WR/ DB Derek Dolitsky, RB/LB Jared Gray, RB/ LB Conner Marolf, WR/DB Nick Snyder, OL/DL Brandon Stroder, TE/LB Michael Thomas, OL/DL Michael Wilshusen Team strengths: Offensive line includes four returning starters and their play will determine the success on offense. All backs and receivers are capable of making big plays. Defensively, returning seven starters and team speed combined with the second year in the scheme will make for a stout defense. Goals: The theme for the year is likeminded. The Cougars want to have one love for each other as a team and be one in spirit and purpose on and off the field. Wins and losses will take care of themselves. Teams in AAA Conference: Bishop DuBourg, Borgia, Cardinal Ritter, Duchesne, Kennedy, Lutheran St. Peters, O’Fallon Christian, St. Dominic, St. Mary’s, Trinity Quote: “This senior-led group has been working extremely hard since November,” Marty said. “The improvement in strength and explosiveness will be evident as a result of offseason work. The attitude and effort that this team has shown through the summer will carry into fall. We are proud of the Christian character displayed by players and coaches in our program. This character will allow us to stay composed and execute in fourth-quarter games.” O’FALLON CHRISTIAN EAGLES 2011 record: 7-3, lost in the first round of the playoffs. Coach: Andy Hare. Entering fourth year as


head coach at O’Fallon Christian. Returning: 35 lettermen. 13 starters: 6 offense, 7 defense Offense: Spread; Defense: 4-3 Players to watch: senior OT/LB Spencer Cole, senior C Daniel Day, senior WR Jake Hare, senior WR Karsten Henry, senior WR/ DB Lance Lehmann, senior WR/LB Logan Logsdon, senior OG/DE Garrett Tunnell, senior DE Anthony Westermann, senior RB/DB Austin Williams, junior WR/LB Frank Davis, junior DT Jonathan Drachnik, junior DB Spencer Hawkins, junior QB/DB Jordan Norwine, junior WR/DB Deantrell Prince, sophomore RB/LB Damon Clark, sophomore OG/DT Caleb Eaton Newcomers expected to help: junior QB Eli Dilday Team strengths: A returning strong defensive unit and an experienced receiving corp. Goals: To play exciting football and be competitive in their conference. Teams in AAA Conference: Bishop DuBourg, Borgia, Cardinal Ritter, Duchesne, Kennedy, Lutheran St. Peters, O’Fallon Christian, St. Dominic, St. Mary’s, Trinity Favorites to win AAA Conference: Trinity and Cardinal Ritter Teams in Class 3 District 5: Duchesne, McCluer South-Berkeley, O’Fallon Christian, Orchard Farm, Sumner, Trinity, Winfield, Wright City Quote: “We are excited to be joining the AAA conference and moving up to Class 3 in football,” Hare said. “We have a number of outstanding returning players with a great deal of experience who should provide us the opportunity to compete in our new conference.” ST. CHARLES PIRATES 2011 record: 2-8 Coach: Joe Leibner. Entering third year as head coach at St. Charles. Record at school is 2-16. Returning: 25 lettermen. 12 starters: 6 offense, 6 defense Offense: Spread; Defense: 3-3 Players to watch: senior OT/DT Chris Gillette, senior OG/DE Brice Thompson, senior WR/FS Will Lillard, senior LB Ryan Johnson, senior SS Brendan Swope, senior WR/OLB Kyle Jorden WR/OLB Goals: Play disciplined, physical football, with an emphasis on competing every play. Teams in Gateway North Conference: Orchard Farm, St. Charles, St. Charles West, Warrenton, Winfield Teams in Class 4, District 5: Clayton, Gateway, Jennings, MICDS, Normandy, St. Charles, St. Charles West, University City Quote: “We’re excited to have more players working hard this summer than either of See FOOTBALL PREVIEW, page 26

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Football FORECAST -

H i g h

s c h o o l

FOOTBALL PREVIEW, from page 25 my previous years,” Leibner said. “This is also the strongest team we’ve seen in the last couple of years. We look forward to the opportunity to compete every week.”

3 Courses, $25 Presenting the 1st annual St. Charles Restaurant Week! Try a new restaurant or enjoy an old favorite! View participating restaurants and menus at: MEA_MidRivers 080812.pdf 1 8/8/12 2:49 PM

ST. CHARLES WEST WARRIORS 2011 record: 10-2, GAC North co-champs at 6-0, regional champions Coach: Gary Strauss. Entering 13th year as head coach at St. Charles West with an overall record of 64-63. Returning: 33 lettermen. 10 starters: 5 offense, 5 defense Offense: Wishbone; Defense: 4-4, 4-3 Players to watch: senior OL/DL Ryan Rockow, senior RB/LB Casey Bartee, junior SE/LB Ryan Finders, junior RB/LB Auggie Loschen, junior QB Kyle Anders Newcomers expected to help: junior OL/ DL Robert Bearden, junior OL/DL Ben Wilson, sophomore RB/DB Drew Lauer Team strengths: Team speed. Goals: Keep improving all season, go farther in playoffs than 2011. Teams in Gateway North Conference: Orchard Farm, St. Charles, St. Charles West, Warrenton, Winfield Favorites to win Gateway North Conference: St. Charles, Warrenton Teams in Class 4 District 8: St. Charles West, St. Dominic, St. Francis Borgia, Warrenton Quote: “We had our best summer of weight-lifting since I have been the head coach,” Strauss said. “The guys are hungry to get started again this year and try to go farther than last year.” ST. DOMINIC CRUSADERS 2011 record: 8-2, AAA Conference Champs Coach: Jim Cook. Entering third year as head coach. Record at St. Dominic is 16-4. Returning: 12 starters: 4 offense, 8 defense Offense: Pro I; Defense: 3-4 Players to watch: LBS Kyle Bazzell, Connor Flagel, Jacob Schepker, DL Jon Risse, Isaiah Winklemann, DB Evan Bruegenhemke, Kellan Walsh, Sean Corrigan, RB Jacob Wilmes, C David Neumann, WR Joe Moehrle, TE Austin Merz Team strengths: Defense must be sound. Need to replace offensive line except for center. Goals: Get better every game. Play with sportsmanship; maximum effort every game. Teams in AAA Conference: Bishop DuBourg, Borgia, Cardinal Ritter, Duchesne, Kennedy, Lutheran St. Peters, O’Fallon Christian, St. Dominic, St. Mary’s, Trinity Favorites to win AAA Conference: Borgia, Duchesne. Tough choice who should be first between Borgia and Duchesne; then St. Mary’s and DuBourg. Teams in Class 4 District 8: St. Charles West,


St. Dominic, St. Francis Borgia, Warrenton Quote: “I’m always excited about the new football season,” Cook said. “The players had a good summer camp. This group of players really enjoys playing football. They worked very hard at camp to get ready for the season. They have a great attitude and a strong work ethic.” WENTZVILLE HOLT INDIANS 2011 record: 6-6, reached second round of Class 5 playoffs and lost to Kirkwood. Coach: Ken Moore. Entering second year as head coach at Holt. Returning: 25 lettermen. 13 starters: 6 offense, 7 defense. Offense: Spread; Defense: 4-2 Players to watch: senior Clint Koons; senior Tray Mitchell; senior Mark Cushing Newcomer expected to help: sophomore Jesse Rocha Team strengths: Team’s seniors. Goals: Play disciplined football. Teams in Gateway Central Conference: Fort Zumwalt East, Fort Zumwalt North, Fort Zumwalt South, Washington, Holt Favorites to win Gateway Central: Fort Zumwalt East Teams in Class 5 District 3: Parkway North, Parkway Central, Parkway West, Fort Zumwalt East, Fort Zumwalt North, Fort Zumwalt South, and Holt WENTZVILLE TIMBERLAND WOLVES 2011 record: 2-8 Coach: Edward Gilreath. Entering first year as head coach. Returning: 23 lettermen. 13 starters: 7 offense, 6 defense Offense: Multiple; Defense: 4-2 Players to watch: senior RB Lucas Jordan, senior DE John Hummel, senior LB Austin Grubbs Newcomers expected to help: junior CB Bailey Canady, junior Safety Robbie Klos Team strengths: We will be strong offensively and have a solid defense. Goals: Play disciplined football and improve from week to week. Teams in Gateway South Conference: Fort Zumwalt West, Francis Howell, Francis Howell North, Francis Howell Central, Troy, Timberland Favorites to win Gateway South Conference: Francis Howell, Fort Zumwalt West Teams in Class 6 District 3: Francis Howell, Francis Howell Central, Ft. Zumwalt West, Hickman, Jefferson City, Rock Bridge, Timberland, Troy Buchanan Quote: “Our team has a great group of leaders who have done a tremendous job throughout our offseason,” Gilreath said. “The team has worked hard and is ready to show off their new offense and defense.”

Football Sch edu le O’Fallon Christian

CBC • Aug 24 – Ft. Zumwalt West (H) 7 p.m. • Aug 30 – Eureka (A) 7 p.m. • Sep 07 – SLUH (H) 7 p.m. • Sep 14 – Lindbergh (A) 7 p.m. • Sep 21 – Vianney (A) 7 p.m. • Sep 28 – Chaminade (H) 7 p.m. • Oct 05 – De Smet (A) 7 p.m. • Oct 11 – Helias Catholic (H) 4:30 p.m. • Oct 12 – Helias Catholic (H) 7 p.m. • Oct 19 – Francis Howell (H) 7 p.m.

• Aug 24 – Van-Far (H) 7 p.m. • Aug 31 – St. Charles (A) 7 p.m. • Sep 7 – JF Kennedy (H) 7 p.m. • Sep 14 – Cardinal Ritter (A) 7 p.m. • Sep 21 – Lutheran St. Peters (A) 7 p.m. • Sep 28 – Duchesne (A) 7 p.m. • Oct 5 – Trinity (H) 7 p.m. • Oct 12 – Scott City (A) 7 p.m. • Oct 19 – Lift for Life (H) 7 p.m.

Fort Zumwalt east

Fort Zumwalt North

Fort Zumwalt South

• Aug 24 – F. Howell Central (A) 7 pm. • Aug 31 – F. Howell North (H) 7 pm. • Sep 07 – Francis Howell (A) 7 pm. • Sep 14 – Cape Girardeau (H) 7 pm. • Sep 21 – Ft. Zumwalt North (A) 7 pm. • Sep 28 – Ft. Zumwalt South (H) 7 pm. • Oct 06 – Holt (H) 1 p.m. • Oct 12 – Washington (A) 7 pm. • Oct 19 – Warrenton (H) 7 pm.

• Aug 24 – St. Charles West (H) 7 p.m. • Aug 31 – Mehlville (A) 7 p.m. • Sep 07 – Troy Buchanan (H) 7 p.m. • Sep 14 – Ft. Zumwalt South (A) 7 p.m. • Sep 21 – Ft. Zumwalt East (H) 7 p.m. • Sep 28 – Holt (A) 7 p.m. • Oct 05 – Washington (H) 7 p.m. • Oct 13 – Ladue (H) 1 p.m. • Oct 19 – Timberland (A) 7 p.m.

• Aug 24 – Troy Buchanan (A) 7 p.m. • Aug 31 –F. Howell Central (A) 7 p.m. • Sep 07 – F. Howell North (H) 7 p.m. • Sep 14 – Ft. Zumwalt North (H) 7 p.m. • Sep 21 – Washington (A) 7 p.m. • Sep 28 – Ft. Zumwalt East (A) 7 p.m. • Oct 06 – St. Charles West (H) 1 p.m. • Oct 12 – Holt (H) 7 p.m. • Oct 19 – Vianney (A) 7 p.m.

Fort Zumwalt WEST

Francis Howell

Francis Howell Central

Francis Howell North

Lutheran St. PETERS

• Aug 24 – CBC (A) 7 p.m. • Aug 31 – Rock Bridge (H) 7 p.m. • Sep 07 – Chaminade (A) 7 p.m. • Sep 14 – Timberland (H) 7 p.m. • Sep 21 – Francis Howell (A) 7 p.m. • Sep 29 – F. Howell North (H) 1 p.m. • Oct 05 – F. Howell Central (H) 7 p.m. • Oct 12 – Troy Buchanan (A) 7 p.m. • Oct 19 – Holt (A) 7 p.m.

• Aug 24 – Holt (A) 7 p.m. • Aug 31 – Webster Groves (H) 7 p.m. • Sep 07 – Ft. Zumwalt East (H) 7 p.m. • Sep 14 – F. Howell North (A) 7 p.m. • Sep 21 – Ft. Zumwalt West (H) 7 p.m. • Sep 28 – Troy Buchanan (A) 7 p.m. • Oct 05 – Timberland (H) 7 p.m. • Oct 12 – F. Howell Central (A) 7 p.m. • Oct 19 – CBC (A) 7 p.m.

• Aug 24 – Ft. Zumwalt East (H) 7 p.m. • Aug 31 – Ft. Zumwalt South (H) 7 p.m. • Sep 07 – Parkway South (A) 7 p.m. • Sep 15 – Troy Buchanan (A) 1 p.m. • Sep 21 – F. Howell North (H) 7 p.m. • Sep 28 – Timberland (A) 7 p.m. • Oct 05 – Ft. Zumwalt West (A) 7 p.m. • Oct 12 – Francis Howell (H) 7 p.m. • Oct 19 – Jackson (A) 7 p.m.

• Aug 24 – Vianney (H) 7 p.m. • Aug 31 – Ft. Zumwalt East (A) 7 p.m. • Sep 07 – Ft. Zumwalt South (A) 7 p.m. • Sep 14 – Francis Howell (H) 7 p.m. • Sep 21 – F. Howell Central (A) 7 p.m.

• Aug 24 – Principia (H) 7 p.m. • Aug 31 – Bishop DuBourg (H) 7 p.m. • Sep 07 – St. Mary’s (A) 7 p.m. • Sep 14 – Kennedy (A) 7 p.m. • Sep 21 – Christian – (H) 7 p.m. • Sep 28 – Trinity (A) 7 p.m. • Oct 05 – Cardinal Ritter (H) 7 p.m. • Oct 12 – Mo. Military (A) 7 p.m. • Oct 19 – Barat Academy (H) 7 p.m.

St. Charles West

Wentzville Holt

Wentzville Timberland

• Aug 24 – Ft. Zumwalt North (A) 7 p.m. • Aug 31 – Cape Girardeau (A) 7 p.m. • Sep 07 – St. Charles (H) 7 p.m. • Sep 14 – Winfield (H) 7 p.m. • Sep 21 – Warrenton (A) 7 p.m. • Sep 28 – Orchard Farm (H) 7 p.m. • Oct 05 – Ft. Zumwalt South (A) 7 p.m. • Oct 12 – Festus (H) 7 p.m. • Oct 19 – MICDS (H) 7 p.m.

• Aug 24 – Francis Howell (H) 7 p.m. • Aug 31 – Hickman (A) 7 p.m. • Sep 07 – Timberland (A) 7 p.m. • Sep 14 – Washington (H) 7 p.m. • Sep 21 – Eureka (H) 7 p.m. • Sep 28 – Ft. Zumwalt North (H) 7 p.m. • Oct 06 – Ft. Zumwalt East (A) 1 p.m. • Oct 12 – Ft. Zumwalt South (A) 7 p.m. • Oct 19 – Ft. Zumwalt West (H) 7 p.m.

• Aug 24 – Parkway West (A) 7 pm. • Aug 31 – Washington (H) 7 pm. • Sep 07 – Holt (H) 7 pm. • Sep 14 – Ft. Zumwalt West (A) 7 pm. • Sep 21 – Troy Buchanan (H) 7 pm. • Sep 28 – F. Howell Central (H) 7 pm. • Oct 05 – Francis Howell (A) 7 pm. • Oct 12 – F. Howell North (A) 7 pm. • Oct 19 – Ft. Zumwalt North (H) 7 pm.

MICDS • Aug 25 – Maplewood (H) 1 p.m. • Sep 01 – Westminster (A) 1 p.m. • Sep 08 – Lutheran South (H) 2 p.m. • Sep 15 – Priory (A) 1 p.m. • Sep 22 – John Burroughs (H) 2 p.m. • Sep 29 – Lutheran North (A) 1 p.m. • Oct 06 – Helias Catholic (A) 1 p.m. • Oct 13 – St. Dominic (H) 1 p.m. • Oct 18 – St. Charles West (A) 7 p.m.

St. Charles • Aug 24 – St. Mary’s (H) 7 p.m. • Aug 31 – Christian (H) 7 p.m. • Sep 07 – St. Charles West (A) 7 p.m. • Sep 14 – Warrenton (H) 7 p.m. • Sep 21 – Confluence Prep (H) 7 p.m. • Sep 28 – Winfield (H) 7 p.m. • Oct 05 – Orchard Farm (A) 7 p.m. • Oct 12 – Duchesne (H) 7 p.m. • Oct 19 – Hillsboro (A) 7 p.m.

• Sep 29 – Ft. Zumwalt West (A) 1 p.m. • Oct 05 – Troy Buchanan (H) 7 p.m. • Oct 12 – Timberland (H) 7 p.m. • Oct 19 – Washington (A) 7 p.m.

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Mid Rivers

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CPR-St. Peters

The idea was that Real Encounter director Brad Bennett would speed toward Pastor Richard Young of First Baptist Church of O'Fallon, stand the bike on its front wheel, and stop between the pastor's legs. This time it worked as planned. MRN Photo

BMX bike group visits church in O’Fallon By Michael R. Smith “No, it wasn’t.” That was First Baptist Church of O’Fallon Pastor Richard Young’s response to a question about whether his church training had prepared him for a motorcycle rider speeding at him, then stopping his bike on the front wheel between the preacher’s legs. The bike “was coming fast. You’re instinct is to jump. I was trusting Brad,” Young said. “It was a bit nerve-wracking.” Brad Bennett was the motorcycle driver. He heads the action bike group Real Encounter which performed at a community event at the church on Saturday, Aug. 4. In another stunt Bennett propelled the bike without using a ramp over volunteers lying on the ground. A BMX bicyclist had done a similar stunt earlier and Lisa Tohlen, one of the volunteers in both stunts said with “the bike you didn’t feel anything. The motorcycle hit something and you felt that. I thought it hit the pastor.” Bennett had used a small tube lying at the end of the line of volunteers to help him pull the bike up over Young and the others. The stunts were part of Real Encounter’s performance of motorcycle and BMX bicycle skills where riders did seemingly impossible tricks like forward somersaults on their bikes. To an estimated crowd of 350 people at the event held on the church parking lot, Bennett said at the outset, “I want to be up front. This is a ministry.” He told the group that in the middle of the performance there would be a break so he could describe how the team members each at some point had “had an encounter with God that has forever changed our lives.”

Bennett, of Springfield, Mo., didn’t grow up in church so ministry wasn’t his planned career path. He’d grown racing motocross from the age of 12. He said he competed professionally in national motorcross events “with the top riders in the sport” and had had a sponsorship contract with Yamaha motorcycles. By age 19 he had realized dreams, he said, in national competitions but they didn’t fulfill a need. He felt empty. The emptiness continued until he “prayed, admitted sin. In that moment I knew something had changed.” He gave up racing and became a church youth pastor in Salem, Mo. He learned from that experience that teens were interested in his motocross racing. That became a way to introduce them to the idea that they are “created for a purpose—to know God.” Now, Real Encounter partners with churches and other groups to put on performances which attract 1,500 to 3,000 teens in each event to see pros twist, flip, hop, and ride bicycles on the front wheel over various obstacles. The team has traveled to Nicaragua and Peru for events, and later this year heads to Africa for performances, Bennett said. BMX flatland stunt rider Scott Ditchfield keeps his bicycle on the ground but can ride it upside down on the front wheel. He has been with the group for about six years. He said that what he likes about the group is that it provides a “counter to media perceptions which portray Christians as losers or dorks.” He said, “We show kids that you can still have fun as a Christian.”




Local election results; local propositions approved by voters By Jeannie Seibert Almost 22 percent of registered voters cast a primary ballot Aug. 7. As a result of the primaries, those who won their party’s nominations for federal, state and county offices will face the winners from each of the other contesting parties in the Nov. 6 general election. Redistricting presented a bit of a shuffle during the primary election with entirely new districts created in some cases. This gave voters and Election Authority staff the opportunity for a run-through prior to the general election which is expected to have a much higher voter turn-out. Primary election results will be certified by the Mo. Secretary of State’s office at a later date. However, a partial listing of the preliminary results of local interest is listed here. Ballot issues Constitutional amendment No. 2 passed by a margin of 45,167 to 9,159 to reaffirm prayer in public spaces and public schools will display the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution. St. Charles County Prop R was approved with 41,409 in favor to 12,645 against. The half-cent sales tax extension will fund road and bridge construction and maintenance throughout the county. St. Peters Prop P a sales tax increase to

fund parks and storm water improvements was approved with 6,373 yes votes to 2,971 no votes. DEMOCRAT primary results: Secretary of State: Jason Kander topped MD Rabbi Alam 10,064 to 1,512. Mo. Treasurer: Incumbent Clint Zweifel took 11,456 votes. Mo. Atty. General Incumbent Chris Koster garnered 11,512 votes. U.S. Representative Dist. 2: A four-way contest resulted in George Weber with 1,181; Glenn Koenen with 896; Harold Whitfield at 805; and, Marshall Works at 804. U.S. Representative Dist. 3: Eric C. Mayer with 7,230 Mo. House of Representatives: Dist. 63, dominated by Bill Stinson, pulled 746 votes. Dist. 64 was taken by Wayne J. Henke at 840 votes. Dist. 70 was won by Bill Otto with 192 votes. Dist. 102 will John Callahan’s name on the Nov. ballot with 917 votes. Dist. 105 was won by Debbie Bixler with 1,498 votes. Dist. 106 Tom Fann was unopposed. Dist. 107 was taken by Rod Hoffman

1st Annual

Saturday, September 1st, 2012 11am-10pm Chesterfield Amphitheater An upscale free event featuring delicious cuisine from the finest area restaurants, a wide selection of international wines, regional craft beers, an artist village and live music all day long. Fireworks at 9:45pm

Patrons may purchase tasting booklets allowing them to sample “bite-sized” portions of the culinary treats paired with signature cocktails from the restaurateurs. Local artists, in a variety of mediums will also be showcasing their pieces. Sponsored by

with 1,225 votes. St. Charles County Council Dist. 4 was unopposed. Michael L. Boyd garnered 1,542 votes. Dist. 6 was taken by incumbent Jerry Daugherty at 1,809 votes. REPUBLICAN primary results: Secretary of State: Scott Rupp received 26,300 votes to Shane Schoeller’s 8,518 and Bill Stouffer’s 3,166. Mo. Treasurer: Unopposed Cole McNary garnered 32,902 votes. Mo. Atty. General: Ed Martin came out with 26,233 votes over challenger Adam Lee Warren with 8,536. U.S. Representative Dist. 2: Ann Wagner’s got more votes than her three challengers combined with 8,863. Randy Jotte pulled 3,452, John Morris with 1,243 and James O. Baker received 674. U.S. Representative Dist. 3: Blaine Luetkemeyer ran unopposed and got 21,082 votes. Mo. Senator Dist. 23: Unopposed Tom Dempsey pulled 17,941. Mo. House of Representatives: Dist. 42 winner was Bart Korman with 236 votes. Dist. 63 Chris Gard edged out Bryan Spencer 1,508 to 1,419.

Dist. 64 was won by Robert Cornejo with 1,268 to Rick Stokes 1,050 votes Dist. 65 was uncontested, incumbent Anne Zerr garnering 3,871 votes. Dist. 70 Tyler Holyfield topped Eugene Dokes 586 to 453. Dist. 102 uncontested Kurt Bahr received 3,362 votes. Dist. 103 was also uncontested with Douglas Funderburk receiving 3,673 votes. Dist. 104 saw another uncontested primary race. Kathie Conway got 3,186 votes. Dist. 105 was a two-way race. Incumbent Mark A. Parkinson prevailed with 3,212 votes over Jason Smith’s 926. Dist. 106 was captured by Chrissy Sommer who more than tripled her challenger’s total. Sommer received 2,866 votes over Kyle Albert’s 815l Dist. 107 Ron Hicks soundly defeated AC Dienoff at 2,571 votes to 619. Dist. 108 voters selected Chuck Gatschenberger with 3,543 votes. St. Charles County Council: Dist. 2 incumbent, Joe Brazil got the nod with 3,266 votes to Bob Stephens’ 1,835. Dist. 4 is an upset with David Hammond pulling 2,257 votes over incumbent Paul Wynn’s 1,660. Dist. 6 was taken by Mike Klinghammer with 4,630 votes.

Band Line-up

Jim Stevens Dr. Zhivegas Kim Massie Platinum Rock Legends

Fireworks @ 9:45pm

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Wed - 02/22/2012 - 11:47:00 AM




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For a car — at least for cars BC lrc Wed - 02/22/2012 - 11:47:00 AM family 313901.7662 Gotham Dream Cars had hauled four exotic I was familiar with — the Lambo’s sound sports cars — two Lamborghinis and two was other-worldly. WATER LIPOSCULPTURE LASER LIPOSCULPTURE Ferraris — to the arena parking lot recently I’d chosen the Lamborghini because of AFTER BEFORE BEFORE so adults could drive them on a closed course. how Ferretti had distinguished the differIt was kind of a big-boy go-kart track, though ences between the two Italian carmakers. ASSISTED LIPOSELECTION with cars that cost more than the average The Ferraris “have finesse, are more sophisBEFORE sale price of a home in St. Charles County. ticated.” The Lamborghinis are “raw, brute (Gotham will be back at the end of August.) power like a race car.” The Gallardo Spyder BEFORE BEFORE AFTER Joe Ferretti, Dream Car Sprint director, was also the only open -top car on the lot. TED said Gotham has been providing these It wasn’t, however, the biggest boy on the AFTER events around the country since Febru- parking lot. A few feet away stood a red Ferary. The events supplement the company’s rari 599GTB which packed 600-horsepower ocedures do regular business of renting ultra-upscale in its V-12 engine. “It’s a beast,” Ferretti said. tine, external LASER LIPOSCULPTURE WATER LIPOSCULPTURE AFTER BEFORE AFTER vehicles in New York City and Miami. Ferretti was right about the premium FerBEFORE d treatement I’d been watching other drivers lap the rari’s sophisticated feel. When I climbed in the AFTER Proven Results You Can Count On AFTER track fast — really fast. After descending Ferrari it was like being in an expensive handt cells. These Body Sculpting Procedures Permanently Remove Fat Cells into the driver’s seat — a descent which bag. 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NEWSMAGAZINENETWORK.COM matching Ferrari luggage. The Ferrari did feel roomier than the Lamborghini—though that’s a relative term in these cars. With speed and safety in mind drivers and passengers are cradled in seats that while comfortable feel a bit wedged into the cabin. It might be necessary to crawl out of the cars to scratch an itch. All the niceties of the Ferrari add up to a suggested retail price of around $350,000. By comparison, by withholding some of the “bells and whistles” I could purchase “my” Gallardo Spyder for $250,000. Ferretti had also brought along a pair of V-8s: a Lamborghini Gallardo and a Ferrari F430. He described them as “base models,” which seemed ironic for autos costing between $215,000 and $225,000. When it was my turn on the course Humenny simply said, “Let’s go.” I’m used to pushing a gas pedal a certain distance to launch my normal familyhauler. Doing that in the Lambo the car jumped forward. We were on the course before I had time to think about the first turn. I swung the wheel right, left, right and saw the straightaway. Humenny yelled “Second” and though I knew a response was required I simply couldn’t remember what it was, awed by what had just happened. He yelled again over the engine then pointed to the stick on the steering column.

I flipped the paddle, pushed the gas, and the effect was literally breathtaking. In my everyday sedan I mash the gas and the car hiccups as if to say “Excuse me?” before beginning its “I think I can, I think I can” march up the speedometer. In the Lambo when I stomped the gas pedal the car said “YOWWWW” and took off. There was no sensation other than speed. Orange cones blurred past and I saw the black asphalt patch Humenny had described earlier come up impossibly fast. “BRAKE,” he yelled. I stood on the brake pedal and the response was immediate. The car slowed faster than imaginable and I turned the wheel into a left angle to begin the twisting portion of the course. Drivers “expect the acceleration,” Ferretti told me later. “They’re surprised by the braking. It brakes very fast. It stops very quickly.” At some point during the second part of the course my mind began to understand what was happening and rather than reacting I began driving the car. Ferretti had told me it wasn’t necessary to brake for the turns. “The track control in these cars is phenomenal. If you feel the car get out of control, just let off the gas.” He was right. Ease off the throttle and the car slowed just enough to take the curve without brakes. Then back on the gas, let up, gas, let up, and in a matter of seconds

we were ready to begin the second lap. When we got to the straightaway again Humenny yelled “Punch it.” I did and my head slapped against the headrest. This time the straightaway wasn’t long enough. “BRAKE” was too soon, and the rest of the course was too short. We never left second gear and at a maximum of around 80 mph Ferretti said it hadn’t hit the top end of the gear. Before the drive we’d arranged that Humenny would take the last lap so I could see how the car felt with a professional behind the wheel. When we stopped to exchange seats my body hadn’t felt any sensation of the twisting we’d just finished but my head began swimming from a twinge of motion sickness—probably another reason I never became an Indy driver. I explained to Humenny that if he didn’t want me tossing my lunch in his quartermillion dollar car, he’d better take it easy on the course. “You’ll be okay. I don’t know if I can do much more than you were doing anyway. You were rocking through the track.” (I’m sure he says that to all the drivers but the comment still made me smile.) He hit the throttle. The third lap didn’t feel much different. The speed was a bit faster but my overall thought was how smooth and how safe it felt while going so fast. When we braked


hard there was no sensation of being thrown forward. And as we rocketed back and forth through turns I wasn’t pitched around or reaching for a grab bar. The Lambo rode firmly on the road and simply drove very fast through switchbacks that in another car would have knocked my head against the window. “You tweak the suspension. You tweak the tires. You tweak the brakes. You tweak the seats. It all adds up” to a much different driving experience in the all-wheel-drive coupe, Ferretti said. It was a three-lap experience most drivers must feel is worth the normal $250 and up cost. Ferretti explained that online reservations pretty much fill up their 4-day weekend schedule and “everybody finishes with a smile.” He said that there are no hard and fast demographics for the folks who show up at the events but that nearly “everybody is an amateur driver.” Most are male. Occasionally, he said, someone who is considering a sports car purchase will reserve a spot so they can experience the car. Gotham Dream Cars returns to the Family Arena for another sprint car event on Aug. 30 through Sept. 2. Because of the high response and limited ride slots, advance reservations are recommended. More information is available on the Family Arena website at www.familyarena. com/events.php.



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EMS teams, K9 units work together during heated training sessions around the St. Louis metropolitan area. Jeremey Hollrah, St. Charles County Ambulance District paramedic, said team members extricated and treated “victims” from a large rubble pile that simulated a building collapse from an earthquake, tornado or terrorist act. “There were an unknown number of victims in a search area. We had to locate the victims, assess the victims and treat any life-threatening injuries,” said John Romeo, St. Charles County Ambulance paramedic. Team members also had to simulate disentangling any trapped victims and learn how to safely stabilize victims for transport from a confined space. “We learned more advanced concepts of caring for a patient in a collapsed building,” said Hollrah. For example, preparing for amputations of extremities, he said.The training also encompassed some lessons learned By Amy Armour from the Joplin tornado disaster and provided a unique perLocal firefighters and paramedics got their hands dirty last spective for rescue team members. month, learning life-saving skills in the face of a potential Team members climbed through confined spaces, learned disaster. about swift water rescue and how to shore up a building that The St. Charles County Ambulance District and the St. had partially collapsed. Charles County Urban Search and Rescue Strike (USAR) In addition, students learned about canine support and care. Team -1 participated in a large-scale disaster exercise on July “The canines in a rescue mission are our team members… 19 as a part of the USAR Medical Specialist class held July we treat them like humans,” said Hollrah. 16 through July 20. Hollran said students also had to concentrate on hydration The 50 hour, five-day intensive course held at 95 MN Corpo- as temperatures soared over the 100-degree mark for most of rate Parkway in St. Charles was designed to provide students the five-day outdoor training. knowledge and skills to perform medical assessment and care “It was a one-of-a-kind class. It was eye-opening,” said at structural collapse disasters and terrorist incidents. Romeo. “It helped us figure out our limits.” The 30-person class consisted of 15 St. Charles County The training was approved and provided by the St Louis Ambulance paramedics, three doctors and firefighters from Area regional Response System (STARRS).


Silver & Gold Senior Fair attracts record crowd By Jeannie Seibert Despite being preceded by a month of record high temperatures and the promise of another triple-digit day, senior citizens lined up early for the doors to open to the eighth annual Silver & Gold Healthy Living Senior Fair on Aug. 7. Held at the St. Charles Convention Center, the area’s largest event of its kind provides a full array of booth sponsors featuring services and resources to assist current and future senior citizens. And the door prize list is substantial. The primary focus of this year’s event was on promoting healthy senior living by the Silver & Gold Senior Club of St. Charles County, Baue Funeral Homes, Crematory and Cemetery, Essence Health Care, SSM Health Care and the St. Charles Senior Citizens Advisory Commission. The event showcased more than 100 vendors featuring products and services to assist healthy senior lifestyles and programs to ease the aging process. The Convention Center was packed to overflowing of senior citizens and mid-aged adults seeking options for elderly relatives. Highlights of the 2012 Senior Fair included an array of free health screenings and physical evaluations for balance and coordination.

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a conclusive link between sleep disturbance and placement in a long-term care facility. “We need more research to explain how sleep disturbance might lead to this outcome and whether interventions to improve sleep might prevent it,” he said. The study was featured in the July issue of Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. Expressly for senior veterans Veterans Care Coordination (VCC) – a Lake Saint Louis-based company that provides direct care services to veterans who wish to maintain their independence at home – has purchased Veterans-Express, From the National Institute on Aging, “What’s which helps educate senior veterans about On Your Plate?” is a downloadable, 80-page their options regarding assisted living, guide to healthy eating written especially for older adults. community living and home care. To find out more about how VCC can assist senior veterans, call 855-380-4400 with the St. Charles School District and or visit Project Read & Reach to kick off CATCH Healthy Habits fall classes for kids – a fun, ‘What’s On Your Plate?’ intergenerational program designed to fight Making wise food choices later in life childhood obesity. can lead to a decreased risk for heart disProgram organizers are seeking adult volease, diabetes and osteoporosis and the dis- unteers to help children in third through fifth abilities that can result from them. To help grade learn about good food choices; share with those food choices, the National Insti- healthy snacks; and play fun, active games. tute on Aging published “What’s On Your The eight-week program will meet Plate? Smart Food Choices for Healthy for one hour on Wednesdays from Sept. Aging,” an 80-page guide to healthy eating 26-Nov. 14 at Lincoln and Blackhurst written especially for older adults. elementary schools in St. Charles. VolThe guide includes information on food unteer training will be conducted from groups, serving sizes, food labels and food 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 28 safety plus recipes and sample menus. and Wednesday, Aug. 29 at the City of St. Information is based on the U.S. Depart- Charles School District Administration ment of Agriculture’s and the U.S. Depart- Center, 400 N. Sixth Street. Free parking, ment Of Health and Human Services’ coffee and snacks will be provided. nutrition recommendations for older adults. Anyone interested in volunteering should Much of the material is based on evidence contact Shelby Schroeder at 314-779-9870 from research, including studies conducted or by the National Institutes of Health. To download a copy or order a print copy, On the calendar visit Or, call 800-222-2225. “Preparing for Your Total Joint Replacement” will be held from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Contemplating hip replacement on Saturdays, Aug. 18, Sept. 15, Oct. 20, Most people who undergo surgery for Nov. 17 and Dec. 15, and from 6-8 p.m. on hip replacement are between 60 and 80 Wednesdays, Sept. 5, Oct. 3, Nov. 7 and years old, but an increasing number of Dec. 5, at Progress West Medical Plaza, people younger than 60 are opting for hip 2630 Hwy. K in O’Fallon. A registered replacement as a way to maintain function nurse will explain what to expect before, and quality of life. during and after a total joint replacement To help those who suffer from pain and surgery. Material presented is designed to lifestyle difficulties related to a damaged be helpful for those who already are schedhip explore their options, the National uled for surgery as well as those who are Institutes of Health recently posted exten- considering it. To register for one of the sive information about hip replacement two-hour classes, call 344-2273. online at••• ment. Topics covered include types of hip The AARP Driver Safety Program will be replacement surgeries, preparing for sur- offered from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. gery, possible complications and what to 23 at Progress West HealthCare Center in expect in recovery. The site also includes a O’Fallon. The classroom course is designed series of quizzes and answers to frequently to help drives age 50 and older refine existasked questions about hip replacement. ing skills and develop safe driving strategies. The course fee is $12 for AARP members and Seeking volunteers $14 for non-members. For more information St. Louis OASIS is partnering this fall and to register, call 344-2273.

Home care services for Veterans and Surviving Spouses Are you a veteran or surviving spouse of a veteran? Are you in need of assistance in the home? If so, you may be eligible for a benefit through the VA which pays up to $24,000 per year for home care services, including: Housekeeping – Laundry – Meal Preparation Medication Reminders – Dressing – Bathing Please call us for more information or to see if a loved one is eligible


1000 Edgewater Point, Suite 201 • Lake St. Louis, MO 63367

Interactive caregiving: A quilt made of love In June 2009, while Comfort Keepers caregiver Susie was caring for Pat, a Comfort Keepers client, she noticed a large pile of fabric. Remembering the many quilts her mother-inlaw, Lucy, made for family Christmas gifts, Susie had an idea: have the seniors she cares for – Pat, and another client, Lorraine – work together on a quilt.

Susie asked Pat if she could use the fabric for the quilt; Pat obliged, and in fact, was eager to participate. Starting with four stacks and 75 kinds of colors and styles, they laid the squares out on the living room floor, choosing what colors would best blend together. Susie took the materials and her sewing machine back and forth from her home and clients’ homes, sewing during caregiving hours and on personal time. When the quilt was complete, Susie took Lorraine to Lucy’s farm. Lucy welcomed everyone with a homemade meal. The ladies laid out the strips of quilts and Lucy completed the sewing, tying the knots together. Lucy then brought Lorraine to her sewing room to show her all the quilts she has made over the years. “You should have seen Lorraine’s face light up when she saw all of Lucy’s work,” Susie said. “With all the rough times going on all over the world, let’s stop and take a look at the people we care for. Sometimes they have no immediate family close by, no holidays with family and friends,” she said. Susie wanted to touch Lorraine’s life in a way she could make a difference, and decided to give the quilt to her. “Lorraine is

a true saint and truly deserves the quilt,” Susie said. Lorraine, a deaf client who communicates with caregivers using a whiteboard, needed extra help to remain in the home she loves, Susie said. Comfort Keepers has cared for Lorraine for more than 20 hours a week since March 2009. Comfort Keepers nationally ranked in top two Comfort Keepers has more than 650 national owners. In 2011, the company was ranked as one of the top two franchises in senior care by Franchise 500. Our Comfort Keepers’ work on a day-today basis to make a difference in the lives of seniors and those who are disabled. All caregivers are carefully screened, drug tested, CPR certified and have intensive background checks including criminal and motor vehicle records. Interactive caregivers, like Susie, are Comfort Keepers’ best asset, and along with its continuous training program, are the reasons Comfort Keepers has built the reputation it has. Locally, Comfort Keepers serves the greater St. Louis area providing homemaking services such as: transportation, light housekeeping, meals, laundry and

Lorraine and Susie

companionship. Personal care services include: incontinence care, bathing, overseeing medications, and transferring. Comfort Keepers also specializes in live-in, Alzheimer’s, respite care and interactive caregiving. Whether you choose the minimum of two hours a visit or up to 24 hours, Comfort Keepers’ creed is to, “Treat each and every client as if they are our own family member.”

For a free in-home assessment and consultation please contact us 314-394-2320 or visit

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Monday all you Can eat pasta 4pm-9pm. Select Group of Pastas. 636-949-9005 2061 Zumbehl Rd. Bogey Hills Plaza St. Charles



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BEST Transportation of St. Louis has appointed Terry L. Jackson, of O’Fallon, as national sales manager for Best Transportation and its subsidiary, GO BEST Express. As national sales manager, Jackson is responsible for driving local business sales for both companies. He oversees an outside sales force with the responsibility of meeting with prospects and new customers as well as existing customers. Jackson’s background includes sales and financial service for several major companies, including Capital One, First Horizon and Enterprise Rent-A-Car. He has been a top performer in volume, service and customer satisfaction throughout his career. “We are delighted to have someone of Terry’s caliber in the important role of national sales manager for BEST Transportation of St. Louis and GO BEST Express,” Kim Garner, president and co-owner of BEST and GO BEST, said. “Terry has a proven track record of providing outstanding analysis of sales service that complements his strong ‘people’ skills with both current and new customers. We are excited about the strengths Terry brings to our organization.” A graduate of the University of Colorado, Jackson has a strong financial background in addition to his accomplishments in sales.

2012 HBA President Gene Stumpf III, of Stumpf Homes, left, with Lauren Grotegeers, of Habitat for Humanity.


2012 HBA President Gene Stumpf III of Stumpf Homes (left) has presented a AVG Internet Security Any Service over $70 Jeff Computers. With coupon. Not valid with any other offer. Exp. 10/14/12 Jeff Computers. With coupon. Not valid with any other offer. Exp. 10/14/12 $10,000 donation to Lauren Grotegeers, resource development coordinator for HabFor All Your Computer Needs and More! itat for Humanity of St. Charles County, on • Computers • Repairs behalf of the Home Builders Charitable • Laptops • Custom-built Foundation. • Software • Computers Locally Owned and Operated! The donation will be used toward the • Programming • Networking 2012 Women Build for a home being built Mon-Fri 9:30am-5:30pm Saturday 10am-4pm 14366 Manchester Rd. 636.256.7901 for a single mother and her family in St. Charles County. The funding will help with the roof and siding for the home. Women Build is a program that has been designed by Habitat for Humanity International and encourages women to volunteer in an effort to empower PLACES women everywhere to address the problem APR Five Guys Burgers and Fries has cel- of poverty housing for themselves, their ebrated its grand opening in St. Charles families and their neighborhoods. Reliable, Energy Efficient, Clean with a ribbon cutting. onHome Qualifying Equipment. Ask Dealer for specific Details. This home marks the fourth Women Air For The The restaurant is located at 1520 S. Fifth Build project for Habitat for Humanity of Offer Expires June 15, 2012. Trane reserves On qualifying equipment. Ask dealer for specificon details. Offer St., Suite 101, in St. Charles. th right toSt. Charles County. expires on August 31, 2012. Trane reserves the right to cancel or

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The Greater St. Charles County Chamber of Commerce has awarded Cort Schneider, of Schneider Real Estate, and Matt Schafer, of the St. Charles Tec Air Sells the Best and We Service the Rest! County Ambulance District, as the recipients of the Greater $ $ St. Charles County Chamber of Tec Air Sells $the Best and We Service the Rest! Commerce 2012 Recognition Any Service April Air Electronic Call Repair of Service Excellence award. Humidifier Air Filter Installation Installation Not valid on Diagnostic The award acknowledges Credit Logos Here Credit Card Logos Here Credit Card who Logos Charge orCard Trip Charges front-line employees dis- Here Cort Schneider, Scott Tate, president of the Greater During Time of New System During Time of New System We Service play a positive attitude and go St. Charles County Chamber of Commerce, and Installation Installation ALL Brands the extra step toward exem- Matt Schafer. Must present coupon at time of repair. Must present coupon at time of repair. Must present coupon at time of repair. Not valid with any other offers. Not valid with any other offers. plary customer service. Not valid with any other offers. “For All of Your Comforts of Home Call Today” Servicing St. Charles & St. Louis for 30 Years

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Make a powerful fashion statement and save, June 30 - September 4, 2012. Hunter Douglas motorized window fashions offer convenient remote-control operation and a clean look without lifting cords for enhanced child safety. Ask for details today.

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Residential & Commercial • 636-946-6464

Streets of St. Charles


Mary Smith, DDS - General Dentist 1520 South 5th St., Ste. 103 | St. Charles

Evening Appointments Available!


Act now and get up

Located at the new “Streets of St. Charles” off 5th Street exit, next to QuikTrip

Call Today! 866-545-2050



Cleaning, Exam & X-rays

(Reg. $313) Offer Expires in 30 days. Includes exam, cleaning (prophylaxis) & x-rays. New Patients Only.



Take-Home Whitening

(Reg. $199) Offer Expires in 30 days. Receive a whitening kit & custom trays with completed new patient exam, cleaning (prophylaxis) & x-rays. Offer not to be used in conjunction with any other offers or reduced-fee plans. New Patients Only.



Emergency Exam

(Reg. $70) Offer Expires in 30 days. Includes emergency exam, necessary x-rays & consultation for new patients.

This office is a General Dentistry Practice. Cosmetic dentistry and tooth whitening are specialty areas not recognized by the ADA that require no specific educational training to advertise these services. The following dentists in this practice are not licensed in Missouri as specialists in the advertised dental specialties of Oral Surgery, Prosthodontics, Periodontics, or Orthodontics: Mary Smith, DDS

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Com mu n it y Event s AT THE MEADOWS The 2012 Music on The Meadows Summer Concert Series will continue with the Tony Vivano Band from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on Thurs., Sept. 13, at the Clock Tower Plaza of The Meadows in Lake Saint Louis. Guests are encouraged to bring their own lawn chair for seating. Seating is available in the Plaza, as well as the sidewalks in front of the stores. Food and drink are available for sale by Max & Erma’s and LuLu’s Concessions. Coolers are permitted, but no glass bottles please. The event, which is free, will also include complimentary balloon twisters and face painters. For more information, call 695-2626. ••• The Lake Saint Louis Farmers and Artists Market will be held from 8 a.m. to noon on every Saturday through October at The Meadows of Lake Saint Louis. Each Saturday morning through mid-October the area’s best farmers, growers, ranchers, bakers, beekeepers and artisans bring the community the very finest in locally-produced goods to the market. For more information on the market, visit

FAMILY ARENA EVENTS The Dream Car Sprint is Gotham Dream Cars’ newest and most affordable driving experience - a fast-paced autocross event that tests your skills behind the wheel of some of the world’s greatest exotic sports cars. The dream car event is being offered from Aug. 30 to Sept. 2 at the Family Arena. Drivers must be 21 or older. To make a reservation or for more information, visit http:// ••• Free Electronics Recycling will be offered from noon to 6 p.m., Fri., Aug. 17, at the Family Arena parking lot. WITS or Web Innovations & Technology Services builds communities

through reuse, recycling and education. Items – working or not – accepted in the monthly recycling drive include: Any items with a power cord; any items that take batteries or gas, including batteries; lawn equipment; all computer-related equipment; household electronics, including phones, radios, televisions and cable boxes; and all appliances. For more information, call 314-558-0090. ••• Fight Hard MMA will be in action at 7 p.m., Sat., Aug. 18, at the Family Arena in St. Charles. Doors open at 6 p.m. The organization will be offering thousands of free tickets to fans through its marketing and retail partners as well as its Web site and Facebook page. Visit, or call 614-8329. All bouts are subject to change.

BIGGEST WINNER COMPETITION Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital and Progress West HealthCare Center are partnering again to help residents achieve their weight-loss goal with round four of the Biggest Winner St. Charles County contest. A mandatory kick-off meeting will be held from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Wed., Sept. 12 or Thurs., Sept. 13, at the St. Charles Community College auditorium located in the Daniel J. Conoyer Social Science Building. Registration is now open and contestants will have nine weeks, from Sept. 17 through Nov. 16, to become St. Charles County’s Biggest Winner. The contest is limited to St. Charles County residents 18 years and older. The Biggest Winner receives a grand prize, and runner-up prizes will also be awarded. To register, call 928-WELL.

TRIVIA TIME The third annual Church of the Transfiguration Trivia Night will be held at 7 p.m. on

       

NEWSMAGAZINENETWORK.COM Fri., Oct. 5 at the O’Fallon Elks Lodge, 1163 Tom Ginnever Drive. Doors open at 6:15 p.m. and trivia starts at 7 p.m. Tables are $160 and includes soda, coffee, beer and trivia. A cash bar is also available. The evening will also include raffle baskets, door prizes and a silent auction. For more information, call Bill or Kerri Robertson at 294-7003.

OKTOBERFEST Oktoberfest will be held from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Oct. 6 and Oct. 7 at the Shoppes of Hawk Ridge in Lake Saint Louis. The annual event has expanded to include carnival rides, twice as many vendors and a larger children’s area. There will also be German food, brats, beer, funnel cakes, cotton candy and popcorn. For more information, email

MEETINGS/SEMINARS The Lewis & Clark Pachyderm Club of Western St. Charles County meeting will be held at 6 p.m. on Mon., Aug. 20, at Culpepper’s Restaurant in O’Fallon. Elise Kostial, founder of Concerned Young Women for America, will be the guest speaker. For more information, call Dave Evans at 541-9932. ••• Wentzville Aglow Lighthouse invites the women of St. Charles County and beyond to dinner and a meeting at 6 p.m. on Tues., Aug. 21 at Bandana’s located in Wentzville. Cheryl Armstrong will be the guest speaker. For more information, call Beverly Combest at 887-0830. ••• “From Fear to Fabulous” will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Tues., Sept. 4 at MiddendorfKredell Branch Library, 2750 Highway K in O’Fallon. Join local members of Toastmasters International for an informative program about taming one of the most

notorious of phobias – fear of public speaking. For more information, call 379-2505.

FUNDRAISERS The O’Fallon Chamber of Commerce’s 20th annual Golf Tournament will be held at noon on Thurs., Aug. 23, at Whitmoor Country Club, 1100 Whitmoor Drive in St. Charles. Registration will open at 10:30 a.m. The cost is $125 per person or $475 for a foursome. All golfers will receive an insulated tote bag filled with donations from O’Fallon Chamber members, 18 holes of golf with cart and drinks on the course, lunch sponsored by Charter Business, and an awards dinner. To register, call 240-1818 or visit ••• The Boone Trail Corvette Club will hold its next fundraiser for the Children’s Miracle Network from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Sat., Aug. 25, at Bandana’s Bar-b-que restaurant, 6163 Mid Rivers Mall Drive. In addition to displaying Corvettes from 1953 to the present, the club will also auction gift baskets of various items donated by area businesses. Visitors can also purchase a chance to win a 50/50 raffle. For more information, visit ••• St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Famer Whitey Herzog will be the special guest at the United Services for Children 28th annual Dinner Auction at 6 p.m. on Sat., Aug. 25, at The Columns Banquet Center, 711 Veterans Memorial Parkway in St. Charles. Herzog will be available for autographs and photos during the first hour and attendees will bid for the privilege of having Herzog sit at their table for dinner. Festivities include hula dancers, a live Hawaiian band, oral and live auctions, guest speakers and other surprises. Tickets cost $100 per person, including dinner and drinks. Pre-registration is


NEWSMAGAZINENETWORK.COM required. To register, call Jeanne Palombo at 926-2700 or visit ••• Chocolate, Wine and All That Jazz will start at 6:30 p.m. on Sat., Sept. 8 at the Yacht Club of St. Louis, 105 Lake Village Drive in St. Charles. The event offers fine wines, hors d’oeuvres, chocolate and live jazz. Tickets are $60 each. Purchase tickets online or call 939-3300. All proceeds benefit United Way of Greater St. Louis. ••• The second annual Sparrow Scramble Golf Tournament will be held at 11:30 a.m. on Fri., Sept. 21 at The Links at Dardenne located at 7000 Brassel Drive in O’Fallon. Golfers will tee off at 1 p.m. The cost is $100 per person and proceeds will benefit the Sparrow’s Nest Maternity Home whose mission is to provide a Christ-centered shelter and to educate homeless, pregnant and parenting young women by providing a wide range of services for themselves and their babies. Register online at www.thesparrowsneststl. org or call 314-616-6474. ••• Luncheon for Life to benefit Our Lady’s Inn will be held at 11 a.m. on Thurs., Sept. 27 at Wine Country Gardens located at 2711 South Hwy. 94 in Defiance. The cost is $35. The luncheon will offer a beautiful view of Historic Wine Country, unique selection of auction and raffle items, and an opportunity to learn about the mission of Our Lady’s Inn, a maternity shelter for pregnant women and their children. Reservations are required. Register online at or by calling Betsy Beauparlant at 398-5375. ••• Operation Food Search’s 19th annual golf tournament will be held on Mon., Oct. 8, at Winghaven Country Club located at 7777 Winghaven Blvd. in O’Fallon. SWING to End Hunger will be played at St. Louis’ only Nicklaus-design course. A variety of golf participation and sponsorship opportunities are available. To register, contact Steve Baer at 314-726-5355, ext. 19 or visit ••• The Harold Hoeferlin Memorial Car Cruise will be held at 4 p.m., Sat., Sept. 8, at JJ’s Restaurant, 1215 S. Duchesne in St. Charles. The event will include a 50/50 raffle, auction of gift baskets, entertainment, and a classic car cruise to benefit the American Diabetes Association. There is no fee to attend. For more information, call Debbie at 387-2465.

HALF MARATHON The 13.1 mile route was recently lockedin and a 5K run has been added to the second annual MO’ Cowbell Half Marathon scheduled for Sun., Oct. 7 in St Charles. Organized by the civic group Partners for

Progress (PfP) in cooperation with Big River Running Company, the MO’ Cowbell Half Marathon made its debut in 2011 and met its capacity with 1,500 runners. This year the event is expected to draw at least 3,000 or more runners. Amenities will include tech race shirts, individual finisher medals, a souvenir cowbell, post-race band, live up-to-the-second finisher results, and two in-race split times provided by Big River Race Management. There will also be a Health & Fitness ExMO’ at packet pick-up to be held at Lindenwood University. Runner registration is $75. For more information visit or contact Kerin Abbey at 441-6880 ext. 230.

HEALTHY HAPPENINGS A free “No More Belly Fat” seminar will be held at 6 p.m. on Thurs., Aug. 16, at Ultimate Fitness Plus for Women, 821 W. Terra Lane in O’Fallon. Learn tips and secrets to lose that midsection, and flatten abs without crunches. Space is limited, so RSVP by calling 272-8442. ••• “What is Your Body Type – Advanced Hormone Workshop” will be held at 10:15 a.m. on Sat., Aug. 18 or Sept. 15 at the Chiropractic Wellness Connection 111 O’Fallon Commons Drive. Join us for the free seminar to learn about the latest in research-proven nutrition and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. For more information, visit RSVP by calling 978-0970. ••• A free “Seven Secrets to Losing Weight” will be held at 6 p.m. on Thurs., Aug. 30 at Ultimate Fitness Plus for Women, 821 W. Terra Lane in O’Fallon. Learn real secrets to weight loss. Space is limited, so RSVP by calling 272-8442.

FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT The sixth annual Free Kids Block Party & Touch-a-Truck Event will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sat., Aug. 18, at the Saint Charles Convention Center. This event, which is open to the public, is geared towards healthy and active lifestyles for children ages 3 to 11. The indoor and outdoor event will feature a variety of activities and trucks for children to interact with. For more information, visit ••• A free family movie night featuring “Time Changer” will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Fri., Aug. 24, at Dardenne Baptist Church, 2345 Oak Drive in O’Fallon. Doors open at 6 p.m. and seating is limited to 100. For more information call 332-2799.

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40 I prime. Your guide to new homes

The UlTimaTe New home GUide

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Home values and prices are going up Kevin Weaks

The home price elevator is finally going up again. Home values posted their first year-over-year increase since 2007 in the second quarter as the U.S. property market began to lift off a bottom, according to Zillow Inc., which measures the value of 100 million U.S. homes, whether or not they sold during the quarter, and calculates the median for its index. The Zillow Home Value Index rose to $149,300, a 0.2 percent increase from the second quarter of 2011, according to the property-data company. Residential values have gained for four months in a row. What’s causing home prices to rise are an increase in demand, record-low interest rates and a surprisingly tight supply of properties for sale. Other gauges, such as the S&P/Case-Schiller index, track purchase prices and their latest report showed 2.2 percent increases month-over-month. The housing market seems to be stabilizing. For potential homebuyers, however, waiting too long may be expensive. Here’s what’s new in new homes: McKelvey Homes now selling at Leighton Hollow Here’s the opportunity you may have been waiting for. McKelvey Homes is now selling in Leighton Hollow, one of St. Charles County’s most prestigious neighborhoods, just off Hwy. 40 and Hwy. K. “We met with the existing homeowners and they raved about the location just a few minutes from Hwy. 40 – Chesterfield without the West County prices,” said McKelvey Homes President Jim Brennan. “We think that it’s the best location in St. Charles County and just minutes from Chesterfield Valley. It’s so quiet and there’s virtually no traffic. “The schools are considered the best and very close by.” Prices start in the $290’s. To visit Leighton Hollow take Hwy. 40/I64 to north on Hwy. K to left on Technology Drive to right on Weldon Spring Road a half mile to the community entrance on the left. Sales information is available at McKelvey’s The Manors at Magnolia. To chat with sales manager Tim Knoche, take I-64/Hwy. 40 to the WingHaven Boulevard exit, go north three miles to right on White Magnolia Drive, or take I-70 to Bryan Road, south one block to White Magnolia Drive, or contact Tim at 379-6880 or

McKelvey Homes has lowered prices and will credit $5,000 to $10,000 at closing on selected market inventory homes through the end of August. For a list of market homes and directions to the communities visit Thomas & Suit opens new display at Wyndgate Forest Be among the first to preview Thomas & Suit Homes’ new Sycamore ranch display home at Wyndgate Forest, off the Hwy. 40 corridor near Hwy. N. The display opens this month and at the same time the builder also is offering its Ultimate Building Package of options free to buyers who purchase a Thomas & Suit home in Wyndgate Forest before Aug. 31. The Ultimate Building Package includes a three-car garage, granite kitchen countertops, a wood-burning fireplace, and hardwood floors throughout the foyer, kitchen and breakfast room. The new Sycamore display is 2,768 square feet of luxury, with 11-foot ceilings in the great room, dining room, foyer, kitchen, breakfast room and hearth room, plus three bedrooms and a study and 2.5 baths. It also features a screened porch, which takes advantage of Wyndgate’s wooded setting. The home also has a sought-after split-bedroom floor plan, with the master suite located on the opposite side of the home from the additional bedrooms and study. The home has 5-inch scraped birch hardwood floors, along with the 4.5-inch baseboards, oversized kitchen island with granite countertop, stainless-steel appliances and 42-inch kitchen cabinets. Base price of the new Sycamore floor plan is $348,900. Prices in the community range from the the $290’s to the $700’s. To reach Wyndgate Forest, exit Hwy. 40 to south on Hwy. N 1.5 miles, turn left on Wyndgate Ridge Drive and right on Paul Renaud Boulevard. Call 561-2120 or visit The company also builds custom homes, additions and remodeling. Griffey Homes has popular model ready at Penny Lane “We’re busy here!” said Griffey Homes sales manager Kim Valerio. “We just sold our Coventry inventory home and our Abbey inventory will be completed in mid August.” See PRIME, next page

Your guide to new homes prime.  I 41


PRIME, from previous page The Abbey is one of Griffey’s most popular models. The new Abbey is priced at $236,732. Penny Lane is down to its final seven homesites, Kim noted. “Four are detached and three of those can accommodate threecar garages.” Griffey also has been busy with condominium sales at The Charleston at Heritage. The six remaining condos start at $129,900 and feature two bedrooms, two baths and a 5-by-25-foot balcony. Garages are available and each building has an elevator and a large storage room. For buyers seeking to build a custom home, Griffey has 3.5-acre sites on Bates Road, two sites in Ridgepointe at Lake Saint Louis, and one custom home site at Fieldstone Farms in O’Fallon. Contact Kim Valerio at 936-1923 or email her at Kim@ for more information.

be completed by early October. In Wentzville’s Carlton Glen, the Windsor and the Southport are being constructed. The four-bedroom Windsor is Consort Homes’ most popular two-story plan and features a master bedroom on the main level and a seated shower and garden tub in the master bath. The second new display at Carlton Glen is the Southport, a new ranchstyle floor plan with vaulted ceilings and an updated designer kitchen layout. At Countryshire Estates in Lake Saint Louis, two more new displays are under construction. The Madison, Consort Homes’ most popular ranch-style plan, features vaulted ceilings and an updated designer kitchen. The Kennesaw, a completely new floor plan, features a unique open layout in the kitchen and dining area, allowing families to fully utilize the “center” of the home. With a master suite downstairs that comes complete with luxury bathroom and seated marble shower and tub; this home has the extras in all the right places. For more information, go to

Consort Homes’ “Kennesaw” two-story, a completely new floor plan at Countryshire Estates in Lake Saint Louis.

The “Earhart” display is a 1,444-squarefoot ranch-style villa, shown with one of Consort Homes has four new displays Payne’s most innovative design options under construction – an upper-level “eagle’s nest” that adds Consort Homes is building four new another 546 square feet and includes a loft displays at Carlton Glen (Wentzville) and Payne Family Homes opens display at and third bedroom and bath. Countryshire Estates (Lake Saint Louis). Walden Pond “We have two ranch plans that allow for Construction is well under way in Carlton Payne Family Homes is celebrating the this option,” said community sales manGlen with two of the homes set to be com- opening of its new display at The Villas at ager, Jane Peacock. pleted by mid to late August, and in Coun- Walden Pond, the company’s first residenAttached in pairs, the basic floor plans tryshire with two more new homes set to tial offering in O’Fallon. provide 1,338 to 2,424 of living space. All

models include a two-car garage. Homes start from the upper $130’s. Walden Pond is conveniently located off Bryan Road and I-70 in North O’Fallon and served by Fort Zumwalt schools. Walden Pond’s information center is open daily. Call (314) 996-9909. Payne also is now offering homesites at The Crest over Katy Trail, the company’s See PRIME, page 42

3 Collections of Homes: Hometown, Inspiration and Heritage Ranging from the $140’s - $270’s

s New Home ! Ready NOW

Learn more at:

This Family friendly neighborhood offers something for everyone: • large level back yards • cul-de-sacs/circles • private wooded lots • spacious open floor plans • community swimming pool • playground • sidewalks • serene pond • Highly acclaimed AAA rated and most desirable Wentzville School District



42 I prime. Your guide to new homes PRIME, from page 41 newest residential offering in St. Charles County. Perched on a wooded bluff off Greens Bottom Road overlooking the Katy Trail, the neighborhood is gated for privacy and configured around two culs-de-sac. Buyers can choose from 10 ranch, storyand-a-half and two-story plans, providing 1,627 to 3,338 square feet of living space, two to four bedrooms, and an array of topof-the-line elevations. Since all but three of the homesites are walkouts, the builder has made 10-foot foundations standard, allowing for an innovative “terrace” lower level. Pricing starts from the $260’s. Home sales for The Crest over Katy Trail will be conducted from Payne’s nearby Tuscany community. Call (314) 220-2861. Vatterott’s Enclave Bellerive reborn After a hiatus caused by the economic downturn, luxury home construction has resumed at Enclave Bellerive at the northwest corner of Mason and Ladue roads in Creve Coeur. Two homes will begin construction in September and October and a third is planned. Fifteen of the 55 homesites are now spoken for. Several changes were made to facilitate the rebirth of Enclave Bellerive. “About 30 months ago we re-cast our development in the $950,000 to $1,500,000

range,” said Chris Vatterott, of C.F. Vatterott, developer of Enclave Bellerive. Vatterott also changed Enclave’s Jeffersonian architectural theme to a “Traditional” St. Louis look, and welcomes other homebuilders. The Enclave’s architectural guidelines have changed permitting more cost-effective construction including a 65 percent brick exterior minimum rather than the 100 percent brick originally specified. “That change has not only permitted builders to have lower price points, but it has generated new and interesting designs,” Vatterott said. Enclave Bellerive offers more than just a gated community with a prestigious address. Other benefits include lower prices, a desirable selection of homesites from 10,000 to 25,000 square feet and all ground maintenance provided by the homeowners’ association. Homesites currently range from $310,000 to $400,000, but a price increase is expected soon. Enclave Bellerive is open weekends noon-5 p.m. or by appointment. Call Chris Vatterott at (314) 280-8080 for more information.


Payne Family Homes’ “Earhart” display at The Villas at Walden Pond in O’Fallon.

homes per week throughout the hottest summer in recent memory. As many as 30 homes are now under construction at New Town. Also to meet demand, five new twostory inventory homes, ranging from 1,201 to 2,700 square feet, are in various stages of construction. Prices for Whittaker’s two-story plans New homes at Whittaker’s New Town start at $114,900. Most popular has been the value-leading Hot weather hasn’t kept homebuyers from snapping up inventory homes at model 2032-34 two-story, which starts as the New Town at St. Charles noted Greg low as $179,500 and accounts for most of Whittaker, president of Whittaker Homes. the sales. Whittaker has been selling at a rate of two Meanwhile 14 homes are nearing comple-

tion at Whittaker’s unique attached-home community of Glenhurst, in Wentzville. These unique two-story homes are attached in pairs only at the two-car garage for maximum privacy and feature full front and rear yards that are owned by the resident. Prices start at $111,500 for attractive 1,200- to 1,500-square-foot models with two to four bedrooms and a two-car garage. Now available are former premium homesites that back to trees. For information about New Town or Glenhurst, call 916-2000 or visit


Your guide to new homes prime.  I 43

New from Payne Family Homes! Peaceful



Find out more about the Payne Family Homes Courtyard Advantage at any of these neighborhoods:

Your Home. Our House. SM

Walden Pond - O’Fallon, MO - From $139,900 The Pointe at Heritage Crossing - St. Peters, MO - From $159,900 The Chateaux at Ohmes Farm - St. Peters, MO - From $179,900

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w w w. P a y n e F a m i l y H o m e s . c o m

44 I 



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