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Ashley Butler • Tracy Carpenter • Charley Norton 5 LAKE WEDOWEE LIFE 2017


L E T T E R This is one of my favorite issues. I love animals and our readers showing off their pets just makes me smile. It is a little bittersweet this year, however, because a few weeks ago I had to make the hardest decision of my life. I had to let my dog, my friend, my Bella go. I had her for 15 years and often joked that she was my longest relationship. She was always there for me and now that she is not... There is a hole there. I feel her loss every day and I know I always will...that is until I see her again. I know it was a gift in itself to have Isabella as long as I did. She was there for me when I needed her.





She loved me unconditionally and for that I am fur-ever grateful. I know I will get another dog in time because the love they give is like no other. She was always happy to see me and I was her whole world! She will not be replaced (that’s just not possible) but I know she would understand that one day another dog will deserve to be loved like only a Caldwell pet can be! Until then, I urge you to hug your pet a little tighter and appreciate the time you have with them.

Isabella 2002-2017


Enjoy Life!



Sweet, Sweet Summertime...

Josh Caldwell submitted this awesome photo of his son John Lexin Caldwell canoeing up on the Tallapoosa River in Cleburne County . To see more readers photos, please check out page 24 of this issue! If you want to submit for the next issue, please email news@




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   


       



  




 



 

    



        

 

 

  

      


   

 




Instagram is a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. The following pictures were selected based on the photographers use of hashtags. The hashtags #lakewedowee and #lakewedoweelife were how the pictures were selected. If you wish to contribute pictures to this section of Lake Wedowee Life, be sure to tag all your lake pictures with #lakewedoweelife. Thanks and happy snapping!












Instagram is a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. The following pictures were selected based on the photographers use of hashtags. The hashtags #lakewedowee and #lakewedoweelife were how the pictures were selected. If you wish to contribute pictures to this section of Lake Wedowee Life, be sure to tag all your lake pictures with #lakewedoweelife. Thanks and happy snapping!











Open House Celebration s

Please join u

July 22, 2017

1:00 pm — 5:00 pm

Live Entertainment and refreshment will be provided

Whispering Pines Farm A premier rental venue

639 County Road 91 * Roanoke, AL (256) 499-2399

Live entertainment and refreshments will be provided

www.W hisperingPinesEventBarn.c om



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The Man with the Badge on Lake Wedowee There isn’t a new sheriff in town, but some of our readers might not realize there has been a change when it comes to who is patrolling the waters of Lake Wedowee. After 29 years of serving as Lake Wedowee’s officer with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Marine Division, Barry Popham retired in January. For some it may have been a sigh of relief, but don’t get too comfortable because he trained his replacement officer Coty Brown. “The biggest difference between Popham and me, is I probably smile more,” officer Brown joked. “In all seriousness though, he was my training officer and I am sure we have a few differences… some things Barry was a stricter than I am and vice versa…But, the bottom line is if you are doing what you are supposed to be doing, you won’t hear from me.” Brown first started in law enforcement with Wedowee Police Department thanks to an opportunity from current Randolph County Game Warden Thomas Traylor. “He hired me actually and then encouraged me to take my state test,” Brown said. “I have been in marine patrol for four years, first on Logan Martin and then back here for the last two years.” Brown has already made a few waves on Lake Wedowee, but he is quick to say he tries to be as fair as possible. “I give a lot of warnings…” Brown said. “I understand people don’t know what they don’t know, but there are a few things we have a ZERO tolerance. The biggest probably is children under 8 not wearing life jackets.” 14 LAKE WEDOWEE LIFE 2017

Brown went on to say it does not matter the situation or the reason, there is no excuse for not having a child on the water without a lifejacket. “If the baby is crying about wearing it, you need to take the baby home. Too many accidents happen too quickly on the water,” Brown said. “And, it doesn’t matter if you have the lifejacket right next to the child… You will get a ticket if the child isn’t wearing a life jacket that fits.” According to Brown, with court costs and other fees attached, a citation from him could cost more than $300. Another issue is underage drivers operating personal watercraft or jet skis without license. Part of the problem is the difference in Georgia boating laws and Alabama boating laws. If you are a resident of Alabama, you have to be 14 years of age or older to operate a PWC without supervision and that’s after obtaining Alabama Boater Safety certification and then you can only operate a PWC for up to 45 days per calendar year If you reside in Georgia, however, its a little different. You can be 12 years old, pass a boating education course approved by the Department of Natural Resources and be legal to operate a PWC without supervision. However, Georgia residents that visit this lake… READ THIS CAREFULLY. Your 12 or 13 year old CAN NOT operate a PWC without supervision on this lake. According to ALEA Marine Patrol Division Deputy Chief Gary Buchanan, “in general, an out of state resident must abide by whatever rules their state requires regarding licensing or education. However, they are not allowed any privileges beyond what Alabama residents are allowed.” Brown went on to add that Georgia residents need to have their identification and proof of completion of the approved boat education course with them on the PWC. “I understand that you don’t know, what you don’t know but there are several opportunities to educate yourself as a boater,” Brown said. “There are pamphlets at the marinas and of course you can take a course online or with me. “With court costs and such, I have been told a citation issued by me will cost the person no less than $300. My boating course is free… So knowing the rules is important not only for your safety but potentially your wallet. Boater safety courses are offered in the off season on Lake Wedowee for free or you can get your certification through an online course.



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World Travelers Make a Stop in Wedowee

When teenagers graduate from high school, it’s pretty standard to celebrate with a trip… Local teens flock to the beach with their friends to celebrate the closing of one chapter of their lives before starting the next phase of their lives. Well, the same is kind of true for two teenagers from Australia. Emma Sheppard and Moinul (Mo for short) Hassah graduated from high school this year and worked hard and saved for their trip of a lifetime too… But instead of going to a beach locale in Australia, the two decided they wanted to travel a little further…They worked and saved to bicycle across the United States. And, thanks to a lifelong family friendship with Kent and Penni Rollings, the pair made a pit stop to Lake Wedowee! “It was nice to see a familiar face,” Emma said as she was greeted by their host and long time friend of her dad’s with open arms.

Emma Sheppard and Moinul Hassah traveled from Australia to take a cross country trip through the United States. There adventure was by plan, train, automobile and bicyle and spanned more than six weeks. The couple stayed in Wedowee as guests of Kent and Penni Rollings during their time in Alabama.

Their trip to America began in April 16 LAKE WEDOWEE LIFE 2017

While in Wedowee, Emma and Mo rode in a float plane (thanks to Bob May), explored Mt. Cheaha and even took a little tour of the Georgia Renaissance Festival.

when they landed in New York. The duo visited the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, the American Museum of Natural History and of course Time Square

cycling through New Jersey on their way to Pennsylvania.

“Time Square was amazingly lit up with hundreds of LED screens with advertisements, fashion lines and food outlet ads,” Emma wrote in her timeline. “A classic site to see with lots of cool stores to go into including the Disney Store, a 3 story M&M store, many fashion outlets and of course the iconic fast food stores.”

“The history of the city and more importantly the country can be seen here,” Emma wrote. “There’s a lot to learn and a lot to see including the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Philadelphia City Hall and its many museums.”

Emma and Mo continued their great adventure by

Once they got to Philadelphia, the pair did a little more sightseeing of historic places.

Emma and Mo traveled by train next to Miami. A trip that was 29 hours long but according to Emma, the two


stocked up on Mo’s favorites, a dozen glazed Dunkin Donuts and plenty of Wendy’s burgers.

closely knit and friendly, we’ve had a blast trying all these new things as well as enjoying amazing food and your classic American things like burgers, hotdogs, S’mores, biscuits, wings, chili cheesecake and brownies The level of hospitality shown by everyone here has been incredible.”

“We loved Miami,” Emma wrote. “But we arrived at an unclean, mold smelling motel with which we slept on our sleeping bags for the entire 3 night stay.

After 16 days with the Rollings Emma and Mo took off for the next leg of their adventure that included a cross-country train ride to Los Angeles (to visit Disneyland, Universal Studios, Hollywood Boulevard and Griffith Observatory). Intentions were to continue to Alaska, but an extended train ride that included a detour due to derailment, the pair cut their trip short in Los Angeles.

“We loved the beaches so much we stayed an additional two nights… But we changed our motel to a nicer hotel room, which was much cleaner and didn’t smell of mold.” She described Miami as having a very vivid night life and everyone seemed relaxed and happy! Then it was on to Lake Wedowee! “We have found a home away from home” Emma wrote. “Whilst in the area, we’ve experienced so many amazing things including a plane ride, water surfing, paddle boarding,

pontoon riding and not to mention the friendly people we’ve met here. “The community here is so


According to Penni, the pair are already working and making plans for their next trip to America!



Lake Wedowee’s Bison Ranch

If you have driven from Wedowee to Lineville on Highway 48 in the last three years, you probably noticed the tall funny looking fence just inside the city limits of Lineville. For the longest time curiosity seekers didn’t know exactly what the fence was intended to contain… But now those curious can catch a glimpse of the bison Dale Rush has started raising on his 40 acres in Clay County. The fence, 6-and a half feet tall with posts 4 feet in the ground, is comprised of high tensile wire instead of barbwire. “Traditional barbwire wouldn’t hold these animals,” Rush said. “They can walk through and electric fence, hog wire like it was nothing. “So this fence had to be specially built to hold these animals,” Rush said. “high Tensile Wire, they can stretch it and you can cut it, but the bison can’t break it.” The fence was put the test a few months back when


a car accident occurred on Highway 48. “The car was suspended in air because of the fence…” Rush said. “There were some broken post but the fence itself was intact.” The bison need a fence that strong considering the bull can weigh up to 2,000 pounds! “Bison are the largest mammal living in North America,” Rush said. “They can run up to 40 miles per hour and they are pretty good swimmers.” The American bison, also known as American buffalo, once roamed this continent in massive herds (at one time there were thought to be more than 60 million in North America), but almost became extinct in the late 1800s due to European settlers pushing west, reducing the animal’s natural habitat and hunting it to a degree that only a few hundred bison were left in the United States according to the National Park Service website “The bison haven’t changed,” Rush said. “That’s part of what makes them so special. What they were 200 years ago is what they are today. Aside from the eagle flying, its the last of true American heritage that was here before the United States came to be.” Rush began his part in re-populating the bison thanks to his grandson Matthew Edge. “He is a cowboy in every sense of the word,” Rush said beaming with pride. “And he was real curious about bison and then one day he told me he wanted to join the NBA. “I looked at him and said why in the world do you want to join the National Basketball 22 LAKE WEDOWEE LIFE 2017

Association…” Rush laughed. “He said… No, not that NBA… The National Bison Association.” Edge convinced his grandfather to get more literature and before he knew it Rush was bitten by the bison bug and signed up too. The National Bison Association represents more than 1,000 members who raise over 250,000 head of bison according to its website, www. The NBA has members in all 50 states and 10 countries. The non-profit association promotes the preservation, production and marketing of bison Earlier this month, the NBA along with other preservation groups including the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Intertribal Buffalo Council launched the “Bison 1 Million” campaign at its International Bison Conference. The plan is to expand the overall number of bison on the continent from an estimated 391,000 currently to 1 million by 2027.

“I started with five bison that I bought from a man down in Florala,” Rush said. “Now I have 12. “I could spend all my time just watching them… They are so fascinating to me. “They are wild for sure… You could build the biggest barn in the world and they would never


enter it. They are curious and intimidating because of their size. “They look one way from a distance, but they can stand 6 feet tall and they spook easy… So I wouldn’t say they are aggressive, but you always have to be careful when you are around them.”

R e a d e r s ’

P h o t o s




From Top (l-r, clockwise) Photos submitted by Cindy Filkins, Connie Yawn, Vicky Tapley and Nancy Burnes. If you would like to submit readers photos to be published in Lake Wedowee Life, please email high resolution pictures to Also include who took the picture. Thanks!!! 24 LAKE WEDOWEE LIFE 2017




W h e r e

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t h e

W o r l d ?

From Top (l-r, clockwise) Mary Ann Engstrom and family traveled to Dover Delaware and the Monster Mile this summer with Lake Wedowee Life; Jennifer Robertson, Geneva Messer and Betty Wellborn represented the area at the General Federation of Women’s Clubs Convention in Palm Springs, California. Christine Hardin, Joann Strain and Cheryl Hester brought Lake Wedowee Life along to a recent Biscuits Baseball game in Montgomery. Agnes Terrell, Amelia Couch, Becky Horn and James Herris brought LWL to Boston Mass. Kimberly Rice didn’t forget her Lake Wedowee Life when traveling to Glacier Park in Alaska. Mike Kenny brought the magazine to Havana, Cuba! 25 LAKE WEDOWEE LIFE 2017




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Meet the Contestants In 2016, we launched a Pets of Wedowee Photo Contest and while we have had a blast with Penny the Goldendoodle as our Lake Wedowee Life Pet of the year, it is almost time for her to pass her crown on to the next Lake Wedowee Life Pet of Wedowee! We accepted entries into the pet contest from June 10 through July 5 and we were extremely impressed with the turn out this year! The following images were submitted through Instagram, Facebook and email! Voting will begin online July 20 via our facebook page ( Invite your friends, neighbors, family and even strangers to vote for your favorite! Voting will conclude on August 20. (Yes, you have one month to vote!!!)

The pets on this page introducing the contestants loved Lake Wedowee, but have crossed the rainbow bridge. Their humans wanted to enter them anyway and since we love our babies at Lake Wedowee Life, we said ABSOLUTELY!!!! Above, Red entered by Jim Brown Left, Lulu entered by Sherrie and Terry Norton Bottom, Jack entered by Cathy Stephens. Be sure to go to our Facebook page beginning July 20 to vote for your favorite Pet of Wedowee. The winner or winners will be featured on the cover of the Summer in Review edition of Lake Wedowee Life to which will be released in September. Voting will end August 20.

The winner will be contacted after August 20 for the possibility of additional pictures and the winner will be featured in the Fall issue of Lake Wedowee Life. Assignment of Rights: Entrants warrant they own all rights to the photo they are submitting. Entrants By submitting photographic images to Lake Wedowee Life, you grant a perpetual, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, modify, publish, distribute, and otherwise exercise all copyright and publicity rights with respect to those photographic images at our sole discretion. Lake Wedowee Life reserves the right to select, edit and arrange submissions, and to remove images from our website or social media at any time at its sole discretion.



by Jenny Elliott

By Taylor Griffin

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by Michelle Carlson

By Ashley Samples


By Ashley Samples

by Deanna Bohannon by Chris Duck

By Chuck and Evelyn Smith

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by IG @ endress_lac By Julie Moyers

by Dana Williams

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by Kelly Pescetto

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By Lisa Sibley


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by Tabitha Weir By Kelli Richardson

by Nancy Burnes by IG @k.brown525

By Brandi Amason

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By Lisa Alvis


by IG @strictly4stacy

by Ellen Sims

by Jama Jerry Heckler

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By Tracy Duncan

by McKena Dobinson

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Be Sure to Vote For your favorite! starting July 20! by Amanda Coppage





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Tips for Dogs on the Lake Taking your dog to the lake can be a great way to make summer memories. Before you hit the lake with your pet, be sure to follow these common sense tips to ensure both you and your pets enjoy the water this season.

Proper Identification: Proper identification may be the only way to retrieve your pet should he manage to break loose and become lost. Consider fitting your pet with a microchip, ID tag, or other popular method of identification. It is also a good idea to have a recent picture of your pet in case you have to put up “Lost Pet” signs.

Take Things Slow: Introduce your dog to the water slowly and see how they do. Not all dogs are natural swimmers and some breeds are better suited for water than others. Don’t assume your dog will automatically be able to swim. Their instinct is to paddle when they are in the water but that doesn’t mean they will stay afloat. It is best to start in a shallow area and stay close to them in case they need help. Never leave a dog unattended around water.

Pet Life Jacket: If you plan on spending time with your dog near or on the water, purchase a good-fitting life vest for them. Not

only will it keep them afloat but it can also serve as a handle for you to pull them up on the dock or into the boat. A bright colored vest with reflective strips will keep your dog visible to you and others. The vest should be snug but comfortable. Even if your pet is a good swimmer, getting tossed overboard can put any animal into a panic. In addition, your pet could suffer from exhaustion or hypothermia.

Hydrate: It is critical to hydrate pets before they get into the water. Otherwise, they will drink the natural water and could get sick. Bring along a travel water bowl and fresh water.

Protect from the Heat: Pets do not sweat like humans, so keep an eye out for heavy panting or drool and a rapid heartbeat. Symptoms of overheating include excessive panting, difficulty breathing, lethargy, and drooling, vomiting and even collapse. If you believe you dog is experiencing heat stroke take action immediately to cool them down. Provide fresh drinking water; find shade; lay down a wet towel for them to lie on (note: dogs cool from the bottom up so a towel underneath helps more); pour or spray cool water (not cold) on them including their paws and belly; and fan them.


Get Used to the Boat: Let your pet explore the boat while it is docked before going out on the water. Turn on the engine and let them get used to its sound and smell while the boat is docked. Then, take your pet out on small cruises and gradually build up to longer cruises.

Easy Boat Access: Provide a ramp for your pet to get on and off the boat. This not only includes from the dock to the boat but also from the water to the boat. Pets weigh much more when wet so make sure you are able to actually lift them this way before you go out on the water.

When on the Boat Allow for Potty Breaks: A big challenge of boating with your pet is making provisions so that they can go to the bathroom. Allow for regular land stops for your dog to do their business.

Keep Emergency Contact Info Handy: Very important. Keep the phone numbers of your veterinarian, the national animal poison control hotline (888.426.4235), and the nearest animal hospital handy just in case your dog has a medical emergency.







b y

C h a r l e y

N o r t o n

Closure Sitting on a stump by the fire, admiring my work on the new fire pit I dug out down the hill from the shack, I took in the surroundings and how peaceful it is now that the Manus family is gone.

brawl and some of the property taxes that are due. So I am basically back where I started except for the thousand acres of land and structures I now own across three southern states (Not really sure what to do with that yet).

Kim doesn’t like me venturing out alone on the lake but I think she knew I needed some time alone. I’ve had a hard time understanding the last few months but for some reason, I feel comfortable and at home when I’m here.

The family and I are living at my mom’s now until we can rebuild our house that Willard burned. Other than that, things are basically getting back to normal. I just hope I’ll eventually lose the constant need to be looking over my shoulder to make sure someone isn’t sneaking up behind me but I think eventually, over time, even that will fade.

It’s been a couple weeks since the street brawl in town. It’s been two weeks of explaining to the authorities and standing before me family just what was Jimmy Jack. had happened and I think I have, for the most part, been forgiven. After I reimbursed B for the money he put in, I split the rest between him, Big A and myself. I went to see Willard Earl in jail.

I guess thinking about all that got me on edge. I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck start to quiver. I reached down and gripped the shovel on the ground beside me. The breeze rustling through the trees above me slowed and the frogs in the lagoon went silent just before a twig snapped just behind me and before I could think about it, I spun around with shovel raised high only to see what must have been an illusion.

All the hatred he’s carried throughout his life has now been replaced with remorse and regret. He offered to give me the land that adjoined mine. It was, as he put it, “a part of my life for which I will never return”. I paid him 30 thousand dollars for it anyway. I thought it would be a good gesture and may help with the legal expenses he and his family will surely have.

“You don’t want trouble?” I said “Of course you don’t. That’s why you gave all your troubles to me. What are you doing here? How are you still alive?”


This left me with about ten thousand dollars which will soon be gone once I pay for the damages in town from the

I closed my eyes and shook my head, then reopened them only to see the image wasn’t gone. There, standing before me was Jimmy Jack. “Hold on son” he said “I don’t want any trouble”. In disbelief, I turned and sat back down on the stump with my head in my hands.

“Charley,” he says “I’m sorry about everything. I’m sorry you lost your home. I didn’t expect it would go as far as it did or I’d of never got you involved from the beginning but I had my reasons and I want to explain if you’ll hear me.” “Reasons you say.” I mumbled as I sat staring at the fire.



“What reason would you have to put me through all that? To risk my life, my friends’ lives and most especially my family? What reason could you possibly have?”

Jimmy Jack lived in the shack for a couple years. I spent many a day and night with him, listening then I hadn’t done in to his stories, and he mine. We became very years... I prayed. close. He became a part of my family. He became part of all our families. I said “I guess you’ll be wanting B, Big A and I spent a lot of time sitting that back now. You know there around the fire pit listening to Jack’s isn’t any money left, right?” adventures. Our families would camp “Charley, the land is yours,” at his house and swim in the lagoon. I he said “I don’t want it but your think that Jimmy Jack found the peace wrong about the money” he was looking for, as did we all. He reached behind him and One morning I found Jimmy pulled a medium size canvas bag sitting in his favorite chair, wearing his up between us and open the top to favorite hat. His coffee still warm from reveal the 80 pounds of gold inside. when it was poured but his eyes were closed. They were closed as if nodding “You’ve got plenty of money, off. Nodding off into a permanent son. This is yours. To me, it’s just a sleep. I was saddened but not upset. small token for what you’ve done for He is where he wanted to be and I me. There’s more gold out there but know in my heart that he felt loved, don’t you go looking for it. It will which I think is all he ever wanted. consume you as it did me and there’s no need when you now have more money than you could ever spend”

I did something

“Faith, Charley….. Faith.” he said as he sat on the ground beside me. “That day that you found me on the side of the road was the lowest day of my life. I knew it was only time before one of the Manus family would catch up to me. I knew my days were numbered but that wasn’t the worst of it. The hatred between us was more than I could bare. I was sick of it. I honestly would rather been dead than to live another day with that on my shoulders. Another day to live with that on my soul. Then my truck broke down. “I sat there waiting for one of them to pull up and put a bullet in me and I thought to myself. Is this all I have now? Is this my legacy? I realized that I lived an entire life and accomplished nothing, or at least the things that matter like love, family and happiness. I did something then that I hadn’t done in many years….. I prayed. “I asked God to forgive me for wasting the life he gave me. I surrendered myself to his will and prayed that I would gladly trade everything I had for peace, but I couldn’t do it alone. I asked for help. When you pulled up behind me, I thought at first you were one of the Manuses. But you weren’t. And when you helped get my truck going I thought to myself that maybe you were the help I asked for but then you left. And when you left, I stayed there, because I was done. I was ready for one of them to pull up and end my misery but instead it was you returning to check on me. I knew then that you were the help I prayed for and because of that, I knew you would get through it and you did. But again, I truly didn’t think it would get as bad as it did and for that, I apologize.” “So the money and the property.”

“Your giving me all this?” I said “Yes,” Jimmy Jack said as he pushed the dirt around under his feet. “It’s yours….. I told God I would trade everything for peace. He held up his end of the deal and I will mine. Besides, I’m too old to do anything with it and I’d just give it to you when I died anyway so I may as well give it to you now. At this point, you’re the closest thing to family I got. I want you to have it.” “So you’re going to give me everything and you want nothing in return?” I said “Well there is something.” he said “This place is the only place I’ve ever felt at home. I worked hard to make it what it is so if it’s ok with you, I’d like to spend the good days I have left,right here…..” “Of course,” I said “Would it be ok if I came out to see you once in a while?” He looks up at me and says “That would just be another prayer answered.” 42 LAKE WEDOWEE LIFE 2017

Charley Norton is the co-owner of Norton’s Flooring with his brother Tom. His mom and dad started the company in 1976. The tale of Jimmy Jack is a work of fiction, please do not attempt to harm Charley in an effort to claim the treasure for yourself! We hope you enjoyed the Tale of Jimmy Jack.


L i v i n g

o n

F a i t h

b y

A s h l e y

B u t l e r

Ashley Butler is a wife and mother of two boys. Throughout her journey, she has witnessed the ever-changing colors of the kaleidoscope called life. But, most importantly, she has experienced the true transforming power of Jesus Christ. Her heart’s desire is to apply her unique perspective and encourage others along the way, knowing that they too can benefit from the same redemptive power she knows through Christ.

Have You Ever Seen the Wonder

Have you ever seen the wonder... In the glimmer of first the eyes begin to open...and the blindness meets the light. That’s the beginning lyrics from a fabulous new song by Hillsong United. During my quiet time one morning, these lyrics brought a new joy inside me. It stirred me. You see, I had become complacent in my worship, bible study and my prayer. I got comfortable in my routine and I had closed my eyes to God’s wonder. My days had become more of a check list. Wake up, put Ephesians 6 armor on...check. Get dressed; bless my husband and my boys....check. Make coffee, read a passage of scripture and my devotion....check. Scroll social media............eek. I’m going to just pause right here for a second. The tool of social media can be an amazing asset. However, I let it consume me at times. I hurried through my Jesus time to see what Sally Mae was making for supper, and to see how awesome little Billy played at his t-ball game last night. I barely wanted to even take a picture of myself and post it because Lolita Perfectface had used every possible filter and it put my hot mess self to shame. June Cleaver had baked the entire school staff “thank you” pound cakes, and here I am just doing a fist pump victory that I remembered Easton’s lunch box and still made it to school on time. I did it to myself. I allowed the true wonders to be stolen from me for a moment. My bestie, Cheryl, and I have been doing Friday Fun Days forever. We get together every Friday and do everything or absolutely nothing and either way, it’s perfect. Cheryl kind of nudged me to break away from social media for a while. I did, and that’s when it happened. That is when I discovered the wonder again. I want us all to take a trip to the land

of real for two seconds. Be honest with yourself. Sometimes we are walking, breathing little bubbles of sparkling Christianity. Some days we are little rays of pitch black. Be honest. You’re smiling aren’t you? You are smiling because you’ve been there. If you are anything like me, our family can wake up on Sunday morning and by the time breakfast is over and before that second cup of java has been gulped down; the entire family is in a battle. I will be the first to tell you that many Sundays have been a battle. It may come in the form of convincing Easton that he really does need another bath because he smells like the wet dog he just came in from playing with, and even though he took a bath last night, he still needs one. Chris and I can exchange nasty looks because I’m the world’s worst procrastinator and I didn’t get church clothes together the night before and things need ironing but I haven’t put my face on yet and he is already dressed, so, I mean, it should be obvious to him that he needs to do the ironing while I finish covering my ugly up. However, no matter what 44 LAKE WEDOWEE LIFE 2017

happens in our little circus, we put on the church face and walk through the magic doors of the church and we bless everyone and we call out to Brother Whoever and Sister Whatshername and we suddenly conceal our little rays of pitch black. If you haven’t been there, can I come live with you? We get caught up in routines that drown out our desire and love for God’s wonder, and once that happens, we get caught in the dark. Catching ourselves when we find our prayers are cold and we are routine driven is crucial. It doesn’t mean you love Jesus less and it certainly doesn’t mean He loves you less. It means you are functioning in a real world with real struggles. If you are able to admit this to yourself right now, that you are on fire sometimes and you are cold sometimes....that’s your first step to recovery. Hi, my name is Ashley and I’m a recovering cold Christian (Hi, Ashley). I began searching out His Wonders. It was so exciting to look deeper into the sunset. I was awe struck as I really looked at humans and saw them for not their face, but for the gifts that were only gifted

to them by Elohim. I journeyed through books about Castles of the World and Cathedrals of the World that I had stashed away. The absolute magnificence that has been constructed through hands that were made by God has mesmerized me. Words in songs that were penned with an anointing dripping off of every word where we can lift our voices and worship Him amaze me. That’s what we were made for. To remind me, I pulled pictures out of places we’ve been blessed to visit, and I see the natural wonders in the world that God created. Have you ever been in or seen Cenotes in the Yucatan? I highly recommend it. God did that. My wonder is back. I see with fresh eyes again. My vision had become distorted, but it’s a beautiful thing to clearly seek and see His wonders. I have this little special moment with Jesus that He and I share. I’m sure you have personal encounters with the Lord that mean the entire world to you, too. Mine is when the freshness of the day is beginning to peak through. I feel the warmth of the sunshine on my face. It is in that very moment that I feel a personal embrace from Heaven. I’m being hugged my Lord. It is in those very moments that I know he cares about me. No matter what all is unfolding in the world, He thinks enough of me to send me our personal moment. This gift from God has also, just recently, began to give me a new and fresh meaning. God is bringing me into the light. He is shining His light down on me. He is shining it over my life. He is exposing things to

me that need to change, be reshaped, left alone, and ultimately, discovered. I’m no stranger to depression. I’ve fight that demon with all of my heart and soul daily. Some days, I just have to let the Holy Spirit fight it for me. This is where the “routine” part comes full fold. The moments when I find myself stuck in a routine, I know that the darkness is parading around me. It sits and waits to consume me. Rather than looking for the wonders in my day, I simply complete the check list of “things Christians should do” and I carry on without heart. Even when we go through dark places, God is there. In the book of Genesis, God opened my eyes to something so beautiful, that I literally froze as the words infiltrated my heart. We all know that first verse in the Bible well, “in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”. Then.....THEN....comes verse 2 (reading from the NLT) “The earth was formless and empty, and darkness covered the deep waters. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters.” Alright, stop. Collaborate and listen.....(sorry, my inner Vanilla Cce came out)....Do you see the word “hovering”? The Spirit of God hovered. He hovered over dark, deep waters. God hovers over our dark, deep waters. Process that for a minute. In our darkness, whether it is in our complacency, stubbornness, trials or whatever has a wedge between us and the Holy Spirt.....God still hovers. Now, read on down to verse number 3. “Then God said, “Let


there be light,” and there was light. See there. He provides the light and rescues us from our dark waters. He is there hovering over us and when we reach out to Him to clear up our vision..........He speaks. Let there be light. James 4:8 gives us the promise that as we draw nigh to God, he will draw nigh to us. I like that line in the Leanne Womack song “I hope you never lose your sense of wonder.” My personal prayer is, whenever I begin to lose it, God shine his light on it. I encourage you today to take a long pause and see if you are stuck in a routine. If you find yourself shaking your head, yes, then re-adjust your focus and go see the world in wonder. Explore sights, sounds, tastes, and mysteries that have been gifted to us by God Almighty. Never lose your sense of wonder. Keep discovering as much as you can. Allow God to light your path and show you new things. He wants to bless us abundantly. The next time you feel the warmth on your face from the sun, smile and thank The Son! Here is a little homework for you that you might enjoy: Youtube - Wonder by Hillsong United Read- I Know His Name by Wendy Blight Pray- Wake up extra early one morning and sit on your porch and let your eyes begin to open as the blindness sees the light. With Love, ash

W H A T ’ S


b y

T r a c y

C a r p e n t e r

Some Assembly Required Ah summer – time to kick back, sit under a tree and hang out at the lake. It’s time to put your flip flops on and just relax. Yes, summer is in full gear and although the recent non-stop rain has tested our patience and the heat exhaustion drives our families to want to stay inside, we should still commit ourselves to making this a great summer.

aisle, deli and even in our own gardens, it’s the perfect time for delicious dishes that are best served cold. Not only will you enjoy a refreshing, healthy meal, you’ll get something out of the deal too, You won’t look like you’ve just run a marathon when you step out of the kitchen. Here are a couple of recipes to help you beat the heat and keep cool.

The dog days of summer are no time to be sweating over a stove. Especially in heat wave Alabama. Fortunately, with so much fresh foods available at the grocery store produce




Rotisserie Chicken Salad 4 cups of traditional rotisserie chicken 1 to 1-1/2 cups of seedless grapes, sliced in half (I used both red and green) 1 cup lightly toasted pecans 2 celery ribs, chopped 3 green onions, thinly sliced 1 tablespoon fresh parsley, chopped 1 cup mayonnaise 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard 1 teaspoon Kosher salt Freshly ground pepper Pull the meat from the bones and roughly chop. In a large bowl, mix together the chicken, grapes, pecans, celery, green onions & parsley. In a small bowl, mix the mayonnaise, mustard, salt and pepper together. Add the mayonnaise mixture to the chicken and gently stir until well combined. If you prefer a dryer salad, use only a portion of the mayonnaise mixture. Refrigerate for at least an hour or two or better yet, over night. Serve on a bed of lettuce or on croissants or with crackers. As I always say, adjust the ingredients to your liking. For a different tangy twist, add the juice of one lemon and 1-2 tablespoons of fresh dill, chopped.

Tropical Berry Smoothie Tropical Layer Place ingredients in a blender. 1 (15 1/4 ounce) can fruit cocktail (or tropical fruit salad) Add more orange juice while the 1 cup vanilla yogurt smoothie is blending if it’s too thick. 3/4 cup pineapple juice Pour into two glasses. Clean blend1/4 cup freshly squeezed orange juice er. 1 banana, medium-ripe Berry Layer 1 vanilla bean seeds scraped (optional) Place ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth. Add more milk Berry Layer while the smoothie is blending if it’s 2 cups frozen mixed berries (Strawberries and raspberries) may also too thick. Pour on top of tropical use a mixture of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. layer. Use a butter knife to create 1 cup strawberry yogurt designs inside the glass. Garnish with fruit. 1 cup raspberry yogurt

Tropical Layer

1/4 cup milk 49 LAKE WEDOWEE LIFE 2017

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        

        



     

    

  

  

        

        




     

     

    

  

  


  

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   

    

    

  

  



     

    

  

  

  

       



    

    

  




    

   

    

  

   

  


  

        


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Parting Shot

Photo by Lisa Alvis ““I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me, they are the role model for being alive.” Gilda Radner




Lake Wedowee Life People 2017  

We celebrate the people that call Lake Wedowee home in this issue. We have a feature on a Bison farmer as well as a travelers that claim Lak...

Lake Wedowee Life People 2017  

We celebrate the people that call Lake Wedowee home in this issue. We have a feature on a Bison farmer as well as a travelers that claim Lak...