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Politics Overview

Degrees Offered The Department of Politics offers MA and PhD degrees. Students who complete MA requirements with sufficient distinction may be considered for admission to PhD study. In rare cases, the department grants direct PhD admission to applicants who have completed a comparable MA in Politics at another institution. Students with an MA in Historical Studies, Sociology, or Politics from The New School for Social Research or an MA in History or Politics from another institution may apply to study in the PhD program in Politics and receive their PhD while adding a specialization in Historical Studies.

Recent Courses Political Economy of Development From Reagan to Obama Courts and Constitutions Critiques of Capitalism Social Movements Postcolonial and Feminist Theories of International Relations

Recent Placements Luis Alberto Herrán Ávila (PhD ’17): Visiting Assistant Professor, Carleton College Alix Jansen (MA ’16): Doctoral Student, University of Toronto Hjalte Lokdam (MA ’14): Doctoral Student, London School of Economics Nahema Alexia Marchal (MA ’16): Content Editor, Dow Jones Claudia Sampson (MA ’16): Chief Diversity Officer, NYC Department of Finance Howell Williams (PhD ’17): Assistant Professor, Western Connecticut State University


To study politics is to study power. The Department of Politics at The New School for Social Research (NSSR) takes a distinctive approach to the study of politics, emphasizing political theory, political economy, and the challenges of democracy. Courses in American, global, and comparative politics focus on the historical roots of contemporary political forces. Ongoing faculty research looks at topics including grassroots politics in the United States, Russia’s relation to Ukraine, Indian party politics and law, climate change in the Himalayas, migration and deportation in the Pacific and Australia, and the political pressures of civil society in China. The department actively participates in the interdisciplinary intellectual life of NSSR, including the activities of its Heilbroner Center for Capitalism Studies and the Zolberg Institute on Migration and Mobility and its online platform, Public Seminar. Students who go on to doctoral study gain proficiency in two of the four areas of instruction offered by the department: American politics, comparative politics, political theory, and global politics. Students in the Department of Politics also belong to the broader community of The New School for Social Research, which gives them access to a wide array of extracurricular lectures, conferences, and seminars. Interactions with scholars from different regions, with unique perspectives and fresh ideas, make the study of politics at NSSR an academically enriching, personally gratifying experience.

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