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Laval Liberty, Souvenir Elementary win ‘Eco-School’ certification T:8.5"

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2011 Toyota Kia Mazda2011 Mazda 2011 Toyota 2011 Kia 20112011 Comprehensive 5-year Matrix w/Conv Mazda3 Sport Forte5-door Matrix w/Conv Mazda3 Sport Forte5-door Pkg AT GS ATPkg ATWarranty EX ATGS AT EX AT

0 0 48 0 48 Members of Souvenir Elementary School’s Green Brigade are seen with school staff, Laval Mayor Gilles Vaillancourt and SWLSB commissioner Albina Pace.


THE ALL-NEW 2011FORTEš5 KIA FORTEš5 THE ALL-NEW 2011 KIA Comprehensive Comprehensive 5-yearUP 5-year FOR TO ! Warranty Warranty NS %Stereo Y INDMONTHS* CD/MP3 Stereo CD/MP3 MONTHS* FINANCING USB & AUX with USB with & AUX E 31 APR RR R U H PLUS Voice Activated Voice Activated HOFFEARC ® ® BluetoothBluetooth

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Stereo   CD/MP3  Visit with USB & AUX to learn more. Activated   Voice  Bluetooth® Steering Wheel Audio   and Cruise  Controls



ElectronicElectronic Stability Stability  Control Control

Forte5 SX shown Forte5

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Electronic Stability Control


4-wheel Disc Brakes 4-wheel Disc Brakes

FOR 90 DAYSwith ABS with ABS FOR 90 DAYS 



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Comprehensive 5-year Comprehensive 5-year Electronic Stability Comprehensive 5-year Warranty Warranty MP3/USB BLUETOOTH Control Warranty INPUT  FOR UPCONNECTIVITY° TO MONTHS* @ hp @ 140 hp155 @ hp @ 155 hp @ Disc Brakes FOR UP TO MONTHS* 156 hp @ 156 hp140 4-wheel Horsepower Horsepower 


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Kia’sCustomer new Customer Friendly includes delivery and destination fees all mandatory government levies. Kia’s new Friendly PricingPricing includes delivery and destination fees and alland mandatory government levies. RETURN AFTER RETURN AFTER  48 MONTHS 48 MONTHS not include licensing, or applicable PricesPrices do notdo include licensing, PPSA PPSA or applicable taxes. taxes. SAVINGS FOR 90 DAYS

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Forte Koup SX shown Kia’s new Customer *See detailsFriendly in store Pricing includes delivery and destination fees and all mandatory government Prices do not include licensing, PPSA or applicable taxes. WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED [DEALER [DEALER INFORMATION] INFORMATION] WE’VE GOT YOU *5-year/100,000 kmCOVERED worry-free comprehensive warranty Visit to learn more. KIA MEMBER REWARDS“ *5-year/100,000 km worry-free comprehensive warranty THE ALL-NEW KIA MEMBER ” Best New Family Car Making informed decisions – *5-year/100,000 km powertrain warranty warranty *5-year/100,000 km powertrain Earn points **0% towards future discounts. Earn points futu **0% purchase financing available 2011 models approved Termand varies by Financing model andexample trim. Financing based on (FO540B) 2011 Fortewith Sedana total (FO540B) a total price of $17,465. 0%months. financing forextra months. Cost of Delivery borrowing $0. Deliveryfee and($1,455), destination feefee ($1,455), recycle fee andapplicable) A/C tax (where applicable) insurance, taxes, PPSAfees and are registration fees are extra. may sell fortowards less. purchase financing available on all 2011 modelsononallapproved crediton(OAC). Termcredit varies(OAC). by model trim. based onexample 2011 Forte Sedan price with of $17,465. 0% financing for 60 Cost of60borrowing is $0. andis destination recycle and A/C tax (where included. License,included. insurance,License, applicable taxes, applicable PPSA and registration extra. Retailer may sell Retailer for less. *5-year/100,000 km care roadside assistance change. that’s how we can *5-year/100,000 km extra care roadside assistance dealer“Don’t forrewarding. fullPay details. for 90models Days” on selectpayment models (90-day deferral) applies to purchase offers 2011Koup, Forte,2011 2011Forte5, Forte Koup, 20112011 Forte5, Rio, 2011 Rio5, Magentis, 2011Soul Rondo and 2011 Soul models approved credit (OAC). No interest 60 days of the finance Afterdrive thisstarts period interest starts accrue and the purchaser will repay theFREE principal monthly for 90“Don’t Days” Pay on select (90-day deferral)payment applies to purchase financing offers onfinancing 2011 Forte, 2011onForte 2011 Rio, Rio5,2011 2011 Magentis, 20112011 Rondo and 2011 models on approved crediton(OAC). No interest will accrue duringwill theaccrue first 60during days ofthethefirstfinance contract. After thiscontract. periodall interest to accrue and thetopurchaser will repay the principal interest monthly interest dealerincredibly for fullSee details. *no deductible charge It’s and it’s incredib It’s FREE andSeeit’s [DEALER INFORMATION] WORLD RECORD credit savings) for (FO540B)/2011 2011 Forte Sedan (FO540B)/2011 Forte5 (FO550B)/2011 Forte Koupand (F0521B) is $500onand is available on purchase nancing only approved creditand varies byAll model trim. All offers exclude licensing, registration, overcontract. the term*0% of the contract. *0% purchase available on 2011 Forte Sedan/2011 Koup formonths up to 60/48/36 months approved credit (OAC). over the term of the purchase financing availablefinancing on 2011 Forte Sedan/2011 Forte5/2011 Forte Forte5/2011 Koup for upForte to 60/48/36 on approved crediton(OAC). Loan credit (cash Loan savings) for(cash 2011 Forte Sedan Forte5 (FO550B)/2011 Forte Koup (F0521B) is $500 is available purchase financing only onfiapproved crediton(OAC). Loancredit credit(OAC). variesLoan by model trim. offersand exclude licensing, registration, insurance, PPSA insurance, PPSA *no deductible charge HOLDER FOR FUEL consumption for (FO540B) 2011 Forte/Forte5 Sedan (FO540B) /Forte5 (FO550B) /Forte Koup(50(F0521B) is 5.7L MPG)/8.1L (35 fuel MPG).consumption The actual fuel consumption these may vary.are These estimates based on oftheCanada’s Government of Canada’s and testing Refer to oftheCanada Government of Canada publication EnerGuide and applicable taxes.shown Vehiclemay images shown mayaccessories include optional accessories Highway/city and upgrades.fuelHighway/city consumptionfuel for 2011 Forte Sedan (FO550B) /Forte Koup (F0521B) is 5.7L MPG)/8.1L (35(50 MPG). The actual of these vehicles of may vary.vehicles These estimates based on the are Government approved criteria approved and testingcriteria methods. Refer tomethods. the Government publication EnerGuide and applicable taxes. Vehicle images include optional and upgrades. ♦


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BLUETOOTH Horsepower @ hp @ 132 hp140 @ hp @ 140 hp @ 156 hp @ 156 hp132 CONNECTIVITY° rpm rpm6,000 rpm rpm 6,300 rpm 6,200 rpm6,2006,000 6,300

144 lb.128 ft. lb. @ ft. @128 lb.128 ft. @ 144 lb. ft. @ lb. ft.Torque @128 lb. ft. @ rpm rpm4,4004,300 rpm rpm 4,300 rpm 4,300 rpm4,3004,400

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Forte SX Forte shownSX shown




2011 K EX


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2011 Toyota 2011 Toyota 2011 Kia Forte 2011 Honda2011 Honda 2011 Kia Forte CE AT Corolla CECorolla AT Civic EX AT DX-GCivic AT DX-G AT EX AT w/Conv Pkg w/Conv Pkg

2011 KIA FORTE SEDAN of waste lors of the City of Laval, which develop management 2011FORTE KIA FORTE SEDANbetter 2011 interKIA SEDAN     % promoting sustainable faces with local elected representatives materials while % % “BEST SMALL CAR” from the provincial government. The development through an educational     organization, which has counterparts program. Th e implementation CASH CASH   of  a PAYCASH PAY & & PAY & THE ALL-NEW 2011 KIA FORTEš5 SAVINGS SAVINGS   also   SAVINGS all over the province, was created by Green Brigade in each school was FOR 90 DAYS FOR 90 DAYS FOR 90 DAYS % Quebec to facilitate better communica- a pre-requisite0 to receiving 48the CRÉ’s tion between the municipal and2011 provin2011FORTE KIA FORTE KOUP KIA KOUP 2011 KIA FORTE     ► CASH onKOUP 10 2 2 PAY &page 2 Continued DOOR DOOR SAVINGS % % DOOR FOR 90 DAYS % KOUP 2012 ^

P T:11"

Students from Laval Liberty High wo schools in Laval belong- School and from Souvenir Elementary ing to the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School were present for a ceremony School Board were among held on Nov. 15 in the gym at Souvenir the more than a dozen local Elementary, during which Mayor Gilles learning institutions designated as Vaillancourt gave them large framed “Eco-Schools” earlier this week by the certificates attesting to their responsiConférence régionale des élus de Laval. bility in environmental management.

PHOTO: MartinFINANCING C. Barry • Newsfirst ON

Steering Wheel Audio Steering Wheel Audio Cruise Controls and Cruiseand Controls



 

, 2011. Dealers may sell for less. Some conditions apply. Retailer order/trade may be necessary. Offers are subject to change and may be extended without notice. See dealer for complete details. Vehicle images shown may include optional accessories and upgrades. All offers exclude licensing, registration, insurance, costs of registration purchase financing is available on all 2011 and 2012 Kia models on approved credit (OAC). Terms vary by model and trim, see dealer for details. Representative financing example based on 2012 Sorento (SR75BC) with a selling price of $28,360, financed at 0% APR for 60 months. Includes delivery and destination fees of $1,650, Recycle t of borrowing is $0 for a total obligation of $28,360. Other taxes, registration, insurance, licensing, loan credit of $1,250 and costs of registration to the RDPRM (up to $67) are excluded. Retailer may sell for less. See dealer for full details. “Don’t Pay For 90 Days” on select models (90-day payment deferral) applies to purchase financing ring the first 60 days of the finance contract. After this period, interest starts to accrue and the purchaser will repay the principal interest monthly over the term of the contract. Every eligible contestant automatically wins a prize of $500 up to $10,000 towards the purchase or lease of any new 2011 or 2012 Kia vehicle, plus one lucky enter. Contest open to Canadian residents with a valid driver’s licence, who have reached the age of majority in the province of their residence. Odds of winning vary per prize. Potential prize recipients must correctly answer a skill-testing question. Other restrictions apply, please see your participating Kia dealer for complete contest ng dealerships to qualified retail customers on select new 2011 and 2012 Kia vehicles. Taxes on the full negotiated purchase price are payable at the beginning of the contract term, resulting in higher payments than payments taxed on a periodic basis, and are not reflected in advertised payments. The following terms apply to TD Financing he pre-determined residual balance payable at the end of the contract. At contract’s end, customers have the choice of: (i) returning their vehicle through a Kia dealership with no further obligations (except payment of a $199 return fee and excess wear and tear, mileage and similar charges if exceeding 24,000 km per year allowance) or; subject to different terms and conditions. All advertised OptionFlex Financing offers are TD offers. Delivery and destination fees (up to $1,650) are included. Taxes, licence, insurance, registration, excess mileage, and wear and tear charges, any retailer administration fees and other applicable fees and charges are not included. OptionFlex ent Advantage Loan Certificate (the "Certificate") which contains the terms and conditions governing your Return Value Option. Retailers may sell for less. See participating retailers for complete details. Representative example based on 2012 Sportage (SP551C)/2012 Rio5 (RO551C) with a purchase price of $23,760/$15,565, financed at ation of $24,882/$16,775, including delivery and destination fees ($1,650/$1,455), Recycle Quebec Fee of $15, A/C tax of $100 (where applicable) and a $500 OptionFlex credit (2012 Sportage). Costs of publication to the RDPRM (up to $67), taxes, licence, insurance, registration, excess mileage, and wear and tear charges, any administration a (OP541B) is $22,565 and includes a cash credit of $1,000, delivery and destination fees of $1,455, A/C tax of $100 and Recycle Quebec Fee of $15, based on an MSRP of $23,565. Other taxes, registration, insurance and licensing fees are excluded. Available at participating dealers. ‡Loan credit for 2012 Kia Sorento LX AT (SR75BC) is $1,250 ries by model and trim. ¥Loyalty Bonus offer available on 2012 Kia Sorento/2011 Optima Hybrid at a value of $750/$1,250 for any current Kia owners towards the purchase or lease of a new 2012MY Sorento/2011MY Optima Hybrid. Loyalty Bonus offer applicable to cash purchase, lease and purchase financing only before November 30, 2011. in restrictions apply. See dealer for details. ±Competitive Bonus offer available on the purchase or lease of new 2011 Optima Hybrid models at a value of $1,000 (deducted before tax) for owners of any current competitive hybrid vehicle with proof of ownership. See dealer for eligibility of competitive vehicles and full program details. r or household. Offer not combinable with any other loyalty/conquest offers. Offer ends November 30, 2011. >ECO-Credit for 2011 Optima Hybrid is $1,000 and is applicable to the purchase or lease of a new 2011 Kia Optima Hybrid. Available at participating dealers. Certain restrictions apply. See dealer for full details. »2011 Optima Hybrid djoining U.S. states. Highway/city fuel consumption of these vehicles may vary. These estimates are based on the Government of Canada’s approved criteria and testing methods. Refer to the Government of Canada publication EnerGuide Fuel Consumption Guide. °The Bluetooth® word mark and logo are registered trademarks and are ils. Information in this advertisement is believed to be accurate at the time of print. For more information on our 5-year warranty coverage, visit or call us at 1-877-542-2886. Kia Canada is the official automotive sponsor of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD Canada). KIA and OptionFlex are trademarks of Kia Motors Corporation.

Better eco-management

M A R T I N C. B A R R Y


    CASH & % PAY CASH CASH     2011 PAYSAVINGS PAY & & ALL SAVINGScial levels of government. 90     ** The CRÉ is a consultative SAVINGS organizaMODELS tion made up of the mayor and councilTo be certified, the schools had to FOR UP TO FOR UP TO


20 Forte EX





 Consumption Guide.Sedan ^2011awarded Kia Fortethe Sedan Pick Institute by the Insurance Institute forVisit Highway Safety. Visit for full 2011 Kia2011 Forte5 Small(over Car Of$20,000) The Yearand (over andbyBest Hatchback 2011. Visit forBluetooth® full details.word °The Bluetooth® wordareon mark and logo are registered trademarks are owned Bluetooth SIG, Inc.Some conditions Follow us CONSUMPTION* Fuel ConsumptionFuel Guide. ^2011 Kia Forte Top awarded Safety PickthebyTop theSafety Insurance for Highway Safety. for full details. 2011 Kiadetails. Forte5 awarded Bestawarded Small Car2011 Of Best The Year Best$20,000) Hatchback Motoring VisitMotoring for full details. °The mark and logo registered trademarks andare owned byand Bluetooth SIG,by Inc.Some conditions apply to the apply to the § § ©Inc. 2011Reproduction Kia Canada Inc. Reproduction thematerial contents of thisrecycle material thetax expressed approval of License, insuran Grad and Rebate and $750 Kia Mobility Program. See dealer for details. Information in thisis advertisement is believed accurate at the time print.Term For more information onand ourtrim. 5-yearFinancing warranty coverage, visit or call us atSedan 1-877-542-2886. Off 31,of2011. KIAofisKia a trademark offorKia60Motors Corporation. CASH © 2011 Kia of the contents ofofthis without the expressed approval ofapplicable) $500 Grad Rebate$500 Program $750Program Kia Mobility Program. See dealer for details. Information in this advertisement believed be accurate at to thebetime of print. Forcredit moreof(OAC). information on our 5-year warranty coverage, visit or callbased us 1-877-542-2886. Off ers end March with 31, ers 2011. KIAMarch isprice a trademark Motors Corporation. **0% purchase financing availableto on all 2011 models on approved varies by model example on 2011 Forte (FO540B) aend total $17,465. 0% financing months. CostCanada of borrowing is $0. Delivery and destination fee ($1,455), feewithout andwritten A/C (wherewritten included. Canada Inc. is prohibited.isAll information is believedbased to beonaccurate, basedavailable on information available at the Information time of printing. Information sourced from independent third-party research. Kia Canada Inc. isKia prohibited. All information believed to be accurate, information at the time of printing. sourced from independent third-party research. ♦

See dealer for full details. “Don’t Pay for 90 Days” on select models (90-day payment deferral) applies to purchase financing offers on 2011 Forte, 2011 Forte Koup, 2011 Forte5, 2011 Rio, 2011 Rio5, 2011 Magentis, 2011 Rondo and 2011 Soul models on approved credit (OAC). No interest will accrue during the first 60 days of the finance contract. After this period PURCHASE over the term of the contract. *0% purchase financing available on 2011 Forte Sedan/2011 Forte5/2011 Forte Koup for up to 60/48/36 months on approved credit (OAC). Loan credit (cash savings) for 2011 Forte Sedan (FO540B)/2011 Forte5 (FO550B)/2011 Forte Koup (F0521B) is $500 and is available on purchase financing only on approved credit (OAC). Loan credi PRICE FROM Best new family car and applicable taxes. Vehicle images shown may include optional accessories and upgrades. Highway/city fuel consumption for 2011 Forte Sedan (FO540B) /Forte5 (FO550B) /Forte Koup (F0521B) is 5.7L (50 MPG)/8.1L (35 MPG). The actual fuel consumption of these vehicles may vary. These estimates are based on the Government of Canada’s approved crite (over $30,000) Includes delivery, destination fees Fuel Consumption Guide. ^2011 Kia Forte Sedan awarded the Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Visit for full details. 2011 Kia Forte5 awarded 2011 Best Small Car Of The Year (overand $20,000) and of Best$1,570. Hatchback by Motoring 2011. Visit for full details. °The Bluetooth® word mark and logo are regist $500 Grad Rebate Program and $750 Kia Mobility Program. See dealer for details. Information in this advertisement is believed to be accurate at the time of print. For more information on our 5-year warranty coverage, visit or call us at 1-877-542-2886. Offers end March 31, 2011. KIA is a trademark of Kia Motors Corporation. §© 2011 Kia Canada Inc. Repr Kia Canada Inc. is prohibited. All information is believed to be accurate, based on information available at the time of printing. Information sourced from independent third-party research.


436, Jean-Talon West Montreal 514 272-2355


• The Laval News • • November 19, 2011

Place St-Eustache 367, Arthur Sauvé 450 472-5551

Quebec gets new political party Ex-PQ minister Legault launches Coalition Avenir Québec


ormer Parti Québécois cabinet minister François Legault officially launched his centreright political party Monday in Quebec City. At a news conference, Legault dubbed his new party Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ), and focused on the need for change. Legault is promising Quebecers to work towards less bureaucracy, more personal wealth, and avoiding constitutional wars with the rest of Canada. “Let’s act together for change,” Legault told reporters, saying he will call on people on both sides of the constitutional debate to join his party. The former PQ minister says Quebecers are not interested in a referendum right now, and so sovereignty would be on the backburner if he were to form the next government. Legault told reporters Monday his party would implement significant cuts in the public sector, including eliminating jobs at public utility Hydro-Quebec and abolishing school boards. Legault said he’s dedicated to rooting out corruption, and announced he would appoint a commissioner to overLaval:Laval 3/17/10 bidding 7:34 AM Page see the public contract process if elected.

He also promised to revamp the role of Quebec’s public pension manager, La Caisse de dépôt et placement. Legault introduced a new logo for the party, saying it was a symbol that Quebecers of all stripes will work together to create a new, powerful province. The logo includes Liberal red and Parti Québécois blue.

Changing political scene

The Coalition Avenir Québec could dramatically shift the province’s political landscape.

The anticipation surrounding Legault’s new venture has been building for months, and polls taken before the party was formed have already shown the coalition was so popular, it could beat out Jean Charest’s Liberals in the next election. Numerous polls have also suggested Legault is more popular than the opposition Parti Québécois. Legault, the co-founder and former CEO of Air Transat, was first elected to the national assembly as a member of the sovereigntist PQ in 1998. He held several key dossiers, including a stint as the par-

ty’s education minister and finance critic. The politician has said in the past that his politics are slightly right-wing when it comes to economics and slightly leftwing when it comes to social values. In a sign that Legault’s arrival on Quebec’s political scene is a worry, the Liberals, PQ and Québec Solidaire spent the weekend attacking the new party. Premier Jean Charest has been stepping up his attacks on Legault for weeks, often referring to him as a separatistin-waiting.

We stand corrected Commenting on an article in our last issue (‘Mulcair steadily builds Quebec support in NDP Leadership race’), New Brunswick NDP leader Dominic Cardy writes in an e-mail to the Laval News: “New Brunswick federal Liberal MP Dominic LeBlanc probably wouldn’t appreciate being called leader of the New Brunswick NDP. But I don’t mind it as much. A correction would be great.” We stand corrected and apologize for misidentifying Cardy, who added in a follow-up e-mail, “I enjoyed the article.”

1 The new logo for Coalition Avenir Québec.(


Airport Ex-Seizures and other imported diamond jewellery: Customs Cleared importation duties paid. All certified: GIA, EGL, IGI, GemScan, etc.

Sunday November 27, 2011 Sunday Mar. 21st, 2010

A few dates are available for business parties in our private room.


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All sales are final. No refund exchange or layaway. Payments: Visa, M.C., Debit, Cash and Certified Cheques. Some reserves may apply. Sale subject to additions, deletions, errors and omissions. 15% buyers premium & applicable taxes to be added.

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With friends, family or colleagues. Come celebrate with us! Main dining area: Friday December 2, Saturday December 17, December 25, December 31, and January 1. 862, Montée Laurin, St-Eustache, Qc J7R 0J2 T : 450.473.3357 • Dial free : 1.888.682.3357 • F: 450.472.0112 • The Laval News • • November 19, 2011 •


Opinion & Editorial

Bill C-217 would safeguard Canada’s war memorials from vandals

A private member’s bill tabled recently in Canada’s Parliament, which calls for the formal prosecution of all persons who deface monuments honouring Canada’s war dead, is long overdue. On Nov. 8, Minister of Veterans Affairs Steven Blaney announced that the Conservative Government is supporting Bill C-217. The proposed law would make it an offence to commit mischief in relation to a monument that honours Canadians who died as a consequence of war. “Our cenotaphs and monuments are powerful reminders of the sacrifices that generations of Canadians have made for the peace and freedom we enjoy today,” said Blaney. “Our Government is proud to support Bill C-217 which will enforce strict punishments for those who dishonour the memory of our Veterans by defacing war memorials within our communities. “As Canadians, we have a duty as a nation to preserve our memorials in honour of our fallen men and women, our veterans and those who continue to serve Canada today,” he continued. “We must respect our war memorials as they symbolize the important contributions of our veterans and service

men and women.” The bill, tabled by central Ontario Conservative MP David Tilson, proposes the implementation of mandatory minimum sentences that would be the same whether the crown prosecution proceeds by indictment or by way of summary conviction. There would be a $1,000 fine for a first offence, 14 days imprisonment for a second, and 30 days imprisonment for third and subsequent offences. While desecration of Canada’s war monuments has usually been rare, Bill 217 comes along as concern grows in light of some troubling incidents. Perhaps the most notorious occurred in 2006 when a small group of drunken male teenagers were caught in the act of urinating on the National War Memorial in Ottawa. Photographs of them which appeared in newspapers across Canada raised the nation’s awareness. In the meantime, municipal officials in Montreal’s Notre-Dame-de-Grâce district have been having trouble keeping a war cenotaph in one of the area’s largest and most visible public areas free of graffiti. While war memorials have usually been considered off-limits by graffiti makers, over the past two years

the more lawless among them have persisted in defacing the NDG war memorial with indecipherable markings. Clearly the message underlying their cryptic scrawlings is that nothing is sacred anymore. Hopefully, Bill 217 will make an impact on those who insist on perpetrating this injustice. Although mandatory minimum sentences, now in so many pieces of legislation tabled by the Conservative government, have brought criticism from established legal scholars, taking measures to protect Canada’s priceless and vulnerable war memorials is entirely justifiable and appropriate. Not only are the memorials standing evidence of the record of Canada’s historic involvement in wars and conflicts which cost so many lives, but the issue is also personal: the names of the fallen which are inscribed on many of the war monuments should be safeguarded from anti-social forces whose purpose is only to offend and to denigrate. Martin C. Barry

Dealing with our not-so-friendly neighbour to the south


ierre Trudeau once compared Canada’s relationship with the United States to sleeping with an elephant. No matter how friendly the elephant; one is affected by every twitch and grunt. But a more apt description today of the American governmental system is that of an octopus, whose many arms are ready to suck the life out of Canadian interests at any time with little regard for the overall relationship between our two nations. Let’s look at how some of these arms are currently encircling - and blocking - our long-standing trade relationship with our neighbours to the south.

Extra levies on softwood lumber

The octopus’s first arm is found in the U.S. Department of Commerce, which is once again proposing extra levies on Canadian softwood lumber. With our trees dying as a result of pine beetle infestation, cut rates have increased but apparently, the Department of Commerce feels we are harvesting too many trees, too quickly. Next is the arm of the Department of Homeland Security, always ready to add more security checks, more fees, and more border programs. Now

Homeland Security is musing about building fences along part of our border. Few Canadians have likely heard of the U.S. Government Accountability Office, but this arm of the octopus recently had a few folks walk across a stretch of our 8,500 kilometre border with video cameras in hand, looking for certain proof that more security is needed. How to physically secure the border, half of which half is water, is not GAO’s concern. Yet another arm of the octopus extends from the White House which did not even wait for Congressional approval before imposing “Buy American” provisions on some $100 billion in public works stimulus spending contained in the new Jobs Bill. Congress itself represents another arm of the octopus, recently adding protectionist labels on beef and pork products thereby making it more difficult for Canadian producers to remain a part of North America’s integrated supply chain. Strangely, a significantly large arm of the octopus is hard at work strangling plans to provide the U.S. with additional supplies of oil. The U.S. State Department, normally a friendly arm when it comes to Canada, was asked a simple question by TransCanada Corporation two years ago: would

it allow TransCanada to build another oil pipeline to supply heavy refineries in the Houston area with Canadian crude oil? Never mind that a myriad of pipelines already criss-cross the border, shipping crude oil the United States; never mind that Canada offers a steady, secure supply of oil unlikely to be halted due to political unrest or OPEC machinations. Two years ago, the answer to the question seemed obvious. But here we are, still waiting. The Internal Revenue Service extended its octopus arm into Canada, looking for taxes and penalties allegedly owed by dual Canadian-American citizens, even though they may not have earned a dime in the United States for decades. And just when you think you knew all the arms of the octopus, a new one emerges in the form of a cross-border levy of $5.50 on each Canadian wanting to enter the United States. Ironically, this arm popped up just as the U.S. signed a free trade deal with Columbia.

Hard to stomach U.S. actions

Meanwhile, Canadian and American governments are in the final stages of negotiating an agreement to reduce border wait times and paperwork, as well

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of the beast. Unfortunately, Canadian negotiators as sharing security duties on a shared cannot walk away in disgust or despair. perimeter. But out of the blue appears Our trade and security partnership another arm of the octopus, this time in with the United States is based on our the form of the U.S. Federal Maritime own benefit and self-interest, not on Agency which argues that a $143 levy how sophisticated or friendly the U.S. should be paid on each container government acts towards us. Still, it shipped through a Canadian west coast takes steady nerves and a strong stomport and destined for the United States. ach these days to handle CanadianThe agency claims Canada is subsidiz- American relations. ing its ports to attract more container traffic. The fact the United States heavAlexander Moens ily subsidizes its infrastructure building apparently is not a concern of this arm

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Sending money abroad: what you need to know

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ecently, the Financial Consumer offer money transfer services. • How much money will the person in the Business Bureaus about it—or ask relatives, Agency of Canada (FCAC) Costs for money transfer services can other country receive? friends or members of the community about released information for anyone be high. “It can be frustrating for conIn addition to the costs you will have to their experience. who wants to send remittances, sumers to discover that the amount they pay, the beneficiary (the person to whom you or money to someone in another coun- send from Canada is not the same as the are sending the money) may also have to pay Ask before you buy try. Sending money to someone in another amount the recipient gets,” explains FCAC costs or fees to receive the money. Find out whether you can get a discount country: what you need to consider can Commissioner Ursula Menke. “This is why • Is there a financial institution that oper- on the fees for repeat business—if you don’t help consumers better understand the costs, it is important to take the time to find out, ates in Canada and in the country where you ask, you won’t get anything! Some businesses complications and options of money transfer to ask questions and to make sure you fully want to send the money? may also offer reduced rates for sending services. understand all of the costs a transfer of funds If there is, find out from the institution in large sums. In Canada, most people sending money can involve.” question whether it offers a cheaper money Costs can vary considerably from one to other countries go through private firms, Before sending money, make sure you transfer service than other institutions do. company or bank to another (often ranging sometimes called “money transfer compa- check out the following factors: • Does the money transfer company have a from 3 percent to 25 percent or more), and nies.” This type of service is available in • How much will the transaction cost you? good reputation? may also depend on the country to which the many post offices, grocery stores, foreign Ask what the total cost will be to avoid surMake sure the company is trustworthy money is being transferred. Don’t hesitate to exchange bureaus, travel agencies, cheque- prises and paying more than you expected. before handing over your money. If you are shop around to get the best service and price. cashing services andquébec other businesses. ThtherMostAt e exchange •rate changing currency is not familiar with the company offering the Mhyp11-107 • hydro • Annonce •Banks, cAMPAGne InFo:for Fs/ML pUBLICATION: news / LAvAL AnGLAIse FOrMAT: 10’’ x 7,1875’’ • COULeUr: cMyK • LIVrAIsON: sePt • pArUTIONs: credit unionsnorth and shore cooperative banksnews also• VersION: another cost to• consider. service, ask the28Canadian CouncilsePteMbre of Better et octobre

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The Laval News • • November 19,11-09-23 2011 • 5 14:32


Automated External Defibrillators in police cars

Laval’s Chamber of Commerce presents first in a series “World’s Laval’s finest will be getting an equip- Great Leader” lunch conferences

ment upgrade in 2012 which will help save lives. About twenty of Laval’s police cars will be equipped with automated external defibrillators. Due to the nature of their work the police regularly have to intervene in situations where a person may suffer from a cardiac arrest. When confronted with sudden cardiac arrest mere seconds can mean the difference between life and death. The automatic external defibrillators which are portable and generally weigh only a few pounds can be easily located in a patrol car. These units can be carried to the patient quickly without fumbling and offer step by step verbal and video emergency instruction to a first responder. Their ease of use will revolutionize the way a certified or uncertified rescuer will approach a life-saving situation. Every minute during a cardiac arrest is important as the probability of survival decreases from 7% to 10% each minute cardiopulmonary resuscitative medical intervention is delayed. Making this technology more accessible has been shown to increase survival rates of heart attack victims. Laval becomes the first urban center in Québec whose police cars will be equipped with automated external defibrillators. 30 Years at your Service!


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The local Chamber of Commerce will present the first in a series of lunch in conferences entitled World’s Great Leaders. The lunch which is scheduled for the 23rd of November will feature Bernard Kouchner who is both a former Minister of Foreign Affairs in France’s government as well as the cofounder of the renowned international medical organization Doctors without Borders. Doctors without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international medical humanitarian organization created by doctors and journalists in France in 1971.Today, MSF provides independent, impartial assistance in more than 60 countries to people whose survival is threatened by violence, neglect, or catastrophe, primarily due to armed conflict, epidemics, malnutrition, exclusion from health care, or natural disasters. The invited speaker will present his views on the state of the European economy in context of the new global reality. The event will be hosted in Laval Chateau Royal reception hall from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Laval’s executive has approved a grant in the sum of $25,000 to help the local chamber of commerce host this series of lunch conferences.

Fire department invests in integrating new recruits

Laval’s fire department will invest to provide its twenty new recruits specialized training revolving around integrating them into the existing firefighting teams. The training will be provided by the Institute for Fire Prevention of Quebec at their offices located at 1740 monteé Masson. The training will be presented between October 31st and December 23rd 2011 and will cost the department $3100.

Reserved parking space for persons with physical disability

General Mechanic

Centre du Pneu Plus+ General Mechanic


Alignment, tune-up, brakes, general mechanical repairs, azote fill-up

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3923, Samson blvd., Chomedey.



• The Laval News • • November 19, 2011

by S AVA S F O R T I S

program can be left at one of Laval’s libraries as well as participating libraries across Quebec. All year round donations and gifts are accepted online at placedulivre. com. Choose entertaining books: stories, novels, comic books and board books. Bookstore employees, a librarian or the person responsible for the collection for a donation kit can help select appropriate materials for the program. The donation can be personalized for a child by writing a short message of encouragement on the dedication bookmark. Or complete the postcard in the package including a stamp if you would like to hear from the child who is given your Conference: To be an Eco book. Put everything in the bag and responsible citizen On Wednesday November 23rd 2011 place it in the Gift of Reading box in at 7:30 p.m. the city of Laval has extend- stores or at the counter of a library. ed an invitation to all its residents to a seminar on becoming an ecologically Volunteers Training Day responsible citizen. The presentation In order to support Laval’s volunteers is scheduled at the Laval Maison des whose immense efforts have allowed arts located on 1395 de la Concorde the city to offer many diverse social, Ouest Boulevard. The conference, given recreational and sport services to the by Sidney Ribaux from Équiterre, will general population the administrademonstrate the virtues and importance tion has once organizing a Volunteer of becoming ecologically responsible Training Day. This year’s event is held citizens. He will also offer many ideas of on November 19th 2011 at the camactions that we can take as individuals pus of the University of Montreal at and as a group for a better development Laval. This training activity has become of our ecosystems. While the admission an annual event and is intended for is free registration is mandatory by call- Laval volunteers. Workshops will focus ing the 311 info phone line. on subjects that affect the successful The Equiterre organization’s goal is to operation of a non profit corporation build and move the social consciousness and will include topics like; finances and into behaviors that encourage individu- budgets, office technology and event als, organizations and governments to management. The workshops are orgamake ecological and sustainable choices. nized and made possible with the aid of Everyday choices we all make in regards city employees and several collaborators. to food, transportation, housing, gar- The subjects addressed in the workdening, shopping are opportunities to shops include; communication, leaderchange the world, one step at a time. ship, recruiting, volunteers supervision, Through consulting, awareness-raising fund-raising, financial management and promotions and research projects they many other topics. At the end of the day offer concrete solutions to promote the participants will be invited to an human and environmental health, social inspirational talk given by guest speaker justice and community development at Dan Bigras. Registration is required for anyone who wishes to participate. The home and abroad. admission fee is $10 per person for the Buy a New Book for a day and they include snacks, a lunch, the Needy Child conference and the afternoon cocktail. In November and December, the This event premiered in 1977 but since Literacy Foundation and its spokesper- its inception its format has evolved and son, actress Marie Turgeon, invite every- the material presented has adapted to one to participate in the 13th edition of reflect the new challenges facing volunThe Gift of Reading program by pur- teers and their organizations. The early chasing a new book for needy children editions of these workshops focused on up to twelve years old. The books col- training board members of non profit lected by the program in Laval will be corporations for their roles as memdistributed to children on May 2012. To bers of a board of directors. Since 2005 participate purchase a new children’s the training activity has expanded to book for reading ages of 0 to 12 years include all levels of volunteers and old and deposit them at participating became known Volunteer training day. collection sites which include one of While the primary function of this day is the one hundred and fifty participating to better equip volunteers as they serve bookstores in Quebec, in conjunction the general public it also serves as a with Archambault, Renaud-Bray, Les forum and occasion for the volunteers of librairies indépendantes du Québec, the different organizations to meet and creAssociation des librairies du Québec, ate social and community network links. Coopsco, Indigo and Chapters. Also gifts of brand new children’s books and cash donations for The Gift of Reading The resident of 4575 Notre-Dame Boulevard Ahmed Goumri who suffers with a physical disability has asked the city to reserve a parking space in the vicinity of his front entrance to alleviate the difficulty he faces parking his vehicle in a reasonable proximity to his home. The transport department noting that parking is a challenge on this busy boulevard has recommended that signs restricting parking, authorizing only vehicles possessing handicap parking stickers to park be placed in front of this address. The executive has approved the request.

Thomas Mulcair (Outremont) guest of honor at NDP Laval Les Îles association’s general assembly


he Sainte-Dorothée’s Knights of Colombus meeting hall was host to the NDP Laval-Les Îles association’s general assembly, on November 6th. Hosted by Laval – Les Îles’ MP François Pilon, it was the occasion for Thomas Mulcair, Outremont’s MP and candidate to the NDP leadership, to address the militants and share NDP’s historical progress in the last elections and his vision of the party’s future. “In Quebec, we have challenges the other provinces don’t have. They have provincial candidates and associations, which insure a far more important membership. Here, we did things backwards. We successfully got a record number of candidates elected without having a solid membership. We now need to give a structure to the party, to build its base,” said Mulcair. “For the first time, we can offer our member something tangible: the possibility to have a say in choosing the new NDP leader, to determine who will be Prime minister in the next election.” Mulcair also insisted on the importance of keeping the party united, not only after the race, but especially during the ledadership campaign. “I intend to have a clean campaign. Some launched rumors, but I’m not into that kind of politics.” Pilon then addressed his troups and congratulated their dedication and efforts. “Because of all the work and energy deployed by the NDP Laval – Les Îles Association, from as soon as November 2010, we reached the circumscription’s constituents and passed along the NDP’s message. Canadians, and Quebecers even more, clearly stated their need for change by placing the

NDP as Official opposition, last May. Your presence and confidence in the NDP are the foundation allowing the party to have a strong and imposing presence in the House of Commons. And when the party gets elected in four years, it will be because of each and every one of you. Together, we can change the world!” The NDP Laval –Les Îles Association, which was created November 2009, has seen its membership grow from a meager 20 members to over 200. In the presence of more than forty members, the executive comity proceeded with the election of the vicepresident, the secretary and counselor. This new executive comity is already hard at work, planning partisan activities and way to consolidate the NDP in the circumscription.



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Eye examinations on the premises by optometrists Outside prescriptions accepted The Laval News • • November 19, 2011 •


Trusted care since 1996

NDP privacy critic warns about impending e-monitoring law Police could obtain GPS tracking info without a warrant “I want to make it clear we do not have a problem ensuring that the police have the he NDP is sounding the alarm tools that they need to protect citizens over a proposed new electron- and to fight cybercrime,” Angus said. “But ic communications monitoring there are key elements of what is being law, which could end up giving proposed that are very disturbing.” Number one among those, Angus said, police the power to track the geographical would be the police’s ability to access geomovements of people, while possibly also graphical tracking information without allowing them to freely scrutinize e-mail, a warrant, “simply on a hunch, or on a without first having a warrant. Charlie Angus, the party’s MP for whim, or because some cop wants to find Timmins-James Bay who is also the out who his ex-wife is seeing. Your cell NDP’s critic for information access and phone privider and your ISP can extract protection of privacy, was in Montreal on that information.” Nov. 3 to take part in a forum on communications surveillance. It dealt extensively No warrant for tracking info In response to a question asked in with the proposed legislation. the Commons by Charmaine Borg, the NDP MP for Terrebonne-Blainville, Pay-back time The Conservatives, who have had a Conservative Public Safety Minister Vic majority in the House of Commons since Toews stated that the government accepts last May’s election, appear to be making that warrants should still be required in up for the years when they were only a order for police to access e-mail. However, minority, by taking older bills they failed the government doesn’t take the same to pass and re-writing them into updated position with regards to tracking inforlegislation which they can now enact mation. “This is very disturbing,” said Angus, easily. Such seems to be the case with the “because with your cell phone, you can proposed communications law, which be tracked anywhere in the world. If they according to Angus is the result of a have your number they know where you slate of predecessor bills, which con- are. So they don’t necessarily need to tained clauses to provide police specific listen into the conversation to know what privileges that the NDP believes would you’re doing. The tracking information gives an enormous amount of power to encroach on the rights of individuals. the police. “And it’s not a question of if abuse will occur,” he continued. “It’s how badly it’s used. If you have these powers and it’s unregulated, power abuse will occur.” Angus compares the Conservative government’s stance on this issue to the position it took when trying to do away with long-form census last year. “It’s staggering to see a government that destroyed the long-form census on the principle that (former Industry Minister) Tony Clement said if one person in this country feels that their privacy has been invaded that’s enough for us to destroy census data that was seen as the gold standard around the world.

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Tories’ census position

“So they were certainly willing to

PHOTO: Martin C. Barry • Newsfirst

destroy Canada’s international reputation on census gathering over some of the privacy concerns of somebody maybe in Saskatchewan who felt they were asking questions that he or she didn’t have to answer. “But they would allow the police that kind of extraordinary power. Clearly we can not allow that to happen, because once you allow that to happen then it’s a matter of time before it becomes the business of the day and it is your e-mails and all your other traffic use on the Internet.” Angus maintains, “If we break down the barrier that exists right now that obliges police to meet basic tests of jurisprudence if they’re going to go and search private data, if we allow that to happen, then you’re opening the doors. If the police can justify this, they should be able to justify it to a (parliamentary) committee.” Angus said the bill in question has never actually made it far enough to be presented before a House of Commons committee. But, he added, “The implications of the bill are severe and I think we’re going to find that as the public becomes aware of it, there’s going to be major pushback.”



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Timmins-James Bay MP Charlie Angus (centre), the NDP’s critic for privacy issues, says “there are key elements of what is being proposed that are very disturbing.”


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SONICATHLETICS.COM The Laval News • • November 19, 2011 •


Improved management of waste and sustainable development ‘You do not inherit the earth from your ancestors; you borrow it from your children’ – St-Exupéry ◄ Continued from page 1 certification. Since 2009, the CRÉ has issued 32 certifications to schools in Laval.

‘On the right path’

“When I see the Green Brigades and I see the work being done in these schools, I tell myself that we are on the right path,” said Vaillancourt, who has implemented a significant number of programs in Laval to encourage more

medical aesthetics

ecological-sustainability in the city’s management. “Our school board is very proud of the participation of its Laval schools in the eco-schools certification program,” said Albina Pace, the SWLSB commissioner for Ste-Dorothée and part of Fabreville. “Special congratulations go to Souvenir Elementary School and Laval Liberty High School who are continually committed to raising awareness of sustainable development. “These schools are certainly role models in terms of eco-citizenship,” she continued. “Under the leadership of their dedicated principals, they have risen to the challenge and raised the bar every single year. Students, you are the leaders of tomorrow and today you are certainly an inspiration to every single one of us.”

Board believed in project

Pace said the SWLSB believed in the project right from the start and is proud of the achievements that have resulted. “Again congratulations to the students who have demonstrated leadership skills and who are dedicated to making this planet a little better for everyone,” she said.

She concluded with a quote from French author Antoine de SaintExupéry, author of Le Petit Prince: “You do not inherit the earth from your ancestors; you borrow it from your children. Thank you and good luck to the students and teachers of our Laval schools who are making sure that every day brings a better tomorrow.”

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Weight Loss Students and staff from Laval Liberty High School, which received the CRÉ’s “EcoSchool” certification, are seen with Laval Mayor Gilles Vaillancourt (far left) and SWLSB commissioner Albina Pace (far right). PHOTO: Martin C. Barry • Newsfirst



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“When I see the Green Brigades and I see the work being done in these schools, I tell myself that we are on the right path,” said Mayor Gilles Vaillancourt. PHOTO: Martin C. Barry • Newsfirst

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• The Laval News • • November 19, 2011

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STL begins new wheelchair Come meet access on No. 60 bus line

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Officials from the City of Laval, the STL and the Association Lavalloise pour le Transport Adapté are seen here with one of the STL’s buses equipped with one of the new ramps. PHOTO: Martin C. Barry • Newsfirst

president Jean-Jacques Beldié said the new access ramps will complement ince Nov. 5, the Société de the adapted transportation services Transport de Laval’s regu- that the STL has offered for some time. lar network of buses has According to Beldié, as soon as the become more accessible to STL is able to equip more of its buses persons who get around in wheel- with the ramps and the bus stops are chairs and on three-and four-wheel modified to indicate the service is electric scooters, thanks to some new available, the STL will be expanding the service to other bus lines. access ramps.

M A R T I N C. B A R R Y

The new ramps, which are attached to the front doorway of certain buses, is for STL users who are able to get on and off the bus autonomously, that is either by themselves or with the assistance of a companion. The service isn’t meant to replace paratransit service, which is still available for people who prefer that system or whose special needs require it.

T : 14 in


Booklet available

An English-language booklet (Transit User’s Guide: Accessibility to the regular network) is available from the STL. It contains valuable information on using buses equipped with the new ramps, such as the maximum size of wheelchairs or scooters, which can be no wider than 29 inches (73.66 centimetres) and no longer than 46 inches (116.84 centimetres). Further No. 60 bus to start The new ramps are being phased information can be obtained from the in gradually. At the moment, stops STL’s customer contact centre at (450) where the service is available are iden- 688-6520. tified with a pictogram of a wheelchair both at the stop itself and on the STL’s website. But for the time being, the service is available only the No. 60 Brochures bus route, on Saturdays, Sundays and 4 colour process, 2 sides, holidays. 100lb, Folded roll, half, Z The Association lavalloise pour le or double parallel transport adapté (ALTA), which was Bundled in 100s present at a press conference held at the STL’s Le Carrefour terminal on Nov. 4, is pleased with the implementation of the bus ramps. “I am very happy to know that I’ll be able to get around Laval on regular buses that are adapted,” said Jonathan Poulin, an ALTA member who uses a wheelchair.

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450-978-9999 The Laval News • • November 19, 2011 •

journal The Laval New : 5 po sur 14 po


Survey reveals Canadian seniors at risk of becoming helpless in their own homes



anadians in their 70s and 80s today are capable, selfsufficient and want to continue living in their own However, the vast majority


have a mistaken understanding about how to access help in the case of a medical emergency and four in ten are unaware falls are the most common cause of injuries among seniors

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t this point it has become almost comical. I’m not talking about the Habs early season play, but the number of players that are crowding the Habs medical offices. Chris Campoli, Jaro Spacek, Michael Cammalleri, Andrei Kostitsyn, Scott Gomez and even Hal Gill. In Hal’s case it’s just flu-like symptoms but come on man, just suck it up. The beginning of the season has become quite frustrating. The Habs inability to get above five hundred, the lack luster performances against inferior teams, no production from a power play which has been among the league’s best for the last four years… and for some unexplainable reason they simply can’t win at The Bell Center. However, it’s not all doom and gloom for Jacques Martin’s squad. Several of the young defensemen have stepped up, notably Diaz and Emelin, who have certainly not looked out of place. Veteran, Josh Gorges, has come back from an off-season injury and looks great. Young power forward, Max Pacioretty, has been ‘lights-out’ for the Habs after his terrible injury last year. But the reality is this: you can’t win a cup in October or November, but you can play yourself out of a playoff picture. The Habs need to get things in order and quickly. Brian Gionta needs to step up and play like a captain and inspire… he must lead. Carey Price has to be the Habs best player almost every night. PK Subban has to take up the offensive load that has been vacated by Andrei Markov. And of course, Scott Gomez has to carry his own weight, nobody expects him to lead this team anywhere, not even to a Tim Horton’s, but he must produce at a respectable level.

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Yes Andrei Markov will return and I believe he’ll be effective. He won’t be asked to be a catalyst, and that may be a good thing, but his return date is still unclear. The Habs need one thing and one thing only. That’s to show up every night no matter who’s in the lineup; effort has to be pushed every game. You have a young stud goalie that’s ready to carry the load, now it’s up to the 24 players in front of him to become a complete unit. And you never know, by Christmas all may be fine.

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in Canada, reveals the Lifeline Report on Aging in Canada released today by Philips Lifeline. The Lifeline Report on Aging in Canada is a survey of 1,000 Canadians aged 73 or older commissioned by Philips Lifeline, Canada’s leading medical alert and response service. According to the survey, 95 per cent of those surveyed say continuing to live independently at home is either their top priority or very important to them. However, a staggering number are at risk of becoming helpless in their homes following a fall. “All seniors living alone should have a failsafe plan about how they would get help if they fell as falls are a reality of aging. Each year more than 1.4 million Canadian seniors fall and 50 per cent are unable get up without help,” says Roxanne Rodgers, Clinical Nurse in Cardiology at Lakeshore General Hospital in Pointe-Claire. “Calling for help on a telephone is simply not possible if one cannot move, becomes disoriented or is knocked unconscious. It is unrealistic and dangerous, to assume a telephone will always be in reach or that someone will always hear your cry for help.”

• The Laval News • • November 19, 2011

• 86 per cent of respondents are counting on always being able to reach and use a telephone following a fall. • A further 10 per cent say they would try to get help on their own by trying to get up or yelling for help. • 26 per cent said they didn’t know how long it would take for help to arrive if they needed it.

Seniors’ lack of preparedness for falls is in stark contrast to other survey findings which show respondents are willing and ready to make whatever changes are required if the changes help them to continue living in their

own homes. • Although 62 per cent of respondents don’t currently have any assistance at home, they said it is only because they have not reached the age when they feel they need the help (64 per cent), rather than a reluctance to engage it. • Nearly three quarters (72 per cent) of respondents said they would make some changes and engage seniors’ services if it helped them to stay in their own home longer. • Forty five per cent said they would even be willing to move into a smaller home if it enabled them to continue living independently. • Only three per cent said they would never use senior services. “Our survey reveals that today’s Canadian seniors are practical, independent and open to change but also dangerously unaware that falls are one of the most serious health risks among their age group,” says Erik Sande, General Manager, Philips Home Monitoring (Canada). “We recommend they subscribe to a medical alert device, such as Lifeline. This simple, unobtrusive device enables seniors to live active, independent lives yet provides instant access to help in case of a fall and peace of mind to the subscribers and their families.” Falls are one of the most serious health risks among seniors, with an estimated one in three Canadians over age 65 expected to fall each year.[1] Fifty per cent of seniors who fall can’t get up without help[2]. The longer a senior lies helpless following a fall can have a dramatic impact on outcome. If a senior lies helpless for one hour or less the change of mortality is 12 per cent. However, seniors who lie helpless for 72 hours or more have a 67 per cent chance of mortality.[3] The Lifeline Report on Aging was an online survey conducted from September 6th to September 8th among a sample of the 1004 Canadians aged 73 or older who are Angus Reid Forum panel members. The margin of error on the full base which measures sampling variability is is +/- 3.1%. Discrepancies in or between totals are due to rounding.

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The Biotech City and LAVAL ds... Food...Frieandition already a tr TECHNOPOLE host a prominent life Value Meals sciences and health technology delegation from Alsace BioValley Sirloin Steak NY (12 oz) Served with rice, pepper sauce and Monte Carlo potato



From left to right : Max Fehlmann, President and General Manager of CQDM, Pierre Desroches, President and Executive Director of LAVAL TECHNOPOLE, Gilles Vaillancourt, Mayor of Laval, André Reichardt, First Vice-President of the Regional Council of Alsace, Senator of Bas-Rhin and President of Alsace International, Nicolas Carboni, General Manager of the Alsace BioValley Competitiveness Cluster, and Basile Angelopoulos, Municipal Councillor, Chomedey and Member of the Executive Committee City of Laval. PHOTO: Alsace Delegation


illes Vaillancourt, Mayor of Laval, Pierre Desroches, President and Executive Director of LAVAL TECHNOPOLE and President of the Biotech City, and Samir Mounir, Director of the Biotech City and the BIOPOLE, hosted a prominent life sciences and health technology delegation from Alsace, France, on October 13. André Reichart, First Vice-President of the Regional Council of Alsace, Senator of Bas-Rhin and President of Alsace International, led the mission with several colleagues, notably, Nicolas Carboni, General Manager of the Alsace BioValley “competitiveness cluster,” as it is called in France. This delegation of experts from the Alsacian business community attended a conference in the Council Chamber of Laval’s City Hall, where they met key individuals from the Laval economic community, more specifically, the Biotech City and certain Laval firms. The conference had a two-fold purpose: to showcase the strength of the Alsace region in life sciences and health technologies and to publicize the calls for proposals for joint Alsace-Quebec projects in these fields.

(CQDM), several Laval firms participated in networking sessions with a view to forging business ties with their Alsacian counterparts. “Our companies are looking to form strategic business partnerships with Alsacian firms. I firmly believe that we can make our good economic relations even better and create mutually beneficial exchanges and business opportunities. Moreover, we’re convinced that this meeting will lead to a partnership agreement between the Biotech City and the Alsace Bio Valley competitiveness cluster,” said Samir Mounir, Director of the Biotech City and the BIOPOLE. It will be recalled that in October 2010, the Biotech City hosted a large French delegation from the life sciences and health technologies sectors that included members from Alsace BioValley as part of Innovie, an event designed to promote partnerships between Quebec and French life science and health technology firms.

In fact, three years ago, the Centre québécois de valorisation des biotechnologies (CQVB) signed an important The morning began with a presenta- cooperation agreement aimed at formtion of the advantages of the Alsace ing a strategic partnership. The Biotech region and the prospects for coopera- City was also a party to this agreement, tion between Alsace and Laval in life which calls for a partnership between sciences and health technologies. Then, the parties, investments and furtherwith the collaboration of the Québec ing the growth of companies in both Consortium for Drug Discovery networks.


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580 Saint Martin W. Blvd. Tel. 450.668.0033 The Laval News • • November 19, 2011 •


Remembrance Day commemorated in Laval Left, members of the Royal Canadian Legion pay their respects at the Laval War Cenotaph as a Canadian Forces soldier stands guard.

PHOTO: Martin C. Barry • Newsfirst

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‘They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old’

Come discus

s about

HealtH & Social Service ServiceS

Royal 22nd Regiment’s 4th Battalion among the participants Laval city councillor for Sainte-Rose Denis Robillard represented the mayor, anadian Forces soldiers, and Chomedey Liberal MNA Guy veterans of the country’s Ouellette was represented by his politimilitary engagements, cal aide Jean-François Coderre. The and cadets joined dig- Royal Canadian Legion’s Branch 251 in nitaries and citizens at Laval’s War Chomedey, which has been organizing Cenotaph near city hall on Nov. 6 for the event annually, starts working on it the annual ceremony commemorating each year as early as May. Remembrance Day.

M A R T I N C. B A R R Y


Generations meet

Dignitaries’ wreaths

Among the dignitaries depositing commemorative wreaths at the base of the monument to the war dead on Souvenir Boulevard were Laval-lesÎles NDP MP François Pilon, Quebec Liberal MNA for Vimont Vincent Auclair, Laval-des-Rapides Liberal MNA Alain Paquet and Laval NDP MP José Nunez-Melo.

There was a special moment following the ceremony when 97-yearold World War II flight officer Léo Blanchette spent a few moments with Sara Isabel Cruz, Pierre-Alexandre Clément, Mélanie Paquette, all members of the Air Cadets. The two generations of military tradition posed for a photo along with the Cadets’ zone officer for Laval, Maj. Jean-Marc Patry CD.

ish l g n % ’s E ew 35 l a v r ing : La nity g rs! k t a c Fa spe ealth mu en yea h s m gli d by h Co last t n of E serve l! the % 1 : 4 s are ntrea t c Fa aller n Mo Lavvices i ser


im t e h

t s i w


The INSPQ-Institute National Santé Publique du Quebec (MSSS) has mandated NPI-Laval AGAPE, to organize a Forum with focus groups on the themes that are a major importance for the Englishspeaking community of Laval.

t! c a to

This is a Historic importa to be inv nce olved and to get yo voice he ur ard!!!!!

all are invited to participate. this unique historic event is strictly dedicated to the english-speaking community of laval addressing the issues and needs of the community.

ssed: u c s i d e b o ces Themes t cial servi

Laval-les-Îles MP François Pilon deposits a wreath at the Laval War Cenotaph during this year’s Remembrance Day ceremony.

PHOTO: Martin C. Barry • Newsfirst

lth & So of a e H o t s 1- Acces glish & Retentionsionals s in En alth profecial needs e h l a u g bilin alth & speial needs e H : s r o i 2- Sen : Health & spec 3- Youthonment, lodging& Adults 4- Envitral Health: Youthty life and 5- Men l and communi 6- Socia ous affiliation religi incomes n o i & t t a c n e u d m 7- E , Employ y m o n o c 8- E Two dates to choose from

November 19 at

Laval Liberty High School

November 26 at

Laurier Senior High School

3200 Souvenir O., Chomedey, 2323 Blvd. Daniel Johnson, Laval, QC, H7V 1W9 Laval, QC, H7T 1H8 • Registration and Continental Breakfast: 8:00am-8:30am • 12:30-1:00pm: • 8:30 am-Themes Introduction Focus group • 9:15am-11:15am- Focus Group table discussions Wrap-up • 11:30-12:30pm: Recap of the Focus group discussion You can attend one or both dates and you can choose to participate in the theme of your choice.

To register call Mary Sicoli 514-903-3753 ext: 221 or email This project has been made possible through contributions from the following partners: Agence de la santé et des services sociaux de Laval

At Laval’s Remembrance Day ceremony on Nov. 6, 97-year-old World War II air-force veteran Léo Blanchette, centre, was able to spend a few moments with some young Air Cadets.

PHOTO: Martin C. Barry • Newsfirst

Institut national

de santé publique

NPI Laval AGAPE Health Canada

Santé Canada

CHSSN Community Health And Social Services Network

The Laval News • • November 19, 2011 •


Researchers discover why measles spreads so quickly Finding may also help fight cancer trials are currently under way using a modified measles virus. Because measles virus actively targets nectin-4, measles-based cancer therapy may be more successful in patients whose cancers express nectin-4. Such therapy could be less toxic than chemotherapy or radiation. Research was conducted in Dr. Cattaneo’s laboratory in collaboration with the Paul Ehrlich Institute in Langen, Germany, the University of Iowa in Iowa City, U.S.A., Centre INRS–Institut Armand-Frappier in Laval, Canada, Inserm UMR 891/ CRCM/Institut Paoli-Calmettes/ Université d’Aix-Marseille in Marseille, France, and Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School in Singapore. Institut national de recherche scientifique (INRS) is a graduate and postgraduate research and training university. One of Canada’s leading research universities in terms of grants per professor, INRS brings together some 150 professors and close to 700 students and postdoctoral fellows in its centres in Montreal, Quebec City, Laval, and Varennes. INRS research teams conduct fundamental research essential to the advancement of science in Quebec as well as internationally and play a critical role in developing concrete solutions to problems facing our society.

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easles virus is perhaps the most contagious virus in the world, affecting 10 million children worldwide each year and accounting for 120,000 deaths. An article published in the Nov. 2, 2011 issue of Nature explains why this virus spreads so rapidly. The discovery by Roberto Cattaneo, Ph.D., at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, in collaboration with Veronika von Messling, DVM, at the Centre INRS–Institut Armand-Frappier and research teams at several other universities opens up promising new avenues in cancer treatment. Measles virus spreads from host to host primarily by respiratory secretions. This mode of transmission explains why the virus spreads so quickly and how it resists worldwide vaccination programs to eradicate it. The study in Nature shows for the first time how the measles virus “exits” its host via nectin-4, which is found in the trachea. While viruses generally use cellular receptors to trigger and spread infection in the body, measles virus uses one host protein to enter the host and another protein expressed at a strategic site to get out. Nectin-4 is a biomarker for certain types of cancer, such as breast, ovarian, and lung cancers. Clinical

e s th , 2011 u o h n e p 9 o 2 r er Ou b m e v o N is l l a e . e r s e f d f n o a o t e Com that we have “KIDS HELPING KIDS”


By: Rhonda Steiner

This year, the students involved with “student council” have decided unanimously to help other kids in our community. Along, with planning dances and school activities, fundraising is a large part of student council. As the holidays come closer, these students have decided to bring smiles to the faces of children who cannot be home for the holidays, the children who have to spend the holidays in the hospital. Our very first “book drive”, is one way our school will help raise funds to purchase gifts for sick children. The “Buck-A-Book” drive will give our students an opportunity to purchase new books for their enjoyment while they bring in the ones they no longer need. We hope that the love of reading will result in a wonderful contribution for this cause. Books make a great holiday gift! Our annual food drive will also kick off shortly. We realize the need to fill our Christmas baskets is important and the student council members look forward to the rewarding experience of putting these baskets will give them. As an ongoing mission, student council has decided that 2012 will be the year they will also focus fundraising on helping send less fortunate children to camp. Each year, Tim Horton’s send hundreds of children to summer camps across the country. LJHS student council knows that with hard work, the money they raise will make a difference in a child’s life this summer!



By: Rhonda Steiner

“Laval Girl Talk” is a project initiated by Lise Montagne, the coordinator of our Community Learning Centre (CLC). She created a magazine that was generated solely by girls in our senior school in 2009. It was actually published, in collaboration with Courrier Laval, in October 2010 and distributed to over 130,000 homes in Laval. This year, we are thrilled to have about sixteen of our own junior high students become a part of this wonderful project. The project encourages the girls to work together as they create ideas that eventually become the articles they publish. This group of girls, along with Betty Aliftiras , our student supervisor, meet on a weekly basis with Lise Montagne. The girls kicked off the new school year with the launch of the magazine at Maison des Arts.

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• The Laval News • • November 19, 2011

Guest speakers are also invited to meet the girls. These speakers bring their expertise to the group. The girls engage in activities such as art design, photography, and journalism. Last spring, Maya Johnson, a CTV reporter, visited the school and met with the girls. This visit became an actual broadcast and will be a lasting memory for everyone. “Laval Girl Talk” is much more than a magazine. It is a place where girls can meet, build friendships and grow into confident young women.

Laval Canadian Tire Dealer Michel Séguin receives National Award for Environmental Innovation by Royal Canadian Geographical Society


he Canadian Award for Environmental Innovation was established in 2009 by The Royal Canadian Geographical Society and 3M Canada to recognize outstanding individuals in business, government, academia or community organizations whose innovative contributions to environmental change are benefiting Canada and Canadians. The Award seeks to celebrate individuals involved in a local, regional or national project, program or initiative that has provided innovative solutions that protect, restore or preserve the environment.

Michel Séguin, Canadian Tire Dealer in Laval and early champion of environmental protection, saw his actions recognized at the national level for the development and implementation of the Go Eco program in the banner’s auto centres throughout Quebec. Go Eco aims to reduce automotive waste going to Quebec landfill sites and waterways. Accepting the 3M Award for Environmental Innovation of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, Michel Séguin is flanked by André Préfontaine, the organization’s Executive Director, and Élise Maheu, Government Relations Director at 3M Canada.


SPEECH BY GILLES VAILLANCOURT, MAYOR OF LAVAL PRESENTATION OF VILLE DE LAVAL’S FINANCIAL POSITION FOR 2011 November 2, 2011 FOREWORD Madam Chairperson: Pursuant to the Cities and Towns Act and the Act respecting the remuneration of elected municipal officers, I am pleased to present Ville de Laval’s report on its financial position, both to City Council and to the Laval population as a whole. In this report, I will address the following topics: 1.

The financial statements for 2010


The capital expenditures program for 2011

2. 4. 5. 6.

The auditors’ reports for 2010

Preliminary information regarding the financial statements for the current year The general orientation of the next budget

The general orientation of the next 3-year capital expenditures program

In keeping with the laws that govern us, this document also includes, in appendix, a report on our City Council members’ remuneration and expense allowances as well as the list of contracts entered into by the City since my last report on the financial position.

1. FINANCIAL STATEMENTS FOR 2010 Our financial management for 2010 produced a surplus of $33.3 million for the City’s operations. This represents 4.8% of the revenues from operations-related financial activities, totalling $689.2 million. This surplus includes, in particular, supplemental tax revenues ($6.4 million), transfer tax on immovables ($9.4 million) as well as Court fines and charges ($2.7 million), in addition to savings on expenditures ($6.1 million). As for control organizations, they generated a surplus de $10.3 million, for a consolidated total of $43.6 million. As at December 31, 2010, Ville de Laval had various funds, reserves and surpluses available to use in order to reduce loans related to capital investment projects, such as rehabilitating infrastructures, planning and development of structuring projects as well as the acquisition and development of green spaces. These are significant financial instruments that have been set up by our Administration in order to help manage and reduce the debt. The strict management controls that have been implemented as well as our debt reduction policy are substantially helping to maintain our AAcredit rating, with a stable outlook, as established by Standard & Poor’s. Every year, this international credit rating agency analyses our financial position,

based—in particular—on Ville de Laval’s financial management, our City’s outlook for economic development and its demographic growth. With our excellent credit rating, we are able to positively influence the development of our city, while benefiting from the best market interest rates. We are proud of these results and are going to continue on in the same direction over the coming years. In so doing, not only will today’s residents benefit from the impacts of these policies, but we will also build a legacy to pass on to future generations.

the picture then became gloomier and the forecast is pointing toward depressed—but nevertheless positive—economic growth for the second half of 2011. The Bank of Canada has in fact postponed the expected increase in interest rates until the monetary authorities are convinced of the strength of the global economic recovery. Desjardins’ most recent economic outlook for Québec, published this fall in its economic study, sets the inflation rate at 2.7% for 2011 and at 2.2% for 2012. Despite this context, there will be urban growth in 2012, but less than that recorded during previous years. While such growth adds to the City’s revenues, it also results in greater expenditures due to the increase in the volume of services that the municipality has to provide in all areas of activity: waste management, fire safety, police services, drinking water, road maintenance, snow clearance, wastewater treatment, recreational activities, libraries, etc. In the current economic setting, major efforts have been—and will continue to be—made in order to strictly control the rise in costs, while maintaining the same level of services.

Certain factors will add to the tax burden of households, including another 1% increase in the Québec Sales Tax (QST). Such factors will have an impact on the consumption of goods and services as well as on the residential real estate market. A number of disappointing statistics have accumulated over recent months, with regard to this sector. According to the Greater Montreal Real 2. AUDITORS’ REPORTS FOR 2010 The reports of the Auditor General and external Estate Board, the resale market was 11% behind the auditor, on the 2010 financial statements, confirm results for 2010. As for the construction market, the above-mentioned results and include no special it is improving: The number of housing starts in Laval, for the first 9 months of the year, remained notes. stable. Moreover, the value of building permits for this period is up from $454 million in 2010 to $500 million in 2011. 3. CAPITAL EXPENDITURES PROGRAM Urban development and environment protection FOR 2011 The capital expenditures program for 2011 continue to be our core priorities. With the ÉvoluCité project, we have undertaken an environmentallyprovides for expenditures of $386.7 million. friendly development process that promotes urban Ville de Laval’s main capital expenditures for densification, active mobility, neighbourhood life, 2011 confirm the vitality of the City’s economic local businesses and less dependency on motor development. These capital expenditures mainly vehicles. A number of environmental measures concern the installation of infrastructures that will have already been introduced, including an facilitate the development of residential, commercial environmental grants program, a greenhouse gas and industrial sectors, the rehabilitation of existing reduction program and a reduction in heat islands, infrastructures, improvements and extensions to among others. The sustainable development our road system, the development of parks and the process has also already been implemented in acquisition of green spaces as well as our financial certain sectors of the City, for instance, in the area contribution to noise abatement measures. surrounding De la Concorde and Cartier metro Ville de Laval’s three-year capital expenditures stations, where various urban planning incentive program provides for a net amount payable by all programs have been set up in order to relocate residents that is less than net capital repayments. In industrial firms. These efforts will be pursued in the long run, the net per capita debt to be shouldered 2012 so as to maintain and improve the quality of by all residents will be reduced. our environment.

4. PRELIMINARY INFORMATION ON 2011 FINANCIAL STATEMENTS After analysing the first ten months of activities in 2011, we are able to affirm that we will be keeping within our budget. As in the past, we will continue to make the necessary efforts to pursue our strict control over spending, while maintaining service to residents that is in keeping with their expectations.

5. GENERAL ORIENTATION OF THE 2012 BUDGET According to Desjardins’ economic and financial outlook, Québec got off to a brilliant start in 2011, but

The maintenance and rehabilitation of aging infrastructures require extensive operations. The findings of a number of studies have brought to light an accumulated delay in rehabilitating the infrastructures and the consequences on residents’ future quality of life. Aware of this reality, the provincial and Federal governments have agreed to help the municipalities cope with this problem— which may affect the economic growth of Canada as a whole—by developing various grant and rebate programs in municipalities that help finance these efforts aimed at preserving the infrastructures. Nevertheless, the termination of the economic recovery programs that had been implemented by both levels of government might jeopardize the progress achieved over the past few years in this regard. Economic development hinges on modern infrastructures that will be conducive to business firms’ productivity. We will therefore pursue our efforts to convince the various partners to maintain the existing programs and to ensure a permanent and open-ended source of funding for infrastructure

rehabilitation. As for ourselves, we will continue to increase our contribution to upgrade the infrastructures by paying cash for such expenses and by controlling the net debt payable by all taxpayers, in accordance with the sound management policies adopted by our Administration. Despite this pressure on municipal finances, we will be keeping our promises and will be tabling a budget for 2012 that will be in line with what taxpayers can afford.

6. GENERAL ORIENTATION OF THE NEXT CAPITAL EXPENDITURES PROGRAM In 2012, as we have done in the past number of years, we intend to pursue our policy of limiting capital expenditures payable by all taxpayers, to an amount that is less than our capital repayments. In the long run, this will result in a reduction in the per capita debt. The financial reserves created over the past few years are allowing us to make additional cash payments. This injection of funds, combined with the previously mentioned level of investment, is ensuring an adequate rate of renewal of our main infrastructures. By building new facilities, such as the Laval campus of Université de Montréal, which started welcoming students in 2011, Ville de Laval will continue to attract more and more families and businesses to its territory, year after year. Such a capital expenditure management strategy is also helping Ville de Laval reduce debt service pressures on future budgets.

CONCLUSION Madam Chairperson: This completes my presentation on Ville de Laval’s financial position for 2011. I truly believe that the above-mentioned facts clearly illustrate to Laval residents that their confidence in us is well justified. The main objectives that we are pursuing are to maintain the excellent quality of life that we enjoy in Laval and to keep our spending within the limits of what our taxpayers can afford. These commitments have always formed the very basis of our actions and we will continue on, into the future, with these efforts to ensure financial discipline and social responsibility. Laval has now become a major player within the Montréal agglomeration, and the ongoing growth that we are experiencing is directly contingent on what we have succeeded in building over the years. Demographic growth will be a major issue over the coming years. According to the Institut de la Statistique du Québec, the Laval population will increase by over 75,000 residents during the next 20 years. The big challenge that we are now facing lies in passing on to future generations a legacy consisting of a quality living environment from a social, economic and environmental standpoint. Already, our track record is positive and is ensuring that our legacy is in keeping with the sustainable development orientation that we are advocating. Thank you, Madam Chairperson.

Delivered in Laval on November 19, 2011 Suzanne Deshaies, CA Treasurer

The Laval News • • November 19, 2011 •


Community Calendar CHANUKAH PARTY for Chomedey Chapter

On November 1, 2011,our organization, Jewish Women International of Canada, officially changed their name to Act to End, Violence Against Women. We are the same organization and Chomedey Chapter will continue to raise money to support the many services and projects in our community. On December 7th, our annual Chanukah Party will take place at the Shaar Shalom Synagogue , 4880 Notre Dame Blvd. Of course there will be latkes, salads, desserts, as well as a gift exchange and entertainment by violinist, David Litvack. Members and friends are welcome to attend. Cost: Members $12.00…Non-members

$15.00 For more info call: Rosalee at 450-681-5335

Date: Monday December 28, 2011 Time: 13h00pm Info: (514) 948-3021 •



The Young Israel of Chomedey Presents lloyd slaven Congregation is holding its Fall Bazaar on Sunday, November 20 and Sunday, Topic: “nothing lasts forever” November 27th from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 He will discuss current events in the conp.m. All new merchandise including text of broader world history clothes for the whole family, knick-knacks, bathroom accessories, yard goods, tools, DATE: Wednesday, November 23rd etc. The synagogue is located at 1025 TIME: 1:00 pm Elizabeth blvd., Chomedey-Laval. Info: 450-681-2571

Location: 3231 Boul. Levesque w.,Laval.

November 28th

Good Friends




Happy 1st Birthday to our little man Van! All our love Mommy, Daddy & Nina xox

Happy 1st Birthday Mya We love you so much! Mommy, Daddy and Aryana



Happy Birthday Keshika Our God sent gift

th Happy 10 Birthday to our sweet little girl Barbara! With all our love always: Mommy, Daddy and big sister Natasha!

I need an outsider’s perspective because I can’t ask my close friends. I am 21 and one of my best friends is 26. I met him a year ago through a mutual friend, and upon our first meeting we talked all night about life and such. Ever since then I harbored feelings for him. We didn’t become close until this past spring at a party. I was so shy that if it wasn’t for my sorority sister, I wouldn’t have gone at all. Since then we have literally been inseparable. This past summer he invited me to accompany him to his brother’s birthday party. On the way home he brought up the subject of how he couldn’t date me. I was totally caught off guard. Who doesn’t bring up things that aren’t on their mind already? And mind you, when you already have this little crush forming, it’s hard to bounce back after they tell you. He then brings up my other sorority sister and wants to know what I think of her, saying, “I wouldn’t date her if you don’t like her.” Well, then they started dating...:/ Everybody loves them together. They’re so cute together and so forth. Which is why I can’t bring this up to my closest friends. I don’t want to destroy the golden couple because, believe it or not, I was on the opposite side once and a “sister” swooped in and took my guy away from me. My best friend and I are still inseparable. We talk for hours a week. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way about anyone—guy or girl friend. With him I can be myself. He understands my sense of humor and knows what I’m going to say before I say it. But it’s getting harder to see them together. She now considers me one of her closest friends too and is so happy I played a mild part in putting them together. So here are my choices: continue to be their closest friend and never tell him; tell him how I feel and risk losing one of the closest friendships I’ve had in years;

Moments Précieux From: Mommy, Daddy and Srii We love you so much

November 27th


November 30th

Alaia it’s your time for some birthday fun; Happy Birthday from everyone! Infinite Love Mommy, Daddy, Daija, and Harmonie xoxxo


November 14th

We wish our handsome son and brother Nicolas a Happy 6th Birthday We love you very much!!! From Mom, Dad, sister Zoe and brother Michael.


Happy 1st Birthday H armonie Sarai! Mama, Nana, and Ya ya love you so much! xoxxo November 22nd

Deadline Monday 1pm

PLACE: Chevra Mishnayis Jacob Josef Synagogue, 715 du Sablon Business Meeting members only: 12:15 pm. Everyone Welcome Refreshments will be served For information or reservations please contact Evie Applebee, President - 450681-9342

Information Session on nutrition and healthy diet with a professional dietician Deadline

November 12th

Send your announcements of events two weeks prior to

Free Free Free

or slowly distance myself from them, which is hard to do because we spend so much time together. Nikki Nikki, you could know the future, like knowing when you are going to die, but would that be a good thing? Especially if it’s nothing you can change. Do you need him to tell you he doesn’t find you attractive in that way? What would that do to your friendship? And your morale? The added little something that changes a great friend into the one for you isn’t there. Asking about it will strain him. Things will get more awkward. He doesn’t need to give you a no. Because he brought the issue up, you would like to believe he was thinking about dating you. It is more likely he knows you would like to date him, and he gave you his answer. Don’t exactly separate yourself from the “golden couple,” but have more time apart so your one can appear. Perhaps the kismet here is through him you will meet the man for you. Or the space you create between you and him will allow the right one to appear. Part of why you covet him is he is all you see. But your relationship is not “eyes across a crowded room and some enchanted evening.” Don’t be stuck hoping he will warm up to you like a comfortable old robe. The unsaid core of the relationship self-help industry is these books are not about changing yourself, they are about helping yourself to someone else. That doesn’t work. Care about him as a friend, want the best for him. If he is happy with her, that should make you happy, too. But free yourself to find what your heart desires.

Email us your pictures to announce your celebrations: (To view it full size, visit

Keeping in touch with the community • Tel.: 450-978-9999 18

• The Laval News • • November 19, 2011

Wayne & Tamara

LPD BLUE Saint-Martin Blvd. collision

The Laval Police Department is seeking witnesses to a road accident which happened around 1 a.m. on Nov. 6 at the intersection of Saint-Martin Blvd. and Pierre-Péladeau Ave., resulting in several injuries. The driver at fault was moving eastward at high speed along Saint-Martin Blvd. when he lost control of his vehicle, crossed a grass median and collided with a car that was travelling westward on Saint-Martin. Four people were injured in the accident, two of them seriously. An investigation by traffic accident investigators is currently underway. According to police spokesman Franco Di Genova, they were still waiting earlier this week to receive blood samples from the driver suspected of being under the influence of alcohol, as well as also results of tests done on the car’s skid marks which would indicate how fast he was going. “We strongly believe that he was drunk and that he was also most probably speeding,” said Di Genova, adding that it would be several weeks before the results come back. “But we are also hoping that maybe somebody in the area saw something.” There are several night spots in the area and it is hoped patrons from some of them who might have witnessed the accident will come forth. Anyone with information about the accident is urged to call the Laval Police’s info line at 450-662-INFO (4636), or 9-1-1. The dossier number is LVL 111106 011. All information will be treated confidentially.

Tires slashed in Vimont

In the early morning hours of Nov. 16, a vandal went systematically along des Laurentides and Dagenais boulevards in Vimont and slashed the tires on a total of 33 vehicles. “There were some thefts in the vehicles,” said Di Genova. “We’re investigating but haven’t got much to go on. It’s most probably young kids. But we

operators appear to be using more fre- 28-year-old man killed in Laval quently. In order not be identified, they car crash use multiple sub-lets for their chosen Grow-op found in industrial A 28-year-old was killed early Sunday locations. As a result, the investigators morning in a single-car accident on the park often have a long paper trail to follow. Laurentian Autoroute south in Laval. Responding to a major fire on Nov. Provincial police at around 2:30 16 at a company on Berlier St. in Laval’s The lease holder often ends up being industrial park, firefighters inadver- a numbered company, rather than an Sunday morning, the man was trying tently uncovered a marijuana grow-op individual who is immediately identifi- to pass another car at high speed when able. he lost control of the car, flipped over that had been operating next door. several times, and was thrown from Although the fire which started at Missing persons found the vehicle. 872-876 Berlier was found to not be of Th e Laval Police report fi nding three Ambulance techs on the scene sugcriminal origin, the firemen decided to check the structural soundness of an residents who were recently report- gest the man wasn’t wearing a seat belt. adjoining building after the roof of the ed missing. Joannie Rodolphe, 16, had been missing since Nov. 4, 2010. building that was on fire collapsed. “Apparently the smoke went through Allyson Deschênes Perreault, 15, who the firewall and it was thought the was missing since Oct. 23, also was fire had spread,” said Di Genova. As found, as was her brother Dereck, 14, a result, when the firemen entered who had run away from home at the 880-882 Berlier, they were surprised to same time as his sister. And 78-yearfind a marijuana cultivation operation. old Alexis Rioux, who left home this When this happens, locations like this past Nov. 10 and had not been seen automatically become a crime scene since, was also reported to have turned and a search warrant is issued for their up safe and sound. The police also reported finding 53-year-old Yves complete inspection by the police. Martel, who had been missing since WE WANT YOUR According to a report cited by Di Genova, 11,000 marijuana plants, rang- Nov. 7. He was last seen near his home COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION’S NEWS ing from one to three feet, were found in Laval’s Sainte-Rose sector and those IN OUR COMMUNITY CALENDAR!!! in the warehouse, as well as 15,000 close to him feared for his well-being Email them at: marijuana sprouts or cuttings which and health. are used in the cultivation of the intoxicating and illegal plant. There were also bags filled with 22 kilograms of marijuana ready to be sold and consumed. rs 15 yea The Laval Police’s anti-drug squad, r at you which has had a fair amount of expee! rience in recent years shutting down servic these types of operation, reportedly consider this one to have been larger than most and well-equipped in terms ALARM SYSTEM INSTALLATION of lighting and configuration of elec+ 6 MONTHS MONITORING! tricity. “All their equipment was fairly System Includes: upscale,” said Di Genova. Within the • 1 Control panel warehouse in question, the operators • 1 keypad had gone so far as to reconfigure the • 1 Motion detector interior so as to create a second storey • 1 Front door contact inside where they could expand the • 1 Battery growing operation. Although grow• 1 Siren 24 HOUR MONITORING ops themselves sometimes trigger fires, • 1 Transformer such was not the case in this instance. The police must now deal with the consequences of a tactic that grow-op have nothing tangible right now.”

y Merr s ma Christ & y Happ ar! e Y w Ne



T. 514-289-8585 F. 514-289-9445

This holiday season, send your wishes to relatives, friends or clients with a personal touch: Your own custom made designed full colour Greeting Cards. 100 cards, only $107 8.5” x 5.5” or 10” x 7”

Place your order today.


A division of The Laval News • • November 19, 2011 •


side h O RO s C O P e

Aries March 21-April 19__________________

A month of far travel, higher learning, legal affairs, cultural involvements, of wide vision and the “big questions” begins Tuesday. (It starts in earnest, more deeply, Friday onward.) However, a general slow-down and “backtracking” influence begins now, so the travel should be to former places, the higher learning will succeed best if it is review or research, etc. Don’t be determined to break new ground; test the ground you’re on first. Lots of work confronts you now to next July. Until December 13, limit these chores to routine or neglected ones. Start nothing new before then.

Taurus April 20-May 20___________________

Don’t start anything new before December 13, especially in finances, investments, debt, lifestyle changes, or intimate commitments. Don’t begin new funding partnerships. Instead, deal with past or ongoing projects – protect the latter from mistakes and unforeseen contingencies, supply shortages, etc. Have a “Plan B.” Your romantic nature heats up through next June. If you’re single, the three weeks ahead bring a sweet, gentle, inquisitive, supportive person. At the same time, now to late December, your sexual, intimate urge heightens. Result: quick closeness! Be honest, moral.

Gemini May 21-June 20___________________

Start nothing before December 13 – instead, focus on past or ongoing ventures, particularly in relationships, relocation, litigation, agreements, negotiations, contracts, and dealings with the public. Tuesday begins a month in which all these matters will be emphasized. Your thoughts/desires might turn to an old flame or “ex.” But this link holds dangers: domestic friction, urges to end it, his/her “domination attitude,” etc. On the other hand, a great opportunity, perhaps to find a retreat, or land a government or institutional link/ permission, could arise from a past contact.

Cancer June 21-July 22___________________

A month of work and health concerns begins Tuesday. Stick to routine and ongoing chores. DON’T start a big new work, employment or machinery project – or anything important – before December 13. Buy no machinery, TV or computers. You’re restless, but you’ll be fine, happy, if you channel this energy into work, errands and “phone lines.” You might revisit a former home, or reconnect with a family member. Your home needs care (electrical?) Sunday/Monday – kids too. Romance beguiles midweek. That month of work begins seriously Friday/Saturday. Bosses are tense, but you succeed!

Leo July 23-Aug. 22______________________

Libra Sept. 23-Oct. 22_____________________

An active, busy, communicative, restless, travel-prone month begins Tuesday (and more solidly, earnestly Thursday night). Unfortunately, a period of delay, indecision and confusion also begins this week, lasting to December 13. DON’T begin important projects before then, especially in travel and communications – e.g., avoid a new mailorder venture, installing new telephones or office equipment, etc. Travel only to revisit, not to new places (except for rest, e.g., a week on the Cuban beach). A former friend might return – it’s not a big thing. Chase money Wednesday/Thursday.

Scorpio Oct. 23-Nov. 21___________________

The month ahead emphasizes money: earnings, buying/selling, possessions, and memorization or rote learning. Until December 13, start nothing new in these (or any) areas. Guard against mistakes, slowdowns, supply shortages and missed meetings. Have a “Plan B” ready in money areas. Contact former clients. A sensual relationship might begin. While pleasant, even deeply gratifying, this bond is unlikely to last unless she/he reappears from your past (now to mid-December). Lie low, rest Sunday eve to Tuesday eve. Your charisma and energy surge midweek. Work safely Saturday.

Sagittarius Nov. 22-Dec. 21________________

Sunday to Tuesday bring you optimism, hope – and for good reason. Tuesday begins a month of higher energy, charisma and popularity. This would usually be a great time to start important projects and make your mark on the world. But until December 13 the only longterm success will involve projects or relationships resurrected from the past. Ongoing ventures are also fine, but be patient with them, and protect them from delays, supply shortages and “new ideas.” A former mate might appear soon. Rest, recuperate and contemplate midweek. Your energy surges Thursday night onward.

Capricorn Dec. 22-Jan. 19_________________

A month of quietude, rest, contemplation, of sweet solitude, begins Tuesday. (Take hopeful, ambitious action Sunday night to Tuesday.) Your timing is great – just as you slow down, so too does the world – until December 13. (In other words, you’re not missing anything important.) Before that time, start nothing major in any arena. This is a splendid time to get a physical, to revisit a hospital, institution, large corporation or government, to re-apply for aid or permission. Hopes and friendly meetings arise midweek. Retreat Friday/Saturday: your home (and heart?) need care.

Aquarius Jan. 20-Feb. 18__________________

A month of romance, pleasure, adventure, creativity and speculation begins Tuesday – you’ll ride a winning streak! But stick to former or ongoing attractions – brand new loves, though they can flame and pulse hot, will, long-term, be busts. As if to nudge you the right way, an old flame will return, in actuality or in your thoughts. Start nothing new, in business or love, before December 13. (And DO NOT start a new creative work – its ending would elude you.) Settle into home midweek: all’s fine, kids are sweet, friends happy, thoughts good. Romance grows Friday, teeters Saturday.

The month ahead brings friends, parties, entertainment, happiness, optimism and wish fulfillment! However, until December 13 only ongoing people, things and projects – or those reprised from the past – will succeed. Don’t start anything new before that date. A former lover, flirter or affectionate friend might return. You’re attracted to former groups – give them a call. You could start a short, hot fling with someone from your past. Is it fair to him/her? Monday/Tuesday are mellow, gently loving, wise. Be ambitious midweek – bosses like you! Happiness, friends, Friday/Saturday!

Virgo Aug. 23-Sept. 22____________________

Pisces Feb. 19-March 20__________________

Tuesday triggers a month of domestic, security, real estate, foundational, gardening, nature, nutrition, stomach and soul concerns. All these matters face delays, indecision and “backwardation” now to December 13. During these few weeks “manna from the past” can occur. You might face a splendid opportunity to “redo” your home situation, to re-align children’s direction or education, or to purchase a residence (perhaps in a foreign country) that you have already seen/ wanted. But DON’T begin brand new projects; don’t purchase a newlyglimpsed home, start new renovations, etc.

Tuesday starts a month of ambition, prestige and status concerns, and relations with VIPs, bosses and parents. Start nothing new, especially in these zones, before December 13. Protect ongoing ventures and projects from delays, confusion, mistakes, indecision, supply shortages and missed appointments. Have a “Plan B” ready. Don’t believe promises, especially from Virgo or Gemini. A position, client, VIP or employer from the past could hold the ticket to success. Monday/Tuesday are mysterious, sexy: dig deep for answers. Wisdom, gentle love arise midweek. Be ambitious late week.

Website: - E-mail: - For a reading: (604) 261-1337

Jo k e o f t h e we e k ! A 747 flight

A 747 was halfway across the Atlantic when the captain got on the loud speaker. “Attention, passengers. We have lost one of our engines, but we can certainly reach London with the three we have left. Unfortunately, we will arrive an hour late as a result.” Shortly thereafter, the passengers hear the captain’s voice again, “Guess what, folks. We just lost our third engine, but please be assured we can fly with only one. We will now arrive in London three hours late.” At this point, one passenger become furious. “For Pete’s sake,” he shouted, “If we lose another engine, we’ll be up here all night!”


• The Laval News • • November 19, 2011


69. Penn and Teller, e.g. 1. Slight error 70. Olive genus 6. Flooded 72. Athens vowel 11. Ooze 73. Strong metal 15. Soak up 75. Savor 17. Present 78. ‘‘The ____ from U.N.C.L.E.’’ 18. Eye water 80. One who regrets 19. Difficult dive 82. Herbal drinks 20. Hauler 21. Threat’s final word 83. Singer Perry and family 22. Growl 85. Expresses 24. Bear’s abode 89. Neck area 25. Palatable 90. Identical 26. Upper body 91. Get free 29. Sibilant sound 92. Imitator 31. Length 33. Unlock, in poems 93. Doc 94. Mysterious 34. Slender trace 36. Journey DOWN 40. Fisherman’s hook 1. Loiter 42. Twerp 2. Arab garment 44. In fashion 3. Fraternity letter 45. Negative linking word 4. Airs 46. Too 5. Before this time 47. On the loose 6. Aardvark’s snack 48. Evokes 7. Forest 50. Symbol of peace 8. Card game stake 53. Nutty confection 9. Perfume 56. Attendant 10. That woman’s 57. Preposition 11. Hot and humid 61. Race at idle 12. Slithery swimmers 62. Tease 13. Atlantic coast area 63. Old clothes 14. Hunter’s quarry 64. Sidewalk edge 16. Halter top 65. Breakfast dish 23. Set aside 67. Blue jay’s home 25. ____ of Capricorn


This week’s


26. Kind of party 27. Birthstone for most Libras 28. Umps 30. Shopping binge 32. Wickedness 35. Boundless 37. Black bird 38. Picked up 39. Forage plant 41. Deceive 43. Shut out 44. Hat, e.g. 49. Stylish 51. Apt 52. Smiling 53. Master 54. Unit of radiation 55. Caesar’s greeting 58. Without clothes 59. ‘‘____ Grit’’ 60. Old Greek coin 66. Not as tight 68. African fly 71. Soap plant 72. Japanese mushroom 74. Remnant 75. Alcohol lamp 76. Lowest tide 77. Mock 79. In the company of 81. Capitalize on 83. Motor disk 84. Dry, as wine 86. Road surfacing material 87. Roof finial 88. Lay eyes on



68 53

8 6 56 3 7 61 35 6 1 84 3 957 2 97 8 2 15 68 7 2 53 8 6 56 3 9 61 35 6 1 84 A n s w e R s O n T h e C l A s s 3i f i e9d5 7 PA g2e 35 35

Laurier Senior High School Academics, Athletics and Arts

Singers Wow Students at LSHS & MTJHS


n education for excellence, all young people, not just the gifted, should be stretched to their utmost, taught to be constantly discriminating but not judgmental, encouraged to respect talent wherever it may be found, and helped to gain a generosity of spirit that enables one to recognize excellence in others and to enjoy it without envy. Photo: Sandra Dessureault Great performers have a feeling of ease in their work. From left to right: From Italy, pop stars Irene and Daniele followed by Great performances look Chris Giannini’s guitarist Adam Varano, rising local star Chris Giannini effortless. Of course, this accompanied by guitarist and backup singer Jordano Battista. is a result of a great deal of work. Consistent, competent performers do not depend solely upon superior vocal skills, nor are they a matter of luck. On the contrary, the best performers result from a combination of mental attitude, concrete performing skills, and excellent technical skills in that order. With only a raised stage platform, three microphones, a white background, one spotlight, and a candlelined catwalk, former Laval Catholic High School graduates got the performance off to a great start. The trio included popular local singer/songwriter Chris Giannini, backup singer/guitarist Jordano Battista, and joining the final performance, guitarist Adam Varano. Visiting and invited special guests, Italian pop stars, Irene and Daniele, favorites on national Italian television networks TeleUniverso and Rai TV, along with Chris Giannini used their powerful voices and star power to “wow” the excited audience. None of the performers required any motivating. Their inspiration was spurred on by the electric atmosphere that enveloped the entertaining festival of songs and music, an atmosphere not lost on the culture-loving public made up of approximately 1000 Laurier Senior students, and in a separate showing, an audience of 700 Mother Teresa Junior High students. The concert was organized within short notice and quickly approved by Mr. Nick Primiano, principal of Laurier Senior High School and Mrs. Anna Villalta, principal of Mother Teresa Junior High appreciating the value of culture and talent. Vice Principal, Ms. Dena Chronopoulos cordially introduced the concert to the eagerly awaiting students. Mr. Dominic Di Stefano, Spiritual Animator, also participated in the extravagant event as co-emcee. Laurier Senior Physical Education teacher, Daniel Sciotto acted as stage and technical coordinator and director for all the performances. The magnificent “Four”, particularly former student and local rising star Chris Giannini, were appealing to the eyes and the ears, and a feast for all senses. To say that all the performers were a “hit” would be an understatement. Laurier Senior student, Nicolas Pesce, stated that “their performance couldn’t have been more “on” with their singing capabilities, their appearance, and interaction with the audience.” Irene gushed onstage where the squealing students seemed to concur. The willowy pop Italian sensation pulled out hit after hit out of her phenomenally successful songbook. Her endless desire to connect with the audience made the students feel special. Walking through the audience, hugging, high-fiving, and touching their hands on her way to the stage marked her understanding of the value of capturing their hearts. The teen audience ate it up. Italian pop star, Daniele, was undoubtedly the most romantic and passionate singer of the bunch. He distinguished himself by kneeling and singing to a girl or two, and by working the audience into swaying along with him. He also attempted to say a few words in English, admittedly, his Italian was more appealing. Jordano Battista, Laval Catholic High School graduate of 2004, singer/ guitarist, is an integral part of Chris Giannini’s band. On electric and acoustic guitar, his voice injected the songs the bouncy, upbeat treatment they deserve with the full band. Undoubtedly, all the students enjoyed, praised and appreciated the great talent exhibited and the marriage of the diversity of culture. This concert was an impressive endeavour with a simple motive—to nurture a love of education through the arts. By: Renata Isopo



ashion is defined as the artistic approach to designing, selling, and wearing clothes. To be in fashion is to conform to the constantly changing artistic ideal of the current day. This year’s Show with Fashion, “Final Destination” spearheaded by Special Education Technician/ Coordinator, Alan De Souza, promises to be a three-day fun-filled and glamorous event featuring teams of students showcasing collections of over twenty influential suppliers and phenomenal entertainment. The shows will explore the ideas and inspirations motivating fashion today, and why the Laurier Senior High School fashion show remains the fashion magnet of all shows. Show with Fashion is a medium being associated with self-expression, self-identity, and professionalism bringing it closer to fine art in education than ever before. The advisors for this year’s show are French teacher, Patricia-Ann Clohosy, Spiritual Animator, Dominic Di Stefano and fashionista, Lina Varano. On November 24 and 25 at 7:30 p.m. and on November 26 at 7 p.m. students, family, staff, and members of the community are invited to gather at 2323 Daniel Johnson in Chomedey to witness one of the most anticipated events of the year. To reserve or purchase tickets at the cost of $17 or $20 at the door, please contact 450 686-6300 ext. 8515. The Organizing Committee, some models and advisors look like they’re ready for showtime.

Twelve people appointed to new Laval Ombudsman’s Office (TLN) During the Nov. 8 Laval city council meeting, the City of Laval proceeded with the nomination of 12 commissioners from Laval who will be members of the new Ombudsman’s Office. They are: Anne Bélair, Jacques Bisaillon, Josée Cailloux, Claude Cartier, Yvette Gagnon, Josée Gaulin, André Labelle, Ronald Lapierre, Liette Lecavalier, François Lemay, Diane Lemelin and Danielle Sormany. Diane Lemelin will be the president of the office.

istrative procedures and to issue recommendations with the goal of improving the services offered, which is very positive for the overall process of communication between the city and the community.”

Mediating skills

Equipped with relevant experience and coming from various sectors of activity, the commissioners were chosen during the selection process because of their outstanding sense of service, their good judgement and their ability to listen. These were all considered to be requisite There to listen Also, for two days a week a general abilities to equitably fulfill their role as secretary hired by the city will maintain mediators between the Laval community operations at the Ombudsman’s Office. and the municipal administration. Persons “I wish well to the commissioners at the or organizations who wish to make a Ombudsman’s Office whose priority man- request to the Ombudsman’s Office can date will be to listen to the population reach it at the following addresses: while accompanying them in seeking a 1 Place du Souvenir just treatment of their requests made with C. P. 422, succursale Saint-Martin regards to the city,” said Mayor Gilles Laval (Québec) H7V 3Z4 Vaillancourt. (450) 978-6888, local 3699 He continued: “Part of the mandate in this option of last recourse will be to to review the application of certain admin-

2 Junior high schools in laval! 2 open houses you can’t miss!! Laval Junior High School 3200, boul. Souvenir Ouest, Laval 450 680-3044 Tuesday, November 29, 2011 at 7 p.m.


Mother Teresa Junior High School 2323, boul. Daniel-Johnson, Laval 450 686-6333 Thursday, December 1, 2011 at 7 p.m.

an Win IPAD Students attending the event with their parents

can win an IPAD at the end of each open house!

By: Renata Isopo

The Laval News • • November 19, 2011 •


Laval meets with cities on how to manage immigration Not necessarily downloading, Angelopoulos says of new responsibility

Mother Teresa Junior High School Opens its DOORS! Come to MTJHS

Open House, Dec 1st 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

M A R T I N C. B A R R Y



lected representatives from 10 of the province’s largest municipalities were at Laval’s Maison des Arts on Nov. 16 to continue working on the development of a common policy for the management of immigration, which is a mandate Quebec has begun handing down to the towns and cities.

s a parent, one of the most important things you can do is make the right educational choices for your children. It is necessary to ensure your children are able to go to a good high school with a qualified and motivated staff that will see to all the needs your children have while in school. You are going to want your child to be in a high school where the professionals have a pleasant and helpful attitude. Does the high school have an excellent sports program? How are the non-sport activities for students that are not good in sports? A school that has spirit and offers a lot to do is going to be a good high school for your child to attend. The more activities, events, and interest they take in their education, the better. Socialization is also going to be important. Of course, this means you are going to want your child going to a good high school that is a safe and respectful environment. Most obviously, the most important part of choosing a good high school is going to revolve around a sound academic program. At MTJHS, one can confidently say that MTJHS offers each one of these things mentioned above.

More responsibility

“Cities have over the years acquired more and more responsibility in the area of immigration,” said Chomedey city councillor Basile Angelopoulos, vice-president of the Laval executive committee, who addressed the municipal officials at the start of the all-day meeting. In a brief interview, Angelopoulos said the twice-yearly meetings are “an opportunity for the larger cities that welcome immigrants to exchange and to discuss the various options they have and to compare notes regarding immigration. “It’s interesting to note that you have cities that are as far away as Saguenay that are also concerned about immigration,” he continued. “So immigration is not just something that is local to Montreal, Laval or Longueuil or other cities traditionally considered big. It’s become a lot more spread out to the entire province. This is an opportunity for the various cities to exchange and find out how they can better organize their supply and services.”

“Cities are taking on more and more responsibility,” Laval executive committee vice-president Basile Angelopoulos says about Laval’s increased role in the management of immigration. PHOTO: Martin C. Barry • Newsfirst

In some quarters, this kind of informal transfer might be regarded as a preliminary stage to an outright downloading of responsibility. “I don’t know if it’s a direct downloading,” said Angelopoulos when the question was put to him by the Laval News. “But it’s certainly part of the phenomenon where cities are taking on more and more responsibility.

The role of cities

“As they evolve, they acquire more responsibilities and in order to deal with them appropriately these types of forums and exchanges are crucial. Now immigration is a federal jurisdiction to begin with. Quebec has a significant role to play in that. “But then at the end of the day, immiIs it downloading? Over the last few years, Quebec grants who end up arriving in our has signed some protocols of under- country end up living in cities, and standing and agreements with Laval that creates certain challenges and and other Quebec cities, by which those challenges need to be addressed.” the municipalities have essentially Asked whether Laval has incurred any acknowledged their increasing role costs from its immigration responsibilin the management of immigration, ity, which admittedly is still quite limwhich previously had been a provincial ited, Angelopoulos said simply, “It will be interesting to see the outcome.” and federal jurisdiction.

We take pride in the Junior High School experience that we offer our students at MTJHS. Students familiarize themselves with the high school while being sheltered from the senior high experience. The senior high school works in collaboration with the junior high in order to make the transition as smooth as possible. Our professional staff is not only dedicated to our students but also equally dedicated in promoting our school values which are Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Cooperation and Excellence. Those values are reflected in the variety of programs and activities that we have to offer at MTJHS. Carrying the name of a humanitarian and charitable woman, the students at Mother Teresa do a great deal of community work & fund-raising for good causes. Students and teachers alike, model and believe in our motto of “Learning Through Giving”. MTJHS offers a wide variety of programs catering to varying student academic needs. The programs include the Accelerated Learning Program , a more challenging program for the over-achiever. MTJHS offers a Sports Etudes Program for students who wish to participate in high level sports while getting a sound education. A regular program, with possibilities for enriched classes for Math, ELA and French are equally offered. A popular Leadership program is offered to students with a strong sports orientation learn leadership and organization while promoting student autonomy, confidence, responsibility and sociability. MTJHS also offers a French Immersion program, as well as a Media Enriched Music or Visual Arts Program. Visit Mother Teresa Junior High School on the evening of December 1st to tour the school, visit classrooms, talk to students and their parents … but best of all meet the incredible staff at Mother Teresa Junior High School. They will bedazzle you with a learning environment that is known to be “More Than Just a High School”. Your choice of a high school will be just that much easier to make!

A Haunted Experience at Mother Teresa Junior High School & Laurier Senior High School


Representatives of 10 Quebec cities were at Laval’s Maison des Arts earlier this week to discuss how they will be be managing the immigration responsibility handed to them by the province.

PHOTO: Martin C. Barry • Newsfirst


• The Laval News • • November 19, 2011

n November 1st, our two Laval English-speaking high schools, Mother Teresa Junior High School and Laurier Senior High School joined forces to extend the Halloween spirit to students of Laval’s elementary schools. Nearly 200 students from Twin Oaks, Crestview and Jules Verne Elementary Schools enjoyed a morning of haunted activities lead by students of both high schools. Their visit included a visit of the MTJHS/LSHS Games Room, Leadership activities in the gyms and of course, a “chilling” visit through our Haunted House. Students courageously entered the “tunnel of fear” and met our witch, otherwise known as our school librarian, Ms. Venditti, who told them a spooky story. Bravely students crawled out of the bloodcurdling haunted house and celebrated their courage by enjoying a snack and receiving the traditional candy. The experience was a success thanks to the Leadership students of MTJHS and the WOTP students of Laurier Senior High School. Two schools joining forces to be one family, giving back to our community schools.

LAVAL LIBERTY High school students HIGH SCHOOL welcome François Gendron

National Assembly vice-president is on speaking tour of province

M A R T I N C. B A R R Y


rançois Gendron, the Quebec National Assembly ‘s longestserving member who is also vice-president of the provincial parliament, was in Laval on Nov. 2 to address high school students. Gendron was in Laval last March to speak to students at Collège Letendre.

Longest-serving MNA

Laval Liberty High School Drumming to its Own Beat


here has been a recent resurgence in the popularity of drum lines. Laval Liberty is proud to be the first English school in Quebec to have started a drum line, back in 2008, under the direction of Elaine Thomas. At LLHS, drum line is more than just 13 drummers playing a beat; it’s about 13 individuals coming together and connecting to create one unique sound. Drum line is a beautiful art that gives us an outlet for our emotions. It helps us develop teamwork as well as precise rhythmic skills. Since its creation, our drum line has rapidly grown to the point where we are not only asked to play for the football games but for almost any sporting event that comes up. We have already accomplished many things. Last year we participated in the Festival des Harmonies et d’Orchestres Symphoniques de Sherbrooke, and we were extremely thrilled to bring back with us a silver standard for our performance. At this festival, we were also the opening artists for the Yamaha Prestige Concert in front of an audience of approximately 1,200 spectators. We feel very optimistic for the year to come since we have 7 returning members from last year’s drum line, and all our new members have found their places in our drum line family. We are also looking forward to composing our own pieces to showcase all our different styles and to incorporate some new choreography and visuals into our shows.

A member of the Parti Québécois for the riding of Abitibi-Ouest, Gendron was first elected in 1976 when the PQ first swept into office and formed a government. Gendron is on an extend- François Gendron believes fervently ed tour of the province. He is travelling in democratic institutions like the National Assembly. to high-schools and other educational PHOTO: Martin C. Barry • Newsfirst centres, where he tries to educate the students on the activities and work whether the president of the National done by the National Assembly. Assembly (a role the vice-president must fill when the president is unable Good questions to) ever votes. Gendron confirmed that While some of the students were at the president can only do so under times uninterested in what Gendron extraordinary circumstances and that had to say, many of the questions put in the history of the National Assembly to him were surprisingly intelligent it has happened only twice. and informed. One asked, for example,

By: Lawrence Leylekian and Mercedes Bleau

Soccer Superstars


ctober 29th will remain a memorable day for Laval Liberty’s Soccer Concentration Program. It was the day we, the cadet boys, won our second Regional Championship in a row. Making it to the playoffs was no easy task. Our first playoff game was scheduled on October 24th against Pierrefonds High School. We won by a score of 2-1. Two days later, we had to face Loyola High School. Although we wiped them out with a score of 2-0, the game was tough and demanding. Nothing comes easy though; we are a tough team that spends hours practicing and perfecting the game under the guidance and instruction of our coach, Ka Ho Liu. The 29th was a day like no other. Chris Pololos, our swift striker, scored the first goal. Once the second half rolled around, we became sloppy and, on a free kick, Loyola tied it up 1-1. Having played two rounds of overtime, during the last 4 minutes, I, the team captain, made a strong pass deep down the line to our striker, Pololos, and, once again, he lead us to a championship win with a mighty kick. As team captain, I am very proud of our team. But, more importantly, what is most rewarding is being part of a sports concentration team that works hard and never gives up. We are a team of 22 student-athletes that do our best to excel both on the field and in the classroom. We need to maintain an average of 75% for every term if we are to stay on the team. That motivates us to become better students and stronger athletes. Being part of this team is a privilege that we all value. Here’s to the next championship! By: Gianfranco Doppia

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The brutal and bloodthirsty King Hyperion and his murderous Heraklion army are rampaging across Greece in search of the long lost Bow of Epirus.


LATE SHOWS FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS W W W.CINEMASGUZ ZO.COM MEGA-PLEX SPHERETECH 14 (514) 745-5566 COMPLEXE SPHERETECH - 3500 CÔTE-VERTU A VERY HAROLD AND KUMAR 3D CHRISTMAS,(13+) Sat-Sun 1:10-3:105:10-7:10-9:10 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:10 Fri-Mon-tueS 7:10-9:10 Wed-thu out ARTHUR CHRISTMAS 3D,(G) BeGin WedneSdaY tueS Wed-thu 7:05-9:10 HAPPY FEET 2,(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-12:40-2:50-5:00-7:10 Fri-Mon-tueS 7:10 HAPPY FEET 2 3D,(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-12:50-3:00-5:10-7:20-9:30 LS(FriSat)-11:40 Fri-Mon-tueS 7:20-9:30 Wed-thu 7:20-9:30 HUGO, BEGIN WedneSdaY Wed-thu 7:10-9:35 HUGO 3D, BEGIN WedneSdaY Wed-thu 6:50-9:25 IMMORTALS 3D,(13+) Sat-Sun 1:05-3:25-7:05-9:25 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:45 Fri-Mon-tueS 7:05-9:25 Wed-thu 7:05-9:25 IN TIME(DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 7:00-9:20 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:40 Fri-Mon-tueS 7:00-9:20 J. EDGAR(DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 12:55-3:35-6:55-9:35 Fri-Mon-tueS 6:55-9:35 Wed-thu 6:55-9:35 JACK AND JILL(DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 1:05-3:05-5:05-7:05-9:05 LS(FriSat)-11:05 Fri-Mon-tueS 7:05-9:05 Wed-thu 7:05-9:05 JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN(DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 9:20 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:30 Fri-Mon-tueS 9:20 LA SAGA TWILIGHT: REVELATION( DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 1:05-3:30-7:059:30 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:55 Fri-Mon-tueS 7:05-9:30 Wed-thu 7:05-9:30 MONSIEUR LAZHAR( DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 1:15-3:15-5:15-7:15-9:15 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:15 Fri-Mon-tueS 7:15-9:15 PUSS IN BOOTS 3D,(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-1:00-3:00-5:00 PUSS IN BOOTS(DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-1:10-3:10-5:10-7:10-9:10 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:10 Fri-Mon-tueS 7:10-9:10 Wed-thu 7:10-9:10 THE MUPPETS(DIGITAL),(G) BeGin WedneSdaY Wed-thu 7:10-9:20 THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN(DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 1:00-3:257:00-9:25 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:50 Fri-Mon-tueS 7:00-9:25 Wed-thu 7:00-9:25 THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN(DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 1:10-3:357:10-9:35 LS(Fri-Sat)-12:00 Fri-Mon-tueS 7:10-9:35 Wed-thu 7:10-9:35 THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN(DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 1:20-3:457:20-9:45 LS(Fri-Sat)-12:10 Fri-Mon-tueS 7:20-9:45 Wed-thu 7:20-9:45 TOWER HEIST(DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 12:50-3:00-5:10-7:20-9:30 LS(FriSat)-11:40 Fri-Mon-tueS 7:20-9:30 Wed-thu 7:20-9:30

MEGA-PLEX dEUX-MONTAGNES 14 (450) 472-5566 dEUX-MONTAGNES - 2701 des Promenades EN TEMPS,(G) Sat-Sun 1:05-3:25-7:05-9:25 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:45 Fri 1:053:25-7:05-9:25 Mon-tueS 7:05-9:25 Wed-thu 7:05-9:25 GANTS D’ACIER,(G) Sat-Sun 1:00-3:30-7:00-9:30 LS(Fri-Sat)-12:00 Fri 1:00-3:30-7:00-9:30 Mon-tueS 7:00-9:30 Wed-thu 7:00-9:30 HAROLD ET KUMAR FETENT NOEL EN 3D,(13+) Sat-Sun 9:20 LS(FriSat)-11:20 Fri 9:20 Mon-tueS 9:20 IMMORTALS 3D,(13+) VioLenCe horreur Sat-Sun 1:10-3:30-7:10-9:30 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:50 Fri 1:10-3:30-7:10-9:30 Mon-tueS 7:10-9:30 Wed-thu 7:10-9:30 J. EDGAR(V.F.),(G) Sat-Sun 12:55-3:35-6:55-9:35 Fri 12:55-3:35-6:55-9:35 Mon-tueS 6:55-9:35 Wed-thu 6:55-9:35 JACK ET JILL,(G) Sat-Sun 1:05-3:05-5:05-7:05-9:05 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:05 Fri 1:05-3:05-5:05-7:05-9:05 Mon-tueS 7:05-9:05 Wed-thu 7:05-9:05 LA SAGA TWILIGHT: REVELATION( DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 1:00-3:25-7:009:25 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:50 Fri 1:00-3:25-7:00-9:25 Mon-tueS 7:00-9:25 Wedthu 7:00-9:25 LA SAGA TWILIGHT: REVELATION,(G) Sat-Sun 1:10-3:35-7:10-9:35 LS(Fri-Sat)-12:00 Fri 1:10-3:35-7:10-9:35 Mon-tueS 7:10-9:35 Wed-thu 7:10-9:35 LA SAGA TWILIGHT: REVELATION,(G) Sat-Sun 1:20-3:45-7:20-9:45 LS(Fri-Sat)-12:10 Fri 1:20-3:45-7:20-9:45 Mon-tueS 7:20-9:45 LE CHAT POTTE 3D,(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-1:00-3:00-5:00-7:00-9:00 LS(FriSat)-11:00 Fri 1:00-3:00-5:00-7:00-9:00 Mon-tueS 7:00-9:00 Wed-thu 7:00-9:00 LE CHAT POTTE( DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-1:10-3:10-5:10-7:10-9:10 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:10 Fri 1:10-3:10-5:10-7:10-9:10 Mon-tueS 7:10-9:10 Wedthu 7:10-9:10 LES IMMORTELS 3D,(13+) Sat-Sun 1:05-3:25-7:05-9:25 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:45 Fri 1:05-3:25-7:05-9:25 Mon-tueS 7:05-9:25 Wed-thu 7:05-9:25 LES MUPPETS,(G) BeGin WedneSdaY 7:10-9:20 LES PETITS PIEDS DU BONHEUR 2 3D,(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-12:50-3:00-5:107:20-9:30 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:40 Fri 12:50-3:00-5:10-7:20-9:30 Mon-tueS 7:20-9:30 7:20-9:30 LES PETITS PIEDS DU BONHEUR 2( DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-12:402:50-5:00-7:10 Fri 12:40-2:50-5:00-7:10 Mon-tueS 7:10 MISSION NOEL 3D,(G) BeGin WedneSdaY 7:05-9:10 THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN,(G) Sat-Sun 1:05-3:30-7:05-9:30 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:55 Fri 1:05-3:30-7:05-9:30 Mon-tueS 7:05-9:30 7:05-9:30

MEGA-PLEX MARCHÉ-CENTRAL 18 (514) 385-5566 MARCHÉ-CENTRAL - 901 CRÉMAZIE bLVd W. A VERY HAROLD AND KUMAR 3D CHRISTMAS,(13+) CHRISTMAS, Sat-Sun 1:10-3:10-5:10-7:10Fri-Mon1:10-3:10-5:10-7:10-9:10 Wed-thu out 9:10 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:10 Fri-Mon-tueS ARTHUR CHRISTMAS 3D,(G) BeGin WedneSdaY Wed-thu 12:50-2:55-5:00-7:05-9:10 HAPPY FEET 2 3D,(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-2:55-5:05-7:15 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:35 FriMon-tueS 2:55-5:05-7:15 Wed-thu 2:55-5:05-7:15 HAPPY FEET 2(DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 12:45-9:25 Fri-Mon-tueS 12:45-9:25 Wed-thu 12:45-9:25 HUGO 3D, BEGIN WedneSdaY Wed-thu 12:50-3:25-6:50-9:25 HUGO(V.F.) , BEGIN WedneSdaY Wed-thu 12:55-3:30-6:55-9:30 IMMORTALS 3D,(13+) Sat-Sun 1:05-3:25-7:05-9:25 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:45 FriMon-tueS 1:05-3:25-7:05-9:25 Wed-thu 1:05-3:25-7:05-9:25 J. EDGAR,(G) Sat-Sun 12:55-3:35-6:55-9:35 Fri-Mon-tueS 12:55-3:35-6:55-9:35 Wed-thu 12:55-3:35-6:55-9:35 JACK AND JILL,(G) Sat-Sun 1:05-3:05-5:05-7:05-9:05 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:05 FriMon-tueS 1:05-3:05-5:05-7:05-9:05 Wed-thu 1:05-3:05-5:05-7:05-9:05 JACK ET JILL,(G) Sat-Sun 1:10-3:10-5:10-7:10-9:10 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:10 FriMon-tueS 1:10-3:10-5:10-7:10-9:10 Wed-thu 1:10-3:10-5:10-7:10-9:10 LA SAGA TWILIGHT: REVELATION( DIGITAL)-1,(G) Sat-Sun 1:05-3:30-7:05-9:30 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:55 Fri-Mon-tueS 1:05-3:30-7:05-9:30 Wed-thu 1:05-3:30-7:05-9:30 LA SAGA TWILIGHT: REVELATION-2,(G) Sat-Sun 1:15-3:40-7:15-9:40 LS(FriSat)-12:05 Fri-Mon-tueS 1:15-3:40-7:15-9:40 Wed-thu 1:15-3:40-7:15-9:40 LA SAGA TWILIGHT: REVELATION-3,(G) Sat-Sun 1:25-3:50-7:25-9:50 LS(Fri-Sat)-12:15 Fri-Mon-tueS 1:25-3:50-7:25-9:50 LE CHAT POTTE,(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-12:50-2:50-4:50 Fri-Mon-tueS 12:50-2:50-4:50 LE CHAT POTTE 3D,(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-1:00-3:00-5:00-7:00-9:00 LS(FriSat)-11:00 Fri-Mon-tueS 1:00-3:00-5:00-7:00-9:00 LES IMMORTELS 3D,(13+) Sat-Sun 1:10-3:30-7:10-9:30 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:50 Fri-Mon-tueS 1:10-3:30-7:10-9:30 Wed-thu 1:10-3:30-7:10-9:30 LES MUPPETS,(G) BeGin WedneSdaY Wed-thu 12:45-2:55-5:05-7:15-9:25 LES PETITS PIEDS DU BONHEUR 2 3D,(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-3:00-5:10-7:20 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:40 Fri-Mon-tueS 3:00-5:10-7:20 Wed-thu 3:00-5:10-7:20 LES PETITS PIEDS DU BONHEUR 2( DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 12:50-9:30 FriMon-tueS 12:50-9:30 Wed-thu 12:50-9:30 MISSION NOEL 3D,(G) BeGin WedneSdaY Wed-thu 12:55-3:00-5:05-7:10-9:15 MONSIEUR LAZHAR,(G) Sat-Sun 1:15-3:15-5:15-7:15-9:15 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:15 Fri-Mon-tueS 1:15-3:15-5:15-7:15-9:15 Wed-thu 1:15-3:15-5:15-7:15-9:15 PUSS IN BOOTS(DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-1:15-3:15-5:15-7:15-9:15 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:15 Fri-Mon-tueS 1:15-3:15-5:15-7:15-9:15 THE MUPPETS,(G) BeGin WedneSdaY Wed-thu 12:55-3:05-5:15-7:25-9:35 THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN(DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 1:00-3:25-7:00-9:25 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:50 Fri-Mon-tueS 1:00-3:25-7:00-9:25 Wed-thu 1:00-3:25-7:00-9:25 THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN,(G) Sat-Sun 1:10-3:35-7:10-9:35 LS(FriSat)-12:00 Fri-Mon-tueS 1:10-3:35-7:10-9:35 Wed-thu 1:10-3:35-7:10-9:35 THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN,(G) Sat-Sun 1:20-3:45-7:20-9:45 LS(Fri-Sat)-12:10 Fri-Mon-tueS 1:20-3:45-7:20-9:45 DAWN,(G) Sat-Sun 6:50-9:15 LS(FriTHE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN, Fri-Mon-tueS 6:50-9:15 Sat)-11:40 Fri-Mon-

Breaking dawn - ParT 1 13+ | 1 hr 57 mins | Romantic-Drama |

in Time G | 1 hr 53 mins | Sci-fi thriller |

kumar 3d chriSTmaS

In the near future, scientists have been able to switch off the gene that makes people age. However, this causes overpopulation, so everyone has to use their time as a currency— a means to pay for luxuries and necessities. The rich can live forever, while the rest try to negotiate for their immortality. A poor young man comes into a fortune of time, although too late to keep his mother from dying. He ends up on the run from a corrupt police force known as “time keepers.”

13+ | 1 hr 30 mins | Comedy |

Tower heiST

Bella and Edward, plus those they love, must deal with the chain of consequences brought on by a marriage, honeymoon, and the tumultuous birth of a child... which brings an unforeseen and shocking development for Jacob Black. a Very harold &

G | 1 hr 45 mins | Action-Comedy |


CAFÉ DE FLORE, FLORE,(G) Sat-Sun 1:05-3:30-7:05-9:30 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:55 Fri Mon1:05-3:30-7:05-9:30 Mon-tueS 7:05-9:30 EN TEMPS,(G) Sat-Sun 1:05-3:25-7:05-9:25 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:45 Fri 1:053:25-7:05-9:25 Mon-tueS 7:05-9:25 Wed-thu 7:05-9:25 HUGO 3D(V.F.) BEGIN WEDNESDAY 6:50-9:25 J. EDGAR(V.F.),(G) Sat-Sun 12:55-3:35-6:55-9:35 Fri 12:55-3:35-6:55-9:35 Mon-tueS 6:55-9:35 Wed-thu 6:55-9:35 JACK ET JILL( DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 1:05-3:05-5:05-7:05-9:05 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:05 Fri 1:05-3:05-5:05-7:05-9:05 Mon-tueS 7:05-9:05 Wed-thu 7:05-9:05 LA SAGA TWILIGHT: REVELATION( DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 1:00-3:25-7:00-9:25 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:50 Fri 1:00-3:25-7:00-9:25 Mon-tueS 7:00-9:25 Wed-thu 7:00-9:25 LA SAGA TWILIGHT: REVELATION( DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 1:10-3:35-7:10-9:35 LS(Fri-Sat)-12:00 Fri 1:10-3:35-7:10-9:35 Mon-tueS 7:10-9:35 Wed-thu 7:10-9:35 LA SAGA TWILIGHT: REVELATION( DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 7:20-9:45 LS(Fri-Sat)-12:10 Fri 7:20-9:45 Mon-tueS 7:20-9:45 LA SAGA TWILIGHT: REVELATION,(G) Sat-Sun 12:50-3:15-6:50-9:15 LS(FriSat)-11:40 Fri 12:50-3:15-6:50-9:15 Mon-tueS 6:50-9:15 Wed-thu 6:50-9:15 LE CHAT POTTE 3D,(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-1:00-3:00-5:00-7:00-9:00 LS(FriSat)-11:00 Fri 1:00-3:00-5:00-7:00-9:00 Mon-tueS 7:00-9:00 LE CHAT POTTE( DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-1:10-3:10-5:10-7:10-9:10 LS(FriSat)-11:10 Fri 1:10-3:10-5:10-7:10-9:10 Mon-tueS 7:10-9:10 Wed-thu 7:10-9:10 LE VENDEUR,(G) Sat-Sun 1:20-3:35-7:20-9:35 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:50 Fri 1:203:35-7:20-9:35 Mon-tueS 7:20-9:35 Wed-thu 7:20-9:35 LES IMMORTELS 3D,(13+) VioLenCe horreur Sat-Sun 1:05-3:25-7:05-9:25 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:45 Fri 1:05-3:25-7:05-9:25 Mon-tueS 7:05-9:25 Wed-thu 7:05-9:25 LES MUPPETS,(G) BeGin WedneSdaY 7:10-9:20 LES PETITS PIEDS DU BONHEUR 2 3D,(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-12:50-3:00-5:10-7:20-9:30 LS(FriSat)-11:40 Fri 12:50-3:00-5:10-7:20-9:30 Mon-tueS 7:20-9:30 Wed-thu 7:20-9:30 LES PETITS PIEDS DU BONHEUR 2( DIGITAL),(G) Sat-Sun 10:30-12:402:50-5:00 Fri 12:40-2:50-5:00 MISSION NOEL 3D,(G) BeGin WedneSdaY 7:05-9:10 MONSIEUR LAZHAR,(G) Sat-Sun 1:15-3:15-5:15-7:15-9:15 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:15 Fri 1:15-3:15-5:15-7:15-9:15 Mon-tueS 7:15-9:15 Wed-thu 7:15-9:15 THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN,(G) Sat-Sun 1:05-3:30-7:05-9:30 LS(FriSat)-11:55 Fri 1:05-3:30-7:05-9:30 Mon-tueS 7:05-9:30 Wed-thu 7:05-9:30 UNE VIE MEILLEURE,(G) Sat-Sun 1:15-3:35-7:15-9:35 LS(Fri-Sat)-11:55 Fri 1:15-3:35-7:15-9:35 Mon-tueS 7:15-9:35 Wed-thu 7:15-9:35

only $5.50 on Tuesdays! 26

The TwilighT Saga:

• The Laval News • • November 19, 2011

After years of growing apart, Harold Lee and Kumar Patel have replaced each other with new friends and are preparing for their respective Yuletide celebrations. But when a mysterious package mistakenly arrives at Kumar’s door on Christmas Eve, his attempt to redirect it to Harold’s house ends with the “high grade” contents -- and Harold’s father-in-law’s prize Christmas tree -- going up in smoke. With his inlaws out of the house for the day, Harold decides to cover his tracks, rather than come clean. Reluctantly embarking on another ill-advised journey with Kumar through New York City, their search for the perfect replacement tree takes them through party heaven -- and almost blows Christmas Eve sky high.

After the workers at a luxury condominium discover the penthouse billionaire has stolen their retirement, they plot the ultimate revenge. The rum diary 13+ | 1 hr 59 mins | Adventure |

The journalist Paul Kemp travels to the pristine island of Puerto Rico to write for a local newspaper. The San Juan Star, run by downtrodden editor Lotterman. Adopting the rum-soaked life of the island, Paul soon becomes obsessed with Chenault.

Sablon Fit Sablon fit Its a gift T

he center of Sablon will spoil you for the holiday season. Get a gift certificate worth $20 by joining our family, couple or student packages of 12 months, You can use your certificate for any given activity at the Centre du Sablon, or offer it to a loved one.

Family Package: 3 or more persons residing at the same address over the age of 15 years ($17.5 month). Couple Package: 2 people living at the same address over the age of 15 years. ($22.5 per month). Student Package: Person 15 years or older with a valid student card ($22.5 per month).

* Limit one certificate per person. Limited time offer.

Sablon fête Sablon fit L

e centre du Sablon vous gâte pour la saison des fêtes. Obtenez un certificat –cadeau d’une valeur de 20$ en adhérant à nos forfaits de 12 mois famille, couple ou étudiant. Vous pourrez utiliser votre certificat pour n’importe quelle activité donnée au Centre du Sablon, ou l’offrir à un être cher.

Forfait Famille : 3 personnes ou plus résidant à la même adresse âgées de plus de 15 ans (17.5$ le mois). Forfait Couple : 2 personnes résidant à la même adresse âgées de plus de 15 ans (22.5$ le mois). Forfait étudiant : Personne âgée de 15 ans ou plus ayant une carte d’étudiant valide (22.5$ le mois).

*Limite d’un certificat par personne. Offre d’une durée limitée.

Jean-Paul Bontemps

Sports Coordinator at the Centre du Sablon / Coordonnateur des activités sportives au Centre du Sablon

Caisse populaire St-Martin de Laval

A partner for a dynamic community

755 Chemin du Sablon, Chomedey, Laval

450.688.8961 - The Laval News • • November 19, 2011 •


96 $ 109 per month or

room sET PLETE 8 PCs sET


5 days only


We pay both taxes

0 Tax / 0 Interest / 0 Deposit / 0 Delivery Charge / 0 Installation Charge $6330

per month or

30 Equal Payments


Interest FREE! sofa & LoVE sEaT ChoiCE C hoi of CoLors, Chair aLso aVaiLabLE



96 $ 89 per month or


bEDroom sET bED ComPLETE C om 8 PCs sET

& LoVE sEaT, LEaThEr siTTing CE of CoLors, Chair aLso aVaiLabLE

96 Dining room $ 129 per month or


PLETE 9 PCs sET inCLuDing ET huTCh, a TabLE & 6 Chairs

450.1180973-7776 Curé-Labelle, Chomedey, Laval Pictures for illustration purposes only.

Promotions apply only to floor models. See details in store. Limited quantity. Limited time. * Subject to credit approval. ** From Friday Oct 7th to Tuesday Oct 11th. Equivalent discounts to GST & PST will be accorded.

Monday to Wednesday: 10am - 6pm Thursday & Friday: 10am - 9pm Saturday: 10am - 5pm Sunday: Noon - 5pm Boul. St-Martin Chemin du Souvenir




St-Martin Shopping Center

Boul. Notre-Dame Récréathèque

Boul. Chomedey

(between Souvenir & Notre-Dame, north of Récréathèque)


Boul. Curé-Labelle

96 $ 99 per month or

The Laval News 19-22  

Newspaper serving Laval, QC

The Laval News 19-22  

Newspaper serving Laval, QC