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Hamilton Girls’ High School Newsletter Term 1, 2011

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“A wise woman shapes her own destiny ”



2011 Centennial

“A wise woman shapes her own destiny �



“A wise woman shapes her own destiny ”



“A wise woman shapes her own destiny ”

The University of Auckland Parent Information Seminar – Hamilton Parents and secondary students are cordially invited to an information evening for The University of Auckland. Learn more about our undergraduate programmes and information on admission, scholarships, services and accommodation. There will be an opportunity to ask questions of the Schools Partnership Office representatives. Date: Thursday 14 April, 2011 Time: 7:30 – 9:00pm Location: Hamilton Gardens Pavilion (Chartwell Square Room) Hamilton Gardens Gate 1, Cobham Drive Hamilton


Supper will be served. Registrations are preferable for catering purposes. Please register to Alysha Bentley on or phone 021 810 412 by Monday 11 April.


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School, the school I would attend for the next year. And suddenly it was Monday, first day of school. I didn’t know what to expect, everything seemed so different. First of all the fact that it is a girls’ school and then the school uniform, we don’t have that in Germany. We chose our subjects and bought the school uniform. We spent the rest of the day with students from year 13, who showed us the school and explained how everything works. Hard to believe that all that is already 4 ½ months ago! I have done heaps during that time and it has been amazing! The first highlight was the school ball. I missed the one from Hamilton Girls’ High, so I went with my friend to his ball in Rotorua. It was great! The hall, where the ball was, looked like “Charly and the Chocolate Factory”, everybody looked beautiful and the music was great.

It feels like yesterday, when I was at the airport in Hannover, Germany. For me it was weird to think that The holidays start soon and I will go to Australia for I would be spending a whole year in a country almost 10 days, I’m very excited! After that I will go, with my 23.000 km away from my family and friends. host family, for almost 3 weeks to the Mount – Bay of After a goodbye with heaps of tears I boarded the “A wise woman shapes her own destiny ” Plenty. We will be there over Christmas and New Year. plane for Frankfurt, Germany, where I met the other Christmas and New Year at the beach, with sunshine exchange students. It was a great group that helped and hot temperatures, that’s unbelievable! For the rest me to forget the goodbyes. In Frankfurt we had to of the holidays, I will probably travel around, to visit wait 12 hours, because the plane, which should have my friends from the Language and Culture Camp and taken us to London, had some problems. Luckily the South Island Tour. After the holidays I have just 5 there was a plane to Sydney, so we didn’t have to stay months left and I have no idea how it will be, but I’m overnight. I have to say the flight wasn’t too bad, even really looking forward to it and hope that the time if it took us two days, but chatting, movies, music and won’t go by too fast! the excitement made the time fly. In Sydney we met exchange students from all over the world and those I love my life here and I want to thank everybody who students were awesome! I really looked forward to made it so amazing up until now!!! spending two weeks at a language and culture camp in Auckland with them. The Camp was amazing! We had so much fun, we saw and learned heaps. And the best thing is, I have friends now from all over the world. I was so excited to meet them, I mean I knew that I would spend one year with them and I didn’t really know them. So I was waiting for a family called Hamilton, with three children, Christina (16), Blair (20) and Scott (22). And suddenly they were there! My host parents Brent and Arlene seemed to be very nice and Christina and I got along really well from the beginning. The 1 ½ hour drive from Auckland to Hamilton was the first time to get to know them better and I had the feeling that I had known them for ages! In the afternoon Christina took me to town where I met Blair my host brother and in the evening I met Scott. Everything was so exciting and new and I loved it! The next day my host parents drove around Hamilton with me, to show me all the important places and the rest of the family. We also drove to Hamilton Girls’ High 11

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“A wise woman shapes her own destiny ”



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Social Science Classics 12 Classics Year 12 Classics were excited about their adventure to the gardens on Friday. They have been studying Athenian social life in depth and now fully understand how lucky they are to have rights as women. They were also amused by the rituals of the Athenian Symposium. Both year 12 classes have been working diligently and are very competitive. 13 Classics In year 13 the girls have been looking at festivals and have created their own Roman Calendars. They have also performed a Roman wedding in class and sacrificed my innocent piggybank to the Roman deities!

Sarah Neal

March 2011 Roman Religion Calender Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri 1 2 3 4 First Day of New Year Went to sanctuary of Mars “A wise woman shapes her own destiny �

Sat 5









14 Horse races were held in honor of Mars.

15 Festival of Anna Perenna


17 Liberalia for Bacchus


19 Horse races were held in honor of Mars.





24 Shields returned to Regia










“A wise woman shapes her own destiny ”


Issue 25

April 2011

strive succeed achievement inspire celebrate pride traditions talent learn opportunities diversity whanau involve share communicate

Student Buzz our newsletter.



When hearing about the activities that were held at Hamilton Girls’ High School over the Centennial weekend one would say ‘Wow, HGHS knows how to party”. You would be correct in saying this. Friday 18th March was the day that the students were most involved in during the Centennial. It began with a fashion parade straight from the NY fashion week runway filled with horrendous hairdos, cute uniforms, bloomers that magnified the bottom by 10 and the HBHS Head Boy’s rippling pectorals. A sand saucer and miniature garden competition was held which Wilson took out over-all with their outstanding level of participation. In the afternoon we were treated to the Year 9’s and 10’s drills where Heads marched their way into 1st place. A centennial themed quiz was held with the Old Girls narrowly beating the now girls by just half a point which is quite an impressive margin if I might say so myself. Next was the catch up from Athletics Day and then we let the world know that ‘what we’ve learnt we’ll take along to hold and share and build upon’ and shared together a sense of school spirit that I believe few have been privileged to feel for their school. All in all the weekend was a hit filled with the old, the young, Mrs. Baxter getting barefoot and playing croquet on the field, and how could we ever forget Student Council President Adele Rossiter’s eye gouging brassiere. Indeed the Hamilton High School Centennial has set the standard for all birthday celebrations of the year but let’s not forget that a Centennial is a year not a weekend. By Rebekah Wairepo, Academic Captain


Athletics | Swimming Sports | Christchurch Mufti Day Maternity Corner | Meet our Head Girl | Hotness Meter

Student Buzz

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I had the chance to interview our head girl, Courtney Bell, and this is how it went... When did you first decide that you wanted to be head girl? When I was eleven my Mum asked me to write down my goals for high school. One of the things I wrote down was that I wanted to be head girl. I guess that's when I made the initial decision that I wanted to be head girl but that decision was only reinforced when I finally reached high school. I always looked up to and was inspired by the previous head girls and other senior leaders and decided that I would do everything I could to be one of them in the hope that I could then inspire future leaders to follow and fulfil their dreams and aspirations just as I have. What was the first thing you did when you found out that you got it? I got the call from Mrs. Baxter while I was at the supermarket with my two older brothers. She asked me "How would you like to be head girl?" and I believe my exact response was "Yes please!". It was quite lovely to look over at my brothers and see them both standing there with their hands in the air. After the phone call I tried to call my Dad to tell him the news but he was in a meeting and I knew I would be seeing my mother later that evening so I hugged my two big brothers and then had to work very hard to contain my excitement for the rest of the supermarket trip. What kind of steps, if any, did you take to prepare yourself for the year and your new role? I thought that a good diary was key to my survival this year so I made sure I got a diary that felt right when I held it and would also be comfortable to write in and I bought a notebook for the purpose of writing many, many lists and notes in. When it comes down to it, the

ability to balance school work, head girl responsibilities and a bit of down time to hang out with family and friends is going to play a huge role in how successful I am this year. The mental preparation for the role was much more helpful than anything I could do to physically prepare myself. Do you have a motto or a quote that you try to live by? I have many favourite quotes but one that I find useful whenever I'm feeling a little stressed out or wound a little too tight is "Just let go, just be". To me that quote is all about living in the now and appreciating what you've got. What do you hope to accomplish this year as head girl? I hope to be a positive role model for my peers and also the younger student body. I also hope to motivate and inspire other students to get involved in everything they can and to really make the most of their time here as students. Interview by Rebekah Wairepo 4 facts you didn’t know about Courtney Bell: FACT: She broke her left arm when she was 6 by playing on a jungle gym and she broke her right arm when she was 11 by jumping off a swing. She should not be allowed to play in playgrounds. FACT: She likes making really elaborate cards for her family and friends on their birthdays and Christmas. FACT: She is left-handed. FACT: She has been dancing and playing the piano since she was 5.

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ATHLETICS Congratulations to everyone who competed on Athletics Day, it was so amazing to watch all you girls competing and having fun. It was great to see all the girls and teachers dressed in their house colours, there were even some crazy costumes that were awesome. Well done to all those girls who competed in the championship events, you girls really have some talent. Due to the bad weather, we sadly had to call this year’s Athletics off. Unfortunately we didn’t get to do all the events but we managed to fit in the Year 13’s vs. Staff relay and we ended Athletics on a good note by winning the relay. Woohoo!! Campbell and Heads are obviously just chillin’ in their tents

Who invited the Pacmen to the party?

From the talent we have at our school, we had an amazing group of girls compete at the Zone Athletics on Wednesday 9th of March. I am so proud of HGHS who competed impressively well. We had many girls who made zones which is a great accomplishment. Josephine Werehiko placed 1st in the Intermediate Shot Put and 2nd in the Intermediate Discus, Mikaela Jefferson placed 1st in the Intermediate Hurdle and O’Shaan Fletcher placed 3rd in the Senior What comes first the egg or the spoon Javelin. The Junior Relay team consisting of Vada Jamieson, Kahurangi Kihi-Simon, Emma Walker and Evanya Fraser-Leau came second, as did the Intermediate Relay team consisting of Mikaela Jefferson, Alice Knowles, Hannah Smith and Hennessy Kear. Maggie Unternahrer, a senior student at HGHS, ran exceptionally well breaking the 800m Zone Athletics record by 2 seconds. Maggie ran it in 2 minutes 15 seconds flat. The former record was set in 1975 which is an impressive win. Congratulations Maggie and to all the girls who made finals, well done! By Sarah Young, Sports Captain The House relay and day girls vs. hostel relay were held on the Centennial Friday. Days girls won the day girls vs. hostel relay and the results for the House relay were as follows; 1st Campbell, 2nd Edgecumbe, 3rd Macdiarmid, 4th Heads and 5th Wilson. Well done Campbell and all you girls who competed in both relays.

BRAIN TEASER 1.If you had only one match and you entered a COLD and DARK room, where there was an oil heater, an oil lamp, and a candle, which would you light first? 2. What's special about the following sequence of numbers: 8, 5, 4, 9, 1, 7, 6, 10, 3, 2, 0? Be the first to write in to with the correct answer and win a prize!

Student Buzz

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SWIMMING SPORTS Results: 1st– Edgecumbe 281 pts 4th– Campbell 158 pts 2nd– Heads 278 pts 5th– Wilson 134 pts 3rd– Macdiarmid 221 pts Junior Champion– Keeha Oh (Macdiarmid) Intermediate Champion- Summer Izendell (Campbell) Senior Champion– Kirsty Powell (Macdiarmid)

Name that rear!

Wilson dives right on into the relays

Now some messages from our heads of houses: Hey Girls!!! Campbell and swimming sports, what can I say? I was very proud of the girls for participating and turning up to our event. Although we had a small group, it was good to see the girls making the most of the day! Going around and personally asking the girls to get involved really helped. The one on one experience got the girls to see that each and every one of them is important to us! Well done for participating CAMPBOLIANS! -Shivani Chand, Campbell House Captain ‘Heads what? DYNAMITE! ’ What an honour and privilege it is this year to be able to not only represent Heads

house as this year’s captain but to also work along side a great prefect team, awesome head of house and to top it all off, an amazingly gorgeous, enthused and passionate team. Athletics and swimming sports was an absolute blast and I loved seeing so many Heads girls representing in red with pride and joining in all the fun filled challenges put up by other houses. There is no other way of explaining the unbelievable atmosphere both days were for Heads, other than saying ‘BOOM! Dynamite! ’ -Isabella Tyrell, Heads House Captain The year has only just started and MacDiarmid has already made a brilliant start to 2011. I loved seeing the girls participating and joining in with house spirit at Athletics and Swimming Sports, where we competed in various competitive and non-competitive events. Working with our two house prefects, Chelsea Wallace and Marieke Mes, as well as our head of house for this year, Jacqui Sutton, I can’t wait to see all of the achievements and fun this year will bring for MacDiarmid. -Jessica Baledrokadroka, Macdiarmid House Captain Athletics Day was great to see every one out and competing even though the rain was a bit of a trouble. It was amazing to see every one chanting at swimming sports and athletics, the best chant competition was the chant off "Heads" vs. "Wilson", Wilson girls really got in to it! Our points are a bit low on the charts but the girls showed themselves well with a smile on their face and great house spirit and that’s what makes these house events so much fun. Well done Wilson! -Paige Vallance, Wilson House Captain We are Edgecumbe no-one could be prouder if you can’t hear us we’ll shout a little louder. Kia Ora Girls! What a wonderful term it has been so far. Thank you all so much for your positive contribution on Athletics and Swimming Sports, you were all fantastic and it was a pleasure to get to know you all a little better. Congratulations Edgecumbe on winning Swimming Sports, your participation was a crucial part in helping us win and I really appreciated all of your help. Also congratulations to the girls who swam in the House Relay, Edgecumbe came on top and we couldn’t have done it without you. I look forward to making more memories with you girls next term! -India Storey, Edgecumbe House Captain

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CHRISTCHURCH MUFTI DAY On Tuesday the 8th of March Student Council and Service committee joined together to organise a “Red and Black” themed mufti day in support of the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal, with all funds going towards this cause. The amount of support we had from the girls and teachers was unbelievable and we raised an exceptional total of: $3240.60 all of which will be going to support those in need down in Christchurch. The total money raised for each house were as follows: 1st Edgecumbe- $778.10

2nd MacDiarmid- $734.60 3rd Heads- $605.20 4th Campbell- $577.30 5th Wilson- $545.40. We organised this mufti day at short notice as we were aware of how much the girls wanted to support our fellow New Zealanders in Christchurch and we would like to thank everyone for their amazing support and generosity. Well done everyone! Adele Rossiter President of Student Council ( Apologies to all those who had their picture taken on the mufti day for the Buzz. Unfortunately the photos were misplaced before we were able to use them.)

RELAY FOR LIFE On March 5th the Executive Council a.k.a your senior leaders had the incredible chance of being a part of ‘Relay for Life’, lead by the Cancer Society. This event was to recognise and celebrate those that had been affected by cancer and still are today. This event was a success, even though half of it was cancelled due to bad weather, that didn’t dampen our spirits. Instead we turned it around and had a great day in the rain enjoying some Zumba lessons, sausage sizzles and most importantly walking/running the course. Special thank you to the rowing club for letting us borrow their tent which kept us nice and dry throughout the day and also to all those that donated to the cause. We had a terrific time and look forward to this being a regular event that our girls get behind in future years. By Linda Kells and Olivia Ward-Duin, the Deputy Head Girls


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THE MATERNITY CORNER We all know that there has been a baby bug in the air lately so we took the opportunity to have a one-on-one with a couple of the ladies at school who are expecting. This is how it went down... Mrs Wenham

Mrs Forde

Have you had any cravings while you’ve been pregnant? Big Macs and fruit/veggies during the first 3 months. Chocolate at the moment which is not good being a Type 1 diabetic. Is it a boy or a girl or a secret? A girl. Do you have any names in mind? Yes but it’s a secret. Have you made your husband do anything out of the ordinary? Rub my feet and eat McDonalds which he hates. What are you worried about most when it comes to motherhood? Not getting much sleep and poohy nappies. When are you due? 11 April What was your coolest baby shower present? A collection of Winnie the Pooh stories. Anything else you would like to tell us? She[ the baby] likes loud noises especially applause such as when I was in a dance show. She wouldn’t stop moving around.

Is it a boy, a girl or a secret? A girl Are there any names that your considering? That’s a secret for now although Ashlee and Olivia have been suggested numerous times by some year 13 students! Have you had any weird cravings? Apples Have you made your husband do anything out of the ordinary? He’s been doing lots and lots of DIY and the baby’s room is still not ready! What are you worried about most when it comes to motherhood? That I don’t know what to expect but I’ll just go with the flow. When are you due? Mid April What was the coolest baby shower present you received? Some cute little coat hangers and some funky togs and matching jandals.

GUESS THAT DATE Netball/Basketball Edition

Answers: 1)1939 2)2002 3)1916 4)1995

Student Buzz


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James Franco…Yes ladies, you know who we’re talking about ;)

Courtney Bell!! Your 2011 Head Girl

Helen Huang (March)

Edgecumbe Michaela Jefferson (February) Kelsi Prendergast and Lianna Dance( March)

Heads The look everyone can look good in: Beachy Hair – Tousled, messy waves can be achieved using bumble and bumble Surf Spray, or simply by lightly scrunching your hair when it is 70% dry. Works every time.

O’shaan Fletcher (February) Megan Whitburn (March)

Being environment friendly. Say “No thanks” to that plastic bag next time you shop.

Campbell Ariana Moore (February) Winnie Rawiri-King (March)

Macdiarmid Keeha Oh (February) Kirstie Powell (March)

Girls with their uniform sleeves rolled up…

Heavy Makeup…No one looks good in it, so just don’t do it, (especially that heavy blue eye makeup)

Or Not

Dropping litter on the ground; No one wants to see your rotten banana skin rolling around Hepburn.

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The Student Buzz is our newsletter. We’d like to hear from you about what you’d like to read in The Student Buzz. Please contact the editor at any time to let us know what you’d like to see more or less of and we’ll do our best to accommodate your requests. If you’ve got any news or events happening that you would like to share with the rest of the school community, please let us know. Thank you to all of our writers and those who supplied photos. BUZZ@HGHS.SCHOOL.NZ


“A wise woman shapes her own destiny ”



“A wise woman shapes her own destiny �

GIVE YOU & OUR SCHOOL MORE CHANCES TO WIN Look out for specially marked Anchor milk packs in-store. All you need to do is enter the unique code found on-pack online at or text to 311

Full terms and conditions are available at The Promoter is Fonterra Brands (New Zealand) Limited. The ANCHOR logo is a trademark of the Fonterra group of companies.



“A wise woman shapes her own destiny ”




Lynne Fenton

seniors 12th. Eighty six schools competed, and our places show what fine talent we have in our school.

“A wise woman shapes her own destiny �



“A wise woman shapes her own destiny ”


NCEA Key NZQA Dates Special Assessment Conditions

Apply as soon as possible as students are only allowed these conditions for their internal assessments after NZQA has approved their applications. You cannot apply after school’s 26th August deadline. Start checking your results on the NZQA Database NZQA 4th May 2011 (Updated on the 5th day of each month Fees Paid to School School’s deadline - 8th July 2011 Financial Assistance Form Returned to School Last Date to Withdraw from External Exams Last Date to Withdraw from Internal Standard

School’s deadline - 8th July 2011 School’s deadline - 26th August 2011 School’s deadline - 23rd September 2011

Unless you have been given adequate assessment opporunity

External Admision Slips

Should be given them by 26th October 2011

NCEA and Scholarship Examination Start

10th November 2011

NZQA Fees are due to the Finance Office by the 8th July NZQA will charge an extra $50.00 fee for any late payment. They will also withhold a student’s results until the fees are paid in full. This could cause problems for any student wishing to gain entry to courses, Polytechnic, or University in 2012. NZQA Fees for Domestic Candidates Entry Entry for all NZQF standards including Scholarship subjects

Fee $76.70

NZQA Fees for International Fee Paying Candidates Entry Entry for all NZQF standards Entry for each Scholarship subject

Fee $383.30 $102.20 per subject

Financial Assistance To be eligible for financial assistance the applicant (normally the parent or guardian of the candidate) must be the fee payer and meet at least one of the following criteria: • Be receiving a Work and Income or Study Link benefit. (benefit-based applications) • Have a joint family income that would entitle the applicant to receive a Community Services Card. (Income-based applications) • Have more than one child undertaking these qualifications in the same year, irrespective of income and the total fees to pay are higher than $200. (Multiple candidate applications) Applications are due to the Finance Office by the 8th July To apply: Complete the “Application for Financial Assistance 2011” form. Alternatively, you can obtain a financial assistance form from the student finance office. Eligible for beneficiary or income-based assistance

Not eligible for benefici or income-based assistance

One child who is a candidate $20.00 More than one child who are candidates A maximum of $30.00 per family

Full fees ($76.70 for NZQF and 3 Scholarship subjects) Where fees are payable for candidate, a maximum of $100.00 per child and $200.00 per fee payer.

International fee paying students are not eligible for financial assistance. NZQF = New Zealand Qualifications Framework


“A wise woman shapes her own destiny ”

1267 3240





Hamilton High School’s Centennial Merchandise Range & Prices

Delicious Memories Annie Bear Recipe Book


$30 Delicious Memories

Name : Addres: Phone : Email : City :

Please seeCentennial reverse sideBook for Order Form. HHS / HGHS Data Show Disk



Centennial Book $59

Mugs $12

Cellphone :

I would like further information about Hamilton Girls’ High School Future Plans YES



“ A w i s e w o m a n s h a p e s h e r o w n&XIÁLQNV destiny ”

Item Delicious Memories Recipe / Memorabilia Book Annie Bear HHS / HGHS Datashow Disk

Unit Price 30.00


Pen $10.00


40.00 20.00

Centennial Book 59.00 I would like to give a donation to the HGHS Foundation Postage & Packaging or I will pick up my order TOTAL

Tie Pin $10

keyring $8.50

8.00 Graphics and sourcing of merchandise sponsored by Borland 0.00




Cash to Hamilton Girls’ High School Finance Office weekdays between 8.30am to 3.30pm or Cheque to Hamilton Girls’ High School, PO Box 1267, Hamilton (please make cheques payable to “Hamilton Girls’ High School”); or Internet Banking to 06 0317 0665406 00 (Please include your name on bank transfers)



“A wise woman shapes her own destiny ”



Hamilton Girls’ High School l Phone: 07 839 1304 l Fax: +64 7 834 1394

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