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April 2013 Vol. 6 No. 2

Table of Contents Special Features 14. News to Know Lake Wedowee Summer Jam Returns Memorial Day Weekend 18. Guide to Lake Wedowee Have Fun But Safety First 22. Guide to Lake Wedowee Alcohol and Boating...What you need to know. 26. News to Know Lake Wedowee Property Owners Association Provides Services 30. News to Know SIFAT Brings the World to Randolph County 32. Guide to Lake Wedowee Thinking of Buying Lakefront Property 34. Guide to Lake Wedowee Lake Wedowee Life Model Search Winner Katelyn Kirby 40. Guide to Lake Wedowee Picture Perfect Summer 48. News to Know Two New Medical Facilities Set to Open in Area 52. Instagram Reader Submitted Photos 56. What’s Cooking Breaking Bread 64. News to Know Lake Wedowee Life Goes Mobile

In This Issue 8. Letter from the Editor 10. At a Glance 12. Charley’s Treasure 16. Hooked on Lake Wedowee 28. Lake Map 44. Creative Crafting 54. Where in the World is Lake Wedowee Life? 62. Southern Holiday Life Bonus

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Lake Wedowee Life

877.959.LAKE (5253) 18285 Highway 431  Wedowee, AL On the Cover Katelyn Kirby enjoyed a fun afternoon on Lake Wedowee for this cover shoot. She is the 2013 Lake Wedowee Life Model Search winner. To see more of the photo shoot see pages 34-38.

Lake Wedowee Life magazine is published six times a year and available around the Lake Wedowee area which includes Randolph and Clay Counties in Alabama as well as parts of West Georgia. All content in this publication is protected by United States copyright law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, or otherwise published without the prior written permission of Neighborhood Publishing. Š 2008-2013 Neighborhood Publishing

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Woodland Lady Cats Bring It Home Sibling rivalry is something an only child has no clue about... And it really is a shame. I am the middle child of three daughters and it doesn't matter what it is, one of us is better than the other two (even if it's in our own minds.) So I can only imagine the conversations, years from now between Trae, Courtney and Leah Strain. "Well I played for the state title in football for Woodland," Trae might say. "Yeah but you lost," Courtney and Leah would say in unison. "I still have the all time scoring record for the state of Alabama," Courtney would counter. "And how far did you get in the playoffs that year," Trae and Leah would snicker. The bickering would escalate because that is what happens between siblings at any age. But Leah, the youngest of Strain children, has the ultimate trump card at least for the foreseeable future. The Lady Cats defeated Prattville Christian 64-53 on March 1, and were led not only by baby sister but a host of her cousins too. With the win in Birmingham, Woodland welcomed home their first state champion team in any sport. All of the above is just a fun way to congratulate the Woodland Lady Cats Basketball team on a job well done, and I know without a doubt the Strain siblings are proud of each other and couldn't be happier for all that each has accomplished. These 16 girls, coached by Larry Strain, should be proud. An old basketball coach once told me that winning a state title took three things... talent, coaching and a little bit of luck. Well girls... All three aligned for you and no one can take that winning feeling away. So continue to enjoy the excitement and when you get the rings, celebrate again! Members of the 2013 State Champion Lady Cats team include: Leah Strain, Amy Strain, Shalyn Strain, Shanna Strain, Jaide Walker, Bailee Copeland, Paige Smith, Jordan Williamson, Ami Birchfield, Andre Bowen, Katelyn Sicotte, Laura Gembe, Jaycee Carter, Lauren Ware, Madison Story and Makayla Ford.

Way to Go Girls! Kelly Caldwell


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upcoming events April 6th Heroes in Motion Mile Walk Downtown Roanoke

May 11th Cardboard Boat Race Chimney Cove

April 13th Randolph County Fun Day RC High School

May 18th LWPOA Kid’s Fishing Derby Rice Pavilion

April 19th & 20th Yamaha Demo Days Wedowee Marine

May 18th RCLC Bike Hike Rec Center in Roanoke

April 27th Master Gardener’s Plant Sale Kiwanis Park Wedowee

May 24th Friday Night Bingo Begins Lakeside Market & Grill

May 4th Tanner Open House Tanner East Alabama

May 25th Lake Wedowee Summer Jam Chimney Cove

May 10th & 11th Yamaha Demo Days Wedowee Marine

May 26th Worship on the Water Begins The Pines at Lakeside

May 10th Bike Hike Warm Up Eagle 102.7

To get more information about upcoming events visit and click on ‘Events’.

lake wedowee in your words As a weekend resident Lake Wedowee Life is my go to for everything happening on the lake ! Bingo, parades, local merchants and festivals we don't miss a thing! -Jerrie Waits Lake Wedowee Life keeps me informed on the happenings when I'm not able to be on the lake! Love my Wedowee home and Lake Wedowee Life magazine! Thanks for all you do for the community! -Veronica Bailey I love Lake Wedowee Life because I live in Georgia and cant always get to Wedowee. The magazine keeps me up to date on happenings and lets me daydream of the lake life while looking at the photos. -Michelle Holloway

Lake Wedowee Fishing Advice By Brian Morris, Fishing Guide Spring is here, its warming up, and so are the fish here on our beautiful Lake Wedowee! April fishing can be bitter sweet. In April the fish will be on their beds producing more of those green back fish that we love to chase around. But...when they come of the bed (late April) hold on! They will go into a feeding frenzy fattening back up from all their hard work of producing us more fish. Here is a little advice... Get out there early in the morning before daylight and start fishing points that are off spawning pockets. Throw Top water baits like a

Diggin’ In The Dirt

shad color pop R or a top water walking bait. If that is not working get below the surface with a shad color 2 to 5 ft running crank bait. Also you can catch fish this time of year on points and mouths of pockets on finesse worms and Carolina rigs with of course something in (green pumpkin color) hint hint.... Crappie should already be spawn out, keep a good close look on your electronics they will be heading out of the pockets to the main river channel, when you start seeing fish around 8 to 12 ft start trolling 1/16oz crappie jig in black/blue or green chartruse. Cast to all timber or wood that you can find and I bet you will have a boat full of em!!!! God bless and good fishing!!!

their fair share of water and nutrients. Most gardeners would much Try to walk through your garden rather be outside working in the every day that you can, not only to garden than inside doing houseadmire blossoms that have opened work. Gardening also requires that day or to harvest any ripe some housekeeping, but vegetables, but also to keep plant lovers generally an eye on the overall don’t mind being outhealth of your plants. This side fussing with their way you can identify and plants. deal with any problems Garden housekeeping is immediately and not give done for two reasons. diseases or pests the Keeping the garden neat chance to become estaband clean is done to lished. Carry a pruning maintain the aesthetics of the gar- shears with you whenever you’re den, and also to maintain the in the garden and deadhead any health of the plants in the garden. faded flowers, especially on your Keeping the garden free of weeds annual flowers. Deadheading simis a simple step that will improve ply involves removing flowers that both the beauty and health of any have already bloomed and are no garden. After all, it’s difficult to longer attractive. For many annuenjoy your beautiful flowers if als, this will encourage more they are hidden amongst weeds. blooms. Weeds also attract and harbor Garden housekeeping is an imporplant diseases and insect pests, tant step towards a healthy and both which will happily spread to bountiful garden. It does require a your garden plants. Not only that, little effort, but garden housekeepweeds will also compete with your ing is still more fun than vacuumdesirable plants, using more than ing and dusting in the house.

What’s New? Pineywoods Restaurant reopened. SOS Cleaners in Roanoke has opened. New restaurant coming to old Little River Steakhouse location. Pop’s Landing has a new owner. Lake Wedowee Life has a new contributor: Tracy Carpenter. Alabama Boat Registration is now available online at If you know of something new that is happening please let us know! Send your “What’s New” to us at

Going off Autopilot I call it running on autopilot and it is pretty much what I do all Winter. I’m aware and function but with a slight glazing over the eyes. But as time gets closer to the Spring and then the Summer, an awakening stirs inside me and I feel the senses that were in partial hibernation come back to life. There coming back because they know the time is near. In fact, the time is here. Time to blow the leaves off the mistreated skis and charge the batteries. Time to break out the cushions for the porch furniture and dust the life vests off that were stuffed in the closet under the staircase. The feeling is coming back to my fun factor and it feels good, no, it feels great! Work never ends and thank goodness for that. But even though I work in the Spring and Summer, even moreso than I do in the Winter, the excitement of what I can do before and after work far outweighs any dread of more stress and labor. I am ready for the sweet, wet relief of the water and everything else that can be done that couldn‘t be done in the Winter. And as the dullness of the bland Winter sky fades away, so does the glaze over my eyes as I switch off autopilot. I’m ready now. I’m ready to put the ski in the water, press the throttle all the way allowing the wind to make my hair look stupid. I want to jump a fat pontoon boats wake and do donuts until I‘m dizzy. I want to 12 lake wedowee life

same melting pot of those that love the lake. We love it for the release, the separation from what is real and what is sane and it‘s the sanity that brings us back year after year. I do what I do to do what I love, not do what I do because I love it and that is the way that most of us are and there is nothing wrong with that. This place that’s hardly known a hundred miles from here means everything to us and a part of me wishes it could stay that way but it won’t and it can’t because there are so many out there that need a little time in the Oasis and it’s only fair that we share a little sanity where sanity is needed. Let them feast on the unsavory bowl of numbers and deadlines but come here for desert. Here where a rebel yell isn’t a war cry but an expression of joy when the demons of Winter are expelled and it can be heard from the winding waterway of the Wedowee Creek to the bluffs on the Little River. So to Al. Power, I say. “Tell your Dam people to close those gates and fill our lake back up!” And also, thanks for choosing us so long ago for this awesome lake.

hit the swing at 48 bridge, Wedowee creek and the hidden one near the dam and I want to jump off the rock and I want to do it right now. I want to camp on the peninsula again and throw some jugs out and then go look for them in the morning right after I see another awesome sunrise come up over Shiland Island. I want to look for new stashes of Geocache on the lake and I want to see the new houses that were built in my absence. I want the heat of the air, the cool of the water and feel the angry waves pound against the bow of my tattered ski as it gives less than it’s all before it dies, reliably, at which time I endure another “tow of shame” back to the dock where the undeserving ski goes home for another round of redneck surgery. It is all that is me, and the one’s that roll with me and we wouldn’t have it any other way. It is the essence of Summer and there isn’t a Charley Norton is the co-owner redneck like me that would disagree of Norton’s Flooring with his that it is only the void between seabrother Tom. The company was sons that separates the “have alls” founded by his parents more than 35 and the “have what we needs” beyears ago. cause in the end we are all in the Illustration by Tom Scott.

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Lake Wedowee Summer Jam returns Put on featuring your dancing Barry shoes as Lake Waldrep Wedowee also returns Summer Jam for the 2013 returns for its show. second year "We heard May 25th at so many Chimney positive Cove. things about "We are Sol Junky really excited last year about this that we year's really lineup," Doug wanted Williams, them to owner of WM come back Grocery and so more one of the people event's organcould hear izers, said. "It them," Wilis an eclectic liams said. mix of original Wet Willie Band will be headlining this year’s Lake Wedowee Summer Jam on May The gates will music that we 25th at Chimney Cove. open 5 p.m. hope the peoand the show ple of the area will enjoy." was unbelievable. I knew I wanted will begin at 7 p.m. The tickets will Headlining the event this year is to play on that stage this year." be $15 and can be purchased in adthe Wet Willie Band, a group that Moon's singing and songwriting vance beginning May 1 at WM has been entertaining the masses Grocery. style is hardcore honky tonk acfor more than 40 years. According cording to his website and he has "This year we are giving the to the band's website, the group's proceeds to Brown Bag Buddies spent the last several years buildsound is "a potent blend of high ing a very loyal fan base in East again and this event would not be energy R&B, downhome soul, Alabama. Recently Moon played at possible without the support of our greasy blues rock and gospel harthe Historic Talladega Theatre for sponsors and vendors," Kelly Caldmonies." his CD release party to a crowd of well, one of the event organizers, Wet Willie Band made a name said. "We learned last year, it really more than 500. for themselves in the 1970s with takes a village to pull something Lake Wedowee Summer Jam hits "Keep on Smilin'" "Street Cor- also welcomes back three groups like this together and we hope the ner Serenade" and "Countryside of that performed last year including community comes out in support Life" which the group Alabama Flatt Lonesome, a bluegrass group again this year." later covered. that just released their debut cd in For more information including Another new addition to this January and Paris Luna, a rocker sponsorship opportunities on Lake Weyear's lineup is local favorite Kevin that won Georgia Music Awards dowee Summer Jam, please visit Moon. Best Rock Female 2012 and or "We did a live remote for Alaleased a new cd "Between the like us at facebama 100.7 at Summer Jam last Ditches" in early 2013. year," Moon said, "And the energy Last year's headliner Sol Junky 14 lake wedowee life

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Good Fishing...Depends on how the wind is blowing One thing you'll notice if you hang out with bass fishermen long enough is that they are weird about sharing all the details of their success when they have a good day on the lake. If you walk up to one of their boats in the parking lot, most of the time the fishing rods are put up so you can't see what their using. Some of them will even put bogus lures out just to mislead you….snd we all know the reputation for stretching the truth that fishermen have. I can't even get a straight answer from Barry Popham our marine patrol on Lake Wedowee. I ran into him one day on the lake while I was fishing. He said “Do you want to know where the fish are?” I said, “Yes that would help.” He said “They’re in the lake.” Then he said “No seriously I can tell you where their catching them.” He had my attention again. “They’re catching them in the mouth.” I had to laugh, because he had the ticket book in his pocket, but I was thinking what a "comedian”. 16 lake wedowee life

So I decided to go to the school of hard knocks. You know…. where you learn from experience. While going to school I noticed the signs that fishermen were putting out while fishing without even no-

Hooked on Lake Wedowee by Bonny & Wendell Huddleston ticing. They were everywhere. When you look out across the lake and everywhere you look there is a boat on every point but no boats back in the pockets. You know that people are fishing the points, all you have to do is figure out what the fish want for lunch. Sometimes that’s easy to figure out also. You can tell the difference between a fast and slow retrieve from a long way off, and some-

times even the color of the lure. The other day I was pulling into the shop and noticed four different boats at the store next door buying minnows. Later on that morning I counted seven boats in sight of the shop crappie fishing with so many poles out I don't know how they kept them from tangling, but I saw several of them catch fish. That tells me that if I had been off work I might have caught some crappie on minnows. Another thing I learned, the old saying "wind from east fish bite least and wind from the west fish bite best" holds true. When I look at the big flag in front of Lakeside I see which way the wind is coming from. When I see a westward wind and an overcast sky I get excited for everybody on our beautiful lake that is wetting a line. So the next time you are on Lake Wedowee look for the signs, after all people pay more attention to what you do than to what you say. So without saying a word the bass fishers are telling you all their secrets. Enjoy the lake ya'll.

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Have Fun But...Safety First There’s nothing better than enjoying a nice, relaxing day on Lake Wedowee. You may want to go fishing, tubing, or even paddling on our gorgeous lake. We all like to have fun but please keep in mind the following tips to ensure your day on Lake Wedowee is fun but safe too. Having a great time doesn’t necessarily require a fast boat, just some common sense. While tubing, skiing, wakeboarding follow these guidelines: Always wear a properly fitted Coast Guard-approved life jacket for any tow sport activity. Select one that won’t ride up over your head and that provides adequate impact protection if you take a spill. Check your equipment carefully for wear and tear before use. Replace and discard components that show signs of deterioration. Check out the area where you’ll be participating in tow sports ahead of time. Do not operate in shallow water, near the shoreline, or near docks, pilings, swimmers, and other watercraft. Always turn off your engine when a rider is entering or exiting the water. Besides the danger of a moving propeller, a boat’s exhaust can produce carbon monoxide, a colorless and odorless gas that can be deadly. Remember that a rider has no control of the boat or its speed, so be sure to go over hand signals with the rider before he or she gets in the water. This way, a 18 lake wedowee life

rider can communicate if they wish to turn, slow down, or stop. For inflatable tubes and similar devices that allow for multiple riders, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on weight limit and maximum towing speed. Although it is not required by law if using mirrors, a spotter is always the safest way to pull a rider. Your spotter should have constant visual contact with the rider and relay information to the boat operator.

The driver should always look ahead and be mindful of other waterway users. Use caution when crossing a wake or operating near other boats, docks, or the shore. Always ski or ride within your limits. Operate or participate with control and at speeds appropriate for your ability. When possible, rinse your equipment with fresh water to keep it lasting longer, and coil your tow rope to prevent permanent kinks. (continued on page 20)

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While kayaking, canoeing or paddling follow these safety tips Always wear a life jacket (PFD), and know how to swim in a river current. Never paddle alone. Bring along at least one other boater. When canoeing, two canoes with two canoeists each are recommended. Three crafts with two paddlers each are even better. If unfamiliar with the waterway, paddle with someone who is knowledgeable about it. Never overload the craft. Tie down gear, and distribute weight evenly. Maintain a low center of gravity and three points of contact. Keep your weight balanced over the center of the craft. Standing up or moving around in a small craft can cause it to capsize—a leading cause of fatalities among paddlers.

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Stay alert at all times; and be aware of your surroundings, including nearby powerboats. Be prepared to react when dangerous situations arise. Practice re-boarding your craft in the water with the help of a companion. Dress properly for the weather and type of boating.

Map a general route and timetable when embarking on a long trip. Arrange for your vehicles to be shuttled to the takeout point. Know the weather conditions before you head out. While paddling, watch the weather and stay close to shore. Head for shore if the waves increase.

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Alcohol and Boating… What you need to know Lake Wedowee Life will be exploring different aspects of how voting to legalize the sale of alcohol has impacted Randolph County. This is the second in a three part series. When the citizens of Randolph County voted to legalize alcohol sales in November, one of the first questions asked by seasonal visitors to Lake Wedowee was what does this mean to us on the lake this summer? Well it changes things. A person boating on a body of water in a dry county is not permitted to have alcohol on board the vessel. Not to say that it didn't happen on Lake Wedowee... "I am not sure that it is going to change a whole lot," Barry Popham, Alabama Marine Police Officer, said. "Even though this will be the first summer you can buy alcohol in Randolph County, it certainly has been on Lake Wedowee before now." Now that Randolph County has changed its status concerning alcohol, what is legal on Lake Wedowee has changed as well. "I thought the law was the same on a boat as it is for a vehicle on the 22 lake wedowee life

hol in his or her blood of 0.08% or more or • Is under the influence of: Alcohol, any controlled substance or drugs or • Any combination of alcohol, controlled substances or drugs or • Any substance which impairs the operator's mental or physical faculties. Alabama law establishes the road," Randolph County Sheriff following penalties for those arDavid Cofield said. "But, its not. rested and convicted of boating There is no open container law for vessels on waterways like there is under the influence: On the first offense, a fine from for vehicles on roadways." $600 up to $2,100 and/or sentence of one year in jail, and suspension of his or her operator's certificaStory by Kelly Caldwell tion/license for 90 days On the second offense, a fine Photo by Clayton Parker from $1,100 up to $5,100 and/or So in other words, you can have sentence of up to one year in jail with a mandatory sentence of not alcohol on your boat, but law enforcement does encourage using a less than 5 days or community serdesignated driver because boating vice for not less than 30 days, and suspension of his or her operator's under the influence is treated just certification for one year as seriously as driving under the On the third offense, a fine from influence. Specifically, it is illegal to be in physical control of any ves- $2,100 up to $10,100 and/or sensel (including personal watercraft), tence of up to 1 year in jail with a water skis, or any similar device if mandatory sentence of not less than 60 days, and suspension of his the operator: • Has a concentration of alco- or her operator's certification for

News to Know

three years. Anyone over the age of 21 convicted of BUI who has a child under the age of 14 present in the vessel at the time of the offense shall be sentenced to double the minimum punishment that the person would have received if the child had not been present on the vessel Boating under the influence also applies to skiers or anyone being towed behind the vessel. "Yes I have arrested people for BUI while skiing," Popham said. "Mixing alcohol and skiing is asking for trouble. You take more risks when you are impaired and while accidents happen, alcohol is a factor in most cases." Sheriff Cofield and Officer Popham are both interested to see how the change in law effects Lake Wedowee.

"We know alcohol has always been on this lake, but the ease of access could make for an interesting season," Cofield said. "But, it could not have a discernible impact. "So far with the legal availability of alcohol in Randolph County, we have not noticed an increase in DUI arrests here." Consider these alternatives to using alcohol while afloat: Take along a variety of cool drinks, such as sodas, water, iced tea, lemonade or non-alcoholic beer. Bring plenty of food and snacks. Wear clothes that will help keep you and your passengers cool. Plan to limit your trip to a reasonable time to avoid fatigue. Remember that it's common to become tired more quickly on the water. If you want to make alcohol part of your day's entertainment, plan

to have a party ashore at the dock, in a picnic area, at a boating club, or in your backyard‌. Choose a location where you'll have time between the fun and getting back into your car or boat. If you dock somewhere for lunch or dinner and drink alcohol with your meal, wait a reasonable time (estimated at a minimum of an hour per drink) before operating your boat. Having no alcohol while aboard is the safest way to enjoy the water — intoxicated passengers are also at risk of injury and falls overboard. Spread the word on the dangers of BUI. Many recreational boaters forget that a boat is a vehicle - and that safe operation is a legal and personal responsibility.

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LWPOA provides needed services on lake Do you recognize the acronym LWPOA? The Lake Wedowee Property Owners’ Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making Lake Wedowee a safe, clean and pleasant place to live and visit. Are you a member? If not, we would like for you to join us in our endeavor. All of our activities are made possible through our membership dues and many volunteer hours. Some of the activities the Association is involved in include: The LWPOA sent representatives to all meetings to protect the interests of the membership in the time of the water wars with Georgia and Florida and with the relicensing of Lake Martin, with its potential for affecting the water flow within our lake. As well as all meetings concerning watershed management and public and governmental affairs related to Lake Wedowee The LWPOA works closely with the Upper Tallapoosa Clean Water Partnership to educate land users, and identify and correct instances where runoff from unimproved roads and property carry silt into the lake. The LWPOA works closely with the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) and the Alabama Water Watch (AWW) at Auburn University to constantly

26 lake wedowee life

monitor the water through the network of Alabama waters of which LWPOA is an important part. The LWPOA has several water testers throughout the length of the lake that take monthly readings to monitor water quality of the lake. The LWPOA installed mile markers and creek signs to aid boaters in their navigation and provide a location reference for those experiencing trouble or emergencies on the water.

News to Know Story by Jim McAlear The LWPOA sponsors a lake clean up every year where volunteers systematically travel the lake in the fall at low water to clean debris out of coves and the shore. The past two years the LWPOA has collected and placed in the lake Christmas Tress for our Fish Habitat areas, you can visit the Alabama Power web site for gps locations. The LWPOA in a joint effort with the Randolph County Chamber of Commerce, Alabama Power and Alabama Tourism Department have created a birding trail adjacent to the Fox Creek Boat Ramp off of west highway 48. The LWPOA sponsors a Kid’s Fishing Day. The association fur-

nishes 1,200 pounds of pond raised catfish. The fish are placed in Lake Wedowee in the area of Rice Pavilion, where the activities take place. Admission is free. Kids under the age of 16 are eligible to participate in the activities, including winning prizes for accurate casting and catching the biggest fish. LWPOA provides hot dogs and soft drinks during the day and has drawings for door prizes. The LWPOA sponsors a picnic free to members and their immediate family that provides us with a great opportunity to enjoy our beautiful lake. The highlight of the evening is a large fireworks display. The LWPOA publishes a Membership Directory with up-to-date phone numbers and address lists of all members as well as other info about our organization. The LWPOA has quarterly member meetings where we can hear from interesting speakers on topics that affect us as lake owners. When necessary, the LWPOA helps support any mosquito spraying program throughout the lake area. As you can see, the opportunities are limitless. But we need members and volunteers to accomplish all this. To join, just print and complete the form from our website and mail it in, along with a check for $30.

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SIFAT brings the world to Randolph County God’s love WOW! The boats through service, keep coming, pulling education and up to dock under the personal involvepines along the shorement with a line of Lake Wedowee. needy world by The slogan “Come by bridging the First boat, come by car, come and Two-thirds as you are!” is well Worlds to learn known. SIFAT hosts from one another local ministers and singand encourage ing groups for Worship each other. on the Water (WOW) Locally, SIFAT each Sunday from Meoffers retreats for morial Day through all ages and Labor Day at Lakeside weeklong youth Marina. SIFAT has various appropriate technology water pumps installed experiences each Randolph County’s in Mad Indian Creek, which feeds into Lake Wedowee, to teach summer through SIFAT, a nonprofit, inleaders from communities where there are no electricity Learn & Serve. terdenominational, or diesel pumps. At one time, SIFAT used this gabion dam of SIFAT opens a Christian training center rock- filled wire baskets to create a waterfall to pump water with a hydraulic ram. window on the was founded four years world for Ameribefore Lake Wedowee cans through its Global Village, came to be. When the lake’s backdried leaves from plants such as showcasing simulated housing water came up to within sight of the kudzu to foods like cakes, pastas or back of SIFAT’s 176-acre property, soup to ensure their children have a from Africa, Asia and South Amereveryone was excited. Begun in balanced diet. Other classes include ica. The Urban Slum features realistic dwellings used in overnight 1979 to provide training for church microenterprise and health. retreats and the annual 48: A Slum and community leaders of some of Experience, when high school and the poorest places in our world, SIcollege students spend 48 hours FAT emphasizes holistic commuStory by Sarah Corson and learning about life in such poverty nity development using appropriate Marie Lanier stricken neighborhoods. Campus technologies as tools. facilities are also open for rentals. Village and church leaders from Visiting SIFAT is like traveling more than 85 countries have come Both Randolph County resiaround the world, without leaving to study at SIFAT in the last 34 dents and lake visitors have joined Randolph County. Many have said years, and our local friends often graduates of SIFAT’s training on that SIFAT is Randolph County’s take them on boat rides on the lake. short-term mission teams in develsecond biggest tourist attracThese leaders learn how to purify oping countries throughout the tion…second only to Lake Weand pump water using appropriate world. SIFAT currently serves dowee. technologies, such as rope and alongside its graduates in Bolivia, Lake Wedowee brings visitors washer pumps or bicycle parts. Ecuador, Uganda and Zambia. to our area, and many of them find They learn to use solar energy to While in these countries, we can SIFAT. We welcome people to cook. Growing more food is high compare lake communities to our come for tours, participate in shorton their priority list and that inlake community! Lake Titicaca, term mission teams or join one of cludes technologies such as comLake Cuicocha and Lake Victoria our Learn & Serve retreats or posting, irrigation, learning of difare just a few that our team memcamps. For more information or to ferent highly nutritional plants. Stu- bers have visited. More than just contact SIFAT, please visit dents learn to make leaf protein con- being tourists, though, our teams centrate and can add powdered live the SIFAT mission of sharing

News to Know

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Thinking about buying lakefront property Do your research. Good grief, these days you can find anything on the internet. It is easy to find real estate listings, information about real estate agents and the local area just by doing a Google search. If you dig deep enough into such sites as Facebook you can even find out who is in a relationship and who is not. Not everything on the internet is true but you should find enough information to form some good opinions on whether you would like the area and if you find properties in within your budget. Find a real estate agent who is experienced, knowledgeable and has a boat! Lake property has different characteristics to consider than traditional homes and land and the average agent does not have this detailed knowledge or a boat. Choosing the right agent can save you time, effort and aggravation in finding the right lake property for the right price. Really the boat isn't a necessary tool but having an agent with a good understanding of living on and loving the lake is essential. Don't just show up on the

weekend and expect to view inside lots of houses. It is in your best interest to discuss your interest and price range with an agent before just showing up. From an agents point of view, it is very difficult to meet with a prospective buyer, find out what they are looking for and then make appointments with multiple listing agents or sellers on such short notice on the weekend. Do yourself and the agent a favor call and make an appointment. And if your plans change then be sure to let the agent know.

News to Know Story by Leisel Caldwell

offer. Everyone involved will thank you. When making an offer. Check the attitude at the door. It is not advisable to come to the negotiating table thinking you are going to beat the seller to a bloody pulp. Yes, the market has taken a tumble but a buyer does not need to assume the seller is in dire straits and will take any offer thrown at them. Insulting the seller with an unreasonably low offer and terms can certainly back fire on a buyer. When you make your offer there are some contingencies you should include, such as making it conditional on a satisfactory home inspection and/or an inspection of the land, ability to obtain financing and subject to a clear title to the property with adequate access.

Look into loans early. All I can say is... it ain't like it use to be. In the good ol days it seemed all you had to do was fog a mirror and you Leisel Caldwell has more than could get a loan. Not so now. If 30 years experience in real estate in you have not borrowed money in Randolph County and is the broker several years, check out your financing options before you go look of Bama Homes and Land as well as the general manager for Lake at real estate. And definitely get Wedowee Life magazine. pre-approved before making an

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Living If you get the opportunity to meet Miss Katelyn Kirby, you will quickly realize there is something special about her. She has a contagious, carefree smile that always seems to be present on her face, and she has plenty to smile about. “When I found out I was the Living the Lake Wedowee Life model Search winner my first thought was it was such a great opportunity and I was excited to represent Lake Wedowee.” Our model search judges were so impressed with Katelyn they unanimously picked her as the winner.

Model Search Story and Photos by Amanda Causey “I have grown up on Lake Wedowee and I am currently planning on getting a degree in college that I can use to keep our lake clean and help protect it. I would also like to assure that it stays as beautiful as it is now. ” Katelyn has recently been nominated to represent her school and community as a member of the National Young Leaders State Conference in Mobile, Alabama. “When I found out Katelyn won the Lake Wedowee Life Model Search I was so proud. I knew how much she wanted this and was proud of the fact that she was chosen out of all the other wonderful and qualified contestants. For my family, this meant that the rest of 36 lake wedowee life

Randolph County has noticed what we’ve known all along and that is Katelyn is a wonderfully talented and well-rounded young lady.” states Beth Adamson, Katelyn mother. “To be able to be her mother is such a blessing to me because I know I have raised a self-

motivated, well organized daughter who sets goals for herself and does everything she can to obtain those goals.” Katelyn truly embraces the Lake Wedowee lifestyle. Her model search entry biography speaks for itself.

My name is Katelyn Elizabeth Kirby and I’ve been living the Lake Wedowee Life for 12 years (my whole life). Every summer has been a new adventure, from swinging in my baby swing on the dock to actually being able to get in the water and swim. My mom said she always had to keep a very close eye on me because I loved to lean off the dock and look for “fishies”. When I was big enough to hold a rod I began fishing on the lake. Rides on the boat have always been my favorite thing to do, along with tubing. A new favorite lake activity of mine is kayaking with my family. The best part about kayaking is being able to look at all the plants and wildlife along the waters banks. Lake Wedowee is a huge part of my life and always will be! While my summers are spent on Lake Wedowee my school year is spent at Handley Middle School where I will be in the seventh grade. I am in many extracurricular activities including dancing at Roanoke Academy of Ballet, & cheering for the Junior Varsity Handley Middle School Tigers. I’m very active in many school clubs including, The Tiger Lilly Garden club, HMS Student Council, Faith Christian Students, Girls Engaged in Math and Science (GEMS), & Accelerated Reading. I am an honor student at HMS. After I graduate high school I plan to attend the University of Alabama and study biology and chemistry. I plan to use my knowledge to help benefit Lake Wedowee’s ecosystem in my future.“

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Katelyn’s parents are Michael & Beth Adamson and Mark Kirby. Special thank you to Lakeside Market & Grill and to David Marlow (aka ‘Pop’ Katelyn’s Grandfather) for allowing us to use his boat. Our next ‘Living the Lake Wedowee Life’ model search contest will be announced in the upcoming May issue. Like us on Fabcebook or sign up for our digital newsletter to get updates on this contest as well as others.

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Picture Perfect Summer Warm, sunny days and summer vacations seem to encourage everyone to get outside and take more photographs. Here are 3 tips for your summertime photography that will help keep your goal of awesome summer photographs in focus! Tip #1: Beware the harsh light. The very same sunshine that makes it great to be outside can actually be the worst light for your pictures. The bright, mid-day sun casts very harsh shadows. To avoid this, try to shoot during what photographers like to term the “golden hour:� the half hour before and after sunrise and sunset. The light is warmer (more yellow in color) at this time of day, and casts softer 40 lake wedowee life

shadows. If you are photographing people during the day, try to move them into the shade to avoid squinting eyes, and dark shadows on faces.

skies, blazing heat, and cornfields? Is summer a time to spend on Lake Wedowee with your family; fishing, swimming in the lake, and roasting marshmallows on the camp fire? Does it mean eating ice Tip #2: Make it personal. Phocream, soaking up the airtography is a form of communica- conditioning at the mall, and weartion. You want your images to tell ing flip flops? These activities can the story of summer, and how it all be turned into iconic images makes you feel. Think about what that capture the mood of summer. summer means to you, and strive The most important thing is for to capture that in your images. You you to make your images personal, will treasure your photographs and photograph the subjects that more if they tell the story of what represent summer for you. summer means to you. Does summer mean picnics, building sand Tip #3: Color it up! Each year, I castles at the beach, car rides with look forward to summer because it the top down, or playing Frisbee brings with it rich and saturated with the dog? Do you think of blue colors. Including strong, bright col-

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ors in your pictures already gives an indication that it’s summertime. In addition, the choice of which specific colors you include can help you tell your summer stories more effectively; color choice can determine the mood of the image. Warm colors bring to mind the warm temperatures we enjoy in summer. Using warm tones in your images, or a splash of vibrant red, orange or yellow, lends an impression of heat to your photograph. You can also make use of cool colors to create a feeling of refreshment. The trick is to use color so that it enhances your summer photographs. Get out there and enjoy Lake Wedowee this summer! If you snap some good shots email them to us at so that we can feature them in upcoming issues. These photographs were taken during our “Living the Lake Wedowee Life” cover shoot. All model search contestants were invited to participate. Our next model search contest will be announced in the May issue.

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Creative Crafting By: Amanda Causey

Driftwood Décor

Driftwood Mantle Piece Back before Christmas the ladies of Lake Wedowee Life (Leisel, Kelly and I) took a day trip to Scott’s Antique Market south of Atlanta where we met Dann Quinn from Chattanooga selling his one of a kind driftwood décor pieces. We talked to him for a good while about his pieces and told him a little about who we were and what we did. He then showed us how to make these mantle pieces we all liked. Beau and I collected driftwood all over Lake Wedowee. From Ketchepedrakee Creek all the way down to Fox Creek. Anywhere we saw a good collection along the lake bed we would pull over, slide on our rain boots, 44 lake wedowee life

and gather pieces that were unique. We now have a huge collection on the front porch that I have no clue how to use. Although my creation is nothing like Mr. Quinn’s (pictured below) it still looks pretty impressive in my entryway. For both crafts pictured I let the driftwood dry out, then I brushed it off with a broom or a small hand brush. I tossed around different ways I could make the driftwood from Lake Wedowee look a little less muddy, and in the end I used some grey paint watered down to give a white washed look. For the hanging photo holder pictured on the right I drilled holes through each piece and ran twine in the holes. For the mantle piece I selected the most interesting pieces I could find from our pile and started putting them together like a puzzle. I used a scrap piece of wood from another project for the base. Using a jigsaw, I flattened the end of each piece, then used a drill to get a hole started through the base and the driftwood. Then I secured it with a screw. I painted the edges of the base with white to give it a finished look. Get creative with yours and send us some photos if you make one! Visit us online for a link to see more of the amazing hand crafted driftwood by Dan Quinn.

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PLAN #1376 1,920 Square Feet with optional 1,051 square feet of bonus space Design by John Tee of Atlanta, GA  3 Bedrooms, 3 Full & 1 Half Baths  Ceiling heights: 9 feet first floor, 9 feet second floor  Crawlspace or basement foundation  Pricing category D

For more information: Call 1.866.772.3206 or Visit Call McKinney Builders, Inc. at (770) 527-7355 The exclusive Newnan-based member of the Southern Living Custom Builder Program Reprinted with permission of Southern Living, a division of Time Inc. Lifestyle Group

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Area welcomes two new medical facilities however, The on May medical 4th Tanlandner/East scape of Alabama Randolph will open County is its doors undergowith a ing drascommutic nity wide changes open with conhouse. struction "We are of two excited new faabout the cilities. things we The will have Tanner in WeHealth Tanner/East Alabama will open the doors on Primary Care of Wedowee May 4 and the dowee on System community is invited to tour the facility at the grand opening. May 4," and ReKelly H. gional Meigs, director of Marketing and Medical Center are both building Clinic, said. "I have toured the Public Relations for Tanner Health new facilities in the county which building twice and I know this will provide needed services for sounds crazy but I kind of felt like System, said. "We will have the the area as well as alleviate some of Dorothy going from the black and digital mammography truck and the congestion of the emergency white of Kansas to the full color of our air evac helicopter there. As room of Wedowee Hospital. Oz. It is so nice to have something well people in the community will Tanner/East Alabama is open- new that we can all be proud to call have the opportunity to meet our physicians and tour the facility." ing a primary care facility in Weours." In the beginning, the hours of dowee while Regional Medical the new facility will be from 8 a.m. Center is opening an urgent care to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday facility in Roanoke. Story by Kelly Caldwell When you have a lifeand 8 a.m. to noon on Saturday and Sunday. threatening situation, such as chest "We are planning on having adpain, or a sudden and severe pain, Tanner/East Alabama is a mulditional hours," Hines said. "We are the emergency room is the only tiphase project beginning with a doing a Southeastern United States option. If you went to an urgent two-story medical office building search for additional physicians to care clinic, they'd just send you on that will house Tanner Primary accommodate our needs. And then to the ER in an ambulance. But if Care of Wedowee, currently we hope to extend our hours to acyour condition is less serious, but known as the Wedowee Clinic. commodate the community's still requires immediate attention, "When finished, this will be a choosing an urgent care facility can state of the art facility," Bill Hines, needs." The second floor of the facility save you loads of time and money, executive director of Tanner Mediwill not be completed by the grand as well as keeping the emergency cal Group, said. "There is 8,000 opening on May 4th, but eventuroom free to handle more serious square feet dedicated to family ally it will offer more specialty sersituations. practice, urgent care and occupavices. "We are so excited to get in the tional health." "We have had some interest new building," Ricky Daniel, a The clinic will begin seeing panurse practitioner for the Wedowee tients at the new facility on May 6, from providers in the Randolph

News to Know

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What’s the Difference? When you have a life-threatening situation, such as chest pain, or a sudden and severe pain, the emergency department of the nearest hospital is the only option. If you went to an urgent care clinic, they'd just send you on to the ER in an ambulance. But if your condition is less serious, but still requires immediate attention, choosing an urgent care facility can save you loads of time and money, as well as keeping the emergency room free to handle more serious situations. If you have a sprained ankle, or an ear infection, you may end up waiting for many hours in the emergency room and paying hundreds of dollars. Most urgent care centers are open for extended hours, and will be able to accomodate you more quickly. When you need to go to the Emergency Room: If you have a serious condition - stroke, heart attack, severe bleeding, head injury or other major trauma - go straight to the nearest ER. Don't take a chance with anything life-threatening. The ER is the best place for these and other critical conditions, including: Chest pain Difficulty breathing Severe bleeding or head trauma Loss of consciousness Sudden loss of vision or blurred vision When an Urgent Care Center can better meet your needs: Minor burns or injuries Sprains and strains Coughs, colds, and sore throats Ear infections Allergic reactions (non life-threatening) Fever or flu-like symptoms Rash or other skin irritations Mild asthma Animal bites Broken Bones And when in doubt, call ahead. If the urgent care clinic in question can't accomodate your condition, they will advise you to go the nearest emergency facility. Remember, urgent care clinics are also a resource for flu shots, and physicals for sports or school. From the National Association of Ambulatory Care at lake wedowee life 49

RMC’s Roanoke Urgent Care Center is slated to open this summer. County area and the Carroll County area that specialize in urology, orthopedics, cardiology, general surgery and ENT," Hines said. "We think the patient population is going to give us the opportunity to provide a high level of service to the area." Tanner/East Alabama is located south of Wedowee at 1030 Main Street South (U.S. Highway 431). Regional Medical Center bought the Roanoke Rural Healthcare Clinic a few years ago but construction began in late 2012 on a new facility in northern part of town on U.S. Highway 431. "A couple of decades ago we changed our name to Regional Medical Center but in more recent history that regional mindset went dormant," James Lipscomb, Regional Medical Center's vice president of practice development, said. "A couple of years ago, we had a strategic planning meeting where we decided if we were going to be 'Regional Medical Center' then we needed to embrace it." Regional Medical Center began acquiring clinics and physicans private practices soon after the meet50 lake wedowee life

ing with Roanoke Rural Healthcare being the first. "Before Randolph County Medical Center closed, they reached out to the hospitals they had relationships with (East Alabama Medical Center, Tanner Health System and Regional Medical Center)," Lipscomb said. "We got called in really late in the game, but they had the clinic that was viable. We acquired the assets of the clinic and pretty quickly after that we acquired Dr. Russell Petersons practice and in the last year we acquired Dr. Mel Holmes practice." Since Randolph County Medical Center closed its doors in March of 2011, Regional Medical Center has acquired clinics in Roanoke, Talladega, Alexandria and Jacksonville. "We are trying to develop clinics in Piedmont and Ashland as well," Lipscomb said. Roanoke's urgent care facility is slated to open this summer with extended hours compared to current clinic's operation. "We will be open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday," Lipscomb said. "Then 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday and 1 p.m. to 6

p.m. on Sunday. "That's what we will start with, but if there is more demand there will be added hours," he said. "We feel this will accommodate most of our patients." Regional Medical Center plans to relocate the staff of the rural healthcare clinic to the new facility as well as Dr. Holmes practice. "We are also in the process of recruiting a new physician to the area as well," Lipscomb said. " We are bringing to Roanoke the possibility of having seven day a week access to medical care on a urgent basis," he said. "We will take some appointments in the same clinic but we are looking to be open 7 days a week and offering a more advanced level of diagnostic capabilities. We will have a cat scan and be able to do ultra sound. We will have fairly complex lab arrangement. People will be able to get same day results and in some cases same hour results. A lot of routine lab work that currently takes a while to get back." The Urgent Care facility is slated to open this summer in Roanoke.

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Instagram is a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. The following photos were tagged #Wedowee or #LakeWedowee and are used with the consent of the photograph owner. Download the free app today & join in the fun!

Kristen Watkins @kris10watkins

Bree Robinson @brianarob

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North Carter @king_carter_iv

Tyler Bardford @tylerrb123

Nikita Thareja @n_thareja

Charity Draper @cdraper06

(Left) Mary Ann Engstrom submitted this awesome shot of Lake Wedowee. (Right) Stephanie Roberts submitted this photo of kayaks along the winter banks of Lake Wedowee.

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(Clockwise from Top) Evan, Nic, and Alex Katherine Griffith took Lake Wedowee Life to Paris with their parents, Laurie & Tony; Audette Waldrep and Jerry Pittman travelled to Nassau Bahamas with our 4th Anniversary issue; Crissy Causey took our 5th Anniversary issue to Tybee Island, Ga; Christine Hardin and Joann Strain took along a copy of LWL when they participated in the Dirty Girl 5K Mud Run in support of Breast Cancer held at the Talladega International Speedway. If you travel, be sure to take Lake Wedowee Life along with you. Take a picture at a landmark and send it back to us at Please be sure to tell us where you are and who is with you!! Thanks and Happy Travels!

(Left) Robin Burton submitted this photo of her 19 moth old grandson Westen Burton. “He thoroughly loved this cover. He still digs this book out and sits down to look at it.” Westen’s parents are Tyler and Stephanie Burton and his grandparents are Doug and Robin Burton.

Please submit your reader’s photos to us at Please be sure to let us know who is in the photo and your name. 54 lake wedowee life

Morning sun

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Breaking Bread! A sandwich seems to be a go to choice when you are in a hurry or there is nothing really appetizing in the fridge to cook. However, there are tons of recipe books dedicated to sandwiches and cooking shows as well. Over the years people have altered and created amazing recipes that seem turn into culinary masterpieces. Here in the Lake Wedowee Life kitchen a sandwich seems to show up several times a week for lunch, so we decided to share some of our favorite recipes with you. If you decide to make one of our creations take a photo and send it to us so we can share! We hope you enjoy!

Redneck Reuben By Mary Lee Caldwell There was a deli in Troy that featured the Redneck Rueben and I knew it was awesome after one bite. I added bacon when I made it for the Lake Wedowee Life crew because let’s face it‌ Everything is better with Bacon! This recipe is for one sandwich. Enjoy! 2 Slices of Sourdough bread 2 T of Thousand Island Salad Dressing 1 Slice of Provolone Cheese 2 Slices of Tomato 3 Slices of Cooked Bacon One Scoop of Coleslaw 4-6 Slices of Deli-Cut Turkey Toast bread. Spread salad dressing on both slices of bread. Layer one slice of bread with cheese, tomato, and bacon. Layer other side with coleslaw and turkey. Close sandwich, grab a napkin (you are going to need one) and enjoy!

Just Whatever Wraps By Leisel Caldwell One of our favorite lunch options and super low maintenance to cook are the Just Whatever Wraps. Throw some chicken in the crock-pot along with your favorite jar of salsa. Use around 4 pieces Let it cook on low for about 4 hours. Shred the chicken with a fork (should be falling apart ). We like to use spinach tortillas from WM Grocery, then we put whatever is in the fridge in our wraps. 56 lake wedowee life

Alabama White BBQ Sauce Why have I never heard of Alabama White Sauce? Someone suggested that I try it and WOW! It is amazing...and simple to make. I used chicken and my favorite yeast rolls I get from WM Grocery to make these yummy BBQ Chicken sliders. Here is the white sauce recipe: 2 cups mayonnaise ( I prefer Duke’s) 1 1/2 T salt 2 T black pepper 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar 1/3 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice 4 T white sugar Mix well in a large bowl. Refrigerate overnight.

Bacon, Egg & Cheese English Muffin By Amanda Causey These breakfast sandwiches are super easy to make and can be altered to your own recipe. My mama made these for the Causey kids all the time and now I make them for my family. 1 English Muffin Cut English Muffin in half and toast with 1 slice cheddar cheese cheese. Cook egg and bacon. Assemble sandBacon wich and enjoy.

Condiments By Amanda Causey You can’t have a sandwich without a little something to spread on them. I found a few condiments that sounded interesting and wanted to give them a try. All three of these are so easy and amazing! They will now become staples whenever I need a little something extra! Bloody Mary Ketchup Mix 3/4 cup ketchup, 1/4 cup horseradish, 2 teaspoons hot sauce, 1 teaspoon celery salt and 1/2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce. Roasted Garlic Mustard Wrap 8 cloves garlic in foil; roast 30 minutes at 400 degrees F. Squeeze the garlic out of its skin and puree with 1/2 cup Dijon mustard, 1/3 cup maple syrup, and salt and pepper. Basil Mayonnaise 1/2 cup mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons basil pesto (basil, olive oil and garlic)

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Strawberry Dessert Sandwich By Amanda Causey This is a super sweet treat that is easy to make. It’s always a favorite with the kids and adults with a sweet tooth. Glazed donuts 1 pound of strawberries, sliced 1/3 cup granulated sugar 1 T lime juice 1 cup whipped topping 1/4 cup powdered sugar 1/4 cup strawberry preserves Place strawberries, lime juice, and sugar in a bowl and mix to coat. Let sit in fridge for 2 hours. Using a mixer combine whipped topping powdered sugar and jam. Whip until stiff peaks start to form. Slice the donut in half‌like a bagel. Place the bottom down and add a dollop of the whipped cream. Then add some strawberries and top with the top part of the donut.

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Special Holiday Feature Photos by Amanda Causey

April Showers bring….cute little babies! that the correct saying? In this case it is. We decided for our Southern Holiday Life feature for this issue to show simple ways of decorating for a baby shower. For this feature we enlisted the help of Tracy Carpenter of Wedowee. We shared our inspiration 62 lake wedowee life

with her and she easily pulled it off. The simple white cupcakes with butter cream frosting were amazing! She also made the “baby rattles” out of marshmallows dipped in colored chocolate, the instructions on how to make those can be found in our feature from the February/March issue.

We used mason jars filled with lemonade and lime slices with a cute striped straw and cloud embellishment. Our tissue paper clouds are also really easy to make. To learn how, visit us online for free downloadable cloud embellishments, shower invitations and cloud instructions at

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Lake Wedowee Life goes mobile Half of local searches are now done on mobile devices. By 2014, mobile internet should overtake desktop usage. — Microsoft Lake Wedowee Life is excited to introduce our newest marketing concept to promote the businesses and events happening in the Lake Wedowee area. What's even cooler. Is that it can be in the palm of your hand if you are the owner of a smart phone or tablet. Yes, Lake Wedowee Life has gone mobile and our new mobile interface offers the smart phone and tablet users an easy to read and easy to navigate format of Lake Wedowee Life online. With this new product we are adding even more to our already established websites, we now have a Local Business Directory, Local Events Directory, Local Coupons/Sales Events and Contests. These directories will easily be found on the mobile site as well as the desktop site. A key feature of the mobile website is you don't have to remember anything new. All you do is type in one of our urls..... or

to the mobile site if you are on your phone or tablet and to the regular site if you are on the computer. Basic businesses listings and events are free to submit and be posted in the appropriate directories. Instructions for submitting your free business listings or events are on the homepage of our websites. We also offer enhanced listings with multiple pictures, videos, website links, business profiles and consumer friendly one click buttons for calling, emailing and Google map directions to your business. Enhanced listings also offer the ability to share your business listing, upcoming event, coupons or sales information on social media sites. An enhanced listing is a mini mobile friendly website and is within everyone's budget starting a $10.00 per month. We at Lake Wedowee Life know the struggles of small business and limited advertising by Leisel Caldwell budgets, and it is our mission to provide affordable and effective and advertising solutions for local you will automatically be directed businesses.

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Index of Advertisers A & E Metal Affordable Tire & Repair Alabama 100.7 Alabama Power AL/GA Rolloffs Bama Homes and Land Bank of Wedowee Benefield Funeral Home Boondocks Brian Morris Chad Lee, Attorney At Law Charles Thompson Construction Cheaha Realty Corson Tree Service D&S Marine Deep South Vinyl Docks Plus More Dr. Edwards Farmer’s Insurance First State Bank Gene and Ramonda Crouch Genesis Weight Loss Clinic Grady and Linda Stone GLL Marine

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Lake Wedowee Life's 2013 Guide to Lake Wedowee  

Lake Wedowee Life's April issue 'Guide to Lake Wedowee' features Model Search winner Katelyn Kirby, highlights services and events on Lake W...

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