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Center for Attachment Research


families in the Bronx. The immediate goal

Steele, professors of psychology at The

of the intervention is to enhance parental

New School for Social Research (NSSR), the

sensitivity, improve parents’ mental health,

Center for Attachment Research (CAR)

and promote children’s social, emotional,

applies attachment theory to clinical and

and cognitive development, with the aim of

developmental research questions concerning

reducing child behavior problems.

child, parent, and family development. A

Other projects at CAR include research on the

university-based lab, research group, and

intergenerational transmission of body image;

center for training, CAR launches research

research on childhood anxiety at the

initiatives involving students and faculty

“I Have A Dream” Foundation, in collaboration

from NSSR, Parsons School of Design, Eugene

with visiting professor Barbara Hoff; and

Lang College of Liberal Arts, and other units

research on peer play therapy at the Jewish

of The New School, as well as ongoing

Board of Family and Children’s Services’

collaborations with senior consultants and

Relationships for Growth & Learning program,

colleagues in New York and internationally.

in collaboration with colleagues there.

The Center for Attachment Research participates in a range of projects. The primary project, supported by funding from and affiliation with Anne Murphy at the Early Child Care Center at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, examines the effectiveness of Group Attachment Based Intervention (GABI) provided to vulnerable


Directed by Miriam Steele and Howard

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