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Meile vacuum cleaners are an example of high quality German engineering. The Miele Company has been around for over a hundred years and this family owned business is known for producing some of the highest quality products on the market. Today Miele has put its focus on manufacturing vacuums that produce less dust and pollutants, so that when vacuuming you are not being exposed to these unhealthy elements. If someone in your home has allergies, the Miele vacuum cleaners are one of the best on the market. These vacuums are known for being some of the best HEPA machines that you can get; the engineers for Miele have created a vacuum that will capture 99.99% of the particles that would normally be released into the air when you clean your carpet. The Miele vacuums are made to be sealed systems; this way it is trapping the dirt instead of spreading it through the air, which goes a long ways in helping allergy suffers. The Miele vacuum cleaners are known for being high quality and easy to use; if you take care of your vacuum correctly you can expect that it will last over 20 years. Using this lightweight vacuum is very easy because it is simple to maneuver and get to those places that are difficult to reach. Due to the high quality you get with these vacuums you can expect that when you go to purchase a Miele, it will probably cost you more than the average vacuum cleaner. Although you will spend more money on this brand, you can expect to get a lot more for your money too. Some of the standard features that come with Miele vacuum cleaners include a sealed system and HEPA filtration. You will also find that these vacuums are very quiet and simple to use because of the self-winding cords, plus they are lightweight and easy to handle. The bags for these vacuums are sealed so that dirt doesn't escape once vacuumed up; additionally, it is very easy to replace the bags. For power, most all of the Miele vacuums come with a 1200-Watt Vortex Motor. All of the features that are included with these vacuums are meant to provide quality products that are easy to use. Once you have used a Miele vacuum you might now want to go back to one of the standard brands. You can find Miele vacuum cleaners in both the canister and upright style, though the canister type is far more common. Some of the most popular models by this manufacturer include the Miele S4210 Antares Galaxy. This is one of the less expensive models, but it still offers reliability and high quality performance. With the Miele S5280 Callisto Galaxy you get a more expensive vacuum, but you'll get what you pay for in performance, plus the motor comes with a 7-year warranty. Getting your money's worth out of a vacuum isn't easy these days, but research what you want before you buy and you will get a quality product that is exactly what you need.

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==== ==== How to choose the best vacuum cleaners. ==== ====

Miele Vacuum Cleaners Equal Quality.