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Minister Publishes Wording for Children’s referenduM

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24TH SePT. 2012 P.O. BOx 3430, TALLAGHT, DuBLIN 24 TeL: 451 3822 email: web:

Local T.D. and Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Frances Fitzgerald, has published the 31st Amendment to the Constitution Bill which sets out the wording for the proposed Children’s Referendum which has been announced for Saturday 10th of November. She has also committed to conducting a massive local information campaign to help inform voters throughout Lucan, Clondalkin, Palmerstown, Newcastle and Rathcoole on why this proposed change is

needed and what it will change. The Minister also published the Draft accompanying Adoption (Amendment) Bill 2012 which she will seek to enact on the of the passing Referendum.

Announcing the publication, Minister Fitzgerald stated: “It is nearly twenty years since Judge Catherine McGuinness first called for constitutional change of this nature, in her report on the Kilkenny Incest Case. Since then successive Governments have discussed the issue,

promises, made examined options, set up committees; but today, after 17 reports child detailing protection failings, this Government is acting. “Since taking office my Department and I have been working with the Attorney General to make the transition from an Oireachtas Committee proposal, to a robust Constitutional wording. I am publishing the 31st Amendment to the Constitution Bill and on Saturday November 10th we will hold one of the most significant referenda in the history of the state. We will

put forward a proposed amendment which would represent a major and historic change. This Amendment proposes to include a new standalone article in our Constitution, Article 42A, titled ‘Children’.

“This referendum is the clearest statement the nation can make that that legacy is being left behind. This referendum will change the Constitution so it: · Protects children · Supports families · And treats all children equally



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Minister Publishes Wording for Children’s referenduM....froM Page 1 Your FREE Local Newspaper

Fundamentally - to quote the first lines of the proposed new article this referendum will ensure “the state recognises and affirms the natural and imprescriptible rights of all children and shall, as far as practicable, by its laws protect and vindicate

those rights”. “Sub-article 2 begins by making clear that and I quote “in exceptional cases, where the parents, regardless of their marital status, fail in their duty to towards their children to such extent that the safety or welfare of any of their children is likely

to be prejudicially affected, the State as guardian of the common good shall, by proportionate means as provided by law, endeavour to supply the place of the parents, but always with due regard for the natural and imprescribtible rights of the child.”“It will also bring to an end the current Constitutional situation where children are treated differently on the basis of their parent’s marital status, when it comes to issues such as adoption.” In support of the Referendum wording, Minister Fitzgerald has

also published the Draft Adoption (Amendment) Bill. Commenting on this piece of legislation Minister Fitzgerald stated: “This legislation has been the subject of considerable discussion between my Department and the Office of the Attorney General. It sets out in detail how we propose to address the issues of voluntary placement, the adoption of children in foster care as a result of serious and persistent parental failure, and the role of the High Court in deciding on such matters.”

In her explanation of Sub-article 4 of the Amendment the Minister stated: “The fourth part of referendum Bill, if passed, will require that the best interests of the child should be the paramount consideration; and the voice of the child given due weight, in Court proceedings taken by the State relating to child protection and in relation to adoption, guardianship, custody and access.” The Minister said that she intends holding a public information night to in the local area to help spark

dePartMent of soCial ProteCtion ClarifiCation on household Charge

The Department of Social Protection has clarified that receipt for payment of the Household Charge is not a pre-condition to secure a Social Welfare payment. Letters which are issuing from the Department of Social Protection to a number of customers in relation to registration for their Public Services Card asks them to bring proof of identity and evidence of address with them.

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The invite letter lists a number of acceptable pieces of evidence of address including a utility bill in the person’s own name, property lease or tenancy agreement or receipt for payment of the Household Charge. The Department of Social Protection wishes to reassure it customers that payment of household charge is not a requirement for payment of a Social Welfare entitlement or registration for a Public Services Card.

debate locally on this important issue. Minister Fitzgerald “The concluded: debate on this Referendum must not belong solely to constitutional lawyers or politicians. This is a debate for all of us. The Government will why this explain

Referendum is needed, what it will change and how it will improve the of Ireland’s lives children, in particular our most vulnerable. I look forward to engaging with as many local residents as possible during the course of the campaign.”

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energy PriCe hike Will inCrease fuel Poverty

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Dublin South West TD Seán Crowe has warned that increases in energy prices will force households into fuel poverty, and threatens their health and well-being.

Deputy Crowe was speaking after the announcement that Bord Gais energy will increase the residential electricity price by 4.8% from October 15. Deputy Crowe said: “A recent Scottish House Conditions Survey found that for every 5% rise in

the average annual home fuel price, an estimated 30,000 more households would go into fuel poverty, which would include 5,000 children.

“This Bord Gais electricity increase will shove up the average household bill by €51, to €1,139. With the government increasing pressure on low and middle income earners, and attacking the most vulnerable citizens, how does Bord Gais think people will be

able to increase?



“This follows a gas price increase of 8.5% earlier this month, and both Airtricity and electric Ireland have announced price increases for customers too. Additionally the Commission for energy Regulation (CeR) announced that three times the amount of gas and electricity customers were cut-off in the first quarter of 2012 compared to the same time in 2011.

“People will have to choose between essential household items or living in a home that is heated. It was only the relatively mild winter last year that saved a lot of people from the real dangers of fuel poverty. “If the temperatures this winter drop to 2010 levels there will be a major effect on the health and well-being of those struggling under the government’s austerity measures, children particularly and the elderly.

“a good day for ConsuMers and for iMProved energy seCurity”

Pat Rabbitte, Minister for Communications, energy and Natural Resources said at the Commissioning of the €600m electricity Interconnector between Ireland and Britain that “The launch of the €600m electricity interconnector between Ireland and Britain is a historic day in the relations between our two countries. This major Irish energy infrastructure project enables direct electricity trading between Ireland and Britain. “The project presages the development of an energy export sector from Ireland to Britain. Ireland has the capacity to generate more energy

than we can consume and Britain has a need for more energy than it will produce. There are thousands of jobs that will be created if the two Governments can facilitate this emerging trade. “Towards this end both Governments aim to complete an inter-governmental framework by the end of the year. I will meet again with the Secretary of State for energy and Climate Change, ed Davey M.P. to discuss further energy cooperation and renewables strategy. “The development enhances energy security as well as being a good day for consumers.”

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WatChdog queries “exeMPtion” of state agenCies froM Child rights Provisions


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independent Ireland’s human rights watchdog, the Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL) has welcomed the publication of proposed wording for a constitutional referendum on the rights of children. The ICCL indicated that, at first reading, it was “broadly satisfied” with the wording, but questioned the apparent “exemption” of

State agencies from the requirement to consider the voice of the child when proceedings are taken against them. ICCL Director Mr Mark Kelly said, “Minister Fitzgerald appears to have made a sincere effort to capture some of the key principles of the uN Convention on the Rights of Child in her proposed text.


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the Constitutional Amendment on Children over two years ago.

Mr Kelly went on to say that “The O’Rourke Committee recommended the inclusion of the 'right of the child’s voice to be heard in any judicial and administrative proceedings affecting the child, having regard to the child’s age and maturity'.

However, Frances Fitzgerald’s wording appears to restrict the right of child to have his / her voice heard to proceedings brought by the State. Is the Minister really proposing that children should be seen but not heard in proceedings brought against the State and its agencies?” The Irish Council for Civil Liberties will closely study

the Minister’s text over the coming days in order to fully determine the extent to which it effectively transposes the rights in the united Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child into the Constitution. It will also closely examine the probable effect of these draft provisions on the protection of the rights of children.

labour hysteriCs on ProPerty tax Will fool no one

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(up to 6 people)

The explicit provisions regarding the equal treatment of all children are particularly welcome.” the rights However, watchdog noted that the scope of the best interests principle and the requirement to hear the voice of the child are more narrowly drawn than in the recommendations produced by the Joint Committee on

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Fianna Fáil South Dublin County Cllr Trevor Gilligan has responded to the Labour Party’s stout defence of the Government’s plan to introduce further new Property Taxes. Responding to comments from Deputy Robert Dowds, Cllr Gilligan said “As each week passes, the language used by Labour backbenchers to criticise those with different views on how

we should address the economic crisis becomes shriller and more hysterical. “Fianna Fáil has come to the view that the property tax as by the proposed Government is the wrong plan, at the wrong time. With 40% of all households unable to pay the €100 household charge, record numbers of families in arrears or in negotiation with the

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banks and an entire section of society on middle incomes at the pin of their collars, we simply do not believe that introducing a property tax at this time is appropriate or sustainable. “Before reverting to the usual name-calling and political mud-slinging, Labour backbenchers might be better off listening to the communities that elected them. Never

before has a Government party become so out of touch in so short a period. The Labour Party regularly congratulates itself on making tough decisions. This is no benefit unless these decisions are also fair. “If Deputy Dowds doesn’t want to listen to homeowners, he might take a moment to look back on the comments of his Leader eamon Gilmore who, as

recently as October 2010 promised the evening Herald that the Labour Party would not introduce a property tax. Similarly, in July 2010 he said, ‘It would be perverse to ask people to pay a property tax on a property on which they are paying a mortgage and the size of the mortgage in many cases is more than what the value of the property is worth’.”

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Minister Frances Fitzgerald has congratulated the Lucan Festival Committee, South Dublin County Council and the Gardai on their mammoth efforts in the lead up to and during this years’ hugely successful Lucan Festival. Fitzgerald was one of the thousands who turned out to support the event which culminated in a Family Fun Day in Sarsfield GAA Club and a huge celebration of culture, talent and local produce in Lucan Village. Pictured are Minister Frances Fitzgerald, Cllr. Emer Higgins, Enda from Kenny's of Lucan and members of the Gardai enjoying the celebrations

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Calls on faCebook to Close garda CheCkPoint Page

Fine Gael Senator, Catherine Noone, has called on Facebook to close down a Facebook

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page which posts the times and whereabouts of checkpoints across Dublin in order to help

drivers avoid them. Senator Noone said that the Facebook page, Checkpoints ‘Garda

Dublin’ was both dangerous and irresponsible. "The random nature of

Garda checkpoints and speed cameras exist for a reason. That is to stop people speeding and drink driving and ultimately to save lives. This approach has helped to reduce the numbers of people dying on Irish roads in the last fifteen years by more than halve.

“This page threatens to negate the impact of these important and effective road safety measures. Knowing and sharing the locations of checkpoints makes them far less effective. While it might seem like a harmless bit of fun, in reality it aides those who wish to engage in drink-driving or speeding, behaviour which puts them and

other road users at risk. “The fact that the page has received over 6,000 ‘likes’ in 24 hours is very disconcerting.

This page has already posted the locations of 70 speed cameras and checkpoints. I have communicated with Facebook in a bid to get this page shut down.

“While the establishment of the Facebook page doesn’t break the law, it certainly abuses the spirit of it and encourages people to drive irresponsibly. I would also urge responsible people to avoid the group and contact Facebook urging that the page be closed down.”

checkpoints “Garda exist in order to catch people who are speeding and drink driving and to deter other road users from engaging in this behaviour. There can be no doubt that this approach has helped to drastically reduce the number of deaths on Irish roads.

“The number of road deaths fell to 212 in 2010, the lowest level on record. The target of achieving no more than 252 deaths per annum by the end of 2012 was achieved three years ahead of schedule. People who use this site are effectively trying to negate the impact of these hugely important road safety measures.


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our prices start from as little as €149 for a washing machine. He goes onto point out that “all our appliances are fully test by qualified engineers and come with a five years’ major parts warranty and up to one year warranty on labour, so you get not only value for money but peace of mind as well”. Murphy’s Discount House was set up in

Tinahely, Co Wicklow by brothers Ray, Nicky and Anthony Murphy to sell kitchen appliances at recession beating prices and after just 18 months is now Ireland’s largest supplier of graded appliances. The flagship store is in Dublin (just off the Long Mile Road) only two minutes off the M50, and two other shops in both Gorey, Co. Wexford and Tinahely,

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Murphy's Discount Appliances Dublin showroom is located just off the Long Mile Road at 1C Robinhood Road Co. Wicklow. Says Co-owner Nicky Murphy “and while it’s not easy for a new business out there today, it has gone well for us so far and we can’t complain.” Murphy’s Discount House is now the largest seller of graded appliances in Ireland, meaning that their customers have hundreds of big brand machines to choose from. A solid background in industry has helped the

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landlords and letting agents because we’re reliable and affordable,” says Nicky Murphy. “Where else can you get a mattress and divan base or washing machine for €149?”

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governMent gives soCial JustiCe a loW Priority


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good result for tallaght in ibal survey The latest results of the Irish Business Against Litter (IBAL) Anti Litter League show a marked improvement in the cleanliness of Tallaght which is now rated Clean to europeans Norms.

According to the survey “Tallaght, previously ‘moderately littered’, improved to Clean to europeans Norms. This is a great achievement for a large population area like Tallaght, which improved in 2011 from littered to moderately littered, and is now deemed Clean to european norms.” The survey states that “The local authority and the people of Tallaght should be proud” There were no seriously littered sites in Tallaght and six of the ten sites surveyed were clear of littered and very well maintained. In fact the Tallaght Luas stop was “pristine and probably the best Luas stop in the country”. The Mayor of South Dublin County Council Cathal King stated “I am delighted with the performance of Tallaght in the IBAL survey. This is evidence of the good work that has been put into maintaining a litter free area. I wish to congratulate the Council, the businesses and the people of Tallaght. This positive news reflects well on our County town. I urge everyone to keep up the good work and maintain this level of cleanliness”. “The Council has reorganised the cleansing schedule for the County in the past months and the success of this approach is reflected in positive results in the IBAL survey” said John Quinlivan, Director of environmental Services. “The cleansing schedule is mapped and is now available to elected members. We will be making this available to the public before the end of the year”.

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Ireland has fallen so low in terms of social justice that the well-being of financial investors in failed banks is being placed at a higher priority than the poor, the the disadvantaged, sick, children at school and the elderly, according to the Society of St.Vincent de Paul.

In the Autumn edition of The SVP Bulletin published last week the Society, pursuing its role of seeking social justice and equality of all citizens, says it has a duty to question the Government's committment to social justice. According to the editorial in the SVPs quarterly national magazine of social justice, Ireland has fallen to a level where its people appear secondary to financiers?

“Facing into the Autumn brings the reality of austerity imposed on the people and its effects on many families who, increasingly, are finding it difficult to make ends meet, are fearful about the future and the threat of more taxation at a time when they do not have enough money, when their incomes do not meet outgoings and families are suffering from more worry and stress as a result,” according to the Society which is receiving more requests for help than ever before.

assessing the In Government's performance in protecting the most vulnerable SVP National Director, Kieran Murphy writes;"Because of the choices the Government is making to comply with the demands of our international funders; the Troika, it is clear that it cannot meet the reasonable expectations to protect the most vulnerable and are unlikely to do so for the forseeable future."

SVP National President Geoff Meagher says " While SVP volunteers cannot solve the many financial problems that come our way, we give time and hope. We are the only organisation in Ireland who are invited into people's homes on a regular basis. Our 10,000+ volunteers have the responsibility of seeking to care for and support the many thousands of people they meet with low income, poor health, educational disadvantage, relationship breakdown, bereavement, addiction,violence, loneliness, disability, debt, unemployment and many other challenges. Alternatives must be found to cutting the income supports and services which those who experience poverty and economic strees rely on."

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Also in The SVP Bulletin Caroline Fahey, SVP Social Policy Development Officer the highlights imbalance in Irish society by comparing two areas in Dublin ,a section of the north

inner city and an avenue in the suburb of Blackrock, using the latest CSO figures. In one 65% of families with children are headed by lone mothers. In the other the figure is just For owner 21%.

occupied housing the figures are 0% and 63%. And in terms of education 17% in one area and 34% in the other, have a degree, professional or postgraduate qualification.

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neW CriMe direCtive to Provide MiniMuM standards for viCtiMs aCross the eu

Dublin MeP emer Costello has welcomed the european Parliament vote which provides minimum standards for all victims of crime across the eu. The Irish Government took the decision to opt-in to this proposed directive in August 2011.

Speaking from the european Parliament in Strasbourg, Costello said: “The european Commission estimates that the total cost of crime, for victims, employers, the state and society, at €233 billion a year. That equates to approximately €2.3 billion in Ireland. “While becoming the victim of crime represents one of the worst scenarios which

can affect Irish people abroad, we can now have confidence that minimum standards apply for our care and protection, no matter where the crime occurs in the eu. “These minimum standards, due to be implemented by 2015 at the latest, include linguistic assistance where necessary; protection from repeat crimes; and access to free-of-charge, easily accessible and confidential support services. “I also welcome the provisions on an individual assessment of each victim's personal characteristics, such as age, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation, and the circumstances of the crime. This will ensure that all

victims are treated according to their specific needs, such as alternative accommodation for the victims of violence in close relationships or gender-based violence. Specialist support services must also be provided for victims with special needs, such as victims of gender-based violence or children. “This directive forms part of a wider package aimed at strengthening the rights of crime victims - to help them feel safer not just in their own country but throughout the eu. The aim is not just to defend victims' rights, give support and protection but also to help citizens gain trust in judicial systems across the eu.”

lucan traders congratulated on ‘Parking angels’ initiative

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Cllr. William Lavelle, local councillor for Lucan, has congratulated Lucan traders, led by Michael Keane of the River Café, on the introduction of a new ‘Parking Angels’ initiative in Lucan Village. The Lucan Parking Angels, wearing their bright red jackets check on cars which have exceeded their time by just a few minutes and then tops them up to save them from an expensive parking fine. William states: “As local councillor, I regular


receive complaint from businesses, shoppers and visitors over parking enforcement in Lucan Village. Over-zealous informant acts as a disincentive to people to visit our village and in turn affects local business. For this reason I previously campaigned for; and secured a 10 minute grace-period for parking in Lucan Village. I think the introduction the ‘Parking Angels' marks a superb follow-on initiative and I wish to congratulate all involved.

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'1913 loCkout' CoMPetition for loCal sChools launChed

Labour TD Robert Dowds TD has launched a competition to the commemorate centenary of the 1913 Great Lockout in Dublin. The competition will be open to Transition year, 5th year and 6th year students who go to school in Lucan, Clondalkin, Palmerstown or Rathcoole. There will

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be separate competitions for individual entries and group entries, with separate prizes given for each. The Best Individual entry will receive a trophy for the school and a cheque for €200 for the winner and the Best Group entry will receive a trophy for the school and a cheque for €700 for the winners. entries must

be ready to be displayed/performed to judges before the end of March 2013, with the winners to be announced in April 2013. The theme of the competition will be “The 1913 Great Lockout and its Role in the Development of the Nation”. entries can be one of a musical

performance, dramatic performance, essay, project, piece of art, piece of sculpture, computer presentation or web page. The winners will be decided by an independent panel of judges and will be judged on Originality, Creativity, Content and Performance/Presentati on. "I am delighted to be

able to launch this competition to commemorate the 1913 Lockout in Great Dublin. The centenary of the 1913 Lockout will be taking place in the academic year which has just begun. This was a very important event for the evolution of the rights of ordinary people in Ireland and as it took place in Dublin, I feel that it is very

important that it is given the recognition which it deserves."

"I have written to every school in the area to invite them to enter the competition and I hope that students in the area will be able to use their creativity to commemorate the event. The criteria have been left deliberately wide so that students with many different

types of skills, be they academic, dramatic or musical, can use their talents in this competition."

"I would encourage students in the area who have an interest in this to talk to their history teachers and to send an email to to express their interest before the end of October."

keating aPPeals to MeMbers of PubliC to ensure they are on the register of eleCtors

Fine Gael TD for Dublin Derek Mid-West, Keating, has appealed to voters to ensure that they are on the Register of electors ahead of the Children’s Referendum on Saturday 10th November. “It is important to ensure that you have your say on 10th November. This is only possible if you are on the Register of electors. “The Children’s Referendum is a major decision for our country and its citizens. Its aim is to amend the Constitution to protect children, support families, remove inequalities in adoption and recognise children in their own right. “After the Stability Treaty Referendum, I met a significant number of constituents who did not vote because many were not

on the Register. important “This Constitutional amendment comes after 20 years of debate, numerous Church and State scandals, bad practice by our professional services and lack of resources by previous Governments. “I want to encourage every citizen to familiarise themselves with the debate that will take place to ensure that they are available on Saturday 10th November to vote and express their view. “I am, of course, calling on you to vote in favour of children’s rights by voting Yes on 10th November. It was An Taoiseach, enda Kenny who made the decision to create a full Cabinet post representing children.” concluded Keating


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volunteering to Make a differenCe your Credit union needs you !!!!!

The Credit union movement is built upon the efforts of thousands of volunteers who give freely of their time and skills to their credit union in the spirit of co-operation. each credit union has a team of volunteers with the skills and knowledge to lead and manage the credit union.

Credit union committees offer an excellent starting point for new volunteers. These committees provide experience, learning and an active role within the credit union. It is helpful for a volunteer to serve on a credit union committee for a period of time, where training needs can be identified and addressed, before moving into a role of director or supervisor.

An individual can develop both personally and professionally by volunteering. The benefits of credit union volunteering include:-

           

Gain skills and experience in a professional financial service provider. Gain experience that may help your career or job prospects. Give something back to the community. education and training. Personal development. Meet new people from the community. Work on developments and business projects


Maloney Calls for abolition of seanad Your FREE Local Newspaper

Seanad is “The irrelevant to our democracy and our people, and plans to abolish it should proceed” according to Deputy eamonn Maloney, Labour TD for Dublin South West.

The origins of the Seanad were elitist with its members being elected not on the democratic principle of “one citizen – one vote” but the preserve of graduates, councillors and T.D.’s. The Seanad was, and remains a forum for the professional classes to influence our democratically elected Parliament, the Dáil.

It is not possible to reform it and it should now be abolished. The Seanad is the most expensive “Quango” in our country, costing taxpayers over €30 million annually which could be beneficially spent on front-line services such as health and education. I share the view as outlined by the former Labour Party leader, Wm. Norton T.D., who in his Dáil speech in April 1934 on the abolition of the Senate said “the people of the country will realise after 12 years experience of that luxury, that it has fulfilled no part in the

o' Connor queries driving test Pass rates

Fianna Fáil Local Area Representative, Charlie O' Connor, has called on the Minister for Transport, Leo Varadkar, T.D., to investigate Road Safety Authority figures which show a lower pass rate in Dublin Centres than in Centres throughout the country. He said he was particularly concerned about the Driving Test rate in Tallaght. He said that the Dublin public need to be assured that taking the Driving Test in Tallaght was no different than anywhere else in the country and added that the weekend's report from the Road Safety Authority has caused much concern.

national affairs of this country to justify the money and time that are being spent on it” Both Government parties committed to

abolishing the Seanad as part of their election manifestos. As a Labour candidate, I supported the Seanad abolition before the

2011 General election, and I am committed to campaigning for its abolition when the Referendum is put to the people.


MaJor reason for break-in ePideMiC revealed on liveline Your FREE Local Newspaper

“even Joe Duffy sounded shocked when a caller from Kilcoole who was concerned about increasing burglaries his area recently in explained how, within seconds, many front, back and patio doors containing multi-locks were being by-passed, by opportunist burglars by snapping the exposed locks.”

Ciarán O’Connell a Security Consultant, who is also a trained mental-health counsellor, expressed these views to our reporter when they met recently at his office at Ballymount and explained, “If this was news to Duffy it means that the vast majority of people living in Ireland also don’t understand how simple measures can help to keep us all safe in our own homes. The general public need to understand that when a burglar snaps a euro cylinder he automatically obtains access to the main mechanism that lock controls these multi-locks contained in most traditional upvc, and aluminium doors, and gains immediate access to the property. This is the most popular method used in

Ireland to break in to homes and is a major reason why break-ins have reached epidemic levels of almost 400 reported incidents per week in the Dublin and surrounding county areas. It is time we learnt from Continental europe here, where local government security awareness campaigns have helped to reduce burglaries in many of the other 27 eu member states. However, with a little more understanding of the problem, I believe each of us can take responsibility for our own burglary prevention measures and help get these figures reduced.”

O’Connell points out, “During the past twenty years the upvc type door has become the most popular door installed in Ireland and while it brings the advantages of pretty aesthetics, low maintenance and reasonably good thermal insulation, when it comes to security many of them provide little resistance to criminals. While immediate replacement of the euro cylinder in these doors is vital, this type of door is

also vulnerable to thieves using a credit card to gain access to the latch, or else being kicked-in, as the lower panel is generally not strong enough to withstand an aggressive attack.”

Furthermore, he maintains: “We need to understand that the euro cylinder can also be bumped using a bump key that is freely available on the internet and that this type of lock is also easily picked. To keep costs down the consumer should know that this type of lock can be easily installed by the home owner or tenant but at the same time needs to be vigilant of products that are being offered but still are vulnerable to burglars. I would recommend that when these are being replaced that the buyer obtains a manufacturer’s certificate from the supplier confirming they are Snap-Secure, Anti-Bump and Anti-Pick, and meet Secured by Design Standard which is also the Garda preferred standard for this type of product.” O’Connell also warns: “For peace of mind, those of you who have experienced a recent

break-in and are considering having doors replaced I suggest you consider stronger doors such as residential security doors or a new type of composite door where the hardware and lock are accredited by Secured by Design. There are also now neat door and window grilles available that can provide that often elusive peace of mind – also

many people don’t realise that downstairs glazing can now be reinforced through the use of a special security film that is applied to the inside of windows. When applied it is invisible and not affect the does appearance or cleaning of the window, but on the other hand will help keep the unwanted burglar out of the home.

For further information contact: Ciarán O’Connell Director Burglarybusters unit 17 Western Parkway Business Centre Lr Ballymount Rd Dublin 12 Ph. 01-4600016/0862444938 www.securitycertifieddoors .ie

A&R Bathroom Solutions

Ciarán O’Connell, Director, Burglarybusters. “Residential Security Doors are steel-reinforced and timber-faced and look exactly like the traditional front or back door and yet they are virtually impenetrable.”

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launCh of luCan defibrillator serviCe

her s a d e h t s i n den ing sh the dry da sPeCialist




don’t waste any more money on painting the outside of your home!

Why use dennis the dasher? At the invitation of Deputy Derek Keating and Jonah Roche, Managing Director of Skillshop, the launch of the new Defibrillator Service in the Lucan area, was a spectacular success with the attendance of over 60 people in The Lord Lucan Public Lounge. All were welcomed by Deputy Derek Keating. “Representing many walks of life in Lucan including sporting organisations, local schools, local businesses, schools, the Irish Heart Foundation, the Gardaí, Boxing Clubs and Community Groups all gathered to endorse and contribute a new service which will in the foreseeable future become a template for a national service” said Deputy Derek Keating. “However this new service would not have been possible without the support and sponsorship of The Lord Lucan, euROSPAR

Ballyowen Castle Shopping Centre and South Dublin County Council, as well as support from the Gardaí.” First Responders was a necessary component to the new service. Present at the launch were those who have completed the initial training as “First Responders” to use the Defibrillator Service and apply first aid in situations where a person has a heart attack and loses consciousness. Deputy Derek Keating, highlighted how the service will impact on what is one of the biggest health problems in Irish society with 5,000 people dying from heart attacks last year.

Pictured at the launch were (Left to Right) Jonah Roche, Andy Morrissey, Esker Celtic Football Club presenting a Defibrillator to Maria Hoey, Archbishop Ryan Senior National School, and Derek Keating TD

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Jobs, Children’s rights and a better deal on our bank debt toP of the agenda for neW dáil terM

Fine Gael TD and Minister of State, Brian Hayes has said that creating jobs, enshrining children’s rights in the Constitution and getting a better deal on our banking debt are the Government’s main priorities for the new Dáil term. “It’s going to be a very busy few months ahead for the Government between now and the end of the year. We are determined to make continuing progress in the areas of jobs, finance and children’s rights. “The legislation required to hold the

Children’s Referendum will be brought forward in the coming weeks. enshrining children’s rights in our Constitution will ensure that the welfare of children is central in the mind of those taking decisions on their behalf. Passing the Referendum will also complement the range of legislation already introduced by the Government to strengthen child protection. “Job creation remains at the heart of every decision this Government takes. The Personal Insolvency Bill will move towards

The Legal Column

mental incapacity of any other sort. It can only operate if at some point in the future, the Donor, being the person who creates the document, becomes mentally incapable of managing his or her affairs. As long as the Donor is well, the e.P.A. cannot be acted upon by the Attorney.

Any adult who has the required level of ability to execute an e.P.A. can plan for a possible future loss of mental capacity. In other words, it allows for the Appointment of an individual, an Attorney, to make decisions for the Donor in the sad event of future loss of capacity. The major benefit of an e.P.A. is that it is the Donor, him or her self, who decides, when capable, who is given such a tremendous power over his or her life, should he or she become incapable in the future.

In this month’s edition of the paper, Romaine Scally Solicitor, of Romaine Scally & Company, Solicitors, Main Street, Tallaght, Dublin 24, Telephone 01-4599506 email discusses Powers of Attorney and the question of holding a Joint Account with a Deceased Parent


A. The best solution to this concern is to prepare both a Will and an enduring Power of Attorney (e.P.A.). These enduring Powers of Attorney are not just for the elderly, or those on the cusp of lacking mental capacity but, for each and every responsible adult. Making a Will governs the disposal of your assets on your death and is vitally important. However, how much more important is it to put in place a mechanism to govern the administration of your assets and indeed to authorise a person to make decisions as to your welfare, while you are still alive, but incapable of making those decisions yourself. This is where the enduring Power of Attorney (e.P.A.) becomes so important. An e.P.A. is an Instrument or document which complies with the strict procedural requirement of the legislation (enduring Powers of Attorney Act 1996). It is a special type of a Power of Attorney, the consequences of which are significantly different to an ordinary Power of Attorney. This type of Power of Attorney is not revoked by the Donor (the person signing the Power) subsequently becoming incapacitated by virtue of dementia or

enactment this Dáil term, which will have a positive impact on families and businesses in financial difficulty. Implementation of the Action Plan for Jobs will continue, allowing us to move from the old, failed economy, to a new one based on enterprise, exports and innovation. Work is already underway for the Action Plan for 2013, which will be even more ambitious in its scope. “Getting a better deal on our banking debt will be an essential step for our economy. Work on securing a deal at european level

The choice of the Attorney is a personal matter for the Donor. Obviously, it is important that the person who is chosen is trustworthy. Remember that the Attorney’s actions will be subject to little or no supervision. You should also make sure that the person chosen to be the Attorney is not in conflict by virtue of being a substantial beneficiary in your estate.

You can appoint more than one person as your Attorney. You can choose for the two or more Attorneys to act jointly or severely i.e. whether they must act together when making decisions or can do so individually. Remember that the Attorney will, at your choice, be able to make both business, financial and personal care decisions, such as choosing a Nursing Home, deciding when the appropriate time is to move from independent living to sheltered or residential accommodation and can even make gifts.

The Act does require a Statement by a Solicitor and a Medical Practitioner, that the Donor, with the assistance of any explanations given to him or her by the Doctor, does have the mental capacity to understand the full effect of creating the Power. Many people only consider an e.P.A. when they are losing capacity, but in fact, the time to consider such a Power of Attorney is when you are well, not when you might be running out of time to have the mental capacity to execute the Power. Remember that it takes a certain amount of time to give instructions to your Solicitor to have the documents drafted, arrange for your Doctor to be present on the day of the signing and notify witnesses. As such, the time to consider

such a Power is not when it is urgently needed, but when it is simply good forward planning for the future.

It is also important to remember that it is possible to revoke an e.P.A. at any time before it is registered. An formal document of Revocation needs to be signed, specifically confirming that the e.P.A. is being revoked and the original or a copy of the e.P.A. should be exhibited in the Revocation. Remember that the e.P.A. is signed when the Donor is well, but it only becomes registered when the Donor becomes of unsound mind. There could be a gap of many years between signing an e.P.A. and registering the e.P.A. Therefore, although it is a very important and formal document, nonetheless, it can be revoked before the Donor becomes of unsound mind.

Once the time is appropriate to register the e.P.A., a formal notification of an Application to register the e.P.A. must be served on the Donor and also on the persons who were notified of the execution of the e.P.A. and are named on it. Any person served with this Notice can object to the registration by sending the grounds of objection to the Wards of Court office within five weeks of receipt of the Notice. Assuming that there are no objections, then a Medical Certificate must be obtained from a registered Medical Practitioner to the affect that the Donor is, or where appropriate is becoming, incapable by reason of a mental condition of managing and administering his of her own property and affairs. Various documents are then completed by the Attorney and prepared by the Solicitor, and are forwarded to the Wards of Court office. Once the e.P.A. has been registered, the applying party will receive a document called a ‘Certificate of Registration’. At this point, the Attorney is now is full control of the Donor’s financial and personal well being, subject to any restrictions originally inserted into the e.P.A., as instructed by the Donor. The most important thing is to satisfy yourself that the chosen Attorney is trustworthy and the right person to make these important decisions for the Donor.


has intensified in recent weeks and will continue apace this autumn. “This year’s Budget will undoubtedly be one of the most difficult in the lifetime of this Government. We must make the necessary decisions to get our public finances back under control and put the country back on a sustainable track. Difficult choices will have to be made to ensure we can successfully exit the bailout programme and regain full control of our own financial affairs.”

by Romaine Scally


A. It is easy to see how you might consider the contents of this to be joint property and, consequently yours after the death of your Mother. However, the answer to the question is more complex than might at first appear. In certain cases, monies are simply held as a matter of convenience for the deceased in a joint account. Assuming that you did not contribute to this account then the remaining money in this account should be included as part of the estate of your Mother and should pass under the Will, if your Mother made one or Intestacy if she did not. A true joint tenancy generally arises were the funds in any account were provided in equal shares by both account holders with each having the power to withdraw without limit. In this case, the contents or balance of the account does pass by right of survivorship to the surviving joint owner. This is usually the case with accounts held in the joint names of a Husband and Wife. In cases however were it is merely a matter of convenience, such as you describe, then generally, the assets belong to the provider of the money and there is no presumption that your Mother intended you to benefit exclusively, unless there is clear evidence to the contrary. As such, the balance of this account should belong to the estate and should be distributed according to the contents of a Will or Intestacy. To prove otherwise, it would be necessary for you to establish that your Mother intended you to benefit from the balance monies in this account. This is a matter of evidence and would need to be gone into in greater detail. If this can be successfully established, you would however need to watch out for a potential liability to gift tax. I hope that the above has been helpful.

roMaine sCallY & Co, soliCitors operate a FREE LEGAL ADVICE CLINIC on the second Wednesd ay of every month from 2.00pm until 6.00p m at in Main Street, Tallaght, their offices Dublin 24. NEXT CLINIC: WED. 10TH OCT. No Appointment is ne We look forward to answ cessary. ering your legal queries in person.

romaine scally is the principal in the firm of roMaine sCallY and CoMPanY soliCitors Main street tallaght, dublin 24 tel 4599506 FaX 4599510 email:

over 80% of dublin students feel that their oPinions are ignored by adults Your FREE Local Newspaper

School students are being called on to enter the BT Young Scientist & Technology exhibition by Monday 1st October and showcase their ideas for a better future to the public. In a new survey commissioned by the BT Young Scientist & Technology the clear exhibition, message was that students desperately want their opinions and ideas to be heard. Over 200 students, aged between 12 and 19, from across the island of Ireland participated in the survey which showed that more than 70% of students feel that adults today do not value their opinions. When asked whether they thought school was harder for their parents or themselves, 65% of those surveyed maintain that school today is harder for students with an increased amount of pressure to get an excellent leaving certificate and to secure a place in university. Over three quarters of the students surveyed believe that schools in urban areas have a distinct edge over their rural counterparts citing funding, facilities and access to universities as the

main advantages. The students were asked to recount recent events from their community or country which made them proud. More than 100 students referenced Irish sporting successes such as Katie Taylor’s Olympic gold medal, county GAA individual triumphs or the success of the Irish Paralympic team as the reasons for creating a sense of pride for them. A number of students indicated that they were proud of Ireland’s ability to cope with the economic downturn. National notable findings include:

52% of students cited the jobs crisis as the main obstacle standing in the way of their chosen career 57% of participants selected medicine, pharmacy or dentistry as their first choice career preference 59% of students maintain that money is the biggest barrier to going on to 3rd level education with 33% of those surveyed citing getting the grades required as an obstacle to attending university · 80% of those surveyed

selected ‘online’ as the main source they receive their information from above books (9%), television (7%) and radio (2%) 66% of participants · disclosed that they are not encouraged down a route of entrepreneurship with the traditional professions still largely endorsed 50% of students do not feel part of the community where they live Dublin Specific findings include:

of the BT Young Scientist & Technology exhibition, we’ve seen firsthand the phenomenal response from young people when they are given the platform to make a contribution. For that one week a year in the RDS they can bring their ideas, energy, creative thinking and problem solving skills to bear at the exhibition. With

so much potential to offer, and with over 70% feeling that they are not listened to, we should really examine what channels we are providing for our young people to give their views on issues that will impact them now and for many years into the future.” The BT Young Scientist &


Technology exhibition, which takes place in Dublin from January 9th – 13th 2013, is organised by BT Ireland, and is supported by a number of valued partners including Analog Devices, elan, Intel, the Department of education & Skills and RTe. For more information on the exhibition, log onto

Winner alright!

78% of students surveyed from Dublin believe that school is harder for them than it was for their parents 76% of students from Dublin cited the jobs crisis as the main obstacle standing in the way of their chosen career 72% of participants from Dublin selected medicine, pharmacy or dentistry as their first choice career preference 74% of students surveyed from Dublin do not feel part of the community where they live Peter Morris, Corporate Services Director, BT Ireland commented: “As organisers

Mrs Elie Allen from Carrigwood, Firhouse winner of the 2 Rebbeca Storm tickets for the concert on the 20th October receiving her prize from Gerry Byrne at the Victory Centre Firhouse

engaged and Planning your Wedding?


Planning to get married? Got your date set and making wedding plans? As if planning a wedding was not hard enough, now brides and grooms to be need to make another decision, whether to get married in a traditional ceremony or hold a civil ceremony on their wedding day to tie the knot.

Whilst practically unheard of just a few years ago, in 2011 an incredible 19% of couples married in Ireland held a civil ceremony rather than a church wedding (according to research based on 17,000 couples from The sudden popularity of hosting civil ceremonies may be due to any number of factors. For one, hosting a civil ceremony in the same grounds of the chosen wedding venue is a luxury of convenience for the bridal party as for all guests who can arrive early and enjoy a beverage before the ceremony with old friends and family without having to split up, get in cars and drive to a different location after the ceremony.

Hotels such as The Waterside House Hotel in Donabate even host outdoor civil ceremonies on the beach itself or on their beach facing sea-view terrace. “40% of all wedding bookings at The Waterside House Hotel are planning to host their ceremony on the hotel grounds (weather permitting) and we expect more than 60% of these will end-up being outdoor ceremonies on our beside our blue-flag beach” said Jessica Collins, Wedding Coordinator at The Waterside House Hotel.

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“With no pre-martial course required and much more involvement and creative control over the ceremony itself, we have seen a spike in the demand for civil ceremonies. Couples can take control over when the speechs are made and when they want a song or music during the ceremony”.

With traditional church weddings, couples wishing to get married in a civil ceremony must register with the civil registration office at least 3 months before the big day. Registrars, who take the place of priest in civil ceremonies, can be assigned by the HSe (Health Service executive) or and independent registrar who have been approved by the HSe. The main difference between these options, are that HSe assigned registrar’s must perform the ceremony inside, ie “within four walls” on a monday to Friday basis, whereas independent registrars can perform outdoor or indoor ceremonies. “Some hotels only work with the HSe and will tell you that you cannot have a civil ceremony on a Saturday and that you cannot hold the ceremony outside. This is simply not true as independent registrars can do both these things and more besides.” said Jessica. Should you wish to learn more about the various different options, costs and related paperwork involved, Jessica would be happy to offer free advice and provide a list of contact details of preferred independent registrars for couples who can then them contact directly. You can contact Jessica on 01 8436153 or email her at .

Not only is Jessica an expert in advising couples on civil ceremonies, but she can organise the wedding cake, fresh flowers for the church/ceremony and for the bridal party band, the wedding band and/or DJ, the chauffeur driven Rolls Royce and even the professional photographer for the day. All you need is your dream dress or suit and your dream partner to stand beside you.

The Waterside House Hotel is a family-run beachside hotel that will soon feature as the winning venue on hit uK TV show “4 Weddings” (to be aired internationally this Autumn). The hotel has won many accolades, including recently been shortlisted for “Best Wedding Venue in Leinster, 2012” in the prestigious Wedding Venue Awards.

The Waterside House Hotel in Donabate host outdoor civil ceremonies on their blue-flag beach or on the beach facing sea-view terrace

free indePendent finanCial adviCe for borroWers in Mortgage distress


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The Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton TD has announced the provision of free independent professional financial advice to borrowers in mortgage distress.

The Minister said: “I am pleased to announce that financial independent advice will be available to mortgage holders who are being offered long-term resolution proposals by their lenders. This advice will be provided by a panel of accountants drawn from members of the main accountancy institutes in Ireland who have agreed to participate and support this independent service.” “When a lender is proposing longer-term mortgage resolutions the lender will advise the borrower to obtain independent financial advice on the proposed arrangement and that, if the borrower wishes to avail of this option, that the lender will pay €250 to an accountant of the

borrower’s choosing for the provision of this advice,’’ the Minister explained. The Minister continued: “This cost of the new service will be met wholly by the banks and other lending institutions and depending on the number of people who avail of this element of the Mortgage Arrears Information and Advice Service the costs could be in the region of €10 million.

An operating protocol for the provision of this advice has been agreed between the accountancy bodies, the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ireland, the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants, the Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the lenders. The general scope of the advice will be limited to the borrower’s principal private residence.

“The Government is fully aware that there are no

quick fixes or a one-size-fits-all solution to the mortgage debt problem. each family in mortgage arrears faces unique difficulties and we must have a range of solutions which can be adapted to resolve each family’s difficulties. The key message is engagement. People experiencing difficulties with their mortgage need to contact their lender.”

The Minister added “The Government is acutely aware of the difficulties that many households are facing in meeting their mortgage repayments and addressing these difficulties is at the forefront of Government’s agenda. This service providing distressed mortgage holders with independent financial advice taken together with the Personal Insolvency Service and the Mortgage to Rent initiatives clearly demonstrate the commitment of Government

to tackling the personal debt burden being carried by ordinary people.”

This measure announced today is an integral part of the extensive measures in place through the Citizens Information Board (CIB), Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABs) and other providers to better inform at-risk mortgage holders. The other measures include: · The enhanced website,, maintained by the Citizens Information Board which

offers detailed information and initial advice to distressed mortgage holders. This is the key online access portal for general mortgage arrears information and advice. Members of the public can access the website directly or through automated links to the site from all relevant organisations such as the NCA, CIB/MABS, the Central Bank, lenders etc. A mobile version of the site has also been developed and is accessible for all phone types. · The Mortgage Arrears

Information Helpline which has been operational since July 2012 provides general mortgage arrears information and guidance to mortgage holders in particular those borrowers who are in arrears or pre-arrears on their residential property. The Helpline also refers calls to other services such as the Money Advice and Budgeting Service, Free Legal Aid Centres and other relevant services. The Helpline number is 0761 07 4050, Monday to Friday 9.30am -5pm.

great inCrease in tidy toWns entries in south dublin County

The number of entries increased from 821 entries last year to 855 in the competition this year. In South Dublin Count,there was the highest number of entries with 4 new entries joining Lucan – Griffeen, Rathfarnham, Palmerstown and Clondalkin. The Mayor Cathal King has congratulated Tidy Towns groups in the County “I wish to congratulate everyone involved in Tidy

Towns in South Dublin. Tidy Towns groups make a real difference to their locality, to the physical place and also in creating a close community and a can do attitude” He said “The results of the competition will help us focus on areas of improvement. I encourage groups in all areas of the County to consider the Tidy Towns programme – it makes a difference.

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Pester PoWer Pays off for Park users Your FREE Local Newspaper

Fine Gael Councillor, emer Higgins, has congratulated Council Management on the rollout of adult exercise equipment in parks across the County. “In response to my motion last year asking Council to the investigate the practicalities of offering exercise equipment in parks and to apply for national funding, eleven exercise trails throughout our County have been installed and are already proving a hit with local families,” said Cllr. emer Higgins. eleven projects throughout the county including at Griffeen Valley Park, Waterstown Park, Hermitage Park, Corkagh Park and, Rathcoole Park were given the go-ahead earlier this year and have now been installed.

“Over the last eighteen months I have been pestering the Council on this issue. First to investigate possible

locations, then to apply for funding and subsequent to our successful application to get this project contracted out and delivered on in a timely fashion. I’m delighted with the outcome and congratulate the staff on the Council and Council Management for all the work on this issue. It’s great to have been able to help deliver this for local families throughout Lucan, Palmerstown, Rathcoole and Clondalkin,” continued Higgins. “I first raised this issue a number of months ago in the context of the wider public debate on tackling obesity. There is a national trend towards outdoor activities and with every home in the country affected in some way or other by the recession, there is a particularly strong demand for free amenities. I have seen exercise trails in operation in other parts of the county, and indeed other countries,

and I believe this facility is something we should be providing in our area. I was pleased to receive such a positive response to my motion and delighted when Fine Gael’s Minister Ring made funding available towards such exercise equipment for a number of our local parks and I thank my colleague Minister Fitzgerald for pursuing this with him,” explained Cllr. emer Higgins.

“On foot of my motion Management applied for funding to the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport and I am delighted that all eleven applications for funding for these trails in our County were approved and these facilities are now in operation. I hope that they will be an attraction that will draw more park users through our park gates and a welcome addition to many people’s exercise routines. We

have fantastic amenities in our public parks and anything that encourages more people into our green spaces is a positive,” continued Cllr. emer Higgins.

exercise trails are a series of gym-like equipment installed around a track or route and can be used in all weathers by adults of all fitness types. Funding was been made by the available Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport for equipment to be installed at eleven locations throughout the county including at Griffeen Valley Park, Hermitage Park , Waterstown Park , Corkagh Park and Rathcoole Park . “Investments in health and wellbeing must still be made, despite the current economic conditions. exercise trails offer not just fitness opportunities but can also incorporate equipment that focus on wrists and

other joint areas often prone to arthritis. They work well in other parts of the country and are already proving a positive investment in our area,” concluded Cllr. Higgins.

Cllr. Emer Higgins trying out the new equipment

More Confusion about Cuts to hoMe Care serviCes

uncertainty and lack of clarity continue to be the order of the day for recipients of HSe Home Care services. Following a statement issued today on behalf of Minister for Health, James Reilly TD, there is more confusion about the status of Home Help services and Home Care packages. Director of Older & Bolder, Ms. Patricia Conboy today asked “What is going on? Is the HSe cutting Home Care services as announced a week ago or is it not? What is the status of Home Help services and Home Care packages now that we are being told, on behalf of Minister Reilly, that ‘with regard to home care packages and home help hours, the Minister has clarified that, as is currently the practice, the HSe will assess each case according to their individual needs?’ What does this mean in practice?”

Ms. Conboy continued: “We need to know whether the cuts of €12.5 million to Home Care services are being implemented or not. Is the HSe assessing individual cases and needs in the wake of a cut to their Home Care budget or is it not? And just how is the HSe going to engage efficiently and humanely in the individualised assessment of the 5,000 recipients of Home Care packages?” She added: “Those who are already in receipt of services are fearful about the potential loss of services and those who are on waiting lists are fearful about the refusal of much-needed help. People who are vulnerable due to illness, frailty and disability need clarity and re-assurance not the promise of assessment in the absence of clear guidelines and a transparent assessment process.”

telePhone: 085 155 8185

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unleash your body’s energy 24

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If you feel like your energy levels are dwindling and your not as active as you used to be, supplementing with coenzyme Q10 could make a huge difference to your life. Do you feel like you're constantly tired or just don't have the energy that you used to? Do you find yourself dozing off in front of the TV in the evening, even if your day has not been all that exhausting? You may not know this but our body's energy production peaks in our mid twenties and dwindles at an increasing rate from that point on. The good news is that you can do something to compensate for the energy loss and the solution comes in a Q10 capsule. Q10 has already become the most widely used energy-enhancing supplement with those who have a desire to get more out of life. A boost to the cells

Q10 is a vitamin-like compound which all cells need in order to generate energy. When we are young our levels of the substance are high enough to keep up a full cellular energy production. As we grow older, however, the process slows down. You can increase your energy levels by taking a daily supplement of Q10. Most people feel the benefits within a couple of weeks. There are countless health benefits associated with Q10:

• You have increased endurance • Your blood pressure drops

• The quality of your skin, hair and • nails improves • Your gums look healthier and • are less likely to bleed • Your heart functionimproves It’s completely natural

Q10 is a natural element of human biochemistry and therefore it makes much more sense to supplement with this compound than to take things like ginseng or guarana, which are stimulants just like caffeine and have no natural role in the human body. A Q10 supplement gives a boost to your cells so they can make more energy the way they are intended to. This is why the effect of taking Q10 does not feel like a “kick” but rather a slow and steady energy increase that lasts all day.

Another important difference is that the effect of taking Q10 does not wear off in the same way as you may experience with traditional energy enhancers. You can use it for as long as you like. It’s natural, it’s safe, and it is completely natural to the body.

hoW it Works

• You feel more energetic and don’t tire as easily

All cells contain mitochondria which are minute “powerhouses” where fat, carbohydrate, and protein get converted into ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP is chemically stored energy, ready for use. The more ATP a cell can

produce, the better. Heart cells, brain cells, liver cells, and muscle cells contain substantially more mitochondria because they are so dependent on energy. Coenzyme Q10 controls the biochemical process in

which ATP is made. Our levels of Q10 drop with increasing age but we can compensate for the loss by supplementing. Many athletes use the compound to perform better. Also, heart patients are known to benefit from it, and there are studies

pointing to Q10 as a possible therapy for conditions like Parkinson’s disease.

As Q10 is also a potent anti-oxidant that destroys free radicals it is often added to face creams to prevent wrinkles.

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inCreased nuMbers attend PregnanCy Counselling serviCes Your FREE Local Newspaper

CounCillor bond WelCoMes south dublin County CounCil Marriage equality vote

Chris Bond- Labour Party Councillor for Tallaght has welcomed the positive result in the marriage equality vote. The motion Submitted by Cllr Bond was passed unanimously at the council meeting on the 10th of September.

‘’I was very pleased with the outcome of the vote, South Dublin can add its voice to a growing majority of Irish people who believe in extending full marriage rights to same sex couples’’ ‘’I would like to thank the many civil society groups for their support in submitting this motion, not least of which include Belong to, Labour LGBT, Marriage equality and the Gay and Lesbian equality network (GLeN). ‘’The hundreds of couples in Civil Partnerships across the country who want their marriage to be afforded the same recognition as Heterosexual couples cannot wait any longer for equality’’ ‘’ Ireland has made so much progress in LGBT equality since Homosexual acts were decriminalised 20 years ago but we have still a long way to go. Its time for the Irish government to take the next step forward in extending full Civil marriage to same sex couples.’’

– Irish Family Planning Association Publishes 2011 Annual Report –

Improved awareness of counselling services has led to a marked increase in the numbers attending pregnancy counselling services. That’s according to the Irish Family Planning Association (IFPA), which launched its 2011 Annual Report last week. Last year saw 1,421 women, girls and couples receive one-to-one crisis pregnancy counselling from IFPA-based services, a 20 per cent increase on the previous year. The IFPA’s pregnancy counselling department delivers a professional and ethically-driven service in 11 centres nationwide, as well as a national pregnancy helpline - 1850 49 50 51. The IFPA has also found that the number of women presenting for post-abortion care in 2011 increased by 85 per cent on the previous year. Of all the IFPA’s pregnancy counselling services, post-termination counselling accounted for 42 per cent of the service’s

client base last year. A total of 4,484 clients availed of the organisation’s pregnancy counselling network last year. More than 3,000 callers to the IFPA pregnancy helpline received advice and appointments.

Chief executive of the IFPA, Niall Behan, said: “The improved awareness of the availability of the IFPA’s post-abortion counselling services, the breakdown of stigma associated with the procedure, and women’s increasing willingness to discuss abortion are all factors that have led to more demand for our crisis pregnancy facilities. “The fact that almost half (42 per cent) of the clients of our face-to-face counselling attended their sessions with a support person – be they a partner, friend, family member or healthcare professional – highlights a greater openness about crisis pregnancy in Ireland. On the whole, women seem to be more willing to speak about such situations, and more inclined

to avail of the support services available to them.”

However, the IFPA continues to struggle to meet the demands of much of the public in the face of continuing cuts to its funding. “In 2011, demand for contraceptive services among medical card clients continued to grow, however Government funding for these services was reduced for the fifth consecutive year,” Mr Behan added.

“The 4.35 per cent cut in funding in 2011 forced the IFPA to ration the delivery of family planning services to medical card holders. Clients experienced delays of up to six weeks for contraceptive consultations and clients seeking long-term contraceptive devices (such as the coil and Implanon) faced delays of anything between one to three months for initiation of contraceptive devices”.

a holiday Photo that alMost brought Me to tears

As I flicked through holiday pictures of myself I cried when I saw I how looked. I had always made an effort when going out to look well and felt good in myself but seeing myself in this picture made me realise I had to do something about it. I heard about Slimming World from my sister who was a member. I had tried other

slimming groups in the past but got fed up after a few weeks as I hadn’t seen good results. I checked on line to see where the nearest group in my area was and was excited to find that there was one that Monday evening. I was nervous at first because I didn’t know what to expect but I was welcomed with a big smile by the Slimming

World Consultant, Fiona, who made me feel at ease. It helped to know that everyone was there for the same reasons and everybody was so warm and welcoming I couldn’t believe it. The first half hour is dedicated to new members and I was amazed to find that I could enjoy foods I loved like Chicken Chow Mein, Carbonara

and even homemade burger and chips. I could even enjoy a glass of wine! I loved sitting with the group and hearing all about the other members and how they get through their weeks too. I picked up so many hints and tips even on that first night. It didn’t feel like a diet and I couldn’t believe how much food you could eat and lose weight.

On my first weigh in I lost 5lb and lost every week after that and to date I have reached my 3 stone target. I found it so easy to stick to a plan that I enjoyed. I really looked forward to holidays this summer because I knew not only did I feel good I looked good too and posing for photo’s was so easy. I loved the group so much that I wanted to help lots of others feel

The full report launched by the IFPA is available to download at

the way I do too. I have now become a Slimming World Consultant and have started my own group. No matter how much weight you want to lose it is achievable at

Miriam O’Shea Slimming World Firhouse

Victory Centre Firhouse Road Dublin 24 Times: Tuesday Mornings 9.30am & 11.30pm Tuesday Evenings 5.30pm & 7.30pm Mobile: 087 9703016

Tracy Slimming World Clondalkin

The Green Isle Hotel, Newlands Cross Dublin 22 Times: Monday Mornings 9.30am & 11.30am Monday Evenings 3.30pm, 5.30pm & 7.30pm Mobile: 085 7125138

Suzanne Slimming World Tallaght (kingswood)

Kingswood Community Centre Kingswood Tallaght, Dublin 24 Times: Thursday Evenings 5.30pm & 7.30pm Mobile: 086 3054814

Suzanne before and after joining Slimming World

Slimming World so why not join me on Thursday evenings @ 5.30 pm or 7.30 pm in Kingswood Community Centre, Kingswood, Tallaght or contact Suzanne 0863054814

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eurolink... what’s happening in the european parliament

MEPs demand leniency for Pussy Riot

It’s not often that feminist Russian punk music gets mentioned at the monthly meetings of the european Parliament, but the fate of the jailed members of the punk band Pussy Riot took centre-stage briefly in Strasbourg this week. In a strongly-worded resolution, MePs the condemned “disproportionate” two-year sentence handed down to three women imprisoned for performing anti-Putin “punk prayer” at a cathedral in Moscow last February. The move adds to a gathering global storm of protest over the jailing of Maria Alyokhina (24), Yekaterina Samutsevich (30) and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova (23), who were found guilty by a Russian judge of “hooliganism motivated by religious hatred”. Their crime, a song calling for the Virgin Mary to “chase Putin out”, sung while wearing

balaclavas in Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. MePs described their imprisonment as “politically motivated intimidation of opposition activists” and called for the sentence to be reviewed and reversed “in line with Russia’s international commitments”. Socialist MeP Paul Murphy says the conviction of these woman for engaging in peaceful protest has made the international community much more aware of the repressive nature of the Putin régime.

“People’s opinions within Russia changed over the course of the trial, becoming more favourable to Pussy Riot, even though many Russians may not agree with all the lyrics of their songs. This pressure from within and from the rest of the world makes it more difficult for Vladimir Putin to continue to repress people,” said Mr Murphy. “What’s happened around Pussy Riot is extremely

important, not just for the band members, but for all of the many Russians who have protested against vote-rigging in the presidential and parliamentary elections in Russia,” he added. Mixed reaction to Barroso’s call for “federation of nation states”

This week’s State of the union address in Strasbourg by european Commission President José Manuel Barroso calling for greater eu federalisation necessitating yet another treaty, was greeted with a range of reactions from assembled MePs, from the welcoming, to the suspicious, to the openly as a critical. Acting microcosm for the spectrum of political opinion, the differing views hinged largely on whether each MeP favoured “more” europe, or less. Mr Barroso was careful to distinguish that he wanted a federation of nation states





and “not a superstate”, but his emphasis on the need for deeper integration, pooled sovereignty and a coherent foreign and defence policy raised alarm bells for some. The outspoken British eurosceptic MeP Nigel Farrage blasted Mr Barroso’s as “emerging, project creeping euro dictatorship”, while closer to home, Dublin MeP emer Costello warned against any erosion of democracy. “The democratically-elected european Parliament is the watchdog and the guardian of democracy across the eu, and it would be a sad day that we would let democracy be diluted so much,” said the Labour MeP. However Dublin’s Fine Gael MeP Gay Mitchell, who supported Mr Barroso’s vision, reassured people that whatever system is devised will acknowledge the sovereignty of each member state. “We can take it for granted that the President of Ireland and the Queen of england won’t disappear,” he said, adding that a european federal model would be very different to the conventional model such as the united States. “It would be more like a quasi-federal system, giving europe more powers to do

what it needs to get out of this crisis, but also to hold our place in the world,” said Mr Mitchell, echoing Mr Barroso’s view that pooled sovereignty is the only way to compete with major trading partners like China. Whatever the reaction, Mr Barroso’s clarion call has served to ignite debate on a post-crisis vision for europe in an age of globalisation. Commissioner supports threatened globalisation fund

The european Globalisation Fund got a welcome boost of support this week when the eu’s employment Commissioner said he believes the fund should be continued after 2013. The programme, which has helped hundreds of Irish workers retrain and upskill after losing their jobs at companies like Dell and Waterford Glass, is due to expire at the end of next year. The european Parliament wants a new eGF to be drawn up to continue to cater for all workers made redundant through globalisation, but a number of member states are blocking the move within the european Council of Ministers. Irish MeP Marian Harkin, a member of the eGF working

group which processes funding applications under scheme, met the employment Commissioner László Andor this week to ask him where he stands on the issue. “I’m happy to say that Commissioner Andor is fully supportive of continuing the fund, despite a blocking minority of countries including the uK, Germany, Denmark, Finland and the said Ms Netherlands,” Harkin. “These countries believe the eGF is not an appropriate instrument for europe; that it’s up to member states to deal with job losses that occur through globalisation. But the Commissioner told me he thinks the eGF represents an important financial expression of solidarity with workers who lose their jobs through global forces.” Ms Harkin added that ironically, some of the countries who are opposing the eGF are continuing to send in applications for funding through the scheme. “We’re processing applications all the time and we are hopeful that some Irish applications for funding will get the green light within weeks,” she promised.

neW kit for old Court united



TEL: 01 6100867 MOBILE: 086 1985 010 CHAPEL HILL, LUCAN, CO. DUBLIN

Peter Nolan from Nolan Kitchens presents Eric O’Reilly manager of Old Court United with their new sponsored kit. Nolan Kitchens, a leader in suppling and fitting for over 40 years, are happy to continue to support local sports interests.

to advertise in any of our PubliCations telePhone 01 451 3822

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st dominic’s shopping centre


The H2O X5 is a multi- floor mop and handheld steamer in one.

Cleaning your home just became quicker and easier with the power of steam.

Feature: l Chemical free multi surface steam cleaner l - windows, garments, floors & carpet l Kills up 90% of bactera on contact l Swivel head: agile for ultimate maneuverability Includes: l Microfible pads & cloths l Coral cloths for window cleaning & dusting l Extension hose, brushes & attachments

norMal PriCe €129.99

e C i r P r u o €59.99 ks While stoc


Breathnach’s Eile, St. Dominic Shopping Centre, Millbrook Lawns, Tallaght, Dublin 24




MIRACLE PRAYER Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked for many favours. This time I ask you for a very special one. Take it, dear Heart of Jesus, and place it within your own broken heart where your Father sees it. Then in His merciful eyes it will become your favour and not mine. Amen. Say this prayer for three days. Promise publication and favour will be granted no matter how impossible. Never known to fail. A.L.

MIRACLE PRAYER Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked for many favours. This time I ask you for a very special one. Take it, dear Heart of Jesus, and place it within your own broken heart where your Father sees it. Then in His merciful eyes it will become your favour and not mine. Amen. Say this prayer for three days. Promise publication and favour will be granted no matter how impossible. Never known to fail. S.w.

MIRACLE PRAYER Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked for many favours. This time I ask you for a very special one. Take it, dear Heart of Jesus, and place it within your own broken heart where your Father sees it. Then in His merciful eyes it will become your favour and not mine. Amen. Say this prayer for three days. Promise publication and favour will be granted no matter how impossible. Never known to fail. D.B.


MIRACLE PRAYER Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked for many favours. This time I ask you for a very special one. Take it, dear Heart of Jesus, and place it within your own broken heart where your Father sees it. Then in His merciful eyes it will become your favour and not mine. Amen. Say this prayer for three days. Promise publication and favour will be granted no matter how impossible. Never known to fail. C.L.

MIRACLE PRAYER Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked for many favours. This time I ask you for a very special one. Take it, dear Heart of Jesus, and place it within your own broken heart where your Father sees it. Then in His merciful eyes it will become your favour and not mine. Amen. Say this prayer for three days. Promise publication and favour will be granted no matter how impossible. Never known to fail. A.w.

MIRACLE PRAYER Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked for many favours. This time I ask you for a very special one. Take it, dear Heart of Jesus, and place it within your own broken heart where your Father sees it. Then in His merciful eyes it will become your favour and not mine. Amen. Say this prayer for three days. Promise publication and favour will be granted no matter how impossible. Never known to fail. j.D.

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MIRACLE PRAYER Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked for many favours. This time I ask you for a very special one. Take it, dear Heart of Jesus, and place it within your own broken heart where your Father sees it. Then in His merciful eyes it will become your favour and not mine. Amen. Say this prayer for three days. Promise publication and favour will be granted no matter how impossible. Never known to fail. M.D.

MIRACLE PRAYER Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked for many favours. This time I ask you for a very special one. Take it, dear Heart of Jesus, and place it within your own broken heart where your Father sees it. Then in His merciful eyes it will become your favour and not mine. Amen. Say this prayer for three days. Promise publication and favour will be granted no matter how impossible. Never known to fail. M.R.

MIRACLE PRAYER Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked for many favours. This time I ask you for a very special one. Take it, dear Heart of Jesus, and place it within your own broken heart where your Father sees it. Then in His merciful eyes it will become your favour and not mine. Amen. Say this prayer for three days. Promise publication and favour will be granted no matter how impossible. Never known to fail. A.O.C.

Novenas are published free of charge. However if you would like to make a donation to our seleted charity, please send a postal order or cheque made payable to Solas Centre (NCBI) and send, along with your novena to: Newsgroup, PO Box 3430, Tallaght, Dublin 24. If you require any further information call us on 01 4519000. DO YOU wANT TO ExPERIENCE UNENDING PEACE IN YOUR LIFE? You can by praying this Miracle Prayer from your heart Heavenly Father; I thank you for reaching out to me today. I believe Jesus Christ died on the cross to save me from my sins and give me eternal life I ask Jesus to come into my heart to be the Lord of my life and I receive eternal life into my Spirit. Amen I am a child of God and I now have Christ living in me. Heal me, and strengthen me in my Spirit, Soul and Body in Jesus Name Amen IF YOU wOULD LIkE SOMEONE TO PRAY wITH YOU PLEASE CALL 01 4606091 OR 085 7789995 GOD BLESS YOU

Call to reMove redundant telePhone boxes

Cllr. Breeda Bonner has stated that “The issue of the redundant telephone boxes in Clondalkin village was identified as one of the priorities of the Clondalkin Tidy Towns group earlier this year. Requests were made by the group to South Dublin County Council to organise their removal as they were an eyesore and a health and safety hazard. One is located on the main street opposite the Steering Wheel and the other is on New Road outside the Laurels. There is very little demand for telephone boxes nowadays and these structures had been let fall into disrepair over recent years. In other parts of the county, such telephone boxes had been removed at the request of local tidy towns groups.” Cllr. Bonner went onto say that “Council officials seemed fairly hopeful that the

removal of the telephone boxes in Clondalkin could be organised before the visit of the Tidy Towns judges in July. However, sometime in June, the story changed and now it appeared that Smart Telecom had decided to upgrade and refurbish the two telephone booths. To a certain that extent, refurbishment has happened, and there is a working telephone at one location, and an attempt to make the kiosks more presentable.” Cllr. Bonner asks the question, “So the population of Clondalkin should be grateful to Smart telecom? I don’t think so. Methinks that public service is not the motivation for their work. I would suspect that Smart Telecom hopes to pass these telephone kiosks off as viable and in working order so that they can apply to use them as

on-street advertising hoardings. Perhaps I am wrong, and they are responding to a new demand among the citizens of Clondalkin to use phone boxes instead of their mobiles. How have these citizens managed over the last few years

when these phone boxes were allowed to fall into disrepair?”

“I support the calls of the Tidy Towns committee to have these redundant telephone kiosks removed from the streets.”

luas art CoMPetition

The Railway Procurement Agency has launched this year’s Luas Art Competition. This annual competition has been widely acclaimed since its inception in 2007. The theme of this year’s competition is ‘Luas - adding the missing link’. This theme relates to Luas Broombridge, the planned new extension of the Luas Green Line (Bride’s Glen to St. Stephen’s Green) through the city centre to Broombridge. The new line, which is due to go into service in 2017 will connect the Luas Red and Green Lines in the city centre and interchange with mainline rail’s Maynooth Line at Broombridge.

Cllr. Bonner supports the removal of redundant telephone boxes in Clondalkin Village (Photos courtesy of Tommy Keogh)

Entry will be displayed on for a four week period Please note that the entry process has changed for this year’s competition. entrants are required to enter the competition by uploading an image of their artwork via the Wildfire competition application on the Luas Facebook page at For further information see

This year’s theme will allow competitors an opportunity to imagine how this new Luas line will change the city in the years to come. Artists aged 18 years and over are invited to submit artwork using the theme of ‘Luas, adding the missing link’ on the Luas Facebook page at

RPA are interested in receiving submissions of visual or written work, digital reproductions of paintings, sculpture, graphic design, comic design, photography, poetry, short stories, comedy writing or any work that can be printed flat. The closing date for entries is Friday October 12th 2012. The winners will be announced in November on the Luas Facebook page. The prizes this year have been enhanced. The winner’s cash prize is doubled to €1,000. First Prize Cheque for €1,000 Annual Luas Ticket valid on both Luas lines winning entry will be displayed on Luas trams for a two week period Cover image on Luas 2013 Official Calendar Month image on Luas 2013 Official Calendar Entry will be displayed on for a four week period

‘Like a knight in shining armour’, by Peter O’Sullivan, swas last year’s winner

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Rathcoole & Saggart News is delivered free door to door in Rathcoole, Saggart, citywest and Newcastle

Rathcoole & Saggart News  

Rathcoole & Saggart News is delivered free door to door in Rathcoole, Saggart, citywest and Newcastle