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Recent Dissertation Titles




From Bench to Bedside: Accountability in Translational Genomic Medical Research

The Depths of Experience: William James after the Linguistic Turn

Narcos, la Migra, and Husbands: Political Geographies of Femicide in Guatemala

Beautiful Confusion: Pre-Kantian Aesthetics and Intersubjectivity

Internal Frontiers: Health, Emotion, and the Rise of Resilience Thinking in the U.S. Military

The Moral Grammar of Critical Theory: Rethinking Injustice from Habermas back to Adorno

War of Extermination: Cluster Bombs, the Durabilities of War and Killable Subjects in South Lebanon

Unraveling Folk Psychology: Mindshaping and Plural Frameworks of Rational Agency

Economics Resource Mobilization through Taxation: The political economy of state and society in Pakistan Generalized and Weight Constrained Mean-Variance Efficient Portfolio Selection for the U.S. Public-Sector Pension Plan The Political Economy of Real Exchange Rate Behavior: Theory and Empirical Evidence for Developed and Developing Countries Consumer Expenditures, Household Production and Inflation: Gender and Macroeconomic Considerations New Empirical Methods and Approaches to Keynesian Macroeconomics Essays on Gendered Labor Market Outcomes, International Trade and Economic Development

Imagination and Practical Reason in Aristotle “Words Made Flesh”: A Stereoscopic Account of Conceptual Praxis

Politics Ending the Cold War on the Cheap: The George H.W. Bush Administration and the Issue of Western Financial Aid to Perestroika, 1989–1991 Transnational Anti-communism, the Extreme Right and the Politics of Enmity in Argentina, Colombia and Mexico, 1948–1972 Migrants, rights, politics. Political agency at times of exclusion Undercurrents and Backdoors: Reconstructing Religion in Juergen Habermas’s Critical Social Theory Boundaries and Binaries of Women’s Human Rights: Horizons of Justice in the Transnational Legal Sphere From Alterglobalization to Occupy Wall Street: Neoanarchism and the New Spirit of Capitalism

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