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Weekly Pay Now you can earn MORE MONEY weekly!

Why wait? Get paid faster!

We recently added to our compensation plan the option of getting paid weekly

We  started  by  paying  your  two  enrolling  bonuses  weekly,  the  Power  Pack  and  the  Express  Bonus.    But   now  Ardyss  International  wants  to  put  more  money  into  your  pockets  weekly.    We’ve  placed  2  more  of   your  bonuses  on  your  weekly  payment  schedule!   Starting  in  May  2010,  you  can  get  paid  the  “Enrollment  Bonus”  and  your  “Direct  Sales  Commission”.  

Weekly  Pay  Rules:


‹/V^KV0NL[WHPK[OLZLUL^IVU\ZLZ^LLRS`& ‹,UYVSSTLU[)VU\Z The  same  rules  apply: This   bonus   pays   10%*   on   all   the   purchases   that   1.    Have  a  Recurring  Order  (Autoship)  programmed   all   your   personally   enrolled   distributors   make,   ^P[OHTPUPT\TVM7LYZVUHS8\HSPÄJH[PVU regardless  of  where  you  place  them. Points   (PQP).   (It   doesn’t   matter   the   date   it’s   For   example   if   in   a   same   week   you   have   10   programmed) distributors  that  purchase  2  cases  of  Le’Vive  each,   2.   Have   an   activated   Ardyss   Visa   Prepaid   Card   you  will  receive  $200  the  next  week. (commission  payment  card) ‹Direct  Sales  Commission ‹>OLU^PSSH^LLRZ[HY[ LUK& Every   time   someone   purchases   any   products   on   ( ^LLR Z[HY[Z VU 4VUKH` HUK ÄUPZOLZ VU your  Ardyss  Replicated  Website  you  will  get  paid   Sunday,   and   you   get   paid   the   following   your     40%  commission  every  week. Tuesday.   The   starting   week   of   these   bonuses   For   example,   if   you   sell   through   your   Ardyss   will   be   May   10,   2010   with   a   payment   date   of     Replicated  Website  2  Body  Magics  you  will  earn   Tuesday,  May  18,  2010. the  next  week  $112!  

*  The  10%  is  paid  on  Value  Points  (VP)

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