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VOLUME 34, NO. 20 • Wednesday, June 4, 2014 • 50¢

Train derails northeast of Wanoka

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June 4, 2014

Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

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Train derails northeast of Waynoka By Marione Martin Investigation and clean-up efforts were underway Monday at the site of a train derailment in Woods County. Joe Faust, director of public affairs for Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad, said the incident was reported between 11:10 p.m. and 11:15 p.m. Sunday, June 1. The train derailed at the intersection of County Road 340 and Cotton Road northeast of Waynoka. For local emergency responders, it was déjà vu. They responded to another derailment near that location in August 2013. Faust said the cause of the derailment was under investigation. Locals speculated strong wind and heavy rain from a storm around that time could have been a factor. The National Weather Service reported a peak wind gust of 66 mph at 10:05 p.m. seven miles south

southwest of Alva. The train was described as “intermodal.” It was carrying semitype trailers stacked two high on rail cars. One trailer was carrying fireworks,

considered hazardous cargo, and it was compromised, spilling the contents. Faust said it was quickly contained. He said a total of 11 trailers were derailed. No one was injured in the accident.

Several trailers stacked two deep on rail cars were dumped on the ground Sunday night northeast of Waynoka. Workers were on the scene surveying the damage and cleaning up the site Monday morning. Photo by Lynn L. Martin

Clean-up efforts were underway Monday morning after 11 trailers went off the tracks in a train derailment Sunday night. The incident occurred as strong winds and heavy rain swept through the area northeast of Waynoka. Photo by Lynn L. Martin The Alva Review-Courier / Newsgram is published Wednesday by Martin Broadcasting Corp. 620 Choctaw St. Alva, Oklahoma 73717 Lynn L. Martin, President Telephone Numbers: Alva Review-Courier 580-327-2200 Newsgram 580-327-1510 FAX 580-327-2454 E-Mail: manager Entire Contents Copyright 2014 Members of: Associated Press Oklahoma Press Association

Just after 11 p.m. Sunday rail cars carrying trailers stacked two deep went off the tracks near the County Road 340 and Cotton Road intersection in Woods County. No one was injured in the derailment. Photo by Lynn L. Martin

June 4, 2014

Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram


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Jury Trial Experience in Woodward, Woods, Harper and Custer Counties 1976 Graduate from Oklahoma State University 1979 Graduate of O.U. College of Law 2 terms as Woodward City Commissioner Served on Woodward County Board of Equalization and Excise Board for two years

34 Years of Experience

Formerly Beaver Municipal Judge Formerly Seiling Municipal Judge Member of Woodward First United Methodist Church Wife, Carole, 2nd grade teacher in Highland Park Elementary School in Woodward Paid for by Committee to elect Michael F. Stake for District Judge 2014 Michael F. Stake, Chairman; Diane Lewis, Treasurer 3223 Robin Ridge Road, Woodward, Oklahoma 73801

June 4, 2014

Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

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Lynn Says

Robocall irritations continue to mount By Lynn L. Martin Vicky Hewatt, at the photo studio, keeps her reflexes sharp by seeing how fast she can hangup on robocalls. When the recorded spiel starts, she tells the phone, “I’m not talking to a machine” and then stabs the off button. I am the same way, I’m just not quite as violent about it as she. Robocall technology is only getting more advanced. One firm told the website “Politico” that it can now place one million calls in less than a half-hour. “Some days, we call 10 to 20 percent of the U.S. population,” an executive at the firm said. New Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules that give consumers greater protection against robocalls took effect in October 2013, but the onslaught continues. Advances in technology have made it easy and cheap to send thousands of pre-recorded phone calls per minute using autodialers and fake caller IDs that make tracing hard. The Consumer Reports website asks, “How significant is this issue?” Through the first 11 months of 2013, American consumers had filed 1,837,558 complaints about robocalls

with the FCC. When Consumers Union, the policy and advocacy arm of Consumer Reports, recently invited people to share tales of robocall hell, more than 4,000 responded within a week. Among them was Frank Brill Jr., of Newport News, Va., who reported receiving at least 34 such calls from Dec. 4 through Dec. 12, with pitches ranging from medical alert devices to home-security systems. Listing your phone number with the National Do Not Call Registry can ward off unsolicited calls from legitimate telemarketers, but scam artists don’t care about screening out the more than 220 million phone numbers on that list. Making telemarketing robocalls without the recipient’s written permission has been illegal since 2009, but the new, stricter rules require all robocallers to obtain your consent in writing, by electronic means, or on a voice recording before they can send a robocall or text to your cell phone or home phone. Of course, politicians exempted themselves In the past, robocalls were legal if the firm making them had an established business relationship with you. Now, even those firms are supposed to get permission. The only such calls considered legal are those that aren’t sales-related, such as prerecorded messages about flight changes and those from politicians or tax-exempt nonprofit organizations. The expense of robocall technology is declining so that even local organizations can utilize the service. The Alva Schools pay about $2,400 per year for their robocall service. The schools make very appropriate use of robocalls

alerting patrons when school is cancelled because of snow or when a band trip time is changed. Superintendent Steve Parkhurst said, “This is a very handy way of communicating needed information to parents and we get positive feedback.” He did say in the first year of operation a glitch sometimes occurred when grandparents in Florida might be called instead of the primary number. “The company has worked well with us and we think those problems are fixed,” he said. The City of Alva also uses a robocall service. So far I’ve received calls telling of road closings so I can avoid those intersections when driving. I wish their service could be edited some way. I get three identical calls on the lines at the photo studio, I get three identical calls on the lines at the newspaper and then one at home. When that first happened, I concluded that the announcer, Joe Don Dunham, with seven calls to me, was my new best friend. The city pays about $6.600 per year for their service. Finally, here are some tips for reducing the problem. If you pick up a robocall, hang up immediately. Pressing a number signals that the autodialer has reached a live number and can lead to more calls. • Limit at least some unwanted calls by listing all of your numbers in the Do Not Call registry. Go to or call 888-382-1222 from the number you want to register. • If you have caller ID, record robocallers’ numbers and report them to the FCC via the Do Not Call registry. Your information goes into a database that can help regulators identify the sources of illegal robocalls.

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June 4, 2014

Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

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Graceful Arts Gallery and Studios Welcomes Nescatunga Visitors

Evening of Art set for First Friday Art Walk, June 6th from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. Downtown Alva's Arts and Shopping District

At Graceful Arts Gallery and Studios, 523 Barnes in Downtown Alva

Join Us for the "Art on the Saltfork" Exhibit Featuring David Vollbracht, Calvin Graybill, Sam Sidders, Nancy Russell, Mike Wagar, Edana Caldwell, Jerry Brownrigg and many others. David Vollbracht will be demonstrating his painting style on Saturday during Nescatunga here at the studio! Stop in and have a quick session or simply watch this Fine Artist in action! Refreshments Served!

At Murrow's FrameArt Gallery and Studios in Downtown Alva Featuring "The Photography of Seth Farris: A Retrospective" Please stop in and take a look at the life and times of Seth Farris, Alva native Refreshments Served! Check out our retail partners at Holder Drug, The Sandwich Shoppe, and others around the square. Be sure to come downtown on Saturday, June 7th for the 45th Annual Nescatunga Arts Festival! Oklahoma's Longest Running Arts Festival! Lots of good food, fun times, and wonderful entertainment all day!

Graceful Arts Gallery and Studios 523 Barnes Street, Alva's Downtown Arts and Shopping District

June 4, 2014

Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

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By Lynn L. Martin There were several personnel changes handled by the Alva Board of Education at their June meeting Monday night. Alysson Tucker was named principal at Washington Early Childhood Development Center by a 4-1 vote. Larry Parker, Steve Ellis, Jane McDermott and Tiffany Slater voted “yes” while Lynda Martin voted “no.” Superintendent Steve Parkhurst let Tucker sit in his chair for a while so the board could ask any further get-ac-

quainted questions. Tucker revealed she is a native of Nebraska and a graduate of Pratt (Kan.) High School. She has previously worked for Northwestern Oklahoma State University and has six years experience in the Alva school system as a counselor and PE teacher. In getting her master’s in administration, she accumulated 160 understudy hours with Mr. Argo and Tracie Leeper. In other certified employee action, the board rehired the education co-op employees. The future of the co-op was uncertain when other certified employees were re-hired a couple of months ago. Those hired were: Cherri Pfleider, Becky Castor, Tina Gilreath, Cherie Hurst and Julie Wren. The resignations of two other certified employees were accepted. Magen Paris-Shelton, who is going to return to her previous job at Alva State Bank, and Margaret L. Woodward-Smith, who is going to teach math in the Freedom schools. The board accepted the resignations from non-certified employees Janet Sheik, Barbara Hancock and Elizabeth Lohmann. A leave of absence for one year was granted to Lacey Gaisford. She is expecting a baby in September and wants to be at home for the first year. It was announced that Ladonna Durkee will take the Lincoln school secretary position opened up by the resignation of Janet Sheik. Certified employees resigning their

extra-duty positions were Jaci Heaton from Alva Middle School (AMS) girl’s basketball and track; and Heather Lohmann, AMS girl’s softball and assistant girl’s basketball. A new vote was taken on the lawn-mowing work being done by Dusty Horn in order to straighten out some contract dates. The board accepted the temporary appropriation budget amount from the fiscal year 2014 estimate of needs by accountant Buddy Carroll. The amount is 90 percent of this year’s budget: general fund – $8,312,692, building fund – $723,380, child nutrition fund – $350,427, co-op fund – $533,975, and senior achievement fund – $294,500. Superintendent’s Legislative Report Superintenent Parkhurst mentioned a few changes by the legislature that will affect the district. HB 1623 requires the board to adopt a policy implementing suicide prevention awareness for seventh graders on up. HB 3339 repeals the common core standards and instead will implement a “college readiness” and “go to work” readiness standard. In other changes, home-schooled students will no longer be included in the drop-out statistics of the district. Another change by HB 2526 permits a “power of attorney” guardian for a student for one year and the student will be deemed to reside in the district of the guardian’s address. Parkhurst sees some risk of this enabling athlete recruiting. The district is unhappy with the firm from which they have been leasing school buses. They are dropping their relationship with Midwest Bus Sales for four 71-passenger buses and taking up a similar three-year lease with Ross transportation. While the lease is proposed as having a term of three years, the district has the legal option of cancelling at the end of any fiscal year. The superintendent said Midwest Bus Sales was adept at implementing hidden charges as far as they were concerned. The district attempts to put no more than 15,000 miles per year on a bus in

Board hires new Washington Elementary School principal

Alysson Tucker

See Alva Page 38

June 4, 2014

Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

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June 4, 2014

Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

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June 4, 2014

Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

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June 4, 2014

Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

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serving on many boards and organizations through her many years in the community. Most recently she served as a founding board member for the Great Salt Plains Health Center and an EMT and instructor for the Hawley Rural Fire Department. Julia was an avid reader and maintained a large collection of books she has lovingly donated to many local schools, libraries, churches and organizations. She continued her love of reading with her Kindle digital reader. She also collected many other items such as cast iron and knives, enjoying attending estate sales and auctions to find her treasures. Julia was a talented wood worker and often used this hobby to bless others by helping build porches, remodel bathrooms or many other helping projects she eagerly participated in. Julia always had ‘adopted’ nieces and nephews to add to her many family and frequently attended local school sports or agriculture events to support these kids and was very loved by them all. Julia is survived by brothers Hugh (Conley) Matlock and wife Joyce, Thomas Matlock, Raymond (Buzz) Matlock and wife Robin, sisters Elaine Thompson and husband Steve, Dee Shirk (and the late Carl), Rena Pickering and husband Dick, Maria Delaney and husband Jeff and Ima Jean Matlock, as well as many loved nieces, nephews, great nieces and nephews. Julia was preceded in death by her grandparents Noah and Voizzie Mathis, Hugh and Rena Matlock, and her parents Watie and Frances Matlock. Memorial contributions may be made to the Bethel Hawley Baptist Church or the Hawley Rural Fire Department.

direction of Marshall Funeral Home of Alva. There will be a visitation with the family at the funeral home from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, June 5. Theresa Lee Richey, daughter of the late Leland Wayne and Madeline Georgette (Buteau) Sample, was born June 9, 1951, in Alva, and passed away May 31, 2014, in Ft. Worth, Texas, at the age of 62 years, 11 months, 22 days. Theresa graduated from Alva High School and earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education from Northwestern Oklahoma State University. She taught several years in Oklahoma before moving to Texas 15 years ago where she taught special education at Haltom High School in Haltom City, Texas. Theresa was a member of the Good Shepherd Catholic Community in Colleyville, Texas. She was a member of the DFW Outdoors Group. During the school year, teaching took most of her time, but during the summer she enjoyed reading, traveling and gardening. She really enjoyed being with her grandchildren. Besides her parents, she was preceded in death by two sisters, Cheryl Badone and Donna Mills, and one nephew, Dustin Mills. Theresa is survived by one son, Chad Richey, of Watauga, Texas; one daughter, Michelle Newton and husband Timothy of Durant; three grandchildren, Elijah, Samuel, and Thomas Newton; one sister, Barbara Sample of Pittsfield, Mass.; one brother, Leland Sample, Jr. and wife, Stacy, of Edmond; many nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the NWOSU Foundation for scholarships through Marshall Funeral Home, P. O. Box 804, Alva, OK 73717. Remembrances may be shared with the family at www.

Obituaries BETTY JUNE BAILEY Betty June Bailey, 82, of Waynoka, was born Feb. 14, 1932, in Birminaham, Iowa, to John Manley and Clara Marie (Lee) Calhoun. She passed away June 2, 2014, at her home in Waynoka. Funeral services will be 10:30 a.m. Thursday, June 5, 2014, at the Waynoka Church of God with Pastor Ken Higgins officiating. Interment will be in the Waynoka Municipal Cemetery under the direction of Marshall Funeral Home of Waynoka, LLC. She was married to Richard Samuel Bailey who preceded her in death. Survivors include three daughters and four grandchildren. JULIA KATHALEEN MATLOCK Memorial services for Julia Kathaleen Matlock were held on Monday, June 2, 2014, at 1:30 p.m. in the Bethel Hawley Baptist Church in Hawley, Okla., with the Rev. Gary Lillie officiating under direction of Wilson Funeral Home, Pond Creek. Julia was born July 22, 1959, in Sallisaw, Okla., the daughter of Watie and Frances Matlock. She departed from this life and graduated to her home in heaven on May 29, 2014, in Enid. She attended her school years at Tahlequah Schools graduating in 1977. She attended Northeastern State University and Oklahoma State University receiving degrees in biology and zoology. Julia was also a licensed basic emergency medical technician (EMT) and fire service instructor. She was a lifelong resident of Oklahoma, living and working since 1989 at the Byron Fish Hatchery as the assistant manager. Julia was very active in church wherever she lived and participated in numerous mission trips around the United States (South Dakota and Colorado) and to several foreign countries (Brazil and China). She was a faithful member and often taught adult classes at many of her churches, including Bethel-Hawley Baptist where she has attended since 1993. She was a dedicated volunteer

THERESA LEE (SAMPLE) RICHEY Mass of Christian Burial for Theresa Lee Richey will be 10 a.m. Friday, June 6, 2014, at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Alva, with Father James Wickersham serving as the celebrant. Interment will be in the Sacred Heart Cemetery under the

LYLE LAVERNE SNEARY A celebration of the life of Lyle Laverne Sneary will be held at 2 p.m. on Saturday, June 7, 2014, at the First See Obits Page 34

June 4, 2014

Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

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June 4, 2014

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Jury Trial Experience in Woodward, Woods, Harper and Custer Counties 1976 Graduate from Oklahoma State University 1979 Graduate of O.U. College of Law 2 terms as Woodward City Commissioner Served on Woodward County Board of Equalization and Excise Board for two years

34 Years of Experience

Formerly Beaver Municipal Judge Formerly Seiling Municipal Judge Member of Woodward First United Methodist Church Wife, Carole, 2nd grade teacher in Highland Park Elementary School in Woodward Paid for by Committee to elect Michael F. Stake for District Judge 2014 Michael F. Stake, Chairman; Diane Lewis, Treasurer 3223 Robin Ridge Road, Woodward, Oklahoma 73801

June 4, 2014

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June 4, 2014

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June 4, 2014

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Come play both Children’s and Adult’s Reading Bingo now in progress at the Alva Public Library

ALVA STATE BANK & TRUST COMPANY 518 College Ave. - Alva, OK 73717 580-327-3300

June 4, 2014

Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

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Forensics Caitlin J. and Daniel Anderson 8th at state perform at Miss South Barber 2014

Miss South Barber Taylor McCullough humorous talent

Miss South Barber 2014 Taylor McCullough and contestant Alexis Shaffer

June 4, 2014

Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

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June 4, 2014

Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

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June 4, 2014

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June 4, 2014

Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

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New members take their seats at Kiowa Hospital Board meeting Hospital receives $30,000 Sunflower Foundation grant By Yvonne Miller Following the annual meeting of the Kiowa Hospital District, new board members Brenna May and Chantae Simpson took their places at the table for the regular May meeting. The new board held an election of officers: Zack Odell, president; Lori Schrock, vice-chairman; Chantae Simpson, treasurer; Jim Parker, secretary; Brenna May, member.

Member Lori Schrock was present via Facetime on a large television screen. Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Janell Goodno was present as were several department heads. Interim Hospital Administrator Steve Davis was absent due to illness. The meeting was at the Kiowa Community Building. Several district patrons lingered after the annual meeting to attend this regular meeting.

Two new members take their seats at the meeting of Kiowa's Hospital Board in May. Board members: (left to right) Zack Odell, Jim Parker and new members Chantae Simpson and Brenna May. Not shown is member Lori Schrock who joined the meeting via Facetime on a TV screen. Photo by Yvonne Miller


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The board met in executive session first to indoctrinate new members before proceeding. That lasted approximately 45 minutes until 8:15 p.m.. Goodno apprised the board she applied for and received a $30,000 grant from the Topeka-based Sunflower Foundation. This will be used to pay for the cost of MU2-phase II medical records. Giving an administrator update, Odell said they plan to interview a hospital CEO candidate on June 16. Odell said the candidate is from southeast Oklahoma and also has licensure to head the manor. The next monthly hospital board meeting is Thursday, June 19, 7 p.m., at the hospital lobby. Under new business, Manor Administrator Carla Dunigan said they need a new ice maker. As the existing one broke, Dunigan said they are using six 20 pound bags of ice daily for a cost of $653 per month. The cost of a new ice maker is about $5,600. Goodno said some tax credit money is still available that can be used for the purchase. The board awaits bids and will approve one at a special meeting because of the urgency. In her brief report during open session, Hospital Director of Nurses Heidi Courson said the signage issues with the Emergency Room are corrected. A new sign was installed and another one is coming for the foyer. She also said the Nextgen upgrade went well. Medical staff credentials were approved for Meredith Wooley, MD. At the end of the meeting the board held a second executive session from 9 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. The purpose was to discuss the Risk Management/Quality Assurance (RM/QA) report; non-elected personnel and contract/legal. The only action taken upon return to open session was approval of the monthly RM/QA. Hospital Stats and Financials Presenting hospital statistics for April, Goodno said “April was fairly slow.” The hospital had 17 total admissions for 49 total days of acute and See Kiowa Page 38

June 4, 2014



Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

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June 4, 2014

Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

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Alfalfa County commissioners approve bid for Burlington blacktop striping By Leslie Nation The Alfalfa County commissioners had a brief meeting at the county courthouse on Monday, June 2, at 10 a.m. Minutes from the previous meeting were approved followed by the M & O warrants and blanket purchase orders. There were five rail road permits inspected and approved during the meeting. After the regular items on the agenda the commissioners continued with the next items by approving the monthly officer reports, monthly highway expenditures, and allocation of alcohol beverage tax totaling $8,102.26. The commissioners then approved the request to remove Theresa Kephart as receiving officer for Carmen Responders and add Sheryl Gahr as receiving officer. Opening bids for striping for Burlington blacktop was the next item on

the agenda, and Chairman Doug Murrow moved to approve Advanced Work Zone’s (Muskogee) bid of $4,603.75. After approving the bid, the commissioners discussed the next item: the interlocal agreement with the City of Cherokee. Board member Chad Roach’s only concern with the agreement is that it was only good until June 30 of this year, which he felt was not enough time for the city to benefit from the agreement. The members discussed it further then amended the date to June Dist. # 1 1 1 2 2


30, 2015. With the amended date, the agreement will be sent back for approval from the city before it can go into effect. The commissioners finished their meeting by approving the cash fund estimate of needs and requests for appropriation before adjourning the meeting. The road crossing revenue is as follows: priation before adjourning the meeting. The road crossing revenue is as follows:

Start Point

End Point

Total Amount Poly Pipe Inc. S14-T27N-11W S13-T27N-R11W $750.00 Select Energy 19-T28N-9W 13-T28N-10W $750.00 Select Energy 25-27N-9W 27-9W $750.00 Oklahoma Natural Gas 10-T26N-R11W 11-T26N-11W N/C SemGas LP S16-T26N-R12W S21-T26N-R12W $500.00

Driver charged with DUI, no license By Marione Martin Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Lisa Jorgensen stopped a pickup because the license plate was not visible. The driver ended up with two charges filed against him in Alfalfa County. Aaron Joseph Zvonek, 31, no address listed, has been charged with a felony of driving under the influence

and a misdemeanor of driving while license is revoked. According to documents on file, Jorgensen stopped the pickup on SH11 approximately two miles north of US-64 on May 27 about 9:52 p.m. When she asked the driver for his license and insurance, Zvonek gave her an Oklahoma ID card and said he did not have a driver’s license. Jorgensen had Zvonek sit in her patrol car. She checked and learned his driver’s license had been revoked. She noticed the odor of alcohol about Zvonek’s person and asked how much

he had to drink. He said he consumed a few beers earlier. Trooper Jorgensen then approached the passenger side of the pickup and had the passenger exit the vehicle. She saw a six pack of cold Bud Light beers with one missing and saw an opened can of Bud Light in the cup holder in the center console. She conducted multiple field sobriety tests on Zvonek. He refused the personal breath test. Zvonek was placed under arrest and transported to the Alfalfa County Jail where he was booked in on his charges.

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June 4, 2014

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June 4, 2014

Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

Page 24

Suspect charged with felony assault

“Cornfed,” who was later identified as Marty Workman. Holt said Workman punched Grummit in the face, knocking him to the ground. Workman then “speared” Russell to the ground. She said Collins placed his hands around Russell’s neck and held him down as Workman attacked him. When she told them she was calling the police, four individuals fled the bar, two of them being Collins and Workman. Horstman then went to question Russell who said he was at the bar with several people including his wife. He said Holt went to turn on the music and a man in a red shirt, identified later as Collins, groped her. Russell said Holt asked if he would stay longer because she felt uncomfortable. Later Collins slapped a woman on her posterior. Russell told him to knock it off. Words were exchanged and Workman came around the bar and struck Grummit in the face while running, knocking Grummit unconscious on the floor. Workman tackled Russell to the ground. Russell said Workman attempted to knee him in the face once and pinned him against the ground and bar. Workman attempted to knee him in the face a second time but missed. Collins told Workman they needed to go as the police were being called. Horstman asked Russell if he was being choked at any time, but he said if he had been he didn’t notice. Horstman contacted Share Medical Center for information about Grummit’s condition and learned when he arrived he was in critical condition with internal brain bleeding. He was taken by ambulance to St. Mary’s in Enid. Horstman talked to a nurse at St. Mary’s who said Grummit was now stable and reacted to verbal stimuli but was extremely drowsy and there could be lasting effects as a direct cause of the

fight. She said his injuries included a deviated septum, stitches in his lips, a right sinus fracture and scarring. About 4:05 p.m. Horstman was notified that Tyler Whitecotton was at the office asking to see an officer. Whitecotton told Horstman he believed “Cornfed” was named Marty. He said he and “Cornfed” were new hires for Lariat and Collins had worked for them a while. Whitecotton said he was directly behind Collins, Russell and Workman during the scuffle. He said while Collins was definitely hovering over the fight, he was telling “Cornfed” to let go and leave with him. He said when Collins pulled Workman off, they left the bar in Collins’ vehicle which he (Whitecotton) drove and returned to the bunkhouses except for Workman who left on foot. Horstman asked Whitecotton to have Collins contact him. While still in the office, Horstman received a call from Collins who described Workman punching Gummit in the face and knocking Russell to the floor. Collins said they were all hovering over the fight, and he attempted to get Workman off Russell by reaching under his shoulder with one hand and patting him on the head with the other. He said he told Russell not to move to avoid a sucker punch being thrown and starting the confrontation again. He said they left in his vehicle with Whitecotton driving. Horstman asked Collins why he was dodgy answering questions for Officer Jones earlier. He said Workman was back at the bunkhouses and he feared if he said anything incriminating, he would end up like Grummit. “Cornfed’s” last name had not yet been determined. Collins called Horstman when he was back at the bunkhouses with a supervisor. Horstman went there, but the supervisor said he had not met all the new hires. He went in and knocked on a couple of doors asking for Marty. A man identified himself as Marty Workman. Horstman asked Workman to answer a few questions about the previous night. Workman immediately asked if Grummit was ok. Horstman told him Grummit’s condition, and Workman seemed extremely distressed. Asked to describe the fight, Workman

Man hospitalized after bar fight By Marione Martin A man has been charged with assault in Alfalfa County after a bar fight sent a man to the hospital. Marty Workman, 23, no address listed, has been charged with aggravated assault and battery. A warrant has been issued for his arrest. According to court records, the bar fight occurred on Tuesday, May 27, a few minutes before midnight at the BYZ’s Bar and Grill on West Second Street in Cherokee. The next day Cherokee Police Officer Christopher D. Horstman questioned the people involved. He first talked to Officer Matthew Jones who said he and Trooper Lisa Jorgensen responded to the call about the bar fight. Jones said he entered the bar to see Ronald Grummit, Jr. lying on the ground bleeding. When the suspects had left the bar, one of the patrons wrote down the tag number of one of the vehicles. The bartender, Christa Holt, gave Jones a description of the two males involved including tattoos on the arm of one of the men. Jones said he left to search for the vehicle and located it at the north end of Industrial Road at the Lariat Bunk Housing. Jones located an individual who matched the description including the tattoos. He was identified as Jimmy J. Collins, owner of the vehicle. Officer Jones said Collins was extremely evasive about any involvement in the bar fight and said he left before any fighting took place. Horstman went to the bar and interviewed Holt who said Grummit and Richard Russell were drinking together and conversing back and forth with Collins and an unknown man known as

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June 4, 2014

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June 4, 2014

Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

Medication management

Local resident reports new rip-off scheme

A regional non-profit and a pharmacist from the University of Oklahoma are teaming up to provide medication management training to seniors in the area. “Using Medications Safely – A Key Ingredient to Your Health” will be offered to those aged 65 and over, as well as their caregivers, in Cherokee. The program will offer tips for using medications safely and questions you should ask your doctor and pharmacist. “This program is intended to empower older people to become more active participants in the decision-making process regarding their medications [including] prescription, over-the-counter and herbals,” said Mark A. Stratton, the pharmacist who developed and presents the information. “The outcome of this empowerment is that through education older people will reduce their risk of side-effects from medication and achieve better outcomes from the medications they use.” Stratton holds the positions of professor of pharmacy and Herbert and Dorothy Langsam Endowed Chair in Geriatric Pharmacy. He is the director See Medication Page 34

By Marione Martin An Alva man received an exciting letter telling him he had won $250,000 as a second prize winner in the European, African and USA Consumer sweepstake promotional draw. Enclosed was a check for $4,350 from the General Fund Village of Pilger at a Pilger, Neb., post office box drawn on the Midwest Bank in Pierce, Neb. Realizing the letter and check were a scam, the local resident took them to the Woods County district attorney’s office. He also stopped by the newspaper office to warn others. An internet search reveals that Pilger, Neb., is a small village with 378 residents in Stanton County in northeastern Nebraska. The Mutual Financial Incorporated office address in the USA is listed

Page 26

as 305 Main St., Los Angeles, Calif. Another Internet search on that address immediately brought up a website titled “Ripoff Report.” It seems that address has been used frequently for several similar scams under different company names. Mutual Financial also lists offices in the United Kingdom, Africa and Italy. The letter tells the addressee to deposit the $4,350 check and use it to pay the $3,900 processing fee to receive a certified check for winning. A toll free phone number and contact name are included. Of course, the “lucky winner” will discover that the check is no good, and he or she will be out $3,900. The local man was told this scam seems to be targeting Oklahoma residents. Remember, if it’s too good to be true, it is probably a scam.

Oklahoma May revenue rises assisted by oil and gas prices By Tim Talley OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Oklahoma's overall tax receipts rose slightly in May compared with a year ago buoyed by revenue from oil and gas production, which helped to compensate for a 10 percent fall in monthly revenue from income taxes, state Treasurer Ken Miller said Tuesday. "Things continue to look good, economically speaking," Miller said as he released his office's revenue report for the month of May. "Steady growth, especially in the oil field, is the order of th

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the day." Miller said overall collections for the month were almost 2 percent ahead of the same month last year. Receipts for the past 12 months are more than 3 percent higher than the previous 12 months. "Since hitting a gross receipts trough in February 2010, the cumulative 12-month total is now almost 25 percent larger at $11.63 billion," Miller said. Although growth has slowed somewhat since the state began to emerge from the 2008 recession, "we do see a picture of measured expansion ongoing for more than four years now." Overall revenue collections in May, totaling almost $901 million or about $17 million more than in May 2013, See Revenue Page 32

June 4, 2014

Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram


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ELECT JOHN SMILEY Paid for by John Smiley, 1831 Cecil, Waynoka, OK 73860

June 4, 2014

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June 4, 2014

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Page 29

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June 4, 2014

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Man accused of passing bogus $19,000 check

Sharon student earns scholarship from Fort Hays State University

By Marione Martin A Kansas man has been charged with a bogus check felony in Alfalfa County. Kevin Kastl, 46, of Mulvane, Kan., has been charged with obtaining cash and/or merchandise by bogus check. A warrant has been issued for his arrest. According to court documents, Kastl is accused of having passed a $19,000 check to an employee of Tim Kolb on April 22, 2014, in Cherokee. The check written on an account at Bank of America was not honored by that bank, showing that the defendant did not have sufficient funds on deposit for payment.

Kali Thompson, a 2014 Medicine Lodge High School graduate, has accepted a $500 Academic Opportunity Award in agriculture to Fort Hays State University, Hays, Kan., for the 2014-2015 academic year. Thompson, daughter of Randy and Lisa Thompson, Sharon, plans a career in veterinary medicine.

Storms hit Midwest, ‘dangerous evening’ in the area forecast By Barbara Rodriguez DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Severe weather packing large hail and heavy rain rolled into Nebraska and Iowa on Tuesday as potentially dangerous storms targeted a swath of the Midwest, including states where voters were casting ballots in primary elections. The National Weather Service said the highest risk for severe weather was centered in parts of northern and eastern Nebraska, western and southern Iowa, and northeast Missouri. Officials said there was the potential for a weather event called a derecho, which is a storm of strong straight-line winds spanning at least 240 miles. "This is one of these days we can't let our guard down," said Bill Bunting, forecast operations chief at the Storm

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Page 30

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Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma. "It's unfortunately panning out as we thought it would. This is shaping up as a very dangerous evening." An outbreak of severe thunderstorms is forecast for the afternoon into the early hours of Wednesday. It could pack winds of up to 80 mph, large hail and up to 4 inches of rain. In Nebraska, weather officials said at least one severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado was reported near the city of Fullerton. A similar thunderstorm was reported in the western Iowa community of Elliot. Officials say they won't be able to confirm if there were any tornadoes for several hours. The storms also are expected to afSee Storms Page 54

June 4, 2014

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June 4, 2014

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Midwest VA hospitals also had secret waiting lists By John Milburn TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — The problems with delayed care and unauthorized wait lists that caused a furor at a Veterans Affairs health care campus in Arizona existed at several facilities in the Midwest, but in much smaller numbers, VA officials said in letters to two U.S. senators. The Department of Veterans Affairs maintained 10 such "secret waiting lists" of military veterans in need

From Page 26

of care at facilities in Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and Indiana, the letters said. They also said at least 96 veterans waited more than 90 days for treatment at seven facilities in those states, including 26 in St. Louis and 19 in Columbia, Missouri. The letters said that eight of the 10 lists "served to complement authorized lists to more fully support Veteran care and access." But the two other lists, including one at the Wich-

ita facility, "placed Veterans at risk." The information about conditions in the VA's Heartland Network was sent to U.S. Sens. Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran of Kansas late last week, as the VA released a summary of 216 site-specific audits detailing widespread falsification of waiting list records and unreported treatment delays at VA facilities nationwide. In See VA Page 40


showed a decrease in personal income tax collections, down by almost 10 percent from the prior year. Miller said the drop is due to differences in estimated and final income tax payments, which can vary from month to month. John Estus, spokesman for the state Office of Management and Enterprise Services, said such drops are not unusual during the tax-filing season. Corporate income tax collections, which can vary widely from month to month, were up in May for the fifth time in the past 12 months, rising $567,000 more than May 2013 collections. Sales tax collections, often viewed as an indicator of consumer confidence, are


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up by almost $25 million, or more than 7 percent, in May. And gross production tax collections on oil and natural gas production in May jumped by almost 28 percent from prior year receipts, generating more than $80 million. Chad Warmington, president of the Oklahoma Oil & Gas Association, said in a statement that the revenue report "shows how Oklahoma's energy sector is driving revenue growth for the state." Warmington praised the Legislature's passage of a measure that updates Oklahoma's gross production tax code and establishes permanent tax rates, saying it "gives producers the certainty they need to keep investing capital in

Oklahoma." Gov. Mary Fallin signed the measure, House Bill 2562, into law on May 28. It taxes all of Oklahoma's oil wells at a standard 2 percent rate for the first three years of production. Afterwards, the tax would return to the standard tax rate of 7 percent. The new rates are set to go into effect for wells drilled after July 1, 2015. "The implementation of sound tax policies like those contained in HB 2562 will keep our economy on track for continued steady growth," Warmington said. Miller said the state's strong economy is reflected in its low unemployment rate. Oklahoma's unemployment rate was 4.6 percent in April, compared with a national jobless rate of 6.3 percent. April unemployment in Oklahoma City was set at 3.8 percent, down from 4.8 percent in March.



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June 4, 2014

From Page 26

Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram


of the Institute for Geriatric Pharmacy at the College of Pharmacy at Oklahoma University Health Science Center. Stratton has spent more than 30 years of his career dedicated to improving the lives of older people through the promotion of rational drug therapy. The program in Cherokee will be at the Baker Building, 122 ½ South Grand at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, June 17. The presentation is made possible through a grant from the Long Term Care Authority of the Enid-Area Agency on Aging. “We are very pleased to bring Dr. Stratton back this year to present ‘Using Medications Safely.’ He is a very engaging speaker and he goes well out of

From Page 10

his way to answer any questions attendees may have,” said Andy Fosmire, executive director at Rural Health Projects, Inc./ Northwest Area Health Education Center in Enid, who arranged the programs. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), elderly patients are at more risk for medication errors because they generally take more medications and are more vulnerable to adverse effects of specific medications. AHRQ reported “caregivers … and patients themselves commit medication administration errors at surprisingly high rates.” For more information about the event, contact Fosmire at 580-213-3172 or email

Page 34

From Page 24


said there were confrontational words by Collins and Russell when Grummit stepped forward and said, “We can do this.” Workman said he punched Grummit in the face, knocking him unconscious. He turned his attention to Russell knocking him to the ground. Workman said at that point he blacked out in rage. He said one of the guys nearby got his attention and told him to get off and that it was time to leave. He said he left on foot and walked back to the bunkhouse terrified at what he had done. He said he spent the night praying that Grummit was alright and feared he had hurt him severely.


United Methodist Church in Alva, with Reverend Terry Martindale officiating. Interment will be in the Alva Municipal Cemetery under the direction of Marshall Funeral Home of Alva. There will be a visitation with the family at the funeral home from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Friday, June 6. Lifetime Alva resident Lyle Laverne Sneary, 79, of Alva, Okla., passed away Tuesday, June 3, 2014, surrounded by his family. Lyle was born at home on the family homestead on May 21, 1935,

to Arlie H. and Clara Clarine (Martin) Sneary. He attended Rosehill School, a oneroom school in northwest Woods County, through eighth grade. He graduated from Capron High School in 1953. Lyle was active in FFA, sports, and farming and ranching. He was awarded the State Farmer degree and also was an honorary FFA member of both the Alva and Garber FFA chapters and the Oklahoma FFA. On August 8, 1954, he married his childhood sweetheart, Jean Eleanor McCracken. Both Lyle and Jean attended and graduated from Southwestern College in Winfield, Kan., in 1957. To their union, five children were born. Lyle was baptized at the Hardtner Methodist Church in Hardtner, Kan. Lyle’s lifelong occupation was farming


and ranching, but he also had many passions including teaching, antique cars, working at the Sneary Motor Company dealership, working with his cattle, serving in the Woods County Mineral Owners Association, the Woods County GOP, Studebakers Drivers Club, and supporting FFA and young people. He enjoyed spending time with his family, telling stories and sharing his wisdom with many. He is survived by his wife, Jean Sneary, of the home; four children: a son, Ed Sneary and wife Monica of Allen, Texas; a son, Mark Sneary and wife Venus of Garber, Okla.; a daughter, Karen Sneary and fiancé Tim Tuck of Edmond; a son, Steve Sneary and wife Ashlee of Alva; two beloved grandsons, Cooper and Connor of Alva; a brother, Gary Sneary of Jacksonville, Miss.; and a number of other nephews, nieces, cousins, and many friends. Lyle was preceded in death by a son, Duane; his parents, Arlie and Clara Clarine; and his brother, Edd. Memorials may be made to the Alva Goldbug Education Foundation or the Oklahoma FFA Foundation to continue Lyle’s support of young people furthering their education. Remembrances may be shared with the family at www.

June 4, 2014

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Page 35

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From Page 20


swingbed care. Total outpatient visits were 514 which is the lowest month of the year so far as were clinic visits at 328. Physical therapy was steady at 119. ER visits were average at 47. Radiology tests were steady. Lab visits and testing were down slightly. Despite the slower-than-usual month, the hospital showed a paper profit of $208,315. Goodno explained that’s due to contractual adjustments. In April the hospital had a $337,647 Medicare adjustment that she described as “huge.” Goodno explained, “After the cost report was filed, we now have the updated Medicare rates along with hospital volumes being down.” For April with the contractual adjustments, the hospital’s net patient revenue was $580,005. Total operating expenses were $545,265. As it happens twice a year, three pay periods were paid in April, which made total salaries $265,621. That’s $83,416 higher than the previous month. Professional fees increased by $50,813. Goodno said that was due to increased contract labor – ER/physician coverage/interim contact administration.

This all made the hospital’s net from operations $38,279. The addition of non-operating revenue includes: $81,572 tax money, $67 rental and interest, and $90,397 from the foundation for the new hospital expenses. That total is $172,036. All those figures combined make the hospital’s revenue in excess of expenses $208,315. This puts the hospital in the black year-to-date by $21,861. The combined balance sheet for the hospital and manor show an overall loss of $126,160 at the end of April. Manor Stats and Financials Dunigan said the average manor census for April was 24 residents and mid-May the manor had 23 residents. Total resident care revenue was $112,822 and with contractual adjustments net patient revenue was $115,660. Total operating expenses were $192,845. These figures resulted in a negative net from operations of $75,186. With the addition of $5,098, mainly tax revenue, the manor had a loss of $70,087 for April. Year-to-date the manor had lost $148,022 at the end of April





Page 38

From Page 6


order to receive a more attractive rate. A committee of Steve Shiever, Steve Parkhurst, Steve Ellis and Larry Parker will review the extra-duty salary schedule and report back next month. Another committee of Jo Ann Isenbart, Steve Parkhurst, Jane McDermott and Lynda Martin will review the support staff salary schedule and report back next month. Parkhurst reviewed the 2013 District Report Card. He mentioned many inconsistencies that are frustrating to all educational professionals and told of the problems of the “playing field” being changed each year. The report card will be reprinted on another page. The board members were assigned the homework of reviewing potential new policies proposed by the OSSBA. The district signed on last year to have the state keep their policies up to date. However, sometimes the proposed policies are simply not in line with some of the traditions of the district. So the board members will review these to be considered at next month’s meeting.

From Page 48

Harvest day. “It was a little lighter to the east.” “It’s too late for the crop, but good for everything else,” Newman said. He said this 2014 was planted “in good moisture” last fall and “had some of the better stands we’ve had in a long time.” Then no moisture after the first of the year did major damage, he said. Newman estimates about 4,000 acres of canola will be harvested in the Burlington area. He said farmers are swathing it now. The canola seed is crushed and the oil extracted. The crop is based on the oil content in the crop and discounted accordingly, Newman explained. He said it’s a complicated formula. Newman estimates cutting will start in the Burlington area mid to late week, weather dependent.

Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

Page 39


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June 4, 2014


June 4, 2014

From Page 32

Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

Page 40

tem-wide investigation after it was found that the Phoenix VA Health Care System had about 1,700 veterans in need of care on secret waiting lists, and another that had 1,400 waited over 90 days for primary care appointments. The scandal led to the resignation last week of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki. Roberts said Tuesday he wanted more answers about conditions at the Robert J. Dole Veterans Administration Medical Center in Wichita and the other facilities. One letter said 21 veterans waited longer for 90 days for care in Wichita; the second put that total at nine. Roberts said he had earlier been assured by VA officials there were no such problems at the hospital. "My top priority is who is on that secret list and what is the status of their care?" Roberts said. The letters were sent to the senators by Francisco Vasquez, director of the Dole medical center, and Dr. William P. Patterson, the director of

the VA's Heartland Network. The two senators said they forwarded the information in the letters to the VA's Office of Inspector General. The letters were first reported Monday by The Wichita Eagle. They both said the practices had been "immediately discontinued" and veterans were being contacted to ensure they are receiving the proper level of care, the letter said. It added that investigations into the issues are "ongoing." Officials from the Wichita VA didn't immediately respond to questions Tuesday from The Associated Press. The 61 hospitals or clinics in the VA's Heartland Network serve Kansas, Missouri and parts of Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky. The veterans who waited for care longer than 90 days included 14 in Poplar Bluff, Missouri; 12 in Kansas City; eight in a facility serving eastern Kansas and another eight in a facility serving the southern parts of Illinois and Indiana.


that release, the VA did not reveal any information about conditions at individual sites. The VA is conducting a sys-

June 4, 2014

Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

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June 4, 2014

Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

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June 4, 2014

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Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

Page 44

Alfalfa County real estate transactions Book 743 page 740: Thomas Wayne Rickman, a single person, of Oklahoma County, William Dale Rickman and Waynona June Rickman, husband and wife, of Larimer County, Colorado, and Michael Zane Rickman and Barbara Kay Rickman, husband and wife, of Garfield County, Oklahoma; convey unto G. Dwight Wessels and Kathie R. Wessels, as trustees of the Revocable Trust Agreement of G. Dwight Wessels and Kathie R. Wessels dated December 8, 2011: The Northeast Quarter of Section 30, Township 27 North, Range 11 West of the Indian Meridian, Alfalfa County, Oklahoma, save and except all oil, gas and mineral interests which are hereby reserved to the Grantors, LESS the surface of a tract of land containing 1.31 acres.Warranty deed. Book 743 Page 743: Charles Scott Thornton, a single person; and Chad Roach and Jennifer C. Roach, husband and wife: The Southeast Quarter of Section 29, Township 26 North, Range 11 W.I.M., Alfalfa County, Oklahoma, EXCEPTING AND RESERVING UNTO THE GRANTOR, all oil, gas and other minerals in, on and under the described premises, SUBJECT TO existing rightof-ways, easements, deed restrictions, and mineral leases and reservation of record. Warranty deed. Book 743 Page 750: Mike Bowers and Debbie Bowers, husband and wife; and Michael Garrett Bowers and Kendra Lea Bowers, husband and wife: The South 15 of Lot 13, and all of Lots 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18, in Block 16, in the

Original Town of Helena, Alfalfa County, Oklahoma according to the recorded plat thereof, SUBJECT TO existing right-of-ways, easements, deed restrictions, and mineral leases and reservations of record. Warranty deed. Book 744 Page 137: Luke Ream and Sue Ream, his wife; Sammi Dawn Kildow: Lot 5, in Block 1 in Montgomery Addition to the City of Cherokee, Alfalfa County, Oklahoma. Warranty deed. Book 744 Page 430: William H. Easterly and Linda K. Easterly, Husband and wife; and Barry L. Hibbets and Joan C. Hibbets: W/2 NW/4 of Section 28, Township 27N, Range 9 W.I.M., Alfalfa County, Oklahoma. Warranty deed. Book 743 Page 718: Leland Green, single man, of Alfalfa County; and Daron A. Rudy, a single man, of Garfield County: Lots 1-28, both inclusive, in Block 40, in the Town of Lambert, formerly Ayres, Alfalfa County, Oklahoma; and All of Block 33, in the Town of Lambert, Alfalfa County, Oklahoma; Together with all of the improvements thereon and appurtenances thereto belonging. Quit claim deed. Book 743 Page 719: Janice Rudy Redden, single person, of Canadian County; and Daron A. Rudy, Single man, of Garfield County: Lots 1-28, both inclusive, in Block 40, in the Town of Lambert, formerly Ayres, Alfalfa County, Oklahoma; Together with all of the improvements thereon and appurtenances thereto belonging. Quit claim deed. Book 743 Page 842: Iris A. Dale, single person; and Iris A. Dale, Trustee of the Iris A. Dale Revocable Trust: The Northeast Quarter Section 4, Township 28N, Range 9W, Alfalfa County, Oklahoma. Quit claim deed. Book 743 Page 843: Daniel Edwards, a single person; and Iris A. Dale, Trustee of the Iris A. Dale Revocable Trust: The

Northeast Quarter Section 4, Township 28N, Range 9W, Alfalfa County, Oklahoma. Quit claim deed. Book 743 Page 844: Alan Edwards, a single person; and Iris A. Dale, Trustee of the Iris A. Dale Revocable Trust: The Northeast Quarter Section 4, Township 28N, Range 9W, Alfalfa County, Oklahoma. Quit claim deed. Book 743 Page 998: Dianne K. Rice, of Oklahoma City, State of Oklahoma; and Dianne K. Rice trustee of the Dianne K. Rice Trust: 1.07 acres of the North side of the South Half of the Northwest Quarter, Section 25, Township 27 North Range 12 West, Alfalfa County, Oklahoma. Quit claim deed. Book 744 Page 431: Donald Hutson, a single man; and W.D. Campbell and Wanda L. Campbell, husband and wife, and Belinda L. Hood, joint tenants: Lots 4, 5, and 6, in Block 50, in the Town of Jet, also known as the Town of New Jet, Alfalfa County, Oklahoma. Quit claim deed. Mortgages Book 743 Page 744: Chad Roach and Jennifer C. Roach, husband and wife; and ACB Bank of Cherokee, Oklahoma: The Southeast Quarter of Section 29, Township 26 North, Range 11 W.I.M., Alfalfa County, Oklahoma. $289,054.52. Book 743 Page 751: Michael Garrett Bowers and Kendra Lea Bowers, husband and wife; and ACB Bank: The south 15 of Lot 13, and all of Lots 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18, in Block 16, in the Original Town of Helena, Alfalfa County, Oklahoma, according to the recorded plate thereof. $116,000. Book 744 Page 138: Sammi D. Kildow; American Southwest Mortgage Corp.: Lot 5, in Block 1 in Montgomery Addition to the City of Cherokee, Alfalfa County, Oklahoma. $52,040.

June 4, 2014

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June 4, 2014

Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

Page 46

According to the affidavits and petitions on file, the following individuals have been charged. An individual is innocent of any charges listed below until proven guilty in a court of law. All information is a matter of public record and may be obtained by anyone during regular hours at the Alfalfa County Courthouse. The Alva Review-Courier will not intentionally alter or delete any of this information. If it appears in the courthouse public records, it will appear in this newspaper. Felony Filings Kerry O’Dell Gregg, 41, Helena: Domestic assault and battery by strangulation ($265.50). Aaron Joseph Zvonek, 31, no address listed: DUI ($813.50). Kevin Kastl, 46, Mulvane, Kan.: Obtaining cash and/or merchandise by bogus check ($340.50) Outstanding warrant. Marty Workman, 23, no address listed: Aggravated assault and battery ($340.50) Outstanding warrant. Misdemeanor Filings James F. Meadows, 67, Cherokee: DUI ($809.40). Carl Joe Schneeberger, 21, Cherokee: Domestic abuse in presence of child ($296.50). Aaron Joseph Zvonek, 31, no address

listed: Driving while license revoked ($229). Landon Chris Olson, 31, Waynoka: Obtaining cash and/or merchandise by bogus check ($304) Outstanding warrant. Steven J. Gantz, 23, Stafford, Kan.: Obtaining cash and/or merchandise by bogus check ($304) Outstanding warrant. Shane Leedeen Scott, 20, Cherokee: Obtaining cash and/or merchandise by bogus check ($341.50). Lacie Hays, 24, Cherokee: Obtaining cash and/or merchandise by bogus check ($304). Anthony Dean Hellar, 49, Cherokee: Obtaining cash and/or merchandise by bogus check ($341.50). Civil Filings Delmer Bowman vs. BNSF Railway Company: Quiet title ($150.70). Discover Bank vs. Roger Alan Curry: Breach of contract ($205.70). ACB Bank vs. Robert Taylor: Indebtedness in the sum of $4,131.45 ($205.70). Traffic Filings Samuel Antonio-Juarez, 35, Dacoma: Operating vehicle without a valid driver’s license ($256.50). Adam Ellis, 30, Springtown, Texas: Failure to have driver’s license in possession while driving ($211.50). Juan Carlos Gonzales, 30, Lufkin, Texas: Inattentive driving ($211.50). Lilac Jean Myers, 40, Carmen: Operating a motor vehicle at a speed not reasonable or proper ($256.50). Victory Lamar Jones, 24, Cherokee: Operating a vehicle without a valid driver’s license ($256.50). Adan A. Guillen Mendoza, 26, Oklahoma City: Failure to stop at stop sign ($211.50). Richard Jay Trammell, 37, Tyler, Texas: Operating a vehicle without a valid driver’s license ($256.50) Outstanding

warrant. Heather Dawn Lovell, 39, Perry: Operating a vehicle on which all taxes due to state have not been paid ($211.50). Jimmy L. Stevens, 43, Dover, Ark.: Fail to carry security verification ($231.50). Kevin Daniel Harbison, 26, McLoud: Failure to carry security verification ($231.50). Aaron Joseph Zvonek, 31, no address listed: Transporting open container of beer ($316). Federico Fernandez Cerezo, 32, Carthage, Mo.: Failure to comply with compulsory insurance law ($0). Timothy Wayne Bruening, 33, Lexington, S.C.: Leaving the scene of an accident (state dismissed without fine or costs). The following individuals received a citation for speeding: Rogelio Ruiz, 28, Bethany: 1-10 mph over ($188.50); Ronney M. Yoder, 53, Enid: 11-14 mph over ($226.50); Richard Jay Trammell, 37, Tyler, Texas: 1-10 mph over ($188.50 Outstanding warrant); Laura Marie Randels, 46, Blanchard: 1-10 mph over ($188.50); Jacob Paul Martin, 31, Enid: 1-10 mph over ($188.50); Robert Torres, no age or address listed: 15 mph over ($226); Steven Wayne Dickey, 30, Fouke, Ark.: 1-10 mph over ($188.50); Anthony L. Stitzer, 42, Custer City: 1-10 mph over ($188.50); Gary Thomas Jr., 26, Pine Bluff, Ark.: 1-10 mph over ($188.50). The following individuals received a citation for failure to wear seatbelt ($20 fine): Jesse Tye Mills, no age listed, Marlow; James Robert Hoke Jr., 23, Mt. Pleasant, Pa.; Tyler James Gavitt, 18, Alva; Joseph Stewart Nolan, 16, Alva; Federico Fernandez Cerezo, 32, Carthage, Mo.

Alfalfa County Court filings

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June 4, 2014

June 4, 2014

Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

Page 48

May 23, 2014 6:02 p.m. 911 call, medical emergency at Great Salt Plains Lake, respondent advised that his son fell backwards off a swing and hit his head, son was unconscious for a little bit, advised Jet first responders and Helena Ambulance, first responders en route. May 24, 2014 3:40 a.m. Suspicious person south of Goltry, caller advised of a rough sounding vehicle driving down her driveway, she turned on her porch light then they fled back down her driveway turning south driving off down the road, caller advised she only wanted to report the suspicious activity. 7:05 a.m. Medical emergency, deputy called needing an ambulance for a lady he had picked up, said she had blood on her and couldn’t tell him anything, doesn’t know if she had an accident or what, deputy and ambulance headed to Share, another deputy was going to house where person lived to check on children and make sure they were okay, Share called wanting to talk to deputy, she was remembering things and wanted to talk to him. 12:55 p.m. Information, lady called about stop sign being down at State Highway 8 B and county line. 9:35 p.m. Medical emergency, Helena Ambulance en route to 3 miles east of Goltry and 3-4 miles north 1 mile inside Garfield County for an ATV accident, Helena en route to Bass Hospital with two subjects. May 25, 2014 12:06 a.m. Minor accident in Jet, CPD advised of a four-wheeler accident and needed Helena EMS and Jet Fire Department to respond, Jet Fire Department and deputy en route, OHP notified. 12:25 a.m. Domestic disturbance in Carmen, deputy en route to old rest

home in Carmen on report of domestic disturbance, deputy advised needed first responders, deputy advised he needed Helena EMS, first responders en route, Helena en route to Share Medical with patient. 1:05 p.m. Unknown fire, respondent called about lady burning in Nescatunga, wanted a deputy to check it out, he thought we were still under burn ban, advised we were, deputy advised. 3:54 p.m. Suspicious person, respondent advised of a vehicle that was stopping at closed businesses in Nash and is now driving 10-15 mph on the highway, stopping at every house he passes, deputy en route. 9:22 p.m. Information, unit advised they are 3 miles north of Jet helping with a fall. May 26, 2014 1:15 p.m. Suspicious person, respondent advised there are people out in the digging area at Salt Plains and it is supposed to be closed, appears to be two adults and a baby, white car parked by closed sign, deputy advised they have already loaded up and left. 1:48 p.m. Reckless driver, Grant County advised of reckless driver westbound on Highway 11, advised deputy, he will check. 10:50 p.m. Information, lady called to see if she should let her daughter talk to her father who is a sex offender, called deputy, deputy advised to talk to her lawyer. 11:14 p.m. Respondent called and reported that 2-3 miles south of Cherokee there are two trucks on the side of the road, one truck rear was a little in the road, the trucks did have cones out, advised OHP. May 27, 2014 4:56 a.m. 911 call, information, OHP called and advised that they had an accident reported, they weren’t sure if it was in Alfalfa or Garfield county, wanted to know if an officer was out, OHP will find out more and let us know, respondent advised they were on Hwy 45 and CR 760, advised them that was Garfield County and gave them the number. 10:52 a.m. Extra patrol east of farm on Dacoma blacktop, respondent states oil field trucks are still driving through construction site and not obeying signs, deputy advised and en route. 11:47 a.m. Miscellaneous, people are

burning 1 mile north and 2 miles east on 58 and we are still in a burn ban, deputy advised and en route. 12:10 p.m. Minor accident, CPD advised 911 call of mirror slap on Medicine River bridge west of Byron, no injuries, road is not blocked but would like OHP for report, advised deputy and OHP. 7:45 p.m. Four-wheelers in Jet, respondent advised they have been having a lot of problems with four-wheelers in Jet area peeling out, stopping quickly, revving engines etc., deputy advised he will check area, deputy has spoken with several people in the area, negative contact with four-wheelers. May 28, 2014 1:38 p.m. Residential alarm 4 miles south of Highway 11 on Grant County line, alarm company advised of alarm, alarm company advised they spoke with someone from heat and air but they did not have the password, advised deputy he is en route, alarm company advised take no further action, that person is supposed to be out there working. May 29, 2014 4:02 a.m. Miscellaneous, respondent called and reported that road N 2600 off Highway 45 will be closed. 3:30 p.m. Livestock in roadway, respondent called in a horse and jackass in the road on CR 720 and 1 mile north of Latimer Road, advised someone that will check and put them back where they belong. May 30, 2014 2:04 p.m. Medical emergency in Helena, individual called and advised her son has taken a bunch of pills and has fallen and is unresponsive, ambulance and first responders paged, advised boy refuses to go to the hospital, they treated him as best as they can. 8:25 p.m. Information, person advised individual had loud music 1 block north of bank, she did not expect anyone to do anything about it, just wanted to report it. 10:02 p.m. Major accident, Cherokee Police Department advised of a motorcycle accident at Highway 38 and Highway 11 north of Nescatunga, paged Nescatunga Rescue, advised deputy and OHP, rescue en route. May 31, 2014 10:57 p.m. Information, deputy en route to fire in Jet, deputy issued individ-

Alfalfa County sheriff’s log


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June 4, 2014

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Page 49

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June 4, 2014

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Page 50


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RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL 227 Oklahoma Blvd, Alva, OK

(580) 327-5151 Office • (580) 430-1985 Kevin (580) 327-7207 Kaylee

Multi-Family Sale

717 Maple. Fri 4:30-8:30pm. Sat 1991 Ford 846, 6750 hours, 18.4 8am-noon x 38 duals, new tires, runs great, Lawn Care no issues, cold AC. 620-825-6193

Garage Sales






Tractor for Sale

Auction and Real Estate



Hoping All Area Farmers Have A Safe Harvest! M FAR

Red’s Place has immediate part- 1810 Green Meadows, next to Sun., June 8th - 5pm time openings for cook, wait staff cemetery, June 7, 8am. New Sun., June 29th - 5pm & diswasher. Apply in person only items added. Huge beautiful maple entertainment center & Farm Supplies matching end tables, exceptional NORTHWEST DISTRICT camel back sofa & wing back Wanted 4-H HORSE SHOW chairs, oak heavily carved (starts in morning) Wheat acres to harvest. JD equip. 1889 farm table & pressed back Sat., June 7th Will work with farmer. Larry’s chairs, antique oak pump organ All Events Are Listed Custom Harvesting. 320-815- with carved spindles with claw on our Facebook page 3495 foot stool, antique upright piano, maple Ethan Allen rocking chair, For Sale toys, clothing, scrubs, brass 1989 Freightliner FLD tandem accents County Arena Events truck. 3200 gallon tank. 580-748Yard Sale 1477 Call (580) 596-6594 to schedule events. 700 Sherman. 4-6pm Fri. 8amFor Sale ? Sat. Baby girl clothes, teen Pintle Hitch Combine Trailer. clothes, tools & misc 580-748-1477


Part Duex


Help Wanted

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Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram


June 4, 2014

For Sale

1521 Main Street • Waynoka, OK

Lawn Equipment. John Deere LX172 for parts with good 14hp 316 Choctaw. Furniture, paintings, Kawasaki motor. $200. 580misc. Fri 4-7pm. Sat 8am-noon. 430-8085 No Early Sales!

Yard Sale

Garage Sale McDermott & Associates 526 Flynn St. - Alva, OK 73717 Collectibles, household, dishes,


Looking to Buy

knick-knacks. Cheap! Fri 6-9pm. Old jumk campers. 580-3074368 Sat 10am-1pm. 820 Skyline

Huge Sale

Citizens of Alva

Busy B inventory plus Lots Lots More! Open Fri 9am-2pm. Sat 7am-2pm. Almost all clothing will be $1 or less! Sat 10am-noon everything 1/2 price 12-2pm! 5 Okla Blvd

The Alva Mural Society now has 26 Historical Murals which Alva is proud of and others come here to see. If you are interested in working with this group to continue this endeavor contact Beverly Kinzie at 580-327-1612

Garage Sale

Would the Bastards

501 Skyline. Fri 5:30-8pm. Sat that stole the tires off the old 8am-noon white dodge pickup at my dad’s Garage Sale place please return them. They New Items, 1027 Choctaw. Fri did not belong to me. Do the right thing, Jim 2-6pm. Sat 8am-noon

Ali Harter/Tequila Songbirds Friday June 6, 2014 @7

BRIDAL REGISTRY Kory Johnson & Julie Whipple

Gifts For All


All New Toys, Jewelry, Woodwick Candles, Tea Towels, Kitchen Tools, Greeting Cards & Many Other Gift Items

Garden Gate Gifts 724 E. 7TH ST. • HELENA, OK

One block east of Pioneer Rd. (Hwy 58) 580-852-3298

June 4, 2014 For Sale Nice large clean recliner. Asking $75. 580-626-4511 lv message

For Sale Fax Machine, high speed laser (Brother) includes toner cartridge. New still in carton. $200 firm. 620-825-4460

For Sale 14 wheels off a H & S High Capacity Hay Rake; no broken teeth, good working cond. $30/wheel. 580-8291866. M.C.

Real Estate Normandy Apartments 2 bdrm for rent. 405-659-4199

House for Sale 3bdrm 2bth in Alva. Updated kitchen & bath. Big laundry room & bedroom. Big fenced in backyard. $115,000. 404-9328185. 430 Mimosa Dr.

New Listings ~110 Church-$75,000. ~723 Lane (on 4 lots m/l)-$65,000. ~208 Church-$52,000. ~729 2nd-$75,000. ~309 Flynn-$45,000. ~Meno Street Residential Lot x 2-$17,500 each. Kohlrus Real Estate. 580-327-4007.

Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

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Community Calendar Wednesday 9 a.m. The Woods County Senior Citizens Center, 625 Barnes, Alva, is open for games and other activities. Exercise is scheduled each day at 11 a.m. Transportation provided upon request. Noon Alva Kiwanis Club meets at Champs Restaurant. 2-5 p.m. The Cherokee Strip Museum in Alva is open every day except Monday. For information or arranged tours, call 580-327-2030. 7 p.m. Alva Moose Lodge men’s meeting is held every Wednesday. Thursday 9 a.m. The Woods County Senior Citizens Center, 625 Barnes, Alva, is open for games and other activities. Exercise is scheduled each day at 11 a.m. Transportation provided upon request. Noon Alva Rotary Club meets at Champs Restaurant. 2-5 p.m. The Cherokee Strip Museum in Alva is open every day except Monday. For information or arranged tours, call 580-327-2030.




PAT WHITE REALTY NEW LISTINGS 1602 Murray; 526 9th; 717 7th; 522 Spruce; 817 1st. Price Reductions on 531 13th, 630 Center, 731 13th. Call Soon! CALL PAT 580-327-4337 OR 580-430-5743, TERRI BROWN 580-829-3164 or Cris CAMPBELL 580-732-0422

3-6 p.m. Food distribution every Thursday, Alva Wesleyan Food Bank, 818 Lane St. 5:30 p.m. Weight Watchers meets every Thursday at College Hill Church of Christ in Alva. 7 p.m. Alcoholics Anonymous will meet at 1027 8th (Wesley House) in Alva every Monday and Thursday. Friday 9 a.m. The Woods County Senior Citizens Center, 625 Barnes, Alva, is open for games and other activities. Exercise is scheduled each day at 11 a.m. Transportation provided upon request. 2-5 p.m. The Cherokee Strip Museum in Alva is open every day except Monday. For information or arranged tours, call 580-327-2030. 6 p.m. Woods County Republicans will host Dave Weston, State Chairman of the Republican Party, for a Town Hall meeting at the Runnymede in Alva. 7 p.m. Narcotics Anonymous meets every Friday at the Senior Citizen Center, 122 1/2 E. Second, Cherokee.

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ual a ticket for burning when we are in a burn ban, advised to put fire out and if they started it again he would be back. June 1, 2014 2:22 a.m. Information, CPD received 911 call about girl wearing shorts trying to flag people down on Highway 132 out of Nash, there was a house across the street from where she was, advised Grant County. June 2, 2014 12:03 a.m. Information, respondent advised that there was something in roadway north of Cherokee and that the water was going across roadway, deputy advised he was heading in that direction, couldn’t find anything.

GARAGE SALE Handyman Tools, Furniture & Other Treasures.

111 W. Lincoln - Medicine Lodge, Ks

Sat., June 7th - 7am-?

June 4, 2014

Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

ESTATE SALE Jim Buckles Estate North Edge of Dacoma on Dacoma Road Fri., June 13th & Sat., June 14th 8am-4pm

Paintings and Western Folk Art By Red Shelite, Barb Wire Collection, Church Pews, 3 Footprints Across Woods County Books, 3 Alfalfa County Heritage Books, Many Other Books, John Deere Yard Ornament, John Deere 324 Riding Mower, Milk Cans, Utility Flat Bed Trailer, Feed Bunks, Portable Loading Chute, Crocks, Harvest Table, Furniture, American Fostoria, Avon Red Cape Cod Glassware Plus Much More Glassware, Vintage Lamps, File Cabinets, Tools, Glass Front Gun Cabinet, Old Tins, Graniteware, Exercise Bike, Treadle Sewing machine, Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Halloween Decorations, Jewelry Cabinet Plus A Lot More Barn Items and Household Items Too Numerous


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Brian’s Hot Oil Service Now Hiring Class A CDL

Drivers. Positions open for water haulers, pump truck and hot oil truck operators. Days and nights available in both Alva and Cherokee. Call 580-596-6328

June 4, 2014

Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram

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Barber County sheriff’s log May 27, 2014 Kiowa Ambulance transported patient from Hopkins Street to Kiowa Hospital. May 28, 2014 Medicine Lodge Ambulance transported patient from Cedar Street to Medicine Lodge Hospital. May 29, 2014 Kiowa Ambulance transported patient from Robinson Street to Kiowa Hospital. May 30, 2014 Deputy Small investigated a report of hit and run in Sharon. Tammy Norman, Anthony, driving a 2002 Chevrolet SUV struck a deer on U160 about 1 ½ miles west of Sharon. Over $1,000 damage, no injury, accident investigated by Deputy Small. June 1, 2014 Kiowa Ambulance transferred patient



from Kiowa Hospital to Wichita. Deerhead and Aetna Volunteer Fire Departments responded to a grass fire on the Merrill Ranch. During the week officers received 10 reports of cattle out, three reports of goats out, performed 16 public assists, and assisted two other agencies. Arrests May 26, 2014 Carolyn S. Chambers, Medicine Lodge, W/F, 45. Arrest by MLPD. Charges: Interfering with law enforcement officer. 2. Expired vehicle registration 3. No proof of insurance. Released May 27, 2014, on $2,000 surety bond. May 27, 2014 Roxanne H. Banta, Medicine Lodge, W/F, 26. Arrest by BASO. Charge: Interfering with law enforcement officer. Released May 27, 2014, on

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$2,000 surety bond. Chelsie S. Seigworth, Medicine Lodge, W/F, 24. Arrest by BASO. Charge: Interfering with law enforcement officer. Released May 27, 2014, on $2,000 surety bond. May 28, 2014 Jared D. Schlegel, Kiowa, W/M, 35. Arrest by KWPD. Charge: DUI. Released May 28, 2014, on $750 cash bond. May 30, 2014 Brandon J. Alexander, Hardtner, W/M, 35. Arrest by KWPD. Charges: Expired registration 2. Expired driver’s license 3. No proof of insurance. Released May 31, 2014, on $1,000 surety bond. Francisco Bermudez, Medicine Lodge, W/M, 41. Arrest by BASO. Court committed for 48 hours. Released June 1, 2014, time served.


fect parts of Illinois, Kansas and South Dakota. Severe weather in Omaha caused officials to close Eppley Airfield airport. Baseball-size hail also was reported in the northeast community of Norfolk, Nebraska. The bad weather has already had an impact on the primary elections in Iowa, where some officials and voters were forced to seek shelter in Pottawattamie County around 5 p.m. County Auditor Mary Jo Drake said operations have been suspended in about 10 precincts out of 40. There are no reports of injuries. "It's nasty here, you can't imagine," Drake said. "It's as black as the ace of spades." Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz also encouraged residents to vote early due to the expected severe weather.

In South Dakota, a thunderstorm forced Senate candidate Mike Rounds, who was flying to Rapid City, to land in Pierre. Secretary of State Jason Gant said he hopes the weather doesn't hurt voter turnout, but he wants people to be safe. Bunting said Iowa residents planning to vote Tuesday should be cautious about when they head out to the polls. "There may be in many areas time to go out and do things before the storms hit. I think the main thing is to listen to the forecast, get some sense of when storms are likely in your area and just make sure you're in a safe place before the storms hit," he said. The severe weather threat arrives amid an unusually quiet late spring, with far fewer documented tornados in May than in many recent years.

June 4, 2014

Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram


Community Bank is accepting applications from Career Oriented Applicants for:

20oz - 2/$2.50 1 Liter - 2/$3.00 12 pks - 2/$8

Full time Customer Service Representative Part-time teller Prior experience or education preferred

NOS & Full Throttle - 2/$3.00



Find Lego Guy in Movie Rental & Receive FREE Movie Rental

CORNER STOP 700 Main St., Kiowa, KS • 620-825-4223 • 1-866-831-3835

SPECIAL 2013 RED JEWEL CHEVY MALIBU LTZ: Sunroof, Leather, Nav, Loaded, 17K



CHEVROLET 1-800-464-2693

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Benefits include: Health Insurance Life Insurance Paid Vacation & Holidays Disability Insurance Retirement Benefits Interested individuals should make application to Community Bank 1729 College Blvd. Alva, OK 73717 Community Bank is an equal opportunity employer and all applications will be given consideration without discrimination as to race, color, sex, age, handicap, religion, national origin or marital status.

2014 MAROON CHEVY IMPALA LT LTZ: Sunroof, Leather, Nav, Loaded, 17K.........................................................................................$23,995 2014 WHITE CHEVY IMPALA LS: V6, Auto, PS, PW, PL, 18K, Onstar, CD..........................................................................................................$18,995 2014 BLUE BUICK ENCORE PREMIUM: Gray Leather, Power Heat Seats, Nav, PW, PL, Loaded Company Car, 6K.....................................$28,995 2014 RED JEWELL CHEVY TRAVERSE LTZ FWD: V6, Auto, Leather, Roof, DVD, Touch Nav, Loaded, Only 1,000 miles...............................$39,995 2013 RED CHEVY CAMARO SS2 RS: V8, Auto, Leather, Sunroof, Navigation, Local Trade, 12K...............................................................$32,995 2013 MOCHA BUICK LACROSSE PREMIUM II: Leather, Heat & Cooled Seats, Chrome Wheels, Loaded, GM Company Car, 20K.......$28,500 2013 SILVER CHEVY ½ TON CREW CAB LT Z71 4X4: PS, PW, PL, CD, 1 Owner, Like New, 23K.......................................................................$31,995 2012 BROWN CHEVY ¾ TON HD CREW CAB LT Z71 4X4: 6.6 Diesel, 6sp Allison, PS, PW, PL, 20” Wheels, Local Trade, Z71 Appearance Pkg, 47K..............................................................................................$41,995 2012 BLACK CADILLAC PERFORMANCE LUXURY PACKAGE CTS AWD: 3.6, V6, Auto, Roof, Leather, Loaded, 12K...............................$32,995 2012 SILVER BUICK REGAL: 4DR, 4 Cyl, Auto, Sunroof, Heated Leather Seats, PW, PL, Pwr Seat, XM, OnStar, 23K...........................................$19,995 2012 WHITE CHEVY CAPTIVE 2LS: 4cyl, Auto, Chrome Wheels, PS, PW, PL, T&C, CD, Local Trade, 28K..............................................................$16,995 2012 White ¾T HD CREWCAB Z71 4X4: 6.6 Diesel, Allison, PS, PW, PL, Z71 Appearance Pkg, Local Trade, 25K........................................$43,995


2011 SILVER BUICK ENCLAVE CXL: v6, auto, leather, AWD, Heat Seats, OnStar, XM, 48K...................................................................................$27,995 2011 SILVER CHEVY 1 TON X-CAB: Long Bed, Single Wheel, LT, 4X4, Z71, Diesel, Allison, Auto, PS, PW, PL, Chrome Grille Guard, Only 16K, Local Trade.....................................................................................................$39,995 2010 RED CHEVY EQUINOX AWD LT: V6, Auto, Touch Screen Nav, PS, PW, PL, OnStar, Local Trade, 93K.........................................................$14,995 2010 RED CAMARO SS: V8, Auto, PS, PW, PL, T&C, 20” Wheels, 22K Miles.....................................................................................................$22,995 2009 SILVER CHEVY EQUINOX SPORT AWD: V6, Auto, Sunroof, Leather, Heat Seats, New Tires, 96K...................................................$11,995 2008 CHEVY ½ TON XCAB LT: 4.8 V8, 2WD, PW, PL, T&C, CD, 101K.....................................................................................................$13,995 2007 RED CORVETTE 3LT CONV. LS3: V8 Auto P. Top - Chrome Wheels. PS, PW, PL, Touch Nav. Heads Up. Sold It New 1 Owner. 39k.............$33,995 2007 WHITE CHEVY ½ TON REG CAB SHORT BED Z71 4X4: 5.3 V8, Auto, PW, PL, T&C, CD, Local Trade, 107K......................................$13,995 2009 SILVER CHEVY ½ TON X-CAB 4X2 LT: 5.3 V8, Auto, PS, PW, PL, T&C, Local Trade, 66K...........................................................................$12,995 2008 RED PONTIAC G6 GT: V6 Auto, PW, PL, T&C, CD, XM Radio, OnStar, Sunroof, New Tires, Chrome Wheels, 84K.............................................$9,995 2007 SILVER CHEVY ½ TON CREW CAB LT 2WD: 5.3 V8, Auto, PS, PW, PL, Tow Pkg, Sliding Bed Cover, 82K.............................................$16,995 Call Steve or Kraig at 620-886-5622 or 800-464-2693 Medicine Lodge, Kansas

June 4, 2014

Alva Review-Courier/Newsgram


Ron Dellenbaugh & his son, Guston, offer many services. From Seamless Guttering, Coating & Sealing, Rebuilding Structures, to Painting & Siding and Windows.


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Proudly Serving Alva & All of NW Oklahoma Since 1976

We can make your OLD barn, look NEW again!


CONSTRUCTION “One call & we’ll do it all!” Now constructing sliding doors & offering installation of 6” guttering on barns.

NEWSGRAM 620 Choctaw Alva, OK 73717

Nash, Oklahoma • (580) 554-9722 • Call For An Appointment For Your Personal Estimate

Call today for your estimate!


Seamless Guttering • Metal Roofs & Buildings • Painting/Coating/Sealing Siding & Windows • Rebuilding Structures •


News, weather and sports

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