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020 8800 4440 166 CLAPTON COMMON LONDON E5 9AG

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The New Shipment ‫לכבוד יום טוב‬ Arrived. • • • •

Bekitches Tish Bekitches Mens Suits Boys Suits

GRAPHICONE 845.782.3844

We Never Fail

To Impress

Opening Hours: Sun - Thu 11Am - 7Pm Wed 11Am - 9 Pm Fri 10 Am 2PM

1 Grosvenor Way, London E5 9ND - Tel: 020 8806 1991

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U S INVESTMENT PROPERTY 168 Bridge Lane 20 8209 1282

London NW11 9JY

Cell UK +44 7850 010 181

020 8442 4744


Cell USA 001-716-909-4380



rtrait (96x64mm) : RH column RH page preferred inc VAT

Investment Property for sale 2 x 2-family homes, recently renovated to RCA standard and fully tenanted. Property Ref UPS/02 Total Purchase Cost c.$28,000 Projected Rent pa c.$12,000 Projected Net Profit pa c.$5,000 Projected Net Yield pa c.17.9% Property Ref LON/132 Total Purchase Cost c.$60,000 Projected Rent pa c.$16,000 Projected Net Profit pa c.$10,500 Projected Net Yield pa c.17.5% In association with our American colleagues we provide a comprehensive property sourcing, acquisition and management service. To find out more, call 020 8209 1282 or email Newsheet 14

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We deal with a full range of pests including:

We are the best for the pest!

Call us now & get a free estimate

0800 999 5 999

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cockroaches squirrels fleas


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eautiful ride Rentals Sales

Your Day Your Dress Tiaras l Dresses l Veils Elisheva Kramer 020 8458 9259 Formerly Denise Frohwein, Bridal Direct London Newsheet 30

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yesh ‫יש‬design

Really cheap prices With a very large selection Call us for prices

Family Joseph 020.8802.8503 07961.0977.56

OpEN DAiLy: 1:30 - 3:30 Pm 8:00 - 10:00 Pm OR BY APPOINtmENt

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T’s & C’s APPLY


020 8800 4440 166 CLAPTON COMMON LONDON E5 9AG

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Have you been searching for a good quality calcium liquid? So have we!! Wee are W are proud proud to to bring bring you: you: This unique product available only at Rose ose Health contains a high dose of calcium magnesium esium and vitamin D in a citrus form for best absorption. sorption.

Great taste! Bringg along th Bring B tthis iss coupon fo for or a 5% discount for a limited period d only! onl n y! y!

Rose Health & Nutrition

23b Portland Avenue London N16 6HD Tel: 020 8800 9193 Opening hours- Monday- Thursday 9.30-5.30 Sunday 11.00-3.00 Friday 10.00-12.00

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Professional Make-up Artist

Judith Issacharoff t: 020 8809 6808 | m: 07771 873 442 (only using branded products for a longer lasting look) Newsheet 52

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Free Site Visit & Consultation


WE CAN HELP YOU! Too small?


LIFE-U DESIGN will maximise the value and potential of your London property. Numerous satisfied clients in the Jewish community. References on request.

Please contact CarlĂŠ Scott Gerber E: W: T: 020 70973898 M: 077 66745415 A: 120C Marlborough Road, N22 8NN, London Newsheet 54

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Fixed Price Packages

Simchas Nesuin

Lady Photography

To see our Portfolio and all inclusive packages please call Newsheet 56

Album Design and Print

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Tehillim Kollel "The oldest segulah known to Klal Yisrael"

Weekly column of stories on the power of tehillim, brought to you by the Tehillim Kollel of New York

Week of August 7, 2013 ‫בס"ד‬

A Member of the Minyan Survives a Frightening Accident It was a sunny day last week when the incident occurred. A car was driving steadily and surely along the roads, and inside sat a young man, a member of one of the daily Tehillim Kollel minyanim, who recite tehillim on behalf of Klal Yisrael. Then, without warning, the car behind him lost control and plowed full-speed ahead straight into his vehicle. The force of the impact sent the car into a skid and, with our young man still inside, the car tipped over onto its roof and collapsed like a house of cards, trapping its passenger within the mangled pieces of metal. After the first few moments of shock, the young man began to orient himself and noticed a broken window to the side. Dusting himself off, he simply strolled out of the upturned vehicle, all limbs intact. First responders who arrived at the scene soon after could only confirm the open miracle that had occurred. It could only have been the guiding hand of Someone up there that allowed the young man to emerge from the totaled car without a scratch. The man remarked, “The unbelievable heavenly protection that accompanied me during those difficult moments is certainly in the merit of the tehillim I had fervently recited only hours earlier with the tehillim minyan. The verses of the tehillim’l have always served as a vehicle of protection and blessings for Jews in all generations.” By the next morning, this man was already waiting at his steady spot at the Tehillim Kollel minyan, this time with an especially fervent song of praise on his lips to Hashem, who saved him in the merit of Dovid Hamelech, His servant.


Daily Tehillim Minyunim

Boro Park Tosh Shul

4615 14'th Ave. Weekdays

Shabbos & Sunday

6:00 am 7:00 am

Join us any day around the year at one of the local Tehillim Kollel branches at your area.




Dinuv Shul

Toldos Aron Shul

Toldos Aron Shul

77 Wallasbout St. Weekdays

Shabbos & Sunday

6:00 am 7:00 am

2 Shinev Court


Shabbos & Sunday

6:00 am 7:00 am

Shiveti Yisrael 17



6:00 am 7:15 am


Contact Tehillim Kollel Today:

020.3514.0553 Newsheet 66

Tzion of Rashbi All the days:

7:00 am

On Shabbos & Yom Tov: Tzfas Tolno Shul Rechov Reviei 38

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‫תהלים‬ ‫כולל‬ ‫די עלטסטע סגולה‬ ‫פון כלל ישראל‬

‫שבת‬ ‫קודש‬ ‫פרשת‬


‫קאלום‬ ‫וועכנטליכער ָ‬ ‫פון לעצטיגע ערציילונגען‬ ‫איבערגעגעבן דורכ'ן "תהלים כולל"‬

‫ד' אלול תשע"ג לפ"ק‬


‫געראטעוועט דעם‬ ‫ַ‬ ‫תהלים‪-‬זאגער‬ ‫ָ‬ ‫פון ַא שרעקליכן‬ ‫עקסידענט‪...‬‬ ‫ס'איז געווען ַא זוניגע טָאג פַארגַאנגענע ווָאך ווען די געשיכטע הָאט זיך‬ ‫ָאּפגעשפילט‪ַ .‬א קַאר הָאט זיך רואיג געשלענגלט אויף די רָאודס‪ ,‬דערינען‬ ‫איז געזעצן ַא חשוב'ער יונגערמַאן‪ ,‬וועלכער ציילט זיך צווישן די קביעות'דיגע‬ ‫תהלים‪-‬זָאגער אינערהַאלב איינע פון די 'תהלים כולל' מנינים‪.‬‬ ‫אויפַאמָאל הָאט ַא קַאר וועלכע איז געפָארן הינטער אים פַארלוירן‬ ‫קָאנטרָאל‪ ,‬און מיט ַא שטַארקן קרַאפט אריינגעשמעטערט אין זיין וויהיקעל‪.‬‬ ‫אין רעזולטַאט האט זיך די קַאר גענצליך איבערגעדרייט קַאּפויער און זיך‬ ‫צוזַאמגעלייגט ווי ַא שַאכטל קָארטן‪ ,‬הַאלטנדיג פַארכַאּפט דעם ּפַאסַאזשיר‬ ‫צווישן אירע מעטַאלענע גרַאטעס‪.‬‬ ‫נָאך די ערשטע סעקונדעס פון שָאק הָאט זיך דער יונגערמַאן ָאריענטירט‬ ‫און איינפַאך ַארויסגעקרָאכן דורך ַא צוברָאכענעם פענסטער‪ ,‬און ווי‬ ‫וואונדערליך‪ ,‬גענצליך אומגעשעדיגט ָאן ַא קריץ‪ .‬רעטונג‪-‬קרעפטן ווָאס‬ ‫זענען בַאלד ערשינען אויף דער סצענע הָאבן בלויז געקענט בַאשטעטיגן ַאז‬ ‫ַא באשיינפערליכער ָאפענער נס הָאט דָא ּפַאסירט‪ ,‬העכערע כוחות הָאבן‬ ‫אים ָאּפגעהיטן פון ַא כמעט–אומפַארמיידליכע אומגליק חלילה‪.‬‬ ‫דער יונגערמַאן דריקט זיך אויס‪" ,‬די אויסטערלישע השגחה עליונה וואס‬ ‫האט מיך באגלייט אין די שווערע מינוטן איז גאנץ זיכער צו פארדאנקן די‬ ‫ווארימע פסוקי תהלים וואס איך האב בלויז עטליכע שעה בעפאר געזאגט‬ ‫אינאיינעם מיט א דערהויבענעם מנין‪ .‬די פסוקי תהלים זענען דָאך פון אייביג‬ ‫ָאן א שמירה‪ ,‬א ברכה‪ ,‬און א היטער פאר אידנ'ס וועגן"‪.‬‬ ‫דעם ַאנדערן טָאג אינדערפרי איז ער שוין געווען ָאנוועזנד אויף זיין‬ ‫קביעות'דיגע מקום תפלה אין דער תהלים‪-‬כולל מנין‪ ,‬דָאסמָאל מיט ַא‬ ‫בַאזונדערע לויב געזַאנג צום רבוש"ע הבוחר בשירי דוד עבדו ווָאס הָאט אים‬ ‫גערַאטעוועט פון געפַאר און געשָאנקן דָאס לעבן ַאזוי וואונדערליך‪.‬‬


‫טעגליכע‬ ‫תהלים‬ ‫מנינים‪.‬‬

‫טאג פון ָיאר אין איינע‬ ‫קומט אריין סיי וועלכן ָ‬ ‫קאלע תהלים כולל ברענטשעס‪.‬‬ ‫לא ַ‬ ‫פון די ָ‬

‫וויליאמסבורג‬ ‫ַ‬

‫ּפארק‬ ‫בארא ַ‬

‫קרית יואל‬


‫ביהמ”ד דינוב‬ ‫‪77 Wallabout St.‬‬

‫ביהמ”ד טאהש‬ ‫‪4615 14'th Ave.‬‬

‫ביהמ”ד תולדות אהרן‬ ‫‪2 Shinev Court‬‬

‫ביהמ"ד הגדול תולדות אהרן‬

‫וואכנטעג‪ :‬בשעה ‪ 6:00‬בבוקר‬ ‫ָ‬ ‫שב"ק ויום א'‪ :‬בשעה ‪ 7:00‬בבוקר‬

‫וואכנטעג‪ :‬בשעה ‪ 6:00‬בבוקר‬ ‫ָ‬ ‫שב"ק ויום א'‪ :‬בשעה ‪ 7:00‬בבוקר‬

‫וואכנטעג‪ :‬בשעה ‪ 6:00‬בבוקר‬ ‫ָ‬ ‫שב"ק ויום א'‪ :‬בשעה ‪ 7:00‬בבוקר‬

‫רחוב שבטי ישראל ‪50‬‬

‫וואכנטעג‪ :‬בשעה ‪6:00‬‬ ‫ָ‬ ‫שב"ק‪ :‬בשעה ‪7:15‬‬

‫בבוקר‬ ‫בבוקר‬

‫מירון‬ ‫על יד ציון התנא האלקי הרשב"י ובשבתות וימים‬ ‫טובים‪ :‬בעיר צפת בביהמ"ד טאלנא רחוב רביעי ‪38‬‬ ‫בכל יום אחר שחרית כוותיקין‪:‬‬ ‫בשעה ‪ 7:00‬בבוקר‬

‫ווערט ַא תהלים‪-‬כולל מעמבער היינט‪:‬‬

‫‪020.3514.0553‬‬ ‫‪Newsheet 74‬‬

For Sale Property for sale in Jerusalem, Top floor apartment available, with an option to build an added floor, in a central location, in the heart of the chareidi neighbourhood. For more information please contact:

Property Ref UPS/02, Total Purchase Cost c.$28,000, Projected Rent pa c.$12,000, Projected Net Profit pa c.$5,000, Projected Net Yield pa c.17.9%, Property Ref LON/132, Total Purchase Cost c.$60,000, Projected Rent pa c.$16,000, Projected Net Profit pa, c.$10,500, Projected Net Yield pa c.17.5% In association with our American colleagues we provide a comprehensive property sourcing, acquisition and management service. To find out more, call 020 8209 1282 or email

Looking to Buy 3 Bedroom house in Tottenham area, please email details to:

To Let Studio Flat, in Fairholt Rd area, £180/£200 per week, inc. gas electric, No DSS, Available for short term as well, Please phone 020 8802 5322

2 bedroom maisonette, with garden in Holmleigh Road, Please call 07506 000 317 Studio Flat to Rent in Fairholt Rd area, £180/£200 pw inc. gas electric, No DSS, Available for short term also, 020 8802 5322 Investment Property for sale, 2 x 2-family homes, recently renovated to RCA standard and fully tenanted.

1 and half bedroom flat, On Castlewood Road, £315 per week, Please call 07506 039 515

Newly refurbished 1st floor, self contained 1 bedroom flat, On Leabourne road N16, Minimum 1 year contract, Please call: 07792 554 368 Luxury 1 bedroom flat, available in Egerton road, Please call: 020 3667 2619

Warehouses units or garage units, In upper Clapton area, Please call 07535 708 864 One bedroom basement flat to let Ideal for young couple short term, single person or office Available immediately on Firsby Road 07968 170 257

House To Let, Newly Refurbished, 3 Bedroom House has now become available in Craven Walk area, Please call 020 3129 3499 1 bedroom ground floor furnished flat, available In Bethune Road 07961 506 041

Luxury 1 bedroom flat, Egerton road, Please call 020 3667 2619

Looking to Rent Looking for two offices, around N16 area, up to £145 pw, or one large office up to £100 07972 333 097 (please leave msg if no answer)

E. Yisroel Rent Many apartments available to rent over Sukkos and the month of Tishrei, In Meah Sheurim, Geula, Gush Shmonim, and the surrounding areas For more information please call 00972 504 123 198

For Sale

Looking for a 1 bedroom flat, for a single person from 13th August for 1 week in Heathland Fairholt area prefferd, please call 07917 008 542 Looking urgently for a large 3 bedroom - 4 or 5 bedroom, in N16, N15 or E5, Please call 07855 480 269

Short term:

Jobs Vacancies

3 Bedroom apartment, in heart of s.Hill with sukkah available for yom kippur & sukkos 8809 3110

A Heimishe food shop, is looking for a driver with full UK Licence to start working within the month 07813 814 250

Big 1 Bedroom, Ground floor apartment, available on Fairholt Road, with Sukka from 13 Sept - 16 Oct, 07588 689 468

Beis Soroh Schneirer,

3 Bedroom apartment in heart of s.Hill, with sukkah available for yom kippur & sukkos 8809 3110.

Beautiful 1 Bedroom Flat in Ravensdale Road area, Available from 28th August until 17th September.

Please call: 07983 570 893

Looking for A Year 2 Kodesh teacher, For the coming school year (possibly for start after Succos) Experienced teachers only, Creche & transport provided. Please call Headteacher Mrs Weiss on: 020 8800 0150


Attention teachers and assistents, Need a sub?

Please call:

07875 923 342

2008 Toyota Prius, T-Spirit Leather/Navigation/Camera Top of range, MOT 01/2014 Tax 12/2013 - £8,000 Pride Autos: 0208 493 7333

Honda CR-V 2.0 i-VTEC EX Auto, Only 1 previous owner with Full Service history 2 keys. Tax till 04/2014 MOT till 03/2014 Huge Spec car with Panoramic Roof, Navigation, camera, etc £11,000 Pride Autos: 0208 493 7333

Nissan Qashqai 2.0, Automatic A really nice well looked after car, 1 owner - 15k miles, Full Service History, £10,000 Pride Autos: 0208 493 7333

Lovely ladies Chassunah dress, silver blue size 12 £25 8802 4825 Phil and ted buggy, in good condition for excellent price 07792 507437 Beautiful peach / pink sister of the bride gown size 42, top-lace, bottom - chiffon, originally £400, selling for £120, 07506 502 991

For Sale For sale: Duet mountain buggy, in very good conditionAlmost brand new 07527 032 335

Roche hat size 57 brand new condition, used once rrp £120 selling for £80 07906 791 793

For sale due to moving, Keyboard Technics KN2000, In good condition

Services Computer repairs, rentals and sales Gavriel Solomon 07594 859 615 Jewish Marriage Council, confidential and professional counselling for couples, individuals and families. Under Rabbinical supervision 8203 63114

£150 ono

Office furniture, (black and


Hi rise bed, without matress

Mens bike, £80 ono 8802 4825

Found a pen borrowed from a young girl, in Egerton Road Post Office on Thursday 1 Aug 8442 4725 Found blue mac Marks & Spencer, age 9-10 on Chaim Toivim outing to beach 8800 6686 Found 2 weeks ago, a bunch of keys in Pinters Shul with a tag 181b 07943519367 Found Maclaren plastic rain cover, on Leweston Place 8802 5773

Found at Canterbury Holidays a Shabbos boys jacket, pair of shoes, dolly buggies and many more items, if not collected will be disposed of 8802 3723

Large fleishige table top oven, Morphy Richards £40

Glass and chrome kitchen table, £200, 07828 819 174


Found bike, on Cadoxton Avenue 8809 0411

white) including narrow table, small set of drawers, filing shelves desk chair and desk lamp £120 ono,

£40 ono Please call 020 8806 8614

Lost a dolls pink buggy, in Llandudno from Chabad Retreat Center – does anyone know anything about it? 8800 1788

Found a pink and mouve training cup, on Dunsmure Road during the holidays 8826 5213

Brand new still boxed red canbon 16 mp camera, bought for £45 will sell for £40, also canon camera case bought foir £11 will sell for £5 8800 9646

Bosch washing machine Classix6WE241 cost £369, sale £180 ono, been used 20 months still 3.5 months guarentee 8211 7525 - 07504 264 801

Lost laundry bag, in Satmer Girls Camp Yorkshire 8806 1657

Found small red penknife, on Linthorpe Road on Sunday morning Parshes Eikev 7502 5019

Bike in very good condition, price £80 07535 796 809

8 x 8 sukka, (Russel) in good condition £450 ono 07973 422 385

Lost in Canturberry a Buckingham, light blue and white striped pyjama trouser age 4, perhaps in someones laundry 8800 8464

Lost Lost swimming bag, on outing to Water park with Chaim Toivim on Sunday 8800 6686

Found on 106 bus, a dark blue small Tehillim this week 8809 3915 Found a denim baby hat, before the holidays outside Belz Clapton Common 8806 2581

Found in Sevenoaks /Owlbarn

For Sale St.

a single earring, pair of

childrens white JRP socks

Andrews Mews,

and swimming trunks (with name Tunk) 8800 4351 Found boys Tzitzis, and 2 rubberings and goggles in Canterbury 8806 3436 Found in lorry from Cornwall


folded travel cot, dolls buggy, blue scooter and green toy car in front garden of Rabinov Kollel 8800 9234 Found money, on Fri 26 July between Allans Garden and St Andrews Mews 8802 3682

To give away, Emmaljunga pram and pushchair, in very good condition 8800 7421 ‫שוין דא צו באקומען די דראמאטישע‬ ‫פארשטעלונג ישועת ה' כהרף‬ 07528-576-580 ‫עין‬

Dunsmere Rd, Beautiful one bedroom flat. Excellent condition with balcony and loft space Own parking space £235k

Tel: 07577 474 005

Newsheet 80

"BIG" Newsheet! parshes Shoftim  

Heimishe Newsheet Shoiftim Issue 08 Aug 2013. The Heimishe Newsheet is your most powerful advertising tool in Stamford hill London, with ove...

"BIG" Newsheet! parshes Shoftim  

Heimishe Newsheet Shoiftim Issue 08 Aug 2013. The Heimishe Newsheet is your most powerful advertising tool in Stamford hill London, with ove...