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RESIDENCY IN SOCIAL ENTERPRISE and SUMMER FELLOWS programs 2009-2010 program year Strengthening organizations today. Developing leaders for tomorrow.

"New Sector does work that's strategically important and critical to the future of our organization, work we need to get done in order to ensure that our future is successful: heart and lung work, not appendages." - Gerald Chertavian, CEO and Founder, Year Up

New Sector’s Residency in Social Enterprise and Summer Fellows Programs

New Sector’s Residency in Social Enterprise and Summer Fellows programs give social impact organizations the opportunity to deepen their impact by leveraging the top talent from the academic, business, and nonprofit sectors. Through participation in the Residency and Summer Fellows programs, today’s leading organizations gain full-time access to the enterprising minds of tomorrow, as well as support from professional services firms including Accenture, Bain & Company, The Bridgespan Group, The Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte, and McKinsey & Company. Residents and Fellows work on-site at hosting organizations for the duration of the program to produce

immediate results and enhance long-term capacity.

In the current challenging economic environment, New Sector helps your organization accelerate social change by providing you with the talent and tools you need to take your impact to the next level.

Becoming a New Sector Host Site There is no “application process” to become a Host Site organization. New Sector works collaboratively with key staff at potential Host Site organizations to scope strategic projects critical to their individual missions and to create position descriptions and preliminary workplans for each Resident or Fellow. Host Sites contribute $35,000 per Resident and $3,000 per Summer Fellow. These fees allow New Sector to enroll each Resident and Fellow as an AmeriCorps member and to cover basic costs including living stipends and benefits for participants, training and materials, and New Sector program management staff and consultant advisor support. All Residents and Fellows are on New Sector’s payroll.

HOW DO THE PROGRAMS WORK? Selecting your Resident or Fellow Based on the agreed upon position description, New Sector will match you with the most qualified candidate who is also the best fit for your organizational culture. Each potential Host Site organization will participate in an individualized interview process with Resident and Fellow candidates in order to make a mutual match. Once matched, a signed contract and the first quarterly payment are due to New Sector.

Over the course of the program Residents and Fellows serve full-time, on-site at Host Site organizations throughout the program, except when they are participating in training or reflection activities. Participants meet weekly with their consultant advisors. Each New Sector program begins with an intensive kick-off training for participants and wraps up with a dedicated reflection period. Additionally, Residents and Fellows participate in biweekly trainings (one afternoon every two weeks) from 3-6pm. Residency in Social Enterprise (1 year): September  August Summer Fellows (10 weeks): June  August

WHY HOST A RESIDENT OR FELLOW? ...because hosting a Resident or Fellow is an accessible, affordable, and effective way for organizations to prioritize strategic initiatives with minimal strain on precious resources. • Your Resident or Fellow will be exceptionally bright,

analytical, a self-starter, and a proven leader • Residents and Fellows are prepared to hit the ground running

...because New Sector provides unparalleled professional advising, training, and support. • Each Resident and Fellow is paired with a consultant advisor from one of our partner firms - including Accenture, Bain & Company,

The Boston Consulting Group, The Bridgespan Group, Deloitte , and McKinsey & Company - to provide experienced support in strategic processes and to help your organization “get things done” throughout the duration of the program

...because New Sector’s “Mini-MBA” curriculum culls best practices from leading business schools, professional services firms, and social sector practitioners to increase your organization’s impact. • Created with input from top practitioners and academics, including notable contribution from Harvard Business School faculty • Covers topics such as accounting and performance management, finance, leadership and organizational behavior, marketing, and technology and operations management • Tools and techniques tailored specifically to be leveraged by social impact organizations ready to further their impact

Our Residents and Fellows and their consultant advisors share a common desire to make a difference through experiences that will be both inspiring and intellectually challenging. Though each participant brings individual experiences and qualifications to the group, we strive to bring together a pool of candidates that seeks to learn from, as well as contribute to, their Host Site organizations and their peers.

WHO IS THE TYPICAL RESIDENT OR FELLOW? New Sector does not recruit for any particular educational or experiential background. Instead, we look for applicants who have demonstrated a strong commitment to civic engagement, proven their ability to take initiative and achieve measurable results, and who can communicate and collaborate effectively. By creating a diverse cohort of analytical, action-oriented minds with a common goal of furthering social impact, we ensure our ability to find outstanding candidates for any Host Site organization. Resident: Zahra Majeed Host Site Organization: Year Up Prior Experience: Teach for America (Rio Grande Valley) University: Ohio State University Consultant Advisor: Kara Adamon, The Boston Consulting Group (Harvard MBA) Zahra worked directly with senior management to redesign Year Up’s intranet in order to fulfill key strategic communications goals. Zahra is currently working with the New Teachers Project and planning the launch of her own education organization.

On average, 43% of each New Sector class of emerging leaders is comprised of people of color

100% of last year’s Residents were offered fulltime positions at their Host Site

On average, last year’s Host Sites valued their Residents’ and Fellows’ work at 340% of the fees that New Sector charged

Resident: Enoch Woodhouse Host Site Organization: City Year Prior Experience: Fletcher Asset Management, Inc. and the Fletcher Foundation (NYC) University: Harvard University Consultant Advisor: Tariq Shaukat, McKinsey & Co. (MIT Sloan MBA) Enoch analyzed the effectiveness of marketing campaigns within the communications department at City Year’s headquarter offices. He also collaborated on the strategic development of new materials for the organization’s 20th anniversary capital campaign.

Fellow: Jason St. John Host Site Organization: Audubon Society University: Brown University Consultant Advisor: John Mulliken, The Boston Consulting Group (Wharton MBA) Jason completed a growth and scaling initiative to replicate Audubon Society’s pilot “Lights Out Campaign.” Over the course of the summer, he took the campaign from a pilot program operating in 1 site in Boston to a fully operational 8 site program. Jason is currently continuing his education and pursuing his passion for public interest law.

Resident: Eve Mersfelder Host Site Organization: Habitat for Humanity University: Columbia University Consultant Advisor: Matthew Thomas, The Bridgespan Group (Tuck MBA) Eve managed an operations project to develop guidelines and standards for governance and management of Habitat’s condominium associations with a focus on financial sustainability of the initiative. Eve is currently working in her native New York City as a manager for the City’s Department of Parks and Recreation.

Fellow: Mackenzie Smith Host Site Organization: Community Servings University: Harvard University Consultant Advisor: Tim Petrella, The Boston Consulting Group (Princeton MA) Mackenzie designed and implemented a targeted young donor campaign, focusing on utilizing Web 2.0 technologies to reach Community Servings’ next generation of supporters. After graduating from Harvard, Mackenzie plans to pursue her interest in social change through nonprofit work.

Resident: Charity Murrell Host Site Organization: Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) Prior Experience: Credit Suisse (NYC) University: Florida A&M University Consultant Advisor: Lu Guo, The Boston Consulting Group (Wharton MBA) Charity worked directly with senior management in the newly formed Capital Partners division of NFF to standardize portfolio organization processes, including drafting prospectuses. She is pursuing a PhD in African American Studies.

OUR COMMITMENT New Sector provides the support structure, in partnership with the Massachusetts Service Alliance and The Corporation for National and Community Service (AmeriCorps), necessary to forge mutually beneficial relationships between outstanding organizations and emerging leaders. In addition to working with each Host Site organization to scope a position and select a qualified candidate, New Sector provides unparalleled ongoing support for Residents, Fellows, and Host Site organizations throughout the program. By matching each participating organization with a skilled professional consultant advisor from one of our partner firms, creating regular, structured opportunities for small-group peer learning, and creating one-on-one relationships between our program management staff and each Host Site organization, New Sector provides unique, multi-tiered layers of support. We are committed to... Social Impact - impacting society by empowering institutions and individuals to address pressing challenges Excellence - maintaining the highest standards of efficiency, service delivery, and transparency; valuing creativity and innovation Constituents First - strong relationships with every client, partner, participant, and volunteer; maintaining our constituents’ loyalty and trust while exceeding their expectations Teamwork - fostering collaboration through respect and open communication Diversity - celebrating differences of thought, background, and experience

YOUR COMMITMENT Your financial investment in the Residency and/or Fellows program represents much more than simply a new face at your organization. Your commitment to participating as a Host Site organization indicates your investment in an outstanding young leader who has the potential to make great contributions to social change over the course of a civically-minded career. From the start, New Sector expects organizations to collaboratively scope projects, designate appropriate supervision, provide thoughtful feedback and reflection, and maintain open and honest channels of communication. While the term of your investment runs just one year for the Residency program and one summer for the Fellows program, the returns offer lasting benefits.

Your financial commitment supports... Per Resident

Per Fellow

$22,800 - year-long living stipend

$1,000 - summer living stipend

$4,725 - Segal AmeriCorps Education Award

$1,250 - Segal AmeriCorps Education Award

$4,800 - benefits (including health, transportation stipend, workers compensation, and payroll taxes and fees)

$320 - benefits (including transportation stipend and payroll taxes and fees) $4,500 - summer training program

$16,200 - “Mini-MBA for Social Impact” training program $21,500 (in kind) - weekly meetings with professional consultant advisors

$4,200 (in kind) - weekly meetings with professional consultant advisors $3,300 - New Sector staff support customized to each Host Site/Fellow

$11,500 - New Sector staff support customized to each Host Site/Resident

In the long-term, your commitment allows you to become part of New Sector’s rapidly growing network of top social impact organizations and exceptionally talented emerging leaders working across sectors.

Representative Client List

Accelerated Cure Project, Inc. Catalogue for Philanthropy ACCESS Boston Access to Software for all People Asian Community Development Corporation

Center for Media and Child Health Center for Women and Enterprise

East Boston Neighborhood Community Health Center Environmental Learning Action Collaborative Everybody Wins Metro Boston

Citizen Schools

Extras for Creative Learning

Asian University for Women

City Kicks



City Year

Fathers & Families

Baby Basics

Clean Air Cool Planet

BalletRox Bay Area Video Coalition

CLF (Conservation Law Foundation) Ventures

Federated Dorchester Neighborhood House


Close to Home

Global Medical Knowledge

Boston Building Materials Resource Center

Coalition of Essential Schools

The Boston Consulting Group

Codman Square Health Center

Habitat for Humanity Greater Boston

The Boston Foundation

Commongood Careers

Boston Partners in Education

Commonwealth Care Alliance

The Harvard Business School Social Enterprise Initiative

Boston Public Library

Commonwealth Corporation

Boston Senior Home Care

Community Educational Services

Initiative for a Competitive Inner City

Community Gatepath

InnerCity Entrepreneurs

Community Servings

Inquilinos Boriquas en Acci贸n


The Institute of Contemporary Art

Boston Urban Asthma Coalition Boys and Girls Club Boston Boys and Girls Club New Haven Breakthrough Collaborative

Connecticut Housing Investment Fund

Bridge over Troubled Waters

Cradles to Crayons

Brody Weiser Burns

Design That Matters

Building Educated Leaders for Discovering Justice Dorchester Bay Economic Life Development Corporation Building Impact Eagle Eye Byte Back Earned Income Tax Credit Cambridge College East Bay Asian Local CARE Development Corporation

Girls' Coalition

Health Care for All

Jobs for the Future Judge Baker's Children Center Juma Ventures Jumpstart Junior Achievement of the Bay Area KIPP Schools Philadelphia KIPP Schools San Francisco (KIPP Foundation)

“Having the talent recruited by New Sector time and again has enabled our organization to build capacity and accomplish more than I could have ever imagined.” - Bob Giannino-Racine, Executive Director, ACCESS Boston

Knowledge Communities

New Schools Venture Fund

Strong Women Strong Girls

Lawrence Hall of Science

Nonprofit Finance Fund

Lead Action Collaborative

Npower New York

Sustainable Business Network

Legal Aid University

Nuestra Comunidad

Team Works

Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship at MIT

Oakland Unified School District

techBoston Consulting Group

One Family

Thompson Island Outward Bound

Life Links Local Initiatives Support Corporation

Options Recovery Services Outdoor Explorations

Oxfam MA Association of Community Peace Games Development Corporations MAB (MA Association for the Pine Street Inn Blind) Community Services Pratikara Madison Park/Hibernia Hall

Prince's Trust [UK]

Massachusetts Audubon Society


Mass Energy Mass Equality Mass Mentoring Partnership MASSPIRG Mass Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics

Professional Athletes Council Project Hope Proxy Democracy Public Sector Consortium


TransitWorks Trinity Boston Foundation Trustees of Reservations United Way of Connecticut Victory Programs WATCH Wediko Children’s Service Wharton Social Enterprise Initiative Women of Means Women’s Initiative

Women's Technology Cluster Rappaport Institute of Harvard World Links University Year Up Rate it Green

Mass Center for Charter Public School Excellence

Reboot Philadelphia

Youth Employment Systems

Rediscovery House

Young Entrepreneurs Alliance

The Medical Foundation

Root Cause

Youth Advocacy Project

Mercado Global

San Francisco Historical Society

Metro Boston Housing Partnership

Seafarer's Friend

Microsoft Community Affairs

Social Innovation Forum

More Than Words MY TURN, Inc.

Somerville Community Corporation

Neighborhood House Charter School

Stonehill Center for Nonprofit Management

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New Sector’s leadership development programs are partially supported by a grant from AmeriCorps and the Corporation for National and Community Service, in partnership with the Massachusetts Service Alliance

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