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The New Home Away from Home The New School Guide for Parents



High School Is Almost Over—Now What?

Well ‌ Everything Welcome to The New School Guide for Parents. In the pages that follow, we go through everything you need to know about The New School and supporting your child in the next phase of life.

Let’s get started...



8 NURTURING Academic and Career Advising: A Comprehensive Support System Academic and Career Advising: At Our Students’ Service Internships and Real-World Experience: Hands-On Practice Makes Perfect International Student and Scholar Services: An Intimate Global Community International Student Statistics: A Breakdown of the International Student Body

16 COMMUNITY Living in NYC: Big City. Small Neighborhood. Student Activities and Organizations: Communities Beyond the Classroom Student Housing and Dining: Tucked In and Well Fed Wellness and Staying Active: Burning Calories and Making Friends

24 IMMEASURABLE VALUE Educating for the Future: Success Through Experimentation The New School’s Reputation: Why People in the Know Know Who We Are The Value of a New School Education: Giving Them a Priceless Future

28 JOINING THE FAMILY Parent Resources: Welcome to the Family Financial Aid: Making Sense of the Costs Contact Information: Getting in Touch

The New School is an Affirmative Action / Equal Opportunity Institution. Published 2020 by The New School. Produced by Marketing and Communication, The New School. Photo Credits: James Ewing, Ben Ferrari, Andrew Friedman, Michelle Gevint, Matthew Mathews, Jacob Arthur Pritchard, Martin Seck


WELCOME You’ve achieved something remarkable: You raised an intelligent and inquisitive independent thinker ready to enter college, face and overcome challenges, and make a difference in the world. Already know The New School is the perfect place for your child? Then don’t waste another second. Contact our Admission office now. START YOUR CHILD ON A SERIOUS JOURNEY TO PURSUE SCHOLARSHIP, EXPLORE INNOVATION, AND HARNESS CREATIVITY TO EFFECT WORLD CHANGE.

Still have questions about this important milestone? We hear you and we understand. We think The New School is the perfect choice for your child. And as you both enter this new and exciting phase of life, we’re here to answer your questions and help make this transition a positive, exciting time.


Students are not admitted. They are chosen.


The New School, home to Parsons School of Design, Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts, the College of Performing Arts, and renowned graduate schools and programs, is the only comprehensive university that integrates a major design school with schools in the liberal arts, social sciences, and performing arts. Our curriculum combines the academic essentials of communication literacy, critical thinking, and empirical reasoning with collaborative project-based learning and making. We know this approach isn’t right for everyone. But we know it’s right for our students. WE LOOK FOR STUDENTS WHO WILL THRIVE AS MEMBERS OF OUR COMMUNITY.

We welcome students who have the ability to speak while others stay silent; who act as leaders in their schools and community; who use their artistic, scientific, or technological talents to broaden perspectives on social issues; who engage in scholarly investigation to uncover new truths; and who have the confidence to experiment and innovate to change the status quo. We don’t admit students; we choose them. Our unique curriculum prepares students to solve problems in creative and innovative ways, see patterns where others don’t, and lead the way to the future with a contextually relevant and socially aware orientation. We strive to build an exceptionally diverse student body in which each student complements the others in experience and all share a desire to catalyze change in the world. We seek students who will learn both from and with one another. We feel that your child is an essential member of this new incoming class, ready to influence the group from the moment of arriving on campus.



A Comprehensive Support System Built on a foundation of intensive scholarship, The New School is a demanding academic environment that ensures students develop the skills needed to innovate in a changing world. We require a lot from our students to help them reach the levels of success we know they are capable of achieving. Yes, going to The New School will be an adjustment, but it doesn’t have to be a rough one. We strive to make acclimating to college life as easy as possible for our incoming students and continue to support them through their years at The New School and their transition into the world of work after graduation. WE OFFER ADVISING THAT SETS STUDENTS ON THEIR OWN UNIQUE PATHS.

Our advisors do a lot more than just help students meet their graduation requirements. We assign academic and career advisors (also known as student success advisors) on the basis of a student’s college and program of study, and advising begins the moment a student decides to become a New Schooler and continues through graduation. Along the way, advisors help students create individualized degree pathways, discover passions that can shape their future, and prepare to bring about positive change in the world. To ensure that their advisees make good decisions, advisors help students articulate their values and goals, identify learning opportunities, take advantage of university resources, and develop a post-graduation path for success.

For more information on student advising, visit newschool.edu/academics/academic-advising.




At Our Students’ Service What students do after college is as important as what they do in college, so we inspire, educate, and support students as they plan their careers. Academic Advising and Career Development provides holistic support, ensuring that our services take into consideration individual goals and obligations, including responsibilities to family, community, and society as a whole. WE BELIEVE IT’S NEVER TOO SOON TO START TAKING STEPS TOWARD LIFE AFTER COLLEGE.

Academic Advising and Career Development offers workshops on navigating internships and the job search, connecting with potential employers, and honing interviewing skills—all fostering career development from the outset. The New School offers dozens of workshops every semester, along with career fairs, employer information sessions, Intern Day, portfolio reviews, intellectual property sessions, and alumni panels.

For more information on Career Services, please contact careerservices@newschool.edu or 212.229.1324.






Hands-On Practice Makes Perfect In 2018, students had more than 1,500 internship opportunities at nearly 1,100 companies.

The New School believes in experiential learning outside of the classroom. That’s why we make real-world applied work an integral part of a New School education. Many of our academic programs encourage or require an internship, and students often earn academic credit for approved internships. Our Career Services department helps students enroll in other for-credit experiential learning opportunities as well. WE SUPPORT HANDS-ON LEARNING EXPERIENCES THAT COMPLEMENT EACH STUDENT’S ACADEMIC PROGRAM.

As residents of New York City, the center of the creative media, technology, and nonprofit worlds, students can put into practice theories learned in class and gain valuable skills and industry experience. They also begin building a professional network to draw on for the rest of their lives. We encourage students to reach out to their academic and career advisors and their professors to explore ways to take full advantage of internship opportunities throughout their time at The New School.



An Intimate Global Community Many of our students find a new home halfway around the world at The New School. Our diverse community welcomes students from all regions and fosters an environment of internationalism that can’t be matched anywhere else. In fact, The New School has been named one of the most international universities by U.S. News & World Report. The students and scholars who make up our international community are a significant and critical part of The New School. The variety of cultural, political, racial, and religious perspectives they bring adds immeasurably to our level of scholarship, creativity, and ability to engage effectively with complex global issues. Our International Student and Scholar Services department offers many programs and services to ensure that your child’s transition to living in the United States will be a smooth one. We provide both immigration advice and cultural support for incoming students in a welcoming and nurturing atmosphere.

If you have any questions regarding your child’s transition to life in the United States, please contact us at iss@newschool.edu.



A BREAKDOWN OF THE INTERNATIONAL STUDENT BODY The New School currently hosts more than International students (approximately 66% of our undergraduate student population) come from



The top countries of origin represented on campus are: China South Korea Canada India Taiwan Mexico Brazil

3,700 international students, researchers, and scholars.

Parsons School of Design is host to the largest number of international students and scholars— more than


Japan Turkey United Kingdom At Mannes School of Music,



of students enrolled are international.


Big City. Small Neighborhood. New York may be large and dynamic, but its size and vibrancy come from the intimate, close-knit neighborhoods that make up the city. Our neighborhood is one of those. The New School is located in historic Greenwich Village, in downtown New York. Artistic and progressive to its core, Greenwich Village is an ideal place to live for intelligent and creative young students who want to make a difference in their community. ANYONE WHO WANTS TO CHANGE THE WORLD SHOULD LIVE IN A NEIGHBORHOOD AS VIBRANT AND INSPIRING AS GREENWICH VILLAGE.

Moving among the 20 buildings that make up our campus, students will be able to stroll tree-lined streets, get to know their diverse neighbors, meet friends at the centrally located University Center, and establish identities as engaged citizens, all while getting an excellent education. Student safety is of the utmost importance to us. Although New York City is one of the safest big cities in the United States, we are always mindful of the personal safety of everyone studying and working at the university as well as those visiting our campus. All students, faculty, and staff must present their ID cards to enter our buildings. Visitors to the university are required to sign in and show photo identification at the security desk to gain access to our buildings.

The campus safety office is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please visit newschool.edu/campus-safety to view our campus safety statistics.




Communities Beyond the Classroom At The New School, we realize that nurturing well-rounded students involves more than academics. That’s why we sponsor a variety of social, cultural, leadership, educational, and recreational clubs and programs designed to help students become engaged citizens with varied interests. There’s no shortage of groups and activities, from informal clubs to leadership programs, art shows to film festivals, and live performance groups to social service organizations. We also encourage students to start groups if one geared to their particular interest does not currently exist. THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF OPPORTUNITIES TO GET INVOLVED AND MEET NEW PEOPLE OUTSIDE OF THE CLASSROOM AND OFF CAMPUS.

In addition to hosting groups and clubs, The New School also sponsors more than 1,000 public events on campus each year. Students have the opportunity to participate in public dialogues and learn from visiting speakers who include government officials, leaders in private industry, famous writers and artists, and top scholars, such as bell hooks, Frank Gehry, and Noam Chomsky.

To learn more about our student groups and activities, please visit newschool.edu/student-leadership. To see upcoming public programs, please visit events.newschool.edu.


THE MOST INSPIRING SPOTS IN NYC (CHOSEN BY NEW SCHOOL STUDENTS) Rockwood Music Hall 196 Allen Street, NYC Lower East Side Tenement Museum 103 Orchard Street, NYC Reanimation Library 289 Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn Freehold (coffee shop) 45 S 3rd Street, Brooklyn Westbeth Courtyard behind the School of Drama The Uncommons (board game café) 230 Thompson Street, NYC Mast Books 72 Avenue A, NYC Japan Society 333 E 47th Street, NYC Intersection of Nostrand Avenue and Fulton Street Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn Marie’s Crisis Café 59 Grove Street, NYC Interference Archives 314 7th Street, Brooklyn Metropolitan Opera House 30 Lincoln Center Plaza, NYC Nuthouse Hardware (open 24–7) 202 E 29th Street, NYC Abingdon Square Park lower Eighth Avenue, NYC Roulette Intermedium 509 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn Upright Citizens Brigade 153 E 3rd Street, NYC Riverside Park Upper West Side, NYC Neue Galerie 1048 Fifth Avenue, NYC The Public Theater 425 Lafayette Street, NYC The Brooklyn Museum 200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn New York Theater Workshop 79 E 4th Street, NYC



Tucked In and Well Fed The New School’s student housing provides a supportive

Incoming freshmen

environment that eases the transition from home to college.

who submit their

Students enhance their education by learning to live

HOUSING application by June 5, 2020,

independently and build communities through shared

are given priority


placement in campus residences.


We offer four on-campus housing options: Loeb Hall,

The dining program sources its food from LOCAL FARMS in New

Stuyvesant Park Residence, 301 Residence Hall, and Kerrey

York City and upstate

Hall, located in the University Center. All residence halls

New York.

are co-ed, with gender-inclusive living options; have 24–7 front desk security and live-in staff; are fully furnished, with air-conditioning, high-speed wireless Internet access, and cable television; and contain laundry facilities, a mailroom, a lounge, and an art studio. The New School provides students with a dining experience that’s almost as good as home cooking. Students who live on campus during the fall and spring semesters are automatically enrolled in The New School’s meal program, which offers students great flexibility in what and when they eat and provides meals for those with various dietary restrictions and preferences.

To find out more about residential life, please visit newschool.edu/housing. For more information about meal plans, please visit newschool.edu/dining.



Education That Exercises Mind and Body 22


Burning Calories and Making Friends We understand that to thrive in the classroom, students need to maintain their health and well-being outside of the classroom. That’s why The New School offers dedicated services to promote wellness, including regular yoga and meditation classes, wellness workshops, and stress-relief events during hectic times like finals week. Students needing further health support can visit Student Health Services, which provides confidential, culturally sensitive, comprehensive medical and counseling services and other resources. For students looking to break a sweat, recreational activities for all levels of ability and interest abound. Offerings include club basketball, soccer, tennis, and cross-country; intramural sports teams; weekly group fitness classes; and regular off-campus excursions that enable students to get active outside of the city.

Stay active! To learn more about activities offered, visit newschool.edu/recreation.



Success Through Experimentation Our ultimate goal is for students to succeed. Here at The New School, we believe true success is born out of experimentation. That’s why we encourage students to explore new disciplines and areas of study, create their own specialized programs and majors, experiment with new ways of thinking and doing, and iterate again and again in pursuit of a better outcome. We know that not all attempts turn out as planned—there will be false starts and missteps—so we maintain an environment of constant encouragement and support. Professors and advisors are here to help students learn from their mistakes and turn to new paths. SUCCESSFUL START-UPS USE THE EXACT SAME PROCESS OF EXPERIMENTATION AND ITERATION.

We’re preparing students to succeed not just at The New School but in the industries that are shaping the future: Our goal is for our students to succeed over their lifetimes in a world we cannot even imagine yet.



Why People in the Know Know Who We Are Since 1919, we’ve been at the forefront of progressive education, uniquely combining disciplines to produce well-rounded graduates ready to change the world for the better. Our commitment to the core academic essentials of communication literacy, critical thinking, and empirical reasoning, combined with collaborative project-based learning and making, and our desire to continually innovate have never wavered. TOP LEADERS AND COMPANIES LOOK TO US FOR THEIR NEXT EMPLOYEES AND PARTNERS.

We provide our students with the lasting prototyping skills they look for at Google, the creative problem-solving skills they seek at the International Rescue Committee, and the communication skills they want at Condé Nast. Our notable students and faculty arrived as members of our community and went on to become pioneers in their fields. They include:


Stella Adler

Marc Jacobs

Diane Arbus

Jack Kerouac

James Baldwin

Zach Lieberman

Thomas DiNapoli

Margaret Mead

Peter Falk

Eleanor Roosevelt

Robert Frost

Evan Roth

Martha Graham

Joel Schumacher

Emily Gould

Lee Strasberg

Lorraine Hansberry

Ai Weiwei


Giving Them a Priceless Future Take comfort in knowing that the value of a New School

In 2019, The New

education far exceeds the cost.

School was named


art and design


schools for salary

one of the top five

potential by PayScale.

The New School fosters intellectual achievement, perseverance, and problem-solving skills, as well as experimentation, iteration, and collaboration experience—all of which make our graduates highly desirable to employers. Parsons graduates pursue careers as fashion designers, graphic designers, technologists, and advertising and marketing professionals. Lang graduates launch successful careers as journalists, professors, filmmakers, political leaders, and nonprofit administrators and activists. College of Performing Arts graduates start their own companies and performance groups, teach, join recording studios, lead cultural institutions and organizations, and perform in established orchestras, operas, chamber music groups, jazz bands, and stage productions.

TOP FOUR EMPLOYMENT INDUSTRIES FOR 2018 GRADUATES* Art, Design & Performing Arts Journalism & Media Academia & Education Social Justice

*Includes data from both undergraduate and graduate students.




Alexander McQueen

NYC Department of

Alexander Wang Apple BBC Worldwide Chagar Music

NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development NYC Department of Mental


Health and Hygiene

Condé Nast



Physicians for Human



Fidelity Investments


Games for Change

Soul Cycle


South Bronx United

Gucci Group

Uber Technologies


United Nations


United States Peace Corps

The Huffington Post

V magazine



International Rescue



XRC Labs

JP Morgan Chase

YMCA of Greater New York

Louis Vuitton


McKinsey and Co.




Welcome to the Family Your child may be the person attending The New School, but we still consider you very much a part of the New School family. Parents play a vital role in championing The New School around the world. We offer extensive parent resources to familiarize you with the university and campus and provide information on important academic calendar dates and university policies. If your child decides to come to The New School, in May your family will receive our Enrollment Guide, which describes the steps your child needs to take before arriving on campus. The guide includes a New Student Checklist, which you and your child can complete together. If you would like to view the checklist before May, visit the New Students page on our website. Our resources for families don’t end there. A special orientation for the families of on-campus students in August introduces you to the teams that will support your child throughout their education. Family Weekend in October offers you insight into your child’s academic and co-curricular experience. Our family newsletter and Facebook group provide regular updates on happenings at The New School as well as ideas for encouraging your child in their newfound independence.

Visit newschool.edu/new-students/parents to take advantage of all of our parent resources. To view the New Student Checklist, visit newschool.edu/new-students.



Making Sense of the Costs We understand that sending a child to college is a financial commitment. With so many details to consider and forms to complete, the process can be overwhelming. We’re here to guide you through the process, highlighting important submission dates and forms for tuition, fees, and financial aid and answering any questions you may have. We believe The New School is the right place for your child. WE’LL WORK WITH YOU TO HELP YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN FINANCIALLY.

For more information on financial aid, please visit newschool.edu/student-financial-services.


Getting in Touch General Admission Information

Student Financial Services



212.229.5150 or 800.292.3040


College of Performing Arts ADMISSION

International Student and Scholar Services

School of Drama, School of Jazz and Contemporary Music, and

iss@newschool.edu 212.229.5592

Mannes School of Music performingarts@newschool.edu

Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts Admission

Student health services shs@newschool.edu 212.229.1671


Parsons School of Design Undergraduate Admission

Student Disability Services studentdisability@newschool.edu 212.229.5626 x3135


Bachelor’s Program for Adults and Transfer Students Admission nspeundergrad@newschool.edu

Housing and ResidenTIAL EDUCATION universityhousing@newschool.edu 212.229.5459

Their Future Is Waiting

Parsons School of Design Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts College of Performing Arts

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The New School Guide for Parents  

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