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LIVE AREA (10.375x13.5)- TEXT w/in this area TRIM area (10.875x14) BLEED (11.375x14.5)

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Our certified design experts will work with you throughout the entire project to create a room that meets your needs and exceeds your unique vision.

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Our certified design experts will work with you throughout the entire project to create a room that meets your needs and exceeds your unique vision.







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Signature Kitchen & Bath 9701 Manchester Rd. WEST COUNTY St. Louis, MO 63119 Signature Kitchen & Bath 636-720-0451 14208 Manchester Rd.

Manchester, MO 63011 636-230-6400

Manchester Rd

Signature Kitchen & Bath 4067 N. St. Peters Pkwy St. Peters, MO 63304 636-926-2414 94







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Republicans and blacks

All your Easter Favorites! Whole

Recently former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice added her voice to those who have long been urging the Republican Party to reach out to black voters. That is long overdue. What also is long overdue is putting some time – and, above all, some serious thought – into how to go about doing it. Too many Republicans seem to think the way to “reach out” is to offer blacks and other minorities what the Democrats are offering them. Some even have suggested that the channels to use are organizations like the NAACP and black “leaders” like Jesse Jackson – that is, people tied irrevocably to the Democrats. Voters who want what the Democrats offer can get it from the Democrats. Why should they vote for Republicans who act like make-believe Democrats? Yet there are issues where Republicans have a big advantage over Democrats – if they will use that advantage. But an advantage that you don’t use might as well not exist. The issue on which Democrats are most vulnerable, and have the least room to maneuver, is school choice. Democrats are heavily in hock to the teachers’ unions, who see public schools as places to guarantee jobs for teachers, regardless of what that means for the education of students. There are some charter schools and private schools that have low-income minority youngsters equaling or exceeding national norms, despite the many ghetto public schools where most students are nowhere close to meeting those norms. Because teachers’ unions oppose charter schools, most Democrats oppose them, including black Democrats, among them President Barack Obama. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s recent cutback on funding for charter schools, and efforts to create other obstacles for them, showed a calloused disregard for black youngsters, for whom a decent education is their one shot at a better life. But did you hear any Republican say anything about it? Minimum wage laws are another government-created disaster for minority young people. Many people today would be surprised to learn that there were once years when the unemployment rate for black 16-yearolds and 17-year-olds was under 10 percent. But their unemployment rates have not been under 20 percent in more than half a century. In some years, their unemploy-




ment rate has been over 40 percent. Why such great differences between earlier and later times? In the late 1940s, inflation had rendered meaningless the minimum wage set in 1938. Without that encumbrance, black teenagers found it a lot easier to get jobs than after the series of minimum wage escalations that began in the 1950s. Young people need job experience at least as much as they need a paycheck. And no neighborhood needs hordes of idle young men hanging around getting into mischief, if not into crime. Republicans have failed to explain why the minimum wage laws that Democrats support are counterproductive for blacks. Worse yet, during the 2012 election campaign Mitt Romney advocated indexing the minimum wage for inflation, which would not only guarantee its bad effects, but would put an end to discussing those bad effects. Are issues like these going to switch the black vote as a whole over into the Republican column at the next election? Of course not. Nor will embracing the Democrats’ racial agenda. But, if Republicans can reduce the 90 percent of the black vote that goes to Democrats to 80 percent, that can be enough to swing a couple of close Congressional elections – as a start. Even to achieve that, however, will require targeting those particular segments of the black population that are not irrevocably committed to the Democrats. Parents who want their children to get a decent education are one obvious example. But if Republicans aim a one-size-fits-all message at all blacks they will fail to connect with the particular people they have some chance of reaching. First of all, Republicans will need to know what they are talking about. There are books like “Race and Economics” by Walter Williams, which show that many well-meaning government programs have been counterproductive for minorities. And there are people like Shelby Steele and Abigail and Stephan Thernstrom with valuable insights. But first Republicans have got to want to learn, and to be willing to do some thinking, in order to get their message across. © 2014


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An amazing eight in 10 couples, who divorce within five years, cite high wedding costs as a factor in their divorce. According to a recent study, many couples come into marriage with large student loans and when the cost of a lavish wedding is added, they start their married life deep in debt. This financial burden imposes a huge strain on the relationship and often crippling long-term implications. The day after the wedding with all the trappings--a multitude of guests, a reception with a live band, an open bar, a wedding feast, etc.--reality sets in. Unless the parents foot the bill, and even so, these funds could be better spent as a nest egg for the young couple to tide them over through uncertain financial times, this may be the first decision that ultimately sets the stage for a divorce a few years later. Today’s increased costs of starting a family while repaying large loans is a recipe for disaster. Sometimes it’s best to think low key when planning the wedding and honeymoon. Tackling debt and the high cost of getting married may seem unromantic, but in the long run a solid partner-

ship may be built and serve as the backbone of the marriage. A $30,000-$50,000 wedding preceded by student loans of $100,000 and upward may lead to a costly divorce within 5 years. If you are facing a divorce or are interested in filing a modification, the attorneys at Stange Law Firm, PC can help. We focus exclusively on family law and handle these types of cases every day--from the simple, straightforward cases to the most complex. When you retain our firm, not only will you work with accomplished lawyers, you will receive almost unparalleled access to your case and lawyer through Your Case Tracker in addition to receiving your lawyer’s personal cell phone number. Call today to schedule a free and confidential half-hour consultation.

Divorce 101 Seminars The seminar is free, but you do need a reservation. April 9th at the Comfort Inn in Edwardsville, Illinois and on April 10th at the Hampton Inn in Sunset Hills, Missouri Both begin at 7 pm. Register online at: Divorce—it’s a big step. Before you decide—get the information you need from Stange Law Firm’s Divorce 101 Seminar. This event, for women and men, will tell you how to protect your rights and avoid costly mistakes. Plus, the Stange Law Firm team will answer your questions about divorce.

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Source: How a lavish wedding could lead to divorce - and why doing it Keira-style is more likely to mean lasting happiness, by Steve Doughty, MailOnline Access our mobile website with a mobile device.



Stange Law Firm PC St. Charles Office 2268 Bluestone Drive St. Charles, MO 63303 Phone: 636-940-5900 The choice of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Neither the Supreme Court of Missouri/Illinois nor The Missouri/Illinois Bar reviews or approves certifying organizations or specialist designations. The information you obtain in this ad is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. You should consult an attorney for advice regarding your individual situation. We invite you to contact us and welcome your calls, letters and electronic mail. Contacting us does not create an attorney-client relationship. Please do not send any confidential information to us until such time as an attorney-client relationship has been established.

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Ask the Expert Rhonda Uhlenbrock is an Administrator for Garden View Care Centers and is recognized as the leading Dementia Care Trainer in St. Louis and St. Charles Metro Areas.


Dementia and Memory Mary - Mom and dad want to live in their own home but need assistance. I have arranged home health and housekeepers. The problem is dad won’t let them in the house! What can I do? Rhonda - Your parents are proud and don’t believe they need help. Chances are they like helping others. Why not ask your parents if they would be willing to help people from their church, community, etc? Explain they would be giving work to those that need it. This is an altruistic generation. Make sure you are there on the first visit so they can feel secure. Vicki - My mom and my aunt have Alzheimer’s Disease. Does that mean my sister and I will inherit Alzheimer’s Disease? Rhonda - Not necessarily. Talking with a physician specializing in dementia and geriatrics would be best. You can call the St. Louis University Division of Geriatrics at 314-977-8462 or the Memory Diagnostic Center at Washington University at 314286-1967. Have a list of all family members diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and the age of onset. Find out at what age they sought treatment and what medications were utilized. These specialists should be able to answer your specific questions.

Send your questions to: All respondents will remain confidential.


LETTERS TO THE EDITOR More on Social Security To the Editor: This letter is in response to “Social Security is not an entitlement,” by Corrine Kuhn (Letters to the Editor, Mid Rivers Newsmagazine, March 26) Social Security was never intended as a personal “investment account” to build an individual retirement plan. The government designed it to increase revenue during the Great Depression, when the economy struggled and the government wanted to maintain its income. In the 1930s, life expectancy was less than age 65 so the average person would not receive retirement benefits. Any reference to “personal” funds is and was a smokescreen. Over the years since, several things happened. Life expectancy increased past age 65; persons who never paid into the fund became recipients (former participants in the Railway Retirement Plan); disability payments were granted all too easily; and so on. In real terms, Social Security became a Ponzi scheme – with payments being made from recent revenue. There is not (and never was) an interest-bearing reserve. Some of the blame has to lie with the taxpayers/voters who believed what our leaders wanted them to believe. Jerome Crosson St. Peters

This is not ‘blending in’ To the Editor: In response to the cover story “Blending In,” in the Jan. 29 issue of Mid Rivers Newsmagazine, I would like to express my opinion on behalf of the neighbors of group homes. We had an Emmaus Group Home move into our neighborhood over a year ago. The home is leased/rented from an investor. I went to several city meetings and

had many phone discussions prior to the KI Ad Builder's Blind Supply One-Eighth_Layout 1 3/ $ change from single family to group home nt Insta s BLIND SUPPLY BUILDERS status. Our neighborhood was assured g n i Sav that this home and group of people (four challenged residents and several 24-hour $ the neighcaregivers) would “blend into $$100 100 t borhood and the house would be oneta ofn the nt Instant Insta s s n I g best kept in the neighborhood.” Savin s Savings g n i v a This has not happened. The only improveS ment made was a “natural privacy fence” on one side of the patio, which was requested by one neighbor. There are at times sheets hung to cover windows, blinds askew, a patio door standing open without a screen, adults standing on the patio and in the yard talking loudly on cell phones and smoking. There are multiple people in and out of the 314.303.1901 house many times a day. There is no “Hello, • Quality Products and Affordable Prices Free In-Home Consultation/Estimates how are you?,” no friendliness or courtesy. It •••• Quality Quality Products andSheers Affordable Price Products and Affordable Prices Custom Window Fashions from and is obviously not a single family home! Shades to Shutters and Blinds •• Free FreeIn-Home In-Home Consultation/Estimates Consultation/Estimates There are at all times four or more cars • Specializing in Plantation Shutters • Custom Window Fashions from Sheer • Custom Window Fashions from parked in front of the house on the street. Kim Brown Shades to Shutters Blinds Sheers & Shades to Shuttersand & Blinds Some of the residents are loud and yell out for long periods of time. I have young grand- •• Specializing Specializing in Plantation Shutters in Plantation Shutters Minimum $500.00 Purchase children frequently in my backyard. They do Kim Brown not understand the behavior and it is at times Kim Brown scary for them (and yes, we have used those www.buildersblindsupply. Minimum $500 Purchase episodes as a learning experience). Minimum $500.00 Purchase Most recently a resident wandered away •toQuality and Affordable Prices from the group home down my driveway Products (which is in front of my home on another • Free In-Home Consultation/Estimates street). This resident walked up to my adult daughter, who was• getting her baby Window Fashions from Sheers a Custom out of her car seat, and tapped her on the Shades back. My daughter was startled and turned to Shutters and Blinds around to find the non-verbal resident • Specializing in Plantation Shutters standing behind her. She recognized the resident, took her by the arm and guided Buy • Sell • Trade • Consignment Coach • Louis Vuitton • RolexKim • David Yurman • Vera Bradley Brown her back to the group home. This incident was scary and concerning for the innocent resident and for my family. This is not “blending in.” Minimum $500.00 Purchase Bobbie McCoy St. Charles County



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Free food. Free games. Free activities. It’ll be a blasty blast.

Music. Media. Meaningful teaching. Free breakfast.

The Way | a new church in Wentzville | Peine Ridge Elementary School | 1107 Peine Road | Grzeskowiak, who has previous convictions in Lincoln County for felony endangering the welfare of a child and forgery, was charged as a prior and persistent offender. She will be sentenced on May 9.

News Br iefs Dardenne Prairie resident honored The Caroline Close Stuart Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution had the honor of presenting a National DAR Award to Dardenne Prairie resident Gladys Griensenauer. Through Griensenauer’s efforts the history, stories and artifacts “so vital to understanding the past and her community” have been collected, identified and preserved. She volunteers her time and expertise to the city of Dardenne Prairie by maintain- From left: Regent Karen Wisner, of the Caroline Close Stuart Chapter - Daughters of ing a display case and photo gallery the American Revolution, Gladys Griesenauer of pictures and artifacts at city hall. and Barb Peterson, chairman of the chapter’s Griensenauer’s name and story Historical Preservation Committee. will be a permanent part of the National DAR website honoring Women in American History.

O’FALLON Jury finds mom guilty of neglect, endangerment A jury found a 38-year-old St. Peters woman guilty of child neglect and child endangerment last month. Gina Grzeskowiak was found guilty of three counts of felony abuse or neglect of a child and one count of felony endangering the welfare of a child.

The charges originated with incidents occurring in July 2013 when Grzeskowiak threw a can of infant formula at one of her three children, who sustained injuries. When St. Peters Police Department officers located Grzeskowiak, the child was found with additional injuries that Grzeskowiak admitted to inflicting. A 5-month-old infant also was seen inside the vehicle in a car seat without a seatbelt.

 Coldwell Banker Gundaker


ST. PETERS No painting, please Residents are cautioned against painting address numbers along the curb. Some residents in St. Peters have reported that solicitors are selling a service to paint address numbers on curbs. The city of St. Peters does not recommend or endorse painting address numbers on curbs in front of homes, and the city is unaffiliated with solicitors selling this service. According to emergency agencies, the preferred location for addresses is on the front of the home near the front door or above a garage door that is visible from the street. Numbers painted on the curb can be blocked by vehicles and other obstacles, including snow and ice in the winter. If a solicitor selling curb address numbers claims an affiliation with the city of St. Peters, residents are asked to contact the St. Peters Citizen Action Center at 477-6600, ext. 1225.

Aldermen oppose right-to-work St. Peters elected officials are weighing in against “right to work” legislation now currently making its way through the Missouri General Assembly.

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 

By an 8-0 vote, the city’s Board of Aldermen approved a resolution at its March 13 regular meeting that “urges opposition of so-called ‘right-to-work’ laws and calls on the Missouri General Assembly to focus instead on creating good jobs and improving Missouri’s economy for all Missourians.” The resolution, jointly sponsored by the board and Mayor Len Pagano, expresses “the city of St. Peters’ support for Missouri’s working families and middle class and opposition to policies that are contrary to their success.” Right-to-work legislation being discussed stipulates that businesses could not enter into exclusive contracts with labor unions or require all employees to pay union dues or fees to be employed. The issue may be debated during the last part of the legislative session. The St. Peters resolution states that the board and mayor believe “there is no reason why the Missouri General Assembly should overturn decades of successful labor management practice.” New legislation, it says, could “jeopardize the success and stability of working class families and the American middle class” and “ignore the will of the people expressed in the previous statewide referendum on adoption of ‘right-to-work’ regulations.” The resolution adds that the General Assembly shouldn’t “pander to out-ofstate corporate special interests by adopting so-called ‘right-to-work’ policies that are demonstrably unsuccessful as an economic development tool and contrary to the public well-being.”

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Pagano said a copy of the resolution would be sent to the county’s legislative delegation as well as state Senators Scott Rupp and Tom Dempsey.

ST. CHARLES COUNTY Financial excellence The Certificate of Achievement in Financial Reporting has been awarded to St. Charles County Government by the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada (GFOA) for its Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for the fiscal year ending Dec. 31, 2012. The award is the highest form of recognition in the area of governmental accounting and financial reporting, and its attainment represents a significant accomplishment by a government and its management. St. Charles County Government has received this honor every fiscal year since 1989.


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April 6-12, 2014

Kiddie Academy of O’Fallon extends its appreciation to all early childhood educators for their unwavering dedication and love for our youngest generation

Now Enrolling (6 weeks to Pre-K) To Age 12 for Summer Camp Adventure 4088 Winghaven Blvd., O’Fallon, MO 63368 Schedule A Tour Today: 636.265.3444

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Athlete returns from Paralympic Games Lindenwood University student Josh Pauls returned to St. Louis after he and his United States Sled Hockey teammates defeated Russia 1-0 on March 15 to win the gold medal at the 2014 Paralympic Games in Sochi, Russia. The Americans are the first team in Paralympic history to repeat as consecutive gold medalists, having won gold at the Vancouver Winter Games in 2010. U.S. forward Josh Sweeney scored the only goal of the game during the second period. The U.S. defense allowed just six shots, and goaltender Steve Cash made two key saves in the third period. Pauls, a power forward on the U.S. team, was born without tibia bones in both legs. At 10 months old, both of his legs were amputated. “I was so young, it really didn’t matter,” said Pauls. “When I learned to walk, I learned on prosthetics.” “I love hockey, and after I took the legs off it dawned on me that this was the way I’d be able to play the sport,” Paul said. “I was all about it after that.”

Dry, windy conditions cause two house fires In the span of 16 hours on March 18, smoking materials combined with dry grass and windy conditions caused two house fires within the Central County Fire & Rescue (CCFR) service area. “Cigarettes that were improperly disposed of caused the grass to ignite which then rapidly spread to the yards and decks of both homes. One of the fires spread to the back of the house before fire units arrived” said CCFR Chief Russ Mason.

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Center of Excellence in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery™, COEMBS™ and the COEMBS seal are trademarks of Surgical Review Corporation. All rights reserved.

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ELECTION PREVIEW In anticipation of the April 8 election, St. Charles County candidates in contested races were invited to answer the following questions: Why are you running and what are your priorities if elected? What are your qualifications for holding public office? Due to space limitations, only the answers to question No. 1 are listed here. Answers to both questions can be found online at Mid Rivers Newsmagazine has not verified and does not endorse statements made by the candidates. Candidates are listed in ballot order. COTTLEVLLE Francine E. Nowling • Alderwoman, Ward 1 I moved to Cottleville in 2012. I love the city and want to watch it grow. I feel that there are many areas that can be improved or altered and I want to represent all the families in Cottleville. As a mother of three I feel that I can relate to many residents. Donald Buchheit • Alderman, Ward 2* I am running for office as city of Cottleville Alderman Ward 2 to continue serving the residents of Cottleville. My top priorities will be (but not limited to): Continue working on park improvement, including the trail system, sand volleyball courts, baseball fields, and the amphitheater in Legacy Park. I also will continue to work with city staff to bring more business and residents to the city. I will work with St. Charles County leaders to continue road improvements in our area. Don Yarber • Alderman, Ward 2 Cottleville is stagnant and needs to keep moving forward. It is important for residents to know their representative. He should be visible and available. Do the residents of Ward 2 know their present representative? Our city park needs to be completed. The sand volley ball court and amphitheater should be a priority. We need to make a renewed effort to fill the American Electronics property, and find a tenant for the recently closed Rib City. DARDENNE PRAIRIE David C. Zucker • Alderman, Ward 1 It’s time to bring the Dardenne Prairie city government out of the back room and into the open. I will press to make the following changes: Conduct the city’s business in the open, in plain sight of our citizens; post budgets and proposed ordinances on the city’s website well in advance of board meetings; provide ample opportunity for citizens to be heard before decisions are made; manage city budgets responsibly and never spend more money than the city collects; preserve our quality of life; avoid over-crowding of residential property and overdevelopment of commercial property.

Michael MacCormack • Alderman, Ward 2 I will actively seek the input of Dardenne Prairie residents on city initiatives and developments. I will provide common-sense fiscal oversight to make sure the city is achieving optimal results. Finally, I will foster a collaborative environment with other elected officials and city employees. Daniel Koch • Alderman Ward 3 I am running for this office because the voices of many citizens in my ward are not receiving adequate representation. I will remedy this through better accessibility. I will work to increase, not restrict, citizen input through monthly coffees, Facebook, email and phone. I will be a voice for those I represent. As I am made aware of information, I will work to provide timely, accurate updates on issues important to the community. Judith Helms • Alderwoman, Ward 3 Dardenne Prairie is a rapidly growing city, and as alderwoman I want to ensure that the community at large has a voice in the future growth of the city. In addition I want to preserve the quality of our parks, bike trails and walking trails.

Karen Vennard • Alderwoman, Ward 2* I am the incumbent. I would like to see a master plan for smart commercial growth within our city. Continue to oversee the wise use of city resources and a balanced budget. Continue to make improvements to infrastructure such as streets and stormwater and find funding sources for those projects. To continue to protect private property rights. Always adhere to the Constitution of the United States, the State of Missouri and the city of Lake St. Louis by never voting against what is statute. Richard Morris • Alderman Ward 3* I am a firm believer in putting infrastructure first in our budget. With our small revenue, this city cannot continue spending the way it has in the past, and yet when it comes to repairing our streets and storm sewers, the city wants to raise our taxes time after time. My priority is to vote against irresponsible spending. I’ll continue my fight against cell towers being placed in our parks. I feel I have made a difference and will continue supporting the people and not special interests. LAKE SAINT LOUIS FIRE BOARD Ralph Clark • Director* I have been involved with the district for 30 years. My top priorities are maintain and support 24/7 coverage for Lake Saint Louis; replace our aging fleet of trucks and equipment; and maintain financial stability with short- and long-term planning.

LAKE SAINT LOUIS Eric Oman • Alderman, Ward 1 If elected, I will work tirelessly to bring our city back into the rankings. If elected my top priorities would be to hold city employees accountable for their actions and replace those that do not perform their jobs per the O’FALLON law. As a project manager and informa- Arnie C. Dienoff • Councilmember, Ward 1 tion technology professional at the Boeing To provide much needed leadership by Company, I will bring my expertise to the making the correct decisions, always putting position to reduce costs, increase produc- people first by advocating for you. Restore tivity and improve quality of city services. honesty, accountability and common sense I will focus on reducing wasteful spending responsibility back to the City Council/ and hold department heads accountable for administration and every taxpayer. Balanced waste and abuse. I will put a stop to giving budgets, audits, no tax increase. I will be the away your tax dollars to special interest. “watch dog” and identify all waste. Gary Torlina • Alderman, Ward 1* I enjoy being part of the team that works hard to keep Lake Saint Louis one of the best places to live in the entire St. Louis area. To represent residents with their concerns using my experience as a member of the Community Association’s Board of Directors and the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission and as the current alderman in Ward 1. I have no personal agendas.

Bill Gardner • Councilmember, Ward 1* I am running for re-election for a position I have held since being appointed in May of 2006. Why? Because I truly believe one voice can make a difference in the quality of life in O’Fallon. When re-elected I will continue to strive for continued improvements in infrastructure and storm water issues, make public safety a high priority and continue to strive to make our parks system second to none.

Timothy J. Buescher • Alderman, Ward 1 I feel Lake Saint Louis can be adaptable to the future and should be a model for quality living and a great place to live. I would like to help keep the value of our homes by efficiently and effectively leading our community.

Dave Hinman • Councilmember, Ward 1 In my career as a store manager for QuikTrip Corporation my entire time is spent on customer service. I enjoy serving the public and helping in my community. There are a few things I am interested in looking at as your new councilman. My priorities are first, our trash

and recycling service has remained virtually the same since it began. I would like to add an annual recycling fair for residents to dispose of items such as clothes, building materials and electronics. Second, I would like to work with Planning and Economic development to attract new businesses and new jobs to our city. Rose Mack • Councilmember, Ward 2* I am running for councilwoman in Ward 2, because I want O’Fallon to remain a premier destination for businesses and families and for its current residents to maintain their high quality of life. If re-elected, I will continue to prioritize fiscal responsibility, safe neighborhoods, streets and infrastructure. Mike Pheney • Councilmember, Ward 5* As the incumbent, I will continue to work to improve infrastructure, particularly water mains.I will continue to work closely with economic development to bring new business to O’Fallon. I will continue to encourage the use of the Citizens First Reporting System for all city services. Russ Gatewood • Councilmember, Ward 5 I am running for office not to oppose any particular person or political party, but to challenge the status quo to create smarter and not bigger, more intrusive, and costly government. As a former U.S. Marine and Border Patrol agent, I believe the single most important priority of every elected official is to support and defend the U.S. Constitution and our way of life. I put people before politics and fairness before political gamesmanship. I believe in serving my fellow man through hard work, keeping my word, fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves, and giving without reservation. Debbie Cook • Councilmember, Ward 5 I am running for O’Fallon City Council because I believe O’Fallon residents deserve to have hard working, honest representation making the decisions for the city. There are a lot of people who are against the one way outer roads and they don’t feel like they are being heard. I want to be that voice for the residents in O’Fallon who oppose the outer road changes. Daniel E. Christoff • Councilmember, Ward 5 Reduce property taxes; develop the north side; enhance public safety. ST. CHARLES COUNTY AMBULANCE DISTRICT Jim Ottomeyer • Board member* I have a passion for medicine, people and service to our community. I can not imagine a more vitally important service than what our


12 I  NEWS I


Karen Vennard Ward 2 • Lake Saint Louis

TRUST - Protect the private property rights of ALL citizens from threats that interfere with your enjoyment of your private property. TRANSPARENCY - In government, to continue to conservatively oversee the wise use of your money. To continue increasing sales tax revenue in new businesses and find funding sources to fix streets and storm water drains. The City CANNOT and SHOULD NOT ever spend tax payer dollars on private amenities not owned by the City. TENACITY - Continue representing EVERY Lake Saint Louis citizen no matter where you live or your economic status! Some call me special interest - I am, YOU the Citizen!

Vote April 8 that the Communit y Come n that believes a m r e d l s Firs “An A t” Paid for by Supporters of Karen Vennard, Leah Schantz, Treasurer.

GRAND OPENING WEEKEND APRIL 19TH & 20TH Open House Sat, April 19th

We’ll have hamburgers, hotdogs, games & prizes, face painting.

Easter Sunday worship 10 am 715 Sonderen in O’Fallon (behind Ethyl’s BBQ) 636-422-0322


ELECTION PREVIEW, from page 10 first responders do in emergency medicine. I was elected by the people three years ago to this position. Since then, we have continued to balance the budget throughout these difficult economic times. I am excited to have the privilege to continue to lead the district in this positive direction. I believe that I am the right person for the job and I am asking for your vote. For me, it’s about lives, not politics. FORT ZUMWALT SCHOOL DISTRICT Caleb Hunter • Board Member I want to keep local control of the district; retain and support enthusiastic teachers; maintain fiscal responsibility, and provide great and challenging opportunities for students who want to learn. Emily Malabey • Board Member I am running for this office in an effort to bring additional and needed perspective to the Board. It is important to me to make a positive contribution to my community through service. My top priority is to help steer this district in a more positive direction for all students, putting students first and ensuring accountability for the public our district serves. Brent Meyers • Board Member Upon election I plan to maintain educational excellence for my children and all those in the district, address the issues with standardized test scoring, and I feel the staff should be appropriately compensated for their contribution to education. Robert Polkinghorne • Board member I bring educational and business experience to the office. Fifteen years teaching high school and middle school, and certification as a school principal make me aware of the factors that contribute to successful schools. I will support dedicated well-educated teachers and administrators. I will encourage parental involvement and disciplined classrooms. I have spent many years as a corporate training manager with budget and planning accountability. This work provided valuable experience negotiating and collaborating with multiple stakeholders. My three children graduated from Fort Zumwalt high school, and I’ve lived in the district over 25 years. I have a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a master’s degree in education. FRANCIS HOWELL SCHOOL DISTRICT Gary Stevenson • Board Member I am seeking a board position because I want to help students receive every opportunity and service that may contribute to their successful future and quality of life, and to establish excellent learning and instructional environments in all schools. My priorities include: stop the Common Core takeover of our schools; stop the needless, excessive, ever-increasing amount of school districtrelated real estate taxes; serve as an actual

close, thoughtful and responsive listener regarding all concerns and ideas brought forth by any individual group. Rene Cope • Board member I am driven to help the Francis Howell School District advance its success. I want to improve the utilization of district resources through fiscally smart planning, informed decision-making, and cohesive implementation. My goal is to ensure that FHSD continues to raise educational standards, while doing what is best for our students, teachers and community. My priorities include addressing the student transfer issue. We cannot continue as we have this past year. Legislators need to approve a plan that educates students in their home districts. Common Core and preparing all of our students, destined for college or not, to participate in a domestic and global economy are additional priorities. Chad Lange • Board Member My strong desire and passion to serve the best interest of our children, district and community along with my dedication to a strong, safe public education system is why I chose to seek a position on the FHSD board. My top priority will be the unaccredited (Normandy) transfer issue. I am dedicated to doing all I can to get legislators to fix the issue and get FHSD back to focusing and educating our own district’s kids. Another priority of mine is early childhood education. I will advocate to get as many kids involved in our early childhood education program at the lowest prices possible. Cory Simek • Board member We must prepare our children to compete and win in a more demanding world. Our best path for success: local control and common sense academics, not Common Core. My top priority is more competitive academics. My second priority, which so many of our friends and neighbors share, is a healthy distance between our board, union and administration. We need a fresh new board, with the courage to do what is right for our children. Sound and conservative financial management round out my priorities for the board. Taxpayers work hard for every dollar we spend, and we must honor that. Dr. Kimberlyann Granger • Board member I am running for this office as a way to serve my community. I want to help the district make learning-centered decisions that will promote student success. I want to help our district increase the number of graduates who are college-ready in mathematics and English so that those students who choose to go to college can place into college-level courses. Professional development relevant to our district’s staff and teachers will be a priority. Our district does not have a choice in accepting the transfer students from Normandy, but we do have the choice to make it a win-win opportunity.























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Prop E makes second appearance on ballot By BRIAN FLINCHPAUGH St. Charles County Ambulance District officials hope that county voters know what they are voting for when they decide the fate of an 11-cent tax increase, known as Proposition E, on the April 8 ballot. “For us, an educated voter is our greatest advocate,” said district spokesman Marty Limpert. He wants voters to understand what the district does and that it is not the fire department or part of county government as well as what it now needs, and the fact that its last tax increase was at its inception in 1974. Voters approved a 15-cent tax rate in 1974 but Missouri’s Hancock Amendment has since required rollbacks in tax rates resulting in the district’s current 13 cents per $100 assessed valuation. But voters didn’t reward the district last April when an identical tax increase proposal of 11 cents per $100 assessed valuation failed by less than a thousand votes. If passed next week, Prop E would cost

the owner of a $100,000 home about $22 a year or about $1.75 a month. Officials say the additional revenue would allow the district, which covers 585 square miles, to add needed personnel, reopen a station, invest in new equipment, add more stations and, most significantly, lower 911 emergency call response times for ambulances to reach patients. If it fails, Limpert said the district would continue spending cuts because it is required to have a balanced budget under state law. He said the district’s financial woes came into sharp focus in 2010 at the height of the recession when declining property values coupled with issues involving reimbursements and tax abatements cut $3.5 million in district revenues. Among the cuts in the aftermath of 2010 was the shutdown in September of one of the district’s 16 ambulance stations – the station located at 130 Weiss Road in Cottleville, a reduction in the number




Ask the Expert A special online collection of helpful columns from local experts. Available exclusively at:

NewsmagazineNetwork .com

The Kindest Conversation

See PROP E, page 19

ELECTION PREVIEW, from page 12

tribute some of my time to the community in which I live. My top priorities are: keep up Mike Sommer • Board member* with current educational needs in this changMy experience as a member of the Board ing world and direct programs toward future of Education and as a certified public accoun- needs to the best of my knowledge and judgtant has allowed FHSD to be successful when ment; support our current school administradifficult decisions have needed to be made. tion and staff; maintain a vibrant, productive My priorities include continuing to: ensure school system, while watching that taxpayer academic success with all student-based dollars are well spent. decisions; make responsible decisions when spending taxpayers’ money and make strate- William T. Lohmar • Trustee* gic choices for the well-being of the district; I have filed for re-election for the Board act in the belief that strong decision making of Trustees of St. Charles Community Colrequires analysis, the balancing of needs and lege because I want to continue the work concerns, and the ability to see the long-term of the previous board to make SCC a vital implication of all decisions and actions. and important place to the citizens of our area. SCC, through its Board of Trustees, Ralph C. Moore Sr. • Board Member has done an outstanding job of assuring My top priorities for the district are fiscal our residents a superior and affordable responsibility; to ensure that all of our chil- program of higher education. I believe dren, parents and stakeholders are treated in a the board has an ongoing obligation to fair and consistent manner; continue to make ensure that policies and procedures are sure children receive a quality education. financially and legally appropriate, that taxpayers’ money is spent wisely, and the ST. CHARLES COMMUNITY COLLEGE expenditures result in the finest academic, Arnie C. Dienoff • Trustee technical and community programs for I will ensure total accountability for every students of all ages. program, department and employee and will ensure transparency, questioning spending Pamela Sue Cilek • Trustee practices. Advocate for taxpayers and stuI am running for this office with the foldents of the district. Increase security. Ensure lowing three priorities, including finding that the results of the state audit will be fully ways for additional funding since both state corrected and implemented. Ensure that a fair and local funding has been cut in the last price and value is received from the potential five years for higher education; proposing sale of 4601 Mid Rivers Mall Drive property. and instituting new programs to address growing needs of the county; and achieve Robert R. Proost • Trustee* salary equity with St. Louis Community In my semi-retirement years, I want to con- College system to attract quality candidates.

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Two Sessions on Tuesday, April 15, 12 p.m. and 7 p.m. Complimentary hors d’oeuvres!

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Dardenne Prairie approves on-street parking spots on Hanley Road By AMANDA KEEFE The Dardenne Prairie Board of Aldermen approved a change order March 19 involving 19 on-street parking spots along a portion of Hanley Road. The city had planned to place 17 onstreet parking spots along Hanley – after the community expressed a need for more parking – but later recognized the need to accommodate community members with disabilities. The approved change order calls for an addition of two

Duckett Creek Sanitary District raises rate By AMY ARMOUR aarmour@newsmagazinenetwork For the first time since 2009, Duckett Creek Sanitary District has raised its rate in St. Charles County. On March 1, the $18.75 monthly rate for residents was raised to $21.75 to help compensate for declining revenues generated by connection fees. For commercial customers the monthly charge will increase from $2.63 to $3.05 per 1,000 gallons. “For years … St. Charles County was growing and growing and growing. We were receiving a lot of money from connection fees. For 33 years, the district did not raise rates because it did not need to,” said Chuck Gross, of the Duckett Creek Sanitary District. “But since about 2007, when the economy declined and the housing boom went down, our connection fee revenue dwindled to practically nothing.” The district is funded primarily by connection fees and quarterly rates. Gross said the combination of lower revenues and older systems in need of repair created the need for the rate increase. The funds generated from the increased rates will be used to proactively maintain and repair portions of the six sewer plants which service more than 39,000 households in the county. In 2009, the district raised residential rates from $15 to $18.75. At that time the rate had not been raised for 33 years. Even with the new rate increase, Duckett Creek is the second-lowest sanitary service provider in St. Charles County. The city of St. Peters has the lowest monthly rate of $20.53. “The district has operated very carefully and conservatively,” Gross said. “We try to be careful with customers’ money.” The district’s Board of Trustees expects that over the next five years normal operating expenses will increase to 3 percent per year from approximately 2.5 percent currently, with revenue increases projected around 1 percent annually.

accessible parking spots located in front of city hall, as well as the installation of a wheelchair ramp. The remaining spots will be located near the Route 364 corridor on Hanley. Originally, city officials budgeted $74,882.20 for the project, but the change order required an increase in project funds. “It put us over budget,” explained Mayor Pam Fogarty, addressing an additional $17,639.72 needed to accommodate project revisions. However, the city came in under budget

for a previous project – improving Shetland Court – and approved using leftover funds from that project to accommodate the Hanley Road improvements. “We came in very low on the Shetland Court project,” Fogarty said. The revised Hanley Road project rings in at $92,521.92. Though the project was approved, not every city official was on board. Building Inspector and Code Enforcement Officer Jeff Amelong said he felt the money would be better spent on the unfinished gravel

parking lot, now leased to the city and located outside city hall, which currently is not accessible. “We should put spaces out here in the lot first instead of by Hanley,” Amelong said at the March 19 meeting. “We need to focus on the lot we use all the time first.” Alderman Patrick Nasi (Ward 1) quickly nipped Amelong’s suggestion in the bud. “The money allocated (for the Hanley Road project) wouldn’t accommodate what you’re asking,” Nasi told Amelong. “It’s not like you can just switch it over.”

18 I 




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Lake Saint Louis, O’Fallon consider agreement on road improvements By BRIAN FLINCHPAUGH Lake Saint Louis and O’Fallon officials are exploring an intergovernmental agreement to make road improvements near a site where a Menards home improvement store was planned in 2012. Menards shelved plans for the store, just off the Hwy. N south outer road near Old Hwy. N and Sommer Road, but officials from both cities are continuing discussions regarding improvements on Hwy. N, including a roundabout and intersection improvements at Hwy. N and nearby Hawk Ridge Trail. Lake Saint Louis Assistant City Administrator Eric Sterman asked the city’s

PROP E, from page 15 of ambulances in service – from two to one – at a station near Feise and Bryan roads near the O’Fallon-Dardenne Prairie border, a staff reduction of 13 emergency medical technicians, and the end of the district’s “compassionate billing” program, which reduced fees for people in need for using an ambulance. Limpert said the program allowed the district to write off as much as half a transportation bill because residents paid taxes. Now, the district is billing patients for the amount not covered by insurance. The district receives about 55 percent of its revenues from user fees or insurance and about 45 percent from property taxes. According to district data, response time has risen, up more than a minute to as much as 13 minutes in some areas of the county. If voters approve the increase, Limpert said the district will have funding to address those concerns by reopening the Weiss Road station, filling 13 vacant EMT positions, looking at new locations for stations such as near highways Z and N, reinstating the compassionate billing program and upgrading equipment. Frequent district critic Arnie Dienoff filed a lawsuit seeking to revise the ballot language when Prop E appeared on the ballot last year. St. Charles County Circuit Judge Ted House agreed to rewrite that language, saying the tax increase’s original title, “Proposition Lifesavers,” and wording were “impermissibly biased.” The ballot measure was renamed Proposition E and simply asked voters if the ambulance board is authorized to impose the 11-cent tax. In January, the Missouri Court of Appeals Eastern District overturned that ruling, clearing the way for the district to write its own language. But the decision came too late for the district to use the original 2013 ballot language.

Board of Aldermen on March 17 to give city staff some guidance in discussions with O’Fallon. Much of the area along Hwy. N is in O’Fallon; however, portions of the area, where a parking lot would have been located, are in Lake Saint Louis as is 16 acres of outlying land. Sterman said one of the reasons Menards may have shelved plans was a reluctance to help pay for road improvements. O’Fallon, he said, is still interested in locating a “bigbox” store on the site. “They want to build these improvements

to attract development on their site,” Sterman said. Although much of the sales tax revenue from this location would go to O’Fallon because a store would be inside their city limits, the road improvements on sections of road in Lake Saint Louis might help encourage nearby development on outlying property and other areas in Lake Saint Louis and help deal with increasing traffic, Sterman said. O’Fallon has applied for a $400,000 grant that would cover half the cost to build the roundabout.

According to Sterman, O’Fallon officials have suggested Lake Saint Louis picking up $100,000 of the project if the grant is approved. Without the grant, both cities could split the cost, providing $200,000 each. City staff, however, recommended that the city’s contribution to the roundabout be “capped” at $25,000, because most of the property is in O’Fallon. The board opted to go along with that recommendation and to participate in the Hwy. N-Hawks Point Trail intersection improvement.

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5055 MO 5055Highway Highway NN •• Cottleville, Cottleville, MO blocks from from Francis Howell Central 22 blocks Central High High

Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Jeff Amelong 636-561-1718 ext 8

City Administrator Frank Schoneboom 636-755-5302

Parks & Recreation Bob Easley 636-755-5328

City Clerk/Treasurer Kim Clark 636-561-1718 ext 1

studying the issues so they can make an unbiased, educated decision which will benefit their ward and the City. Our Aldermen are often hard at work at each event the City hosts. On April 19th, you may see me and some of the Aldermen hiding Easter eggs! It takes very special individuals to serve as Aldermen and we have been so fortunate to have had the best of the best here in Dardenne Prairie. I encourage all Dardenne Prairie residents to get involved in our community. Come to the Board of Aldermen Meetings. The Board of Aldermen meet the first and third Wednesday of every month, at 5:30 for the workshop and 7:00 for the general meeting. See first hand what is happening in our City. Hear the facts, weigh our options, and form your own opinions. Join us and see the direction your elected officials are leading your City. If you approve, see what you can do to help us reach our goals. If you do not approve, let your Alderman know your concerns. Either way we need your participation. Think of all we can accomplish together. We also welcome our residents to volunteer for other commissions. We are currently in need of volunteers to join the Board of Adjustment. This commission does not hold regularly scheduled meetings but when they need to meet, we must rely on the members to attend and provide educated guidance.

Pam Fogarty

Our Parks and Rec department is always in need of people to help with events. Easy tasks, such as helping with set up and clean up, manning booths, calling bingo for our senior events---we do not need a lot of your time and we guarantee you will have a good time. Our volunteers have a lot of fun preparing for our events and their dedication is why our events are so successful. If you would like to volunteer with our Parks Department, contact Melissa at 636-755-5308 or Dardenne Prairie’s own Gladys Griesenauer was recently honored with a National Daughters of the American Revolution award. If you do not know Gladys by name, if you have ever been in DP City Hall, you know her work. Gladys is responsible for the many displays and pictures showcasing Dardenne Prairie’s history. I would like to send a special thank you to Sherri Beeman with “Everything Wine and Cigars”, Misty Hallisey with ”4 Quarters Timeless Vintage” and Sharon West with “WestInn Kennels” for their generous help with the St. Charles County Mayors Charity Ball. I look forward to seeing you all this spring and summer at the park.

Our Annual Easter Egg Hunt promises to be bigger and better than ever. Children under the age of 9 years old are invited to participate. Children are divided by age and will hunt at the scheduled times below. Children of all ages are welcome to have their picture taken with the Easter Bunny (bring your own camera), pick up a free tree seedling for Arbor Day, or learn about recycling, butterflies and more while visiting our Earth Day booths.

Are you too old for the Easter Egg Hunt but still looking for a fun way to kick off spring? Come by our Earth Day Festival to see which local businesses are making green a priority. Earth Day vendors will give you information on gardening, butterflies, saving energy, recycling and more.

Earth Day Festival and Arbor Day Celebration Saturday, April 19th 9 – 11 a.m. Dardenne Prairie City Hall Park 10 a.m. Egg Hunt Begins 9 – 11 a.m. Earth Day Festival 9:45 a.m. Arbor Day Essay Contest Winner Announced

competing in our Arbor Day Essay contest. We will be recognizing those students and announcing our winners at 9:45 a.m. during the festival.

Saturday, April 19th 10:00 a.m. Dardenne Prairie Athletic Fields

6th Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Is winter over yet? It’s time to quit hibernating and enjoy Spring! This certainly has been a long, hard winter and I think we are all ready for spring. April showers may bring May flowers but before the flowers – eggs, trees and butterflies! Come out to our Annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 19th to see how those three things go together. April is also election time. Dardenne Prairie voters will elect an Alderman for their perspective wards. Please take the time to learn all you can about each candidate and make an informed decision on Election Day. Alderman Patrick Nasi of Ward 1 has decided he will not be running for re-election. On behalf of the other Aldermen, the City Hall staff and the residents of Dardenne Prairie, I would like to thank Pat for his time and commitment to our City. We will miss you, Pat. You are leaving some big shoes to fill. Serving as Alderman is a tough job. The Aldermen do not just show up at meetings twice a month. They have to be available to speak to the residents, listen to their wants and needs and weigh that against the overall good of the City. They spend numerous hours researching and

Ages 0 – 2 10:00 a.m. Ages 3 – 4 10:15 a.m.

Like the City of Dardenne Prairie

A Message from the Mayor of Dardenne Prairie

2032 Hanley Road | Dardenne Prairie, MO 63368 | (636) 561-1718 |

Municipal Court 636-755-5333 *Drop box for court payments available at north end of City Hall


Mayor Pam Fogarty 636-755-5306


While you are here, visit the Arbor Day Booth and pick up your free tree seedling. Be sure to congratulate our area 4th graders for

Senior Events Book Swap Bingo Wednesday, April 30th 10:00 a.m. FREE – just bring in books you would like to trade

Picnic in the Park Friday, May 16th 11:00 a.m./Lunch served at 11:30 $4 resident/$5 non-resident

Must RSVP to attend the events! Melissa (636)755-5308 or

roots program is designed to provide youngsters with an opportunity to compete free of charge, in a competition that recognizes individual excellence in core baseball/softball skills. Boys and girls are divided into four age divisions: 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14, and will participate in 3 separate skills competitions: PITCHING – throwing strikes at a designated target, HITTING – hitting from a stationary tee for distance and accuracy, and RUNNING – sprinting from 2nd base to Home for time.

The individual Pitching, Hitting and Running Champions, along with the All-Around Champion in each age and gender group at the Local Competition will be awarded and advance to the Sectional Level of Competition. Winners at the Sectional Level will have the chance to advance to the Team Championship at their nearest Major League ballpark and the National Finals at the 2014 MLB™ All-Star Game®. All participants must bring a copy of their birth certificate and have their parent or guard-

ian fill out a registration/waiver form prior to the start of the competition. Advanced registrations for the event are accepted and encouraged. For questions concerning the competition, please contact your Local Coordinator, Melissa Nordmann at (636)755-5308 or e-mail,

Board Workshop: 5:30 PM 1st & 3rd Wed. of the month

MEETING TIMES Planning & Zoning 7:00 PM 2nd Wednesday of the month

Municipal Court 6:30 PM 4th Wednesday of the month

This class offered by Children’s hospital will help parents and children determine the child’s readiness--physically, mentally, socially and emotionally--to stay home by themselves and help prepare them for this experience. Course includes three workbooks. Please call (314)454-KIDS (5437) to register

Board of Aldermen: 7:00 PM 1st & 3rd Wed. of the month

Ameren Missouri Call: 1-800-552-7583, Press “2”, then press “4”, you will be connected with a “Customer Care Advisor”

Cuivre River Call: 636-695-4700, Press “8” then press “4”, then you will speak with employee of Cuivre River OR 636-695-4700 extension 220 and speak with Ronda

All meetings will be held at Dardenne Prairie City Hall

The winter has taken a toll on our streets. If you notice a pothole in your neighborhood or on a Dardenne Prairie street please call 636-978-6008. Leave a description of the issue and the location, please. Staying Home Alone Class

If you would like to report a street light outage in your neighborhood, please note the number on the light and/or the address where the light is located. You will call either Ameren Missouri or Cuivre River Electric cooperative, depending on which covers your neighborhood.

Saturday, June 7, 2014 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Dardenne Prairie City Hall $25/family All of your submissions will be considered in determining the final selection for the DP Business of the month. We may even print your story. The next highlighted business could be chosen because of you!

Perhaps you’ve received exceptional service, or purchased a remarkable product. You may have tasted one of the most delicious dishes, or maybe you just like the atmosphere of an establishment. If this is the case and you would like to praise such fine efforts, let us know by emailing a description of your experience to

Dardenne Prairie has some amazing businesses! We would like to spread the word on just how great they are and we need your help. Every month our website,, will highlight one of these businesses, based on the input we receive from you.

Dardenne Prairie: A great place to live and…SHOP!

The City of Dardenne Prairie and the Dardenne Athletic Association will host a free Major League Baseball® Pitch, Hit & Run™ Competition for area youth. Pitch, Hit & Run™ is the official skills competition of Major League Baseball®. This grass-

Friday, April 11, 2014 6:00 p.m. Dardenne Athletic Association Fields (next to Dardenne Prairie City Hall)

Major League Baseball® Pitch, Hit & Run Competition

Lunch and Games Friday, April 11th Lunch served at 11:30 a.m. $4 residents/$5 non-residents


Are you a Dardenne Prairie senior looking for fun close to home? Give Melissa a call at (636)755-5308 to add your name to the mailing list for senior events.

Ages 5 – 6 10:30 a.m. Ages 7 –9 10:45 a.m.




White Pine

Norway Spruce

Red Pine Serbian Spruce

We Deliver & Plant

Bu llet i n Boa rd Do you know an A+ teacher? Do you know a teacher who has made a positive difference in the lives of many students or made all the difference in the life of a single student? Maybe you are a student or the parent of a student whose teacher consistently goes the extra mile to make learning meaningful, effective, interesting and enjoyable. If so, you know a teacher who is an ideal candidate for the Mid Rivers Newsmagazine Teacher of the Year award – and we would like to hear from you. Created to recognize excellence in education, the Teacher of the Year award is presented annually to one area teacher who has made a positive difference in the life of a student in the community, young or old. Eligible teachers include preschool, elementary school, high school and college/university teachers in the Mid Rivers Newsmagazine/St. Charles County mailing area. Nominations are open to educators at both public and private schools. Nominating a teacher for the award is easy. Simply explain in 200 or fewer words why you believe a teacher should be recognized as the St. Charles County Teacher of the Year and submit your nomination online at no later than Monday, May 5. Submissions should outline specific experiences or special qualities that make the nominee an outstanding teacher. Entries will be reviewed by a panel of judges representing the Teacher of the Year program sponsors, which in addition to Mid Rivers Newsmagazine include Capp’s Restaurant, Image Eye Care-Weldon Spring and Pulaski Bank-O’Fallon. The winning teacher will receive a prize package that includes a new iPad along with special recognition in a future issue of Mid Rivers Newsmagazine. Help us applaud a deserving teacher, and submit your nomination by May 5. All entries will become the property of Mid Rivers Newsmagazine.

Students honored for achievement Francis Howell High student Rebecca Rodell, Francis Howell North High student Aiza Bustos and St. Dominic High student Claire R. were among 47 high school juniors honored at the annual Distinguished Achievement Awards for Science Excellence dinner presented by the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

Students take top prizes in national competition Four Fort Zumwalt West Middle students took top prizes in a national competition sponsored by the Media and Literacy Project in New Mexico for students in

grades six through 12. “Two contests required students to find advertisements that are misleading, irresponsible, inappropriate or untrue and expose the unacceptable underlying messages of the ads either by composing an essay or creating an artistic parody of the ads,” teacher Andrea Wurm said. Seventh-grader Shawn Davenport was the $100 first place overall winner of the “Counter Ad Contest” for his parody of a Kool-Aid ad. Eighth-grader Siddharth Balaji was the first runner-up for his parody ad of Oscar Meyer’s Lunchables. Seventh-grader Anthony Ferrante was the second runner-up for his parody of a Citibank credit card ad. Seventh-grader Kavya Alagendran was the first runner-up of the “Bad Ad Essay Con-

Red Sunset Maple October Glory Maple Sugar Maple Bald Cypress River Birch Japanese Maple Weeping Willow

Burgundy Belle Maple Pin Oak Tulip & More

test” for her essay on a Splenda sweetener ad. “I am so proud of these students and their hard work. They were required to conduct research, learn industry-specific terminology, analyze media to uncover and interpret hidden messages, then use insight and creativity to convey their assessment of the values being portrayed,” Wurm said. Each of the three runners-up won $50. All of the students’ work will be featured on the foundation’s website.

Top scholars Six seniors from the Francis Howell School District and four students from the Fort Zumwalt School District have been selected for recognition as part of the Missouri Scholars 100, a statewide program that honors 100 of Missouri’s top academic students in the 2014 graduating class. The selection is based primarily on a formula using the student’s grade point average and ACT or SAT score. Each student nominated had to first meet the criteria of an “Academic Decathlon,” to assure the academic strength of the student. To meet the decathlon requirements, the student must have a minimum GPA of 3.75, a minimum ACT score of 29 or a minimum SAT score of 1,900, be ranked in the upper 10 percent of the class, and have taken upper level courses in mathematics, science, English and foreign language. The student must also have excellent attendance, be an exemplary school citizen and be involved in the school activity program. FHSD students recognized include Eric Lee, of Francis Howell High; Melissa Albers and Erica Swanson, of Francis Howell Central; and Matt Schneider and Courtney Vishy, of Francis Howell North. Nathan Rickard, of Francis Howell High, received an honorable mention. FZSD students recognized are Fort Zumwalt South seniors Sam Wang and Thomas Cassimatis and Fort Zumwalt East seniors Kevin Yin and Zach Walters

Finalists named in ‘Picture the Music’ contest Thirteen students from the Fort Zumwalt School District placed in the top 100 spots for the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra Volunteer Association’s Picture the Music contest, with OPEN 7 DAYS I-70 S. SERVICE RD.





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Livi Bonsack winning the Maestro Award for her work “The Explosion of Matisse.” Artwork of the top 100 students will comprise a traveling art show. After the tour, Bonsack’s work will hang in Powell Hall until next year’s winners are chosen. A picture of her artwork also will be included in promotional materials for the next competition.

Recognized as a ‘consummate professional’ Jack Ameis, associate principal at Francis Howell North High, was recently selected as the recipient of the Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP) Consummate Professional Award. He received the award during a surprise visit by the MASSP Award Patrol on March 13. The award recognizes a practicing administrator who makes contributions to school and community; demonstrates leadership in improving student achievement; demonstrates leadership to principals and MASSP; ensures the school climate is positive and reflects high staff and student morale; is respected by students, colleagues, parents and the community at large; and serves as a mentor to other administrators. The award includes a $500 scholarship to be presented to a student in the recipient’s school. Ameis was nominated for this award by his peers and chosen to receive it by a MASSP committee. This is the first time that an administrator from Francis Howell North has received this award.

Summer program announced Freshmen entering St. Dominic High have the chance to get a jump start on success with The Freshman Edge, a twoweek summer program designed to prepare incoming freshmen for high school life. The program will be held from June 23-July 3 at the high school and consists of four courses, including Foundations of Algebra, Exploration in Science, the Write Stuff and High School Study Skills. The courses are designed to help students sharpen academic skills and strengthen content knowledge in the core curriculum areas. The cost is $250 per student and registration is required by May 16. For more information, call 240-8303, ext. 143.

FREE ADMISSION and FREE PARKING! The Home Show is the place to see, learn about and buy the latest home products and services from more than 250 companies in one day, in one place.

April 4‐6

St. Charles Convention Center Joe Washington, original host of HGTV’s Ground Breakers, presents seminars about smart gardening practices and creating fantastic outdoor living spaces on a budget. Enjoy tasty free samples from Missouri sausage producers and wineries. Participate in hands‐on floral design seminars by the experts!

Tour both levels of the Convention Center for the best of everything for your home. Show Hours Friday & Saturday 11 am ‐ 8 pm Sunday 11 am ‐ 5 pm

Directions I‐70 to Fifth St. exit south. Right onto Veterans Memorial Pkwy.

Convenient FREE Parking & FREE Admission For more information visit Sponsored by

Shop a wide variety of products at the Spa, Swim Spa and Sauna Super Sale, Sponsored by SPAS AND MORE! Produced by

Bring the kids for fun comedy magic shows by local magician Chris Carpunky.

Register to win a stone fire pit kit and paver patio package! $1,000 value. Restrictions apply.

Courtesy of Belgard Hardscapes and Lawn & Landscape Solutions.




8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Daily | Special Holiday Hours On-site X-ray & Lab | No Appointment Necessary 314.205.6200

Weldon Spring


1051 Wolfrum Crossing Hwy 94 at Wolfrum Road Weldon Spring, MO 63304

5551 WingHaven Boulevard 1/2 mile north of Highway 40/I-64 O’Fallon, MO 63368

WingHaven® is a registered trademark of WingHaven Master Association.

Healt h Capsu les or in arms or legs could signal a stroke, but fewer than half knew the following warning signs: trouble speaking or garbled speech (44 percent); sudden severe headache (23 percent); unexplained dizziness (20 percent); and sudden vision loss (18 percent).

MyPlate on Pinterest

Too much stress could decrease a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant, but relaxation techniques might help, researchers found.

Stress linked to infertility Too much stress could impact a woman’s ability to become pregnant, a recent study suggested. Researchers at Ohio State University (OSU) found that women with high levels of the enzyme alpha-amylase, an indicator of stress measured in saliva, were nearly 30 percent less likely to become pregnant each month and more than twice as likely to meet the clinical definition of infertility, compared to women with normal levels of the enzyme. According to Courtney Denning-Johnson Lynch, director of reproductive epidemiology at OSU’s Wexner Medical Center, the latest study is the second to show that women with high levels of the stress biomarker have a reduced chance of becoming pregnant. Research should encourage women having trouble conceiving to consider trying to reduce their stress, perhaps with yoga, meditation and mindfulness, Lynch said.

Women unaware of stroke signs A phone survey of more than 1,200 women in the U.S. revealed that most women are unfamiliar with stroke warning signs. About half of women surveyed by the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association knew that sudden weakness or numbness on one side of the face

The Partnership for a Healthier America, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s MyPlate, Let’s Move! and some of the nation’s top recipe creators have teamed up on Pinterest to offer hundreds of healthy recipes. At press time, the MyPlate Recipes Pinterest page features 32 boards and includes healthy recipes for casseroles, grilled foods, sandwiches, kid-friendly meals, pasta dinners, no-cook dinners, salads, slow cooker meals, summer party foods and more. To check it out, visit MyPlateRecipes.

Missouri youth health challenge Missouri middle school students are eligible for a statewide contest challenging them to share why it is important for kids their age to eat healthy foods and be physically active. The Missouri Council for Activity and Nutrition (MoCAN) and University of Missouri Extension have teamed up to sponsor the statewide MoCAN Youth Media Contest. Missouri students aged 11-14 are invited to share their perspectives on healthy eating and physical activity for Missouri youth by coming up with a catchy slogan and creating either a poster or short video. A team of health and media professionals and other young people will review contest entries. Winners will receive gift cards of $500 for first place, $300 for second place and $100 for third place, plus prizes in the same amounts for winning students’ schools. The deadline to enter the contest is 11:59 p.m. on Friday, April 25, and winners will be notified in early May. For more information on the contest and a link to an online entry form, visit mocan/YouthMediaContest.

Donna Mehrle, MU Extension nutrition and physiology associate, said the contest is especially important because 31 percent of Missouri adolescents are overweight or obese, according to the Missouri Foundation for Health.

New heart failure symptom People with advanced heart failure who become short of breath when bending over to tie their shoes might need to have their medications adjusted. Cardiologists at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas found that some cardiac catheterization patients experienced shortness of breath because of a condition the doctors named “bendopnea.” “We discovered that patients with bendopnea had too much fluid in their bodies, causing elevated pressures, and when they bent forward, these pressures increased even more,” said Dr. Jennifer Thibodeau, lead author of the study. Thibodeau noted that bendopnea is not a risk factor for heart failure but is a symptom that a heart failure patient is becoming sicker and may need a change in treatment. She said patients experiencing the condition should speak with a health care professional.

Obesity and ADHD Many children with attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have a higher than average risk of becoming obese – not from ADHD itself but from taking a stimulant to manage the symptoms. For a study published in the April issue of Pediatrics, researchers analyzed health records of more than 160,000 children age 3-18, looking specifically at body mass index (BMI) in relation to ADHD diagnosis, age when first using stimulants and duration of stimulant use. Compared to children without ADHD, children with ADHD who were not treated with a stimulant had faster BMI growth. On the other hand, kids who took stimulants for ADHD had slower BMI growth in early childhood but later in life had BMIs higher than those without ADHD or past stimulant use. Kids who started stimulants at a young age and used them the longest had the biggest rebound in BMI. As a result of the study, the American


Academy of Pediatrics noted that doctors should be aware of the link between obesity and taking stimulants for ADHD.

Five-second rule proves real It appears there is substance to the rule about the safety of eating food that has been on the floor for no more than five seconds. Biologists at Aston University in the U.K. put the five-second rule to the test by monitoring the transfer of bacteria to various foods left on carpet, laminate and tiled surfaces for periods of three to 30 seconds. Results showed that time was a significant factor in the transfer of bacteria to food; bacteria was least likely to transfer from carpet and was most likely to transfer to moist foods making contact for more than five seconds with tile or laminate. “Consuming food dropped on the floor still carries an infection risk, as it very much depends on which bacteria are present on the floor at the time; however, the findings of this study will bring some light relief to those have been employing the five-second rule for years, despite a general consensus that it is purely a myth,” said Anthony Hilton, professor of microbiology at Aston. “We have found evidence that transfer from indoor flooring surfaces is incredibly poor, with carpet actually posing the lowest risk of bacterial transfer onto dropped food.” The researchers also conducted a survey and found that 87 percent of respondents were OK with eating food dropped on the floor.

On the calendar A free caregiver class for those caring for a loved one who is ill or aging at home is held from 1:30-3 p.m. on the first Thursday of each month at Middendorf-Kredell Library, 2750 Hwy. K in O’Fallon. For more information, call 916-9830. ••• “Questions about Colon Care?” is from noon-1 p.m. on Friday, March 28 at BarnesJewish St. Peters Hospital, 10 Hospital Drive. Dr. Lawrence Tierney, a gastroenterologist, provides expert information during a lunch-and-learn program. The fee is $5 per person and includes lunch. Registration is required. Call 928-9355, or visit



 I 25

Are you a woman suffering from

Are you a woman suffering from



Let our family take care of your family's heating and cooling needs.

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FREE Seminar will reveal the likely reasons Lic.# M5810B you still suffer with thyroid symptoms Call for Special Financing Promotions! despite thyroid hormone FREE Seminar will revealtherapy the likely reasons you still suffer with 0% APR for 36 months* testthyroid results. Qualifying Equipment thyroid symptoms despite hormone therapy and normal test*On results. yand p normal

Askfatigue, About irregular the Utilityand Companies Throughout life, Ispent have spent significant effort dealing with the following issues: Throughout my life, my I have significant timetime andand effort heavy periods (leading to lengthy, fertility children), severe sinus dealing with the following issues: fatigue,in-depth irregular andtreatments when trying to have Special Promotions and Rebates! headaches and allergies, being too hot or toofertility cold, and gaining hard-to-lose weight. Without exception, even heavy periods (leading to lengthy, in-depth when requesting thyroid tests or alternative treatments, my doctors told me I was in some range of normal (even treatments when trying to have children), severe sinus being told I was “normal for being abnormal”) and simply advised me to eat less, move more, and be on my way. headaches and allergies, being too hot or too cold, and Consulting with Dr. Shields, doing the in-depth health analysis, and submitting blood work for his requested profiles gaining hard-to-lose weight. Without exception, even when revealed I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis on top of significant food allergies. Discovering for the first time there$500 was Tax Credit is back! Federal tax credit on qualifying high efficiency complete systems requesting tests or chemical alternative treatments, my doctors a thyroid biological and basis for my “normalcy” was incredibly relieving. Following the program’s schedule of $650 Ameren, MO Rebate! told me Isupplements was in some range of only normal beingfoods told that I and diet not had (even me avoiding were attacking me, the result has been a rebalancing Electric Co. high efficiency max rebate available on qualifying systems was “normal beingand abnormal”) simply advised me in my life that I was in control of my health. Within the first few weeks of of myfor systems the feeling and for the first time $225 LacledeTRANE Gas back!REBATES ARE HERE!! the program, myand periods lighter and regular and have remained so. Headaches, allergies, temperature to eat less, move more, be became on my way. Consulting with Gas Co. high efficiency max rebate available on qualifying systems 0% APR, and cravings things and of the past. My energy and outlook are up, and I lost 50 pounds$1375 in the Dr. Olivia, imbalances, doing the in-depth healthare analysis, submitting TOTAL Potential Savings! 48 equal monthly payments required process. This program has given me a whole new outlook on life and a firm foundation for keeping things improving. Limited time offer while funds last. Hurry Fast! blood work for her requested profiles revealed I have – Chris Chalmers Before After OR Trade-In Allowance: Hashimoto’s thyroiditis on top of significant food allergies. 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Without exception, even Ask us about any other Repair available (Not applicable for Diagnostic Only) not only had me avoiding foods that were attacking • Life-altering fatigue Insomnia • me, Hot the flashes when requesting thyroid•tests or alternative treatments, my doctors told me I was in some range • ofHeart normalpalpitations (even Not Valid with Offer any otherexpires offers Offer Expires 07/31/13 5/31/14. Visit us on Facebook result has been a rebalancing of my systems and the feeling being told I was “normal•for being abnormal”) and simply advised mefog to eat less, move more, and•be on my way. • Depression Hair loss • Brain Irrational moods for the first time in my life that I was in control of my health. 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Are you a woman suffering from



FREE Seminar will reveal the likely reasons you still suffer with thyroid symptoms despite thyroid hormone therapy and normal test results. y p

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Date: Wednesdays 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and continue to suffer from: Saturdays 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Great Jobs At A

248-697-2044 • Continual weight gain upon age, • Constipation Your resultsTake may vary depending $ oragain… go online at the first step toward becoming YOU ,000 • Life-altering fatigue • Hot flashes Please RSVP, registration is required. Call orJgo compliance, condition and other factors. $4additional Overyou. for dates. obonline Anyjust by reserving•your seat for this event that has changed the lives of so many women like Depression • Brain fog R O andloss seating is strictly limited. Driveways • Patios • Pool Decks • AnxietyReservations are required • Memory $ Room Additions • Foundations • Insomnia • Heart palpitations $7,000 Over ad b . Any Jo Location: Americenters Executive Office Suites t • Hair loss • Irrational moods en es pr Stamped • Exposed Aggregate Must

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Retaining Walls • Acid Stains

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by reserving your seat for this event Presented that has by Dr. Josh Shields D.C. C.F.M.P. 39111 Sixchanged Mile Road-Suite 160of so many women just likeToyou. register call us at the lives Livonia, MI 48152 Reservations are required and seating is strictly248-697-2044 limited.

Your results may vary depending upon age, compliance, condition and other factors.


Location: Date:

or go online at

Please RSVP, registration is required. Call or go online for additional dates.

111 O’Fallon Commons Dr. April 10th, 6:15 p.m. - 7:15 p.m. and May 10th, 10:15 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.

Call Now to Be First on the Schedule and for “Early Bird” Specials

To register call us at


or go online at

Please RSVP, registration is required. Call or go online for additional dates.

The Wellness Connection 111 O’Fallon Commons Dr. O’Fallon MO 63368

Your results may vary depending upon age, compliance, condition and other factors.


Fo l l a


Estimate! E E FR

636-795-2865 636-345-3554 Residential/Commercial Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Locally Owned And Operated Since 1956!


Summer Art Camps

A snapshot of summer camp

Ages 4 - 18

Cartooning Drawing Painting Pottery Sculpture Stop Animation

Next Issue:

May 7

June - August

One Week, Half Day Camps

call 636.591.0010 to advertise

Register Today! 636-519-1955 444 Chesterfield Center

MRNSummerCampsAd2014_Layout 1 2/27/14 9:35 AM Page 1

2014 St. Peters


Soccer • Flag Football • Basketball • Baseball Volleyball • Rink Rats Hockey • Figure Skating

Rec-Plex Activities Camp

Including Swimming, Ice Skating, Gymnasium & Field Trips



Summer camp is an American tradition that has endured since 1861. Many camp traditions have stood the test of time, but over the years, new programming, practices and trends have emerged, which helps explain why summer camp has appealed to generations of young people. The following data from the American Camp Association (ACA) reflects current trends at ACA-accredited camps, which number more than about 2,400 nationwide: • More than four in 10 camps offer family sessions. • Almost half (47 percent) of camps offer specialized programs for individuals with disabilities. • Nearly half (47 percent) of camps are primarily overnight camps, 28 percent are primarily day camps, and 26 percent offer both day and overnight camp programs. • More than 80 percent of camps offer coed programs, 17 percent offer femaleonly programs, and 10 percent offer maleonly programs. • From 2002-2013, the number of ACA day camps increased by 69 percent, and the number of resident (overnight) camps increased by 21 percent. • Females comprise nearly 60 percent of total camp enrollment, according to the

ACA National Outcomes Study. • Camps offer a variety of programming, including recreational swimming (87 percent), camping skills (67 percent), climbing/rappelling (48 percent), horseback riding (38 percent), teambuilding (78 percent), community service (47 percent), farming/ranching and gardening (23 percent), and wilderness trips (28 percent). • The top five camp activities are recreational swimming, arts/crafts, challenge/ ropes, archery, and aquatic activities. • In the past two years, camps have added programs such as adventure camps/programs (40.7 percent), family camps/programs (35.2 percent), nature/environmental education programs (31 percent), and gardening programs (28.3 percent), according to a 2013 ACA survey. Also new are programs in college planning; health, wellness and fitness; service learning/community service; and cooking with food from the camp’s garden. • More than half of ACA-accredited camps offer ropes course activities or have other constructed adventure/challenge facilities. • Nearly half of camps have community service or good deed programs, such as community clean-ups, food drives, recycling programs and volunteering with senior citizens and hospital patients. • Two in five residential camps in 2011 reported relationships with schools or school curricula. New partnerships with school systems are emerging as a way to help children retain learning over the summer. • Technology remains absent from most ACA summer camps, with 74 percent of camps not allowing campers to use personal electronic devices at any time. For camper-parent communication, 84 percent of camps use handwritten correspondence in the form of letters or postcards.

NOW ENROLLING! Sts. Joachim and Ann Catholic School is proud to announce the opening of a Junior Kindergarten for 4-year olds in the 2014-15 school year. Now enrolling for Jr. Kdg (age 4) thru Gr. 8!

Cultural Arts Centre Camps

Drawing • Painting • Sculpture • Mixed Media Theater • Fencing

636.939.2386 •

4110 McClay Road | St. Charles, MO 63304 (636) 441-4835




Lou Fusz Soccer Club


Camp reading for grown-ups Parents who are hesitant about sending their children to overnight camp will find that child psychologist Michael Thompson makes a strong argument for camp in “Homesick and Happy” (Random House, May 2012). Thompson, author of the New York Times bestseller “Raising Cain,” uses his latest book to promote the benefits kids reap when they are allowed to spend even a week away from home. He contends that the things camp provides – electronics-free living, meaningful daily rituals, daring adventures and new friendships – are character-building and allow children to experience major developmental milestones. When they return from camp, Thompson asserts, children are more independent, stronger and healthier than when they left home.

In 1961, when Thomas Adler was a little boy growing up in St. Joseph, Mo., his parents broke the news that they were sending him off to a boys’ summer camp in Wisconsin for eight weeks. On his first day at camp, Adler was picked on, wound up with a face full of pudding and wanted nothing more than to go home. Things took a turn for the better, though, and he later became a camp counselor and wound up owning his own camp. In “Campingly Yours” (Five Star Publications, Inc., Jan. 2009), Adler captures the intricacies of summer camp from the viewpoints of campers, camp counselors and camp directors. Ultimately, he illustrates how a successful camp experience is about more than being a happy camper; it is about learning to get along with all sorts of people in all sorts of situations.

Youth Camp Weeks Boys & Girls Ages 5 - 14

June 16 - 20 July 14 - 18 • August 4 - 8

High School Camp Weeks Boys & Girls Ages 13 - 18

Experience The New Artificial Turf

July 14 - July 18


June 2 - 6 • July 28 - August 1

Youth Camp Weeks - Boys & Girls Ages 5-14

9 - 11:45 am ($125) or 9-3 pm ($250)

ALL CAMPERS RECEIVE A T-SHIRT MEALS: Lunch provided at “All Day Camps” Only.

O'FALLON SPORTS PARK - 3589 Hwy. K Ca ini-



Summer Mini-Camps ages 5-14


June 23 - 26 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm July 7 - 10 9:00 am - 11:00 am Mini-Camps Available for $80 • Visit website for locations & details 314-628-9341

Spring Training Program starting April 6th

register today!

Find Friends, Fulfillment & Fun at Y Summer Day Camp!


2014 CAMPS! M u lti-Age Cam ps | M o n day - Fri day > Available for grades 1–3 & 4–9

All Media Camp | June 16 - 20 • Sculpture Camp | June 23 - 27 Drawing & Painting Camp | July 14 - 18 •Performing Arts Camp | July 21 - 25

Pre-K Camps | Tuesday - Friday > Available for kids age 3–6

Find Friends, Fulfillment & Fun at Y Summer Day Camp! For more information: • 636-379-0092 • 636-928-1928

Petite Picassoʼs: Beginning Art-Making | June 10 - 13 | July 29 - August 1 Shooting Starz: Beginning Acting & Art | July 8 - 11

For more information, prices or to register, please visit our website... or contact us at 636-255-0270

520 North Main Center | Saint Charles, Missouri 63301





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PROGRAM PROGRAM RESULTS, make Sylvan RESULTS, make Sylvan FREE TEST withACT/SAT part of your child’s PERSONALIZED $95 off any SUMMER SCHEDULE! Chesterfield SUMMER SCHEDULE! Valley Ballwin/Manchester FREE ACT/SAT FREE ACT/SAT part of your child’s part of your child’s LEARNING with proven TEST with TUTORING Analysis! 636-394-3104READING 636-537-8118 SUMMER •SCHEDULE! Enrichment PROGRAM TEST TEST with RESULTS, make Sylvan * Enrichment READING Offer validAnalysis! at listed with SUMMER SCHEDULE! SUMMER SCHEDULE! FREE ACT/SAT Washington Eureka/Wildwood part your child’s Analysis! •MATH & ALGEBRA Analysis! Enrichment READING locations only. Not Offer &ofALGEBRA withvalid at listed 3TEST 90-9211 636-587-2525 * *MATH Enrichment READING 636.combined * Enrichment READING SUMMER SCHEDULE! Offer valid Offer valid listedat listed withatother Analysis! locations only. Not • STUDY SKILLS MATH & ALGEBRA *ALGEBRA Enrichment READING locations only. Not only. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Startlocations now. EXP *STUDY offers. 4/30/14Not *MATH &SKILLS ALGEBRA *MATH & combined with other combined with other combined with other *MATH & ALGEBRA • WRITING SYLVANLEARNING.COM STUDY SKILLS EXP * WRITING *STUDY SKILLS *STUDY SKILLS offers. EXP 4/30/14 4/30/14 offers.offers. EXP 4/30/14 *STUDY SKILLS College Prep & more! *•WRITING * WRITING *WRITING WRITING * College Prep & more! * College Prep & more! * College Prep & more! *College College Prep &&more! Prep more! Chesterfield Valley Ballwin/Manchester

Offer valid at listed locations only. Not combined with other offers. EXP 4/30/14

Ballwin/Manchester 636-394-3104

636-394-3104 St Peters St Peters Ballwin/Manchester

Chesterfield Valley 636-537-8118

636-537-8118 Chesterfield Valley Chesterfield ValleyValley Chesterfield


Eureka/Wildwood 636-441-1212 636-441-1212 636-587-2525 636-394-3104

636-537-8118 636-537-8118 3636-537-8118 90-9211

636-887-0885 636-887-0885 Eureka/Wildwood

Washington Don’t wait until it’s too Start now.

Wentzville Wentzville

Washington Washington 636.3Washington 90-9211 636-587-2525 Eureka/Wildwood SYLVANLEARNING.COM

Dos and don’ts of camp correspondence

636.390-9211 636.390-9211

636-587-2525 Don’t wait until it’s too late. Start 636. now. 390-9211 Don’t wait late. Start now. Don’t wait until it’suntil too it’s late.too Start now.



Join Tennis Professional Craig Tidwell

this summer for a nine week tennis class. The classes are given at Francis Howell Central High School. • Classes geared towards beginner and intermediate level players. • Both adult and junior classes are offered. • Excellent student to teacher ratio. • Fun and positive learning environment. • Affordable pricing/No costly membership fees

Go to: to learn more details and sign up.


The Tidwell Tennis Academy

One reason parents send their kids to summer camp is to help them gain a sense of independence, but camp also gives families a chance to remind their children how much they are loved at home. The American Camp Association (ACA) offers these tips for keeping in touch with campers: • For young campers, mail a note or postcard to the camp in advance so there will be a message from home when the child arrives. This will assure the child that her family is thinking about her and provides parents with an opportunity to express enthusiasm for the camp’s activities. • Discuss camp communication options with camp directors prior to the start of camp. Some camps allow families to check in with campers via their websites. Parents may have the option of sending an email that camp staff

will print and deliver with the regular mail. • Consider sending the child a care package. Before shipping, be sure to check with the camp director to find out what the camp’s policies are regarding what items may or may not be included. • Avoid mentioning how much parents, siblings, families or family pets miss the camper. What families intend as an “I love you” message might cause the camper unnecessary worry about family and could even prompt homesickness. Camp also gives children the opportunity to practice their writing skills – something that often does not occur during summer break – so parents may want to encourage campers to drop them a letter or postcard. To make it easy, tuck some pre-addressed, pre-stamped postcards or envelopes in the camper’s suitcase.


GROWING GREAT KIDS Summer Camp 2014 YMCA Camp Lakewood

April 13 April 27 May 4

Y Members receive a $45 discount on session fees!

YMCA Camp Lakewood is a traditional, overnight camp for boys and girls ages 6-17, located 75 miles south of St. Louis between Potosi and Steelville, Missouri. 1-888-FUN-YMCA

Find us online!


For more information or to register visit us online.



AREA PUBLIC GOLF COURSE GUIDE Besides being home to many private country clubs featuring fabulous golf courses, St. Charles County and the surrounding area offer some great public courses, giving players of varying abilities the opportunity to enjoy challenging play for a small or moderate fee:




The Falls Golf Club

1170 Turtle Creek Drive O’Fallon, MO 63366 636-240-4653 The 18-hole, par-71 championship course has hosted PGA, MGA and USGA tournaments. The course features zoysia fairways and bentgrass greens; the practice range has a 2.5-acre grass tee area, short game area, sand bunker and putting green.



The Golf Club of Wentzville

#9 Pro Shop Drive Wentzville, MO 63385 800-332-0121 Boasting “a well designed layout makes the game fun for everyone,” 18-hole, par-71championship course vides a pleasurable golf experience for and high-handicappers alike.

plus many more!

A 23-acre lake provides beauty and adds to the challenge at St. Peters Golf Course.

that the prolow-

Landings at Spirit Golf Club

180 N. Eatherton Road Chesterfield, MO 63005 636-728-1927 Set between Wildhorse Creek Road and the Spirit of St. Louis Airport, Landings at Spirit is an 18-hole, championship course with links-style fairways and double greens. The course was designed to challenge highly skilled players, but five sets of tees make it playable for golfers of all skill levels.

The Links at Dardenne

7000 Brassel Drive O’Fallon, MO 63368 800-978-5709 The 18-hole, links-style course offers scenic views, expansive fairways and mani-

cured, bentgrass greens. A full-service clubhouse for casual dining or formal events lends a private club ambience.

Missouri Bluffs Golf Club

18 Research Park Circle St. Charles, MO 63304 800-939-6760 Missouri Bluffs holds the distinction of being the only golf course in the St. Louis area designed by legendary golf architect Tom Fazio and is regarded as one of the best championship courses in Missouri.

St. Peters Golf Course

200 Salt Lick Road St. Peters, MO 63376 636-397-2227 The 18-hole, par 70 municipal course features a 23-acre lake that provides a scenic backdrop and a challenging obstacle on holes 1, 2 and 18. Memberships, leagues, tournament services and banquet facilities are available.



1 DYE CLUB DR 636 980-2092


SATURDAY 5/3 - 10am - 3pm SUNDAY 5/4 -1 10am - 3pm MRNGolfGuide4.13_Layout 3/24/14 11:40 AM Page 1


St. Peters Golf Course

Golf Leagues & Senior Scramble

Spring is in the air, and so are the golf balls! Register now for league play at St. Peters Golf Course. Men’s PM League: Thursday evenings • April 17-Aug. 28 • 4-5:30 p.m. tee times Ladies AM League: Wednesday mornings • April 2-Sept. 24 • 8-9 a.m. tee times Ladies PM League: Tuesday evenings • April 15-Aug. 26 • 5-5:30 p.m. tee times Senior Scramble: Ages 55+ • 7:30 a.m. Shotgun start • Thursdays year round Junior Leagues: Ages 7-17 • Wednesdays • June 4-July 30 • 636.397.2227





Colorectal cancer – commonly called colon cancer – is particularly preventable because of its slow growth from a precancerCALL TO SCHEDULE YOUR DAY GROUP! ous polyp, which can be detected with coloEnjoy fishing, mini-golf, hiking, paddle noscopy and easily removed, to an invasive boats, pontoon rides, bingo and much cancer. Screening also enables doctors to more. For only $20 per person you can detect existing cancers in their early, more enjoy an entire day of activities and a treatable stages. As a result, colonoscopy delicious lunch. Minimum of 5 participants prevents death from colon cancer both by required, and shuttles are available. decreasing the incidence of the disease and 13528 State Hwy AA Call for more information about by increasing the chances of surviving it. our Adult Programs! 1-888-386-9622 Potosi, MO “These continuing drops in the incidence and mortality show the lifesaving potential of colon cancer screening – a potential that Our Five Core Values: an estimated 23 million Americans between ■ Experienced Athlete and volunteer registration is open for Hearing Health Care is an Audigy Certified practice that Professionals ages 50 and 75 are not benefiting from the 2014 St. Louis Senior Olympics taking delivers unsurpassed patient satisfaction. Only top providers hold this distinction and we’re the sole ■ Expert Advice place May 22-27. because they are not up to date on screenSt. Louis area practice to do so. Our patients range in age from newborn to 100-plus. Call today Hearing Health Care is an AudigyCertified ■ Extraordinary ing,” said Dr. Richard C. Wender, American Technology practice that delivers unsurpassed patient satisfaction. for a FREE Our Five Core Values: Experienced Professionals • Expert Advice • Extraordinary Technology Only top providers hold this distinction and we’re ■ Excellent Service clean & check Cancer Society chief cancer control officer. Excellent Service • Exceptional Value the sole St. Louis area practice to do so. Our patients ■ Exceptional Value of your current Colorectal cancer poses the greatest risk range in age from newborn to 100-plus. devices. St. Louis Senior Olympics return next to people older than 50, and the U.S. Premonth ventive Services Task Force recommends Melissa Kelly Carol Bergmann Alison Benner Jayma Proctor th Au.D. Au.D., CCC-A Au.D., CCC-A Au.D The 35 annual St. Louis Senior Olymthat everyone aged 50-75 be screened as Hearing Health Care, Doctor Owner Board Certified Doctor Inc.Doctor of Audiology Doctor of Audiology of Audiology of Audiology pics will open with a Tap Exhibition at part of routine preventive health care. Richmond Heights: 1034 S Brentwood Boulevard, Suite 725 St. Charles: 1475 Kisker Road, Suite 270 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 22 in the gym Ellisville: 15825 Manchester Road, Suite 209 at the JCC Staenberg Family Complex in Competing medications St. Charles: 1475 Kisker Road, Suite 270 Creve Coeur. Games will continue through More than 20 percent of older Americans Ellisville: 15825 Manchester Road, Suite 209 | Richmond Heights: 1034 S. Brentwood Boulevard, Suite 725 Tuesday, May 27, with most events held at are prescribed a drug to help with one conthe Staenberg Complex. dition, but the drug worsens another health Call today for a FREE clean & check of your current devices. The Senior Olympics is open to athletes condition, according to findings published aged 50 and older and features more than in PLOS One. 90 individual, partner and team competiIn a study supported by the National Institions. Events include badminton, squash, tutes of Health, researchers from Oregon table tennis, cycling, tennis, volleyball, State University (OSU) and Yale University bowling, shuffleboard, horseshoes, track School of Medicine analyzed data on more and field, handball, weightlifting, softball than 5,800 community-living older adults throw, football throw, golf and more. New and found that 22.6 percent of them took this year is pickleball – one of the fastest at least one medication that could make a growing racquet sports in the country. co-existing medical condition worse. The athlete registration fee is $45 for “Drugs tend to focus on one disease at those registering by Monday, April 14 and a time, and most physicians treat patients $55 after that date, with bowling and golf the same way,” OSU College of Pharmacy requiring additional facility fees. The final researcher David Lee said. “As a result, registration deadline and volunteer sign-up right now, we’re probably treating too forms are due on Monday, May 12. many conditions with too many medicaOfficial entry forms, volunteer sign up tions. There may be times it’s best to just forms and schedules can be found at stlou- focus on the most serious health problem For more informa- rather than use a drug to treat a different tion, call (314) 442-3216. condition that could make the more serious health problem even worse.” More screenings, less colon cancer The study identified some of the most The incidence of colorectal cancer in the common “competing chronic conditions” U.S. among adults aged 50 and older has with which drugs for one condition might dropped 30 percent in the last 10 years, and make the other condition worse. They increased colonoscopy use is being cred- included hypertension and osteoarthritis; ited for the good news. hypertension and diabetes; hypertension and According to the American Cancer Society, COPD; diabetes and coronary artery disease; colonoscopy screening in one decade nearly and hypertension and depression – all conditripled among adults aged 50-75, increas- tions that affect millions of older Americans. ing from 19 percent in 2000 to 55 percent According to study co-author Jonathan in 2010. Current U.S. Department of Health Lorgunpai, the study showed that more than and Human Services data shows that about 9 million older adults in the U.S. are being two in three adults aged 50-75 are receiving prescribed medications that may be causing the recommended colon cancer screenings. them more harm than benefit.


Did you hear that?

did you hear that?

News and notes



a member of




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Psychiatric Care and Research Center, the office of Dr. John Canale and Dr. Howard Ilivicky, is conducting a clinical research trial for people 65 and older who suffer from depression and have had little relief from their antidepressant. Heating and Cooling Serving The Area Since 1980

To schedule an Estimate, Service Call or Home Energy Audit,

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Insurance is not required and compensation may be available for those who qualify.

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A chase cover is a metal shield that covers the top of your chimney, or ents snow, chase,rttoieprevent rain, melting p Ev s ❇ Grou Pa y da B❇ ption and everything else from entering Arcade ❇ Redem Jump Rentals ❇ ns io ss Se p m into the chase. grounds ❇ Ju

Indoor Play

1225 Wentzville Parkway | Wentzville, MO | 636-887-4244

Do you have one on your house? It could mean that there is water

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leaking into your house, which leads to major problems. • Mold growth For Only • Sheet rock soaking in dampness, causing peeling, dampness and strong odor. • The firebox rotting with purchase of 7 gallons of Firebox rotting leads to sparks, Conoco gasoline heat and carbon monoxide leaking out of the firebox.

Established in 1979

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16th Annual Golf Tournament Monday, May 19, 2014 Whitmoor Country Club

Bu si ness PEOPLE Robert Cissell, managing member of Cissell Mueller Company LLC, has been appointed to the Midwest BankCentre St. Charles Region Board. Cissell Mueller Cissell is headquartered in St. Peters. Cissell earned his bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Missouri-St. Louis and resides in St. Charles. ••• Several BJC Medical Group practices are relocating: Jamie Tueth, DO, is relocating to Internal Medicine Associates at 20 Progress Point Parkway, Suite 108, O’Fallon. Tueth will join established BJC Medical Group providers on the campus of Progress West Hospital. Her new location will offer enhanced patient conveniences including onsite laboratory services and X-ray. Dr. Cindy Fortado-Clark is relocating to St. Peters Multi-Specialty, 6 Jungermann Circle, Suite 108, St. Peters. This location on the campus of Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital will offer an on-site laboratory, X-ray and pharmacy. Dr. Ximena Schnurr of O’Fallon Family Medicine is relocating her practice to the campus of BJC Outpatient Center at 2630 Hwy. K in O’Fallon, Mo. Her patients will have access to an urgent care, onsite laboratory and X-ray.

Saturday, April 26, 2014 314.275.7440 2014 Go lf Tourn ament

Enjoy the sights, smells and

sounds of spring!

For over 26 years, millions of Americans have trusted HearUSA for the best hearing care. HearUSA is the only organization providing the most comprehensive hearing examination in the industry.

Total Care Experience Most complete and accurate hearing check-up.

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AWARDS AND HONORS Local Subaru dealers raised $9,300 for the Humane Society of Missouri during November and December of 2013. Lou Fusz Subaru St. Peters, Webster Groves Subaru, Dean Team Subaru and Lou Fusz Subaru St. Louis pledged money for each test drive to the nonprofit through a partnership between Subaru of America and K-Hits 96.3 during its “Share the Love” event. During the past six years, the event has raised $35 million for nonprofits. ••• The city of O’Fallon recently received the Outstanding Award for Best Planning Practice for the City’s “Grow in the O: A Strategic Plan for Economic Development.” Presented by the St. Louis Metro Section of the American Planning Association (SLMSAPA), the award recognized the city’s plan for its innovative, state-of-the-art planning methods. O’Fallon’s strategic plan focuses on four main goals: business retention, business attraction, marketing and regulations. It lays out 38 recommended strategies or action items, a list of special project locations and a schedule of implementation.


The 16th annual St. Louis Business Expo Habitat for Humanity of St. Charles is on Tuesday, April 8, from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. at ReStore recently opened its doors at a new, the St. Charles Convention Center, 1 Convenlarger location at 186 Mid Rivers Center, St. tion Center Plaza. As the largest business-toPeters. The resale home building materials business expo in Missouri, the event brings store was previously located off Trade Center together business leaders from companies Drive West. The store accepts tax-deductible throughout the St. Louis area. Booth space is donations of items such as appliances, cabi- available. Visit

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nets, lighting fixtures and furniture. To donate, visit the store Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m.-7 p.m. or call 978-5712 to arrange a pickup time for larger donations.




SS © 2014 HearUSA, All Rights Reserved.

140401 HearUSA Spring Ad_Mid Rivers News Magazine_4.916x8.493 to run 4-2_02.indd 1

3/17/14 9:23 AM

At a reception held recently at the Foundry Art Centre, internationally acclaimed sculptor Archie St. Clair presented several busts he created for fellow artists and important figures on the St. Charles arts scene. Awardwinning artist Fraser Leonard and St. Charles arts philanthropist Grace Harmon hosted the reception, which featured Leonard presenting his paint- From left are Fraser Leonard, Grace Harmon, Jim ing “Having Mercy” to St. Clair. Carlson, David Helling and Archie St. Clair



Friday, April 4th 7:30am – 5pm

Celebrating 37 Years


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MEXICO Hwy 54 South 573-581-5900

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KIRKSVILLE Hwy 63 North 660-665-1500

CHILLICOTHE Hwy 36 East 660-646-5493

PALMYRA Hwys 61 & 24 573-769-2112

MOSCOW MILLS 155 John Deere Drive 636-366-9400

CURRYVILLE 3691 Hwy 54 573-594-6493

TIPTON 31217 Hwy 5 660-433-5596

HERMANN 1854 Hwy 100 West 573-486-3204

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1The Giveaway is open to all Turf Open House attendees who have reached the age of majority in their state, province or territory of residence at the time of commencement of the Giveaway Period. Employees (current and retired), suppliers, representatives and agents of Deere & Company or John Deere Limited their affiliated companies, subsidiaries, authorized John Deere dealers, advertising and promotional agencies and the immediate families and/or members of the households of any of the above are not eligible to enter or win. SUBJECT TO ALL FEDERAL, STATE, PROVINCIAL AND LOCAL LAWS. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED OR RESTRICTED BY LAW. 2FREE service package only valid with qualifying purchases made on April 4th and 5th. See dealer for complete details.

8810 Veterans Memorial Pkwy. • O’Fallon

(636) 240-7706

FREE Organizational Tools at


Lindenwood University AcceLerAted ProgrAms for AdULts

Lasting... JiLL devine St. Louis Radio Personality Lindenwood Alumna

...impression www.

Don’t let your concrete affect your home’s curb appeal. Replace it with one of the affordable options offered by B&W Concrete Services. B&W offers a variety of services that satisfy both your budget and design needs. Whether you’re looking to replace a traditional flatwork slab or seeking to create unique spaces, your new patio, driveway, entryway, pool, walkway or garage floor will add value to your home for years to come. Call B&W today to learn how you can create a lasting impression. 636.458.3626

Learn how you can earn your degree at Lindenwood University

• Classes meet one night a week • Earn nine credit hours in one quarter • Degree programs to meet your goals • Ten convenient extension campuses throughout the Metro area • Your degree is closer than you think • In the classroom or online

Start today 636-949-4933 Spring quarter claSSeS Start april 12

St. Charles • North County • Westport • South County • St. Louis City • O’Fallon Mo. Wentzville • Wildwood • Lincoln County Moscow Mills • Belleville







Find us online!

Com mu n it y Event s St. Charles Home Show returns for 10th Anniversary The 10th Anniversary Builders St. Charles Home Show is April 4-6 at the St. Charles Convention Center, with free admission and parking. Visitors can learn about and buy the latest home products and services from more than 250 companies in one day, in one place. The show, produced by the Home Builders Association of St. Louis and Eastern Missouri, will include approximately 350 booths, filling both levels of the facility. The St. Charles Convention Center is located just off Interstate 70 at Fifth Street in St. Charles and has 70,000 square feet of exhibit space and 1,100 free parking spaces. Show hours are 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Friday, April 4 and Saturday, April 5, and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday, April 6. Admission and Parking are free, and some classes have a nominal fee. For more information, visit

ARTS Monkey Tales Theatre presents “The Boy Who Snared the Sun” at 10 a.m. on April 19 at Rabbit Run Park in St. Peters. After the show, attendees can walk the Rabbit Run Trail, making interactive stops along the way to learn about St. Peters, Native American history. For more information, visit ••• The Center Stage Theatre of St. Charles Community College presents “Next Year’s Man of Steel” from April 23-27 at the Donald D. Shook Fine Arts Building Theater. The play centers on a struggling 1940’s writer who is tasked with creating a hero and making a mark in the comic book industry. For more information, call 922-8050.

BENEFITS Campbell Montessori hosts its 24th Annual Spring Gala event on Saturday, April 5 from 6-10 p.m. at the Stegton Regency Banquet Center, 1450 Wall Street in St. Charles. Tickets are $50 per person, and include dinner, dancing and an

open bar. To purchase tickets, call Sandy Hershey at 477-8200 or register online at ••• Annual Progress South Elementary Family Fun Run 5K/1-mile is at 8:30 a.m. on April 12. Racers gather at 201 Knaust Road in St. Peters. Prizes awarded to the top finishers in each age group. Proceeds beenfit the special education department. Register online at ••• Tri County Women’s Connection is holding Our Lady’s Inn baby shower on April 16 from 11:15 a.m.-1 p.m. at the Christy Banquet Center, 9000 Veterans Parkway in O’Fallon. Attendees are encouraged to bring baby items to donate. RSVP before April 11 by calling 561-0956.

FAMILIES AND KIDS Leaps and Bounds, 324 Jungermann Road, offers a free parent seminar titled “Understanding Your Sensory Kid” on April 3 at 7:30 p.m. Participants learn how sensory processing impacts a child’s atten-

Enjoy lots of family fun, high adventure, all-inclusive rates, buffet meals, and memories to last a lifetime! tion, learning, behavior, motor skills, feeding skills, social skills and/or emotional development. Call 928-5327 for details. ••• United Services for Children holds its annual Exploring the Spectrum Autism Information Fair at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, April 5 at the Spencer Road Library Community Commons, 427 Spencer Road. The event features a Q&A with a panel of autism experts from Washington University, Cardinal Glennon and Mercy. The event is free, with no registration required. ••• O’Fallon invites local citizens to help clean up Civic Park from 9 a.m.-noon on April 5. Volunteers are needed to help with park and creek clean-up. For more information, contact ••• O’Fallon hosts an egg-citing Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt for adults from 7:3010:30 p.m. on Friday, April 11, in Civic Park. Prizes will be awarded and light refreshments will be served. Participants should bring a flashlight and an Easter basket for collecting eggs. The cost is $12 for O’Fallon residents and $15 for nonresidents. Registration ends Sunday, April 6. Call 474-2732 or 379-5606. ••• The city of O’Fallon hosts a Grand Opening for its new disc golf course from noon-2 p.m. on Saturday, April 12. Commemorative golf discs will be given to the first 100 people. For more information, call 379-5574. ••• Kids ages 8-16 are invited to audition for “The Jungle Book,” a musical based on the Disney film. Auditions will take place on April 12 and April 19 at the O’Fallon Municipal Centre, located at 100 North Main Street. For more information, call 474-8150. ••• The Way, a church in Wentzville, holds “More than an Egg Hunt” at noon on Sunday, April 13 at Peine Ridge Elementary School, 1107 Peine Road. The event is free to the public and features lunch, storytelling, games, crafts and an egg hunt. For more information, call (314) 517-2370. ••• St. Charles Community College hosts That ‘80s Run and Health and Well-

ness Expo on April 26. New ‘80s-theme, photo booth, music and $1,000 scholarship are highlights of the 2014 event. The 10K and 5K races begin at 7:30 a.m., and the 1-Mile Fun Run starts at 9:15 a.m. near the entrances to the Red and Green parking lots on campus. Register online at www.stchas. edu/run. The Health and Wellness Expo is free and open to the public from 7:30-10:30 a.m. in the Student Center, including entry to more than 40 exhibits with health and wellness information, screenings, product samples and refreshments.

SPECIAL INTEREST The Lewis & Clark Pachyderm Club of Western St. Charles County holds regular monthly meetings on the third Monday of each month (except December), at Culpepper’s Restaurant, 4401 State Hwy. K. For more information, call 541-9931. ••• A softball league for men 55 and over in St. Charles County is accepting applications for the 2014 season. The league plays games on Wednesdays at 5 p.m. on the Kiwanis Field on Elm Point Road. League play starts on May 28 and continues for 12 weeks. All games, no practice. For costs and to register, call 281-0891.  ••• St. Charles Community College holds art and wine classes at the St. Charles County Arts Council in WingHaven. The first course, Wine Bottle Starry Night, is on April 4, with classes following through June. Classes cost between $45-69 per course. Visit www. for details. ••• The St. Charles County Master Gardeners hosts a garden tour and plant sale on Saturday, April 26 from 9 a.m. to noon at the University of Missouri Extension Center, 260 Brown Road in St. Peters. Visitors can select from a wide variety of plants including vegetables, perennials, Missouri natives, herbs and more. Tours of the Demonstration Gardens will be given throughout the sale. For more information, call 970-3000.



I 37


Brewskeez Sports Cafe really does offer something for everyone

By AMY ARMOUR Entertainment is one of many specialties at Brewskeez Sports Cafe. Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the restaurant is the perfect choice for a family dinner, a night of live music or watching a basketball game. In fact, Brewskeez offers entertainment to meet the many diverse needs of the St. Charles County community. It’s the perfect place for Little League teams to grab a celebratory pizza and play video games following an afternoon game. “We are a kid-friendly establishment,” Russ Kasper, owner of Brewskeez, said. “We really want to reach out to the community and have these teams come in.” Adults can check out the hottest local bands on the weekends or take a turn singing karaoke on Tuesday nights. Brewskeez hosts a variety of live entertainment at 9 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights, from local 80s bands like Contagious and Trixie Delight to the 90s band Mixed Tape and the R&B band The Dirty Mugs. The restaurant also hosts bands like Rocket Ride, a KISS tribute band, and Queenormous, a Queen tribute band. The Rough Ryders, a country band that


4251 Keaton Crossing O’Fallon, MO 63368 • (636) 329-0027 11 a.m.-1:30 a.m., Monday-Saturday 11 a.m. to midnight, Sundays

features Kasper on vocals, also plays regularly at Brewskeez. Kasper said Brewskeez was one of the first bars in St. Charles County to bring in live entertainment, but that’s not the case anymore. Since Brewskeez opened in 2004, several competitors have added their own version of live entertainment. “We’ve really had to step it up to separate ourselves from the competition,” Kasper said. “Today, we are the premier live music venue in St. Charles County, bringing the highest level of entertainment (to the area).” But great entertainment is not only for the weekends. Thursday is Ladies Night – with $1 drink specials. And every night sports fans can catch their favorite game on one of the many flat-screen televisions lining the walls at Brewskeez, while sampling one of the 13 craft beers on tap. The bar also features pool tables, dartboards and video games. Located just off Hwy K. in O’Fallon at 4251 Keaton Crossing, the 7,000-square-foot bar and restaurant seats 300, but can accommodate up to 500. The restaurant and bar can serve as host to baby and wed- Russ Kasper, owner of Brewskeez Sports Cafe ding showers, happy hours, birthday parties or special events. Brewskeez also caters to the workforce, opening every been voted the “Best Wings” for five consecutive years day at 11 a.m. for lunch. Diners can choose from the at the annual Wing Ding,” said Kasper. “Our food has 35 items on the menu, including half-pound burgers, always been very good.” A true part of the community, Brewskeez hosts benfire-braised ribs that are oh-so tender and hand-breaded chicken strips. But the must-try menu item, according efits for area nonprofits and donates back a portion to Kasper, is the chicken wings. The jumbo-sized wings of each event’s proceeds. Kasper is especially interare hand-breaded and fried, then topped with a very ested in giving back to agencies that bring about autism unique “secret” sauce. Every order is prepared fresh. awareness. His 10-year-old son, Shade, has autism. “The chicken wings is our number one seller. They have “Autism awareness is so important,” Kasper stressed.



Nominate a deserving teacher and

WIN A NEW iPad for your teacher. Simply tell us why your teacher deserves to win



MID RIVERS NEWSMAGAZINE's “Teacher Of The Year” Excellence In Education Award!

O'Fallon Please visit and register your teacher to win. Simply explain in 200 words or less why a teacher should be the MID RIVERS NEWSMAGAZINE "Teacher of the Year." Nominations limited to Preschools, Grade Schools, High Schools and Colleges (Public or Private) in MID RIVERS NEWSMAGAZINE's mailing area.

Visit to vote!

38 I  




Upscale Casual American Grill Freshest Local Ingredients & Micro Brew 2447 Hwy K - O’Fallon 636.240.0633


A Cut Above The Rest

Recipient of the 2010 Voted 24 Carrot Gold Best Food SafetyPasta Excellence 2013 Award !!


& THEIR FAMOUS SALAD DRESSING The Tom Arcobasso Tradition Continues

Celebrating Our 7th Year in this Location THANK YOU ST.CHARLES FOR YOUR PARTONAGE

$5 OFF with $25 purchase Excludes weekly specials, expires 04/30/14. Not valid w/other discounts, must present coupon.

1057 Wolfrum at Hwy 94 • 636-300-4680 • Featuring St. Louis’ Best Bands



ery Live Music Ev

day! Friday & satur














1981 Zumbehl Road • St. Charles 63303 1671 Clarkson Road • Chesterfield 63017



4251 Keaton Crossing • O’Fallon, MO • 636.329.0027 •





Any Purchase

Limit one coupon, offers cannot be combined.



or more

Get 1/2 order Crab Rangoons or 2 Eggrolls

Delivery available for

Minimum $20 Order

Limit one coupon, offers cannot be combined.


627 Salt Lick Rd. • St. Peters • 636-272-8818 •

The Best In Italian Cuisine Since 1971

Fresh Fish Daily • Certified Angus Beef Veal • Pasta • Hand-tossed Pizza

951 Jungermann Rd • St. Peters


$13.95 Choose from:

Chicken Picata • Chicken Parmesan Chicken Marsala • Chicken Carciorfini with Salad. Monday-Thursday Only.

Lent Specials Available Every Friday Open Monday - Thursday 4 - 9 pm Friday and Saturday 4 - 10 pm • Closed Sunday

Ask about our Birthday Dinner Special!

If You Like Italian Food, You’ll LOVE Sicilian Food! St. Louis’ Original Sicilian Pizzeria and Ristorante on Lindell has opened a new location right here in Chesterfield Valley. Come explore THE authentic taste of Sicily!

Old World Italian Cuisine

2061 Zumbehl Rd. • Bogey Hills Plaza • St. Charles

Voted #1 Asian Restaurant by Mid Rivers Newsmagazine Readers


. 

Carry Out Only. Valid Sunday thru Thursdays only. Excludes Valentine’s Day. Limit 1 coupon per person. Limit 1 FREE salad per order. Not valid with other offers or discounts. With coupon. Expires 4-30-14.

$4 off 10% 0ff Limit one coupon, offers cannot be combined.


Carry Out Special

Purchase $25 or more and get


Voted Best Ravioli in 2013

FREE Large Dinner Salad with purchase of a large 2 topping or more pizza


*Limit one/person. Equal or lesser value. No photocopies or cash value. Taxes not included. Not valid with other offers. See for other limitations. Expires May 7, 2014 PLU 1017. ©2012 Smashburger Master LLC

T Erio’s C Ristorante

4.................. Contagious 5.................. The Rough Ryders 11 ................ Queenormous A Tribute to Queen - More Dance Music 12................ Rocket Ride - A Tribute to KISS 18................ MixedTape-90’sRockbandfromSpringfield 19................ TopperHarley 25................ Dirty Muggs


• Open Daily For Lunch, Dinner & Happy Hour • Award Winning Pizza • Delicious Family Recipes • Full Service Catering • Carry-Out & Delivery

138 Towne Centre

Chesterfield Valley (Off Long Road and Chesterfield Airport Road)




I 39


Showers Rebuilt-Bathrooms Remodeled


“Water Damaged Showers a Specialty” Tub to Stall Shower Conversions Steam Showers/Walk-In Tubs Grab Bars/High Toilets/Personal Showers

636-394-0315 Senior Discounts Available

Tile & Bath Service, Inc. 30 Years Experience • At this location 22 years 14770 Clayton Road • visit our showroom

Lawn Cutting & Maintenance • • • • •

1 Room Or Entire Basement FREE Design Service Finish What You Started As Low As $15 sq. ft. Professional Painters, Drywall Hangers & Tapers

Call Rich on cell 314.713.1388

Landscapes, Fences & More L.L.C. 10% OFF A Full Year Service & FIRST CUT FREE!

(636) 294-0280 (314) 795-8219

Mark Grannemann


Steve’s Top Gunn

DECK & FENCE REVIVAL HOME IMPROVEMENT Powerwashing, Stain Decks, Build and Repair Decks & Fences, All Painting, Wallpaper Removal Remodeling, Finish Basements, Roofing, Etc.

INSTAllATIoN ProFESSIoNAlS Ceiling Fans • Wholehouse Fans Gable Vent Fans • Recessed Lighting

Specializing in installation for two story homes with no wiring on first floor.


When Handyman Quality Just Won't Do.

(314) 510-6400 636-466-3956

Is Your Crack Showing?

Driveways • Patios • Walkways Broom • Exposed • Stamped WE ALSO RESTORE POOL DECKS!


Senior Discounts! Decorative Coatings

Call Mike Today! 636-459-9076

Family Owned & Operated Since 1982!


Assisted Care

Need a relaxing Massage? Need to Relieve Stress?

Senior Services Unlimited


Top Quality Home Care Service since 1987

Elysia Willard

Massage Therapist with Massage Pros

Our Not-For-Profit Agency can serve you at the most reasonable cost


Don't Overpay for Homecare!


• RN • LPN • CNA • NA • Companion Care • Full time • Part time Live-In • No Contract Required

Assisted Care

4123A Mexico Rd. • St Peters



Electric ERIC'S ELECTRIC - Licensed, Bonded and Insured: Service upgrades, fans, can lights, switches, outlets, basements, code violations fixed, we do it all. Emergency calls & back up generators. No job too small. Competitively priced. Free Estimates. Just call 636-262-5840.

Foundations Top Notch Waterproofing & Foundation Repair LLC. Cracks, sub-pump systems, structural & concrete repairs. Exterior drainage correction. Serving Missouri for 15 yrs. Free estimate 636-2816982. Finally, a contractor who is honest and leaves the job site clean. Lifetime Warranties.


WE HAUL IT ALL Service 7 days. Debris, furniture, appliances, household trash, yard debris, railroad ties, fencing, decks. Garage & Basement Clean-up Neat, courteous, affordable rates. Call: 636-379-8062 or email:

Is all your spare time spent caring for your parents? • transportation • light housekeeping • meal planning/preparation • personal care


Locally Owned/Operated • Bonded & Insured


Help Wanted


In Home Care & Assistance

Bus. Opportunity Executive income. A wellness company. Work from home. Expanding in this area. Call for appointment. 800-478-7441.

Cleaning Service A 2 Z Cleaning - Residential & Commercial. Insured & Bonded. Professional and Thorough Customized Cleaning. Special: 20% off of 2nd cleaning! Free estimates. Call Vicki (314) 283-1185 or


NOW HIRING - Due to business growth, we are seeking experienced caregivers to assist the elderly in a home setting. Top hourly wages and we treat our people right.


To apply, go online to:

https// and click “apply online” (bottom left) Visiting Angels of Greater St. Charles

Local Landscape Company - seeks entry level crew for 30 hours a week. Be part of a crew installing products outside. $12/ hour starting wage. If you are dependable and hard working, then please contact us at 636978-7588.

Call EllEn 636.591.0010


NOW HIRING- Seasonal Lawn Tech. Part-time - Potential FT. Must be able to work in hot temps. Must have good driving record. Class E DL preferred. Experience preferred. Call Chris' Lawn & Tree Service, LLC at 314482-3707.

Home Improvement HAPPY HANDYMAN SERVICE - "Don't Worry Get Happy" Complete home remodel/ repair - kitchen & bath, plumbing, electrical, carpentry. 24HR Emergency Service. Commercial & Residential. Discount for Seniors/Veterans. 636-541-9432.

George " Ed" Graham Big Man's Little Helper Carpentry

Home Improvement

Call for a FREE Estimate!


$75 Per Avg. Rm Size


(636)244-3777 WE ARE HIRING: American Cleaners Is hiring in several locations: 13960 Manchester Rd., Ballwin, 11041 Olive Street Rd., Creve Coeur and 1290 Jungermann Rd., St. Charles. Apply in person from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm M-F or call (636) 227-8299.


• I AM INCORPORATED INC. • INTERIOR SPECIAL 2014 (12'x12' Walls 3 Room Minimum)

6067 Mexico Road • St. Peters, MO 63376


Let Right at Home care for YOUR Mom and/or Dad ...then your time is quality time

Help Wanted

(636) 265-0739 exterior painting!


Installations & Renovations Trees • Shrubs • Perennials Annuals • Mulching • Bed Prep Call: Frank


When you need a professional! SPRING CLEAN-UP

Chris' Lawn & Tree Service LLC


Drywall Repair • Taping Mold Removal • Wallpaper Stripping Top Quality Work • FREE Estimates




Locally owned & operated


Full Service Lawn Maintenance & Tree Care Company Mowing • Fertilization Mulch • Shrub Trimming

636-265-7007 314-482-3707 CLASSIFIEDS


Plumbing ANYTHING IN PLUMBING - Good Prices! Basement bathrooms, small repairs & code violations repaired. Fast Service. Certified, licensed plumber not a handyman. Call or text anytime: 314-409-5051.

Real Estate


I have been buying and selling for over 30 years.

No obligation. $ No commission. No fixing up.

It doesn't cost to find out how much you can get. Must ask for

Lyndon Anderson

314-496-5822 Prudential Select Properties Office: 636-394-2424

Email: ClassifiEds@nEwsmagazinEnEtwork.Com

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