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Creative Publishing and Critical Journalism Overview writing, editing, design, and publication of texts on a variety of print and digital platforms. Unlike other publishing programs, this course of study teaches students how to edit pieces, how to write better, how to think more clearly and critically—and how to design literary texts. And it goes beyond journalism programs by teaching students how to design a business plan and lay out a cross-platform publication while acquiring a foundation in the history of written communication from the printing press to the Internet. And unlike most design curricula, this program regards design, communication technology, and form making as part of the exchange of ideas.

Degrees Offered The Creative Publishing and Critical Journalism program offers the MA degree. Students can complete the program on a full-time or part-time basis in one or two years.

Recent Courses Blogs, Social Media, and News Design and the Future of Publishing Multimedia Publishing, Production, and Writing Lab Cultural Criticism and Its Critics Truth, Deception, and Self-Deception in Politics and Journalism

Recent Placements Daniel Geneen (MA ’17): Producer, Eater (Vox Media) Caroline Kuhl and Claudia Poulter (MA ’17): Co-founders, Hot Sauce magazine Natalia Tuero German (MA ’17): UN Women Internship Programme


Exchange ideas and make new worlds with words. Since its inception, The New School for Social Research (NSSR) has attracted thoughtful journalists and innovative publishers. The founders included Thorstein Veblen, Charles Beard, and John Dewey—authors whose books reached a wide audience. After World War II, The New School helped create and launch the first alternative weekly urban newspaper, the Village Voice. The Graduate Faculty later attracted public intellectuals like Robert Heilbroner and Hannah Arendt, whose work appeared in publications like the New Yorker and the New York Review of Books. In more recent decades, NSSR has invited outspoken journalists like Christopher Hitchens, Jonathan Schell, and Katha Pollitt to discuss their views with its graduate students in substantive courses. The Creative Publishing and Critical Journalism program not only trains students in the traditions of criticism, critical theory, and fine writing but also offers students a variety of studio courses and working experiences that teach them how to design, edit, and distribute journals and books containing intellectually serious work. In addition to surveying traditional forms of book and magazine publishing, students explore the possibilities opened up by new media, such as the Internet, tablet applications, and print-on-demand smallbatch publications. Our curriculum equips students to think critically about book publishing and journalism and their history; to understand the best practices of contemporary reporting and cultural criticism; to appreciate the business aspects of production and distribution; and to work collaboratively in the

The New School for Social Research  

Discover a university that has been progressive since its inception. The New School was founded in 1919 by a group of progressive intellect...