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Sauk Rapids-Rice 2016-17 Resource Guide


2016-17 Sauk Rapids-Rice Resource Guide­•

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2016-17 Sauk Rapids-Rice Resource Guide­•

Welcome to Sauk Rapids, Rice!

Long blessed by nature’s bounties, both Sauk Rapids and Rice are river cities that hold big-hearted charms, including friendly people, pleasant parks, recreational options and intriguing shops and restaurants. Sauk Rapids hugs the east bank of the Mississippi River and Rice is just a mile or so east of the river. The cities, about 10 miles apart (Sauk Rapids to the south, Rice to the north) are connected by Highway 10, one of the busiest roadways in the state that brings travelers from far and wide who often make stops in the two places on their way to somewhere else. The two cities are connected in another way: they are two components of the Sauk Rapids-Rice School District (four public schools in Sauk Rapids, one elementary school in Rice). And, on a sad note, Rice and Sauk Rapids are connected in yet another way, by a tragic incident from the past: a horrific tornado that on April 14, 1886 destroyed downtown Sauk Rapids, killing 44 people, then raging north where it killed several more people, including the just-married groom, at a wedding party on a farm just east of Rice. Long before Sauk Rapids and Rice were founded by settlers in the mid-1850s, the area was home to nomadic American Indians who visited, camped, fished and hunted in the forested river country. Early settlers built schools, churches, shops, a flour mill, bridges and other amenities for their growing villages. Growth in Rice and Sauk Rapids was steady but slow since nearby St. Cloud was a bigger city of hustleand-bustle. However, that is what allowed the two cities to maintain their laid-back neighborly small-town ambience. Casual visitors will notice that small-town welcoming charm instantly among the old neighborhoods up and down the hills of Sauk Rapids, in the campground on Little Rock Lake next to Rice, in the cities’ lush-green parks and in the intriguing shops tucked away in old brick buildings along the two main streets. Long-term visitors or “transplants” will soon notice even more amenities: a top-rated Sauk Rapids-Rice School District, thriving businesses, excellent city services, green spaces everywhere, river and lake recreations, walking and biking trails, and city festivals and other events designed for family fun. Whether you visit briefly, stay a little longer or decide to “move in,” the cities of Sauk Rapids and Rice will give you a warm welcome.

Table of Contents

City services.............................4 Area representatives.................6 Parks.....................................7-9 City maps...........................8 & 9 Calendar of events..................10 Day care providers.................12 Schools....................................13 Advertising index...................15 This resource guide is published bi-annually by Von Meyer Publishing Inc., publishers of the Sauk Rapids-Rice Newsleader. Owner/Publisher: Janelle Von Pinnon Editor: Dennis Dalman Graphic Designer: Tara Wiese Delivery: Bruce Probach For comments or questions call 320-363-7741 or email

Tracks of our tears for Jacob cover photo by Logan Gruber

In the Sauk Rapids area, the railroad is ever present. Trains run all day along these tracks. This photo was taken underneath the Bridge of Hope, so named in honor of Jacob Wetterling, whose remains were found this fall after his family had searched for nearly 28 years to find him.



2016-17 Sauk Rapids-Rice Resource Guide­•

City services Sauk Rapids City Council Council meetings take place at 6 p.m. the second and fourth Mondays of every month. Meetings are also broadcast live on the city’s cable-access channel, Charter Channel 181. Mayor Brad Gunderson, 320-248-2763 or Steve Heinen, 320-259-6308 or Kurt Hunstiger, 320-290-7110 or Nick Sauer, 320-266-0711 or Ellen Thronson, 320-250-4133 or

City Hall

250 Summit Ave. • 320-258-5300 The city administrator is Ross Olson, who supervises eight department directors, as well as many other aspects of city services. Business hours are from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Fire Department

408 N. Benton Drive • 320-258-5310 Fire Chief Jason Fleming leads a highly trained group of 28 on-call, part-time firefighters.

Police Department

250 Summit Ave. • 320-251-9451 (non-emergency) A staff of 15 highly qualified police officers is supervised by Police Chief Perry Beise.

Rice City Council Council meetings take place at 7 p.m. the first Monday of every month, with an extra meeting if necessary scheduled for the month. Meetings are held in city hall at 205 E. Main St. Mayor Dale Rogholt, 320-761-2764 Paula Kampa, 320-393-4223 Chris Scheel, 320-393-7847 Brian Skroch, 320-393-2191 Allen Voigt, 320-393-2247

City Hall

205 E. Main St. • 320-393-2280 The clerk is Stephanie Fischer, who is one of six city-hall staff members. Business hours are from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Mondays; from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays; and from 8 a.m.-noon Fridays.

Fire Department

205 E. Main St. • 320-393-2180 Fire Chief Scott Janski leads a group of close to two dozen highly trained firefighters.

Police Department

205 E. Main St. • 320-393-3280 (non-emergency) Ross Hamann is the police chief, who works with officers Suzie DiMaggio-Boom and Brent Curtis.

2016-17 Sauk Rapids-Rice Resource Guide­•

CURTIS J.H. JOHNSON, D.D.S. DAVID A. RUSSELL, D.D.S. Family Dentistry • Cosmetic Dentistry • Teeth Whitening Dental Implants • Dentures • Sports Mouthwear



400 North Benton Drive • Sauk Rapids



2016-17 Sauk Rapids-Rice Resource Guide­•

Area Representatives State Rep. Tim O’Driscoll (R) District 13B

100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. 451 State Office Building, St. Paul, MN 55155 651-296-7808 or 1-800-920-9984 •

State Sen. Michelle Fischbach (R) District 13 100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. State Office Building, Room 15, St. Paul, MN 55155 651-296-2084 •

U.S. Rep. Tom Emmer (R) Sixth District

503 Cannon House Office Building, Washington D.C. 20515 202-225-6475 •

U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (DFL)

302 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20510 612-727-5220 •

U.S. Sen. Al Franken (DFL)

309 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20510 202-224-5641 •

Benton County Commissioners Jim McMahon, Third District (Sauk Rapids precincts 3, 4) 1706 Sixth Ave. N., Sauk Rapids • 320-251-0400

Spencer Buerkle, Fourth District (Sauk Rapids precincts 1, 2, 5)

611 Seventh St. N., Sauk Rapids • 320-251-3619 •

Edward Popp, Second District (Rice)

15274 Fifth Ave. NE • 320-393-2886 •

Coffee drinks ~ Italian Soda Wine & Beer ~ Appetizers Lunches ~ Ice Cream and Malts Bakery ~ Desserts • Many Gluten and Dairy-Free Options • Local Dairy and Bakery, Organic Produce • A perfect atmosphere for business meetings and small groups. Open every day ~ Wi-fi always on LIVE music at 8 p.m. every weekend!

19 W. Minnesota St. • St. Joseph 320-363-1011

2016-17 Sauk Rapids-Rice Resource Guide­•


Sauk Rapids Parks Below is information about each of the 26 parks located in Sauk Rapids. For more information, visit and click on Parks and Trails. Parks are numbered accordingly on the map on page 8.

Regional Parks

1. Bob Cross Nature Preserve – this 11.95-acre park is located north of the intersection of Eighth Avenue S. and Half Street S. The park features the Rotary Trail, which winds through wetlands and can be used for hiking and the observation of wildlife. 2. Bob Cross Park – located at 40 10th Ave. S., this park is 46.41 acres and hosts softball fields, a large concession building with restrooms, tennis courts, a wading pool, playground equipment and swings. 3. Hidden Acres Preserve – located adjacent to the southeasterly corner of the Church Hill East Developments, this seven-acre park contains native plant communities of oak, aspen, alder thicket, mesic and wet-mesic prairie, wet prairie and sedge meadow. It’s a unique property offering an undisturbed haven for many species of animals, birds, amphibians and reptiles. 4. Island View Park – located at 1469 River Ave. N., this 14-acre park has paved recreational and footpath worn trails, nature observation and fishing. 5. Mayhew Creek Park – located at 2974 Mayhew Lake Road NE, this 155-acre park is one of the largest regional parks the city owns. Adjacent to the Sauk Rapids-Rice High School, there are sledding hills, recreational trails, sports fields and observation benches. The length of the trails is approximately 1.1 miles. 6. Municipal Park – located at 1001 River Ave. N., this park is well-known for hosting a large variety of community gatherings. It boasts a recreational paved trail, boat landing, two enclosed buildings available for rent, a large openair shelter, grills, picnic tables, campfire pit, softball field, volleyball court, basketball court, horseshoe pits, observation swings, playground equipment and swings. 7. Sauk Rapids Lions Sunset Park – located at 95 River Ave. N., this 10+-acre park is located on the banks of the Mississippi River. It features a recreational paved trail, fishing, picnic areas, shelters, restrooms, playground equipment and swings. 8. Southside Park – located at 103 River Ave. S., this park features the beginning of the Oxcart Trail, a paved pathway connecting the four river parks. Additionally, there are two fishing piers.

Neighborhood Parks

9. Autumn Ridge Regional Park – located at 2270 Parkview Lane NE, this park boasts the city’s first splash pad. The park also has playground equipment, swings and a sheltered picnic area with picnic tables and restrooms which are open from mid-June through mid-September, depending on the weather. 10. Benedict Acres Park – located at 320 10th Ave. N., this park features playground equipment, swings and picnic tables. 11. Church Hill East – located at 1176 Orchid Drive NE, is publicly owned but privately maintained by the homeowner’s association. The park features playground equipment, swings, picnic tables, benches, a 1/4-mile paved walking trail and a basketball half-court. 12. Church Hill Heights Park – located at 2615 Olive Lane, the park features a paved walking trail which is approximately 1/3-mile long. 13. Eastern Star Park – located at 1911 Eastern Star Circle, the park features a unique paved walking trail which winds through a complex wetland with a variety of wildlife. 14. Edgewood Park – located at 46 13th Ave. S. 15. Fairview Farms Park – located at 3210 Oxen Trail NE, this park has a holding pond with two docks for observation, overlooking a large wetland. There is a walking path around the pond, as well as a park shelter and picnic tables. 16. Garden Brook Park – located at 1210 10th Ave. NE, this park is a large, open space that includes a vast wetland complex. There is playground equipment, swings and a walking trail. The length of the trail is approximately .68 miles. 17. Little Acorn Park – located at 1220 Oakcrest Drive, this park is less than an acre with grills and picnic tables.

18. Mayhew Lake Preserve Park – located at 1605 Peach Drive NE, this park overlooks a large wetland complex. It additionally features playground equipment, a small shelter with a picnic table, and a walking trail. The length of the trail is approximately 0.11 miles. 19. North Acres Park – located at 1405 Second Ave. N., this 3.54-acre park features playground equipment, swings and observation benches. 20. Oakridge Park – located at 2008 Highview Drive, this neighborhood park features playground equipment, swings, picnic shelter, a half-basketball court, an ice-skating rink and warming house, picnic tables and observation benches. 21. Oak Lane Park – located at 260 11th St. N., this park is equipped with playground equipment and swings, a walking path, picnic tables and an observation bench. The length of the walking trail is approximately 0.10 miles. 22. Oakwood Village Park – located at 1634 Second Ave. N., this park features playground equipment, swings, a skating rink and observation benches. 23. Pleasantview Park – located at 551 11th St. N., this park is situated north of Pleasantview Elementary School. It features a lighted hockey and skating rink with a warming house, playground equipment, swings, picnic tables and observation benches. 24. Prairie Gardens Park – located at 1316 Sixth Ave. N., this park has three acres of holding ponds and wetlands that are encircled by a paved, lighted walking path. Additionally, there are observation benches. The walking trail is approximately 0.77 miles. 25. Scenic View Park – located at 800 Eighth St. N., this neighborhood park features playground equipment, swings, a half-basketball court, a softball field and backstop, picnic tables and observation benches. 26. Tower Park – located at 1902 Summit Ave. N., this park is near the Sauk Rapids Water tower on Highway 10. It features a gazebo, picnic tables and playground equipment.

2016-17 Sauk Rapids-Rice Resource Guide­•


15 13



22 26





19 21


23 10







7 8 14



Sauk Rapids Parks 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Bob Cross Nature Preserve Bob Cross Park Hidden Acres Preserve Island View Park Mayhew Creek Park Municipal Park Sauk Rapids Lions Sunset Park

8. Southside Park 9. Autumn Ridge Regional Park 10. Benedict Acres Park 11. Church Hill East 12. Church Hill Heights Park 13. Eastern Star Park 14. Edgewood Park

15. 16. 17. 18.

Fairview Farms Park Garden Brook Park Little Acorn Park Mayhew Lake Preserve Park 19. North Acres Park 20. Oakridge Park 21. Oak Lane Park

22. 23. 24. 25. 26.

Oakwood Village Park Pleasantview Park Prairie Gardens Park Scenic View Park Tower Park

2016-17 Sauk Rapids-Rice Resource Guide­•







Rice Parks

1. Baseball Fields – located on CR 2 on the western edge of town, this park has two ball fields, a small playground and a shelter with picnic tables. There is a men’s softball league on Thursdays and a co-rec league on Tuesdays.

2. Lions Park/Westside Park – located at Fourth Avenue NW and First Street NW, the park has a building that can be rented from the city for events, as well as two playgrounds and two ice rinks with a warming house. The entire park has a concrete walking path around it. 3. New Unnamed Park – located on CR 2 next to the baseball fields is the city’s newest park which is about 2 acres. There is a gravel walking trail which was recently added. Grass was planted this past spring. Should a grant the city applied for be approved, picnic tables and bike racks may be added this year as well.

4. Rice City Park – located at the corner of Main Street and Division Street by the railroad tracks, this park has a few picnic tables, a parking lot and shade trees. The park also has a memorial plaque for veterans. The plaque is currently being refurbished.

5. Rice Elementary School – located at 200 Third Ave. NE, the school has a full playground with basketball hoops, several benches and swings. 6. Veterans Monument – located on E. Main Street beside the downtown cemetery. It’s a monument dedicated to the Armed Forces with four decorative benches.



2016-17 Sauk Rapids-Rice Resource Guide­•

Calendar of events

Do you know of an annual community event that you would like us to include? Send your information to: Newsleader, Attn: Resource Guide Events, P.O. Box 324, St. Joseph, MN 56374; or e-mail it to

October Pumpkinfest

In mid-October, the city of St. Cloud hosts Pumpkinfest at the Lake George Municipal Complex, 1101 Seventh St. S. The event includes trick-or-treat stations, a petting zoo, pumpkin patch, hayrides and more. An outdoor movie is also shown at dusk.

October-April Winter Farmers’ Market

A winter version of Sartell’s Market Monday is held one-two Saturdays per month at Sartell City Hall, 125 Pinecone Road. Hours of operation are from 3-6:30 p.m.

December Winter Parade/Wonderland

In mid-December, a parade is held running from the St. Cloud Public Library to the River’s Edge Convention Center on W. St. Germain Street. Also, a Winter Wonderland event is held at the Lake George Municipal Complex, where families can enjoy arts and crafts, decorate cookies, enjoy a hay ride and meet Santa. For additional events, see the Spring 2017 Sauk Rapids-Rice Resource Guide.

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•Paintless Dent Removal •Free Loaner Cars •Glass Replacement •Frame Straightening •Used Car Sales •Truck Accessories •Heavy Truck Repair & Refinishing

Craig Zahara

611 19th Ave. NE, St Joseph



2016-17 Sauk Rapids-Rice Resource Guide­•

Sauk Rapids-Rice Area Churches

Bridge Community Church


1702 W. Highview Drive, Sauk Rapids 320-252-2960 Sunday Worship: 10 a.m.

Fall Worship Schedule: (begins Sept. 18) Sundays: 8:15 & 10:30 a.m. Sunday School: 9:25 a.m.

Summer Worship Schedule: Sundays: 9:30 a.m.

WoW! Worship on Wednesday: 5:45 p.m. WoW! School 6:30 p.m. Worship

610 North County Road 2 St. Joseph, MN 56374

320-363-4232 •

Discovery Church

700 18th St. NW, Sauk Rapids 320-251-5767 Sunday Worship: 9:30 a.m.; Discovery Hour: 11 a.m. Youth Activities AWANA (Children) & Life Groups (Youth) Wednesday: 6:30 p.m.

Living Waters Lutheran Church 1911 4th Ave. N, Sauk Rapids 320-255-1135 Sunday Worship: 8:30 & 10:30 a.m. Summer Sunday Worship: 8:30 & 10 a.m. Children & adult education (between services during the school year)

Rice Community Church

Rice City Hall, 205 Main St. E., Rice Sunday Worship: 10 a.m.

Church of the Sacred Heart 2875 10th Ave. NE, Sauk Rapids 320-251-8115 Saturday Worship: 5 p.m. Sunday Worship: 8 & 10 a.m.

Trinity Lutheran Church, LCMS

2163 Mayhew Lake Road NE, Sauk Rapids 320-252-3670 Traditional Sunday Worship: 8 a.m. Sunday School: 9:15 a.m. Contemporary Worship: 10:30 a.m. Anyuak Worship Service: Noon (for Sudanese Immigrants/Refugees)

Asper Barten Barthel Benoit Boehmer Boos Claassen Cook DeMars Demuth Domke Ellson Fennell Froelich Hammerel Helget Henry Iburg Johnson Kipka Kirkeby Kleen Knott Kuebelbeck Kulow Kutzorik LaBatte Leeb Lenarz Looman Mager McGee Meagher Mohs Mohs Morse Ness Obioha Oliva-Clour Olk Olson O’Riley Paulsen Pelzer Peplinski Pfleuger Pflipsen Pick



Melissa Sarah Wendi JoAnn Kari Kathy Sierra Lori Amanda Bethany Kimberly Kristine Beth Patricia Cynde Danelle Ovid Annette Marya Kimberly Katie Diane Ashley Crystal Lisa Judy Deidre April Kim Kelly Peggy Sue Tami Molly Carol Donna Tracy Tammy Tina Veronica Kari Marilyn Jane Janel Allison Jennifer Sarah Terry Tonya



3 Eighth Ave. N. 320-420-5028 1281 Fieldstone Drive 320-761-9358 709 Second St. S. 320-253-9851 5625 Golden Spike Road NE 320-259-7662 1618 Parkview Lane NE 320-492-8646 1204 Seventh Ave. N. 320-252-8755 712 Second Ave. N. 320-293-0857 1002 10th Ave. N. 320-654-0535 369 Killinger Circle 320-203-7225 432 Ninth Ave. N. 320-333-1224 1113 29th St. NE 320-309-6199 1040 Benton Drive N. 320-290-8144 909 13th St. N. 320-240-0587 1015 Summit Ave. N. 320-253-3440 308 Seventh St. S. 320-223-2640 1108 Strawberry Court 320-266-5616 939 Oak Crest Court 320-290-8841 3088 52nd Ave. NE 320-240-0002 812 Wildflower Lane 320-492-1574 1729 Pear Court NE 320-333-7172 1617 Prairie View Lane 218-368-8938 5305 Golden Spike Road NE 320-253-7911 1625 Prairie View Lane NE 320-260-8230 823 Third Ave. S. 320-310-7639 1211 Hillside Road 320-252-4681 701 10 1/2 St. N. 320-253-2294 101 17th St. Court 320-217-5910 1120 Meadows Drive 320-255-0478 702 11th St. N. 320-282-1573 1733 Peach Drive NE 715-222-4735 2460 15th St. NE 320-656-1295 1160 Oakcrest Drive 320-248-8139 1202 Hillside Road 320-250-2130 2005 Highview Drive E. 320-259-1888 1951 Highview Drive W. 320-253-6726 413 Eighth Ave. N. 320-251-5116 1314 Eighth Ave. N. 320-654-8913 2504 Ocarina Drive 320-333-2473 120 Seventh Ave. N. 320-251-7529 753 12th St. N. 320-654-1764 1861 Eastern Star Loop 320-203-7071 200 66th St. NW 320-252-0475 1905 Circle Drive NW 320-333-2907 600 Fifth Ave. N. 320-333-8997 1820 Eastern Star Loop 320-260-1677 216 Third Ave. N. 320-309-1796 3550 45th St. NE 320-654-8180 2041 Peach Drive 320-281-8656

Sauk Rapids Licensed Day Cares FIRST

Heather Melissa Stephanie Judy Linda Shawna Angela Roberta Carlyn Nancy Linda Katrine Sandra Connie Kayla Nadine Paula Brenda

1414 Osauka Road NE 1823 Star Drive 1508 Seventh Ave. N. 1605 Seventh Ave. N. 122 Benton Oaks Drive 723 11 1/2 St. N. 104 16th St. Court 815 Fourth Ave. N. 1286 Agate Court 4992 River Road NE 503 13th St. N. 503 Eighth Ave. N. 1929 Highview Drive E. 1150 Garden Brook Drive 1013 7 1/2 Ave. N. 801 Fourth Ave. N. 100 Ridge Road 1309 Ninth Ave. N.


Anderson Dietman Funk Galarneault Green Hackett Holewa Houdek Kilman Kissner Lutz Mjolsness Olson Olson Peterson Peterson Pietrzak Reinke Rogers Rucks Rushmeyer Sabraski Schmidt-Powers Schraut Skajewski Wagner



Jaime 210 Second St. SW Sara 10075 RoseAnna Beach Road Jessica 1109 Third St. SW Larhae 10390 W. Lake Road NW Kelly 17460 45th Ave. NE Brenda 1853 155th St. NE Jacquelyn 408 Sixth Ave. NW Victoria 204 Sixth Ave. NW Tammy 30 Third Ave. NW Laurie 8605 Ingot Road NW Ashley 807 Second Ave. SW Amy 1412 Third St. SW Greta 13164 Hwy 25 N. Susan 14213 55th Ave. NE Brittney Roxanne 12421 19th Ave. NW Mandy 12610 Hwy 25 NE Mary 10267 Hawthorne Road NW Krista 708 Eighth Ave. SW Jacqueline 10525 Gannet Road NW Mollie 606 Ninth Ave. SW Katie 9871 W. Lake Ct. NW Patricia 303 Third Ave. NW Tessa 13442 Fifth Ave. NE Amanda 405 Ninth Ave. SW Andrea 10705 Gannet Road NW


Rice Licensed Day Cares


Post Rieland Rothstein Sobiech Spencer Stewart Taylor Trapp Tschida Voss Waldoch Widmer Wiltfong Winker Wippler Wittkowski Wolford Wollum

612-685-6078 320-248-7382 320-393-3246 320-393-4353 320-223-2203 320-393-4531 507-530-0721 320-333-4118 320-492-1159 320-252-2362 320-266-5982 320-291-8782 320-393-3826 320-393-3780 763-260-3331 320-260-6548 320-387-2256 320-393-4469 320-420-4643 320-393-4701 320-282-0561 320-393-2549 320-393-2383 320-223-3632 320-282-5080 320-250-7827


320-266-4853 320-654-9799 320-229-2601 320-240-8938 320-240-0750 320-493-2202 320-251-6430 320-260-6712 320-654-8975 320-252-5807 320-255-7078 320-333-9882 320-290-6019 320-230-3539 320-260-6049 320-255-0337 320-259-5973 320-339-5787


12 2016-17 Sauk Rapids-Rice Resource Guide­•

2016-17 Sauk Rapids-Rice Resource Guide­•

Schools Mississippi Heights Elementary School - K-5th grade 1003 Fourth St. S., Sauk Rapids (320) 258-8303 Pleasantview Elementary School - K-5th grade 1009 Sixth Ave. N., Sauk Rapids (320) 253-0506 Rice Elementary School - K-5th grade 200 Third Ave. NE, Rice (320) 393-2177 Sauk Rapids-Rice Middle School - 6th-8th grades 901 First St. S., Sauk Rapids (320) 654-9073 Sauk Rapids-Rice High School - 9th-12th grades 1835 Osauka Road, Sauk Rapids (320) 253-4700 Hillside School - ECFE & ABE 30 Fourth Ave. S., Sauk Rapids Early Childhood Family Education (320) 255-8910 Adult Basic Education (320) 258-1111 Sauk Rapids School District Office 1835 Osauka Road (320) 253-4703 District Web Address: The Sauk Rapids-Rice School District, led by Superintendent Daniel Bittman, has an outstanding reputation in Minnesota and beyond. Its students, teachers and administrators have been recognized for excellence by earning many local, state and national awards.

Non-public school: Petra Lutheran School K-8th grade 1049 First Ave. N. Sauk Rapids (320) 251-0158 Web Address:

Drive Carefully! School is in Session

St. Joseph Rod & Gun Club FISHING FOR MEMBERS! • Stock certain area lakes • Boys/Girls June Fishing Clinic • Firearms Safety Education

• Long Lake Conservation Camp

Annual Membership - $18

Call Betty at 320-223-1071



We provide Head Start, Early Head Start, child care and family support services for eligible children and families in Benton, Sherburne and Stearns counties in central Minnesota. Core Values: • We value all relationships based on integrity, trust and respect. • We value our strength-based partnerships with families and community agencies. • We value the uniqueness and diversity within our communities.

350 Hwy 10 S., St. Cloud, MN 320-253-8110


2016-17 Sauk Rapids-Rice Resource Guide­•


2016-17 Sauk Rapids-Rice Resource Guide­•

Advertising Index

Auto Body 2000.........................................10

Pine Cone Pet Hospital.................................5

Bremer Bank.................................................5

PineCone Vision Center...............................15

Brenny Transportation Inc.........................14


Catholic Charities........................................11

Resurrection Lutheran Church...................11


St. Cloud HRA..............................................3

Coldwell Banker Burnet - Chris Hauck....4

St. Cloud Medical Group.............................4

College of St. Benedict/


St. John’s University...................................15

St. John’s Outdoor University.......................7

Drs. Styles, Cotton & Milbert

St. Joseph Rod & Gun Club.........................13

Family Dentistry.....................................10

Sartell Tax Service....................................14


Sauk Rapids-Rice Area Churches.............11

Evergreen Village........................................2

Sisters of the Order of St. Benedict.............11

Laser Dentistry............................................14

Sterling Park Senior Living........................16

Little Falls Convention & Visitors’ Bureau... 2

Tri-County Humane Society......................13

Local Blend...................................................6


Mustang Signs & Graphics........................14

Welch Dental Care........................................6

North Benton Dental Care...........................5


Pediatric Dentistry.......................................13

Please patronize the advertisers in this booklet. They help bring you this Sauk Rapids-Rice Resource Guide.


Full- and Part-Time Direct Support Staff Sauk Rapids, St. Cloud, Foley & Clear Lake Areas

Dungarvin is a national social services organization that provides a variety of supports to persons served. We are growing! If you’re searching for a career with meaning, look no further! We offer scheduled raises, benefits at 30+ hours/week and a career ladder. Available shifts include days, evenings and asleep or awake overnights. Every other weekend is required. Qualified candidates will assist persons with activities of daily living, including personal care, medication administration and community integration.

“Respecting and responding to the choices of people with disabilities.”

$1,0 rete 00 n bon tion us!

Requirements include: • Valid driver’s license w/acceptable driving record • Background clearance • High School Diploma/GED • 18 years or older • Computer literacy • Effective communication skills in English No experience is necessary, but group home, PCA, or nursing assistant experience is preferred. To be considered for employment, please complete an application by applying with requisition 15-0246 at Qualified candidates are typically contacted within one business day. AA/EOE

Love What You Do!

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