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A Global University in the heart of one of Europe's most beautiful capital cities

A Global University in the heart of one of Europe's most beautiful capital cities

We are delighted that you are considering studying abroad for your undergraduate degree. We hope that you’ll take a few minutes to have a look at the College of Science and Engineering at the University of Edinburgh. There may be many reasons why you might choose to apply to the University of Edinburgh including the quality of our academics, our stunning location within Europe and our internationally diverse campus. The University of Edinburgh is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the UK and Europe. Over the past four centuries, we have built an enviable reputation for excellence in both research and teaching, attracting some of the world’s leading thinkers to work and study here.


Edinburgh is consistently ranked as one of the top 50 universities in the world. The College of Science and Engineering is one of the largest and most highly rated science and engineering institutions in the UK. It is comprised of seven schools:

• School of Biological Sciences • School of Chemistry • School of Engineering • School of Geosciences • School of Informatics • School of Mathematics • School of Physics and Astronomy Edinburgh is truly a global university in the heart of one of Europe's most beautiful capital cities. Please take some time to consider studying within the College of Science and Engineering. Many Americans have crossed the pond to study at our internationally renowned institution over the past 400 hundred years.

City of Edinburgh


Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is an historic, cosmopolitan and cultured city. One of the most vibrant cities in Europe, Edinburgh is safe, student friendly and is regularly voted as one of the most desirable places to live in the world. With a population about the same size as American cities Denver, Washington DC and Miami, Edinburgh enjoys the social life and convenience associated with a big city while still managing to retain a small town charm. It is easy to get around on foot, on bicycle or by an excellent bus service used by business people, students and the general public alike. Edinburgh is also currently working on a tram system which should be ready in 2013.


Edinburgh is famed for its ancient castle, perched high above the city, its medieval centre and Georgian architecture. There are numerous museums and art galleries to visit as well as a great selection of restaurants, bars and clubs. There are several coffee houses on or nearby each campus. Particularly popular with students is the Elephant House CafĂŠ, where JK Rowling worked on her Harry Potter novels.

Students can often be found in one of Edinburgh’s many parks enjoying a barbeque or picnic. The Meadows and Bruntsfield Links parks are directly adjacent to the George Square Campus and near most student accommodation. Holyrood Park offers 650 acres of grassland and lochs and is home to Holyrood Palace, the official residence in Scotland of Her Majesty the Queen. All this is set against the stunning backdrop of Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcano. A climb to the top of Arthur’s Seat rewards you with panoramic views of Edinburgh and beyond. Every summer, Edinburgh plays host to the largest arts festival in the world. At this time the city’s population doubles in size. Visitors can enjoy anything from comedy and theatre to film and book recitals. Outdoor spaces are transformed into bustling bars and performers line the streets of the Royal Mile. This all ends in September with a magnificent celebration of fireworks and music. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the stunning countryside to be found just outside of Edinburgh. The dramatic Highlands of Scotland are just a couple of hours from Edinburgh by train or car. Popular destinations in Scotland include Loch Ness, Loch Lomond and the Isle of Skye. In addition Edinburgh is ideally based for exploring other parts of the UK, Ireland and continental Europe. Many students travel around Europe during vacation periods, or even for the weekend. Budget airlines operate direct flights from Edinburgh to many UK and European cities making it so easy to explore.

The Edinburgh of University and the College of Science and Engineering

Founded in 1583 and one of the UK’s six ‘ancient’ universities, the University of Edinburgh is a top ranking international centre of excellence in research and teaching, and attracts the best students from around the world. The University of Edinburgh is one of the largest universities in the UK with nearly 28,000 students. The University has the largest proportion of international students of any Scottish University with over 130 nationalities contributing to our cosmopolitan and multi-cultural learning environment. Some of the USA’s oldest universities and colleges have their roots at Edinburgh, too. The first

President of Princeton, founder and first President of the College of William and Mary, and founders of New York’s first medical school, King’s College, were all graduates of the University of Edinburgh. We also maintain strong relationships with a number of leading US colleges and universities today through research and study abroad relationships. The range of subjects covered in the College of Science and Engineering, combined with courses available to our students provided by other parts of the University, allow an almost unparalleled choice of options for study to our 5,900 undergraduate students.


Highlights of the College include:

• Over 100 different undergraduate degree courses in all areas of science and engineering.

• A vast range of subjects, from Genetics to Artificial Intelligence, Chemical Engineering to Geophysics, Astronomy to Electrical Engineering.

• Combined honours with management, business or European studies and courses with industrial experience. The College of Science and Engineering has seven schools: Biological Sciences Chemistry Engineering Geosciences Informatics Mathematics Physics and Astronomy For more information about being an undergraduate within the College of Science and Engineering please click on the link below: undergraduate

A World Class


Victor Reyes-Umana California to Edinburgh may seem like quite a leap, but Victor Reyes-Umana knew that this University was the one for his Biological sciences degree. “It is important knowing that the university has a good reputation as an institution for top line research and that it prepares you for the world ahead. I really enjoy it since you’re able to get lectures from professors or doctors who are specialists in the subject and are conducting some of this research.”


“I chose Edinburgh mainly because of the quality of work that is expected from you, it would have been the most challenging out of all the other universities I had applied to. I also chose it because I wanted to experience a different kind of lifestyle away from home, and be in a city which is friendly towards students." Victor is really enthused about the support that he's been offered during his first three years at Edinburgh. “The discussion forums for the class, private meetings with professors and tutors who help with any aspect of the course, all help make the experience of studying here at the university really enjoyable.” It’s not all work though! “I took part in the athletics club during first year. Being here has allowed me to travel quite a bit, and that’s a definite plus!”


MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Sarah Brock Sarah was attending the University of Texas studying Mechanical Engineering and always wanted to study abroad. Texas had recently started an exchange program with The University of Edinburgh. Once she looked into the University she didn’t need much encouragement to get excited about applying. She says “I have always been interested in green energy and applying more environmentally friendly design principles to engineering works, so seeing the University so involved in reducing its own carbon footprint, along with offering a highly respected degree focused in Renewable Energy - I was hooked.”

What started out as a 6 month stay here as a visiting student soon turned into Sarah formally transferring and enrolling on the 5 year MEng Mechanical Engineering with Renewable Energy course. “This move has turned out to be one of the best experiences of my university career.” “I am taking courses that I thought I wouldn’t be able to take for years down the line, as undergraduate courses focused on Renewable Energy are few and far between in the States. The professors and tutors I have had have all been so willing to help and it has really made my transition here much easier.” It sounds like Sarah is adopting Edinburgh as her second home, “Edinburgh has the most amazing balance between being a big city, where most places and shops are within walking distance, while still maintaining the charm and feel of a small town. I constantly find myself thinking, I can’t believe that I live here! The city has definitely become my home away from home and I’ve had friends and family alike remark about how hard it is not to fall in love with.” And what of some tips for this years freshers! Sarah recommends “joining a society that appeals to you, which will get you over that first hurdle of finding your ‘crowd’ of friends, as you will all share some common interest.” Would Sarah recommend The School of Engineering at Edinburgh to potential new students? “Yes, a hundred times over, the structure really does create that all-around university experience that most undergraduates are looking for”

A World Class

EXPERIENCE Alyssa Alcorn Alyssa Alcorn is in the second year of an Informatics PhD at the University of Edinburgh. She was attracted to Edinburgh for her research degree as she was keen to work with her current supervisor and felt that she would “get the right combination of mentorship and academic freedom” required to complete her studies. Alyssa has been impressed with the University so far. “Edinburgh is a world-class university. There’s a lot of important, cutting-edge research going on with very little snobbery. A number of academics in the Informatics department are internationally renowned in their field, but nobody is above being approached with a question or getting involved with lecturing and tutoring.” While studying towards her PhD, Alyssa has been impressed with the valuable opportunities made available to her. “It’s good to feel that I am supported by a wide range of other resources. I have participated in talks, training sessions and workshops, as well as working as a tutor and demonstrator, and I feel that I have improved a great deal because of this.”


Edinburgh is very different from Alyssa’s hometown in California, but she is relishing the changes. “I love being able to walk everywhere. I’m still amazed by how connected Scotland is to the rest of Europe, and how many options there are for travel.” Alyssa has managed to fit in trips all over Scotland during her time here and has had a positive experience. “Everywhere I have gone, I have encountered unfailing hospitality.” As well as this, during her PhD, she has visited Germany and Canada to attend conferences related to her research. Aside from her studies and teaching commitments, Alyssa has found time to participate in traditional Scottish events. “I met my boyfriend at the Informatics departmental ceilidh. I’m sure we looked very silly, as he was dancing expertly in his kilt while I had worn slippy shoes and had no idea what I was doing!” Alyssa would advise other international students to do their research before applying to an overseas institution however for her the experience has been a positive one.

CHEMISTRY Sonja Fenske Sonja Fenske is a visiting student from California, currently studying Chemistry. Opportunities to try a new curriculum and experiencing a new culture are some of the reasons Sonja decided to become a visiting student. She fell in love with Edinburgh after reading the romanticised novels of Alexander McCall Smith. “I wanted to see the city first hand. Once I learned that the Chemistry program at the University of Edinburgh was top notch, I was hooked.” Sonja has found it easy to settle in; she has met people from all over the world and shares a flat with two girls, one Scottish and the other French. She has joined the tri-athlete team at Edinburgh which has been a great way to meet new people and explore areas outside the city.

When asked what she likes most about Edinburgh Sonja replied, “Everything!” In particular she loves the scenery. “My favourite part is Arthur’s Seat and Salisbury Crags. I love to go running around the park. It is an escape from the city and once you reach the top you feel as if you are on top of the world.” Being a visiting student has definitely been worthwhile for Sonja. Sonja is enthusiastic about the facilities in the Chemistry department and has found there are more hands-on lab hours than at her home university. Since Sonja arrived she feels she has become more independent but has also found interesting research opportunities and become open to different styles of teaching. “During the lab sessions, there is an expectation to work independently and to solve problems on your own; however, there is always someone available for help - with the course work and labs, you just have to ask.” Sonja misses her family and the California coast but surprisingly, Sonja says she will miss the weather in Edinburgh when she returns to California. “Edinburgh weather is always surprising and this keeps me “on my toes” so to speak. It can be bright and sunny in the morning and then the next half of the day is showering with rain. The seasons in Edinburgh are also a pleasant change.”

A World Class

EXPERIENCE Samantha Pinella Samantha Pinella hails from Ohio and is currently in her third year of a Mathematics degree at Edinburgh. Although initially choosing Edinburgh for academic reasons, Samantha has found that the city has many other benefits which she didn’t realise until she arrived here. “I did a lot of research using the University website before I applied, so I knew that the University of Edinburgh had a highly respected Mathematics department. I also feel that students are more restricted in the USA, for example by accommodation and meal plans, and this didn’t appeal to me. I can be a more independent student in Edinburgh. Since arriving here, I have realised what a beautiful city it is with so many things to do. Edinburgh is a great city for a young person to live in.” Samantha also found the UK application process easier than the American system. ‘I found it clear to use and much less stressful. I received a conditional offer within two months of submitting my application.”


Aside from focussing on her studies, Samantha enjoys a varied social life. “I am in the Math Society and I play for the wind band. We have concerts in Edinburgh at the end of each semester, as well as having the opportunity to go on tour during the summer. I enjoy travelling and have been on trips to London and Glasgow during my time here.” Samantha enjoys the cultural variety that Edinburgh has to offer and has been able to contribute to this herself. “I have still been able to celebrate Thanksgiving in Edinburgh. Most of my friends are not American or Canadian, but they still love a big meal! I was able to find all the ingredients I needed and even made pumpkin pie from a fresh pumpkin for the first time!” Having spent three years studying in Edinburgh, Samantha feels well qualified to recommend it to other students. “I love having a community to return to each year. I would definitely recommend Edinburgh.”

A World Class


Felipe Rodriguez Schrieberg Felipe was attracted to Edinburgh because of the degree programmes offered within the School of Geosciences. The combination of excellent academics in a exciting European city convinced Felipe to make the 6,000 mile move from California.

“Aside from Edinburgh being a great location, Scotland and the UK in general do a lot of great work in ecology, the environment and international development, and the university has a number of excellent programs in these fields.� In his spare time, Felipe is the lead singer of The Blues Water. His band plays events throughout the year in Scotland. This year Felipe and his band members played for the run of the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh during the month of August, the largest arts festival in the world.



Ewen L. Gillies IX Ewen moved to Edinburgh from New York City and is currently studying Physics at Edinburgh. Ewen appreciates both the location of the University as well as the academic variety of what the University is able to offer. “I can really appreciate the quality of education I get in Edinburgh. It is almost as if the structure of the university reflects the city itself in that it is big enough to have a wealth of resources (and prestige), but still has that small university feeling. Professors know who I am and I feel like I am always welcome to knock on their doors to ask questions. The fact that I have the option to take courses outside my major but am not required to do so, as I would be in an American University, was a big selling point for me.” Ewen has taken advantage of the close proximity Edinburgh has to the rest of Europe and is aware that studying in Europe is a once in a lifetime opportunity, “I love being at Edinburgh University because of the travel opportunities it affords me. What other time in my life will I have the opportunity to live, study and even work in Europe? I can simultaneously complete my education and travel at the same time. This for me is a huge advantage.”



Accommodation One of the most important aspects of student life will be your accommodation. There is a wide range of accommodation to choose from, including selfcatered flats and halls of residence with a full meal plan. Catered and self-catered residential accommodation for around 6500 students, together with a variety of advisory and support services. Whether you choose self-catered flats or our catered option at Pollock Halls of residence, there are staff to help you settle in and a range of organised social activities throughout your stay on campus.


Residence Life One of the benefits of living in University of Edinburgh accommodation is the fabulous resident life staff who live on site with the students. One of the main roles of the Resident Assistants is to help students in our accommodation meet other people on their site and to become more accustomed to their surrounding environment. We do this by hosting different events where residents get to know each other as well as becoming more familiar with what the University and city of Edinburgh have to offer. A selection of the events which took place last year include: Halloween Party, Winter Ball, Thanksgiving Event, Burns Night Supper, Ceilidh Dances and Barbeques.

“I chose catered accommodation over self-catering because I can’t cook and I like the social environment of a dormitory. It was very easy to get to know people in my accommodation. Everyone was eager to meet people and the shared dining hall, pantries and common room produced so many social environments to get to know people. My room has all the necessary furnishings and a sink. Each corridor has two private bathrooms. Each floor has two pantries, and the building has a common room and laundry room.” Stephanie London, USA For more information about accommodation including video interviews with students click on the link below:

The Centre for Sport and Exercise


The University of Edinburgh is one of the UK’s leading sports universities, boasting an alumni sporting ‘Hall of Fame’ that includes, Olympic medallists Eric Liddell (runner), Chris Hoy (cyclist) and Katherine Grainger (rower). Catering for leisure users as well as performance athletes, the University’s Centre for Sport and Exercise (CSE) carries a five-star rating and its recently completed multi-million dollar extension makes it one of the best-equipped gyms in the UK. The CSE has played host to a variety of elite athletes and teams, including the New Zealand All Blacks rugby squad who, on a recent visit, praised the CSE as one of the best gyms they have trained in.

The University of Edinburgh services include personal training in strength and conditioning, as well as physiotherapy sessions at our world-leading FASIC centre. In the 2011/2012 academic year, University of Edinburgh students pay just £100 (approximately $159) for a full September-to-September membership to the CSE. There are also shorter-term semester memberships and pay-as-you-go options available. Facilities included in membership:

• Cardiovascular gym • Free weights • Cable weights • Circuits gym • Swimming pool • Fitness classes • Gym support

Additional facilities:

• A range of bookable activities including badminton, basketball, squash etc

• Climbing and bouldering • Personal Training • Physiotherapy • Outdoor activities at Firbush Centre

• Tennis courts and outdoor pitches at Peffermill Playing Fields Further information: Edinburgh University Sports Union Sport plays an important role in student life at the University of Edinburgh. Our sports union, host to 6,500 individual members and 63 clubs, is the biggest in Scotland. Our well-managed and well-equipped clubs provide regular training and participate in a variety of UK university competitions. We also offer the largest Intra-Mural sports programme in Scotland, which offers a relaxed alternative to club sport and is open to anyone who wants to take part in sport just for fun. What sports are on offer? Soccer (Men's, Women's), Basketball, Hockey, Netball, Squash, Rugby Union, Cricket and many more Further information:

Fees,Funding and Scholarships


Tuition Fees For up-to-date details of tuition fees by programme of study, please check the University of Edinburgh website: A number of scholarships are available each year to students from the USA. Scholarships for students from the USA include:

• Edinburgh Global Masters Scholarships • Edinburgh Global Undergraduate Scholarships • Marshall Scholarships • UK 9/11 Scholarships • Scholarships and Student Funding Services home US loans The University of Edinburgh is recognised by the US Department of Education, so you may be able to apply for US Federal Aid to study here.

• Information on US Loan applications Immigration International students need to obtain a visa to study in the UK. The only students who don’t require a visa to study in the UK are:

• Student holding passports from the European Union(EU)/European Economic Area (EEA) countries

• Students from Switzerland Students from all other countries should use the following guidance to identify the type of visa required and start the application procedure online as soon as possible:

Admissions Requirements

ACHIEVABLE Students are required to hold a strong high school diploma, with evidence of a challenging curriculum and course load, plus one of the following: SATs, ACTs and APs

• SAT score of 1800 (600 minimum in Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing) plus two SAT Subject Tests with 650 minimum or two APs at Grade 4 (or a combination of SAT Subject Tests and APs)

• ACT Composite score of 27 minimum plus two SAT Subject tests or two APs at Grade 4 (or a combination of SAT Subject Tests and APs)

• Three APs at Grade 4 minimum International Baccalaureate (IB) Award of full Diploma is required. For many degree programmes, we will expect you to have studied specific subjects at Higher Level (HL) within the IB.

How to Apply


How to apply to Edinburgh University Applicants who wish to be considered for any of our undergraduate degree programmes should apply through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (or UCAS for short). For more information, including how to apply online, visit the UCAS website at: UCAS is now accepting applications for entry in September 2013. When completing your UCAS application form, it is important to include all the relevant information. This includes your qualifications achieved and pending, a personal statement telling us why you wish to apply for a particular programme and an academic reference. On your UCAS application form, it is possible to apply for up to five different degree programmes within the UK. At the College of Science and Engineering we make a maximum of two offers per applicant, which helps to ensure that we make offers to as many individuals as possible. Those who apply for more than two programmes should contact us directly indicating their preferred course choice(s). Our email address is The International Office can also give you advice about the application process: For a short video about how and why to apply to Edinburgh, including interviews with current American Edinburgh students, please see the link below: usa/applicant-presentation

College Board Marketing  

Document to send to USA potential applicants

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