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ECRWSS Postal Patron Local PRSRT STD U.S. Postage PAID Breese, IL Permit #84

PLUS: Prime New Homes ■ LSL aderman resigns over c-store legislation ■ Funding for Page, Boone Bridge approved

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The Missing Money



$ One of my earliest memories of revulsion against war came from seeing a photograph from the First World War when I was a teenager. It was nothing gory. Just a picture of a military officer, in an impressive uniform, talking to a puzzled and forlorn-looking old peasant woman with a cloth wrapped around her head. He said simply: "Don't you understand, madam? The village is not there any more." To many such people of that era, the village was the only world they knew. And to say that it had been destroyed in the carnage of war was to say that there was no way for them to go back home, that their whole world was gone. Recently that image came back, in a wholly different context, while seeing pictures of American seniors carrying signs that read "Hands off my Social Security" and "Hands off my Medicare." They want their Social Security and their Medicare to stay the way they are – and their anger is directed against those who want to change the financial arrangements that pay for these benefits. Their anger should be directed instead against those politicians who were irresponsible enough to set up these costly programs without putting aside enough money to pay for the promises that were made – promises that now cannot be kept, regardless of which political party controls the government. Someone needs to say to those who want Social Security and Medicare to continue on unchanged: "Don't you understand? The money is not there any more." Many retired people remember the money that was taken out of their paychecks for years and feel that they are now entitled to receive Social Security benefits as a right. But the way Social Security was set up was so financially shaky that anyone who set up a similar retirement scheme in the private sector could be sent to federal prison for fraud. But you can't send a whole Congress to prison, however much they may deserve it. This is not some newly discovered problem. Innumerable economists and others pointed out decades ago that Social Security was unsustainable in the long run, including yours truly on "Meet the Press" in 1981. But the long run doesn't count for most

politicians, since elections are held in the short run. Politicians' election prospects are enhanced, the more goodies they can promise and the less taxes they collect to pay for them. That is why welfare states in Europe as well as here are facing bitter public protests as the chickens come home to roost. It has been said innumerable times that nobody already on Social Security will lose their benefits. But it needs to be spelled out emphatically, so that political demagogues will not be able to scare retired seniors that they are going to have the rug pulled out from under them. Retired seniors have the least to fear from a reform of Social Security, since neither political party is about to take away what these retirees already have and are relying on. Despite irresponsible political ads showing an old lady in a wheelchair being dumped over a cliff, the people who are really in danger of being dumped over a cliff are the younger generation, who are paying into Social Security but are unlikely to get back anything like what they are paying in. The money that young workers are paying into Social Security today is not being put aside to pay for their retirement. It is being spent today, paying the pensions of the retired generation – and it can't even cover that in the years ahead. What needs to be done is to allow younger workers a choice of staying out of a system that is simply running out of money. Nor can the system be saved by simply jacking up taxes on "the rich." Generations of experience have shown that high tax rates that "the rich" can easily avoid – through tax shelters at home or by investing their money abroad – do not bring in as much revenue as lower tax rates that keep the money here and the jobs here. Since the law does not allow private pension plans to be set up in the financially irresponsible way Social Security is, that is where young people's money should be put, if they ever want to see that money again when they reach retirement age. © 2011


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l e tt e r s t o t h e e d i t o r In response To the editor: (In response to Rod Hoffman’s letter, MRN June 22, 2011.) Mr. Hoffman agrees with Mr. Edlemans facts, however, through some brilliant Sherlock Holmes like sleuthing, he managed to find the real cause of economic growth. Higher Taxes! Liberals never let facts get in the way of their ideology. The only information Mr. Edleman omitted was Keynesian liberal nonsense on how big government and higher taxes grow the economy. As Mr. Hoffman puts it, higher taxes equals “Fatter government coffers” equals social justice. He believes this to be a good and just thing and that raising taxes will again bring on the roaring economy of the 1990s. Why not tax everyone at 100 percent and watch how fast the economy recovers. Disastrous economic policies, continuous plus 9-percent unemployment, an additional war in Libya, near $4-a-gallon gasoline, higher food prices, $25 billion red ink with GM and meaningless flowery speeches about America’s greatness (even Obama doesn’t believe that) have done nothing to help create jobs or give job creating businesses any reason to believe there is anything coming down the road by this know-nothing teleprompter reader from Cook County, Illinois. “There is no indication that Obama will break his ties to his Wall Street sponsors, who largely funded his election campaign. Goldman Sachs, J. P. Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Bill Gates’ Microsoft are among his main campaign contributors.” I can only assume that Mr. Hoffman understands politics and economics to a much greater degree than Thomas Sowell. From CBS on the Clinton surplus...”Over the past 25 years, the government has gotten used to the fact that Social Security is providing free money to make the rest of the deficit look smaller,” said Andrew Biggs, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. Courtesy of Bill Clinton...”Under the 1999 Financial Services Modernization Act, effective control over the entire US financial services industry (including insurance companies, pension funds, securities companies, etc.) had been transferred to a handful of financial conglomerates and their associated hedge funds.” Policies in the mortgage industry begun by Mr. Hoffman’s idol, Bill Clinton, are largely responsible for the collapse of the housing industry as well.

When the Democrats took over the House and Senate in January 2007 the unemployment rate was 4.9 percent and gas was $2.18 a gallon. Greg DaLay St Peters

Mr. Hoffman says Bush had the votes. I do know that Bush tried to rein in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by creating stiffer regulation control. This was stopped by Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. It was later discovered that Fannie Mae had overstated its revenues by $9 billion. How can you To the editor: veto if no bill makes it to your desk, Mr. (In response to Rod Hoffman’s letter, Hoffman? MRN June 22, 2011), I believe some clariEven with the two wars, the tax cuts and fication on history and economics are in the changes to Medicare when Bush left order for Mr. Hoffman . office, the national deficit was $800 bilThe biggest tax increase in US history lion; last year is was $1.4 trillion. Bush’s came under Bush 1 (remember,”Read my tax cuts kept unemployment at 5 percent; lips…”), $133 billion total that included Obama’s programs have kept unemployraising the tax rate from 27 percent to 31 ment at 9.1 percent. percent and eliminated exemptions. The Tom Ginn Democrats who controlled the house did O Fallon nothing to rein in spending. Clinton initiated taxing Social Security Let LSL shine! income (so a Democrat messed with SS, To the editor: but where was the outcry?) But the big It has been an exciting time during the thing that happen during the Clinton era past decade to be a part of St. Charles was that 305,000 federal jobs were cut County and all its cities that have develof which 286,000 came from the Depart- oped so well resulting in such a great comment of Defense. In three years, the active munity. duty armed forces were reduced from 2.1 Lake Saint Louis has played its part million to 1.6 million, reduced the Army in making this area such a success that from 18 divisions to 12 divisions and cut national publications keep coming back to the Navy’s fleet from 546 ships to 380. Air feature cities from all over the county as Force squadrons were cut by a third. This top places to live in America. is a spending cut, Mr. Hoffman Remember But maybe, here in Lake Saint Louis, the Contract on America, created by Newt we’ve been a little too quiet about our conGringrich and the Republicans? Well out of tributions and accomplishments in making this, a welfare reform bill was passed (after this county such a great place to live and Clinton vetoed it two times). And during work. That is why I am writing this letter. this time, Republicans controlled both the In Lake Saint Louis, Zachary’s PlayHouse and the Senate and the stock market ground was the first Unlimited Play park took off as a result. This is a spending cut in the St. Louis metropolitan region. Dediand a vote of confidence in our economy. cated four years ago, city leaders and resiThe tech bubble of the ’90s was a direct dents alike joined efforts to get this project, result of Reagan’s policies on business the first of its kind, off the ground. which included incentives to help create Another Lake Saint Louis accomplishjobs and increase productivity. And let’s ment was in answer to a call for funds for not forget NAFTA which was supported by the big remodeling project at the James S. the republicans, spurned by the democrats. McDonnell U.S.O. at the St. Louis Airport. Clinton signed it. NAFTA created jobs that While St. Peters Mayor Len Pagano was the democrats had been preaching would rightly proud of his city’s contribution to not happen. This encouraged growth in this project, he stated that St. Peters was business. the only city that had contributed to this And let’s remember that the IT bubble fundraising campaign. I just wanted to burst in 1998/1999 while Clinton was still correct the record. With all due respect in office. Most of those 22 million jobs Mr. Pagano, the residents of Lake Saint went away as a result (although I am not Louis raised over $6,000 in 14 days during sure where the 22 million additional jobs that same fundraising drive. However, we came from to begin with). applaud St. Peters’ efforts to keep the fundIn 2006, the Dems controlled both Con- raising going and wish you the best of luck gress and the Senate. All financial bills in your Pennies for Patriots campaign. originate from the House which was conCharlotte Norton trolled by the Dems. So I am not sure why Lake Saint Louis


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1/21/11 9:39 AM

Grand Opening St. William II Apartments 1983 Hanley Road Dardenne Prairie, MO 63368 Cardinal Ritter Senior Services is pleased to announce the opening of the second phase of our St. William Apartments. This newest addition to our family of senior communities will be a totally smoke free property. St. William Apartments II will have 38 beautiful one bedroom units, two of which will be accessible apartments. Rent will run 30% of one’s adjusted gross income with all utilities included, phone and cable excepted. Amenities will include on site staff, a chapel, health promotion nurse, bus, a social service coordinator, I’m OK program, an elevator and coin operated laundry room. We are now accepting inquiries for those individuals 62 years or older with an annual income of less than $23,950. The income limit for couples is $27,350.

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limited number of low-to-moderate income level O’Fallon homeowners who qualify. The loans can only be used for home repair and to address code violations. “This program has been very successful safer. in O’Fallon. It has assisted homeowner’s For the past five years, Missouri has with maintaining their homes and has recorded the highest number of fatal and assisted with maintaining O’Fallon’s housserious injury crashes between July and ing stock,” said Jessica Hawkins, with the September. In the summer of 2010, 258 city. people were killed and 1,716 suffered disO’Fallon homeowners can learn about abling injuries. the resources that are available, the qualiNewsmagazine The three-month “HEAT Is On” camfications that are needed, how to fill out an Salesperson: paign will run until Sept. 22. Extra enforceapplication, and also submit their applicaProof: Client: ment will span across Missouri and Kansas tions at a seminar at 2 p.m. on Thurs., July with Kansas law enforcement joining the 8, in the multipurpose room at City Hall. campaign for the first year. Hawkins said the estimated funding for “Ignoring speed limits and seat belts the 2011 Home Improvement Loan Proalong with drinking and driving puts the gram is $134,000. lives of all highway drivers in danger,” Loan applications are available for said Leanna Depue, chair of the execu- pickup at City Hall or online at www. tive committee of the Missouri Coalition Completed applicafor Roadway Safety. “We hope the HEAT tions will be accepted on a first-come, firstcampaign will encourage Missouri driv- serve basis during regular business hours at ers to take the necessary precautions when City Hall from July 8 to July 15. driving this summer.” For more information about the loans, Find out more at www.saveMOlives. call 379-5411. com.  

News Br iefs St. Peters No swimming A maintenance project will cause the 50-meter pool at the St. Peters Rec-Plex natatorium to be closed from July 11 to Aug. 7. “Two old filters in the 50-meter pool need to be replaced, and that will require that we stop the filtration process,” said St. Peters Director of Recreation Rick Oloteo. “We cannot open the pool during the project because if the water is not being filtered, the pool will not meet public safety standards.” While the 50-meter pool is closed, St. Peters Rec-Plex pass-holders may use the city of St. Peters’ outdoor pools for free. Rec-Plex pass-holders will need to show their pass-holder card to access the outdoor pools at the following locations: Laurel Park, 181 Driftwood Lane.; Golf & Recreation Center, 200 Salt Lick Rd.; and Nob Hill Pool, 50 Sutters Mill Rd. The Rec-Plex leisure pool will not be shut down for this project. The leisure pool will continue to host public swimming, swim lessons and some aqua aerobics classes.

Patrols heat up Law enforcement will turn up the heat this summer in an effort to make roads


O’Fallon Homeowner loans Certain qualified O’Fallon homeowners can take advantage of no interest home improvement loans this fall. O’Fallon’s Public Assistance office provides no-interest loans of up to $5,000 to a

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Emergency operations Flash flooding after multiple rain storms last month triggered the city of St. Charles to open an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to be temporarily housed in the police department. The city of St. Charles activated its EOC

Bartending bucks Volunteer bartenders from St. Charles County will go head-to-head in a battle to raise the most money for Community Living, Inc. from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on July 14, at Binford’s Bar and Grill in St. Peters or Side Pockets in St. Charles. The winner will earn the 2011 “Big Kahuna” title. During the evening, volunteer bartenders at each location will work for one


Superior In-Home Care ...Wherever You Call Home Skilled Nursing Personal & Companion Care Post-Hospital Care Respite Care • Mother’s Helper And Much More

St. Charles

on a limited basis, to unify and centralize the city’s response and recovery efforts in support of its citizens. Members of the Community Development department are currently on the ground further assessing damage sustained throughout the St. Charles community. “We know our citizens have been impacted by the flash flood,” said Michael Spurgeon, director of administration. “And at this point, we are identifying areas Date of issue: impacted by water.” In addition,  city staff isClient: in the process of preparing an assessment map detailSize: ing the affected areas. Going forward, the Colors: city’s leadership team will utilize building Pictures: inspectors from community development along with personnel from Logos: public works to hand-carry an informational flyer related to Copy: recovery assistance. The city has established two emergency hotlines to communicate further details. Residents can call 255-6153 for city issues or 255-6155 for tourism issues.


Terry Schmidt, Agent

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Local churches being robbed Several churches in the St. Charles County area have been burglary victims this summer. St. Peter Catholic Church in St. Charles was burglarized four times in June, with thieves taking an estimated $4,000 worth of items. Burglars have stolen money from donation boxes, a laptop, camera and credit cards from the rectory, and a wide screen television from the chapel. Det. Sgt .Todd Wilson, with the St. Charles Police Department, said the burglaries have led the church to locking its doors instead of leaving them open all day for people to pray. On June 21, a suspect attempted unsuccessfully to steal from the donation boxes at St. Robert Bellarmine Church in St. Charles. On June 22, the First United Methodist Church in St. Charles was hit. And $6,000 worth of gift cards were stolen from the Immanuel Lutheran Church near Wentzville in June. Wilson said a suspect has been caught on surveillance video at St. Robert Bellarmine Church. He is described as a well-dressed black male in his 40s or 50s. His accomplice, described as a black male in his 20s waits in a white vehicle outside, said Wilson. Area police are working together to see if the cases in St. Charles are related to those in the County.

hour to raise the most money. All proceeds, including tips and the cover charge from the Big Kahuna Bartender Challenge, will benefit Community Living’s programs and services for people with disabilities in St. Charles County. “The popularity of the Big Kahuna Bartender Challenge is skyrocketing and it’s quickly becoming one of St. Charles’ most anticipated summer events,” said Barbara James, annual giving coordinator for CLI. “The evening gives individuals the chance to party with friends, while supporting a great cause.” Celebrity bartenders will be on hand at each location throughout the night. At Side Pockets, attendees will have the chance to mix and mingle with Dave Glover and Tom Terbrock of The Dave Glover Show on FM NewsTalk 97.1, while those heading to Binford’s Bar & Grill can party with Rick Wallace and Van Lorenz from 106.5 The Arch. Those interested in joining one of the volunteer bartending teams, or learning more about the Big Kahuna Bartender Challenge, can call 970-2800 or visit

No butts about it SSM implemented a tobacco-free hiring policy at all SSM facilities in Missouri and mandatory flu vaccinations for all employees across the SSM Health Care system on July 1. “As a health-care provider, we need to take a leadership role on these major public health issues,” said Sister Mary Jean Ryan, FSM, Chair/CEO of SSM Health Care. “Not hiring tobacco users is a first step

toward creating a healthier workforce, and mandatory flu vaccinations will help protect our patients, our colleagues and their families.” The tobacco-free hiring policy only applies to the hiring of new employees at SSM facilities in Missouri. Under the new policy, all individuals who apply for a position with SSM Health Care facilities in Missouri will be asked on the application if they have been tobaccofree for six months. If they say no, the application process will not go forward. The American Heart Association has offered its support for SSM’s adoption of a tobacco-free hiring policy. Under the second policy, flu vaccinations will be mandatory for all employees, volunteers and employed physicians across the entire SSM Health Care system – except for individuals who have medical or religious reasons for not taking the vaccination.

St. Charles County Satellite office closes St. Charles County closed its Missouri Career Center satellite office in St. Charles at the end last month. “It served a need, and we really hate to walk away from it. But it came down to what we could afford,” said Don Holt, director of the Workforce Development Department. The satellite office opened two years ago with federal stimulus money. “We kept it going for another year, but there will be a $300,000 reduction in the money we get on July 1,” Holt said. The St. Charles office, which saw about 1,800 people a month, employed five. Of those five workers, three were laid off and two will transfer to the Missouri Career Center in St. Peters.





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“I can’t compromise my core values. With respect, I can no longer serve as an alderman in Lake Saint Louis.” -Harry Slyman

Lake Saint Louis alderman resigns over C-store liquor bill approval By Jeannie Seibert On June 20 Lake Saint Louis Alderman Harry Slyman (Ward 1) resigned the office to which he’d just been reelected in April. Active in the community for more than 20 years as a volunteer and elected official, Slyman said he’d learned compromise is the method by which conflicting issues are resolved. “However, I can no longer work with this Board of Aldermen,” Slyman said. While he didn’t repeat his previous objections to the Board of Aldermen passing an ordinance in his absence on June 6, he did say the board was aware of the reasons for his dissatisfaction. “I can’t compromise my core values,” he said. “With respect, I can no longer serve as an alderman in Lake Saint Louis. “The Board of Aldermen knows my reasoning,” Slyman said and named July 29 as the effective date of his resignation. But what was the real reason for his sudden departure? Slyman told MRN his reasoning was made clear to each board member as he quietly tried to convey his personal experience. The Slymans are still trying to

recover from the death of their daughter “I was hurting so bad I just decided it was there will be an item for the aldermen to due to alcohol-related car accident. time to bow out.” vote on whether to accept the resignation,” “I didn’t want to relive that night – Oct. By making his resignation effective Potter said. 3 – when my daughter died,” Slyman said. at the end of July, Slyman hopes to have Alderman George Rich (Ward 3) issued “But I did it to explain why selling alcohol enough time to craft either an amendment an e-mail statement: “Harry Slyman has at a store that sells gas is something we to the recently passed ordinance or develop faithfully served the Lake Saint Louis comneed to avoid. a new ordinance that puts some strictures munity for many years. He helped the city “I don’t want another parent to have to on convenience store liquor sales. establish a firm financial base and helped go through what my wife and I have gone “At least let’s make it so 18-year-olds create the shopping opportunities we all through ever since we found out the store aren’t selling liquor,” Slyman said. enjoy today. she got the alcohol was just three blocks Conferring with city attorney Jay Sum“The Board of Alderman will miss his from her house,” he explained. merville, Slyman is working to have a expertise,” Rich wrote. “I wish Harry well Slyman’s private pleas to the aldermen measure included on the next agenda. in whatever endeavor he undertakes next.” fell on deaf ears. “The smoking ban was trying to protect the Alderman Kathy Schweikert (Ward 2) In fact, it was the responses from some health and welfare of the people,” Slyman also weighed in. that convinced him the aldermen had no said. “We all know driving and alcohol “Alderman Slyman has represented his respect for him, his loss or his wishes to don’t mix – my concern in gasoline and constituents well over the past several years stay consistent with previous legislation liquor sales from one location – wouldn’t - first as mayor of the city of Lake Saint designed to protect public health. that be in the same line of thought.” Louis and then as alderman of Ward 1 for The final blow came during the June 6 Before exiting the chamber on June 20, several years,” Schweikert said. “His presBoard of Aldermen meeting when officials Slyman said he was leaving “with no ani- ence in community affairs will be missed elected to proceed with two readings for mosity” and ended his statement: “thank and I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.”One of his future endeavors is final approval of the convenience story you very much.” (c-store) liquor license bill – at a meeting Mayor Michael Potter said that since for Slyman and his wife to find peace over from which Slyman was absent. Slyman had announced his resignation on the loss of a child. “Really, I don’t want people calling me “There was no decorum, no respect for the record, a written resignation would not about this,” Slyman said. “I just can’t talk what my wife and I went through; what be required. we’re still going through,” Slyman said. “On the next Board of Aldermen agenda about it anymore. We’re still hurting.”

O’Fallon Municipal Judge Earl Drennen, city’s first municipal judge, hangs up his robe By Mary Ann O’Toole Holley The Honorable Earl Drennen, the city of O’Fallon’s first municipal judge, has retired after 36 years on the job. At a recent City Council meeting, Mayor Bill Hennessy presented Drennen with a proclamation expounding on his years of service dating back to when O’Fallon was just a small town community. Drennen began his long-time career as municipal judge in 1975, when he was elected as the city’s first Police Court judge, Hennessy said. Drennen served in many roles in the city, including as an O’Fallon alderman elected to three consecutive terms beginning in 1969. In 1978 he was appointed to an ad hoc commission created by the Missouri Supreme Court to train and test non-attorney judges. Drennen served as past president of the Missouri Municipal and Associate Circuit Court Judges from 1983 to 1984, and continues to serve on the Board of Directors. “Judge Drennen has earned a reputation for treating those who appeared before him

with fairness and respect,” Hennessy said. Drennen called his long-time career “a labor of love.” “I’ve always thought each of us has an obligation to serve other people in any way we can,” Drennen told the Council. “You know, if we’re going to have a better world, it’s not going to come about from some great leaders nationwide. It will come about with people like you and me who work together to achieve great things.” Drennen attributed his judicial longevity and success to the support of his wife, his family and his “sidekick” Majesta, his granddaughter, who has been seen many times at City Hall through the years. “You’re not getting rid of me altogether,” Drennen said. “I’m still going to perform weddings and I’m still going to be on the Supreme Court judicial education committee and board of the State Judges Association. I’ll still be busy, and I’ll still be around.” Through the years, he united many couples in marriage, Hennessy said. The Judge has celebrated 49 years of marriage to his

The Honorable Earl Drennen at his retirement ceremony.

wife, Rebecca. He has five children and 11 grandchildren. “We honor him for his leadership and for his positive impact made on the lives of those who appeared in his courtroom,” Hennessy said. “He remains an inspiration to all, and we thank him for his dedication to this community.” Hennessy presented Drennen with a gift basket from the city and a plaque honoring his accomplishments. State Rep. Vicki Schneider said she has known Judge Drennen since her children

started kindergarten in O’Fallon. She said she helped pass a law, not yet signed by the governor, called the “Drennen Law,” legislation that would increase the retirement age for municipal judges from 75 to 78. “If the governor signs it, you could work three more years,” Schneider quipped. “Thank you for your service, and thank yo for being a part of O’Fallon all of these years.” Schneider presented Drennen with a proclamation from the 97th General Assembly.

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Funding for final phase of Page Extension, new Boone Bridge approved The Board of Directors of the EastWest Gateway Council of Governments approved a $100 million plan Wednesday, June 29, to complete the Page Avenue Extension (Hwy. 364) project. This is Phase 3 of the highway project, the final nine miles from Mid Rivers Mall Drive to Hwy. 40/61 (I-64) in western St. Charles County. The plan to construct a new route between St. Louis County and St. Charles County has been discussed by local and state officials for the past 40 years. The Missouri Department of Transportation identified a corridor for a new route in 1985, from I-270 in St. Louis County to Hwy. 40/61 (now I-64) in St. Charles County. “If approved by the County Council and the Missouri Highway Commission, this agreement would provide funding for the final piece of this transportation puzzle,” said St. Charles County Executive Steve Ehlmann. “When completed, the new highway would not only take traffic off of I-70, it would help ease the flow of traffic on all of the other roadways in that part of the county,” Ehlmann said. Under the proposal, funding for Phase 3 would come from a combination of county,

state and federal dollars. Funds from the county’s half-cent transportation sales tax would contribute $25 million. Another $25 million would come from the federal Surface Transportation Program. MoDOT’s innovative financing program would kick in $20 million and another $30 million would come from the Missouri Department of Transportation. Construction of Phase 1, from I-270 to Heritage Landing, included the new Page Bridge across the Missouri River. That was completed in December 2003. Construction of Phase 2, from Heritage Landing to Mid Rivers Mall Drive, should be completed in the fall of 2012. Under the pro-

posal approved Wednesday, work on Phase 3 could begin late in 2012 or early 2013. Meanwhile, Hwy.40/64 is one step closer to attaining full federal interstate highway status. “The big news is, we know now we are getting a new bridge” to replace the circa 1930s Daniel Boone Bridge over the Missouri River, according to MoDOT Assistant District Engineer Bill Schnell. Funding has been the hold-up. Now, after the approval of $128.7 million by East/ West Gateway Council on June 29, Schnell said everything is in place to get the ball rolling. One thing Schnell wanted to convey was

MoDOT’s determination to have Blanchette Bridge construction complete before Daniel Boone Bridge construction begins. “We just want to assuage peoples’ fears that both will be under construction at the same time,” said Schnell. The new Boone Bridge work would begin in 2012. A separate bridge would be built “on or near the Research Park property” upstream from the current span, thus, no traffic disruption at all. “But that will be up to the design/build team,” Schnell said. “MoDOT will have to approve the final concept. Either way, we’re going to have four new lane westbound lanes with a bike path.”

O’Fallon man steals to fund heroin habit By Mary Ann O’Toole Holley St. Charles County Prosecuting Attorney’s office has charged an O’Fallon man with 2nd degree robbery for stealing a handbag out of a woman’s cart in the parking lot of an O’Fallon area WalMart. Police said Christopher Ray Melton, 23, with a last known address of Wales Court in O’Fallon, drove his car toward

a woman who had been loading bags into her car, then pulled up near the cart and grabbed the woman’s handbag. The 57-year-old woman was able to grab her purse from him, but he sped off, knocking the woman to the ground, according to a police report. The woman was treated by EMTs for a bruised hip and abrasions on her elbow.  Melton confessed to police and admit-

ted to taking part in another robbery in the city of St. Charles on June 18. He also confessed to several other burglaries and said he steals to fund a heroin habit, police said.He was released on bond. According to St. Charles Prosecuting Attorney Jack Banas, Melton committed the class B felony of robbery in the second degree, punishable upon conviction that he forcibly stole a purse.

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Hats are flying as 2012 politics are already in high gear By Jeannie Seibert As if there wasn’t a minute to lose, the 2012 elections are already up and running, as another politician’s hat is tossed into the ring almost every other day. Ed Martin, a lawyer and a St. Louis Tea Party favorite, is running for the U.S. Congressional Dist. 2 GOP nomination in the August 2012 primary seeking the ultimate goal of filling the seat currently occupied by Congressman Todd Akin. In April Akin’s hat was tossed at U.S. Senator Clair McCaskill, whose first term expires in 2012. Martin, the former chief of staff to Gov. Matt Blunt, is an unabashed conservative. But first, he has some explaining to do. Why did he make an early exit from the governor’s office? “Well, just like Sarah Palin, it was over emails,” Martin said. “This was back in the days when no one even thought about saving emails. When the law was passed, we followed the law. All the emails that we could retrieve, we retrieved. Once we knew we had to save them, we saved them and turned everything over. There was never any agenda for hiding anything from anyone. “Once everyone read the emails, just like with Sarah Palin, there was no ‘there’ there,” Martin said. Meanwhile, it was apparent he had a target on his back. If elected, this would be Martin’s first elected office. He admits, “I know I’m not well-known as a politician.” So he’s spending his summer in a series of meetand-greets. The next will be 6 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. July 7 at Cusumano’s Pizza, 1120 Technology Dr., O’Fallon. On July 13, starting at 6:30 p.m., Martin will be meeting and greeting in the banquet hall at Tubby’s Pub & Grub, 506 Droste Rd., St Charles. A politician who is well known in St. Charles County is Dan Foust and he’s shaking the dust off his old candidate’s cap in an attempt to recapture his County Council Dist. 6 seat. Foust just announced he’s in it to win it in 2012. Out of elected office since 2009, Foust is opening his campaign with a mea culpa. “I didn’t want to get out of politics in the first place,” Foust said. “But I didn’t run a good campaign (in 2008). I admit it. That was my own fault. I also didn’t know there were forces working against me silently.” Foust first served on St. Charles City Council, later elected to County Council, where he was chosen by his peers as council chairman. He orchestrated the first joint session of the St. Charles and St. Louis county councils and was instrumental in reforming the Municipal League (SCCML).

Almost 20 years ago, “I was elected as a Republican with conservative values. But that never stopped me from reaching across the aisle to people. I’m not a partisan; not caught up in that.” Another advocate of reaching across the aisle – and the city limit line – is St. Peters Mayor Len Pagano, now in his third term. Seeking a final four-year term in the April 2012 election, Pagano says he too is committed “creating cooperative government between the city, the county and the

state to move forward and get away from enhances other cities and the county to all the infighting,” he said. create something everyone likes. There are so many projects that have If reelected, Pagano says he intends to been accomplished or are near completion pursue another link in the trail chain by “that I was there for at the beginning” since connecting north St. Peters with the south 1983, as alderman and mayor, Pagano said side via a pedestrian lane on the Mid Rivers one of the biggest achievements has been overpass. the residents’ enthusiastic feedback to the Pagano said his next “big thing” is pursucity trail system which connects with a ing the energy-efficiency agenda begun by county-wide network. Alderman Tommy Robert’s Green Team. “That’s just one example,” Pagano said, See the complete story at www.newsof each city building an amenity that

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FZ East High garners architectural design award By Amy Armour The St. Louis Chapter of the American Institute of Architects recently recognized the design for Fort Zumwalt East High School. The high school was designed by the St. Louis-based architectural firm Cannon Design. Rich Bacino, project manager and architect from Cannon Design, presented the certificate for excellence in design at the Board of Education meeting on June 20. “We’re happy to present our certificate to the school district,” Bacino said. “It was a collaborative effort from the beginning. We want to share this (award) with the district.” Bill Weber, assistant superintendent in the Fort Zumwalt School District, said the design for East High School is unique in its use of the land. “East High School is built into the hillside. In the front of the building you enter on the third floor…and at the back (entrance) you enter on the first floor,” Weber said. “It works with the site beautifully.” In addition to the design of East

Fort Zumwalt East High School

High, Cannon Design has been the district’s architect for a number of significant projects, including Fort Zumwalt South High School, West High School, as well as DuBray and

West middle schools. “East High School is one of the highlights of my career,” Weber said. “I continue to hear compliments (about the school).”

Tradesmen’s strike could put students in school’s basement By Amy Armour A 14-classroom addition at Fort Zumwalt North High School may not be completed before school this fall. A combination of poor weather and a recent masons strike have set the addition behind schedule, said Bill Weber, assistant superintendent in the Fort Zumwalt School District. “Weather problems and the masons strike will have an impact on that building,” Weber said. “We have no idea how long the strike may last.” The $3.6 million project, which also includes a new 4,400-square-foot band room, was scheduled to be completed in mid-August. All contractors—except the masonry workers—continue to work on the addition.The addition will eliminate the need for outdoor trailer classrooms— which would be a first since 1987. But, since the eight temporary classroom trailers have been removed from the parking lot, Board of Education Member Renee Porter was concerned with a shortage of space. Superintendent Bernie DuBray said the basement of the high school contained several temporary classrooms that could be used if necessary. “We have adequate space,” DuBray said. “We have temporary classrooms in the basement area. We’ll be OK.” But Weber said the 14-classroom addition at West High School is on track to be completed on time, prior to school starting in mid-August.

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New Hope for CHildreN with Autism Spectrum disorder, Add and AdHd • Highly Trained Medical Staff • Advanced Individualized Treatment Options • Most Medical Insurance Plans Accepted • Genetic Consultation • Review of Medical records and clinical examination • Psychiatric diagnostic examination • Order laboratory testing According to a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) survey published in 2007, all forms of autism now affect 1 in 150 children in the U.S. today. If you contrast this with the incidence reported in the early 1990’s, 1 in 10,000 Children, this increase is alarming. Given its prevalence, autism is now more common than childhood cancer, diabetes, Down’s Syndrome and HIV. Many will tell you that the cause for autism is due to generalized “genetics.” Worse, they’ll imply there is no cure – or, at least no protocol that can provide families with hope. There is HOPE now! Call us for an evaluation. To learn more about the biological basis of autism and treatment success by Genetic Consultants, read “Sacred Spark,” Rev Lisa Sykes’ account of her son’s improvement.

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Local police officers turn authors with release of ‘The Light Bringer’ in late June don’t share emotions in the aftermath of working. Or do they? For their own catharsis, but in strictly manly terms, Lake Saint Louis Police Chief Michael Force and Capt. Chris DiGiuseppi started talking to each other over 10 years ago. After a while, they started spotting a consistent phenomenon. “The Light Bringer,” printed and distributed by HCI Books, publishers of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series, describes this phenomenon. “What’s so striking,” Force said, “is that this happens across the board. You can hear this same experiences when you walk into any fire department – law enforcement, paramedics, any first responder, in the military – they can all tell you about this.” Without giving too much away, Force and DiGiuseppi have crafted the first in a trilogy that, at first, they hoped would Graphic of book cover change just one life. After being picked up by HCI Books By Jeannie Seibert and meeting with editors, social media and This is no cops and robbers story. marketing gurus, getting feedback from a Yes, a book will soon be released tight circle of friends who read early drafts, authored by two cops but the subject the cops turned authors are encouraged to matter may seem a little touchy-feely when believe the one or all the books can help one normally considers the culture of the change many, many lives. police and military. These are tough guys, First there are the lives of those who closed-mouthed and buttoned up. They experience sudden and often tragic loss.

First responders like police officers often find themselves in the role of comforter, the individual standing alone with a parent who just lost a child in a dreadful accident. “We are asked questions we aren’t equipped to answer,” DiGiuseppi said. Force said, “The first one is almost always ‘Why?’ then it runs the gamut. Then it gets to ‘why did God do this to me?’ And it progresses from there, sometimes total denial. They just don’t believe the deceased is a spouse or child, who we are saying it is.” DiGiuseppi said, “And you can’t comfort them enough. But, then something hap- Lake Saint Louis Police Chief Michael Force pens. Something comes into it, comes over you. You don’t even always know what it is you said or did, but somehow it was right right for that person. “We hear it all the time when people will say years later, ‘I never forgot what you said that night,’ or ‘your words helped me get through that,’” DiGiuseppi said. “But we don’t always hear back from people like that,” DiGiuseppi said. “So much of the time you’re left feeling that you didn’t do enough or even come close to the right thing. It’s so frustrating sometimes. It haunts you.” To learn more, visit Lake Saint Louis Police Capt. Chris DiGiuseppi

Still chaSing your new year’S reSolution from 2008? It’s 2011, right? Over Of rs a e Y 5 ing g Call Today To Get Your Body Back! n a Ch ! 636-922-5320 636-300-9010 Lives uR Be accountaBle foR yo t Into fItness Results and ge lIfe. the Best shaPe of youR at each session Your Trainer Will.... • Vary each workout, while following a customized program • Instruct you and watch your form to prevent injury • Provide food coaching and nutritional support • Motivate you and keep you accountable • Record your progress

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I’ve been a gym hopper for years and no matter how many times I have tried to get in shape I always faltered after a few weeks. This has been a completely different experience for me. The trainers at Fitness Together are great motivators and always have great new exercises- it’s never the same routine. They keep my workouts fun and entertaining and I love going in each week! The flexible hours

have allowed me to pick times that I can dedicate to working out and it has definitely become a part of my life. I have been working out at Fitness Together for about four months now and I’m down 20 pounds and two dress sizes. My energy level is through the roof and I feel better than I have in years. Nicole Siener


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Bu llet i n Boa rd Francis Howell Preliminary budget approved The Francis Howell School District Board of Education approved the 2011-12 preliminary budget at its June 16 meeting. The budget for the 2011-12 fiscal year totals more than $220 million. The operating budget for the day-to-day expenses such as salaries and benefits for employees, supplies, and equipment, transportation and business services, is $165 million. The remaining expenditures are associated with debt service, capital outlay, food services and the district’s tuitionbased programs.

Five-star athletes Francis Howell Central High School and Francis Howell High School are among 17 Missouri high schools to have been acknowledged as “5-Star Leadership Schools.” This was the first year of the 5-Star Leadership School Banner Program, which is a joint venture of the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA), the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) Champions of Character Program. The 5-Star Leadership Program provides the opportunity for MSHSAA member

schools to become 5-Star Leadership Schools, and earn a championship banner to hang in the gymnasium and a graphic to post on the school’s Web site. This program expanded MSHSAA’s long-standing “Leadership School Program” to encourage schools to become even more active in regard to sportsmanship, character education, and citizenship. All high schools must meet five requirements to win the award annually, including: attend MSHSAA sportsmanship summit; qualify as a MSHSAA Leadership School; head coaches of all activities complete NAIA online training; attendance at MIAAA Spring Conference; and train parents, participants and coaches using the Champions of Character DVD. FHC and FHHS will receive their personalized banner at the 2011 MSHSAA Sportsmanship Summit on Aug. 13 in Columbia, Mo.

FHC grad to play professional ball Shakara Jones, a 2007 graduate of Francis Howell Central High School, will travel to Athens, Greece, to play professional basketball later this summer. Jones recently signed with the professional basketball team Asteras Exarxeion. While at FHC, Jones had great success as an athlete. Jones not only received awards

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Hawkins commits to Meramec Fort Zumwalt East High School senior Megan Hawkins has signed with Meramec Community College to play basketball. Seated with Megan are her parents, Ron and Donna Hawkins. Standing in the middle row is Jackie Loutzenhiser, FZEHS coach; Vicki Halsell, FZEHS coach; Brooke Iadevito, FZEHS coach; Melanie Marcy, Meramec asst. coach; and Shelly Pictured in the back row is Mark Halsell, FZEHS coach; Tim Ethridge, Meramec head Grimes, FZEHS activities director; and Brian Bishop, FZEHS assistant principal. coach. and numerous recognitions, she made and set basketball history at FHC. While in high school, Jones amassed 2,439 points, 849 rebounds and 282 blocks. She was named EA Sports All-America second team honors; the McDonald’s AllAmerica and Gatorade Player of the Year nominee in 2007 and St. Louis American Fab 5 Player of the Year. Jones was also named the 2007 Miss Show-Me Basketball Player of the Year and she was a four-time

Gateway Athletic Conference All-Academic selection After high school, Jones attended University of Missouri-Columbia where she started 27 games as a freshman. Jones will leave for Greece in August.

New Web site The Francis Howell School District will launch a new Websites and eNEWS system

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NEWSMAGAZINENETWORK.COM this fall. With a 98 percent or greater deliverability rate, the new eNEWS system is also template based, so parents will see a more attractive and organized eNEWS in their inbox this fall. The district Web site and schools’ sites will have their sites redesigned and navigation updated during the first semester of the 2011-12 school year. The district and school sites will follow a similar template format, making it easier for parents, patrons, and staff to find information.

Fort Zumwalt Young scientists Fifth-grade students at Twin Chimneys Elementary School presented a Science Expo that focused on the body systems in May. Various booths were set up throughout the gym, where students explained many different topics including skeletal, circulatory, digestive and respiratory systems.

Wentzville Teachers embrace nature Two third-grade teachers from Heritage Intermediate School have been chosen to receive scholarships to attend the 2011 Family Nature Summit in Potosi that will be held in August. Kim Allen and Heidi Prouhet were chosen because of their work establishing and maintaining an outdoor classroom at Heritage. Dr. Todd Kraft, Heritage Intermediate principal, said he was impressed when Allen and Prouhet approached him last summer with a plan to rehabilitate six concrete raised flower beds on the school grounds and turn it into a valuable resource for all Heritage students. “Since that time, (Allen and Prouhet) have involved the PTA, Missouri Conservation Department, community members, teachers and many others in this great project. In just one year this area of our campus has been transformed from an eyesore to a place where students and teachers can learn and grow just like the trees, bushes, and flowers that have recently been planted,” Kraft said. The annual Family Nature Summit has been held at a different location world-wide each year since 1970. Teacher scholarships are awarded to those who teach in the state or area where the summit is located. This year’s summit will be at the YMCA of the Ozarks in Potosi and includes hiking, rafting, kayaking, bird watching, fly-fishing, horseback riding, outdoor photography and crafting classes for participants of all ages. Allen and Prouhet both said they are excited about the prospect of sharing what they learn at the summit with their students once classes are back in session this fall.

“Residents who live near the school have stopped to say how pleased they are with how it looks and how they enjoy seeing the kids outside using the area to learn,” Prohet said. “It has benefited not only Heritage students, but really our community at large and that has been an added bonus.”


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Operating budget approved The St. Charles Community College (SCC) Board of Trustees approved an operating budget of $37.47 million for fiscal year 2011-12 which began on July 1. The 2011-12 budget reflects a 4.7 percent increase over the budget that was approved for 2010-11. A $5 increase in the $80 per credit hour tuition rate was approved by the Board of Trustees in February and was put into effect with the summer 2011 term. The three primary revenue sources for the college include state appropriations, local property taxes and tuition. The 201112 budget reflects a seven percent reduction in appropriations from the state of Missouri compared to 2010-11.  Property tax revenue is expected to decrease slightly due to declining assessed property values in St. Charles County, and tuition revenue is expected to increase nearly seven percent compared to actual revenue from 2010-11. Projected expenditures include funding for English, chemistry and history faculty positions and full-time positions in information technology and human resources.  Other expenditures included $403,273 in new capital equipment and contracts; increases in employee health insurance premiums and state retirement programs; a market adjustment for fulltime faculty; and a two percent general salary increase for faculty and staff. Todd Galbierz, SCC vice president for administrative services, said the 2011-12 budget is balanced, and the college has sufficient reserves going into the new fiscal year. 

Lindenwood Student of the year named James Cassidy has been named the winner of the St. Charles Community College Student of the Year scholarship. The scholarship, which seeks to recognize an outstanding SCC transfer student, is for $4,000 a year for commuter students or $8,600 a year for residential students. It is part of the university’s Million Dollar Character Scholarship program, which distributes more than $1 million annually to students affiliated with a variety of organizations in the region. Cassidy graduated from Fort Zumwalt North High School, and will study elementary education at Lindenwood.

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FZ board questions need for student IDs By Amy Armour Getting high school students in the Fort Zumwalt School District to wear an identification badge has been a challenge since its implementation in 1998. The Board of Education will soon decide whether or not to continue the battle. During an annual policy review at the Board of Education meeting on June 20, new board member Laure Schmidt questioned the need for the ID badges, since she said many students don’t wear them. Schmidt said the schools now have video cameras, hall monitors and better check-in policies than when the ID badges were first implemented for security reasons. “The clamoring then was for metal detectors…name badges were a good step and it was well-received at the time,” said Superintendent Bernie DuBray. The policy for ID badges requires a student to wear the badge in plain view at all times while at school. On the fifth offense a student found without the badge on would receive a one day out of school suspension. The updated policy presented at the June 20 Board of Education meeting would change the pun-

ishment to four hours of Saturday detention. “I feel like this would be very difficult to enforce,” Schmidt said. “If you’re saying it’s harder to enforce because the punishment is less, I’d be more in favor of keeping the (original) punishment,” DuBray said. It’s a good lesson to learn, since many people are required to wear a badge to work, he said. Schmidt suggested that students not be required to wear the badge, but just have it with them at all times to show a teacher upon request. “I would really like us to move away from this policy,” Schmidt said. Schmidt also questioned the amount of time it took teachers and principals to check student badges and fill out necessary paperwork. “It’s a labor intensive process, but every time when the board asked we’ve been told ‘yes’ we want to continue,” DuBray said. DuBray said staff would get additional information and talk to school principals and teachers and present the information to the board. Until then, the policy on ID badges was tabled.

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Missouri American Water employee Jeremy Bennett, of O’Fallon, “launched” a 14-foot truck filled with school supplies destined for Joplin, Mo., by breaking a water bottle across the back of the truck. The donations were part of Missouri American Water’s Joplin relief program, which raised more than $40,000 in cash and supplies from the company and its employees to support of Joplin schools and organizations. The truck left for Joplin last week.



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Marine Week

Marines make impossible possible for Foristell woman By Amy Armour A simple trip to the basement to stay safe from a storm used to be impossible for Kim Dauwalter. The 52-year-old Foristell woman suffers from multiple sclerosis, which confines her to a wheelchair. But thanks to the Marines and the Gateway Chapter of the National MS Society, Dauwalter can now safely travel to her basement on her newly installed wheelchair lift. As part of National Marine Week, 25 Marines travelled to Foristell to team up with the Gateway Chapter of the National MS Society and local volunteer contractors to rehab Dauwalter’s home and farm to be more accessible. “Her farm is her passion…and we want to make her farm more accessible for her,” said Sandra Putney, vice president of operations for the National MS Society. “She is completely capable of doing everything on her own. We’re trying to make her life a little easier.” Dauwalter was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1988 when her daughter was just 18 months old. Because of her condition, she is now

confined to an electronic wheelchair or motorized scooter. But her wheelchair doesn’t stop her from running the farm— and her home—alone. “She refuses to let her disability run her life,” Putney said. “She’s just an amazing woman.” Unfortunately, her home and farm were not very accommodating to her needs, and she needed help with some of the chores. The Marines, along with volunteers, built shelves in the greenhouse so Dauwalter could reach plants easier. Volunteers built gravel wheelchair paths to make it easier for her to travel during icy weather, and a new, wheelchair accessible chicken coop will allow her to collect eggs on her own. “The Marines protect our independence and freedom and we want to protect Kim’s independence and freedom,” Putney said. Dewaulter said the improvements will allow her some independence she did not have before. “I hate to call people for help. This will give me a sense of independence,” Dewaulter said. “Sandra Putney is my guardian angel.” The Marines also spent the day install-

ing new fencing to keep her animals safe and confined. And a wheelchair accessible bathroom was added to her home. “Marines love hard work. And the fact that we are able to do something and see the direct result of our work (is wonderful),” said James “Spike” Scott, Community Relations Director and Marine Week Community Outreach Coordinator for the U.S. Marine Corps Forces Command.

“One Marine told me that ‘(Kim) hugged me and that meant more than anything to me’…They (Marines) loved it.” Later this week, laminate flooring will be installed in her home to replace the uneven subflooring. “It’s been overwhelming…It’s been a life-changing experience for the better,” Dewaulter said. “Everything will help make my life so much easier.”



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It’s an app, app, app, app world When Patty Apo of St. Peters watched her son graduate in Chicago last year, she was so proud she wanted to share with the world his big smile and the beautiful honors ribbon that flowed from his burgundy-colored graduation gown. So, with friends and family hundreds of miles away, she did what any rightfully pleased mom would do: she took a photo of her son and his magna cum laude diploma with her iPhone and texted it to almost everyone she knew. There’s no denying that shooting photos and texting are great features of smartphones, but these small masterminds of communication are already rerouting the lives of hundreds of users with the efficiency of George Jetson’s flying car—the one that folds up into a briefcase. In 1962, long before the proliferation of computer technology, and of course, smartphones, “The Jetson’s” cartoon series celebrated technology with gizmo-crazed futurism. There was the mop with an electronic brain (think iRobot Roomba); video chat and a system on their vehicles that would take them wherever they wanted to go. Forget the flying cars, but smartphones and the exploding growth of apps are doing things for users most could never imagine—including the Jetson’s. Steve Schoenfeld of O’Fallon, a graphic artist, said part of the attraction is the benefit you get from using apps, plus, he said, they’re just plain fun. “It’s yes, it’s out there and I can use it,” Schoenfeld

said. “I get a bang out of it, just because of the fact I can get it and I can make it work.” One of the primary applications Schoenfeld uses is the banking app for his credit union. He can pick up his phone, see his balances in various accounts, whether charges have appeared and if they are accurate – any time. “The bang out of that has worn off, but when I first got that, I thought it was so incredible. I don’t care about the details, it’s just that it’s there, in my hand and on my phone,” Schoenfeld said. Schoenfeld said he’s always been attracted to technology, even the simpler types such as photography equipment. “There is a factor of photography where your end product is a photograph, and you can be pleased with generating it, but the most enjoyable part of the process involves having the gear,” Schoenfeld said. “There’s the romance of the technology as well as the functional capabilities that make it so much fun and productive to use. I use it because it’s fun and gives me something I need.” Schoenfeld said he recently started taking a walk on his lunch hour using an

iPhone app with GPS, a feature he never dreamed he’d be using. “I open up the app, hit start and at the end of the walk, I say I’m finished, and it provides me with a map of where I’ve been, how long I walked, my miles per hour, top speed and low speed,” Schoenfeld said. “And this is strictly a navigation application. There are also apps that track the speed and do some calorie calculations.” Schoenfeld said he recently heard of a cyclist who was hit riding along a country road, and because of cellphone technology, emergency responders knew exactly where he was. “The cyclist wasn’t near any prominent markers or street signs, but he called 911, and police could use

cellphone towers to locate him,” Schoenfeld said. “So when I take my walk, I’m not just tracking my distance, I’m taking it in case I were to get into some type of trouble.” A recent app Schoenfeld started using is Kindle and iBooks. He said he can now download and read books whether he’s sitting quietly or waiting in a long line for concert tickets. “I use the app mostly on the iPad just because it’s larger, but if I were stuck somewhere, I could open up a book on my smartphone and read it,” Schoenfeld said. “The books are synchronized with each computer, and if I open a book, no matter which technology I use, iPad, etc. it will

Smart phone ‘apps’ help life get easier By Mary Ann O’Toole Holley



open to page 37, because it’s aware of where I left off. And I guess that’s one of the many reason they’re called smartphones.” Want to play a game? Find out the name of a song on the radio? Pay your bills? Order a pizza? Start your car? Unlock your front door? Smartphone users quickly realize it’s all at their fingertips. Get the ‘Places” app, and wherever you are, GPS hones in on your location and provides names, addresses, phone numbers and directions to locate restaurants, coffee shops, bars, ATMs, gas stations, hotels and other attractions. You’ll know exactly what is around you, you can get their rating and decide your next destination. “Key Ring” will allow you to consolidate all those keychain barcode membership cards, and if you’re at a large event and want to know if any of your contacts are there, there’s an app for that. Elizabeth Jensen of Dardenne Prairie said she uses her calendar app on her phone for appointments, and with this great device she can schedule six months out and get a pop-up reminder to let her know her dentist appointment is nearing. “If I were to do that with a paper calendar or note, I’d probably lose it or forget where I put it,” Jensen said. “But because of my phone, I’ll be able to see it six months up and know when my dentist appointment will be.” As a subset, Jensen says when she sees the dentist, they take her blood pressure, and because she is of the age when she needs to keep a watch on her health issues, her smartphone is a lifesaver. “I have a notes application and I can put my blood pressure readings in and the next time I have a reading taken, I can add it to give me a real efficient means of tracking what my blood pressure is doing over a period of time,” Jensen said. “If I were to do it in a traditional way, I wouldn’t be consistent enough because it would be so cumbersome had I written it down.” The apps on her smartphone synchronize with her iPad and desktop computers at work and at home, she said. “I put the info on one device and it immediately synchronizes with the other devices so that it is consistent,” Jensen said. “It makes me more organized with very, very little effort – and I get a kick out of using it. John McCarthy of St. Peters buys lottery tickets and says they used to be stacked up

in a pile because he never had time to go buy a newspaper to check the numbers. “Now, I have a lottery app on my phone,” McCarthy said. “I check the numbers and go buy another ticket. It’s easy to check now.” If you used to clip coupons, there are apps for that too. Susan Aaron of O’Fallon said she shopped at an area candle shop, but when she got to the store, she forgot to clip the $10 off coupon she had found earlier in the day. “Then, I remembered the coupon app,”

Maybe it was a good thing to use your brain a bit, and maybe that was a good thing that we lost... - Steve Schoenfeld Aaron said. “I opened the app, clicked on the store and it brought up the coupon with the barcode for the clerk to scan. The store had no problem with it. The clerk said they use smartphone coupons all the time.” Most major brick-and-mortar retailers like Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Home Depot, Macy’s, Target, Toys “R” Us, and Wal-Mart, have consumer apps. Several of these apps, including those from Best Buy and Target, also have the ability to use the smartphone screen to scan a barcode on a physical product and pull up additional information about the product, including detailed technical specs and product reviews. The app “Red Laser” allows shoppers to scan an item and bring up comparable prices from other stores in the area. Want to find the lowest price for gasoline? “Gasbuddy” will list the prices of nearby stations, and even give you a map and directions to the filling station. “There are hundreds of helpful apps out there. Before smartphones, you had to put information on paper and then place it where you could find it when you needed the information,” Schoenfeld said. “Maybe it was a good thing to use your brain a bit, and maybe that was a good thing that we lost, but now I’m more motivated to use coupons, map out my walks and keep good records because I don’t have to physically create these things and put them on paper where I can find them. If I had to go back I could, but now, it’s so easy with my smartphone.”

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Bu si ness Open wide Borello Orthodontics recently celebrated its grand opening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Borello Orthodontics is located at 6288 Ronald Reagan Drive in Lake Saint Louis. Pictured are Dr. Blake Borello and his staff and representatives from the Lake Saint Louis/Dardenne Prairie Area Chamber of Commerce.

PEOPLE Thomas & Suit Homes, has added Nancy Hitt, of St. Charles, as community sales manager. Hitt will be responsible Hitt for sales at the builder’s Wyndgate Forest, The Enclave at Sommers Pointe and Sommers Landing, all located in St. Charles County. A nine-year veteran of the homebuilding and real estate industries, Hitt most recently was executive assistant at Thomas & Suit Homes and an assistant to one of

the top residential real estate teams in St. Charles County. ••• Christie Rawie, of St. Peters, has accepted the position of assistant manager of the surgical unit at Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital. Rawie worked as a staff nurse in the inten- Rawie sive care unit before moving to managed care in a supervisory role. Most recently, she worked at Progress West HealthCare Center as a case man-

ager. Rawie earned her two-year nursing degree from St. Charles Community College and currently is pursuing her Bachelor of Science in nursing at Webster University. ••• Heather KemperHussey, of Lake Saint Louis, has joined Morning Star Church, of O’Fallon, as its new director of communications. Kemper-Hussey pre- Hussey viously served on the communications team at SSM Health Care. She earned a Bachelor of Science in communications from the University of Missouri and currently is working on her master’s degree for writing at Lindenwood University. ••• The Little Gym has recognized Mark Stephens and Mary Lee Stephens, owners of The Little Gym, of St. Charles, with President’s Circle awards at the company’s 35th anniversary Reunion Conference. The President’s Circle Award honors select franchisees that have shown exemplary performance in retaining their current member base and attracting new custom-

PLACES 1st Financial Federal Credit Union, of Wentzville, St. Charles, Hazelwood, and downtown St. Louis, recently participated with the Wentzville Chamber of Commerce, Wentzville Rotary and the Kiwanis Club of West St. Charles County in offering local middle school students the opportunity to learn from one another by conducting the CHOICES Education Program. The three organizations, along with volunteer Frank Nelson, CEO of 1st Financial Federal Credit Union, visited Wentzville Middle to help the eighth-grade students understand the importance of making good choices in their lives and how the choices they make will affect their futures. Volunteers from the local business community took students through their daily routines, cost of living, and education and job opportunities and helped them develop goals for themselves. ••• Highway K Dental Care has opened its new dental practice, located at 3445 Pheasant Meadows Drive in O’Fallon.

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ers. The selection process for the award is a direct reflection of The Little Gym franchise’s focus on building and maintaining relationships with their member families.

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Call or visit nearest the location nearest you: on your next order Call or visit the location City you: 000-000-0000 City 000-000-0000 City 000-000-0000 City 000-000-0000SAVE $4 5 O’Fallon ......................... 636-272-7775 City City 000-000-0000 000-000-0000 Melon Delight with dipped bananas Call or visit the location nearest you: on your next order City 000-000-0000 Maryland Heights ........314-576-7755 $ City 000-000-0000 City • SAVE 5 with Birthdays Anniversaries •000-000-0000 Thank You • Offer Congratulations City 000-000-0000 valid on select products. Cannot be combined City 000-000-0000 onbeyour City 000-000-0000 any other offers. Offer code must usednext whenorder placing the ©2010 Edible Arrangements, LLC. Containers may vary. Delivery not available in all areas. Available in a variety of sizes. Franchises available; 1-888-727-4258 or visit Chesterfield ..................636-394-1100 City 000-000-0000 City 000-000-0000 with dipped bananas order. Offer expirescall 07/31/11 Code: news0610 ©2010 Edible Arrangements, LLC. Containers may vary. Delivery not available in all areas. Available in a variety of sizes. Franchises available; call 1-888-727-4258 or visit

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Melon Delight® with dipped bananas

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Birthdays • Anniversaries Birthdays • Thank You • Congratulations • Anniversaries • Thank You • Congratulations

©2010 Edible Arrangements, LLC. Containers may vary. Delivery notArrangements, available inLLC. allContainers areas. Available in a variety of sizes. Franchises call Franchises 1-888-727-4258 visit ©2010 Edible may vary. Delivery not available in all areas. Available in available; a variety of sizes. available; callor 1-888-727-4258 or visit

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Happiness Perfect for Summer Picnics andin season. BBQ’s Happiness is always isinalways season.

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Life is full of celebrations, and there’s justand one beautiful, delicious Life is full of celebrations, there’s7 just beautiful, delicious or delivery nationwide days one a week. ® way to bring joy to all of them. Available for pickup Happiness is always in season. way to bring joy to all of them. Available for pickup ® Happiness is always in season. or delivery nationwide 7 days a week. or delivery nationwide 7 days a week.

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4744 mid rivers mall dr., cottleville, mo 63376


30 I  



Mid rivers NeWsMAGAZiNe Salutes Area Teachers


River City Rascals Game


at Mid Rivers Newsmagazine Night at the

July 27th

Game Time: 7:05 pm


Thursday, July 7th 6:30 - 9:30pm

TI CKETS S T T I C K E$8 BOX SEAT A T $11) S E(REG. $ 8 B OX 11) ( R E G . $$6 INFIELD ELD $ 6 I N F IBLEACHER E R $9) (REG. B L E A C H9 ) . $ for July 27 Good (REG uly 27only. Jgame Good for only. gamePresent this ad at

ATTENTION TEACHERS: call for your FREE tickets!

(636) 591-0010 (While supplies last.)


Featuring Griffin & The Gargoyles Register To Win $50 Cash (2 winners) Visit The Mid Rivers Newsmagazine Table To Win

ad at when ticket is window Present th when purchasing tickets. w do ticket win . ts e k c ti g purchasin

For More Information, Call 636-591-0010

St. Peters

1104 Jungs Station Rd. (1/4 mile South of Hwy 94 in Jungs Station Plaza)


F R E E Versa Spa Spray Tan for First Time Guest Call or visit for details.

Tan Envy 636.447.3553

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Level 1 Beds Only. Some restrictions apply. New customers only. Expires 7/31/11.

Tan Envy 636.447.3553

w w w.tanenv ys



O’Fallon nuisance ordinance stays boulders, basketball hoops are out By Mary Ann O’Toole Holley It’s time to move that big boulder or that basketball hoop at the end of your driveway and put that garden gnome a few feet closer to the house. The O’Fallon City Council has rejected a nuisance law revision regarding placement of items along the city’s right-of-way — that strip of land at the edge of your front yard. The ordinance addresses any obstruction of any street, curb, alley, cul-de-sac, sidewalk or right-of-way within the city that obstructs the flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic or which endangers public safety. Barricades, objects or other obstructions including signs, stones, portable basketball hoops or just plain junk must be removed unless a permit has been obtained from the city. Councilman Jim Pepper has pushed for clarification of what constitutes a nuisance in his ongoing drive to help residents become more aware of what the city’s laws actually mean. “The issue that started this whole thing off is that some issues are left alone, and other things are not left alone, even though they may not pose more of a hazard than the first one,” Pepper said. “You have unequal enforcement based upon subjective needs.”

City Attorney Stephanie Karr said unfortunately, there may be differences in timing of enforcement, and there may be issues by certain residents that the city does not have knowledge of for a period of time, but eventually, enforcement will happen. “There will always be certain circumstances when agreements are made to put things in the right-of-way, such as utilities. There are certain things that must be placed in the right-of-way, but in the case of public utilities, the companies sign agreement to hold the city harmless,” Karr said. “The real change is where you limit the placement of items that obstruct the flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic.” City Attorney Kevin O’Keefe said the suggested amendment starts with the premise that anyone can put anything in the right-of-way unless it obstructs pedestrian or vehicular traffic or endangers public safety, and only if it obstructs traffic or endangers safety may be placed if there is a permit. “Nothing is regulated if it does not currently interfere with public traffic or endanger public safety,” O’Keefe said. “As currently written, the ordinance serves the city’s and the public’s interest.” Pepper insisted it is confusing as currently written.

Texting in church? Yes, it’s encouraged at Morning Star By Amy Armour Most churches frown upon members using cell phones during a service. But Morning Star Church in Dardenne Prairie wants its members to keep cell phones on and to consider texting during church. The United Methodist Church, at 1600 Feise Road, started utilizing texting in its “Weekend Message” three years ago. Congregation members have the opportunity to text questions to the pastor while he’s speaking the message. Those text messages are sent to a cell phone and then posted to a screen at the front of the church. “For a while I was a little skeptical. I didn’t want it to be a ‘stump the pastor’ question,” said Pastor Mike Schreiner. “But we haven’t had those types of questions. Everything has been pretty spot on to the topic at hand.” Schreiner said he answers between two and four text questions at each service during the end of his weekend message. “It’s allowed me to do pastoral care in a large setting,” Schreiner said. “Lots of

churches out there say they welcome questions, but there is rarely an opportunity to ask the church a question…the texting allows people to ‘raise their hand’ and ask questions in complete anonymity.” The texting during church has increased participation. “We preach the hard truth, but we care deeply about making it relevant,” Schreiner said.And the texting has been well received by members of all ages in the congregation. “Obviously the youth love this, but it’s not just the youth. We have middle-aged and older (members) texting questions,” Schreiner said. “Our people have really loved and embraced it.” Jessi Hamilton, 17, said she really enjoys hearing the questions other congregation members text to the pastor. “I just love the environment it creates. It’s just so welcoming,” said Hamilton, who has texted her own questions as well. For more information about Morning Star Church, visit

Are looking for a

Perfect getaway?


Dog Training In The Comfort Of Your Home

Discover Farmington Harescrambles - 10/16/2011 St. Joe State Park

Pedal The Parkland - 9/17/2011 • Does your dog jump on you and/or your guests? • Does your dog walk you instead of you walking him? • Does your dog potty in the house? • Does your dog bolt out and run off when a door is opened? • Does your dog bark at anything and everything?

Golf Local Wineries Cycling & Walking Trails Explore Historic MO State Parks To speak to someone or request a brochure with details to plan your trip to Farmington, MO

Call 888-279-4727.

If you answer “YES” to any of these I can help! Stop the Craziness and give me a call today.

TRAINING TAILS ON THE GO, LLC Check out my website:,

Then call 636-734-8802 Or send me an e-mail: Your dog deserves to understand the rules and learn in their own environment. You will build the bond that will last a life time.

Summer is here... now is the time to get ready

Experienced Proven Results ELVeS Laser has been proven as the most comfortable and effective laser. Dr. Wright is a preferred provider with all major insurance plans. We work with your insurance to pay for symptomatic vein problems





Treatment for: Varicose Veins, Leg Swelling, Leg Pain, Leg Ulcers and Spider Veins. Dr. Wright has treated thousands or satisfied patients using state-of-the-art laser technology for optimum results. Free consultation for cosmetic vein problems. NEW LOCATION

3449 Pheasant Meadow Dr. Suite 100 • O’Fallon, MO 63368 636-397-4012 • 877-834-6937 (VEIN YES)

Thomas Wright MD, FACP, RVT Board Certified Vein Specialist

32 I events I 



Buy One Small Cone

Buy One Feature Sundae

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636-329-8184 • 804 O'Fallon Road • Weldon Springs (O'Fallon & Hwy. 94) 755 Friedens Road • St.Charles • 636-925-1065 Visit us on Facebook • Twitter us at WeLoveDeters

Event s

Convenient Drive Thru - Free WIFI


SUPPORT GROUPS A Brain Injury Support Group will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Thurs., July 14, at SSM St. Joseph Health Center. Meetings are sponsored by the Brain Injury Association of Missouri. To register, call 314-4236442. ••• A Life After Breast Cancer support group will be held from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Tues., July 19, in the education room at SSM St. Joseph Medical Park in St. Peters. A light dinner is provided. To RSVP, e-mail

CRIBBAGE CLUB Crossroads Cribbage Club meets at noon on Wednesdays at Rizzo’s Bar and Grill located at 1155 Wentzville Parkway in Wentzville.

CAR SHOW The Fort Zumwalt East Booster Club Car Show will be held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sat., July 9, in the main parking lot at Fort Zumwalt East High School. The show will include three categories: classic, custom/ modified and clunker. The entry fees are

$20 for classic and custom/modified and $5 for clunker. The event will also include music, a bounce house, carnival games and foods, face painting and 50/50 drawings. For more information, visit

BBQ BASH Team registrations are now being accepted for the seventh annual St. Louis Home Fires BBQ Bash which will take place on Sat., Sept. 24 and Sun., Sept. 25, at the Town Center of Wildwood. Amateurs and professionals compete for prizes in several categories. For more information, call Frank Schmer at 256-6564.


An Ice Cream Social and Open House will be held from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Sat., July 30, at Our Lady’s Inn located at 3607 Hwy. D. in Defiance. The event will include tours of Our Lady’s Inn, ice cream sundaes, water games for children, face painting, a children’s toy auction and music by Call to Harvest and Seven Weeks After. For more information, call Betsy Beauparlant at 398-5375.

O’Fallon Convenient Care O’Fallon O’Fallon

A Home Energy Efficiency Workshop will be held from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Mon., July 11, at St. Peters City Hall. Join the St. Peters Green Environmental and Solid Waste Issues Advisory Committee for a workshop that will present information about how to make your home cooler and more energy efficient this summer. For more information, call 970-1456. ••• “Newborn Massage” will be held at 12:30 p.m. on Fri., July 15 at Winghaven Country Club in O’Fallon. Learn how to help relieve colic, aid in digestion and bond with a happier baby. The class is free and open to the public. To RSVP, call 9780970. ••• “Pay Yourself First” seminar will be held from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Mon., July 18, at the Renaud Spirit Center located at 2650 Tri Sports Circle in O’Fallon. Local financial consultant Bill Martin will discuss basic strategies for maximizing savings and avoiding retirement pitfalls, including how to win the battle against inflation and taxes, and how to become a financially independent retiree. The cost is $5 for O’Fallon residents and $7 for non-residents. Regis-

ter online at or by calling 474-2732. ••• Join Dr. Whitney Hamed for “Pure Energy” at 12:30 p.m. on Tues., July 19, at Winghaven Country Club in O’Fallon. Learn natural ways to increase your energy, permanently. There is no charge for the lunch, and the series is open to the public. To RSVP, call 978-0970. ••• A “People and Pet Photography” class will be held from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. starting on Tues., July 19, at the Renaud Spirit Center, 2640 Tri Sports Circle. Professional photographer Garry Rose will lead the sixweek class geared for ages 16 and older of all skill levels. The program will include tips and techniques for posing, lighting and shooting formal portraits, taking candid shots and snapshots, and capturing the “key moment” that makes a photograph memorable. The cost is $48 for O’Fallon residents and $54 for non-residents. Register online at or by calling 474-2732. ••• Join Dr. Olivia Joseph for “Balancing Your Hormones Naturally” at 10 a.m. on Sat., July 30, at Winghaven Country Club in O’Fallon. Bring a friend and join Joseph for coffee as she discusses diet, lifestyle

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Open 7 days a week 8am- 7pm 636-980-5300


All of our physicians are board certified. 636-980-5300 2630 HigHway K • O’FallOn, MO 63368

2630 HIGHWAY K • O’FALLON,MO 63368 Located on Highway K across from Gold’s Gym.

For All Gold, Silver, Jewelry & Watches Cashed in During Our Anniversary Event!

Located on Highway K across from Gold’s Gym 636-980-5300


2630 HigHway K • O’FallOn, MO 63368

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Located on Highway K across from Gold’s Gym.

Longaberger Baskets! BJC8822_BJCMG Convenient Care ad template.indd 1

Miche Bag Retailer!

1/5/11 3:46 PM

COACH • Brighton • Rolex • Tissot • D & G • Louis Vuitton • Breitling • Vera Bradley • Baume & Mercier

234 Ft. Zumwalt Square • O’Fallon (next to JJ’s Restaurant)




IRS increases businessrelated mileage deductions

I newS I 33



WATER ASSISTED LIPOSELECTION By Mary Ann O’Toole Holley the deduction rates for gas, the IRS also Today, as gas prices average $3.63 a increased the rate for calculating moving gallon nationally, and as prices hover above expenses from 19 cents per mile to 23.5 LASER ASSISTED LIPOSELECTION $3 a gallon here in St. Charles County, it’s cents a mile. no surprise that any break on the fuel front “It’s a good thing, but I don’t think it helps. will encourage or discourage people from Those whose jobs send them driving moving,” Johnson said. “Moving is a tax ULTRASOUND ASSISTED LIPOSELECTION long distances can feel even more relief deductible expense if it’s done for work, BEFORE AFTER • Proven Results you can count on now, because the Internal Revenue service anyway.” WATER ASSISTED LIPOSELECTION LASER ASSISTED LIPOSELECTION has increased mileage deductions. The IRS typically waits until the end of • These body sculpting procedures As of July 1, anyone using their cars for the year to make or announce changes to Permanently Remove Fat Cells business can deduct 55 cents per mile from any deductions which is why this change is BEFORE • Other technologies like Lapex Lipo their total taxable income, an increase of not only a welcome surprise by many,ULTRASOUND but a ASSISTED Laser™, Zerona™ or Coolsculpting/Zeltiq™ LIPOSELECTION four cents from the first half of this year. clear response to rapidly rising gas prices. ONLY Decrease the size of fat cells BEFORE AFTER Four cents per mile is a considerable “This year’s increased gas prices are temporarily rebound occurs shortly after These Body Sculpting Procedures do increase that adds up for real estate pro- having a major impact on Americans. The treatment stops AFTER BEFORE something NO rates fitness routine, external fessionals and others who drive for work- IRS is adjusting the standard mileage OFFICE PROCEDURE ONE TREATMENT related reasons on a daily basis, many who to better reflect the recentorincrease in gas Laser external Ultrasound treatement AFTER also work out of their cars. prices,” said IRScan: Commissioner Doug BEFORE AFTER Permanently Remove Fat cells. Cheryl Johnson, broker and owner of Shulman in a released statement. “We are $500 FREE Johnson Realty, said the increased deduc- taking this step so the reimbursement rate CONSULTATION LOCAL ANESTHESIA OFFICE PROCEDURE OFF ANY AREA tion is definitely a perk, considering she will be fair to taxpayers.” drives miles and miles in the course of Rising BEFORE AFTERcosts of fuel have put federal offiONE TREATMENT doing business. cials under pressure leading to the Presi6 FREE Lapex Lipo Laser $500 are thing, the onlydent’s provider “Any kind of tax deductionWe is a good recent announcement that 30 million treatments after each OFF EACH AREA Liposculpture procedure Missouri to offer these because any time you caninsave money, barrels of oil is being released from our | 14897 ClaytonRd. Suite 100 | Chesterfield, MO 63017 especially with the real estate 3market the nation’s emergency reserve. The release| 636.399.5590 of new technologies | 636.399.5590 FREE CONSULTATION way it is, it’s good. You have to save every the oil was decided because of lost oil sup14897 Clayton Rd. Suite 100 | Chesterfield dime you have,” Johnson said. “I just sold plies because of the Mid East “turmoil.” Final approval for all ads are due:___________________ proofs are for corrections. my 2009 car, and in 18 months of ownerTo get the lowest price on1stgasoline in If second proof is needed, it is for grammatical and typographical corrections only. IF NO RESPONSE IS RECEIVED FROM THE ADVERTISER ship, I put 42,000 miles on it. We have to the area, visit Missouri Gas Prices at www. THE AD WILL RUN AS IS. LADUE NEWS WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ERRORS. meet sellers and buyers and we travel a ton. size rep date art proof approval / date issue wcj 2.3 ds 1 9.10 When tax deductions go up and gasoline aspx for up to the minute prices in1/2h the area. ELECTRONIC PROOF prices go down, it’s very helpful.” Free apps, such as “Gas Buddy,” are availAlong with announcing a change to able for smart phone users.




TIRED OF PAINFUL VARICOSE VEINS? CoolTouch 1320NM Laser Results You Can Count On! Get rid of your varicose veins without surgery!

and treatment options for balancing your hormones naturally. The class is free and open to the public. To RSVP, call 9780970.

FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT A Y Family Block Party will be held from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Sat., July 23, at the O’Fallon YMCA, 3451 Pheasant Meadows Drive. The event will include concessions, a bounce house, face painting and carnivalstyle games for the entire family followed by a free outdoor screening of “The Little Rascals” at 8:45 p.m. Tickets will be available for purchase for the games, bounce house and face painting. All proceeds will go toward the YMCA’s Strong Community Campaign. For more information, call Andrea Humphries at 379-0092 ext. 249. ••• Mom’s Afternoon Out will be held from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Thurs., July 14 and Aug. 11, at the O’Fallon YMCA, 3451 Pheasant

• Most Comfortable Laser Procedure • Most Effective Laser Treatment • Rapid Relief of Symptoms • Virtually Pain Free • Don’t Accept Just Any Treatment • Not All Lasers Are The Same • Don’t Settle For Less!

Meadows Drive. Moms can drop off children from 6 weeks to five years old. The cost is $10 per child. For more information or to register, visit the service center at the YMCA.

ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT A SCC Chamber Music Recital will be held ay 7:30 p.m. on Sun., July 10 at Jane Allen Recital Hall, 12033 Dorsett Road in Maryland Heights. The recital is free and open to the public. For more information, contact John Walker at 922-8538 or ••• Y-Star Talent Search will be held from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Fri., Sept. 9, at the O’Fallon YMCA, 3451 Pheasant Meadows Drive. Individuals, groups and families are invited to sing, dance or play an instrument. The event is $5 to participate and free for members. For more information, call 3790092 ext. 230.

Local Anesthesia

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Join Us For

Family Fun night At Mid Rivers Mall (Center Court)

Friday, July 8 5-7pm learn Facts Faster! th


Try and be Registered to Win a Free Copy of Study X

2 Championship Golf Courses 3 Tennis Courts 2 Swimming Pools & a baby pool 4,000 sq.ft. Fitness Building 14 other courses to enjoy Multiple Dining Options Full calender of events

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NO cart fees in all golf memberships, NO food and beverage minimums, NO assessments at Whitmoor CC.

NEW Junior memberships available as well as a Class A in both single and family categories. Summer promotions available. Call for details 636-256-7901

Whitmoor Membership Director Shelly Anderson 636-926-9622 X 130 •

O n l y 10 m i nut e s fro m We s t Co unty

OFFER Women: Free Bikini Line, Eye Brow or Under Arm. Upgrade to a Brazilian for $21.00. Men: Free Eye Brow, Ear or Nose. European Wax Center • Chesterfield 1640 Clarkson Road Chesterfield, MO 63017 (Chesterfield Oaks)


OVER 200 LOCATIONS AND GROWING. FRANCHISES AVAILABLE NATIONALLY. *No purchase necessary, first time guests only, must be local state resident. See store for details.

0688_Revisions_Chesterfield_B.indd 1

Open Late - Open 7 Days Monday through Friday 9am - 8pm Saturday 9am-6pm Sunday 10am-6pm 6/2/11 10:40 AM

Your guide to new homes prime.  I 35


It’s 2003 all over again

Kevin Weaks

Good news for new- home shoppers hoping to get a better price for their old homes: Prices got a boost from the traditional spring buying season. Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices showed a monthly increase for the first time since last August. Before we get too giddy, it’s important to know that average home prices across the United States are now at the same level as they were in the summer of 2003. In Missouri that year, the median price for an owner-occupied home was $106,763. Today it’s $141,000. And here’s a bit of déjà vu: Like 2011, 2003 was the year mortgage rates plunged to 30-year lows and homeowners rushed to refinance. Also in 2003 some economists worried that home prices were in a dangerous “bubble” - similar to over-inflated technology-stock prices in the late 1990s - which could abruptly pop, hurting homeowners. Back to the news of today, the National Association of Realtors reported that existing home sales also improved in May. Even better, the Census Bureau and HUD last week both noted that single-family housing starts rose in May. Unfortunately, tightened lending standards in the past year have made it hard for home buyers to qualify for mortgages, despite those record low interest rates. David Blitzer, chairman of the S&P Index Committee, was cautious: “It is much too early to tell if this is a turning point or simply due to some warmer weather. For a real recovery we would need to see several months of increasing home prices.” Here’s what else is happening:

sports courts and bicycle lanes. According to Community Sales Manager Nancy Hitt, “Wyndate Forest is like resort living at its finest!” In addition, buyers have peace of mind knowing that Thomas & Suit Homes partner Steve Thomas personally oversees the construction of every home. The fireworks are still going off at Greater Missouri Builders’ Queensbrooke Townhomes where they’ve lowered prices on all of the existing inventory homes. Townhomes at Queensbrooke start at $138,900. If single-level living is your choice, all remaining condominium units at Queensbrooke have been reduced to $97,900. “These are all 1,000 square feet in size and in an elevator building with covered parking space,” says Kim Whalen, sales and marketing director for GMB. Buyers also will find price reductions at GMB’s Crown Square where all units are priced at $99,900. That small sum buys you two big bedrooms 2½ baths and a twocar garage. Crown Square is located within walking distance of Mid Rivers Mall.

Payne Family Homes is holding its first-ever “Summer Signing Sale, reports Shawn Arterburn, Payne’s vice president of operations. “This is for July only and we are offering our best incentives ever to join the family at Payne Family Homes,” Shawn said. “It’s a great time to buy a home with interest rates at incredible lows. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to purchase a new home now with very few completed homes ready for occupancy or reserve your homesite and build the home of your dreams.” If you haven’t been to Thomas & Suit Payne Family Homes has expanded to 10 Homes’ fabulous, master-planned Wynd- distinctive neighborhoods from Eureka gate Forest, now is definitely the time! The to Fenton to St. Charles and Wentzville, neighborhood is in its summertime glory, Shawn noted. “New home sales are up with its glistening swimming pool and the and we are on pace to surpass last year’s trees in full bloom. Prepare to be wowed by closing goals.” For more information visit the 55 acres of spectacular wooded common any Payne Family Homes community, call ground, four magnificent parks perfect for Payne’s online sales consultant at 314outdoor activities, and scenic trails for a 477-1218 or visit www.paynefamilyhomes. jog or walk. All that’s not to mention two com.



I 37

DINING 636.591.0010

The Best In Italian Cuisine Since 1971

s ’ o i r E

$12.95 Choose from:


Chicken Picata • Chicken Parmesan Chicken Marsala • Chicken Carciorfini with Salad, Monday-Thursday Only. Dine In Only.


Hand-cut Steaks • Chicken • Fresh Seafood Veal • Pasta • Hand-tossed Pizza

951 Jungermann Rd • St. Peters

Tues.-Sun., Closed Mon. 11am - 2pm (includes beverage)

14 oz Strip Steak

Certified Angus Beef, with Baked Potato and Salad, Monday-Thursday Only


Join Us For Authentic Indian Cuisine Dinner $7.95 $5 OFF Lunch Buffet Any Food Order

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1617 Bryan Road O’Fallon 636.379.9990 •

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Dine in only. Valid Mon-Fri 11am-4pm. Valid thru 7-31-11. *Free pasta of equal or lesser value with coupon. Limit 1 coupon per table. Not valid with other offers or discounts.

Tuesday - Sunday 5pm - 9pm. Not Valid With Other Offers Or Discounts. Expires 7/31/11

3 years old July 7 !


Buy One Lunch Pasta and 2 Beverages, Get One Lunch

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Massa, Massa, Massa Party... All day long!

Carry Out Only. Valid Sunday thru Thursdays only. Limit 1 coupon per person. Limit 1 FREE salad per order. Not valid with other offers or discounts. With coupon. Expires 7-31-11

Monday all you Can eat pasta 4pm-9pm. Select Group of Pastas.

3072 Winghaven Blvd. • 636-561-5202 Lakeside Shoppes Plaza

636-949-9005 2061 Zumbehl Rd. Bogey Hills Plaza St. Charles

Sunday Buffet 11-3 pm



Pizza, Pasta, Taco Bar, Wings Happy Hour Everyday Mexican Restaurant & Bar 2pm-6pm Vista Grande has teamed up with Bino’s Pizzeria

“Bino brings the Hill West”

3300 Mid Rivers Mall Drive (2 miles South of I-70)


Buy One Entree Get Second


(Hwy. 40 & Winghaven Blvd.)


With purhcase of two beverages

Dine In Only

Vista Grande • 636-397-0615 St.Peters location only. With coupon only. Not Valid with other offres or discounts. Expires 7/31/11. MidRivers


Cheesebread or Toasted Ravioli With purchase of 14” or 16” Pizza

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38 I  Brunswick XL knocks down all 10 pins with Strikerz JULY 6, 2011 MID RIVERS NEWSMAGAZINE

turkey, cheese, tomato, cucumber, carBy SARAH WILSON Strikerz Bar & Grill is a gratifying change of pace for rots, croutons and hard-boiled egg and hungry bowlers who want to take a break from the lanes served with a choice of dressing. The Team Nibbler Platter serves four to delight in a tasty sit-down meal in a laid-back atmoor more and contains an assortment sphere. “It can be both a successful bar and a family dining venue of Strikerz’s most popular appetizers, at the same time,” Brunswick Director of Food and Bever- including Frickles (fried pickles), onion age John Pullis said. “Parents can have a drink while the rings, buffalo chicken wings, mozzarella sticks and chips and queso. kids have fun in the game room.” Moving onto the main course, for all The brightly colored dining room is fully equipped with nonstop entertainment, including billiards, darts and of its burgers, Strikerz uses top-of-thea plethora of TVs turned to sports channels. A separate line Meyer Natural Angus beef. The Maui Waui Burger, topped with cocktail and lounge area, furnished with a cozy fireplace, is ideal to start off a relaxing evening with happy hour teriyaki sauce, grilled pineapple, cherrywood-smoked bacon and cheddar cheese, A platter of Strikerz’s Donut Holes served with warm chocolate dipping sauce is specials and top-shelf cocktails. an indulgent favorite after a delectable meal and round of bowling. The restaurant’s brand new menu, packed with mouth- specifically is one to remember. “We get amazing comments on that watering fare, includes salads, appetizers, sandwiches, burger and people make it a point to come back for it,” In addition to Strikerz’s decadent menu, with every burgers, platters and more. entrée purchased from Sunday through Friday, diners Small and large salads are available with Strikerz’s XL Pullis said. He said wings also are “wildly popular,” with traditional receive a free $10 game card as a token of Strikerz’s version of a classic Chef Salad, topped with bacon, ham, and boneless available and three unique sauce blends from appreciation. which to choose, including classic buffalo, sesame teriyaki “We’ve already got this huge customer base that comes Strikerz Bar & Grill and honey barbecue. in to bowl and have fun, and if we can provide them with Brunswick Zone XL “I’m trying to bring great food to all 92 of our bowling great food, it just enhances that experience and makes it 8070 Veterans Memorial Parkway • St. Peters centers,” Pullis said. “We’ve got it all; it just depends what that much more fun,” Pullis said. (636) 474-2695 you’re looking for.” In addition to games and entertainment, Brunswick also 4 p.m. to midnight, Mon. – Wed.; Finish off the meal with a sweet ending. Bowlers’ favor- hosts birthday parties, special occasions and charity fund4 p.m. to 1 a.m., Thurs. – Fri.; ites include either the Banana Pudding, a decadent combi- raising events for all ages with a variety of group packages 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. on Sat.; nation of Nilla wafers, creamy pudding and fresh-sliced available. 11 a.m. to midnight on Sun. bananas or the Donut Holes, a basketful of delicious donut “We just want to get people in here to try the food once,” holes served with warm chocolate dipping sauce. Pullis said. “We know they’ll come back.”


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Francis Howell’s Graves looks back as he looks to future By Jonathan Duncan The memories came at Brett Graves fast and furious as he took the long bus ride home from Meador Park in Springfield, Mo., just three weeks ago. Graves considered his four years of baseball at Francis Howell High School and where it had led him Graves, who recently graduated from FHHS, had a happy trip home as his Vikings baseball team had claimed the Missouri Class 4 championship on June 4. “It was definitely something I’m going to remember forever and I couldn’t have been happier about it,” Graves said. “Everything that I had worked for and dreamed of came true, and to be able to do it with my friends made it just that much sweeter.” At 6 feet 1inch, Graves is a fire-balling right hander. When he’s not pitching, he plays shortstop or first base.

As Francis Howell’s lead-off hitter, Graves gave the Knights the jump they needed this spring to get up on opposing teams, hitting a strapping .441 with 35 RBI’s and a .537 on-base percentage. He is currently committed to the University of Missouri for next year, after a record of 9-1 on the mound for the Vikings as a senior, with a 1.95 ERA while racking up 70 strikeouts and allowing just 21 walks. Graves said winning state was a goal he and his teammates had talked about as far back as their freshman year. They wanted to add to the rich history and tradition of Francis Howell baseball. “The baseball program and the school have a lot of success and tradition and it’s been great to get to be a part of that,” Graves said. “We had been talking for a long time going back to when we were kids about how we wanted to win and eventually capture state is pretty special.”

A few days removed from winning the state title, Graves was picked by the Cardinals in the 26th round of the Major League Baseball Draft. “That was a pretty exciting deal and an honor to be picked by the hometown team I grew up rooting for,” Graves said. Then shortly after that, Graves visited with Cardinals pitcher Kyle McClellan, who is friends with Graves’ football coach Brian Koch. Like Graves, McClellan was committed to Missouri in 2002 before the Cardinals drafted him late that spring. “Coach Koch is his (McClellan’s) neighbor and arranged for me to meet him,” Graves said. “He told me about his experiences in the minor leagues and told me to continue to work hard and stay focused and good stuff would happen. He’s a pretty cool guy.” Graves said that it will be about another

month before the Cardinals begin negotiations with him and his family. This summer Graves has been busy playing baseball with the Rawlings Prospects, a travel-league team that travels a six-state area playing tournaments and games and helps recently graduated seniors gain attention for college baseball. “It’ a really good travel league of guys from the Midwest and Arkansas and the league helps get guys a chance to get noticed who want to play college baseball,” Graves said. While Graves said he’s ready to move on to the next phase of baseball and his life he plans to look back on his time at Francis Howell as time well spent and special. ”I definitely learned a lot playing football and baseball the last few years there and I feel that I’ve grown in every aspect of life the last few years,” Graves said. “It was a great place to be.”

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