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OUTSIDEIN perspectives from within China

Getting There: As the provincial capital and major transport hub, Chengdu is a hotspot for far more than food: there are daily flights in and out from nearly almost every Chinese city, as well as from international destinations such as London, Vancouver and Abu Dhabi. Train travel is also a popular option, with a high-speed rail link connecting Chengdu with Shanghai in only 10 hours.

Where to Stay: Chengdu is a major city, with the accommodation to match, from backpacker holes to glitzy five-star resorts. Even some of the smaller hostels boast staff speaking remarkably good English, due to Chengdu’s historic position as an entryway to the Hump over the Himalayas. For that same reason there is a plethora of quality hostels that offer private rooms for as low as seven US dollars per night, such as the fantastic Chengdu Mix Hostel on Xinghui Xi Lu.

Chilling in Chengdu

Stop. Rest. Go. Chengdu is a city that dances to the beat of a slower drum. Our writer had to learn to appreciate this lazy rhythm... and fast! By Sean Silbert



April 2013  
April 2013  

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