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Football is in the air The state of Alabama loves its football, and we love winners. You just have to look at the last two college football national champions to see that. It doesn’t matter if you bleed orange and blue or crimson and white, football is the heartbeat of this state. However, college football has the reputation of dividing not only this state but households as well, while Friday Night football has the power to unite entire communities. The excitement for high school football doesn’t begin and end on Friday nights when the whistle blows or the final buzzer sounds. The enthusiasm for these six teams began building when the final seconds of last season ticked away. However, it does build to fever pitch in the early days of August when two-a-day practices begin once again. In a matter of weeks, the hard work and long hours dedicated to preparing these young men will be tested for the first time as they compete against opponents instead of teammates. The sights and sounds of Friday nights in the fall last with you for years to come, and it doesn’t matter what part you play. You can be a player, cheerleader, band member or a spirited fan, you are all a part of the football spirit that makes our communities great! As every new season begins the possibilities for each team are limitless but they all have a common ultimate goal which is bringing a state title back to its community. Each of the six schools covered in the pages of Friday Night Life are rich with pride and tradition. Some of them have been playing football for more than 90 years, however, for two schools this will be the last time either will field a team. There will be a lot of last times this season for those two teams and each squad wants to make this season one for the history books. And, I know the communities of these two schools will be out in full force this season to do their part in making it happen.

Enjoy Friday Night Life! Kelly Caldwell

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Kris Herron What is your favorite book? The Bible What song inspires you? “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns and Roses

Who is your favorite actor? Clint Eastwood How would you describe this year's team? Hungry. Last year was not up to our standards and they want more.

What is your most memorable game as coach? 1995 championship. It was the last year before they went to the Super Six format where all the teams meet in Birmingham. We hosted Hazelwood for the state final. It was a lot of rain, and we won 7-6.

Coach Herron

How many years have you been coaching? Twenty-two years and third as head coach at Clay County.

How has your coaching style changed over the years? For 19 years I coached offensive line and that's all I was worried about. I tried to have them as a team within the team. Obviously when I became the head coach I had to broaden more of my perspective.

What has been the most significant advancement in the game of football? The rule change that allowed offensive lineman use their hands more to block.

You are having a dinner party and can invite three people (living or dead)...Who would they be? Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant, Abraham Lincoln, Jackie Robinson.

What is the best advice you have ever received? Be yourself, don't try to be somebody else.

Clay Co. Panthers Football Roster Number 2 3 4 7 11 14 16 17 18 20 22 24 25 27 28 31 34 35 36 37 42 44 53 54 55 56 57 62 63 64 66 70 71 72 73 74 76 78 79 80 82 84 85 88

Name Jake Phillips Lamar Jones Jamari Staples Shawncey Simmons Anthony Wood Dedric Rutledge Bobby Curry Trey Denney Aaron Mitchell Dan Parsons Payton Reynolds Andrew Robinson Adarius Scott Devin Gaddis Kwasi Jennings Colby Robinson Erin Smith Ryan James Jedarius Marbury Colby Hilyer Travis Smith Luke Endress Scott Denney Jayland Ackles Daniel Hinton Joe Meek Aaron Gortney Jared Estes Cody Jones Hunter Nelson Shaheim Ackles Nic Lett Blake Jackson Jeffery McKinney Robert McNatt Juawn Vaughn Eli Johnson JaQuan Ross Ryan Hamilton DeAndre Wills Eddie Golden Marcus Sandlin Rob Smith Adam Farrow

Grade 12 12 11 12 10 10 12 12 10 12 9 11 11 11 9 9 12 10 10 12 11 12 12 12 10 12 12 12 11 11 10 10 11 12 9 11 9 11 12 10 11 10 10 12

Panthers plan for explosive last season

Coach Kris Herron and the Clay County Panthers hope this season will go into the history books for more than just being the last one. For most teams, an eight-win season would be consider a success, but for the Clay County Panthers that wasn't the case a year ago. “We felt we left a lot on the table last year,” Coach Kris Herron said of his second season leading the Panthers. “Last season was not up to our standards and this team wants more.” Asked what the Clay County Panthers want to accomplish this season, Herron was quick with a response. “The first thing the players will tell you is their goal is to win a state championship,” he said. “That is the standard set around here. That's the ultimate goal if you are going to play this sport at this school.” The Panthers, however, will not have it easy getting to their goal.

“There is going to be a lot of distractions this year and we can't afford to get caught up in it,” Herron said. “This year belongs to this team just like the last 90 years have belonged to those guys. This team will

Season Preview by Kelly Caldwell establish how Clay County High School will be remembered.” Just like its cross-county rival, Lineville, Clay County will play its last season of football in 2011 and the Panthers believe they have the tools to be remembered in the most positive way. “They want to do well and they realize the situation we are in, being that this is the final season of Clay

County football,” Herron said. “We want to get to the ultimate goal, but there has to be some other goals met along the way. First of all you have to make the playoffs, the better your record is in the region the better your seeding is when you get to the playoffs which can make reaching the ultimate goal easier.” The Panthers strength will be in their skill players including their quarterback Shawncey Simmons. Lamar Jones at tailback and Jamari Staples. “We also have a couple of younger guys that played last year and will take on a bigger role this season.” Herron said. Those players include receivers Devon Gaddis, Trey Denney and Colby Hilyer. On the other side of the ball, the

Panthers also return a core group. “We return seven on defense,” Herron said. “And the whole team is pretty good about realizing the difference between play time and work time.” Rob Smith, Jaylan Ackles, Joe Meeks, Travis Smith, Adam Farrow, Simmons and Staples all return for Clay County this season. “Smith is a big, strong kid that works hard,” Herron said. “He always does everything we ask him to do. He is here about as much as the coaches are.” The first goal to reaching the Panthers ultimate goal this season comes in the second game of the season against Beulah. “Beulah is the first region game of the year and its important to be on top at the end of that game,” Herron said. “You want to win the first one because at the end of the night half the region is 1-0 and the other half is 0-1.” The region competition doesn't get any easier for the Panthers with defending state champion Leeds in the mix. “They are obviously the favorite,” Herron said. “Last year, they got us twice and as much as you don't want to over-emphasize the game, the players know. “That has been the motivation for the winter workouts and summer conditioning. Those losses from last year are motivational tools for us this season.”

Due to the skill players returning for the Panthers, Clay County may have a different look offensively this season. “As a coach, being able to take the talent that we have on this team and utilize it to give ourselves the best chance to be successful is my greatest challenge,” Herron said. “It is not a team like we have had in the past. We are not the straight wishbone team we have had before. There will be elements of that, but we will be able to move the ball in some other ways because of the skill people we have. “We don't just have to pound people to death to win ball games this year.”

2011 Clay County Marching Band

Panthers to Rock Out Southern Style The Clay County High School Marching Band will makes it presence known when the 75 marching members, decked out in their blue and white, hit the field on Friday nights this season. Russell Hathcock, band director, says a few changes have been made in the composition of the band this year. He said, "we have a few more members in the auxiliary positions of the band, which includes 11 color guard Members, eight dance line and four majorettes". Adding a little more bling and movement seems 14 Friday night life

only fitting with this year show; "A Tribute To Southern Classic Rock". The band takes the field under the direction of Drum Major, Jillian Peek. The opening number is “Train Train” by Blackfoot followed by the crowd favorites of “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynard Skynard and the “Devil Went Down to Georgia” by Charlie Daniels Band, the closing number is “Free Bird” by Skynard which includes a guitar solo. Hathcock said he has two talented young men, Shane Bon-

ner and Jesse Patterson, who will share the spotlight for the guitar solo by alternating week to week. The band plans to compete at the Lake Martin Invitational on October 1st and is looking into other competition events around the state. Russell Hathcock, a graduate of Auburn University, is in his eighth year of teaching and his fourth year at Clay County High School. Hathcock is dedicated to maintaining a strong marching band and music appreciation in Clay County, now and in the future.

Farrow learns life lessons in classroom, on field Being successful in the classroom and on the football field is not an easy task for most people. It takes focus, determination and discipline. And for Clay County's Adam Farrow amplify that by three. “Adam is a threesport athlete at Clay County,” Panthers Coach Kris Herron said. “He gets it done on the field and in the classroom.” Farrow enters his senior year at Clay County with a 3.79 GPA and is the first to admit it gets challenging at times. “There are times that I just don't want to go to school,” he said. “But I know that I have to get up and go because that is what my parents expect of me.” Farrow plays tight end and defensive end for the Panthers and the lessons learned on the football field have helped him in the class-

Academic Athlete by Kelly Caldwell

room as well. “Football has taught me to be on time,”' he said. “You have to be where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there. Same goes in the classroom. “And, just like you study for tests, you have to study the game of football. It takes work but the rewards are worth it.” After graduation, Farrow hopes to attend Auburn University where he plans to study architecture. But, first, there is a final season of Clay County football to be played not only for the seniors of 2012 but for the entire school. “I am going to miss this,” he said. “Our senior class will be remembered as the leaders of the last football team at Clay County. It puts a lot of pressure on us, but it makes all of us want to work harder in areas of the game to finish the season the best way we know how!”

Friday night life 15

2011 Clay County Varsity Cheerleaders

Tyeshia Zackery, Holly Smith, Kayla Sprayberry, Kristen Williams, Alesha Craig, Morgan Sanford, Madison Williams, Courtney Phillips, Morgan Anderson, Taylor Nappier, Alexandra McNatt and Monica Loveless

Photo Courtesy of Mike Patterson Photography

Clay County’s longest winning streak in the Clay Bowl stands at 7 games. (1993-1997 & 2004-2009) Clay County has shut out Lineville 27 times. In the series, Clay County has scored 1,194 points. Clay County leads the Clay Bowl 4-1 when the two teams have met in the AHSAA state playoffs. The Clay Bowl has been played outside of Clay County only once. In 1996 the two teams faced off for the Class 2A State Championship at Legion Field in Birmingham. The Panthers won 42-0.

20 Friday night life

1922 1922 1923 1924 1925 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1942 1943 1943

Clay Co. 39, Lineville 0 Lineville 7, Clay Co. 6 Lineville 18, Clay Co. 0 Clay Co. 0, Lineville 0 Clay Co. 6, Lineville 0 Lineville 10, Clay Co. 6 Lineville 13, Clay Co. 0 Lineville 7, Clay Co. 0 Lineville 34, Clay Co. 0 Clay Co. 12, Lineville 0 Lineville 8, Clay Co. 7 Lineville 7, Clay Co. 0 Clay Co. 34, Lineville 0 Lineville 7, Clay Co. 0 Lineville 13, Clay Co. 0 Lineville 36, Clay Co. 0 Lineville 28, Clay Co. 0 Lineville 32, Clay Co. 0 Lineville 28, Clay Co. 7 Lineville 13, Clay Co. 6 Clay Co. 13, Lineville 0 Lineville 13, Clay Co. 0 Clay Co. 0, Lineville 0 Clay Co. 16, Lineville 0 Clay Co. 7, Lineville 0

1944 1944 1945 1945 1946 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965

Clay Co. 21, Lineville 0 Clay Co. 26, Lineville 0 Clay Co. 21, Lineville 0 Lineville 6, Clay Co. 0 Clay Co. 0, Lineville 0 Lineville 13, Clay Co. 6 Lineville 41, Clay Co. 0 Lineville 40, Clay Co. 0 Lineville 14, Clay Co. 0 Lineville 13, Clay Co. 7 Lineville 27, Clay Co. 6 Clay Co. 12, Lineville 0 Clay Co. 13, Lineville 13 Lineville 20, Clay Co. 0 Lineville 14, Clay Co. 7 Clay Co. 27, Lineville 0 Lineville 33, Clay Co. 7 Lineville 14, Clay Co. 0 Clay Co. 25, Lineville 6 Clay Co. 21, Lineville 12 Lineville 48, Clay Co. 0 Lineville 28, Clay Co. 7 Lineville 21, Clay Co. 0 Lineville 27, Clay Co. 7 Lineville 15, Clay Co. 7

1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990

Clay Co. 25, Lineville 0 Clay Co. 21, Lineville 6 Clay Co. 41, Lineville 0 Clay Co. 8, Lineville 6 Lineville 17, Clay Co. 6 Lineville 23, Clay Co. 8 Lineville 10, Clay Co. 7 Clay Co. 30, Lineville 0 Lineville 42, Clay Co. 13 Clay Co. 9, Lineville 7 Lineville 7, Clay Co. 0 Clay Co. 22, Lineville 6 Lineville 14, Clay Co. 7 Clay Co. 25, Lineville 0 Clay Co. 16, Lineville 15 Clay Co. 17, Lineville 0 Lineville 16, Clay Co. 3 Lineville 21, Clay Co. 9 Lineville 30, Clay Co. 12 Lineville 15, Clay Co. 7 Lineville 6, Clay Co. 3 Lineville 36, Clay Co. 12 Clay Co. 13, Lineville 7 Clay Co. 17, Lineville 7 Clay Co. 20, Lineville 7

1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1995 1996 1996 1997 1998 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2004 2005 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

Lineville 6, Clay Co. 0 Lineville 13, Clay Co. 6 Clay Co. 14, Lineville 3 Clay Co. 29, Lineville 3 Clay Co. 28, Lineville 0 Clay Co. 26, Lineville 6 Clay Co. 21, Lineville 0 Clay Co. 42, Lineville 0 Clay Co. 10, Lineville 7 Lineville 37, Clay Co. 21 Lineville 42, Clay Co. 18 Lineville 28, Clay Co. 7 Clay Co. 28, Lineville 7 Lineville 9, Clay Co. 0 Clay Co. 21, Lineville 7 Lineville 30, Clay Co. 6 Lineville 20, Clay Co. 14 Clay Co. 27, Lineville 0 Clay Co. 16, Lineville 12 Clay Co. 13, Lineville 0 Clay Co. 45, Lineville 7 Clay Co. 24, Lineville 0 Clay Co. 28, Lineville 7 Clay Co. 14, Lineville 0

Lineville leads the Clay Bowl series against Clay County 53-43-4. The Aggies longest consecutive winning streak is 7 (1934-1940) Lineville has scored the most points in a single Clay Bowl with 48 (1961) Lineville has kept Clay County from scoring 25 times in the series. During the duration of the series, the two teams have met up twice in a season 11 times. (1922, 1942, 1943, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1995, 1996, 1998, 2004 and 2005.)

Lineville 41, Clay Co. 6

Scores complied by

Friday night life 21

All defending state champs picked to repeat in 2011 BIRMINGHAM, Alabama -- Five defending state champions open as the favorites to repeat. All five were picked No. 1 in their classifications in the preseason Alabama Sports Writers Association high school football poll. That includes defending Class 2A champion Leroy, with new coach Johnny Wright. Defending Class 3A champion Leeds and Class 4A's Thomasville are unanimous picks atop their divisions. Sweet Water starts at No. 1 in Class 1A while Daphne tops Class 6A over last year's runner-up Hoover. Class 5A runner-up Briarwood Christian enters ranked No. 1. In AISA, Monroe Academy holds the preseason top spot. AHSAA teams begin play on the weekend of Aug. 25-27. Most AISA teams also start that week but some could have start a week earlier and add an 11th game. The preseason Alabama Sports Writers Association prep poll, including first-place votes and the 2010 record in parentheses:

Class 6A Daphne (24) (15-0) 366 2. Hoover (2) (14-1) 277 3. Prattville (7) (8-4) 250 4. Spain Park (6-6) 228 5. Davidson (12-2) 169 6. Clay-Chalkville (9-4) 136 7. Mountain Brook (11-3) 119 8. Auburn (8-2) 86 9. Oxford (7-5) 75 10. Central-Phenix City (9-2) 31 Others receiving votes: Gadsden City (9-4) 28, Stanhope Elmore (10-3) 27, Tuscaloosa Co. (8-3) 27, Wetumpka (102) 17, Foley (8-4) 15, Vestavia Hills (9-3) 13, Decatur (9-2) 7, Florence (4-6) 6, Fairhope (7-5) 2, Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa (9-2) 2.

Class 5A Briarwood Chr. (17) (13-2) 347 2. Hueytown (13) (11-2) 330 3. Spanish Fort (3) (13-2) 235 4. Hartselle (12-2) 219 5. Vigor (8-5) 173 6. Eufaula (9-3) 124 7. Chelsea (8-3) 107 8. Walker (10-2) 96 9. Muscle Shoals (8-3) 84 10. St. Paul's (10-2) 65 Others receiving votes: Fort Payne (121) 44, Russellville (11-2) 16, Pinson Valley (5-6) 14, McAdory (11-3) 12, Demopolis (8-4) 6, Fairfield (7-4) 3, Etowah (6-5) 2, Greenville (7-4) 2, Tallassee (9-2) 2.

Preseason Polls Associated Press

Others receiving votes: Daleville (8-3) 40, Lauderdale Co. (10-2) 37, Trinity (11-2) 31, Clay Co. (8-4) 25, Glencoe (10-2) 6, Sardis (4-6) 6, Cordova (10-2) 2, Hanceville (4-6) .

Class 2A Leroy (16) (14-1) 340 2. American Chr. (17) (12-2) 339 3. Elba (11-2) 247 4. Reeltown (13-2) 228 5. Millry (5-6) 171 6. Cottonwood (12-1) 134 7. Fyffe (9-2) 132 8. Tanner (11-1) 66

9. Lineville (10-4) 48 10. Sulligent (10-3) 43 Others receiving votes: Houston Acad. (8-3) 40, Colbert Hts. (8-3) 36, Fultondale (4-6) 29, Westminster Chr. (10-2) 8, Red Bay (5-6) 6, Southern Choctaw (9-3) 6, Woodland (9-3) 6, Westbrook Chr. (10-1) 2.

Class 4A Thomasville (33) (15-0) 396 2. Jackson (10-2) 234 3. Dadeville (12-1) 231 4. North Jackson (13-1) 209 5. Deshler (12-3) 182 6. Bibb Co. (12-2) 164 7. Andalusia (9-2) 140 8. UMS-Wright (6-5) 75 9. Anniston (10-3) 69 10. Escambia Co. (9-4) 62 Others receiving votes: Oneonta (8-4) 54, Cleburne Co. (9-3) 20, Straughn (102) 19, Fairview (10-2) 9, Guntersville (74) 6, Cherokee Co. (5-6) 5, Fayette Co. (10-3) 4, Dora (3-8) 1, HillcrestEvergreen (7-4) 1.

Class 3A Leeds (33) (15-0) 396 2. Piedmont (12-2) 274 3. Hamilton (14-1) 256

4. Handley (10-2) 255 5. Gordo (12-2) 193 6. Washington Co. (9-3) 130 7. T.R. Miller (8-4) 86 8. Madison Acad. (10-3) 58 9. Plainview (8-4) 44 10. Bayside Acad. (9-4) 41

Class 1A Sweet Water (32) (12-3) 393 2. Linden (1) (12-2) 287 3. R.A. Hubbard (13-2) 264 4. Parrish (10-4) 207 5. Cedar Bluff (9-3) 179 6. Lynn (11-2) 162 7. Collinsville (9-2) 119 8. Brantley (8-3) 89 9. Maplesville (12-1) 51 10. Ragland (9-3) 50 Others receiving votes: Addison (10-3) 32, Appalachian (8-3) 30, Hackleburg (8-3) 6, Pickens Co. (7-5) 6, McKenzie (10-1) 2, Winterboro (7-3) 2, Gaston (5-6) 1, St. Jude (11-2) 1. The Alabama Sports Writers Association prep committee members are: Paul Beaudry, Chairman, Freelance (Birmingham); Josh Bean, co-chairman, Mobile Press-Register; Andrew Garner, Andalusia Star-News; Nick Birdsong, Anniston Star; Chandler Myers, Atmore Advance; Robert Ladnier, Baldwin Register; Jeff Sentell, Birmingham News; Adam Robinson, Brewton Standard; Rob Rice, Blount Countian; Shannon Fagan, Cherokee Herald; Ross Wood, Clarke County.

22 Friday night life

Steve Giddens What is your favorite book? Any book by John Grisham

What song inspires you? Our fight song Who is your favorite actor? Denzel Washington How would you describe this year's team? A Box of Chocolates...You never know what you are gonna get.

What is your most memorable game as coach? 2010 Clay Bowl. It was the 100th meeting of the teams and it was at Lineville. It was surreal. We won 41-6

How many years have you been coaching? Twenty-six and 13th as head coach at Lineville

How has your coachCoach Giddens ing style changed over the years? Now I don't try to re-invent the wheel as much as I used to. The more I stay in coaching the more I realize, its more about the kids and what you can get out of them than the x's and o's. You have to be sound in what you do but the most important thing I have learned is to get your kids in the right place and play hard.

What has been the most significant advancement in the game of football? Spread offense.

You are having a dinner party and can invite three people (living or dead)...Who would they be? Ronald Reagan (He made you proud to be an American), Shug Jordan, Bo Jackson.

What is the best advice you have ever received? Be true to yourself.

2011 Lineville Aggies Number Name 1 Lamonyn Burney 2 Randall Brown 3 Demetrius Lindsey 5 Jaylon Lyles 6 Lashamian Battle 7 Tyrone Cosby 8 Deon Drummonds 9 Mario Lyles 10 Curtis Hunter 11 JoJo Staples 12 Kenneth Lacy 15 Allen Hamlin 17 Evan Whitehead 22 Adron Logan 23 Tevin Gooden 25 Chris Cowan 26 Austin Adams 30 Aaron Boyd 51 Trevon Bell 52 Daniel Henry 54 Aaron Milstead 57 Jason Jordan 61 Nick New 62 Dexter Scales 64 Billy Ray Hamlin 66 Rhett Burdette 67 Steven Henry 71 Justin Denney 72 Dylan Ragsdale 74 Tre Kidd 75 Tim Lee 76 Shuntavious Hardy 77 Devin Denny 78 Devante Hicks 79 Matthew Bell

Grade 10 11 12 9 12 11 9 11 11 9 11 10 9 11 10 12 11 10 12 11 10 12 11 10 10 12 12 9 10 9 12 11 9 12 12

Aggies ready to work in 2011

The Aggies appeared in the fourth round of the playoffs last season and hope to go a step further this year. The Lineville Aggies will be laying it all on the line in 2011 as they field a football team for the last time. If everything continues as planned, Lineville High School will merge with Clay County High School to create Central (Clay) High School in 2012. “We are going to focus on Lineville because there is nothing I can do about next year,” Lineville Coach Steve Giddens said. “In one sense, it does provide internal motivation for the coaches and the players. It's not

Season Preview by Kelly Caldwell something we talk about all the time because we don't want the team distracted, but certainly people understand this is the last time we will do everything. “We have a football game to play and if we get bogged down in the outside stuff, we won't be able to do our part for the fans,” Giddens said. “That's how we will treat this year.

We will play football.” The Aggies graduated 13 seniors from the 2010 team that finished the season 10-4 which included an appearance in the semi-final round of the Class 2A playoffs. “We certainly are experienced in certain areas more than others,” Giddens said. “We had a big senior class last year that had been starting for two, three and four years. The kids that played behind them didn't get a whole lot of action in past seasons. So, not only are we young and inex-

perienced in places, we are also going to have some juniors and seniors that don't have much experience.” One of the bright spots for the Aggies is returning quarterback Demetrius Lindsey. “Lindsey has been playing in some fashion for us since he was in eighth grade,” Giddens said. “We are going to be asking a lot out of him but I think he is capable of having a very good year. He knows what we are wanting to do, and he is certainly going to be the leader of our football team.” Trevon Bell returns to the offensive line this season. “He played hurt a lot last season,” Giddens said. “He is a really hard worker and the kids really respect him. He is a leader on that part of our team.” Steven Henry, Randall Brown and Lashamian Battle will be guiding the defense for the Aggies. “Henry burst on the scene late in

26 Friday night life

the year last season,” Giddens said. “We are expecting him to make a lot of tackles and then Brown is a thirdyear starting linebacker. “Battle works hard and if he can stay healthy we expect some good things out of him.” An obstacle Giddens and the Aggies will have to overcome is a lot of the team will play on both sides of the ball. “We will have some people that will not come off the field this year,” he said. “We are thin on numbers and experience on our front lines. And, it's hard to get in game shape until we start playing games.” The Aggies open the season against Cleburne County at home. “We have opened with them since 1997 and it certainly shows you where you are at in a hurry,” Giddens said. “It is somewhat of a rivalry game because we are so close to each other. I have enjoyed playing against them and it shows us what

we need to work on for the rest of the year.” Other non-region games include Clay County Sept. 23 and Handley to end the regular season Oct. 28. “Handley is another good game because of the close distance and they have an outstanding team,” Giddens said. “It is tough to play them before the playoffs (if you are lucky enough to make the playoffs). But, on the other hand it is a good warm up for the playoffs and if you can make it out injury-free, you will be in good shape. We will not see any other team in the playoffs any better than Handley” According to Giddens, the region is a toss up this year due to graduation losses. “I know Reeltown and Woodland both lost a good bit of players,” he said. “I think any one of the eight teams can make the playoffs this year because the region is more wide-open than its ever been.”

2011 Lineville Aggies Varsity Cheerleaders Brandi Lee, Katie Harkness, Nathan Walker, Karli Burns, Wendy Benefield, Paige Moore, Tyneshia Turman, Big Red- Emanuel Hunter Hailey Boswell, Bree Elder, Marina Suddeth, Molly Byars, Savannah Harris and Becky Harris.

Video Games Inspire Lineville Aggies halftime show Fun, Fun, Fun is what Lineville’s half time show is all about. With the theme of “Classic Nintendo” the crowd better hold onto their controllers and power up for a great show. Opening with a medley of theme songs from the “Super Mario Brothers” franchise, the Lineville Aggie Marching Band plans to entertain the crowd with classic songs from several Nintendo games. Also included in the performance is the theme music from “Tetris.” The band will close the show with “The Legend of Zelda.”

28 Friday night life

Bucky Alleman, the new band director is very excited about being at Lineville and working with this dedicated group. He said, “these kids worked very hard and stayed motivated, even with the scorching heat, during band camp”. Alleman comes to Lineville High School after graduating with his Masters degree from 2011 Lineville Aggies Marching Band Troy University this Leading the band onto the field is past May. He also previously served in the Navy for four years. drum major, Ricardo Moreno. The This year’s Lineville Marching band is 33 members strong includBand’s show is on like Donkey ing two majorettes, five flags, and Kong! seven in the dance line.

Battle Determined to Succeed on Field, in Classroom LaShamian Battle works hard for the Lineville Aggies both on the field and in the classroom. “You have to work hard if you want to play,” Battle said. “You can't go halfway through school or you won't have the grades to play. And, you can't go halfway in practice or a game or coach will not play you. “You have to earn what you get in life.” Battle, a starter for the Aggies since he was a freshman, believes football has instilled in him a sense of determination. “You have to be determined to make your goals,” he said. “The seniors last season took us to the fourth round of the state playoffs, and we

and its like stepping stones to reach that ultimate goal.” Battle has been a starter for the Aggies since he was a freshman and the win against Clay County in last season's Clay Bowl is his most memorable. “We surprised a lot of people with that win,” he said. “All week we worked hard and when it came to game time, we came to play.” The senior credits his success to By Kelly Caldwell his grandfather, Jimmy Barker. “I didn't really have a dad in my want to build on that. We have the life until a couple of years ago and ultimate goal of winning a state title, my granddad always made sure I but to do that you have to set and was involved in sports,” Battle said. reach smaller goals first. We have so “He got me started in football and many goals for this team this year still comes to support me now.”

Academic Athlete

Friday night life 29

30 Friday night life

Mike Battles What is your favorite book?

“The Berkut”by

Joseph Heywood

What song inspires you? Handley fight song Who is your favorite actor? Paul Newman How would you describe this year's team? Talent and no depth.

What is your most memorable game as coach? All of the ones where I coached my sons.

How many years have you been coaching? Fortyone years coaching 8th as Handley head coach

How has your Coach Battles coaching style changed over the years? When I first started coaching when I lost there wasn't anything bad enough and when we won there wasn't anything good enough. Now I take them as they come and I am more moderate.

What has been the most significant advancement in the game of football? I think off season progams. Kids are better prepared than they ever were. Kids are exposed to a lot of football

You are having a dinner party and can invite three people (living or dead)...Who would they be? Coaches Paul “Bear” Bryant, Pete Rich and Vince Lombardi

What is the best advice you have ever received? Do right


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Led by experience, Tigers optimistic in 2011 The Handley Tigers ended 2010 with a 10-2 record and their fourth straight appearance in the state playoffs, however the Tigers are hungry for more as they enter the 2011 season. Led by a talented, experienced group of upperclassmen, including 2013 University of Alabama commitment Bradley Bozeman, the Tigers want to make a a run of not only the region title, but the state title as well. “Expectations are high around here and production has to be just as high,” Tigers Coach Mike Battles said. “We are in a good situation and now we have to go out and produce.” The Tigers return numerous athletes on both sides of the ball including the majority of both offensive and defensive lines. “Offensively we are in pretty good shape,” Battles said. “Trae Kyles returns at quarterback and then we have most of our offensive line set.” Chris Dillard, Kenny Seiffert, Bozeman and Trae Dunson all return for the Tigers offense. “Our whole offensive line is the workhorse of this team,” Battles said. “We see to that because they are so important. But our backs work, too. Blocking and seeing a

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The Tigers return a host of starters on offense and defense. However, lack of depth is a challenge coming into the season.

Season Preview by Kelly Caldwell hole are just as important. Our backs do a good job of seeing the holes that open up.” Breyon Deberry, last season's leading rusher, returns for his senior year after posting a 1,000+ yard season last year. He finished the season with 1,171 yards and 16 touchdowns on 130 carries. However, in the off season, Handley

picked up Quay Hunter who moved in from Wadley and was the county's second leading rusher a year ago. For Wadley, Hunter rushed for 1,069 yards and 17 touchdowns on 161 carries. “We are very fortunate to have such a good core of football players,” Battles said. “The ones that have been through the program are very knowledgable of the game and summer has been great. But, we have some tough opening opponents and we have to come out of the gate ready to produce.”

Kyles will also handle the kicking duties for the Tigers. “We have a kicking game and the only bad thing is that it all involves one person,” Battles said. “Trae kicks extra points and field goals for us. He can do all of that but we would be happier if we could find someone that could just kick and doesnt have to play in another position. It is always a race against the clock getting Trae ready for an extra point or field goal.”

Senior Chris Dillard, above, is one of the leaders for the Handley Tigers.

Punting duties will be handled by senior Zack Hall. “Our punting game is in good shape,” Battles said. “Zack is very reliable. “We always start our practices with the kicking game. It is important to us and we take a lot of pride in it. Early in the season, the kicking game wins more games than anything else.” On defense, The Tigers return an exceptional group as well.

On defense Dillard will lead the team after logging 66 tackles including eight for loss during his junior season. “He is the leader on defense and is head and shoulders above everyone else,” Battles said. Dexter Reese and Anthony Foster return on defense as well. Reese ended 2010 with 38 tackles, three caused fumbles, two sacks and two interceptions. “We lost one of our starting tackles in the spring,” Battles said. “That loss hurt us and now we are going to platoon back there because we don't want to break up the offensive line to put them in on defense.” Injuries have plagued the Tigers in recent years and that is why depth on the roster is so important. “We are working on depth and our players have to get that on the job training,' Battles said. “Every Friday night you can have injuries.

We have had some injuries to key players at times that we felt cost us a shot at doing better than we did in the last two year.” The Tigers will open at home against out of state opponent Heard County and then start region play against B.B. Comer on the road. “Our area is tough and I think from top to bottom, this region will be improved,” Battles said. “We know Leeds will be tough and they have most of their guys back and then there is Clay County. They were tough last year with a lot of younger guys so we know we will have our work cut out for us with both of them.” The non-region opponents the Tigers face are not to be overlooked either. “The only reason we play Sweetwater (a class 1A school) is because nobody else will,” Battles said. “We didn't want to go 200

miles to play a 1A school, but that's the hand we were dealt.” Handley ends the season with Lineville, a team in its final season of football. “Lineville and Clay County will be one school after this year and you know they will be leaving it all on the field this season,” Battles said. “Both teams play great football and if any team in the state wants a good fight for a football game, they should have scheduled one of them.” Fans will have to travel to get their first look at the Tigers Aug. 19 at the fall scrimmage against Bowdon High School from Georgia. “We are the best road team,” Battles said. “We have just as many on our side of the field than most home teams do. “Our fans want to see good football and they demand it. It better be getting done, or you will be doing it somewhere else real quick.”

Caleb Kinsey, Zach Hall, Anthony Foster and Dexter Reese

Handley Athletes hit hard on the field and in the classroom When choosing an academic athhigh school careers while also excellete for the Handley Tigers, it was not in the classroom. Academic Athlete ling“It's a simple task. Four student athletes not easy,” Kinsey said. “You by Kelly Caldwell enter their senior year with a 4.0 GPA (or higher due to advanced placement classes). the field and in the classroom.” “You can’t pick between these Anthony Foster, Zack Hall, Caleb four guys,” Tigers coach Mike Battles Kinsey and Dexter Reese have played said. “They are exceptional both on football for the Tigers their entire

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have to get the work done, and when you don't get off the field until dark, sometimes it means staying up until 4 a.m. to accomplish all you have to do.” All four will contribute on Friday

nights for the Tigers and at times will play on both sides of the ball. Foster plays wide receiver and strong safety; Kinsey plays guard and outside linebacker; Hall is the team punter, a strong safety and a wide receiver and Reese returns at wide receiver, safety and will be fielding kickoff returns for the Tigers. Skills learned on the football field have helped these student athletes in the classroom as well. “Football has definitely helped with my leadership skills,” Hall said. “You use them on the field, in the classroom and in life.” All four credit God for their athletic and academic abilities as well as their parents for motivating them to do well. “Along with my parents and my brother Courtland Gates, Johnny Tennant has played an important role in my success,” Reese said. “He gave me a job during the summers and he is like my second father. He has helped me tremendously.” Before they leave, however, these Tigers have one common goal for the season. “I am going to give my best to the team,” Foster said. “I want my teammates to know that I gave my all to achieve our goal of bringing a state championship back to Roanoke.”

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2011 Handley High School Varsity Cheerleaders Jessica Lyons, Kieauna Strickland, Keoshane Allen, Regan Self, Sydney Bailey, Madeline Farmer, Laravian Atkinson, Breanna Mitchell, Selena Cottle, Anna Bonner, Caitlin Neighbors, Jordan Brown, Kiera Staples, Abbie Bailey- cocaptain, Raeven Finch- captain, and Nicole Lyons

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CLAY COUNTY PANTHERS Home games played at Horn-White Stadium AUG 26 RANDOLPH COUNTY Sep 16 @ Handley

OCT 14




Oct 21

@ Central , Coosa


Sep 30 @ Comer, B.B.

Oct 28

@ Saks

Oct 07 @ Walter Wellborn Home games listed in Bold and All Caps.

Handley Tigers Home games played at Wright Field AUG 26 HEARD COUNTY , GA


Oct 14 @ Walter Wellborn

Sep 02 @ Comer, B.B.



Sep 09 @ Beulah

Sep 30 @ Marbury

Oct 28 @ Lineville

OCT 07 CENTRAL , COOSA Home games listed in Bold and All Caps.

Woodland Bobcats Home games played at Sewell Field Aug 26 @ Bowdon, GA

Sep 16 @ Ranburne

Oct 14 @ LaFayette

Sep 02 @Horseshoe Bend






Oct 07 @ Lanett Home games listed in Bold and All Caps. 42 Friday night life

Randolph County Tigers Home games played at Hulond Humphries Stadium OCT 14 LANETT

Aug 26 @ Clay County

Sep 16 @ Reeltown



Oct 21 @ Woodland



Oct 28 @ Wadley

Oct 07 @ Lineville Home games listed in Bold and All Caps.

Wadley Bulldogs Home games played at Curtis Lynch Stadium AUG 26 HORSESHOE BEND SEP 16 TALLADEGA CO. CENTRAL Oct 14 @ Loachapoka SEP 02 VERBENA

Sep 23 @ Woodland

Sep 09 @Fayetteville

Sep 30 @Saint Jude Educ. Inst.

Oct 21 @ Notasulga OCT 28 RANDOLPH COUNTY

OCT 07 WINTERBORO Home games listed in Bold and All Caps.

Lineville Aggies Home games played at Upchurch Field AUG 26 CLEBURNE COUNTY

Sep 16 Lanett

Oct 14 @Horseshoe Bend

Sep 02 @ Ranburne

Sep 23 @ Clay County


Sep 09 @LaFayette

Sep 30 @Woodland


OCT 07 RANDOLPH COUNTY Home games listed in Bold and All Caps. Friday night life 43

2011 Handley High School Marching Band

Handley Tiger Band Bringing Disney to Halftime The Handley Marching Band continues with the big band tradition on Friday nights this fall when 108 members take the field at half time. This year's theme, "A Night of Disney Magic" is sure to be a crowd pleaser, featuring many of the different groups within the band. The song selections include: “When You Wish Upon a Star,” “Mickey the Sorcerer,” “Cruella De Vil,” “Princess Medley,” “Trashin’ the Camp” and closing the show with the “Circle of Life.” Band camp held in late July helped bring this big show together. Leading the band on the field is Drum Major, Katie

Vollenweider and adding more color and style to the band includes the color guard with 22 members, The dance line with 17 members and four majorettes. Anyone involved in band knows the band season is not complete without going to competition and the Handley Band plans to attend the Ranburne Festival of Sound and the Lake Martin Invitational. The Handley Band program is fortunate to have two dedicated directors with roots and history from the Randolph County community. Stephanie Daniel, beginning her fifth year as band director

at Handley High School, is a graduate of Woodland High School and a graduate from JSU with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education in 2004 and a Master of Science in Education Administration in 2005. Sanford Watson, Assistant Band Director, is a graduate of Handley High School where he was a member of the award winning marching band for six years under the direction of Ronald Hyche. He received his BS in Music Education at Jacksonville State University. Watson enters his fifth year as band director at Handley Middle School.

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Randy Sparks What is your favorite book? Anything about Nick Saban or Alabama Football

What song inspires you? “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor

Who is your favorite actor? Jim Carey How would you describe this year's team? Hungry, determined and experienced

What is your most memorable game as coach? The 2005 game against Cedar Bluff in the third round of playoffs. It was a shoot out, and we won 53-36.

How many years have you been coaching? Thirtyseven years overall, second year at RCHS

How has your coaching Coach Sparks style changed over the years? My older sons say that I have gotten very soft. As far as coaching style, I try to understand the athletes better. As a younger coach, I probably seemed like a dictator and through years of experience I have learned that's not the best way. I think I listen to the kids more. I think I am a more reasonable person than I was in the first 15 years of my coaching career.

What has been the most significant advancement in the game of football? The athleticism of our players... I am a firm believer that you can still win with the x o that we won with 15 years ago

You are having a dinner party and can invite three people (living or dead)...Who would they be? Coaches Paul “Bear” Bryant, Nick Saban and Gerald Dial (high school football coach)

What is the best advice you have ever received? Worry about the things you can control and not about the things you can't.

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Name Brad Benefield Bill Miamen Cortavious Childs Junior Turner Austin MacGinnis Jacob Thackston Ty Sparks John Mark Prestridge Braxton Lackey Kylan Sims Robert Nelson Tyler Hobbs Lance Daniel Colton Lovvorn JR Roundtree Dontae Barrett Zack Baker Willis Knight Lane Henderson Josh Smith Patrick Johnson Jonah Bailey Rico Nelson

Grade 11 12 11 12 11 11 10 8 9 11 12 10 11 11 8 11 10 10 9 11 11 9 10

Number 40 42 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 58 59 60 61 64 66 69 71 72 78 79 80 81 88

Name David Mote John Houston Timothy Nelson Nathan Boyd Tyler Lovvorn Jessie Parker Tyde Moore Jamey Ware Levi Phillips Daniel Mote Aaron Robertson Drew O'Neal George Moore Eric Henderson Daniel DeJesus Tyler Harper Keith Clark Tyler Johnson Driek Stevens Nathan Ryder Donte Bell Levi Scarbary Tanner Cross

Grade 10 8 11 12 12 9 12 12 9 12 12 12 11 8 12 8 10 12 11 10 9 8 11

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Randolph County will be tested early and often this season with a tough region schedule. (Photo by Jeff Napier)

Tigers Look for More Wins in 2011 The Randolph County Tigers boast one of its largest senior classes in recent years and are hungry for more as the enter their 2011 football season. “It helps that some of our seniors have been playing for a long time,” Coach Randy Sparks, who enters his second season leading the Tigers, said. “Some were forced to play as eighth and ninth graders because of the lack of depth. A lot of them have a huge amount of experience.” A dozen seniors will suit up in

blue and gold this season, but the experience doesn't end with them. “Our strength is definitely up front on both sides of the ball,” Sparks said. “We have a lot of ex-

Season Preview By Kelly Caldwell perience on both sides.” Seniors Daniel DeJesus, Tyler Johnson, Jamey Ware, Tyler Lovvorn are the core of the offensive

front for the Tigers. “Those four are very special offensive lineman,” Sparks said. “Then we have four more senior lineman that we will throw into the mix with the returners. They have a chance to be very good.” The line will be challenged with protecting first-year quarterback Ty Sparks, who is also Sparks' son. “People ask me all the time if it's difficult to coach your son,” Sparks said. “But, it's not for me. Coaching a quarterback has to be done a little

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differently than the rest of the team. You have to find what makes them tick and you have to work with them in that way. The quarterback has to know about everything we do. They have to put in more time on the field and in the film room.' The younger Sparks is only a sophomore but has been a student of his father's game since birth. “It might be easier to put the time in because he is my son, because I have more time with him than any other member of the team. “There are times when we are riding down the road talking about reads on plays.” Brad Benefield, the leading receiver from last season with 40 catches, will be a go-to person for Sparks, but Benefield will have competition for the top spot this year. “We do most things by commit-

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tee around here,” Sparks said. “The receiving corps has a chance to be exceptional. Donate Barrett is an awesome receiver and then Willis Knight was our leading receiver in

the spring.” Lance Daniel will also spend time making catches for the Tigers this season. “Those four really stand out and then we have two or three more that we can use...It's hard to say who is the best because they are different and are hard to compare. It seems like the whole team is like that.” The Tigers also have a weapon in their special teams arsenal. “Austin MacGinnis continues to improve and we are counting on him to make those kicks again this year.” Last season MacGinnis was 100 percent on extra points and only missed two field goals. In the running game, the duties will be handled by committee. “We struggled running the ball last year and we have several guys back that played in the secondary.”

Spark said. Rico Nelson, Colton Lovvorn, Junior Turner and Cortavious Childs will also share in the duties. “All four split time pretty equally running the ball,” Sparks said. “None of the backs separated from the pack last year and this year we are in the same situation right now. Nelson is probably the most talented but he is the least experienced. It may take two to three games before we know who will jump out of the pack.” There are also several returning starters tasked with defending the Tigers this season. “Again our strength is in our line,” Sparks said. “We have a lot of experience up front on both sides of the ball.” RCHS returns three ends on the defensive front Nate Boyd, Tanner Cross and Patrick Johnson as well as defensive tackles Jamie Ware and

George Moore. Tyde Moore returns at outside linebacker and will be joined in the secondary by Lovvorn, Turner and Dontae Barrett. “Dontae may be the best athlete on the team,” Sparks said. He is big, strong and smart. He has a lot of things going for him.” Childs will also return on defense but his position is still to be determined. “We moved him between corner and safety last year and we are still moving him around a bit,” Sparks said. “We are trying to find the best fit for him which will be in the secondary somewhere.” The Tigers will have their work cut out for them in Class 2A, Region 5 with competition like cross-county rival Woodland and perennial powers Lineville and Reeltown. “It is a very strong region,” Sparks said. “The thing about it is

there is not a single school you can rule out. Horeshoe Bend got into the playoffs on tie breakers last season over Ranburne and us. Then Lanett and Lafayette are on the verge of bursting at the seams. They are loaded with talent.” However, one thing Reeltown, Lineville and Woodland all have that the others don't, according to Sparks, is tradition. “They have been winning the last several years where we haven't,” he said. “I am thankful that we have 26 juniors and seniors, but regardless of what age you are, you have got to understand what it takes to be a champion and you have to do it a while. “That's one of our biggest challenges this season,” Sparks said. “We have to continue learning how to win. We have made tremendous strides but we still have a long way to go.”

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2011 Marching Tiger Band

RCHS Marching Band Embraces Pop Hits The Randolph County Golden Tiger Marching Band is under the direction of Band Director, Adrian Peters. Mr. Peters, a graduate of Jacksonville State University, is on his second year at Randolph County. The band program is seeing growth and excitement among the students at Randolph County. Mr. Peters said, " The students

have been working extremely hard this summer and I am excited about the upcoming season." A small but strong group will entertain the fans on Friday Nights. The half time show is Pop Hits of the 70's and 80's and will include; “I Want You Back” recorded by the Jackson 5, “We Will Rock You” by Queen and “Eye Of The Tiger” by

Survivor. The band is led by; drum captain, Robert Tittle; brass captain, Joshuah Bailey and Auxiliary captain, Jessica Perry. The band is not currently scheduled for any competitions but will consider the opportunities once school has started and more information becomes available on area band competitions.

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2011 Randolph County Varsity Cheerleaders Lisa Bolt, Caroline Sikes, Tillie Langford, Valerie Watkins, Kristen Heard, Judy Goode , Spenser Kathryn Phillips Asheley Atcheson Ceara Cooper, Courtney Cooper, Wyneise Holloway

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Mote does whatever it takes to help Tigers For Randolph County's Daniel Mote excelling in the classroom while playing football for the Tigers is all about time management. “Football and school are all you do during the season,” Mote said. “It takes a lot of time and a little less sleep at night.” Entering his senior year Mote carries a 4.0 grade point average while also playing guard and linebacker for the Tigers. “Football is fun. I like playing it, and it’s worth the effort,” he said. Mote came to Randolph County High School as a freshman after being home-schooled by his mother from kindergarten through eighth grade. “(Being homeschooled) was fine academically, but coming to Randolph County High School gave me the opportunity to play sports,” Mote said. “Actually the classroom work was easier for me than homeschooling, but my first

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Academic Athlete by Kelly Caldwell

year was a big adjustment for me socially. “It was a culture shock for me and it really took me the first year to adjust.” After high school, Mote plans to attend Auburn University and major in wireless engineering. “It's a very tough major,” Mote said. “Basically there are two tracks with it where you can develop firmware for the routers or you can do the hardware route that lets you communicate wirelessly.” Before he graduates, Mote and the Tigers have a season of football to play and he has two goals for himself in his final season of football. “A. To win,” he said. “B. Do whatever I can to contribute to the team whether it is playing on Friday nights or helping the players that do play on Friday nights to get better through practice. “That's what being on a team is about...Doing whatever it takes to make the team better.”

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Darrel Roach What is your favorite book? “Bear the Legendary Life of Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant” by Don Keith

Wadley Bulldogs Varsity Football

What song inspires you? “The Boys of Fall” by Kenny Chesney

Who is your favorite actor? Nicholas Cage How would you describe this year's team? Young, excited and energetic.

What is your most memorable game as coach? Last season we played Tanner in the second round of the playoffs. We should have won the game but they blocked the extra point. We lost 21-20. That one really sticks with me.

How many years have you been coaching? Eleven years, 1st year at Wadley.

Coach Roach

How has your coaching style changed over the years? When I first started coaching, it was with teams that used a poundyou offense. Now from the things I have learned, I utilize a more up-tempo offense. We are like a no-huddle offense. We get things done quickly.

What has been the most significant advancement in the game of football? Speed. Athletes are getting bigger than ever before and the speed of the game is faster than ever before.

You are having a dinner party and can invite three people (living or dead)...Who would they be? Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant, Coach Steve Spurrier and Ronald Reagan

What is the best advice you have ever received? My grandfather always told me ‘Hard work beats good talent.’

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Devin Freeman T.L. Heard Adrian Marable Dakota Caldwell Caleb Calhoun Wesley Johnson Ryan Siskey Dakota Brown Kameron Staples Ridge Dobson Devarsie Greathouse Kamaury Avery Bradley Melton Richard Tillis Daniel Green Arin Howell Tristan Coker Ethan Howard Jerry Dye Corey Ray McGill

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Bulldogs welcome new leadership in Roach


f you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride - and never quit, you'll be a winner. The price of victory is high but so are the rewards. Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant. Those are the words Darrel Roach lives by and will serve him well as he guides the Wadley Bulldogs in his first year as a head coach. Named to the position at the July 28 Randolph County School Board meeting, Roach has hit the ground running as football practice officially began four days later. “It's definitely a challenge, but I am excited to be here at Wadley,” he said. “I am an underdog kind of guy, always have been. I have a lot of drive in me and I don't like to lose. “I have always been successful and I plan on keeping it that way.” Roach comes to Wadley via Cleveland High School, where he was the offensive coordinator and helped guide the team to a 9-3 record which included a spot in the second round of the Class 2A state playoffs. Roach attributes some of the success of his last season at Cleveland to a three-day program his head coach Mark Bryant and he implemented there. “Mark is a former Navy Seal and his toughest training came during what is known as 'Hell Week,'”Roach said. “Well, we started 'Heck Week' there and it's something I would love to

The Bulldogs will face stiff competition during their non-region contests with Horseshoe Bend, Woodland and Randolph County. bring here next year.” “Heck Week” consisted of the team being disconnected from the outside world and learning the importance of teamwork. “We took their cell phones away and they stayed on campus for those three days,” Roach said. “We did workouts but we

Season Preview by Kelly Caldwell also focused on team building. “We had parents bring in real logs and set them up in the gym. The players would have to move them and they quickly realized they couldn't do it on their own. It emphasizes the importance of

teamwork.” Coaching the fundamentals of football is important to Roach, but he realizes it is also more than a game. “We are going to work hard on the field and teach these players football, but, by doing that, you are teaching life skills as well,” he said “Yes it is about wins and losses, but its also about molding these players into what they can be in life.” As far as this season, Roach knows the task at hand. “We are behind the eight ball so to speak,” he said. “Most teams already have their offenses in place and are getting ready for their first games. We are just now in the process of installing our offense. Our playFriday night life 63

ers are picking up on it fairly quick, so I think we can be in good shape in time for the first game.” Roach will depend on seniors Ryan Siskey, Kameron The Bulldogs will have a limited amount “Bud” Roach takes over. Staples, Wesley Johnson and Richard Tillis to lead the team this season. “They are hard workers and I will be counting on them to help guide this team,” he said. “They are very similar to the skill people I coached last season at Cleveland.” Under Roach, Wadley will run a spread offense and a base 50 defense. “We are young up front,” Roach said. “But, we have

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some decent linemen. We just have to build on that right now.” The Bulldogs will be tested right out of the gate as they host Horseshoe Bend in the season time to learn a new offense as coach opener. “They beat us 52-13 last year and that in itself is a reason to look forward to that game,” Roach said. “I want to be able to have the team ready to play with them.” The schedule doesn't get any easier according to the coach. “It is a tough schedule to play for sure,” he said. “As a football coach that provides a challenge for me and I am looking forward to it.”

2011 Wadley Varsity Cheerleaders

Megan Costley, Lesli Padgett, Hannah Phillips, Stormie Reaves, Makayla Wilkins, Loren Padgett, Madison McGill. Not pictured: Lauren Hughes and La'cia Williamson.

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Field General Excels in Class, too To say that Ryan Siskey is motivated to excel is an understatement. The senior enters his final high school campaign as a three-year starting quarterback and if that's not enough, Siskey maintains a 3.9 GPA. “It's hard considering you have a bunch of classmates competing with you in the classroom that don't play sports,” he said. “I do the best I can and get the most I can from the teachers so I can learn.” As the starting quarterback for the Bulldogs, Siskey has played in a lot of games, but his career best remains his most memorable. “It was Coach (Randy) Sparks last year here,” he said. “In the game against Beulah, I had 300 passing yards and four touchdowns. That has

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Siskey's life and lessons on the field have carried over to the classroom as well. “Football has taught me to pay attention and make sure you do it right,” he said. As the season approaches, Siskey has been the biggest game of my career.” Siskey leads the team and succeeds in the classroom due in large part because of his parents. “I owe my parents so much,” he

one goal in mind... “I want to have a winning season and make it past the first round of the playoffs,” he said. “I would love to have an undefeated season when we get to the playoffs, but we have to start with game one.” After graduation, Siskey hopes to by Kelly Caldwell continue his baseball career at the collegiate level. said. “They have always told me that “I want to play baseball anyif I didn't have good grades, I could- where that will give me a scholarn't play sports. That's enough moti- ship, and if that doesn't work out, I vation for me to study hard.” want to be a forensics investigator,” Football has had a great impact on he said.

Academic Athlete

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Larry Strain What is your favorite book? “The Junction Boys” by Jim Dent

What song inspires you?

“Another One Bites the

Dust” by Queen

Who is your favorite actor? John Wayne How would you describe this year's team? To be determined

What is your most memorable game as coach? The gauntlet we faced in the Fyffe, Red Bay and Clay County leading up to the first time we went to the state title in 2004. The win over Clay County in double overtime was special.

How many years have you been coaching? Twenty-one

Coach Strain

years, 13th year head coach at Woodland

How has your coaching style changed over the years? Drastically... I hope I am better prepared than I was in my early years. Everything is more organized and its about a routine. How I react and interact with the team is different because our expectations are so much higher now. I don't have to be as overbearing as I was in my early years.

What has been the most significant advancement in the game of football? Knute Rockne and that Notre Dame bunch throwing that first pass.

You are having a dinner party and can invite three people (living or dead)...Who would they be? Coaches Paul “Bear” Bryant, Tom Landry and Ricky Austin (Spring Garden girls basketball coach)

What is the best advice you have ever received? Work hard... (the work ethic my parents instilled in me has pulled me through)

Bobcats look to youth to contribute early “Eighth, ninth and 10th graders aren't going to compete against juniors and seniors on Friday night in this region if they don't grow up in a hurry.” However, the season is not a lost cause for the Bobcats by any stretch of the imagination. Zach Barron started for the Bobcats last season at receiver last year, Woodland will open the season with Bowdon High School of Georgia. but this season The rivalry has grown over the years because of the proximity of the he will be the towns. (Photos By Phillip Heard) field general. “Zach will be our starting quarterback this year,” Strain said. “We are by Kelly Caldwell looking for him to step up in a big way for the Bobcats. He is a very shifty, quick player.” juniors will have to grow up Stain went on to say Barron quickly in the trenches to conmakes good decisions and can tinue the success Woodland throw the ball well. However, has seen in recent years. the Bobcats are looking to do “We take pride in the fact more in the ground game than we have been to the playoffs they have in the last few for seven consecutive seayears. sons,” Strain said. “But as far “We are excited about our as the teams that traditionally possibilities with the running make the playoffs out of this game,” Strain said. “I think area, we have one of the we will be able to run the foottoughest rebuilding efforts ball better than we have run ahead of us.” in the past seasons. We have The cupboards are not bare relied on throwing the footfor the Bobcats with more ball in the last three or four than 50 players on the roster, years because of the personnel however the majority are unwe have had. This year's team derclassman. The Woodland Bobcats' success on the field this season depends on how quickly they overcome the obstacle of youth and inexperience. “With only 12 juniors and seniors, this year's team will be filled with youth, especially in the back up positions,” Woodland head coach Larry Strain said. The Bobcats with eight seniors and four

Season Preview

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region lawill change beled the SEC somewhat of Class 2A,” based on Strain said. what their “Reeltown abilities and Lineville are.” both lost The Bobgood groups cats return of seniors, veterans but they are Curt Brown known for reat receiver loading inand Al stead of havDavis and ing down Christian years or reBurroughs building.” at tackle. The others in The backthe region are field will nothing to see Colton overlook acMcManus, cording to Michael Strain. Howard ( a “Randolph transfer stu- Adam BurroughsThe Bobcats have been to the playoffs consecutively since 2004. This year’s team hope to continue the streak. (Photo By Phillip Heard) County returns dent from the most upClay County) perclassmen of and Colby anyone in our region and they Spears taking handoffs as well as “The defense is really a quesonly missed the playoffs on a tiefreshmen Justus Herring and Ken- tion mark right now,” Strain said. dal Hudson. “If we are able to stop people from breaker last year,” Strain said. “I am sure coach Sparks will have “I really have got more running running the football we will be those kids in the right direction.” backs than I have had since 2006 ok.” Horseshoe Bend, won the which is a good problem to have,” The Bobcats will have their Strain said. work cut out for them right off the fourth playoff spot last season, returns speed and athleticism The defense will rely on the bat opening the season with rival while Lafayette and Lanett have leadership of McManus and Bowdon High School out of Georas much talent as anyone in the Brown. gia. region, according to Strain. “Colton has started on defense “We won pretty handedly last “Our success this season defor two years and returns for his year so I am sure they will be prepends on how quickly our young senior campaign at inside linepared for us,” Strain said. “It has ones can grow up and the injury backer and Curt will be at outside become a great rivalry for us over linebacker,” Strain said. “The secthe years because of the proximity bug doesn't get us,” Strain said. “We are down to one quarterback ondary will be all new though.” of the two towns.” due to injuries from the spring Barron will take over at corner After the opening game the rewith Tyler Rollins and Hudson gion awaits the Bobcats with pow- and we just can't afford to have will play free safety. Al Davis reers Reeltown and Lineville lurking any more. We are going to be fine, it's just going to take time” turns at defensive end along with about. Devonta Maffett. “Many times I have heard this

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2011 Woodland Varsity Football

Name Lakeland Phillps Colby Spears Zach Barron Reed Murphy Tyler Rollins Zach Langley Justus Herring Andrew Burroughs Kip Sims John Wes Adcock Tyler Gay Hunter Baldwin Trey Bradford Colton McManus John David Jacobs Kendal Hudson Michael Howard Jared Walker Koy Sims Austin Madonna Axion Gay Austin Crenshaw Curt Brown Chris Spradlin

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Name Matt Stapler Parker Ratzliff Clay Gay Nathan Parker Bradley Rainwater Alex Jackson Kyle Strain Aaron Buttrill Chris Langley Jake Gay Nick Phillips Dustin McClurg Alex Owens Hunter Henry Marcus Pruvine Levi Noles Alonzo Cummings Austin Meadows Al David John Jackson Kison Strain Christian Burroughs Devonta Maffett Tyler Easterwood Calvin New

Grade 8 9 8 9 10 9 8 9 11 8 11 11 10 8 8 9 10 10 11 12 10 11 10 9 10

2011 Woodland Bobcats Varsity Ceerleaders Haley Napier, Anna Glaze, Kayla Hazelief, Jordan Willamson, Macie Edwards, Leah Strain, Tansy Parmer, Kortni Hopkins, Alexis Young, Abby Cook Co-Captain, Madison Henley Captain, Zoe Arrington

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2011 Woodland Bobcat Marching Band

Band marches on without director Even though a band director has not been hired at Woodland High School, more than 30 band members have marched on toward football season. “It has been challenging, but our band boosters and principal Birchfield have really made things work as best they can,” Woodland Bobcat Marching Band Drum Major Scott Carpenter said. The show must go on as they say in show business and the Woodland band has barely missed a beat. “We are doing a Patriotic

Show with a twist,” Carpenter said. The band will be mixing old and new with classics like “We are an American Band” and “Love Me Tender” with the recent hit “California Girls” by Katy Perry. The band will also play Americana which begins with “America” and transitions into the “Battle Hymn of the Republic” “We are excited about the show,” Carpenter said. “We have been working hard and it should be visually interesting as well.”

Chad Simms, recent graduate from West Georgia College, has been helping the band prepare for the upcoming season and has challenged them. “Our field show has a lot more movement than in the past,” Carpenter said. “We use to move-hold, move-hold. Now, it's move, move, move. So it should be fun to watch.” The band will also sport new uniforms this season. “We have been working hard and can’t wait to perform on Friday nights.” Friday night life 75

Murphy balances schoolwork, new sport As he enters his senior year, Murphy has 4.0 GPA and will be a three-sport athlete for the Bobcats this year. “Athletics have taught me how to work hard and not give up,” Murphy said. “And, I also owe a lot to my family. My older brother (Riley Murphy) set the bar pretty high with his athletic and academic successes and I am just trying to follow up on that.” This football season Reed Murphy will suit up in shoulder pads for the Woodland Bobcats for the first time since he was in eighth grade, and to say the least he is excited. “I have played basketball and baseball this whole time,” Murphy said. “But, thanks to some pressure from my teammates and some of the coaches thinking I

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“We were doing summer workouts for baseball, and it was practically the same as football,” Murphy said. “The coaches thought I could make an impact and it's something I am looking forward to doing.” could help the team, I decided to Murphy will play receiver and come out for football for my senior be the back-up quarterback for the year. Bobcats on offense and then outside linebacker and corner on defense. He went through a few passing by Kelly Caldwell camps this summer and is determined to make an impact for the “I didn't want to look back later Bobcats. “You have to be really dedicated in life and not know what it was like to play Woodland Bobcat foot- to the sport to go through summer workouts and practice during the ball.” The decision to play came from school year,” Murphy said. “And, you have to find time to hit the encouragement of his baseball books, too.” coach Stephen Bailey.

Academic Athlete

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New football team forms in Clay County There is a new football program starting up this year at Clay County Christian Academy. Head Coach Ricky Morgan, retired from the Alabama Public School system for 30 years of service decided he was not ready to end his coaching career. He is working hard to make sure this first year of football is a success. The football team consists of 11 players grades 7-12. CCCA Eagles will be a part of a six-man football league that consists of seven other schools. “Last year was the first year of six-man football in Alabama and there were only two teams.” Morgan said “We will have an advantage since all teams are on the same playing level.” “Defense is harder to play because you are in 1-on-1 situations

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for almost every play.” “The rules are a little bit different,” said Morgan.

ter of the game is 10 minutes long, and at the half if one team has a 35point lead the second half will have a running clock. Some major challenges Coach Morgan has faced while starting by Amanda Causey this program from scratch is getting equipment, preparing the field The field is 80 yards long and 40 and teaching his players about yards wide. To gain a first down things they have never done beyou must advance 15 yards from fore. Out of the 11 players only a the line of scrimmage. All six play- few have played recreational footers are eligible to be receivers. On ball in the past, “That is a big help offense, three linemen are required and a good start, although all of on the line of scrimmage at the start them know the traditional rules of of the play. The quarterback cannot football. This is a little bit different run the ball past the line of scrimso we are learning as we go.” He mage; however, if the ball is tossed also knows about learning as you to another player, that player can go, Coach Morgan was a player on run or throw the ball and the person a new program’s team before. “I to whom the ball was snapped is have some experience from their still an eligible receiver. Each quar- side of things too.”

Football 2011

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We all need a little stress relief Nothing feels better than after you let off some steam. There are several ways to do it. You can go to the gym and punch on a bag, beat the crap out of someone, throw stuff, break stuff, burn rubber, shout at the sky, do yoga (doesn’t work) and a host of other things, legal or illegal that can vent off those pent up hostilities that inadvertently get stored up over time. Personally, I like throwing wrenches. I like throwing wrenches because it’s virtually impossible to break a wrench unless it hits something and breaks that. They make a really loud sound when hitting a concrete floor which is good for effect and every time I do it, the stubborn bolt that caused my outburst seems more compliant once it witnesses this act, thus giving me a feeling of victory. I also like going from zero to the speed limit as quickly as possible. Of course, doing that is what makes me throw wrenches because of the stubborn bolt that holds the broken part that broke when I was going from zero to the speed limit as quickly as possible. This cycle is what keeps me sane and is what makes my wife wonder what alternate reality she must have been in when she decided to spend her life with me. But of all of the ways to vent stress, there is only one that I can think of that does the job safely and legally, is approved by most everyone and can be done in groups. This happens every time the gates are opened and the spectators start 82 Friday night life

justifiably. These selfless men and women in their striped suits take on the healing outburst from the group without offense or anger. They realize the good they are doing and like emotional sponges, relieve the crowd of their hostilities so that when the buzzer goes off for the last time, everyone leaves feeling better and ready for what comes, come hail or high water, until the next session where they will do it all over again. Other specialists charge up to $75 an hour for their expertise but these charitable peace mongers ask for very little. And look at the good that herding into the therapeutic environ- they do. Think of the domestic violence, road rage and thrown ment known as a high school footwrenches avoided because of these ball game. In that arena, teachers, preachers, generous people. Where they should net a couple hundred thousand beparents, farmers and the like all gather in unity with their day to day tween them in fees for an average pressures only a microsecond away game, these generous people share from being expelled, piece by piece their gift, I’m sure, just for the satisfaction of the good they are doing. They receive little thanks and are fine with that. But that changes toby Charley Norton day! For today, I want to express all of our most sincerest thanks and apin two hours of controlled combat preciation to the men in stripes done by young warriors who are (women too) and I ask that we all probably not near as worked up as reach out and hug a ref, because they the ones who are watching them. have feelings too and I’m sure they And with any group session, a need it. therapist must be in attendance. These therapist, dressed in striped Charley is a co-owner of Norton’s attire so they can easily be identified, Flooring with his brother, Tom. The masterfully work the frustrations company was started in 1976 by his from the group, sometimes by just mother and father. Norton’s Flooring listening and other times by coaxing product are in countless homes on out the groups true feelings by peLake Wedowee and nalizing the team of their choice unthroughout the county.

Charley’s Treasures

Friday Night Life 2011  

Published by Neighborhood Publishing Friday Night Life is a High School Football preview for Clay & Randolph Counties in Eastern Alabama.