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>> Principal’s Comments Kia ora tatou to our parents/caregivers and wider community Making a difference Our Term 2 2011 Newsletter shows once again what a wonderful time it is to be participating in secondary education. The opportunities available to our girls are overwhelming in their richness and breadth. What is exciting is seeing how many of these experiences are about our young women being encouraged to think of others. They are learning firsthand what they can be doing to make a difference. They are looking at living out their own values, and standing up for these. I hope anyone who suggests our youth don’t have a social conscience will be dissuaded from this view, by reading all our students are involved in, in this newsletter. To hear our Y11s who study Social Studies in a staff meeting and then at Assembly, speaking with such concern and passion about the global human rights issues they chose to take a stance about, and to view their advertisements, left one feeling we are privileged to be part of such young women’s development. It is stimulating to see how throughout various areas of the curriculum our students gain such experiences, actively challenging them to think about life globally and locally - and the contribution they can make. We also see it locally with our “M-Team”, our peer mediators. They are inspirational with their active contribution to our “zero tolerance to violence” ethos. They are part of us saying we must learn what we need to do to be part of a peaceful community and what we will do to ensure this is the case. I have been very impressed with the way such groups and others are stepping up – and saying “Enough is enough”. They are learning they can make a difference. Our Board of Trustees is marking our Centenary on Founders’ Day by establishing further recognition around Old Girls “making a difference” with a new award, the “Annie Cook Award”. This award is named after the first girl recorded on the original register of students attending Hamilton High School in 1911. An honours board is also to be erected with names of recipients and a photo displayed somewhere in the school, with relevant information on the person and the award. The Annie Cook award is to be presented to an “Old Girl who has made an outstanding contribution internationally or nationally, in an area of commerce, the arts, education, military, the professions, community service, public service, research, science and technology or sport”. “The award recognises Old Girls who have had the courage to take on significant challenges, shown integrity and constantly striven for excellence in their chosen field.” It is exciting to have something so significant to celebrate and reflect so closely with the values we cherish so much as a school today, and have done throughout our history. Our 2009-2012 strategic vision sees us wanting to ensure our graduates leave us as “self-sufficient, resilient” young women. Our inaugural recipient, Kate Dewes, is an outstanding example of someone who continues to make a real difference globally, someone we believe will very much inspire today’s students. Her history with the school is very special too, with all six sisters in her family attending our school. Kate was Head Girl in 1970. Her CV, in terms of peace activism globally is extensive and her current role, from 1998-2011, is as Director, Peace Foundation Disarmament & Security Centre, in Christchurch. Kate’s other talents include Music. This has seen her keep connections with her first Principal at HGHS, Lesley Anderson, who, now in her nineties, is our oldest living Principal. I am sure Lesley would agree with me that Kate has made a significant difference, one whose many strengths and qualities exemplify her as an Old Girl who is indeed an inspirational “wise woman shaping her own destiny”. Arohanui

Mary Ann Baxter Principal 2

>> The Arts Waikato Regional Barbershop Competition 2011 On the 13th of June around 40 of our girls attended the Young Women in Harmony regional barbershop competition at the Charlemont St Baptist Church. It was a wonderful day of barbershop singing. All our girls performed outstandingly and were a real credit to our school. All the hard work and effort really paid off. Our chorus the ‘Uptown Girls’ were absolutely fabulous and placed 2nd out of eight choruses in the Waikato, only one point behind the winning chorus! This placing automatically secured them a spot in the national competition which will be held in Wellington this August. Our three quartets also did extremely well. The ‘T-Birds’ placed 2nd out of twelve quartets and will also be competing at nationals next term. ‘Limitless’ placed 6th and ‘Fuschia’ 7th. Well done to all the girls who competed and good luck to everyone going to nationals in August. Also a big thank you to Mrs Dickinson for all her help and support and to our wonderful coach Lynn Jamieson who put so much time and effort into making our success possible

Tess Benseman


Gwyneth Hughes

Sesenieli Ucuna

Samantha Rickard

This is a painting that won a Prize at the Fusion art competition held at the Waikato Art Museum where Level 2 and 3 students are represented from the Waikato region.

Jessica Thompson ‘s winning Painting


Paint by level 2 Painting Student: entry in the Fusion Painting Competition held at the Waikato Art Museum

Kauthar Al-Bahar Level 2 Painting student

Level 2 painting students entry into the Fusion Art Competition at the Waikato Art Museum.

Vicheny Sim


>> English What is Black?

What is Purple?

Black is emptiness, An eternity of cast shadows. The night sky rising, Darkness falling – blinding. Silence seeping, Dispiriting, depressing, dull. Black is infinite, A bleak graveyard, Smoke soaring, The pupil in our eyes. Black is emotionless, Fierce; freakish fear. No sight, no sound; Only the touch of pale coldness, The touch of steel on my skin. Black is a nightmare, Not the start, but the end; Not the top, but the bottom. Not on but off. Half the colour of stripes on a Zebra. The clash of knives, The roar of thunder. The contrast of white. Black is a trail of ink across a blank page, Black is war, black is the enemy. Black represents death. The heavy step of a boot, Carefully creeping closer, Black should be feared. Vada Jamieson

Purple is a shade A lavender of hope A peaceful breeze Blowing through a mountain top A creek made Clare A guardian of care A cuddly teddy bear Icing and Cake The colour of Debate The colour of an aching bruise is purple And grapes are purple When you pick them off the vine Purple is the colour of an eclipsed sun Then the eclipsed sun is purple Rare Unique Purple is the colour of plums And blackberries The feeling when things Get scary Purple is the sound, Of a cat’s calk Purple is the sense That allows you to talk Purple is peaceful A hippies’ grove Relaxing, powerful and serene Purple sets a mood You can smell purple Where there is liberty To do what ever you will, Not where you’re in captivity.

Alyssa Hirawani

>> International Languages LANGUAGES DEPARTMENT

he Languages Department would like to congratulate Siobhan Reynolds, Lauren Nasmith and Alesha Roulston for their amazing effort in the recent month of May vocabulary competition. Siobhan amassed an amazing 13,000 points and won an iPod shuffle from the Language Perfect company for her efforts.

All senior language students have access to Language Perfect for a nominal fee. It is the most effective way of learning the prescribed vocabulary for NZQA Levels 1, 2 and 3 in French, Japanese, Spanish and Maori. We would strongly encourage students to use it at home, two or three times a week. Watch this space – we have big plans for the Vocabulary Olympics in September!


>> E-learning E-Learning

PE – showed how they use eportfolio use to share videos e.g. looking at training videos for Huntly Half Marathon. They are also looking to have students record themselves for evidence on progress with things like training programmes.

Girls’ High Day activities for staff Sharing work on a Pilot for ICT use in the classroom Recently the learning areas have been focusing on creating resources using elearning and many have used the time to create and develop moodle pages for students to access at home and at school. We are experiencing wonderful advances in elearning strategies being used across the curriculum. Some teachers shared their work with the staff as part of the Girls’ High Day on 7th June.

English – Ms Hunt talked about a book that is all the rage with students. Ms Raleigh talked about how they use mindmapping software (mind meister). This software was shown at a staff Wintec day in 2009. Arts – They have spent time unpacking what the curriculum says about e-learning. They are using video clips to focus on work they want their students to view.

Science – showed how they are using moodle to set homework and mark tests students. e.g. naming parts of the flower; forums with senior Biology students. Three teachers are marking student work online when it is posted in moodle.

Social Science – Ms Sayer shared the work being done to prepare students in Year 11 Social Studies for an NCEA assessment which uses media and social studies skills – using imovie with the students. Ms Maplesden shared the evidence she had from students accessing moodle pages to work on excellence level resources for an internal assessment. She commented that students who had accessed the moodle site had produced some quality responses in their assessment.

Languages – showed how they are using eportfolios for collecting evidence towards NCEA assessments. Ms Skandera shared what she is doing with her tutor group to collect evidence on the key competencies, interim reports and goals. Mathematics – showed junior and senior moodle sites where the teachers are collaborating. A lot of planning has gone into the setup of the sites. Students are seeking work on moodle to revise and also to access in computer labs in class time.

Technology – We viewed a video which the teachers have prepared as a resource for students to learn more about fabrics highlighting the different types and properties of fabrics.

Kathy Paterson

>> Mathematics Mathematics number of our Mathematics classes participated in the Census At Schools 2011 Survey earlier in the year. One of the questions was on whether they thought the All Blacks would win the World Cup. Many thought the AB’s would get in the final but would “choke” as in 2007 and lose. The story made the front page of the NZ Herald. It would be interesting to discuss this with our girls and find out what they voted! The original press release about the results:

You can read the story online: http:// id=4&objectid=10733478

Sandy K. Christophersen


>> Physical Education and sport Rugby: What a start to our season we have had. We have played 6 games, won 5 convincingly and drawn 1. With one more game to go before the play off we are hoping to secure ourselves a place in the semi finals. The girls have been work extremely hard training. We hope to better our results from last year where we were beaten in the final by just a couple of points. With some expert coaching from a NZ rugby rep the girls have been going from strength to strength. Many of the girls have only taken up the sport this season and have picked up the skills very well. Big hitters Olivia Ward-Duin and Ariana Carnachan have been dominating We took 14 students away to the forwards while year 9 Whakatane for a 6 hour Tenika Willison has been adventure race. The The girls got to running the backs well, teams competed over learn about the considering they are all an orienteering course, opportunities for followed by a mountain wheelchair sport and year 13s she has shown bike track and then off try a couple of them “guts” and determination out! to lead them from half the bikes and onto a back. The experienced run. The aim of the back line have been using their race was to complete as much touch skills to side step and out of the course as possible in the 6 pace their opposition with stand hour time frame. For many of the out performances from Shiray Tane girls it was the first time they have and Rivay O’Donnell. Good luck for done anything like this. After a few the rest of the season girls. Play wrong turns on the orienteering ‘HEARTY’ and dominate the field. course most of our teams got back to try and complete the mountain Parafed Waikato: bike leg. After 6 hours the teams had very tired legs but huge smiles on their faces. Congratulations to the following girls; Kendel de Beston, Nicole Kempthorne, Sarah and Kate Bryant, Hayley Finch, Hayley Frost, Jessica Martin, Erin Barter, Ashleigh Beech, Tegan Fyers, Roberta Wigelsworth, Eileish Hayes and Stephanie Our senior recreation PE classes had Hunia. We aim to train some of a visit from Parafed Waikato this these girls up to compete in the term. The girls got to learn about Hillary Challenge and the Get 2 Go the opportunities for wheelchair competitions later in the year. sport and try a couple of them out! Lynn Hodgkinson and Alex Ritchie Wheelchair Rugby and Basketball, made to look so easy by our visitors but found to be harder than it looks Adventure Racing


by the girls and PE teachers!! The day was lots of fun with many of our senior students taking the opportunity to learn a little more about wheelchair sport. Thanks to Parafed Waikato for the visit we look forward to seeing them again next year. 2APO This Term 2APO went to River City

Training and spent the day on the high ropes course. Everyone had a fantastic time and it helped to prepare for a belaying/climbing exam in exam week. The day started with a refreshing walk through town, then meeting at the centre by the river in their gym. The class had to pass a belaying test before they were allowed to go out to the ropes course. After morning tea Rob took the group out on to the high ropes where students were able to belay each other in different activities such as the monkey walk, the high pole (where some did press ups before they were lowered down!) The day finished with the trapeze which meant the girls had to climb a power pole and once at the top leap off to catch a trapeze. Overall it was a great day with everyone conquering their fear of heights!

Lynn Hodgkinson

>> Science Brain Bee Challenge

solution using, in this case, an acid base reaction. Much care and skill is required to carry this out and complete the necessary calculations successfully.

The Brain Bee Challenge is a test of knowledge about important facts concerning intelligence, memory, emotions, sensations, movement, stress, aging, sleep, Alzheimer’s disease and stroke. It has been created to inspire students to pursue careers in neuroscience research. Each year 11 students across New Zealand and Australia enter this challenge. In the first round of this years Brain Bee Challenge Kerrianne Lindsey obtained an outstanding score. This means that she will be going to the second round of the challenge at Auckland University on the 28th June. There she will compete against students from all over the North Island. Congratulations Kerrianne we wish you the very best for the next round of the challenge. Cheryl Dibley

NCEA Level 1 students working on their investigation during exam time.

Science Exams The term 2 exams were a very busy time for students and staff in the Science department.

Sets of gear required for the year 11 Science exam

A student carrying out a titration. Gail C. Bergman

The NCEA Level 1 Science students worked individually on an investigation about rates of reaction. During this exam students had to plan, carry out and report on their investigation. This required a huge amount of gear and a considerable amount of organisation to prepare and tidy up. Our extremely hard working technicians deserve many thanks for their work on this mammoth task. The exam for the Level 2 Chemistry students required them to carry out a procedure called a titration. This procedure is used to determine the concentration of a


Y12 Biology Y12 Biology students are currently carrying out an internal assessment to investigate the effect of temperature on the activity of the enzyme peroxidase. They are using broccoli and potato as a source of the enzyme and they are using peroxidase to break down hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water. Two Year 11 students practice making up dilutions for the Chemistry Internal Assessment Practical that they sat during the recent examinations.

Y12 biology students Gail C. Bergman

13 BIOLOGY On the 8th of June the Year 13 Biology and Science classes went to the University of Waikato for WEB day (Waikato Experience of Biology). We visited various lectures that were incredibly interesting about subjects such as human evolution, plant and animal responses and gene expression. We also all got to experience a hands on practical demonstrating how to remove DNA from kiwifruit and fill wells in a gel with a micropipette. We also got to see a gel electrophoresis machine used to sort DNA fragments into their various sizes that we were learning about during class time. Gel electrophoresis is a technique used by scientists involved with biotechnology. The day was a fun learning experience for all.

12 Applied science Class Mrs. Dyers Year 12 Applied Science class is studying electricity and has been working on the difference between series and parallel circuits, what the functions are of the many symbols used to make a circuit. They have done a practical in class and figured out themselves how to make a torch with only using a light bulb, two batteries, wire, tinfoil and cello tape.

Cinnamon Filipiak

Deanna Jordan

>> Social Studies 10MA The cool as 10 MA - SOS have been enthusiastically creating wonderful posters using Microsoft Publisher and Word to illustrate the principles of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. Then they checked out some websites about Not for Profit Organisations and created some ‘cool as’ ads which would be suitable for an NPO. As we have been looking at child labour we have been watching the movie 9

‘Slum Dog Millionaire’ which is based on the street children of Mumbai! We followed this up with a reading about Iqbal Masih’s story! Well done 10MA! You rock!

Janine McPake

Civics 13 Civics have been completing research on New Zealand’s last person, and only woman, hanged for murder; Minnie Dean. The class have been considering different perspectives of the story of Minnie Dean. Leah Smith created a Power Point as a starting point for class research;

‘Baby farming’ – by Leah Smith Charles and Minnie moved to a two bedroomed cottage named The Larches in the town of Winton. He became a labourer while she set herself up as a ‘baby farmer’ a practice relatively common in Victorian times where a person would look after unwanted, illegitimate children in return for a one-off or monthly payment. Over the course of two years two young babies died of natural causes while under Minnie’s care and a subsequent inquest found that The Larches was not suitable accommodation for children, albeit that they were well cared for. With the authorities now keeping an eye on her activities, Minnie became guarded of her work, advertising her services under false names. When another child in her care died, again of natural causes, she discreetly buried him in her garden. Disguising the Grave’ by Nelson artist Janice Gill, Minnie

has buried the babies’ bodies in her garden, under a sea of orange Montbretia plants. According to the artist no self-respecting Southlander would have the plant in their garden for fear of association afterwards.

Cathy O’Shea

Year 9

Dayna Manning and Maiken Petersen (9MA) with their cultural Identity t-shirt and bag they created for Year 9 Social Studies.

11 SOS Exciting new changes! Human Rights is the theme for the term for year 11 Social Studies. Year 11’s have found Human Rights abuses they are passionate about supporting.

Watch out Peter Jackson here come the new breed of film makers. Girls have been promoting their actions by creating Human Rights advertisements. Watch out for these in your assembly.

They have researched and planned activities to raise awareness within the school. Activities include, bake sales, petition writing, demonstrations and tree planting to name a few.

Jane Healy


>> Technology Digital Technology Rich Task Day On 26 May the Year 10 Digital Technology class spent their Rich Task Day creating Stop Motion Animations. The students had a great time creating different scenes for their animations and then photographing their scenes from the storyboards they had prepared before the day. They used a variety of materials, such as plasticine, pipe cleaners and coloured paper. Materials such as Lego and dolls were also brought from home to add to the scenes. There were some wonderfully creative topics and scenes prepared. Hundreds of photos were taken to create the one minute animations. The students enjoyed the day and did a wonderful job creating their stop motion animations.

Julie Capil

10 TEF BISCUIT DESIGN COMPETITION rich task day We used the Chocolate Enrobing Food Technology kit from Massey University. We learnt that pgpr lowers the thickness (viscosity) of the chocolate and makes it easier to flow.

Irma Cooke

SPEC Congratulations to Sarah Shamail and Annalise Barton on achieving their Shooting Star award. This is the first part of their NZQA approved Certificate in Mainstream Studies Level One Certificate.

>> Careers Careers Update ertiary Applications - Most tertiary applications for courses will open early August for enrolment, students need to be aware of the closing dates and additional requirements that applications may need. They can check this on the institutions website. Teaching and Nursing applications are open now as they both require references before the applications can be processed. Teaching interviews will begin in August so the students are encouraged to apply early. Halls of Residence - Those students considering study outside of Hamilton will need to apply for accommodation. These applications will also be available beginning of August during Term 3. A school confidential reference is 11

part of this application and students need to download this part of the application and return to the Careers Office.

Important Dates coming up (advertised on school website and through daily notices)

27 June Auckland University Engineering classroom visits.

Workchoice Day - A number of Yr12 and Yr13 students participated in the annual Workchoice Day this year. The two organizations that hosted our students were Sport Waikato and Gribbles Veterinary Pathology Lab. These days provide the opportunity for students to talk to people working in areas they may have an interest in and gain a greater understanding of a ‘day in the life of’.

29 June IRD presentation on claiming back tax for students. 1 July

Maori student career presentation by Waikato Uni, Wintec, Te Wananga

4 Aug

Studylink presentation on the process of applying for loans and allowances

Senior STAR courses - These short introductory courses are well under way for Yr11 – 13 students and begin for Yr10 during Term 3. A number of new courses were offered this year – Rock Band, Sound Engineering, Song Writing, Armed Services, Web Design, Tourism, Maori Art Design. The full list is available on the school website.

5 Aug

Auckland University course planning

6 Sept

Victoria University course planning

7 Sept

Waikato University course planning

Wendy Calder

Waikato Trades Academy We have two Yr11 students enrolled with the Waikato Trades Academy this year at Wintec. The students are studying towards a trades qualification in automotive engineering and mechanical engineering whilst still at school. They do this by attending two week block courses each term at the Wintec Avalon Dr campus. This is the first year of the academy and our students are doing well and enjoying the experience. Early in Term 3 we will be calling for interested Yr10 students for enrolment into the 2012 Academy. Students need to have a good school attendance record, be good time managers and a genuine interest in the field of engineering – automotive, mechanical or electrical. Please contact the school Careers Office if you would like more information.

Wendy Calder

Cath Lealand at Ooby Ryn

At Hamilton V8’s

his year I had the opportunity to work at the very stylish Ooby Ryn designer clothing boutique in Cambridge. I felt especially thankful as I am one of the first students not from Cambridge to experience the Gateway programme there. I had the great privilege of helping Robyn to create items for her latest season’s range of clothing. I learnt about all the hard work that is involved in running your own business, as well as the effort and love that is put into each item that reaches the shelves.

When 10 of our students were first invited by WINTEC to go behind the scenes at the Hamilton V8’s some of them wondered how this would benefit them. Wintec is a sponsor of the event and our students were able to have an exclusive behind the scenes tour of New Zealand’s largest annual sporting event. The tour included a pit lane walk where they met some well known drivers, a race control and media centre tour, garage viewing as the teams prepared for Friday’s racing, and a V8 Supersafe presentation.

I also got the chance to help design a pattern for a new item of clothing. Gateway helped me to gain hands-on experience that will help me in deciding what to pursue as my career.

Part of their day’s activities involved gathering information from various sectors of the events organisation and three of our students won prizes for the way they completed this task. Students soon realised what they were seeing, and that with a major event of this magnitude career interests expand beyond the cars themselves. Besides our Mechanical student, the interests of the remainder were well catered for through Event Management, Tourism, Catering and the Media.

Veronica Edwards At Kit Clews Barrister and Solicitor

This year I have been lucky enough to take part in our school’s Gateway programme not just once, but twice. The first time involved working with the film production company IndieFilm to create a music video for a local band, Dick Dynamite and the Doppelgangers.


Issue 26

July 2011

strive succeed achievement inspire celebrate pride traditions talent learn opportunities diversity whanau involve share communicate

Student Buzz our newsletter.


TALENT QUEST Talent Quest, where wise women shape their own destiny. Week 10 saw many great competitors compete in the heats in our school hall at lunchtimes. They were all magnificent but only the top moved through to the final round, held in our school hall on the 12th of April at 7.00pm. There were many great finalists that gave it their all, but only one could be the supreme winner, so here are the stats: First Place- Danielle Jones and Courtney Bell who blessed us with their beautiful rendition of Adele’s ‘Make You Feel My Love’ Second Place- Harmony Collins who showed us her crazily amazing dance skills Third Place- Dance Group who gave a highly enthusiastic and skilful performance AND Tess Benseman who tapped the night away Highly commended- Grace Kim who blew the crowd away with her beautiful violin solo The night was topped off by our guest acts; a performance by a selection of teachers who put together a fantastic dance, and by the members of the executive council whose dancing skills can only be described as AMAZING. On the behalf of the Cultural Committee I would like to thank each and every competitor, because without you, the show could not go on, you girls were extraordinary. If you’re thinking about entering next year, absolutely go for it because you never know, you could be the next Hamilton Girls’ High School Talent Quest SUPREME WINNER! By Kimberley Dainty, Cultural Captain


Cross Country | Mufti Days and Social | Barbershop | Sports Center 40 Hour Famine | Tauranga Exchange Tainui Waka Kapa Haka Regionals 13

Student Buzz

BARBERSHOP “Eyes on me girls” is one of the many instructions our brilliant barbershop tutor, Ms Jamieson, gives to us Uptown Girls on a typical Thursday lunch or Friday after school practice. After long weeks of practices and sectionals, dress rehearsal finally came and then the BIG DAY!! As the sun rose and set many girls nervously practised their parts and in the evening, we had a ‘sneak peek’ of the quartets who were performing. Competition day started on a Monday morning as girls arrived with their hair nicely done and costumes ready to be seen. The T-Birds prepared to take the stage for the first time while Fushia and Limitless waited anxiously for their turn to wow the crowd. After all quartets performed with lips red and cheeks blushed. The Uptown Girls took the stage and after performing two songs left the stage with all the parents proud of their daughters. At the end of the day the results came in which made us “Jump for Joy” as we had made it to the Nationals!

That’s right ladies smile for the camera

By Sara Tyrell HCS and Analisa Tyrell HCO “You know I’m in love with an Uptown girl”

MUFTI DAYS AND SOCIAL Mufti Day Charities We have had two mufti days this term the first of which was on the 11th of May and was Harry Potter themed as we were supporting “Make a Wish”. The second was a rainbow themed mufti on the 14th of June supporting “World Refugee Day’’ and was organised with the help of our Multicultural Committee. We donated $500 to “Make a Wish’’ and $450 to “World Refugee Day.” The house totals for mufti days are as follows; Edgecumbe in first place with $1688.30, MacDiarmid has second place at $1641.20, Heads in third place with $1387.90, Wilson is fourth with $1355.60 and Campbell in fifth at $1351.30 HBHS and HGHS Socials At the start of Term 1 on the 3rd of March HBHS had their Uniform themed social. It was a huge event with over 1,600 attendees and all the girls had a great night. More recently our sold out “Grease” school social was held on the 12th of May. It was a fantastic night with cool costumes, Grease music, popcorn, candy floss and a disco ball! The final profit from the night has not been worked out yet but is around $3,000 which will go towards our school goals for this year and years to come. By Adele Rossiter, President of Student Council


Student Buzz

TAURANGA EXCHANGE On the 23rd of June, 10 of our winter sports teams headed off to Tauranga Girls College for the 2011 sports exchange. It was an exciting day with some really close games and it was great to see our girls having fun while being competitive. Due to the bad weather the hockey 1st and 2nd XI games were cancelled. The football teams showed determination to never give up while they played in the pouring rain. Unfortunately Tauranga took both these games leading the sports exchange 2-0. With basketball, Hamilton Girls’ High looked strong from the start with the seniors winning 41-32 and the juniors won 50-32. The sports exchange was all tied up at 2 all, leaving only the 4 netball teams to go. The netball 9A and junior A games were so close, leaving spectators unsure of who would win. With the final quarter about to end the netball 9A lost to Tauranga 11-14 and the junior As ended the game with 24-27 to Tauranga. This left the exchange with Tauranga out in front 4-2 with our senior netball teams left to play.

The Netball Premier Reserves played out in the cold and rainy weather with the court being slippery and the ball being hard to catch. The game ended with the score of 26-23 to Hamilton. With one game to go it was all up to the Netball Premier team to take the win to leave the sports exchange at 4 all draw. This was an intense match with Hamilton down by 8 at half time. Hamilton Girls’ refocused in the 3rd quarter and finished it by being up by just one goal. With one quarter to go I was very happy with the girls taking the game with a 32-26 win. Congratulations to all the girls who participated in this year’s Tauranga sports exchange. With the last win of the day, this exchange ended up as a 4 all draw which was a great accomplishment for Hamilton Girls’ High. Unfortunately the shield stayed in Tauranga since they were the winners last year. I would like to say thank you to all the students, teacher/support staff who made this day happen, Tauranga for another wonderful sports exchange and to the bus drivers for a safe trip there and back. By Sarah Young, Sport Captain


Student Buzz

CROSS COUNTRY Junior 1st– Meg Reid 16.50mins Campbell 2nd– Jaimee Gibbons 18.36mins Macdiarmid 3rd– Brooke Koopu 18.41mins Macdiarmid Intermediate 1st– Tessa Leong 16.00mins Campbell 2nd– Hannah Polglase 17.59mins Heads – Dianna Hutchings 17.59mins Heads

You know your lookin’ at a winner, winner, winner...

Senior 1st– Maggie Unternaher 15.48mins Campbell 2nd– Cassia Gaston 17.43mins Heads 3rd– Ashlee Healy 18.18mins Edgecumbe Overall

1st– Heads 2nd– Wilson 3rd– Macdiarmid 4th– Edgecumbe 5th– Campbell 874 pts

866 pts

850 pts

836 pts

794 pts

Now some messages from our house leaders: Cross country…Well what can I say, Campbell house was on fire!!! It started off as a cloudy day but that didn’t get the girls down. By lunch a wave of orange ran through the school and brought colour into the day! I’m so proud of all the girls that got involved and got into their house spirits! They made all the difference. Special shout outs to our three champions, Maggie Unternahrer – Senior champion, Tessa Leong-Intermediate champion and Meg Reid -Junior Champion. Campbell RULES! -Shivani Chand, Campbell House Captain Our school cross country this year was a great turn out. I was so proud of all of the MacDiarmid girls who participated and gave it a go. I loved seeing the looks of accomplishment on girls' faces after they reached the top of the hill, especially when they saw that lollies awaited them. I hope that all the girls in MacDiarmid are just as proud as I am of their achievements and participation. Thanks for an awesome day girls! -Jessica Baledrokadroka, Macdiarmid House Captain What an amazing and exhilarating Term 2 it has been for Heads House. We had an outstanding kick start to the beginning of our term by winning and taking out 1st place in cross country. It was an incredible day that not only demonstrated once again our Heads girls’ enthusiasm and pride when wearing red but also our girls’ competitive yet eager nature. -Isabella Tyrell, Heads House Captain Cross Country was great. I was so impressed with the amount of girls that got into the spirit of participating. There were so many girls that did compete and lots of girls in funky costumes. We came out with 2nd place. I was so proud of everyone and I was glad the girls enjoyed themselves. Keep the spirit up girls, -Paige Vallance, Wilson House Captain 1-2-3-4 WHO THE HECK ARE WE YELLING FOR? EDGECUMBE! Kia Ora Girls! Term Two has been amazing beyond belief and I cannot thank you enough for your participation in Cross Country. Next year I encourage you all to try doing it competitively as I thoroughly enjoyed doing that myself this year. Have a safe and wonderful holiday. -India Storey, Edgecumbe House Captain


Student Buzz


Student Buzz

TAINUI WAKA KAPA HAKA REGIONALS On the 16th of April Te Maurea Whiritoi travelled to Piopio to compete in the Tainui waka kapahaka regional’s competition. We had been practising since the middle of Term 2 with only six weeks for preparation. We had noho every weekend for six weeks and Monday and Wednesday practices during the week. Our practices involved late nights and early morning wakeups, and in between that we learnt songs, actions and choreography with our tutors Paora and Mere, “Hiringa, Whakamomori, Werawera” along with their supporters. The competition quickly approached and nerves started building up .By the time we knew it we were on stage singing and performing our hearts out, trying to win a placing in order for us to go to nationals. We came off stage with high hopes of winning trophies and placing to make all our hard work pay off and our supporters proud. Our journey was long and hard but overall we succeeded in winning third place overall, as well as placing first for the Kaitataki Wahine (female leader) Trophy. We were all very proud and excited. Now we are in preparation for Kapa Haka nationals, to be held next year in Whangarei and we are all amped and ready to go! “Inspiration, Desperation, Perspiration” By Devena Ruwhiu HWU

40 HOUR FAMINE 40hr Famine!! What an amazing fundraiser that HGHS girls took part in as a way of helping others in need. This term in Week 4, Heads House fundraised money for their house charity ‘World Vision’ through the 40hr famine; with funds being raised this year going to the children in East Timor. It is where individuals within the school voluntarily fasted for 40 hours to raise money and awareness for world hunger. This year our girls were encouraged to ‘Go nuts for megabucks’. Many fun filled and exciting activities were held during the week leading up to the 40hr famine weekend (27th-29th May), with all the funds raised going towards the charity cause. With 40hr famine sponsor booklets being handed out during the week, there were also week run competitions such as donating money to guess how many lollies were in a jar. Other events held were; a bake sale on Wednesday and on Friday a Senior Leaders Water Balloon Comp was held; where students at HGHS paid a donation in order to throw water balloons at their senior leaders. A guest speaker also came in from World Vision and spoke at a school assembly, followed by a video clip that touched many girls’ hearts. The total sum raised has not yet been finalised for the last lot of booklets and money are still coming in. Prizes will be awarded once the last of the 40hr famine booklets and money are in so come on girls and get those booklets back in. Last but not least, a massive thanks to EVERYONE who participated in this year’s 2011 40hr famine event!! By Isabella Tyrell (Heads House Captain) Molly Allen (HGHS World Vision Ambassador) Cassia Gasston and Danielle Griffiths (Heads House Prefects) 18

Student Buzz

SPORTS CENTRE Taking part in a World event and getting to be part of a team which also has professional athletes in it. Travelling to another country and experiencing their culture and seeing a part of the World I have not been to. Spending time with my Mum and Dad as they are flying over from England to come and join me while I am in Beijing. Is there anything you are particularly nervous about? The start of the race is ALWAYS the worst. The swim is always so hectic at the start and I get nervous about the open water, not being able to see what I am sharing the water with sometimes creeps me out!!! Once I am in the water and going its all about business and the nerves go away, its all about getting to the end as fast as possible after that!!!!!! What competitions did you have to be a part of to get selected for this team? I competed in the Triathlon Nationals which were in As we all know our very own Ms Hodgkinson has recently made the New Zealand triathlete team, so Aca- Wellington in March. This is a qualifying race and you have to make the top 10 athletes in your age to qualdemic Prefect Deanna Jordan asked her a few quesify. I came 3rd in may age group, which I was stoked tions. This is how it went down.... with, although I am training harder to try and do better How are you feeling about going to China with the NZ in Beijing!! triathlete team? Is there anything else you would like to say about Very excited and looking forward to the experience, your trip and the journey to get to that place? however, when I really think about the race itself I get I decided at the start of the year to have a focus for my nervous!!!! training and triathlons as before that I just did them for What kind of training do you do to prepare for this fun. Once I had set out my first goal it was great to major event? have a focus for my training. Its been amazing to go I am training 7-8 times per week with one rest day. My from a goal to achieving it and then setting a new goal training includes swimming sessions, running sessions to get the to World Championships. I have been sup(some speed work which is VERY hard but really good ported so well by the school which has been awefun) Some long cycle rides and also some brick sessions some. Lastly, if Miss Ennor and Jacqui had not sugwhich is when you ride and then run straight away af- gested trying to qualify for the Worlds I would not have ter the bike to simulate the race. These are fun sesgone to Wellington to qualify....So sometimes it pays to sions but are really hard on the legs. listen to your friends!!!! What are you looking forward to the most on your trip? Interview by Deanna Jordan

BRAIN TEASER 1. Lucy had it first Ethel had it last Mary Lungel had it twice until she married Peter Pettigrew and never had it again. What is it? 2. Fill in the gap: Joey's father is John. Then John is the _________ of Joey's father Be the first to write in to with the correct answer and win a prize!


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Our Deputy Head Girls, Linda and Olivia. Cool kids right there…

Tip for those with red/ auburn/”ginger” hair: Blue is your colour. No one can pull off blue like a red head, so work that hair like a boss. Most importantly, EMBRACE your hair colour, red hair is AHMAZING.

Page Eight

Maggie Unternahrer (May) Evanya Fraser-Leau (June)

Heads Cassia Gasston (May) Neha Natasha Lal (June)

Helping others. Open a door for a teacher… They will appreciate it, and who knows? Maybe they’ll make you a cake >:D

Edgecumbe Crystal Pennell (June)

Macdiarmid Tahlia Te Kiri (May) Chelseah Savage (June)

Wearing tights as pants. Tights are NEVER legit pants, unless your top covers your full bottom. Always bend and check.

Or Not


Not wearing proper school shoes. Those ballet flats you can get at Cotton On. Not cool. Especially when it’s raining…


Bullying. No one likes a bully. End of story.

Are you struggling in any subject? Feel like you need help but don’t know who to ask? Come along to Tutoring in the library after school every Thursday until 4pm. When you come to tutoring you will find a group of senior students who are willing and capable of helping you in any subject. So come along and don’t be shy. Please bring your text books.

Brooke Bath (June)

Provided by Academic Council “We’ll sort you out”.

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>> Careers The second time of doing Gateway was with Kit Clews who is a Barrister and Solicitor. For the past few weeks I have been attending the courthouse and learning about specific legal cases and how they are dealt with. Gateway is a great opportunity to obtain practical skills from real situations and help make decisions for the future.

Donna Prentice

>> Gateway Y-Dub Young Women’s Leadership Programme The Y-Dub course is a free leadership programme run by the YWCA of Hamilton. The junior course is for young women aged 12 to 15 yrs old, and the senior course is for young women aged 1618 yrs old. If you know of any young women in that age group who you think will benefit from leadership/confidence booster, then please call 07 838-2219 for an enrolment pack. The 8 week junior course runs on Tuesdays and starts on 16th August. The 8 week senior course runs on Wednesdays and starts 17th August. Numbers are limited so get in quick. For more information visit or contact Abby de Lisle at Abby de Lisle Y-dub Coordinator 021 845333

>> Working Restoratively While the rest of the school were enjoying are run at our school or how they work. their holidays, a group of 24 girls, from To date, there have at least been 40 Years 10-13, dedicated to making a safe mediations ranging from students in and peaceful environment in our school Year 9 to Year 11 so far. In mediation, we don’t actually solve the were hard at work learning problem for the people being how to be mediators. The Mediations can mediated. Instead, we help M-Team (student mediators) be requested by both mediatees (as there as we are better known, both parents and will always only be two – creates a safe environment students........ or occasionally four) for our peers to discuss their to work towards problems and help put a This is stop to bullying. It doesn’t just stop in the understandings. room though; we use our skills outside, achieved by them realising around the school to stop bullying before one another’s values. By doing this it enables both it has a chance to grow. sides to see not only their Within our team we have a very diverse side of the story, but range of cultures. This diversity allows also the perspective of our team to relate to virtually every girl the other person involved. in the school as almost every culture in Understandings build the our school is represented. No matter foundation of the mediation. what culture you may be, we’re sure Without them, a mediation would that somebody in our team will be able be unable to take place as then we as to relate to you in one way or another. mediators would be unable to allow the We also learn about each others cultures mediatees to understand what the other by working this way as we always work one values and how at some point in time, those values were disrespected. Some together with another mediator. Not many students within our school values students have had in common this actually realise how many mediations year include friendship, family, belonging


and valuing their education. They may not have realised they shared these until mediation. Mediations can be requested by both parents and students if they feel they would like a mediation to take place to help manage a conflict. Teachers are also able to refer students to mediation if they feel it to be necessary. Mediations are a great way for students to resolve conflicts as it is dealt with by their peers which makes the environment more relaxed than if it were to be dealt with by the Deans or other teachers.

Morgan Year 12


Safer Community Seminar

a close trusted friend or counsellor. But sadly not everything is in the past. There are a lot of present and increasing problems that teenagers have to face and some such as bullying can cause a lot of stress, fear,anxiety and insecurity. Luckily our school provides a student mediation programme where problems between students can be talked about in a safe and respectful way. Student mediation is a great option for bullying or just arguments with your friends. Both participants are encouraged to share their side of the story and ultimately understand each other better. Student mediation has a great success rate and anything considered unsafe will be referred to the staff counsellors.

few weeks ago there was a gathering of parents, teachers, and students from a few schools (including Hamilton Girls’ High School) and members of the community to discuss the diffuculties that teenagers face in this day and age. Maggie helped organise us into discussions. So what do teenagers face growing up? Well there were many problems mentioned and just a few of them include: peer pressure,the expectation to succeed, drugs, family problems, bullying - and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Over all it can be really hard growing up during our teenage years and anyone who is or has been would most likely say that. But where did all these problems come from?

Everybody faces day to day mishaps and problems but the world is becoming much more complicated and harder for a lot of teenagers to grow up in so lets talk about it. If you or someone else is facing any sort of problem and maybe need some support or just someone to talk to go for it! Our school wants our students to grow up happy and healthy and are happy to help.

Well one of the first things that comes to mind is the media that includes TV programmes, magazines, newspapers and even billboards, advertisements and signs. A lot of underlying messages are in the media that you may not have realised you’re taking in, that make people feel insecure. Another thing that was discussed were problems during childhood. It’s shown time and time again that if a child has an unstable childhood they can experience difficulties, such as insecurity, learning disabilities and more. But what if its too late!? What if they have already experienced troubles such as childhood bullying or unstable family relationships? Well the one thing that so many people find extremely helpful is just to talk about it. It can be to a parent, caregiver or other close family member or maybe

Thank you to Maggie for helping us understand what is happening and why getting over it can be so hard, but is so important.

Courteny Tomlinson (Year 10) and Laura Brough (Year 10) Maggie Dent

>> Sports Corner HGHS 1st XI Football 2011 The 1st XI football team is in a development stage but 2011 is proving to be a successful year already. Injury has been a big problem with 6 girls injured at one stage but everyone has stepped up to keep the team as competitive as possible. On the 21st of May we qualified for the Taupo 2011 Premier Girls Nationals so we have a challenge there but intend to be in the top 4. Coach Matt Kilsby has a development plan with a squad of 15 girls that take the game to the best level they can, and his coaching is really paying off - thank you Matt ! The tournament team consists of Georgia Boden, Tessa Leong, Molly Allen, Trea Corr, Rachel Porteous, Kayla Cassells, Rhiannon Jones, Briana Rose, Bayli Armstrong, Theresa Downey, Eileish Hayes, Roberta Wigelsworth, Emma Megchelse, Maggie Unternahrer and Jess Martin. With a great start we lead the Waikato Secondary School Premier Girls points table and have already clocked up 47 Goals. Fortunately we have weekly reports on our games being published in the Waikato Times and are being viewed as the team to beat from our competition sides. Many thanks to the girls from the Second XI that have played for us this year and Gayle Walker for her great support behind the scenes. HGHS Football Teams are really making great progress in putting the school on the map! We thank our Sponsors LogoU2, About Me Beauty Therapy, Supreme Laser Services, Snell Packaging and Safety, NZ Cranes and Hamilton Automotive Repairs.

Gayle Walker


Huntly Half Marathon 2011 On Sunday 22rd May, 11APS & 11APO Hamilton Girls’ High School students ventured out to Huntly to compete in the Half Marathon. The girls were nervous & excited to be competing in their first half marathon, with a good size bunch of other keen competitors. Our girls pushed themselves to the max and achieved some outstanding results. All the training had paid off as each student proudly ran through the finish Shute to complete the huge challenge they set out on. Our fastest competitor was Greer Hutton, finishing in a time of 1:45:36 We hope that the girls are inspired and hooked on running now, see you all at Huntly next year !

Gayle Walker, Megan McGuire & Caroline Reddish

Tauranga Exchange 2011

On Thursday 23rd June the annual Sports exchange took place against Tauranga Girls’. Hamilton Girls’ High travelled across to Tauranga to compete in the exchange. It involved the four sporting codes of Netball, Basketball, Hockey and Football. HGHS won the following games: Netball Premier – 32:26, Netball Premier Reserve 26:23, Basketball Senior – 41:32 & Junior 50:32. With the terrible weather it meant that Hockey could not carry out their matches. This resulted in a draw between the two schools, Tauranga held onto the shield this year but we look forward to a battle off next year. A big thank you to all the coaches, TIC’s and supporters on the day. The following girls received fair play awards on the day: Te Aomihia Watene, Tessa de Theirry, India Fletcher, Nicole Manuai Hepi, Sophie Osborne, Clara Winzeit, Shemiah Parau, Kelsey Watene

Gayle Walker

Netball The 2011 season is well under way with lots of netball being played each with 29 teams entered in the competition. Our top teams were entered in the Monday night league with our Prems beating Cambridge Highs School in a nail biter of a final an Junior development beating Sacred Heart by 1. We also have many players involved in the representative level with both Shiray Tane and Linda Kells representing the Pacific Rim in an Oceania tournament in Wellington earlier in the term. Our Premier team is competing in the Open A grade playing hard games in preparation for their campaign for the UNISS Tournament which is Week 4 in term 3. To qualify them for nationals later in the year Tauranga exchange we had 4 games taking our prem and prem reserves, junior development and 9A. Both senior teams came


away with wins and our junior teams missing by the slightest of margins HGHS netball is always looking for people to assist our girls, if you would like to help by umpiring or assisting our junior coaches don’t hesitate to contact the school. I would like to thank all the supporters of HGHS Netball without them we could not have so many girls playing each week.

Lacrosse Lacrosse is a new sport to Hamilton Girls’ High School this year. We entered 2 teams into the Waikato Secondary School league that held games on Friday nights, and played teams from Cambridge and Hillcrest. The final was held at Cambridge High School between Cambridge A and HGHS A. It was an evenly matched for most of the game but luckily we came out on top with the final score being 5 -2. Also the HGHS B team were playing off for 3rd position against Hillcrest A. It was an intense match with both teams fighting for the win. At full time the score 7 – 7 going into 10 min overtime with HGHS scoring the winning goal just before the whistle for full time was blown. Our school was awarded the Waikato Secondary School Lacrosse League shield and also was awarded with 3 out of the 5 special awards Paige Taplin was the highest goal scorer in the league, Caitlin Southgate-McNeil was the best overall defence player and Deanna Jordan the most valuable player in the league - another great result for hghs sport.

Jacqui Sutton

>> EVENTS Fusion Festival – Week 13

Hamilton Girls’ High School Presents

Fusion Concert 2011 12, 13 July 2011 // HGHS HALL // 7:30PM $6 per person (available at School Finance Office)

Our Fusion Festival is now upon us. FUSION comes around every four years, and is a week long celebration of the many cultures in our school – (we have over 50 different nationalities...). It has two parts; the daytime activities, which take place at lunchtime, and the Concert, which is on Tuesday July 12 and Wednesday July 13 in the school Hall at 7.30. There are 300 students taking part in the concert – one fifth of our school population, and the different cultural groups have been rehearsing all term for it. It is a fabulous Concert, showcasing our girls at their best and most lovely.

Margie J. Wynne Jones

PRIME MINISTER’S VISIT Currently Prime Minister John Key is visiting secondary schools to meet with Year 13’s, who will be voters in November. Our girls had the opportunity to ask him searching questions when he visited with the local MPs Tim McIndoe and David Bennett on Thursday, 7 July 2011. It was a real privilege to be ask to meet and hear directly from the Prime Minister. He made himself available and seemed far more relaxed about meeting our girls, rather than rushing away as his entourage was encouraging him to do!


>> Archives

reat enthusiasm was expressed at the wide variety of photographs on display for the centennial celebrations, and the decade videos were particularly enjoyed by the many old pupils who attended the centennial.

essay question asked what it would have been like to be a settler in NZ in 1875. The Latin paper called for translations from Latin into English and vice versa, along with a large number of grammar questions. The three hour English paper required a detailed analysis of a large piece of prose, writing an essay based on the candidate’s understanding of a ‘fallacy’ from several examples, and another essay section in which two of the topics were ‘the year just past’ and ‘when I am twenty-one’.

Several people donated interesting memorabilia to the archives during the centennial weekend. These included photographs, some of them dating back to the opening of the school, embroidery, exercise books from the 1920’s, and a small book written by a pupil of Hamilton High School who was the chief librarian of the Alexander Turnbull Library for almost 20 years.

The 1946 scholarship English paper asked pupils to write an essay or newspaper article on ‘the Bikini goats discuss the atom’, ‘the test of greatness in literature’, or ‘the problem of Palestine’. The B English paper asked for a detailed analysis of poetry and prose including Shakespeare and Jane Austen. Scholarship geography candidates needed extensive map reading and drawing skills, and a detailed knowledge of geology. Examination candidates also had to discuss the effect of electricity on the location of industry and pastoral farming in Britain. Essays had to be written on the regional contrasts in Australia, the St Lawrence Valley in Canada, the Mississippi Basin and the influence of the Rhine or the Danube on the economic development of modern Europe.

One of the most interesting donations appeared on my desk recently. It was a collection of examination papers; school certificate papers from 1945, University entrance scholarship papers from 1946, and Auckland University examination papers from 1947-1949. These are a real treasure for the school archive, even just the comparison between the curriculum nowadays and in the mid-1940’s is very interesting. The 1945 school certificate history examination asked questions as varied as please explain in five lines the significance of the Retreat of Corunna, or whom would you select as Britain’s foremost social reformer in the last 150 years. Comparing the achievements of William Pitt with Winston Churchill as war leaders contrasts with please describe the meaning of colonial self government as it developed in Canada from 1840 to 1867. Another

If you have any interesting memorabilia, particularly that dating from the early days of Hamilton High School please consider gifting it to the Girls’ High archives.

Susan Mellsopp: HGHS Archivist 25

>> House Groups Campbell House Here I am again – can’t believe that half of my first year of Campbell Head of House is almost over.

Heads totally rocked the cross country at the beginning of the term. Our participation levels were outstanding. Way to go!

There haven’t been as many organized Campbell House events as last term but we did have the cross country on the Tuesday of Week 2 and our runners did really well. That Maggie U girl who was the athletic champion – she blitzed everyone again - it’s so good she’s in our house! We wore our orange stuff and got some really funny looks from the people who were at the Lake!

We now look forward to term three with Song and Dance Fest and the remaining house charity events. Dig out those dancing shoes, find your inner diva and get RED!!!!!

Amanda Wood

Edgecumbe 1-2-3-4 Who the heck are we yelling for? Edgecumbe! Kia ora girls! Term two has been amazing beyond belief and I cannot thank you enough for your participation in cross country. Next year I encourage you all to try doing it competitively as I thoroughly enjoyed doing that myself this year. This year Songfest and Dancefest is happening early and our plans for it in term three are well under way.

Our Leader Shevani is so good – whenever we have a House Assembly – she gives out prizes for those who have achieved great stuff - lollies for those who sing the School Song the loudest and generally she rewards the girls who contribute the most. There are always competitions. We have to start thinking about our Campbell House Charity – which is the Women’s Refuge. Every house competes to see how much each can raise – there are big thermometers by the Library which will keep track of each one. All our mufti days count as well – so we must make sure Campbell gets the most.

I look forward to having the chance to have a little more time with you girls one on one and I am sure that this next event will be enjoyable for all. Congratulations to our diary cover winner Kate Bryant, your entry was astounding and you clearly put in a lot of effort. Also a huge congratulations to our June girl of the month, Crystal Pennell. You are such a kind, trustworthy and reliable student and I have dearly appreciated your contribution to the house this month. Have a safe and wonderful holiday.

The other competition we heard about was the one for the cover of our new diary – I can’t draw but some of the orange entries for Campbell were really awesome – wonder which one will win? Well that’s about it from me this term . I’m looking forward to the Term Three Song and Dance Fest – apparently it’s amazing – Never a dull moment at this place eh? Go CAMPBELL!

Lynn Hodgkinson

Yvonne Hall

Heads House


Wow – what an extremely busy second term it has been for Heads House. Our charity event – the Forty Hour Famine was a great success. We are still trying to collect in all of the money and booklets, so make sure you chase those last remaining sponsors. Thank you to the senior leaders who ‘volunteered’ to be the target for our water balloon fund raiser.

We have had a fantastic term starting with our annual Cross Country event with our top achievers Senior - Taylor Stockman MRA Intermediate - Ariana Apiti MIN Junior – Jaimee Gibbons MRA with MacDiarmid 26

coming 3rd over all a great result. The winner of our Term 3 Diary cover was Lucy Sullivan, MKR. End of term we are looking forward to our Fusion festival. All Houses will be competing in box car racing. Then to a well earned break to be ready for Term 3. Jessica and her team are now building up to the Song and Dancefest competition which is week 3 of Term 3. Then they will be sorting our Charity week for week 8. We certainly have a busy Term 3 ahead of us.

Jacqui Sutton

WILSON HOUSE This has been a superb half-year for Wilson House. We have done well in many of the inter-house competitions and Wilson House has kept the other houses on their toes. As a group we have much to be proud of. A big “WELL DONE” to all of you that got involved and gave of your best effort. Congratulations to all the entrants in the Wilson Diary Cover Competition. Your entries will be displayed on the Wilson Dean’s office windows. The winner of the last competition was Isobel Brooker from WGE. Start working on the next Diary Cover Competition as this will be due at the end of Term 3. The Wilson Charity is the Cancer Society. “Daffodil Day” is the flagship annual event for the Cancer Society. “Daffodil Day” will be held on the 26th August 2011 and there will be opportunities to support this wonderful charity during Week 4 of Term 3. The Cancer Society use the daffodil as their symbol because it is one of the first flowers of spring and the beautiful yellow blooms remind people of the joy of spring. It also represents the hope there is for all those affected by Cancer. Cancer affects 1 in 3 New Zealanders. Thank you for supporting the Cancer Society. With your help we hope to reduce its incidence and impact.

Songfest and Dancefest. We need a team of at least 20 enthusiastic singers and dancers to represent Wilson House in this contest. All the Year 9 students will make up the audience for this awesome event. The only way anyone else gets to go, is to be involved as a singer. As the end of term draws near, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Wilson students and Wilson staff members, a restive and restorative holiday break. The same good wishes are extended to your families. “May the path you all walk on be paved with good health, good luck and happiness.” Wishing you all a safe holiday. Te Arohanui,

Ann Weir

Another opportunity for involvement in Term 3 will be


>> options/option evenings SELECTING OPTION SUBJECTS FOR 2012 Very soon it will be time for students to select their options for 2012. Next term students will be given lots of opportunities to think about what they want to do in the future, what careers they might be interested in and what subjects they need to take to achieve their goals. I would encourage you to start engaging in these conversations with your daughter also. There are two Option evenings coming up for you to talk to teachers and find out more about the different subjects. Option Evenings 30 August Students going into Year 12 and 13 in 2012 31 August Students going into Year 10 and 11 in 2012

Jill Carter THANK YOU Thank you to the following companies who have helped our 11 SOS girls immensely with their social actions: Logo U2, Countdown Rototuna, Heathcote Appliances, Pak n Save Mill Street, Pak n Save Clarence Street, Debz Hairdressing, The Plant Place, The Davy Engravers, Garden Place Dental Centre, Waikato University Media Department, Sayer Landscape Supplies, New Image Signs and Hamilton North Matial Arts.

>> nzqa iSSUES AND FEES Key NZQA Dates Special Assessment Conditions

Apply as soon as possible as students are only allowed these conditions for their internal assessments after NZQA has approved their applications. You cannot apply after school’s 26th August deadline.

Start checking your results on the NZQA Database

4th May 2011 (Updated on the 5th day of each Month)

NZQA Fees Paid to School Financial Assistance Form Returned to School Last Date to Withdraw from External Exams Last Date to Withdraw from Internal Standard Unless you have been given an adequate assessment opportunity

School’s deadline – 8th July 2011 School’s deadline - 8th July 2011 School’s deadline - 26th August 2011 School’s deadline - 23rd September 2011

External Admission Slips NCEA and Scholarship Examinations Start

Should be given them by 26th October 2011 10th November 2011

Course Endorsement Students will be able to have their strengths in individual courses recognized with a course endorsement at Merit or Excellence. Students will gain an endorsement for a course where they achieve: 1. 14 or more credits at Merit or Excellence at the lower level that supports the endorsement For Example: • Endorsement with Merit in English with 14 merit credits in English • Endorsement with Merit in English with 4 merit credits and 10 excellence credits in English • Endorsement with Excellence in Science with 14 excellence credits in Science 2. At least 3 credits from externally assessed standards and 3 credits from internally assessed standards (Physical Education, Religious Studies and level 3 Visual Arts will be exempt from this) 3. Sufficient credits in a single school year. 28

Certificate Endorsement Students studying for NCEA Levels 1, 2, and 3 certificates will be able to achieve these qualifications with Merit or Excellence endorsements. 1. Merit endorsement = 50 credits at Merit (or Excellence) at the same level, or higher. 2. Excellence endorsement = 50 credits at Excellence at the same level, or higher. 3. Credits can be accumulated over more than one year for the purposes of certificate endorsement. 4. In any one year a learner will be awarded an endorsed certificate only at the highest level of endorsement recognised that year except when a learner has achieved two or three NCEA qualifications in a single year. MONITORING YOUR RESULTS: You can check and monitor your results directly on the NZQA website using the learner login facility. To use Learner Login, you need to register, if you have not already done so, and set your own password. To do this: 1. Go to the NZQA website at 2. Click on the right-hand red sidebar “For learners” 3. Click on the “Login” link in the blue background beside “Secondary Learners” or click on the “Learner login” in the left-hand sidebar 4. Then follow the instructions on screen. Once registered, you can login and view: • your personal details • your entries and results (click on the name of your school) including: o your internally assessed results that your school has reported to NZQA so far o your entries for external assessment (exams and portfolios) o your results for external assessment once they are available • your Record of Achievement (all previous years’ results). NOTE: The NZQA database may not contain all your results as it is updated at the end of month, so results entered since the last update will not appear. Also, results are only sent to NZQA once they have been internally moderated – this may cause a delay in some subject areas. You will also be given a number of opportunities throughout the year to check your personal details, results and information on the School’s Database. You can also ask your teacher, tutor group teacher, deans, or Mr Mitchell (NZQA Liaison) to show you your results and details. HOWEVER, THE NZQA WEBSITE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PLACE FOR YOU TO CHECK YOUR RESULTS, BECAUSE THIS IS WHERE YOUR OFFICIAL QUALIFICATION Assessment Procedures All senior students should have a student diary. This diary contains the school’s assessment procedures. The school has explained to students their rights and obligations in regards to assessment during tutor group time and in the daily notices. In addition to this all senior students are expected to read the school’s assessment procedures. NZQA Fees were due to the Finance Office by the 8th July 2011 NZQA Fees for Domestic Candidates Entry Entry for all NZQF standards including Scholarship subjects

Fee $76.70

NZQA Fees for International Fee Paying Candidates Entry Entry for all NQF standards Entry for each Scholarship subject

Fee $383.30 $102.20 per subject


Financial Assistance To be eligible for financial assistance the applicant (normally the parent or guardian of the candidate) must be the fee payer and meet at least one of the following criteria: • Be receiving a Work and Income or Study Link benefit. (benefit-based applications) • Have a joint family income that would entitle the applicant to receive a Community Services Card. (income-based applications) • Have more than one child undertaking these qualifications in the same year, irrespective of income and the total fees to pay are higher than $200. (multiple candidate applications) Applications are due to the Finance Office by the 8th July To apply: Complete the “Application for Financial Assistance 2011” form.

One child who is a candidate More than one child who are candidates

Eligible for beneficiary or income-based assistance $20.00 A maximum of $30.00 per family

Not eligible for beneficiary or income-based assistance Full fees ($76.70 for NZQF and 3 Scholarship subjects) Where fees are payable for more than one candidate, a maximum of $100.00 per child and $200.00 per fee payer

International fee paying students are not eligible for financial assistance. NZQF = New Zealand Qualifications Framework Once approved the fee will be reduced so it is important to return the form ASAP. Further forms are available from the finance office. Special Assessment Conditions - Students with significant learning/physical issues may apply to have special assessment conditions for both their internal and external assessments. - This includes, but not limited to, students: o with poor sight who need enlarged examination papers, o who have physical difficulties in writing and need a computer, or o with learning issues who may need a reader, writer, or reader and writer. - Special assessment conditions may include: o reader assistance, o writer assistance; o computer assistance, o enlarged papers, o extra time, o separate accommodation or a o combination of the above - Students who are granted special assessment will receive their results just like any other student. There will be no mention of the special assessment condition on their results; it is a private issue between the student, school and NZQA. - To apply you must contact Mr Mitchell (07 839 1304 EXT 893 or - When to Apply: Apply as soon as possible because students are only allowed these conditions for their internal assessments after NZQA has approved their applications. You cannot apply after the school’s 26th August deadline. - If you think you may need assessment, and to determine whether or not you qualify for any of these conditions, please contact Gilly Hickton (07 839 1304 EXT 876) School contact: Mr Mitchell is the NZQA Liaison Person at the school. You can contact him by: E: P: 07 839 1304 EXT 893 Postal: Mr Mitchell, HGHS Principal’s Nominee, PO Box 1267 Hamilton 30

>> ATTENDANCE ANNOUNCEMENTS - ATTENDANCE - 95%+ TERM 2 Our girls are showing pleasing attendance statistics. We are looking forward to the girls seeing that their progress and achievement does show their personal best, and that this is connected to them being in class more regularly so that they really do engage in their learning. Makayla Aitken, Aotea Apiti, Isobel Brooker, Olivia Brough, Cheyenne Brown, Sarah Bryant, Danielle Burling-Claridge, Olivia Carter, Jazmine Christian, Michelle Damba-Tete, Theresa Downey, Sara Elgoran, Serena Foote, Hannah Frost, Tegan Fyers, Ardyn Graham, Brooke Gregson-McHardy, Yu Bin Han, Brittany Hannah-Munns, Kirstin Harris, Sarah Hartstone, Rebecca Heng, Armarni Irwin, Shiori Ito, Lydia Jackson, Kitana Jones, Parbhjot Kaur, Denise Lam, Hanna Lim, Kerrianne Lindsey, Jumarie Lumiwes, Sabrina Manutai, Stephanie Nagel, Brooke Patiti, Ederlyn Perolina, Tegan Quintal, Ashleigh Ranstead, Shivani Rao, Siobhan Reynolds, Katherine Rose, Aliitasi Tagaloa Su’a, Emily Tarbotton, Angela Teow, Olivia Voss, Georgia Wilson, Lucky Abdi, Georgia Allen, Katie AndersonWharekura, Zoe Atkins, Aiden Boyd, Arna Carlson, Natalia Clarke, Brooke Dawson, Shivani Deo, Maysell Downey, Roukhosh Eliassi, Tayla Fepulea’i, Monique Finney, Ashleigh Gatiss-Ward, Krystal Geraghty, Jessica Haldane, Hye Bin Han, Danielle Hansen, Naomi Hansen, Danielle Higgs, Monica Hill, Danielle Holmes, Alana Horsley, CoCo Hsueh, Yu-Wen Hsueh, Helen Huang, Gita Ida Ayu, Mega Ida Ayu, Christine Jin, Jennifer Kapoor, Shelby Kendall, Tyla Kettle, Tehillah Keyser, Gretel Klinac, Nicole Kong, Kitty Lallu, Charlotte Le Brocq, Sarah Lee, Hannah Longman, Dayna Manning, Storm Manning, Ruby Masters, Kayla McDonald-Jackson, Ashleigh Miles, Paula Montrose, Natasha Moore, Linda Mork, Sarany Mork, Taylor Newland, Victoria Norton, Sayuki Pandaram, Leeanna Parry, Lisa Patiti, Emma Pennell, Shontelle Pilling, Neha Prasad, Tessa Preddy, Olivia Rendle, Sheenal Sharma, Shika Sharma, Asheelta Singh, Shavaughn Stanley-Williams, Katie Thomas, Frances Tomlinson, Emma Trolove-Leabourne, Jowalesi Ucuna, Sandaru Vithanage, Holly Wallbank, Simone White, Emily Williams, Olivia Williams, Krystal Woodward, Holly Woolston, Cristina Wu Xie, Paige Wyatt, Sabrina Zama, Faduma Abdulkadir, Whafeeqah Abrahams, Mehiya Aden, Hinekura Ahipene-Fisher, Etlini Ahmed, Reyna Albo, Passion Andersson, Olivia Appleton, Holly Baars, Kate Barlow, Shea Bautista, Deearn Bell-Derikx, Tess Benseman, Holly Beswick, Heather Brougham, Kate Bryant, Tessa Buck, Tayla Burman, Madelyn Capon, Libby Clement, Sabrina Cuellar, Leah Davis, Jelena Downey, Hannah Drury, Courtney Edgar, Caitlin Edwards, Alysha Ellis, Georgia Foot, Katrina Gaskell, Charlotte Gordon, Fartun Hirsi, Katie Hitchings, Tayla Hollick, Kenna Horsfield, Jennifer Hsi, Savannah Jennings, Mangala Kasongo, Hennessy Kear, Tayla Kendall, Idil Khalif, Samantha Kim, Kana Kisuno, Elsa Klinac, Keryn Koopu, Celine Ladegourdie, Melinda Lam, Kelly Le Quesne, Cath Lealand, Georgia Lichtwark, Ingrid Lindeman, Candice Llewell, Amanda Lowe, Helena Ludlow, Abbey Lynam, Katherine Mahara, Shreya Maharaj, Atela Mala, Rebekah Marsden, Chevonne Matchett, Angelica McColl-Blair, Phoebe Meyer, Stephanie Miles, Tegan Miller-Rowlands, Nicholle Miller, Grace Mkwara, Rochelle Molina, Joanna Morris, Amun Mukhtar, Divya Naidu, Giselle Newport, Elizabeth North, Monica Orbe, Hazel Panzo, Jignesa Patel, Rosee Paton, Amy Paul, Crystal Pennell, Zoe Pennell, Kayla Periam, Grace Phillips, Koria Pouri-Lane, Marie Quayle, Morgan Renata, Sarah Rendle, Georgia Robb, Holly Robins, Emma Robinson, Alesha Roulston, Ruby Ruru, April Ruvas, Jeana Sayson, Chyna Searancke, Sarah Shamail, Nyasha Shanduka, Jessica Shaw, Jaymie Small, Ashley Smith, Irene Sugimoto, Lucy Sullivan, Paige Taplin, Kajol Thanki, Sesenieli Ucuna, Pawanjot Virk, Kristie Wade, Fiona Zik, Tabea Zimmermann, Suad Abdulkadir, Malia Ahofono, Sasha-Dee Babbington, Ursula Bailey, Kelsey Bamford, Ashleigh Beech, Grace Berge, Joanna Bishop, Sophia Bishop, Mirren Blake, Georgia Boden, Mikaila Booth, Gabriella Boyce, Rebekah Boyte, Yasmin Brinkworth, Laura Brough, Sarah Brown, Jaya Burnet, Whitley Byford, Katrina Cabanesas, Dana Chadwick, Cassy Chitondo, Mikaela Crow, Winnie Curtis, Alannah Dashwood, Faith Dashwood, Anna Dawson, Lauryn Denby, Kelly Dockery, Ashlee Douglas, Zara Evitts, Codie Finch, Daniela Foote, Michelle Galbraith, Chloe Gardner, Eleanor Gardner, Bridget Gaskell, Megan Gaskell, Harriet Gaudin, Kendyl Golder, Samantha Hailwood, Brianna Hamilton, Maddy Harty, Rachel Hemi, Alyssa Hirawani, Kelsey Hodge, Kellie Holton, Charlotte Hooper, Elizabeth Humberstone, Fatha Ibrahim, Annah Jacobs, Mandy Jenkins, Meighan Jenkins, Lisa Marie Joe, Ella Jonson, Hollie Keightley, Ismahaan Khalif, Eugenie Kim, Bronwyn Kirby, Brooke Koopu, Alicia Laing, Stephanie Lane, Eszter Le Couteur, Samantha Leathem, Yin Chi Lee, Kayla Leonard, Stephanie Limmer, Tyler Lousi, Dayna Ludwig, Rachel Maidment, Natasha Marwood, Katelyn May, Brooke Mayall, Alex Mayer, Rachael McAlister-King, Sasha McGifford, Jessica Minhinnick, Baylee Mitchell, Georgia Morrison, Scholastica Mwanakasale, Mitsuki Nakazawa, Lauren Nasmith, Eilish Nelley, Cassia Ngaruhe, Anna O’Hara, Kazandra Palmer, Hiralben Patel, Mishali Patel, Urvashi Patel, Ayla Paterson, Nethmi Pathirana, Samantha Paul, Nikki Pester, Georgia Prendergast, Kelsi Prendergast, Anika Pretorius, Rochelle Quinlan, Kavita Rawat, Reena Rawat, Gemma Reardon, Samantha Rickard, Sarah Roberts, Rebekah Rodgers, Sharayah Rogers, Shantelle Roulston, Tia Mataa Ruakere, Divya Sagar, Anna Sasaki, La Sharn Satherley-Teece, Miya Sawyer, Leah Scott, Naiimo Sharif, Hannah Smith, Caitlin Southgate-McNeil, Kasie Stockman, Claudia Symonds, Casey Thomas, Lisa Thomson, Monica Thurston, Shaye Tudor, Tessa Voschezang, Rebekah Wairepo, Nikki Walker, Jessica Watson, Anastasia West, Megan Whitburn, Kelsey White, Melanie Whitfield, Stevie Whitfield, Roberta Wigelsworth, Wendy Yeo, Winnie Zik, Hannah Adams, Zahra Al-Khaleefa, Zinab Al-Khaleefa, Huda Albadri, Firishta Ali, Angel Aramoana, Emma Ballard, Bethany Balme, Kayla Barton, Courtney Bell, Emma Bigham, Bailey Booth, Kate Bradfield, Dasha Brown, Olivia Campbell, Hilary Capon, Lastachea Carlton, Kaitlyn Cassey, Sunaina Chand, Tracey Chirwa, Amelia Christensen-Rose, Olivia Climo, Brooke Curran, Christy Damba, Alicia Dempsey, Hayley Dunstan, Camille Esposo, Sarah Fakaosilea, Cree Fatupaito-Keen, Anna Feng, Amber Fieldsend Novoa, Renee Fowlie, Taylor Gallagher, Haven Garisau, Charlotte Gaudin, Eden George, Casey Gilmour, Louisa Godinet, Bonnie Greaves, Chelsea Gwynne, Lateesha Hackett, Madeline Hailwood, Mairarangi Haimona, Heidi Hartstone, Brooke Henkelman, Crystal Herbert, Dannielle Hollick, Helen Huang, Gwyneth Hughes, Tomomi Inoue, Monique Jackson, Kirandeep Kaur, Pawanjot Kaur, Anna Keighley, Rachel Kim, Alice Knowles, Ashley Lousi, Diana Mamu, Sonya Marais, Ella Maseyk, Tyla Miller-Carter, ‘Ilaisaane Mills, Pania Monk, Taylor Morrison, Leah Nicholson, Savannah O’Brien, Brielle O’Connor, Brittany Ogilvie, Maryan Omar, Collene Pacis, Laura Parker, Akshita Patel, Kinjal Patel, Kanyon Paul, Francesca Paull, Grace Pettit, Aimee Pitcaithly, Teresa Poli, Ranjana Rani, Dearna Rawiri, Charise Ritchie, Briana Rose, Devya Sagar, Alysha Scott, Laura Sherson, Harleen Singh, Charm Skinner, Brie Smith, Michaela Smith, Angel Storey-Tucker, Phimchanok Suraporn, Sulimoni Tyrell, Bree-Anna van der Oest, Emma Walker, Kelsi Wallace, Madison Walsh, Camille Ware, Maddison Woodmass, Kasumi Yonezawa, Tania Zein, Sahra Ali, Xenia Ali, Ariana Apiti, Cassidy Armishaw, Christina Asiata, J’aime Beaumont, Joanne Bieleski, Analise Bird, Elsa Bredenkamp, Abigail Broome, Kate Bullen, Francine Burling-Claridge, Kelsey Butcher, Jessica Calnon, Deanna Capon, Georgia Charlton, Jessica Clark, Bessie Clarke, Tayla Clarke, Renee Clear, Trea Corr, Aliesha Crackett, Renee Denby, Jaspreet Dhaliwal, Tayla Duff, Shivani Dutt, Lana Dutton, Veronica Edwards, Angela Engelsman, Dalareen Fernandez, Hayley Finch, Shannon Finch, Bria Fletcher, India Fletcher, Hayleigh Frost, Aleisha Garard, Abigale Gardner, Evana Garland, Georgia Guy, Brooklyn Gyde, Anna Hall, Jeneva Hall, Megan Hamilton, Rochelle Harris, Ashleigh Hayes, Eileish Hayes, Tayla Hayward, Maia Heke, Dyani Higgins, Kayla HillLiddle, Vada Hockenhull-Jamieson, Jane Huang, Greer Hutton, Kate Illing, Linda Jackson, Ashley Jones, Corrina Kanara, Lisa Keleher, Swytha Kumar, Urvarsee Lallu, Jane Lincoln, Rebecca Linton, Rebecca Lynn, Jessica Martin, Mataara Mauriohooho, Laura McFadzien, Aimee McGregor, Atareta McMahon, Jade McMahon, Safa Mekkey, Ranita Menezes, Abira Mire, Monika Mohan, Ashton Morris, Amy Munns, Rachana Naicker, Rachel Oatham, Keeha Oh, Talia Pace, Melissa Page, Michelle Palaone, Moana Panui, Hyobin Park, Maharah Peters, Maiken Petersen, Hannah Polglase, Leah Porima, Jenna Powell, Winnie RawiriKing, Adele Rossiter, Hannah Sarcich, Katherine Sarcich, Caitlin Saunders, Elyshia Savage, Olivia Scotland, Harpreet Singh, Annabel Smith, Leah Soo Choon, Alyssa Soria, Kimberley Stevenson, Courtney Summers, Lasini Tauelangi, Arlenna Tauti, Paige Taylor, Jaimee Thompson, Claris Tomlinson, Kelly Tuhoro-Rhind, Paige Tuporo, Sara Tyrell, Sarah van Amsterdam, Tylah Van Tiel, Savahna Watson, Rangimarie Whiu, Kaykisha Wihongi-Manaia, Ayumi Yoshikawa, Elise Young




Hamilton Girls' High School Term 2 Newsletter  

Hamilton Girls' High School Term 2 Newsletter