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Parsons School of Design Undergraduate Programs

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Overview 05 Programs 16 Programs in NYC Architectural Design BFA


Communication Design BFA 20 Design and Technology BFA 22 Fashion Design BFA


Fine Arts BFA


Illustration BFA


Integrated Design BFA


Interior Design BFA


Photography BFA


Product Design BFA


Strategic Design and Management BBA


Other Learning Opportunities Parsons Paris




BA/BFA Dual Degree (with Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts)


Youth and Teen Programs


University Resources 50 Student Support and Admission 58

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Parsons School of Design has an academic structure composed of

schools: the School of Art and Des

and Theory; the School of Art, Me

Technology; the School of Constru

Environments; the School of Desig and the School of Fashion.

The organizational structure ackn

the historical segregation of disci

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programs. It also recognizes the i

interdisciplinary nature of problem


Literary Translatio

Alternative Fashion Strategies



Moving Image Art

Art and Design History

Museum and Cura

Capitalism Studies

Music Compositio

Chinese Studies


Comics and Graphic Narrative


Communication Design


Contemporary Music Creative Coding

Post-Genre Music and Creation

Creative Entrepreneurship


Creative Technologies for Performative Practice


Culture and Media



Social Practice

Data Visualization


Design Studies

Sustainable Cities

Digital Humanities

Techniques of Mu

Dramatic Arts

Religious Studies

Ear Training,


Temporary Enviro

Environmental Studies


Ethnicity and Race

Urban Studies

Fashion Communication

Visual Studies

Fashion Studies


Stretch the system.

Film Production Fine Arts Food Studies French Studies Gender Studies Global Studies Hispanic Studies History Immersive Storytelling Interdisciplinary Science Japanese Studies Jewish Culture Journalism and Design

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PUF Y 1000 In tegrati v e Stu di o 1



PUF Y 1010 Integrati v e Semi nar 1



PUF Y 1100 Sustai nab l e Systems*



PUF Y 1020 Sp ace/ Mater i al i ty* *



PUF Y 1030 D rawi ng/ Imagi ng* *


PUF Y 1040 Time* *




PUF Y 1001 Integrati v e Stu di o 2



PUF Y 1011 In tegrati v e Semi nar 2



PL HT 1000 O b jec ts as Hi sto r y*


Program Electi v e -

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New York City

Parsons School of Design—recently named the Best School for Art and Design in the United States and ranked second in the world 1 —has offered innovative approaches to education since its founding in 1896. Today we’re the only major American art and design school within a comprehensive university, The New School, which also houses a rigorous liberal arts college, a progressive

The New School


performing arts school, a legendary graduate school, and other renowned programs. Here you can master established creative practices or advance emerging ones and study across all university disciplines. Surrounded by fresh perspectives and the university’s extensive resources, you research and create in broader, deeper, and more forward-looking ways. And guided by Parsons faculty, you produce work that reflects human experience while responding to the call for innovation and change.

Quacquarelli Symonds World University Rankings (2018), a London-based global provider of specialist higher education and career information. Ranking based on feedback from both academic peers and employers.


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Expanding the Boundaries of Design At Parsons, you discover that art and design have the capacity to disrupt the status quo and spark the change needed in the world today. They can be employed to confront climate change, address race relations, and transform management through thoughtfully conceived objects and ideas. Here becoming an artist, designer, or business strategist means working across disciplines, learning to collaborate, and questioning every assumption in order to create more reflectively and responsibly. We give you the freedom to do so by integrating disciplines, inspiring personal change, and offering support for forging new paths through art, design, and industry.

NYC—a Global Center of Creativity, Thought, and Industry Innovation NYC offers endless creative inspiration and opportunity. And for Parsons students, it’s an expansive open field for making and research. From the first semester, courses take you out into the city to design creative ways to improve urban life. In internships and collaborations with nonprofit, government, and commercial partners, you test ideas and develop skills Parsons Undergraduate Programs

and networks that support you during your time on campus and beyond.


TOP: For the Empowerhouse project, students partnered with local agencies to develop ways in which design and policy could improve socioenvironmental conditions on varying scales. The project resulted in a two-family house built with Habitat for Humanity, which led Habitat to adopt new energy-efficient building methods.

BOTTOM: Parsons students used weather balloons outfitted with digital cameras to map Union Square and other Manhattan green spaces to study change in urban ecosystems over time.

FACING PAGE: An NYC government partnership enabled students to transform a campus parking spot into a public space with seating and tables, built from sustainable materials with Parsons’ Making Center facilities.

TOP AND BOTTOM: Experienced in a range of media and teaching methods, Parsons instructors help you express your ideas, explore techniques, and develop solutions to problems framed by design. FACING PAGE: Your community lasts long after you graduate. Faculty remain mentors, alumni connect professionally, and peers form organizations and businesses together after graduating.

New York City

At The New School, you’re surrounded by teachers who help you assemble the people, projects, and classes that make up your unique creative path. Our accomplished faculty encourage you to boldly experiment and guide you to become technically proficient, conceptually sophisticated, and reflective about your work. They are also working professionals who share their

The New School

A Learning Community of Faculty and Peers

experience and connections. Based in a global center of culture, commerce, and innovation, faculty put you in contact with the city’s game changers— the United Nations, Planned Parenthood, Google, and Teen Vogue, to name a few—on partnered projects. Peers test your ideas and inspire new directions—and often go on to become your professional colleagues. Open minded, independent, diverse, and aware, they come from every state in the United States and more than 100 countries worldwide, making our university’s student body one of the most international in the country.

Four Years That Last a Lifetime Learning here readies you to design a life according to your own goals, values, and roadmap. For four years, you’re challenged to elevate your creativity with critical thought. You partner with peers throughout the university—performers, media makers, policy analysts—sharpening your collaborative skills. You focus your vision while broadening your abilities. Parsons’ approach to education sets us apart and sets you on your path—


with the tools and a creative community to last a lifetime.


Art and Design in Global Contexts Art and design speak clearly in the global conversation. Learn the language through workshops and courses in which you work directly with creative communities around the world, bringing together knowledge, perspectives, and resources to address critical conditions facing the world today. International educational partners—and Parsons Paris, our European hub— offer sustained cultural and academic immersions. Parsons orients you in global contexts, where creativity catalyzes innovation and change.

Space for Making, Reflecting— and Innovating At Parsons, we embrace the new, the unknown, the unimagined. It’s our legacy as innovators since the school’s founding in 1896. Discover creative problem solving, collaboration, visual communication, iteration, prototyping, and analysis—tools that enable you to confidently, thoughtfully bring about change in a swiftly evolving world. On the solid platform of your Parsons education, you can become a leader in fields that already exist—or pioneer Parsons Undergraduate Programs

new ones.


TOP: At Parsons Paris, the atelier-like learning environment fosters collaborative work in heritage luxury industries such as couture. BOTTOM: Designers at Parsons’ PETLab gaming incubator and residents of St. Louis, Senegal, co-created
a climate disaster– preparedness game for the Red Cross/Red Crescent, which was presented at the UN Climate Change Conference.

FACING PAGE: Students and faculty of Parsons’ DESIS Lab, the U.S. branch of an international social innovation incubator, interviewed Brooklyn residents with the aim of developing environmentally sustainable alternatives to cars.

BFA FIRST YEAR F S PUFY 1000 Integrative Studio 1 3 PUFY 1010 Integrative Seminar 1 3 PUFY 1100 Sustainable Systems* 3 PUFY 1020 Space/Materiality** 3 PUFY 1030 Drawing/Imaging** 3 PUFY 1040 Time** - PUFY 1001 Integrative Studio 2 - PUFY 1011 Integrative Seminar 2 - PLHT 1000 Objects as History* - Program Elective - 3 15 15



3 3 3

* Objects as History and Sustainable Systems may be taken in any sequence, one in the fall semester and one in the spring.


3 3

0 -

** The three first-year studio courses — Drawing/Imaging, Space/Materiality, and Time — may be taken in any sequence, two in the fall semester and one in the spring.

BBA FIRST YEAR F S PUFY 1000 Integrative Studio 1 3 PUFY 1010 Integrative Seminar 1 3 PUFY 1100 Sustainable Systems 3 LMTH 1950 Quantitative Reasoning 1 3 PUFY 1030 Drawing/Imaging*** 3 PUFY 1040 Time*** - 3 PUFY 1001 Integrative Studio 2 - PUFY 1011 Integrative Seminar 2 - ULEC 2230 Intro to Political Economies: Lecture - ULEC 2231 Intro to Political Economies: Recitation 3 Program Elective - 3 15 15

New York City

Academics— an Overview Our curriculum spans established art and design disciplines and includes newer interdisciplinary fields, such as resilience and sustainability studies, service design, and immersive storytelling media. Minors in a variety of disciplines—such as management, creative entrepreneurship, foreign languages, and psychology—enable you to tailor your course of study to particular goals and interests. See page 48 for details. Majors Offered in New York City Architectural Design (BFA) Communication Design (BFA) Design and Technology (BFA) Fashion Design (BFA) Fine Arts (BFA) Illustration (BFA) Integrated Design (BFA) Interior Design (BFA) Photography (BFA) Product Design (BFA)

Majors Offered at Parsons Paris Art, Media, and Technology (BFA) Fashion Design (BFA) Strategic Design and Management (BBA)

The New School

Strategic Design and Management (BBA)

Schools Undergraduate and graduate programs at Parsons are grouped into the following schools to facilitate collaboration and resource sharing:

»»School of Art and Design History and Theory (ADHT) »»School of Art, Media, and Technology (AMT) »»School of Constructed Environments (SCE) »»School of Design Strategies (SDS) »»School of Fashion (SOF) The School of Art and Design History and Theory offers an array of seminars and lectures in history, criticism, and writing that focus on visual and material culture. These courses are integral to studio work and help you develop an understanding of the role of visual culture, art, and design


over time, in various settings, and as a means of fostering change.

Overview Parsons Undergraduate Programs

Your First Year Your first year is one of discovery and exploration. Studio courses build a variety of making skills, while seminars expand your ability to reflect critically on art and design and their connections to the wider world. Together they provide a base for your creative practice and intellectual development over the next three years. They also introduce you to systems-based approaches to design, in which you consider a range of factors—sustainability, technological change, user experience, globalization—to create work suited to an evolving world. The forces of change in society today aren’t one-dimensional, and neither are your interests. Our approach to education gives you the tools you need to explore complex issues and bring together a range of talents and passions in studies that are wholly your own. The process takes you throughout New York City, where you encounter firsthand the ways creativity fuels urban life. You apply your new perspectives and critical-thinking and communication skills to share your insights. The first year also allows those entering as undeclared students the opportunity to explore a range of art and design disciplines, which helps them decide on a major.


TOP: A course project had students place 3D letterforms throughout the city, engaging subway riders with public art and helping students understand the effects of changing scale and setting. BOTTOM: Policymaking at The United Nations directly affects global climate change. In the first-year Sustainable Systems class, you learn how. FACING PAGE: First-year students develop their color theory abilities on-site at a Brooklyn handcrafted wallpaper firm.

Architectural Design BFA Communication Design BFA Design and Technology BFA Fashion Design BFA Fine Arts BFA

Programs in NYC

Illustration BFA Integrated Design BFA

Photography BFA Product Design BFA Strategic Design and Management bba Other Learning Opportunities

Parsons Paris Minors Ba/Bfa Dual Degree Youth and Teen Programs


Interior Design BFA


School of Constructed Environments

Architectural Design BFA Career paths include Architecture Landscape Architecture Environmental Art Urban Design Exhibition Design Product/Industrial Design Interior Design

In this pre-professional program, you investigate the history, language, and social practice of architecture within a fine arts context. You create socially engaged, collaboratively made, and globally oriented work. In internships, courses, and workshops, you build collaborative skills and broaden your design knowledge with peers in related interior, product, urban, and lighting design

Furniture Design

programs. Visits to architectural firms and manufacturers

City Planning

provide further insight into the world of professional practice.

Facilities Management

The program offers design-build opportunities within New

Construction Management

York City, such as the Street Seats public seating initiative

Parsons Undergraduate Programs

and housing studios with community partners.


TOP: Alexander Floyd, rendering, Aquatic Axis. Aquatic Axis, created in Design Studio 5, proposes a mass transport connection between northern Manhattan and the South Bronx. The project is designed to facilitate commuting and provides opportunities to connect with the natural environment.

BOTTOM: Jialei Tang, rendering, Play-nature. Designed in a studio course, Play-nature is a care center for four-year-olds in the Bronx. Design features including acoustic ceilings and recessed classrooms are intended to accommodate the school’s teaching methods and address children’s needs.

FACING PAGE: Naiky Paradis, model created for the BFA Architectural Design course Design Studio 5, Transit Hub.

TOP: Grace Hong, digital interface, Like-Like MIDDLE: Kaisha Murzamadiyeva, type design, Ornek Typeface BOTTOM: Dylan Hughes, identity design, Identity FACING PAGE: Whitney Badge, digital interface and publication, Shift to Question

Communication Design BFA

New York City

School of Art, Media, and Technology

In this major, you focus on typography and Career paths include interaction and choose an industry-related Advertising area of study such as Advertising, Information Motion Graphics Design, Branding, Editorial, Motion Graphics, Publication Design Type Design, or Web/Mobile Product Design. You Package Design learn how to create compelling messages, from Branding concept stage to final form, and share them. You Information Visualization explore the social and environmental dimensions UI/UX Design Interaction Design of communication. Exhibition/Retail Design

You work directly with peers throughout The New School,

Environmental Graphics

including fellow students in programs housed at other schools within the university, and with external partners in hands-on, collaborative courses. Electives on topics like package design,

and business—enhance your learning.


and ones in areas including the humanities, media studies,

The New School

environmental graphics, and design for social engagement—


School of Art, Media, and Technology

design and technology BFA Career paths include Creative Technology Creative Coding Game Design, Development, and Art Experience Design Digital Product and Software Design Interaction Design Computational Arts Digital Advocacy

Choose a pathway—Game Design or Creative Technology—and solve design problems by remixing software, hardware, art, and design creatively. Code becomes your second native tongue and expressive means of connecting with others. You develop a sustainable and unique process for researching, experimenting, designing, prototyping, iterating, and producing projects that keeps pace with an evolving industry. The Game Design pathway in the BFA DT program immerses

Parsons Undergraduate Programs

you in the world of indie game design and development. It gives you tools and pipelines that grow and expand with your skill set and provides you with an understanding of the process from brainstorming to game publication. Creative Technology focuses on bringing art- and human-centric design into programming and engineering, providing a set of tools drawing on physical computing, creative coding, user experience design, and fabrication.


TOP: Jon Murry, virtual reality project, Ready Made Exhibition MIDDLE AND BOTTOM: Yumeng Wang, KAIR (Klapaucius Artificial Intelligence Resort) 2030. KAIR is a multimedia interactive installation featuring fictitious monologues by emulation workers from the year 2030. The project is designed to explore the relationships between humans and AI machines. FACING PAGE: Or Zubalsky, installation and instrument with electronics, Meeting Table

“Seeing a design go from paper to the physical realm and watching the public engage with it inspire me for the work I want do in the future.”

Before he came to Parsons, Finn attended two other universities, where he felt constricted by their rigid, traditional environments. At Parsons, he found an open, diverse, and collaborative community eager to engage his values and imagination. “I think my 16-year-old self would be surprised to see the freedom that I have here to explore and play,” Finn says. One way Finn has taken advantage of his freedom at The New School is enrolling in classes offered at Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts, also part of the university. “It gives my architecture work a new layer of depth and gives me a new perspective to approach creative problem solving,” Finn says. In his Sustainable Systems class at Parsons, he learned that responding to environmental threats doesn’t have to mean design sacrifices. And in his Design & Build class, he put the idea into practice, collaborating with 15 students from different disciplines to build Street Seats—sustainable public seating at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 13th Street that gave New Yorkers a

much-needed outdoor space to rest and After a great deal of research for

enjoy conversation or a meal. Street Seats, students chose fast-growing, lightweight, weather-resilient Vietnamese bamboo for their hand-built 40-foot-long sculptural seating project. Seventy-five planters made from recycled plastic were placed inside its frame; lit by solar panels, “As an undergraduate architecture

they gave off an inviting glow at night. student, I think it’s rare to have the opportunity to take a project from the first sketch to putting the final nail in the frame, and it’s even more rare to build that project in one of the most prominent cities in the world,” says Finn. “It’s both surreal and really satisfying to see our design in the real world. It inspires me for the work I want to do in the future.”

The background is a rendering of a café Finn designed for a hydroponic facility in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

FINNegan Harries

BFA Architectural Design

designed to assist sight-impaired individuals,

Kendall created garments with features

clothing,” Kendall explains.

distinguishing between different articles of

are really tough for blind people, such as

never think of when you have sight but that

have all these design features that you

people with visual impairments. “Garments

in which she created a line of clothing for

applied her learning to Sensory, a project

with the world outside of the classroom. She

to create clothes that allow for engagement

materials come from, where they go, how

the clothing manufacture process: where the

Kendall learned to consider every facet of

In her Systems and Society class,

scientist or environmentalist might use.

designer in terms not unlike those a social

people.” Now she describes her role as a

powerful. It can spread ideas and connect

possible,” Kendall says. “Fashion is really

things with a garment that I didn’t think

could be much more. “You can do so many

became a senior, she had learned that design

make beautiful clothes. But by the time she

first came to Parsons, she simply wanted to

Kendall always loved fashion. When she

“You can do so many things with a garment that I didn’t think possible. Fashion is really powerful. It can spread ideas and connect people.”

Shown behind Kendall is a garment she created for Kellektiv, her thesis, which was aimed at empowering women recovering from sexual assault.

thinker, and maker—means in the world.

understand what her voice—as designer,

feel empowered, and it helped Kendall

Kendall says. Her project helped wearers

can really affect our sense of self-worth,”

what we wear and how we feel, and it

huge psychological connection between

put together their own outfits. “There’s this

such as a tagging system that helps them

BFA Fashion Design

Kendall Warson

TOP LEFT: Ji Won Choi, Excessivism. Created in the Collection pathway, Excessivism features symbols intended to draw attention to clothing overconsumption and construction techniques that reduce material waste. BOTTOM LEFT: Paris Amaro, Carnal. Created in the Fashion Product pathway, Carnal is a line of handcrafted jewelry designed to celebrate the body. Amaro’s minimal, abstract pieces were inspired by the lines of the body. BOTTOM RIGHT: Lucy Jones, Seated Design. Created in the Systems and Society pathway, Seated Design is a methodology for analyzing and reforming design infrastructure to promote design solutions that are functional, attractive, and comfortable for seated individuals while raising awareness of their needs more broadly. FACING PAGE: Jacob Olmedo, And the World Will
Be As One. Created in the Materiality pathway, Olmedo’s thesis project explores—from the perspective of a bee—the political and social implications
of climate change and species extinction while also examining the practice of guerrilla gardening as a means of connecting humans and the natural world. Shown is a runway look by Olmedo and his research project.

New York City

School of Fashion


In the BFA Fashion Design program, you are encouraged to challenge existing perceptions of fashion through your own unique lens, disrupting norms with the objective of proposing innovative outcomes. Examining advanced social,

Career paths include Academic Research Arts Residency Brand Strategy Concept Development Creative Technical Design Fashion Curation

theoretical, and contextual applications of fashion design

Fashion Design

enables you to express deeper levels of messaging and

Fashion Product

critical thinking and practice through your work.

Fashion Theory

You will have the opportunity to explore four study

Fiber Art

pathways: Collection, Materiality, Fashion Product, and

Sustainability Research

Systems and Society. These pathways are designed to

Textile Design

help you develop a specialized, differentiated approach to

Textile Conservation

fashion design that resonates with your personal interests.

Virtual Reality

While many fundamental practices of garment and collection development, research, materiality, and systems thinking are employed in all of the pathways, each one focuses on a specific area of fashion design. Your senior thesis is self-proposed and expressed through a broad spectrum of outcomes. Faculty, visiting

The New School

This innovative program has trained generations of designers who continue to redefine the global fashion landscape.

lecturers, and external critics engage with you on creative, intellectual, and practical levels throughout the process. External partners offer you opportunities to develop a professional practice through collaborative projects and competitions that augment your academic experience.


Offered both in New York City and at Parsons Paris.


School of Art, Media, and Technology

Fine Arts BFA Career paths include Fine Art Arts Administration Curatorial Studies/Practice Museum/Auction House/Gallery/ Art Fair Management Art History and Criticism Education Publishing Art Therapy

This major exposes you to a range of studio practices, ideas, communities, and global dynamics related to contemporary art. You learn to translate concepts into expression through composition, color, form, space, and time-based media while cultivating a range of technical skills and artistic strategies. You develop the conceptual and critical awareness needed to establish a professional art practice while learning professional strategies for launching a career in fine arts. This program guides you to discover your artistic voice, familiarizing you with traditional techniques of painting,

Parsons Undergraduate Programs

drawing, and sculpture as well as more innovative interdisciplinary methods that can include public engagement, video, animation, photography, and digital imaging. Internships and electives in topics such as art history, theory, and professional practices broaden your perspective.


TOP: Andrea Sundt, sculpture, Water Compulsion BOTTOM: Robert Hickerson, photograph, Objekt Permanence FACING PAGE: Yu Tada, digital print, Comment series

TOP: Sophia Coco, handmade book, Love Immortal BOTTOM: Anna Outridge, animated short still, Eliot Trix FACING PAGE: Paula Searing, storyboard for a toy theater, The Best Time I Have Had in a Long Time

New York City

School of Art, Media, and Technology

Illustration BFA Cultivate your vision, authorial voice, creative problem-solving abilities, and curiosity while translating ideas into forms including picture books, comics and graphic novels, animation, hand lettering, editorial and advertising illustrations, toy and puppet designs, and surface and display design.

Career paths include Illustration Comics Animation Graphic Novels Publishing Children’s Books Toy/Product Design

In this major, you create work for mass reproduction and distribution, developing your visual storytelling skills through representational drawing, writing, and painting in two and three dimensions and across time. University electives broaden your skills and perspectives. You apply your learning in projects and

Pattern/Surface Design Advertising Motion Graphics Fine Art Installation Design

internships with partners including Nickelodeon, 350.

Brooklyn and MoCCA Fest and gatherings of professional organizations build your network.


Noble, and Brooklyn Industries. Events like Comic Arts

The New School

org, the New York Times, Moleskine, City Lore, Barnes &


School of Design Strategies

Integrated design BFA Career paths include Entrepreneurship Service Design Urban Design Fashion Design Sustainability Management Consulting

Today, as technology and global networks transform the world, designers must be versatile, knowledgeable problem solvers. This program develops these qualities, preparing you to work in social, cultural, and ecological fields. Many graduates combine design and entrepreneurship in innovation-focused businesses.

Fine Arts

The flexible curriculum, which provides a creative and intellectual base for integrative work through thematic interdisciplinary studios and labs, facilitates focused study or disciplinary exploration. Learning is anchored in collaborative and entrepreneurial approaches applied in Parsons Undergraduate Programs

projects with partners including the Urban Homesteading Assistance Board, SWALE, the Center for Urban Pedagogy, and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Electives offered at Parsons and throughout The New School broaden your knowledge and interdisciplinary skills.


TOP: Alexis Walsh. LYSIS. For her fashion collection, Walsh fashioned couture garments featuring 3D sculptural elements created with Shapeways software. BOTTOM: Yu Ling Wu, Know Your Rights. Wu’s round accordion booklet contains legal rights information for immigrants facing deportation or ICE raids; the book can be disguised as a wearable, coaster, or magnet. FACING PAGE: Amplify: Creative and Sustainable Lifestyles in the Lower East Side. Amplify addressed sustainability and the everyday needs of older adults in New York City through collaborative support services.

When Rohil moved to New York from Cape Town, South Africa, his new city seemed “larger than life”—the perfect place to make big-budget action movies at a traditional film school. Then he saw that students at Parsons were taking traditional narratives and turning them into video games and VR, creating ways for the “audience to feel like they’re uncovering the story themselves.” And the Parsons students were using new media to Rohil enrolled at Parsons and now creates

tell stories that mattered. work that pushes him out of his comfort zone, like a project bringing together set design, film and immersive technology, and a life-sized robot or a video game in which the player battles hordes of demonic fast food avatars that stand in the way of getting healthy— projects that unite fun and substance. At Parsons, Rohil feels free to work in a range of media and finds opportunity in the collaborative interplay of programs throughout The New School. For one project, he enlisted students from the university’s School of Media Studies to record zany voiceovers for his game to add more thrilling

“At Parsons, you’re provided with a structure, but you’re also encouraged to challenge it. It makes you a fearless creative force.”

dimensions. More than anything, Parsons encourages Rohil to experiment, make mistakes, and keep going. “At Parsons, you’re provided with a structure, but you’re also encouraged to challenge it,” Rohil says. “It makes you a fearless creative force.” He is learning to create with intent, emphasize inclusivity and diverse perspectives, and reflect deeply on the impact of creativity—or, as he puts it, to ask, “What impact does this have on the world?”

The background is the interface from Rohil’s game Here Comes the Neighborhood, in which players explore individual identity in urban settings.

Rohil Aniruth

BFA Design and Technology

“What I’m making now is unlike anything I ever imagined making. I feel like I found who I am and who I want to be.”

social justice, and at Parsons, she learned to

consider political systems, oppression, and

At Lang, she’d been inspired by a course to

possible by the university’s BA/BFA program.

Lang College of Liberal Arts, a blend made

with a minor in Ethnicity and Race at Eugene

Design major at Parsons and a Theater major

master of combining: She’s an Integrated

Yu Ling has become something of a

combine her interests.

and the perfect medium through which to

realizing that books could be an art form

her hands and designing things digitally,

She discovered her love of working with

she learned much more than bookbinding.

studies. In her Artist’s Books class at Parsons,

diverse interests and care deeply about her

The New School challenged her to explore

unsure that she was enough of an artist. But

When Yu Ling came to Parsons, she felt

Shown behind Yu Ling is an artist’s book she made with an unusual folding scheme meant to evoke the stimulating environment of New York City.

like I found who I am and who I want to be.”

unlike anything I ever imagined making. I feel

world differently. What I’m making now is

“The New School has enabled me to see the

projects that I’m most proud of,” she says.

Yu Ling’s signature humor. “It’s one of the

informal language, graphic design, and

clarifies the voting process with snappy,

jargon” out of election information, the book

F*ck to Vote. Designed to strip the “political

It led her to create a booklet titled How the

ask herself why she was creating something.

BFA Integrated Design/ BA Liberal Arts

Yu Ling Wu

TOP: Pei Chun Liao, rendering, Story Corps BOTTOM: Elysia Belilove, rendering, Kin Steps and Co-Work Space

FACING PAGE: Hayden Manders and Meredith Woolfolk, rendering, co-housing project for homeless mothers, created for the Design Studio 3 course

New York City

School of Constructed Environments

Interior design BFA In 1906, Frank Alvah Parsons established the country’s first interior design curriculum, framing the discipline as an intellectually rigorous practice and a creative force in everyday life. Today this research-based, design-intensive major prepares you for careers in which you create comfortable, imaginative, and intelligently designed interiors.

Career paths include Interior Design Sustainable Design Set Design Exhibition Design Historic Preservation Consulting

You work with faculty, peers, and outside professionals designing interior environments that reflect an understanding of sustainability, cultural differences, and the human need for comfort, safety, and well-being. Courses guide you through the study of materiality and two- and three-dimensional form and space. The studio experience across a wide range of project types, with a focus on design process, lighting, building systems, color, textiles, and stakeholder engagement. You develop and analyze your designs through a combination of hand drawings, physical models, collage, computer renderings, and

The New School

introduces interior design issues of increasing complexity

animations created using both digital and analog methods. An interdisciplinary curriculum, along with lectures and access to New York City’s premier firms and showrooms,


broadens your practice.


School of Art, Media, and Technology

PHOTOGraphy BFA Career paths include Commercial, Editorial, Documentary, and Fashion Photography Visual Art Publishing

In this major, you develop the technical, conceptual, aesthetic, and professional skills needed to establish a successful creative practice. You explore analog and digital processes that extend to video/motion production, photobooks, and installation art.

Gallery/Studio Management Arts Production/Administration

The BFA Photography curriculum facilitates the study of photography in relation to social engagement, fashion culture, creative industry, imaging technology, and contemporary art while helping you develop research, critical writing, and technical skills. You focus your interests in electives offered throughout the university and in

Parsons Undergraduate Programs

internships at galleries, publishing houses, and cultural and commercial organizations. Access to state-of-the-art labs, shooting studios, and equipment supports your creativity; student exhibitions and critiques build your network.


TOP: Zeta Gao, fashion editorial, Youthquake BOTTOM: Joanne Imperio, untitled, from the Centre of Equal series FACING PAGE: Patricia Lopez Ramos, digital C-print, Food for Thought

TOP: Daniel Martinez, Prism BOTTOM: Miriam Josi and Stella Lee, Nomad planters FACING PAGE: Gabriella Ravassa, coffee bean-collecting bucket, Coco

Product Title

Stick Up-Sticks


$28.00 SRP


2.3x2.7x1.4 Inches 5.9x6.8x3.6 cm


K5 Crystal Glass


Daniel Martinez



Prism Magnifier is a desk magnifier ma glass crystal that renders image and tex the actual size. The magnifier was desig by Daniel Martinez for the class Small Matter, a collaboration between Areaw Parsons The New School for Design.

Daniel Martinez is a Product / Industri Designer based in NYC. His designs ex simple beauty, form and function, crea construction.

New York City

School of Constructed Environments

PRODUCT DESIGN BFA In this major, you cultivate the technical and critical skills needed to design objects, systems, and services that enhance human abilities and relationships. You address contemporary realities including sustainability and technological change while exploring materials, manufacturing, aesthetics, and social engagement in both local and global contexts. Courses help you acquire broadly applicable studio,

Career paths include Industrial Design Product Development Manufacturing Furniture Design Humanitarian/Service Design Health Design Toy Design Creative Direction

making, and critical thinking skills including research, graphic representation, sketching, modeling, prototyping, and presentation. Electives—on topics such as digital and physical model making, professional practice and entrepreneurship, material and process innovation, metalworking—deepen your practice. Projects and internships with companies like Poltrona Frau, IKEA, Roche Bobois, and Areaware connect you to the industry. Museums, archives, and exposure at international design fairs supplement Parsons’ resources, such as the Parsons

The New School

experimental ceramics, and woodworking and

Making Center and Healthy Materials Lab.

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School of Design Strategies

STRATEGIC Design and management BBA Career paths include Innovation Consulting Entrepreneurship Brand Strategy Marketing and Public Relations Design-Led Research Leadership and Management

The business of design and the design of business are at the center of the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Strategic Design and Management. In studios and seminars combining business, design, and liberal arts, you apply interdisciplinary learning through projects and research. Engaging and dynamic courses cover a range of topics including innovation and sustainability research, entrepreneurship, systems thinking, quantitative reasoning, financial management, visual communication, and information design. These courses develop a broad

Parsons Undergraduate Programs

and integrated range of skills that can be applied across the design strategy spectrum. Courses and projects led by practicing professionals enable you to work with entrepreneurs, designers, activists, and academics at organizations ranging from HUGO BOSS, Panasonic, and Design Within Reach to the United Nations Development Fund and the City of New York. You explore interests and career paths in electives offered throughout The New School. Internships give you real-world experience. You graduate prepared to develop design-driven strategies, manage projects, and assume entrepreneurial and leadership positions. Offered both in New York City and at Parsons Paris.


TOP: Maurice Dasualt, Portrait of a Drowning City, multiplatform urban intervention (installation, print booklet, Web interface) BOTTOM: L. Curry Aycock, mobile app, The Art of Balance FACING PAGE: Suzannah Tarkington and Bozhou Luo, digital publication, BOUW

Alex Ficquette Alumnus, BBA Strategic Design and Management

If you wonder whether design can bring people together—or drive them apart—ask Alex. While
a student in the BBA Strategic Design and Management program, Alex delved into the human factors that effective design takes into consideration to make products and services successful.
His aptitude for listening, reflecting, and finding creative solutions to problems big and small brought him success in internships at Michael Kors, Stella McCartney, Barneys New York, and a Broadway PR company. He ended up in one of his field’s most coveted positions: design researcher at IDEO, the legendary design and innovation consultancy.

At IDEO, Alex took the human-

“what if we...?” approach he

learned at Parsons and applied it to projects

for local nonprofits and global firms. He

interviewed research participants across

the country, synthesizing his insights on

untapped opportunities and proposing

design-based approaches to address

needs. From his studies
at Parsons Alex

knew that problem-solving techniques

based in design research are surprisingly

adaptable to a range of settings. But in

the course of researching user experience

for a media client,
he learned just how

valuable his own design and management

skills had made him. Word of his talent at

predicting user behavior and his success

in coordinating the many steps to positive

user experience quickly got around. Soon he

was approached for a media job, which led

to his current position as associate plaza

producer for NBC television’s TODAY Show.

Reflecting on his providential career shift, he

says, “Parsons taught me that observation

and asking questions are as important as

studio skills—they can take you anywhere.”

“Parsons taught me that observation and asking questions are as important as studio skills—they can take you anywhere.”

Parent of Keeler Near, BFA Fashion Design ’18

William Near

Shown in the background are William Near and his son Keeler. Keeler is wearing a shirt he made for his thesis fashion collection.

fact that Keeler could take courses outside

things that really resonated with me was the

The design element was there. And one of the

“The energy of Parsons was wild; it was cool.

was a really fun, upbeat situation,” he recalls.

while Kanye West played in the background. “It

New School courses projected across the ceiling

students’ day event, they saw a constellation of

The New School’s campus for an admitted

When Billy and his son Keeler first arrived on

dad, I’m really proud of him.”

become. His creativity has flourished. As his

things I’ve noticed is how confident Keeler’s

career as an artist,” Billy says. “One of the big

a lifetime and are hugely influential in his

forming relationships that will probably last

up to and admires these teachers. He’s

are renowned in their fields. “Keeler looks

develop relationships with professors who

At Parsons, Billy has also seen Keeler

thrive after graduation.”

“but Keeler’s education has set him up to

by any stretch of the imagination,” Billy says,

an artist in today’s world is not a sure thing

for two fashion lines of his own. “Surviving as

Entrepreneurship—and lay the groundwork

enabling him to complete a minor in Creative

added new dimension to his design degree,

bloom at Parsons. Keeler’s business classes

Over the next four years, Billy saw Keeler

amazing opportunities.”

school. I knew Keeler was going to have

Lang College, the university’s liberal arts

the punk movement of the 1980s at Eugene

course. Or he could take a class delving into

of his discipline. He could take a business

“Surviving as an artist in today’s world is not a sure thing by any stretch of the imagination, but Keeler’s education has set him up to thrive after graduation.”

Parsons Paris, located in the heart of the city, offers you an intimate, atelier-like environment in which to create, guided by Parsons’ signature curriculum.

New York City

Parsons Paris Undergraduate Degrees Art, Media, and Technology (BFA) Fashion Design (BFA)

The learning community is made up of undergraduate and graduate students from around the world, including

Strategic Design and Management (BBA)

students visiting from the university’s NYC campus and other colleges. Bachelor’s programs currently offered are Art, Media, and Technology (BFA); Fashion Design (BFA); and Strategic Design and Management (BBA). Summer Intensive Studies programs are open to pre-college students (ages 16 years and older). In Paris—recently voted one of the best cities in which to study1—you discover how bringing together craft, heritage brands, new technologies, and social innovation enriches your work and makes design relevant worldwide. interdisciplinary collaboration with peers in all programs and with study abroad students from throughout The New School and beyond. Our exclusive local partners—ENSCI–Les Ateliers (École nationale supérieure de création industrielle) and ENSAD (École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs)— enable you to explore a range of studio practices. Renowned

The New School

Small classes foster close interaction with faculty and

institutions including MAD (Musée des Arts Décoratifs) provide unparalleled research opportunities. All of these resources are offered as part of the university’s commitment to preparing you for global creative industries.

Quacquarelli Symonds World University Rankings (2017), a London-based global provider of specialist higher education and career information.


1 By

Other Learning Opportunities

Minors A growing array of minors offered at Parsons and throughout The New School advance your study of art and design, broaden your professional skills and perspectives, and give you a competitive edge on job and graduate school applications.

Alternative Fashion Strategies 1



Moving Image Arts

Art and Design History

Museum and Curatorial Studies

Capitalism Studies

Music Composition 1

Chinese Studies


Comics and Graphic Narrative

Photography 1

Communication Design


Contemporary Music

Post-Genre Music:

Creative Coding

Performance and Creation 1

Creative Entrepreneurship 1

Printmaking 1

Creative Technologies for


Performative Practice 1

Religious Studies

Parsons Undergraduate Programs

Culture and Media



Social Practice

Data Visualization


Design Studies

Sustainable Cities

Digital Humanities

Techniques of Music

Dramatic Arts 1

Temporary Environments



Environmental Studies

Visual Studies

Ethnicity and Race


Fashion Communication 1 Fashion Studies Film Production Fine Arts 1 Food Studies French Studies Gender Studies Global Studies Hispanic Studies History Interdisciplinary Science Japanese Studies Jewish Culture Journalism + Design Literary Translation

1 Space


limitations in some programs make applications necessary for selected minors. For updated information, visit

New York City

BA/BFA Dual Degree In this five-year interdisciplinary pathway, you study both art and design and the liberal arts in depth, earning a BA from Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts and a BFA from Parsons.1 The BA/BFA (BAFA) pathway equips you with the superior critical thinking and studio skills you need to succeed in today’s complex globalized workplace or in advanced study.

Youth and Teen Programs Want to build a portfolio or take art and design courses before beginning undergraduate studies? Start your Parsons experience now in a pre-college program on Saturdays throughout the year in New York or develop a portfolio online. Summer Intensive Studies are offered at our New York and and design strategy. Offered through Open Campus, The New School’s continuing, professional, and pre-college education program, Parsons youth and teen programs enable you to explore creativity, build skills, network with peers, and, in some cases, earn college credit.

The New School

Paris campuses in disciplines such as graphic design, game design, fashion,

1 Students

in BBA Strategic Design and Management cannot participate in the BA/BFA pathway.


The Making Center Libraries
and Archives Galleries, Exhibition Spaces, and Performance Venues New School Art Collection Social Justice at The New School Industry Partnerships

Centers, Institutes, and labs

University Resources

New School Public Programs

University Resources Parsons Undergraduate Programs


span Parsons’ history from its founding


to today, conserving primary-source


materials produced by our community,

Access to state-of-the-art and traditional

including illustrations, graphic design

tools at the Making Center facilitates your

samples, fashion sketches, articles,

creative growth and gives you hands-on

photographs, and recordings. Learn more

experience using everything you’ll need


as a creator. Available resources include a motion capture studio; 3D printers; laser

Galleries, Exhibition Spaces,

cutters; CNC routers; high-speed plotters;

and Performance Venues

printmaking equipment for all media;

The Sheila C. Johnson Design Center (SJDC),

woodworking, metalworking, and sewing

an award-winning space designed by Lyn

tools; and digital imaging, audio, and

Rice Architects, is a university hub of

production gear. The inviting, light-filled

creativity and scholarship. Located on

space is also a place where community

the ground floor of Parsons’ building at

forms: Students and faculty collaborate and

the corner of Fifth Avenue and 13th Street,

discuss creative challenges at the center’s

the center offers programming including

many ample work tables.

exhibitions curated by the SJDC staff, student work exhibitions, and a rich variety of


events advancing the university’s mission of

Supporting your research are the university’s

promoting public dialogue on the role of art

libraries and some of the country’s best

and design in civic life. The center’s more than

academic resources, available through the

4,000 square feet of gallery space, equipped

online Research Library Consortium of South

to support the full range of media, offers

Manhattan. On-campus resources include

students opportunities to curate and create

the List Center Library, University Center

programming as part of their coursework or

Library, Performing Arts Library, and Kellen

by invitation.

Design Archives & Special Collections at the

The New School also maintains a number

Sheila C. Johnson Design Center. Degree-

of practice, rehearsal, and performance

seeking students can also use the extensive

spaces, including the university’s 20,000-

resources at NYU’s Bobst Library, the Cooper

square-foot facility at 55 West 13th Street,

Union library, and the New York School of

Tishman Auditorium at the University

Interior Design and Cardozo libraries.

Center, and The Auditorium at 66 West 12th


At the Kellen Design Archives, you can

Street. Our black box performance space at

explore Parsons’ celebrated history in studio

151 Bank Street features state-of-the-art

disciplines and design studies. The archives

sound and lighting systems.

TOP, FACING PAGE: The Making Center—the university’s network of cuttingedge creative tools—is located primarily in the Parsons building at Fifth Avenue and 13th Street. MIDDLE: The Kellen Archives, part of the university’s extensive archival holdings, contains materials documenting Parsons’ history and creative output, including project work by our celebrated alumni. BOTTOM: Exhibitions at the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center invite the public to participate in discussion of design’s role in fostering social good.

MIDDLE: The Sheila C. Johnson Design Center presents exhibitions on timely topics such as the intersection of technology and craft. Shown here is an exhibition developed with the Royal College of Art (RCA), London. BOTTOM LEFT: Partnered projects with fashion retailers like H&M challenge students to design within real-world industry constraints. BOTTOM RIGHT: Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing #1073 A and B, Bars of Color (New School), 2003/2015, shown here, enlivens the first and second floors of the university’s 55 West 13th Street building.

Listed below are some of our

The New School’s Art Collection makes

recent partners:

passing through campus buildings a


transformative experience. Installations

Aperture Foundation

created expressly for our community—such


as Glenn Ligon’s site-specific commission

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

For Comrades and Lovers (top right), which

Children’s Museum of the Arts

envelops University Center Event Café

Chinese American Planning Council

visitors; José Clemente Orozco’s A Call for

Citi Community Fund

Revolution and Universal Brotherhood, a


sweeping fresco cycle created in 1931 for

Condé Nast

The New School; and Kara Walker’s Event

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

Horizon (top left), an immersive artwork

Cornell Tech

filling Arnhold Hall’s stairwell—engage


with themes and spaces of The New School.

Gilt Groupe

Pioneering works from the collection of


nearly 2,000, including pieces by Martin


Puryear, Adrian Piper, and photographer

Habitat for Humanity

and New School teacher Berenice Abbott,


are found throughout campus, offering you


moments of inspiration and discovery.


New York City


Japan Society

New School


The New School’s Office of Social Justice


develops and supports university initiatives


that promote social justice in the world in

Luxury Education Foundation

four thematic areas: stratification (by race,

Made in NY

class, income, sexuality, and sexual identity);

Marie Claire

immigration and migration; climate and


environment; and technology in society.


The Office of Social Justice also supports

New York Times

internal policy and culture change to foster


a welcoming and inclusive university


environment and advance The New School’s

NYC Department of Parks and Recreation

mission of cultivating engaged innovators

NYC Department of Transportation

equipped to address pressing social issues.

NYC Housing Authority

The New School

Intel Social Justice at The



Industry partnerships at the university

Planned Parenthood

connect you to leading organizations and

Poltrona Frau

brands whose mission, knowledge base,

Red Cross

leadership, and creativity align with yours.

Roche Bobois

Partnerships challenge faculty and students

Saks Fifth Avenue

to develop customized solutions that drive


innovation and help businesses thrive in a


complex, diverse global economy.

Tag Heuer Teen Vogue Theory United Nations Verizon Woolmark


Under Armour

University Resources


Listed below are research communities of

Public Programs at The New School offers

practice at The New School:

you more than a thousand events each

Center for Data Arts

year—most presented free—providing fresh

Center for New York City Affairs

perspectives and expanding your network.

Center for Public Scholarship

These lectures, conversations, exhibitions,

Center for Transformative Media

concerts, and performances feature a range


of intellectual leaders and include the Nth

Community Development Finance Lab

Degree, a curated series of events spotlighting

Designed Realities Lab

creative minds who are creating critical

DESIS (Design for Social Innovation

change in the world.

and Sustainability) Lab Digital Equity Lab


ELab (design-led entrepreneurial lab)

Scholarship and creative learning happen

Engage Media Lab

both in and outside of the classroom

Graduate Institute for Design, Ethnography,

at The New School. Across our campus,

and Social Thought (GIDEST)

students and faculty come together in

Healthy Materials Lab

interactive, collaborative spaces to rethink,

Humanities Action Lab

reimagine, and redesign the world. In these

PETLab (Prototyping, Evaluation,

labs, centers, facilities, and research

Teaching, and Learning Lab)

Parsons Undergraduate Programs

institutes, they produce groundbreaking

Sheila C. Johnson Design Center

work that challenges the way we

Tishman Environment and Design

traditionally solve problems.

Center Transregional Center for Democratic Studies (TCDS) Urban Systems Lab Vera List Center for Art and Politics Zolberg Institute on Migration and Mobility


TOP: Parsons—the U.S. home of DESIS, a global service design organization—recently hosted “Resilient Cities, Livable Futures,” a conference on strategies for making urban centers resilient to weather-related disasters. MIDDLE: A student creates a composition using samples from the Healthy Materials Lab’s library of nontoxic products such as rubber flooring, tile backing made from reused juice boxes, and flooring made from linseed oil, wood flour, and jute. Also shown are eco-fabrics created in a collaboration with Tide detergent. BOTTOM: At far left is Elaine Welteroth, editor in chief of Teen Vogue, in conversation with Amy Farid and Anastasia Garcia at Fashion Culture and Justice, a campus event. FACING PAGE: A DESIS Lab research exhibition.

 Student Resources and admission Academic and
 Career Advising Internships International Student and Scholar Services Housing

Student Support & Admission

Financial Aid




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Student Support and Admission

Student Resources and

In addition, the New School alumni


community keeps you connected to a

We have staff dedicated to helping you

thriving network of leaders in art, design,

join the Parsons community and making

academia, the performing arts, the social

your experience transformative. Our team

sciences, and many other fields. Take a

is ready at the planning stages—applying,

look at what alumni are doing around the

making the financial commitment, finding

world at

housing—and once you’re on campus as well. Staff members devoted to addressing


learning-related needs ensure that your

Internships encourage our students to

academic life flourishes. If you have

take theory from the classroom and put

questions, we have answers, on these

it into action. They are an integral part of

topics and more:

the university–New York City experience.

»» Recreation »» Student organizations »» Health and wellness »» Student disability services »» Meal plans »» Registration »» Safety and security »» Technology labs

In a single year, New School students interned at more than 1,000 organizations, including MTV, HBO, Beth Israel Hospital, the Village Voice, the International Rescue Committee, Nike, Diane von Furstenberg, and more. Students find internships by meeting with their success advisor (their career and academic advisor), attending

Parsons Undergraduate Programs

For more information, email admission@

Career Services events, and drawing on

relationships with university partners, faculty, and fellow students.

ACADEMIC AND CAREER ADVISING You will receive ongoing, holistic support


from academic/career advisors, who will help


you design your unique degree pathway and

We welcome students from around the

prepare to effect change in the world after

world. Whether you are an international

graduation. This innovative approach means

student or scholar or an exchange visitor,

you visit only one office to embark upon and

you are joining a thriving academic and

complete your academic and career advising

artistic campus in one of the world’s great

journey. And at the Parsons Career Expo, more

cities. We offer both immigration advice

than 100 recruiters gather to discuss creative

and cultural support in a welcoming and

positions with you, review your portfolio, and

friendly environment.

invite you to apply for jobs. If you want to pursue advanced studies or start your own business, we offer resources for those next steps, too. Advisors are here to help you:

»» Articulate your values »» Select courses and graduate on time »» Think about career options »» Consider study and work abroad opportunities

»» Connect with faculty members »» Locate relevant support services if you identify as a first-generation student, student veteran, or student with a disability



The New School

New York City

Student Support and Admission Parsons Undergraduate Programs

We want The New School to be your home


away from home. We achieve this by:

The New School is for students from a

»» Providing expertise and support

variety of backgrounds. The university

throughout the U.S. visa application

funds a variety of institutional scholarships,

process and offering advisement on

fellowships, grants, and stipends as

the maintenance of legal immigration

part of its comprehensive financial aid

status, employment, reinstatement,

program. We also participate in government

changes of status, program changes,

grant, loan, and work-study programs as

and other immigration-related matters

well as programs for veterans of the U.S.

»» Advising incoming students and

scholars on higher education practices

armed services. If you are admitted to a degree program,

in the United States and other cultural

you will automatically be considered for

adjustment issues

merit aid on the basis of your academic

»» Supporting U.S. students seeking to study abroad through Fulbright programs

»» Providing excellent international

student programs at The New School

and, if applicable, artistic ability. Admission counselors can answer questions about merit eligibility. U.S. citizens and residents who wish

and with other institutions in New York

to receive need-based aid must first

City and in other countries

complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA determines


students’ eligibility for federal and state

Housing isn’t just four walls and a roof.

grants, federal loans, and work study. File

It’s an opportunity to form bonds, ease

this application online at using

the transition from home to college, learn

The New School’s code, 002780.

to appreciate differences, and make new friends for life. Our five residences extend from Greenwich Village to Chelsea and offer a nurturing, supportive environment for every student as well as many social, educational, and cultural activities. For more


information, visit

Curate the Future by Reimagining the Past Ethnographic studies are examined through a curatorial lens. Spark a Conversation with the City Parsons School of Design celebrates art and design in the civic sphere. Empower a House the night. Rewrite the Ethics of Drones

Embrace ambiguity.

A bright idea illuminates the world like a porch light in

Two Design and Technology graduates explore the con tentious relationship between huma... Don’t Tell a Story — Illuminate a Manuscript We embrace new media, design, and technology to reimagine the power of storytelling.

Close Silicon Valley’s Gender Gap Two MFA Design and Technology graduates spark a love of technology in girls.

Research Lab: Healthy Materials Lab

The Healthy Materials Lab’s research agenda focuses o optimizing health and transpar...

Change your vantage point.

Wikipedia History of Visual Communications Graphic Design Referenced Meggs’ History of Design Graphic Design: A New History The Design Library at the Design Museum Thinking for a Living IconofGraphics AIGA Medalists The ADC Hall of Fame The best and the brightest. The Design Shadow SpeakUp Alki1’s Photostream on FlickR

A Library of Design Images. This History of Graphic Design and its Audiences

Parsons School of Design Bachelor’s Programs Architectural Design BFA Communication Design BFA Design and Technology BFA Fashion Design BFA

Strategic Design and Management MS 1

Psychology BA

Theories of Urban Practice MA

Screen Studies BA

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Parsons Paris Bachelor’s Programs

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dual degree MArch/MFA Communication Design MPS

Data Visualization MS Design and Technology MFA

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Design and Urban Ecologies MS

Ecosystems and Public

Fashion Design and Society MFA

Policy; BS concentration in

Fashion Studies MA

Urban Ecosystem Design

Orchestral Conducting MM, PDPL2 Orchestral Instruments MM, PDPL2 Piano MM, PDPL2

Fine Arts MFA

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Theory MM, PDPL2

History of Design and

History BA

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Curatorial Studies MA

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University Programs

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Nonprofit Management MS

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Organizational Change

Dramatic Arts BFA

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Organization Development

Integrated training in acting, directing, playwriting,

Adults and Transfer Students

aesthetic inquiry, design,

Bachelor’s Programs

and new dramatic media

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School of Jazz and Contemporary Music Bachelor’s Program Jazz and Contemporary Music BFA

Management MS graduate certificate Public and Urban Policy MS, PhD Sustainability Strategies

Environmental Studies BA, BS

graduate certificate

BA concentration in Urban

School of Media Studies

Ecosystems and Public Policy; BS concentration in

Graduate Programs

Urban Ecosystem Design

Documentary Media Studies

Food Studies BA, BS

graduate certificate

Global Studies BA

Media Management

Liberal Arts BA, BS

MS, graduate certificate

Self-designed program

Media Studies MA

Media Studies BA, BS

Concentrations in

Musical Theater BFA

Teaching English


Psychology BA

to Speakers of

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Food Studies AAS

Teaching English to Speakers of

in Instrumental, and in Vocal

THE NEW SCHooL FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH Graduate Programs Anthropology MA, PhD Creative Publishing and Critical Journalism MA Economics MA, MS, PhD Global Political Economy and Finance MA Gender and Sexuality Studies graduate certificate Historical Studies MA Liberal Studies MA Philosophy MA, PhD

Creative Writing MFA

Julien J. Studley Graduate Programs in International Affairs Master’s Programs International Affairs MA, MS

Milano School of Policy, Management, and Environment Graduate Programs

Psychology MA

Environmental Policy

Cognitive, Social, and Developmental Psychology PhD Sociology MA, PhD

graduate certificate

Master’s Program

Politics MA, PhD Clinical Psychology PhD

Other Languages (TESOL) MA,

Creative Writing Program

and Sustainability Management MS Leadership and Change graduate certificate


Global Executive option available.


The Professional Studies Diploma (PDPL) is an advanced certificate program open to students who have completed an undergraduate degree.

Our University at a Glance

A Few Facts that Set Us Apart

Founded in 1919.

#1 for small classes Among national universities, The New School has

Located in Greenwich Village, in the heart of NYC, with a branch campus in Paris.

the highest proportion of classes with fewer than 20 students.1

#1 art and design school Parsons School of Design is the top art and design

Houses five schools and colleges.

school in the nation.2

Offers more than 130 degree and diploma programs and majors and more than 50 minors. Has more than 10,000 degree-seeking students. Students come from all 50 states and 116 countries.

#1 most international university We have a higher percentage of international students than any other U.S. university with more than 10,000 students.3

#1 for sustainable building The American Institute of Architects named the New School University Center one of the greenest buildings in the United States—and it’s the largest LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold–certified urban university building.

The New School offers a range of programs. See details at

Membership and Accreditation

For full information on the university’s accreditation, visit accreditation.

irrevocable contract between the student and The New School. The university reserves the right to change without notice any matter contained in this publication, including but not limited to tuition, fees, policies, degrees, programs, names of programs, course offerings, academic activities, academic requirements, facilities, faculty, and administrators. Payment of tuition or attendance at any classes shall constitute a student’s acceptance of the administration’s rights as set forth above. The New School is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Institution. For important information including student rights, campus safety statistics, and tuition and fees, visit

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Published 2018 by The New School. Produced by Marketing and Communication, The New School.

The New School is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. MSCHE is a regional accreditor and federally recognized body. The New School has been accredited by MSCHE since 1960. All degree programs at the New York City campus of The New School are registered by the New York State Department of Education. Both NYSED and MSCHE provide assurance to students, parents, and all stakeholders that The New School meets clear quality standards for educational and financial performance.

U.S. News & World Report (2018) Quacquarelli Symonds World University Rankings (2018) 3 U.S. News & World Report (2018) 1


Photo credits: David Barron, Puxan BC, Esto, James Ewing, Ben Ferrari, Michelle Gevint, Jonathan Grassi, Don Hamerman, Bob Handelman, Christopher Lawrence, Matthew Mathews, Julien MouffronGardner, Colleen Macklin, Siobhán Mullan, Diego Ledezma-Perez, Jessica Miller, Michael Moran, Jacob Arthur Pritchard, Martin Seck, Michael Kirby Smith

Here you are. Now that you have discovered an acclaimed design school in a city of innovators, you are ready for the next step in your creative journey. Start yours at Parsons, where you will find the space to explore, investigate, and solve problems of all kinds. We catalyze action and new ideas on campus and beyond, making the world better by design. Talk to us. We are here to provide more information, answer questions, and introduce you to a unique path of academic excellence. Office of Admission 72 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10011 212.229.5150 or 800.292.3040

This brochure is printed on 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper with UV inks that conserve energy and material and do not release VOCs into the atmosphere— reflecting the university’s embrace of environmental responsibility.

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P U F Y 1 0 0 0 In t e g ra t i v e St u d i o 1








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Parsons School of Design

Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts

College of Performing Arts

The New School for Social Research

Schools of Public Engagement


P U F Y 1 1 0 0 Su s t a i n a b l e Sy s t e m s







L M T H 1 9 5 0 Q u a n t i t a t i v e Re a s o n i n g 1 3 P U F Y 1 0 3 0 D ra w i n g / Im a g i n g * * *

P U F Y 1 0 0 1 In t e g ra t i v e St u d i o 2 -

P U F Y 1 0 4 0 Ti m e * * * -

P U F Y 1 0 1 1 In t e g ra t i v e S e m i n a r 2

U L EC 2 2 3 0 In t ro t o Po l i t i c a l Eco n o m i e s : Le c t u re -


Parsons Paris

U L EC 2 2 3 1 In t ro t o Po l i t i c a l Eco n o m i e s : Re c i t a t i o n

P ro g ra m E l e c t i v e -

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* * * T h e t w o f i r s t- y e a r s t u d i o co u r s e s — D ra w i n g / Im a g i n g

s e q u e n ce , o n e i n t h e f a l l s e m e s t e r a n d o n e i n t h e s p r i n g .

a n d e i t h e r Sp a ce / Ma t e r i a l i t y o r Ti m e — m a y b e t a k e n i n a n y

The New School—a university where world-renowned colleges come together to seek out new ways to create a more just, more beautiful, and better-designed world. Learn more about our colleges and programs:

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2018 Parsons Undergraduate Programs Viewbook  

2018 Parsons Undergraduate Programs Viewbook  

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