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News – Its Evolution And Transformation Into Business Media News and its evolution There are different views regarding the word NEWS. As some believe News tells us about what is happening NEW and the word NEWS is just a plural of it. However, according to folk etymology, the word NEWS represents the four directions that are North, East, West and South. Whatever is the case, it gives an update of what’s going on. Until the 17th century when the newspaper came into being, there was no appropriate media for dissemination of news. The technology of typesetting encouraged the beginning of newspapers. Before newspapers, news was circulated with the help of couriers. This new media kept on evolving with time. The development in technology has evolved a great deal and so has the media for relaying news. As compared to rest of the history, more advances have come in the late 20th century. From newspapers to television and from television to internet, news media has evolved a great deal. In taking the news to a wider audience, online media has played a huge role. News has made its reach much wider, with the advent of internet. Understanding business news But when it comes to hardcore business news, it is safe to say that it is a more recent phenomenon. This form of news and information dissemination emerged as a separate stream of news in 20th century, specially catered to by professionals belonging to the business media. Business news gives all the updates regarding commerce and business. Today, there are newspapers, news channels and magazines which are dedicated to the business world only. One can get knowledge of various happenings with the help of business news, such as: • Stock market updates: there was a time, when lot of money was lost by the people in the stock market due to carelessness and ignorance. Now, with the help of stock market news and advice of experts on disposal, an updated investor reduces his risk of losing money. Updated trends of stock market are covered by the news investors. In fact interviews with the experts on these channels help various small and medium sized investors in reducing the risk associated with investment of their hard earned money. Instant advice of the experts can also be taken regarding the position of a particular stock in the market. • Updates about the corporate world: A full coverage is kept by the news networks regarding the happenings in the corporate world. They keep the interested people informed about all the takeovers and mergers. As the events of the corporate world have their impact on the stock market, it is very important for the investors to keep themselves updated about the corporate sector. • Reviews on products and services: reviews on products and services are provided by the business news which is very helpful in helping to form a rational buying decision for any product and service. Such programs are very helpful for the people in getting knowledge about the new things that are coming into the market. So, all such points can really help you in becoming a better investor or a customer if you take interest in the latest business news. So update yourself by logging in to and make smart moves in the market.

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