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Lacey Hughes loves a good party. With two little ones, she always has a reason to celebrate.

A Cowgirl & An Indian Have a Party For some people, planning a party is second nature. To the rest of us, it takes a great deal of planning and thoughtful preparation. Hopefully we can give you a little inspiration for your next event. Ava Greer and Layla Westyn love a good Birthday Party and their mom, Lacey Hughes, does too. These little loves share a birthday month and this year was very unique because the girls wanted to share a birthday party. Ava Greer and Layla Westyn love horses and both requested horses to be at their birthday party.

I felt like my party was going to be really good. My daddy and I looked for sticks and worked together to make bows for each of my party guest. I also enjoyed painting a real live horse and taking a picture with it. My party was great.�

That’s all that was needed for Lacey to run with the theme, and she began scoping out the perfect place to Ava Greer make all of their birthday wishes come true. The girls all rode out to Cameron Oaks Horse Farm and agreed that it would be the perfect venue for the party.

Lacey naturally assumed the party theme would be all things horses but these two little ones each had creative ideas to incorporate making their party a true reflection of what they love. Layla Westyn, who was turning 5, had a few non-negotiables so to speak. She wanted each of her party guests to don a pink cowgirl hat with a star while she wanted to wear a purple cowgirl hat with a 76


Southern Holiday Life Spring 2017  

In the South, we love a good party and weddings are the best! In this issue, we feature recipes, crafts and ideas to make Spring fantastic!

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