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This is the moment you realize that the study of design


European creative capital In Paris in 1921, Parsons established the world’s first international academic campus, offering students an innovative education in a global center of creativity. Today Paris is at the forefront of emerging fields and a portal to Europe’s diverse cultural, intellectual, and commercial resources. Our unique connections with Paris, New York, and cities beyond give you an academic experience that draws on the best of all worlds. Both Parsons Paris and Parsons’ New York City campus are part of The New School, a comprehensive university. Parsons is ranked among the top art and design schools in the United States and worldwide. The New School is also home to a liberal arts college, a performing arts college, a social research graduate school, and many other world-famous programs that join forces to help students from all of our schools collaborate and learn across disciplines.

The New School Parsons Paris

parsons paris undergraduate and Graduate Programs

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The New School Parsons Paris

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The New School Parsons Paris

The New School Parsons Paris

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At Parsons Paris, you immerse yourself in an intimate setting in the heart of Europe while benefiting from our renowned innovative academic programs in New York City. Curricula are shared by Parsons’ two campuses, allowing you to study in both capitals of cuttingedge culture. And as a New School student, you have access to the resources of an internationally recognized university committed to scholarship and social justice. Our American-style education transcends disciplines and convention to cultivate the design-led problem solvers in demand in the global creative economy.





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The New School Parsons Paris

The New School Parsons Paris




Parsons Paris’ intimate setting fosters creative collaboration and a community to last a lifetime. In small classes, you partner with peers from all programs and work closely with faculty, who share their expertise and networks to advance your learning. You see projects evolving right around you, sparking new ideas and interdisciplinary practice.


collaborate The New School Parsons Paris

The New School Parsons Paris



Paris, recently voted the best international city in which to study,* is home to cultural resources and artisanal traditions found nowhere else. A diverse urban center, it attracts talent from around the world— and a host of new perspectives to inspire and challenge you. Study at Parsons Paris takes you out into the city, deepening your studio skills and French language abilities through our partnerships with
ENSAD (École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs), ENSCI–Les Ateliers (École nationale supérieure de création industrielle), and Musée des Arts Décoratifs, whose collections support focused research. You take part in vital events like Paris Fashion Week and Paris Design Week, developing your global network and skills.




Studio The New School Parsons Paris

The New School Parsons Paris


Become a Designer


At Parsons Paris, you’re part of a community of fearless thinkers, makers, and curators forging new creative practices at the intersections of artisanal culture and urban hacking, sustainability and the sharing economy, historical design and critical thinking and studio skills, to elevate design’s potential—and your value—in the global creative economy. Our ground-floor gallery serves as a dynamic public space in which you can exhibit collaborative projects representing emerging fields and new ways of working.

like an INNOVATOR The New School Parsons Paris



cutting-edge code. You learn to integrate

The New School Parsons Paris


In an increasingly urbanized world, global-minded practitioners who move easily between fields, projects, and cities have an advantage. By design, the curriculum at Parsons Paris develops your ability to work with diverse teams, disciplines, and multicultural perspectives. It also facilitates study in a variety of urban hubs: Your studies can take you to New York City to explore 14

sociology or urban farming, or they can take you to Berlin, Milan, and other European cities to connect with local creative communities


and share your research. Paris becomes a portal to a world of opportunity.

Paris, NYC,

Your Own

and Beyond The New School Parsons Paris




The New School Parsons Paris

Fashion students present their graduation collections publicly, receiving industry attention and guidance.


The New School Parsons Paris


The New School Parsons Paris

UNDERGRa Programs Join our select undergraduate com-

munity, in which hands-on practice meets learning across disciplines in an atelierstyle environment. Our courses and degree programs all draw on Parsons’ innovation-focused curriculum, taught in English. Small class sizes facilitate close student-faculty interaction as well as intensive collaboration with other Parsons Paris programs and with New York–based visiting students and faculty from throughout The New School. Gain real-world experience through our unique academic and cultural partnerships and professional connections across Paris. Take advantage of French classes. Leave prepared for further study or a place in global creative industries.

Your First Year

You are introduced to Parsons’ distinctive educational methodology by our first-year curriculum, in which you explore a range of approaches to art and design. The course of study is carefully tailored to prepare you for your undergraduate program and acquaint you with interdisciplinary practice. You develop the conceptual, studio, and critical-thinking capacities you need to become a flexible problem solver, skilled maker, and lifelong learner. “We designed ways to bring together students of all programs and disciplines in the first year, encouraging them to find the most innovative, effective solutions and collaborate, just as they will in their future creative and professional lives.”

Minors Minors broaden your skills and give you opportunities to interact with peers in Paris and New York. Fashion Studies and Creative Entrepreneurship can be completed in Paris. Pursue other minors online or study abroad at The New School in NYC.

—Bridget O’Rourke, Director, Trans-Curricular Strategies

The New School Parsons Paris



The New School Parsons Paris

“We were being asked to create new history—because we were in a place with a rich heritage of beauty and revolution, so strong that you could feel it. And we had the resources of Parsons Paris to truly create something new, to think bigger.” —Diva Helmy, BFA Art,


Media, and Technology

ART, MEDIA, AND TECHNOLOGY (BFA) Explore new and dynamic intersections

to explore digital art and hacking culture.

of thinking and making with studio and

You also have opportunities to exhibit

liberal arts courses that emphasize a

your work at the Parsons Paris Gallery and

variety of perspectives and methods

study at Parsons’ NYC campus, taking

in design, art, media, and technology.

classes in the BFA Design and Technology,

Learn about design from both theoretical

Communication Design, or Integrated

and practical perspectives; go from

Design program.

developing hard coding skills to acquiring an in-depth understanding of interactive,

Pursue further study or emerge ready for

user-centered design. Learn about design

a career as an entrepreneur, as a global

as an enterprise that shapes the way we

media designer, or within in the emerging

see the world. Develop your ideas and

communications economy, in Web design

research in theory courses—then express

and user experience and interaction (UX/

them in code and in creative and technical

UI), social media, and illustration, graphic

studio projects. Supporting your learn-

design, and advertising.

ing are student groups like Code Club, facilities including Parsons Paris’ Media Archaeology Lab, and events such as the ReFrag: Glitch hackathon, which connects students to global creative communities

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art, Media, and Technology program is a 120-credit course of study offered exclusively in Paris.


The New School Parsons Paris


The New School Parsons Paris

“I was excited to meet people from all over the world and, most important, create. Our work was a constant development of ideas that evolved from 2D to 3D and vice versa. It usually began with something we found intriguing—an experience, an emotion, an object— inspiration can be found everywhere. And the guidance we received here in Paris led us to discover and unravel our individual identities as designers.” —Nitzan Nevo, BFA Fashion Design


FASHION DESIGN (BFA) Become a highly skilled, relevant designer

Fashion Week and other industry events

with our fashion curriculum, which has

to gain hands-on experience. Develop

trained five generations of leading global

research skills and produce a senior thesis

designers, including Donna Karan, Marc

collection guided by fashion professionals.

Jacobs, Jack McCullough and Lazaro Hernandez (Proenza Schouler), and

Pursue further study or put your learning

Alexander Wang. Immerse yourself in

to work in fashion, textile design, sustain-

fashion courses and projects that enable

able luxury/sustainable fabrication,

you to assimilate cutting-edge design

marketing and merchandising, and

methods, and benefit from access to

fashion illustration.

France’s unique couture heritage and fashion community. Take advantage of Paris’ traditions of excellence in fashion and bring together craftsmanship and the latest technologies. Unite a wide range of cultural, social, sustainable, and ethical considerations in your creative

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design program is a 120-credit course of study offered in both Paris and New York City. Students can take classes at both campuses and begin study in either Paris or New York.

projects. Participate in competitions and internships and go backstage at Paris

The New School Parsons Paris

The New School Parsons Paris

“At Parsons Paris, I learned new ways to combine my interests in preserving traditional craft and supporting sustainable industries with my growing skills in digital media. Witnessing firsthand how artisanal traditions represent an important part of the local economy here in Paris inspired me to explore ways to develop design-led microbusinesses.” —Amina Suleimanagich, BBA Strategic


Design and Management

STRATEGIC DESIGN AND MANAGEMENT (BBA) Integrate business, design, and liberal arts

at Parsons’ New York City campus, as

learning through project-based studio

Parsons Paris BBA SDM students did with

and seminar courses that prepare you

New York–based MS SDM students for

for entrepreneurial and strategy posi-

the Cathay Capital Prize.

tions in the creative economy. Choose from courses on strategic thinking and

Leave ready to establish your own busi-

management in design and business;

ness or develop design-driven business

innovation and sustainability research;

strategy; manage and market creative

quantitative thinking, data analysis,

projects, people, products, and services;

and financial management; research

and assume leadership in fashion and

and writing; visual communication;

artisanal industries, public relations,

and entrepreneurship, leadership, and

branding, marketing, visual merchandis-

business resilience. Explore professional

ing, social innovation, food design, and

opportunities with local industries such

sustainable design. You can also pursue

as fashion, food, and fragrance and with

advanced study.

executives, artists, designers, academics, and activists. Intern with some of the world’s foremost creative organizations— from heritage fashion houses to media companies to firms leading in the new economies sector. Collaborate with peers

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Strategic Design and Management program is a 120-credit course of study offered in both Paris and New York City. Students can take classes at both campuses and begin study in either Paris or New York.


The New School Parsons Paris


The New School Parsons Paris


The New School Parsons Paris


The New School Parsons Paris

GRADUATe Programs Prepare for today’s global academic and

Parsons Paris also hosts working

creative economy with cutting-edge

professionals pursuing the master’s

graduate curricula aligned with those

degree in design management offered

offered at Parsons New York. Our faculty

by the School of Design Strategies

are leaders in design, business, art, and

at Parsons in New York. The Global

technology; a low student-to-faculty

Executive Master’s in Strategic Design

ratio facilitates professional mentor-style

and Management is an 18-month

relationships to expand your research and

curriculum conducted primarily online

network. We offer strategic institutional

and with week- and weekend-long

partnerships and industry affiliations

intensives in Paris, New York City, and

exclusive to Parsons Paris, so you can

Shanghai. Prepare for global creative

conduct research and enrich your inter-

industries with graduate-level instruction

disciplinary learning in one of the world’s

that expands your international

foremost cities for design.

experience and professional network.


e s

The New School Parsons Paris


The New School Parsons Paris

“You’re in a city that develops new types of technologies and entrepreneurship, which propels you to establish your own hybrid creative practice. We connect you to a network of artists, designers, hackers, activists, and new media practitioners in France and beyond, positioning you competitively for creative careers in the field.” —Benjamin Gaulon, Program Director, MFA Design and Technology


Become a bold creator in design and tech-

opportunities to collaborate with the

nology with a curriculum that combines

MFA DT community in New York. In

real-world projects and forward-looking

your second year, you study at Parsons’

scholarship. Collaborate with peers and

New York campus, taking advanced-

faculty in small, focused classes; grow

level Design and Technology workshops

your network within the DT community

tailored to your cohort’s theses. Topics

at our New York campus and in our Paris

covered include interactive systems such

undergraduate community. Connect with

as games, physical interfaces, interactive

Paris’ broader creative and academic

art, dynamic data visualization, urban

worlds through our exclusive institutional

hacking, and mobile media.

partnerships with the Gaîté lyrique, ENSCI–Les Ateliers, and ENSAD; industry

The Master of Fine Arts in Design and

affiliations; and resources such as Parsons

Technology program offered at Parsons

Paris’ Make Lab, Hack Lab, Media Archae-

Paris is a 60-credit curriculum that begins

ology Lab, and peer-learning student

with a year in Paris (with reduced tuition,

groups like the Code Club. Each semester,

per our European-based fee model),

you’ll take an academic course combined

followed by a year at Parsons in

with a studio class to develop your

New York City.

research and creative practice, with

The New School Parsons Paris

The New School Parsons Paris

“For scholars interested in the symbolic, cultural, and performative dimensions of fashion, Paris offers a wealth of resources—from ephemera to archival couture to practitioners themselves. Parsons’ long history here gives researchers unparalleled access to the actors and source material needed to advance theory in this exciting emerging field.” —Marco Pecorari, Program Director, MA Fashion Studies


FASHION STUDIES (MA) Engage in the evolving field of fashion

abilities. Opportunities to contribute

studies by researching and analyzing

to exhibitions and programming at

fashion as a major global cultural industry.

major archives, collections, and digital

This master’s program challenges you to

publications and curatorial platforms

apply interdisciplinary methodologies to

prepare you for the field. The program

examine fashion as object, image, text,

is of particular interest to students with

practice, theory, and concept. You

degrees in the humanities and social

integrate a range of disciplines—fashion

sciences and students with art, design,

history and theory, art and design studies,

and fashion industry backgrounds.

history, museology, anthropology,

Graduates in this growing field go on to

sociology, ethnology, and cultural, film,

careers in research at fashion archives,

and visual studies—to consider fashion

museums, and galleries; positions in

in relation to design, production, con-

media and consulting; and careers as

sumption, representation, and bodily

instructors or researchers in academia.

practice. At Parsons Paris, you benefit

The program also prepares students for

from special resources supporting a

advanced research in fashion, including

focus on the Parisian context. Study

doctoral programs.

historic fashion collections at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs and Palais Galliera and

The Master of Arts in Fashion Studies

learn curatorial practice and conservation

program offered at Parsons Paris is a

at those museums and at private galleries

42-credit course of study. Students in

and archives. Joint research projects with

NYC and Paris follow the same curriculum,

related programs at Parsons in New York

which is tailored to the resources of each

City build your network and collaborative

city. This structure enables you to pursue your degree at either campus.


The New School Parsons Paris


The New School Parsons Paris

“In classes at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs and throughout Paris, you’re surrounded by design history. Creating beautiful things is the French way of life; what better place to study them?” —Emmanuel Guy, Program Director, MA History of Design and Curatorial Studies

HISTORY OF DESIGN AND CURATORIAL STUDIES (MA) archives, collections, and digital publications and curatorial platforms prepare

present in context and up close through

you for the field. Access to the collections

our exclusive partnerships with the Musée

of partnering institutions such as Centre

des Arts Décoratifs and other historic

national des arts plastiques (CNAP), a

institutions throughout Paris and around

contemporary arts center, expand your

the world. The curriculum, shared by the

resources. Exhibitions created collabora-

Paris and New York campuses, includes

tively with other Parsons Paris students,

object-focused courses enabling you

such as peers in the MFA Design and

to explore works, movements, theories,

Technology and the MA Fashion Studies

and practices beyond connoisseurship

programs, highlight your curatorial

to address sociohistoric meaning and

practice in the Parsons Paris Gallery

aesthetic theory. Special attention is

and at Paris Design Week. Gain critical

given to the history of collections and

experience in museum practices by

issues of contemporary curatorial practice.

pursuing for-credit internships in

Parsons’ longstanding relationships with

museums, galleries, auction house

cultural institutions including the Musée

archives, and historic houses in Paris.

des Arts Décoratifs, in Paris, and Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, in

The Master of Arts in History of Design

New York, allow you to explore interna-

and Curatorial Studies program offered

tionally renowned collections, archives,

at Parsons Paris is a 42-credit course of

and galleries. Joint research projects with

study. Students in NYC and Paris follow

related programs at Parsons in New York

the same curriculum, which is tailored to

City build your network and collaborative

the resources of each city. This structure

abilities. Opportunities to contribute to

enables you to pursue your degree at

exhibitions and programming at major

either campus.

The New School Parsons Paris


Examine fine arts, decorative arts, and design from the Renaissance to the


The New School Parsons Paris

Students recently performed in Woe Implores Go, a performance piece created by faculty member Mel O’Callaghan and presented at the Palais de Tokyo.


The New School Parsons Paris

The New School Parsons Paris

9th Arr.


8th Arr.



Place VendômE

Jardin Des Tuileries


La S

Saint Germain


An Artist and Designer’s Map of Paris At Parsons Paris, you’re steps from world-famous museums and universities, legendary design houses, and new media centers that broaden your learning opportunities. You have direct access to the


green spaces and urban projects that have revolutionized the field of urban planning and development. And you’re surrounded by the celebrated food markets, cafés, and restaurants that have long made living in Paris a daily pleasure. On this map are some of our partners, other cultural landmarks, and sites, cafés, and shops to inspire you, sustain you, and support your creativity. A  Marché St. Honoré (food, clothes, accessories) B  Colette (boutique) C  Lavrut (art supplies) in Passage Choiseul (shops, cafés) D Place Vendôme E  Musée des Arts Décoratifs F  Ultramod (fabrics) G Palais Royal Gardens H  Richelieu-Louvois Library (Bibliothèque nationale de France/Institut national d’histoire de l’art) I  Opéra Garnier J  Passage Vivienne (boutiques, shops)

3rd Arr.

K  Tuileries Gardens L  Apple Store M  Louvre n  Musée d’Orsay O  Berges de Seine (workshops, outdoor activities, café) P  Rue Montorgueil (markets, café) Q  Gaîté lyrique

Marais Île de la Cité The New School Parsons Paris



The New School Parsons Paris

Visit and Apply Visit Admission Events (

Short-term Study in Paris

parsons-paris/admission-events) to schedule a visit and learn about upcoming

Parsons Paris offers students at other campuses—

information sessions, online advising chats,

including students at Parsons and in other New

and visits by Parsons admission counselors.

School programs in New York—a way to deepen their cultural fluency and learning for a summer,

To apply for degree-program admission,

semester, or year.

visit There you can view program-specific requirements including submission of transcripts, TOEFL scores, and portfolios.

Students at Parsons in New York and in Other New School Programs


Students at the second-semester sophomore level

Application Deadlines

or higher who are in good standing at Parsons’ New


School can study abroad in Paris for a semester or

York campus and in other programs of The New

Early action (freshmen only)

a year. Visit the website for more information and

Fall semester: November 1

course restrictions, fill out an electronic application,

Regular decision

and send it to your academic advisor, who can

Fall semester: January 15 and on a rolling basis Applications may be accepted on a rolling basis until June if space is available. GRADUATE Fall semester: January 1 Late applications may be accepted if space is available.

advise about mobility study application procedures and deadlines. study-abroad-paris-mobility Visiting and exchange students are welcome at our Parsons Paris campus for short-term study, including semesters. Summer Intensive Studies offered in Paris allows pre-college (ages 16 years and older) and college/ adult students to experience our curriculum and Parisian culture. Each summer, two sessions are offered, one in June and a second one in July. College students who study at Parsons Paris as visiting students or in the Summer Intensive Studies program may be able to receive college credit. Applications for Summer Intensive Studies are available at the end of November. summer-intensive-studies


The New School Parsons Paris


The New School Parsons Paris

Parsons Paris students show their work and curate exhibitions at partner galleries.


The New School Parsons Paris

The New School Parsons Paris

Partnerships Our special partnerships with academic institutions, museums, and archives across Paris present unique opportunities to expand and diversify your learning. Develop new creative skills and global awareness by attending workshops at the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs. Parsons Paris’ location in the heart of Europe also fosters learning beyond France—such as research travel, classes, and collaborative projects— in Berlin, Milan, and other European cities. Our partner organizations include— • Centre national des arts plastiques • École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD) • École nationale supérieure de création


industrielle (ENSCI–Les Ateliers) • Gaîté lyrique • Musée des Arts Décoratifs Our connections to Paris’ many design-event presenters extend your campus further, bringing you behind the scenes at Paris’ twiceyearly Fashion Week, weeklong D’Days festival, and Design Week. We connect you with industry pioneers such as InDigital Media and, then introduce you to the organizations’ directors during their campus visits. Weekend excursions, day trips, and cultural activities throughout the semester introduce you to Paris’ rich diversity and aspects of French culture—such as cuisine and architecture— broadening your campus beyond Paris’ boundaries. These outings and others help you forge bonds with fellow students. We share access with many of Paris’ historic libraries, including the Institut national d’histoire de l’art, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, and the Bibliothèque nationale de France. For more information about library resources and access, visit


The New School Parsons Paris


The New School Parsons Paris

Where to Live Parsons Paris student housing is affordable, convenient, and safe. Student housing gives you added opportunities to connect with fellow students from around the world, including visiting students from our New York campus. All university apartments are located within the city and are no more than a 30-minute commute from Parsons Paris. We also provide referrals to independent housing organizations and agencies for students seeking to live independently in Paris. Student housing is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.


The New School Parsons Paris


The New School Parsons Paris

Partner institutions like the MusĂŠe des Arts DĂŠcoratifs give students rare access to museum staff and collections.


The New School Parsons Paris

The New School Parsons Paris



Closer Take You 50



? @parsonsparis @thenewschool #parsonsparis

Office of Admission 72 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10011 +

Parsons Paris 45 rue Saint-Roch 75001 Paris, France Accreditation For full information on the university’s accreditation, visit accreditation.

The New School Parsons Paris


The New School Parsons Paris

Keep this to remind you of the moment You Disco

The New School Parsons Paris


covered that design transcends all boundaries

The New School Parsons Paris

A few facts that

The new school

set us apart


#1 FOR SMALL CLASSES: Among national

• Founded in 1919.

universities, The New School had the highest proportion of classes with fewer than 20 students.

Village, with a branch campus in Paris.

2015, U.S. News & World Report

• Houses five schools and colleges.

#1 ART AND DESIGN SCHOOL: Parsons School

• Offers 151 degree and diploma programs

of Design was named the Best College for Art and Design in the United States. 2015, Quacquarelli Symonds World 54

• Located in the heart of NYC in Greenwich

University Rankings #1 MOST INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY: We have a higher percentage of international students than any other U.S. university. 2014, U.S. News & World Report #1 FOR SUSTAINABLE BUILDING: The American Institute of Architects named the New School University Center one of the greenest buildings in the United States—and it’s the largest LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

and majors and more than 49 minors. • Has more than 10,000 degree-seeking students. • Students come from all 50 states and 115 foreign countries. • The New School offers a range of programs. See details at Membership and Accreditation The New School is a member of the Association of American Colleges and Universities and is accredited by the New York State Board of Regents and by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Gold Certified urban university building.

*By Quacquarelli Symonds World University Rankings, a London-based global provider of specialist higher education and career information. Ranking based on feedback from both academic peers and employers. The information published here represents the plans of the university at the time of publication and does not constitute an irrevocable contract between the student and The New School. The university reserves the right to change without notice any matter contained in this publication, including but not limited to tuition, fees, policies, degrees, programs, names of programs, course offerings, academic activities, academic requirements, facilities, faculty, and administrators. Payment of tuition or attendance at any classes shall constitute a student’s acceptance of the administration’s rights as set forth above. For important information including accreditation, student rights, campus safety statistics, and tuition and fees, visit The New School is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Institution. Published 2016 by The New School. Produced by Marketing and Communication, The New School. Photo credits: Pushan Bhowmick Chawla | Puxan BC, John Haffner Layden, Courtesy of Mel O’Callaghan (Galerie Allen, Paris; Galeria Belo-Galsterer, Lisbon; Kronenberg Wright Artists Projects, Sydney),Yann-Yves O’Hayon-Crosby, Martin Seck, Vinciane Verguethen Student Work: Eden Touil Tartour, BFA Art, Media, and Technology (pp. 12–13); Lindsay Walsh, BFA Fashion Design (p. 18); a piece by a Parsons graduate featured in fashion showcase De*main (p. 29); Diva Helmy, BFA Art, Media, and Technology (pp. 38–39)

Parsons Programs Parsons School


of Design


Bachelor’s Programs

Master’s Programs

Bachelor’s Programs

Architectural Design BFA

Architecture MArch

Art, Media, and Technology BFA

Communication Design BFA

Architecture MArch /

Fashion Design BFA

Design and Technology BFA

  Lighting Design MFA

Strategic Design and

Fashion Design BFA

Business of Design

 Management BBA

Fine Arts BFA Illustration BFA Integrated Design BFA Interior Design BFA

Product Design BFA Strategic Design and  Management BBA

Certificate Programs Fashion Business

Communication Design MPS   Launching in fall 2017 Data Visualization MS Design and Technology MFA Design and Urban Ecologies MS Design Studies MA Fashion Design and Society MFA Fashion Studies MA Fine Arts MFA History of Design and   Curatorial Studies MA

Fashion Design

Industrial Design MFA

Fine Art and Foundation

Interior Design MFA

Graphic and Digital Design

Lighting Design MFA

Interior Design and

Photography MFA

  Architecture Studies

Strategic Design and  Management MS* Theories of Urban Practice MA Transdisciplinary Design MFA

*Global Executive option available. The New School Parsons Paris

Master’s Programs Design and Technology MFA Fashion Studies MA History of Design and   Curatorial Studies MA


Photography BFA

  (graduate certificate)

The New School Parsons Paris


Sustainability Art, Med Global Perspectives ainable Luxury Codin atorial Practice Stra nagement Social Des esign and Technolog ashion Studies Trans on History of Design an Global Perspectives S Media, and Technolog Media Design Innovati European Fashion De Coding Sustainability Strategic Design and l Thinkers Sustainabl ship Critical Makers C s Sustainability Design ratorial Practice Inno Parsons paris Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

2016 Parsons Paris Viewbook  
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