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The Missouri Winefest Saturday, February 12th & Sunday, February 13th Noon to 5:00 p.m. Westport Plaza (Indoor Pavilion)

Spilled Milk Despite the old saying, “Don’t cry over spilled milk,” the Environmental Protection Agency is doing just that. We all understand why the Environmental Protection Agency was given the power to issue regulations to guard against oil spills, such as that of the Exxon Valdez in Alaska or the more recent BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. But not everyone understands that any power given to any bureaucracy for any purpose can be stretched far beyond that purpose. In a classic example of this process, the EPA has decided that, since milk contains oil, it has the authority to force farmers to comply with new regulations to file “emergency management” plans to show how they will cope with spilled milk, how farmers will train “first responders” and build “containment facilities” if there is a flood of spilled milk. Since there is no free lunch, all of this is going to cost the farmers both money and time that could be going into farming – and is likely to end up costing consumers higher prices for farm products. It is going to cost the taxpayers money as well, since the EPA is going to have to hire people to inspect farms, inspect farmers’ reports and prosecute farmers who don’t jump through all the right hoops in the right order. All of this will be “creating jobs,” even if the tax money removed from the private sector correspondingly reduces the jobs that can be created there. Does anyone seriously believe that any farmer is going to spill enough milk to compare with the Exxon Valdez oil spill or the BP oil spill? Do you envision people fleeing their homes, as a flood of milk comes pouring down the mountainside, threatening to wipe out the village below? It doesn’t matter. Once the words are in the law, it makes no difference what the realities are. The bureaucracy has every incentive to stretch the meaning of those words, in order to expand its empire. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has expanded its definition of “discrimination” to include things that no one thought was discrimination when the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed. The Federal Communications Commission is trying to expand its jurisdiction to cover things that were never included in its jurisdiction, and that have no relationship to the

I opinion I 3

reason why the FCC was created in the first place. Yet the ever-expanding bureaucratic state has its defenders in the mainstream media. When President Obama recently mentioned the possibility of reducing burdensome regulations – as part of his moving of his rhetoric toward the political center, even if his policies don’t move – there was an immediate reaction in a New York Times article defending government regulations. Under a headline that said, “Obama May Find Useless Regulations Are Scarcer Than Thought,” the Times writers declared that there were few, if any, “useless” regulations. But is that the relevant criterion? Is there any individual or business willing to spend money on everything that is not absolutely useless? There are thousands of useful things out there that any given individual or business would not spend their money on. When I had young children, I often thought it would be useful to have a set of the Encyclopaedia Britannica for them. But I never bought one. Why? Because there were other little things to spend money on, like food, clothing and shelter. By the time I could afford to buy a set of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, the kids were grown and gone. But at no time did I consider the Encyclopaedia Britannica “useless.” Weighing benefits against costs is the way most people make decisions – and the way most businesses make decisions, if they want to stay in business. Only in government is any benefit, however small, considered to be worth any cost, however large. No doubt the Environmental Protection Agency’s costly new regulations may somewhere, somehow, prevent spilled milk from pouring out into some street and looking unsightly. So the regulations are not literally “useless.” What is useless is making that the criterion.

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The Missouri

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6047 Mid Rivers Mall Dr. Cottleville

1120 Technology Dr. Suite 117 • O’Fallon

I was at a very inactive point in my life. I was over 50, newly single and bored. I had a couple weeks of vacation time that I needed to use and I wanted to do something active, like a fitness boot camp. My goal was to lose some weight and get myself in shape. That was a year and a half ago. FITNESS TOGETHER has turned out to be the perfect fit for me. All of the trainers are personable, friendly, and most importantly fun. I look forward to my workout days because I am going to hang out, talk and laugh with friends, as they seamlessly guide me through a workout specifically designed for me, to meet my goals. Regardless of how tired or stressed I feel after a long work day, by the end of my session I feel invigorated, cheerful and self confident for investing the effort to improve my life. They are constantly watching my form, making sure I am doing everything correctly, to achieve the best result. It is surprising how a little change in movement can have a very different impact on my body. FITNESS TOGETHER keeps me accountable by having

a schedule. I know that on specific days and times I have an appointment to work with my trainer. There is no going home after work and thinking, I just don’t feel up to working out tonight. I feel responsible to them and to myself to be there. At FITNESS TOGETHER I know the workouts are going to be great and I will be challenged each time. With my personal trainer’s help I have learned that the correct form, combined with a good effort, will produce the best results. I have actually, for the first time, learned to exercise effectively. Something I was not able to accomplish on my own. FITNESS TOGETHER provides a positive, encouraging, nonjudgmental environment in which to get into shape. I am amazed by what I have accomplished and I have no doubt that at FITNESS TOGETHER I will achieve and even exceed all of my fitness goals! I sincerely thank all of the trainers at FITNESS TOGETHER. Alan Soule

“I feel invigorated, cheerful and self confident for investing the effort to improve my life”

Warming the needy in St. Louis County for over 28 years Dollar-Help provides crisis assistance for those who struggle to pay their heating bills. The majority of Dollar-Help grant recipients are elderly, disabled or single parents with small children. While Dollar-Help is generously supported by Laclede Gas, its customers and employees, the charity makes no distinction over fuel type. Independent social service agencies distribute the funds, which can be applied to a household’s primary heating source - natural gas, electric, propane or fuel oil. Dollar-Help is active in nine Eastern Missouri counties and the City of St. Louis. When you check a $1, $2 or $5 box on your gas bill, you can be assured that 100% of your donation helps heat the homes of the needy.

New Hope for CHildreN with Autism Spectrum disorder, Add and AdHd • Highly Trained Medical Staff • Advanced Individualized Treatment Options • Most Medical Insurance Plans Accepted • Genetic Consultation • Review of Medical records and clinical examination • Psychiatric diagnostic examination • Order laboratory testing According to a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) survey published in 2007, all forms of autism now affect 1 in 150 children in the U.S. today. If you contrast this with the incidence reported in the early 1990’s, 1 in 10,000 Children, this increase is alarming. Given its prevalence, autism is now more common than childhood cancer, diabetes, Down’s Syndrome and HIV. Many will tell you that the cause for autism is due to generalized “genetics.” Worse, they’ll imply there is no cure – or, at least no protocol that can provide families with hope. There is HOPE now! Call us for an evaluation.

OUR JACK IS BACK! A child sneaks out of the house, runs away, is hyper, has minimal focus and can’t socialize with friends for more than a minute. That used to be our son, Jack. People think the answer to autism and ADHD are psychiatric medicines, but we knew that was only going to cover up his symptoms. Despite this, we tried several main stream treatments that produced little to no results. In the six months that Jack has been on Dr. Geier’s protocol through the ASD Treatment Clinic, he has experienced much improvement with his focus, learning ability, behavior and overall well being. Early intervention is very important for children on the autism spectrum and we thank God that we were led to the ASD Treatment Clinic. Jack now has a treatment that we can trust will improve not only his life but the lives of our entire family. -Renee and Ted Zlotopolski, Arnold, MO

ASd Treatment Clinic 636-922-4472

To learn more about the biological basis of autism and treatment success by Genetic Consultants, read “Sacred Spark,” Rev Lisa Sykes’ account of her son’s improvement.

4101 Mexico rd. Suite H, St. peters, Mo 63376 •



Unravel Travel


letters to the editor

With Linda Bosch, Owner of Just Cruises

Job creation

How can You Escape Completely? During this cold & snowy winter, no doubt most of us would love to go someplace warm. No snow, no traffic jams, no kids, no work, no schedules, no cooking. Spend quality time together with that special someone, sounds like heaven to me. No coats or bulky clothes needed, it's all about Sun Block and Shades. Here are some wonderful suggestions: 3, 4, 5 or 7-Nights at an All-Inclusive resort in the Caribbean, picture the beautiful blue green waters of the Caribbean and the white sand beaches. "The Beach is Within Reach" 3-nights All-Inclusive from $699 per person; includes airfare, hotel accommodations, transfers, all meals, all drinks, tips, entertainment and much more, only 2 1/2 hours from St. Louis. Pack your swim suit, shorts, and t-shirts you're ready to go. Passports are required. Don’t have a Passport? Need to get away? Experience a 3, 4, 5, or 7-Night Cruise Vacation. Depart and return from the same U.S. port, certainly a passport is recommended, however, your picture I.D. (driver’s license) and your birth certificate (with a raised seal) will work just fine. Drive or fly to one of the following cities and your cruise begins: New Orleans, Tampa, Port Canaveral, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and Galveston to name a few. Why Not leave winter behind? For as little as $399 per person you can enjoy the Bahamas or the Caribbean from only $449 per person. These introductory prices buy you Sunshine, Fun, 8 meals a day, great accommodations, outstanding entertainment and several ports of call. What Is It Like To Go Cruising? • • • • • • • • •

Is cruising affordable? Is cruising good for families with children? How do I book a cruise? Will I feel confined? What is there to do during days at sea? What are my dining options? What is there to do at night? What can I do in port? Do I have to participate in the activities?

Don't trust your vacation planning to just anyone. Seek out a Certified CLIA Professional Travel Agent to help you plan a memorable cruise vacation. Don't delay, call today. There is something for everyone's budget. Filed your taxes yet? Use your refund and escape.

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dent. In every instance where that happens, bureaucrats are more than happy to oblige To the Editor: and expand their control. In a letter to the editor, titled, “ Best way I do not smoke and did not patronize or to create jobs? “ (Jan. 26, 2011, Mid Rivers work in businesses where accommodations Newsmagazine) Mr. Fischer appears to were not available for people that did not take an isolation view. smoke. I never felt slighted or injured in Suggesting the use of tariffs without any way by their decision to run their busiconsidering what that entails is a mistake. ness as they saw fit. Neither did I feel the Tariffs haven’t worked in the past and they need to crusade for laws that would force are a two-edged sword. You can place tar- them to accommodate me whether I chose iffs on other countries’ goods and services, to do business with them or not. but they in turn will place tariffs on your Greg Dalay goods and services meaning not only loss St Peters     of sales to foreign countries, but loss of jobs here at home. To the Editor: Mr. Fischer’s lack of concern for loss of  I was appalled by the remarks Jim Pepper foreign sales in the food industry means made about supporting the opposition to the he may not have considered the blue- and smoking ban in O’Fallon, (Jan. 26, 2011, white-collar jobs that would be lost here. Mid Rivers Newsmagazine).  I consider the The suggestions of incentives for facto- smoking ban a very pro-active stand for the ries of financing, tax breaks and affordable health of our children, grand children and for group and workman’s compensation insur- ourselves.  Smoking, first-hand and secances all sounds great until you look at the ond-hand smoke, has been shown over and facts. over again to contribute to CANCER and We have to reduce the federal govern- many other lung diseases. ment’s deficit. Tax incentives would be My husband passed away 2-1/2 great, as long as they aren’t TIFs, because years ago from cancer.  He was a heavy TIFs cost us money from schools, police smoker.  I do not go into businesses that and fire departments. I don’t know if there allow smoking.  is such a thing as affordable group health Hello, people, please let this paper know insurance. The new healthcare law that your stand!  was passed and the mandates that go in Bev Kreinbrook place this year alone are seen by financial O’Fallon advisors and members of both parties as detrimental to small businesses. To the Editor: As a throat cancer survivor and member Solve these problems along with the present constant threat by the federal gov- of the Siteman Cancer Center-St. Peters ernment of higher taxes, new taxes and Patient and Family Advisory Council I mandated benefits and companies may was stunned by the remarks of Jim Pepper be able to project what their future costs in your Jan. 12, article on the Smoke might be, and then start hiring more people Free O’Fallon initiative.  His incendiary language does not cover the facts.  Smokagain. Jim Heim ing and second-hand smoke are directly St. Peters connected to cancer rates.  Cancer has overwhelming costs for families: emoSmoking bans tionally, physically and financially. To the Editor: It is the way of our country to provide In protecting your health, Wendy Prakop citizens with the opportunity to have has no problem with government intruding our voices heard on issues critical to our on private property to fine and or incarcer- well-being.  This is called voting.  This ate law abiding citizens, (it’s only a bunch is not fascism...this is democracy. of rich people anyway) engaged in legal On a personal note, I now avoid all estabbehavior. lishments that allow smoking, a necessary Management at the Ritz Carlton in Clay- part of my hope of remaining cancer free. I ton was the first to feel the righteous wrath do not pontificate on the benefits on nonof the St. Louis County smoking ban. They smoking to those who choose to smoke received a fine and threat of imprisonment away from my presence. I simple believe for using their private property to allow it is my right, and the right of other noncigar smoking indoors. smokers, not to have our health put at risk When the government invades private in public places. property and turns law abiding citizens Chris Frey into criminals it sets a dangerous preceSt. Charles


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St. Peters Car crash kills one

A 24-year-old St. Peters woman died on Jan. 30 after her car crashed on Mid Rivers Mall Drive near Brun’s Place. Police said, Jessica Potts died at the scene of the accident and her 4-year-old daughter was seriously injured and taken by helicopter to St. Louis Children’s Hospital. As of Feb. 1, the child, whose name is being withheld, was in critical condition. A cause of the one-car accident had not been determined at MRN press time. “It is currently being investigated by our Reconstruction Team and the cause of the accident could take several weeks to determine,” said Officer Melissa Doss.

Pool to close for repairs Swimmers will have to dive into the outdoor pools this summer, when the St. Peters Rec-Plex pool shuts down for two weeks in August for repairs. The 50-meter pool will close for at least two weeks to accommodate a new — and more energy efficient — pool filtration system. The pool’s original filters from 1994 are rusting and leaking. The filtration system is also two years past its warranty. “Our original filters from 1994 had a 15-year warranty and we’ve exceeded that.

2434 Highway K O’Fallon, MO 63368

O’Fallon seeks public input on skate park plans

It’s time to replace them,” said Jeff Hutsler, parks and recreation director. The cost to replace the filters is $313,710. The parks department had $310,000 budgeted, and the remaining $3,710 will be paid out of the aquatics repair and maintenance line item account.

St. Charles Funeral protest ban on hold Despite passing an ordinance on Jan. 18 that prohibits protest activity at funerals, the St. Charles City Council decided to wait a while before enforcing it. Just one day after passing the ordinance, a lawsuit was filed challenging the constitutionality of the city’s ordinance. A similar lawsuit had been previously filed against St. Charles County challenging the county’s ordinance regarding protest activity at funerals. On Jan. 24, Federal District Court Judge Audrey Fleissig entered an order granting a preliminary injunction against the county that prohibits enforcement of the county ordinance until the constitutionality of the county ordinance can be determined. “I speak for myself along with the St. Charles City Council when I say we are in total support of the city’s funeral protest ordinance,” said Mayor Patti York. “While

O’Fallon residents are invited to share their views at a public meeting called to present design plans for the new skate park to be constructed in Paul A. Westhoff Park. The meeting, which will be hosted by the O’Fallon Parks and Recreation Department, will start at 6 p.m. on Thurs., Feb. 17, in the Multipurpose Room at O’Fallon’s Municipal Centre (City Hall), 100 North Main Street, O’Fallon. “Public input is paramount in designing a skate park for all potential users, so we’re looking forward to fine-tuning the design with the help of our residents,” said Cindy Springer, managing director of Parks and Recreation. The conceptual designs for the skate park, which will be presented by Hardcore Shotcrete Skateparks, Inc., were created after public comment was received at an initial meeting in January. Current plans call for the new skate park to be constructed off T.R. Hughes Boulevard, where a new entrance to Westhoff Park is under construction. The park will measure roughly 8,000 square feet.

we do not agree with the ruling in the county’s case, we did not want to spend taxpayer’s dollars defending a preliminary injunction motion that may likely have the same outcome as in the county’s case.” For more information, call York’s office at 949-3269.

Road rage A 24-year-old Maryland Heights man allegedly tried to run over a St. Louis man on Jan. 14 — and then reported the man broke his windshield.



you re invited ’

chewing is

Sunday 9am Traditional Worship, Bible Study (all ages)


10:30 am Contemporary Worship, Bible Study (all ages)

Wednesday 7pm Mid-week prayer and Bible Study


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“coNNectiNg people to christ; pursuiNg spiritual growth”

Andrew H. Stcyr has been charged with first degree assault and armed criminal action after allegedly forcing 52-year-old James Richardson to pull over, and then attempted to run him over twice with his car. Police said, after stopping at the traffic signal at Upper Bottom Road and Jungs Station Road, Stcyr started blowing his horn at Richardson. Stcyr followed Rich-

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2230 Lake St. Louis Blvd. Lake St. Louis, MO 63367

3023 Highway 94 South St. Peters, MO 63376

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News Br iefs

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INGREDIENTS Hours: M-F 7am-10pm Sat 8am-10pm Sun 10am-8pm

4765 Hwy N. • MIDRIVERS 636-939-KING (5464)

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ardson to Arrow Rock Road, forcing him to pull over and screaming at him. Richardson got out of his car and approached Stcyr, who allegedly ran into him with his car, police said. The first time Richardson was struck, he flew onto Stcyr’s windshield breaking it. Police said that after Richardson rolled off of the car, Stcyr allegedly tried to run him over again. Stcyr—who is deaf—fled the scene and later reported his broken windshield through an interpreter. Lt. Craig McGuire, with the St. Charles County Sheriff’s Department, said three witnesses verified Richardson’s story. One witness was able to get the license plate number of Stycr’s car. “It was a case of road rage,” McGuire said. He said the two men did not know each other. After posting a $20,000 bond, Stcyr was released from the St. Charles County jail on Jan. 19.

O’Fallon Gunshots fired A 50-year-old O’Fallon man was taken into custody on Jan. 21 after firing shots near his apartment in the 900 block of Prynnwood Lane. Police were called to the residence of Keith Neumann at 10:50 p.m. on Jan. 21, after reports of multiple shots fired. Neumann was in the apartment with his wife, and refused to leave the apartment when police arrived. Surrounding residences were evacuated for safety and the St. Charles County Regional SWAT responded. Police said, Neumann was taken into custody without further incident at approximately 4:39 a.m. “Luckily, no one was shot and no one

Dozens of red light runners caught Dozens of citations were issued in a just a few hours on Jan. 25. The O’Fallon Police Department conducted a grant-funded Red Light Violation enforcement detail from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Jan. 25. The detail concentrated on the intersections of Veteran’s Memorial Parkway at Bryan Road and Hwy. K at Hwy. N. The two intersections are high violation areas, as well as within the top five intersections with the number of crashes. A total of 76 citations were issued and of those 47 were either red light violations or failure to yield right-of-way on green-light violations. In addition, two suspects were arrested for outstanding warrants and two suspects were charged with driving on a suspended license.










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© 2011 Brunswick Bowling & Billiards Corporation. Brunswick, Brunswick Zone and Cosmic Bowling are registered trademarks of Brunswick Bowling & Billiards Corporation.


Mid Rivers Mag_Game.indd 1

1/21/11 9:39 AM

was hurt,” said Officer Diana Damke, with the O’Fallon Police Department. The St Charles County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office issued warrants on Keith Neumann for Unlawful Use of a Loaded Firearm/Projectile Weapon by an Intoxicated Subject and Unlawful Use of a Weapon. He is being held at the St. Charles County Jail with a $20,000 bond, no 10 percent authorized.

Thank You St. Charles For Voting Max & Erma’s “Best Burger!”

O’Fallon Convenient Care O’Fallon O’Fallon


Convenient Convenient Access the world’s best medicine. Where you are. When you need it. Care Care Walk-ins • Call Ahead Priority Appointments X Rays • Physicals • Flu Shots


Access the world’s best medicine. Where you are. When you need it.

Access the world's best medicine. Where you are. When you need it. All of our physicians are Appointments board certified. Walk-ins • Call Ahead Priority Walk-ins No Appointment X Rays ••Physicals • Flu ShotsNecessary

X Rays • DOT, Work & School Physicals • Immunizations • Flu Shots


All of our physicians are board certified. 636-980-5300 2630 HigHway K • O’FallOn, MO 63368




Purchase 2 beverages and one entree from our regular menu and receive one regular menu entree of equal or lesser value up to $14.99 FREE!

Not valid on the Erma’s Trio Pick 3 or with other coupons or discounts. Please present coupon when ordering. Limit one entree per coupon. One coupon per party. St. Louis locations only. Expires Mar. 31, 2011.

Located on Highway K across from Gold’s Gym 636-980-5300

2630 HigHway K • O’FallOn, MO 63368 Located on Highway K across from Gold’s Gym. A BETTER PLACE TO EAT.

1/5/11 3:46 PM



2630 HIGHWAY K • O’FALLON,MO 63368 Located on Highway K across from Gold’s Gym.

BJC8822_BJCMG Convenient Care ad template.indd 1




Lake St. Louis

St. Peters

The Meadows

Mid Rivers Mall

Hwy 40 at Lake Saint Louis Blvd.

Main Entrance Upper Level

10 I NEWS I 



The high cost of snow One-day shutdown costs cities millions

By Mary Ann O’Toole Holley Some called it snowmageddon others called it the storm of the century. Overall, nobody will dispute the mess it made. The bigger mess, however, won’t make you slip or slide. When snow falls, retail employment and sales tax revenues that support city budgets fall with it. Although numbers on the economic impact of last week’s snowstorm are not yet available, a study commissioned by the American Highway Users Alliance in March 2010 indicates that a one-day snowrelated city-wide shutdown causes a huge loss in revenue. Nationwide, the losses after a shutdown like Tuesday’s mount from $300 million to $700 million to business and government coffers. In Missouri, the overall economic impact is estimated by the report to be $162 million. The economic loss in retail sales because of a one-day shutdown is estimated to be

more than $40 million. According to the report hourly workers are harmed the most, with retail sales, income and sales tax revenue at close seconds. “Lost wages of hourly workers account for about two-thirds of the direct economic impact of a major snowstorm,” James Gillula, managing director of Global Insight and the principal researcher of the study said in the report. “Among all workers, hourly wage workers can suffer the most painful economic losses and the indirect economic effects of their lost wages can ripple through the economy.” Chris Wacker, a waiter at Spiro’s restaurant in St. Charles, said he lost a day of pay because of the snow. “I probably lost more than $100, had it been a regular, dry, busy workday,” Wacker said. “I was glad to stay in, but I hated losing the money. It’s going to definitely impact my spending habits this month.” Highway Users President and CEO Greg

Above photo and cover photo credit: UPI/ Bill Greenblatt

Cohen said in a synopsis of the report that there is a ripple effect with lost wages that more than doubles lost sales tax revenue and retail trade. “There are factors such as taxable spending that cannot occur after the snow storm because of the cut to a person’s wages during the snow storm,” Cohen said in the report. Tuesday’s extreme weather conditions

Hard choices: Most retailers closed for the storm, others remained open By Amy Armour Snow covered roads and icy conditions caused several local businesses to close early on Feb. 1, including the 24-hour Schnucks Markets in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Lori Willis, with Schnucks, said 86 out of the 105 stores closed at 8 p.m. on Feb. 1. The stores re-opened on Feb. 2 at 8 a.m. “At that point in time it was an issue of safety,” Willis said. “And the best thing to do was to close.”

Willis said that was the first time in Schnucks history that such a large number of stores closed because of weather conditions. But while many businesses decided to close their doors early during the snow storm, the St. Peters WalMart stayed open for its regular hours—24 hours. Ashley Hardie, spokesperson for WalMart, said the company made its decision based on the weather conditions and associate availability.

“Typically we monitor the weather conditions, as the safety of our customers and our employees are the most important,” Hardie said. “We monitor our stores and if our associates can’t come in (due to weather conditions), we don’t hesitate to close that store.” And as one associate told Mid Rivers Newsmagazine, there were customers at the store during the storm. About 50 WalMart stores across the country had weather-related closings.

prompted MoDOT to close westbound I-70 at Route A in Wentzville all the way to Kansas City. Hwy. 40/61 was closed at Prospect Road in Wentzville. MoDOT said the action would help keep motorists from becoming stranded on the interstate. At the Powder Room in St. Peters, hair stylists missed two days work – Tuesday and Wednesday. “They only get paid if they have clients,” said Amy Conrad, a receptionist at the salon who reported to work Wednesday to answer the phone. “We were closed Tuesday and had two nail clients and just three retail sales on Wednesday. It was just a situation where we didn’t know if we should open or not.” Mid Rivers Mall spokesperson Amber Westerson said Mall officials decided to close early on Monday as heavy ice drifted into the region and all day Tuesday when snowfall projections ranged from 12 to 18 inches of white stuff. Only Macy’s opened on Tuesday. See SNOW, page 13

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Economist reviews:


St. Charles County remains relatively strong to start studying the elements involved and the available home market to make a better informed decision. “There is some potential for some softening of pricing,” Schneider said, indicating that houses now on the market could see some additional price-cutting to attract more offers but based on Emmon’s research, the present-day housing market is closer to finding the bottom. “Now’s the time to start looking; doing the calculations. See what works for you and your family. “Rather than wait five years, you could have built up $20,000 in equity through amortization or better stated, loan principal pay-down by starting now as a homeowner,” Schneider said. To the young couple starting a family, Schneider said, “The move-up buyers, the family with a two bedroom, one bath (home) who just had their second child, and need more space but are considering waiting until the smoke clears may in fact find the wait costs them more because the mortgage rates are destined to be higher then. St. Charles County home values are faring better than most in a county-bycounty comparison of the entire nation, according to Emmons’ report. Because of that, Schneider believes that “with mortgage rates low, you can lock-in a 5-percent rate rather than waiting,” Schneider said. “For every 1 percent increase (of interest charged in the mortgage contract) the cost to the life of the loan goes up. Emmons’ predicted a double dip recession has about a 50/50 shot but corrections are occurring which could head off a second economic slowdown. “I expect the housing and balance-sheet corrections to continue for another five years or so,” Emmons said. “Another recession is likely within the next few years because the financial system and many households are still weak.” One of the balance-sheet corrections is the true fair value of homes, Emmons said. Last year’s tax credit program for first-time homebuyers had the effect on the housing market of “a sugar high.” As to unemployment numbers, Emmons said he expects it to return to the 5-percent to 6-percent level by 2014 or 2015. About two-thirds of the states are experiencing economic growth at this time. One-third remains in recession, including Missouri which “wavers in and out.” Looking at Emmons’ charts, Schneider said, “Missouri, however, is in a better


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By Jeannie Seibert While the economic news remains gloomy across much of the U.S., there appears to be a bit of a dome over St. Charles County – a protective barrier of stable home values and guarding against the worst of the foreclosure phenomenon many other markets are experiencing, according to an assessment for the Missouri Bankers Assn. (MBA) Jan. 26. The presentation by economist William Emmons, assistant vice president with the Division of Banking and Regulation, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, stipulated the report he was sharing was his personal assessment of the current economic impact on the residential real estate sales and mortgage industries. He was not speaking on behalf of the Federal Reserve, Emmons said. The presentation opened with an assessment of the current economic environment on home values, sales and foreclosures. He then followed up with a prognostication for the near future. Attending the MBA meeting was Merle Schneider of the St. Charles County Assn. of Realtors (SCCAR) public relations task force. Schneider said Emmons’ projections are sobering but “forewarned is forearmed.” Learning that “the U.S. economy overall is growing albeit disappointingly slowly,” Schneider said. “The good news I see is this dome over St. Charles County for now.” From Emmons’ assessment, graphs indicate a potential for residential property values to decline slightly, but in comparison to neighboring counties and states, the little region of St. Charles County, West and South St. Louis County is holding its own. A series of Emmons’ slides indicate that the nation is at an economic crossroads. In the foreseeable future, Emmons predicts that mortgage rates will stay about the same in 2011, hovering in the 5- to 6-percent range, unless fear of long-term inflation increase or foreign investors lose confidence in the U.S. This scenario could push up interest rates, or, prompt the economy back into recession, pulling mortgage rates back down with it. Here at home, with home values and mortgage rates expected to hold about where they are right now, Schneider said, “If a buyer waits two or three years to buy, after inflation begins to set in and interest rates have started to climb, you stand to lose the opportunity to save $30,000 to $40,000 on the cost of a loan for an average priced home ($150,000 to $200,000).” To those weighing the rent-versus-buy scenarios, Schneider said now is the time

12 I  



TIF battle heats up By Jeannie Seibert The legal battle over the use of tax increment financing (TIFs) and other financial incentives continues as St. Charles County government, intent on curbing tax dollar diversions away from its own coffers, has enlisted the research services of East/West Gateway Council of Local Governments to help make its case. East/West Gateway, on Jan. 26, released the results of three years’ work in studying the impact of municipalities’ use of tax incentives within the St. Louis Metro area. The report dissects 20 years of multiple local governments’ use of tax incentives to promote development within the individual cities’ limits. It’s East/West Gateway’s assessment that “…more than $5.8 billion in public tax dollars to subsidize private development through the use of various financial incentives” including TIF, special taxing districts and tax abatements, according to a statement from County Executive Steve Ehlmann. The study confirms what “many have suspected for years,” Ehlmann’s statement continued. “…public money spent on private retail development does not benefit the region as a whole. But I don’t think anyone

could have dreamed that the situation was as bad as this report indicates.” The city of St. Peters, the defendant in a lawsuit challenging the city’s Lakeside 370 TIF, to which Ehlmann and St. Charles County is a party, holds itself out from the majority municipalities. “We do TIF differently in St. Peters,” a City Hall statement reads. “TIF is just one of several economic development tools available for use by Missouri municipalities and we are proud of the way we have utilized this to help our city, creating new jobs with new businesses in our region. Our TIF projects fund infrastructure projects – the money does not go to private developers.” But Ehlmann, who serves on the East/ West Gateway Board of Directors, takes a long view. “If one community offers a tax incentive to lure a big box store, it can increase its own sales tax revenue,” according to Ehlmann’s statement. “But when that big box store vacates a neighboring town that town loses sales tax dollars. Same way with jobs. One town gains at the expense of the other town.” The St. Charles County Executive sees


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E/W Gateway supports Ehlmann’s argument against TIF; St. Peters maintains not all TIFs created equal the report as vindication of his long-held belief that tax incentives simply churn businesses and tax dollars within the same metropolitan region without a net benefit to the region. But without tax incentives, St. Peters could not have constructed – and then expanded – the Rec-Plex, which has become one of the busiest recreational destinations in the county, which, in turn, stimulates overall economic activity. City Hall pointed out other advantages financial incentives, including TIFs, have benefited not just St. Peters’ residents, but construction workers from the region, employment and retail activity. For instance, the City Centre TIF, created in 1992, constructed not only the Rec-Plex but improved public streets and sewers within the TIF district and was paid off five years ahead of schedule. As of Dec. 31, all real estate taxes collected through the life of the City Centre TIF will be considered surplus funds. Barring any unforeseen circumstance, the total property tax collected will be distributed to the various taxing district including the Fort Zumwalt School District, the St. Charles City-County Library District and

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the St. Charles County Ambulance District. A full accounting of sales and property taxes collected through special taxing districts and all the districts which receive revenue from St. Peters is available on the City’s Web site. According to St. Peters’ 2010 Mo. Dept. of Economic Development TIF Annual Report, the city’s original projection that 300 new full- and part-time jobs would be created in the district in reality created nearly 1,800 jobs. That doesn’t jibe with the East/West Gateway report which indicates 80 percent of TIF and transportation development district (TDD) expenditures have been for retail development throughout the St. Louis Metro. “Although $2 billion in tax incentives was spent between 1990-2007 on retail development only 5,400 retail jobs were added to the region at a cost of about $370,000 per job,” according to Ehlmann’s statement. To date, the Lakeside 370 TIF has been argued multiple times in various courts. Finally, the Appellate Court Western District ordered a jury trial be set.


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report. “The shocking losses estimated by this study should light a fire under state and “The mall general manager works with local authorities nationwide to get serious each department store manager, looks at about investing in quicker and more effecroad and parking conditions and recom- tive snow and ice removal. When roads are mendations from MoDOT, and makes a left unsafe or impassible, it is like money decision based on those factors,” Wester- being thrown down the drain.” son said. “Closing the mall does happen Although some municipalities are hesievery once in a while. In 2006, we closed tant to spend the funds to begin early snow during the ice storm.” removal or to invest in newer equipment, Westerson said she had no estimates on the long-term benefits far exceed the cost, loss of revenue to mall stores. Regular the report said. With budgets in crisis in business hours resumed Wednesday, Feb. almost every community, many snow and 2, after reevaluating conditions. ice control programs are in danger of losing “When you close down a community funding. because the highways are closed due to snow and ice, economic activity slows almost to a standstill,” said Richard Hanneman, president of the Alexandria, Va.based Salt Institute, which has released two studies of the economic effects of snow and ice over the past several years. The study, the Highway Users noted, gives needed perspective on the true costs of what is often thought of as harmless and fun. For state and local authorities, they suggested, it could serve as a wakeup call for bigger snow removal budgets. “Although snow days often conjure happy childhood memories, this study makes it crystal clear that they have a tangible and serious negative impact on real working people and a wide range of businesses,” said Highway Users President and CEO Greg Cohen in a synopsis of the

“States and counties are under incredible budgetary pressure at this time, and nearly every county and municipality is searching for projects and programs to cut,” said Greg Cohen, CEO of the American Highway Users Alliance (AHUA). O’Fallon Mayor Bill Hennessy said he doesn’t see a clock ticking as the snow falls. He said the city snow plow budget could be affected, but said nothing was spared with plowing this recent snowstorm. “About 20 city plows were out early and workers stretched their day into a 12-hour shift when the snow started to fall,” Hennessy said. “I don’t have any idea about


loss of sales tax due to closures, but grocery stores were very busy Monday. Will that make up for Tuesday’s loss? I don’t know.” Hennessy said overtime for snow clearing is already projected in the budget, but city officials will need to look at that in the next couple of days to see where they’re at now. No additional police were needed during the snow emergency, Hennessy said. “Overall, it went well. …I haven’t gotten any email complaints. I know they’ll come, but we’re doing the best job we can do,” Hennessy said.

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ECONOMIST, from page 11 position than Illinois and St. Louis is better off than Chicago. Another economic indicator is frequency in foreclosures. Schneider said Emmons’ report included an assessment of serious mortgage delinquency rates (90-plus days delinquent or in foreclosure) in the same county-by-county comparisons throughout the country. “Locally, North City and North County are in the red (danger) zone,” said Schneider. “St. Louis County over all is in the green, or safe zone, as well as all of St Charles County, which remains entirely within the green ‘safe’ zone.” Of the eight economic sectors on which a region’s economic health is based, Schneider said economists look at: manufacturing, construction, leisure, financial, transportation, agriculture, utilities, education and healthcare. The only growing sector in the St. Louis metropolitan region is education and healthcare, Schneider said. St. Charles County has a broad spectrum of employment in this category. Even while the rest of the nation experiences slowing real estate sales, Schneider said, in St. Charles County, “Home sales will actually improve over 2010.”

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Blanchette Bridge to get makeover Westbound lanes to close for one year By Mary Ann O’Toole Holley Just when you thought it was time to put away those books on tape while you do your time in rush hour traffic, MoDOT has announced that the westbound Blanchette Bridge will be shut down for one year and crowded with construction crews for another to allow for major structural repairs. But don’t start screaming yet. MoDOT is seeking comments from the public on plans to restore the historical bridge. Plans are to award the contract this fall, giving the contractor a 12 month closing period and a 2-year work window, MoDOT Community Relations Manager Linda Wilson said. The cost of the project is estimated at $60 million. During the closure, all I-70 traffic will use the eastbound I-70 Blanchette Bridge, restriped from five lanes one-way to accommodate three lanes in each direction, Wilson said. Because the bridge is historic and is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP), MoDOT must consider alternatives and involve the public in the decision-making process. “Major river crossings are designed to last 100 years with a major overall needed at 50 years and the westbound Blanchette Bridge was built in 1958,” said MoDOT Project Manager Tom Evers. “Without major repairs, the bridge will continue to fall into disrepair and emergency repairs will be required at more frequent intervals with longer traffic closures. These repairs will become increasingly expensive.  Over the past year, the bridge has had emergency repairs with lane closures affecting rush hours five times.” Wilson said the westbound bridge, the first-built of the twin bridge configuration, was constructed as a vital link from St. Louis to St. Charles County. In its early days, all traffic was on that one bridge

before the eastbound bridge was opened in the 1970s, Wilson said. “It’s shown a lot of wear and tear, and it’s time for a major rehabilitation. The deck and driving service is in very poor repair,” Wilson said. Barrier walls on the side of the bridge will be replaced; expansion joints replaced, pavement and steel will be replaced. It’s also possible that the entire truss (the familiar overhead iron of the bridge) will be replaced, Wilson said. The bridge will be entirely repainted when work is finished. “There will be a little bit of a difference, but overall it will look the same,” Wilson said. “It will match the eastbound structure. It’s important to keep the shape the same because of its historical aspect. We feel that by doing this work now we can get 50 more years of life. If we do replace the truss structure, the bridge’s longevity could reach 75 years.” She said accommodating six lanes of two-way traffic on the eastbound bridge will be “very tight with no shoulders and speed will be reduced to 45 to 50 miles per hour.” Once drivers cross the river, prior to the Fifth Street exit, vehicles will pass back to the westbound lanes of I-70. “It’s not like it will be a parking lot from sun up to sundown – just during rush hour, especially if drivers don’t try to work flextime or carpool,” Wilson said. Wilson said MoDOT attempts to coordinate other roadwork to free other roads for detours. She said she believes Hwy. 370 and the Page extension are great options for those needing to cross the river into St. Louis County. Additionally, plans are to eventually rebuild the westbound Boone Bridge built in 1935. The east Boone Bridge built in the 1980s is in good repair, Wilson said. “Right now we don’t have money to rebuild Boone, but for now we don’t need it the most,” Wilson said, reacting to a question about the bottleneck that occurs from Chesterfield to St. Charles County during evening rush hour. She suggested drivers, “Carpool and flex your hours.”



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and it was filthy. There was snow on the ground, dirty guys in coveralls everywhere. We were there to sing to the guy who ran the place. His wife arranged it,” Knese said. “We’re standing there in tuxedos, and all the guys were crammed into the little office to listen. The guy was fighting back tears; he was so touched by the actions of his wife.” Every Valentine’s Day, for at least for four decades or more, the Ambassadors of Harmony visit mothers who live alone, workplaces and homes, and even unusual places as assigned as part of their ongo-





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Bu llet i n Boa rd Francis Howell Lights, camera, action! Fifth-grade Spectra students at Warren Elementary and Francis Howell Middle School have won the Show-Me a Movie 2010 Digital Storytelling Contest for Missouri Students. Newsmagazine Sponsored by Cooperating Salesperson:School Districts (CSD) of Greater Proof: St. Louis, ShowMe a Movie is a digital storytelling contest for Missouri students to demonstrate their creativity and digital moviemaking skills. Based on curriculum and with a content focus, the videos will showcase what students know, care about, and are able to do. Francis Howell Middle won the “Show Me a Challenge” category with its video “Dangers of Texting” which was submitted by students Jessie Basler, Gary Rudolph, Rebecca Rodell, Ashley Kang and Molly LaVictoire, Spectra teacher at Francis Howell Middle School. Warren Elementary won the Show Me a Story with their video “Warren’s 10-Year Anniversary” and the Show Me Your Community with their second submission of “Hoops & Jump Rope for Heart” which were submitted by students Adelmann, Mia Brader, Lexi Comparato, Melody Faron, Sam Kaplan, Sabrina McRoberts, Cameryn Miller, Olivia Mitchell, Joey Mueller, Jackson Snell and fifth-grade Spectra

Facilitator, Janet Nordemann. Winning submissions will be screened at a special reception at the St. Charles Convention Center as part of the 2011 Midwest Education Technology Conference to be held Feb. 15.

Date of issue: Litwiller named runner up Client: Megan Litwiller, a fourth-grade stuSize: dent at Warren Elementary, was recently Colors: announced as one of the runners-up of the Pictures: and writing contest. Logos: The contest was inspired by Benjamin Copy: Franklin, who possessed both a passion for technology and a talent for expressing powerful ideas in remarkably few words. To motivate kids to embrace these two ideals, TeenTribune and TweenTribune gave away 100 “Benjamins” to students who could describe in 100 words or less how technology makes the world a better place. Megan chose to compose her entry in the genre of poetry acknowledging the fact that while technology may be difficult it is also inevitable. Megan was one of five runners-ups in the fourth-grade level of the competition and will receive $100 for her submission. When asked if she was more excited about winning the contest or the money she

simply said, “I don’t know. I really don’t know. I’m excited about them both.”

Robotics teams advance to state Two out of the three robotics teams at Barnwell Middle School will advance to a state competition after competing in the Regional Qualifier at the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Lego League (FLL) Challenge last month. The FLL Challenge, titled “Body Forward,” focused on Biomedical Engineering. Students were divided into builders, programmers, and researchers, and as each team built their robotic device, they learned about various technological functions such as nanobots, heart catheters, stints and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Scoring for the FLL is based on the following: technical presentation where students explain their robot’s design and function; research presentation, allowing teams five minutes to explain via skit, video or basic presentation about the basis of the research and the final real-life solution; core values and teamwork; and robot challenge which gives each team three opportunities to run their robot. Mary Johnson, mother of eighth-grade student Eric Johnson, said her son has been a member of the Robotics team for three years, enjoys building and has learned a lot about teamwork. “Eric has always enjoyed building with Lego’s, K’Nex, Lincoln Logs, Mega

Bloks - whatever he could get his hands on,” Johnson said. “Sometimes people see ‘Lego’ and think fun or playtime, but the FLL challenges are so much more. I believe the robotics aspect has taken his building skills to the next level. Learning to work as a team can be challenging, but a necessary skill for life.” The Robotics World Championship will be held at the St. Louis Edward Jones Dome April 27-30. The event is open to the public.

Fort Zumwalt

Kindergarten registration date set Registration for next year’s incoming kindergarten students in the Fort Zumwalt School District will take place from 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. on March 3, at all 13 elementary schools. To be eligible for kindergarten, a child must have reached the age of 5 before Aug. 1, 2011. A valid birth certificate, proof of residency and immunization records must be presented at the time of registration. At registration, parents will receive a packet of information including a physical examination form, which should be returned on or before the first school day. Three doses of Hepatitis B vaccine are required for all students entering Kindergarten. The Hepatitis B vaccination series requires a six month time span and must be completed, or in progress, before the first day of classes. Students must have


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NEWSMAGAZINENETWORK.COM completed all immunizations and have, at a minimum, begun the Hepatitis B series in order to be permitted to attend the first school day. Senate Bill 16 requires every child enrolling in kindergarten or first grade in a public elementary school receive one comprehensive vision examination performed by a state licensed optometrist or physician. Children who have not attended kindergarten in the Fort Zumwalt School District and have reached age 6 before Aug. 1, may register for the first grade on the same date and at the same locations. Parents unable to have their child registered March 3 should complete the registration process at their child’s school no later than June 1.


Baseball numbers retired Two former pitchers for the Holt High School baseball team were honored last month when their uniform numbers were officially retired. In a special ceremony before the varsity basketball game, Ross Detwiler (No. 18) and Tim Melville (No. 9) were recognized in front of hundreds of fans for their accomplishments on the baseball field. “They are both quality young men,

and they made me a better coach, that’s for sure,” said Holt baseball coach Joel Adam. Detwiler, a 2004 graduate, helped Holt win the district title in his senior season, and played college baseball for Missouri State. He was the sixth pick overall in the first round of the 2007 draft, and has started 19 games for the Washington Nationals during the past two years. “It was a surprise, but what a great honor,” Detwiler said. Melville helped Holt get to the state championship game in 2007. A former Gatorade Player of the Year and Rawlings Gold Glove winner, Melville was picked in the fourth round of the 2008 draft, and he is currently pitching in the minors in the Royals organization. The two pitchers join former basketball great Tony Wallace as the only players in the history of Holt High School to have their uniform numbers retired.

Student exhibit Nearly 50 Timberland High School students participated in an art exhibit last month at the Lillian Yahn Gallery in Winghaven. The artists worked under the instruction of Timberland’s Fine Arts Department Chairperson Crystal Wing. One of the features of the exhibit was

the Memory Project which gives art students the opportunity to produce portraits from photographs of orphans around the world. “They (the students) seem to feel and get the impact that they can make in this child’s life,” Wing said. I’m so proud of these students for not only creating their first ever acrylic portrait painting, but to put so much energy and passion into creating such beautiful works to give away to another human that they don’t even know.”

SCC Science fair ready? The Missouri Tri-County Regional Science and Engineering Fair (MTRSEF) will be held Feb. 26, in the College Center Building at St. Charles Community College. Students in grades K-8 are invited to have their project judged at the fair in one of four categories: Biology, Physical Science, Chemistry and Applied Consumer Science. Registration for MTRSEF will be available online until Feb. 15. Judging will occur between 9 a.m. to noon on Feb. 26, and a public viewing will be held from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. The award’s ceremony will begin at 6 p.m. that evening.


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St. Peters hockey fans enjoy homemade ice rink in backyard By Mary Ann O’Toole Holley As seasons go, the Vaughn family of Wentzville tends to never go understated. In summer, their backyard is filled with giant bounce houses and rock climbing accessories on their swing set; Fourth of July brings out the children’s choo choo train, made of old steel drums and pulled by the lawn tractor. At Christmas, neighbors say their “eight tiny reindeer” and lighted adornments can be seen from outer space. Now, as more than adequate snowfall and deep-freezing temperatures made most want to sit by the fire, the Vaughns broke out their garden hose and created their own backyard ice-skating rink. Rich, Melissa and their three children, Christian, 8, Nicholas, 5, and Victoria, 4, are adventurous types and know how to show it. “We’re so engulfed in winter hockey every weekend (from October to February), we thought why not?” Melissa Vaughn said. “The ice rink gives the kids something to play on, and it helps give Christian and Nicholas more ice time.” Both boys skate for the St. Peters’ Spirit

ice skating league. Christian is on the Mite A-1 Division. There’s no push from papa here, but Rich said Christian has been ice skating “technically” since age 2, started skating lessons at 4 and is now on the ice four to five hours a week as a budding hockey standout. The backyard rink will add to their enthusiasm for the ice, and help with their skating abilities, Rich Vaughn said. “My grandma in St. Ann built us an ice skating rink in our backyard when we were little,” said Rich Vaughn. “I figured if my grandma could do it for us, there is no reason I shouldn’t.”

O’Fallon Chamber of Commerce to Host Art, Wine & Brew Gala By Mary Ann O’Toole Holley The O’Fallon Chamber of Commerce will host its 15th annual Art, Wine & Brew Gala bringing a selection of delectable offerings from area restaurants, wineries and brewers sure to take the winter blues away. O’Fallon Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Erin Williams urges the public to join in this outstanding community event as political dignitaries, business proprietors and guests gather to celebrate the wonderful offerings of O’Fallon businesses and restaurants. The event is presented by Krey Distributing and sponsored in-part by Mid Rivers Newsmagazine and Krekeler’s Jewelers. The black-tie optional event will be held from 7 p.m. to midnight on Saturday, Feb. 19, at O’Fallon City Hall. Enjoy foods from local restaurants including Bristol Seafood Grill, Christy Banquet Center, Cusumano’s Restaurant, Kitaro Bistro of Japan, Longhorn Steakhouse, Madison’s Café, The Oak Barrel

Bistro and Bakery, Quintessential Catering, River City Catering, Stefanina’s Restaurant and Susie G’s Specialty Cakes. O’Fallon Brewery and Krey Distributing, a distributor of Anheuser Busch products will have plenty of brews to choose from and Major Brands will offer a unique liquor tasting opportunity, offering some of the finest of libations. Local artists will display and sell their work from 7 to 9 p.m., and at 9 p.m. the party moves upstairs for live entertainment and dancing until midnight with music performed by CoverTrax, a five-piece party/dance band that performs great tunes including Classic Rock, Motown, Disco, Country, R&B, and current pop hits. Tickets to this unique and fun-filled event are available online at or by calling the Chamber office at 240-1818. Tickets are also available at Serenity Valley Winery (formerly Vintner Cellar) on Hwy. K in O’Fallon. Attendance is limited to 300 people. Early ticket purchase is recommended.



 I 19

Please join

The O’Fallon Chamber of Commerce for their 15th Annual

Full and Half Day Preschool

D ance until

S ample from

midnight to the amazing sounds of “CoverTrax”.

the area’s best wineries, breweries, and restaurants.

E vent Sponsor

V iew and

purchase beautiful art of all types from local artists.

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SAMPLInGS FROM THe AReA’S FIneST ReSTAuRAnTS & WIneRIeS: Bristol Seafood Grill

Longhorn Steakhouse

Quintessential Catering

Hot Shots

Madison’s Cafe

Serenity Valley Winery Stone Hill Yellow Farmhouse Krey Distributing

O’Fallon Gold

Oak Barrel Bistro and Bakery


Cedar Lake Farms

Susie G’s

Indian Creek

offer expires february 23, 2011

Peaceful Bend Winery

Kitaro Japanese Bistro


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Local mom authors dinosaur book for toddlers By Amy Armour A long restless night trying to put her 3-year-old child to bed resulted in the creation of a new career for Aronka Schultz. The St. Peters mom and full-time college student can now add author to her list of titles. The 32-year-old mom wrote and published a children’s book based on the sometimes frustrating job of putting a restless toddler to bed. “A Dinosaur on the Loose” was released in December 2010 and is available for purchase at The cost is $9.99, plus shipping. After living in Las Vegas, Nev., for more than 10 years, Schultz moved with her son Luke and his dad Matt back to St. Peters. Luke had a difficult time adjusting to the change, and after countless trips into his room one night to put him back in bed, Schultz told him if he didn’t lye down a dinosaur was going to come and get him. Immediately feeling guilty Schultz said she put herself in a ‘Mommy Time Out.’ “All of the sudden I hear this laughing. And Luke asks me, ‘Mommy are you a dinosaur?’ Schultz said. And there was the idea for her first book. Schultz started jotting down ideas when they came to her, and eventually put together an entire story to read to her now

Valentines Day wouldn’t be complete without something sparkling or sweet... and we don’t mean diamonds or chocolate. We’re talking about wine from Friar Tuck Beverage.

4-year-old son. The book is about a little boy named Luke who loves to play with his daddy when he gets home from work. But there are many things that have to be done—like eating dinner and taking a bath—before playtime can begin. If Luke doesn’t do what his mommy and daddy tell him to do a dinosaur may come to his bedroom door. A dinosaur shadow is featured on every page, with the emotions of Luke determining its mood. “Luke and I would read it together and then we read it to his dad. Luke’s dad was very supportive. He said you need to get this published,” said Schultz, who is studying marketing at Lindenwood University. Schultz said she was happy with the story not being published, but Luke wanted pictures to go along with the story. And Schultz is not an illustrator. After researching publishing and looking for an agent, Schultz decided to go the selfpublishing route. She interviewed several publishing houses before deciding AuthorHouse was a good fit. The process from start to finish with the publishing company took about seven months. The cost to selfpublish was about $2,000 and included the illustrations for the 32-page book. So far, she has sold 25 copies.

Schultz plans on partnering with local schools, using her book as a fundraising tool. Schultz will sell her book to parents and teachers, donating $1 for each book sold to the school. At this time, Schultz is working with the St. Charles Presbyterian Preschool and St. Peter Catholic School.  So how does this full-time mom and college student make time to write? “I ask myself that every day. I just take it day by day,” said Schultz. “I have an excellent support system. I can keep track of goals to accomplish, but I couldn’t get everything  done without a good team behind me - Matt, and Luke’s grandparents.”

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Stop in at Friar Tuck on Saturday, Feb. 12 from 1 to 5 p.m. and taste some great sweet and sparkling wines to “complement” your Valentines Day celebration. Sample sweet Moscato, sparkling Prosecco, French champagne and a tasty little dessert wine or two.

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792 Gravois Bluffs Blvd. Fenton, MO 63026 636-326-2359

O’Fallon (New!)

4365 Hwy. K O’Fallon, MO 63366 636-300-4300

3449 Pheasant Meadow Dr. Suite 100 • O’Fallon, MO 63368 636-397-4012 • 877-834-6937 (VEIN YES)

Thomas Wright MD, FACP, RVT Board Certified Vein Specialist


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! y l i 318 Mid RiversGRAND Mall OPENING Dr. • St. Peters a SALE D GRAND OPENING SALE n e

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TriTri Zone Zone Pocketed Pocketed Coil Coil • Foam • Foam Encased Encased 100% 100% Natural Natural Latex Latex • RichQuilt™ • RichQuilt™ Foam Foam SuperSoft™ SuperSoft™ Foam Foam • Foam • Foam • Bamboo • Bamboo Cover Cover Fire Fire Retardant Retardant Barrier-Compliance Barrier-Compliance Tested Tested Warranty: Warranty: 1010 Full Full

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QUEEN QUEEN 10” Plush 10” PlushMemory Memory Foam FoamMattress Mattress

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636-278-5005 636-278-5005 Pillow Top Mattress Queen Size 1 1/2” quilt foam • 3/4“ duro pad Pillow Top Mattress 3” supersoft foam Queen Size 1 1/2” quilt foam 3/4“ duro pad Pillow Top• Mattress 3” supersoft foam Queen Size Add $100 for foundation





Welcome mats create a ‘red carpet’ entrance for any home By SARAH WILSON The first thing guests see when they approach the door is the welcome mat – a preview for what is to come once they walk through the door. Depending on each individual taste, welcome mats can personalize each home with a variety of different patterns, colors and styles – to help make the most of any entryway.

Keep heat where heat belongs. Major Benefits: • Installed over existing insulation • Keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer • Save 20–40% on energy bills • Blocks 97% of radiant heat • Lowers summer attic temperatures up to 30º • Reduces heat gain/loss up to 50% in living spaces • Keeps your home comfortable year round • Saves on the life of your furnace and A/C.


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Monogrammed natural fiber doormats placed in a decorative rubber surround are interchangeable, offering a convenient way to decorate for each season and holiday. Interchangeable doormats and rubber surround are available at The White Hare in St. Peters.


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Undermount Stainless SteelSink (A $350 Value) With purchase of any granite countertop of 50 square feet or more. Not Valid with any other offer. Must present coupon. Expires 2/28/11

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BrownTrout animal doormats are suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use. Simple and convenient to wash, animal doormats bring out the pet-lover in any decorator. BrownTrout animal doormats are availabe in a variety of different animals and can be found at Pet Supplies “Plus” in Ballwin. Luxurious coir mats offer a bit of French culture with “Bienvenue,” French for “welcome.” Popular year-round and made from a natural fiber of coconut husk, coir mats are available at Belle Fleur Designs in Ellisville.

MatMates interchangeable doormats and decorative tray, all made in St. Louis, are ecofriendly and perfect for special occasions or everyday use. Interchangeable doormats and decorative tray are available at SummerWinds Garden Center in Ellisville.





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The Blodgett Lighthouse and Hinkley Lighting have joined together to feature a sTore-wide cHandeLier saLe!

St. Louis’

On-Time Electrician

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Any Type of Wiring • Room Additions Circuit Breaker Upgrades • Low Voltage Ceiling Fan Installation • Fiber Optics

100’s of fixtures to choose from, special orders allowed, come one, come all! The entire Hinkley line is on sale from chandeliers to outdoor lighting as well as other well-known lines.

Code Violation Corrections • Generators Pools & Spas • Security Lighting Fire & Water Damage Repair Data & Communication Wiring Home Audio and Video

888-8-SPARKY or 314-781-9998

a Modern old Time Lighting store

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Valid only with coupon. Limit one coupon. Not valid with other offers. Valid only coupon. LimitAd one coupon. Not valid Not withvalid otherwith offers. Expires Pages Validwith only with3/12/11. coupon. Limit one coupon. other offers.


636-332-9444 636-332-9444 636-332-9444




Spruce up the staircase By SARAH WILSON Homeowners often overlook the impact of a great staircase, but with some creativity and the right resources, a staircase can get the attention it deserves. “Ninety percent of the homes you walk into have a staircase,” Bryan Barr, vice president of Kirkwood Stairs, said. “They set the tone of a person’s home, so it’s a good idea to spruce them up just like you would any other area.” Barr said the first thing to decide on is the type of wood that will be used, making sure it complements the rest of the home. “Oak is a standard wood used because it is the most durable and costefficient,” Barr said. “Many people are using cherry maple to match the new Photo courtesy of Kirkwood Stairs. flooring they’re using.” Barr also suggested matching the A curved, cherry staircase with metal balustrade. banister to nearby light fixtures. Thomas Stairs owners George and Brad Thomas noted that once a banister goes well with the upstairs and the downand staircase are installed, adding one or stairs but is too bold for an entire room. two personal touches can make a big dif• Stack books on the stairs. The sides of ference. indoor staircases make a terrific bookcase. The Thomases provided these tips, which • Add a shelf or table to one end of the they culled from stairs for depositing keys, reading glasses • Add a carpet. Stairs often get worn out and mail. because of foot traffic. Adding a carpet • Hang mirrors at the top or bottom of that runs along the center of the stairs will the stairs to create the illusion of greater preserve the quality of the staircase while space. adding a bit of color. • Add texture with fabric, which can be • Hang artwork on the walls or paint the added to handrails, framed as art for walls walls with a bold color. Use a color that or used to line the edge of a staircase.

Transform your staircase from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY in 2 days or less! With so many styles from which to choose, it’s the most cost effective way to get the biggest bang for your home improvement dollar!

Call for a free in-home estimate


Get a New Kitchen in 2 Days! Coming Soon Earth City!


Free Measurements, Design & Quote!

Residential • Commercial



95 S



Mon.-Sat. - 9:30am-7:30pm

South County

Mon., Wed., Fri. - 9am-7pm Tues., Thurs. - 9am-5pm • Sat. - 9am-3pm


Per sq. ft. • 3cm granite (Over 1” thickness) OFFER EXPIRES 03/23/11

Quality, Savings, and Fast! Vanity Special on Sale Now!

Mon., Wed., Fri. - 9am-7pm Tues., - 9am-5pm tue,Thurs., thu, satSat. 9am-5pm

Manchester Photo courtesy of Thomas Stairs. White oak spiral staircase with simple balustrade.

10% to 35% Off Wood Cabinets

26 I automotive I 

s r e v i r d i m



Cadillac launches CTS-V Black Diamond Edition Cadillac will offer this spring a Black Diamond Edition of the high-performance CTS-V that comes with a host of popular performance options and an exclusive tricoat paint, also called “Black Diamond.” The Black Diamond Edition, available in the CTS-V Sedan, Coupe and Wagon models, will be the first use by an automaker of JDSU’s proprietary SpectraFlair pigment in North America. JDSU, a Milipitas, Calif.,-based optical technology firm, specializes in cuttingedge color solutions for a wide range of markets. Its pigments are used in certain DuPont paints supplied to Cadillac. In the CTS-V Black Diamond, a dark tri-coat paint is embedded with SpectraFlair Bright Silver pigment. While other luxury makers offer metallic paints, Black Diamond is created through a meticulous process that gives the paint added dimen-

sion. Instead of simply containing small bits of metal, the SpectraFlair pigment in Black Diamond uses aluminum flakes encapsulated in a glass-like substance called magnesium fluoride. The result is a paint that has a diamond-like sparkle as light hits the surface from different angles. “The CTS-V Black Diamond Edition is like a finely crafted, tailored tuxedo,” said Michelle Killen, Cadillac exterior paint designer. “The base color may be a simple black, but the details and richness of the material set it apart.” Black Diamond helps Cadillac meet growing demand by luxury buyers for paints that are set apart not just by their color but also by their special effects. “Auto makers and consumers are looking to differentiate the color black, an

together, we’ll keep your car running newer, longer. Cottleville 6042 Mid River Mall Drive ....................(636) 441-0417 St. Peters 1010 Cave Springs ............................(636) 928-7477 Monday-Friday 7am-8pm Sunday 8am-5pm

St. Charles 2413 West Clay ................................(636) 946-6533 O’Fallon 504 S. Main (2 blocks North of 70) ..........(636) 272-6980

Cadillac’s CTS-V Black Diamond Edition will be available at U.S. dealerships in March. The car is named for an exclusive, tri-coat paint, also called “Black Diamond.”

ubiquitous color in automotive,” said John Book, Custom Color Solutions product manager at JDSU. “Black Diamond offers the discerning Cadillac customer a special option color that stands out and remains true to their sense of luxury and style.” In addition to the unique paint, CTS-V Black Diamond comes standard with content that complements its look and feel. The special edition has: • Satin Graphite 19-inch wheels with yellow Brembo brake calipers. These six-piston front, four-piston back brake calipers provide exceptional stopping capabilities.

B U Y 3,

G ET 1

• Recaro seats that feature 14 adjustable elements, French-stitched leather and microfiber suede inserts in the center sections of the cushions and seatbacks. • Midnight Sapele wood trim known for its durability and distinctive grain. The CTS-V Black Diamond comes with a suggested retail price, including destination charges, of $69,190 for the manual or $70,490 for the automatic, a $4,850 premium over the CTS-V base price. It will be available at U.S. dealerships in March. The vehicle joins Cadillac’s awardwinning V-Series line of performance luxury vehicles.


O R TA K E 5 0 % O F F T H E S E C O N D T I R E

Open Monday-Saturday 7am-7pm Sunday 8am-5pm


South O’Fallon 3089 at Hwy K (at Hwy K & N) ........(636) 978-5886

Savings off regular price. In-store installation required. Not to be combined with another offer on same product and not be used to reduce outstanding debt. No cash value. Offer good at participating Firestone Complete Auto Care stores. See store for full details.

Open Monday-Friday 7am-10pm Saturday 7am-7pm Sunday 8am-5pm

Dardenne Prairie 8025 Hawk Ridge Trail ..............(636) 695-3190 Open Monday-Friday 7am-8pm Saturday 7am-7pm Sunday 8am-5pm • 1 - 8 0 0 - L O C A T E - U S

NO INTEREST IF PAID IN FULL WITHIN 6 MONTHS!† $249 minimum purchase required. Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the purchase balance is not paid in full within 6 months or if you make a late payment. Shop supply charges in the amount of 6% of labor charges will be added to invoices greater than $35. These charges will not exceed $25 and represent costs and profits.Shop supply charges not applicable in CA or NY.Non-mandated disposal or recycling charges,if any are disclosed above, may also represent costs and profits. Specific product offerings and tread designs may vary. Prices,warranties,car service,credit plans and other offers available at Firestone Complete Auto Care; see affiliated for their competitive offers and warranties.*If you do not achieve guaranteed mileage, your Firestone retailer will replace your tires on a pro-rated basis. Actual tread life may vary. All warranties apply only to original owner on originally installed vehicle. See retailer for details,restrictions and copy of each limited warranty. †MINIMUM MONTHLY PAYMENTS REQUIRED. Applicable to purchases made January 1st through June 30th, 2011. APR:22.8%. Minimum Finance Charge $1.00. CFNA reserves the right to change APR,fees and other terms unilaterally. FX-0193B

Any Wheel Alignment

$20 off


Driving feel a little off?

Helps prevent early tire wear. We’ll inspect steering and suspension and align to vehicle to manufacturers’ specifications. Savings off regular price. Most vehicles.


Winter Car Care Checkup



Get your car ready for winter driving.

In-depth visual analysis of tires, suspension, lights, fluid levels, wiper blades, belts, battery, hoses, and brake inspection. Most vehicles.

Includes brake and battery check, plus four-tire rotation!

Save thru 3/8/11

Save thru 3/8/11

See store for complete service description and details. Redeem coupons and your participating Firestone Complete Auto Care store. Not to be combined with another offer on same product or service and not be used to reduce outstanding debt. No cash value. Offer void where prohibited.

CHEVROLET 2011 CHEVROLET CRUZE w/Automatic Transmission















Come see why we are the DEAL MAKER$ !!! 2011 CHEVROLET SILVERADO EXT CAB















#1 GM Certified Dealer in St. Charles

02 Ford Ranger XLT 04 Ford Mustang GT Ext Cab 71,xxx miles Mach 1 28,xxx miles $17995 $9995 F9043B F9026A 06 Saab 9-3 Great 07 Chrysler Sebring Car ! 83,xxx miles Ltd. Leather Moonroof 70,xxx miles $9995 F9140A $12995 F9403A 10 Chevrolet Sil10 Chevrolet Traverse 10 Chevrolet Suburban 10 Cadillac CTS LT AWD Leather Quad 4wd Moonroof GM verado Ext cab 2wd Seats GM Certified Certified Quad Seats Loaded 7,xxx miles GM Certified Loaded $29995 F9261A 8,xxx miles FP5339 17,xxx miles FP5313 5,xxx miles F8089A 01 Lexus RX300 Leather Moonroof 4WD $11995 FP5215 06 Chevrolet Impala LS 4dr. 81,xxx miles $10995F 9542A

02 Cadillac Seville SLS Sharp ! Like New 68xxx miles $9995 F9490A 06 Chevrolet Cobalt LT Cpe. Moonroof 45,xxx miles $10995 F9493

05 Jeep Grand CherokeeLTD. 4X4 Leather 56,xxx miles $17995

05 Pontiac Aztek 05 Chrysler CrossFWD Super Nice fire Ltd. Convertible 91,xxx miles $7995 9,xxx miles $16995 F9238A F9666A F9400A 10 Chevrolet Cobalt 10 Chevrolet Impala 10 Honda Accord EXL LT Cpe. GM Certi- LS GM Certified Sedan 15,xxx miles fied 9,xxx miles 11,xxx miles FP5326 F9692A FP5314 09 Chevrolet 09 Chevrolet 10 Chevrolet 2wd LT2 Colorado 2wd Crew Silverado 1500 4wd Suburban GM Certified Ext. Cab 21,xxx miles Loaded Cab 16,xxx miles 17,xxx miles $35995 $25995 F8142A $22995 F9109AA F9209

05 Pontiac Grand Prix GT Sedan Leather Moonroof 89,xxx miles $10995 F9345A 10 Chevrolet Cobalt LT Sedan GM Certified 8xxx miles FP5316

06 Kia Sorento Sharp vehicle ! 93,xxx miles $8995 F9698A 10 Chevrolet Camaro 2LT Cpe. GM Certified 8,xxx miles F7973A 09 Chevrolet Tahoe 09Nissan Armada LT 4wd Black 55,xxx SE 2wd Loaded 29,xxx miles miles GM Certified $32995 F8008A $28995 F9064A


HUGE TIRE SALE We will MEET or BEAT any Competitors Advertisement on like Tires! *Some exclusions apply.

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Regular Price 2-Wheel $79.95 *2-Wheel Drive Only, 4-Wheel Drive Extra.

SAvE $20!

LUBE OIL AnD fILTER plus Tire Rotation & 27pt. Inspection Only $39.95

Up to 5qts Valvoline Premium Oil 5W-30, some modes slightly higher. Excludes Corvettes and Diesels.

We say YES... when others say NO! 501 Auto Mall Drive CHEVROLET

Call Us

O’Fallon, MO 63368


*Sale Prices includes all applicable Rebates and Discounts. Pricing changes when using incentive listed per GM programs. W.A.C. Vehicle pictured may not represent actual vehicle listed. Sale Price on select in stock vehicles only. Sale ends 2-28-2011. Not all consumers will qualify for all incentives. See dealer for complete details. C2311V

28 I automotive I 



Automotive Showcase

With rising gas prices, MINI cars are a big deal that one recently was test driven by a customer By BRIAN MCDOWELL Gas prices are rising again, and some experts have said that was 6’6” and weighed 400 pounds. Operating in Clayton since 2002, MINI of that they could reach an all-time high this year. Such predictions are causing more cost-conscious consumers to St. Louis is “the” place in the area to buy the seek out smaller vehicles that offer greater fuel efficiency. unique vehicles. Besides offering assistance It is difficult to beat the 38 highway miles per gallon that with financing and leasing of the highly sought are available with the small and stylish MINI-Cooper out cars, the dealership features both a nearby service department and a body shop. brand of cars, made by BMW. Interestingly, the recent downturn in the Of course, less money spent at the pump is not the only amenity that the beloved imports offer to new car custom- economy does not seem to have affected the ers. Several consumer websites and car magazines have local public’s demand for the vehicles, MINI of stated that MINIs generally retain their value better than St. Louis in 2010 experienced its second-best any other brand of compact cars. Thanks to their unique sales year, and McMillin said he expected that design features, the MINIs have also scored extremely this year will be even better. Open every day but Sunday, the dealership Pictured are the 2011 MINI Countryman ALL4, MINI’s new 4Door - a well on safety tests. The cars also offer unmatched performance and handling, according to MINI of St. Louis Sales has a limited number of the new MINI Coun- much larger offering - and a 2011 MINI Cooper Hardtop. tryman models, a rare, four-door version of the Manager Matt McMillin. There is also a surprising amount of comfort and leg- beloved small cars. The eagerly awaited vehicle room offered by a MINI, which was designed to be an is slightly taller and wider than most MINIs and will be headaches that accompany owning a classic car. McMillin indicated also that there is seemingly no strict extremely adjustable and roomy vehicle. McMillin said available for browsing and test-driving at the dealership before later this month officially going on sale to the demographic for those who choose to drive a MINI. He public. has sold the cars to young and old, large and small, investMcMillin explained that the MINI is classified as a ment bankers and farmers and all types of people across MINI of St. Louis “niche vehicle,” and he admitted that those who need to the board. 8455 Maryland Avenue • Clayton either haul things or regularly transport big families are Prices start at around $20,000. (314) 727-8870 not likely to seek the cars out. Rather, the MINI is made McMillin owns a MINI himself and described it as a Open 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Mon., Wed. and Fri.; 8 a.m. for those who have been looking for a small car that is fun “blast to drive.” to 6 p.m. on Tues. and Thurs.; 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sat. to drive and has a close resemblance to the much loved “It’s an extremely spirited vehicle,” McMillin said. “I sports cars from the ‘50s and ‘60s, without all the requisite love the way it handles.”



Zeiser KIA

2011 KIA Soul+ oWn From $264/mo* no money doWn!

2011 KIA SorenTo oWn From $309/mo* no money doWn! rnme 5 Star Gove

nt Safe

ty Rating

• Six Airbags, A





The Ultimate Buying Experience! Zeiser KIA St. Peters 4955 Veteran’s Memorial Parkway St. Peters, MO 63376 (On the I-70 South Outer Road between Cave Springs and Mid-Rivers Drive)



Prices include all incentives. Not everyone qualifies for all incentives. Taxes, title, license, and registration fees extra. Pricing with no money down or trade, 72 mos @4.5% financing with approved credit. This is $15.87 for each $1,000 financed. Excludes and cannot be combined with other offers and prior sales. Sorento built with US and globally sourced parts. See dealer for detailed warranty information. Must take delivery from retail stock by 2/28/11.



2011 Ford Escape Lmt 4x4


3.0 L V6, Integrated Side Step Bars, Power Moon-roof, Premium Sound, and a long list of standard equipment for safety and comfort!


45 In STOCK!

Best Reasons to Purchase From Bo Beuckman Ford 1. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction! 2. We are dedicated to one U.S. car manufacturer. Drive the Ford experience!


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5. If it’s not in our inventory, we’ll locate it! 6. Friendly, Knowledgeable, and Respectful Staff allows you to shop in a low pressure environment.


Offer good through Feb. 28, 2011

7. A+ Highest Rating accreditation by the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU 8. Bo’s Owner Advantage Rewards Club membership

2011 Ford Expedition XLT 4x4

9. Paintless Dent Removal in our state of the art Body Shop for 60 days after purchasing your New vehicle.

2010 Ford F150 Super Crew Lariat 4x4 18 In Stock!

10. Loaner, Shuttle & Valet for our Service and Body Shop Customers 11. Wi-Fi Internet in our Customer Lounge, Customer Office and Play Room areas.



Top MSRP Bo Price Ford Customer Cash Ford Motor Credit Cash Ford Trade- In Assist Cash Ford College Student Program



12. Local Community Support (Toys for Tots, JDRF, Race for the Cure, Parades, Car Show) 13. Every dollar you spend supports the U.S. economy!

5.4 L V8, Leather Trim Captain Chairs, Electronic Automatic Temp Control, Chrome Step Bar, Power Moon-roof Rear View Camera, Reverse Sensing System, Heat/Cool Front Seats, Two Tone Paint, and more

5.4 L V8, Power Liftgate, Heavy Duty Trailer Tow, Driver Vision Package, Rear View Camera, Climate Controlled Seats, Navigation System, and More!

14. The majority of our Sales customers are from referral or repeat customers

$45,650 $39,980 $2,500 $1,000* $1,500** $500

15. The majority of our Service customers purchase their next vehicle from Bo

Top MSRP Bo Price Ford Customer Cash Ford Promo Customer Cash Ford College Student Program

16. We staff Master and Senior Master Certified Technicians 17. eNewsletter “The Beuckman Buzz” has Service Coupons, Tech Tips and Recipes.

* Req. eligible buyers Financing w/FMCC ** Must Trade-In ‘95 or newer vehicle


Completely reinvented! You won’t believe what it can do!

4. Highest allowable Trade-in values.

$50, 110 $46,388 $2,000 $1,000 $500

18. Online Service Appointments 19. Online Vehicle Reviews with photos and video





20. Familiar Faces! Most of our employees have been with us over 10 years, many for much longer!



21. Privacy Protection!


See Complete Inventory @ 2010 Ford Escape LTD #84933

2010 Ford Explorer EB #84913

2010 Frod Explorer XLT #84914

2010 Ford Focus SEL #84917

2009 Buick Enclave CXL #48135A






2009 Ford Taurus SEL AWD # 94996

2008 Chevy HHR LT #49006A



2008 Chrysler 300 Touring #49271A

2008 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer V-8 #84929

2008 Ford F-150 XLT 4X4 #94973

2008 Ford Fusion SE # 84921

2008 Ford Mustang #84926

2008 BMW 3 Series 33 1 #49187A

2006 Ford F-150 STX 4x4 #94984

2007 Buick Lucerne CXL V-6 #49337A









SEE BO’S AUTORAMA BUDGET PREOWNED VEHICLES Five minutes West of Six Flags Hwy 44 Exit 257 (Pacific) •

Your New Ford includes this standard feature.

636-271-5600 •

Manchester Road Just East of Clarkson at the Light • Ellisville

15675 Manchester Rd.





30 I NEWS I 



Coulter brings liberal dose of conservatism to conference By Jeannie Seibert Liberal doses of Ann Coulter’s acerbic wit headlined the 22nd annual Constitutional Coalition’s Educational Policy Conference (EPC) held Jan. 27-29 in Frontenac. Coulter’s address was energetically received by an august gathering of conservative thinkers, legislators, educators, pastors, scientists and concerned parents and grandparents. Introduced by Donna Hearne, founder and executive director of the Constitutional Coalition, Coulter was described as “author, lawyer, student; inimical and joyful.” Coulter’s keynote on Jan. 28 was delivered to conferees from all over the U.S. just two days after President’s Obama’s State of the Union address. The irony was not lost on the crowd when she led off with the observation: “After 30 years of the Democrats ‘investing in education,’ students’ test scores are going down.” Coulter rolled right into a rapid-fire assessment of what she deemed liberal policies failures: While trillions have been spent to “save or create jobs,” the lowest unemployment figures recorded during President Obama’s tenure were those “on the day he took the oath of office,” she said.

The replacement of education with indoctrination in public schools produces college students who jeered at a U.S. senatorial candidate from Delaware – Christine O’Donnell – when she said the words “separation of church and state don’t appear in the Constitution.” As a reminder, Coulter said that Thomas Jefferson penned the phrase in a letter to the Danbury, Conn., Baptists explaining the First Amendment restricted the federal government from establishing a religion. States were under no such constraints, unless specifically denied by the individual state constitutions. “If they really wanted to get rid of God, they’d put him on MSNBC,” Coulter said. The indoctrination that has supplanted true curricula that used to produce adults capable of critical thinking now results in college students who live in mortal fear of “the imaginary phenomenon of global warming,” she said. Referencing the Delaware senatorial debate, Coulter asked what one would expect from college students who throughout their school years have been force-fed a steady diet of Al Gore’s Academy Awardwinning documentary “Earth in the Balance.”

Gore went on to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for the work, earning him enough prize money to “buy his own Gulfstream jet instead of just having to lease them all the time,” Coulter said. She then turned her lasers on the results of the trillions of dollars spent on social policies that she said have undermined the nuclear family. The direct result of government-provided food, housing, health care and education as long as there was no father present in the household has been fewer fathers who are actively engaged in their children’s lives, she said. More often than not, every crime statistic broken down by race can trace back to individuals who were denied the nurturing and guidance of the traditional nuclear family construct, Coulter said. She said the Republican Party has not of late offered any alternatives to Democratic leadership. “A John McCain candidate (in the 2008 presidential election campaign) shows a real deficit of leadership in this country,” Coulter said, but added that the grassroots Tea Party movement led to the November midterm tsunami. “The total collapse of the U.S. monetary system tends to focus people’s minds.”

Mid Rivers Newsmagazine staff photo. Ann Coulter delivers the keynote address at the recent Constitutional Coalition Educational Policy Conference.

Solid OAK hardwood, 3/4 inch thick, 2 1/4 inch wide



sq. ft. installed

Also available in 3 1/4” width at $9.99 sq.ft. installed Similar savings on other Somerset styles.

Hardwood Special

• Factory pre-finished - no staining • “Natural” or 6 stain colors - your choice • 25 year finish warranty • 200 sq. ft. minimum and other charges may apply.

Price Includes: • WOOD • All taxes • Installation • Delivery


for One Full Year!

“Locally owned & operated since 1939”

Chesterfield 636-391-6800

287 Lamp & Lantern Village (Clayton & Woods Mill Roads) Mon-Fri: 9–8 • Sat: 9–5

Brentwood 314-647-6060

2714 Breckenridge Industrial Court (Off Manchester, One Block West of Hanley) Mon-Fri: 9–5:30 • Sat: 9–5



Your guide to new homes prime.  I 31

Your guide to the area’s finest new homes

New Home Guide

32 I prime. Your guide to new homes prices from $280’s.” For information click on

Build it, and they will come Kevin Weaks

New home builder news: “We’ve always said ‘you get more with McKelvey,’ and our 113th anniversary sale proves it more than ever!” said McKelvey Homes President Jim Brennan. To celebrate the company’s 113th anniversary, McKelvey is offering buyers 113% off options through March 6. “In honor of our long tradition of fine homebuilding, we’re not only giving 100% off options up to $20,000, but also an additional 13% rebate on every to-be-built home. For example, select $20,000 in options absolutely free, and receive an additional $2,600 rebate which you can use for more options, closing costs or a reduction in the sale price of your new McKelvey home. To learn more about McKelvey Homes’ 113% off promotion, stop by any of the 11 McKelvey Homes communities. For locations and directions visit


Greater Missouri Builders has new, lower, anniversary pricing at Queensbrooke Condominiums, now starting at $ 99,900. There are 10 ready to move into at that price featuring 1,070 square feet, two bedrooms, two full baths, wood cabinets, pantry, laundry room in each unit and a balcony or patio. Queensbrooke features an elevator building, covered parking and a great location on Highway 94 at Harvester Road. “We’ll also be ready to open the New Townhomes at Queensbrooke in March,” announced Kim Davison-Whalen, residential sales and marketing director for GMB. The townhomes will be priced from $154,900 with two bedrooms, 1½ baths and a loft,  with a three-bedroom option, and a two-master bedroom option. “We have great pricing on all of our inventory homes in all of our communities,” she added. “Plus, we’re getting ready to start two new villas at Brunhaven, with new

Just in time for spring, Thomas & Suit Homes is offering for quick move-in a new Alberta model at The Enclave at Sommers Pointe in St. Charles County. “This 2,260-square-foot home represents an exceptional value, priced at just $329,000,” said Community Sales Manager Char Richards “It has a wonderful open floor plan, with 11-foot ceilings in the great room, breakfast room, hearth room and kitchen.” At nearby Wyndgate Forest, buyers have the rare opportunity to purchase a movein-ready 1½-story sitting on a wooded homesite that is over a half acre. The 3,311-square-foot Persimmon model has four-bedrooms, 3½-baths and architectural features galore. Both are designed to take full advantage of the breathtaking setting, Char said. Price of this home is $449,000. For information call 636-561-2120 or go to

from an unbelievable $149,500. Many have been asking about larger lots at New Town, Whittaker said, “so we now have half-acre homesites that you can build on.” Call 636-949-2700 or visit www. At Whittaker’s unique Glenhurst townhome community in Wentzville, savvy homebuyers can move into a three-bedroom, 2½-bath home with two-car garage from just $106,500. Call 636-332-9988.

Payne Family Homes prides itself in listening to customers, says Sales and Marketing Director Ed Lott. As a result, the homebuilder has introduced a new line of homes called the Vision Series, “a visionary collection of customer-designed homes at prices and sizes consistent with the way you want to live,” according to their advertisements. The seven all-new designs have features such as two master suites with luxury baths and walk-in closets, multi-purpose rooms, and a single-level There’s always something new at The model that offers an optional penthouse New Town at St. Charles: Whittaker Homes suite. Prices start in the upper $100,000s. is debuting three different sized versions of In addition to the new Vision Series, Payne its new Cottage Villas with two bedrooms recently announced that it is now selling and two baths priced from $128,500 to homes from the low $200,000s at Boulder $148,500. President Greg Whittaker also Ridge on Highway Z just south of I-70. For announced that there are two new two- information call 314-477-1218 or go to story models with four bedrooms priced

*Offer good for up to $20,000 in free options and a $2,600 rebate on any to-be-built McKelvey home. Contracts must be signed by 3-6-11. Some restrictions apply. See salesperson for details.

34 I prime. Your guide to new homes


Generation Y finds a perfect fit at Whittaker’s New Town at St. Charles Were you born between 1980 and the early 2000s? That would make you a member of Generation Y, and there are an estimated 80 million of you – even more than the fabled Baby Boomer generation. While Boomers prefer suburbia, Generation Y – also known as Millennials - likes a more urban setting, and they’re willing to pay for the ability to walk to work, shopping and entertainment. If you like to walk rather than drive, The New Town at St. Charles was made for you. In 2003, New Town was established as the first true New Urbanism development in Missouri and one of the premier Traditional neighborhoods in the country, designed in the style of Seaside, Fla. Seven years later, New Town has eclipsed Seaside in growth and amenities. New Town is designed to accommodate a wide price range of homes and small businesses in a setting that combines old with new, creating a town reminiscent of the past where children can ride their bikes to the corner market or ice cream shop and residents can walk to restaurants and bars More than 1,000 families and individuals have purchased homes in New Town since it opened in 2003. “We’ve sold more homes in just seven years in New Town than any other project in our company’s 30-year history,” noted Greg Whittaker, president of Whittaker Homes and developer of The New Town at St. Charles. “People like the close-in location in the city of St. Charles, the products and the pricing, Whittaker said. “New Town has continued to sell even during this slow period. Last year over 200 moved into New Town. Nothing close to that is happening anywhere else.” While New Town appeals to Gen Y’ers, who are entering their 30s, the community also is attracting 20-somethings, Whittaker pointed out. “From the beginning I’ve said that our buyers at New Town have been younger AND older than I expected. They range

from singles to empty nesters, and over half have kids. New Town serves everybody’s needs, no matter what they’re looking for. “We have so many different styles that we appeal to all ages.” This spring Whittaker has rolled out two new homestyles at New Town: Three versions of Cottage Villas with two bedrooms and two baths priced from $128,500 to $148,500, and two new two-story models with four bedrooms priced from just $149,500. Many have been asking about larger lots at New Town, Whittaker said, “so we now have half-acre homesites that you can build on. Buyers can meet with our town architect, Tim Bussee, and design a custom home as one couple did recently.” Residents can enjoy shopping at Marsala’s Market, the new Second Hand Rose home décor shop, and a new jewelry store which just opened. Plus there’s fun under the sun at Shire Lane Pool, sand volleyball, an ice-skating rink and a full yearly schedule of music festivals, all of which contribute to the stimulating atmosphere. “There are so many things to do at New Town,” said Whittaker. “It’s just an unbelievable place.” To visit New Town take Highway 364 to north on New Town Boulevard 1.5 miles to the entrance on the right. Call 636-9492700 or visit www.newtownatstcharles. com. Meanwhile, at Whittaker’s unique Glenhurst townhome community in Wentzville, savvy homebuyers can move into a threebedroom, 2½-bath home with two-car garage from just $106,500. The townhomes are only attached at the two-car garage, and buyers have their own front yard and large back yard, so there are no monthly maintenance fees. Buyers also enjoy an ideal location just minutes from Wentzville Parkway shopping. To visit Glenhurst take I-70 to Wentzville Parkway to west on the South Service Road to left on Point Prairie Road. Call 636-332-9988.



The truth about expired drugs By SHANNON F. IGNEY It has been a long, stressful day and you have a mind-numbing headache. In hopes of easing your pain, you open the medicine cabinet and find a bottle of aspirin. One problem: The date stamped on the bottle indicates the medicine has expired. What does the date stamp really mean? An expired aspirin will not harm you – or will it? Contrary to a popular school of thought, expiration dates are more than a pharmaceutical company’s marketing tool. Expiration date stamps are mandated by the federal government. In 1979, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) passed a law requiring date stamping on all pharmaceutical products. “The expiration date on a package of a drug product is the date at which the manufacturer can still guarantee the full potency and safety of the medication,” Professor of Pharmacy at St. Louis College of Pharmacy Rasma Chereson, Ph.D., said. Most of what is known about pharmaceutical expiration dates is due to the persistence of the U.S. military. In 1986, the military – the largest consumer

of pharmaceutical drugs – was facing budget deficits due to the stockpile of medications soon to expire. To curb future expenses, the U.S. Air Force asked the FDA to conduct a drug effectiveness study for past-due drugs. The Shelf-Life Extension Program (SLEP) found that 90 percent of the drugs tested, both prescription and over-the-counter, were effective beyond the indicated expiration date. The American Medical Association Council on Scientific Affairs defines “shelf-life” as “the time interval that a drug product is expected to remain effective provided that it is stored under conditions defined on the label in the proposed containers.” To date, SLEP has evaluated and tested more 300 drugs. Medications that have proved ineffective beyond the expiration date included insulin, liquid antibiotics, and nitroglycerin based drugs. In addition, drugs requiring regulated temperature storage also proved ineffective beyond their indicated expiration date. But the expiration date alone does not indicate when a medication becomes completely ineffective. In some cases, a drug might retain adequate potency and efficacy well beyond the expiration date,

as indicated in the SLEP results. However, Chereson said she advises patients to refrain from taking any and all expired medications. “An important thing to be aware of is that the expiration date changes when the conditions are changed,” Chereson said. Such conditional changes would include the repackaging of the medication by a pharmacist and/or storing the medication in an adverse environment, such as a hot and humid bathroom or an old plastic bottle at the bottom of a purse. In other words, most patients do not adhere to the strict regulations as closely as the U.S. military. When it comes to consuming pharmaceuticals, whether prescription or over-the-counter, safety is essential. Medications should be stored in a cool, dry environment and kept in separate, clearly labeled containers to avoid confusion. Tablets and pills that have become discolored, powdery or have an unusual scent, even if the expiration date has yet to pass, should be discarded, as should liquids that have become cloudy or discolored and capsules that are cracked or sticking together.

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Expired drug safety tips If a medication is expired, consider: • Dosage form (solutions are less stable) • Container closure system • Conditions under which drug is stored • Length of time between initial manufacture and final use • Appearance of medication Do not ingest a drug, expired or not, if: • Tablets are brittle or breaking apart • Tablets or capsules have loss of sheen • Tablets or capsules are soft • Emulsions or suspensions remain separate despite shaking • It appears discolored or a precipitate has formed Common medications that should not be taken past expiration date: (This list is not comprehensive.) • Anticonvulsants (Dilantin®, Tegretol®) • Nitroglycerin • Coumadin® (warfarin) • Procan SR® (sustained release procainamide) • Theophylline SR (sustained release theophylline) • Lanoxin® (digoxin) • Thyroid preparations • Paraldehyde • Oral contraceptives SOURCE: U.S. Pharmacopoeia, a non-governmental, official public standards-setting authority for prescription and over-the-counter medicines and healthcare products manufactured or sold in the United States.

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ALZHEIMER’S SUPPORT GROUP MEETING Learn, Laugh, and Cry Caregivers - Take Care of Yourself!

Meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of each month.

Assisted Living Now Available



700 Garden Path O’Fallon, MO 63366

Com mu n it y Event s

mentation and diet naturally. The talk is free. RSVP required by calling 978-0970 ing Kathy Smith at 240-0230 or e-mail or e-mailing info@wellnessconnection-



Historic Main Street. There is no entry fee “Life Is What You Make It: A Concert and no commission on the artists’ sales for and Conversation with Peter Buffett” will this “artist-friendly” event. For more inforbe held at 7 p.m. on Wed., Feb. 16, at the St. mation, contact Sandy Kolde at sandy@ Charles Convention Center, located at One Convention Center Plaza in St. Charles. • • • Tickets are $30 in advance, $35 at the door Stacy Malkan, co-founder of the Camor $25 for college students with valid stu- paign for Safe Cosmetics and author of the dent ID. For more information, visit www. award-winning book, “Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Indus • • • try” will be the keynote speaker for the A Texas Hold ‘em Poker tournament 2011 Yellow Rose Award celebration on fundraiser to benefit the St. Louis Chap- Fri., May 20 at the Old Hickory Golf Club ter of Room to Read will be held at 6:30 in St. Peters. The Yellow Rose event is to p.m. on Wed., Feb. 23, at the Grand Opera raise funds for the Zonta Club’s service House Banquet Facility in St. Charles. The projects and scholarship fund, as well as cost to enter is a $25 donation to Room present the Yellow Rose Award to a profesto Read.  For more information, call 577- sional woman who exemplifies the values 6011. and mission of Zonta international. For • • • more information, call 314-704-4412. The Saint Charles Riverfront Arts has extended the “Call For Entry” for the HEALTH upcoming “Spring ArtWalk” event, which “Weight Loss Wednesday” will be held will be held the weekend of April 29, April from 6:15 p.m. until 7:15 p.m., Wed., Feb. 30 and May 1. Entries will be accepted 23, at the Chiropractic Wellness Conuntil March 1. The Spring ArtWalk is a nection, 111 O’Fallon Commons Dr. in three-day event that features juried artists O’Fallon. Learn how to regain your energy housed indoors at various businesses along and health through detoxification, supple-

ST. PAT’S DAY The annual “Run For The Helmet” and Cottleville St. Patrick’s Day Parade will be on March 12. The 7K Run begins at 9 a.m., with the 1 and 2 mile Walk/Run following the runners. The cost is $25 per person, which includes a run shirt and complimentary refreshments at the finish line. Register at Mid Rivers Newsmagazine is a sponsor of the event. The parade will begin at noon. There are three levels of participation in the parade: Clan, $25; Commercial Float, $50; and Political Float, $100. For more information, call 498-6565, ext. 515.

Fort Zumwalt South Band Boosters fourth annual Trivia Contest will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Fri., Feb. 25, at the Trigg Banquet Center located at 300 O’Fallon Plaza. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. with trivia starting at 7 p.m. The cost is $160 for a table of up to eight players. Soda and beer will be provided, and wine and mixed drinks will be available for purchase. Reserve your table by contact-

Access the world’s best medicine. Where you are. When you need it. 8089 Mexico Road Across from Fort Zumwalt South High School St. Peters, MO 63376 • EvEning & WEEkEnd Hours • • sAME dAY & nEXT dAY APPoinTMEnTs AvAiLABLE •

636-379-3434 2-28-11

Linda Therkildsen, DO

St. Peters Aglow Lighthouse invites the women of St. Charles County to join them for praise, a word of encouragement from Pastor Laura Anderson and potluck lunch at 10:45 a.m. on Sat., Feb. 12, at Life Church located at 7575 Veterans’ Memorial Parkway. For more information, call Beverly Combest at 887-0830. • • • Tri-County Women’s Connection Luncheon and Program will be held from 11:15 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Wed., Feb. 16, at the Christy Banquet Center, 9000 Veterans Memorial Parkway in O’Fallon. The cost is $14. For more information, call 240-7772.



Belleau Creek Family Care

Jennifer Szalkowski, MD


The third annual St. Charles County Parks Washers Championship will be held at noon on Sat., Feb. 19, at the National Horseshoe Pitcher’s Association Hall of Fame building inside Quail Ridge Park. Registration fees are $25 per two-person team. Both team members must be at least 18 years old. Registrations will only be accepted the day of the event beginning at 10:30 a.m. Cash prizes. For more information, call Bekin Youngblood at 949-7535.


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Spiro’s St. Charles continues fine dining tradition – plus artisan pizza By SUZANNE CORBETT Spiro’s St. Charles owner Steve Karagiannis said being a restaurateur is in his blood. A second-generation owner, Karagiannis’ family in the 1970s established the first Spiro’s on Natural Bridge Road. Growing up in the business, Karagiannis learned both the front and back of the house operations under the tutelage of his father, Harry Karagiannis. Today, Karagiannis oversees the family’s third location, Spiro’s St. Charles, where he continues the family tradition of offering superb hospitality and cuisine that have given the Karagiannis family its esteemed reputation in St. Louis. The tradition includes a unique dedication to its community and the patrons it serves. “We treat our customers as honored guests in our own home,” Karagiannis said. “And we appreciate our customers who honor us with their patronage. We like to spoil our customers and work to exceed their expectations to make the dining experience memorable and fun.” Spiro’s St. Charles emulates a dining experience similar

Spiro’s St. Charles 2275 Bluestone Drive • St. Charles (636) 916-1454 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., Mon. – Sat.; 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Sun.

to that found at the Chesterfield location by offering menu variety, an attentive service staff and the Spiro’s’ signature tableside service. Tableside service is a combination of cooking and plating food that is flame-finished over gas burners or chafing dishes. It is a culinary art performed daily at both the Chesterfield and St. Charles locations. “Our pepper loin steak is finished tableside. It’s one of our specialties,” Karagiannis said, noting that every steak served is 100-percent, top-choice Angus beef. “People go ga-ga over our steaks.” Besides steaks and chops, patrons can find almost anything they want on Spiro’s’ diverse menu. Greek and Mediterranean cuisine make up the menu’s foundation – featuring classics such as dolmades, mousaka, kabobs, veal piccata, chicken Parmesan and lamb shanks. Pastas, along with beef, chicken and lamb chops, are added to the menu mix as well. Also, if patrons are hungry for seafood, they Spiro’s St. Charles owner Steve Karagiannis. will not be disappointed. Eight different entrees, including salmon, trout, sea bass, tilapia and shellfish are available Art Centre. Every Thursday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., a new and always are the freshest catches of the day. buffet menu is served at an affordable price. The Foundry’s There is one major menu difference between the Ches- “Grand Lunch” changes weekly, so diners are encouraged terfield and St. Charles locations: St. Charles offers artisan to check Spiro’s website for updated menus. pizza baked in stone ovens. “We’ve been catering at the Foundry for awhile now,” “We inherited two beautiful stone pizza ovens when we Karagiannis said. bought the place,” Karagiannis said. “And like any Greek, Catering also is available for any special event in the we don’t throw anything out, so we used them. It’s worked banquet room or at off-site venues, such as the Foundry. out good. Our customers like the option of having a casual Catering menus are as extensive as Spiro’s’ dinner menu. dinner of pizza and beer.” Offering lots of choices to satisfy any craving, Spiro’s Spiro’s St. Charles is only open for dinner; however, a echoes its mission – do anything and everything to make Spiro’s lunch can be enjoyed once a week at the Foundry the customer happy.

Come CELEBRATE Our st 1 Anniversary!!! Free Tan Weekend February 19 - 20

ANY Level Bed or Versa Spa Spray Tan HUGE Promotions, Prizes & Giveaways

St. Peters | 1104 Jungs Station Rd. | 636-447-3553 w w w.tanenv

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My Brother, Bill Just Put Up New Drapes... You Gotta See Them All of Massa's Favorites

Per Person

Our Famous Salads, Pizza, Steak Pepe, Modiga, Chicken Bianco, Cannelloni & more!

Everyday • 11 A.M. - 2 P.M. Except Sunday

$5 Off

any food order of $20 or more

With coupon. 1 coupon per table. Not valid w/ any other offers. No sep. checks. Exp. 02-28-11

$8 Off

any food order of $30 or more

With coupon. 1 coupon per table. Not valid w/ any other offers. No sep. checks. Exp. 02-28-11

4265 Keaton Crossing O’Fallon 636-300-1123


Serving Authentic Chicago Pizza, Italian Beef & Hot Dogs!

Home of the

TWO LOCATIONS! O'Fallon & St. Louis

3072 Winghaven Blvd. • 636-561-5202 Lakeside Shoppes Plaza

North of Hwy 40 on Hwy K, next to Brewskeez


Lunch Specials: Daily 11-4pm


636-225-9944 carry out The Landings at Dougherty Ferry and Big Bend Rd.

2964 Dougherty Ferry Rd.


• Dine-in • Carry-out • Lunch • Dinner

636-379-4446 carry out Seconds from T.R. Hughes Ballpark

1090 Tom Ginnever Ave.

Sunday Buffet 11-3 pm



Pizza, Pasta, Taco Bar, Wings Happy Hour Everyday Mexican Restaurant & Bar 2pm-6pm Vista Grande has teamed up with Bino’s Pizzeria

“Bino brings the Hill West”

3300 Mid Rivers Mall Drive (2 miles South of I-70)


(Hwy. 40 & Winghaven Blvd.)

The Best InSinceItalian Cuisine 1971

s ’ o i r E

Special valentine’s Day entrees fresh Chilean Sea bass, battered fried lobster tails, Steak & Chicken Speidini Specials friday, february 11th through Monday, february 14th

Serving Certified Angus Beef Everyday FREE Carnation for the Ladies


951 Jungermann Rd • St. Peters

Call today for reservations

928-0112 Gift CeRtifiCateS available

Buy One Entree Get Second


With purhcase of two beverages

Dine In Only

Vista Grande • 636-397-0615 St.Peters location only. With coupon only. Not Valid with other offres or discounts. Expires 2/28/11. Ad Pages


Cheesebread or Toasted Ravioli With any Specialty Pizza

Vista Grande • 636-397-0615 St.Peters location only. With coupon only. Not Valid with other offres or discounts. Expires 2/28/11. Ad Pages

Recipient of the 2010 24 Carrot Gold Food Safety Excellence Award !

SteakS • PaSta • Seafood • Pizza

& their famouS Salad dreSSing Family Owned & Operated Since 1972

Open Monday, Valentines Day Valentine’S SPecial Steak & Shrimp

$5 OFF with $25 purchase Excludes weekly specials, expires 02/28/11. Not valid w/other discounts, must present coupon.

1057 Wolfrum at Hwy 94 • 636-300-4680 •

Exceptional Sunday Brunch $10. 00 Off w/purchase of 2 Brunches Children under 6 free.

6-12 yrs. $6.95

$15 Off 2 Dinner Entrées

Please Present Coupon When Ordering. Limit One Per Table. Not Valid With Any Other Offer. Not Valid On Carry Out Orders. Expires 3/11/11. Valid weekdays only.

138 Chesterfield Towne Center 636.532.5353



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M I D R I V E R S H O M E PA G E S When you want it done right the first time...


Your Hometown Choice

We’re the place to check out first.




for Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Father & Son Owner On Every Job!

Call Today For FREE Estimates

636-443-9540 636-734-2451

Reface St. Louis “One Kitchen At A Time” Over 18 Years Experience

Refacing Kitchen, Cabinets & Bath Vanities Save money & make your cabinets look new Call for a fRee estimate


Serving St. Louis & St. Charles County Licensed • Insured

AdvAntAge PAinting & PowerwAshing Interior & Exterior Painting Mold Removal • Wallpaper Stripping Top Quality Work • FREE Estimates

6 3 6 . 2 62 . 51 24 InSuREd • MEnTIOn Ad & RECEIVE 10% OFF

Looking For In Home Care?

Professional Repair & Restoration Services by Vintage Workshop

Providing In Home Care for Seniors and the Disabled • Our ability to deliver services in customized packages-hourly, live-ins, couples care, both visits, sleepovers, and respite care • Call to see if your loved one qualifies for Veteran's Benefits Yes, we are bonded and insured Call Right At Home

Painting, staining, distressing & refinishing. In-Home Furniture Repair services available. Free estimates.


A preferred home care choice since 1987. College degreed professionals provide care/ companionship. Why accept less? Competitively priced options. Care managers and clinical staff available. Bonded & insured. AAA screened. Call Gretchen at StaffLink (314) 477-3434

In Home Care & Assistance

Computer Services

Hauling Bruce & Son PressureWashing Driveways, Homes, Decks, Boats Commercial & Residential. Hauling & disposal of scrap, yard debris, worksites & more! 678-927-5103

Senior Services Unlimited

Top Quality Home Care Service since 1987. Our Not-For-Profit Agency can serve you at the most reasonable cost.

Don't Overpay for Homecare! • RN, LPN, CNA, NA •Companion Care • Full time, Part time •Live-In •No Contract Required


4123A Mexico Rd., St Peters

Computer Services

Drain Cleaning

STRaIGHT flUSH OPEN clOGGED DRaINS Starting at $70 call Mike (314) 971-5621

To Place a classified ad, call Hope


computer Service & Support

for Small Business & Individuals

computer Problems? computer Support Needs? computer Training Needs? Website Needs or Questions? Moving to a Mac? for Economical On Demand Service and Support Since 1995

call 636-532-0859

Ask about our special offers for new customers!


Electrical Services ERIC'S ELECTRIC: Service upgrades, fans, can lights, switches, outlets, basements, code violations fixed, we do it all. No job too small. Licensed, bonded, and insured. Competitively priced. Free Estimates. Ask about our monthly specials. Just call 636-262-5840

St. Charles Junk is your local bulk and container service company catering to the St. Charles and surrounding counties. We haul it all...basement and garage cleanouts, appliances, yard waste, construction debris, and NOW OFFERING CONTAINERS! For the best service and pricing call St. Charles Junk at 636-697-7825

Health & Fitness PERSONal TRaINING

Need a good Personal Trainer to achieve your fitness goals? Affordable One-on-One and Group Training. Contact Tracy at or 314-706-2555. Visit our website:


Health Insurance If you are looking for a health insurance solution for yourself, family or small business without the large monthly expense. Contact Peggy

Schmeiderer at Insphere Insurance Solutions 314-608-6102. Call Today!

Help Wanted

Home Services

acting/Modeling Opportunity.

Bruce & Son PressureWashing

Ever thought of you or your child appearing in print ads, commercials, TV/films? Our Agency develops, markets & places people ages 3mos thru adults. Accepting applications for all sizes & heights. Beginners welcome!

Images agency

(since 1988). State Licensed.

Apply Online at

Full & Part Time Employees Needed! Days & Nights. Apply at Chesterfield Valley Subway near Lowes or call Dan 314-795-8412 NOW HIRING call cENTER POSTIONS Nationwide Company now hiring Call Center Positions We are expanding and looking to fill Call Center Positions. We offer set schedules, no sales and Ridefinders. No experience necessary, must have excellent attendance standards, Computer experience helpful.


• Starting pay $8.00 per hour and up • State of the art call center • Full service cafeteria available • Monthly contests and incentives • Paid training program • Comprehensive benefits package • Vacation time and paid personal time off • Opportunity for advancement

call 877-297-7804 to schedule an appointment for a confidential interview. Take HWY 40 west to exit 11, Research Park Cir., Stay to left onto Technology Dr. West, 500 Technology Dr. West is on the right in Verizon bldg. Drug free Workplace EOE M/f/D/V E-Verify

Driveways, Homes, Decks, Boats Commercial & Residential. Hauling & disposal of scrap, yard debris, worksites & more!


Painting Services Karen's Painting

Looking for a job done right the first time? On time? Neat & organized? Someone who respects your home like her own? Interior & exterior painting. Free estimates. Discounts on empty properties. Call KAREN 636-352-0129

Plumbing ANYTHING IN PLUMBING Good Prices! Basement bathrooms, small repairs & code violations repaired. Fast Service. Call anytime: 314-409-5051

Roofing A-ACCURATE ROOFING SIDING & GUTTERS No job too Large or too Small, Affordable Roofing residential & commercial, all types of roofing, 40 years experience, Call for a Free Estimate, 636-939-5109 or 1-800-459-ROOF

Wedding Services

Anytime... Anywhere... Marriage Ceremonies Renewal of Vows Baptisms Full Service Ministry Non-Denomination

(314) 703-7456

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Furniture Repair

Assisted Care



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