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May 2013 Vol. 6 No. 3

Table of Contents Special Features 14. News to Know Lake Wedowee Life Business Directory 14. Area Events Bike Hike 17. Area Events RL Harris Tournament Trail 20. Area Events SUSCC Kids Kollege 22. Area Events STAR Camp 24. Area Events Lake Wedowee Homemade Ice Cream Contest 26. Area Events Waverunner Charity Ride 30. Area Events Ashland Theatre’s Fame Jr. 32. Area Events Fourth of July Boat Parade 36. Area Events Summer Sizzle 38. Area Events Randolph County Sheriff’s Rodeo 48. Small Town Life Checking off Your Bucket List 50. News to Know Lake Wedowee Life Model Search 52. Photographer’s Spotlight Laura Velazquez explores Lake Wedowee with Kanaan Hammett 56. Cooking with Papa Lavoy Caldwell’s twist on a traditional hot dog 60. News to Know Lake Wedowee Life Survey Results 66. Days Gone By Lavoy “Papa” Caldwell recalls growing up in Clay County

In This Issue 8. Letter from the Editor 10. At a Glance 28. Lake Map 42. Hooked on Lake Wedowee 46. Creative Crafting 54. Charley’s Treasure 58. What’s Cooking 62. Lake Wedowee on Instagram 63. Where in the World is Lake Wedowee Life?

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Lake Wedowee Life

877.959.LAKE (5253) 18285 Highway 431  Wedowee, AL On the Cover Kanaan Hammett studied dance at the University of Alabama and Southern Union State Community College. She is a native of Randolph County and grew up on Lake Wedowee.

Lake Wedowee Life magazine is published six times a year and available around the Lake Wedowee area which includes Randolph and Clay Counties in Alabama as well as parts of West Georgia. All content in this publication is protected by United States copyright law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, or otherwise published without the prior written permission of Neighborhood Publishing. Š 2008-2013 Neighborhood Publishing

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Fun for All Coming this Summer You may notice a little something different with us right now. In January, we decided to change our publication schedule to better suit our audience and this is the first time we have ever published a May issue of Lake Wedowee Life. We will continue on a monthly schedule for a bit (June and July) and are super excited about our content in the issues to come!! When we decided to create this extra issue, I knew immediately this would be our "event issue." This will be the magazine to keep to know the events that are happening this summer in the Lake Wedowee area. It begins this weekend with the unveiling of the Tanner/East Alabama campus and will continue through July. We have 30 events on our calendar, and we can safely say there has got to be something to do for everyone! Being a born and raised Randolph County resident it makes me very proud to see how far we have come. When I was growing up there were very few annual community events, but now it seems like there is something to do every week. Over the next few weeks, there are multiple concerts planned, an art show, boat parade and rodeo. All of those events, however, require community participation to succeed and continue. Some of the events are free to the public and some require a nominal fee, but what’s important is that those that do charge admission, it's usually because it is a fund raising effort of some sort whether it be for the Randolph County Sheriff’s Department, Brown Bag Buddies or the Randolph County Animal Shelter. The Lake Wedowee area may be a small community, but we have a lot of people in this area that know how to have a good time! And, thanks to the generous organizers of all these events in the area, we have something fun to do close to home. So I urge each and every one of you to attend as many of these wonderful events as possible this summer. Be sure to check out Lake Wedowee At a Glance to mark your calendars! See you there!

Enjoy Life Kelly Caldwell


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Summer Of Fun To get more information about upcoming events visit LakeWedowee.Mobi and click on ‘Events’

May 4th

RCLC Bike Hike Rec Center in Roanoke RL Harris Fishing Tournament 48 Bridge Boat Ramp

Tanner Open House Tanner East Alabama

Little STAR Camp Ashland Theatre

Bike Hike Bingo Lakeside

May 24th

Get Reel Bass Tournament 48 Bridge Boat Ramp

Friday Night Bingo Begins Lakeside Market & Grill

May 7th

LWPOA Annual Picnic Rice Pavilion

June 9th Wave Runner Charity Ride Wedowee Marine

June 10th-14th Teen STAR Camp Ashland Theatre SUSCC Kid’s College Southern Union Wadley

June 16th

Bike Night Every Tuesday Wings & Things

Lake Wedowee Life Ice Cream Contest Wings & Things

May 10th

June 26th-28th

Bike Hike Warm Up Eagle 102.3 Alabama Allstar Wrestling Lineville Nat. Guard Armory

May 10th & 11th Yamaha Demo Days Wedowee Marine

May 10th-12th RV/Boat/Car Show Lakeside

May 11th Cardboard Boat Races Chimney Cove

May 18th LWPOA Kid’s Fishing Derby Rice Pavilion

LWPOA Kid’s Fishing Derby 2012

May 25th Lake Wedowee Summer Jam Chimney Cove

May 26th Worship on the Water Begins The Pines at Lakeside

June 1st Summer on Main Downtown Roanoke

June 3rd-7th STAR Camp for Kids Ashland Theatre

June 8th Art on the Median Downtown Wedowee

Fame JR Ashland Theatre

July 4th Boat Parade The Pines at Lakeside Fireworks Chimney Cove Fireworks Sand Harbor Summer Sizzle Thursdays in July Lineville Park

July 5th & 6th RCSD Rodeo Wedowee

Lake Wedowee Fishing Advice May fishing on Lake Wedowee is awesome!!!!! My favorite time of the year to catch lots of bass!!. Bass are coming off the bed and feeding like crazy! My suggestion to you is get up early and put in before daylight and start shallow, throwing top water baits, like a popping bait or a walking bait, until the sun gets up good. Then change to a shallow or mid diving crank-bait in shad color around points and short spawning pocket's.

By Brian Morris, Fishing Guide

If the bass are not wanting to take worms or a small creature bait. your offer, slow down with a C-rig Lets move to crappie fishing. They have spawned out and are moving for deeper water. Look for deeper inside pockets with timber and wood casting a 1/16 oz jig white/ red or black/blue. Keep a good watch on your electronics you will find them out of there spawning pockets and can troll with various color s and techniques and catch a boat load. or a jig head supporting something Good luck this May, God Bless in (Green Pumpkin), Finesse and Good Fishing!

Diggin’ In The Dirt Early spring is a great time for transplanting trees and shrubs, but you must do so before they wake up. Transplanting a plant is a very traumatic experience for the plant if it is awake. It’s like doing surgery on a person while they are awake. Dormancy starts in the fall as soon as you experience a good hard freeze, and the plants remain dormant until the weather warms up in the spring. This is when you should transplant, while the plants are dormant. You can transplant in the spring up until the plants leaf out. When the buds are green and swollen you are usually safe to still transplant, but once the leaf develops, you should wait until fall. When transplanting you can dig the shrubs out bare root, just make sure they are out of the ground for as

short a time as possible, and keep the roots damp while out of the ground. Make sure there are no air pockets around the roots when you replant them. When possible, it is always better to dig a ball of earth with the plants when you transplant them. The rule of thumb is 12” of root ball for every 1” of stem caliper. If the diameter of the stem of a tree is 2”, then you should dig a root ball 24” in diameter. Don’t be afraid of cutting a few roots when you transplant. Just try not to cut them any shorter than the above guidelines allow. Cutting the roots will actually help to reinvigorate the plant. It’s a process simply known as root pruning. When the roots are severed, the plant then develops lateral roots to make up for what is lost. These lateral roots are more fibrous in nature, and have more ability to pick up water and nutrients.

What’s New? Alabama Boat Registration is now available online at Brother’s BBQ opened in Wedowee. Lake Wedowee Life’s mobile directory has launched. Former Carver’s Top Stop has changed owners and its name to Main Street Food Shop. If you know of something new that is happening please let us know! Send your “What’s New” to us at

lake wedowee in your words “I love Lake Wedowee Life because you don’t have many magazines that you can open and say ‘Hey I know that person!’ It’s nice to be able to read about people and places you know and not celebrities and Hollywood, and this magazine has it all! Good home cooking recipes, crafts to help you recycle and reuse, and the beautiful pics are breathe taking.” -Genevah Hardy

Lake Wedowee at Your Fingertips We launched our Lake Wedowee Life Mobile Directory last month, and since its release we have discovered tips and tricks to make using the mobile directory easier for our readers. Read on to find out how to get the most out of our new service. How do you access the mobile directory? From your browser on your smart phone or tablet go to or and pull up the page. You can also add the page to your homescreen for easier access. It is a live site and now you have the directory with you where ever you go. If you experience any problems check your browser settings on your mobile device. The directory can also be pulled up on your computer’s desktop by going to From the home page of the site you can navigate to the different sections of the directory. So what’s all in the mobile directory? The News Flash Section: has up to the minute announcements, contest, weekly sales/specials, local weather and the latest issue of Lake Wedowee Life in a digital format. The Event Section gives you details of upcoming events for the next 6 months. The Business Directory Section is a comprehensive list of businesses and services categorized

and offered in the Lake Wedowee area. Many of the Events and the Business Directory listings are “Enhanced” with much more detailed information. An “Enhanced” listing has the capabilities of including pictures, videos, descriptions, hrs of operation, products/menus, website links and directions to the event or business. The Vacation Rental section spotlights vacation rental properties on Lake Wedowee featuring detailed information, multiple pictures, rates, and website links. One click calling and for “Enhanced” listings one click emailing and Google maps for directions. It is also easy to share a page and the complete directory with family and friends. Just pull up the page you want to share and send it via text or email. Lake Wedowee Life puts everything you need about the Lake Wedowee area in the palm of your hand. Now You Know!

News to Know by Leisel Caldwell

If you are interested in advertising your business on the mobile directory, please contact us 877.959.5253 or email us 12 lake wedowee life

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Community supports BIKE HIKE Driving around during early spring, you can't help but notice "We Support BIKE HIKE" signs in front of businesses throughout Randolph County. But, have you ever stopped to ask what the heck is a "BIKE HIKE" Bike Hike, a onemile ride or walk, is the primary fundraiser for the Randolph County Learning Center that occurs the third weekend in May every year. Now that you know what Bike Hike is, you are probably wondering what the Randolph County Learning Center is. In the early 1970s, parents and local supporters wanted to create a place for intelluctually disabled adults. The group organized the ARC of Randolph County and in 1976 the first BIKE HIKE was hosted to raise matching funds to open the Randolph County Learning Center. The BIKE HIKE has continued to be the primary fundraiser for the Learning Center ever since. "It amazes me the community support we receive for the Learning Center each year," Robin Hall said. Local funding is vital for RCLC due to the continual downward spiral of state funding. "These local funds keep the center vital and the local support year round is what makes RCLC a part of the community," Hall said. People attending the Randolph County Learning Center are very 14 lake wedowee life

News to Know by Kelly Caldwell active in the community participating in things like Bingo at Lakeside; movies at Community Life Church, volunteering at Brown Bag Buddies and Christain Service Center, visiting local nursing homes, playing basketball at the Recreation Center, going to the library, visiting Camp ACSSA several times a year, fishing in local

lakes and swimming during the summer, just to name a few. "Our community gives to RCLC and we in turn participate in our community and give back," Hall said. The local school systems have always supported BIKE HIKE and the Learning Center but in recent years, the students have taken a more active role. "It started with Robbie Benefield when she was at Handley Middle School," Hall said. "She would bring students over to the Learning Center to interact with our people. It grew from there." Now, Meredith Sears and her community studies class come to the Learning Center each Friday in the fall. "It does so much for my students," Sears said. "The first group I brought over were apprehensive at first, because it was unfamiliar. But, within five minutes that melted away." The evolution of the education system has changed through the years as well with the implementation of No Child Left Behind and all students are in the same class rooms. "We had a student at Handley that touched us all," Amy Fetner, vice-principal of Handley High School, said. "OJ was always smiling and loved to dance." OJ Moody graduated from Handley when he was 21 and then started going to the Learning Center. He passed away in 2010, but his memory lives on. Not only

The Handley Tiger Football team led the BIKE HIKE in 2012. Numerous events in May help raise funds for the BIKE HIKE including OJ Moody Day, the BIKE HIKE Warm Up (and Mullet Toss) and BIKE HIKE on May 18th.

with his family that still lives in Roanoke, but also with OJ Moody Day, Handley High Schools Field Day that raises money for BIKE HIKE. "We charge the students $5 to attend OJ Moody Day, but we also make sure they realize that is their donation to the Randolph County Learning Center." Fetner said. OJ Moody Day is May 3rd at 2:30 p.m. the community is invited to the annual BIKE HIKE Boogie at Handley's Wright Field. Roanoke City Schools have been active community partners with the Randolph County Learning Center for years either by raising money during BIKE HIKE or visiting the people that go to the Learning Center. Last year, Roanoke City Schools raised $19,000 of the $84,000 raised for BIKE HIKE and this year the same will be true. "We love the participation of the schools," Hall said. "This year the

county schools are taking a more active role as well. Hall went on to say Randolph County Schools Superintendent Rance Kirby has committed to dying his hair hot pink if the schools meet their fundraising goals. "It takes the whole community supporting us to continue our

work," Hall said. "We have re-envisioned BIKE HIKE several times since 1976 and we strive to keep it something the community wants to support." Along with the WELR BIKE HIKE Warm Up on May 10, there are numerous mini fundraisers leading up to the May 18th ride/walk. A new addition in recent years that has caused major bragging rights within Randolph County is the Mullet Toss associated with the Warm Up on May 10. Last year, the Randolph County Courthouse Team won the contest and will be back to defend its title along with 2011 winner Handley High School. Other teams that have committed to the Mullet Toss include TEC, Alabama Power, A&E Heating & Air and Emerging Home Care Pharmacy. Chris Hammond will be on hand to judge the competition and make sure rules are followed which include kissing the mullet prior to tossing and dressing in beach attire. lake wedowee life 15

16 lake wedowee life

Tourney Trail Designed for Best of the Best Reminiscing while fishing his favorite spot on Lake Wedowee, Clay County resident Jackson Bonner had an idea. "When I was coming up on Lake Wedowee, there seemed to be fishing tournaments here every weekend," he said. "But in recent years, it had dwindled to hardly any." Bonner was a charter member of the Auburn University Bass Sports Club and knew a thing or two about organization. "What I wanted to do here was create a tournament trail for our local fishermen," Bonner said. "But, I wanted it to really be about the fishermen... and give away the most money we could." After partnering with the Clay County Chamber of Commerce, Bonner's vision became a reality in 2012 with the creation of the RL Harris Tournament Trail. Launching from Highway 48 Bridge on Lake Wedowee, the monthly tournament began its second season in March. "Teams can still join the trail through the third tournament which is May 18," Bonner said. It costs $100 per team per tour-

nament plus $10 for Big Fish. There is also a one-time $40 fee per team for membership dues. "We really pay out as much as possible," Bonner said. "For the 2012 classic, we paid out nearly $6,000 for nine places. And in the 11 tournaments, we averaged paying out $3,000. "That's great incentive for these guys," Bonner said. "Our tournaments are 80 percent payout and we averaged about 30 boats a tournament last year."

News to Know by Kelly Caldwell In the first tournament of the 2013 season, there were 29 boats registered and the tournament paid out over $2,500. "Tournaments can be expensive if you think about it," Bonner said. "So the motivation with this was to give our local fisherman an op-

portunity to compete on their home lake. The tournament trail culminates in February with the Classic. To be eligible for the Classic, a team must place in the top 30 percent of the field or compete in all 11 tournaments. "The point standings can get interesting at times especially once we get 8 tournaments under our belt," Bonner said. "Because we take the top 8 finishes toward the end of the year lots of changes can happen from tournament to tournament." The tournament dates for the rest of the trail include May 18, June 22, July 20, Aug. 17, Sept. 7, Oct. 12, Nov. 23, Dec. 21 and Jan. 25. The Classic, a two day tournament on Lake Wedowee, will be Feb. 22-23. "The times of the tournaments depend on the season," Bonner said. "We have three night tournaments and then in the winter we have a 7 a.m. start because its colder."

For more information, contact Bonner at 256.343.4796 or email at lake wedowee life 17

2013 R.L. Harris Tournament Trail Standings Through April # 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 14 16 17

Team Name S. Wallace & A. Coley B. Adamson & D. Davis B.Hurst & M. Freeman B. Butler & J. Carpenter E. Shellnut & L. Merrill R. Mason & G. Mason B. Young & B. Young B. Morris & J. Bryant C. Green & S. Noles R. Chaffin & B. Chaffin T. Sorrells C. Lumpkin & D. Lumpkin B. Williamson & B. Williamson J. Doss & C. Doss T. Bonner & J. Bonner P. Frye & C. Matthews D. Bryant & B. Gravitt

3/16 97 94 96 98 87 91 89 90 88 92 78 77 95 85 93 80 86

4/20 102 98 95 91 94 87 88 84 85 79 92 90 71 80 72 83 75

Total 199 192 191 189 181 178 177 174 173 171 170 167 166 165 165 163 161

# 18 19 20 20 20 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 33

Team Name D. Arrington & H. Horton R. Doss & D. Cole B. Hendrix & D. Daniels J. Shealy & J. Shealy M. Alvis & K. Alvis S. Beam & N. Mulkey W. Poole & S. Stultz W. McCall & L. Hornsby R. Bailey & O. Cheeks M. Ayers & M. Busbin R. Hurst & A. Bain E. Morris & J. Lovourn B. Humphries & M. Pickett R. New & N. New M. Mitchell & W. Edmo B. Trotter C. McEnry & J. McEnry

3/16 79 82 83 84 81 74 76 37 75 37 102 DNF DNF DNF DNF 37 37

4/20 81 77 74 73 76 82 78 86 35 70 DNF 97 96 93 89 DNF DNF

18 lake wedowee life

Total 160 159 157 157 157 156 154 123 110 107 102 97 96 93 89 37 37

lake wedowee life 27

Kids Kollege offers educational fun this summer When filling your summer calendar, don’t forget to include the summer camps offered at Southern Union State Community College’s Wadley Campus. Seven years after its reintroduction, Kids Kollege is still going strong. Organizers are expecting this year to be no different. Kids Kollege gives the youth of east central Alabama an opportunity to explore various subjects in a fun, supportive environment. Children participate in sessions such as art, sports, science, dance, and health, giving them a taste of “college life” at SUSCC. The camp also includes an off-campus field trip. “Forces of Nature” is the theme for this year’s camp, which is scheduled for June 10-14. “We always look forward to Kids Kollege week,” said Shondae Brown, Coordinator of College Relations at SUSCC. “These students bring such vitality and energy to campus; they are just fun to around.” Kids Kollege is sponsored by the SUSCC Alumni Association and is open to students entering the first through the sixth grade. A $60 registration fee applies which covers snacks each day, a camp T20 lake wedowee life

News to Know Courtesy of SUSCC shirt and the field trip. Older students will also have a chance to have some fun at Southern Union this summer. Fine Arts Camp, scheduled for June 26-27, is open to students in grades 7-12 or

college age. At a cost of $128.00, the camp may be taken for college credit by students who meet the college’s entrance requirements. Fine Arts Camps offers training in dance, music, and theatre with intensive instruction in the area of the student’s choice. The camp draws students from throughout the Southeast. Attendees have a chance to study with SU’s renowned fine arts faculty as well as guest instructors. “Studies have shown that education in the arts helps to develop a well-rounded individual and helps to improve learning in all academic areas,” said Brown. “Fine Arts Camp gives students exposure to various disciplines in the arts and hopefully helps them develop an appreciation for things they may not otherwise experience.” Brown added, “We really want people to think of Southern Union as the “community’s college”. These camps are just examples of how we work to enhance cultural exposure for our area’s youth; to stimulate interest in arts and sciences and to promote community spirit.” For registration information for Kids Kollege contact Brown at 256-395-2211 ext. 5145 or To register for Fine Arts Camp contact Dean Steve Spratlin at 256-395-2211 ext. 5105 or email him at

STAR Camps embraces acting life Does your child or teenager seem to be a natural performer? Have they shown an interest in being in plays or on stage, but you have no idea where to start! The Ashland Theatre’s STAR Camps are just the place for beginners and experienced young performers of all ages! We cover a variety of subjects best designed for your young actors age: How to STAR Camp for Kids Audition, Monologues, Puppets, (Grades 2-6) June 3-7 Music, Costuming, Stage Makeup, 9am-2pm Improv, Stage Movement, CreativWeek long day camp for kids ity, Stage Directions, Pantomime, who have shown an interest in and much more! learning more about performing

Little STAR Camp Ages 2-5) May 18th 9am-11am

Perfect opportunity to introduce performing arts and theatre to your preschooler! All campers must have a parent or adult accompany them throughout the 2 hour camp. (Limit 2 adults per camper please) Your camper will have the opportunity to explore through a number of hands on stations where they can spend as much or as little time as their busy imaginations allow. Please bring snacks and water for your little actors! Camp fee $30 includes a fun surprise to help the creativity to live on past camp. Fee is due when forms are turned in. Limit 10 campers. Campers must wear closed toed shoes and clothes they can comfortably move in. 22 lake wedowee life

time forms are turned in. Limit 30 campers.

Teen STAR Camp (Grades 7-12) June 10-14 9am-3pm

Week long day camp for your aspiring teen actors. Amazing hands on learning where campers have the opportunity to prepare an audition monologue suitable for professional and college auditions, learn to create a character from movementcostume-voice-and stage makeup, have opportunities to have web chats with professional actors and crew members working in the field, learn how to create their own acting resume to use at auditions, have professional headshots taken, and much more! All campers must by Robin Steele-Thornhill bring a sack lunch and lots of bottled water. Campers must dress in onstage and acting! Whether they clothes they can move in and must have been in several plays or have wear closed toed shoes. Camp fee no experience at all, we will help is $80 and includes camp t-shirt, get them ready and excited about 8X10 copy of their headshot, probeing in front of an audience! We fessional headshot photography, teach the basics of stage directions, and materials. Fee is due at time how to audition, fun theatre games, forms are turned in. Limit 30 campand training in how to become a ers. character fully from costumes, stage makeup, and movement! All campers need to bring sack lunch and lots of bottled water. Wear FOR ALL CAMP SESSIONS: clothes they can move in and PLEASE FILL OUT CAMP FORM closed toed shoes. Camp fee is $80 AND MAIL ALONG WITH CAMP and includes camp t-shirt, 8X10 FEE TO: The Ashland Theatre PO copy of headshot photograph, proBox 218 Ashland, AL 36251 fessional quality headshot photogChecks can be made out to : The raphy, and supplies. Fee is due at Ashland Theatre.

News to Know

Enter The ‘Coolest’ Contest Around

Do you scream for ice cream? Are friends and family requesting your homemade ice cream every time you get together regardless of the season? Every time you discover a new sweet treat, do you wonder how it would taste in ice cream? If you've answered yes to more than one of these questions, here's a contest designed just for you. On June 16, we are hosting the first Lake Wedowee Homemade Ice Cream Contest. The afternoon isn’t limited to showcasing your culinary skills either. We will have separate ice cream eating contests as well. The event will take place at Wing and Things in Wedowee at 4 p.m.. “We are still in the early plan24 lake wedowee life

Ice Cream Contest by Amanda Causey ning stages for this event. We are very excited and think this will be a wonderful time for all who attend.” stated Leisel Caldwell, event organizer. The Recipe Contest will consist of three categories: Best Flavor, Most Unique Flavor and Best Presentation. The winner for each category will have their recipe featured in the July issue of Lake Wedowee Life magazine. Contestants must submit the recipe along with the finished product. The Ice Cream Eating Contest will have different age groups, with prizes awarded for each.

The winners will also be recognized in the July issue of Lake Wedowee Life. Part of the prize package will include ice cream from Blue Bell Creameries. There will also be multiple flavors available for the public as well. Along with Lake Wedowee Life, Wings and Things and Blue Bell Creameries, Alabama Dairy Producers are also a sponsor of this fun-filled event. There will be activities for spectators as well. More details will be posted online and in the June issue of Lake Wedowee Life. There will also be entry forms on later this month.

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Wedowee Marine to host charity ride Wedowee Marine has been known for it customer service ever since Randy and Kathy Morris bought the marina several years ago. But, this year they are doing even more for the community. “We are always busy during lake season and have been a part of community events like the cardboard boat races, Lake Wedowee Summer Jam and the Fourth of July Boat Parade,” Kathy Morris said. “But this year we wanted to do more.” On Sunday June 9th, Wedowee Marine is hosting its first ever Waverunner Charity Ride. “We hear all the time about our

26 lake wedowee life

customers buying waverrunners and not having anyone to ride with them,” Kathy said. “So I wanted to do something fun, raise some money for charity and introduce people to other waverunner owners.” The ride will begin at We-

dowee Marine at 12:30 p.m. and it will cost $25 per personal watercraft. “We are fashioning this like all the charity bike rides we see on the road,” Kathy said. “It’s the same concept, we are just doing it on the water.” The ride will last roughly 2 hours and the route is still being determined. “A lot of our customers have expressed interest in exploring with us that day,” Kathy said. “And we have even had people that are not on this lake that say they are coming down for it.” For more information, call Wedowee Marine at 256.357.2045.

lake wedowee life 27

Fame Jr. Coming to Ashland Theatre They took you on a journey to Agrabah to go on an epic adventure with Aladdin and that magical Genie. They made you remember your childhood when learning was fun with catchy songs of School House Rock Live. Last summer they took you Into the Woods for a not so traditional story about many of our favorite fairytale characters. What does the Historic Ashland Theatre have in store for audiences this summer? Pull on your legwarmers and tease that hair out; Fame Jr. will have you singing along and dancing in the aisle as you remember all the things you loved about the 80’s! The Music! The Clothes! That Big Hair! The musical takes place during the final years of the High School of the Performing Arts in New York City. Fame Jr. follows a diverse cast of students through the gruelling 4 years at one of the toughest artistic programs in the country. There are the Dancers, Actors, and Musicians who each feel

30 lake wedowee life

and Sunday June 28th at 2pm. Tickets will be $10 for Adults and $5 for Students and Senior Citizens. One of the most exciting parts of the youth musicals at the Ashland Theatre is that the entire cast, backstage crew, and tech crew (running lights and sound) are kids and teenagers! Our area is full of amazing talented kids onstage and off and that their profession is “the hardest The Historic Ashland Theatre is profession in the world”! With committed to helping each and songs like the title hit “Fame”, every one of them find a way to “Mabels Prayer”, “Bring on Tomor- shine! For a great night of enterrow”, and “Hard Work” you get a tainment right in our own backsmall taste of the pressure that can yard, come out and support local be felt even by teenagers to seek theatre and the youth in our comsuccess to find self worth and munity! meaning in life.

News to Know by Robin Steele-Thornhill The Historic Ashland Theatre will be presenting their summer youth musical Friday June 26th at 7pm, Saturday June 27th at 7pm,

For more information or to purchase tickets please email or visit The Historic Ashland Theatre on Facebook or find their website at

lake wedowee life 17

Pride This year's Fourth of July Boat Parade will see a few changes in organization, but specatators won't even notice. "We are really utilizing all that Lakeside has to offer this year," Kelly Caldwell, event organizer, said. Participating boats will pick up registration packets at the first dock at Lakeside near the beach area of the campground. "We are also excited that the Randolph County Sheriff's Department will be our grand marshals this year and will lead the parade through its course," Caldwell said. The route will continue a little further north this year past Wedowee Marine so more of the homeowners in Wright Way Estates will have an opportunity to see the parade from their homes. 32 lake wedowee life

a fantastic way to express your American Pride and the decorations seem to get better every year." This year there will be 5 categories to win first place in and 1 grand prize. The Grand Prize Category will be named “Pride in Wedowee”. This boat will have to encompass as many of the 5 categories as possible. The winner will also receive recognition with their photograph placed at all sponsor locations until next July Fourth. “There have been so many great boats that it is hard to pick winners. We can’t make everyone a winner, but we want people to know how much we enjoy seeing their boats and what they have come up with.” stated event "We enjoy being a part of this organizer Randy Morris of Weevery year," John Tinney said. "It is dowee Marine.

Other categories, which will receive only one winner for each will be: Most Outrageous, Star Spangled Celebration, Best Mascot, and Most Spirited. The Most Outrageous category will be awarded to the boat that is decorated...well most outrageous. It’s for an “outside of the box” thinker and anything goes. Boats that are decorated in something that is not typically 4th of July, but still have American concepts will be perfect for this one. Some examples of past boats who could have won this prize would be "The 57 Chevy" or "Mickey Mouse." The Star Spangled Celebration category will be awarded to the boat that exhibits the best use of the American Flag. Please be respectful in your use of the American flag

as not to offend any of our proud military active or retired that may be in attendance. Best dressed mascot will be a fun category for everyone. Whether you have your pet dressed as Uncle Sam or your child dressed as Lady Liberty there is not restriction on who or what is your mascot. Most Patriotic is the best way to show you American Spirit. The Red, the White, and the Blue are symbolic to America and our nation’s spirit. To enter your boat please visit one of the sponsors, Lakeside Market & Grill, Wedowee Marine or Lake Wedowee Life Magazine. Registration ends July 3rd at 5 p.m. The entry fee is $10.00

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Clay Co. Ready to Sizzle Summer Sizzle celebrates 10 years of delivering music to the local communities when it kicks off its season July 4th. "The Clay County Arts League created Summer Sizzle to showcase local talents," Barbara Pollard, event organizer, said. "And, we have tried our best to stick to that philosophy." The first night of the music series will feature Clay County's own Kevin Moon in what has become known as Patriotic Night. "Our first night is always dedicated to our active and retired military and this year its extra special because it actually falls on Fourth of July," Pollard said. Everyone is encouraged to bring their lawn chairs for a night under the stars and expect to be entertained by some of the best local artists around. On July 11, Talladega's Heritage Hall Jazz Band under the direction of Jeff Wood is slated to entertain the crowds with their Big Band Jazz sound. July 18th will feature Southern gospel music with Hope's Journey starring Vonda Easley, Chris Clay and Tracey Kelly . Master's Clay featuring Shotgun Giddens will also 36 lake wedowee life

Song with Trent and Jessica Adams, Tony Jones, Jennifer Barron and Judd Hurst on keyboard. "We are really hoping to average 1,500 to 2,000 people this year," Pollard said. "If the weather holds, we should be able to reach that goal." Each Thursday in July, Lineville City Park turns into a music perform. The month-long series will con- venue complete with live radio remotes by Alabama 100.7. clude with "Gospel Hour - Clay "We are so excited to be a part of County Style." "I have always watched Gaither Summer Sizzle this year," Teresa Goodman, WCKF/ Alabama 100.7 Gospel Hour and have been to so many singings in Clay County, that station manager said. "We do the live remote and this year we will be I knew we could have something decorating the stage every week. similar here," Pollard said. "So I went to Kenneth Yates to help me "It is a great community event pull this one together." and we are proud to have it in Clay County." Pollard realized in the early stages of Summer Sizzle that she by Kelly Caldwell could only do so much to make the Artwork by Tommy Moorehead event a success, and is the first to and Photo by Jennifer Alam admit the Clay County Arts League could not achieve their goals without the help of the local media. Last year, Gospel Hour- Clay "It's like I say, I could get Elvis County Style featured more than 60 Presley on this stage, but if it weregospel singers that entertained n't for the newspaper and radio more than likely Summer Sizzle's people, no one would know about largest crowd to date. The Gospel Hour will also feature Redemption it," Pollard said. "They have done

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so much to help us over the years and I credit some of our success to them." The free event also would not be possible without the help of sponsors and grant opportunities. "We sell ad space on our fans and of course we sell concessions to help cover the cost," Pollard said. Summer Sizzle is every Thursday in July with music starting at 7 p.m. each night. The concert series is free to the public, but everyone is encouraged to bring their lawn chairs. Concessions will also be sold.

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Rodeo celebrates milestone For 10 years the Randolph County Sheriffs Rodeo has offered the community a funfilled event over the Fourth of July Weekend and its also served as a fundraiser for much needed equipment for the department. “We have been able to purchase a lot of things for the department that we would not have been able to afford if it hadn’t been for the Rodeo,” Randolph County Sheriff David Cofield said. “It takes a lot of work to make this event happen and we couldn’t do it without the numerous volunteers and sponsors that make it possible.” This year’s rodeo will be July 5 and 6. “We are still ironing out some of the details,” Randolph County Chief Deputy Billy Lane said. “But I know we are going to have a concert after the rodeo both nights. We just aren’t sure who is playing just yet.” The Randolph County Sheriff’s Rodeo is a production of 4L & Diamond S Ro38 lake wedowee life

deo. Founded in 1985 by champion calf roper and steer wrestler Charlie Lowry, the company has grown from five small productions its first year to producing 25 events a year. 4L Rodeo host PRCA, IPRA, NIRA and high school rodeos and rough stock schools. In 2009 Lowry widened his vision for 4L Rodeo Company by becoming partners with David Simpson, Diamond S Bucking Bulls, Weatherford, Texas forming the 4L and Diamond S Rodeo Company. The new company has provided stock for numerous rodeos such as Cheyenne, Omaha, Odessa, San Antonio and Fort Worth. 4L & Diamond S Rodeo have provided bulls for the PRCA Xtreme Bulls as well as the Wrangler National Final Rodeo in Las Vegas. Tickets for the 10th Annual Randolph County Sheriff’s Rodeo are $10 and may be purchased in advance at the Randolph County Courthouse.

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No Bite...No Problem I have people come up to me all the time and say “I saw on Facebook where you are really catching the fish.”, or”I heard you caught a boat load last week.” Even when Kelly and Amanda put pictures in this magazine next to this column I hear all kinds of "head swelling" comments. What you don't see are the fishing trips when I get skunked. I have a good friend who owns an online fishing tackle store. He is always bringing me lures to field test. So who am I to turn him down? I'll go out with the mind set to use one lure in different situations. Sometimes the conditions are wrong for the lure and I go home not having caught a fish, but I did gain some knowledge. I've been out scouting for an upcoming tournament and not caught a thing, and sometimes just plain ole didn't catch em. I said all that to say this... this is where Lake Wedowee excels. Every time I get to the boat ramp

and slide the boat off the trailer the anticipation of what’s going to happen today really gets me excited. You see, it’s not just about catching fish, which by the way is why I'm out there. It’s about the things you can only see while out on the water.

Hooked on Lake Wedowee by Wendell & Bonny Huddleston For instance, one day I was cruising down the lake and looked out over the bow to see a big buck swimming across the lake. I trolled along side of him to make sure another boat didn't hit him. He made it across and

was so tired he just stood on the bank a few yards from me while he caught his breath, then just eased up in the woods. Another time I was fishing and saw five coyote pups way in the back of a slew playing just like puppies in your yard would. Another day I made a bad cast ( I know you can’t believe that) and the lure landed in a hedge bush and was bitten by a snake three times before it came out. I was scared to touch it so I cut my line. If you’re like Bonny and enjoy flowers, this time of year is the best time to not catch fish and just enjoy the lake. Our lake is so beautiful. The next time you’re out and the fish won’t bite don't fret, just look around and let Lake Wedowee brag on itself. I love Lake Wedowee even on those days I can’t catch anything. 42 lake wedowee life

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PLAN #1211 1,871 Square Feet Design by Moser Design Group, Inc., Beaufort, South Carolina  3 Bedrooms, 2 Full & 1 Half Baths  Ceiling heights: 10 feet first floor, 9 feet second floor  Crawlspace foundation  Pricing category E  Rendering by Miles Melton

For more information, call 1.866.772.3206 or visit

Call McKinney Builders, Inc. at (770) 527-7355 The exclusive Newnan-based member of the Southern Living Custom Builder Program Reprinted with permission of Southern Living, a division of Time Inc. Lifestyle Group

Creative Crafting By: Amanda Causey

Cutting Board Tablet Holder With the popularity of tablets and e-readers right now, more and more people are using tablets and digital cookbooks in the kitchen. I am definitely one of these included as I enjoy spending time in the kitchen making new things. It is so easy to grab your tablet and look up substitutions and conversions quickly! I wanted to create a way to prop my tablet up so I could see it while I cooked. I had this cutting board that I rarely use because it is smaller. I painted the edging with chalkboard paint so that I could make this a decoration when I am not using it. I used a scrabble tile holder along the bottom to hold the tablet. The back of the cutting board has a triangle cut piece of wood that I painted green to match. Follow the directions with your chalkboard paint to ensure you cure it correctly. I used industrial strength glue to adhere the bottom lip and the back bracing board. Enjoy your new kitchen tool and email us photos if you decide to make one!

Magnetic Cork Mini Planters I have a huge collection of corks. People always seem to want to collect and save things to give to me so that I can turn them into something new. For the past couple of years I have been trying to decide what to do with them aside from storing them in empty plastic pickle jugs. So, this is what I decided to try! You will need an Exacto knife or sharp tool to carve the cork from the top. Mini magnets and hot glue are also needed. Once you have a good depth for the cork adhere your magnets and allow the hot glue to dry. Use small plants that need little water (air plants or succulents or cacti will work best) and insert them into your cork. Fill with dirt as needed to help secure the plant.

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Check Mark for the Great Outdoors What's funny is how a gentle slope and a few pebbles can turn into the side of a cliff full of boulders. Deciding to sleep in this particular location wasn't by choice. It was the only spot other than a deck just a few feet away. Why would anyone trying to camp out opt for a level wooden deck? That would defeat the purpose of "camping." Late in the fall, with Wedowee's leaves turning golden and discount camping spots available, we guys seized a weekend away from business to slip away from the ladies and act like gross human beings; reconnecting with our deprived manly selves, like God made us. We really didn't need a discounted camping spot at Wedowee. I had invited several good friends down for a guys' trip to the lake house and someone - me - came up with a grandiose idea...let's camp! Why would we do this? Well, it's real simple, and ladies you might not get this at all, but houses stink. I don't mean that in a literal sense. I understand the comforts of a homestead, but for thousands of years - before McDonalds was invented - we 48 lake wedowee life

set out pillaging hillsides, providing for family; banged rocks together and made flips from sinew and rawhide. This is inside the ropes for me. If I am planning a guys' night out, camping and poking a fire with a stick helps us reconnect with our knuckle dragging ancestral past.

Small Town Life by Chris Bridges Wedowee or bust! We made it! A half dozen of us pulled in at late dusk driving three separate vehicles. Only one of the other guys had been to the lake before. I've camped all over the southeast and on rivers and lakes. There is something more special than I can describe about pulling in somewhere at dark and making camp. Your imagination

goes to work. You have a good time, do crazy stuff or whatever, then the next morning you are anxious to compare the images you created with reality. It is always different than you envisioned. Anyway, I was excited about that excitement. Plans will work but need preparation. I noticed what we would eat and how we would sleep was a severe afterthought. Everyone focused on their new gear. We had plenty of fishing tackle, extra sleeping bags and I happened to have a toothbrush but only because my wife keeps one in the house for me. We laid out marinated steaks like two aces in a hot hand. We managed. Paper plates and sheath knives became the world's finest China and blue jeans five star cloth napkins. Camping at its finest had commenced. We dug worms out of dirt and hooks out of shirts. We caught fish from a pontoon boat most of the night. Quiet noises get very loud, and paranoia over what makes them is extremely funny so verbal poking brought 4am along in a flash. A fold out chair held me well. I was tired, but not the only one. It's hard to stop having a good

time. I knew better, but also knew times like those are not every day. In the wee hours of a Wedowee morning, while we passed around "remember when" stories, I had time to reflect. I recounted my own good times. I listened to the voices of men, who I could still picture as kids at recess. I got caught smiling and had to give my own "Remember when you..." story. It's hilarious how a bunch of guys turn in for the night. No goodnights. Instead, we make excuses like, "I got a lot to do tomorrow" or "Oh gosh, my back is sore." One after the other

dropped a little one-line hint that they had had enough, eased over to the edge of the trees for a minute, and then slipped into a bag under the stars. I wasn't far behind. I gave camp the once over, pushed up the coals so the firemen could also get some rest and waged war on those pesky rocks between me and a few hours of sleep. Soon, we answered "When will you be home?" texts. We had time to sit around, re-stoke a fire and rub tired, smokeirritated eyes. I watched while those boys who had not seen Wedowee in the daylight

walked down and look at night's playground. It was a great time and a great trip. I can't divulge anything admitted to that night or re-tell tales told, but what I can say is that it was totally worth it. Friends drift apart and bump into one another years later and our adventure at Wedowee still makes headlines in hellos. When we spend time in the great outdoors, the walls of life expand. In flickers from a fire, bonds are made stronger and laughs last forever. We put a check mark next to it and say "I was there."

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“Living The Lake Wedowee Life” Model Search The “Living the Lake Wedowee Life” Model Search Contest will begin accepting applicants on May 1st. This contest is for ages 12 and above. “This model search contest is not just for teens. While we enjoy all the entries we have received in the past I would love to see entries from all age groups.” stated Kelly Caldwell. A separate contest for children under 12 will be announced in coming months for our Christmas publication Southern Holiday Life . The winner will receive a full photo cover shoot, his/her photo featured on the cover of 2013’s Guide to Lake Wedowee, as well as a 2 page spread in the issue. There will be an entry form on our website that can be printed and mailed, or submitted online.

Model Search

ity, however digitally altered photographs are prohibited and will not be accepted. “We are looking for natural beauty and someone who em-

bodies the Lake Wedowee lifestyle.” said Caldwell. There will also be opportunities for the winner and all contest participants to be called upon for

other modeling assignments affiliated with Lake Wedowee Life Magazine. The deadline for entries will be May 26th. Beginning May 27th every contestant that has their contracts signed and returned will be posted on our Facebook Fan Page. There will be voting on each entry for 1 week. Voting will consist of “liking” the photograph in our online album. The number of votes each contestant receives will be factored into his/her overall score. There will be recognition for the “Facebook Fan Favorite” which will be the person with the most votes on Facebook. There will be an interview stage for the top five finalists. The winner will be announced in the July issue of Lake Wedowee Life, and posted on our Facebook Fan Page as well as our website.

by Amanda Causey There will also be a contest contract each contestant must sign, or if not of age their parent or legal guardian must sign. This form will also be available online. Please note that if you entered in the past a new contract must be signed. We will require 2 photos per contestant (one head shot and one full body shot). The photos do not have to be professional qual50 lake wedowee life

For more details, official rules, and to enter online please visit our website at: and click on the ‘Contests’ tab at the top. Our online entry system does not accept applications after midnight on 26th.

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Photos by Laura Velazquez featuring Kanaan Hammett Ansel Adams said “You don’t take a photograph, you make it." Those are the words I live by. After graduating from the University of Alabama, I decided to open La Photography and make my dreams of owning my own business a reality. It hasnt been easy but every image I create makes me see I'm doing what I’m meant to do. I'm always looking for new locations and when I was asked to shoot on the lake, I felt a mixture of excitement and anxiety. This was my first shoot on Lake Wedowee and I must say, until now I didn’t know what I was missing! I’ve never been a fan of water but something about the lake draws you in! By the end of the shoot I was ready to dive in! It was a great day and my favorite shoot yet! 52 lake wedowee life

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When the Last Bell Rings I thought it would be easy to write about school letting out for the Summer. But considering I have started over three times I guess I was wrong. The problem is time, 32 years to be exact. Yes, It’s been 32 years since I heard that bell ring for the last time. Thirty-two years since I was free to do as I please for a whole summer, to sleep as long as I want, watch cartoons in the morning then meet with my gang (The Evel Knievel Club) at the middle school playground where we would jump the wall on our Banana Bikes and see who could ride a wheelie the furthest. Back then the only time I wore a shirt and shoes was to go to church, a date or when my mom told me to. Yes, it was a great time but I didn’t really appreciate it fully because of the chores I had to do. I had to cut grass, vacuum, work at mom and dad's store and run errands around town. I also had to cut some yards in the neighborhood to have spending money and all the while thinking how doing those things really messed up my summer. I only had two measly months of freedom, and it was unfair that people would take any of that time away from me. I must have been the dumbest, most unappreciative little twit there ever was! If I only knew then it would be 50 or 60 years (if I‘m lucky) before I would have that freedom again, I wouldn’t have wasted one minute of my time complaining. But I was a kid, I wasn’t suppose to think about stuff like that. My parents were very good at teaching me discipline and responsibility but also 54 lake wedowee life

Charley’s Treasures by Charley Norton allowed me to be a kid. They didn’t tell me when times were hard or share with me how stressed they were when it came time to pay the bills or afford a repair or any of the other unpleasant things grown up’s have to deal with every day. For this, I can’t thank them enough. There was plenty of time for that later. But because they didn’t put that pressure on me, I didn’t appreciate just how good I had it and would sometimes complain. I can still feel that excitement every year through my daughter when the last bell rings on the last day of school and she feels that wonderful relief and freedom. Her excitement spills over to me and I am rejuvenated. There’s nothing wrong with living vicariously through others if it makes you feel good. Be-

sides, I can’t be jealous of a freedom I once had. I understand now why my parents raised me the way they did. They allowed me to be a kid because they felt the way I do now. It’s like a grown up therapy for having to live life with restrictions by enjoying watching those that do not. And by doing so, somehow a weight starts to lighten from my shoulders and I find myself sharing, in some small part, the excitement of being young and the 32 years since I heard the bell ring for the last time doesn’t seem so long ago. I’ve been thinking about time more and more lately and for good reason. In a few days, I will be turning 50 and thanks to the promptness of the AARP by sending me a invitation to join, I am starting to realize that I’m not a young man anymore and the only people that will disagree with that are old people, who I’m thankful for because even though I can’t refer to myself as young, I can at least say I’m younger than they are. But before you go thinking that’s a mean thing to say, keep in mind that time will punish me for it and there will be a day when another fresh 50 year old will say the same thing about me. But for the time being, I think I will do as much as I can, while I can and not worry about what’s to come. Besides, if there’s anything to the phrase “Your only as old as you act”, I stand to live a very long time! Charley Norton is the co-owner of Norton’s Flooring with his brother Tom. The company was founded by his parents more than 35 years ago.

If you are like me, you like a good hotdog, but a regular dog is somewhat boring. The idea for this dawg came from an old friend from Texas named Darren Anderson, we were at the racetrack in Talladega one time and Darren was cooking sausages and boudin on the grill. Of course never to turn down a meal I began helping myself to the boudin and sausages, Darren was cooking and we were having a large time before the race, all sorts of people were stopping by cause that Cajun boudin does draw a crowd. We ran out of buns for the dogs. What to do‌We came up with the idea of wrapping the sausage in a tortilla shell and putting it back on the grill to seal the sausage inside the tortilla‌.it worked and was an instant hit with all those around. Smoked Sausage or Hot Dogs (I prefer Conecuh Sausage and Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs) Grilled Onions and Peppers Flour or Corn tortillas Salsa, mustard, ketchup (if you must) Grill the sausage, boudin or dogs until done Add onions and peppers to tortilla, salsa, and mustard to taste Wrap sausage in tortilla, use a toothpick to hold together put back on grill and brown the tortilla until nice and crispy. Enjoy!

By Lavoy Caldwell

Make Ahead Breakfast Burritos

Well, I can happily announce that spring is here and summer is actually on its way. It seems some sunshine is finally upon us here at Lake Wedowee. With the weather finally clearing families have begun enjoying baseball games, lake activities and trips to the park. Don’t let the morning rush of gathering all the necessities for the day while heading out the door get in the way of making breakfast for your crew.

What’s Cooking Story by Tracy Carpenter  Photo by Amanda Causey Here’s a portable breakfast recipe filled with sausage, fluffy eggs, peppers, cheese and salsa that can be made ahead of time and frozen. Perfect for on the go breakfast or snacks. So throw this recipe together and you’ll be out the door in no time.

1/2 LB sausage 1/4 cup diced bell peppers 1/4 cup diced red peppers 1/4 cup diced white onion 1 T olive oil

1 cup frozen hashbrowns 1 T taco seasoning 1/4 cup salsa shredded cheddar cheese 6 eggs

Brown the sausage then drain on paper towels. Meanwhile sauté peppers and onions in olive oil on medium to medium high heat. After about a minute add the frozen potatoes and taco seasoning. Stir well and continue to sauté until the veggies are soft and the potatoes are golden brown and cooked through. Add the sausage and salsa to the veggies and potatoes and stir. In a medium size bowl, beat the eggs until frothy then in a separate pan scramble them. Add to the veggie and sausage mixture and stir well. Spoon 1/2 cup of mixture on a soft tortilla, top with cheese then fold the ends and roll it up. Serve immediately or wrap in foil and a Ziploc bag and freeze. Thaw in the refrigerator over night then come morning, pop in the microwave until warmed through. I hope you will give this recipe a try it is truly fabulous.

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Instagram is a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. The following photos were tagged #Wedowee or #LakeWedowee and are used with the consent of the photograph owner. Download the free app today & join in the fun!

Ashley Talnose @beko14

Taylor Scruggs @tayann321

Tyler Hobbs @bthobbs18

Kanaan Hammett @kanaan89

Emily Traylor @emilymtraylor10

Beth Wilson @elizabethrbk1

Abby Alvis @abbyalvis1011

Ty Wall @tylerwall1

Cheyenne Hayes @cheyennehayes14

(Clockwise from Top) Mayra Ortiz , Olivia Walker, Alicia Rios at Ripley's Believe It or Not in Panama City Beach with the worlds tallest man: Beau Causey holds the April issue at Haus Juris German Shepherds in Nokesville, Virginia; Sandra Hamrick and Shirley Eubanks took along a copy of Lake Wedowee Life on their recent trip to Hoover Dam in Nevada: Gale Gee, Jennifer Robertson, Wendy Moore, Tammy Messer, Tami Bass, Dianne Strickland, Deana Kirby, Tammy Cross, Jessica Swicord at the Dirty Girl Mud Run at Lake Lanier Islands in Buford, Ga.

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Adventures with Young PaPa Back in the day, before Nintendo and Xbox, before motorbikes and 4wheelers a young man, growing up in the South, was somewhat challenged to find things to occupy his time and mind. Of course Daddy could always find things to occupy a young man’s time, but those things were not as entertaining, actually it was more like work. I was extremely fortunate that I had both sets of grandparents and one great grandmother that lived within an easy bicycle ride so I would go visiting… A typical day would start with young PaPa passing by Granny Delia’s house for a big ole breakfast of eggs, sausage, glass of milk and the best blackberry jelly ever made. Then I would pull weeds in the garden to pay for my food and a chew of tobacco. After sitting on the porch and listening to Granny Delia and Miss Pearl Hall talk about things for a bit, I would have caught my second wind and be off again, with a fresh chew of Beechnut, seeking out a new adventure. My next stop would be MomBonnie’s and DaddyJohnny’s. I would stay there long enough to eat lunch and start a fight with my little sister Renee and cousin 66 lake wedowee life

Daniel, then it was off again with a piece of fresh pound cake wrapped in wax paper stuffed in a bag along with fishing tackle and a pack of Beechnut that Granny Delia gave me.

Days Gone By by Lavoy “PaPa” Caldwell Last stop would be MawMaw’s and PawPaw’s, hopefully in time to catch a ride to the store with PawPaw and Fay. My aunt Fay was bound to a wheelchair and lived with MawMaw and PawPaw. Every day PawPaw would drive to Mr. Cecil Parker’s store and play dominoes and Fay would go with him. PawPaw would get Fay a small bottle of Coke and a bag of peanuts and if young PaPa was good and had not taken too many of PawPaw’s cigarettes, he would get a Coke and peanuts too. If I happened to be too late or Mr. Cecil and PawPaw had gone to

the river, I would go fishing. A can of worms and a cane pole was all the tackle a young man needed to catch a mess of bream for supper. There was an abundance of creeks and ponds to fish in and I knew all the best places. A piece of pound cake, a hand full of apples, and an official GI issue canteen (Uncle Junior brought it back from the war) full of lemonade or sweet tea was all the provisions, this young adventurer needed. After spending most of the afternoon lazing about in the shade of the “Big Rock” catching a nice stringer of hand sized bream it was back to the bicycle and reversing course from earlier in day. I would stop at MawMaw’s and clean the fish making sure to get a couple of Camel’s for the ride home, pass by MomBonnies and start up again with sister and cousin, then back to Granny Delia’s for some cold biscuits and the best blackberry jelly ever made and a glass of the sweetest tea known to man. I would arrive home just in time to help my Mama round the house, watch a bit of television and fall fast asleep. Tomorrow is a new day with a new adventure, and fresh fish for lunch if I get there in time.

Lake Wedowee Life May 2013 A Marvelous Day on the Lake  

Lake Wedowee Life's May 2013 issue 'A Marvelous Day on the Lake' features Lake Wedowee's summer calendar of events, photos, crafts, recipes...

Lake Wedowee Life May 2013 A Marvelous Day on the Lake  

Lake Wedowee Life's May 2013 issue 'A Marvelous Day on the Lake' features Lake Wedowee's summer calendar of events, photos, crafts, recipes...