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August/September 2012

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12. News to Know: Lake Wedowee’s State of the Water 16. Summer in Pictures: Lake Wedowee Summer Jam 18. Summer in Pictures: Randolph County Sheriff’s Rodeo 20. Happy Birthday USA: 4th of July Boat Parade 26. Model Search: Living the Lake Wedowee Life Model Winner 30. Model Search: Southern Holiday Life Model Search Begins 34. Summer in Pictures: Instagram Pictures Submitted by Readers 38. News to Know: Placement of Buoys on Lake Wedowee 42. Where in the world is Lake Wedowee Life? Readers take Lake Wedowee Life around the world 46. Summer in Pictures: Readers Share Their Summer Fun on Lake Wedowee

Monthly Features 8. Enjoy Life! - Letter from the Editor 10. Creative Crafting 36. Lake Map with Christmas Tree Fishing Locations 32. Simply Fabulous 50. Facebook Fan Favorite

contributing writers Darlene Bailey, Leisel Caldwell, Barry Morris, Barry Popham

Lake Wedowee Life

877.959.LAKE (5253) 18285 Highway 431  Wedowee, AL On the Cover Lake Wedowee Bait and Tackle provided an entertaining fireworks show July 7 on Lake Wedowee

Lake Wedowee Life magazine is published six times a year and available around the Lake Wedowee area which includes Randolph and Clay Counties in Alabama as well as parts of West Georgia. All content in this publication is protected by United States copyright law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, or otherwise published without the prior written permission of Neighborhood Publishing. Š 2008 Neighborhood Publishing

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Lake Wedowee Life 7

A picture is worth a 1,000 words The neat thing about a photograph is that is captures a solitary moment in time and preserves it for generations to come. We have all seen pictures that have moved us to tears or made us laugh out loud. And that’s why we wanted to dedicate this issue to the Summer of 2012 in pictures as much as possible. We have enjoyed seeing all the photos you have submitted through the year and chose at least a sampling to share. Life on Lake Wedowee is different for everyone and we wanted to make sure we included as many people as possible in this pictorial of Life on the Lake. Inside this issue, we also announce the winner of our Second Annual Living the Lake Wedowee Life Model Search. I, along with the other judges, were thoroughly impressed not only with the winner but also the other four finalist that were invited for interviews. We appreciate each person that entered the contest and we look forward to it again next year!

Enjoy Life! Kelly Caldwell

8 Lake Wedowee Life

Creative Crafting By: Amanda Causey

DIY Custom Coasters I made this craft per a special request by one of our readers, Kim Stone. There are so many possibilities to customize this craft to your style. I made four printable sets that you can download for free on our website. I used 4x4 stone tiles ($3.97 for 8) from the home improvement store. Print the coaster set of your choice, cut and adhere to tiles with modge podge. Once dry use a spray shellac to cover the front. Allow plenty of time to dry(4-6 hours). Use felted tabs on the bottom to avoid damage to furniture.

WaterHose Wreath!!

DIY Wreath Alternative This wreath is a simple way to add an end of summer touch to your door. I used a scrap piece of water hose, an old watering can with a succulent planted inside and some leftover flowers from a previous craft.

Lake Wedowee’s State of the Water Just as a state of the union address tells the people of the nation what's right about the country and what needs a bit of work, this “state of the water” article should give you a good idea of the quality of Lake Wedowee's water and how we can work together to keep it one of the cleanest lakes in Alabama and the southeast. The state of the lake is very clean. By many measures it is the cleanest in the state, but other lakes can claim to be the cleanest depending on how the data is sorted. At a recent Alabama Water Watch (AWW) meeting at Auburn University, several lake associations boasted the cleanest water. Lake Martin, our downstream neighbor on the Tallapoosa, even got a former governor to proclaim it the cleanest. That says a lot about Lake Wedowee as much of their water comes from here. What really matters is that our water is far cleaner than state and federal requirements for “full body contact,” the toughest standard for clean water. The Lake Wedowee Property Owners Association, through a network of member volunteers around the lake, constantly tests the water for chemical and E. Coli bacteria problems. Results are always within standards and are normally close to the best possible quality. We have great water and we work with other organizations to keep it great because we know that if you don't have clean water, you don't have much of a lake. The only potential threat to Lake Wedowee's waters is nonpoint-source pollution, such as sedimentation from erosion, lawn fertilizer runoff and agricultural runoff from cattle and poultry

production areas up the rivers and creeks that fill the lake. (Pointsource pollution, such as from factories, is virtually nonexistent upstream from us.) Alabama Department of Environmental Management and the Upper Tallapoosa Clean Water Partnership (CWP) work with agricultural interests upstream to mitigate runoff before it becomes a problem. LWPOA tests the rivers many miles above the lake for bacteria, and checks potential problem areas that might require action by county health departments, such as faulty septic systems. Lake and river test results are entered into AWW's online database, and any significant or long-term deviations from the norm can be cause for action. The CWP and LWPOA board members were briefed on Georgia's efforts to control poten-

Lake Wedowee Property Owners by Barry Morris tial pollutants before the rivers enter Alabama. Many people noticed the algae in the water this spring before the lake filled and the swimming season began. Green algae is kind of ugly but it's not dangerous. It quickly dissipated when normal rainfall returned in May. When the weather warms up and river flows are below normal – conditions we've experienced the last two years – algae grows as a natural part of the environment. Many of us heard the tragic story of the girl who was severely harmed by Aeromonas Hydrophila bacteria she contracted in

the Tallapoosa river in Carroll County, Ga. Such cases are rare as most humans fight off bacteria with little more than an upset stomach. The fact remains that these bacteria and others live in all of nature's waters and if you suffer a deep cut it's best to stay out of any water until the healing process is well along. If you're injured while in the water, have it checked out immediately. The invasive aquatic plant hydrilla has been occasionally spotted well upstream from Lake Wedowee. Hydrilla is a threat to oxygenation and thus fishing, chokes out native wildlife, and can cause problems with proper operation of the dam. There's a picture of hydrilla on the LWPOA and Alabama Power websites. If you think you see any, please contact the lake management office or LWPOA. So far zebra mussels haven't made their way into Wedowee, but if you trailer your boat from waterways where this invasive lives, please follow all precautions about rinsing your hull and dumping your bilge safely before you launch into Lake Wedowee. One of the biggest problems facing the lake is trash in the water, floating in the channel and washing up into coves. This pollution is caused by the direct actions of people all over the lake basin. Trash thrown from cars often finds its way into the lake. The trash content in coves downstream from bridges is startling. LWPOA works with Alabama Power and Randolph County to hold an annual lake clean-up in the fall. Volunteers pick up and haul out tons of debris ranging from thousands of plastic bottles

and styrofoam cups to lawn chairs, water heaters and refrigerators that have been dumped into the lake. It's easy for lake users and property owners to help keep the lake clean by picking up litter as you see it, and by reporting potential water quality problems to the LWPOA. If you live in the lake basin, go easy on the lawn fertilizer so it doesn't wash into

streams and the lake. Volunteer for lake clean up. This year it will be Oct. 31 to Nov. 3. You can join the Property Owners Association where your annual dues supports testing and clean-up, programs which cost thousands of dollars a year and are worth every penny to keep the water as clean as possible. The state of the water is best

summed up in the phrase “The water's great! Jump in!� You can enjoy swimming, fishing and skiing in a wonderful lake that will be clean for years to come. [Barry Morris is a member of the LWPOA board and is chairman of the water quality monitoring committee. Contact him at]

Photos by Gourdworks Photography

Rodeo page 1

18 Lake Wedowee Life

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Lake Wedowee Life 19

Along both sides of the lake, either in boat or on land, the 4th annual Lake Wedowee Fourth of July Boat Parade had an overwhelming number of spectators! Parade boats had numerous “mascots” including Bandit the outlaw dog, Statues of Liberty, Patriotic baton twirler, Rockin’ Uncle Sam and Red, White & Blue everywhere. “Happy Birthday USA!” (left) won Pride of Wedowee. Unfortunately their cake was not real and we could not share with everyone.

Award Winners (Top Clockwise) Pride of Wedowee: Andrew Hall “Happy Birthday USA!”, Best Use of American Flags: Scott Teal & Barry Warren, Star Spangled Celebration: Tony & Melody Shumake, Best Mascot: The Edison Family, Most Outrageous: Leslie Craft & Bandit, Most Spirited: The Randolph County Rescue Squad. Thanks to all participants!

Living the Lake Wedowee Life Winner

model search contest Congratulations to Katelyn Kirby for winning our “Living the Lake Wedowee Life” Model Search Contest! She will be featured in our Guide to Lake Wedowee issue coming out in April 2013 as well as be on the cover. According to her entry information Katelyn is an honor student at Handley Middle School in Roanoke. She spends her free time on Lake Wedowee tubing, fishing and kayaking. Her future plans are to study biology and chemistry at the University of Alabama after she graduates high school. We would like to thank everyone who participated in our contest. Whether you were a contestant, voter, or an advocate for your favorite model we are appreciative for you help in making our second model search contest a huge success! This year we had a total of 26 contestants. Each of the them received a “like” on our Facebook fan page that counted as one vote. We had a total of 4,335 votes, with our top contestant receiving 751 votes. Hailey Ploof of Roanoke was our Facebook Fan Favorite. In second place was Newnan, Georgia’s Lindsey Spooner and in third place was Riley Huey of Anniston. Our panel of judges voted separately from our Facebook Fan vote and the top five were invited into our office for an interview. The contestants participating in the interview were Katelyn Kirby of Roanoke, Riley Huey of Anniston, Hailey Ploof of Roanoke, Auburn Richardson of Roanoke, and Taylor Richard of Palmetto, Ga. Please look at the faces on the following pages closely. You may recognize them in upcoming issues as all contestants will be invited to join in a group photo session as well as be called upon for future photo shoots for our advertisers. Our Southern Holiday Life cover model search will begin in August. You can read more details on this contest at the end of the contestants photos. If you would like to know more about current contests Lake Wedowee Life has please visit our website and look for the ’Contests’ tab at

Katelyn Kirby

(Top row, left to right) Riley Sheppard, Dylan Wiggins, Anna Kirby, Jared Windom, Halei Smith, Erin Wise, Auburn Richardson, Jacob Richardson, Jaide Walker, Ashley Yarbrough, Timmy Yarbrough and Alec Mattern

(Top row, left to right) Hailey Ploof, Micheala George, Haley McManus, Ashley Yarbrough, Katelyn Kirby, Lindsey Spooner, Tori Johnson, Stiles Williamson, Taylor Richard, Julianna Kelly, Jasilynn Kelly and Jamie Roberts

Facebook Fan Favorite

(Left to right) Mary Katherine Hardigree and McKenna DobinCongratulations Hailey Ploof for winning our Facebook Fan vote for this year’s model search contest! Hailey is a junior at Handley High School. She is 4th year colorgaurd member and plans to major in Marine Biology. She enjoys tubing, skiing and camping during the summer on Lake Wedowee.

Beginning Aug. 3, we are accepting applications for our first Southern Holiday Life cover model search. Last year we selected children who participated in our “Living the Lake Wedowee Life” Model Search contest.

This year we decided to split the contests and have age restrictions. We are looking for children 12 and under to appear on the upcoming cover of Southern Holiday Life. The format for this contest will be similar to our previous model contests. Each contestant will be judged on as well as by a panel of judges chosen by Neighborhood Publishing. We will be accepting applicants Aug. 3 through Aug. 19.

Facebook voting will begin Aug. 20. We will require a head shot and body shot of each child. These do not have to be professional quality and cannot contain watermarks. The cover will be photographed in early October so all models will need to be available during that time.

Please visit our website or for more details and how to enter.

Story by Darlene Bailey  Photo by Kelly Caldwell With a 100 degree plus temperature who wants to even think about food must less cook it? This heat will drain you pretty quickly. Most days I find myself snacking instead of eating a full meal. With the temperature gauge in the upper range right now grilling is even out at my house. A homegrown tomato and fresh bread is very popular at the Bailey household. I do however have a few refreshing snack ideas you might enjoy. If you've never tried frozen grapes, straw-

berry apples or chocolate covered frozen banana's I think you're in for a treat. Sounds plain and simple-right? Sometimes simple is......just right! These easy, no fuss treats will cool off the hottest of hotheads!! No apron required---no cooking involved. Choose any kind of seedless grape's and pull away from stem, place on cookie sheet and freeze after frozen you can store in zip lock bag until ready to use.

Peel and slice as many apples (any kind) as you want, throw into zip lock bag with dry strawberry jello and shake. Leave in bag in fridg until ready to use. (use less or more jello according to how many apple slices but do use a hefty amount) **needs to chill at least 2 hours *peel and half a ripe but firm banana, melt chocolate accordingly, dip then freeze on a wax-paper lined cookie sheet.

Instagram is a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. The following photos were tagged #Wedowee or #LakeWedowee and are used with the consent of the photograph owner. Download the free app today & join in the fun!

Patrick Whitley @yota_whitley

Kristen Watkins @kris10watkins

Bree Robinson @brianarob

Brandon Martin @BRANthaMAN

Makessa Lee @makessa_lee

Dustin Jennette @dustin_jennette

Bekah James @bekah_james

Rachel Guenther @thatraygee

Jessica Sewell @au_jess120

Kayla Hall @kaylahall1080

Ceara Cooper @cearaanicolee

Brandon Martin

Addison Wells @AW3LLS15

Courtney Zimmer @courtney_zimmer

Kristen Watkins @kris10watkins

Megan Larkin @_meganlarkin

Darby Tohill @darbster356

Bekah James @bekah_james

Kayla Hall @kaylahall1080

Katy Huffman @katyyhuffman

Kanaan Hammett @kanaan89

52 Lake Wedowee Life

Placement of Buoys on Lake Wedowee The Placement of buoys by individuals on Lake Wedowee has gotten out of hand. These are becoming an interference to navigation, a hazard and an eyesore to most of the boating public. The issue is more a problem with people not following the rules of the road. This has escalated to the point that the lake looks like a slalom course. The law relating to placement of buoys is as follows:

receipt of such application, the Marine Police Division shall notify such applicant or applicants of the necessary specifications for regulatory markers of the type desired and if permission for the erection and placing of marksame may only be of a standard ers is granted to the applicant, type and with standard lettering same must comply with the speciand colors which shall be specified fications as provided by the Maand designated by the Marine Po- rine Police Division. lice Division of the Department of The following will be strictly 220-6-.19 Conservation and Natural Readhered to when considering re(2) It shall be unlawful for any sources. quests for restrictions of boating person, firm or corporation to place on the public waters of the state: or maintain any regulatory markFuel docks ers (signs or buoys) on the public Public Launching Areas by Barry Popham waters of this state without first Any area determined by the having received permission for the Director of Marine Police to be in erection of such regulatory markers Any person, firm or corporathe best interest of public safety from the Marine Police Division of tion desiring to place or erect The Marine Police would like to the Department of Conservation regulatory markers on the public have the removal of these non and Natural Resources. waters of this state must first make compliant buoys accomplished by When permission for the erec- application to the Marine Police Aug. 31st . After that date enforcetion of such markers is given, Division for permission. Upon ment action will be taken.

News to Know

Lake Wedowee Life 55

& Checking It Twice

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas... Are you kidding?!? Maybe it doesn't look or feel like Christmas to you, but it is definitely on our minds as we are already planning and designing the upcoming issue of Southern Holiday Life. We are very excited about this year's Holiday issue. It is going to be bigger and better and full of local flavor. We will highlight local craftsmen, artists, decorators, cooks, open houses and holiday events in the East Alabama and West Georgia area. And, as a prelude to the Southern Holiday Life, will be publishing our new online Holiday Gift Guide. The Guide

40 Lake Wedowee Life

will be available in October, featuring the best places to shop for unique gifts and handmade items in East Alabama and the West Georgia area. As always, we want our readers to be included in the magazine. So, we are asking for you to please share your favorite heirloom recipes and family traditions of the holiday season with us. We are looking for recipes and traditions that have been passed down through your family. We would also like to have a picture of your family cooking, celebrating the holidays or a picture of the person who originally passed down the recipe or started the tradition. We also need your help in finding local people who have creative talents. We are looking for people who make and sell handmade furniture, jewelry, food items, signs, pottery, quilts, artwork, etc at local fairs and/or online. The main requirement is for them to be local

to the East Alabama West Georgia area. If you know a local crafter/artisan or have a recipe or tradition to share please call us at 877-959-5253 or email to Thanks so much for your continued support, interest and participation in our publications.


(Opposite Page Top Left to Right) Alyssa Bailey and Maggie Henderson show their copy of Lake Wedowee Life they took along with them to Daytona International Speedway; Sarah Champion took the Feb/March issue to the Eiffel Tower; Shannon Parsons, Danny Parsons and Walt Endress took Lake Wedowee Life on a fishing trip to Fort Morgan; Billy & Jeannette Smith took along LWL to “Shikotsu -Toya National Park” Muroran, Japan; Beau Causey took along Lake Wedowee Life to his first concert, Coldplay at Phillips Arena in Atlanta; Erin Hardin took LWL to Capri Island Italy; Tyler Potts took LWL with him to Jamaica on a mission trip to the Christian Carriben Center for the Deaf; Haley & Kade Rollins hold their copy of Lake Wedowee Life at Cade's Cove in Townsend, Tenn.; Alabama Governor Robert Bentley holds his copy of Lake Wedowee Life while visiting our area of the state, also pictured is Kelly Caldwell and Shondae Brown; Caleb Bolt & Luke Kelly share their copy of LWL on the beach in Perdido Key, Florida. (This Page Clockwise from Top) Kailey & Jasley Jones took their copy of Lake Wedowee Life to Navarre Beach in Florida; Billy & Jeannette Smith at the Korean War “United Nation Memorial Cemetery”, Busan Korea; Chris Jarrett, Shasta Crowson, Jake and Owen visit Disney World with their copy of Lake Wedowee Life; Jerome Holloway, Marvoline Milam Holloway, Marcela Nardaciones Milam and Randy Milam brought along their favorite magazine to the Grand Canyon. If you travel, be sure to take Lake Wedowee Life along with you. Take a picture at a landmark and send it back to us at Please be sure to tell us where you are and who is with you!! Thanks and Happy Travels! Visit our website to view our interactive Where In The World map! See previous photos and check out everywhere Lake Wedowee Life has been!

(Top Left to Right) Roger Suarez, Kirstie-Raie Suarez, Nell McIntosh, Kale Ward, Roxanna Cofield, Chase Ward and Sunie Shriver took Lake Wedowee Life to Southern Most point in the Continental United States; Alabama Association of County Office Employees gathered for their Convention in Beautiful Guntersville State Park with their copies of LWL; Joan and Gary Sherman at Vatican City celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary; Ed and James Barrett have their copy of LWL at Disney World in Orlando.

Visit us online at

Submitted Photos (Top Left to Right) Chere Toland, Crissy Causey, Christine Taylor, Warren Rakiski, The Lake Wedowee Life Boys, Mary Ann Engstrom, Diane Reynolds, Laura Hamlin, Terri Ripley, Rick Bryan, Laddie Carter, Joe Ranier. If you would like to see your photos appear in Lake Wedowee Life, email hi-res images to

Submitted Photos (Top Left to Right) Durrell Loftin, Megan Loveless, Kimberly Morris, Angie Rover, Judy McWhorter, Kristen Watkins, Cole Blackbrun, Pat Bumgarner, and Kristen Watkins.

Visit to see previous reader’s photos.

64 Lake Wedowee Life

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9, 45

Main Street Animal Hospital


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We asked our Facebook Fans to pick their favorite boat from our Lake Wedowee 4th of July Boat Parade. Entry #10 ‘Happy Birthday USA’ and Pride of Wedowee winner took the cake...literally. Here are some comments made by our Facebook Fans about the boat parade! Thanks to everyone who participated! Mandy Porter Cummings: How cool, a Kim Moates Caldwell: whoo hoo! You twirler on the boat!! Look at the Mogo mrs. may! (Entry 5) hawk! Love It! (Entry #6) Dawn Thompson Askew: The music Christy Knight Gordon: This one gets was great! (Entry 14) my vote! (Entry #10) Lynn Spratlin Kyle Short: The Teals’ Robin Evans Bruton: They were all party boat!!!! Like!!!! (Entry 6) decked out. Their patriotic music and Martha Shows Burnett:: This was our loud horn made them standout! (Entry favorite! (Entry 10) 14)

Summer Celebration Lake Wedowee Aug/Sept 2012  

Lake Wedowee Life is a bi-monthly lifestyle magazine dedicated to life on Lake Wedowee. We promote many events on the lake and surrounding a...

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